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FA-263: Battlefield Gangbang

Reviewed by A Canadian

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Title: Battlefield Gangbang (FA-263)

Starring: Maki Tomoda, Riku Shiina, Yuuka Matsushita, Erina Misaki, Shoko Yokoyama and Megu Hayasaka

Produced by: fa-pro

Running time: 90 minutes

In war, there are no winners -- except for those lucky folks who stumble across a well-done bondage-rape scene. And Battlefield Gangbang has a scene that is simply exceptional.

The movie is about female soldiers who are taken hostage and are bound by their captors -- usually tied to stakes in the ground -- and raped. Most of the scenes are OK -- they're somewhat lacking in eroticism -- but there is a scene near the end featuring 38-year-old Maki Tomoda (yes, she's 38) that is really hot. Technically, it's not much different than the other scenes, but Maki is a terrific actress and she really sells it. For her performance alone, this movie is recommended viewing.

The story is about a band of guerrillas fighting with some regular-army types in a jungle. Both sides have their share of attractive females enlisted in their ranks. The female fighters are captured by their opponents and are gang raped.

First up is Riku Shiina, of Slave Island 10 fame. Riku plays a guerrilla who is captured by some filthy-looking army soldiers -- by filthy, I mean they have dirt on their faces. Riku is marched through the jungle with a wooden stick tied into her mouth as a bit gag, and taken to a hut. Inside the hut, the soldiers force Riku to lie on her back on the ground, while a rifle is pointed at her head. A soldier pulls off Riku's pants and panties and lifts up her top. Another soldier pulls his dick out of his pants and proceeds to fuck Riku on the dirty ground, while the rifle remains pointed at Riku's head, and the wooden bit gag is still tied in her mouth. The guy finishes by cumming inside Riku.

Riku is next seen fully naked, on her back on the ground, with her arms and legs spread and tied to wooden stakes. Four soldiers take turns raping Riku in this position (although in the final two rapes, her right foot has been untied). Riku is a convincing victim who makes a squeaking sort of noise and looks credibly anguished as she is being violated. When the gang rape is finished, we see Riku -- now fully dressed -- forced to kneel on the ground, and she is shot in the back of the head.

The next victim is Yuuka Matsushita, a guerrilla with an enhanced rack who has been captured by soldiers. She is tied to the ground naked, with her arms and legs spread and tied to stakes, and fucked by two soldiers. For some bizarre reason, the second guy unties her feet, but her arms remain tied.

Athletic-looking Shoko Yokoyama is next. She is tied naked to stakes in the same position, and a soldier licks her pussy. He unties her feet (WTF?) and rapes her. The action jumps to a new location, where Shoko is tied on her back to something that looks like a suspended wooden table, with her arms and legs spread, and a soldier rapes her on her back. She is moved into a new position, where she is tied down lying on her front, and another guy rapes her. Not terribly erotic, although Shoko is another victim who looks credibly anguished, and there is a nice close-up on her face -- looking shell-shocked -- as the second rapist cums inside her.

The storyline changes slightly at this point. Rather than female guerrillas being raped by soldiers, the movie shifts to ... female soldiers being raped by guerrillas.

Maki Tomoda and Erina Misaki, who are both quite attractive, play the two soldiers who are captured by the guerrillas. They are held prisoner in a hut, with their hands clasped behind their heads, as one guerrilla verbally interrogates them. Maki is then taken away by some guerrillas, while three other guerrillas force Erina to strip off her shirt, her pants and her panties. Erina's arms are tied over her head to ropes that are hanging from the roof. A guerrilla points a gun at Erina's head and forces kisses on Erina's pretty face.

The guerrilla crouches down and rubs some water from a canteen onto Erina's pussy and ass. He then kneels down behind Erina and licks her ass. The guerrilla stands up behind Erina, whose arms are still tied to the roof, and fucks her in a standing position. A second rapist also violates Erina in a standing position, dinking her from both the front and the back, in positions that occasionally look a bit vanilla (such as when he lifts her leg).

Out in the woods, the guerrillas prepare to violate my favorite actress in this film, Maki Tomoda. Maki, wearing a camouflage-design T-shirt and matching pants, is forced to stand with her arms clasped behind her head, and watch as the guerrillas drive wooden stakes into the ground.

The guerrillas then remove Maki's shirt, pants and panties, and force her to lie on the ground naked (wearing only her army boots). The guerrillas pry open Maki's legs and use ropes to tie Maki's arms and legs to the stakes. One guerrilla (the guy who always wears the blue track pants in the Slave Island movies) moves in and starts licking Maki's pussy and her perfect-sized breasts. The guerrilla then drops his pants and gets on top of Maki to fuck her missionary style (and, thankfully, her legs and arms remain bound to the stakes).

Maki's acting in this scene is first-rate. Her gasping and writhing as she gets drilled are very effective, and her bottom lip quivers in a way that is quite sexy. At key moments, Maki arches her back, throws her head back and lets out some deep moans that are phenomenal. After the first rapist finishes, a second guerrilla violates Maki. The second guy's round is not quite as intense, but is still very good.

Meanwhile, back at the hut, things are really piling up ... oops, I mean, back at the hut, pretty Erina is lying on her back on a straw mat, with her arms tied apart (her feet are untied). A guerrilla licks Erina's pussy and then takes her in the missionary position. Pretty Erina looks horrified as she gets fucked pretty hard ... too bad her feet were untied, or this scene would have been excellent. As is, it's still pretty good.

In the end, Erina and Maki -- dressed in their uniforms -- are taken by the guerrillas to a wooded area, where each woman is forced to kneel down and is shot in the back of the head.

It should be noted there are some consensual scenes in this movie, which I couldn't be bothered to review. There are also some Ed Wood-like continuity problems in a few scenes, which I didn't describe but viewers are sure to notice. Finally, the entire cast appears in a dance number at the end that was too surreal for me to put into words (I think the idea was to assure viewers that this was only a movie).

My grade: B+

While this flick could have been better, it does have a Zero Woman sort of nastiness to it that's appealing, and Maki Tomoda's rape scenes are outstanding -- arguably the best I've seen in a while. It ain't perfect, but Battlefield Gangbang is definitely worth seeing.

My Grade: B+


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