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June 2008

Name: A Canadian
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It's time for another trip to my favorite getaway. Here's the review:

Title: Slave Island Compilation

Starring: Shuri Himesaki, Minami Aoyama, Mayura Hoshitsuki, Kana Mochizuki, Yuka Haneda, Nana Nanami, Luna Mikami, Yuki Tsukamoto, and many more

Directed by: Nagira

Running time: Eight hours

The Slave Island Compilation disc (a.k.a. Attackers ATAD-046) is a weighty collection of eight hours' worth of highlights from Attackers' first six Slave Island movies, arranged in an easy-to-follow chronological order that includes opening and closing credits for each film, and introductory scenes with voiceover narrative (in Japanese, remember) that attempt to keep the stories strung together.

As compilation discs go, this one's pretty good. Certainly, it doesn't meet the excellence of some of the individual Slave Island titles. But the price of the film and the quantity of material here is definitely a bargain, and this compilation presents a good opportunity to see scenes from early Slave Island titles you may otherwise have missed.

A bit of background: from what I can tell, the producers released this compilation on two discs, each four hours long, and the people who brought this compilation overseas then compressed both movies into one eight-hour disc. This has both its pluses and its minuses, as Sloth might say.

The good news is it provides a voluminous selection of much-loved Slave Island activities: rapes, forced blowjobs, whippings, slaps to the face, women pissing and pooping into bowls while their captives watch, women eating out of dog bowls, forced lesbianism, etc. The bad news is you can't compress eight hours' worth of material onto one disc without losing some quality, and while the look of this disc is generally OK, it definitely falls below the high quality of the individual films (Note: I bought my copy of this disc in Canada, but I'm guessing the same is true for copies sold in the U.S.).

For those new to Slave Island, the stories here are about attractive young women who are kidnapped and taken to a mysterious island, where the women are stripped naked, jailed, and then tortured and trained to become sex slaves. The focus of these movies is degradation -- the jailors break the spirits of the women through whippings and humiliations, including making the nude women wear dog collars and leashes and submit to being walked on all fours like dogs. Pretty much every woman gets raped at some point, usually more than once, and the women are continually forced to blow their male captors. Most of the women who appear in these scenes are attractive, and some are real knockouts, such as Attackers regular Kana Mochizuki from Slave Island 4, Yuka Haneda and Nana Nanami from Slave Island 5, and Yuki Tsukamoto from Slave Island 6.

Even at eight hours, the producers couldn't fit in everything from the individual movies (most titles were more than two hours long), so what you get for each film is a story set-up, followed by select scenes from that film. Based on the titles I had already seen (Slave Islands 1, 5 and 6), I would say most of the good stuff is here, although the wonderful forced-lesbian-kissing scenes from Slave Island 5 and Slave Island 6 have been cut. Also missing, sadly, is the great Slave Island 5 scene where Nana Nanami is forced to ride a floor-mounted dildo to orgasm, and then must lick her cum off the floor. But I guess you can't have everything. Many strong scenes have made it into the compilation, including a nice scene from Slave Island 2 where cute little Minami Aoyama is anally assaulted, and a great scene from Slave Island 5 where an older male villain gets blown by Yuka Haneda while, at the same time, Nana Nanami licks the villain's bung hole.

It's probably worth noting the Slave Island movies tend to tell the same story over and over, so the compilation disc can seem a bit repetitive at times. On the other hand, the Slave Island movies did improve in many respects as the series progressed, and new forms of degradation were added along the way, so each film in this compilation presents its own delights.

My grade: B+

Slave Island Compilation probably isn't much use to collectors, as I don't think the picture quality is strong enough to make it a keeper. But it is worth seeing, and I do recommend this disc to anyone who hasn't previously seen many of the early Slave Island films. Every Slave Island movie was a winner and there is much to enjoy in this collection.

Sunday, June 1st 2008 - 06:24:24 AM

Name: Jordan J.
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Hi Fellow Gimpsters, well in line with the conversations we have been having of late in regards to compilations. I have decided to make life a little easier for everyone. I have created a download for everyone which contains all the best clips of the below movies. You will have to use a torrent client to get them such as utorrent, which is free to download ( just google ). Consider this my 9th year birthday present to you lot, that have created the best bondage site online. The above link will take you straight to the download page.

Have fun!

Jordan J.

Sunday, June 1st 2008 - 08:02:20 AM

Name: Thanagar

I've really enjoyed this trip down memory lane with "Gangstarr." It was the first ZFX I ever saw, and I was mightily impressed. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to see only cream-of-the-crop (no pun intended) ZFX material.

Sunday, June 1st 2008 - 09:20:47 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Jordan J: Thanks very much for the post. I do appreciate the generous list, even though I don't know how to use torrents and likely won't try to learn. I'm also a bit torn on this one. We do have a rule here against Rapidshare links, although that was introduced because it's the bondage film producers that we are trying to protect, since we try to support them any way we can and their paying audience is limited to begin with. So for instance, if your torrent had a bunch of scenes from bondage films, I would be forced to remove it. Your list appears to be material from mainstream movies, but it's also US copyrighted.

Anybody have any opinions here? Is it a good idea to allow material like this on the forum?

A Canadian: Wow, an A Canadian review of an 8-hour Japanese movie that didn't take 8 hours to read! That must have killed you to show some restraint :) I've never seen anything from the Slave Island series, but this would probably be a good place to start as an introduction, despite the lesser quality of the disc. And BTW, that sucks that they would try to squeeze that much material onto one disc. A second disc couldn't be that much more expensive, could it?

Added to the Reviews section at the link above.

Sunday, June 1st 2008 - 09:44:09 AM

Name: Jordan J.
E-mail address:

Hi guys, I do understand where you are coming from Ralphus. The only problem I have is that where I am from, the internet is my only connection to this material. There is no way for me to order these movies into my country. It seems many here on this site are able to order these films and recieve them, but many are not. I leave it with you guys to decide, I know that many people would love to see these films but have no oportunity. For those that do download the scenes they would notice that the quality of the clips are not awesome, I have done it that way so it does not take away from getting a much better high quality version. Many of these films clips in the past have been uploaded to sites such as youtube and google, from other people.

If most Gimpsters are pissed off about it I will certainly remove the torrent, no problems.

Jordan J.

Sunday, June 1st 2008 - 10:55:11 AM

Name: Philip M. Weinstock
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Love Love Love great Bondage and S&M. Male practitioner 58 yrs young.

Sunday, June 1st 2008 - 11:23:59 AM

Name: A Canadian
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Ralphus wrote:

I've never seen anything from the Slave Island series, but this would probably be a good place to start as an introduction, despite the lesser quality of the disc.

My response to that would be a qualified yes. As long as you remember that you are watching a collection of highlights, and not the full movies, I think Slave Island Collection would work well as a starting point into the Slave Island world. You would certainly gain an appreciation of what takes place in the movies, and could identify which actresses are of most interest to you.

Still, it would only be a starting point. To fully appreciate any particular Slave Island movie, you really need to see the whole thing.

Sunday, June 1st 2008 - 03:16:10 PM

Name: DHT

Ralphus: I think it is cool to allow technical info like Jordan James's stuff on the forum, because that stuff is good to know and has many uses, most of which are not detrimental to the producers. For example, I can use a lot of what JJ was talking about to take my DVD's that I bought and paid for and save them to my hard drive in watchable forms, which I need to do space-wise.

Sunday, June 1st 2008 - 08:24:41 PM

Name: BP

Body Piercings?

Going through my usual free sample posts from Mr. Trick. If you do Google or Yahoo groups he posts samples from different bondage sites. He has permission as they are using these as teasers to get more butts in the seats.

I like the idea of the panties in the gag theme. It goes back to the old your mother told you to make sure you wear clean underwear and this is a good reason. It didn't really grab me because she had all these piercings on her nose, face in general. Kind of hard to see her suffer when she went to the trouble to do all these holes in her face by her own wants.

Isn't it kind of the girl next door in peril that turns us on? Look at all the Hank Hobbs posts we are viewing. Clean cut pretty young thing being tormented. You don't even see a tattoo on the young thing. Now when BD on Insex tortures some girl that has more paint and piercings under her skin that seems OK because we know she is getting paid and for the most part they always say how she got off from it.

Gary Roberts is a guest here and I still see he does the clean cut girl next door thing unless he changed since I have seen some of his new work. I really don't think I even see earrings on his girls. Is it because it makes it harder to draw or is he considerate of not pulling anything off while the tormenting goes on. I don't know if his girls show belly button rings or lower jewelry. If it was there doesn't that give you a place for the electrodes and weights to hang off of?

Now when it comes to Jeff Gord's girls I do see a nose ring but again that is she is getting paid to do this. She either makes good money doing this or she gets off on having this done. They might have the tattoos or other piercings but they are usually fully clothed so you can't see it.

Maybe we can do a poll on this. Does a clean cut young thing in torment turn you on more than when she has more metal and ink on her than metal and rope on her?

Monday, June 2nd 2008 - 03:09:51 AM

Name: Ralphus
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BP: This topic has been covered here before, but seeing as we're getting more and newer readers here lately, it probably would be worth exploring again.

You mentioned the recent Hank Hobbs caps of the ZFX movie with Monica Moore. Well, one of the many reasons why ZFX movies are so popular is the casting. Rick Masters is one of us. If previous polls on the subject are any indication, the vast majority of the readers don't like piercings, tattoos and prefer the innocent girl next door in their bondage fantasies. And so it's very rare that you'll see female performers with omnipresent tattoos in a ZFX film.

That's also why you almost never see Rick's girls performing in other producers' work, because they're not bondage models and therefore don't have the usual look of someone who's "into the scene" that you typically see from Insex, Hogtied or a myriad of others. Those other companies do some intense work, but seeing a tattooed freakgirl submitting to abuse (which she's likely getting off on) doesn't excite me. She probably also gets off on having painful tattoos marking up her body; that's why she has so many. Yuck.

That's the opposite of what I look for in my fantasies. I want to see an innocent purty young thang abducted, tied up, taken and tortured. If in any way I sense that she may be enjoying her treatment, it ruins it for me. That's why casting a wholesome-looking performer is so important, and Rick knows that.

One of my favorite stories on the subject I've mentioned here before bears repeating. Travis Lee told me about one of his bondage films that he made on his own (outside of ZFX), and it was shot in the same store as Rick's own Bitter Sweet Persuasion, with the same actress, Suzi Sexton. So naturally, I was pretty excited because I thought Suzi was really cute. But when I saw the movie, Suzi was covered with tattoos! I couldn't believe it. The whole movie, therefore, was fast-forward material for me.

I wrote Travis and asked him what had Suzi done to herself, that she had ruined herself for ever appearing in any more bondage films since she had gotten all those tattoos. And get this: Travis told me that he had shot that movie with Suzi a year before Rick worked with her! In other words, she had the tattoos then, but Rick had smartly instructed her to wear a torn yellow top that covered the large markings on her back, and he and Travis worked for an hour covering up most of her other tats with makeup before filming her (you can still see one left on her leg during her rape scene at the end, however).

It's that kind of effort that is to be applauded. Rick knew his film wouldn't be the same; in fact, if he hadn't done that, I might have fast-forwarded through his film the same way I did with Travis's film. Same performer, same setting, even a lot of the same tortures. But the perceived wholesomeness of the lead actress in the ZFX film made all the difference.

I wish other bondage companies would do the same thing. Either stop hiring freakgirls or else do something to cover up their tats. I know it's harder, I know the pickings are slim, but trust me, it's worth it. Oh yes, it's definitely worth it.

Monday, June 2nd 2008 - 08:44:58 AM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

Ralphus: I think Jordan J's contribution is acceptable because he has offered dated mainstream snippets which I think should be considered public domain by now. And the techno contribution is helpful 'cause after all, this is the 21st century.

Monday, June 2nd 2008 - 01:03:22 PM

Name: Yarble
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Anyone familiar with this site above. Seems like some limited content, but its Japanese and uncensored. Was thinking of taking the plunge and joining.

Anyone? Anyone?

Monday, June 2nd 2008 - 06:35:03 PM

Name: Vince

Ralphus, I just want to express my appreciation for the time and effort that you put in to add pictures to the rape movie databases.

Matching the movies with pictures does a lot. Not only are they arousing but they also bring back memories since most of the mainstream movies such as "Violated" are low budget and often fall off the mainstream movie guide. Also, unfortunately, cable very rarely shows them.

You are the man!

Keep up the good work.

Monday, June 2nd 2008 - 07:06:09 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Tattoos? A turn-off. I can tolerate tiny subtle ones, or tramp stamps (for some reason, I think mebbe cuz they advertise ass). But my preference is for none.

Piercings are different. Belly button, nipples, even pussy piercings still look wholesome to me. Go figure - for me they don't mar the beauty and they simultaneously hint at a free-spirited playful girl. But I don't like tongue piercings, eyebrows, nose, or others.


Monday, June 2nd 2008 - 10:16:57 PM

Name: Dave

Well, I have rented a few movies recently, and I thought I would share either my elation or disappointment with their GIMP worthiness.

I'm primarily into mainstream movies, so that will be the focus of my reviews. I'll start off with three movies: "Carver", "Timber Falls" AND "The Blood of Fu Manchu".

First, however, let me clarify what makes a great GIMP scene for me. First the damsel should be restrained in some way. Second, there should be some nudity or skin. Third is "the setup" how she got there needs to be convincing. Fourth, the acting needs to be somewhat believable, and finally, there needs to be some peril!

Carver (2008): There are two potential GIMP scenes here, and neither of them lives up to potential. The first involves a fine looking blond with big tits and firm round ass. She is wearing a tight white tank tee, and a pair of skimpy panties that ride nicely up her crack. She is chased through the woods by the killer (plenty of nice jiggling here), and ends up in a farmhouse. There is a struggle and she is knocked semiconscious. As she lies there he grabs a hammer and pulls a nail out of a board lying on the ground.

He then proceeds to nail her ankle... pull out the nail, her knee, etc. She screams the entire time, but is not restrained, and seems to just lay there and let him "nail" her. No "interesting" parts are nailed, no clothes are ripped off, and the scene ends abruptly when he nails her in the forehead and kills her. Ack!

The second scene involves a pretty brunette. Initially she is wearing jeans and a jacket before she is knocked unconscious by the killer. The next time she is seen, her clothes have been changed (NOT SHOWN!!!) and she is tied to a chair, legs to each chair leg, hands behind back, and she is wearing a white taffeta dress. Shades of Hostel!! Oh boy! At this point she struggles until she falls over, and the chair breaks apart. She escapes her bondage, finds a shot gun and ends up killing the killer. Then, when she sees her friends "carved up", she puts the shotgun in her mouth and pulls the trigger... WTF???

Blood of Fu Manchu (1968): This one actually has some nice scenes, but once again fails to live up to potential. There are a bevy of beautiful babes, scantily clad, and in peril, but this movie somehow fails to even have one great GIMP scene.

The movie starts of with 10 woman marching through the jungle, clothes ripped and hanging off, hands chained behind their backs, and linked neck to neck by chains! What a great start! They are taken to Fu Manchu's secret hideout in the amazon jungle, where they learn that they will become assassins...and check out the assassination method...they are each bitten by a poisonous snake, but don't seem to have any ill effect from it...however, when they kiss a man after that, he dies. (I kid you not) So, they are going to kill Fu's 10 greatest enemies,, who cares?

There are scenes with the women in skimpy white cotton shifts and nothing else, chained in their cells. There's even a scene with a completely naked girl chained AOH in her cell... but she's just background, and nothing happens to her.

Another girl is chained with her arms wide and sideways to the cell bars, her top ripped off, and then killed by being bitten by a poisonous snake to the chest. However, the scene is not convincing at all, and there is no blood from the bite, and it's poorly acted, etc.

Timber Falls (2008): Well, I seemed to hit the trifecta of "GIMP potential" this last week, and this one caps it all off. There are two women in this movie that get the treatment and both are scenes are stupid. I guess when the plot is so lame, it kind of kills it for me. The movie starts off with an attractive woman lying on her back, in a poorly lit "dungeon" type setting, her legs tied spread to stirrups, and her hands NAILED down spread over head to the table...great start! However, nothing happens, she is dressed in a dress, and there is no nudity... argh!

She then proceeds to escaped by ripping her hands away from the nails... a cringe inducing moment I must admit. She's chased through to woods by some deformed lunatic, chased off a cliff and dies... Damn it!

The next chick along with her boyfriend are captured by the crazies in the woods. She is skinny dipping (only a brief ass shot from far away before she gets in the water) when she is captured. However she is in a dress and not naked when seen again. The crazies want children, so they capture the "sinners" in the woods, marry them, and torture them to have sex so the woman will get pregnant and give said crazy lady the child she always wanted but can't have herself... WTF????

Anyway, the girl spends most of the rest of the movie tied to the table, feet spread in stirrups, in the dress, arms tied (not nailed) overhead. At one point, to try and convince her boyfriend (now her "husband" because the crazies married them) to cooperate and fuck her the crazy potential mom cuts off the girl's pinkie. Graphically shown. Yawn.

There is a decent scene when the girl tries to escape. The mutant son comes in and catches her, bends her over the table, pulls up her dress and rips off her us a brief ass shot. The father comes in and breaks it up before anything happens (Damn it all to hell!). However, why was she wearing panties to begin with?? They had just spent the last several days trying to convince the boyfriend to fuck his girlfriend while she was tied to the table. I'm sure it would have been much easier without the panties!

Anyway, folks, there you have it...three movies that appear to have a lot of GIMP appeal, but in the end, fail to deliver.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 - 07:07:06 AM

Name: Brutus

Yay! The databases are up again. Nice job Ralphus.

Tattoos and piercings: Well, I've already let my preferences be known, but they're worth repeating. I've got nothing against people heavily into the lifestyle, but I prefer to see ink-free women in movies, unless they're doms. I can also live with small tattoos, since they are so prevalent in the real world these days. As for piercings, only the ears please.

A Canadian: Thanks for the info on the "Slave Island Collection." Sounds like good stuff. Although I already have a few titles from the series, $12 for eight hours of action is tempting. Too bad they sacrificed some of the quality.

Jordan J: What a kind gift to the forum. I'm with Ironman on this. I don't see a big problem with sharing those short clips.

Yarble: I don't know anything about the site you mentioned, but if you join, could you explain the meaning of this description for one of their movies: Yui Komine--fist no revision movie and in last hard play with inside finishlotion play and fullanal&inside finish 3P and onanism.

Dave: Seems like you are having the same problems as me with recent mainstream movies. So much wasted potential. Thanks for the warnings.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 - 08:42:26 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

So far, I'm OK with Jordan J.'s efforts to drag some of us into the 21st century. However, this story has got me thinking I should reserve the right to change my mind.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 - 05:06:33 PM

Name: Jim Charles
E-mail address:

How is it that you want to legislate "free thinking " of the net and people? It can't be done as now it will be and already is perceived as big brotherish to do so and considered so.

The net is the same as any other communication devise; it's there to do a variety of things and if those who are offended by it then they can exercise common sense and ignore it, turn it off or find other pursuits to enjoy other forms of entertainment. 30 years ago it was to protect people from themselves..............wont work now.........the people of the world are way too smart....

Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 - 05:52:47 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Dave: Thanks very kindly for sharing your opinions about those mainstream movies. I'm not surprised that Blood of Fu Manchu is full of beautiful women in bondage because it was directed by the great sleazemeister Jess Franco, who's about as close to an actual GIMPer as anyone in cinema history. Most of his films feature naked women, usually in bondage, but honestly, not a lot of his films are really that good. That one doesn't sound like one of his better efforts.

As for the other two...damn! When will these modern torture porn filmmakers learn that we don't necessarily want to see women dismembered? And that scene in Carver where she's not tied up and just lets the guy hammer nails into her sounds ridiculous. Guys, we want bondage. NAKED bondage. And what's wrong with a little rape, huh? I'm all for hurting them but all this excess blood is not my idea of fun.

I added your reviews to the Review section at my Homepage URL above.

Oh, also, if you guys are checking out the new picture pages in the Whipping Scenes Database, I replaced the entry for The House That Screamed, which had a muddy-looking picture before, with several nicer stills that I found on my hard drive.

BTW, over 3100 hits in the past 3 days and NOBODY has come forward with any new rape scenes, whipping scenes, electro scenes, torture rack or suspension scenes that we can add? All those perverts and not even one new entry from anyone? This is a group effort, guys. If you can help, let's hear from you.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 - 10:36:06 PM

Name: Bobjones

I'll keep my brain open for new Gimp scene that aren't in the databases right now, but DAMN those things are pretty extensive! I thought I was the only one who knew about "Stryker." Who the fuck even remembers that? I wouldn't have thought about that one. (I've actually got a copy, but I'm an obsessive trash scrounger. I've got lots of movies I can't keep track of.)

Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 - 11:51:14 PM

Name: Brutus

Ralphus: Can't help you with the databases just yet, but here's another one for the reviews section. This is a film that gets mentioned here on occasion, but there hasn't been a full review.


JB-068 literally starts off with a bang and ends with a whimper. This is not your typical Attackers film, even for a Jabaku title. But it's thoroughly enjoyable if you like offbeat tortures. And it's a must-see for animal lovers.

(I will take a stab at what the plot is all about. I could be wrong, so I apologize if that is the case.)

The story revolves around Mayura Hoshitsuki, an older-looking JAV actress, but still quite attractive, who makes the big mistake of pissing off her husband, a heavy-set guy who looks like he's wearing a newspaper for a shirt. She snoops around, finds his will and learns that he is giving everything to his younger brother.

Mayura is quite displeased, so she kills hubby's dog and buries it in a shallow grave in her yard. Unfortunately for her, hubby's younger brother sees her dirty work. And more unfortunate for her is that the brother is Randa Mai.

In the house, hubby and Randa demand Mayura explain what happened to the dog. She says she has no idea. After a brief struggle, Mayura, wearing a silky white robe with flower pattern, is tied face down, arms behind her back, on a couch. Randa applies a nose hook as Mayura pleads her innocence and stereotypical evil Japanese laughter is heard in the background.

Randa forces Mayura to smoke his cigarette through her stretched-open nostrils. They pull up her robe to reveal a white T-back and whip her ass. Randa then interrogates her while slapping her face. Tears flow down her cheeks, yet she still says she doesn't know anything.

Since Mayura won't talk, they might as well gag her. Her mouth is stuffed with a yellow whiffle ballgag. The bad guys take out two small devices the size of a thumb that create electrical charges. They must pack some kind of punch because Mayura screams convincingly through the gag as she is shocked on her face, ears and ass.

And now the scene you've all heard about:

Randa pulls a table in front of Mayura's face, which is resting on the arm of the couch. He inserts a firecracker in one of the holes in the ballgag and lights the 4-foot-long fuse that extends to the table. Hubby holds her head so she is forced to watch in terror as the fuse gets shorter and shorter. As the villains cheer, the fire gets closer. Her screams get louder. And then ... BANG! She pants out smoke through the holes, and tries to spit out the ball.

This is one of those scenes that you never really forget. Mayura was probably genuinely terrified. I mean, can they actually rehearse this stuff?

Mayura next finds herself tied up on a triangular wooden horse, but still wearing that robe. She again denies everything so Randa whips her. He exposes her white panties straddling the horse, ties her legs down to put extra pressure on her pussy, fingers her a bit, and then rocks the contraption. Then he whips her as she screams.

On her lovely nipple, he hangs a hook connected by fishing line to a rock.

Still won't confess, huh? Randa cleave gags her with one of those polka-dot cloths that seem to be popular in Japanese films. He then shows her a 5-inch black millipede on a white stick. He puts one end of the stick at her pussy (still in panties) and allows the millipede at the other end of the stick to slowly crawl toward its goal. I read somewhere that millipedes prefer moist, fertile habitats, so what better place than a bound Japanese woman's muff?

This may sound strange, but there are some real good close-ups of the millipede, especially with Mayura's screams in the background. In fact, she screams so much that her gag comes out.

When the millipede is about an inch from the promised land, it actually lifts up its head, as if in triumph, and then looks about. This awesome scene ends with a close-up of Mayura's face, tear-streaked, snot dripping down, and screaming as Randa shouts words of encouragement to the millipede. I believe it's implied that the millipede entered Mayura.

Randa wastes no time showing Mayura what's next in store. She's tied down on her back on a table with her wrists and ankles secured to the table's legs. She's still in the robe and panties, but her tits are fully exposed.

Randa has a big yellow snake (I'm not talking about his dick) that he sets on her body. The thing is at least 6 feet long and resembles an Albino Burmese python. He allows it to slither over Mayura and even through her panties. The snake doesn't seem to want any part of her, so Randa keeps putting it back on her, including over her face. After more of the snake charm offensive, Mayura finally admits between screams and sobs that she's the one who killed the dog.

The dog-less hubby is the tormentor in the next scene. Mayura is tied in rope to a leather chair, arms behind her back, tits bound and in her panties. She apologizes repeatedly to him, but he obviously is not in the forgiving mood.

He shows her a tarantula in a plastic box. Laughing, he picks up the spider with tongs, puts it close her face and slowly teases her with the creature. This is quite an intense scene, especially if spiders creep you out, like they do to me.

The tarantula's legs touch Mayura's quivering body, but it doesn't seem to want to leave the tongs. Finally, hubby shakes the tongs and the tarantula lands on the hemp rope around her tits. Mayura struggles trying not to look at the hairy critter as it just sits there a few inches from her mouth.

Hubby gives it a few prods and it starts to walk slowly toward ... you guessed it ... her moist pussy. Hubby lifts up her panties, and as the tarantula reaches her pubes, hubby laughs and Mayura screams.

She ends up being left in that position with the spider on her panties.

Next, it's double-team action again for Mayura. She's totally naked, tied AOH. Hubby and Randa rub baby powder all over her body until she's a fine shade of porcelain white.

Randa applies a few lashes as the dust flies off, giving her skin a nice contrast of red and white. Randa fingers her pussy, rubs her juice on her tits, and whips her some more.

At this point, Mayura is still trying to say sorry. Hubby semi-mummifies her with brown tape. They yank off the tape so that she ends up spinning around rapidly in a rather amusing scene. Then they have a race to see who can pull the tape off her legs the quickest.

What follows is standard Attackers' fare.

After some whipping of Mayura suspended upside down, Randa lets her down so she's on her back, but with her legs still up in the air. He pulls out three red candles and they give her the wax treatment on her chest, legs, ass and back.

They let her down and Randa forces her to stick out her ass. He checks it, perhaps looking for his millipede, and applies even more wax.

After a further lashing and waxing, Randa ties a rope around her neck so that they can treat her like a dog on a leash. Her body is visibly shaking. Randa forces her to stick out her tongue and he drops candle wax on it. And to cement the humiliation, he orders her to bark like a dog. (The Attackers' version of "Deliverance"?) She refuses, so he coats her with more wax.

The movie ends with Mayura alone and naked on all fours in the room, whimpering like a puppy. I believe the point of the ending is that she has become hubby's new pet dog.

JB-068 works on a number levels for me, despite the lack of rape and torture with dildos and vibrators.

As always for an Attackers movie, the production values are excellent. Mayura Hoshitsuki is an attractive and talented actress. Randa and the guy who plays the older husband are also quite good as the villains.

But the selling point is obviously the way they tortured/ interrogated her. She must have been truly terrified by the creatures and the firecracker, as evident by her frantic struggles against her bonds.

All in all, a finely produced movie that gave me the willies--and a woody--at the same time.

My grade: B-plus


Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 08:40:20 AM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Rape Scene Database: I add to my own rape scene database all the time, sometimes daily. I know I have added a lot since the last time we compared lists. It is just that I barely have time to check my own list when I hear about something new, and don't have time to check the GIMP list. If you were to sync the two lists again, I could try to send you an email each time I add a new scene (that I didn't hear about here) to my own list. Be aware, though, that I combine mainstream and adult, and include attempted rape scenes, molestations, and things of that nature too.

I would say the best alternative is to just link directly to my site, but I don't (and won't) include pictures and clips (as very helpful as they are in recognizing something) due to the legalities of copyright infringement and record keeping for 2257, not to mention bandwidth issues.


Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 09:11:51 AM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

Nice review Brutus, but I have to tell you, I almost laughed myself into a stupor upon reading this line:

"Randa shouts words of encouragement to the millipede." There is just something deeply amusing about that.

Tattoos, piercings etc... I personally don't care for them, but the majority of customers WANT them on the girls. Look at Insex, Kink. They don't shy from them and they have been HUGELY successful. Tats are definitely in and are big, big sellers it would seem. More power to 'em.


Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 10:35:11 AM

Name: chase
E-mail address:

LUV the vidcap used with Rape Scenes in Mainstream Movies.

The pic shows things the way they should be. She's naked. The guys are naked. Her arms are stretched above her head and held down by her wrists. She looks like she is in pain. I love it.

The chick is cute. They really bang the hell out of her. She struggles to no avail. They spread her legs WIDE and hold her down. They pound her. She looks like it hurts. It SHOULD hurt. It's fun for the guys. Not for her.

That scene gives me a boner every time I see it. Hell, I want a turn too. Let me at her. I want to bang her long and hard.

She has a cute body, cute tits, cute ass, cute face. She is made for raping. I'd love to face fuck her, too.

Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 03:23:27 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Rick, I don't know about most people 'wanting' the tatts and piercings, I think that they are just a bit too common among the models who are up to the 'rough stuff'. I really believe that if someone with the looks of Lisa or Kelly McKay (at least, how they looked when you were working with them) did a session with a company like Insex, it would be a MASSIVE seller. To me, it seems like there is a big gulf between the 'lifestyle' BDSMers (as seen on most of the 'extreme' sites), and the GIMP/DiD/Exploitation folks (which we mostly fall into the category of).

The great thing about GIMP/exploitation movies is that they can, by simulating action, show things that could never be shown in a 'lifestyle' film, such as burning at the stake, or extreme rackings, etc. The OTHER great thing is that, because the actresses don't need to be actual real life masochists, they can look like regular actresses (ie unmarked).

Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 03:46:00 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

My URL is a link to the IMDB page for "Nashville Girl" which definitely belongs in the Mainstream Rape database. I haven't seen it, but it apparently begins and ends with a rape, and the star, Monica Gayle, is nude through much of the movie. Only available on VHS, though. Shame.

I started the above before I saw this:BTW, over 3100 hits in the past 3 days and NOBODY has come forward with any new rape scenes, whipping scenes, electro scenes, torture rack or suspension scenes that we can add? All those perverts and not even one new entry from anyone?

I'd rather have stills available, but I hope this helps!

(It's not in Jefferson's database, either!)

Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 08:04:15 PM

Name: Vince

Ralphus, here's another movie to include in the rape database. 1971's The Hospital. A drunken George C. Scott rapes Diana Rigg. Rigg looked real good in that movie.

Scott is boozing it up in his office. Rigg in a mini skirt walks in. Scott is suicidal and depressed. Rigg says something to get him upset and he tries to beat her up but in his haze he misses. But the closer he gets to her to hit her instead it turns into a sexual assault. Rigg is understanding because she knows that Scott is really a good man having a bad time.

Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 08:17:20 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Brutus: Thanks for taking the time to write yet another entertaining review. I would likely give Attackers JB-068 an even higher grade, even though the multiple scenes with the spiders, snakes and bugs were more creepy than I care for. Her reactions are priceless, though, which makes all those scenes work (I'm positive there was no acting involved here...she was truly scared shitless). The scenes I really like are all the others...the whole array of tortures they put her through on the couch, culminating with the ultimate dick raiser, the firecrackers in the ballgag scene. I also really liked the AOH abuse with the whipping, the tape ripping and the candle waxing. Lots of great stuff in this one.

Added to the Reviews section at the link above.


Jefferson James: Sure, if it wouldn't be much trouble, drop me an e-mail with whatever updates you have whenever you add to your own rape list. I can add them fairly quickly now and I'll attempt to find stills if I can. My goal is to have the most complete and comprehensive database that I can, plus one that's entertaining to check out and experience. I try to use the actual US video title for referencing, because it would be easier for one to attempt to locate the movie on DVD.


Rick: Good to hear from you. I agree with Mothbrad that I don't think it's a case of people WANTING tattoos and piercings on their bondage performers; I think it's just something they have to accept if they want to see action like what those companies put out. Don't confuse their financial success with the quality of the women they employ. Insex and Kink have to employ "lifestyle" performers because by and large, they are the only ones who would regularly submit to the kind of abuse they dish out. That means they're going to be hiring a lot of freakgirls to participate. The more wholesome and innocent look of the women you hire is likely preferred by a higher percentage of fans, if only those companies could find them. Occasionally I see some cuties there but they are few and far between.


Chase: I agree, Camille Keaton's multiple rapes in I Spit on your Grave are among the greatest in modern-day history. That was one of the first rape movies I ever saw and I was blown away by the sheer nastiness of it. And thank you to Siskel and Ebert for giving it a scathing negative review back in the day when they mentioned it on their show. Probably more than anybody, they unintentionally helped give that film the cult following it has today.

For an entertaining read, check out Ebert's original review on his site. Oh, he doesn't like it even a little bit. He even criticizes the people in the theater who are whooping it up and enjoying it. Indeed, he makes it sound like the kind of fun party movie that GIMPers and other sick fucks would love.

BTW, did you know that Camille Keaton has another rape scene on her resume? A few years after that infamous movie, she got raped again in The Concrete Jungle. I haven't seen this one except for the caps, but she still looks awfully good.


jhlipton and Vince: Thanks for the additions; I added them to the Mainstream Rape Database. Wow, Diana Rigg raped! Emma Peel is one of the all-time TV hotties. Looks like one to check out.

Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 11:30:37 PM

Name: Bobjones

I'll give a shout out to all the freaky girls and say that I dig tattoos and piercings. I get Ralphus's point that aren't really ideal "casting" for a victim in a bondage movie though. It does tend to break the illusion for someone supposedly pretending to be an innocent housewife to have nipple rings and a tattoo across her back. I certainly think it looks good on strippers, but they aren't pretending to be anything other than strippers. But what about a shaved pussy? Certainly that's a practice that's not exclusive to porn performers, but it does tend to give away the illusion of the "innocent victim." A bare pussy in a bondage movie says "Clearly that young lady tied on the bed did some special grooming to get herself ready for the camera." I'm just making the point. Shaved pussies are just fine, although I'd rather see neatly trimmed than the ever popular bald.

Fake boobs suck though. Ladies, please stop mutilating yourselves! Sure we'll always stare at the bouncy cleavage, but we're never gonna think those airbags are as hot as your smaller real breasts were!

I've seen "Concrete Jungle," and I liked it, although it was a few years ago, so that's all I can report. Robin Boughie gave it an enthusiastic review in Cinema Sewer.

I actually realized that I probably do have some flicks with rapin' that haven't been archived, particularly Japanese ones. And not "porn" porn either. I've got a handful from the "pinky violence" exploitation genre that are chocked full of fun. Those are mostly girl gang movies that usually find ways to include elaborate torture and rape in their girl-power proto-feminist plots. Kinda like WIP movies but Japanese. I'll try to get a review or two up soon. I'll sort it out. I'm going through my collection right now, so I'll try to keep our little database in mind as I do so.

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 01:06:01 AM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

(It's not in Jefferson's database, either!)

It is now! Thanks. I added The Hospital too.

Ralphus: I'll copy and paste the main entry from my database and send it to you. I always use the title that IMDb uses for the main entry with aka titles listed below and cross-referenced. You should be able to figure out the US name(s) if those are what you prefer to use.

Tattoos and piercings: I think it may be a generation gap thing. Most of us base our ideal victim on the standards of our society current at the time of our pubescence, or the movies that had an effect on us at that time. We often use the phrase "girl next door type" in describing what we like. Well, today the girl next door has tattoos and piercings. We chickenhawks notice these things. It won't be long before the predators in gimpflicks, to coin a new word, will have to prey on Amish communities to find victims that appeal to many here. I agree, however, with Bobjones; what I like in real life and what I like in my fantasies can be worlds apart.


Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 09:30:55 AM

Name: Dave

Ok guys and gals, you are going to love me long time for this one. If you have any info on where this scene originates from that would be great, because this is far and away the best DID scene I have seen in a long time... partial nudity, real peril, decently acted... hell, just follow the link!!

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 11:54:57 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:,6TOyK,2uLv0sOk-/

Brutus: Terrific review, but I gotta think I would lean more towards the willies than the woody if I actually saw JB-068. I'm pretty sure I can't get movies from The Candles Room into my homeland, and for once, I'm OK with that.

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 02:29:42 PM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

A few quick points. I don't mind a couple of Tats, but the covered in tats and piercings luck just cries slut to me. I much more prefer the innocent young thang victim.

Dave, On Timber Falls, while I wouldn't rate it an A+ I thought it was a fairly good and Gimpworthy mainstream effort. It certainly was better then Hostel II in my book. Brianna Brown sold the scenes. I'm with you in that I wish she would have been clothed less. But some of the best mainstream scenes I've sever seen included clothed victims. Winona Ryder in "House of Spirits" and Gena Davis in "A Long Kiss Goodnight" come to mind.

Concrete Jungle was great flick, although I wish I could find something better then a VHS copy of it.

Now a Japanese Rant: I just got 7 disc from VM. They provided great service and it was great product as always, BUT. Someone needs to convince JapAV filmmakers of a few points:

1) Most rapists do not start out by trying to bring their victims to orgasm, rape and rape fantasy is about dominating a victim, not pleasuring one.

2) Rape victims do not willingly give head or have sex on top, and they are usually held down, otherwise it's not a rape it's consensual. A women who just defeated four of your henchman with her Karate moves is not going to lay down and take it when one of them wants some action. DUH. Please take note, producers of the Attackers flicks

3) And I want to see a Victims mid section, Please pull the panties and skirt DOWN not up. The gasping and struggles of a women's abbs are attractive to many of us.

4) It's Ok to show the aftermath, a struggling, gasping, exhausted victim laying helplessly in confinement can be a turn on. Really it can.

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 02:34:12 PM

Name: A Canadian

Whoops, I didn't even notice the caption under the second set of today's Lisa photos. But it's true, when I saw the photos this morning, I was very pleased.

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 02:34:29 PM

Name: Dave

Hey elkcreek, I can see what you're saying there... just seemed that the peril was stupid... it was the boyfriend she was tied up for. Why? They were already doing it willingly before the crazies showed up. That killed it for me right there. That, and the "almost" rape scene. She was captured naked, and they put the panties on her? WTF?

Yes, the bondage was well done, the peril was lame.

Now the scene in the link from my last post below rates an A+ for me. I don't know who did it or where its from, but it is so on point. Somehow, they perfectly recreated the 1940's serial feel and added a very well done buzz saw peril, with a girl reporter, captured, strapped down, stripped to her underwear, legs spread, AOH, really looking fearful as the buzz saw creeps closer to her most sensitive area... and the villain exposes her breasts and feels her up before hand... damn, it doesn't get better than that for me! WAVE can't even come close in their wildest dreams to this clip.

As for freaky girls, I'm actually ok with that. Primarily because in real life, I've had some out of this world experiences with my own personal freaky girlfriend.

We've experimented with bondage a lot, and once she let me handcuff her hands behind in her basement. There was a cement shelf in the laundry area, and wooden posts for shelves, which I strapped her legs to, spreading them wide. I put clothes pins (they where like laying right there... how could I not?) on her nipples and clit...she was very pissed about that, yelling at me to take them off (I just stood there and watched her struggle and scream for a few ...of course I didn't take em off. I then proceeded to whip the hell out of her pussy with my belt, making her count to 20. Of course she messed up once, so it was closer to 30 lashes she took... and while they weren't full force, they weren't gentle either. She was flat out crying, tears rolling down her cheeks and everything afterwards.

I knelt down and ate her gently for a long time after that, (her poor clit was so swollen and red she about jumped of the shelf the second my tongue hit it) then I put a dildo up her ass, and fucked the shit out of her... She came soooo fuck'in hard.

I know I crossed the line a bit, because she really was begging for me to remove the clothes pins. And I'll never forget how she begged through tears for me to stop whipping her pussy. Of course, she later said, that while she didn't think she could ever take a repeat of what I did to her... it was the most intense orgasm she ever had. I was so "out of control" She says she's had a lot of excellent "personal" time from that experience (hell, so have I!! LOL) We're still together 5 years later!

And of course, she has freak girlfriends, so you know where that's gone... The two of us have lived out some wild sexual fantasies... so let me just give a big ol' shout out of love to all the freaky girls out there.

Can I get a, "hell yeah?"

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 03:59:58 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:,_q6TYpM6l1qXspaSlr6W3peelw6XI/

The Attackers website has postings up today for new releases. I'm not certain any of the titles are particularly noteworthy, but I'm guessing this photo from Shark 334 will amuse some of you.

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 06:13:32 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Dave: Voyant7, who posted that vid, has a number of DiD videos, including several more buzz-saw perils, on his channel (see URL). That may be the only one with nudity, though.

- - - - - - - -

I know I crossed the line a bit, because she really was begging for me to remove the clothes pins.

I presume you have a Safe Word? Did she not use it, or did you just ignore her? (I like to tickle my sweetie, and I'll go a second or two after "Guacamole!", but no more than that, because I want her to feel safe.)

Great story, though!


Canadian: Terrific review, but I gotta think I would lean more towards the willies than the woody if I actually saw JB-068.

You probably wouldn't like, where girls have all sort of loathsome creatures wondering over their bodies. Members of the SPCA (Sexual and Preditory Creatures Association) would get a kick out of it, though (note, there's also some nice non-fatal asphyxiation, so watch which genre you select).

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 09:32:57 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Dave and jhlipton: Great clips, guys. Always loved the buzzsaw theme. It's right up there with tied to the train tracks and burning at the stake as far as classic damsels in peril scenarios.

Is anybody like me and wants to see a movie where the chick actually gets sawed in half by the buzzsaw? I know Troma sells a movie called Igor and the Lunatics where that happens, and WAVE has done that at least a few times, too. As much as I love the suspense, when the damsel gets rescued, it always feels like a cheat.

Dave: The film you are looking for is Scarlet Scorpion (which wasn't hard to figure out since the clip is entitled "Scarlet Scorpion Sawmill Scene"). The original title is "O Escorpiao Escarlate". Check out the link in my Homepage URL for more info.

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 11:01:02 PM

Name: Bobjones

The Scarlet Scorpion clip rocks. When was that movie made? Does anybody know anything about it? It looks like a new movie made to look old, but I spot a little SWV logo in the this from a Something Weird tape? That'd mean it's older than I think it's cool either way.

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 11:26:25 PM

Name: Dave

Actually, Ralphus that movie is a remake... it's in color, and the actresses are different.

It appears that it is a legit serial clip from a serial called, "The Adventures of the Angel", but it's Italian.

Finding the 1990 movie wasn't that hard, finding the original serials that it is based I think will be more of a challenge. Would like to see the 1990 movie though.

As far as a safe word, we specifically agreed before hand not to use one... that was HER suggestion, not mine... she wanted me to test her limits. It was very hot when we were "in the moment", and when we talk about it now we still get turned on, but honestly, I felt so bad at the time for making her cry... thus no It was the danger of it I think that was so hot, but we both realized that that was a place we didn't want to visit again... too intoxicating!

Friday, June 6th 2008 - 05:36:41 AM

Name: Paul
E-mail address:

I love the site and would love to hear from others, especially woman turned on by torture, the rack, branding, strappado, pear etc. Amazing site!!!

Friday, June 6th 2008 - 10:02:42 AM

Name: DHT
E-mail address:

Dudes, help!

Yesterday, my external hard drive got knocked to the floor by accident. There isn't any visible damage to the outside and looking in through the vents I cant see any damage to the inside either, but my computer wont read it now. I talked to the Geek Squad AND Drivesavers and they both would ship it to their central facilities. Drivesavers sounded very confident that they could handle it but they also charge 2 grand if they get it all, whereas Geek Squad has a 3 tiered charging system based on more vague specifics.

So, I'm worried that #1, I'll just get charged the max rate no matter what, #2, since it is 240 gigs or so of adult material, legal, but gimp-type nonetheless that I'm trying to recover, they'll get offended and just trash it, #3, if I go Geek squad I might get charged the max and still not get anything back.

I'm talking about 3 years of collecting on this thing, countless hours, and a tremendous energy drain.

Anyone have any advice? Is Kentucky one of the states where BDSM erotica is illegal?

Friday, June 6th 2008 - 11:44:04 AM

Name: DHT

I should have clarified: the reason I ask about Kentucky in my post below is that Kentucky is where the Geek Squad's data recovery lab is, and where they would send my drive to be fixed.

Friday, June 6th 2008 - 05:19:49 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Ralphus recently wrote:

We do have a rule here against Rapidshare links, although that was introduced because it's the bondage film producers that we are trying to protect, since we try to support them any way we can and their paying audience is limited to begin with. So for instance, if your torrent had a bunch of scenes from bondage films, I would be forced to remove it. Your list appears to be material from mainstream movies, but it's also US copyrighted.

Anybody have any opinions here? Is it a good idea to allow material like this on the forum?

I'm not sure if anyone is still wrestling with this, but if so, here is an article you may wish to read. It seems our struggles aren't quite as new as we might like to think.

Friday, June 6th 2008 - 06:45:26 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

DHT: It doesn't matter where you take your computer to, whether it be Drivesavers or Geek Squad. Either way, you're going to jail, son. Kiss your ass goodbye.

Okay, that was a total fake out. Sorry :)

Unless you live in the UK, where they just passed that ridiculous law that makes possessing certain bondage material a crime, you should be fine. Bondage material may be socially deviant, but it's also legal. I've had Geek Squad in my home before and I have a huge collection of vile stuff. No problems. In fact, the Geek Squad agent told me they aren't allowed to go searching through your computer anyway. They can get in big trouble doing that. Check out the story in my Homepage URL that led to Best Buy cracking down on Geek Squad's procedures.

Unless you have underage stuff there, I wouldn't worry about it.

Friday, June 6th 2008 - 08:16:42 PM

Name: Bobjones

This issue has come up on the gimp board before, and I'll chime in as I always do that all porn is perfectly legal in the U.S....any porn that wasn't made using real live kids that is...and I've personally had a computer with lots of goods repaired and nothing bad happened. Don't sweat it.

Friday, June 6th 2008 - 11:44:41 PM

Name: Dave


My personal opinion here is that direct file sharing should not be allowed, otherwise this forum will turn into, "Scene request... does anybody have this? Yadda, yadda..."

That said, I don't think there is anything wrong with providing links to where those types of files may be found... there are tons of other groups already filling this function.

This serves two purposes, and protects those with us who produce their own material.

Saturday, June 7th 2008 - 05:51:47 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Geek Squads: I'm prepared to accept everything that is being said about the Geek Squads -- that they present no legal threat, etc. Still, I would have loved to have seen the looks on the faces of the Geek Squad members who went through the Ralphus and Bobjones computers.

Saturday, June 7th 2008 - 05:58:05 AM

Name: jyydubs

Been a long time since I have visited the forum and it's nice to see it active! The site looks great with the new features too. I really wish I had more time to participate and add to the fun.

I very quickly scanned and saw some discussion on "I Spit On Your Grave". I don't know if anyone noted or knows that they are remaking this masterpiece! That is a great thing to look forward to. Also, I saw some info on "Hot Pistols" and "Scarlet Scorpion". "Hot Pistols" has an o.k. rape scene in it if I recall correctly and I love the scene in "Scarlet Scorpion". I think I purchased it from Something Weird years ago, but I don't think I kept it. Hopefully I can take a couple of hours soon and make a mega update of new films/scenes for all you pervs to check out.

Saturday, June 7th 2008 - 08:09:13 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

jyydubs: That's interesting news, that the "misunderstood" I Spit On Your Grave is going to be re-made. At this point, I'm not getting too excited. If we learned anything from Grindhouse last year, it's that many directors who claim to understand the exploitation flicks of the '70s really don't get them at all. I wonder if they'll even bother to keep the rape scenes in the remake, and if so, whether there will be any nudity.

Film critic Roger Ebert, who hated the original, told Variety he hopes this time it will be a "better" film. Actually, I agree with that statement, although something tells me we're not talking about the same thing.

Saturday, June 7th 2008 - 11:14:34 AM

Name: jyydubs

Ralphus - Saw your film about the film "Blood Symbol". Have any more info on that one? Nudity? Quality of scene?

Saturday, June 7th 2008 - 01:26:36 PM

Name: Dave
Homepage URL:

Once again, I come baring gifts for my fellow GIMPers out there. Above you will find that somebody has left their pants down... so, enjoy. There is enough there to keep you busy for hours... including a nice scene from "Garage Olimpio", a film I have read about, but never been able to get a hold of.

Have fun!

Saturday, June 7th 2008 - 03:44:49 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: Symbol

jyydubs: Blood Symbol is a real rarity if you're trying to find it on VHS (forget DVD). It was put out by a distributor called Atlas Entertainment Corp. out of New Jersey. The only reason I know anything about it is because I worked for 12 years in video stores and saw lots of obscure tapes I could check out for free.

The scene runs about 3 minutes long and there's not a wasted shot in it. A young pretty brunette wearing jeans and striped shirt (sorry, no nudity) is hanging suspended upside down by her ankles in a darkened basement. Her hands are tied behind her and she is well-gagged with a thick white cleave gag. Below her are several newspapers spread out across the floor as well as multiple candles. There's also a goblet directly beneath her. She spins around helplessly, and there are even point-of-view shots where the director mounted the camera to her bound figure and you see her in the foreground and the room spinning down below her.

The killer approaches and you see various shots of her wildly struggling and writhing as she tries helplessly to get free. It's extremely well-directed and really plays up the bondage and her fearful responses. The killer takes a huge knife and slashes her throat as the blood flows into the goblet below her. There's even a closeup of one of the drops of blood snuffing out one of the candles, which Eli Roth totally ripped off in his famous scene with Heather Matarazzo in Hostel: Part 2. In fact, except for the nudity, the two scenes are incredibly similar. And to compare the two, I actually prefer the earlier version in Blood Symbol. It's much better directed and the girl is a lot cuter, plus she's gagged the entire time.

There's not a whole lot available online about the movie or the scene (Brian's Page doesn't even have it listed) and the only still I have is this tiny one, which shows the gore but none of the fun suspension bondage that precedes it. Like I mentioned before, I think it's a real hidden gem, an outstanding scene in a movie that few have ever seen or even heard of. I would love to have some caps from it to show you guys.


I Spit On Your Grave remake: That totally shocks me. To remake a classic film from the 1970s in this day and time just doesn't make sense. In a way, the decade of the 2000s is totally the opposite of the sexual freedom that movies enjoyed in the 1970s. In my mind, the 70s were all about nudity, rape and exploitation and this era is all about NOT showing us that stuff. I Spit on the Grave was a film that was MADE for the 1970s. I'm with A Canadian on this one. If there's even rape at all in the remake, it will definitely be played down, while I'm guessing the second half of the film (the female revenge part) will be as nasty toward the men as it can be. This era in movies is all about empowering women (what a stupid, ill-conceived concept).

Anybody know anything about casting or director?

Saturday, June 7th 2008 - 05:04:47 PM

Name: jyydubs

RALPHUS - CineTel films purchased the rights to "I Spit On Your Grave". Actually expected to be graphic and possible theatrical release too.

DAVE - "Garage Olimpo" is available on dvd, I have a copy. Looks like you found a link to the gimp-worthy scenes though.

Saturday, June 7th 2008 - 09:05:03 PM

Name: J

Sci-Fi channel last night ran something called Rise: Blood Hunter (or something like that). I had never heard of it and normally skip these Sci-Fi channel horror flicks because they usually censor so heavily. This one has Lucy Liu as a "good" vampire who goes around killing the "bad" vampires. Now you know the whole plot.

Two scenes of interest. Early on a prostitute is hung by her ankles, mouth taped as "bait" for one of the bad vampires. Near the end Lucy Liu is similarly hung naked by her ankles, arms tied behind, by the last of the bad vampires. Unfortunately I never expected it, was unprepared to capture any of Lucy. Have to watch fast, but it was a decent scene.

Sunday, June 8th 2008 - 12:10:44 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

J: I've never seen it, but you're right, that film is called Rise - Blood Hunter. The movie seems to be available in both a rated and unrated version, and it seems to be difficult to tell whether the scene with Lucy Liu naked is in both versions. I would get the unrated version, just to be safe. I'm really not sure what's happening with Lucy Liu's career, but if this is the direction it's going to take, I like it.

Sunday, June 8th 2008 - 01:16:52 PM

Name: Alan
E-mail address:


Is Blood Symbol available anywhere?

Sunday, June 8th 2008 - 04:44:21 PM

Name: D.M.
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Have not posted in a long time.

Saw The Mask on cable a few days ago and can't help thinking about Ms. Diaz in a ZFX film -- long live a good fantasy.

Sunday, June 8th 2008 - 05:23:32 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Open question: I'm thinking of picking up Slave Island 2, as the scenes from that film that were in the Slave Island Compilation disc looked pretty good. All the same, I would be interested in any thoughts from anyone who has seen the full movie. Would you give Slave Island 2 a yea or a nay?

Sunday, June 8th 2008 - 07:31:16 PM

Name: Dave
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Once again, I come baring gifts. There are some rare gems out there folks, but sometime locating them is a serious chore. This one is both sexy, and amusing at the same time, and GIMP worthy, though it appears that both the bondage and peril are self done. And I found this on Youtube of all places!

While there is no story here its easy to imagine that the Vile Kidnapper (tm) has struck, stripping his victim to her underwear and leaving her hanging in his closet by her panties... to moan and struggle as the cloth buries itself in her very sensitive


Sunday, June 8th 2008 - 07:36:58 PM

Name: mothbrad
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I can't believe nobody else has commented, so I'm going to - how CUTE is Lisa in these photos we've been graced with here the past few days?!?! Just imagine walking into a room with nobody else around and someone looking like her in Merciless Peril. It warms the cockles of a man's heart.

Sunday, June 8th 2008 - 09:57:42 PM

Name: Ralphus
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mothbrad wrote:

It warms the cockles of a man's heart.

Well, there's nothing like hot cockles.


Alan: Blood Symbol is out of print, but there's still some used ones available. You can get a VHS copy for about 10 bucks at Amazon (link above) or do a search and see if you can find a better deal.

Sunday, June 8th 2008 - 11:45:00 PM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

A somewhat unusual summer day dawns at the Sloth house - no kids around so time for one of my sporadic summer posts.

Ralphus - great stills from "Gangstarr" - our thanks go out to our old friend Hank Hobbs. If I may, a submission to the Rack base with what I found to be a superior wrist suspension scene and for those interested, again there is a set of stills at Hank Hobbs place. The film is "Dagon" and features a very fine and very naked Raquel Merono. First she is staked out on a stone altar and numerous tiny cuts inflicted just to get her dripping but not overly so. She is then attached by the wrists to a horizontal bar and weights attached to the ankles. Ever so slowly she is lowered into a deep chasm down to the sea where the tentacled god Dagon awaits. Her boyfriend attempts a rescue and after she has been submerged and raped by Dagon he hauls her back up. She begs him to kill her but Dagon acts first and pulls her back in, leaving her hands still manacled to the bar. What a happy ending.

J - if I'm not mistaken our friend jyydubs has a series of stills from "Rise - Blood Hunter" in his Imagefap gallery - that scene with the blonde in lingerie looks particularly appealing.

Dave - liked that "hanging wedgie" scene - lot of fun to watch - and thanks for that link to all those files - hours of viewing for certain.

Stay Well All

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 06:37:10 AM

Name: Joe Wrappe
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Name: mothbrad I can't believe nobody else has commented, so I'm going to - how CUTE is Lisa in these photos we've been graced with here the past few days?!?! Just imagine walking into a room with nobody else around and someone looking like her in Merciless Peril. It warms the cockles of a man's heart.

MOTHBRAD: I totally agree about the great stills from GANGSTARR 2. (thank you Hobbs and Ralphus) I went out and ordered the DVD I've loved those stills so much. I had a whole bunch of ZFX VHS from YEARS ago - time to revisit and get DVD's.

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 07:01:15 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn
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Hey Ralphus,

Great photos from The Reporter 2. Thanks.

I haven't contributed in a while. So I thought I would add something to the review section.

Since we're on The Reporter theme, I thought I would submit a review of Hardcore Abductions' film "The Reporter" starring Christina Carter.

Christina Carter plays an investigative newspaper reporter named Kapri. She is hot on the trail of a serial rapists, named "The Stalker" The Stalker also appears in many of the Hardcore Abductions Videos. What a life! Great work if you can get it!

The movie begins as Kapri is driving in her car talking on her cell phone. On the other end is an anonymous informant, who tells Kapri that he has information concerning The Stalker. However, he will only give her the info if she agrees to meet him at an abandoned parking lot – alone. Surprise, she agrees to do so.

We next see Kapri's car pull into the deserted parking lot. This is the POV of the informant. As he nears the car we see Kapri, as she nonchalantly looks up and realizes too late that she has fallen into a trap. Her unsuspecting smile soon turns to panic. She's heard saying: "Hi ... Oh, my God, no please". Fade to black.

The fun begins. The scene opens to find Kapri bound and gagged sitting on a hotel bed. Her hands are tied behind her back. Her legs are forced open by a spreader bar. A rope connects the spreader bar to a collar that has been placed on her neck. She is gagged with red plastic tape which has been wound around her head. She is wearing a fashionable blue blouse that has been opened to expose a black slip and black skirt. She has on black hose, garters, matching black panties and black high heeled shoes. I suppose this is standard wear for working at a newspaper! She moans exquisitely.

The informant, to no one's surprise, but Kapri's, turns out to be "The Stalker". He starts taking flash photos of his captured victim. He then fondles her tits, which are huge and gorgeous. He opens her blouse even more. He produces a knife and cuts away her slip. He pulls her tits out of her black bra and continues to fondle them. All the time telling her what a fool she is and how much fun they are going to have today. He stops to take more photos.

He unties the rope that connects the leg spreader to her collar. He lays her on her back and fondles her tits more intensely. He begins sucking on her tits and rubbing her pussy through her panties. He asks her if she's having a good time, when she shakes her head no he swats her pussy and proceeds to spank her all over.

He goes off camera and takes his clothes off. He returns then turns her face down on the bed. He removes the spreader bar and ties her ankle together. He pulls her panties down and fondles her plump ass cheeks. While she is tied in this fashion he goes off camera to get his camcorder.

This is a great scene as we see her squirming and mmmphing in anticipation of what's going to happen to her all the while in the background we hear the sound of plastic wrapping being taken off a cassette tape and the camcorder being loaded.

He returns to the bed. He unties her legs and tosses her panties aside. He pulls out a white dildo from his "Rape Kit" He sits on the back of her legs and slowly inches the dildo into her ass. All the while he is camcording the action, She groans fantastically.

As the dildo is sticking out of her ass, he seizes upon this photo op and once again starts taking still photos. He's really into souvenirs!

Happy with his photo collection, he flips her over and fucks her missionary style. Her stockinged and high heeled legs thrash about and he yells at her to point her toes to the ceiling. He then lies on his back and while she is still tied and gagged he forces her to sit on his cock while facing him. After a while he removes the tape gag. She dismounts him and he forces her to blow him. First while kneeling next to him and then he mouth fucks her as she sits off the edge of the bed. I'm not sure if he comes in her mouth. It's hard to tell.

He again lays on his back and she mounts his cock once more. He fondles her tits and forces her to make out with him. He flips her on her back and finishes fucking her. She keep yelling "Oh fuck". So he shoves her panties into her mouth and occasionally reinforces this by clamping his hand over her mouth. He flips her onto her stomach, stands off the edge of the bed removes her panty gag and mouth fucks her. At the right moment he pulls his cock out of her mouth rolls onto her back and shoots a load onto her face. He leaves her on the bed to squirm and to contemplate what has just happened.

She sits on the edge of the bed, still tied as he berates her and tells her what a fool she is. At one point he yells at her for trying to wipe the jizz from her face. To add insult to injury he steals money out of her wallet. He takes the camcorder and gets close ups of her cum covered face. He takes a red ball gag out of his "Rape Kit" and straps in on her.

The next part of the film is basically a repeat of everything The Stalker did to Kapri in the first half except now she is balled gagged. There are some slight variations, but it's pretty much the same. After he cums, there is the requisite berating session. This is then followed by the fourth gagging scene.

This time he shoves a white cloth in her mouth and secures it with a black sash tied behind her neck. As the directions on a shampoo bottle would say "Rinse and Repeat".

The film ends as the stalker cums one last time into Kapri as she is sitting on his cock. He tells her something like she is a disgrace. She rolls off of his cock, tied but not gagged looking pretty dejected. The film abruptly ends.

Move Pluses: This movie stars the ubiquitous Christina Carter. She has appeared in many of the Hardcore Abductions Videos, as well as all over the place. I don't know what year the movie was filmed, but it was shot during Christina's "Blonde" phase. And truth be told, it appears that Christina is, how should we say, a little bit heavy in this movie. She is however as stunning as ever. If you are a big Christina Carter fan then you will probably make allowances and you'll enjoy this film.

If you're a gag fan you'll love this film as she is gagged four different ways. There is a lot of mmmphing and squealing. And a lot of distress. As I mentioned previously, my favorite moment is the anticipated rape scene. And if you're into berating and verbal abuse you'll love this film. She is abused verbal but not physically. There is no blood letting or hitting.

There is a lot of action stuffed into a 60 minute film.

Movie Minus: Big minus, this is a "one man/one camera operation". A camera is set up off the foot of the bed and that is the only shot you get. There are no close ups or camera movement. During several scenes The Stalker's big hairy ass is more prevalent then the charms of Ms. Carter -- ooh big turn off.

He sets up the use of the camcorder and still photos, but never incorporates them. It would've been great if he had included some of those shots.

Another big turn off. Ms. Carter is never completely stripped. There is the ever present bundle of blue blouse that is collected at her wrists. You never get to see her hands or the way they are tied. And I think that Christina has done so much bondage porn that it's hard to distinguish if she is feigning pain or really getting off on it.

But overall I enjoyed it. The Reporter is one in a series of "The Stalker" videos. I would recommend this film. Grade: B+

I would give it more but I keep seeing his hairy ass.

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 08:00:34 AM

Name: Brutus

Hey gang,

Been busy as hell lately, but I finally got some free time to myself to enjoy those lovely pics of Lisa (thanks Hank) and to get caught up.

Mike from Brooklyn: Excellent review. Christina Carter certainly has a lovely face, especially when gagged. I've only seen her in love-bondage type settings so it's nice to know she's willing to go much further.

Dave and jhlipton: Thanks for sharing the clips. Loved the buzzsaw scene.

Ralphus: I was thinking of giving JB-086 a higher grade, but was a bit let down with the ending. Nothing wrong with candle wax, but it paled in comparison to the other tortures. Maybe I'm too used to Attackers films.

I Spit on Your Grave remake: I didn't really find the original sexy at all. (Perhaps that was the purpose of it.) I guess it was too dirty and brutal for my tastes. I hope the remake is better, but I sense it will likely focus more on castration and revenge than anything GIMP-worthy.

Speaking of rape, here's a few contributions to the databases:

First of all, I want to dispute a few of the entries listed:

Sleepers: Do we want male-male rape in the GIMP database?

Vice Squad: Nina Blackwood and Season Hubley get tied spreadeagle to beds, whipped with a wire hanger, but NOT raped.

The Deep: Jackie Bisset is held down and tortured with chicken blood, but NOT raped.

Here's some mainstream films that aren't listed yet or don't have descriptions. (I'm going solely by memory or by my reviews, so correct me if I'm wrong.)

Cape Fear: (1991)--Ex-con Max Cady (Robert DeNiro) picks up Lori Davis (Illeana Douglas) at a bar. In bed, Max slaps some handcuffs on Lori in her underwear. She plays along until he bites a piece of flesh from her cheek. He breaks her arm, and the rough scene ends with him beating her. Rape occurs offscreen. Max later attempts to rape his former lawyer's wife (Jessica Lange) and daughter (Juliet Lewis) on a boat. Directed by Martin Scorsese.

Evil Town: (1987)--Big-titted blonde is abducted in woods tied and gagged, and ends up thrown on the floor with her breasts exposed in a dingy room. The two excited villains start taking off their pants and do an offscreen rape. She's later seen tied to a chair and another villain grabs at her tits.

Murder-Set-Pieces: (2004)--Serial killer picks up a brunette lapdancer and rapes and beats her on his bed. Later, killer has a naked brunette in metal cuffs bent over on his bench press. He rapes her from behind in a frenzied manner while yelling at her in German. Scene lasts for over a minute before he smashes her mouth on his barbell. Make sure you get the uncut version! Directed by Nick Palumbo.

Hollow Man: (2000)--Scientist Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) turns invisible. He spies on his hot neighbor, played by Rhona Mitra, enters her room. After tormenting her for a bit, he shoves her on her bed. Rape occurs offscreen. Directed by Paul Verhoeven.

Closet Land: (1991)--Madeleine Stowe is a political prisoner interrogated by Alan Rickman. After several psychological tortures, she's bound and raped on a table in a short scene. Directed by Radha Bharadwaj.

Kalifornia: (1993)--Carrie Laughlin (Michelle Forbes) is abducted by serial killer Early Grayce (Brad Pitt) and raped offscreen. Her boyfriend, Brian Kessler (David Duchovny), finds her handcuffed and in semi-shock.

For the adult movie rape database:

Ecstasy Girls: (1979)--Serena spikes Jamie Gillis's drink and he ends up in a cage. Serena in dominatrix outfit teases and torments him, but lets him out. He grabs her, roughs her up and straps her down over a horse. He forces a blowjob. She ends up ballgagged and he whips her (lightly). He then has her AOH and rapes her with a lit candle. (Turns out it was consensual.) Directed by Harold Lime.

Expensive Tastes: (1978)--Three masked men break into home and tie woman's arms behind back and cleavegag her. They tie up boyfriend spreadeagle to table. They rip off the woman's clothes and cut off her bra and panties with a knife. She is held down, forced to blow two dicks, and then forced her to suck off bound boyfriend. One masked bandit (a woman it later turns out) blows the boyfriend. The other two villains throw woman to floor, eat her out and rape her. One guy cums on her stomach. They force her to suck off boyfriend again as another guy takes her from behind. She ends up with cum on her back and face.

A similar scene with a different woman occurs near the end of the movie. (The boyfriend is in on the scheme.) Directed by Joanna Williams.

Sex Wish: (1976)--Maniac (Zebedy Colt), wearing stocking on head, breaks into apartment of Faye (C.J. Laing). Talking like a child who wants to play "Doctor," he gets her naked, tape gags her and secures her in a leather harness, arms behind back. He torments and then rapes her with a vibrator while whacking off. After cumming on her, the villain's persona changes to a snotty headmaster type, and then an out-of-control misogynist, as he whips and beats her. He slices her throat with a rapier. This is a very intense scene with great performances.

Killer later forces a black couple at gunpoint to screw in front of him. He shoots the guy, forces a blowjob from the woman (Deanna Benfante), beats her and stabs her.

He later grabs a woman (Terri Hall) off a NYC street and takes her to a storage room. He handcuffs her AOH, eats her out and rapes her as she wails. He snuffs her after he's finished. This movie, directed by Tim McCoy, is perhaps my favorite of the old "roughies."

Summer Heat: (1979)--Hillbilly Jamie Gillis and two women break into a cabin in the wilderness. He rapes Desiree Cousteau. She's later tied up naked outdoors, and he eats her out while the women sodomize a tied-up senator with cob of corn. Directed by Alex de Renzy.

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 09:25:54 AM

Name: Dave
Homepage URL:

Here's a review for the database:

Whispers From a Shallow Grave (2006): The concept for this movie is actually interesting, but very poorly executed. Its based on the Linda Sobek murder from a few years back, and in the opening it says that the events are based on trial transcripts. The idea is that the movie is told in flashback, with Linda's "ghost" providing comments during the investigation and subsequent trial of her murder by a fashion photographer.

The flashbacks are shown from the "lie" the photographer told about how she died, and the ends with what really happened.

For example, at one point during the interrogation scene the cop asks why Sobek's ankles were so badly rope burned, at the same time the ghost of Linda props her bloody ankles up on the table. The photographer tells his lie, that tries to make him look "not so bad", but later in the movie it is shown her legs were tied spread by hemp rope, and her struggling is what cause the injury.

The acting here is terrible, and the actress who plays Sobek (very attractive blond) is just god awful. Every time she talked, it was like nails on a chalk board. And she never gets naked, which really makes this almost intolerable.

Thus, its probably best just to fast forward to the rape scene, which occurs about 1hr, 23 mins in this dreck of a movie.

The photographer takes her to a secluded cabin, supposedly to take more pictures. Of course, he makes a move on her, and rebuffed beats her up. The beating is graphic. The actress is wearing heals, nylons and a white lace robe.

After a struggle he ties her face down on a bed, her legs spread wide to posts at the foot. She remains dressed in the lacy outfit. He ties her hands behind her back with an ace bandage, and duct tapes her mouth (thank god!).

He the proceeds to feel up her legs, all the way up to the bottom of her ass... but then the camera cuts, and there is no ass shot. He then stands up and looks down at his handiwork, and we are given a view of her tied up from his perspective (the money shot of the movie)... Sobek, tied facedown, spreadeagle, hands tied behind. It's a 3 second shot, so have your pause button ready.

Anyway, the rape occurs, pretty graphically. There are cut scenes of her having some type of lesbian session, her going to church, and her speaking talking about giving herself to Jesus (WTF?).

Anyway, after the rape is over, there is a long close shot of her face, gagged as she cries. Then the guy pulls a gun... and then graphically, and violently rapes her with that as well (ok, now I am really done with this flick at this point)... Then leaving the gun there, ass rapes her again... She's strangled to death not long after.

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 12:43:17 PM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Brutus: Glad you enjoyed my review of Hardcore Abduction's "The Reporter"

That's interetsing what you said about Christina Carter. All I've ever scene her do has been hardcore "suckin and fuckin".

She did several layouts over at Sex and Submission. Some as Wonder Woman and then there was a series when they went to Cabo.

She also has done a bunch of films for Hardcore Abductions. All along the theme of forced sex.

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 03:06:19 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

You know, I could have been perfectly happy today just looking at the great shots of Lisa. All the editorial content posted here is a bonus.

Mike from Brooklyn: I agree with Brutus, that was an excellent review. I'm struggling a bit with the description of Christina Carter's "huge and gorgeous" tits, as they look enhanced to me. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will let me know, but that's the way it looks to me. In any event, she is attractive, and I like her reporter's outfit. Too bad she wasn't a reporter for the Naked News. Sadly, the part where Christina rides her abductor cowgirl style is a bit difficult to believe.

Dave: I'm even more upset there isn't full nudity in Whispers from a Shallow Grave. The actress playing Linda looks pretty hot, at least in that little picture on the imdb page.

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 04:40:13 PM

Name: Brutus
Homepage URL:

Mike from Brooklyn: Ah yes. I forgot about Christina Carter in Hogtied. I haven't seen much from Sex and Submission or Hardcore Abductions, so my images of her come mainly from Shortfuse and Jim Weathers. I thought she was damn hot as O-Girl, but wish it was rougher. I hope she posts here again. A comment from a bondage model certainly brings out the lurkers.

Dave: The rape scene you described in "Whispers From a Shallow Grave" actually sounds pretty good. Trudi Jo Marie Keck is indeed damn attractive, but she looks like she may have a really annoying voice. I guess that's what duct tape is for. Thanks for the entertaining review.

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 05:19:41 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Man, what an entertaining and informative day on the forum! You guys are keeping me busy with all the reviews and updates to the various databases. I'm not complaining; please keep them coming.


Sloth: You know, I completely forgot about Dagon when I was adding my own additions to Tony Wood's Torture Rack Scenes Database. That's a really good scene, fully naked, too. I added your description to the database, and this one has a picture page, too.


Mike from Brooklyn: Excellent review, thanks for taking the time to write that for the forum. We don't have nearly enough Hardcore Abduction reviews on the site, and the content they deliver is worthy of more attention. I have The Reporter at home but I had a problem that it was all filmed from one angle with just the camera on the tripod. I'm sure Silverback ("The Stalker") just couldn't get a cameraman that day, but some things are too important to leave out. Myself, I would have canceled and rescheduled the shoot, or else took a little time to stop and move the camera between setups. You have to think about the viewer. A static shot like that can get boring real fast.

Added to the Reviews section here:


Dave: Wow, it looks like we have a new regular reviewer here, and you're writing quality stuff with lots of important information. Those mainstream movies can sometimes deliver, and even when they don't, your descriptions help us a lot in deciding what to check out.

I actually followed the Linda Sobek case when the news broke that a Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader was missing. Entertainment Tonight used to run nightly stories about it, so when she was eventually found tied up and murdered, I naturally took notice. I still have the entire The E! True Hollywood Story about her on tape, but I had no idea they actually made a film about it. Your description of the bondage rape definitely has me interested. I added the description to the Mainstream Rape Database and your review for the movie is here:


Brutus: My goodness, that was a HUGE update. Thank you so much for all the information. Indeed, we don't want male-male rape in the database, and I also removed the other entries that didn't belong. I've also added all your updates and corrections, and there's a few that have new photo pages. Check out Evil Town and The Experiment.

Again, thanks to all you guys for adding to the forum. It is most appreciated.

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 12:32:57 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Ralphus: Glad you guys enjoyed my review.

I have a handful of Hardcore Abductions videos and the summer off.

I'll work on some more reviews.

Here's an possible topic for discussion, which was inspired by Brutus. Which soft core bondage babes would we like to see get the harsher treatment?

I'll start it off by saying Corey Lane.


Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 06:41:27 AM

Name: Dave

Hey Ralphus, I emailed you some caps from the Sobek movie for the database. Did you get those? If not, I can email them again.

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 06:41:49 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Dave: I got the caps, thanks. I'll see what I can do with them tonight after work.

Mike from Brooklyn: You have the summer off? Must be nice. Yeah, more Hardcore Abduction reviews would be sweet.

Who's Corey Lane? It's always a good idea to link a picture of someone you're trying to write about.

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 08:24:17 AM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

The ladies have fled for a days shopping in San Antonio so I'm liberated again.

Mike from Brooklyn - yes, ditto on your review of Hardcore Abductions "The Reporter" - very detailed and well done amigo - I've looked at that one for purchase several times and for some reason flinched at the last moment - maybe it's the shampoo reference thing I dreaded - now, Corey Lane is a good choice - getting older now but still looks phenomenal in my opinion - for the next generation an Eve Ellis perhaps? - shame Ralphus won't allow Aria out of the dungeon long enough for us to have a shot.

Brutus - some really nice heads up work there - been wanting to get to a full blown review on "Sex Wish" for some time just never got to it - a real classic roughie there.

Dave - a shame about "Whispers" no? - great concept they simply dropped the ball on as usual.

Ralphus - as we just got a dynamite review on a Christina Taylor effort and you indicate Hardcore needs more attention here, allow me. So shall it be written, so shall it be done.

Today we will review "Cancun Nightmare". It features the lovely and gracious Christina Taylor as the victim and Silverback as The Stalker. Run Time is 37 minutes. I obtained my copy from Video Mayhem at the above link where one can view a cover shot.

We open with some exterior shots of a motel, presumably in Cancun. It seems we a getting the view of what The Stalker sees. Our victim comes walking through the motel lobby. She is wearing a blue bikini top, cut-offs and is barefoot. She proceeds to lay out on a poolside chaise to get some sun. She walks back to her room and upon entering is set upon by The Stalker who chloroforms her. He leaves her on the bed and removes her top and pulls down her cut-offs. He produces some rope from his rape kit and binds her wrists behind and pulls down her bikini bottom. A blue ball gag is inserted. She is positioned face up on the bed and the panties are removed.

So let the fun and games begin. We see she has two navel piercings, a shaved pussy and an ankle tattoo. The Stalker continues his mission as he binds one ankle, runs the rope under the bed to the other ankle and spreads the legs wide. He examines her pussy and we fade to black. As she awakens The Stalker lays next to her looking through a travel guide. He chats with her and informs her that every year he comes to Cancun and selects one victim. This year she is that lucky girl. He picks up her vidcam and taunts her as he films her pussy. The Stalker removes his attire except for the ski mask and diddles and fondles her amid futile protests.

He mounts her and does some of the old in & out. Back to the rape kit for a knife and he threatens to slice her nipples if she doesn't give a proper blow job. Sitting her up on the bed he removes the gag and she gives him head. Deciding she needs to look sexier he puts on her strap dancing shoes on her feet. The ankles are untied and she kneels on the floor. She administers a proper blow job with a slight variation. Her head is bent back on the bed and a funnel inserted in her mouth. The Stalker finishes things himself and unloads in the funnel making certain she swallows every last bit.

Tossed back on the bed ankles are crossed and bound then up to her arms for a hogtie. The Stalker takes more video and takes off telling her he hopes she'll be back next year. The End

Movie Pluses - Silverback had a cameraman on this one and the work is pretty fair. The bondage was simple but very effective and there was nice humor in this effort.

Movie Minuses - Christina seemed a bit too at ease for this shoot - also thought it was a tad too short and could easily have been lengthened.

The Verdict - all in all a pretty decent effort - now if I could just convince Christina to lose the silicone, tats and rivets.

My Grade - B

Stay Well All

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 08:53:59 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Ralphus: Yep after a really tough semester, I get the summer off. I wish I could say I was going away to some place exotic, but I have to settle for the sand and surf of Coney Island.

Sorry about the incomplete reference to Carey Lane. Here are some links:

She's what I like to refer to as a "Harmony Love Princess". She joins a huge list of women who pose for the Harmony bullshit brand of love bondage.

She's also done a lot for Anton Productions.

As you watch those films, it becomes frustrating. Here's a big strapping guy with a gorgeous tied up bitch at his disposal and all he can do is knead her mammary glands as if he was modeling clay.

All the while you're yelling at the screen: "Hit that bitch and fuck her in the ass already".

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 11:00:26 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Okay, so I check back to see that my post made it and find I referred to Christina Carter as Christina Taylor - sorry for the senior moment - although, as often as she changes her appearance I guess a few name changes wouldn't be so bad either - seemed to work for Laurie Rose and Michelle Bauer.

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 01:30:00 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Hank: Great caps from Reporter 2: Gangstarr. The quality of the pictures was exceptional. In my biased opinion, the caps from the last few days were the best, but I enjoyed the entire run.

Sloth: Thanks for sneaking in another review. I hope that's not it until August. Anyway, Christina What's-'er-name looks fine on the box cover, but I can't get my head around a 37-minute movie. I do like the description of some of what's there, but still -- 37 minutes. I've seen collections of trailers that run longer than that.

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 05:06:01 PM

Name: Baron Hagar
E-mail address:

Hi, Ralphus. ZFX has had great stuff. I never was into flicks without decent drama. Your listing of Whipping Scenes/The Women forgot ZFX's "Spinner"--2 scientists go back to a lab which had been invaded by an alien and get separated. The blonde goes on, but her partner gets mind controlled by the alien, then finds the blonde, knocks her out, strips her, suspends her and whips her. A great blonde, a great strip scene, and a great whipping scene. It was Spinner, right?

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 07:25:55 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Sloth: Much obliged for the latest Hardcore Abduction review. I was shaking my head when I first read it, wondering who Christina Taylor was :) Not a problem; the name has been corrected on the Official Review page, which can be found in my Homepage URL.

Christina Carter seems like a pretty cool chick, even though she definitely tries to play down the fact that she did hardcore bondage, apparently thinking it would hurt her career finding bondage modeling jobs. Which strikes me as patently ridiculous, since it's no secret on this forum, so I would imagine plenty of other bondage producers know, too. And she's still probably the most ubiquitous bondage model out there. I mean, is there anyone she hasn't worked for? Personally, she doesn't do much for me, but she's pretty enough and I respect her more for making bondage rape films for Hardcore Abductions. I wish other top bondage models would go that extra step. The world would be a better place.


Dave: Thanks for the vidcaps from Whispers From a Shallow Grave. I made up a picture page to go along with your description in the Mainstream Rape Database. Check it out here: http://zfxetc.t

As I look at your caps, I'm even more appalled that the producers chickened out as far as giving us nudity. Okay, she was a real person, but what's wrong with a little more realism? Yeah, yeah, they don't want it to be exploitive, right? Uh huh. Well, you're showing her tied to a bed and raped with a gun, for God's sakes! Who's your audience? If it's normal people, you want them to be shocked anyway, right? Would nudity make it more shocking? Of course. And therefore more effective, more dramatic.

And if your audience is pervs, they definitely want to see some skin. Geez, that's an absolute given. So it doesn't make sense for them to hold back either way. Unless the director is a little wussy boy who doesn't want to O-FEND. In which case, he lessened his own film for whatever reason.


Baron Hagar: The ZFX movie you're thinking of is called Spinnerette, also known as The Horny Spider Movie, and you're right, that was a great whipping scene, the highlight of the movie for me. But it's unlikely we'll ever put actual bondage films in the Whipping Scenes in Movies Database. Good God, there are probably thousands of bondage films that have whipping in them. There's no way anyone could ever attempt to compile such a list, which is why the database will likely remain just for mainstream titles. We do have a special database for adult titles, but that's for rape scenes only.

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 10:43:58 PM

Name: Dave

Ralphus, I really don't know what these movie producers were thinking. Throughout the movie they show Sobek in a variety of "life flashbacks"... a lesbian encounter, her throwing up in a toilet, her going to church. Just randomly, with no connection. They sure didn't give the dead model much respect here at all.

Its bizarre why they didn't go for at least some nudity then... it spoils the entire scene in its unreality. Stupid.

Well, I finally got to see "Chaos" yesterday. My feelings on it are mixed. The women in it are really beautiful, they get naked, and one gets tied up. The bondage on the second girl is rather poorly done. The rape scene is got to be the most brutal thing I have ever scene. The guy stabs her in the back three times before he ass rapes her! Jeezus! And when he shoves the knife up the black girl's poop shoot... OMG! That was pretty nasty!

The acting wasn't bad, but the ending was just stupid as all hell. I really wanted that SOB to get his in the end, and there was no pay off there, so that just make the entire thing lame.

Also saw Bit Parts... That is a complete waste of time. There are no good GIMP scenes of any kind, and the story is ludicrous. It really put me over the edge when the "doctor" has the big titted girl at knife point in one scene, and the next he comes in with her tits in a zip lock bag. And he's going to sew these on his daughter? Dumb, dumb, dumb! No nudity, lame bondage, no real peril, stupid story. Avoid this stinker at all costs!!!

I read the review on "The Bushwacker" the other day, and was really interested in seeing that, but based on the description I thought finding it would be near impossible. Well, unbelievably, its in Netflix's "classic" section, so I should be getting that in as soon as I return the previous two. I will be sure to post my thoughts on that.

Take care, ya'll!

Wednesday, June 11th 2008 - 04:38:53 AM

Name: Silverback
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The Stalker wants to thank The GIMPers who posted reviews (special thanks to Mike in Brooklyn) and comments about "The Reporter" & "Cancun Nightmare". Actually, I would agree with all of the items mentioned..both positive and negative. The only thing that I can add, is that I always do have a videographer scheduled. However, reliability (and there have been many that I have worked with) does not seem to be a big priority of videographers.

Wednesday, June 11th 2008 - 03:54:45 PM

Name: Vince
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I read the news that they're remaking 'I Spit on Your Grave" for a release next year.

That's great. Especially since the producer said that it was going to be as sexually graphic as the original. The producer said that if audiences are used to the "Saw" and "Hostel" movies, audiences won't find it that disturbing. That's very hopeful.

I hope they don't ruin it by casting the wrong actress. I'd love to see either Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Shannon Elizabeth or Lake Bell to name a few get the part. Also, Michelle Monaghan, Catherine Bell and Lauren Graham would be good too.

They'll probably spoil it by casting some ugly fat bitch.

Who do you guys think should play the lead role?

Wednesday, June 11th 2008 - 10:17:39 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Vince: I seriously doubt they'll cast a fat ugly chick in the remake of I Spit On Your Grave. Hopefully you were being facetious. Number one, there are no fat, ugly women being cast in movies in Hollywood. Number two, it's not the casting that will sink this one, it's the toning down of the rape scenes. I'll bet there's not even going to be any nudity. I read what the producer said but I'll believe it when I see it.

As for your casting choices, Diaz would be okay but she's a little old and too glamorous for the part, Biel would be awesome (which means there's no chance), Shannon Elizabeth could use a comeback role, Lake Bell is borderline homely, Michelle Monaghan...not a bad pick. Catherine Bell is pushing 40, Lauren Graham...ditto. What's with all the senior choices? How about Graham's co-star on that show she's on, Alexis Bledel? Or any of the "Gossip Girl" babes, preferably Leighton Meester? Whoever they go with should be in her 20s, ideally.

Thanks to our friend Hank Hobbs, I've updated a few of the picture pages in the Rape Database. Here's the new and improved pages for The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide and Contraband.

Wednesday, June 11th 2008 - 11:57:15 PM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Ralphus - that's a great headline pic today - tremendous artwork - and thanks for those pics from "Contraband", one of my fave rape scenes in mainstream especially as her husband is hearing it all over the phone.

A Canadian - most likely I won't be able to post anymore reviews until August - hoping to stockpile some stuff between now and then so I'll have a backlog.

Silverback - I have one more Christina Carter title from your efforts, a little number titled "Kidnapped" when she was in her raven haired phase - thought she looked awesome in it but found the actual bondage to be a bit short so I've never reviewed it. A good concept and nice humiliation, just lacking extreme bondage.

Stay Well All

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 07:47:55 AM

Name: Dave

Hey Sloth, I agree with you. The scene in "Contraband" really hits the mark. The actress screams her bloody head off, and really sells the moment.

I kept waiting for the scene to cut, but it just keeps going. As I have said before, for me a GIMP scene needs four things to be a home run:

- well done bondage - convincing acting - some nudity - the right set up in the storyline

This scene has it all. A kidnapped wife raped and tortured to reveal infomation, stripped completely naked, hands tied behind very convicingly, and the actess really looks in peril. She's bleeding where they punched her in the face, and her acting hits the mark perfectly.

And when the guy says, "turn her over, lets do her right" OMG! Convincing ass rape?? No, they're gonna cut now... no? Yes!!!

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 08:17:33 AM

Name: Brutus

Vince: The references to "Saw" and "Hostel" for the "I Spit on Your Grave" remake strengthen my view that the film will focus mainly on the rapists enduring horrible and bloody deaths. I hope I'm wrong. As for the actress, I'd prefer an unknown who is attractive but not glamorous. Makes it more realistic.

I'm also curious about the mention of the "pseudo-sequel" called "I Spit on Your Grave 2: Savage Vengeance." Anyone seen this?

Sloth: I'm with A Canadian on this. 37 minutes is much too short. Of course, every bondage movie can't be like the 8-hour Slave Island compilation, but at least one hour should be the minimum. Thanks for the review.

As for "Sex Wish," that's a movie that definitely deserves a review. Shall we flip for the honors?

Mike from Brooklyn: Cory Lane is certainly one of the top love bondage models I have seen. Even when she's 50, I bet she'd still turn heads. I'd have to agree with Sloth. I would definitely love to see Eve Ellis do rougher stuff. She's also gorgeous, despite that tattoo above her luscious ass. There are plenty of other stunning love bondage models, but I'm not sure which ones have made the switch to harder stuff.

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 08:47:26 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn
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Brutus: I guess one can't talk about "Love Bondage Models" without referring to Lorelei aka Kristine Imboch.

She started this whole Harmony Concepts thing.

I would love to see her get the harsher treatment.

Sadly, she like most of the original Harmony Gaggle are well into their 40s. Geez, she's old enough to be my kid sister.

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 09:08:54 AM

Name: A Canadian
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Those of us who live outside the US occasionally find ourselves trying to explain what life is like in a country where freedom of expression isn't a recognized right.

Well, in Canada's case, it seems the New York Times picked up on the issue in this story yesterday. The story is about a "human rights" commission hearing into a magazine article that a militant Islamic group found offensive.

At first glance, you might think this is off-topic, but it really isn't. The principle debated here -- whether the state should be allowed to censor what consenting adults can read, or watch -- is the same.

It's also worth noting the pro-censorship guys in this case aren't right-wing religious nuts, but are instead left-wing do-gooders. Pro-censorship stupidity isn't restricted to any one political party or ideology. Just ask Tipper Gore.

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 04:33:25 PM

Name: Silverback
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I've learned that we lost a member of the GIMP community over this past weekend. Archie, one of our beloved webmasters, is no longer with us, and he will be missed. He was only 39 years of age.

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 05:37:20 PM

Name: Vince

Ralphus, of course I was being facetious when I joked that the producers would cast a fat ugly actress in the lead role of "I Spit on Your Grave 2009.

I think Dame Judi Dench is a great actress but I have enough sense to know she and other actresses wouldn't fit in this role.

However, I am willing to challenge you on some great looking actresses close to 40 not being capable for the role. I would pay double to see Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Carrie Ann Moss, Jennifer Aniston or Nicole Kidman go through an hour and a half of being in sexual jeopardy than Alexis Bledel.

Of course, if these producers are serious of it being as graphic as the original or, more so, no named actress is going to do it. It would have to be an unknown. If they are going to go in an extreme level, maybe it would be a good idea to cast an adult film actress such as was done with "Boise-Moi". That way, we can get a penetration scene like in that movie. Go all out for that NC-17 rating. Why not? This a guys movie and we need one to make up for that shitty "Sex and the City" movie that's out there.

I hope ISOYG 2009 is a success. If it is, it may usher in a new wave of mainstream rape movies like in the 70's. "Jackson County Jail 2010" anyone?

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 07:20:56 PM

Name: Nightposter
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Well boys and girls,

This last week may have been the end of Nightposter.

While at work, another employee cut the steel strapping on an unbalanced load (without warning anyone) and when it let loose, I held up my drawing hand to protect my face. The steel strapping sliced across my hand cutting it so deeply I may not be able to use it again. I was taken to the local ER, who transfered me to a hospital in Milwaukee where a specialist was waiting.

139 stitches, about 100 yards of gauze and tape to make my hand look like a big boxing glove, and a bunch of pain killers I am... one finger typing with my left hand.

I have a couple of colored works left to scan, a big stack of line art unscanned - and unfinished.. and may not have anything new again.

My employer has been very good to me, so far ( my big boss was next to me and I bumped him out of the way, he would have caught it across the back)

I'll be lurking for awhile...

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 07:42:16 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Damn, when it rains it pours. Larry phoned me this week about the loss of his website designer, a guy who did whatever was needed to make Video Mayhem a nice place to visit. From what I understand, he designed the current layout and was responsible for all the changes and updates whenever Larry got new material in. I'm sure he'll be missed.

And now a serious accident to Nightposter, a sometimes poster to this forum and a fine artist. It was just last month that Nightposter was one of the 3 newest inductees to our Notable Guests page, too. 139 stitches, yow. Obviously you'll be out of work for a while, too, so we hope you can at least hang out and read our forum from time to time, and post if you can. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Vince: Pretty much all those actresses you mentioned this time would be too old to play the lead role in the I Spit On Your Grave sequel, although I might make an exception for Naomi Watts, given that she still looks damn good, plus she's also the Queen of Remakes (among them King Kong, Funny Games and The Birds).

Again, though, I totally agree with Brutus on what's going to happen with this one. Most likely they'll cast an unknown, and the real focus will be on the revenge portion of the film, rather than on whatever abuse the girl will undergo. You were the one that reviewed Descent for the forum so you know exactly what type of rape/revenge movies are getting made these days. And you're absolutely dreaming if you think they'll make this as a hardcore film. Sorry to say, the 70s are over. This decade is all about turning the tables on the men. We can hope for a remake that recreates the misogynistic nastiness of the original, but I'm not holding my breath.

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 09:15:04 PM

Name: Bobjones
Homepage URL:'s been a harsh few days for the pervert community. Nightposter, get well. I very recently discovered your work, and I'm saddened to hear about your injury. has been posting it on a bizarre fuckin' ass "goruchan" message board I follow, mostly for insane kicks rather than porn. But your work is actually pretty hot. There isn't nearly enough porn devoted to the rape and torture of sexy women in police uniforms.

My vote for the "I Spit on Your Grave" remake....Jenna Fischer. She's got a sexy girl next door vibe, making her the perfect fresh meat. I wouldn't get too excited about his though. "I Spit On Your Grave" has been in remake rumor limbo for a long time. Since "Hostel 2" didn't do gangbusters at the box office, I dunno if we are gonna be seein' anything that a studio exec might regard as "torture porn" for a while.

Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 11:27:33 PM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Nightposter - 139 stitches? OMG - the best to you and yours and keep the faith as tomorrow may bring some unexpected good to your table.

Ralphus and Silverback - I assume we are talking about the same person here who just passed at only 39 - how sad - a sincere Gimp moment of silence is in order.

Brutus - the earliest I could get to a review on "Sex Wish" would be August so it's all yours and I'll look forward to that - love seeing a review on a movie I've already viewed to throw another perspective on it.

Dave - ditto on that "Contraband" - soon as I lose the ladies again I need to dig in the archives and get another view.

Vince - a "Jackson County Jail 2010" would certainly be welcome - perhaps in bondage this time around - I rather think Jessica Alba would be up for that role - not shy about getting tied up is she?

Stay Well All

Friday, June 13th 2008 - 06:29:48 AM

Name: VM
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Yes, Archie made all of the improvements that have taken place on the VM site over the past few years. Spoke with him on weekly basis- he was very dependable. He definitely enjoyed a cold beer and a warm day at the beach. Garrett, his co-worker and friend has taken over for Archie.

Friday, June 13th 2008 - 07:19:38 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn
Homepage URL:

Ralphus: I add my condolences to those who have recently passed. And my best wishes to those who are going through hard times. Hang in there guys.

Silverback: I'm glad you appreciated my review. I hope you are so magnanimous after you read this next one. Please, keep in mind that there is nothing malicious or evil intended by my review(s). I try to be objective and report what I like and what I don't like. That being said, here's a review of: After School and Leah 1.

This is a double feature film, actually a double featurette, as each film runs less then 27 minutes.

The first movie stars three people, a very young dark haired and somewhat svelte Christina Carter, the perennial villain, Silverback and an unidentified second rapist.

The movie opens on a tree-lined street, apparently in an upper class neighborhood. It is the middle of the afternoon --after school, hence the title.

A lone figure enters the scene from up the block. As the figure nears, we see that it is a very attractive "college aged" girl. We know this because her hair is tied back in a ponytail and she is wearing a school uniform consisting of a white blouse, grey/green plaid skirt, white knee socks and black flat shoes. And she is cradling textbooks in her arms.

As she draws closer we hear the voices of two men, Silverback and his accomplice. They have been cruising the neighborhood looking for a victim. Apparently, they are sitting in their car unseen by any potential victims. They have been doing this for a while and they are good at their jobs. They spot the unsuspecting target. They talk about her beauty and what they intend to do to her. The camera continues to follow the girl as she passes the men and enters her home.

The next scene we are in the living room of the house. Christina enters. She has a huge coffee table type book. She lies face down on the couch to read it. The camera scans her prone body just as the two men pounce.

Silverback hand gags her and sits on the back of her legs while the other guy threatens her and tells her to behave. Silverback takes out a roll of red plastic tape and begins to tape her wrists together. The second guy is now hand gagging and berating her.

After Silverback tapes her wrists together he takes the time to raise her skirt to admire her white "little school girls panties" as he refers to them. He removes her panties as the camera gives us a very loving close up of this action. Nice ass! He then tapes her ankles together. He shoves her panties into her mouth and secures them by wrapping the red plastic tape around her head. They pause to admire their handiwork. The camera pulls back to give us a shot of Christina struggling on the couch. The second guy takes out a camera, and takes a flash photo -- ah souvenirs!

After a short rest bit whereby the camera scans our helpless victim, the boys decide to get down to work. Silverback turns her onto her back and cops a feel off of her ample chest. They comment on her huge tits and he then opens her blouse to reveal a white bra.

The camera once again pulls back. Silverback pulls out a knife to assure her cooperation. When she nods her head in compliance he opens the tape wrapping from her head and removes the panties from her mouth. The tape still hangs from the back of her hair. The camera pulls back to reveal that Silverback has removed his clothes and now stands in from of her with a serious stiffy. Although his face is covered, his trademark ski mask, and Hitchcockesque profile are unmistakable.

He sits her up and forces her to blow him. She does so reluctantly. After a while he holds her by the back of her head and face fucks her. While this is going on his partner is heard shouting words of encouragement to his buddy and continuous debasement of Christina.

After a while he stops face fucking her. He pushes her onto her back and replaces the panties and tape gag. He cuts the tape from her ankles. As he is doing this the other guy begins to fondle her tits and rub her pussy. And carries on about her great body.

Unfortunately, at this point, the second guy who apparently was also manning the camera has left his post. The camera goes out of focus and the next scene is somewhat blurry.

It's a shame because it's a good scene. Silverback mounts her and fucks her missionary style while her legs are spread wide apart and forced into her chest. He pumps away vigorously as the second guy again berates Christina while encouraging his accomplice. Christina is groaning away. Silverback finishes and wipes his cock on Christina's gagged face. The two guys now switch places.

The second guy sucks and bites Christina's tits. Then swats and fingers her pussy. It's at this time that Silverback must've realized what had happened to the camera. The camera moves in for some close ups of Christina's pussy getting fingered. And there's a great close up of her face as the tape and panties are removed. We are back in focus -- yeah.

She is propped up against the back of the couch and squeals as her tits are pinched and abused. Next she is forced to sit at the edge of the couch and blow the second rapist.

The second guy is more successful in his endeavor. He pulls his cock out and at the most opportune time fires a load into her face. As the jizz is dripping off her face and onto her inner thigh he takes her panties and wipes her face with them He then packs the panties back into her mouth and seals the wad with the red tape. He shoves her back onto the couch.

The camera lingers on her, highlighting the cum on her inner thigh as two men comment on how round one is over. They take off to search the house for valuables.

When they return, we see of close up of Christina's face. She is still tied but not gagged. She is kneeling and is again blowing Silverback. This is quick. He pushes her back onto the couch. Her feet are touching the floor. He fucks he in this position. He rams her hard as she moans in unison with his thrusts. He cums and makes her suck his cock and lick his balls. Satisfied. He pushes her back onto the couch and tapes her ankles together. He shoves her panties back into her mouth and secures them there by wrapping an ace bandage around her head several times. I guess they ran out of tape.

Once again the camera pulls back. Christina lies there moaning and totally spent. The men make fun of her one last time. The second guy says something like: "It's gonna be a long day". "We just started" "Another couple of hours we'll be done with you". Then Silverback says: "Let's get the fuck out of here". And they leave -- Huh? I guess the 30 minute meter was running. The camera fades out on Christina's gagged face.

The film runs a little under 27 minutes.

Leah 1.

Stars an unidentified dirty blonde and Mr. Silverback.

The film begins as Leah enters her home from a sliding glass door. Unbeknownst to her, Silverback is waiting just inside the door. He is wearing his trademark ski mask. She is wearing a black blouse, crimson skirt with black hose and sensible black shoes. She is not a stunning beauty, but she is not unattractive either.

He hand gags her, threatens her and forces her face down onto the floor and straddles her. After he insures her cooperation he takes white cord out of his pocket and ties her wrists behind her back. He steals her diamond ring then shoves a blue ball gag into her mouth. He unstraddles her and steps back to admire his work. He strokes her ass and lifts her skirt to reveal matching crimson panties, black hose and white garter belt. He comments upon her beauty. He rubs his hand along her prone torso. He tells her to turn over. She does. He steals money from her purse.

He berates her. He takes out a camera and sarcastically asks her if she minds if he takes a photo of her. She nods her head no. He takes several shots. He tells her what he's going to do to her. He blindfolds her under the guise that he has several distinguishable tats on his body that he doesn't want her to see.

She is tied gagged and blindfolded with a purple sash. He opens her blouse to reveal a crimson and black bra. He fondles her tits and removes the ball gag. She has decent sized tits, not huge. She pleads with him not to do this. He ignores her pleas and sits on the edge of the couch. He shoves his cock into her mouth and there is a tight close up of her sucking his cock. This goes on for a little while. All the time she is blowing him he tells her that he will jack into her mouth. She protests to no avail. True to his word he shoots his load into her mouth. She backs off and he yells at her not to swallow and to show him the fruits of his labor. She unclenches her teeth as cum trickles between her lips.

She now stands in front of him as he continues to sit on the couch. He opens her blouse completely. He removes her panties and comments on how wet they are. She turns her back to the camera to reveal that she has a very fine ass. She pleads with him to stop. He answers her by turning her back to him and regagging her with the blue ball gag. While her back is to him he places his hard cock in her bond hands and makes her play with it.

He makes her kneel over the front of the couch giving the camera a great shot of her ass. He turns her and makes her lean back and sit on the edge of the couch. Her whole body is open to the camera for the first time and we see that she has a "Butterfly on a green vine" tattoo enveloping her navel.

He kneels in front of her and starts to fuck her. He lifts her legs up into her chest. The camera moves and treats us to a close up crotch shot from underneath. We can she her asshole. He rams her. He cums. She groans throughout her ordeal. Unfortunately, the camera pulls back again, and this time we are "treated" to a few seconds of his all too hairy ass. After he cums the camera pulls back and we see a close up of her just fucked pussy.

He berates her one last time. Crudely thanks her for a great time and then leaves. The camera lingers on our helpless victim and then fades out.

Next there is some bonus footage, which could serve more as a trailer then as a continuation of the film. The scene opens with Leah still tied hand and foot. She is not gagged. She kneels before the couch. The camera zooms in on her face. Silverback enters with a used condom. He lifts the condom over her head and tells her to look up. As she closes her eyes he pours its contents onto her face. He smears the jizz across her lips and drops the condom onto her head - nice touch. He berates her one last time. The camera fades with a close up on her well glistened face.

This entire film including the Jizz scene runs 17 minutes. Since it is titled Leah 1, we can assume there will be (was) a sequel.

Movie Pluses: "After School" is shot in the POV of the rapists. I like this method as it makes you feel as if you are in on it. Although at times it is hard to determine which guy is doing what, because all you see is their hands and arms. But this is s minor irritation. There’s also some nice camera work in "Leah" when the camera shoots from underneath and some really fine close ups.

Christina Carter is in her heyday in this film, whether you are into enhanced breasts or not, one cannot deny that she is very attractive and was quite svelte. She mmmphs and groans exquisitely.

Leah although not as knock dead attractive as Christina is attractive is her own way. Though you can never tell what kind of a body she has because her clothes are never fully removed. She moans and pleads throughout the movie.

Pleading for mercy and asking "why are you doing this to me?" always scores big points in my book.

Both women have great facial expressions, especially after each one suffers the indignity of taking a point blank shot of jizz to the mouth area.

Movie Minuses: Sadly, there are more things wrong with these films then there are right.

For any movie to work the viewer has to accept what is presented and he must be willing to suspend a sense of reality.

A big problem with "After School" was accepting the fact that Christina Carter is a college coed who attends an uptight Catholic University that makes it's female students wear uniforms. Geez, it's the 21st Century already. But I suppose once one gets over this stretch of the imagination the film moves along.

In "Leah" she is supposed to be an unsuspecting housewife living in suburbia. However, she dresses in a matching bra, panties and garter ensemble in the middle of the day and has a huge tat on her stomach.

Ironically, Silverback, uses the ruse of blindfolding Leah, because he doesn't want her to see his tats. This is humorous.

Silverback is a serial rapist, who must be known to the police. He wears a signature black ski mask. He is over six feet tall and he is built like a sumo wrestler. Seriously, how many serial rapists fit this MO - with or without tats? The real funny thing is that Silverback doesn't have any tats. We see his whole body. If you wanted to blindfold her, just do it. You don't need an excuse or reason.

Which brings me to my next minus. We see more of Silverback's naked body then we do of his victims. They are never completely stripped. He has a knife why doesn't he just cut their clothing away? Plus, we are treated once again to a lingering shot of his hairy ass. Why?

Leah as stated previously pleads for mercy and her life. Christina doesn't say a word. She just groans when gagged and when she isn't she just sits there silently. She does this a lot in all of her films. I would love to hear her pleading voice.

Now here's my biggest peeve. The second assailant in "After School" never shuts the fuck up. I know that the films are not scripted and the dialogue is improvised, but you would swear that this guy is getting paid by the word. Throughout the film he keeps repeating inane phrases like "Wow, look at her body, partner". "Now you're gonna get it, bitch." "Aw, poor baby".

It's not so much that he says these things, but he does it non stop and with the same sing song lilt in his voice. It gets tedious. It's as if he's making sure there is no (as they say in radio) "Dead Air".

Finally, there is the technical difficulty in "After School" where the camera goes out of focus at a very crucial scene, another major minus. And at 44 minutes total, there's not a lot of bang for the 40 bucks.

Grade: The film is not a great one. It's not a bad one either. It's a little above average. I give it a C

Friday, June 13th 2008 - 01:46:02 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

I would also like to offer my condolences on the passing of Archie. We don't know the details, but someone passing away at 39 seems awful.

Nightposter: What a terrible accident. I sincerely hope the surgery was a success and you get better.


Mike from Brooklyn: Good Lord, you've become a reviewing machine. If I didn't know better, I would swear you are Sloth's illegitimate son.

The review was great. I have to tell you, I laughed out loud when I read the part about the picture going blurry after the guy walked away from the camera. Sheesh. It's too bad this movie got such a poor rating, as I like the descriptions of the stories, and in a kinky way, I think Leah looks kinda cute in the stills.

Friday, June 13th 2008 - 03:59:56 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Regarding Archie: Spoke to him on Weds. Had sudden fatal heart attack on Sunday.

Friday, June 13th 2008 - 05:19:26 PM

Name: Vince

First, my condolences on the passing of Archie. The loss of another open minded individual is truly a sad one.

Nightposter, I want to add my well wishes for your speedy recovery.

Ralphus, as long as half of the running time of the remake of I Spit on Your Grave has some over the top torture and sexual abuse like the original I won't mind that the other half turns into a woman's revenge movie. That's just standard scriptwriting. Hell I might like it even more if the movie is not just titilating but actually entertaining. I do think the revenge sequences will be of the castrating nature which, as a man, makes me squeamish, but since the plot concerns a woman not having her purse stolen but being serially beaten and raped that's to be expected. It also conforms to the integrity of the original.

The revenge for rape scenes in Descent by man on man is the only thing that made that bore unique. I also think it contributed to it being one of the biggest bombs of the year by turning off the guy audience. I don't think the filmmakers of ISOYG are going to make the same mistake.

I also must respectfully disagree with you that actresse that are on the cusp of 40 shouldn't be considered. I think a lot of guys would like to see 42 year old Mary Louise Parker used as an involuntary fucktoy.


Jenna Fischer in the starring role is someone to think about. She has a nice innocent look that to have it violated may give the movie a more hardcore aura than if it had an actress who shows off her tits at a drop of a hat.

Bobjones, Jessica Alba is nice, but I think her hotness is overrated.

She can't act but I wouldn't mind seeing Mariah Carey in the lead of a remake of Jackson County Jail. Seeing that picture of her in "Rolling Stone" magazine a few years ago in which she's horrified to be trapped in a locker room full of naked jocks who are all but certain to fuck her to death make me think she'd be ready and willing.

Friday, June 13th 2008 - 06:35:25 PM

Name: Bobjones
Homepage URL:

Mary Louise Parker is a megababe. I'd love to see her tied up and fucked until she passed out. I've seen the second season of "Weeds," and she was constantly in some kind of danger. Unfortunately things never boiled over. It is a comedy I guess, but still. If you were a drug dealer who had her at gunpoint, wouldn't YOU get a little something extra? Cockteasin' ass Showtime.

Friday, June 13th 2008 - 08:08:26 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mike from Brooklyn: Thanks for another insightful review. However, I disagree that you are Sloth's illegitimate son. I think it's more likely that you are A Canadian's disciple, his star pupil in the "Longer is Better" class that he teaches on review writing. A 44-minute movie should NOT take 44 minutes to READ :) If you can say it in 6 words, that's usually better than 50.

Actually, what you wrote sounds closer to what I would have probably written if I had seen the movie. Being an old midget curmudgeon who's seen too many bondage films, I probably would have been screaming at the TV screen once the picture went out of focus. And like you, I likely would have been pissed at the second assailant who wouldn't shut up. Things like that really annoy me.

It reminds me of a bondage film I was supposed to review for another producer (who shall remain nameless) and he let his 2 female victims ad-lib their lines. One of them kept saying "I don't care what you do to me, just don't hurt her", over and over. After a while, it became so ridiculous that I started counting the number of times she said it. I stopped when the count reached two dozen (not exaggerating) and then I turned it off. I didn't review it, because I would have absolutely trashed the film for that reason alone.

The thing about Silverback's films is he rents a hotel room with his talent and shoots them all in one afternoon. Sometimes things go well and probably other times he's stuck with footage he probably wishes he could reshoot. That's why having reviews like these are especially helpful to guys like us, especially honest and upfront accounts like yours today. We do appreciate your effort.

Added to the Reviews section in my Homepage URL above.


Vince: I've always had a big crush on Mary-Louise Parker. When I first saw her in Grand Canyon I predicted she would soon be a huge star like Julia Roberts. It never really happened, but she's had a pretty decent career, and now she's got a hit cable series on Showtime (which I've never seen). She still looks good, although not as hot as she was in her 20s. If you can find a time machine and somehow give me the Mary-Louise Parker from 15 years ago, I'd say go right ahead and cast her in the ISOYG remake. Otherwise, she's too old for the part.

And what's this? Jessica Alba's hotness is overrated? I know a certain Canadian who might debate that assertion with you. Although ever since I saw her pregnant, she's lost a huge degree of the luster that she used to have, IMO. I'm glad I dumped her when I had the chance.

Friday, June 13th 2008 - 10:04:34 PM

Name: Hiccup
Homepage URL:

Hi gang, Hiccup here with another review. This one is called "Nakadishi Raped a Female Gym Teacher". I haven't viewed many new GIMP movies lately, least of all Jap-GIMP ones. Part of the reason is that I'm a little bored with the "sameness" in the Jap movies that haven't really shown anything different or broken any new ground lately. Even the last Slave Island episode was a step down from the previous ones. You would think they would make it a blow out production as it is the final episode in the series but they didn't.

I got this one because the picture on the box suggested a different premise than the usual schoolgirl, drug investigator or nurse scenario.

The movie starts out on a baseball field with a bunch of young players practicing. Rei walks out onto the field and it's apparent she's the new coach. Of course the guys aren't too happy have a girl for a coach. The pitcher on the team is a really short guy with disgustingly gross facial acne. To prove herself Rei picks up a bat and tells the runt to throw his best fastball. He does and she of course hits it right out of the park.

Next scene shows the runt and two other players sitting around on the floor in a room drinking beer and smoking. Rei walks into the door and busts them. She forces them to go to the gym and do all these punishment exercises. This is a good buildup as we get to see Rei acting all haughty and arrogant while knowing that its just a matter of time before she gets hers.

Now we see Rei lying on her bed reading a magazine in her coach outfit. The three guys bust in on her, strip her and force her to suck and fuck. There's a really good shot of one of the guys cumming in her mouth and she painfully swallows it down making all kinds of disgusted faces. They take pictures of her while she's getting raped and show her the pictures on their digital camera after they're done.

Now it's the next day and Rei is lecturing the players in the gym as if nothing happened the night before. The runt walks up to her and shows her the pictures on his digital camera and tells her she better put on a show or she starts to strip in front of the team. This scene is well done because Rei is a good actress and you can get a real sense of her embarrassment and reluctance. I should probably mention that she's got a perfect body, slender yet curvy with nicely proportioned natural tits. It's easy to buy into her character being an athlete. Runt leads the other guys on and they force her to fuck and suck.

Now we see Rei outside on the baseball field lecturing two baseball teams like nothing happened before. She's even wearing the same outfit as the previous scene. The guys jump her right out on the field, drag her down to the ground and strip off all of her clothes except her bra which gets pushed up. They all take turns fucking her on the ground missionary and doggiestyle. The sex scenes are good because while she actually puts up a bit of a fight and the pained looks on her face are excellent. Oddly this scene which starts in daylight goes on until it's night time. The guys all pick up Rei and carry her off the field.

This scene shows Rei on a mattress in the gym getting titty fucked and is a continuation of the previous scene. They fuck every which way and after each guy cums inside her we get closeups of her pussy with jizz dripping out of it. After getting fucked like 12 times the guys leave and the movie ends showing Rei lying naked on the mattress.

Hiccup gives this one a B

Saturday, June 14th 2008 - 04:51:05 AM

Name: Dave
Homepage URL:

Well, folks, just ordered this movie... anyone seen it? Based on what I've read scattered about the net, this looks like it could be good. I will post a review when it comes in, with screen caps!

Saturday, June 14th 2008 - 07:11:22 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Hiccup: Thanks for the review of Nakadishi Raped a Female Gym Teacher. It's good to know we have GIMPers searching for interesting new Japanese movies.

Actually, this movie doesn't sound all that original. Essentially, I-Energy has taken its usual plotline for a teacher getting gang raped, and transported it to the ball field. That's not necessarily a bad thing. When they get it right, I like their scenes where the teacher (or coach) is forced to strip in front of the young men. In this film, I also like the description of the men carrying Rei off the field. It would have been more exciting, I think, if that happened earlier in the movie, but it still sounds good. And of course the outdoor rape scenarios have got my interest. I would like to know a bit more about why this one only got a B rating.

On another note, I don't entirely agree with your assessment of Slave Island 12. I liked a lot of that movie. I do agree, however, that it kind of fizzled out in the last half hour, and certainly didn't deliver a big ending to the series.

Vince: When it comes to Jessica Alba, somebody in the Hollywood marketing department must agree with you. I saw a TV spot last night promoting The Love Guru, and while it had clips of Mike Myers and Verne Troyer, it didn't even mention Jessica Alba. What's up with that? I'm sure Jessica's stock took a bit of a hit when she got married and had the baby, but still ... this is unbelievable. In my well-known view, Jessica Alba is not overrated.

Saturday, June 14th 2008 - 07:52:06 AM

Name: Silverback
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Sumo! Sumo? Aw, come on, give me a break, will ya? I'll admit that I could lose a few pounds, but Mike is exaggerating a bit by calling me a Sumo. That being said, I will say that Mike is usually pretty accurate in his reviews so far, and I'll accept his grade of "C" for this latest review.

And what's with his description of "Leah"? She isn't "unattractive"? Does he only want beautiful women to get "The Stalker Treatment"? Don't ALL of them deserve it? And "yes," there is a "Leah 2," just look on the website. But in fairness, the incessant yacking by my accomplice in "After School" bothers me, as well as, all red blooded GIMPers. But what is done, is done, and I have to live with what we produced.

Hey, isn't Mike the one who always wants a videographer? Well, the scene that is out of focus is the result of an inexperienced videographer, who inadvertently hit the zoom feature. I fixed it as soon as I noticed it, but alas, the harm was already done.

I again thank Mike for his reviews, and wish that he would stop looking at my hairy ass. Still, I look forward to his next posting.


Saturday, June 14th 2008 - 02:56:46 PM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Ralphus: Yep guilty as charged. I have a tendency to over pontificate. I like to be thorough. I don't like to be short changed or to short change people. If folks like my reviews they'll read them, if not they'll skim through them. And if that makes me a disciple of "The Maple Leaf Fraternity" that's cool. Thanks for the appreciation of my effort.

Sloth: I would be insulted if I was you and you had me for a son. That would make you about 70 years old. Were you ever in Brooklyn back in 1954? Perhaps, hanging out with Marlon Brando on the waterfront.

Canadian: I have too much leisure time on my hands and you know what they say: an idle mind is the devil's workshop. Glad you liked the review.

Silverback: You're a good sport, brother. I've been to Japan, and Sumo wrestlers are held in high esteem. Take it as a compliment. And for the record, Leah is attractive as A Canadian points out she "looks kinda cute in the stills", but when you put her in a double feature with Christina, she becomes the warm-up act. And I promise not to rate your butt any more.

Saturday, June 14th 2008 - 07:38:44 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Dave: Thanks for the tip on Love Sick. Hard to say if that film will deliver anything, based on the trailer (no nudity and she's not even gagged) but that might be just a teaser and hopefully things will get a lot worse for her. At any rate, let us know what you think.

Hiccup: Thanks for another nice review. Sounds like a good variation on the rape theme (baseball), and I liked that they set up the story and showed you the reasons she was going to eventually get it and why she deserved it. Makes a lot more sense than to immediately jump into a rape without much warning. I'm a big believer in foreplay in my extreme entertainment and the Japanese do it better than anyone.

Added to the Reviews section at the link above.

Saturday, June 14th 2008 - 09:28:29 PM

Name: Electrosadist
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Just stumbled over a site with great torture videos! has some vids from Gruesome productions, and man, are they gruesome or what! Really hard stuff. Please check out (URL above). A little bit expensive though. Does anyone of you fellow gimpers know if there are more vids like this from Grusesome productions? Or where to find them cheaper?


Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 02:37:13 PM

Name: Brutus

Hey guys,

Thanks for the reviews. And my condolences for the loss of Archie and my wishes for Nightposter's speedy recovery.

Here's another review while Sloth is busy with his ladies:

Sex Wish (1976)

"Sex Wish" was made during a time when rape was acceptable in hardcore films and female porn stars had pubic hair and natural tits. Times have certainly changed. But one thing remains the same: It's still difficult to say the name "Harry Reems" without giggling.

The movie itself follows the plot of the "Death Wish" series, with Harry Reems (hee hee hee!) tracking down the man who raped and murdered his fiance. Although the title doesn't make much sense, this is a film worth getting, especially if you're a GIMPer bored with modern-day vanilla porn.

Ken Bradshaw (Reems) and Faye (C.J. Laing) are an engaged couple in love. After giving him a ride in the bathtub for some wet and sudsy fun, the small-titted Faye and Ken take it to a couch. There, the cheesy porn music comes on and the typical scene with oral sex, a 69 and old-fashioned screwing with pubes everywhere takes place. The time the music starts to the time he splooges is only a merciful 3 minutes. And unfortunately, we get a close-up of Silverback's, er, Ken's hairy ass.

I think the purpose of the lovey-dovey sex scene is to set a stark contrast to what happens next on the same couch.

Ken heads off to work the next morning with some loving words from Faye. On the way out in the hallway, he bumps into a guy in a bowler hat. Ken hands him back his briefcase and apologizes, but the guy rushes off up the hallway before Ken can return a book of matches.

Poor Ken. He didn't know that he had just had an encounter with a serial killer named the Night Walker (in the credits) who has been terrorizing New York. And the case he handed back was a rape kit about to be used on his fiance.

When Faye answers a knock in the door, Night Walker (Zebedy Colt), wearing a stocking over his head, grabs her by the throat, throws her on the couch and gets her naked. He speaks in a childish voice and his mannerisms are like that of a 5 year old. He sings his phrases ("We're gonna play doctor") and also giggles a lot.

But some things he does certainly show he's dangerous, including the way he slams a piece of tape over Faye's mouth. He puts a leather harness over her neck, straps her hands together behind her back and slaps her bare ass when she struggles. He also sings "Ring Around the Rosie" for good measure.

At this point, Faye's mmmphing shows she realizes she's in big trouble. She had tried to talk to her tormentor as if he was a child, but now, his menacing side is surfacing, especially when he pulls out a vibrator.

Ken, a lawyer, is shown working in his office. He calls Faye but there's no answer. Night Walker continues to torment her with the phone ringing in the background.

Now naked except for the stocking and a jockstrap, the lunatic teases Faye tits with the vibrator and pushes it into her belly-button to "take her temperature." Doesn't fit. So he uses it on her snatch, singing, "I found it! I found it!" With the vibrator humming away in Faye's privates, Night Walker masturbates as his victim moans under her gag. Ken phones again but to no avail.

Night Walker screams angrily as he cums on Faye and falls on top of her. He goes to his rape kit and takes out a whip. He then pulls off the stocking and in a calm authoritative tone, says "You were a naughty girl."

Her punishment? A few severe lashes with insults of "bitch!" He then beats her, bangs her head on the floor and removes the harness. Then he takes a rapier that sort of doubles as his cane and slices her throat (offscreen).

This scene has it all: bondage, an attractive victim, a gag, forced penetration, a crazy and sadistic villain, and simply lovely performances from the two.

A worried Ken returns home to find Faye's gagged and dead body, and he (over)acts accordingly.

After getting hammered on Jack Daniels at a bar with two plain-looking hookers, Bermuda (Deanna Benfante) and Lisa (Tony Rome), they leave together. Night Walker is also in the bar.

To console Ken in his misery, Bermuda and Lisa treat him to a blowjob, lesbo action, a threesome and, of course, some bad music.

On the advice of Bermuda, Ken goes out and gets a gun. The killer had written "Club 21" on the matchbook. Ken finds out it's a gay hangout. He also spots the guy he bumped in the hall, gives chase, but gets befuddled by a locked door.

Ken later bangs his blonde friend Alice (Sue Franklin) in a rather annoying silkscreen scene with rapidly overlapping shots. At one point, it looked like Ken was sucking his own cock.

Then we switch to the killer, who gets naked, sniffs some liquids, puts a metal ring over his balls and cock, and covers up his package with that jockstrap. He's ready for some more action.

Betty (Candy Love) and her boyfriend Bob (Ronnie Love) are a black couple going about their business in their apartment. Night Walker forces his way in with stocking over his head and carrying a gun. Again speaking like a child, he talks about "beddy-bye" and "playing a little game." He forces them on a couch while he sits in front of them, grinning like a kid watching a cartoon.

He barks orders for Bob to eat her out, screw her missionary and bite her ass. He then demands Bob bite off one of Betty's nipples. When he refuses, the Night Walker slices him with the rapier.

He then forces Betty to suck his dick, and violently face fucks her while she tries to protest. When she reaches for the gun, he beats her (knocking off a wig) and stabs her. Blaming Bob, who is now very dead, the killer castrates him (offscreen, thank God).

Ken learns about the killings on TV. He tells Alice that he knew the black couple and another victim who had worked in his office. Defying logic, he says, "If I go to the police, the killer will get away."

So Ken goes out asking strangers for information on the killer. He spots him but gets caught up in a crowd on the entrance to the subway. The Night Walker escapes and grabs a brunette (Terri Hall), yelling, "It's all your fault."

He pulls her into a storage room and threatens her with his sword. He strikes her with his hand a few times and handcuffs her above her head to the rung of a ladder. He forces a kiss and then yanks open her blouse to reveal a nice pair of natural breasts. He also pulls down her skirt to reveal a hairy bush. As she screams, he licks her snatch, then lifts up her legs and rapes her violently with her wailing, "Oh my God!" Although you can't see too much of the hardcore action, the rape is quite believable. The scene ends when he slices her throat, falls to his knees and weeps.

Ken tells Alice to meet him at Club 21 because he has a hunch the killer is a homosexual and will be there. Alice says she'll help Ken if he calls the police.


At Club 21, the two watch a black transvestite on stage and see that the chief detective in the serial killer case is also in the crowd. Ken and Alice are about to leave, when the killer, in drag, gets on stage. Ken screams out. So the killer slowly pulls out two guns and shoots the cop. Ken gives chase again but this time there are no doors or other people to stop him. Pointing his gun at the villain, Ken learns the reason why the killer targeted Faye in the first place. In a voice similar to Bobcat Goldthwait (and looking similar to that annoying comedian), the Night Walker says, "I did it because I love you." Bang!


As far as pornos go, this one was above average in terms of plot, acting and direction.

The plot is simple but with a few gaping holes, especially at the end when the killer just happens to perform when Ken, Alice and the cop are there. There are other unexplained points in the story, like Ken's relationship to the killer and the other victims, as well as Ken's reluctance to call the cops. But hey, this is a porno right?

Harry Reems is obviously no Olivier, but he does OK. The women themselves aren't what you would call drop-dead gorgeous, but they seem more real as rape victims. And with no tattoos or body piercings, they truly look terrified and repulsed by what they are going through.

But the serious kudos go to Zebedy Colt, a former Broadway actor. My descriptions of his antics may seem comical, but he is truly chilling as the killer. He's totally off-the-wall nuts, and his abuse of the victims, both verbal and physical, is incredibly realistic.

Another nice thing about "Sex Wish" is that the normal sex scenes are not too long (unlike this review). The producers seemed to focus most of the effort and attention on the rape and brutality of the victims.

They certainly don't make 'em like they used to.

My grade: A-minus


Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 05:31:37 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

I spotted on that dmm has released its top 100 list of best selling movies for the first half of 2008.

From what I can see, only one Attackers movie made the list -- Shark 321, starring An Nanba, at number 54. I don't know what this means, if anything. Given the expensive production values that go into the Attackers features, there must be an audience for their movies. It could be the Attackers movies are more expensive than other Japanese productions (I'm too lazy on a Sunday to check), and perhaps not purchased as frequently. Who knows?

There is also a dmm listing of the top 100 JAV stars of the first six months. Some familiar faces from the GIMP cinema world are on the list, including Ms. Nanba (now retired), Karen Kisaragi (Shark Special 52), Riko Tachibana (also retired), Maria Ozawa, Chihiro Hara and others.

Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 05:38:05 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Brutus: Outstanding review - Sex Wish definitely sounds like my kind of movie.

I'm sure I could get past some of the holes in the plot. And I know I prefer the natural-looking stars of the '70s over many of today's dolled-up and over-enhanced porn stars. The only downer for me was at the end, when I clicked on the xploitedcinema link and saw the big disclaimer saying the film might not get through Customs.

Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 06:16:21 PM

Name: Dave
Homepage URL:

Well Ralphus, I was checking out the new releases for instant view on Netflix today, and what did I find? Blood Sucking Freaks!

Now, it must have been 20 years since I've watched this, so of course I had to. God, that is the most freaky assed movie ever made... you laugh, get turned on, disgusted, all at once. Talk about cheesy.

Anyway, I did a little wiki search afterwards, and found out several of the leads met violent deaths after the movie, including Viju Krem, who played Natasha.

I couldn't find too much info on her death other than it was some type of hunting accident. You wouldn't happen to be able to fill the details there could ya?


Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 06:32:27 PM

Name: Dave

Well, I tried purchasing some clips from Nicheclips, as they did look gruesome, however they have no way to instantly pay them. WTF? At the very least use paypal. I signed up for an account and everything. The pics on the site look interesting, but I'm not mailing anybody money. What a rip.

Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 06:54:53 PM

Name: Bobjones

Yeah, what the fuck IS up with Nicheclips? I ran across it a while back, thought a few of the movies looked super cool, and was disappointed at the lame-o "mail us your money and we'll give you some credits" system. I figure they that this system lets them avoid the sorts of troubles with internet pay companies that rape and torture fetish people have from time to time, but Jesus, this is a bad solution. I really want to download a movie or two from these folks, but I'm sure as fuck not dealing with that nonsense. Anyone from Nicheclips read the board? What the fuck?

Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 08:41:47 PM

Name: BlueDog
Homepage URL:

I've ordered from nicheclips. It's a pain, not only because you have to pay in advance and wait for the confirmation, but you also can only buy one of a few set amounts. If your clips costs less than that amount, you lose the difference. For all that I ordered 'deadly interrogation' from gruntfilms and have never regretted it. Great flick.

Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 09:42:15 PM

Name: Scion, The
Homepage URL:

Um, People,

Stop whining about nicheclips, don't you think if they COULD take credit cards they WOULD? Paypal doesn't deal in adult..oh since Bush has been in office. Where have YOU BEEN?

It's been discussed here quite a bit that the credit card companies have cut off a lot of content providers due to pressure from bush and the rethuglicans. Nicheclips is one of them. Just noticing now?

Instead of talking smack here, instead of saying oh "what a rip", why don't you whine to someone who might actually be able to do something, your congress person and ..whoa, here is a fucking thought..THE CREDIT CARD COMPANIES. Stop trashing the people who are the victims of these fucked up policies.

Hey, maybe nicheclips should just go out of business and then when you want to see all that cool content, you can just go fuck yourself.

Scion, The

Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 10:13:55 PM

Name: MasterDetective
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

About the credit card companies, aren't there banks out there that still give merchant accounts to "high risk" clients like adult Web sites?

I'm in the final stages of launching my old GIMP-style Web site (hope you guys will like it when it's ready.. it's quite novel and different from anything else I've seen out there), and this is an area that I'm actively researching right now. I haven't approached any merchant banks yet, but I've done some preliminary research and yes it can be hard to secure a merchant account for adult sites, esp. if the content is edgy.

Do you guys know what the best solution for this is, if any?

Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 11:29:03 PM

Name: Dave

I've bought many bondage clips through Paypal Scion, so don't talk shit to me dumb ass. Any schmoe with half a brain can open a second non-porn company to take payments, then link it to their site. Its done ALL THE TIME, Get a clue.

Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 11:36:12 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Nicheclips: Sorry, those prices are ridiculous. $60 for 20 minutes? $50 for 11 minutes? $20 for 2 and 1/2 minutes? What the hell, man?!? I think a dollar a minute is more than fair. We're not talking about feature-length DVDs, guys. I don't care how good they supposedly are, they are way overpriced in my book. If I'm paying money like that, I want to tie up and torture those women myself, not watch it on a computer monitor.

That reminds me, how much were those girls going for in that online auction in Hostel: Part2?

Brutus: Thanks for writing another fun-to-read review. Somewhere I have a blurry bootleg of Sex Wish. The only scene I kept for my highlights tape, though, was that forced sex/snuff scene with C.J. Laing. I'm not sure I would give the entire film such a high grade, but you're right that they certainly don't make 'em like that anymore. I wonder how sharp Xploited Cinema's print is?

Added to the Reviews section under Classic Adult in my Homepage URL above.

Dave: I wish I knew more about the actors in Bloodsucking Freaks. It was a low budget underground movie that was shot in Soho and a lot of them never appeared in anything else. According to the IMDB, one of Viju Krem's few other screen credits was Let My Puppets Come, along with Luis DeJesus, who also played Ralphus in BSF! Small world, huh?

I still want to get hold of The Incredible Torture Show, assuming it still exists. This was the original version of BSF that, according to one of our posters, was X-rated and had lots of soft-core porn. As great as the film is that we have now, it's edited and missing some important footage. How cool would it be to see that uncut version finally unearthed for today's generation?

Rape Scene Database update: I updated the I Spit On Your Grave page with lots of new stills. Check it out.

Sunday, June 15th 2008 - 11:37:45 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

$20 for 2.5 minutes - Ralphus, you jumped in and said exactly what I was going to say. Sort of like those concerts, say to see The Eagles or someone like that for $500. For that money, I want the band to make me dinner and drive me home at the end of it. Likewise, I'm pretty sure you can hire someone to have your evil way with for a lot less than $10 a minute.

Then again, there are a lot of people who spend $4 a minute on phone sex, or whatever, when there are far cheaper and more direct (as in, you get to see and actually touch someone) alternatives.

As for the point of my post - please, more 70's mens mag covers. I know we go in cycles, and we've seen quite a few from that time in the past, but they always give me a unique thrill - I think simply because they were available freely, and bring to mind a simpler, more pleasant time. Or is that just me?

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 12:33:29 AM

Name: Boilerplant
Homepage URL:

About Blood Sucking Freaks

Is it me or does the Dentist/Doctor remind you of Jim Carrey?

Anyway could that be remade and still be a classic or is it because it was done with more or less unknown people that it is the classic?

Anyway the old Detective Magazine covers. Wasn't some of the allure the fact that some of the covers were done with some of the secretaries or even friends of the magazine producers? Some of the bondage was very simple but they were secure. Years later they were just using bondage stills from some of the bondage magazines as the bondage started to become more elaborate.

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 02:42:51 AM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Mike from Brooklyn - while I'm convinced you are not my illegitimate love child there is a faint possibility you are my long lost evil twin brother - ergo, it will be your fate to fill in for me on movie reviews during my summer hiatus - and a fine job you will do I'm sure.

Brutus - stellar review as always - like Ralphus I probably would not have given it that high a grade but then I'm a pretty tough audience even for the old classic roughies - I found it hard to picture Harry as the good guy victim.

Dave - I don't know anymore about Viju than it was a hunting accident somewhere in Minnesota - now Seamus O'Brien had a really rough end - he confronted a burglar in his Soho apartment and was stabbed to death - Luis suffered a heart attack after ending his career doing some hardcore stuff, none of which was very memorable.

Ralphus - love those old detective covers - so many were stills taken from bondage flicks that were rarely seen - thanks so much.

My ladies return this afternoon and I will be working on my summer project - doing a pilot for our local TV station - working title is "GSI: Bandera" - that's Gimp Scene Investigation - no male victims, no female suspects and after solving each and every case we let the guy go as long as we're invited to his next abduction/bondage/torture/rape/snuff crime scene. Wish me luck.

Stay Well All

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 08:29:06 AM

Name: Steve Power
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Here's a little face slappin vid to brighten up your day.

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 09:55:49 AM

Name: Dave

Remake "Bloodsucking Freaks?" I can't say that it would be possible, but it would make a great stage musical ala "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Can you imagine? A fake stage show about white slavers that put on stage shows that pretend they are fake when in fact they are real! Now THAT'S theatre!

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 12:18:33 PM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Sloth: Yo, bro, you're putting a lot of pressure on me. What would mom say?

Brutus: very good review of Sex Wish. I laughed when I read your hairy ass comment. Sorry, Silverback

Ralphus: Here's a link to some more Detective Covers:

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 01:14:38 PM

Name: mothbrad
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Thanks for the video, Steve. Faceslapping is a really under-rated thing in films.

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 03:52:04 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Face slapping: Face slaps are great. They inflict pain and are completely humiliating to the victim. I agree with mothbrad that more filmmakers need to work some effective face slappings into their movies.

Campaign humor: John McCain is in trouble because one of his fundraisers made a joke in 1990 about rape victims. He said they should "lie back and enjoy it." Frankly, I can see how that joke would be problematic.

Tie 'er up: Check out this outfit Rihanna was wearing last night in Toronto at the MuchMusic Video Awards. Damn, I'd love to see her -- or someone who looks like her -- in a GIMP movie.

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 04:52:39 PM

Name: MasterDetective
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Yeah, I love the face-slapping vid too..

Although I think it might work better w/ a wider, more "clear" shot at her face. Tie her down to a chair, maybe tapegag her mouth (tapegags work well for face-slapping.. they don't "cushion" the blow the way a muzzle or head harness or some kind of "strap" might do), and then take some whacks at her face.. *evil grin*

w/ her hands tied above her like that in the air, it kinda blocks her cheeks a bit... just my two cents..

But nice, nevertheless!

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 05:03:38 PM

Name: A Canadian

Campaign humor II: Comedian Al Franken, who is running for the Senate and was just interviewed on CNN, has also faced controversy for a proposed rape joke from 1995. Franken was co-writing a sketch about Andy Rooney that included Rooney talking about raping Lesley Stahl. It never aired.

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 05:27:35 PM

Name: jhlipton
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I use NicheClips to get Peachy Keen films. I paid $19 to get a film about 2 girls raped and garroted to death, with one tortured with shocks to the nipples (all simulated of course). The girls (young and innocent-looking) act very convincingly, especially Kayla as she is fucked doggy-style.

The owner of NicheClips knows it's a pain, and is very willing to work with would-be customers. But if you think ALL the clips are over-priced (I would say that there's 4 or 5 producers who aren't), then don't bother.

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 07:19:43 PM

Name: Dave

Detective Magazine covers... jeez, as a kid these really made a stroll through the drug store an experience. While my mom did her shopping I could "go look at the comics".

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 07:40:03 PM


I'll pipe up in favor if Niche Clips a little here. jhlipton is right on the money Ralphus. Most of the Niche Clips sites aren't nearly as expensive as the one from the post below. I would never pay that much myself. Here are two that I've purchased from that are VERY well acted with super hot chicks, and are reasonably priced:

Also, if you sign up for an account, and write to the webmaster, he will give you the option to use an on-line check so that you don't have to mail money in. The checks can be made in $20.00 increments, and you have to pay an extra dollar for the service, but it's worth it. I did a $40.00 check on Saturday, and they had the money posted to my account within 15 minutes.


Monday, June 16th 2008 - 08:51:22 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Steve Power: Thanks for the face-slapping video. I also dig it when chicks get slapped in the face. Personally, I think you should have hit her harder and knocked her glasses off. That would have been cool! I also agree with all the points that MasterDetective brought up. Gag her first, and tie her to a chair so that she can't block the force of the blows. This was a good idea that you can always improve on with a little "necessary roughness" :)


Mike from Brooklyn: Thanks for the link to the detective covers. It seems that whenever I post one of those old men's magazines as the daily picture, invariably we get lots of feedback. That and the old "Chad" HOM scans. Well, since you guys like the detective covers so much, we'll keep this theme going. I have lots of images in my collection that I'll be posting in the days to come.


HOWIE: Those Nicheclips sites you posted have much more reasonable prices. Like I said before, about a dollar a minute (hopefully less) seems fair. But the ones from Gruesome Horror that Electrosadist linked were totally overpriced. I know there's a limited audience for material like this, and they probably feel like someone will probably just post the links for free and they'll lose out to the file sharers, but that's still no reason to gouge people. They're just asking to get their stuff ripped off by overcharging the honest customer who would be interested in seeing what they have to offer. And at that price, there's no guarantee it's even going to be worthwhile to begin with.

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 09:18:09 PM

Name: Bobjones

One more Nicheclips gripe and I'll move on....I think I care enough to gripe because a couple of the producers on there are doing stuff that looks REALLY cool, and I've been interested for a while....If there are immediate online ways to get the stuff, why the hell doesn't the site advertise that? The online check thing wouldn't help me anyway since I use a credit card for all my porn. The obvious reason that it's a pain in the ass is that U.S. credit card vendors and paypal won't handle rape fantasy stuff, but ya know what? European ones do.

Gary Roberts went through a little fiasco a while back when his U.S. vendor screwed him over and dropped him (I think he actually didn't get paid for the month!), but he got hooked up with a European bank and got back in business. It's not that complicated. Nicheclips HAS to be missing out on a bunch of dough by not having instant online access. This is my last plea...if anybody from nicheclips reads the board, call the Netherlands so's I can get my hands on some new porn!! God bless us everyone.

Thanks for the PKF link. That's the kind of shit I'd gladly give over a little cash to see. Looks like the jackpot, although the access problems remain.

Monday, June 16th 2008 - 09:21:28 PM

Name: jhlipton
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Bobjones: Thanks for the PKF link. That's the kind of shit I'd gladly give over a little cash to see. Looks like the jackpot, although the access problems remain.

You can also get PKF (though not Basement) clips through Necrobabes (URL above). These are available immediately via credit card.

There was supposed to be a rework of NicheClips (including a split-off of the "crush" stores -- I can't imagine there's much crossover between snuff/necro and "crush"), but I'm not sure if it's still on-going. We can hope for the best.

Tuesday, June 17th 2008 - 02:07:58 AM

Name: Dave

Hey Ralphus, I just wanted to give you a big shout out for the Detective mag covers. Keep 'em coming!

Does anybody know what's up with Hardcore Abductions? They are not taking new members... anybody email them?

Tuesday, June 17th 2008 - 06:21:33 AM

Name: Silverback
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Dave, In answer to why is not taking any members, let me explain. I did have a members area for quite some time, but it was just too expensive to pay a webmaster to constantly do updates, and I also couldn't keep up with the demand for more content.

However, all of the videos are still available for purchase on the website. Alas, the best part, which was The Stalkers" personal photo album is no longer available. There were TONS of pics, including the times years ago that I shot with the Legendary Judith Wilson.

Tuesday, June 17th 2008 - 08:06:27 AM

Name: Bakerboy
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Forgive me Ralphus but could not help myself with this one :)

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 - 12:37:38 PM

Name: A Canadian
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The next round of DVD releases for ZFX movies has been announced on Video Mayhem.. The latest releases are:

  • Blunt Trauma

  • Blunt Trauma 2: Hard to Swallow

  • Blunt Trauma 3: White Slave

  • The Necklace 2: Stanglehold

It seems to me the trailers for the Blunt Trauma movies looked pretty good, but I'll wait for the official word from Ralphus. I'm not familiar with the Necklace 2: Stranglehold, but Rick certainly deserves points for the clever title.

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 - 04:17:10 PM

Name: mothbrad
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Bakerboy, that clip for boundheat looks great - are you involved in the production? I was pleasantly surprised that there seemed to be actual acting.

A Canadian - Blunt Trauma 2 (Hard To Swallow) is one of the best bondage films I've ever seen - there's a review gushing over the thing on this site. There are some things that might not be to everyone's taste, though, which I tried to describe.

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 - 04:35:09 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

mothbrad: Ah, yes ... don't I feel stupid. I had forgotten about your review, but remembered it immediately as soon as I started reading it.

I've never been a big Penelope fan, and I don't care much for Chandra's schtick when she plays a villain. Still, this one sounds interesting. I think I'll try to check out all three BT films.

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 - 06:29:51 PM

Name: Dave
Homepage URL:

Well, I got the Bushwhacker in and I guess I will have to give this one a medium for GIMP. The acting horrid, the story stupid, the effects innane, the bondage mediocre, but the women were hot. The funny thing was, I was able to pick out the "lesbian" girl as soon as I saw her... too funny. Its worth a rental at netflix, just for the shear stupidity, and hot woman combo.

Got in "Love Sick", and as far as GIMP goes, its lame. The movie is only 8 minutes long, which I guess I missed that somewhere. The story starts with the guy's ex-girlfriend tied to a chair in his basement... good start, but that's as far as it goes. For the next eight minutes the guy begs her to tell her what it was about him that made her leave him. "Did I not listen to you well enough?" he then cuts off his ears... "not a good kisser?" he cuts of his lips and throws them at him... the guy isn't shown, his voice is heard, the cutting is heard, and he's in shadow.

Anyway, he cuts off various body parts, trying to get her to tell him why she broke up with him. Finally, he passes out due to blood loss, his bloody body fallin into view for the first time.

And then she says... "I didn't think you were commited enough."

Oh well, live and learn.

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 - 07:36:03 PM

Name: Bobjones

Thanks for the Necrobabes tip. Most of what's there is snuff fantasy, not quite my thing, but I found a few nice lookin' vids with some torture, including, of course, the PKF. Unfortunately THEIR credit card vendor was down when I tried to order something. Ahhh, the frustrations of a pervert...

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 - 08:37:16 PM

Name: Ralphus
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mothbrad: I can tell you for sure that Bakerboy is definitely not involved in the production for Bound Heat, even though virtually the only time he ever posts, it's about that site. For a while we were getting what looked like other people appearing on the forum, all basically saying the same thing about how great Bound Heat was, but in doing research, I later found out that they all had the exact same IP number, so you do the math.

I've asked Bakerboy on the board and via e-mail to explain why he's always posting about Bound Heat, because he's never actually reviewed any of their movies, or even detailed a single scene that he thought was so great. And after a while, he did finally admit to me via e-mail that he's a member of their affiliate program, which means he's trying to make money by spamming message forums with postings about Bound Heat, even though it's possibly likely that he's never actually seen any of their films at all. I've seen similar posts on Brian's Page (under a different name), just simple picture links to the site with absolutely no comment about the actual content of the movies themselves. I can't prove it was the same person that posted them, but the pattern is the same. I'm not sure exactly how Bound Heat's affiliate program works, but there's a link on their website.

I've told Bakerboy before that we're not going to play his game on our site anymore, which is why he prefaced his link with the "forgive me" line before sneaking in yet another link about Bound Heat. And I allowed it because the content is of interest to the forum. I have nothing against Bound Heat; I just don't like it when people sock puppet and use this board for advertising and don't try to add to any of the other discussions.

My opinion of the Bound Heat "Blood Countess" trailer? Well, it's obviously a polished, professional production, but I'm still not convinced. It seems like a tease to me. The treatment of the woman on the rack looked intriguing, but why do I think what we saw in the trailer is all the further it goes? I would definitely welcome an honest and non-biased review of this or any other Bound Heat movie. Anybody here actually seen their stuff?


A Canadian: The 3 Blunt Trauma movies from ZFX all have worthwhile scenes, and I would recommend all of them. I never collected any footage from The Necklace Part 2 onto my highlights tapes, for whatever that's worth to you. It does star Tabitha Jordan, not one of my favorite ZFX actresses, so that might have had something to do with it. It's been several years, so I don't have any recollection as to its merits or lack thereof. We'll let someone else tackle that one.

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 - 09:45:05 PM

Name: jhlipton
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It looks like Bound Heat reuses scenes from one movie to another, but check out the preview for Raven's Claw -- a bit of whipping, at least.

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 - 10:57:53 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Ralphus, I know what you mean about spamming and being dishonest - Bakerboy's message, to me, seemed to be coming from someone involved in the film, rather than a fan - and there's nothing wrong with that, as such. I mean, if Dan or Rick or VM post something about what they've produced, it's always a cool thing. I also note that these guys (and our other regulars) are very accepting of constructive criticism. (OK, I just thought of an exception, but we'll ignore him).

In this case, the video looks quite good, and even if it's a 'tease', in a sense ... isn't that what Hollywood does as well? Picking out the best two minutes of the film and making a trailer out of it? (And even sometimes including scenes in the trailer that aren't even in the movie).

Either way, I still think it's worth noting when a bondage/nudie/exploitation flick has actual acting, rather than reading. I don't know if I'll drop the money, yet, though.

Thursday, June 19th 2008 - 01:00:45 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Ralphus: Thanks for the assessment of the ZFX releases. Your comments and mothbrad's review have confirmed my own hunch about these titles.

As for that silly Bakerboy post, I wondered what was going on. He said he couldn't help himself, yet when I opened the link, the stills for the movie looked totally lame. I didn't even bother with the trailer.

Thursday, June 19th 2008 - 03:18:13 AM

Name: Brutus

Detective Magazines: I had a few of them way back when, but for the life of me I can't recall what was actually in them. Was it crime fiction? National Enquirer-type stuff? I guess those magazines are a good example of the cover selling the book.

Dave wrote: "Did I not listen to you well enough?" he then cuts off his ears... "not a good kisser?" he cuts of his lips ...

I hope the guy in "Love Sick" didn't ask, "Was I a lousy lay?"

Bound Heat: I remember that flurry of posts by Bakerboy and the other stagenames saying how "Bound Heat" had the best whipping scenes, hottest actresses, etc. He never did answer any of the questions posed by others here.

I've seen "Chained Heat 2," and there's really not enough GIMP material there for a full review, which defeats the purpose of a WIP flick. As I recall, one woman gets chained AOH and the villain sets out instruments of torture, including a whip, but then the scene fades to black and she's killed offscreen. There's also a consensual lesbian scene with Brigitte Nielson ending up in handcuffs in front, but nothing exciting.

I think I also saw "Slave to Love," or whichever one had the women prisoners mining for gems. The leather gags I saw on the cover of the box were actually dust masks! Grrrrrr! Truthfully, I fast-forwarded through most of it. And I believe I saw some of the same footage under another title. The focus of Bound Heat films seems more on semi-consensual lesbianism rather than bondage or torture. The women are hot though and the production values and acting adequate. But I doubt I would recommend the ones I've seen for the true GIMPers on this board.

Thursday, June 19th 2008 - 06:56:18 AM

Name: Dave

Well, ah Brutus, I hate to say it... but yes he did. And, yeah... he did.

Thursday, June 19th 2008 - 09:14:17 AM

Name: Steve Power
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Homepage URL:

I agree that was a difficult position in which to slap her face....her arms were bound overhead. How hard she gets slapped is model dependent. Without the team of special effects and lighting well as crack video editors....we do what we can. Face slapping is best during a blow job....when she doesn't want to do it...or does it wrong....

Check out the new model!!!!! Wendy. She's got that little girl face.

Thursday, June 19th 2008 - 04:07:29 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Steve Power: Is there a direct link to this new model? I searched your site and didn't see her. What movie(s) is she in?

Thanks again to our friend Hank Hobbs, I added another entry to the Rape Scenes in Mainstream Movies Database, this one for Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession. The direct link for the picture page is in my Homepage URL.

Friday, June 20th 2008 - 12:15:54 AM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Click on the above link. It should take you straight to the page with Wendy on it. Lilly white skin and freckled face pout. Also hot little ass. Almost no tits which makes her look younger.

Friday, June 20th 2008 - 01:22:59 AM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Congratulations on making the bondage awards list.


Friday, June 20th 2008 - 01:33:36 PM

Name: Spider
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

All Right

Gimp in the top ten. Congrats Ralphus!!!


Friday, June 20th 2008 - 03:02:02 PM

Name: Brutus

Dave: Uh, thanks for the extra info. I've added Love Sick to my "avoid at all costs" list.

Steve Power: You're right about Wendy's "little girl" look. I thought she could be ideal for the innocent girl-next-door victim until I noticed the tattoos and body piercings. Oh well ...

Friday, June 20th 2008 - 07:34:57 PM

Name: Nightposter
Homepage URL:

Thanks to all the well wishers, here's an update.
Been back to the Doc.
Good news:
The thumb is fine, two stitches to close it up.

Ok news :
The index finger will twitch when I ask it to move, doesn't listen to me yet, doc says it will get better when the swelling goes down.

The rest of the news:
The other three fingers don't respond yet. Doc says this is where he had to "reattach things". He says if I can get the middle finger working again, I should be able to write again. I mentioned to him that I "mess around with toons", he said not to give up my day job just yet.

To those who follow my artworks:
I still have some rescanned and unposted stuff to post, I was learning how to "ink" my sketches using Photoshop, after I master this, I can start showing the un colored stuff- so I'm not quite done yet. and yes I was posting on that gurochan forum, I've stopped as I was the only one for awhile, and I post enough elsewhere anyway (I think they closed the subject now)


Friday, June 20th 2008 - 08:49:48 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
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Homepage URL:

Hey all:

Been a really long time since I posted. Ralphus is always after me to post, but I really don't have the time these days. I don't even read the forum any longer -- and I used to read every post. Hey all:

Another reason is I don't like polls much. To me a post like "I agree with B from the list" isn't very interesting. I understand why Ralphus runs them in an attempt to generate some discussion, but there's usually more of the response I mentioned than any real discussion. Of course, you can always rely on a few posters to offer some provocative thoughts.

Another reason I occasionally don't post is fear. Some things I might have an opinion about seem too dangerous to discuss. Perhaps I am paranoid, but if you run any adult websites these days, paranoia is a very reasonable reaction. I have wanted to post about some of the past political discussions, but I don't want to end up getting hassled or worse for expressing an opinion that draws some unwanted attention.

But I have a reason to post now, though I hope it isn't too spammy. I am offering an affiliate program for those who refer sign-ups to my new site, I have begun to create hosted galleries (just like Hogtied, etc.) so if you run a free site where you host content provided by other producers, I could be an addition to your revenue stream.

Even if you don't, just join and put up a banner and you may make a few bucks off of referrals.

But enough with the sales pitches.

The only thing I want to comment on the recent discussion about billing companies. It is very hard to find one that enables web activity. I lost a billing company this year -- along with more than a month of revenue they simply didn't send me. I seriously thought about just taking the site down when that happened -- I am still struggling to recover financially from it.

I could apply for a merchant account, as someone mentioned, but that usually involves some heavy upfront investment, and it often ties up a huge chunk of cash required by keeping a minimum balance in the bank. That's probably not a reasonable option for me, and I'm doing well (relatively speaking).

The fact is your average producer isn't getting rich providing content. Not only is there far less money to be made these days (for whatever reason, the economy, theft of content, whatever), but there is a real fear of being hassled or even charged with obscenity.

Would I win if that were to happen? No.

Not because the first amendment doesn't still apply, but because I would be completely bankrupt before the jury was even seated. Larry Flynt could win an obscenity case, I couldn't. Most producers don't have the dough to fight such a case indefinitely.

As to theft of content, back when I was more active on the GIMP forum I watched people actually argue that theft of content is acceptable.

It's not like a producer doesn't have to pay to produce. We pay for models, for props, for equipment and a whole host of other things. To be honest it was those folks who argued that they had a right to effectively "steal" from me and other producers that contributed to my lack of posting.

But I struggle on. But if you think about it, there have been a lot of sites that have gone away in the past four or five years. Certainly some of them deserved to, there was a lot of hack work out there, but others just couldn't make enough $$$ or handle the potential legal hassles and just threw in the towel.

I hope things may change someday soon, but who knows -- really?

If we would all rise up and write our politicians and the major charge card banks, things might change. But realistically; who's gonna write to a bank or a politician saying "Your policies are screwing up my porno habits." I wouldn't do it.

Let's face it, even the most "out" among us doesn't share our likes and dislikes with our wider circle of friends, who's gonna try and change govt/banking policy by going public?

Is there a solution? I really don't know. But it is getting pretty tough to run an adult web based business these days. If things had been like this 10 years or so ago, there wouldn't be any Dan Hawke. I would still be at the day job.

And now we come to the last reason for my lack of posting. A post like this takes some time to write. My experience here in the past has been "for every thousand words I write, I get back one word."

"If a post falls in the forum and no-one replies, did it really happen?"

We'll see if that's changed any...

Keep on truckin' guys, perhaps I will post again some day - sooner rather than later.

~Dan Hawke

Saturday, June 21st 2008 - 11:41:39 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Nightposter: Hey, good to see you're on the mend. Doctors can do amazing things these days. It will likely take some time, but keep working with it and hopefully you'll be able to resume your artwork eventually.


Spider: Wow, we haven't heard from you for years. Glad to see you drop by. For those who don't recognize the name, Spider is one of the more renowned bondage photographers and runs


Dan Hawke: Likewise, we haven't seen you around these parts for quite a while. It's really good to see you back here.

I agree with what you said about the polls. I put polls up on the forum to encourage discussion, and it's really not all that interesting when someone just gives a one sentence answer without explaining why he thinks that way. We have some knowledgeable readers who could really add a lot to the site if they would only take the time to post, but most of them lurk. Lately especially, things have been kinda slow around here and even some of our regulars haven't stepped it up. It's not easy running a discussion site when apathy runs rampant on the Internet, but we manage to survive. We just need help from the rest of you.

As far as fear of expressing your opinion, my guess is that once Obama takes office in January, things might be a little more relaxed. The censorship-happy Bush clan will be gone and with 2257 losing in court battles, hopefully things will be a little easier for adult producers to do their jobs.

In the meantime, God bless producers like Steve Power who haven't been afraid to stop by and give their opinions, and I know he's actually been a victim of governmental interference himself, as have quite a few others. In fact, I don't know of any adult site that hasn't been affected. Like you said, some have closed down and others have found ways to adjust. The restrictions are totally unfair and probably illegal, but nobody's going to come to the aid of the adult industry. You guys are all alone out there.

Also, I know it takes time to post, so don't feel like you have to write a 500 word essay every time you stop by. We're all busy, myself included, so don't think of posting as some chore you have to do that you're putting off. If you have an opinion, just stop by and say a few words if that's all you have time for. The important thing is that you're expressing yourself and sharing with others.

And certainly, the same goes for the rest of you. It doesn't take that long to post, and feedback is incredibly important for a discussion page. Take 5 minutes, take 10 minutes, whatever you can. If you think what you have to say isn't that important...guess what, you're wrong! We wouldn't have survived 9 years if everyone felt that way.

In a few weeks, we'll be celebrating our Independence Day. Men died to give us the right to free speech, and part of that freedom is why we have this forum devoted to our nasty indulgences. Let's talk it up and show everyone that we're proud of who we are and we're glad we have a place to meet and talk freely about what turns us on. We're counting on all of you, so come on out and express yourself.

Saturday, June 21st 2008 - 02:22:36 PM

Name: Dave

Hey Dan Hawke! I'll respond, because I love your work, and have subscribed to your site, on and off for years. Keep up the good work, and am certainly glad to hear your side of the story on merchant issues.

While I'm more into story element photo set (like Lorelei's Force Fantasies), I certainly appreciate some straight bondage sites like yours.

Take care.

Saturday, June 21st 2008 - 02:25:41 PM

Name: Boilerplant

Dan Hawke

Another reason I occasionally don't post is fear. Some things I might have an opinion about seem too dangerous to discuss. Perhaps I am paranoid, but if you run any adult websites these days, paranoia is a very reasonable reaction. I have wanted to post about some of the past political discussions, but I don't want to end up getting hassled or worse for expressing an opinion that draws some unwanted attention.


You're making this forum sound like a Yahoo or Google group. :}

You're right that if you say anything there you will sure get someone mad at you and you don't know what they will do. On those groups you have to worry the moderator will ban you and then you have to get a new ID and see what they are doing. Politics? I have a poster on my group if I say "Blue" he will say "Green" just to start a fight.

Sunday, June 22nd 2008 - 02:35:11 AM

Name: Brutus

Dan Hawke wrote: ... who's gonna write to a bank or a politician saying "Your policies are screwing up my porno habits."

Sad but true. With the exception of my wife, this is pretty much the only venue where I talk about my fetishes. In fact, you guys probably know more about the stuff I really like than she does. I don't think anyone can fault you for your apprehension to discuss politics here, especially in this political climate. But I do hope you post on this forum when you have the chance. You provide valuable insight into the industry and have many fans here.

Nightposter: I hope there is more good news on the way. Hang in there.

Sunday, June 22nd 2008 - 11:14:05 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dan Hawke wrote:

My experience here in the past has been "for every thousand words I write, I get back one word."

"If a post falls in the forum and no-one replies, did it really happen?"

We'll see if that's changed any...

I hear you, Mr. Hawke. If you scroll through the posts for June 2008, it appears I am on my way to setting a GIMP record for the largest number of posts in a single month that failed to get any response. I'm not making this up -- I invite any doubters to scroll through the posts and check the record. Actually, I hope I have set the record. I would hate to think a single GIMPer -- be it me or anyone else -- has had a worse month.

But that's the way it happens, sometimes. What can be done to get more dialogue going? I don't know. I agree with some of the comments about the polls, but I don't have any better alternatives. Like any forum of this size, we have our ups and our downs. Overall, I think we do a pretty good job generating discussion.

(As an aside, at the Canadian School of Japanese Film Reviews, we don't consider a thousand words to be all that long).


Nightposter: Like the others, I am pleased to hear there has been some progress, and I hope things continue to improve.


I don't know if there are any GIMPers in Pittsburgh (it doesn't strike me as much of a GIMP town), but if there are any locals who read this board and might be visiting the Blush strip club, be sure to say hi to "Sunny" from the Canadians. She'll understand.

Monday, June 23rd 2008 - 04:39:29 PM

Name: Spider
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Hello again all. I don't think it has been years since I posted Ralphus but it has been a while. Been tied up with a mainstream movie production and my bondage production has suffered a bit while working on that. I am back and taking on more editing work now so watch for new stuff.

Good to see Dan post too, a lot of what he said hits home with me as well. We started on the net about the same time and have faced, and do face many of the same concerns. One of the reasons I seldom post is I never wanted to seem spammy on a board like this. I do read it often but seldom reply. Being a producer tends to have some folks see you in a different light. I'll try to be more active as it stays light and fun!!

Still love your stuff Dan, we should get together and do a joint shoot one of these days!!!

Monday, June 23rd 2008 - 05:45:17 PM

Name: MasterDetective
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Just a couple quick things I wanted to comment on: first of all, we can't be "afraid" to express ourselves, more especially not if we are Americans. The right to free expression is a God-given right to all people, and in the case of America it is enshrined in the founding documents of the nation, so there's no excuse for shying away from defending the right that many great people died to bring us.

About Obama, he may or may not be President. It's hard to tell.. he certainly has the popular support, but he may be somewhat anti-Establishment for the war faction in Washington. We'll see.. but that said, don't think Obama is going to "fix" your problems. You have to fix your own problems.. Politics does not replace freedom. You have to fight for your own freedom, not delegate it to some slick-talking politician in Washington, who's going to betray that trust.

Finally Dan, we might want to talk more later. I'm launching a new Web site tomorrow (at least, that's the schedule). It's a "free" site in some sense, and I could use your free galleries. It's really more than that: a GIMP-friendly version of YouTube. Lots of streaming content (and pic stills), done up in a community-style manner w/ ratings, comments, tagging and comprehensive search.. Maybe a cross between the old USENET and YouTube.. I dunno. Actually I don't want to oversell it yet, I guess tomorrow is really when I'll be entering the public-beta test. But it should be fully online by the end of the week.

Hopefully you GIMPers will like it.. I think there's a demand for this kind of product, esp when you see all the GIMP vids that get banned from YouTube

That's it for now.. I'll check in later shortly!

Monday, June 23rd 2008 - 06:23:13 PM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Dan and A Canadian: Hey guys, I feel your pain.

I think if we conducted a poll and asked for a show of hands for anybody who has ever posted and NOT gotten a response. I think everybody's hand would be up. It has happened to us all.

People don't respond for whatever reason, apathy, they're busy, the subject doesn't interest them or they just want to lurk. The bottom line is that they didn't respond.

Don't take it personally. If you post ten times and people respond to three of them, in baseball you would be batting .300.

Monday, June 23rd 2008 - 06:56:39 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Dan Hawke wrote:

My experience here in the past has been "for every thousand words I write, I get back one word."

"If a post falls in the forum and no-one replies, did it really happen?"

We'll see if that's changed any...

I can tell you that in my experience in running any kind of an Internet group, BY FAR the number one problem is a lack of feedback. I'm sure our friend Mike the Boilerplant will heartily agree. A few people contribute and a huge percentage say nothing at all, not even a simple "thank you" once in a while. It makes someone reluctant to post if no one responds. You feel like you're wasting your time and no one's even reading it. It's like you're posting into a huge vacuum. And eventually people get frustrated and don't try again. What's the use?

Hey, it affects me, too. I'm the one running this forum, and it takes some work on my part to get discussions going and to get others to contribute. I think we have great features here, and it's an interesting place to hang out. And even better, we have a boatload of intelligent, astute readers who could be contributing on a regular basis, but some days (especially this past week) we get 2 or 3 posts a day and that's it. Our readership is at a record high, averaging close to 1000 hits every day, and there's no reason we should ever go into a collective slump like we are now, but it still happens.

So here's a topic that will hopefully get us talking.

Our friend Sloth:, one of our regular contributors, recently announced he's going to have to hold back on reviewing movies this summer because the ladies in his home will be there and presumably taking up his time (I'm assuming he's talking about his wife and/or daughters). And Brutus mentioned that the guys reading the forum here probably know more about the stuff he really likes than his own wife.

That got me thinking about my own situation, and our other readers.

Assuming you have one, how do you think your (wife/girlfriend/significant other) would react if she knew about your fetish? Or does she know?

Are you open about your fantasies or do you have to keep your fetish and/or stash of goodies secret from others?

Personally, I think this is a real interesting topic, and since this is a totally anonymous forum, there's really NO REASON why ANYONE should be hesitant to take a few minutes and respond. The only wrong answer is not to reply at all, so let's see all you pervs tell us about your own situation. We all have the right to free expression, so let's use it and get this board active again. This should be fun. Make me proud, guys.

Monday, June 23rd 2008 - 08:09:44 PM

Name: JoeWrappe
E-mail address:

GIMP POLL: Assuming you have one, how do you think your (wife/girlfriend/significant other) would react if she knew about your fetish? Or does she know?

Are you open about your fantasies or do you have to keep your fetish and/or stash of goodies secret from others?

Well this is a very interesting question and for me bondage, seeing women bound and gagged has been just a complete obsession. For me it has been very personal in my relationships. Letting my first fiance know about my fetish - led to some experimentation (for which I was really grateful) but ultimately led to her thinking I was really weird and thus calling off the wedding. SO..when I did get married the first time..I kept it hidden - but eventually she found out about halfway thru our relationship - she completely HATED it...this was then one of the reasons for divorce 13 years later. I finally met someone who completely accepted it when I mentioned it to her.

It leads me to ask myself why ? Why do I love bondage so much. I guess I was born with it - I was tying up my sisters dolls at 5 years old. I guess I was/am strange.

Monday, June 23rd 2008 - 09:39:03 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

My reasons for irregularly posting: (a) no time to post what interests me; (b) little that is posted is relevant to my interests.

Although our various tastes often cross in the night, I think we are a lot more different from each other than we are similar.

I went through most of the postings from June:

& Japanese films. Zero interest. Asian women don't turn me on.

& Tats and piercings. A often repeated poll question. I did answer this one.

& 30 year old movies being added to a rape database. I can't relate to those old movies. And I probably can't find them where I live. I don't buy or rent stuff on the Internet, I do so at my local store (often so I can make copies and time shift.)

& Links to "broken" websites. Many of you have greater tolerance for all the broken Internet cruft required by sites like myspace or yahoo groups. Onerous registration practices just to get to a web site, use of flash and javascript and cookies - ugh - sorry, but I have been on the Internet since the Internet used to be good. I will never buy in to Web 2.0 crap. I'm sick of web sites locking off their content with pre-access hassles.

& Ditto with the anti-free-use diatribes I read here sometimes (sorry, Dan). Yes, it is absolutely a problem figuring out how to make money from digital content. But it is not my problem, it's yours. The problem should not be solved by reducing technical freedom. I don't know what the answer is, but it's not that. If I could buy your dvds at my local store for $4 a pop, Dan, I would.

& Rampant fear. I just can't relate to these types of posts. I don't jump through the myspace kinds of hoops not because I am afraid of them, but because I am annoyed by them - big difference. I'm not sure why so many here are afraid of their own shadows. (Okay, producers, yes, I can understand that better). But posts about the sca-a-a-a-ary government and the sca-a-a-a-a-ary geek squad store, I don't get it. Like someone else posted, people died for our freedoms. Be proud of them and use them and if you can't bring yourself to aggressively go outwards and fight for them (writing your credit card company), at least don't shirk and fail to defiend yourself when challenged. This is still America, and always will be, if you want it.

& Horror films. What is up about all the posting about horror movies? I like bondage because of sexual interplay, not for damaging violence. Yes, maybe those are the only movies where people can get their bondage fix nowadays, but post about something else if that is the case. Maybe a website you like.

& Ridiculously long reviews. No disrespect to you guys who write them, I honor your efforts and sharing. But ... I just have a hard time reading them. Most people aren't good writers, they just run everything together. I would rather read shorter reviews, or ones which are better organized internally e.g. with sections labelled.

& Torture and hags. Sorry, but so many of the links here are to either unattractive older women (imo) or to torture sites. None of that is appealing to me. Why would I chat about it if it doesn't appeal to me?

The list could go on and on. I don't write it to offend anybody. I remain interested enough to lurk and to read and to often marvel at how different you all are and the wide variety of human tastes that exist even in what is usually thought of as a "narrow" topic like ours. But the things I really like, few are posting about.

Yes, yes, I know, the truthful response to what I have just said (I can just hear Ralphus saying this right now) is, , hey. if I want certain topics posted about, I should post about them myself. And that criticism of me would be entirely accurate.

But I barely have time. And I rarely do find the stuff that *I* like anywhere. The closest I can ever find is some amateur teen website that throws on a rare picture of some college coed handcuffed to the bed. But those pictures are so few and far between it makes little sense to form a post about one.

Okay, once again, no offense fellas - it's not you, it's me, ha ha. But for those of you wanting an honest explanation, there's mine for what it is worth.

On to the poll. My significant others enjoy my tastes, in practice. But we rarely share porn at all, and they don't have the same appreciation for the hard nature of what I like (in comparison to the softer things they like). At most they will do a rare search on shirtless men or something like that on the Internet, that's as far as they are interested in porn at all.


Monday, June 23rd 2008 - 10:00:48 PM

Name: Bobjones

A few comments on varying for the poll, the answer is a resounding "kinda." She knows, but maybe she doesn't understand how much I'm really into it. It's not a problem since she's not that interested in my porn habits. I know that' not a terribly interesting answer, but it's true. We're boringly happily married folk who don't have much left to shock each other about. rock. Let us know when you're up and running.

NON EROTIC POSTING WARNING....Dan Hawke...I actually like reading the board when it gets a bit politicized, just as long as it doesn't stay that way for more than a few posts. I don't want this place to turn into an advocacy group (I'm here for porno dammit!), but knowing more about the hurdles that you guys face to bring up the goods is certainly valuable. We like to think that censorship doesn't happen anymore, but right now the kind of bullshit that credit card agents pull when they get political pressure to do so can really fuck life up for anybody who makes a living at this. It's like the old days of the cops raiding porn shops. People generally didn't get prosecuted in a serious way, but it was a method of harassing people out of business.

And yeah, if Barack Obama wins life will be easier for pornographers for the next 4-8 years. Not to get into any kind of political endorsing, but the plain truth is that in the U.S. the big enemy of free speech is fundamentalist Christian activism, and those people have a longstanding relationship with the Republican party. They are never gonna get rid of abortion, but they can get their friends jobs in the justice department so that they can go around testing the first amendment. (Certainly McCain would do less of this than Bush.) And yeah, if you're Larry Flynt, this is just a nuisance, but it's probably terrifying if you're Dan Hawke. Dropping a few pervs is a small concession to make if you're some internet service providing financial agent wanting to avoid flack. I'm not being partisan or paranoid by the way. Alberto Gonzolas was writing memos about a plan to start going after pornographers when the bomb dropped on the while prosecutor firing scandal. I think that bondage producers and BDSM activists (there are a few out there) might need to someday get a kinky version of the ACLU together to raise some hell so that we can masturbate in peace. Or maybe the original ACLU can start paying more attention to this. PERVERTS UNITE!

BACK TO PORN.....anybody seen Julie Simone's "Audition"? It's a pretty hard core looking BDSM/rape movie that's getting some attention from the "Mainstream Porn" community (it got an AVN nomination). It looks pretty intense, and I'm on the verge of buying it (amazingly, my mostly crummy local porn shop has it), but I dunno. Any reviews?

Monday, June 23rd 2008 - 10:07:31 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Canadian: If you scroll through the posts for June 2008, it appears I am on my way to setting a GIMP record for the largest number of posts in a single month that failed to get any response.

I responded to a post on June 5th (Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 09:29:57 PM). That's only about a half-a-month ago. And now, you have to reset your clock!

Assuming you have one, how do you think your (wife/girlfriend/significant other) would react if she knew about your fetish? Or does she know?

My gf (and, some day, wife) knows my fetishes and enjoys some of them (bondage, spanking, light asphyxiation). I hit the jackpot with this one and not just because she knows and enjoys these things.

Are you open about your fantasies or do you have to keep your fetish and/or stash of goodies secret from others?

I TRY to be open with her, but I still get a bit embarrassed (especially when I'm jacking off to a woman being "beaten")!

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 01:02:09 AM

Name: Thees van Kemp
E-mail address: albertg34@hotmail,com

Great Poll Question!!!

G'day Gimpers

I'll first say that I have been married for 13 years..., married life is good, But we give each other plenty of space and we don't get in the way of each other's interests.

She is comfortable with my pornographic interests....the vanilla ones that is -(after all we have seen a few films together), she knows that I have more extreme stuff in my secret 'vaults' and is fine with that., and being sensitive and intelligent beings that we are we are able to distinguish between reality and fantasy - and fantasy is required for a 'healthy mind'

I'm fairly open to discuss any fantasies with my wife, however extreme Bondage does not interest her. I usually keep my goodies (yes, they are many, nearly 26 years of intense 'collecting', vanilla from the 1970, 80, 90 and the new millennium and other more 'extreme' material, but I'm very careful whom I discuss the latest ZFX release or even a Vanilla film with Jesse Jane' there are many PC / moral brigade folks out there who will end a friendship because you have a 'questionable' interest.

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 01:23:43 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

To think I inspired a Gimp poll question - I am bloated with acceptance - Can I get like a wall plaque or something? - in the few available minutes let me chime in - the wife is completely aware of my interests though we are no longer active - and I can discuss my interests with anyone without anything hidden - my summer hiatus results from two teenage girls who monopolize our lone computer all summer - they are shopping today so I can post - no need to expose them to dad's perversion, think they'll figure it out soon enough.

On the subject of responses to posts I rather think Mike from Brooklyn has it right - I'll take a .300 batting average anytime. Take zee-ef-ex's latest post. He brings up a number of points such as Japanese films which he doesn't like and I do. He mentions long winded movie reviewers being boring of which I am one. I simply have no response since I will continue to do what I do and like what I like. No snub intended, I simply have nothing to say concerning that post.

Dan Hawke - Dan, good to see your contributions - I have truly enjoyed your efforts over the years - perhaps I can get to a long winded review on one of your works come fall :).

Nightposter - again glad to hear things are coming along and the best to you.

A Canadian - I for one will be quite happy to see you set that record for non-responses. Takes a burden off the rest of us. And your Canadian film review school - we have a sister site, Texas Oriental Bondage and Rape Film Reviews Made Easy - as you can tell from my writing skills, I am a charter member.

Stay Well All

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 08:06:55 AM

Name: Penitent

Been a while :)

First, who is behind the "artistic embellishment" of the men's magazine cover? Great work! I love those old pulp and sweat covers, but you've just given me pervy inspiration to try remaking some of them myself! Now for the poll response. I'm not lucky enough to have a gf, but if I did, I wouldn't stay with her long if I didn't think she'd accept my "interests". It's a waste of time trying to hide or pretend with someone, so I don't want to exert the energy :)

Do I keep things secret? Well, I don't walk around in a gimp outfit carrying a dildo in one hand and a whip in the other, lol! I don't go to fetish events or anything. So I guess you could say I keep it a secret. But if you live with someone, they will eventually find out, and you will be miserable until they do. My two centavos.

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 08:33:24 AM

Name: Spider
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hey Gang

What an interesting question and I like the responses so far. Lady S is fully aware of my interest in BDSM and my other twisted fantasies as well. It was such a large part of my life before we met it was a prerequisite before I would have considered settling down with someone. In fact she has often worked on many of the shoots I have done and has even snapped many of the images. Having her on set tends to relax the models and reassure them that it is legit work and not just some perv getting his rocks off. Plus the fact that every piece of equipment or tie I have ever used was tested on her first. That way I knew the best way without having to experiment on a model. She is what I call my piss poor sub (she is actually a practicing Mistress) but she puts up with a lot to make our product better.

20 years together next month for and us and they have all been kinky.

Looking forward to reading more


Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 12:10:31 PM

Name: elcid75
E-mail address:

Hey!! Ralphus!! You told us there was no reason to answer the poll and how interesting it was -- then YOU didn't answer it??!!!

My SO (married 32 years) knows about my interest and on occasion participates. She also knows I have a long relationship with a sub who is totally into sharing bd, roleplaying, mild pain etc. that I see fairly regularly. And before you ask -- this is a personal not professional relationship.

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 01:55:44 PM

Name: purpleviking
E-mail address:

Hey Spider congrats on your 20 years!! The wife and I have been married 24 years this month.

As far as the poll goes, I also had an interest in seeing a nice looking women tied up on TV at first. Like Batgirl, Ginger and Mary Ann, that type of stuff.

I really got hooked when the internet came around for me. One day the wife asked me to try this on her and she liked it. She's just into the lighter stuff not heavy whipping and the likes.

We have even gone the next step as to doing it outside. Having a state park real close to us, when we go camping and the park is not busy, I have had her tied up many times in our campsite.

But we always make sure we are pretty much alone. Also been a couple of times when We have done it out in the woods. I really like doing this, it makes it more exciting than doing it at home.

As always I enjoy everyone's post you can always learn something new even if I don't post.

Keep up the good work Ralphus!!!

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 02:05:30 PM

Name: richard
E-mail address:

No, I don't have to keep it a secret from the wife. She likes to get tied up sometimes. Yes, I do keep it a secret from the people that I work at but, I shouldn't though. There's a few female workers that I would like to tie up. Sometimes, when walking my dogs and if I pass by a female. I would ask her if she would like to get tied up. Most times it fails but, once in a while I get one that says yes.

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 03:04:02 PM

Name: Dave

Well, this is an interesting question. I previously posted about the pussy whipping I gave my girlfriend a while back, so it is obvious that she knows and shares my interests. What I fail to mention is that she is my side. We've "been together" for 6 or 7 years, and we are married... but not to each other.

My wife doesn't share my interests, and really is something of a fridged prude... which has become almost unbearable over the years. We've been married 21 years, and to say the fire is out would be an understatement. My GF finds herself in the very same predicament, but we consider the kids here over our own desires.

Well, that delved a little into TMI, but I find my self in an interesting position, and wonder if others have done the same?

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 03:26:35 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Good poll, and good answers so far. I've told friends (male and female) about my interests, and most of them have either not really understood, or have thought that it was no big deal. It's a prerequisite now, if I have a relationship, that she knows about it, because it's not something I want to have 'uncovered', ruining a good relationship.

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 03:29:57 PM

Name: Brutus

First of all: A Canadian: I hope you guys untied Sunny when you were done. (I had to respond to your post because I think I may own the monthly record for most unresponded-to posts, and it's a record I want to keep :-)

Poll: As I said, the wife knows I like seeing women tied up. If we're watching TV or a movie together and a woman appears on the screen bound and gagged, the wife will give me a little nudge and a knowing smile. She's OK with real-life light bondage. I believe she knows I like the harsher stuff, but it's something that she's not interested in. And yes, these are things we keep to ourselves.

It's been said already, but my advice to any GIMPer planning to get married is to make sure your spouse accepts or at least has an open mind about your fetishes. This is something that is impossible to hide forever from your life's partner.

Great responses so far. I really enjoy these polls that touch on our personal lives. I hope to hear from people who do hide their fetishes from their wives or girlfriends because I have had the same experiences.

zee-ef-ex: I can see how it might be tough to comment here if 99 percent of the topics or posts aren't interesting for you.

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 05:34:08 PM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Ralphus: great poll. If this doesn't evoke responses nothing will.

Brutus: You said: "If we're watching TV or a movie together and a woman appears on the screen bound and gagged, the wife will give me a little nudge and a knowing smile."

I had to laugh. When I was married (I'm divorced now), I tried to get my wife into bondage. On a rare occasion, she would accommodate me, but she was never really into it.

If bondage appeared on mainstream TV, I would turn to her and give her an evil smirk, which translated meant: "how about it, baby". In turn she would roll her eyes, as if to say: "in your dreams, honey".

However, there was this ONE time, when she did something that really pissed me off and I didn't talk to her for two days. Finally, on the third night, she walked into the bedroom. I was laying on the bed watching a Yankee game.

She was wearing some very very sexy lingerie that I had never ever seen before. In her left hand was a roll of silver duct tape and in the right hand was some clothesline. She had bought these things for this occasion. She said in a very sultry voice: "Do you want to tie me up?". Nothing else was said.

I almost creamed in my pants, not to mention, I did what she asked and I even forgot what I was mad at her for.

To answer the second question: Am I open about my desires? The answer is an adamant: NO! I am a tenured professor. I have two grown children, a son who is a senior at the University where I teach and a daughter who is a sophomore there as well. If it were to get out that their dad liked to see women tied, gagged and abused, transferring my kids to a new school would be the least of my problems.

Back in grad school, I did live with a "crazy chick" who was into all sorts of shit, after all it was the 70s. She loved to be tied up. Often times, I would come home and find her hog tied and gagged squirming on the bed. She was into self bondage. Alas, long relationships can not be based strictly on sexual preferences. You do have to talk to each other once the gag is taken from her mouth. I opted for sanity over sex, Bummer!

Penitent: you hit the nail on the head brother when you said: "I'm not lucky enough to have a gf, but if I did, I wouldn't stay with her long if I didn't think she'd accept my "interests". It's a waste of time trying to hide or pretend with someone."

Currently, I have been seeing a woman for three years now. I have yet to bring up the subject. I'm waiting for the right time. Our sex has been of the vanilla variety. I guess, I'm a little apprehensive. But, if she is the right one then she has to know what I'm into. Also, on another subject since I now live alone, I don't need to stash away my treasures.

Sloth and A Canadian: It's obvious that you guys enjoy writing a good short story, as do I. The three of us love to go off when we write reviews. If people want to read them, then fine, If they don't, then don't. Stick by your guns, brothers.

Nightposter: Hang in there, brother.

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 08:45:01 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Brutus wrote:

Great responses so far. I really enjoy these polls that touch on our personal lives.

Yeah, I do, too. We're all here because of our common interest in extreme bondage fantasies, and sometimes the well runs a bit dry when we limit ourselves to just discussing our video viewing choices. The forum needed a good topic to get us rolling again so I went with it.

This is a nice change once in a while. Our individual stories are sometimes even more interesting to read about than the stuff we watch. And since we're all friends here, I figured why not share our own experiences?

There are a few who feel differently that their personal lives are off-limits on a public forum, and I can respect that, especially from some of the producers who obviously can't hide behind the veil of anonymity. But since 99% of us are total strangers, known only by our respective screen names, I think it's an interesting topic, and it appeals to all of us because we've all had the same situation come up in our lives, and obviously some of us deal with it in different ways than others.

I don't have a current girlfriend, although I lived with a girl for a couple of years. And yes, she was into bondage (although our play was not as rough as I would have liked). I think the fact that she liked to get tied up was probably the factor that pushed me over the edge when it came to inviting her to live with me. It was a decision made below the belt.

Right now I don't date at all, but if I did, I would make sure I knew her really well before bringing it up. It's not something most women are going to be accepting of, even if they have a natural curiosity. If you can find someone like that, grab her and keep her. You might have to tie her down so she doesn't get away, but that's what we like to do to them anyway, right?

As far as hiding my stash, well, if I had people over, I'd probably take down some pictures off my walls and close the doors to my closets that are full of bondage videos and paraphernalia. Most of my best friends are online buddies and they all know what I'm into, so I don't have to hold anything back from them. In fact, pretty much all of them are into the same perverted pleasures I am, so that just makes it easier. I'm more comfortable communicating with them online than I am with most of the people I know in the actual flesh.

Keep up the chatter and let's hear some more responses to the poll. Fascinating stuff so far.

Tuesday, June 24th 2008 - 10:27:28 PM

Name: boilerplant


Assuming you have one, how do you think your (wife/girlfriend/significant other) would react if she knew about your fetish? Or does she know?

Are you open about your fantasies or do you have to keep your fetish and/or stash of goodies secret from others?

Most of my friends know that I spend way too much on line. Most of them just don't know how much. As to the few Females what most of them think is Kinky is handcuffs and feathers,,,,,,,,,,,,,Me would be Wooden Stocks and a Live Chicken.

Amazing how many times I would post a picture I find and someone will say I had an ex wife or ex old lady that I would do that too. I'm thinking one of the most used and viewed bondage devices would be a futon frame. Anyone that has ever tried to sleep on one of those things knows they are more of a torture device than furniture.

My Parents are both passed away but that would have been the thing you wouldn't want to let them find out. You always see that when they are interviewing Mom. He was such a good boy and never would do that.

Remember the "Man Show" on Comedy Central? They had a skit where minutes after they found out you died they would clean up your secret pass so your loved ones would not be embarassed. If you look it might still be on You Tube

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 02:44:53 AM

Name: Pepe
E-mail address:

I like whipping

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 05:36:06 AM

Name: goodhands
E-mail address:

My fetish(es): my wife is not interested. I've finally figured out that she's one of those women who have No Need For Intimate Contact. The less interest she has in pleasing me the more interest I show in developing my kinky side. The saddest thing is that she probably represents a large proportion of American women. Meaning that an equally large percentage of American men are also caught between children, material things, accumulated wealth and divorce. The level of male frustration must be quite high. What a shame when a female can be 'any woman' and doesn't want to or doesn't care. No wonder therefore that so many of us virile men want our women naked, restrained, spread eagle, vulnerable and abused! Ah the act of taking and using - delightful.

Regarding toys, playtime et al, with the life I describe above they too must be hidden from view. What a shame. There is so much to share between two (or more) people: Trust, excitement, a touch of fear tempered by trust, a bit of pain tempered by trust, and ah, wondrous pleasure beyond any expectation. The mental and physical pleasures derived from kinky play are a treasure chest available to anyone but reserved for those who seek to learn and experience. Too bad there is not a clearing house where like-minded folks can meet and get together. goodhands

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 07:53:22 AM

Name: Penitent

Kudos again to the artiste behind the latest modified men's mag cover, whoever they may be :) Great work!

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 08:20:40 AM

Name: Nightposter
Homepage URL:

All of my partners have known about my fantasies from the start. I write and draw about some of them in my works, "Kim" was more DiD than I was and refined my fantasies. "Alice" was introduced to me my matchmaker "Kim" before she left (loong story there)..My wife knew my fantasies before the third date, and we "played" for years. She hurt her back at work and that ended play time about 10 years ago. She still puts up with my art, she can see that drawing calms me and acts as stress relief. We are in our 50's now so there isn't a lot of urge on our part to play around anymore anyway (except for Viagra time).

On a side note, I now have control over another finger! The middle two are still "on vacation" and I'm not going to rush anything yet.

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 09:58:30 AM

Name: chase
E-mail address: chase1959

I'm tweaking the latest poll a bit.

If your girl/woman/exwife agreed to accommodate your bondage desires sometimes, on a limited basis, what was that 'limited basis'?

Did you bang her while she was tied up? If so, how was she tied? Was she gagged?

Did you tie her arms behind her back or over her head?

Did you use rope or handcuffs?

Would she agree to be tied spread-eagle (lucky man, if so)

How about a hog-tie?

No tying in this house, but if I'm tying a woman, and I'm remembering my college days here, I like wrists behind back. I like the way a woman's shoulders curve and elbows bend and breasts thrust forward when her wrists are behind her.

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 10:35:40 AM

Name: Will the Bloody
E-mail address:

Great poll, I just had to step in on this one. Speaks at great length to me.

I've been into bondage since before I can remember, and certainly found a whole new world when I wandered into the adult movie section and picked up a Sally Roberts video...but that's another story...

I'm currently officially single, but have 4 regular play partners with whom I'm enjoying some incredible times with. Bondage sessions go from 3 to 15 hours...from rough sex to actually dropping a girl in the trunk of my car and driving to a hotel (btw...a small car might save on gas, but it makes it cramped for a hogtied girl)

Am I open about what I enjoy? Only those I play with...and with girlfriends it's always a tough road to travel. I offer this story to share:

My ex-fiance and I enjoyed a healthy sexual relationship for a few months before I started hinting about what I enjoyed. She let me tie her up, gag her, be rough with her, etc...and she seemed to enjoy it. Anyways, one day she finds my Insex videos and is SHOCKED by them...she just can't understand how I could enjoy things like that. I, of course, express that just because I watch it on video doesn't mean I'd think of doing that to her. I told her to keep an open mind about it...but while she enjoyed being bound during sex to that point, from that moment on she would only call it "perverse" and ask "What's wrong with you?"

Well, the relationship died soon after...but through the magic of and I've found many women with whom I've enjoyed fun times with, and made some very cool friends.

I could never let my friends or family know about just how deep into this lifestyle I am...but I drop hints that I'm into more than the vanilla.

Now, one lady I've played with recently I've enjoyed being at her place often...often enough to have her ask me to put hooks in the ceiling and walls of her bedroom to use for her. When I asked her if she was concerned who would find out she said "Only people who would be in here know what kind of a deviant I am"

Ya gotta love a girl like that...especially when she's suspended by her wrists, hooded and her legs are spread wide to allow her to be taken from behind...

Is it Friday yet???

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 02:09:02 PM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Poll: Yes, my partner knows. She and I act out rape scenes. It is about the only way we have sex. I also act them out with others. On top of that, I teach rope bondage classes. That means I have tied women up, rubbed their pussy and fondled their breasts without ever knowing their name. Woof!

The only women I am likely to ever have any relationship with I meet through my BDSM activities. That means they are well aware of my tastes, and have often participated in some sort of scene with me before I'd ever go out with them. In my upside down world it is finding women compatible with my non-fetish self (what little of it there is) that is a challenge.

I am very open about who and what I am. My boss and anyone else that interacts with me knows I am into BDSM. I don't spell out my particular fetish (rape) unless people want to know. My mother knows. She's been to my website and read my stories. So, all I can say is, "Eat your heart out, guys."

Seriously, I recommend to anyone not in a relationship to be totally honest about who you are as often as possible. It scares away the ones you weren't compatible with in the first place, and attracts the ones who you are compatible with. There are a lot of fish in the sea. Use the right bait to catch what you want.

Ralphus: I found those screen caps to Hot Pistols. They're not the best quality, but I'll try to get them emailed to you tonight. While searching my hard drives for them, I found some other pictures that might interest people here. See below.

Bonk: In the past I have heard requests for more of the Bonk series, or to be more accurate, more scans from the same magazines (Erotisk Tvang) the Bonk series came from. I found some in my collection. The names begin with ET, no doubt for the name of the magazine. The pictorial in the particular issue these were scanned from begins with an interrogation of a man. There is a M/m rape. Later a woman enters the story and is interrogated and raped too. I know many here won't want to see the first half, but I like things complete rather than taken out of context. I'll make the entire series available to those that want it. There are too many I think for the daily picture.


Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 02:11:42 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Poll response: Gol-ly, I'm gonna look like someone straight out of Mayberry compared with some of the posters below. I'm single, don't date all that often, have always had a vanilla sex life, and live in a country where we didn't have access to hardcore bondage material for most of my adult life. Past girlfriends have known I like porn and I've mentioned my interest in bondage materials, but I've never shown anyone the actual titles.

I think I only have one story of interest. A few years back, I was seeing someone who was interested in my collection of mainstream DVD movies. She was curious enough to suggest we watch some of Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS. We watched it for about half an hour, and I guess that satisfied her, as we then turned it off. But even in that situation, I wasn't completely honest. I told her I owned the movie because I was intrigued by its political incorrectness (which is true), but I didn't mention there are some scenes I find arousing.

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 05:12:14 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Fast Times at Slave Island High: In the listing of its latest Japanese titles (June Japanese Update 2), I see Video Mayhem has parts one and two of Shark Special 53, which appears to be about a teacher and some students being sent to Slave Island. I can't wait to see VM's little written descriptions about the action in each film.

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 05:39:32 PM

Name: elcid75
E-mail address:

With my wife--- when she wants to participate it is a full out rape fantasy-- tied (but not to anything), sim-forced vaginal or oral sex.

With my sub--- it is anything I want, I really like to tie and gag her spread-eagled and face down. Bring her close to orgasm with fingers, toys and stop short a number of times, then let her finish while breath deprived or during anal sex (which she loves).

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 05:58:32 PM

Name: Hank
Homepage URL:

A Canadian, you can move over, it's Barney Fife here. Sad to say for me it's all in the closet, nobody knows, in fact I have a deal with Ralphus, when I am on my death bed he will be pulling up to my house with a truck to take away my stash. Unless I get a better offer.

On another note click on the link above for a preview cap from "The Bushwhacker" a 1968 classic. The Actress ( Merci Montello ) is a former Playboy Playmate. This set will be coming to my Yahoo group Friday Night.

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 09:37:44 PM

Name: Graham
E-mail address:

Poll: I'm open and (too) honest with my wife. So she knows about my hobby of Glamour Photography, and my Rope bondage desires and BDSM fantasies. Actually, she only knew about the photography before we were married; the rope bondage and BDSM came later and she's totally vanilla - drat!!

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 10:26:29 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Chase, all of the above :-)

Brutus, I'm going to ruin your record for unresponded to posts, by responding to you. :-) I have been on this forum since almost Day One. Back then we used to mostly discuss ZFX movies. (You know, back when Rick actually used to make ZFX movies). (Just teasing, Rick). ZFX movies rock because they merge all of our tastes. I felt like I had a place in the discussion back then without being a bore.

Concerning the recent poll, I was so glad when I got to Jefferson James' posting, and I can't say enough how I agree with him. Being open opens opportunities. Remember this if you are dating. I realized when I read the responses (and thanks everybody for sharing your personal stories) that many guys got stuck where their girls were unaware or hadn't embraced their lifestyles.

It has been much easier for me because I am open about it. If there is a girl I like and we get into some initial talk, some, hmm, you're interesting relationship banter, my first sexual teasing is always BDSM related (not even consciously, but because of who I am). So she'll say something fresh, and I will joke back something about how girls should be gagged so they won't have a chance to say such things, or, If I was your boyfriend I'd have you tied up and over my knee receiving a blistering spanking before you could even blink for saying something like that to me, or some similar stupid banter like that.

Half or maybe more of the girls don't take the bait. It's the ones who do take the bait and tease back ("Oh yeah? You'd have to tie me pretty good if you wanted me to stay still for that." "Oh yeah? Then you'd better use handcuffs or you might not be able to keep me in place." or "I bet you'd want me to call you "Master" and bow down to your every whim" (my answer of course would be "Yeah") - anyway, these are the interesting girls you want to keep pushing the theme with. Definitely raise the issue early and often.


Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 10:39:24 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Kind of wanted to pass on this poll, but seems like everyone has jumped in. Bondage/sex with g/f have done that of course. Seems everyone knows of VM, being a small town. With regards to family- no issue there. Just about all of them have helped with the business in one respect or another. Bondage/sex one g/f that participated in regular basis enjoyed it when her wrists were tied behind her back, gagged and her ankles were tied and I positioned myself between her her tied ankles for sex.

Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 10:43:52 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

And another thought ... usually the girls who are into what we are into are uneasy about it, too. So by bringing it up you relax them to let down their own hair with you.

You'd be amazed at how much you can learn about a woman's sexual tastes just by doing this. One girl who I have never dated but I know really well as a friend I can tell is a total spankee. SHE is the one who steers any sexual banter situation to that topic, or if the topic is raised speaks knowingly about it enough for those she is comfortable enough to share it with to realize she is totally into it. One time she went into full detail with me about doing spanking correctly and in a way that didn't make you hurt the next day. It was all in the context of sexual joking interplay between the sexes where if she had gotten nervous she could retain plausible deniability that she had been doing anything other than joking, but reading between the lines it was crystal clear she had experience.

Another woman (also a friend only, drats) I made a joking comment about anal sex to once. She acted all shocked and called me perverted (in mock indignation with only a small smile on her face which allowed her to preserve her pretense that she was being the good girl who didn't believe in such things). We see each other only irregularly, but no matter how much time passes she never fails to bring that earlier conversation up. She is telegraphing always how intrigued she is with the topic.

BDSM girls feel the same insecurities. Your bringing it up relaxes them.


Wednesday, June 25th 2008 - 10:52:41 PM

Name: Thanagar

Virtually every woman I've known (including two I currently know) have been into bdsm to some degree. Most of my friends are aware of my interests too, and I simply don't mention it around the ones I think might be offended. A friend of mind commented to me last night that people are getting "looser" in general about sexual matters (a new co-worker of his revealed, for no apparent reason, that his wife is bi-sexual). Who knows where this will all lead?

Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 08:25:16 AM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thanagar: (a new co-worker of his revealed, for no apparent reason, that his wife is bi-sexual)

For no apparent reason? I'll tell you the reason. He was bragging! :)


Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 11:38:50 AM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

Hey guys, I've been on the road a lot lately and haven't been around to post; A few quick comments and questions.

1) On the Poll: It's been a long time since I had a significant other, and my taste were never an issue when I did, but have now become a substitute for a significant other in my old age

2) I'm on a new kick, Zen movie productions, apparently they bought the old Cos-Mor which did a few flicks Ring divas sells. They have one called "Space Heroine Mary" that appears excellent. I have Blue Steel Heroine and Gravure Heroine, both of which are OK. If anyone knows any other sources for their stuff please let me know. Like GIGA stuff, the cost of ordering from Japan is unbelievably prohibitive $88 to $95 per flick.

3) To all of you guys wishing for Obama, just remember this, liberalism means government (or bureaucratic) control of as much as they can get their hands into. Whether it is your Carbon footprint, your investment income, or viewing habits, liberals want to regulate it for the common good. And if you think any of them (on either side) are going to stand up for your right to view bondage flicks, I have some bridges to sell you. It is no coincidence that the countries governed by more liberal governments (Canada-Great Britain) have far more regulations regarding content of viewing material then the US does.

I'll be the first to admit that the current administration is not conservative (leave consenting adults alone). But considering that the goal of liberals is to REGULATE EVERYTHING, why would be surprised if they wanted to regulate editorial content (for the children-of course)? The Steyn case with the Human Rights Commissions in Canada is a great example of this (referred to earlier). And does anyone here really think that women's groups which will have great power in a liberal administration aren't going to make regulation of porn content a priority? It is not near as cut and dried as we proclaim sometimes.

Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 12:37:55 PM

Name: JR
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Yes, it would be tough for me to hide that sort of thing from my wife! I mean afterall, chicks are coming in and out of here on a daily basis. I'd have to come up with some pretty darn good lies to pull that off!



Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 03:03:41 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

elkcreek: I'm betting you will be even more offended by this story about a "human rights" commission hearing in Canada.

Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 04:22:22 PM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

Yep, Canadian, I'm not the least bit surprised. These are the same "show trial" outfits that found in favor of a Seik, because an amusement park "discriminated" against him by asking him to where a helmet for a ride (required by law)! So far the Canadian HRC's have tried 301 cases and have 301 convictions, a record Stalin would be proud of. Sadly Canada is no longer a free country.

I also love todays drawing, I would love to see more of the same with Cheryl Ladd, Winona Ryder, and Natalie Portman for instance. Hint, Hint

Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 05:07:33 PM

Name: John Cohen
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Regarding the Poll:

1. My wife probably would not talk to me for a long time if she finds out my fetish (which is not necessarily too bad sometimes :).)

2. I keep it to myself.


Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 06:13:39 PM

Name: Vince

In regard to the poll, I think my significant other would be shocked that I have bondage and rape fantasies. I think because I come across as a nice guy. I was even told that I was someone who could be trusted. Finding out I have fetish such as this may, if not scare her, disappoint her.

Also, the fact that she may have been sexually abused herself might make it less likely that she might understand.

In fact, the only people who know about my fantasies are people I talk to on the net.

Unless somebody tells me about their fetishes first I would never tell them mine.

Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 07:48:53 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A few comments...

Richard wrote:

Sometimes, when walking my dogs and if I pass by a female. I would ask her if she would like to get tied up. Most times it fails but, once in a while I get one that says yes.

All right, I didn't ask about this one the first time, but I'm still intrigued. You're out walking your dog, you see a female walking by, and you ask her if you could tie her up. And sometimes they say yes??? You win the Gold Medal for ballsiest pick-up line ever! I guess all you have to do is ask. If they say yes, you've got a date. If they say no, well, let's hope she doesn't call the police on her cell phone.


Jefferson James wrote:

On top of that, I teach rope bondage classes. That means I have tied women up, rubbed their pussy and fondled their breasts without ever knowing their name. Woof!

Okay, next to Rick Masters, you officially have the Best Job In The World. How the heck did you get a job like that? Was this something you had to apply for and compete against other applicants? And where would someone go to take a class like that? Is it an elective course at the local university? And could I have taken that instead of Geometry 101 to get enough points to get my degree?


A Canadian wrote:

A few years back, I was seeing someone who was interested in my collection of mainstream DVD movies. She was curious enough to suggest we watch some of Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS. We watched it for about half an hour, and I guess that satisfied her, as we then turned it off.

Oh now, there you go. Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS...that's a good date movie! Talk about making a good first impression. Whenever she thinks about naked women being tortured in a Nazi deathcamp, she'll think of you!

I would have been nervous as heck sitting next to my date with that movie going on in front of her. I'm curious if the decision to turn the film off after a half hour was yours, hers, or a mutual thing. And did you ever see her again?


And Vince wrote:

I think my significant other would be shocked that I have bondage and rape fantasies. I think because I come across as a nice guy. I was even told that I was someone who could be trusted. Finding out I have fetish such as this may, if not scare her, disappoint her.

Heck, we're ALL nice guys. And just because we have fantasies, it doesn't mean we can't be trusted. I doubt seriously that any of us would ever intentionally hurt or rape a woman in real life. It's an inner desire a lot of us have that most of us will never act upon, and it's for that reason that we should all be thankful that there are movies and videos out there to satisfy that urge.

Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 09:52:50 PM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Richard wrote: Sometimes, when walking my dogs and if I pass by a female. I would ask her if she would like to get tied up. Most times it fails but, once in a while I get one that says yes.

I would like to add those must be some fucking kind of dogs.

Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 10:35:08 PM

Name: Unicoi

Now that's a great poll question! To tell or keep it secret? I have done both, depending on the person. Back when I was married, I told my ex-wife and she tolerated it, even let me tie her up once or twice, but she wasn't into it and that made it less fun for me. (When the girl you are having bondage sex with is trying to suppress a smirk, it just kinda takes the whole edge off).

I got divorced about ten years ago (for reasons having nothing to do with my taste for fetish) and since then I have dated a lot but haven't really dated any one person for more than about a year. I have told maybe about half of the girls I dated about at least some of my fetishes and had some good times tying them up and spanking them. Rape fantasy is a fairly common female fantasy (at least among the girls I have dated), although they tend to picture it a little differently than we guys do.

So, why did I only tell half of the girls, and not the other half? Well, the reason is that the other half wouldn't have understood and would have been offended, which I learned the hard way by telling a couple girls I dated about my fantasies that I probably shouldn't have. There were a couple of girls that I really enjoyed hanging out with and having sex with, and our time together was cut short because they couldn't deal with a person who has these types of fantasies, so once they found about, it was time for them to move on.

So, over time I developed a method for determining whether to tell a person about my bondage fantasies. The trick is to raise the subject in a non-threatening way without disclosing that you have any particular interest in the subject. Then gauge the other persons reaction. I find that usually humor works best. For instance, if there is some story on the news or situation in a TV show or movie I was watching with a girlfriend that is at all related to bondage, even in an innocent way, then I would make some casual joke about it and see how she responded. So, for example, if we were watching TV and there was an add for handy wrap cellophane with an attractive girl in the commercial, I would say something like "Too bad this isn't the playboy channel or they could have wrapped her in nothing but handy wrap. Bet that would sell al lot of cellophane." If she laughed or joked back, then I would continue joking with her about it, eventually getting a little more edgy, like maybe saying something like "If they wrapped her arms up she wouldn't be able to resist, now that would be a selling point."

If she had a positive reaction to the conversation, then I would continue it discussing various bondage uses for cellophane, until the conversation would eventually lead to "Gee, have you ever done anything like that before?" To which I would respond, "Well just a couple of times, is that something you would be into?" By that point, I already know she would be into it since she has been talking about it for a while with sexy interest. But I find it helps to bring them around to the subject slowly slowly and not say too much about my fetishes too soon.

If at any time during the conversation she displayed any negative reaction to the subject of bondage, I'd just say "Sorry babe, I was just kidding around. Probably shouldn't have been joking about stuff like that. Let's change the channel and make popcorn." Usually, the girl would either display a positive turned on reaction or a negative disgusted reaction pretty quickly to the first few jokes about the subject.

So, following this method, I am able to get a good sense of whether a girl would be into bondage sex without actually propositioning her for it or letting her know about my fantasies. Thought I'd share because maybe this approach will be helpful others who have girlfriends or wives and are considering whether to share their secret fetishes. Some women will be turned on by it, some will be indifferent and some will be disgusted, so its a big decision whether to tell or not if you want to stay with the person.

Friday, June 27th 2008 - 10:52:44 AM

Name: Master
E-mail address:

I like to bind my woman naked and blindfolded at our nude beach for use by strangerss. This is as close I have come to GIMP

Friday, June 27th 2008 - 05:13:09 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Regards to poll: People or family knowing about the business. Both of my sisters and my father has helped out with the business at one time or another. Friends and girlfriends- all know about the business. My former accountant (passed away) who was also the local mayor knew about the business (had even been on VM site). City's most senior officer (SGT) and close friend knows all about the business. Kind of hard to keep any secrets in a small town.

Friday, June 27th 2008 - 05:30:05 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

Hello all: I would like to be able to say that in my absence, I have been touring the summer premier of my movie (IRONMAN). The sad truth is that I was digging in the yard and overdid it. When I began gasping for air and couldn't breath it led to a panic attack which led to more gasping and next thing I know, I'm treated to an ambulance ride, checked into a hospital, and served some of the worst food I've ever tried to choke down. What started out as acute bronchitis (from my heavy smoking habit) has since led to pneumonia. I'm just now starting to feel quazi-normal and this is the first time I've even turned my computer on in days. Lotsa interesting reading here to catch up on.

POLL QUESTION: I played some light bondage games with girlfriends and even with my first wife in the beginning. We soon drifted apart and I moved my fetish into the underground and kept it hidden from her for several years. Although I grew accustomed to hiding my stash, I hated having to do so. After our divorce, I decided that I would not to live in secret on the next round. Interestingly enough, I'm now married to someone who is fully into it and we play all sorts of games. It often gets rough at times. Since I equally enjoy being the victim, we switch off. Our sex life is nearly all BDSM in one form or another. We rarely ever have straight sex. We watch the movies together and critique. To top it off, we're best friends ;-) Yes, life for me is very, very good.

Ironman out.

Friday, June 27th 2008 - 06:45:05 PM

Name: adam moore

Poll Question: I have never told anyone, ever, about my fetish. My guy friends and I are very open about sex, porn, hookers, etc. But I've never had the nerve to really spill the beans about what I'm into. I guess telling someone that you like "bondage" isn't too shocking. They're probably picturing the goofy leather/dungeon/mistress kind of stuff. But there's "bondage", and then there's the peril/torture/rape material which I'm sure crosses the line for most people. I'm always a little on edge when people come to my apartment. No matter how well I hide my stash I'm wondering if I've overlooked something, or if someone will pick up my computer and have the auto-URL thing give me away.

I've also never shared my fantasies with a girl but never really wanted to. It's for the same reason that I prefer GIMP scenes in mainstream movies. I need to really buy into the scene. For me, context is everything. So acting out a rape with someone would be just going through the motions without the crucial mental element.

Someone questioned why we like this stuff and no one seemed to pick up on it. Lots of people have mentioned Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Mary Ann and Ginger, (I'd throw Jeannie in there too). So obviously this stuff is hard wired in at a very young age. Anyone have any theories?

Quick story about the first bondage movie I ever saw. I was 17 and working at a video store for the summer. I could rent for free but had to ask the manager. I had my eye on "Gwen and Debby's Torment". It was one of those where they stick needles in the girl's tits, which they showed on the cover. Not my thing but I guess something about the cover still got to me. Anyway, my boss said OK but looked at me like I had three heads. It was humiliating but I couldn't help myself! I'd love to know where this compulsion comes from.

Friday, June 27th 2008 - 08:37:06 PM

Name: Xavier
E-mail address:

Hi ! very interested in Peril Pix and stories - some pics to share and discuss

Friday, June 27th 2008 - 10:43:41 PM

Name: Damien
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Re Poll Question:

My wife knows. She's not interested and considers the time I spend on it wasted, but we get along OK with vanilla sex.

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 01:36:27 AM

Name: MasterDetective
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Well fellow Gimpers,

I'm proud to announce the general availability of my new Web site, YouTied.

I was inspired to create the site after seeing all the Gimp/bondage vids that keep getting banned from YouTube, and as you can probably tell from its name, the site is something of a knock-off of YouTube ... albeit a Gimp/bondage-friendly version of YouTube. It actually incorporates many Web 2.0 features, including comments, ratings, linking, tagging and search. I also have a picture section, which works basically like the old USENET (for those who remember) upgraded to Web 2.0

The site also incorporates site back-linking, so content producers can post their content and "link back" to their own Web site, to increase traffic.

YouTied only came on this week, so there's not much content (although you can register and post your own), and there may still be glitches here are there.. if you find any, let me know and I'll try to fix them..

Bobjones - I posted a trailer from Julie Simone's new movie "Audition" (which you mention below) up on YouTied:

The model is cute and hot, but I probably would have been a bit "stricter" and more "aggressive" w/ her, had I produced the film.. :-)

Master - You have to tell me, where is this nude beach that you frequent? LOL

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 01:57:55 AM

Name: John Blakemore

Like many of you my fetish was kept secret for the bulk of my life, the only outlet being porn and my own imagination.

However four years ago, when my vanilla marriage ended, I actively sought out BDSM groups and female submissives in my area.

Once I found the groups I actively entered the Lifestyle and am an active Dominant living w/my submissive in a bonafide D/s relationship.

I will never go back to a vanilla relationship!

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 06:55:30 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex

M-Detective, your site doesn't work. I clik on the Enter button, nothing happens.

Looks like you've bought into that Web 2.0 "barrier to using the Internet normally" crap.


Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 07:20:57 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

MasterDetective: The YouTied site worked fine for me. This seems like a great initiative. I would imagine you will get all kinds of clips if enough people learn about the site. However, I don't know what some of our favorite producers will think of your site.


Ralphus wrote:

Oh now, there you go. Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS...that's a good date movie! Talk about making a good first impression. Whenever she thinks about naked women being tortured in a Nazi deathcamp, she'll think of you!

I would have been nervous as heck sitting next to my date with that movie going on in front of her. I'm curious if the decision to turn the film off after a half hour was yours, hers, or a mutual thing. And did you ever see her again?

Actually, I had been seeing her for about a year at the time of the viewing, and the fact I owned Ilsa was considered pretty funny among some of our friends. Although some of my GIMP interests are in the closet, my daily battles with political correctness are well known. Anyway, it was pretty much a mutual decision to turn it off after 30 minutes, but it wasn't a dramatic moment. She had an idea what was in the movie, and that was good enough. I think she had just wanted to satisfy her curiosity.

We broke up a few months later, although it had nothing to do with Ilsa. Believe me, there were other issues.


elkcreek: You might be pleased to learn (if you don't aleady know) that the Canadian Human Rights Commission isn't proceeding with the Maclean's/Steyn case. However, there is still uncertainty about the outcome of the B.C. case, which has already been heard.

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 10:01:21 AM

Name: jim
E-mail address:

I spent most of my life feeling somehow different because of my fetishes, and never told anyone. I always knew there had to be a few others like me, but it wasn't until I got the internet that I discovered how prevalent it is.

The ol' lady I have now just happened to pop up when I was on the internet one time, and discovered my "secret". Though she doesn't approve, she at least don't condemn.

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 10:18:44 AM

Name: Brutus

Master Detective: Likewise, I had no problem getting into your site (double-entendre intended). A bit slow, but that could be a problem on this end. It looks damn good.

Ironman: Hope your health improves. It seems a lot of ailments are hitting the GIMPers lately.

adam moore: I have no idea where my compulsion comes from, but I must have been born with it. I had no "traumatic" event in my childhood that would trigger my fetish. And I have loved seeing bound and gagged women for as long as I can remember. I like being in control of things in real life, so maybe the image of seeing a helpless babe represents the ultimate power for me. Just a thought.

A Canadian: Scary story about the human rights tribunal. It seems you can even defend yourself verbally these days without violating someone's human rights.

Poll: It appears we have branched out a bit and are mentioning how to present our fetishes to our girlfriends. When I was dating, I also preferred the subtle approach. I'd mention my favorite true news story. A guy tied his naked wife spreadeagle on their bed, donned a Superman outfit, and leaped from a table onto her. Unfortunately, he banged his head on the ceiling fan and knocked himself out. The wife screamed for help, and her neighbors arrived, seeing her helpless and naked with her unconscious superhero husband on the floor. (The husband was OK.)

If the girlfriend thought the couple in the story was "disgustingly perverted" and that they deserved the humiliation, our relationship didn't last long after that. But if the girlfriend laughed at this story, I knew there was a good chance she'd accept my perversions, at least to a certain extent. Then I might half-jokingly ask, "You don't have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, do you?"

Another good gauge is when you're engaged in a vanilla love-making session missionary style. Grab her wrists and pin them above her head, as if in a gentle rape, and hold them there. If she gets into it, there's a chance she'll go further. But if she gets pissed off, forget about it.

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 10:26:13 AM

Name: Thos. Merchant
E-mail address:

Yes, my wife does know. She even allows me to put her into bondage from time to time. She knows generally what I like, but as her limits are pretty much well within mine, I have to defer to her as how far the scene will go.

My "central core" of friends know I'm into bondage, though most are pretty fuzzy on the details.


Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 11:06:31 AM

Name: mr bush

The best tied up scene with a girl in her underwear is the new Funny Games. Long scenes, great shots and nice legs.

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 02:29:40 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

MasterDetective: Congrats on the new YouTied website! Looks like a fine idea. The streaming video is of only fair quality, so my guess is that it will not take the place of purchasing the actual material from the originating producer. I also like that you have a direct link there for them to do that. My suggestion would be to have people post only short "teaser" clips and of course, if any producers object, remove the material immediately. Keep an eye on it; you definitely don't want people posting actual long clips, but I think trailers (like the one for Julie Simone's Audition) is good publicity for them.

Ironman: Good God, sorry to hear about you being sick. I had noticed we hadn't seen you around these parts lately; I hope you're feeling better and on the mend. Take care of yourself; we don't need another GIMPer going down, unless it's on some bound, helpless chick.

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 03:13:40 PM

Name: eeeteee

Regarding to poll: My wife and former girlfriends knew about my "special interest" and participated in switch playtime with my SM toy collection. Very close friends also knew. Now with young kids taking over the majority of the time, everything has pretty much moved to locked cabinets in the garage with limited time for occasional play when the kids are away ... a lot of the personal focus has moved back to the net, late night when everyone is asleep.

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 04:22:59 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Master Detective: I too had no problem viewing your site. Maybe zee-ef-ex is using Dos 2.0? [BEG]

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 04:33:32 PM

Name: joe
E-mail address:

My gal knows and on occasion will say "get the ropes"

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 07:59:40 PM

Name: Matt
E-mail address:

Yes, girlfriend knows and is into it as well. Unfortunately it's fantasy only for a while as she's off getting her USAF pilot's wings and then learning the F-16. We joked that our SM play is nice preparation for her SERE training later on.

Saturday, June 28th 2008 - 08:14:20 PM

Name: Jerry
E-mail address:

I love to see more cartoons of adult types! I wish there was more B&D and S&M types of playing around...I hope in the future there will be more...


Sunday, June 29th 2008 - 05:30:02 AM

Name: Lynn
E-mail address:

About what my friends know... Most don't.

My policy (or method) on this is to reveal nothing unless I become intimately interested in the friend. In that case I drop some hints, which could be a comment after dropping and breaking something, like, "I should be stripped and whipped for that." Or I could invite them to see my favorite B movie, "The Abductors" with me. If the other person has any fantasies in this direction, they'll get the hint, if not the first time than certainly the second or third. If they don't have an interest, they either simply won't react, or will make a direct comment like that they were outraged at how the girls in them obvie got treated, or whatever. And, I try to be open to hints from other people.

Once someone is "in the know" then I am willing to introduce him/her to other friends in the know - providing they are also willing to be introduced. As for the "special person" in my life, that's a little more complicated - isn't it always? Currently I have "parallel" friends in this matter. And not surprisingly the kinky ones do know about the vanilla one, but not the other way around.

Sunday, June 29th 2008 - 06:01:27 AM

Name: Dahlia Delis
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi to all the sexy people at the forum!!

I know I been gone way too long, I am staying in Hollywood for now, trying to work but I have to say producers, artists, fetish related people in general are way more on top of their business in the east coast than here.

I been in LA for 8 years now so is pretty much home but I am missing New York like crazy!

About the poll you guys are having here:

In my case I am a model and I am out there in websites and stuff so I can't keep it secret of course, but what's funny is that I had ex boyfriends that thought it was a waste of time and were not very understanding about my fantasies (fetish and other stuff).

One thing I hate is the double standard that sometimes guys think that kinky stuff done to us women is sexy but if you wanna switch the deal around they get so insecure and hurt in their macho ego trip.

For example, all the guys that I been with (not a lot cause I am kind of relationship freak so I don't casually date as much) they want the 2 girls and one guy fantasy, I don't like women but I don't mind kissing a hot girl or play around but if I do something like that I am doing more cause my man had that fantasy right? But oh boy if I happen to speak out about mine!

Like ok, we do 2 girls and you but what about me wanting to be with 2 guys in the same time??

God forbid, oh no no no I don't want another guy in my bed and ya ya ya, I was like wait a minute so 2 girls and one dude is sexy (I think is a stupid boring fantasy) and me with a bunch of guys is gross??

I found that to be very hypocrite, the same as ok I wanna tied you up and gagged you but I cry like a baby if you do it to me.

A lot of men do this, and this is my little opinion, not as a fetish model but just as a girl that enjoys sex and games.

So don't be all grumpy expecting people to deal with your fantasies and desires if you not able to compromise a little bit.

I like being in a submissive role and play damsel in distress but I think men should get tied up and get a painful spank once in a while too.

Dahlia D

Sunday, June 29th 2008 - 02:08:43 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dahlia: We've been wondering what happened to you. Judging from the new pics on your website, it looks like Hollywood has been good to you.

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the Hollywood fetish industry is working out as well as it might. I think you need to touch base with jhlipton, who's our resident expert on the California scene.

Sunday, June 29th 2008 - 06:10:45 PM

Name: Sirgoodknots
Homepage URL:

Regarding the poll. My S-O knows sorta. But it just ain't her thing. I think it's like our wise host has put it in earlier discussions, it's all how you're wired, and she'd rather much get a massage than a flogging.

While we're on the topic though, does anyone recognize the clip in the URL above? Kinda fits with the poll. Not really gimp worthy -- too consensual. But the girl is gorgeous, and the scene has the potential. Makes you wonder how things progress from here.

Sunday, June 29th 2008 - 07:46:33 PM

Name: jw90019
E-mail address:

Some girls I know know about and are comfortable with my whipping fetish. Some know about it but reject it. Almost every girl I have been involved with accepted spanking.

Sunday, June 29th 2008 - 08:27:09 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

It looks like Dan Hawke is into the YouTied scene. There's also a rumor floating about that Ralphus plans to lift the Bushwacker's groovy music and use that as background music on the GIMP site.

Monday, June 30th 2008 - 03:21:27 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: You know, it's funny. I'm trying not to watch those Bushwacker clips because I still haven't seen the movie yet from when I bought it last year (I know, I'm ridiculously slow when it comes to watching stuff sometimes). I did play one clip and listened to it with my eyes closed, though. That is some great 60s music. I'll see if I can upload it to my iPod.

It's great having this new YouTied site, because now I have video clips to link to some of the database entries. I've already added Hell Mountain and The Ramrodder to the databases.

Also nice to see Dan uploading his own work to YouTied, too. There's one producer that obviously can see that short 20-second clips are good promotion. I liked seeing that Brandy Dean tied tit scene from Bound and Busted again. She was a red-headed hottie. That was my very first Dan Hawke movie, and I was hooked after that.

Dahlia Delis: Great to have you back here where you belong. Those newer pictures are on your site are really hot. I saw on your site that you're planning on releasing some DVDs. Please let us know when they come out; I'm definitely interested in seeing what you'll be putting out.

Personally, I don't quite get the two girls with one guy fantasy (lesbian stuff bores me), but I know a lot of guys like that. Me, I'm an old-fashioned guy. One man, one woman. Of course, I want the one woman tied spread-eagled to the bed, her mouth stuffed with her own panties and taped over and her body totally vulnerable and accessible to me. Who could ask for anything more?

Monday, June 30th 2008 - 05:18:58 AM

Name: MAV


That youtube clip is from a movie called Blind Side. The hottie is Mariska Hargitay, who stars in one of the Law and Order series nowadays. Decent scene for an AOH guy like me

Monday, June 30th 2008 - 08:14:25 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Sirgoodknots: Sorry, I missed your query below, and then MAV beat me to it. It is indeed Blind Side with Mariska Hargitay, who back then was pretty damn hot (she had good genes since her mom was Jayne Mansfield). And you're right, the YouTube clip looks consensual, but fortunately, it quickly evolves into a pretty nasty date rape, with Mariska screaming "Stop! You're hurting me!" at Rutger Hauer while he laughs and totally ignores her. The next time we see her, she's all bruised up. Very good scene that I have in my collection, and that reminds me I need to add that to the Rape Database.

Monday, June 30th 2008 - 08:46:49 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Today on YouTied: Holy crap, check out this clip on YouTied from the movie, Poor Cecily. I had never heard of this movie before. There are some amazing moments in this clip.

Monday, June 30th 2008 - 04:13:04 PM

Name: MAV

I go away for a couple of weeks, and somethin crazy like youtied comes along. NICE. I hope that site gets more content.

A Canadian-Poor Cecily is an awesome movie. There are several scenes of hot nude girls stretched out on racks while gettin whipped. I bought the VHS way back when after Dstarr (where are you buddy?) put some caps up on Usenet and now have some clips in my PC.

Monday, June 30th 2008 - 05:36:44 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Dahlia -- Welcome back!!! Yay!!!!!

For example, all the guys that I been with (not a lot cause I am kind of relationship freak so I don't casually date as much) they want the 2 girls and one guy fantasy

I LOVE watching my girlfriend suck and fuck multiple guys. I like kissing her and fondling her tits as she cums and cums and cums. It is much fun!

I wanna tied you up and gagged you but I cry like a baby if you do it to me.

I'm more of a top than a bottom, just as my girlfriend is a bit more of a bottom than a top, but we switch off and it's fun, because we never let it get past "play". So not ALL guys are like that!


Canadian: I think you need to touch base with jhlipton, who's our resident expert on the California scene.

I'm not all that up on California fetish producers and I don't think Dahlia's into snuff. My advice might be to go to one or more of the dungeons here in LA and network.


Sirgoodknots: While we're on the topic though, does anyone recognize the clip in the URL above?

At times it looks like he's got bigger boobs than she does! voyant7 has a bunch of buzzsaw clips, which might appeal to several here.


Canadian (again): Holy crap, check out this clip on YouTied from the movie, Poor Cecily.

That is a HOT clip! Thanks for pointing it out!

Monday, June 30th 2008 - 07:48:09 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Wow, you've never seen Poor Cecily? One of the great mainstream films for GIMPers, although that 15 minute segment in the middle is the only reason. Everything else is fast-forward material, but that dungeon To my knowledge, that's the only film that is listed in 3 of our databases: Torture Rack, Whipping and Mainstream Rape. There's some crappy stills of the rape scene here and a collage of stills from the rack scenes here.

My question is: Why isn't this movie on DVD? Heck, I never even saw it anywhere on VHS and I had access to literally thousands of tapes in my previous jobs. All the stills and all the prints I've seen over the years have been off bootlegs of varying quality. This film has a cult following for obvious reasons, so why doesn't someone release it? It's not that old (1974). What's the problem? Does no one own the rights to it anymore? They're missing out on a gold mine. Who among us wouldn't pay for a sharp new print of this classic film?

Monday, June 30th 2008 - 08:39:39 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

My years spent checking in with The Gimp every day seems to have paid off with that wonderful clip of Poor Cecily.

Ralphus: To my knowledge, that's the only film that is listed in 3 of our databases: Torture Rack, Whipping and Mainstream Rape.

I don't recall the film getting any Academy Awards, which is as it should be - it looks like the film-makers should have won the NOBEL PRIZE.

Monday, June 30th 2008 - 11:16:41 PM

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