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Flower and Snake (1974)

Reviewed by Sloth

Today's offering is the 1974 pinku production of Flower and Snake, not to be confused with the 2004 and 2006 productions. This stars the queen of Japanese pinkus, Naomi Tani and is directed by Masaru Konuma. Run time is 73 minutes. I obtained my copy with an online trade but it is available at the link below.

We begin with a small Japanese boy walking in and seeing his mother having sex with a black guy, probably an American serviceman as he has a gun with him. The boy freaks, grabs the gun and pops a cap in the guy. The man tries to strangle the tot but expires. This in a dream sequence and the boy, now a young man, suddenly awakens. He hears noises and walks to the basement where he sees a number of young bound women in various stages of torment. His mother seems to make a living producing bondage flicks with some assistants. He keeps bondage photos in his room and pleasures himself with them. It would seem he suffers some sexual dysfunction. The next morning mom sends him off to work.

His business owner is shown in a rose garden tormenting the maid by having her kneel and exposing her ass so he can place silkworms on it then do her from behind. He produces a vial of some liquid and squirts it up her ass. The look on her face is priceless. She runs to the house to relieve herself. The owner looks in on his wife bathing. She seems frigid and prudish.

The young man has been assigned to report to the business owner and arrives at the house. The maid escorts him to the garden where the owner and wife are having a confrontation. He demands sex so she clips a rose and lashes his face with the thorny stem. The boss has tea with the young man and explains his task. Boss knows of the young man's inability to get off without bondage (sounds like me). Since his wife is frigid he does what any self respecting Japanese husband would do of course - turn her over to this young man for bondage training. The young man hones his rigging skills on a blow-up doll.

After drugging the boss's wife he drives her out to the country and while she's semi-conscious unsuccessfully attempts a rape but cannot function as she's not bound. He takes her to his place and ties her wrists to the bed. His mother comes in and slaps the chick. Mom seems proud of his efforts. Sonny ties the lady's ankles to a horizontal pole and hoists her legs. Mom brings in a large injector and they give the lady an enema. Sonny snaps a few photos and provides a plastic bag so she can relieve herself then does her on the bed. It would seem the enema purged the toxins responsible for her frigidity. He leaves her gagged, bound wrists behind and body wrapped, legs bound writhing on the floor and reports progress to the boss.

Mom has decided to torment the lass a bit so along with some male and female chums they hogtie her on the floor and force wine down her throat. She is retied wrists in front then to her ankles and thus hoisted in the air. Mom works her over with a riding crop. They force some paste like substance up her pussy. Sonny arrives home and orders them out, lowers her to the floor, unties her legs and taps her from behind. When finished, she is retied wrists behind and body wrapped so Sonny can give her a bath and body lotion massage. She is beginning to submit as he does her on the floor.

Next day Sonny runs into the maid and they go back to her place for dinner. She has some kind of seizure and passes out so he pulls down her drawers and does her on the floor. That night he stumbles home drunk, stopping to piss on posters of some white porn star chick. Once home he sees some black guy tapping his bondage mistress who is tied to the bed. Looks like mom hired this guy to come in to relive that childhood moment. Sonny reties the lady kneeling on the floor, neck bound to her knees.

Next day he takes her to a park, ties a rope around her waist and runs her in circles show horse style. He binds her wrists behind as they sit on a fountain and he shoves ice cream down her pie hole. He unties her so she can use the lady's room and when she returns she dotes on him. They go to a porn movie starring the guy his mom hired and the chick whose poster he pissed on. He has a flashback to that night in childhood and realizes it was his mother who shot the dude. He takes the chick to a phone booth, fondles and does her while wrapping the phone cord around her neck.

The boss comes to pick up his wife whose training is now done and all three drive home together. Once there they tie her wrists behind and body wrapped on a chaise and do her as the maid walks in and enjoys the spectacle. The End

Movie Pluses - Naomi Tani was excellent - able to sell a variety of scenes from simple bondage to torment to rape. The rigging was well done. It had a sleazy soundtrack that was a good fit.

Movie Minuses - a big shortage of physical torment. She submitted to her fate much too early. And another happy ending!

The Verdict - in technical and concept aspects is does not stand up well with the later "Flower and Snake" efforts. This is one of those flicks I enjoyed watching but simply cannot rate it all that high in terms of Gimp worthiness.

My Grade: C

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