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Giga GVRD-67: Silence of the Wolves

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Silence of the Wolves (GVRD-67)

Starring: Miki Sunohara

Produced by: Giga

Running time: 90 minutes

Sometimes, you just know a film is going to be a winner. And so it is with Silence of the Wolves, a Japanese porn film about a sexy detective who is beaten and defiled. It is even better than the promotional photos suggest.

Beautiful Miki Sunohara, who was my pick for best actress of 2013, is back in this dirty tale -- literally -- of a botched effort to bust up a terrorist ring. In this one, Miki delivers her greatest performance yet.

Although there are some torture scenes, the emphasis here is on debasement and sexual violations, with a number of powerful moments throughout the film's 90-minute run. Anyone who likes seeing a strong woman exploited and degraded will find much to enjoy in Silence of the Wolves.

The GIMP action begins immediately after the opening credits. Miki, fully dressed, is being held captive in an abandoned warehouse. Her wrists are cuffed and linked to a chain from the ceiling. Three terrorists in military fatigues and leather masks are beating Miki with punches and kicks while the terrorist group's leader sits nearby and watches.

The shots to Miki's gut are well done and Miki's responses are great. However, there is also a punch to Miki's face that is less convincing (due to a poorly synched sound effect). One guy batters the heroine with a steel chain wrapped around his gloved fist. That same villain wraps the chain around Miki's neck and strangles her to within an inch of her life.

One of the terrorists announces that it's time for some stun-gun torture. He lifts Miki's blouse and uses his stun gun to shock her waist. The terrorist also zaps Miki's neck and left arm before returning to her midriff.

Miki is no Lisa Kinkaid but she does a decent job responding to the shocks. In a nice touch, bruises are shown on Miki's belly in spots where she has been zapped.

Miki's stumble-bum male partner arrives and liberates Miki through a clumsy but lucky gun shot that lets the female detective break free from the chain. After a bit of fight action, the terrorist thugs flee but Miki and her partner are able to capture the terrorist leader.

While Miki and her partner are transferring the terrorist leader to prison, they are intercepted by the leader's thugs. This leads to a shootout and eventually to another fight scene that pits Miki (now dressed in a skin-tight black spandex outfit) and her partner against the terrorists. The fighting includes some nice moments where a terrorist restrains Miki by the arms and the other guys deliver hard punches to her gut and face (the face shots are more convincing this time).

One terrorist uses the butt of a gun to hammer Miki in the belly. Miki also suffers a brutally hard slap to her face.

Ultimately, the terrorist leader is successfully rescued by his buddies and Miki is taken captive at gunpoint.

The terrorist leader can't resist the urge to exploit Miki's predicament. While his two thugs keep their guns aimed at Miki's head, the leader runs his gun against along her body and cops some feels of her still-clothed tits. Feeling sufficiently frisky, he orders Miki to give him a blowjob.

Miki is visibly repulsed but grimly acquiesces. She cautiously unzips the terrorist leader's fly. As one of the fatigue-wearing terrorists threatens Miki with his gun, Miki raises her hands in the "I surrender" position and makes her way down to her knees.

Kneeling in front of the terrorist leader, Miki yanks down the guy's pants and undies. The terrorist leader chuckles as Miki takes his wang in her mouth, while the terrorists' guns remain squarely aimed at Miki.

One of the fatigue-wearing thugs wants Miki to go deeper. He pushes his boot against her clothed ass and pussy to nudge Miki closer to the leader. With her arms still raised in the "surrender" position, Miki squirms and struggles to keep her balance as she continues sucking.

The terrorist leader takes matters into his own hands. He grabs the back of Miki's head and makes her swallow his pride. Miki quivers and gags as she is forced to consume the leader's cock. Once released, drool falls from Miki's mouth and she protests in anger.

The terrorist leader mocks Miki's complaints and forces her to deep throat him for an even longer period of time. Miki shudders and grunts as her schlong-stuffed face is pressed tightly against the leader's pelvic region. There are more angry protests when Miki is finally released but to no avail. The leader and a thug move their guns closer to Miki's head and she is forced to do more gorging on the leader's boner.

Wanting to know Miki better, the terrorist leader orders Miki to undo the front of her outfit. Miki, who is still on her knees, is disgusted but complies, whimpering softly as she slowly unzips. The terrorist leader uses his gun to help fully pry open Miki's outfit to expose her enhanced but nice-looking tits.

With Miki's breasts now on display, the terrorist leader stands in front of Miki, grabs her hair, and orders the kneeling beauty to go back to swallowing his meat.

The terrorist leader definitely loves getting head. He grabs Miki's hair with both hands and once again makes her devour him.

Miki reacts in wide-eyed horror and with muffled protests when the leader announces he's going to cum in her mouth. The villain follows through on his plan, making Miki's cheeks puff up as the fiend shoots his load. Once Miki's head is freed from the villain's grip, huge wads spill out of her mouth and she coughs up some cum bubbles.

Miki is told to stand up with her arms still raised as guns remain pointed at her head. The terrorist leader fondles Miki's exposed breasts and slurps on her right boob. Miki tries to push him away but that only brings threats that she'll get capped. The leader strokes Miki's clothed pussy, making Miki squirm. Lovely Miki looks helplessly at the gunmen holding her captive as the leader licks her left tit.

The leader forces Miki to stick out her tongue so he can kiss her. Next, Miki is forced to bend forward to allow the leader to rip open the bottom area of her spandex outfit, exposing her ass and pussy. The thugs' guns remain trained on Miki as the terrorist leader commands her to pull her butt cheeks apart, showing off her pussy and butt hole.

The chuckling leader places a penis-shaped vibrator in front of Miki's face and makes her suck on it. Once the vibrator is good and wet, the leader kneels in front of Miki and tells her to ride it in a standing position.

Miki's torment is unmistakeable as she grimaces and raps her closed left fist against her leg. But resistance is futile. Letting out soft cries of anguish, Miki spreads her legs and lowers herself into a squatting position, allowing the leader to insert the buzzing vibrator.

The terrorist leader pumps Miki with the whirring vibrator and offers encouragement as it makes her wiggle. Soon after, the thugs grab Miki's legs and hoist her off the ground, and the vibrator is worked on Miki until she hits a shivering climax.

Miki crouches on the ground in despair but her ordeal continues. The head-lovin' leader insists on another blowjob, once again holding Miki's head firmly in place for some deep-throat action that makes Miki choke.

Miki is ordered to lie on her back in the dirt and spread her legs. She is told to spread her pussy lips with her hands and say her hot pussy aches for the leader's throbbing cock (or something to that effect). Whimpering Miki does as commanded and asks to be fucked. Sure enough, the leader responds by nailing Miki in the missionary position.

The violation includes the leader pinning Miki on her back and forcing kisses on her. Miki is also taken in a standing position and on her side on the ground.

Returning to the missionary position, Miki panics when the leader cheerfully proclaims he's going to bust his nut inside her. She weakly tries to push the leader away but the fiend grabs her throat and insists on finishing things his way. After the spent leader withdraws, a stream of cum oozes out of Miki's pussy as the heroine sobs.

Miki is lying in the dirt trembling when a thug dumps a bucket of cold water on her. As soaking-wet Miki slowly rises to her feet, the two thugs grab her and start tearing off the remainder of her outfit.

Miki makes a run for a nearby hill but the thugs pursue her, continuing to rip away her clothing. Pretty much naked except for her boots, her cutoff gloves and a bit of clothing above her boots, traumatized Miki tries crawling up the hill to escape. But the fiends won't allow it, blocking her pathetic attempts to get free.

At one point, a villain kicks Miki and his buddy grabs her leg and drags her down the dirt hill. Another escape attempt is foiled by a kick to Miki's shoulder that sends her sliding down the hill. A third try fails when Miki loses her grip on the dirt and stumbles to the hill's bottom.

Miki is lying at the foot of the hill when a thug grabs her arm and moves her onto all fours. The thug violates mud-stained Miki in a doggie position while his friend holds his boot on Miki's left hand. Miki squeals and stomps at the ground as she is aggressively plowed.

The rapist finishes inside Miki and pushes her to the ground. While Miki lies in the mud sobbing, a thug dumps another bucket of cold water on her.

Thug No. 2 kneels to the ground and spreads Miki's legs. With Miki's back planted in a pool of mud, the second thug rapes her. Miki squeals and shakes as she is banged and this guy also finishes inside her. After the violator exits, cum seeps out of Miki's pussy and into the mud as Miki quivers.

Emotionally ruined and covered in mud, Miki is finally allowed to go free. She crawls away as the terrorists joke about their fun day and then leave. Before making it to the top of the hill, Miki collapses, and the film ends with three cops discovering her passed out body.

My grade: A

This is a tremendous film with a countless number of fun and memorable moments, particularly for fans of humiliation scenes. The production values are solid and the film's star, Miki Sunohara, is hotter than ever. Silence of the Wolves is highly recommended.

My Grade: A


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