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Giga GIRO-42: Heroine Fainting - Space Investigator Ami

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Heroine Fainting - Space Investigator Ami (GIRO-42)

Starring: Karin Itsuki

Produced by: Giga

Running time: Two hours

GIMPers who insist on down-to-Earth realism might have a tough time coping in Ami's universe. Heroine Fainting - Space Investigator Ami has plenty to recommend it -- beatings, whippings, rape -- but it would never be mistaken for a PBS documentary.

This 2015 release from the Japanese porn company, Giga, has lots of what Giga is known for -- weird-looking aliens torturing a human female in a sci-fi setting. The film is part of a series that emphasizes the heroine's eyes rolling back in her head whenever she is suffering.

Ami, the inter-galactic agent in the sexy gunslinger get-up, is played by super-cute JAV star Karin Itsuki. Itsuki is a strong actress with a nice little body who specializes in wide-eyed looks of shock. She does a great job portraying the suffering heroine.

The plot has something to do with kick-ass investigator Ami trying to rescue her male partner from some alien villains. Following an opening scene where Ami successfully battles three sword-wielding guys in red spandex, Ami is captured by the villains and three monsters (I mean that literally) give her the beating of a lifetime.

For reasons that aren't clear to viewers who don't speak Japanese, Ami is powerless to fight back. She clenches her fist but is unable to defend herself as the fiends pummel her with belly blows and a series of hard punches to her pretty face. Ami staggers and reels to great effect as she suffers one punishing shot after another.

The highlight is when two villains restrain Ami by her arms and a third monster drives his fist into the front of her face.

Completely dazed, Ami's eyes roll upwards and her face is blank. A second villain punches Ami's face, leaving Ami's brain scrambled.

Other punishments come from the world of professional wrestling, as Ami is crushed in a bear hug, walloped with a head butt, and painfully stretched in a camel clutch. She also continues to be battered by a series of rights and lefts, still mostly to her face.

Two monsters grab Ami by the arms so the third monster can whip her with a cable-like whip. Some harsh lashes make Ami twist and dance, yelping in pain.

Now, this being a Giga film, it isn't too surprising to discover the monsters aren't using an ordinary whip. Rather, it's a whip that can run electric currents through it. The villains electro-whip Ami, and the electric charges continue to torture Ami's body long after each smack from the whip has ended.

The monsters up the punishment by beating Ami with steel bats. Ami takes some solid knocks to her stomach, back and face -- maybe a little too solid, in fact. It all seems a little unconvincing as Ami is batted around without suffering any bruising or loss of teeth. The scene ends with battered Ami lying on the ground, quivering in pain.

In a new scene, a revived Ami is brought into a room where she fights one on one with one of the monsters who is wearing a helmet and a steel chest plate. Ami is now able to hit back but it doesn't matter as her swings have no effect. Ami endures more shots and kicks, including more impressive punches to her face.

After Ami collapses to the ground, the monster spreads her legs and drives his helmeted head and his fist into her private area. Ami eventually gets back to her feet for more fighting and at one point the monster rips open Ami's blouse. The scene ends with another wrestling move as the monster hoists Ami onto his shoulders and puts her in an Argentine back-breaker.

Some truly bizarre stuff comes next.

A monster with a human body and a frog-like head uses his ridiculously large and long tongue to whip Ami, who is trapped in the corner of the room. Ami's reactions are effective and believable -- but still, it's a whipping from an enormous tongue. After the whipping, the gigantic tongue is used to strangle Ami as the frog-man kicks her belly, back and private area.

As Ami continues to be choked by the giant tongue, the frog-man sprays a foam from his mouth that covers Ami and is apparently a source of agony. Once she is covered in foam, Ami collapses to the ground. Lying on her back, Ami quivers in pain and pisses herself.

The next scene is significantly better. It starts with Ami in a bent-forward position with her hands cuffed to a steel table. Her legs are spread with each ankle chained to an iron ball.

A human villain grabs Ami's head and makes Ami suck on a giant dildo that is connected by a hose to a nearby machine. The language barrier proves to once again be a bit of a problem, as it's unclear (to the non-Japanese) what the machine does. But it definitely has an effect. Once it's activated, the charged-up dildo makes Ami's eyes roll back in her head as she sucks on the dildo.

Ami is stunned and gasping each time the dildo is released from her mouth. The villain slaps her face to help her get her wits back and then forces the charged dildo back into her mouth.

Eventually, the villains decide to double the fun. Frog-man takes control of the dildo in Ami's mouth while the human villain shows her a Tommy Lee-size vibrator that is connected to a power drill.

The human villain moves behind Ami, lifts up her skirt, and starts rubbing the power-vibrator against Ami's clothed butt. Ami protests and desperately tries to break free from the cuffs, but to no avail. The villain brings the huge power-vibrator closer to Ami's face. Ami's eyes light up in shock as the device is switched on and she sees the whirring penetration machine's true potential.

The villain pulls Ami's white tights down to her knees, rips open her pantyhose and yanks off her panties. He rubs the power-vibrator between Ami's legs as the frog-man forces the charged dildo back into Ami's mouth.

The power-vibrator is inserted into Ami's pussy and activated. Ami quickly becomes a grunting, trembling mess as she is violated by both devices.

As the artificial penetrations rattle her body, Ami's mind becomes a total blur. The villains briefly stop the attack and frog-man slaps Ami's face to bring her back to reality. Once Ami regains awareness, the plastic violations resume with full force.

Eager to commit a violation of his own, the human attacker unlocks Ami and throws to her floor. The villain sits behind Ami and molests her by forcing kisses on her and by jerking down her bra and playing with her small breasts.

Continuing to pull on Ami's bra so that her chest is exposed, the villain sucks on Ami's boobs as Ami squirms and squeals. At one point, the man clenches Ami's left nipple between his teeth and tickles the nipple with his tongue.

The violator removes Ami's bra and white tights and rips a bigger opening in her pantyhose. He fingers Ami until she climaxes and then resumes slurping on her breasts.

The rapist penetrates Ami in various positions, including doggie style and missionary. As is common to Japanese rape scenes these days, there are times when it looks a bit vanilla. As well, Ami's eye rolling (which is supposed to be the draw in this type of film) is also distracting at times. But most of the rape scene is pretty good and there are some strong moments where Ami looks believably anguished.

The movie concludes with naked Ami having been transformed into a sex slave. A chain has been strung around her neck and she is being drugged with a needle that makes her a total nympho. Doped-up Ami ends the movie performing fellatio on a monster with a John Thomas that looks something like a solidified meat patty.

My grade: A-

This flick is far from perfect. Indeed, some of its sillier moments -- such as the whipping from the frog-man's giant tongue -- makes one grateful for the FF button. It could also be argued the film feels a bit repetitive at times, with perhaps too many beatings in the first half.

Notwithstanding all that, this is a movie that has plenty of effective scenes and a good mix of GIMP tortures. And its pretty star, Karin Itsuki, is an appealing and entertaining victim. Heroine Fainting - Space Investigator Ami is recommended for GIMPers who can get into this type of thing.

My Grade: A-


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