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Giga GGFH-01: Superior Lady

Reviewed by A Canadian

Here's my latest review -- a porn film from Japan where I could follow the dialogue.

Title: Superior Lady (GGFH-01)

Starring: Briana Blair

Produced by: Giga

Running time: 90 minutes

Superior Lady is a first-rate 2011 production about a super heroine in peril that features an important twist -- although it's a Japanese flick, the principal stars are American and the film is in English.

Briana Blair, the former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader and now-retired porn star, plays the Supergirl-like lead character, and what a "superior" performance she delivers. Briana is an excellent actress (by adult film standards) and is stunning -- a gorgeous southern belle with great legs and a nice body, albeit with some obvious man-made help in her chest area. She's visited the tattoo parlor a little too often for my tastes, but, fortunately, the tats are mostly covered up by her costume.

The strongest moments are in the first 30 minutes of the film. After an opening fight scene that has been accurately described as cheesy looking, Superior Lady goes to an abandoned building to rescue a newspaper editor from a villain named Crow. Superior Lady confronts Crow and one of his henchmen, a masked fellow in a red spandex outfit. Next to the villains, a garbage bag covers a seated man that Superior Lady believes is the captured editor.

Superior Lady approaches the bag and is suddenly struck by sharp pains that make her double over. Superior Lady removes the bag and discovers the guy underneath isn't the editor but another masked henchman, and he's wearing a necklace that includes a piece of "krystonite." The pain from the krystonite knocks Superior Lady onto her butt, clutching her chest.

A henchman lifts Superior Lady to her feet and restrains her arms, while Crow announces his sinister plan for world domination. Crow, played with great relish by American porn actor/director Barrett Blade, wants Superior Lady to reveal the secret location of the spaceship that brought her to Earth. Crow plans to use the technologies from the space craft to conquer the planet.

OK, this probably wouldn't be John Grisham's idea of an elaborate plot. But the 'tell me where the spaceship is' shtick provides sufficient fodder for Crow to torture Superior Lady.

Crow begins by pressing the krystonite against different parts of Superior Lady's clothed body, such as her breasts, her belly and her private region. The krystonite makes a sizzling sound when it touches Superior Lady and causes her to squirm in pain, particularly when Crow strokes her pussy area with it.

Amused by Superior Lady's suffering, Crow fastens the krystonite necklace around her neck, as Superior Lady cries out in agony. "It looks good on you," Crow mocks. Adding injury to insult, Crow hammers Superior Lady with some solid belly punches.

Crow squeezes Superior Lady's tits but the suffering beauty insists she'll never tell Crow where the spaceship is. "You'll never tell me?" Crow says. "Then I can't take my hands off you." He gives her a dry finger-hump (she's still fully dressed), ultimately causing the hurting Superior Lady to pass out.

Superior Lady awakens to find herself bound in a standing position, still wearing the krystonite necklace. Her arms are spread and chained to the ceiling while her ankles are chained to the walls. And her cape is chained to the ceiling.

As Superior Lady struggles to break free, Crow emerges holding a glittering variation of an electric cattle prod. "That was a sexy dance," Crow says of Superior Lady's futile effort to escape. "But I prefer something a little more violent."

Crow zaps Superior Lady's waist area, driving a powerful charge into Superior Lady's body that lights up the room. Superior Lady's electro-shock punishment continues until there is a burst that burns a hole in her costume.

Determined to break Superior Lady's resolve, Crow asks why she isn't singing and dancing for him.

"You can't see my show that easily," Superior Lady says. "It's not that cheap."

Crow is undeterred. He presses the krystonite against each of Superior Lady's tits, inflicting further pain. The electric prod is then applied to Superior Lady's right breast, generating more high-voltage torture.

The right-tit shocking ends with another burst into Superior Lady's costume. Crow then shocks Superior Lady above her left boob. The torture is depicted from a variety of angles with superb sound effects, and the quality of beautiful Briana's acting can't be overstated. Her reactions are excellent and very sexy.

Crow decides to go for some downstairs electro-shock fun, lifting Superior Lady's skirt. "No, don't put that there," Superior Lady pleads. "Don't put that there."

Crow presses ahead. The prod zaps Superior Lady's sensitive area and she convulses in severe pain.

Shock torture is also delivered to Superior Lady's back and to her left breast. The torment ultimately becomes too much -- Superior Lady screams and passes out.

In a new scene, the unconscious Superior Lady is bound arms over head to the ceiling, with her legs no longer restrained. Her cape is tied straight to the ceiling, her skirt has been lifted and tucked into her belt, and she is still wearing the krystonite necklace. She is awakened by Crow, who's holding a cat o' nine tails and says it's time for an encore.

Crow strikes Superior Lady with a couple of lashes to the front of her body that rip open more of her costume. The villain then walks behind Superior Lady and starts brutally whipping her back.

Superior Lady's sweaty body gets flogged pretty much everywhere, including shots to her tits and her amazing legs. Her shapely derriere is also struck a number of times, and there are moments when Crow forces Superior Lady to spread her legs so he can whip her between her legs.

As might be obvious, the whipping scene is the highlight of the movie. It includes a great mix of tighter and wider shots and the cracks of the whip are intense.

Similar to the electro-shock scene, Briana's acting is superb. Her physical responses are perfect and her cries and moans make her suffering very believable. Truly outstanding.

The only weak spot is the end of the scene, when Crow confronts the still-defiant Superior Lady. The heroine looks and sounds stronger than she should.

More tortures are planned for Superior Lady, although Crow's definition of "torture" didn't come from the Bring Out the GIMP handbook. With a weakened Superior Lady lying on the floor, Crow orders his two henchmen to paint her body with the notorious Giga-film goo that turns women into nymphos. Once Superior Lady's resistance is weakened, the guys stimulate her tits and pussy with a vibrator.

The so-called "torture" continues. Crow threatens to kill the captured editor unless Superior Lady services the two henchmen. Superior Lady submits, giving one guy a hand job and sucking the other guy until he cums in her mouth. She is then ordered to get busy with Crow. Crow sucks on Superior Lady's tits, forces her to blow him, and taps her in various positions, including a standing position and missionary style.

Superior Lady protests a little but these scenes are quite consensual looking. Although it must be noted that Briana is still gorgeous, so that makes it a bit more palatable. The violation ends with Crow shooting his load on Superior Lady's face.

In a voice over, Crow explains that Superior Lady revealed the location of the spaceship and he was ready to kill her. However, he changed his mind. The final scene has a completely submissive Superior Lady pleasuring herself with a vibrator and anticipating more carnal encounters with Crow.

My grade: A

The legitimate torture scenes in Superior Lady are reminiscent of some of Rick Masters' greatest works. Beautiful Briana Blair's acting easily rivals Lisa Kinkaid at her best, and Barrett Blade's hammy villain ranks among such delightful baddies as Joseph Marx and Bryan Dunhill.

It's too bad there weren't more torture scenes and that the goo was used to soften the violation scenes. Still, this is a high-quality production that is both erotic and good fun, with some outstanding moments. And Briana Blair is just so damn hot. Superior Lady is highly recommended.

My Grade: A


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