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Attackers JBD-119

Reviewed by A Canadian

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Title: Attackers JBD-119

Starring: Alice Hoshi

Director: Randa Mai

Running time: one hour and 40 minutes

Attackers JBD-119, directed by Randa Mai, is good but not great. It has a hot star, Alice Hoshi, and some nice scenes, particularly some strong whipping scenes. But ultimately this movie lacks a bit of the intensity needed to put it over the top. It's worth seeing but keep your expectations in check.

The story, I believe, is about a conflict among criminals. Alice and her male partner sit down at the home of a competing villain (Randa) and his partner to sort out their differences. But it doesn't work out, and Randa and his guy soon overpower Alice and her buddy and knock them out.

Alice is next seen lying on the floor, passed out, in her one-piece, zebra-striped strapless dress. Alice is a fine-looking woman. She has nicely coifed brown hair, a pretty face with big, full lips, and a slender body with an impressive waist and remarkably large, natural breasts. Off to the side, Alice's partner is seated in a corner, also passed out, with his shirt removed and his hands cuffed in front of him.

Randa pulls down the top part of Alice's dress to expose her huge boobs, which Randa fondles. Randa ties some ropes around Alice's chest area, so the ropes tie her arms firmly behind her back and ropes run above and below her breasts. Randa and his buddy move Alice, who's still passed out, into a standing position, and tie her to a rope from the ceiling. As his buddy helps hold the passed-out Alice in an upright standing position, Randa removes Alice's dress, so that Alice's sexy body is stripped down to nothing but some black G-string panties.

The second villain lets go of Alice and the standing beauty's head slumps forward as she remains tied to the ceiling. Randa decides it's time to wake Alice as only he would -- by whipping her. Randa delivers some effective shots with his flogger to Alice's back, forcing some sharp squeals from lovely Alice. Alice dances a bit and continues to whimper, and often responds to the crack of the whip by jolting her head back sharply and yelping.

Randa pauses to tie Alice's feet together and to then tie more ropes around Alice's chest and waist, wrapping the ropes around the top of her breasts to make her large boobs point out like balloons. He also teases Alice by slowly and carefully removing her G-string panties, which Randa then holds to his face to sniff. Alice, who is tough, stays quiet, with a disgusted look on her face as she rolls her eyes.

The second villain steps up behind Alice, reaching his arms around her so he can fondle her spectacular breasts. The second guy then steps away, and Randa goes back to using his flogger, whipping Alice's ass. Randa's whip delivers some punishing shots to Alice's nice butt.

The second guy stands behind Alice again and holds her by her shoulders, so Randa can drop some hot candle wax on her jumbo boobs. Alice screams as the wax hits her right breast and then the left one. Randa goes behind Alice and drops some wax just above her ass, making Alice dance and scream as her skin burns. Hot wax is also dropped on Alice's arms, the top of her back and the front of her legs, causing more great screaming and struggling.

Randa goes back to taunting Alice. He grabs her head by both hands, and plants a kiss on her full lips. He also lightly slaps her face (too lightly, in my view). The second villain (whose face is all bruised) moves in next to smooch Alice, and during the liplock tries to force his tongue into her tightly clenched mouth. As the kissing finishes, Randa returns to whipping Alice, striking her ass and her feet. Randa lifts Alice's feet behind her and ties them to a second rope from the ceiling, so that Alice is suspended in the air in what looks like a kneeling position. Randa slaps Alice's face (a bit harder this time), plays with her boobs, and then whips her again with the flogger as squealing Alice's suspended body slowly turns.

The action cuts to a somewhat new scene, where Alice is again tied in a standing position, her arms still firmly bound behind her back. Her body has been cleaned up and the wax marks are gone. Randa ties Alice's right leg in the air and proceeds to whip Alice again with the flogger. The second villain then places a vibrator in Alice's pussy and works on her pussy, making Alice grunt and squirm. As the vibrator work continues, Randa -- standing behind Alice -- reaches around and plays with Alice's knockers, massaging her melons and tickling her nipples. Randa also slaps the big boobs around.

The second guy steps back and Randa takes his place, using a different, bigger vibrator, which makes Alice flail and squeal. The second guy steps behind Alice and plays with her boobs, as Randa's vibrator makes Alice's lithe body buckle. Next, Randa ties Alice's left leg to a rope from the ceiling, so that Alice is suspended in the air in a seated position. As the second guy holds Alice's top half and fondles her breasts, Randa brings the buzzing vibrator back into action. Alice starts screaming as the vibrator hits the mark.

Randa moves Alice into a new position, so she is tied in the air in a horizontal position, facing upwards. He puts two candles on her body, on her stomach and near her breasts. Randa then lifts the candles and drops wax on Alice's tits and tummy, causing her to squeal. Soon, the candles are gone and Randa is again using the vibrator on Alice, who screams as her pussy is pleasured. This scene ends with Alice receiving more lashes from the flogger, and a close-up of some tears on Alice's pretty face.

In a new scene, Alice is cleaned up, and moved into a kneeling position on the floor, with her arms still bound behind her back, and still tied to a rope from the ceiling. Randa uses a vibrator on Alice's pussy, while the other villain holds Alice in place. Randa then grabs a candle and drops hot wax on Alice's lower back, once again making her scream and struggle. Alice is moved into a squatting position on the floor, and Randa once again whips her with the flogger. Alice yelps and screams in pain once again, and there are some close-ups of tears streaming down her face.

Alice is moved into a standing position, tied arms over head, with only her feet and hands bound by ropes. Randa uses a bull whip to strike Alice, mostly hitting her waist and ass. Alice cries in pain, and at times her legs appear to give out as her agony overwhelms her. This scene also has nice close-ups of the welts on Alice's waist.

In a final brief scene, Alice's feet are tied to the ceiling rope, and she is hoisted in the air upsidedown, with her bound hands still on the floor. Alice lets out some final squeals and the movie ends.

My grade: B

When you have a sexy woman like Alice Hoshi appearing in a movie like this, you have to give the film a decent grade. And this movie has some fine moments -- I would say some of the whipping scenes are better than average for a Randa Mai flick. At the same time, though, much of this movie felt mechanical and repetitive. Attackers JBD-119 is definitely recommended although it could have been better.

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