A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

FAX-527: Sex Crimes (Rape)

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Sex Crimes (Rape) (FAX-527)

Starring: Arisu Suzuki, Tomomi Nagai and Yu Kawakami

Produced by: FA-Pro

Running time: 90 minutes

Not all sex crimes are created equal. While the title of this 2015 Japanese porn film sounds promising, only the first of the flick's three stories truly hits the mark.

It's too bad as the movie certainly boasts a solid cast. JAV superstar Yu Kawakami has an impressive track record in GIMP films and pretty Arisu Suzuki, who starred in 2013's The Ground of a Foreign Country - Group Assault, is a terrific rape victim. Regrettably, though, most of the film is quite dull.

In what may serve as a morality tale for the 37-million people who reportedly belong to Ashley Madison, the movie is about cheating and immoral women who are violated for their wanton ways.

Up first is Arisu as a young student who tempts an older man in his home. As the two are getting busy, the man's wife walks in on them and Arisu is told to hit the road. A bitter Arisu marches along a country road and ultimately parks herself on a bench, where she gets noticed by two middle-aged guys riding by on a bike.

The two fiends threaten Arisu and one guy grabs Arisu by the arm so they can march her into the woods. Arisu is forced to lie on her back in the dirt, with one guy pinning her arms. The other guy rips open Arisu's clothes and yanks of her panties.

Arisu's body jolts as one of the villains starts licking her pussy. Arisu grimaces and tears roll out of her eyes as the pussy eater slurps away.

The two attackers switch places and the second guy licks Arisu. He also fondles and sucks Arisu's small tits.

The second guy drops his pants and rapes Arisu. This part has a bit of a continuity issue, as it begins with Arisu lying in the dirt -- but midway through she is being raped in a grassy area. Regardless, it's a powerful scene and Arisu's whimpers and groans are perfect.

After climaxing inside Arisu, the rapist orders her to stick out her tongue so he can force French kisses on her. He also licks her neck and breasts.

The two fellas switch places again so Pussy Licker No. 1 (now known as PL1) can ride Arisu. PL1 pants and grunts as he pumps Arisu. He finishes inside Arisu and licks her pussy some more after he's done.

The two rapists exit the scene of the crime, leaving a crying and quivering Arisu lying naked in the woods. Emotionally shattered, Arisu nonetheless manages to get dressed and leave.

The second story features Tomomi Nagai, an attractive older actress. She plays a randy woman who dreams about being violated by the lecherous man who lives in her condo building. Tomomi is so obsessed with the lech that she ties a sponge to the leg of a kitchen table and rubs her naked pussy against the sponge while fantasizing about the pervert nailing her.

As it turns out, the perv makes Tomomi's lurid dreams come true. Tomomi emerges from a shower to discover the sicko has broken into her apartment. The man tells Tomomi he's going to have his way with her. He pulls his dick out of his pants and makes Tomomi stroke him.

Ultimately, the pair copulate twice. While this story is kinda kinky, it's still consensual -- so I'll save the remaining details for one of the 73 other adult sites I visit daily (just kidding).

Yu Kawakami, known for her work in Lady Attackers from Hell 2 and other great GIMP films, stars in the final story. It's about a farm woman who pays a steep price for cheating on her husband.

It starts with Yu leaving her farm and biking to a shed to meet her lover. The two frolic in the shed and then cuddle and part ways. Unfortunately for Yu, the affair has been discovered by an older guy and his buddy.

After Yu's young paramour leaves, the two buttinskies emerge and threaten to expose Yu's cheating ways. To win their silence, the men say Yu will have to make them happy.

The older guy goes first. He makes Yu strip off her clothes and lie on her back in the hay. The older guy eats Yu's pussy and taps her in the missionary position.

When it's the other guy's turn, he forces Yu to get on her knees and blow him. This is followed by some humping in standing positions.

Once it's over, Yu goes home and spends an evening haunted by dark memories as her husband makes love to her.

My grade: B-

Most of this movie falls flat. The third story with Yu Kawakami works OK as a blackmail tale but it's nothing special. The second story isn't really GIMP at all. Only the first story with Arisu Suzuki stands out. Sex Crimes (Rape) gets a lukewarm recommendation based solely on the first story and Arisu's strong performance.

My Grade: B-


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