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February 2011

Name: MAV

Btw Ralphus, very much appreciate all the AOH photos you're posting of Jane over the past several days!

Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 01:11:47 AM

Name: esso
E-mail address:

Bleumune is obviously a national treasure, at least when it comes to archiving written GIMP material.

Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 09:11:10 AM

Name: Sloth

esso/YikYakker/bleumune - damn you guys are good - just no fooling a dedicated Gimper - hope ya'll got a good chuckle at least - and of course all are correct on soooo many reprints appearing in various publications - hell, they may have even appeared prior to the ones I found - Burn, Lovely Witch is in World of Men, April 1967 - Monster Vampires is in World of Men, July 1967 and Damned Virgins is in World of Men, September 1967.

I've been toying with an idea for a bit so give me some input and if you think there would be any interest - something like a monthly Gimp Forum feature - I'd post of reprint of the original interior medieval story as is, typos and all - a bit time consuming I know but once a month would be acceptable - the issue I run into is getting the original interior artwork included as possibly a header pic - to get a good quality scan would almost entail dismantling the magazine, not something I'd be inclined to do as an avid collector - dunno, guess I could do the whole spread, crease and all, but that just doesn't seem to do them justice - horns of a dilemma.

YikYakker - ain't that a damn shame - a topless blond cutie going over a cliff - not very Gimp-like.

Ralphus - any Cronkite moment is forgiven when accompanied by such a delightful Jane pic.

Stay well all

Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 10:11:07 AM

Name: Osouk
E-mail address:

Long term lurker inspired to post by the discussions of the InterrogationScenes group. This was one of my all time favourite sites, and I posted a few stories there. It's a real shame there isn't anything similar around, as personally I find interrogation themed stories to be the most interesting.

One of the stories I posted, Into Hell, is on RPP, along with a few others I've written. I highly recommend the story Marcy by esso which is excellent.

Are the stories some of you guys saved available anywhere for re-reading?

Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 10:18:19 AM

Name: esso
E-mail address:

There seems to be some interest in the old interrogation stories that appeared (and still appear) on the web, as well as the old men’s adventure mags. In an earlier posting I broached the subject of perhaps starting some kind of group for posting interrogation stories. I would be glad to contribute what I could in the way of old files and my own work for what it is worth. I would also be happy to defray any expenses if that was necessary. My one problem is the technical ability to get it done easily or the time to learn what is needed.

Perhaps the easiest way to proceed would be to set something up on this site., on the order of the Movie Reviews and Notable Guests. Of course this decision would rest solely with Ralphus. Against it is that in the “mission statement” it states “This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage VIDEO…” (my emphasis). For it is that there are already precedents (Eda’s stories, Cannon’s dollhouse). Also I don’t know how much more work this might create for our peerless leader but as I said up top I would help to the best of my ability. One other thought is that Scourge has two worthwhile groups going on Google and might have some advice.

Perhaps this will open up a discussion. In any case it is great to reminisce, and I can only sing along with Mr. Applegate…

Whenever I'm from time to time depressed And a trauma wells and swells Within my breast I find some pride deep inside of me And I fondly walk down the lane of memory

I see Bonaparte A mean one if ever I've seen one And Nero fiddlin' thru that lovely blaze Antionetts, dainty queen, with her quaint guillotine Ha ha ha ha Those were the good old days

I see Indians draggin' An empty covered wagon When scalping the settlers was the latest craze And that glorious morn, Jack the Ripper was born Ha ha ha ha Those were the good old days

I'd sit in my rockin' chair peacefully rockin' there Counting my blessings by the score The rack was in fashion, the plagues were my passion Each day held a new joy in store

Was anybody happy?

I see cannibals munchin' a missionary luncheon The years may have flown but the memory stays Like the hopes that were dashed when the stock market crashed Ha ha ha ha Those were the good old days

I'd walk a million miles or more

For some of the gore

Of those good



Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 12:35:13 PM

Name: abuffet4u
E-mail address:

I enjoy reading, viewing females or tg tied and exposed to direct/indirect heat including burning, spitroasting, campfire, fireplaces etc..I would like to experience this someday, I am a Chicago masochist.

Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 01:31:50 PM

Name: JohnM
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I have a movie that might be of interest....

"Hockeymasked Freak"
Starring Kay

You can get this movie...

Another movie that might have some fleeting gimp interest is:

"Hot Tub Shocker"
Starring a bunch of girls

It is available:

Note: the electrocution scene is meant to play as campy, so....hence the big bolts of lightning.


Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 04:35:08 PM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
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Ralphus - Thank you for the fabulous impression of Walter Cronkite. Your sources are spot on, it is in fact true that I was burned at the stake on Saturday! And my screaming could be heard for miles. I can really project my voice when the moment calls for it. And the moment called for it.

mothbrad wrote: I haven't been motivated to post for a while, but I had to comment on the beautiful series of pictures from Fantom - a movie I will be sure to see once I move to a country that values freedom of speech.

Thanks for your appreciation! I'm sorry to hear you can't see our movies where you are. Are you sure our downloads and rentals don't work in your country? We've had several fans download our movies from countries in which this content is supposedly off-limits. But I wouldn't want you to risk imprisonment or anything!

YikYakker wrote: Congratulations on getting burned at the stake! (Geez, how often does one get to say that with a straight face).

I don't know where or when this lovely picture was taken, but to me it is evocative of the tremendous sense of relief and triumph that you must feel after having arrived at this remarkable milestone. And it’s not just the BATS scene, it’s the whole journey that Margot described in such rich detail – the horse, the whipping, the roasting and finally the burning. You and your colleagues should be justifiably proud.

And I hope you won't take offense if I say how fetching you look with that rope and chain around your neck. And that smile! We don't often get to see that expression, what with, getting tortured and killed a lot. ;)

Haha, thank you! The photo was taken when they had just set me up on the stake. I believe one of our crew cracked a joke. The relief and triumph has been a bit delayed because of the horrible sunburn and bruises I received on that very day. So, in fact, I was burned at the stake... by the sun! And I was wearing sunscreen, too. Alas, everything for Art.

Now that I can wear shirts again the relief has set in. This was the hardest scene to shoot. The roasting scene was a breeze compared to this. As a producer I was incredibly worried about everything turning out well, getting the shots we need for the effects, the threat of rain. I had been thinking about this scene, my acting, how I would play it, for a looooong time. But it was different being up there, actually tied and chained to the stake, burning in the sun. I felt the accumulation of the torture, the weeks of shooting, in that moment. I looked at the reels that night with some of the crew and JJ made a little test to see if everything worked out. And it does, it really works.

And I'm very proud of all of us.

MAV wrote: Btw Ralphus, very much appreciate all the AOH photos you're posting of Jane over the past several days!

That was a really tough scene to shoot. well, any suspension scene is tough, but we wanted to have a more lengthy scene than we usually do, so I had to be up there a lot longer than I'm used to.

Sloth wrote to Ralphus - any Cronkite moment is forgiven when accompanied by such a delightful Jane pic.

Thank you! By the way, I especially like the title Burn, Lovely Witch, in the Pit of the Damned. I really wish more stories and books had titles like that. It rather sets the tone, don't you think?

I'm going to go rub more burn cream on my shoulders...

Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 04:48:13 PM

Name: Scot
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Esso: Ah, Ray Walston singing “The Good Old Days” in Damn Yankees — that brings back memories. He was an underrated comic actor who’s probably best remembered for that silly sitcom where he played a Martian.

I have a few female interrogation and torture stories from Oslo’s old WSIM site that I’d love to share with my fellow perverts in an appropriate venue.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 - 12:53:48 AM

Name: esso
E-mail address:

Scot: I know I am dating myself but I saw the original production of Damn Yankees. I had gotten the book from which it was adopted (The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant by Douglas Wallop) as a birthday present from my friend Steve up the block (I WAS still a kid). For whatever strange reason the whole thing from book to play is deeply engraved in my brain and not only because Gwen Verdon was every adolescent boy's wet dream.

But enough of that, this is not a Broadway musical blog. Yes Oslo's old WSIM site (and here a tip of the hat goes to Ralphus) best remembered by me for 1. his taped collections and 2. the first time I read anything by Kirsten. It blew my socks off. I no longer have that story although it was pretty much reprised in an expanded version "The Soldier." In "The Soldier" her interrogator is a woman, while in the original it is a handsome enemy officer. The small part I remember best is her torturer leaving her painfully stretched out on the rack and she in tears struggling hopelessly to escape further torture because "there is no way I can be here when he returns," or something like that.

Thanks for the offer to share Scot. It appears to me that there is a coterie of interrogation and 60s men's mag fans, perhaps small but certainly dedicated. Again, can anyone expand on the germ of my thoughts? I am leaving for five days tomorrow (I hope). Perhaps when I return...

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 - 03:13:56 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Hi gang...

Apologies over not updating the daily pictures last night. I had everything ready to go when a power outage hit my area of Ohio, brought on by an ice storm and massive winds. So I was in the dark from about 11:30 last night until this morning, when I woke up early and discovered things had been restored. Right now I'm bleary-eyed and woozy after only about 4 hours sleep, but I'll survive. I'll have more of those fabulous AOH shots of Jane at midnight tonight.

BTW, thank Jane for the pictures, not me. She went nutso and made about 1700 scans from Fantom, so I have a lot to choose from when I pick out the pictures at night. It's tougher for me to decide which shots to leave out, because if I ran them all, this promotion would last 4 years! In case you haven't noticed, she's also got several scans from the shoot at the Red Feline site.

Jane: Great to see you back here. I'm glad you survived being burned at the stake. Can't wait to see the new scans from Margot. She posted on Stakedamsels that JJ's body hair around his arm was burned off, he got too close to the fire at one point. So how close did the fire get to you? It had to be a particularly scary shoot, anytime you're dealing with real fire and of course, you were pretty thoroughly tied to that stake.


Posting stories on the site: I like the idea, although I would NOT want them posted on the main form since something that long would disrupt from the normal flow of the site. We have the GIMP Fiction section, which right now is exclusively inhabited by Eda Chang's works, but there's no reason why we couldn't add more works to it. Indeed, I've already had a few stories submitted to me in the past that so far I've reluctantly held back on since I didn't want to take on any more new projects and didn't want to bother Scribbler. But really, it shouldn't be that hard to add new pages. I particularly would like to read the men's magazine stories that Sloth proposed, since those are virtually impossible to find. And I'm also a big fan of Kirsten Smart's writing; she is one of the best around.

If anybody wants to submit a story, contact me via e-mail and I'll get to work to get it up on the site.


JohnM: Hockeymasked Freak looks like a lot of fun. I'm not so much into nailing a chick (well, not in that way, ahem...) but she looks great. The gag is awesome! That's one of my favorite ways to gag a girl; pack her mouth and then seal it in with lots of rope. That in itself might make it worth a purchase.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 - 09:49:20 AM

Name: Eda
E-mail address:

Regarding the discussion of late of interrogation stories: When Ralphus and I discussed creating a link to my stories, we thought that it might start others to thinking about posting their stories as well, and I'm certainly very willing to have Ralphus change the title of my link from Stories by Eda Chang to Stories by GIMPers and then I will just be one of the members posting stories there. In fact, I would like that since I think that it would bring more members to the link, both to post stories and to read them.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 - 10:53:13 AM

Name: esso
E-mail address:

Ralphus: A great solution and thank you. Might I suggest that the stories be limited to interrogation tales and those taken from the pages of Man's Story, World of Men, etc. I think opening it up to anything GIMP related would dilute the content. (I will admit to a personal bias here.) It could go on the Stories section with a seperate head below Eda's. I would happily volunteer to moderate the section, either alone or in combination with any of the fellow GIMPers who would also like to volunteer. I would bet I have read over 95% of existing material and have a number of uncompleted tales that have yet to see the light of day which I would be glad to put up at some point.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 - 10:54:58 AM

Name: Margot
Homepage URL:

The long awaited update from the queen of html, otherwise known as Margot. The post to end all posts?

There are times when movie making is truly an adventure. Maleficarum is an adventure in every known sense of the word. JJ made it more an adventure than anyone expected.

It all came to fruition on Saturday, January 29th, 2011 when the minibus arrived at 7 am to pick up the cast and the crew from JJ's house, where all were gathered.

No one, except JJ, knew what was going to happen, more exactly, HOW it was going to happen. The day before, while Jane and Mike went to pick up the equipment from the dungeon, JJ and Mila were busy buying wood. Long stakes of wood and a lot of smaller log pieces to build a pyre.

It was the beginning of what was an idea, a concept, a plan, that now was becoming a reality. JJ sat on this for some time, but he reached a limit, it was now or maybe in April. So the day had come and two vehicles were on their way to the location for the one time, one day shoot. Exciting, indeed.

The night before Jane asked for the N time if JJ had a shot list. Are you ready? , Jane asked. " No need for a shot list ", he said, " I know what I want to do" .

Jane had her doubts. In fact, everyone had their doubts. Mike was wondering out loud how was Jane going to be burned at the stake. The same question was in everyone's mind except JJ's . He knew, but he wasn't talking about it.

Days before the fateful day, Jane and JJ were watching a movie over diner. The movie was Nine , a musical based in Fellini's 8 1/2, with Daniel Day Lewis playing the role of the film director that was played by Marcello Mastroiani in Fellini's autobiographical film. Yes, it was a film about the Maestro Fellini.

The premise was that the Maestro , in the movie he was called Contini , was about to start shooting a movie but he didn't have a script, nor did the production had a budget; but everyone was working for that movie to happen although they didn't know anything about it. The costumes were being made, the actors were being cast, everything, but there wasn't a script. It sounded familiar, very familiar.

Jane commented to JJ : " This movie is about you, ... you don't have a script either and we started producing without one ".... in the case of JJ's movie, most of it was already shot... and still, no one had seen a script.

There's a line in that movie that made Jane laugh, when the principal actress played by Nicole Kidman asks the Maestro about the script. " What's this sudden preoccupation with a script? " the Maestro responds.

And then there's the magical line, the producer tells the Maestro . " Why don't you write your script with your camera? ".

The opening sequence of NINE

Now it can be told. JJ was writing the script for Maleficarum with his camera all along and no one had a clue.

He didn't have notes on the set. Nor did he have a shot list, nothing. Nothing like that. Just JJ, the crew and the cast. He would place everyone in their position and tell them what to do and what to say. Just like that. It was scary for the actors, but it was also intriguing and exciting.

The day would start with JJ telling Mike where to position his camera and the atmosphere and angle he wanted. That's how it was everyday. That's how it was that last Saturday.

In the location to shoot Maleficarum .

One day before the production started, long ago, he gathered all the actors, who were asking about a script, and told them: "we're going to create an event, that's all you need to know." He then proceeded to tell them what was their role in the story. But only what they had to know at that very moment and nothing more. " You are a nasty girl who will confront Marian " he told one of the women. " You will start all the problems for these two women. ... The rest of you will follow her lead."

That was it. That was all the story they had to know the first day of shooting. Something was going to happen to those two women. But what?

JJ giving instructions to the cast the first day of shooting. Long, long ago.

So when the cast and the crew went to the burning location, they were all wondering how the scene was going to work. If they had questions, they didn't dare to ask. They simply saw it all happen, while at the same time making it happen. It was kind of amazing to see that.

As it always is in La Paz, it was sunny and yet there was the threat of rain. But the sun was very strong, even when it hid behind some clouds.

The location is a valley south of the city, it's warmer because it's at least 600 meters below downtown... and I mean in altitude. If downtown La Paz, part of it, is at 3600 meters above sea level, we were now at around 3000. The airport is at 4000... in feet:16000. So, it was warmer. The valley flanked by mountains, high mountains, not just little hills, so it's hard to know if the mountains are hiding more clouds. But we can see that it's raining a bit across the river, the mountains have like a haze on them, clear sign of rain.

There's a river that separates us from a suburban neighborhood. We're not that far, but it's far enough, about 45 minutes drive.

The arrival to the location and the beginning of the setting up.

The cast and the crew are at the location, everyone sees JJ and Jane digging holes with a shovel and a pick ax, JJ asks his son to dig too. He digs. Everyone else stands around watching while the sun begins to cook their skin.

When the holes are deep enough to Jane's estimation, the poles are set up, Jane's stake is ready. It is time to get in costume for everyone. And for Jane and Mila to get undressed.

JJ's son, Jane and Jane dig holes for the long stakes.

The big worry of the possibility of rain continuous, some dark, ominous clouds are gathering around and the weather predictions are not very positive. Still, the show is on the road and it has to be done.

Two actors who couldn't make it that day and were important for the story did not stop JJ . He simple asked the sound man who's is also the gaffer, and general assistant to done a soldier's uniform and become one of the inquisitor's private guards. Another actor, who has a different role in the movie, became the other soldier. No excuses. The shoot was on, no matter what.

The actors wait for their moment.

Still, no one knew what was the plan, how the action was going to be carried out. They knew Jane was going to be burned at the stake and Mila was going to watch. JJ told the cast of the general idea of the scene, which I can't reveal now because it will give clues about the ending of the movie and we don't want to do that, do we?

But there's a reason for how the scene is played, why it's set the way it is and why there are some specific characters involved. We'll all have to wait to see the film to know the reasons.

JJ helped Jane and Mila get into their characters, shackled them, bloodied them, and so on. Jane was in charge of doing the make up fx. That's the burns they both bore after their gruesome tortures.

Branding Mila's hand in Maleficarum.

After the long task of working on the make up fx, Jane and Mila were ready to go. JJ was concerned about the growing possibility of rain and eager to start as soon as everyone was ready, but everyone was taking their time, specially the two protagonists who did not have to wear clothes, but had to wear marks of flogging, burning, beating. Lots of work for Jane and JJ .

Jane works on the make up fx on Mila.

When everyone was ready and the cameras were in place, JJ gathered the actors and as if they were his toys, he took them to one area and told them to wait for his battle cry of " action ". Their instruction was to move into frame and into the set to start the execution of Marian (Jane).

The actors wait off camera for their cue.

The cameras were running, JJ yelled action and the cast traveled in time and became the characters they were portraying. Even the sound man, became a character.

Francisca (Mila) and Marian (Jane) were marched to the site of execution and movie magic began to be made.

A frame from the film as Mila and Jane march.
The torturer makes sure Mila is set properly.
Setting the ladies up.
After placing Mila on her torment, the guards dragged Jane, who tried to resist, and as she cried, screamed and kicked, she was taken to the stake where she was chained over the logs. As the inquisitor and the soldiers watched, the logs were set on fire and the show began. As the flames grew in intensity around Jane, she screamed and screamed and screamed some more. Her gruesome cries could be heard far away and slowly she began to lose it until ....
A frame from the movie as Marian is set on fire.
The smoke grows as the flames begin to eat the logs.
Marian knows the inevitable, she begins to feel the flames lapping her feet.
The flames rise up.
Francisca watches as the flames burn her friend.
The flames become one with Marian.
Francisca witnesses her friend's doom. "What about me?" she wonders.
The end?

The cameras kept rolling until the very end of the scene and beyond. Everyone standing, watching, as the flames grew and grew and finished the logs. There was a concern, that some people might see the smoke far away and call the cops or the fire department believing there was a forest fire in progress or someone was being lynched. It happens here. Jane screaming was horribly real and gruesome and loud, very loud... and no.... it didn't happen, we could've been burning someone at the stake and not one lousy call.

We had some rain, we run to the cars with our equipment, but it took longer to go to the cars than the rain itself. Before we could pack all the stuff, the rain was over. So we had some lunch and went on with the shooting.

Jane looks at the stake after it was consumed by the fire.

She was up there not long before.

When JJ called it a day, a long time had passed. It was late afternoon and the shooting was done. And still, no one knew how it was going to work.

That very night, JJ worked a few minutes with the footage, with a little bit of the footage and showed it to Jane . She thought she was dreaming. There she was, burning at the stake, the flames eating her up slowly. Her screams piercing the cloudy day, bouncing off the mountains.

The scene was terrific. She couldn't wait until the moment where she could show it to all those who doubted JJ.

The vid caps I'm posting here are from the film that was not color corrected or worked on any form at all. They are just from the rough footage as it was shot. The final film will look far superior, of course and we can't wait for Maleficarum to be ready.

However, the BATS scene is just a culmination of a lot of work but not the end of the production. There are some scenes to be shot, none difficult like before. But now that the burning scene is done, everything seems so easy. No more tortures for Jane or Mila , no more difficult set ups, no more dungeon. That part is over.

JJ expects to be finished with the production by the end of next week if not sooner. He gave the cast and the crew three days of rest, which they all earned. Tomorrow everyone will be back in the set to continue the production, but happy that the worst is over.

I'm not going to make any comments on comments today, the reason is obvious. And my updates won't be so long and complicated from now on. I think that I can now relax a bit, respond like everybody else, maybe a picture or two when the editing begins and when we make progress with this and/or the other productions. I hope you all enjoyed my sagas and that I didn't bore you.

This film, although not complete yet, it's almost in the can. Post production already started and it will take sometime to complete, months, but at the end there will be a movie that will impress everyone, I'm sure of that.

That's it. That's my update.



Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 - 03:00:24 PM

Name: shankster

The shots of Jane at the stake are absolutely stunning! I also want to see what they do to Mila. I will camp out to be first in line when this is available for purchase. A standing ovation for the entire crew, judging from the "teaser" shots, this will be epic!

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 - 07:00:10 PM

Name: A Canadian

The GIMP stories section: I would be OK with the banner on the main page being changed to simply say "GIMP Fiction", provided Eda's contributions continue to receive some sort of profile on the subsequent pages. I enjoy Eda's stories and feel they are an important part of the site. They should continue to be highlighted in some way.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 - 08:25:28 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

This may not be a very GIMP thing to say. But I just think, after all Jane has gone through making Maleificarum, I think she deserves a great big HUG! Don't you? Anyone else want to give her a hug?

Thursday, February 3rd 2011 - 01:44:25 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Margot: Wow. Just wow. Another great update; I'm really going to miss these, since the movie is wrapping up production next week. You've added a whole new dimension to this forum and in case I haven't mentioned it lately, I really, really appreciate all the work you've done to add to our site. And I know others do, too, even if they are not that vocal about saying thank you.

Your recollection of the final day's shooting of Jane's burning at the stake scene was outstanding. And of course, the pictures are awesome. I know from reading Stakedamsels that they are going wild; on this site, which is more about rape and torture, not so much. But then that's understandable since not everyone here is going to get into the BATS fetish. Still, with something for everyone, Maleficarum should be the hot seller among GIMPers when it finally does get released.

Upon finally getting a look at the much anticipated stakeburning pictures, here's my comments:

  • Jane looks hot. The bondage is almost exactly as I requested, missing only the elbows tied together, but that's a small quibble. I hope they got some good angles of her being tied to the stake, because that's one of my favorite parts of the whole experience.

  • The pyre is disappointingly small. I was hoping for something much larger. JJ should have ordered more wood. What's also frustrating is that there is more wood to the side of Jane that wasn't added to the pile. But again, it's not a huge problem. It obviously was enough to burn her, and like I say, the pictures look great.

  • You say the pics are not the completed versions. I hope when the special effects are added, they don't go overboard and take special care to make sure they don't look like effects. The fire looks impressive in the stills but it's a lot tougher to pull off that look in a moving image. And don't forget that any fire is going to have to include smoke. Don't leave that out, or it won't look realistic.

    Hey, just putting in my time as technical advisor. I have to earn my associate producer credit somehow :)

    All in all, outstanding work. If the completed scene looks as good as the images do, it could be the best scene in a film filled with noteworthy setpieces. I hope you'll return to answer our questions and comments in the near future.

  • Thursday, February 3rd 2011 - 01:45:10 AM

    Name: Sloth

    Margot - now that's entertainment - terrific update and it would seem you may have a hit on your hands - don't know if it will rank up there with "Mark of the Devil" but I for one can't wait to get my copy - thanks so much.

    Dangerous Dave - count me in on giving Jane a hug......after she "cools down" some.

    Stay well all

    Thursday, February 3rd 2011 - 09:39:19 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    Dangerous Dave wrote: Anyone else want to give [Jane] a hug?

    Me, me!

    Thursday, February 3rd 2011 - 06:12:59 PM

    Name: Brutus

    Margot and Jane: Those BATS pictures are awesome! Even though I'm not much of a burning fan, the look of anguish on Jane's face in the picture captioned "The flames become one with Marian" is convincing, and thus sexy as hell. Congratulations on completing the scene. I'm looking forward to the finished product and any further updates you may provide.


    GIMP stories: Ditto A Canadian's thoughts on this matter.

    Thursday, February 3rd 2011 - 06:54:38 PM

    Name: Margot
    Homepage URL:

    An unexpected update from Queen Margot (I like the title, there's a movie with that title. A French movie, of course. It fits... me.)

    I couldn't resist. There's such an amazing reaction to my latest chapter on the Maleficarum saga, that I had to return and comment on the comments but above all to thank you all for the enthusiastic reception.

    Ok, I get it, you're all enthralled by what the people at Red Feline Productions pulled off. Right?

    We're very pleased, indeed, and now we can actually see the movie forming. We got it. We got the ending, we got the story and we feel like Jess Franco married Jodorowsky and bore a child: JJ. It's a crazy movie, yes, but it's more than what we were expecting. All the secrecy, all the mystery was resolved for us.. maybe not all of us, but certainly those closer to the realizatour. It all makes sense now and there's a lot to be done.

    But the heavy part of the work is done, we have something like 16 hours of footage to cut from and we're going to have at least another 4. We know where the story is going, we know the ending, we got all of the twists and all the plot. ... oh yes, we know.

    But I need to respond to some comments now, so, here I go.

    Brutus said: Margot and Jane: Those BATS pictures are awesome! Even though I'm not much of a burning fan, the look of anguish on Jane's face in the picture captioned "The flames become one with Marian" is convincing, and thus sexy as hell. Congratulations on completing the scene. I'm looking forward to the finished product and any further updates you may provide.
    Margot responds: There was never a doubt that Jane was going to pull this off. Her acting in the entire movie is amazing, she denotes all of the drama that was needed. She carries the film and pushes everyone else along.
    Sloth said: Margot - now that's entertainment - terrific update and it would seem you may have a hit on your hands - don't know if it will rank up there with "Mark of the Devil" but I for one can't wait to get my copy - thanks so much.
    Dangerous Dave - count me in on giving Jane a hug......after she "cools down" some.
    Stay well all
    Margot responds: JJ is an entertainer, of course. He's pulling all the wires, pushing all the buttons, even those buttons you didn't know you had. However, it's not a good idea for us to raise our level of expectations about how well the movie will do. We simply hope that it will go around and around. It's not "Mark of the Devil" but it definitely has a lot more gimp.
    And now to Ralphus.
    Ralphus said: Margot: Wow. Just wow. Another great update; I'm really going to miss these, since the movie is wrapping up production next week. You've added a whole new dimension to this forum and in case I haven't mentioned it lately, I really, really appreciate all the work you've done to add to our site. And I know others do, too, even if they are not that vocal about saying thank you.
    Your recollection of the final day's shooting of Jane's burning at the stake scene was outstanding. And of course, the pictures are awesome. I know from reading Stakedamsels that they are going wild; on this site, which is more about rape and torture, not so much. But then that's understandable since not everyone here is going to get into the BATS fetish. Still, with something for everyone, Maleficarum should be the hot seller among GIMPers when it finally does get released.

    Margot responds: Thank you!, your words are very encouraging and I'm really happy my contributions added to this forum.

    I think I'll stick around for some time as we progress with the movies. I'm voicing what all of us at RFPIX think, feel, do, want to do, plan to do... in other words I'm the spoke's person of the group, so I have to stick around. Right? And I'm very happy that we're causing a lot of excitement with this movie and we hope to repeat the experience with our future projects. Nonetheless, there are some points I must address.

    Ralphus said: Upon finally getting a look at the much anticipated stakeburning pictures, here's my comments:
    # Jane looks hot. The bondage is almost exactly as I requested, missing only the elbows tied together, but that's a small quibble. I hope they got some good angles of her being tied to the stake, because that's one of my favorite parts of the whole experience.
    Margot responds: Yes, Jane looks hot and the scene plays very well. It was very dramatic during the shooting and it shows in the footage. We have plenty of angles to work with, we had four cameras to do this, we're covered.

    Ralphus said:

    # The pyre is disappointingly small. I was hoping for something much larger. JJ should have ordered more wood. What's also frustrating is that there is more wood to the side of Jane that wasn't added to the pile. But again, it's not a huge problem. It obviously was enough to burn her, and like I say, the pictures look great.

    Margot responds: This point was raised a number of times since I posted the pictures and one person at the BATS forum got it. He saved me the time to explain certain logistics. This is what he wrote:

    I too was surprised the stake/pyre wasn't larger platform but looking at the geographical location the smaller wood pyle and stake is more realistic given the lack of wood there would be back in that time making it too difficulty and costly for them to build a platform stake. Why waste wood that could be used build houses barns etc on a burning a witch(s). Also JJ idea of the smaller pyle stake fire I think was correct decision to do because I thinking the bad guys wanted Jane too suffer a more painful slower death in front of her female lover. It fit the story line. What do you guys think? Bill K.

    My response was as follows:

    As they say... You got it!
    That's exactly the point. The two women have this terrible sentence. Francisca is tied to the cross to be left there until she dies... sloooowly and Marian is burned at the stake... slooowly. There's an expression here "A fuego lento" It translates to Slow burning fire. SBF, a new niche I just created and now I'm trademarking it.

    The high plains in the Andes are short in wood. Houses are made out "adobes", mud bricks, which basically are made out of dirt and straw. It's a nice ecological way of building houses, but now it's out of style, unfortunately.
    But back then and until the 50's, that was the way people built houses, churches, etc. Wood was used for furniture and yes... it was a luxury. But witches had to be burned, right?

    And that's the point JJ made when he was discussing the scene with Jane before the shooting. He began to reveal the story and he explained why it was like that. You look around and you see very few trees, very few, and you look at the historical records and realized that big pyres were non existent. There was hardly enough wood to keep houses warm in winter. If there was a big platform with tons of wood the question would've been: Where did they get the wood?

    There's another element to the story which I can't reveal, but it has to do with the way the execution is planned and why. Enough said.

    So, it made sense to have a small pyre but a nasty execution as a result.

    Ralphus said:

    # You say the pics are not the completed versions. I hope when the special effects are added, they don't go overboard and take special care to make sure they don't look like effects. The fire looks impressive in the stills but it's a lot tougher to pull off that look in a moving image. And don't forget that any fire is going to have to include smoke. Don't leave that out, or it won't look realistic.
    Hey, just putting in my time as technical advisor. I have to earn my associate producer credit somehow :)
    All in all, outstanding work. If the completed scene looks as good as the images do, it could be the best scene in a film filled with noteworthy setpieces. I hope you'll return to answer our questions and comments in the near future.

    Margot responds: Well, the pictures with the fire are from the footage itself. It means that we didn't photoshop the fire on them, we captured the image from the actual footage. It's more impressive when you see the fire going up and down Jane's legs and you hear her agonizing screaming and the cracking of the burning wood. Pity the smell is not included in the movie. Check the picture below:

    Notice this, the fire is UNDER the logs, burning out and up. We didn't add the fire, it's there, we have those logs burning like crazy.

    There's the issue of smoke. When we began the fire we got a lot of smoke, but as the fire grew the smoke decreased. That's normal. The smoke is there, it shows at times, but then it's blown away by the wind. There's a lot of wind down there and the flames go always in the direction the wind blows, as in the picture. Those flames are the real thing. They get bigger at times, but as it's always with fire, they go up and down. It's cool to see the burned logs collapsing sometimes, right under Jane's feet.

    What I meant by the images not being the complete version is the following. As you know, after editing the movie the film goes through a process of color correction, to get the colors, the contrast, all of it right. The sound too, goes through mixing and balancing, etc. What we have now is the rough footage and we made the vid caps from that raw footage, but the image that you see up there, is what the footage looks like without effects, color correction, saturation, etc. It's a lot that is done to the image to make it look pretty and to match with the rest of the footage. See below:

    There's a difference in the tones, the color saturation etc. That has to be matched so it will all look more like this:

    The image above is the closest to what the scene should look like as far as color, contrast, saturation, etc. The flames you see were not added to the picture, they are there and they move very nicely up and down Jane's body. What you see is what is in the footage, exactly as you see it in the picture.

    I cannot tell how we did that, of course, and I never will. Maybe some people will eventually figure it out. It's not cgi, it's fire, plain and simple. What's interesting is that no one knew before we started shooting. You should've seen the worried faces.

    As I said in my previous post, Maleficarum is an adventure for us, one that continues to intrigue us and excite us. We're not concern about where it will go when it's finished. We're too happy to be doing it and living it. That's all.

    So, more responses to comments:

    Dangerous Dave said:
    This may not be a very GIMP thing to say. But I just think, after all Jane has gone through making Maleficarum, I think she deserves a great big HUG! Don't you? Anyone else want to give her a hug?

    YikYakker responded:
    Me, me!

    Margot responds: You'll all be happy to know that JJ decided to hug Jane for each and all of you. He started already.
    shankster said:
    The shots of Jane at the stake are absolutely stunning! I also want to see what they do to Mila. I will camp out to be first in line when this is available for purchase. A standing ovation for the entire crew, judging from the "teaser" shots, this will be epic!
    Margot responds: Thank you. A lot happens to Mila, of course, but I cannot say what. We bow to the standing ovation and we hope that when the film is out we'll have a lot to celebrate. For us Maleficarum is already an epic.

    Good night. Margot

    Friday, February 4th 2011 - 12:21:20 AM

    Name: Eda
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Obviously there's a good reason why we've had no posts now for many hours: no one feels comfortable trying to follow one of Margot's remarkable posts, and with good reason. Well, I don't feel comfortable trying to do it, either, but I guess someone has to.

    After nearly a year off from writing, I posted a new story a few weeks ago called THE FORTRESS. I hope those of you who have read it enjoyed it. I hadn't tried before to set a story in the future, and I'd love any constructive feedback, positive or negative, as to how I did.

    Today Ralphus just posted another new story of mine, called THE GREEN BIKINI, that returns to somewhat more familiar territory for me. So I guess my writer's block has lifted. We'll see how long that continues. Again, I hope those who choose to read this latest story will like it and offer me their comments.

    And thanks to A Canadian and Brutus for their recent kind words about my writing. They are sincerely appreciated.

    Saturday, February 5th 2011 - 12:45:16 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    Steve Power: Your rant of last Sunday morning about the unfairness of censorship moved me to tears, so I whipped out my credit card and bought some of your stuff. That’s quite a sales technique. ;)

    Actually the part about the tears is bullshit, but seriously I really did buy a couple of Powershotz clips and hope to review them soon.


    Queen Margot: I’m glad to see that you have not ceased posting. I can’t get enough of your behind-the-scenes-of-the-film-industry revelations.

    Is that a picture of you on the left? At the risk of sounding crude, I think you look hot! Have you been in any RF flicks?

    BTW, Queen Margot was also the mother of Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play. But the movie Queen Margot looks like a more interesting story than the Bard’s depressing dreck. (Oh man, my high school Literature teacher is spinning in her grave.)


    The movie 8mm is now available at Netflix (streaming video). It hasn’t been reviewed here, but I’m pretty sure it’s been mentioned once or twice. Is there anyone who’s seen it and would like to comment?

    If it’s worthwhile, I’ll put it in my queue, watch it and do a review (he said, looking at his long, ever-growing list of to-be-reviewed movies).

    Saturday, February 5th 2011 - 02:17:42 PM

    Name: YikYakker
    Homepage URL:

    Margot: Oops...someone just informed me that Hamlet's mom was named Gertrude, not Margot. Man, am I embarrassed. My lit teacher must have done a poor job. ;)


    URL: Tarl posted this pic from a movie named Pimp. It shows a woman on all fours shackled to a table and getting reamed from behind. Has anyone seen this?

    Saturday, February 5th 2011 - 06:50:52 PM

    Name: Fritz

    I've been away for over a month - far too long to catch up on everything I missed, so I'll limit myself to (relatively) recent topics to keep things short (at least for me).

    First off, let me add my voice of appreciation to the many who have already thanked Margot for her detailed progress reports on Maleficarum. I suppose with most of the footage "in the can" - there's another expression that no longer makes much sense in the digital world - we won't be getting all that many treats in the future, but it was a great ride while it lasted. My only regret about reading these well illustrated posts is that I worry the movie will hold fewer surprises now. That said, I do sense that Margot was careful to keep enough material hidden from our prying eyes to ensure we remain suitably unawares when Maleficarum is released. I'm actually glad we haven't seen what happens to Mila's character at the climax, and prefer it stay that way.

    * * * * *

    Men's Magazines: I'm another old timer who has many fond memories of these wonderful sources of GIMP entertainment. I too remember Chuck McCarthy and Jim MacDonald. I also recall the line of titles put out by Emtee Publications had the best stories and art to satisfy our particular interests. Emtee released Man's Story, Man's Epic, Men Today and others. My favourite artist was Norm Eastman who depicted maidens in peril better than anyone I've come across since. The color covers and the B&W illustrations which accompanied the stories portrayed the most inventive and brutal tortures imaginable. There seemed to be only two rules: no full nudity and no dead bodies.

    I managed to hold on to about a dozen of these magazines which I purchased between 1972 and 1976 (when they all seemed to disappear from newsstands almost overnight). They cost about 50 or 60 cents an issue. Later, for considerably more, I was able to expand my collection to about 30 by scouring used book stores and more recently e-Bay. I've seen some of them priced at close to $50 now, so they've been a great investment. Unlike the hundreds of fumetti I tossed out, I was smart enough to hang on to these.

    I'm curious, though... after Sloth's challenge to spot the fake MM story, a few posters mentioned the exact issues in which the legit titles appeared. Does that mean some GIMPers have collections so extensive that they can identify what is in most copies? Or is there a reference somewhere that lists all of them, including the contents? I have two excellent books about MM history (Men's Adventure Magazines and It's a Man's World) but neither has a detailed index of all issues (which would likely require a book in itself).

    Finally, I'd love to see more of the Men's Mag material show up online. There have been quite a few covers posted over the years, but the stories (which I adored) and the inside art are relatively hard to find. After enduring a recent computer crash, I am upgrading my system and hope to add scanning capability so I can digitize my own collection. Would it be possible to have a section on the GIMP where those of us who still have some of these collectibles could archive the good stuff?

    * * * * *

    Expanding the Story Section: An excellent idea, IMHO. As much as I enjoy Eda's work, it would be great to see more contributions posted here. I have over 2000 stories in my collection (fortunately salvaged after the aforementioned crash) as well as some of my own feeble attempts. Most of what I have hoarded probably would not pass muster for discriminating readers, but there are some writers in the public domain whose material is first rate. Being this forum is more about words than images and video links, more stories would seem most a-propos here.

    * * * * *

    Eda wrote:

    Today Ralphus just posted another new story of mine, called THE GREEN BIKINI, that returns to somewhat more familiar territory for me. So I guess my writer's block has lifted.

    Congratulations on beating your writer's block. I hope it stays away for good. Moreover, thanks so much for posting not one, but two new stories. You have no idea how thrilled I am to see some new work from my favorite writer. Your stuff really comes closer than anyone else's (even my own) to satisfying my fantasy cravings. I'm going to dig in as soon as I get this post up. As for feedback, you'll be hearing from me :-).

    Saturday, February 5th 2011 - 10:10:01 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    YikYakker: With the exception of a few seconds of video footage showing a topless woman bound AOH, 8MM is a complete sausage-fest. There's a fairly major bondage scene in which the lead is bound spreadeagled and gagged...but it's actor Joaquin Phoenix! Makes no sense at all, except for the fact that the film's director, Joel Schumacher, is openly gay. Ugh! Why hire a gay man to direct a movie about captive women forced to appear in snuff films?

    There is a sequel out there I've never seen, so I have no idea if there's anything GIMP-worthy in it.


    Expanded story section: I heard from Scribbler and he'll see about helping me set it up next week. It shouldn't be that hard to do. Esso also wrote me and expressed a desire to contribute to it. I don't think we need to limit it to interrogation tales as was suggested. I think there are many types of GIMP material that could be included. The only thing we need would be a short teaser explanation of what type of content to expect, so people can decide if it's something they want to read beforehand.


    Fritz: Good to see you back here. I think you made a good point that the one drawback from Margot's elaborate posts is that the film will hold fewer surprises now. Although for me, I basically knew the story back in August when Jane mailed me a treatment for the film that mentioned a lot of the tortures. Along the way, some were cut and new ones were added. I think it's an advantage getting to see the vidcaps, but there's a big difference between seeing stills and watching the action unfold on film.

    I also think her leaving the ending of the film a mystery is a wise move, although she hinted at what would happen in a recent post on Stakedamsels. At first it sounded rather lame, but apparently there's going to be more to it and it will make the story tie together. The film is not just all about the tortures. This is a real narrative movie and not just a collection of atrocities the two women experience. Although even if you're not watching for the story and just want to see the "good stuff", there should be plenty of that.

    BTW, one of my previous questions about Maleficarum was answered yesterday when Jane wrote me and told me they filmed her rape scene on Thursday. I'm glad, because there had been no mention from Margot as to whether this scene was still in the script. This film now officially has something to please every GIMPer.

    Sunday, February 6th 2011 - 12:22:47 AM

    Name: Tarl
    Homepage URL:

    helle friends,

    forget "Pimp" - not so good - is a harmless splatter.

    i think i need "Maleficarum" for my collection - is the movie ready - who in europe is it available?

    greets Tarl

    p.s. check out the new backwood slasher "resurrection county" - not bad ;O)

    Sunday, February 6th 2011 - 03:19:13 AM

    Name: YikYakker
    Homepage URL:

    Ralphus wrote [about Maleficarum]: This film now officially has something to please every GIMPer.

    Well, that itself is a tremendous feat!

    I'm not very concerned that the Margot stills will spoil the movie for me...I'm so senile that by the time the movie comes out, it will all be new to me again! ;)


    Thanks, Ralphus and Tarl, for the heads-up on 8mm. One less movie to waste time pursuing.


    Fritz: In my URL is a link to a site that you are probably familiar with, but others may not be. It displays artwork by Norman Saunders, one of the cover artists you mentioned.

    Although I was never able to buy any of these magazines, their appearances on the rack at the neighborhood drug store were a definite influence on my budding GIMPer-osity. I am very curious to see what those bad boys had on the inside.

    Sunday, February 6th 2011 - 08:19:31 AM

    Name: YikYakker
    Homepage URL:

    Omigod, Jane looks so hot in today's pic!

    Sunday, February 6th 2011 - 09:49:04 AM

    Name: DHT

    Yeah, 8mm is goddam AWFUL. I watched it for the first time a couple of months ago. I was very amused by the commentary track. Schumacher actually has the shitballs to say that the movie is something that had never ever been done before, and I yelled, "IT'S JUST FUCKING HARDCORE AND FUCKING SEVEN!!!!"

    (I yell at people on TV. You should see me watch CSI. "SHUT UP BITCH!!!")

    Sunday, February 6th 2011 - 12:02:53 PM

    Name: Mr. D

    I sense the series is coming to a close, so let me openly thank Jane and Red Feline Pictures for all the wonderful high-quality stills from Fantom that Ralphus has been posting at the top of the forum.

    Thanks also to Margot, and Pachamania films for the same from Maleficarum.

    Monday, February 7th 2011 - 02:43:35 AM

    Name: Sloth

    Fritz - good to hear from you again after your hiatus - hope all is well - I do have a collection of MAM's that is quite extensive - as of today about 600 - so I guess I could be the Gimp Database for such :) - so it's 1978 and I find myself in possession of 700 of them all purchased at cover price - we go on vacation........we return to find a burst waterline and am able to salvage less than 10 MAM's issues - the years go by and come the mid 90's I begin looking to replace all that was lost - got nothing at cover price obviously but did manage to bring most of the old friends back home - and am still on the prowl for the missing 100 or so - Chuck McCarthy, Creighton Lamont, Jim MacDonald and Andrew Blake, Pulitzer Prize winners all - Norm Eastman, John Duillo and Norm Saunders deserve their own section in the Smithsonian.

    When I began the search I was also looking for some kind of database but was never able to find one - that was some time ago however - did find a site that featured about 1000 such covers something along the lines of Book Cover of the Day but that is long since defunct.

    So if I may be of help in that arena just let me know.

    Stay well all

    Monday, February 7th 2011 - 08:54:01 AM

    Name: Simon
    E-mail address:

    Dear Margot: may i ask you: do you know when will the movie "Maleficarum" released? Can't wait to see it!! or do you have other brand iron torture pictures? you can sent to my e-mail. Thank you very much!!

    Monday, February 7th 2011 - 10:48:05 AM

    Name: elkcreek
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Well hello guys and gals, a few quick comments.

    As usual Jane looks absolutely delicious in the Fantom and Maleficarum scans that have been posted. She is a great gimp no doubt, and I must purchase Agent X at some point.

    I have "I Spit on Your Grave" on pre-order from Amazon for tomorrow. I can't wait, I have seen a few of the uncut rape scenes ( they are scattered round the net) and they look exceptional for a mainstream film. I am looking forward to "The Ward" which has appearances from Lyndsy Fonseca and Amber Heard. Lots of potential there. One thing I've noticed. Blockbuster has not (in my area) received "And Soon the Darkness" and doesn't have "I Spit on your Grave" on the board at my local store. I wonder if they are taking some kind of stand against potential gimp material? Speaking of which, here's my mini review for "And Soon the Darkness".

    And Soon the Darkness

    The premise is great, two hot bod bikini American tourists run into a white slavery ring south of the border. My local Blockbuster didn't carry it, and I decided for the 14.99 to go ahead and purchase from my local Wal Mart instead of waiting for NetFlix.

    The movie starts off with a promising scene, a captured girl in a dark room is bound in the corner and as the lights flicker on, she faces (off camera) torture with electricity. Despite the bright light, the scene is shot in Blair Witch style and mediocre at best. D-

    Then Amber and Odette arrive on the scene. After Odette is rescued from potential date rape by an American bystander, the two miss their bus the following morning and decide to sunbathe by the local stream. Both are quite fine in bikinis no doubt. After an argument separates them, Odette is kidnapped. Sadly the only thing shown is Odette being dragged thru the woods, again in the herky jerky style. A worthless scene as far as Gimp value. D

    Then Amber embarks to look for Odette. Odette is seen tied up as she wakes up now with a shirt over her bikini (why is it only gimp movies where the bad guys put CLOTHES BACK ON their victims? -PLEASE) Anyway she is laying on a mattress and the bad guy attempts to rape her and is interrupted by a phone call. No skin is shown. A solid D+

    Amber Finds Odette and they attempt to escape. Odette is killed and Amber finds out the friendly American and the police are in on it and she struggles and is captured. She wakes up in similar circumstance as the first girl and is threatened with electric torture. She is then drugged and taken on a boat to the slavers. She attempts an escape and we get to see her struggle a bit in a wet top, but other then that it's mediocre. All in all the best scene in an otherwise dreadful movie, a C-

    Overall I'll give it a D and not worth the price of a new release rental. Sad, so much potential with both Amber Heard and Odette Yustman, what a waste of good gimpability!

    Monday, February 7th 2011 - 04:15:56 PM

    Name: Brutus

    Elkcreek: Thanks for the mini review of And Soon The Darkness, a movie that had been on my radar. It certainly is maddening and illogical when villains put clothes on the victims. Think I'll skip this one.


    Ralphus: 8mm 2 is a complete waste of time unless you are into lesbians (I know you're not) or a male tied up (definitely no). It's not even about snuff films; it's some crap about a rising diplomat being blackmailed over a sex tape.


    YikYakker: For some reason, 8mm seemed like it had a lot of GIMP material, but on second look, there really isn't much there. Given the subject matter, and Nicholas Cage's investigation into the world of extreme BDSM, there should have been a helluva lot more.

    I’ll put it in my queue, watch it and do a review (he said, looking at his long, ever-growing list of to-be-reviewed movies).

    My list is also growing. As soon as I free up some time and get rid of my Super Bowl hangover, I'll try to rectify the situation.


    Margot wrote: The flames you see were not added to the picture, they are there and they move very nicely up and down Jane's body. What you see is what is in the footage, exactly as you see it in the picture. I cannot tell how we did that, of course, and I never will.

    I'm at a loss on how you did it. Nor do I really want to know. For torture films, I tend to avoid any footage of "how they did it." If it looks realistic, knowing the tricks behind the camera can ruin the fantasy.

    Monday, February 7th 2011 - 06:04:36 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Elkcreek: Damn man, thanks for bringing us the bad news about And Soon The Darkness. I had seen the trailer that showed a hint of bondage, and of course, you can't beat the casting of Amber Heard, one of the cutest young women in Hollywood, and Odette Yustman, who looks like Megan Fox without all the disgusting tattoos. Unfortunately, it's that same sad song again, another mainstream disappointment for a movie that was loaded with potential.

    This is apparently a remake of a 1970 British film of the same name that starred Pamela Franklin, herself a former babe. Here's a somewhat grainy shot of Pamela naked and (and burning at the stake) in The Witching. Anyway, no idea if the original film was also a strikeout, but I added both to my Netflix queue. Won't cost me anything but time to check them out.

    The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.

    So...Blockbuster isn't stocking I Spit on Your Grave? Big shocker there. Blockbuster may be fading now (deservedly so, I might add) and it's their whole "family friendly" policy that makes me glad to see them go. They were always the worst when it came to carrying films that had GIMP themes. Even worse, they forced studios to deliberately release 2 versions of their movies, one uncut, and the other sanitized so that Blockbuster would carry the toned down versions in their stores. The King of the Video Industry, as they were back then, therefore condoned censorship, and got away with it because they were so large they could make their own rules.

    Naturally, unrated and NC-17 movies were never allowed at Blockbuster, let alone adult titles. That's the likely reason why you won't see the ISOYG remake there, because it's unrated. They apparently still haven't changed their policy, so I say, let them go out of business. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. I'll get my copy of the movie from Netflix. It's one I'm definitely looking forward to.

    Tuesday, February 8th 2011 - 03:59:01 AM

    Name: DHT

    AND SOON THE DARKNESS: I'm going to go so far as to say that in terms of squandered potential, AND SOON TDK takes the crown away from the 1988 GOR movie.

    It had the most beautiful blonde AND the most beautiful brunette in hollywood and a bondage plot and just.... plain..... fizzled. It's a decent movie storywise, but just not for us.

    Tuesday, February 8th 2011 - 04:53:03 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    Elkcreek: Really appreciate your taking one for the team on And Soon The Darkness. Gotta agree with everyone else, putting Amber Heard and Odette Yustman in a movie like this and coming away with nothing to recommend is a crying shame.

    Tuesday, February 8th 2011 - 06:22:19 AM

    Name: Badger

    Ralphus: Never would have thought a few years ago that I would be coming to the defense of Blockbuster... but here I am. You are correct about Blockbuster's censorship in the early years. Wayne Huizenga, its founder, is a conservative Christian who refused to stock unedited versions of explicit movies. He also founded Waste Management (fill in your joke here: _____). Huizenga's policy kept me out of the stores for years. Further, his parsimony helped ruin several sports teams in Florida, including the Marlins and the Dolphins.

    Huizenga, however, sold Blockbuster several years ago. Current ownership -- which is hanging by a thread -- has no such policy. I have rented GIMP at my local Blockbuster for a few years now including, recently "Run, Bitch Run" and "Mark of the Devil".

    I may be among the few GIMPers who subscribes to Blockbuster Online rather than Netflix. I like that, rather than have all my movies mailed, I can return a mailed movie to my local store in exchange for a movie they have on the shelf... then go to my queue, order a movie and repeat. As one who will miss the last video stores, I want Blockbuster to survive. BTW, Blockbuster does stock "ISOYG" . The NR version is in my store and on the way to me in the mail. Guess what I will be doing this weekend.

    Tuesday, February 8th 2011 - 02:10:37 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    elkcreek: I'm a bit late but thanks for the mini-review. I've never heard of the film and I think I'll keep it that way.

    Tuesday, February 8th 2011 - 06:14:16 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Does anyone know if the latest Saw movie has any good GIMP moments? I saw an ad on TV for the DVD release and it looked like it might have potential, but you can never be sure with these things. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has seen it.

    Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 07:38:17 PM

    Name: elkcreek
    E-mail address:

    One quick note for clarification sakes. I don't know what Blockbuster's policy is on gimp. I just know that none of my local stores have And Soon the Darkness, and Wal-Mart did. As far as I'll Spit on your Grave, I said that my local store didn't have it up on the new releases or coming soon board. They did get three copies of it. I used to have a local Hollywood Video, I miss them. They had a great selection of older stuff, and they got a lot of new foreign stuff and a far larger B movie assortment than Blockbuster. I too will miss the local video store, there's something about reading the back covers and discovering some new gem that I appreciate, versus sticking something in the queue.

    Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 08:13:20 PM

    Name: elkcreek
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    I Spit on Your Grave (Unrated)

    I know we had an earlier review of the theatrical release, which I didn't catch. But I understand the unrated DVD has a lot more material. It definitely would not have gotten an R rating in the States.

    Anyway first, Sarah Butler is hawt, but not in the fake tits porn star kind of way, more in the young co-ed next door kind of way. When she was relaxing in her bikini on the porch or jogging in her sports bra, she was delicious, and very unassuming. She is the kind of girl who acts like she doesn't know she’s hawt, I've noticed this in a few interviews on the tube, that is a very rare quality.

    Now, I'm sure all of us, being bona fide gimpers, know the plot, so I want revisit the story, just right into the good stuff. They had a few short scenes where she was being stalked but they were relatively inconsequential. In the first real gimp scene, she hears some noises at her shed and when she returns from investigating, she finds herself surrounded by the local ruffians in her cabin, one of whom is retarded or special. Anyway, dressed in a sleep bottom and a tight sleep top she is taunted, forced to suck on a wine bottle and revolver barrel. She is very convincing both in her surprise and expressions of feat. She is also tormented by lighted matches. She escapes by hitting one of the hoods with the bottle and goes running thru the woods until she encounters the safety of the local sheriff. I'll give this scene an A- in the context of the flick.

    Then the local sheriff takes her back to the cabin, he finds a joint, and precedes to pat her down against the wall, while scolding her. Then the local ruffians enter again. This time with the help of the sheriff, she is slapped around, has her bottom stripped off (damn what an ASS!!!), and then held down for the first rape by the special boy. She fights back and the rape ends in his ejaculation while he is choking her. I found her reactions and acting in this scene to be a great blend of fear, vulnerability, and desperation. She escapes the cabin running into the woods. I'll give the scene an A.

    She then is walking thru the woods unsteadily when she runs into the group lying in wait for her. She is grabbed by the hair and thrown to the ground in front of a pool of water. One of the group sits on top of her and dunks her head repeatedly in the pool. She then is raped anally literally shrieking when she is entered. Then she is raped at least once more (off screen) because when she gets up she completely nude. At this point she is bruised and dirty, much like the original, but her reactions are much more believable. As she walks away she appears to be in shock; she is shaking uncontrollably and staggering with every step. She is fully (frontal) nude and looks unbelievably helpless. The men confront her again and just before they go to shoot her she jumps off the bridge into the river. This ends the Gimp portion of the movie, and for an untied up rape scene it is very realistic. I'd have to give it an A+.

    Now a few other notes. One ploy the producers used was a lot of the rape scenes were shown through one of the perpetrator’s video cameras, this did affect the sharpness of some of the shots, and it muted the power of some of the scenes. I felt Sarah’s acting was exceptional in the first half of the movie for a young actress in her first real big screen part (her other appearances were TV stuff). It had to be a real draining, challenging role to play and I can't imagine her character reacting any differently in real life. She elicited real empathy during the rapes that made them really believable.

    But the movie is not flawless. It shows nothing of Sarah as she leaves the river and recovers ( I would have much preferred this to the revenge scenes). During the time of her escape and recovery all it shows is the guys looking for her and getting on with their lives. I suspect that scenes of her huddled on the ground as she came out of the river during her escape would have been extremely sexy and actually added to the story. As far as the movie goes, this kind of kills the overall impact.

    While the best parts (the gimp scenes) are drawn out, the revenge scenes seem rushed and not as believable. She is never seen actually capturing anyone for the elaborate Saw like revenge, planning or setting any of it up, or having any obstacles to overcome unlike “Fair Game” where the revenge scenes had some gimp elements, there was no sexiness at all in the revenge. I also don't think she was as believable. As a gimp movie though I'm going to give it an A, it was certainly in the same class with a lot of the 70’s stuff that started this obsession for so many of us. And it is the best Hollywood Gimp flick as far as I'm concerned since Fair Game. Bravo to both the producers and Sarah Butler, they took a lot of heat for this and the result rewards us.

    Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 09:14:37 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    elkcreek: Thanks for the review of the I Spit on Your Grave remake on DVD.

    I'm one of the GIMPers who saw this movie in the theatres and I didn't spot anything in your review that differed from what I remember. It's possible more content has been added, although the number of rapes depicted (rather than implied) is the same.

    If what's on DVD is the same as what I saw, I really can't support an A grade for GIMP content. I'm more likely to agree with Vince, who gave it a B- in his review.

    However, I do agree that the star of the movie, Sarah Butler, is quite hot.

    Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 10:52:00 PM

    Name: Badger

    elkcreek: Hollywood Video was a gold mine for lesser known flicks, many with unheralded GIMP. I miss them a lot. But I fear that we are headed toward a world of streaming and queuing.

    Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 10:57:12 PM

    Name: Fritz
    Homepage URL:

    Sloth wrote:

    I do have a collection of MAM's that is quite extensive - as of today about 600 - so I guess I could be the Gimp Database for such :)

    Good Lord, man... that's not a collection, that's an archive worthy of the Smithsonian. I can't imagine that anyone has many more than this. And to think you actually accumulated this compilation twice!! That's what I call dedication. I am in awe.

    I suppose the prospect of digitizing the covers as well as the GIMP content inside these issues is just too overwhelming to consider. If I were in your shoes, I don't know where I'd begin. That said, have you ever contemplated such an enterprise? I'm sure over 99% of these treasures are no longer with us, hence the insane mark-up on used copies. It would be a shame if what remains slowly fades away as well.

    I recall there were several sites which spotlighted MM covers, but I don't remember any which featured 1000 of them. Hank Hobbs had quite a collection on display, but the only ones I can find now are the 170 posted on his vidcap site. The books I referenced in my last post probably have a thousand illustrations between the two of them, but most of these reproductions are too small to appreciate. And though it's nice to have access to covers online, I wish the stories would enjoy the same level of popularity (the books barely mention them, or the writers - it's all about the artwork).

    YikYakker wrote:

    In my URL is a link to a site that you are probably familiar with, but others may not be. It displays artwork by Norman Saunders, one of the cover artists you mentioned.

    Thanks for the link. I hadn't come across that one before. Actually, I mentioned Norm Eastman, a different MM artist than Saunders, but with a remarkably similar style. I believe Saunders predates Eastman by a few years (and is better known), but I have a soft spot for Eastman because it was his artwork that graced the covers of most of the issues I bought in the 70s (though at the time I did not know it). Seems so long ago now... a far-away era when Norman was still a common name.

    Go to the post URL link to see a few Eastman covers, or Google him for more info.

    Thursday, February 10th 2011 - 12:36:06 AM

    Name: Dangerous Dave

    I used to work at a Blockbuster Video back in the late 80's. I think I can clear up some of this, "my blockbuster carries this movie and yours don't" thing. It probably has to do with whether or not the Blockbuster is a Corporate run store or a Franchisee run store. The stores I worked at were "franchise" stores and we had a little more leeway with what videos we could carry. We still couldn't have Porn, but we used to carry some things that would never be offered at a corporate run Blockbuster. Back then it was the heyday of the video cassette and there weren't very much "unrated" content anyway.

    Thursday, February 10th 2011 - 12:44:27 AM

    Name: Sloth

    Fritz - yeah, that was quite a journey to take twice but well worth it - and yes, I have considered trying to do some type of digital archiving on them but as you point out the obstacles are formidable - not the least of which is issue condition - some are pristine and easily handled - others less so and some are so fragile after 40-50 years of abuse they need to handled with the care shown the Shroud of Turin during an examination - still, it would be a sin to lose them all to posterity once they've crumbled - most issues had extremely limited runs, many less than 20,000 and after all these years the number of existing copies is pitifully small.

    Checking that link you provided reminded me that Eastman often inserted his own image into his work whether as evil Nazi or G.I. hero and there are several examples there - check the one with the Nazi on horseback with the spear - that's Eastman's face - Saunders did that on occasion but not like Eastman.

    Now off to read World of Men January 1968 - "The Devil Warlocks Demand a Maiden's Blood" by Roger Davidson should be a blockbuster.

    Stay well all

    Thursday, February 10th 2011 - 11:33:42 AM

    Name: elkcreek
    E-mail address:

    Canadian, Maybe you saw the Canadian version? I don't recall any Mounties or Sarah wearing a flannel shirt and running in snowshoes in the version I saw. :)

    Actually, I suspect the difference in ratings is more about differences in taste. I personally am tired of the oral sex and servicing of the victim that precedes every "rape" in most of the Japanese so-called rape victims. If I was to believe Attackers, I would have to believe that every Japanese rapist ties up his victim, services her, she then submits to fellatio saying no, no, yes, yes, yes, and then he unties her and rapes her. Yeah right, I've seen Giga flicks were a victim whose superpowers enabled her to defeat twenty ninja types being held down by one of those same ninjas who just untied her and submitting to rape. THAT is unbelievable.

    I thought the humiliation scenes added a lot to ISOYG because they related to the story. She had humiliated (unintentionally) earlier one of the members of the group. The teeth thing was all related to his redneck lack of them, as seen later in the revenge scenes. To me her reactions during the humiliation scenes were much better, more gimp worthy (especially the second scene) than many Jap AV flicks where the humiliation consists of getting the girl off. To me seeing her get pushed around with a shotgun, slapped, and in a position where she knows she can't fight back against five armed men is perfectly believable and a great gimp scene.

    While they didn't show her topless until a brief flash in the second rape scene and then in the aftermath. They did show her bottomless for good periods of time. While the rapes weren't the quality of some of the better Jap AV stuff, her acting was far better, to me believability makes for better Gimp. This is why I like it when we have multiple reviews up, because gimp tastes vary widely. If I would have relied on the one posted review I wouldn't have seen ISOYG. But I saw some of the scenes on line and they clinched it for me.

    I'll stand by my view that the new ISOYG is one of the best mainstream Gimp efforts since the 70's, certainly out of Hollywood. And I liked the rape scene better than the original, because Sarah Butler is not only hotter, she is a better actress, and the villains were better actors. I would have given it an A+ had the scenes been just a bit longer with a little more exposure. But I actually felt empathy for Sarah Butler as a actress seeing this movie. She REALLY sold it. I bought it off Amazon for 11.99 and hope it sells like crazy, maybe this will encourage more of these types of movies to be made. I'm sure that being unrated it wasn't that well received in its theater run. And Sarah Butler is not listed for any future flicks on IMDB, I hope she hasn't been blacklisted for taking this role.

    Thursday, February 10th 2011 - 01:23:17 PM

    Name: Jane von Detlefson
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Thanks for the hugs everyone! Shooting the burning scene was incredibly arduous and the other day we shot the rape scene as well. It was so realistic that the torturer apologized to me afterward. It was funny. Then the Inquisitor told me what good idea it was to have the rape scene in the movie because if it was absent then everyone who saw the movie would be wondering why the torturer didn't rape at least one of the women. It was incredibly funny coming from him. I think he might be a closet GIMPer... What was strange about it was that I have never shot a rape scene with anyone other than JJ as my co-actor. It was a bit unsettling having the torturer grunt into my neck and smell my hair. He did a really good job, I was totally freaked out.

    For those of you worrying that Margot's long posts about Maleficarum have ruined the surprises in the movie, rest assured that she has not. Think of it like an iceberg, there's a lot more under the surface that you're not seeing.

    Yes, it's true that I've done of all of the vidcaps you see at the top of the site for Fantom. Probably way too many and it's taken me a really long time, I'm glad that you all have appreciated my hard work. I ask, what other actress acts in a movie, then makes vidcaps of that very same movie? What can I say, I'm dedicated! Speaking of which, I'm procrastinating right now from finishing said vidcaps and should probably get back to work. No rest for the wicked. If you haven't seen Fantom, see it! It was crazy shooting Fantom. What's funny is that I often think up a lot of the tortures you see in my movies. I talk about it with JJ and he says something like, "Are you sure you want to do that?", and I respond, "Yeah! It'll be awesome! C'mon, let's do it!". And then I have to actually do all of the crazy things I thought up. And it's never as easy as I thought it would be. But, you know, I love it! By the way, we have more vidcaps from Fantom on our website for those who are interested.

    Thursday, February 10th 2011 - 04:47:33 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    elkcreek wrote:

    Actually, I suspect the difference in ratings is more about differences in taste.

    I think you're right. I agree with much of your assessment -- the Sarah Butler hotness factor, some of the film's great humiliation moments -- but the rape scenes left me kinda cold. That's not to suggest I'm a fan of the way Attackers makes rape movies these days -- they usually set their own level for disappointment, for many of the reasons you described.

    I do feel your review of the I Spit on Your Grave remake gives GIMPers something to consider. It shows it's always good to get different takes on a film, whenever possible.

    Thursday, February 10th 2011 - 07:45:27 PM

    Name: Brutus

    elkcreek: Great review of the ISOYG remake. I think I'd go in between your grade and Vince's, and give it a B. Sarah Butler sure was great in that role, and she really put the "Butt" in Butler. I was really hoping that the sherriff would handcuff her, and when he got the phone call, shoved her panties in her mouth to keep her quiet. I also agree that her survival and transformation would have been a nice touch to add to the film. Still, a very realistic rape scene and much more enjoyable than the original.


    A Canadian: I have seen the latest Saw movie. There are a few women who undergo some horrible tortures, but nothing really "sexy." (Another film added to my to-review list.)

    Friday, February 11th 2011 - 08:25:00 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Elkcreek: I'm a couple days late to the party, but thanks for taking the time to review I Spit On Your Grave: Unrated. The reason I'm late responding is because I was watching the movie myself. My reaction? Not nearly as enthusiastic as yours, although I liked the same scenes. I tend to gravitate more towards Vince's take on the film. A strong piece of work, but not nearly as exploitative as the first one. It was mainly the fine acting chops of Sarah Butler that gave the movie its strength, that and the bad guys. And don't worry about Sarah finding work. A girl that fine will get a lot of exposure because of her starring performance here and I'm sure it will be just a matter of time before she lands more acting roles.

    The link to your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.

    Watching the remake got me thinking of the original 1978 film with Camille Keaton. So today I also took the time to revisit the first film, which I hadn't seen for over a quarter of a century (Good God, I'm old). The site has no official review in the database, so let me do the honors.


    The original rape-revenge trash classic I Spit On Your Grave came out 33 years ago. It was lambasted by critics when it was released, most notably by Siskel and Ebert on their "Sneak Previews" show. Nonetheless, it has developed a cult following ever since then, particularly when it hit home video in the 1980s. Does it still deserve its reputation now, a full generation later? I say yes, undoubtedly.

    It's very much a product of the 1970s, where drive-in fare dominated screens and nudity and rape scenes were much more abundant than they are now. And it's the rape scenes that everyone remembers, and for good reason. They are pretty brutal, all 3 of them, and the film has a tone that's refreshingly misogynistic, something that's sorely missing from the films of today. Camille Keaton's character exists as prey, a target for these 4 men to stalk, hunt down through the woods, and finally conquer, which they do without mercy and without apology. There's not a lot of dialogue in the film and honestly, as a whole, the film isn't very well-written. But I'm not rating the film as a complete entertainment, only its exploitation qualities.

    By contrast, the 2010 remake is slicker, better acted, and with characters that are more thoroughly fleshed out. But it's also more sympathetic to the lead character and not as explicit, and the second half of the film is ridiculously over the top and gorily violent, not to mention unbelievable to think a young woman could come up with tortures that elaborate and inventive.

    But let's get back to the original film. The movie celebrates rape and makes it look like men's fun, and they definitely do have a good time at Jennifer's expense. The first rape scene is my favorite, as she is chased down, has her swimsuit top yanked off and she's spread out on the ground naked. The men hold her legs open for Matthew, the retarded member of the group. He's too shy to go through with it, so the leader takes charge and rapes her himself. While the other men hold her down, he lets her have it. It's an outstanding scene, and would have cemented the film's reputation even if there were no more rapes to come. But fortunately for us (and unfortunately for her), they are just beginning.

    They let her go and the crying girl wanders off alone into the woods, bloodied, dirty and stark naked. Her dignity is gone, but she's still a woman and still an object for the taking. As she walks, the sound of a harmonica gets louder and louder until she realizes it's coming from one of her attackers. She freezes up like a deer in the headlights as she notices they are all there waiting for her, and they're slowly walking closer and closer to her. In a panic, she takes off running, but she has no chance. It's terrific foreplay to what will be the most violent rape in the film.

    The men pick up the skinny girl and hold her down over top of a large rock. She is then anally violated and screams so loudly it might make even the most jaded rape fan feel uncomfortable. The guy has to bash her on the head to try to shut her up, but she keeps on hollering in pain as her rape continues, finally collapsing against the rock as the man finishes his job. In a symbolic and fitting gesture, they toss the remains of her swimsuit into the lake as they ride their boat back. Jennifer has to literally crawl home on her hands and knees.

    But once she makes it back to her cabin, they are already waiting for her. Round 3! But this scene is pretty ugly as she tries to fight back and is no match for the men. She is beaten and kicked in the face until she collapses on the floor. The retarded one gets a little alcohol in him and decides he's ready to take his turn, and the men cheer him on. He rapes her on the floor but she's so dazed and bloodied that she doesn't offer any resistance. And he has to stop halfway through, saying he can't cum while everyone is watching him.

    Meanwhile the men berate her and tear up the manuscript for the book she's writing. The last one mounts her and she pleads with him, telling him she's hurt and that she'll give in to him. But instead he just jams a wine bottle into her pussy and makes her suck his cock. He slaps and kicks her some more before his buddies stop him and they finally leave the poor girl unconscious on the floor.

    That ends the GIMP scenes in the movie, and the rest of the film consists of Jennifer's recovery and revenge against her attackers, which is inconsequential to detail here, but rest assured the bad men get what's coming to them. It's not nearly as nasty as the remake, but the castration scene in the bathtub is still hard to watch.

    And really, who cares about the second half of the film? The only thing that really matters in a film like this are the rapes. And on that level, for sheer GIMPness, the film is a standout. Camille Keaton is slim, attractive, has beautiful long hair and plays a great victim. She bravely sells every humiliating scene, and she does so while totally naked. The only thing that could have improved the movie would have been bondage, but it's a relatively small quibble. This is how rape movies are supposed to be made, how they used to be made in a bygone era. It's the kind of exploitation movie that you just don't see anymore, and it's a damn shame.

    My grade: A-

    Friday, February 11th 2011 - 08:53:02 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Ralphus: Better late than never -- thanks for providing an official Ralphus Review of the original I Spit on Your Grave. While I'm sure there will be some divided opinions on this, I agree with your assessment and grade for this GIMP classic. I count myself among those who get a bit squeamish when Jennifer's screams hit full volume but overall I think the movie delivers.

    Friday, February 11th 2011 - 09:59:54 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Speaking of I Spit On Your Grave, here's a real time capsule find: the famous "Women in Danger" special episode of "Sneak Previews" with Siskel and Ebert from 1980. I love how they both just trash ISOYG up and down, even calling one of the audience members who saw the movie a "vicarious sex criminal" because he made comments cheering on the rapists!

    They also show a clip from the film Silent Scream where Ebert condescendingly explains "This aggressive woman gets a room, all right, but she also gets beaten, gagged, tied up in a closet and attacked with a knife!" Thanks Roger, you just sold the movie for me. I'm off to buy my ticket now!

    Check it out, it's a great watch.

    Friday, February 11th 2011 - 11:22:23 PM

    Name: MAV
    Homepage URL:

    According to Fangoria, it looks like the GIMP-heavy "The 7th Hunt" will finally be released in a couple of weeks. I'm of course lookin forward to seeing the full AOH torture scene.

    Saturday, February 12th 2011 - 11:05:12 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    Ralphus and elkcreek: Thank you both for the reviews of I Spit on Your Grave (classic and remake versions). Hard to believe that up to now no one has reviewed the original from the 1970s.

    Clunky as it was at times, I liked the classic version, perhaps because up to that point I (and apparently many others) had never seen anything like it on the screen.

    But the views of Vince and elkcreek seem to converge on the fine performance of Sarah Butler, and that leads me to want to check this out for myself.


    Ralphus: I remember watching that episode of Siskel and Ebert after having seen both I Spit on Your Grave and Silent Scream.

    While their reaction to ISOYG came as no surprise, lumping the comparatively tame Silent Scream in with that one was, IMO, over-reaching. Yes, cute Rebecca Balding gets GIMPed, but to nowhere near the same degree as Camille Keaton. (nice scene though – always good to see a gagged girl tied AOH in the closet).

    I think it was in the same broadcast that Siskel and Ebert went on to praise John Carpenter’s Halloween because it portrayed Jamie Lee Curtis’ character as a shining example of heroic and resourceful womanhood (supposedly in contrast to the Keaton and Balding characters). She may have been all that, but they neglected to mention the job that Michael Myers did on P.J Soles (killed after sex) and Nancy Loomis (strangled with no pants on) in the same movie. Hypocrisy, thy name is At the Movies.


    Fritz wrote: Actually, I mentioned Norm Eastman, a different MM artist than Saunders, but with a remarkably similar style.

    Sorry guys; Sloth, you were the one who mentioned Norm Saunders, among others.

    I’m glad both of you are here to talk about the men’s magazines topic because, while cover art has been featured on this site on past occasions, it’s a nearly forgotten piece of Americana that could use some more attention.

    I don’t know how much I could contribute to the effort, never having had the opportunity to buy these treasures. I do have quite a large number of jpegs of covers, but probably nothing that one or both of you don’t already have.

    Anyway, I think you guys have a good idea and I’m willing to get behind it in any way I can.


    Jane: Thanks for providing all the great vidcaps of Fantom. It's been great having you "hanging" with us the past several days...hope it lasts a bit longer.

    Saturday, February 12th 2011 - 02:19:23 PM

    Name: Brutus

    Ralphus: Finally, the official Ralphus review of the original I Spit On Your Grave. This could spark an interesting debate on the forum. Yes, the original is more exploitive, mean-spirited and graphic. But I enjoyed the remake more. I found Sarah Butler much more attractive than Camille Keaton, and Sarah's body type is much more to my preferences.

    I think the biggest reason I liked the remake more is that the original was just too "dirty." By that I mean there was just too much dirt and blood on her body that it distracted me from the action.

    And thanks for the Siskel & Ebert link. I watched that segment in my childhood and it really reinforced the negative feelings that something was definitely wrong with me and that I would grow up to become a sex criminal. It was very disheartening. But I later reflected on what they said about people, like me, who enjoy these "exploitation" movies and asked myself:

  • Do I hate strong, independent women? No.
  • Do I think scantily-clad women are just asking for trouble? No.
  • Do I think that women should be "put in their place"? No. At that time, I didn't even know what that meant.
  • Do I think that women who act in a sexually provocative way should have bad things happen to them? No. In fact, I encourage such action.
  • BTW, I also saw Silent Scream decades ago. I thought the movie was rather silly, and the GIMP action consists only of the heroine tied and gagged standing in a closet wearing a bathrobe. (I was distracted by her bloody nose). Like YikYakker, I don't know why Siskel & Ebert picked on that movie, as I thought it was relatively tame.

    Saturday, February 12th 2011 - 08:30:43 PM

    Name: John Galt

    Regarding I Spit on Your Grave, the original and the remake. Ralphus, that was an awesome review of the original and my opinion is that nothing will ever equal that flick in terms of GIMP gut impact. I'm sure that is primarily due to it being the first over-the-top GIMP exploitation movie I ever saw and so it has a special place in my heart, as well as about 18 inches lower.

    The "unrated" version of the remake (I wouldn't even bother with a rated version) was altogether disappointing. Although Sarah Butler is hot enough, my biggest complaint was that the movie was filmed in a such a way as to minimize the nudity. For me, forcibly removing the victim's clothes is critical for several reasons. First, it is humiliating. Second, it immediately places the victim at a physical and psychological disadvantage. Third, it exposes the body visually. And fourth, it makes the body physically accessible for groping, exploration, or abuse.

    Sarah Butler's character might as well have been fully clothed for the first rape. Her top was still on, and the brief flashes of her lower half brought to mind such adjectives as "paucity," "dearth," and "scarcity, a pithy phrase such as "missed opportunity," and the acronym, "WTF." This would also have been a great opportunity for all of the guys to pin her down naked and spreadeagled, because I think of that as the linchpin of a gang rape. But no.

    The whole "show me your teeth" and whinnying part in the build-up to the rape was lame in the extreme.

    I give the scene credit for the choking part, but what do these perverts have against seeing their hot victim naked? I think maybe their rape privileges should be revoked from their Guy Cards.

    The head dunking anal rape scene was a wash. It lacked the impact of the original's anal rape scene, which was savage, brutal, and animalistic. And doing a fade out to imply more happened was an Epic Fail. I will go so far as to say the filmmakers pretty much missed the point. Well, missed the point as far as I was concerned.

    And again, why avoid nudity? She gets up to walk away and the camera stops above her breasts. Yes, there was nudity, but it was almost like they planned as little as possible, like they said to themselves, "We've got to have some nudity, so let's space it out and avoid it as much as possible. Just keep in enough to light up the pervs."

    By the 40 minute mark, when the first rape starts, I was tired of waiting for something to happen. Then it was over almost before I knew it. And then we have the long boring sequence where nothing happens as they look for her body and worry. Yawn. And the revenge sequence was ridiculous for any number of reasons, unrealistic being the primary one.

    So instead of a first half dominated by rape scenes and a second half dominated by revenge scenes, we had a first half dominated by excruciatingly slow build-up, an intermission for a truncated and unsatisfying rape, and a third quarter of sheer unrelenting boredom followed by a fourth quarter for inventive but wholly unbelievable revenge. And embarrassing catch phrases, the worst one being "It's date night."

    I will admit that, based on current mainstream rape scene standards, it was a cut above. But based on the standard set by the original, it was a pale imitation. A whiter shade of pale imitation, in fact. If I had never seen the original, I would have given the rape scenes a B- at least. As a remake of a classic, though, it rates more as a travesty. There ought to be a rule that if you cannot do it better, then don't remake it at all.

    But wait, let me tell you what I REALLY think.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 12:28:00 AM

    Name: MaX CoXXX
    Homepage URL:


    Must been 20+ years since I saw "I Spit On Your Grave". Great review!

    Good Hunting

    MaX CoXXX

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 03:15:13 AM

    Name: Mstrerotics
    E-mail address:

    Ralphus, I don't want to be argumentative, but why would you waste space and why would some of your posters waste their valuable time in even discussing an amateurish movie, even for its time, like "I Spit On Your Grave". Bad, bad movie that I, at least, forgot about a day after I saw it in the movies back then...I understand that the scarceness of good bdsm forces some of us to reach for real junk and get excited about it...but come on...this movie stinks. How anyone can look at it and get excited is beyond my comprehension...lets stick with movies like, "Tower of London", or at least the "Mark of the Devil" trilogy...or even the Ilsa movies, they were poor but at least had exciting scenes in them. Let's stop wasting our breath or the space of this forum on unworthy junk.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 08:11:15 AM

    Name: Badger

    Ralphus and elkcreek: I wanted to add my thanks for your reviews of ISOYG -- old and new. And the follow-up comments by John Galt and Brutus are perfect examples of the types of added perspectives -- with respect to what interests one GIMP-focused viewer vs. another -- that I look forward to as part of this forum. I am only now about to watch the new unrated version and I expect that I will be relatively forgiving of the decisions to take some of the more graphic aspects of the assault off-screen if, in return, there are both good acting and high production values. It's possible that Ms. Butler set some limits on what she was willing to show in return for participating.

    mstrerotics: I have to confess that your intolerance of topics of discussion that you do not believe meet your standards is really a turn-off. Really. What is constructive about droning on about a "waste of space" and "valuable time"? If you would like, I would be happy to help introduce your mouse to your scroll button.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 10:27:21 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    msterotics: I heartily recommend that you establish your own site where posters can discuss the five or so movies that fit your exacting standards.

    I'm still trying to figure out why someone who thinks this site is a waste of time and space would continue to waste his own time and our space posting insults and obsessing over the lack of things to talk about.

    If you use Search the GIMP, you'll find plenty of discussions in the archives about the movies you've named.

    Otherwise move on already.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 10:49:48 AM

    Name: elkcreek
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    First, on the ISOYG comments: this is the beauty of a free and open Web. People like John Galt are allowed to be wrong (Just kidding). I suspect that GIMP tastes do very widely, I don't get excited about stake burning. My attitude about that is “what a waste” of a good victim, I like my steaks medium rare and my chicks raw. So just chill Mstertronics, I'm sure at some point we'll waste a bunch of posts on something you get into.

    One other quick note, the reason I commented about Sarah Butler continuing to get work is that IMDB shows no upcoming projects. That isn't common, most actresses have work shown out for a couple of years. I sincerely hope she hasn't been blacklisted for this.

    I do value this discussion. Now a few other comments:

    To me, the quality of the actress is number one. If the chick isn't hot, the best scene in the world is unappealing. Some of the Gimp sites are filled with fat chicks covered in tattoos, that’s not my thing, it might be yours. If Rachel Bilson , Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis would have been the victim in a new ISOYG I might have considered it the best gimp ever. Good actresses who are natural and hot have the capability of selling a scene.

    To this point, while I like nudity, I've seen some good rape scenes and good gimp scenes without it. A great example if Doomsday last year with Rhona Mitra or The first remake of the Hills Have Eyes with Emile De Ravin. Neither scene had nudity, one scene really had most the action off screen yet both started the old motor better than many porn rape scenes that were very graphic.

    I suspect one of the reasons we all love those seventies movies is many of the actresses were actresses (not models) and could actually express emotion and impart a feeling of reality to the scene. For reference my favorite gimp rape scene of all time is “Act of Vengeance aka Rape Squad” with Jo Ann Harris, and my favorite Gimp movie of all time is “Fair Game” with Cassandra Delaney. Neither had a pile of nudity (although admittedly they both had more than ISOYG) but they had actresses that were VERY hot and sold the scene.

    For reference sakes here’s a link to some great caps of ISOYG and a few clips. It’s interesting Johnmoronic is a mainstream clips and caps site, and he admits that “Last House on the Left”s rape scene was the most downloaded on his site. So there are probably more of us out there than we think.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 11:08:37 AM

    Name: A Canadian

    Wasting time and space: It's been pointed out many times -- most recently by elkcreek the other day -- that tastes vary. What works for some people doesn't work for others, and vice versa.

    I'm sure many GIMPers have experienced times when the forum is focused on a movie or website or some other topic that doesn't interest you. It's happened to me. The only thing you can do is roll with it, knowing the discussion will always come back at some point to a topic that does interest you.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 11:25:37 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    Just as a few examples of what Canadian and elkcreek are talking about, I've learned two things this morning:

    ~ I never knew about the Johnny Moronic site - looks interesting.

    ~ I did not know that Sarah Butler gets her shirt ripped open in ISOYG. Talk about varied tastes - seeing an attractive girl's shirt ripped open (or off) is a major turn on for me.

    In fact, if I ever started my own website, it would be called GGTSROMM: Girls Getting Their Shirts Ripped Open in Mainstream Movies. ;)

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 11:50:11 AM

    Name: MAV

    John M and Max: Just saw Tough Times and enjoyed it a lot, maybe more than others will because there was a lot of AOH. Tessa looks great too. It's been a while since ive done a review so let me try to get that here soon.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 01:25:07 PM

    Name: MaX CoXXX
    Homepage URL:



    "John M and Max: Just saw Tough Times and enjoyed it a lot, maybe more than others will because there was a lot of AOH. Tessa looks great too. It's been a while since I've done a review so let me try to get that here soon."

    That was Tessa's first "real" whipping. She has been back for many many more since. ThanXXX For the compliment!!!


    "Let's stop wasting our breath or the space of this forum on unworthy junk."


    Good Hunting

    MaX CoXXX

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 02:32:43 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    Catching up on a few things...

    Badger: Drop me an e-mail. Over your last several posts, you've been making coding errors in your HTML that make everything come out in boldface. You must have acquired a bad habit recently because you never used to do that. I'll show you the mistakes you're making and get things back to normal.


    Mstrerotics: I know you're a torture man as opposed to a rape man. That's okay, I'm a torture man, too, but who among us can't appreciate a good rape? Well, I guess there's you, apparently, but most of us look upon the original I Spit On Your Grave as a GIMP classic. It's not great art, but it's one of the best rape movies ever made, and as the years go by and nothing has really eclipsed it in terms of the length and explicitness of its rape scenes, it has certainly stood the test of time. Obviously, rape isn't your thing. And apparently tolerating discussion of subjects you don't like isn't your thing, either.


    Brutus: Great post, thanks. I loved Siskel and Ebert to death, and I have to admit they were quite convincing in their admonition of the "women in danger" theme of movies, although it helps when Critic #1 makes a statement and Critic #2 totally agrees, for an entire half hour show. It would have been nice to see a real debate between Siskel and Ebert vs. a couple of the pervs and sick fucks that post here on the GIMP, for instance. We could tell them that we don't hate women at all, we simply like to see them suffer on film. It's all about fantasy, not some inherent hatred of half the human race.

    I don't think the filmmakers who made these movies had anything against women, either. Hollywood will always try to capitalize on what's successful. Halloween was a huge hit, so that's why there were so many copycats made in the years afterward. Just giving the public what they want. It's all about making money.


    John Galt: Great to see you back. So...what did you REALLY think about the remake? :) I do agree with some of your critiques of the film, the biggest being the lack of nudity. I spent a couple hours making caps from the movie last night (122 of 'em, and no, I'm not obsessive) and it was very difficult to even capture a flash of bare skin during the 2 rape scenes. A frame here, a frame there, but you're right, the nudity was very minimal, especially if you compare it to its very explicit predecessor. It was also a bit distressing that the rapes were filmed in the quick editing "NYPD Blue" fashion, with a montage of rapid cutting and not a lot eye candy that one could dwell on like in the first movie. But face it, in the new millennium. Exploitation is dead and nude women as victims is, for the most part, a thing of the past. Men in Jeopardy is the New Big Thing. That's why the remake spent so much time dwelling on the torture of the male attackers instead.


    YikYakker: Yes, Sarah Butler does get her shirt ripped open in the remake, but going along with what I just said, it's about a one-second shot and then you don't see any more boobage during the rape. Here's what I captured last night:

    Seeing how the debate continues between the merits of the original film and the remake, here's a new official GIMP Poll to get more people talking:

    In your opinion, how important is nudity in bondage and rape scenes? Is it essential, or can a scene still be powerful and effective even without it?

    My opinion is that nudity will always improve a scene, and I love to look at naked women as much as any red-blooded perv out there, but the lack of skin is definitely not a "make it or break it" thing for me. It's more important to have an attractive victim who can sell the fantasy for me.

    I will agree that it's patently silly to film a rape scene with no nudity, however. This PC climate is ridiculous. As the link that Elkcreek posted clearly illustrates, there's a lot of beautiful young women working today that have no problem stripping for the camera. Why we can't see them that way while tied up or raped is the fault of Nervous Nelly directors who think it would be too disturbing for today's audiences. How I long for the days of the 1970s and 80s...

    So what do you the rest of you think? It's a good time to come out of the lurking closet and give us your opinions. Step up and post. That's why we're here.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 02:48:31 PM

    Name: Floggomaniac

    Nudity is ideal but partial nudity is great and suffices.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 03:52:40 PM

    Name: Weldon Hester
    E-mail address:

    I have a hard time with rape scenes that have no undressing. I know that movies made for TV are pretty well censored but I believe that some undressing should be on screen. I grew up when slips where NEVER shown, when the word DAMN was never used on TV. But that day is long gone.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 04:02:04 PM

    Name: elkcreek
    E-mail address:

    To me, the most important thing in all Gimp scenes is the quality of the victim, and her ability to sell it.

    As to the question of the week, I would say violence or the believable threat of it is number one, the fact that it appears nonconsensual is number two. If she is held down or tied down really doesn't matter to me, but it is a nice bonus if she's tied. But it should be one or the other. It's not a convincing "rape" if it's neither.

    On the nudity issue, I want to see something. To be honest, I'm a tight stomach man myself, and I would rather see a girl still in a bra getting raped with her stomach and rib cage exposed, than her bra off and her stomach covered by a dress pulled up (this is very common and maddeningly annoying in Jap AV stuff). To me there is something about the vulnerability of a petite waistline enveloped by a larger villain.

    Does anyone else notice that you are much more likely to see a girls tits than her exposed waist in a Jap AV flick? Perhaps because I find stomach punches such a turn on, I find this immensely irritating.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 04:57:59 PM

    Name: John Galt

    Badger: I willingly admit that I am only too ready to sacrifice "good acting and high production values" in pursuit of GIMP. I don't mean to sound condescending or glib, nor do I mean to disparage other points of view and tastes. However, I do not think that the kind of nonconsensual violent sex that made the original ISOYG great will ever get serious treatment in a mainstream movie. I think the folks who remade I Spit on Your Grave were being pretentious to inject some literary theme into what can really only be an exploitation flick.

    When Quentin Tarantino makes movies that hearken back to drive-in exploitation days, he embraces the genre, never forgetting that despite his clever writing and directing, and his higher-than-normal production values, he is making an exploitation movie, albeit in most cases a superior exploitation movie. He is not out to take an exploitation theme and turn it into "high art," nor is he seeking mainstream acceptability. He is out to raise the standards for exploitation movies, and in some cases he retains the gritty, drive-in feel to enhance the exploitative viewing experience. He might even intentionally constrain the picture quality.

    My take on the ISOYG remake is that the filmmakers sold out. I can only imagine the ridiculous discussions that must have surrounded the planning of the movie. It looks to me like they spent most of their energy deciding how to go about making a rape exploitation movie with as little nudity and sexual violence as they could get away with. Sarah Butler may indeed have put limits on what she would do, or maybe they promised limits to secure her participation. I can imagine them devising a time limit on nudity, say, one and a half minutes, total. So they shot the movie and then sat down with a stopwatch and cut and trimmed and used modest camera angles to bring it in at or under the "nudity" budget.

    Likewise, developing the characters of the rapists is useless. I don't care about their motivations. I don't need to understand why they did what they did, because the bottom line is that they are defective and nothing in their life circumstances or the transitory interaction with the victim can justify what they did to her. No amount of back-story can make me sympathetic to them. It is a waste of celluloid to explore them.

    It is a movie about a girl alone in the middle of nowhere and a group of thugs who repeatedly rape her and leave her for dead, only to have her survive and seek vengeance on her attackers. It is not Rashomon. It is exploitation. It has no overarching ethical or moral message. If anything, its theme is that, under the right circumstances, we are all just animals who will devolve to the lowest form of cruelty and savagery no matter our education or values. Being a misanthrope, I already know that, and I need not waste my time watching movies that show that. I am interested in GIMP, with a healthy dose of nudity.

    * * * * *

    And as to the importance of nudity: How many of you looked at the incredible images from Fantom that have graced the forum's masthead for the last week or so and thought to yourself, "Wow, wouldn't that look so much better if she had been clothed, or only partially nude? What a shame she was completely naked!" Show of hands?

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 07:08:32 PM

    Name: THX1139
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    For me nudity is extremely important in such scenes. There are only a few I can think of that did not involve at least partial nudity that were of any interest for me. I want to see skin and the scenario depicted needs to involve the victim sexually assaulted and degraded at the very least.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 07:10:11 PM

    Name: Nightposter

    The most important part of a rape scene is its believability. I grow tired of scenes where the female is already totally naked, or stripped naked in the first 5 seconds. Stripping while the scene is in progress, or torn clothing giving glimpes of her body, with almost all nude at the end is far more exciting to me.

    Now I have seen some scenes where the fully clothed victim is brought to where she is to be raped, then stripped as the act starts, that can be very "interesting"...

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 07:13:35 PM

    Name: Wryter
    E-mail address:

    Nudity in bondage.......well, let's see here, I think it depends on a few things, who makes it and the storyline and plot etc. Myself I find that it is more erotic if the female is bound and has some clothes on, like a short skirt, stockings and how she is bound, perhaps in a way to show a nice expanse of leg or maybe just the tops of her stockings and some flesh. It also for me depends on the female in the story, how her look affects me as I think total nudity throughout the entire film becomes mundane. Just my view.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 08:10:13 PM

    Name: W Addams
    E-mail address:

    I think nudity is important, but not essential for rape scenes. It depends on the storyline. For bondage scenes, though, nudity is essential. I don't even like to see much rope in the way of the skin. Everything must be exposed and vulnerable.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 08:35:00 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    The Nudity Poll: Nudity is always preferable, but not essential.

    I can think of some entertaining GIMP moments that don't require nudity. For example, the rape of the nuns in the movie Salvador. You see some skin on one of the victims, but for the most part the rapes don't involve nudity. The central rape of Cynthia Gibb's character didn't show any skin. Still, I think this scene is particularly nasty and effective.

    It's not for everyone, but I like some of the GIMP moments in the film Barbarella, although they don't include nudity.

    I think John Galt is right about the I Spit on Your Grave remake. The issue isn't so much the lack of skin as the transparent effort to do everything possible to prevent the film from being labelled as exploitation (although some people called it that, all the same). It was almost insulting that we were given a good look at the victim's tits after the rapes had ended.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011 - 09:08:40 PM

    Name: Matt
    E-mail address:

    Poll Question: Nudity in rape scenes depends on the situation depicted. As was previously pointed out, the rape scenes in Salvador were done without showing skin, and the made-for-TV scene with Teri Garr in Intimate Strangers was from her POV, but you knew it was happening. But if it's an interrogation-turned-rape, then nudity is almost a requirement, especially if the interrogator wants to totally humiliate and degrade the subject.

    As for straight bondage, absolutely, nudity is a must. The sooner she's nude, including shoes off, the better.

    Monday, February 14th 2011 - 12:26:52 AM

    Name: Eda
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Everyone in this group certainly knows what the primary motivation is for action -- at least what causes Girls In Merciless Peril to act -- and that is FEAR !! Now that I am about to lose my exclusivity in the stories section, I have been motivated to write out of pure fear of the competition.

    So I have just completed two more stories. One is a full-length story called A MATTER OF PERCEPTION that is set in Tibet. [Tell me how many of you have ever read a GIMP story set in Tibet !! But there is resistance there to the Chinese domination of the territory.] It is on the more brutal side of my writings. The other is a short story called THE DEMAND, set in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    I hope that those of you who read them will like them and will provide your feedback.

    I'm looking forward, as I'm sure we all are, to what others writers have in store for us. Looking forward and fearful, that is.

    Monday, February 14th 2011 - 03:54:49 AM

    Name: Sloth

    Poll question - over the years have witnessed a few scenes which were either so well done or the actress did such a good job of selling the torment that partial or full nudity became secondary - in general though any scene becomes more appealing with with the baring of the flesh - gotta unwrap the Xmas present before obtaining the gift.

    Eda - am looking forward to and will read your latest at first opportunity - feedback to follow.

    Ralphus and elkcreek - as always thanks for taking the time to post those ISOYG reviews - Butler is very appealing, far more so than Keaton IMHO.

    MAV - have been scouting "7th Hunt" for awhile and there does seem to be some fine female torment in that one - afraid we will have to endure the male aspect as well - we simply have to find a way to break that pattern.

    YikYakker - hey, thanks for the offer and the words of encouragement on whatever MAM's project I may finally come up with - so many villains in the medieval stories ended up dying from something called "softening of the brain" (I wonder what the symptoms were?) I will probably perish from the same malady before I can get it done.

    John Galt - concerning your entry on already being a misanthrope all I can say is ditto.

    Mstrerotics - are you an agent provocateur from some sinister foreign power attempting to destabilize the Gimp regime? - you know, when I first saw ISOYG years ago it was not at all to my liking - not extreme enough for my tastes - there are however plenty of bona fide Gimpers who find it right up their alley - so I make a post concerning MAM's and those interested will chime in - that's cool - those who are not interested will not chime in and that's cool as well - what you do not find is me slamming ISOYG guys because I find it dull or them slamming me finding my MAM's stuff boring - may I suggest you kick back with a martini and a fine Cuban cigar and simply wait until a subject you have interest in arises then have at it and the chips will fall where they may.

    Stay well all

    Monday, February 14th 2011 - 10:09:27 AM

    Name: Badger

    John Galt: Though it seems we are on opposite sides in our assessments of ISOYG, I’m not sure that we are. I am no less disappointed about the absence of nudity in the movie than you are. It’s just that – when it comes to mainstream movies, my expectations are low with respect to how much the filmmakers are willing to show. And knowing that, I am willing to accept a bit of good old fashion sexual intimidation instead – especially when it involves a hottie like Sarah Butler. As I have noted before, the scene in the New York apartment in the original Last House… in which Phyllis was threatened and then punched to the floor for an off camera assault has almost no nudity, but it was a turn on for me. The bottom line for me is, with mainstream, I take what I can get.

    I love Tarantino movies. But they typically involve a few subplots that to this point have been GIMP-free. Thus far, he has pretty much avoided sexploitation. I would love to see him take on rape/revenge. I saw Rob Zombie as stepping right up to the edge and the pulling back with his motel-room scene in Devils Rejects. That was yet another scene with little nudity but - to me - really hot. Just think where that scene could have gone!

    P.S. What a great forum we have. Where else could ISOYG be compared and contrasted with Rashomon!?

    Monday, February 14th 2011 - 10:12:32 AM

    Name: Jacques Lapin
    E-mail address:

    I like nudity in a rape scene, it is however interesting to see a girl stripped, have her clothing ripped off and then raped. I prefer serious punishment coming after the rape, i.e whipping, mutilation, execution.

    I like the idea of a captured girl being brought into the room or place where she is to be raped, stripped then, and held and humiliated for a little prior to the rape starting. Fear and anticipation is very powerful.

    Monday, February 14th 2011 - 11:51:47 AM

    Name: Brutus

    GIMP Poll: Obviously, naked women are always preferable. They're one of God's greatest creations. But nudity (or lack thereof) is not a deal breaker. The acting, hotness of the actress and especially the bondage are most important for me. One of my favorite rape scenes was from Spine, where the lovely Janus Blythe is tied and gagged and bent over a chair. There is no nudity in the scene but her helplessness and reactions to the villain's thrusts were truly wonderful. Would it have been better if she was naked? Sure. But the scene was still very effective.


    Sloth: Nicely put about the varying topics on this forum. Wish I could get involved in the MAMs conversation, but I know next to nothing about the topic. I was stuck buying Archie comics in the 1970s in hopes that Betty or Veronica would be shown tied up.

    Monday, February 14th 2011 - 12:13:28 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Badger: I disagree with your take on the remake of ISOYG (I've decided to join the team and use the acronym). However, I agree with everything else you wrote:

    • The off-screen gang rape of Phyllis in the original Last House on the Left -- a winner, in my books. You may not see anything but it is has a definite aural appeal.

    • The motel scene in The Devil's Rejects -- another winner.

    • Quentin Tarantino's movies -- don't do it for me, in terms of GIMP content. Tarantino is one guy who really needs to have his actresses show some skin, in order to prove he truly gets the spirit of the exploitation films he claims to love.

    Monday, February 14th 2011 - 05:45:01 PM

    Name: Vince

    I'd like to put my two cents back in ISOYG, especially since I was one who saw the remake in theatrical release.

    I wish it had been more graphic in the rape scenes as the original, but considering the timid times we live in, it's amazing it was (re)made at all. Those days of sexploitation in the 70's are gone and I do think the feminist movement plays a part in its removal in mainstream media. Mainstream producers want a movie to be a blockbuster and alienating half your audience isn't the way to do it. I would have paid double to see Gwyneth Paltrow be the unwilling victim of a rogue Iron Man's vibrator but that's a money loser...Rumor has it that Sylvester Stallone is considering a remake of "Death Wish". Bet you a hundred bucks, the rape will be off camera.

    My friends, if we want to see some good old fashioned forced sex scenes, we're going to have to buy DVD's of movies made 30, 40 years ago or go to an art house for a French film which will consider graphic sex art.

    Monday, February 14th 2011 - 10:34:54 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    John Galt wrote:

    My take on the ISOYG remake is that the filmmakers sold out. I can only imagine the ridiculous discussions that must have surrounded the planning of the movie. It looks to me like they spent most of their energy deciding how to go about making a rape exploitation movie with as little nudity and sexual violence as they could get away with. Sarah Butler may indeed have put limits on what she would do, or maybe they promised limits to secure her participation. I can imagine them devising a time limit on nudity, say, one and a half minutes, total. So they shot the movie and then sat down with a stopwatch and cut and trimmed and used modest camera angles to bring it in at or under the "nudity" budget.

    You know, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but that explanation does make sense. I'm sure it had to have been discussed beforehand that hey, we're remaking a film that had lots of nudity, but we can't possibly do that this time. The amount of nudity in any given film is likely decided upon in advance, it's not something where they just leave it to the director to just shoot what he wants and then hope it passes the ratings board and doesn't get the dreaded NC-17.

    I watched the DVD commentary and he and one of the producers explained that they were contractually obligated to deliver an R, and when they submitted the film to the MPA, they ordered them to make over 100 cuts to the finished print. And that's on the version we have now, with the minimal nudity. Can you imagine if they had tried to make a film with all the nudity of the first movie? By the time the MPA censors had their way, there would have been nothing left to release.

    Fortunately, they didn't have to make any cuts at all. The only reason we got the version we have now is that they lobbied the distributor, Anchor Bay, and surprisingly, Anchor Bay agreed to let the film be released unrated. Still, unrated films often have the same problems getting booked into theaters as those that are rated NC-17. What's the point of making the film you want if no one will play it? Movie-making is still a business. They're doing this to make money.

    Likewise, developing the characters of the rapists is useless. I don't care about their motivations. I don't need to understand why they did what they did, because the bottom line is that they are defective and nothing in their life circumstances or the transitory interaction with the victim can justify what they did to her. No amount of back-story can make me sympathetic to them. It is a waste of celluloid to explore them.

    See, now that's where I disagree with you. I think showing why the villain does what he does is a smart move. Just like in a regular bondage film, the villain is often almost as important as the victim. And I often put myself in the place of the bad guy (Omigod, Roger Ebert, you're right! I'm a "vicarious sex criminal"!).

    Early on in the remake, we hear the bad guys talking about Jennifer and dissing her, basically giving their reasons as to why she deserves to be put in her place. I thought that was an effective scene because it justified, in their minds anyway, why they went after her. If a villain feels like he's doing the right thing, that's even scarier in my mind than if they had been written as mindless Southern good old boys who rape city women for no reason. If I can understand the bad guy's motivation, it's going to make the drama even more believable.

    Tuesday, February 15th 2011 - 12:44:03 AM

    Name: Sloth

    Brutus - Betty and Veronica tied up huh - if that appeared in a MAM it would have a title something like "Virgin Lash Maidens for the Jughead Torture Dungeon" - man, that's an image likely to keep me up all night.

    Vince - 30-40 year old dvds for that sounds about right - perhaps that's why most of my collection dates to then - and there seems to be nothing on the horizon that would indicate a change anytime soon.

    Stay well all

    Tuesday, February 15th 2011 - 10:27:03 AM

    Name: Badger

    Ralphus wrote:

    I think showing why the villain does what he does is a smart move.

    I certainly agree, although I'm not certain that the term "why" is perfectly appropriate, because the term does carry a whiff of justifying the actions of the evil-doer. I would say, rather, that scenes that show that vast other part of the life of the bad guy can be a very useful addition to the plot. Let's face it, the bad guys in I Spit on Your Grave (you're welcome, Canadian), do not spend their entire life moving from one woman who is raped and savaged to another. I thought that the scenes showing the sheriff spending time with his wife and daughter - the latter of whom he adored - actually complemented the assault scenes and made them all the more chilling. Journalists are often criticized for writing about the other parts of serial killers lives. Perhaps doing so violates the need of some to believe that those who do evil things are evil in all respects. Were that it was so simple. Hey the BTK killer was a church deacon.

    In mainstream, I welcome contrasting and conflicting images of both the victims and the victimizers. Just so long as we don't start seeing Rick making movies with Bryan Dunhill stopping the whipping to send a Mother's Day card to his mom.

    BTW: I thought the Commentary that accompanied the ISOYG was really interesting. Sarah Butler has to be one of the hottest actresses to step across the line into what clearly is NC-17 territory.

    Tuesday, February 15th 2011 - 12:06:47 PM

    Name: mr bush

    Nudity is not a must, good acting and realistic situations are what is important. Look back at the old Last House on the Left, forcing the girl to pee and then take off her pants was exciting. Then making her go down on her friend who was totally destroyed by that act was exciting. Part of it is the mental anguish and humiliation. They do not have to be naked. Some women are embarrassed in their underwear.

    Tuesday, February 15th 2011 - 06:14:10 PM

    Name: John Galt

    Okay, I'll weigh back in on the issue of character development (ha!) in I Spit On Your Grave.

    In a serious movie with an engaging plot and nuances of character development, I would definitely be interested in the thought processes, if not the creative self-delusion, that contributes to the motivations and ultimately the rationalization of complex, fully fleshed-out antagonists who commit heinous crimes. Although, honestly, I would have very little patience with the exercise unless there were compelling and believable reasons behind the actions. I can understand revenge as a strong motivator, but someone who pays back an unintentional insult with rape and murder (or attempted murder) is simply unhinged, and crazy people need no reason for going off the deep end. That kind of motivation does not take any great introspection to explain. Crazy is crazy.

    Showing that the sheriff has a daughter he cares about does not give me insight into his character. That he took time out to speak lovingly to his daughter on the phone in the middle of his assault of Jennifer did nothing to contribute to my understanding that he was a sociopath. I had already figured out that he was not only a sociopath, but a power-hungry sociopath in a position of authority who probably committed many more abuses of power against any number of local yokels. The introduction of his young daughter as a pawn in the revenge game actually showed me the soulless depths to which the Jennifer character had fallen, and consequently made me less sympathetic toward her. Probably not the filmmakers' intention.

    Besides, unless I missed it during the few brief fast-forwards I indulged during the interminable 40 minutes leading up to the assault, the sheriff kind of came in out of left field, didn't he? He didn't have any reason to rape her except it was an excellent opportunity to practice the act of sodomy for which he admitted a fondness. What was his deeper (no pun intended) motivation?

    Watching Willard care so much about his pet rats, Ben and Socrates, was a spooky and affecting relationship, and provided a uniquely sad and twisted motivation for the horrific consequences following Socrates' death. Completely bizarre and off-the-wall, but nonetheless compelling. I'm not holding up Willard as a great movie, but I will posit that that relationship intrigued me, and I did not resent the time spent exploring it.

    I Spit On your Grave was not only not Rashomon, it was not even Willard. It was a pretentious misfire. Its time-consuming and clumsy attempted character building did not raise the antagonists above one-dimensional, cardboard, small-town poor white trash misfits, and that characterization could have easily been accomplished by even untalented filmmakers in 5 minutes, max. In fact, the interesting character development would have been to show Jennifer's journey from rational writer to bloodthirsty avenger. And they did not even do that. She just disappeared and then showed up as a dark avenging angel with a talent for creative torture using materials handily provided, apparently, by the prop department. So I give the filmmakers credit for finding a way to fill a 107 minute movie with so little of substance, GIMP and otherwise.

    I think it is pretty obvious that I was really disappointed and annoyed by this sham remake of a cult classic trash sexploitation flick. It is possible that with the easy access we have to much more varied and compelling Internet erotica, the days of mainstream filmmakers trying to push the envelope in GIMP directions is a thing of the past. Why fight the MPAA to distribute a watered-down and unsatisfying movie when the Internet provides an effective method of distribution relatively free from censorship? Production companies like Red Feline are likely the future sources for the GIMP flicks we really want. We need to stop wasting money on mainstream duds and encourage independent filmmakers who turn out the stuff we want to see. Check out the Red Feline catalog.

    This diatribe was in no way encouraged by Red Feline, nor the incredibly inspirational and prolific Margot, nor the awesomely hot Jane von Detlefson and her perpetually unshaved crotch.

    Tuesday, February 15th 2011 - 09:37:14 PM

    Name: MrAnthony
    E-mail address:

    (Post removed by moderator)

    Tuesday, February 15th 2011 - 10:47:36 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    Mr. Anthony: It was with real hesitation that I removed your post. I know you meant no harm at all. I find the story you reported to be interesting, and certainly it's of interest to others on the forum, but stories about real-life crimes on a site about fantasy bondage videos make me feel a bit uncomfortable. I definitely don't want us discussing it here because it can lead to other true-life cases being brought up and before long the line between fantasy and reality can get blurred. I prefer to talk about movies, and about not real life. I just don't want to go there. I don't want anyone who reads this board to have even an inkling that we promote or condone real-life sexual violence here. We've had a few occasions where it's been brought up in the past and I regret I allowed the discussion to continue.

    I hope you understand.

    Tuesday, February 15th 2011 - 11:20:03 PM

    Name: Dangerous Dave

    Nudity in rape scenes is important to me. The ones that have nudity in them always get higher marks from me then the ones that don't. And as for bondage, there better damn sure be nudity if you have a chick tied up! What's the point in tying her up if you don't get a look at the goods?

    Tuesday, February 15th 2011 - 11:38:41 PM

    Name: DHT

    Yeah, let's definitely not do real life stuff. Bad things that happen to real people aren't cool to fantasize about.

    Wednesday, February 16th 2011 - 04:55:56 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    GIMP Poll: I haven’t weighed in yet, but rather than just add to the pile of comments, I’d like to mention the posters whose views I liked, mainly because they pretty much agree with my own. ;)

    Brutus: ...nudity (or lack thereof) is not a deal breaker. The acting, hotness of the actress and especially the bondage are most important for me.

    mr bush: Nudity is not a must, good acting and realistic situations are what is important.

    I agree, nudity by itself doesn’t raise my temperature (or anything else). The girl really has to sell the fear, helplessness, vulnerability, etc. I do need some skin showing, shoulders, back, cleavage, skimpy or ragged clothing. Adds to the hotness factor.

    Dangerous Dave: The ones that have nudity in them always get higher marks from me then the ones that don't.

    Whenever I’m considering and prioritizing which movies to see, my first instinct is to rank those with nudity higher, and those without (or not sure) lower.

    Jacques Lapin: I like nudity in a rape scene, it is however interesting to see a girl stripped, have her clothing ripped off and then raped.

    This is important to me. Something that bothers me about a lot of bondage vids is that they start with the girl already naked. I’d like to see the process – I want to know how she got naked, and what her reactions were to getting there. Clothes-ripping is always a plus. Rape or torture.


    Concerning new vs. old:

    John Galt: the days of mainstream filmmakers trying to push the envelope in GIMP directions is a thing of the past.

    Vince: My friends, if we want to see some good old fashioned forced sex scenes, we're going to have to buy DVD's of movies made 30, 40 years ago or go to an art house for a French film which will consider graphic sex art.

    I’m a bit torn on this issue, for a few reasons:

    ~ I like the golden oldies, and feel that a forum like this is one way to keep them in front of an audience so they don’t get lost in the dustbin of history. Call me a dreamer (or a fool), but I really think this is a cause worth fighting for.

    ~ Unfortunately, a lot of those same films lose their GIMPage in the translation from tape to DVD.

    ~ Like John Galt, I think we should support newer producers whose stuff suits our tastes, like Red Feline. (I’ve gotten some of their works myself). But I wonder: is there anyone else out there who’s even close to providing full-length movies with lots of GIMPage? The Japanese have let us down. Where else should we turn?

    Wednesday, February 16th 2011 - 06:32:39 PM

    Name: MrAnthony
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    No problem, I understand. Although, there's a certain irony because I can certainly mention a London Enterprises Video called "Captured in the Middle East." Link above.

    Thursday, February 17th 2011 - 12:19:41 AM

    Name: Jane von Detlefson
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    John Galt wrote: Production companies like Red Feline are likely the future sources for the GIMP flicks we really want. We need to stop wasting money on mainstream duds and encourage independent filmmakers who turn out the stuff we want to see. Check out the Red Feline catalog.
    This diatribe was in no way encouraged by Red Feline, nor the incredibly inspirational and prolific Margot, nor the awesomely hot Jane von Detlefson and her perpetually unshaved crotch.

    You totally made my day, nay, my week with your comments. Thanks!

    The poll: For me nudity is not necessary for a scene to be effective, but it definitely adds to the distress of the victim. Let's be realistic here, I identify with the victim in these scenarios. Do I feel more helpless and humiliated with my clothes off? Indeed, I do.Why do we have dreams where our pants are gone, we're desparately trying to find them and we feel embarassed and humiliated by said lack of clothing? Clothing is necessary for warmth, we often put something of our personalities into how we dress. Clothing can act as armor against the world. When it is taken away, we're naked animals.

    BTW, we're having a sale in our DVD Store for those interested. You'll have to hurry, it ends Monday!

    Thursday, February 17th 2011 - 08:34:06 AM

    Name: Sloth
    Homepage URL:

    Yes boys and girls, it's movie review time - today we will examine a Japanese effort titled War Rape Camp 701 - run time is 1 hour 35 minutes - I obtained my copy in an online trade but it appears to be available at Video Mayhem above link - I'm making an assumption here that the cover shot displayed is in fact for that movie - we know how these things work out sometimes.

    With a title like that we should have a pretty good idea of what's involved. We begin with a naked prisoner bound to an X-frame being raped while several other prisoners look on. When the guards are done she is removed, forced to kneel on the floor and shot. The others are told to strip for assessment. Several are selected and led away, the remainder kneel and are shot.

    Each is going to get her turn in the rape room. The first one is chair tied wrists behind. One guard tilts the chair back and several other guards have their way with her. The next one is bound wrists behind and placed on an exam table for multiple rape. Time for another. This one is bound wrists behind and upper body tied, one leg elevated to the ceiling and she gets the treatment.

    Apparently the zany guards want to terrorize our damsels into submission. To that end the five ladies are led into an execution chamber. Wooden blocks sit below dangling nooses. They are forced to strip and all are groped and fondled. Each is bound wrists behind, stood on the blocks then hooded and noosed. In turn each has her block kicked away and hangs - but wait, the guards have more in store for our dangling damsels - after kicking for awhile each is hauled down, taken to a cot in another room and revived with an injection in the chest.

    Time for the ladies to each make a return engagement in the rape room. Since we now are familiar with the pattern it will suffice to say some nice torment, torture and rape await our prisoners.

    But all good things must come to an end. Probably wanting to move on to committed relationships with the next batch of prisoners all our damsels are summarily shot. The End

    Movie Pluses - good premise and pretty well carried out by all involved - and with my penchant for a good hanging with plenty of leg flailing and twitching I thought it pretty well staged.

    Movie Minuses - the attractiveness of the actresses is a real mixed bag - some cuties, some less so and some unappealing - and come on guys, you just shot them - little more creativity in their suffering if I may be so bold.

    The Verdict - well, even with my subjective criticisms, this is one of the better Japanese efforts I have viewed of late - there's a little something for all tastes here.

    My Grade - solid B

    Thursday, February 17th 2011 - 10:49:10 AM

    Name: A Canadian

    Sloth: Thanks for the review of War Rape Camp 701. I know Fritz and others have been looking for information on fa-pro titles that might work for GIMPers, so your review is helpful. I might have to check this one out, recognizing that you have warned us about the questionable attractiveness of some of the cast.

    Thursday, February 17th 2011 - 06:42:19 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Sloth: Great review of War Rape Camp 701 - concise, down-to-earth. No ambiguity about what we're in for.

    The timing was right, too: Just after I ranted about how the "Japanese have let us down." ;) I'm curious about one thing, though - when did this movie come out?

    Thursday, February 17th 2011 - 06:58:54 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Pretty quiet here tonight. Maybe it’s a good time for a quiz.

    Below is an outdoor rape scene of a naked girl at knifepoint.


    ~ the movie

    ~ the GIMPette (actress name)

    ~ the year of release

    Answers in my next post.

    Bonus: Is this scene in our rape database? (I dunno)

    Thursday, February 17th 2011 - 09:46:40 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Catching up on a few topics:

    YikYakker: The picture in your rape quiz looks intriguing, but maybe the reason nobody has answered is they don't know the answer any more than I do. Guess we'll have to wait until you post again, unless there's a more learned GIMPer out there who can beat you to it.


    Sloth: You know, it's uncanny how nearly every movie you review turns out to be one that I saw, and how right on target my opinions are with yours. Like you, I saw FA-318: War Rape Camp 701 and like you, I would give it a very favorable review. In fact, this was on my short list last year for Best Bondage Video of the Year, although I wasn't sure of the exact title other than I knew it was an FA POW production. After scouring my copy and also the FA-Pro website, I can confirm that the title that Video Mayhem carries is the right movie. They also carry a Part 2 that appears to be more of the same. Don't know which is which, but at only 6 bucks a pop, it would be hard to turn down both.

    Here's the Official Page for the movie you reviewed on the FA site, complete with vidcaps and a movie trailer. I'm positive it's the same movie we both saw.

    In talking about Japanese titles that have let us down, that's largely been true for me lately, but I can say that every Japanese FA title I've viewed have been consistent winners. They specialize in war themes, and always have a healthy dose of bondage rape, and this one is no exception. So if that's your thing, hunt down the FA series if you can get it, or ask Video Mayhem to start carrying more.

    The direct link to your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


    MrAnthony: Have you seen that Captured in the Middle East movie? I have, years ago, and I was extremely let down by it. The descriptions sounds good, but it was an all-girl movie and nothing special at all. That was from back in the 1990s when I had to buy my porn from adult book stores and there was no ZFX available.


    More on I Spit On Your Grave: As was mentioned here a while back, Siskel and Ebert hated the original, and Roger Ebert gave it zero stars and called it the worst film of all time. So what about the much-discussed remake? Well, I suppose it's no surprise...he hated that one, too.

    Here's his direct link for his review of the remake:

    He also makes mention that most of the people who saw the film at his screening appeared to be out on dates. And he writes that 8 or 9 people walked out and they were all during the first half...and all were men. Maybe they were John Galt types who were hoping for more explicit rape scenes like in the original. Good old Roger. I respect that man a lot, but he'll never give thumbs up to a movie from a GIMP perspective. That's why we have this forum, so pervs and sick fucks can give us the real reasons to check a movie out.

    Friday, February 18th 2011 - 05:45:51 AM

    Name: Sloth

    Ralphus - must just be a case of sick minds thinking alike - as I don't know which part I have I'm heading over to Video Mayhem and ordering both just to make sure.

    YikYakker - it came out last calender year sometime - I got my copy in the mail in June and just got around to viewing it - but I've no clue when it was "officially" released :) - I know I've viewed that rape scene but cannot place anything about - good quiz.

    Stay well all

    Friday, February 18th 2011 - 09:53:08 AM

    Name: Gonzaullas

    There is a guy who is uploading whipping scenes to youtube. Here are a few:

    The whipping scene from "Marion du Faouet"

    "One Russian Summer"


    "The Last Sundown"

    A trailer with bondage scenes: "Brides of Blood"

    Friday, February 18th 2011 - 02:00:57 PM

    Name: John Galt

    Thursday was a banner day for bondage on television for fans of FX Network's Justified. The storyline involved a very bad guy and his plan to surgically remove an almost-to-term baby from a woman and then kill her. She suspected something was up, though, so she tried to escape. She was captured and then bound to a table top with duct tape, arms over her head, feet taped spread and duct tape gagged. Something for everyone. Kind of an edgy scene for TV, I thought. No nudity, of course. And unfortunately, she put on a pair of pants prior to her escape attempt and since they were going to cut the baby out, the pants stayed on. But it is TV, after all. Here are a few vidcaps from the show.
    Justified S02E02 01
    Justified S02E02 02
    Justified S02E02 03
    Justified S02E02 04
    Justified S02E02 05

    Friday, February 18th 2011 - 09:47:57 PM

    Name: Fritz

    I Spit On Your Grave: I saw the original when it was first released on VHS in the early 80's, drawn to it, like many of us, by the sensational poster in the rental store. I wasn't sure what to expect, but have to admit the first half of the film did impress me somewhat. By this point, slasher pics were becoming common, and nudie-roughies were old news, so the bar for standout GIMP action was already set pretty high.

    ISOYG did have more nudity than usual, and the victim was reasonably attractive, but the peril was limited to humiliation and rape. For those, like me, who wanted torture and a more, erm... permanent resolution to the assault, the film didn't deliver. But even then I knew that was a matter of personal taste. This was a movie for rape aficionados, and I felt at least they were getting their money's worth. So why was I impressed? The sheer relentlessness of the attacks, each upping the ante and each committed without the slightest compassion for the victim - that in itself was a good, though not ideal, payoff for me.

    I doubt the remake reflects the same inexorable level of sadism, so it holds little interest for me. And the less said about the victim's revenge (in either film) the better. What I would really like to see is a remake of Deliverance, which shares essentially the same plot as ISOYG. In my version, the four protagonists are attractive females of course, but things play out in much the same fashion. One of the girls is violated and the others seek revenge. Of course, in Distaff Deliverance the heroines fare far worse than their male counterparts in the original, and ultimately the inbred yokels win the day. Just imagine the possibilities: a nubile young canoeist is staked out in the woods, tortured by the hillbillies, while her friends huddle close enough to hear her screams but unable to assist. In the words of Bixby Snyder: "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

    Siskel and Ebert: I never followed Siskel that much, but to this day I tend to agree with Roger ninety percent of the time. I even like the guy, what I know of him. But every now and then some GIMP film sets him off and he goes into this holier-than-thou diatribe. For a recent example, check out his review of Chaos. Readers gave it three stars; Ebert, the dreaded zero. From what I can tell, it's not the violence, the sex, or even the sexual violence that gets his goat - it's the fact that such horrors are presented without any justification or moral context. In other words, if the filmmaker uses GIMP scenes to make a statement on society, that's okay; if it's just to help us pervs get our rocks off, then it's indefensible.

    I'd almost cut him some slack on this if it weren't for the fact that he wrote the scene in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls in which a dazed and nude Erica Gavin fellates a gun barrel before it discharges in her mouth. I'm sure in Roger's mind that makes some relevant statement about gun control, but I think it might be time for Mr. Pot to meet Mr. Kettle.

    Poll: If nudity were essential for bondage and rape scenes, wouldn't this be the NGIMP forum? For me, what's important in any GIMP scene is that the victim be feminine. In many cases, nudity goes a long way to establish that the heroine is not only female but desirable. Men who have no interest in seeing the fair sex suffer, will still watch nude football, visit a nude car wash, or eat sushi off a naked girl's breasts. Face it, most guys (at least those playing for the Bulls) like their women au naturel. So it follows that GIMPery can be more fun if the female participants aren't wearing clothes.

    But as with any activity, full nudity is not the only way to go. Partial nudity, sexy outfits, even a particularly seductive personality can heighten the appeal just as much. Ask yourselves this: would you rather see Rosie O'Donnell nude and stretched on the rack, or Angelina Jolie in a bikini in the same predicament? All else being equal, many of us will likely check "no clothes please" - but is it essential? No.

    A Canadian wrote:

    Quentin Tarantino's movies -- don't do it for me, in terms of GIMP content. Tarantino is one guy who really needs to have his actresses show some skin, in order to prove he truly gets the spirit of the exploitation films he claims to love.

    Tarantino has admitted that he is queasy about showing sex and especially nudity in his films. Obviously, that doesn't jibe with his love of grindhouse cinema and sleaze, but his limited output confirms this. Fortunately, his good friend Robert Rodriguez has no such limitations.

    Sloth: Thanks for the review of War Rape Camp 701. I'll definitely be adding this one to my collection. Unfortunately, I've found that most of the death scenes in these fa-pro titles are rather perfunctory shootings - not much creativity when it comes to dispatching the victims. Still, the GIMP scenes are admirably grim, and the actresses quite attractive (though this one may prove to be an exception).

    Friday, February 18th 2011 - 11:24:06 PM

    Name: Scanderbeg
    E-mail address:

    Nudity is not essential for me. I find it more satisfying if the girl has some clothes on - I especially like a skirt, preferably a mini-skirt, and a bra but no panties. I like the girl to feel that she still has some protection which is actually no protection at all.

    Saturday, February 19th 2011 - 12:35:33 AM

    Name: Scribbler
    Homepage URL:

    Nudity's not essential, but if the girl is really hot, then yeah, I want to see her nude!

    That said, I'm really not a fan of bondage videos where the girl is nude from the get go. Or slinky bikini. Or at the other end of spectrum, wearing baggy, dull, cornball, or generic clothes she looks ordinary or unattractive in. Should start off with her looking hot in whatever she's wearing, and wearing enough that it's somewhat of a big deal when I strip a clothing item off of her. did I get into this video!

    Saturday, February 19th 2011 - 06:34:31 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    Fritz: I’ve never seen Chaos but I found that review by Roger Ebert that you linked us to very interesting. He writes:

    Kevin Gage makes Chaos repulsive and the degree that we are repelled by the killers and feel pity for the victims, the movie "works." It works, all right, but I'm with Ed Gonzalez: Why do we need this s--t?

    I find this interesting because time was when reviewers were lambasting these movies because they glamorized killers and glorified vile behavior. The reviewers were basically saying the same thing then: Why do we need this s--t? So when film-makers do the opposite, they get skewered anyway.

    And you wrote, of Mr. Ebert: I think it might be time for Mr. Pot to meet Mr. Kettle.

    I think he is trying to strike back hard at the legacy of that particular piece of sleaze (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, which I have seen) from his regretful younger years by fighting against similar themes now. To paraphrase Hamlet’s mom, “Methinks he doth protest too much.”

    His lurid description of the movie makes me think I’m missing something unless I watch it. ;)


    Gonzaullus: Thanks for another fine collection of YouTube GIMP scenes; some classic whipping scenes there.

    But Brides of Blood! LOL! I’ve seen the whole series of “Blood” movies from that era. They were goofy and sleazy and kinda lame, but I liked the clothes-ripping action on the Philippine women in Brides of Blood. Seems there’s a horny monster on the island that periodically has to get jiggy or he’ll go medieval on the village. So the village men grab some girls, fasten them to X-frames and leave them out at night so the monster can rape them (which turns out to be fatal – for the women I mean).

    I don’t recall the whipping scene from that movie, and it’s not in our database. I’ll check it out and see if I can post some caps and a description.


    Mystery Movie Quiz: Still time to get your answers in. If no one solves the riddle, I’ll post the information tomorrow.

    Saturday, February 19th 2011 - 07:41:16 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Gonzaullas: Great to see you back here with more goodies. I hadn't seen a few of those, particularly "Marion du Faouet", which was a GREAT scene! Here's the picture page I made for the film; note, this is one is listed in the TV section, since it's a French TV movie.


    John Galt: Regarding the "Justified" bondage scene, thanks for the stills. But what's up with that horrible tape gag? Typical of television. Look again. That tape is so loose, there's actually a shadow between the tape and her face!

    Justified S02E02 05

    Come on, guys! I know you care about not wanting to jeopardize the beauty of the actress (heaven forbid if she chaps her lips from the tape), but give us something we can believe. That's likely one of those prop gags that's only sticky on the very ends so it stays on her face (barely) but doesn't actually stick to her mouth. I hate that.


    Ebert's review of Chaos: We have a couple reviews in the Reviews section, too, for those wanting a GIMP perspective. I saw the movie and thought it was a piece of crap, myself. It's basically Last House on the Left badly remade by a director who can't direct, with lots of blood and not nearly enough bondage. The victim casting is not bad; there's one girl who is pretty cute, and she gets her nipple cut off and stuffed in her mouth (a scene I just know Fritz has to love), but it was so over the top vicious and bloody I was turned off. And the ending was ridiculous. As an actual movie it's terrible, for GIMP scenes it's worth checking out if you're morbidly curious.

    Check out my Homepage URL for a montage of stills for the film. A bit bloody; you've been warned.

    Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 01:04:13 AM

    Name: Dr Yuya
    Homepage URL:

    Geez, Kanzo Matsuura, perhaps the primary director for the Zen Pictures films, REALLY seems to be putting a lot more work and choreography into the action scenes of his films. Just look at the trailer in the attached homepage link for an idea of where they seem to be headed with their movies.

    I don't mind as long as the same time and energy is always devoted to the torture scenes as well. In fact, if they continue to deliver on both all the better, it'd be a welcome change IMO.

    Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 02:20:43 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    Well no one from the great Golden Horde of GIMPers guessed the mystery movie. No need for embarrassment, I had no clue about it either, before Thursday.

    It’s a Brazilian flick called Giselle (1980) starring hot/cute Alba Valeria in the title role. It sometimes appears with an alternate title, Her Summer Vacation. (Warning: This version may be edited!)

    It’s apparently brimming with softcore sex and nudity, but with a bit of GIMPage as a bonus. Here’s a very succinct description of the rape scene, offered by an IMDb reviewer:

    Giselle, her step-brother, her step-mother and Angelo are on their way to town when bandits ambush them, beat the men to a pulp and rape the women.

    Sounds good to me. One of the bandits rips Giselle's panties off...

    ...and spreads her legs wide...

    ...while his buddy jumps Giselle’s foxy step-MILF (censored pic)...

    That’s all I have on this scene...a few pics taken from an abbreviated clip.

    Somehow, this movie often gets confused with another by the same name, about a ballerina. Don’t be fooled by imitations - this is the one to look for.

    Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 09:12:08 AM

    Name: John Galt

    Well, it has been kind of an interesting week for TV GIMP. Friday's Smallville featured Zoe Sullivam (the lovely Alison Mack) bound AOH in a short red dress (stretched up on her toes, no less) and threatened with a knife. If memory serves, this is the same bad guy that had Erika Durance's Lois Lane character in a bound suspension earlier in this season. The bad guy's name is Desaad (pronounced De Sade, of course), a character created by the prolific Jack Kirby when he moved from Marvel to DC back in the 70s and created the brand new mythos of the "New Gods." End of comic geek aside.

    The show that has so much GIMP potential is the CW's Nikita, but it almost always disappoints, GIMP-wise. The latest episode featured Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) imprisoned in a small cage and injected with some addictive drug that had her gasping and sweating, which was okay but the potential for really first-class GIMPage in this series is so high that I wish they would do better. Plus, hot chicks in small cages doesn't do it for me.

    Anyway, here are some vidcaps from the Smallville episode. The scene really was extremely dark, but I lightened it up a bit.

    Alison Mack
    Alison Mack
    Alison Mack

    Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 11:24:58 AM

    Name: Gonzaullas

    I agree that "Marion du Faouet" was great. AOH bondage, bare back whipping and RHI branding, all in one scene!!

    Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 01:35:49 PM

    Name: kinkybitch
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Ralphus, I like you to know that my new site is online. Give me your opinion please. Thanks in advance. Regards

    Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 04:05:11 PM

    Name: Scribbler
    Homepage URL:

    It's Chloe Sullivan, and it's Gordon Godfrey who bound Lois at the fetish club called Club Desaad. Guessing Desaad's the owner of the club.

    Good job with the caps. I was thinking of doing that, but you beat me to it!

    Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 09:42:04 PM

    Name: John Galt

    Scribbler: Thanks. I stand corrected. Not sure what I was thinking when I typed "Zoe," but I went back and watched the earlier episode after I posted and realized it was Godfrey who did the suspension bondage with Lois.

    Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 10:23:27 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    Time for a review:

    Title: Plasma Woman (TZZ-28)

    Starring: Senri Yamabuki

    Produced by: Giga

    Running time: 65 minutes

    Plasma Woman, a Giga title from a few years back that was just recently released in North America, is a bit disappointing. Its star, Senri Yamabuki, is amazingly hot, but the film is only so-so.

    The story is the usual Giga sci-fi silliness about a female superhero who is captured by villains in weird costumes, and is then tortured and violated. In Senri's first encounter with the villains, they are looking to steal a silver briefcase she is carrying. At this point, Senri is dressed like a civilian in a white blouse and short black leather skirt, while the villains are wearing camouflage fatigues and black balaclavas with designs that resemble Mexican wrestling masks.

    Senri battles the villains on a rooftop, and at one point uses magical powers to change wardrobes, switching into a skin-tight, brown full-body outfit with black boots and black gloves, which looks really sexy. Not that the wardrobe change does Senri much good -- the villains overpower her and take her hostage.

    Senri is taken to a basement area where, after a brief fight scene, a villain locks her arms and holds her in a standing position, while two other guys deliver hard punches to her face and belly and some knee shots to her gut. This is a little contrived -- the knee shots look fake, and Rocky Balboa would be amazed at the number of blows Senri takes to the face without ever getting bruised. That said, there are some nicely captured hard punches to her kisser.

    Senri ultimately breaks free and escapes, but is soon recaptured in her civilian white blouse and short black skirt. She is placed in a basement jail cell, where a villain kicks her in the gut, sending her to her knees. The villain threatens to kill Senri by placing a sword at her throat. Instead, he makes her stand up, and he delivers more punches to her face (Senri continues to go unbruised). The villain pins Senri's face up against the cell bars and threatens to strangle her, then throws her to the floor and jabs his boot into her stomach, pressing down hard as Senri squirms and squeals.

    There is more fighting, and more costume changes, and Senri is ultimately overpowered by a guy in a black Borg-like outfit. Senri, who is now wearing a tight latex costume that is blue, black and yellow. Senri is bound in a standing position, with her arms tied behind her back and her handcuffs linked to a chain from the roof. The guy in the black outfit delivers some shots to Senri's face in what has to be the most disappointing scene in the movie. He doesn't actually hit her -- he doesn't even come close. His punches don't land anywhere near her in a ridiculous scene that should have either been re-shot or edited out.

    Fortunately, one of the baddies in the camouflage get-up shows up with a bullwhip. He proceeds to whip Senri, who is still bound in a standing position. The whippings are done in a style that is harsh but not always believable -- some of the early cracks of the whip look too staged. Nonetheless, Senri's clothes are ripped open by the whippings, exposing her nice, large breasts, and as the scene continues the whippings look more convincing.

    By the time the whippings are done, Senri's boobs and sexy midriff are on full display, and a villain rips open more of her costume to expose her pussy. A villain then uses some sort of air pressure hose to torture Senri's pussy. I'm not really sure how this worked, but it made her cry out in pain.

    In a new scene, Senri is on her back on a table, with her arms spread to the sides and her wrists cuffed to chains attached to the table. Regrettably, her legs aren't bound by anything, which would have been helpful. One of the camouflage-garbed villains spreads Senri's legs and eats her pussy, as Senri squeals and writhes helplessly. The guy in the black Borg-like outfit then shows up, moves camouflage guy out of the way, and positions himself to rape Senri missionary-style. Senri tries to kick him away but the fiend ultimately manages to insert his will and violates her, as a military guy stands off to the side, laughing and taunting Senri. Although I wish she had been bound a bit better, Senri does a good job selling this scene and the rape is effectively executed.

    The action dissolves to a scene of Senri bound on the table in a doggie position (again, only her hands are bound) and the Borg-ish guy violates her that way, as the nearby officer continues his taunts. Once again, Senri does some fine work selling the scene.

    On her back again, Senri is treated to the group plan: the Borg guy rapes her while two of the camouflaged villains get in on the action, with one guy grabbing Senri's head and forcing kisses on her while the other guy sucks her ample breasts. This scene's also quite good, although the kisses look a bit too easily attained. The Borg guy cums in Senri's pussy, and Senri then squirts out a load of his cum as her thighs continue to quiver. The rapists leave and the military guy wraps things up with more mocking.

    In the final scene, Senri is in a basement area, surrounded by four mutants in rags and with bandages around their heads -- they reminded me of the lepers in Jesus Christ Superstar. The four mutants make weird noises as they surround Senri, and ultimately gang rape her.

    It starts out well -- two guys hold her down and suck on her tits, while another guy eats her. But when it gets to the violation part, which starts in a cowgirl position, it starts to look a little too vanilla. A second rape, where two guys hold Senri in a standing position as a third guy nails her, proves to be much better.

    My grade: B

    With a star as attractive as Senri Yamabuki, I wish Plasma Woman had been stronger. Yet even with its flaws, it has some worthwhile moments. Plasma Woman is probably worth a look if you enjoy Giga movies.

    Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 10:49:44 PM

    Name: Brutus

    A Canadian: Thanks for the fine review of Plasma Woman. Senri certainly is hot, but (as you pointed out) I don't think there's enough bondage in this film for my tastes.

    ...Rocky Balboa would be amazed at the number of blows Senri takes to the face without ever getting bruised.

    That's perhaps the reason I don't like punches to the face. First, I don't want to see the victim's pretty face all bloody and bruised. But if the punches are faked, they really looked faked and reduce the overall quality of the flick.

    Just out of curiosity, is there any reason given to why she is called "Plasma Woman"?


    Sloth: War Rape Camp 701 sounds a bit more to my liking. I also agree that shooting is not only a waste of a damsel in distress, but it is about the most boring thing you can do to a victim.


    John Galt: Nice stills from the small screen. I think I should start paying more attention to Smallville.


    YikYakker: I've never heard of Giselle. Then again, I don't think I've ever seen a Brazilian film. I hope the country becomes a new source of GIMP material.

    Monday, February 21st 2011 - 06:56:36 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Brutus: In one of the fight scenes, Senri was using electrical charges that she could fire from her hands to zap her enemies. So I'm guessing that in her blue-uniform guise, she was made up of charged particles or something, which is why I assume she was called Plasma Woman.

    Monday, February 21st 2011 - 07:36:49 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Todays Pics: Uh-oh, it’s the dreaded patibulum!


    A Canadian: Thanks for the Giga review. I had sampled their wares once and ended up with a movie I didn’t like. But this one looks much better, especially with the strategically-ripped costume.


    John Galt: Nice caps of Alison Mack in that scene from Smallville. I caught that Friday night and was hoping someone out there had preserved it for posterity. Pretty decent for TV. Alison Mack is, I think, a very appealing and talented actress who hardly ever gets the glamour roles on that show...those fall to Erica Durance as Lois Lane (below).

    But Alison looked smokin’ in her red dress and the water falling on her was a nice touch.


    OK, I admit the Mystery Movie quiz may have been a bit unfair since it involved an older, obscure movie. So here’s another opportunity to show your GIMP smarts with a movie that was actually made recently. Check out the (censored) pic below...

    ...and name:

    ~ the movie

    ~ the release year

    ~ and the actress about to get stuck with a BIG hypodermic needle.

    Bonus: Who’s the director?

    If no one guesses it, I'll do a review in the near future. (Actually, I may do a review anyway);)

    Monday, February 21st 2011 - 07:46:52 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Getting caught up on things...

    YikYakker: We had Giselle listed in the old Rape Database, but with no description. Looks like another one of those VHS only titles, another potential GIMP classic lost to the today's DVD generation. *sigh*


    kinkybitch: Thanks for the link to your new site. Wasn't Canadian considering reviewing some of your movies? I'm just overwhelmed for time right now.


    A Canadian: Another terrific and unexpected review, thanks for writing that for us. Looks like a fun flick, but with some flaws that would probably prevent me from taking a chance on it. Unlike some others here, I like seeing women beaten up, so if the scenes are badly faked, that would likely be a deal-breaker for me. One of these days, I'm going to check out a Giga release, since you and Elkcreek seem enamored by them.

    The direct link to your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


    YikYakker (again): At the risk of spoiling the fun for everyone else, I'm gonna go ahead and reveal the answers to your newest quiz. The name of the movie is Exitus Interruptus, the release year is 2006, the actress is Renee Pornero and the director is Andreas Bethmann. And how do I know this? Because the film won the Ralphus Award for Best Mainstream Movie of the Year a few years back, before I discovered that the "mainstream" version was nothing compared to the hardcore version! If you're going to do a review, make damn sure your copy isn't edited, because you've run into that more than once in the past when you've tried to review films for the board. The "Director's Cut" DVD is indeed that, it's cut.

    If I wasn't so backed up on everything, I would love to review it myself, since it's one of the truly great GIMP films I've seen in recent years.

    Tuesday, February 22nd 2011 - 12:45:11 AM

    Name: Sloth

    A Canadian - as always thanks for a great review - seems no matter how hard I try I simply cannot develop any interest in the Giga concept - but then I've never been able to develop a taste for Scotch either.

    Gonzaullas - nice clips man - had it not been for sleaze like "Brides of Blood" making the drive-in circuit I probably would not have survived that period.

    YikYakker - I agree with Ralphus - "Exitus Interruptus" is one of the better mainstream efforts of the last few years - Part 2 made a run in Europe but does not appear to have made the way across the pond yet.

    Now I must run lest I be late for my annual court mandated Ludovico treatment.

    Stay well all

    Tuesday, February 22nd 2011 - 09:37:01 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    Ralphus wrote: If you're going to do a review [of Exitus Interruptus], make damn sure your copy isn't edited, because you've run into that more than once in the past when you've tried to review films for the board. The "Director's Cut" DVD is indeed that, it's cut.

    Well, that disqualifies me as a reviewer, because the version I saw (and capped) was indeed the “Director’s Cut”. Guess someone else will have to step up to the plate on this one. Doesn’t bother me, I’m way behind on my reviews as it is.

    But it’s my understanding that missing from the Director’s Cut are the hardcore sex scenes. That’s never been a deal-breaker for me. Although there is an awkward close-up fellatio scene in which both the girl’s mouth and the guy’s dick are not visible on-screen. Hoo boy.

    I still found the movie entertaining, and would have given it a decent, if not sterling, grade.


    Brutus wrote: I've never heard of Giselle. Then again, I don't think I've ever seen a Brazilian film. I hope the country becomes a new source of GIMP material.

    I recall some mention of a Brazilian film once before on this forum. Could there be a wellspring of GIMPage that has escaped our notice?

    Tuesday, February 22nd 2011 - 07:12:08 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    kinkybitch: I took a look at your site and the page about getting a membership. Unfortunately, it looks like you are only accepting members who wish to be billed on a continuing monthly basis.

    Hopefully, as your site evolves, you will allow people to purchase the downloading of individual movies. I would like to buy one of your movies at some point in order to review it, but I'm not interested in a monthly membership.

    Tuesday, February 22nd 2011 - 09:39:53 PM

    Name: Sloth
    Homepage URL:

    Eda - finished reading your latest two entries - nicely written and extremely entertaining - how regrettable they had to be shot as bullets and babes don't seem to be a good mix for me but then that is just me - but that would be their realistic fate under the premise of the stories so nice job - maybe I should task you to do rewrites on all the medieval MAM stories :)

    Just did a session over at our friend Sindy Sin's Moviebound site - for those interested one of the posts today is from "Contraband" - a very nice bondage/anal rape scene but it appears to be a Youtube link so get it before it vanishes.

    Stay well all

    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 - 08:42:05 AM

    Name: elkcreek
    E-mail address:

    A few notes:

    Sloth: I can forgive not getting into Giga films, to each his own. But not getting into Scotch, you really should see a physician about that one.

    Canadian: Thanks for the review of TZZ-28. I have that movie on my "three star list" meaning it's one I come back too. To me the strength of it is the scenario of a girl tied down on her back spread eagle. That for some odd reason is rare in Giga films. And next to AOH suspension is my favorite position. I do agree with your overall grade. Part of the issue may be Senri's ability to sell as an actress too? But I had it as B-B+ material. I do wish we had better access to Giga flicks. They still refuse to sell downloads to me (they won't start a download to a Mac OS system) even though I'm sure I could play one with all the conversion programs I have.

    Here's a new Korean flick that looks like it has some possibilities. Right now it's only available in region 2 decoding.

    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 - 10:18:49 AM

    Name: Roemer

    This is fine ....

    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 - 10:50:08 AM

    Name: chase
    E-mail address:

    Nudity is not a requirement, but if the chick has a great rack, then I want to see those tits. Skin alone does NOT make a good scene. Acting, writing, and directing do.

    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 - 02:01:54 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    elkcreek wrote:

    Part of the issue may be Senri's ability to sell as an actress too?

    That may be part of it. I do think some of the more contrived moments suffered from some bad work all around, including bad directing, bad editing and some bad acting (suddenly, I've become a movie production expert!). At other times, though, Senri's acting was solid and there were other issues at work. For example, in the first scene where Senri is on the table and is raped, I thought her acting was fine. The problem in that scene was the somewhat sloppy way Senri was bound to the table.

    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 - 05:44:43 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Oops ... I need to clarify my previous post. I don't mean that the scene on the table was the first scene in the movie. Rather, I meant it was the first of the rape scenes.

    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 - 05:47:12 PM

    Name: Eda
    E-mail address:

    A Canadian: You didn't need to clarify your post. You wrote about "the first scene where Senri is on the table." Since you didn't put a comma after the word "scene," the clause "where Senri is on the table" is a dependent clause, which means that you are referring not to the first scene in the film, but to the first scene "where Senri is on the table." The clause "depends" and modifies what went before it. Had you put a comma after "scene," then the clause would have been independent, meaning that it would have described (not modified) what went before it, that is, it would have described the first scene of the film as one "where Senri is on the table."

    Now that I've spent the time to write this, I'm going to post it, but, having re-read it, I nominate this post of mine as the most boring post of the year. But, Ralphus, please don't start a poll on whether it is !!

    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 - 08:38:59 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Eda wrote:

    A Canadian: You didn't need to clarify your post. You wrote about "the first scene where Senri is on the table." Since you didn't put a comma after the word "scene," the clause "where Senri is on the table" is a dependent clause, which means that you are referring not to the first scene in the film, but to the first scene "where Senri is on the table." The clause "depends" and modifies what went before it. Had you put a comma after "scene," then the clause would have been independent, meaning that it would have described (not modified) what went before it, that is, it would have described the first scene of the film as one "where Senri is on the table."

    By Jove, you're right.

    You see, this is why I need a good editor. Not only would the editor be busy fixing my mistakes but that person could also stop me from posting unnecessary clarifications.

    Who knows, there may even have been the odd review that could have used a bit of trimming.

    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 - 09:04:57 PM

    Name: hank
    Homepage URL:

    For Anyone that might be interested I just posted some HD caps and 2 HD film clips of Allison Mack in the bondage scene from last weeks "Smallville" over at my group.

    Use the link above.


    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 - 10:40:34 PM

    Name: mstrerotics
    E-mail address: scrooge

    I have read boring posts, but the posts here lately are mind numbing...talking about silly movies with nothing but ripped blouses and critiqueing them like they were "Gone With The Wind"...what a waste. ESPECIALLY when someone named Roemer has sent probably the best link to the best video that has ever been on here. And not one person has said anything about it....Look at the video and then review. THAT would be interesting.

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 08:25:57 AM

    Name: John Galt

    mstrerotics: Whereas your posts are refreshingly brief, for which I, for one, am immensely grateful. As for Roemer's movie, I did watch it, but it was all in German and I couldn't understand a word....

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 08:52:17 AM

    Name: Brutus

    Eda wrote: I nominate this post of mine as the most boring post of the year.

    Nah. mstrerotics' posts whining about the board not discussing interrogation scenes are far more boring than any grammar lesson.

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 08:53:58 AM

    Name: Roemer

    @ John Galt

    Yes, the language is most important for the kind of videos we prefer ... ;-)))))))))))

    By the way you understand Japanese ?

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 09:25:08 AM

    Name: mstrerotics
    E-mail address: mstrerotics

    Right on the button,Roemer. To bad it seems most of the postings, with the wonderful exceptions of Margot and Jane are done by the same people who write long winded posts that are as boring as watching grass grow. And no, I don't only enjoy interrogation scenes..give me a good whipping scene for dicipline action and if done with some class and style, I'd love it...the problem is the videos most of the posters talk about are either Japanese or older, cheap, badly made movies that only appeared in schlock movie houses years ago. Also, most of the women named on here are professional models...nothing can be less sensual that a model posing in someones garage or living room. Keep up the good posts Roemer, Margot and Jane, and anyone else who doesn't see Oscar potential in a cheap "rape scene". Raise the bar a little higher. And language doesn't mean a damn if the production is professinal.

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 10:29:23 AM

    Name: Brutus

    mstrerotics: I sure hope you aren't putting your posts on the same level as those of Jane, Margot or Roemer. Their posts are intelligent, respectful and in English. If not, perhaps you should take your own advice and raise the bar a little higher. Reading your consistently whiny posts is like watching paint dry, grass grow or whatever inane idiom you want to repeatedly use.

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 12:21:38 PM

    Name: Fritz

    A Canadian: Thanks for the great review of Plasma Woman. If I had a dime for every so-so GIGA film in my collection, I'd be a wealthy man (okay... I'd be $1.70 richer) - so your describing it as such does not exactly make me want to race out and buy it. On the other hand, Senri is gorgeous, she's not wearing a helmet, and the super-heroine gorp seems to stay in the background. Also, this looks like one of GIGA's "bad ending" titles, though not quite as bad as I'd prefer. I won't be spending fifty clams to download it from their site, but the seven buck DVD certainly seems worth it.

    * * * * *

    Sloth wrote:

    seems no matter how hard I try I simply cannot develop any interest in the Giga concept - but then I've never been able to develop a taste for Scotch either.

    The trick is to stay away from the blends. I'd guess 98% of GIGA's gajillion titles wouldn't excite me in the least, but some of them stray far enough from their overused formula to hold some interest.

    * * * * *

    Exitus Interruptus: I have to give props to Bethmann for not pulling his punches. I've seen several of his productions including this one, and whatever you may say about him, you can't call him a softy. Both sax and violins play at full volume. The GIMP scenes tend to be extreme and aren't for everyone. And for those who want to know what's going on plot-wise, the lack of dubbing and subtitles on some releases will be a problem. I'd never heard of any censored versions, though I suppose they shouldn't come as a surprise given Germany's phobia of media violence.

    Bethmann is clearly following in the footsteps of Jess Franco, and has even featured him as well as Lina Romay in some of his films. As Franco is now into his eighties, it's nice to see someone eager to inherit his mantle.

    By the way, worth seeking out is K3: Prison of Hell. I've previously recommended this film to WIP fans looking for some high-octane action. The best scenes are up at Bloodsoaked Clips, but it's probably cheaper to buy the video than it is to join this site.

    * * * * *

    Ralphus wrote about Chaos:

    The victim casting is not bad; there's one girl who is pretty cute, and she gets her nipple cut off and stuffed in her mouth (a scene I just know Fritz has to love), but it was so over the top vicious and bloody I was turned off.

    Crikey, man... are you trying to get me nominated for ogre of the year? Just because I enjoy nipple slicing, doesn't mean I have no compassion at all. Death fetishists have feelings too, you know. I have to admit I bought this video after reading a description of this scene, but like you, it proved to be too much for me to enjoy. For whatever reason, this crossed some sort of line and I just couldn't see it as a fantasy. For me, that doesn't happen often, but I guess I too have my limits.

    * * * * *

    Eda wrote:

    {Oh hell... I can't even bring myself to quote it.}

    If you were thirty years older, I'd swear you were Mrs. Fotherington, my eighth grade English teacher.

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 12:31:24 PM

    Name: Badger

    Guys: I’ve worked up a filter for mstrerotics’ posts.

    “blah blah blah blah blah boring blah blah blah sucks blah blah cheap blah blah blah boring blah boring.”

    OK. So it needs a bit more work. But it’s getting close.

    What tells me that Bill Zebub is somehow behind this.

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 12:46:08 PM

    Name: Sloth

    Badger - concerning that filter - I don't think it needs anymore work at all - that pretty well sums up the depth of thought that goes into those posts.

    elkcreek - I have consulted a professional on that Scotch problem - he thinks it may be from deep in my past (it was college) and may indeed be Repressed Memory Syndrome (it's not at all repressed) - possibly some event I attended (it was a kegger) where Scotch was involved (hurled it up through the wee hours of the morning) and some part of my psyche cannot purge it (oh, I purged and the bile is still with me).

    Roemer - nice link - those Interrogation Live items are ok but oh so pricey - thanks.

    Fritz - endorse your view on Bethmann - his stuff is usually in your face in a good way.

    Stay well all

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 03:29:08 PM

    Name: John Galt

    Roemer: Yes, I neglected the use of an emoticon figuring that most long-time readers would pick up, as you did, on my sarcasm. I find it even funnier that mstrerotics still did not get it, even after your extended emoticon. I do not understand Japanese and strange as it sounds, even while I'm watching awesome bondage/rape scenes (whatever the foreign language), I still find myself wondering what I am missing. But that was a great clip, by the way. Thanks.

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 08:39:51 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Sloth wrote:

    Those Interrogation Live items are ok but oh so pricey.

    I agree. I find some of their movies start with the right intentions and the company does put a solid effort into the scenery and sound effects. But somehow the movies never manage to deliver much of an erotic charge, in my view.


    mstrerotics: You've got way too much hostility in your system. You need to get your hands on some Canadian beers.

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 08:43:39 PM

    Name: Eda
    E-mail address:

    OK, Fritz. It's obvious that you'd like me to make the leading woman in my next story an English teacher. But, if I do, can I at least put her in her early 30s, since even your Mrs. Fotherington was young(er) once. And I assume you'd like her in a white blouse, black pencil skirt and glasses?

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 09:30:32 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    Eda wrote:

    And I assume you'd like her in a white blouse, black pencil skirt and glasses?

    Add a black jacket and I'd say -- and Scribbler will agree with me -- you've got it.

    Thursday, February 24th 2011 - 10:32:55 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    Catching up on a few posts...

    Inquisition Live: Parts of their productions have their moments, but every one of their movies that I've seen are overly padded and tend to move at a snail's pace. And some of their casting is...well, questionable. For instance, in Roemer's video, the setting is clearly from the 17th or 18th century, and yet the blonde victim has a huge tattoo on her back and also has a pierced tongue! Come on, guys! If you're going to hire this chick, cover up her tat and have her take the damn stud out of her mouth! Otherwise, the fantasy is blown right from the start.

    My opinion is that they don't really care enough to make sure things flow properly, they are just trying to fill up the 60 to 90 minute running time, and then charge overly inflated prices for the end product. It's too bad, really, because I think there is a market for good Inquisition torture films. I just don't think their stuff is worth what they are asking.


    mstrerotics: You know, I think you may be the surprise MVP of this forum. Whenever you post, you seem to inspire the others to step up and post, too. Of course, the main reason they post is basically to point out what an asshole you are, but whatever it takes, man!

    Seriously, if you want to talk about interrogation films or whipping or whatever, step right up! Instead of criticizing what you don't like, why not review a movie you do like? Why wait for us, take a proactive stance and add to the forum yourself. I truly believe you are a fan of this stuff and could write a good review. E-mail me if you need any HTML hints if you want to add pictures. I, for one, would really like to see you "raise the bar a little higher". Are you up for it?


    A Canadian: Regarding Eda as an English teacher, you're apparently forgetting she is an Asian girl. I think this picture is more appropriate.

    Friday, February 25th 2011 - 02:12:15 AM

    Name: Eda
    E-mail address:

    Ralphus, I'm the victim (in name and ethnicity) in only a minority of my stories. I'm happy to give Fritz and A Canadian the victim that they want. [Damn, do I wish I had legs like that !!]

    Friday, February 25th 2011 - 09:53:51 AM

    Name: A Canadian

    Ralphus wrote:

    Regarding Eda as an English teacher, you're apparently forgetting she is an Asian girl. I think this picture is more appropriate.

    Well, if we want the heroine of the story to be Asian, we can make that work. I've had to take a few liberties with the original outfit colors proposed by Eda, but here are some GIMP film stars that may fit the bill:

    For those trying to identify the women, they are:

    • Mai Sakashita (Real World III)

    • Luna Akatsuki (Slave Island 11)

    • Ryo Takamiya (New Slave Island 6)

    • Rei Aoki (New Slave Island 6)

    Friday, February 25th 2011 - 05:57:54 PM

    Name: Fritz

    Eda the English Teacher: If all it takes to inspire you to write a new story is a challenge to your grammatical proficiency, you can count on me splitting infinitives every chance I get. And yes, I'd love to see an English teacher as the heroine of a future adventure, though I'm curious how you would get her into the sort of predicament usually reserved for your female rebels, spy girls and molls.

    By the way, when I was in grade eight, Mrs. Fotherington was (at a guess) in her mid twenties. Assuming she's still around today, I imagine she is thirty years older than you are now (hence my comparison). So making the character relatively young is definitely in keeping with my memory of her. Unfortunately, Mrs. Fotherington was not Asian, but she did have dark hair and was quite attractive, though perhaps a tad heavy-set. She did not wear glasses and preferred minis to pencil skirts - definitely the sort of teacher one could annoy with a schoolboy crush. To make sure that didn't happen, she went out of her way to make life miserable for my friends and me. We fought back as best we could, but never stood a chance. Mrs. Fotherington was quite formidable, just as English teachers are expected to be.

    As for the photos provided by Ralphus and A Canadian, none of them capture the essence of my Mrs. Fotherington, either in reality or as I would idealize her. For the most part, these girls are much too cute. If we need the white blouse and black pencil skirt ensemble, this comes closer. As for an Asian version, how about this? Mrs. Fotherington needs to have an air of authority - someone who you know will reach for the scissors if she catches you dangling your gerund.

    Friday, February 25th 2011 - 06:54:03 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Of course, if we're still considering non-Asians, and we don't mind offending America's favorite ageist, we could always consider someone like Brandi Love.

    Friday, February 25th 2011 - 11:11:55 PM

    Name: MR BUSH


    Only if it is OK with you

    Since we have been blessed with daily pictures of Jane for a while, why don't we take a poll and guess the following:

    Her height and weight

    Here breast and bra size

    Her panty size

    Her waist size

    Number of pubic hairs (just kidding)

    Saturday, February 26th 2011 - 11:43:31 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    Or maybe we could guess how many times Jane has "died". ;)

    Saturday, February 26th 2011 - 05:08:00 PM

    Name: Jane von Detlefson
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Let the games begin! Well... I might confirm, or deny, or otherwise reply. Goodness, I'm a(n) (almost) famous actress, shouldn't I be doing something thrilling and licentious on a Saturday night?

    Saturday, February 26th 2011 - 09:14:59 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:


    If you're a regular here, you've seen the pics over the past several weeks, and you read Esso's glowing review of Red Feline's latest offering, Fantom. This film is a real departure from the normal RFPIX features, in that for the first time, they used no fake blood or special effects of any kind. So did the experiment work? Well, here's my take.

    This one doesn't waste any time getting right into the action. The beautiful star of the film, Jane von Detlefson, is awakened from her sleep by a man wearing a white mask (played by Jan Jac, also known as JJ, the film's director). The man is, of course, the mysterious and virtually silent Fantom. Before the opening credits are through flashing on the screen, Jane is knocked out and finds herself hogtied on the floor, still wearing her night clothes and now blindfolded.

    The Fantom whips out his knife and proceeds to cut and tear Jane's clothing to shreds, stuffing her panties in her mouth (yes!) and tying the remainder of her top around her head to thoroughly gag her. But, unfortunately, he doesn't take off Jane's blindfold so this almost completely covers up her face. And for over the next half hour or so, we're unable to see Jane's expressive eyes, a major mistake. I have a real problem with blindfolds anyway. It's really important to be able to see the victim's face, particularly her eyes. The sensory deprivation Jane experienced during the blindfolded sequences probably added to her personal feelings of helplessness, but it didn't translate well to film in my mind.

    The Fantom works Jane over with a riding crop, smacking the soles of her feet several times and continuing all over her body. Then he introduces a rope to her hogtie, hoisting her bound wrists and ankles toward the ceiling so that her hogtie is now even tighter and more painful. And she is left in that position for several minutes as the camera records the action from several angles. Then she is ungagged and given a bowl of water to drink, which is followed by even more smacks of the riding crop. Even though Jane does some fine emoting here, all of this action is muted because we still can't see her eyes. At this point, I start shouting at the screen for JJ to take off her damn blindfold already.

    Finally, nearly 36 minutes into the movie, Jane finally has her blindfold removed and is tied squatting with her hands tied behind her and raised in a strappado position. The Fantom forces her to pee into a bucket that is placed between her legs. And it's now that the movie begins to come alive, now that we can finally see the expressions of its lovely star.

    The Fantom raises Jane into an extremely uncomfortable position, forcing her to stand on her tiptoes with her arms raised up behind her. The Fantom first works her over with some smacks from his whip, then does what any red-blooded Fantom would do, which is violate her while she's tied up. The rape scene is filmed so that there's no actual penile insertion shown, but I saw glimpses of dick and it did look to me like he was really penetrating her. Only Jane can say for sure whether it was real or simulated. It's a very good rape scene, and the highlight of the movie for me. And there some lovely red marks shown on her bare ass from the whipping after he finishes using her.

    The next scene is one that should have been killer, but turns out to be merely okay. The Fantom suspends Jane by her wrists, with her ankles still tied together, and goes after her with his whip. So what doesn't work? Well, JJ's whipping appears to be rather mechanical and pedestrian. I kept waiting for him to cut loose and hit her harder, but he never really did. This was surprising, because whipping scenes are usually one of the strengths in past Red Feline productions. Maybe it was the lack of fake blood and whip marks that made this scene less effective here. It could be that maybe because JJ was so dependent on getting impressive results with the fake blood in the past that he felt he didn't need to really tear into her like he should. Still, Jane looks fantastic and really sells the scene with her reactions to every blow.

    Jane passes out from the whipping, and we're shown several minutes of her first hanging unconscious by her wrists, then being groped by the Fantom once she's been taken down. I don't blame the guy, since I would do the same thing, but sleepy girl fondling is boring. If she's not moving, I'm not interested.

    The Fantom next wakes up Jane by hoisting her off the ground again, this time with both her wrists and ankles suspended in the air, leaving her vulnerable to whatever he can dish out. What follows is more whipping, again a very long scene, but mostly lackluster on JJ's part. Jane sells her part with gusto, but the lack of enthusiasm from the villain definitely cuts down on the intensity of the action.

    A few times during the whipping scene, the Fantom takes a break from whipping Jane to rape her instead, although the penetration scenes definitely look simulated this time. So the sequence goes something like this: whip, whip, whip, rape, rape, whip, whip, whip, rape, rape. Hey, you have to have some variety in life if you're a Fantom!

    Jane passes out again (was it from the whipping or the raping?) which allows the Fantom easy access to her body for the final bondage sequence. Over the next 10 minutes, Jane is unconscious while he takes her down and drags her naked body across the floor before binding her legs apart with a spreader bar, and tying her arms off to the sides of a horizontal wooden beam, which I've learned is called a patibulum.

    She awakens to find herself being lifted onto a standing position as the Fantom ties a rope from the patibulum onto the ceiling, forcing Jane again onto her tiptoes. And then it's more whip torture as she is continually flogged all over her body. I'm not sure if the whipping is more intense here, but the Fantom does smack her pussy a few times and even appears to penetrate her with the phallic end of the whip at one point. In this precarious position, Jane must teeter on the ends of her toes to avoid the blows of the whip. Her suffering does appear to be real.

    But with this being an Red Feline production, you just know Jane has to die. And the Fantom takes care of her by twisting a rope around her neck and pulling until she is no longer breathing, a generally well-done sequence for those of you who like death fantasies portrayed on screen. Her limp body hangs in silence as the credits roll.

    This was a definite mixed bag for me. As was the case with Agent X (a much better film), one of the problems with Fantom is that the scenes often seem padded and run on too long. There's maybe 75 minutes of good material, but unfortunately the running time is nearly 2 hours long. As an editor, the temptation is often there to use every scrap of footage that is shot, but sometimes less is more. When you notice the scene is starting to drag, it's time to trim it short. I wish they had done that here.

    The other problem, unfortunately, was JJ's performance as the villain. He was virtually silent throughout the film (the only time I heard him speak it was so mumbled I couldn't even understand him), which really lessened any kind of emotional impact of the story, such as it was. I seldom ever care for mute villains anyway. For most movies like this to work, you have to have both victim and bad guy giving a performance. In this case, I felt like half the equation was missing.

    The best part of the movie, no surprise, is the outstanding performance of Jane von Detlefson as the victim. During the film's feature-length running time, it's her acting that holds the movie together from start to finish, even in the first quarter when we can't see her face. This was clearly a physically demanding role and she gives it her all. But then I consider her to be an extraordinary bondage actress in the first place.

    If you're a fan of Jane (and who around here isn't?) and want to see her endure nearly 2 hours of strict bondage and real torture, this is one to get. It's not perfect by any means, but worth checking out.

    My grade: C+

    Sunday, February 27th 2011 - 04:31:24 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    Ralphus: Thanks for providing us with the official Ralphus Review of Fantom. Well done, as always. You know, I could swear I've heard about this movie somewhere....

    The review generally confirms my feelings about this film. For whatever reason, I haven't been excited about Fantom and I'll be giving it a miss.

    You can't fault a company for experimenting with new things but I'm not sure I would applaud the motivation to make a movie that doesn't have special effects. I have nothing against scenes that have been faked if they look believable. Indeed, fake whips and the like give producers more freedom to notch up the intensity.

    And that brings me to the one part of the review that caused me to do a double-take:

    I kept waiting for him to cut loose and hit her harder, but he never really did. This was surprising, because whipping scenes are usually one of the strengths in past Red Feline productions.

    They are?

    That hasn't been my experience. While Red Feline sometimes gets the whippings right, I have found it's all too common for J.J. to deliver whippings that look lackadaisical.

    Sunday, February 27th 2011 - 08:58:02 AM

    Name: MR BUSH

    Since Jane might reply and tell the truth, here is my guess

    height is 5'3, weight is 136 (be careful here)

    breast and bra = 33C

    panty size = 6

    waist is 30

    pubes = many as she is almost a full bush (probably trims)

    Sunday, February 27th 2011 - 12:14:57 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    Maybe it's just me, but I think it's unfair that The Killer Inside Me was named as one of the four films that led to Jessica Alba getting a Razzie Award last night. I still maintain her performance in that movie was pretty good, even if the GIMP moments didn't do the trick.

    Not that I'm contesting the general thinking behind her award. I didn't see Valentine's Day or Machete but I did see Little Fockers. Her performance in that film was awful, and its awfulness stood out even amidst the general awfulness of the overall movie. The only performer in that movie who was worse, in my view, was Owen Wilson.

    Sunday, February 27th 2011 - 04:27:53 PM

    Name: Jane von Detlefson
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Ralphus - Thank you for the honest review and the INCREDIBLE promotion of Fantom. It's been amazing seeing myself up there at the top of the board every day for weeks! So... everyone should at the very least rent Fantom and see if they agree with Ralphus or not, right?

    A Canadian - It's actually really sweet how you push us to do better. I appreciate it.

    Mr. Bush - Seriously? You guessed my height correctly, but the rest is a bit off. But since I don't have a problem sharing, 112lbs, 25 inch waist, 32B, panty size small. Not that 136 is heavy or anything, but I would be a lot more curvaceous if I weighed that. Or super muscular, like a female body-builder or something. Either of which would be fun, but I'm very content with what I've got. :)

    Sunday, February 27th 2011 - 05:46:43 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Ralphus: Thanks for the second opinion on Fantom.

    As much as I like watching Jane (and I really like watching Jane), 2 hours is a very long running time.

    As I noted in a previous Red Feline review, it’s possible to trim some of the excess footage and still wind up with a damn good movie.

    I’m also disappointed that so much time involves Jane having her face covered up.

    I’m curious about how the folks on the Red Feline forum feel about this film. I’d look, but for some reason the Red Feline forum doesn’t recognize me. (Heh—maybe I’ve been blackballed).

    Anyway, I’ll probably check this out on VOD to see Jane, but now with two reviews we all have a pretty good idea of what to expect.


    A Canadian: I too thought it was unfair to stick Jessica Alba with a Razzie. Even though I haven't seen the movies mentioned, surely there must have been someone who deserved it more than she did.

    But then, I thought Showgirls and Catwoman weren't all that bad either, so what do I know?

    Sunday, February 27th 2011 - 06:48:02 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Jane von Detlefson wrote:

    A Canadian - It's actually really sweet how you push us to do better. I appreciate it.

    Recognizing, of course, that if you listen to me, you could end up making movies that only appeal to me. I'd be grateful, but that may not do much for the bottom line.


    YikYakker wrote:

    I’m curious about how the folks on the Red Feline forum feel about this film. I’d look, but for some reason the Red Feline forum doesn’t recognize me.

    I took a look. The thread on Fantom was mostly posting of stills from the movie but there was feedback from one guy. He really liked the whipping scenes. Clearly, a man with tastes that are different from my own.


    YikYakker also wrote:

    I too thought it was unfair to stick Jessica Alba with a Razzie.

    I didn't say that. I'm fine with Jessica getting the Razzie (I'm still miffed that I got talked into seeing Little Fockers. Honestly, I really hated that movie). My point was I didn't think The Killer Inside Me should have been included as part of the nomination.

    Sunday, February 27th 2011 - 08:02:24 PM

    Name: Sloth

    Ralphus - thanks for your take on "Fantom" which pretty much mirrors my own - not having done a review on it and only submitting some observations I'd have rated it just a tad higher at B- so we're right there - a nice view but not Red Feline at their best.

    Jane - this sick twisted pervert is not at all interested in your measurements - I like what I see and your performances are upper crust - please just don't show up one day with breast enhancement, piercings and ink all over that torso - let Christina Carter take the curvaceous crowd.

    Awaiting the latest batch from Video Mayhem and hoping for a couple of reviews - and mightily bored you'll be.

    Stay well all

    Monday, February 28th 2011 - 08:45:32 AM

    Name: MR BUSH


    sorry about the weight, you are a petite women indeed! I was close on the breast.

    Monday, February 28th 2011 - 12:52:04 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Today's Pic: Nice abs, Natalie. Been working out?

    Monday, February 28th 2011 - 06:03:41 PM

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