ZFX/Shockwave Official Home Page    Here it is, your number one source for All Things ZFX, where you can download the entire ZFX collection. Not to mention there's also thousands of vidcaps of your favorite ZFX performers, plus the ZFX Clip of the Week, updated every Friday. Any ZFX fan will love this place.

Adult DVD    Before ordering adult DVDs, check here first. They usually have the dealers listed for any title listed by price...a good way to avoid spending more than you should.

The World of Red Feline    Catering to the connoisseur of artistic bloody Spanish Inquisition style torture films as well as videos of bondage, whipping and caning. European beauties in awful situations. Full nudity.

Video Mayhem   Looking for hard-to-find Japanese bondage at very affordable prices? Most of their titles are only 6 bucks. No search engine which makes things tough to find, though.

Eyewitness Production    The best source I've found for realistic hanging videos, Eyewitness also offer generous amounts of bondage, torture and death scenes and with some beautiful women. The videos are expensive but highly recomended.

Bound & Delivered    The place to go to buy videos and DVDs from Dan Hawke, who makes some of the roughest, and best, bondage/torture videos in the biz.

Teraz Films   The official site of Roman Nowicki, the inventive erotic horror director of the Mark of the Whip and Fantom Kiler series. DVD and Video on Demand available.    While perhaps not as "extreme" in terms of actual torture, Powershotz focuses more on the domination and humiliation aspect of bondage, with a focus on sexual threatening of some very pretty young models. They even offer custom requests for as little as $100.

Hardcore Abductions    The name says it all. Ever wonder where you can find movies where innocent girls are attacked, tied up and raped, with nothing simulated? Here you go. Silverback doesn't hold back; you get actual hardcore bondage videos here.

Backdoor Bondage    Formerly known as Bondage Barrix, this site is the home of our friend Sgt. Major and his uniquely harsh style of bondage and discipline that harkens back to the days of the old House of Milan. Downloadable clips are available.

PKF Studios    Looking for extreme entertainment? This company features original, fetish-specific, erotic-horror movies and crime dramas for discerning adults with quality unmatched in this genre.

NicheClips    Bondage and torture, superheroines, and lots of snuff - shooting, knifeplay, hanging, decapitation, monster rape and strangulation, etc. You name it, one of the many websites here has it for sale.

Vintage Punishments    Many people want to know a good source for John Blakemore's classic works for HOM, and especially, the Erotic Perversions loops that were shot for the European market. This Clips4Sale site appears to have the most complete collection on the net.

Natasha    The online home of one of our favorite sexy damsels in distress, Natasha Flade (Well, duh!). Among the several movies and photo sets available on the site are the popular hardcore "Bondage Sex" line of DVDs with Natasha bound, gagged and actually penetrated against her will, a real rarity in bondage videos today. Well worth the visit.

Centaur Celluloid    The official website of respected bondage director/photographer Isaac W., featuring dozens of beautiful, sexy women put through strict bondage ordeals.    This site has a huge selection of JAV movies to stream and to download, and it's the only legit site to get JAV outside of Japan since it is run by JAV companies from Japan. Most of the JAV movies reviewed here are available at R18.

All Japanese XXX DVD    If you want legitimate, original Japanese material from major producers like Cinemagic, Attackers, Moodyz and many others, this is the place to go. It also features a handy search system that helps you find exactly what perversion you're looking for, so you can be sure what you're ordering.

Asian   A useful site on finding Japanese AV titles, including the Attackers series, as well as an easy way to search your favorite Adult Video actresses.   (formerly Another good place to look for Japanese bondage DVDs. The site allows you to search according to the name of an actress or by company. In addition to a search function, there is even a "live chat" option to help you find a particular title.   If you're looking for Japanese bondage, this site is the American sister of Canada's with a multitude of titles arranged in categories like "SM" and "Rape".

Alpha Blue Archives    An excellent source for finding some of the real classics in adult films, movies made before today's restrictions eliminated most of the bondage and rape scenes from hardcore sex films.

Something Weird Video    A company that reintroduces us to a whole world of sick exploitation/sexploitation films that were made mostly in the 1960s and 70s.  Bondage, rape, bizarre torture, you name it, Something Weird probably has it.  Some real gems can be found in their massive inventory of schlock.

Adult Video Universe    A reliable online source for purchasing adult bondage DVDs.

W.A.V.E. Productions    A company that produces original videos with "damsel-in-distress" themes that feature pretty girls tied up and then strangled, hanged, electrocuted, burned, shot, barbecued, you name it, often with full nudity.    Here's a interesting twist on the extreme bondage theme: two compilation DVDs featuring women tied up and burned at the stake, culled from various sources, some of them quite rare. For anyone who's a fan of burning at the stake, these DVDs are a must.


Other sites...

Scribbler's Daring Heroines    Various art styles of Superheroines and other heroines in peril, bondage, stripping, whipping, beatings, force situations, etc. Free art albums with lots of free art, and a special members area with hot art albums to help keep the site alive, or at least online!

AWAWA's Underground Room > Games    Part of a Japanese site, now with three different interactive electric shock games, each with sound effects. Shock the bitches until they pass out, then shock them again. Great fun!    The official homepage of Attackers, the Japanese company that produces some of the nastiest torture vids around. It's all in Japanese, so it's a bit hard to navigate, but worthwhile for stills and box covers of their releases.    Another Japanese language only site, which makes for difficult surfing, but it's the official home of the FA prison films series from Japan, featuring some of the best bondage rape scenes, not to mention incredible electric shock scenes as well.

Hank's Vidcaps    The final Yahoo home of our late friend Hank Hobbs' bondage vidcap site. Hank was one of the few cappers allowed to cap ZFX movies, and if a girl gets tied up in a mainstream movie, Hank has probably capped it already.

Chadscans    Looking for stills of those great House of Milan bondage pics from those classic bondage magazines from the 1970s and 80s? This is the place to join for all that and more. Free membership, highly recommended.

Hairy Women Punished    No, we're not talking about the bearded ladies at the circus sideshow. This is a group devoted to women with full, natural bushes being tied up, abused, tortured, know, all the stuff women deserve. Full of great retro pics from the 1970s.

Dark Fetish Network   Here's the dilemma. You want to be on Facebook, but you're a pervert and/or sick fuck. What to do? Well, at last, a social network designed just for deviants like yourself. Bondage, torture, stabbings, beheading, burning, execution, girl-eating...really, any kind of dark fantasies you have, there's a place for you on this unique site, and you'll be among like-minded friends. How cool is that?

The Dark Spot    A cool place to visit and spend a few hours checking out poser artworks, drawings, stories and other topics regarding the harder, more extreme side of bondage. You are required to make about 10 posts before you're allowed to download anything and become a full-fledged member, but once you get full access, its a really fun site. Recommended.

MWB Art    The home of our friend MWB, a good guy and a talented artist (and one of our "Notable Guests"). I really dig his artwork, check it out. As always, a totally free site and an enjoyable visit.

StakeDamsels    If burning at the stake is your thing, this is the absolute best website on the net! Original artworks, stories, audio clips, as well as a lively forum with discussions about everything dealing with fire or burning. It's like a virtual BATS Museum! Check it out; you'll spend hours there enjoying all the great stuff on display.