I'm all in favor of a Hot Iron Database. There's nothing more exciting than to see a demented sadist applying a hot iron to tender female flesh (breast, belly, face, etc). The white cloud of smoke rising upward, the smell of burnt female flesh – lovely…

One of our posters wrote that on the forum when the topic was brought up last April. Still, I had my doubts about whether such a project would be worthwhile. Even on a site devoted to such violent fantasies as rape, whipping, torture racks and electro-shock, I figured hot irons were more of a niche fetish, one that would have limited appeal even amongst the pervs and sick fucks that inhabit our dark area of the Internet. Anybody who knows me is aware that I'm a fan of any kind of heat torture, like spit-roasting, boiling, burning at the stake and of course, hot iron torment. But I also figured I was one of the few who felt that way.

I may still end up being right, but then we had a poll amongst our readers to see what they favored as a category for a new database. After over 3 weeks of voting, I had my answer. More people voted for Hot Irons than anything else. Surprisingly, it even got more votes than Rape. Yes, this supposedly underground category actually beat out Man's Favorite Sport.

That told me there truly are a lot of vocal Hot Iron fans out there and that I should go ahead and do this. Being a fan, I already had a number of scenes in my personal collection, but most were on VHS tapes and needed upgraded prints. So months of researching, renting, buying, capping and clipping what turned out to be over a hundred movies ended up being a lot of work. Special thanks to Fritz, John Galt, YikYakker, Gonzaullas, Thawkinsworth, Bman, Tony Wood, Carnyx, Amy Hesketh and anyone else I've forgotten for their contributions, help and encouragement.

So for all you fans of Hot Iron scenes, this database is dedicated to you.


Ralphus, Bring Out the GIMP moderator


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