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January 2007

Name: Bobjones

Happy New Year!!!

All apologies for any incoherence. . .I'm sobering up after a New Year's Eve Party. . . thought I'd check in with the fellow gimp fans so's I could pass some time to sober up a bit before going to bed. . . if only I can type right. . .

I like the end of the year roundups people are posting. Seems like the starting point for some serious shopping. I just spent MY Christmas cash on a couple of "Something Wierd" videos. You guys do know Something Weird right? They started off issuing compilations of peep show loops and old burlesque movies, and they have moved up into releasing bunches of heartstoppingly cool DVDs of gimptastic sexploitation and horror films. If you like gnarly black and white roughies, then by all means get your hands on "The Sin Syndicate," "Sin Magazine," "She Came On The Bus" triple feature DVD they've got on the shelves. Also get "The Defilers," a true classic of GIMP cinema, and a surprising perverted movie for its time. Great cheese plus sincere sleaze = good times. I know I've had a merry Christmas.

Rick. . . The arrival of new material is the best news I've heard in a while. YOU are the guy that seems to really "get it" more than just about anybody else making live action films, and all of us who get off on seeing hot chicks suffer will be forever indebted to you. It's no accident that this freewheeling discussion of all things perverted is in name a ZFX message board. You are indeed the King.

Ralphus. . . all joking aside, that Heath Ledger/ Jake Gyllenhaal kiss WAS the hottest thing I saw in a movie theatre last year, and this is coming from somebody whose taste in erotica is mostly pretty strictly limited to watching hot girls getting tortured or getting prepared to be tortured. The fact that the best thing Hollywood came up with this year in the sexual department was fairly mild and entirely consensual man on man action makes me long for the days of old school exploitation even more. David Freidman where are you??? Despite the depressing thoughts it inspires about the lack of sexuality in Hollywood these days, I do have to admit that "Brokeback Mountain" was a good movie. . . one of the best of the past few years. It isn't the kind of thing I'd jerk off to though, so I guess I'll keep looking to the past to keep the ole juices flowing. Thank God for folks like Rick and Sarge who are keeping the tradition of honest to goodness rough sexual fantasy alive on the screen. That's enough rambling. Happy new year again.

Monday, January 1st 2007 - 12:59:00 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Rick: I'm with the others in saying that the news that more ZFX new material is upcoming is excellent news indeed. When I wrote my Ralphus End of Year Wrap-up I was assuming we had seen the last of ZFX, so this gives me a lot of hope for the future. Also thanks for posting...that was like the Rick of old, the one who used to be a regular around here a long time ago. I'm not expecting to see you here everyday, but when you can stop by to talk to all your fans, it's always a treat.

Dan Hawke: Likewise with you, thanks for sharing your experiences of shooting with some of your models. I always like it when the victim struggles realistically, and then, of course, tears are always a turn-on, when she's so broken she gives up hope. Few things are more arousing to me than to see a pretty girl cry when she realizes she's helpless and at the mercy of her captor.

That was why I gave Mia of Powershotz my 2006 Ralphus Award (my favorite pic of her is in my Homepage URL above). Check out the tears in her eyes. I almost feel sorry for her, but it also makes me want to see more bad things happen to her! I guess it's a power thing since I always put myself in the role of the bad guy. Overpowering a tied-up chick and making her cry gives me a nice warm vibraty feeling all through my guttiwuts! Excuse me. Every now and then, I lapse into Alex-speak :)

Bobjones: I never saw Brokeback Mountain. I was so glad that Crash won Best Picture so I wouldn't have to. I already saw the video clips online of Anne Hathaway's smoking and nude scenes, so I figure I've already seen the only parts that would turn me on about that movie. I have nothing against gay cowboys; I just don't want to watch a 2-hour movie about them, no matter how good it was.

I'm much more interested in those Something Weird Videos you mentioned. I have a lot of Something Weird scenes in my collection already. Those 60s films were harsh, baby! The roughest one I've seen is one I've discussed on this forum before, The Pick-Up, which would likely make my Top 10 Mainstream GIMP films of all time, and it's probably the best GIMP movie that almost no one has ever seen (the IMDB doesn't even have it listed). I recognize of all those titles you posted about but don't know anything about them. What kind of cheap, voyeuristic thrills are we talking about?

Monday, January 1st 2007 - 08:27:16 AM

Name: John

Greetings to all...

I am a new "lurker" to the forum, and a first time poster...I found your site thru a search for Lisa Kinkaid, ZFX, who remembers...but I've spent some time going back thru the archives...thanks to Ralphus for the great job he does, and to all the people who have taken the time to submit their reviews, and express their a recent "convert" to the ZFX, rougher-edged porn, they have been very helpful...

I've enjoyed the poll questions...and if no one minds...I'll answer a few questions that seem to have popped up over the years in the archives...

1) I was introduced to porn back in the mid-80's when I was lent a tape from a friend of mine...before this, about the most explicit porn I'd seen was the late night HBO Skinamax movies...the tape was called "Savage Fury" and featured Christy Canyon...around the same time I discovered a graphic novel from Japan called "Click"...the story was very explicit, with forceful sex/rape scenes, a little bondage...and I was hooked...

2) Like almost everyone on the forum...yes...Lisa Kinkaid is a babe...please come back!...does anyone have any recent news or info or her or what she's doing?

3) I've only seen a few of the ZFX movies so far...The Apartment...Underworld...Jennifer's Nightmares...Ballista 2...but am looking forward to seeing them all...I would be interested in hearing anyone's suggestions/Top 10 Lists for ZFX movies that had the best rape scene...I know it's been done before...but it always seems to be a crowd pleasing question...

4) Something new and exciting I've discovered thru this page is the Japanese rape/bondage movies...I particularly liked the most recent review by "Ralphus"...I am curious if anyone has any suggestions about the DVDs available from VM that they like the rape scenes...

I guess it's becoming obvious that I am more into the forced sex/control/humiliation/domination than the actually bondage...

Anyway...thanks again for the forum for all of us who have tastes that might run a little out of the mainstream : )

I hope that everyone is doing well and wish you all a prosperous and Happy New Year...

Monday, January 1st 2007 - 09:58:49 AM

Name: Pezzonovante

Rick: Yep...that's the lady I was talking about: Penelope Pace. By far the most convincing victim in the ZFX flicks. And just for the record: Me not remembering her name does NOT reflect her performance (far from that), but only shows how poor my memory for names is.. :-). BTW: whatever happened to Ms. Pace?

Dan: Very interesting anecdote! That's the kind of information I'd love to read some more here. And I know (from some dvd-extras) that there's plenty of more background (for instance on producing and directing) that you're willing to share with us fellow pervs. So don't hold back now, y'here?

I also saw the Kendra Jade clip you mentioned. And I agree: not as intense as the Molly Winters clip. Not only does Kendra not sell her despair and being a victim as excellent as Molly does, but she also broke down VERY fast, (I think even within 5 minutes) and never needed any 'convincing' from you to go just a little further. I'd say: give it time. The important thing is that she can't go anywhere, but that doesn't mean she should cooperate so fast. Breaking the victims (at least to me) is more than half the fun.

Anything coming from you that we (or at least ME) can look forward to? Or would you be interested into doing a custom vid? Something along the lines of training a VERY unwilling, spunky victim into either obedience, giving information or offering her body get what I mean.

Oh..and the Petal clip you mentioned.....couldn't find it. Could you post a direct link here? That would help a lot. There's just WAY to much good stuff on your site to find what one is looking for.


Monday, January 1st 2007 - 10:16:02 AM

Name: Vince

I just want to wish my fellow GIMPers a Happy and Healthy and Horny New Year.

Lets hope it's a good one in which we don't have to worry about our rights to pursue adult material being threatened by Big Brother.

Also Ralphus, you're the man.

Monday, January 1st 2007 - 10:39:39 AM

Name: A Canadian
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John: I'll dive in with some thoughts to your questions, starting with the last one first.

For my money, some of the best Japanese rape scenes occur in Shark 231, the Attackers movie that was my pick for best movie of 2005. There are a number of good rape scenes in this one, but the scenes near the beginning where Sayaka Miura gets violated by two different guys are outstanding. If you have the time for it, I have a lengthy review of this movie in the Reviews by GIMP Readers section in the archives.

I don't think Shark 231 is available at Video Mayhem, but you can find a copy at The code for this movie is SHKD-231, but if you go to the link in my Homepage URL, you should find the movie at the bottom of the page. It has the SHKD-231 code and is called Rape Investigation.

As for the ZFX movies with rape scenes, hopefully you are aware that the rape scenes are simulated, often with the male using a rubber dildo. Still, there are some great scenes to be found, and some of my recommendations would include:

  • Forced Entry -- Lisa Kinkaid is gagged and tied spreadeagled on a bed, and raped by a silent intruder in a mask.

  • South of the Border 5 -- Strawberry blonde Marly Rowe is gagged and tied spreadeagled on a bed, and gang raped by three guys (two oral and one vaginal).

  • The Dirty Dreams of Lisa Kinkaid -- Lisa is bound in a standing position underneath a ladder, and her mouth has been gagged with yellow duct tape. She is then raped by a guy in a mask.

  • South of the Border 4 -- Blonde Christina Anderson is bound in a standing position, and initially raped by two guys, and then a third person replaces one of the men.

As for Lisa, she is at least semi-retired, as Rick Masters hasn't been making much in the way of new material these days. Sadly, she may be retired for good. But the good news is that there are still more Lisa movies from the VHS years to be released on DVD.

Monday, January 1st 2007 - 03:12:24 PM

Name: John

A Canadian: Thanks for taking the time to reply...I will have to check out Shark sounds great from your also looks like there are reviews of more of the Shark/Attacker series...I will have to check them out, as well as the ZFX titles you mentioned...(most of them were already on my list)...

Yes...I'm aware that the rape in the ZFX titles is simulated...correct me if I'm wrong, but in the Japanese titles, the sex/penetration actually happens, but 99% of the time the private areas are pixallated out...

That is such a shame about Lisa being retired/ you least there are some more DVD releases of her previous work to look forward to...and being new, I have yet to see most of the ZFX far, The Apartment is my favorite ZFX flick...looking forward to seeing the Dirty Dreams DVD next...

There aren't any stores locally that stock the ZFX, or any bondage DVD's really, to I am forced to purchase the DVD's I want to between $12.00 and $30.00 per DVD, I hate to get stuck with a lemon, so I think the reviews on the forum are great...they helped a lot with my last purchase...I understand that it's tough for you to even order explicit I should stop my bitchin' huh?

Thanks again and hope that everyone is well!

Monday, January 1st 2007 - 05:02:04 PM

Name: j
E-mail address: hoops10613

I'm looking for Spy Trap with Sara St. James. Anyone know where I could find it? Or get clips of it?


Monday, January 1st 2007 - 05:12:10 PM

Name: Iago

Happy New Years, all!

Here's wishing all the best to the folks here, and to those in your lives.

I don't get to post the way I used to, mostly due to real-life issues. I know Ralphus has been a bit miffed with me the past year over this, and I don't blame him. I won't go into detail about it, but just wanted to say that I still stop by from time to time and still love to see the thoughts that this crowd can come up with.

It's nice to see Rick post again. Not so nice to hear ZFX is still not releasing new content, but he's gotta do what he's gotta do. I'll keep my eyes out, Rick. Here's hoping for a nice surprise sometime in 2007.

Before I sign off I'd lke to take a moment to remember some dear friends from here that we either don't see anymore or who have passed on over the years, or who have made invaluable contributions to the site: To Rick, since it was his movies that inspired this site. To The Gimp, who started it. To Mad Dog, my favorite typographical pin-cushion, for keeping it going when the Gimp had to retire, and for giving me so much fun with our old back-and-forths. To Damien, a man with more endurance for marathon movie sessions and more passion on the subject than just about anyone, I miss you. To the old-timers (you know who you are) for all the good times. To the other producers of bondage/roughie material who post here, I love that you are still at it and I personally really enjoy the thought that our inputs might help you make even better releases. Finally, to Ralphus, a real stand-up guy. He reinvented the site when ZFX had to cut back their releases and single-handedly (just about) kept the site going through some lean times. Thanks, pal.

Again, all the best to everyone, and I hope you all have a great year.



Monday, January 1st 2007 - 07:20:43 PM

Name: BlueDog
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Happy new Year All

Late I know, but I thought I'd help out a fellow gimper on the search for a thumb hanging. In Ivy Manor 4 (linked above), Jewel Marceau is tied standing with her arms and legs spread. Instead of her wrists, the ropes are tied around her thumbs. She's also wearing high heel ballet shoes. Had to be a tough scene for Jewel.

It's a Gwen Media production, so it's all women, no rape. No nudity even. I still think it's a hot flick. My only issue is that all the whipping is very light. I sent Ralphus some stills of the scene with Jewel. Just helping out my fellow Gimpers.

Monday, January 1st 2007 - 09:41:16 PM

Name: A Canadian
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ZFX Update: It looks like most of the new DVD releases of ZFX movies are now available at However, the titles are listed as "Shockwave" movies, rather than "ZFX" films.

From what I can see, Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual, Meanstreak and Pretty Tied Up are all available for sale.

There is no sign at this site of the first Voodoo Dolls movie, although I know it has been released, as well.

Tuesday, January 2nd 2007 - 04:41:53 PM

Name: sgtmajor
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Happy New Year Gimpers

I am sorry for not getting back any sooner. To Dan Hawke a big thanks for telling me about Punished #7 already being in print if not all too rare to find. That would move my last effort with Alyssa Loren to #8 as noted. I will be sending in some pics of it as soon as I can. The Barrix face lift has been a real bitch and is moving very slowly. BBfan posted the addy to my blog and I am grateful to him for that. Have a great new year and be safe.

Tuesday, January 2nd 2007 - 06:07:49 PM

Name: Alan
E-mail address:

Hoops, I believe Jacqueline Lovell is Sarah St James. There is a movie called Spy Trap with Jacqueline Lovell aka Sarah St. James. Hopefully this helps. There are pictures of Miss Lovell on the net. Alan

Tuesday, January 2nd 2007 - 06:35:12 PM

Name: Iago

A Canadian:

Shockwave is a ZFX sub-label, mostly used by Rick for his mad scientist/occult films. The distributor must have just picked up on that name for some reason. Some of the Shockwave titles are actually very good, like Fair Warning, The Plant and a few others.

Tuesday, January 2nd 2007 - 06:37:51 PM

Name: John

Evening All...

Just a quick note on the ZFX/Shockwave videos...I have never ordered from them, but it looks like a place called Chicago Video ( has the ZFX DVD's that Adult Video Universe is missing...(Voodoo Dolls, etc.)

Tuesday, January 2nd 2007 - 08:58:43 PM

Name: Ralphus
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John: Welcome to the board; good to see another lurker come out and join us here. Please make a habit of it, because it's great to read your comments and opinions here.

But boy, you did ask a tough question. Top Ten ZFX rape scenes? I've seen all 150+ ZFX titles and even I had a hard time coming up with a 10 best. There are just so many good ones. To narrow it down to just ten favorites, I decided to eliminate any scene in which the victim isn't tied up. Bondage rape is what I like. That meant I had to eliminate what is arguably the best rape movie ZFX ever shot, The Apartment, because while Lisa Kinkaid is violated several times, but she's never actually tied up and violated. But don't worry. There's plenty of Lisa scenes on my list. So here they are in alphabetical order:


Ballista 3: Bound For Glory (Lisa Kinkaid)

Belly of the Beast (Courtney Bishop)

Beyond Driven 2: Evil Man (Erin Cain)

Beyond Driven 3: The Sufferings of Stephanie Renford (Lisa Kinkaid)

Bitter Sweet Persuasion (Suzy Sexton)

Forced Entry (Lisa Kinkaid)

Night Prowler 2 (Holly Weston)

South of the Border 5: In the Flesh (Marly Rowe)

South of the Border 6: Interrogations (Elaine Payton)

Whiplash 4: The Whip-Shock Experiment (Lisa Kinkaid)

If you want descriptions of the individual scenes, some are included on my Ralphus' ZFX Reviews page linked above.

Okay guys, any of your favorites that I missed that you think belong on the list?

Tuesday, January 2nd 2007 - 11:48:14 PM

Name: John

Greetings All...

Ralphus: Thanks for the recommendations...I will keep them in mind when I make my next ZFX purchase...looking at few sites, it appears that the "Far Beyond Driven" and the "Night Prowler" movies aren't available on DVD yet...any word from Rick when/if these will appear on DVD?

I'm also curious if anyone has seen any of the JM Productions movies such as "Meatholes," "Hellfire Sex," etc.? A while back someone posted and said they would have a review of a movie or two (might have been the "Tough Love" series), but I never saw it...just wondering if they were any good...

Thanks again and hope that everyone is well!

Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 - 03:52:22 PM

Name: A Canadian
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John: Here are a couple of more thoughts regarding your earlier post on the rape scenes.

In some of the ZFX titles that have been recommended, there may actually be more than one rape scene. For example, Lisa gets raped twice in Ballista 3: Bound for Glory. Also, in South of the Border 5, the Marly Rowe gang rape scene is the one everyone remembers, but there is also a scene where Kelly McKay is chained to the ground on all fours and is forced to blow one guy while another fellow rams a night stick into her ass. In that same movie, Lisa also gets raped by two guys.

As for the Japanese movies, there are a few titles that haven't been reviewed here, but might be worth a look:

  • Shark 236: This one, also known as Narcotics Agent Rape, stars Miki Tachibana and Mika Siina, and both women get raped in the movie. I'm not a fan of Ms. Siina, but I do like Miki Tachibana, and she has two well-done rape scenes (plus some additional scenes where she is drugged and submits to more violations). The code for this one is SHKD-236.

  • no return: The code for this one is SSPD-018, and it stars Ruka Uehara and others. It's a long movie, and many of the rape scenes are lame, but after the all-girl band in this movie performs a concert, there is a gang rape of one of the women that is quite good.

Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 - 04:34:14 PM

Name: Vreeble

> Bondage rape is what I like. That meant I had to eliminate what is arguably the best rape movie ZFX ever shot, The Apartment, because while Lisa Kinkaid is violated several times, but she's never actually tied up and violated. But don't worry.<

Ralphus, how could you fail to include at least one the Gangland Series, which has several great fake cumshots over bound girls. Granted, both the girls in these are not fantastic, but I think the "climax" in GL5, for example, holds its own with any of the others.

I think Rick needs to revisit the supernatural element, too -- not with the demonic mask stuff but something with an invisible component, like Chamber of Horrors or Dance Macabre. I'd also like to see a return to the alien themes used in Alien Probe and The Worm (another interestingly exotic rape scene)

I am also rather surprised Rick hasn't gone and done some work in Japan -- given the sort of thing they produce there, he should have no problem getting some very attractive models to work for him. They produce some very weird shit there.

For those who are interested in JAV (Japanese Rape AV), I recommend you look into the films of Azusa Ayano, Oikawa Nao, Riko Tachibana, and Jyuri Wakabayashi. All four are extremely attractive, with a spectrum of breast sizes. Here is a list of some JAVs I've found fairly good where rape is concerned:

ATKD049--Lady-Panther-Deluxe (Oikawa Nao, et al. A collection of several "Lady Panther" type JAVs)

DMD023---Compulsive Oral Sex Slave 4 (Jyuri Wakabayashi)

HAVD217--Ninja-Lady-Azusa (Azusa Ayano)

MIAD021--Disposable-M-Slave-24 (Azusa Ayano -- not exactly rape, but certainly there is a strong component of abuse and/or bondage, as is so in many of the 40+ DMS series tapes. These aren't as intense as the COSS series but there are a lot more of them)

MILD017--Implication-Nao (Oikawa Nao)

SDDE036--COSS-5 (Ryoko-Mizusaki)

SHK124--Raped Swim Instructor 3 (Jyuri Wakabayashi -- there are three or four of these. I think Jyuri's is the best but the one with Mao Misaki is good, too)

SHK236-Raped DEA Agent (Tachibana Miki)

MIBD060--Disposable-M-Slave-Best Selection (Scenes from DMS20 through 30)

BABE023--Beautiful-University Student Rape (Jyuri Wakabayashi)

SHK166--Raped Office Girls

HAVD131--Industrial-Spy-Insult (Jyuri Wakabayashi)

SHK020--Assistant Producer Ravishment

MDE164--The-Ravished-Women (Oikawa Nao)

HAVD152-- Ravished Big-Tit Investigator(Alice Hoshi)

IESP138--20-NRTeacher (Ayano Azusa - Many of the IESP series are of interest to GIMPers -- many are gang rape movies, usually those with 20 (25, 30) "Nakadashi" in the title. One would gather that Japanese schools are a very dangerous place for pretty women from these tapes, as that is the most common theme.

MDVD003--Dream-Gakuen-5 (Oikawa Nao - one of the hotter gang rapes in JAV. Nao has one hot bod and she is a good actress to boot)

SDDM722--Train-Molesters (Aya Koizumi)

That should be a good start for you. Note that I've made no preference for Bondage Rape, but most involve restraint of some sort.

Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 - 09:43:33 PM

Name: Vreeble

> Hoops, I believe Jacqueline Lovell is Sarah St James. There is a movie called Spy Trap with Jacqueline Lovell aka Sarah St. James. Hopefully this helps. There are pictures of Miss Lovell on the net.<

This is correct. They are one and the same.

Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 - 09:48:51 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Vreeble: I don't remember anything about Part 5, but I had Gangland 2 as one of my final selections before I cut it to pare the list down to 10. I watched it again to see if it belonged. The rape scene itself is decent, but I really didn't like the way Kerri Downs was tied during it. Instead, it's the cum shot at the conclusion, the most incredible cum shot in movie history, that is the real claim to fame for that movie. Anybody who sees it will know what I'm talking about.

BTW, it's good to have the list of JAV vids, but do you know of a good source where one could find them?

Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 - 09:59:10 PM

Name: VVV
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Homepage URL:

Regarding thumb bondage, it's not my thing, but I came across some on Part 3 of the video Falling into Silence's Hands shows an attractive girl tied bent over a bamboo pole. Her thumbs and big toes are tied to a bamboo spreader bar by means of twine while she is given a spirited cropping. The dominant is kind enough to part the girl's nether cheeks to give us a look at her asshole but doesn't land the crop there (this IS my thing -- would love to hear about videos in which a bound girl is anally whipped). Five bucks buys the download.

The site features some good punishment but is not a rape site.

Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 - 09:59:45 PM

Name: bobjones
Homepage URL:

This is going to be long post. . . I typed up a post the other night and the ole internet went out on me so I saved what I wrote. In the meantime I saw a couple more movies I thought I’d share. What follows is really two long posts pasted together.

But before I get to that I wanted to chime in and say that MY favorite ZFX rape scene is certainly the Rick/Lisa rape in Ballista 3. It really looks like Lisa is getting the shit fucked out of her. Yowza. I like the bondage rape scene at the end quite a lot too. Superhero outfits really do it for me for some reason. They're just begging to be cut off.

One favorite that I don’t think made the list was Mincemeat Pie 2: Doer. For anyone who hasn't seen it, Chandra Sweet plays a stripper who has been abducted by a bunch of crazed rednecks who really work her over. When they finally get around to some straight fuckin,’ our plucky heroine is still resisting with all her might. That's one of ZFX’s more realistic films, and they really sell the rape. Great struggling plus nasty fuckin’ equals good times.

The first thing I wanted to share is that I found a mainstream writer/director whose work might be of interest to GIMP fans. The guy's name is Wolfgang Buld (he’s German, but his movies are apparently filmed for the British market), and his movies are starting to come over to the states. He makes mainstream B horror movies, often with lots of odd humor and lots of hot naked chicks. They are surprisingly witty, entertaining little films, and the guy seems to really have a bit of a GIMP loving heart. His usual leading lady, Fiona Horsey, is a pretty hot chick to boot. The two films of theirs I have seen are “Twisted Sisters” and “Angst” (which was apparently once titled “Penetration Agnst”). “Twisted Sisters” is about a woman whose long lost twin sister shows up and starts raising all kinds of hell. Eventually she ends up hogtied in the attic while her sister takes over her life. A pretty standard B movie plot, but there's sex and violence a plenty, and Ms. Horsey spends lots of time hogtied in her underwear, at one point being forced to watch her sister fuck her boyfriend.

“Angst” is about a woman whose vagina eats men. I'm not going to repeat that, you read it correctly the first time. As you might have guessed, this means that anybody who tried to rape her is going to have a bad go of it, but that sure doesn't stop people from trying. At one point she visits a gynecologist, who turns out to be a big ole’ perv. You get to see an embarrassed, and bottomless, Fiona Horsey in stirrups covering herself while the good doctor tries to relax her and get a look at her pussy. He eventually drugs her and rapes her. When she wakes up he's gone and there's a used condom insider her! Later a creep chloroforms her, strips her, and ties her to a bedspring for some good old fashioned fucking. Of course, all these build-ups to rape don't really pay off, what with the killer vagina and all, but they are nice looooong build ups with copious nudity and really sleazy villains. Combine all this with some more nice bondage at the end of the movie when Fiona is held hostage by some fugitive robbers, and we've got a left-field GIMP classic. On the DVD there was a trailer for a movie called “Lovesick/ Sick Love” by the same creative team which appears to have Ms. Horsey in lots of bondage and peril situations. I’ll keep an eye out. I'm becoming a fan.

On to the second item of business. . . As for the “Something Weird” triple feature I mentioned in my last post. . ."She Came on the Bus" is the only one that delivers any extended girl in peril scenes, and they are pretty good. Two women (in two separate scenes) get nabbed by a gang of pervs who drug and rape them. The drugs they are given make them passive, even receptive to the raping, so the actual sex isn't particularly rough. What is rough is the handling the girls get when they are nabbed and forcibly drugged (one girl gets a needle in the arm, the other gets a pill stuffed down her throat). There is much panicked fighting and forced stripping, and everybody puts in good performances. Later in the film the gang abduct a group of women from a bus (thus the title) for more fun. Again, not much to see in the way of on screen raping, but girls are left to sit around crying in their underwear, and the gang are cartoonishly nasty perverts. There's some good consensual sex in the movie also, which, given the sick atmosphere of the film, seems pretty unwholesome, even though it's fairly tame by today's standards.

The real find on the dvd is "The Sin Syndicate." Again, not much in the way of extended rape sequences, but the film has an all around nasty atmosphere, and a couple of scenes of women being prepared for torture (being tied up and stripped). The plot is about a white slavery ring run by the mob. There's lots of sex and striptease performances, which, when put into the context of the nasty plot, are effectively tawdry. The film was directed by Mike Findlay, one of the real auteurs of Times Square smut. He and his wife wrote, directed, and acted in tons of cheaply made, sexually obsessive sex and horror films. He's kinda like a punk rock Jess Franco.

Both movies are together on one "Something Weird" Dvd (along with a smutty film about a porno ring called "Sin Magazine). All of the films on the Dvd are technically limited black and white films, which, for me, adds to the air of seedy menace. I really love sixties exploitation films. Even though they don't often have the kind of extended torment that you can find in the work of a good bondage producer, they have a special kind of nasty atmosphere that's like catnip to me. For folks who like violent smut in mainstream movies, those films are a really worthwhile genre to check out. They have a good ‘n nasty tone (even if they are much tamer than a lot of bondage porn available nowadays), and they often feature nice looking curvy ladies with natural big tits. Lots of whipping too, for some reason.

Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 - 11:51:18 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
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Hey Gimpers:

I've just sent Ralphus the box art for Punished 7. Just thought all the Gimpers should get a look at this historic item. It took mcu more than a year for the order to arrive. I had given up on ever getting it and the company never responded to my emails. I had even forgotten about it, so you can imagine my glee when the package arrived that day.

I ordered a few other items which also showed up, but I can't remember what they are. This was like, five/six years ago that I got this, maybe even ten! I have no idea where I bought these from, except the company was European. I don't think they exist anymore...

Hopefully Ralphus will post it soon.


Thursday, January 4th 2007 - 09:21:07 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Ralphus: A number of the movies recommended by Vreeble are available at either and/or However, many of them are older titles that are offered on VCD, so the quality won't be everything it should be.

It seems there is some support for Shark 236, which is on DVD, as both Vreeble and I mentioned it. As well, it is worth noting that one of the movies that Vreeble mentioned, HAVD-131, starring Jyuri Wakabayashi, was reviewed by me and the review is in the archives. I should point out that Ralphus wasn't as fond of that movie as I was.

Thursday, January 4th 2007 - 10:32:51 AM

Name: A Canadian
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One small addition -- the Jyuri Wakabayashi movie that I reviewed is listed in the review archives as Industrial Spy.

Thursday, January 4th 2007 - 10:35:47 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Dan Hawke: Thanks for sending me the box cover to Punished 7...looks like a very rare item indeed. You just gotta appreciate the fine ropework that Whitman helped pioneer. I'll run the pic for the group tonight.

Thursday, January 4th 2007 - 07:07:19 PM

Name: Q Tip

I'm looking for any websites that offer streaming video of Hardcore Abductions movies.

If anyone can point me in the direction of those sites and any good sites that offer a good amount of "ZFX-esque" streaming videos, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, January 4th 2007 - 10:27:56 PM

Name: Bobjones

Wow. . . that boxcover is REALLY gorgeous, no kiddin. Very nice.

Thursday, January 4th 2007 - 11:45:58 PM

Name: Vreeble
Homepage URL:

> Vreeble: I don't remember anything about Part 5 <

Trust me, Ralphus, if you haven't seen GL5 (and it seems likely to me that you'd damned sure remember it if you'd ever seen it), you haven't seen one of the best (if not THE best) of ZFX's fake cumshots. If you look at the previews for it, you can see just a few flashes of it.

Also, there's another one comparable to the one in GL2 in GL3. GL4 did not impress as much, it was more something to drag 2/3 together with 5.

P.S., I meant to also mention X-tractor, with Alison Parish. I'd LOVE to see a gooeyer version of that, esp. with some guy doing the abuse instead of a woman. There's no direct rape scene or anything but it's still pretty damned hot. Add in more goo and a faked rape and it would easily be ZFX's best ever. Allison is, as usual, gorgeous, and does a fantastic job of being tortured by the "x-tractor".


As far as JAV sources, I have generally done it with P2P but there are a number of services which offer savable downloads. I've used "ActionJAV" for a great deal of research (see the URL, above). Perhaps someone can try them out and see if they are worth the trouble.
I *PRESUME* you can get stuff from them (esp. since the site is in English), and you just need to be able to subscribe for a certain volume of download, which I'm guessing just needs a credit card. You can certainly get an idea of the content of any picture beforehand by looking at its review and summary, which includes a box cover and two different types of pictures, a larger, six-picture overview and a broad range of *small* screencaps from the entire movie. In addition someone has written a general description of the scenes in most of the films, in very readable if somewhat grammatically incorrect english.

They don't show everything on my list, but they do have a LOT of interesting stuff, some of which may interest you more than it interests me. I'm rather surprised Rick hasn't made some contacts over there and gone there to shoot some vids, since they have stuff which readily stands up to his own, both animated and live action, which are comparable to anything ZFX has done. I'd suspect he'd have no trouble finding models and even assistance. They almost certainly like his stuff over there.

You might see if this company will sell to you, too. I use their site to find out what I find on P2P:

That link is to their Disposable M Slave vids. There's a search feature, but it only works with Japanese characters. If you can figure out which ones represent the models, though, it'll kick out a listing (in Japanese, of course, but you can see the box covers) of the vids they sell of those girls.

Some of these are good:
Oikawa Nao:
Riko Tachibana:
Azusa Ayano:ǵ%B0%B4-1.html
Jyuri Wakabayashi(short listing):Ӽ%F9Τ-1.html

Here's another large listing of Oikawa Nao's films, w box covers.

I'm presuming you already know about, which is where you can find Jyubaku/Ryubaku and other hard bondage stuff, as well as the Shark Rape series and a lot of collections. I have no idea about ordering from them in the USA, though.

There's also a series from Baby-Baby-Baby which translates to "Female Torture Lab"
This one has Azusa Ayano:
And has her getting abused and pawed with vibrators and stuff until she's crying. (Not knowing the language can be of benefit -- it's sometimes hard to tell if they're getting off on it or wailing in pain). There's a downloadable/savable, moderately intense video for FTL-8, as well as the others, to see if they look interesting. Click the "windows media" button.
They also apparently have a vid with Riko Tachibana, now, which I haven't seen.

Poke around, and, even though you almost certainly don't read Japanese, you can sometimes get an idea where to go and what you want to search for by using Altavista's Babelfish tool to xlate the Japanese to English. It's stilted and far from clear, but you can get a jist of the words you want to search on:
Just keep clicking links and copying and pasting into BFish and you'll figure out a lot.

For animated examples, hunt down La Blue Girl and/or Angel of Darkness, which can be found in the US in both subtitled and dubbed form. Search 'Hentai'.

LBG also has a live-action version, as well, although it strikes me as a bit photographically dark, and suffers for it.

For some of the wierder stuff (scat, etc.) there's a company called 'Giga' which does lots of superheroine vids as well as various scat and golden shower type stuff (I like the heroine stuff but it's hard to find much that doesn't also involve scat, etc., which I'm not fond of). The Giga site is distinctly less "Gaijin" friendly than the Attackers, AV-fan, or ActionJAV sites, just to warn you. Here's a link to the superheroine stuff. Poke around if anything else there may appeal:

Ah. BTW, one thing to know about most JAV, it's "mosaic censored", which means that the actual genitalia are not shown, but fuzzed out (sometimes barely, sometimes rather ham-handedly). This is due to Japanese porn laws, which restrict what may be shown. There are a few companies which produce uncensored video, but most don't push the law. So, oddly enough, though you can and do often get an internal cumshot, it's generally not directly visible, but inferred by spillage. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

Friday, January 5th 2007 - 02:06:16 AM

Name: A Canadian
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Vreeble: Here is a link to an American site that carries the Attackers movie with Riko Tachibana: Riko. If you scroll down, the movie is the third one on the page, called Court of Justice.

Friday, January 5th 2007 - 03:37:03 AM

Name: mr bush


Which Japan sites offer savable download movies?

Friday, January 5th 2007 - 08:47:32 AM

Name: MAV
E-mail address:


I dont have the whole Spy Trap movie with Sara St. James in it anymore, but I digitally saved a fairly long clip of her getting whipped and waxed AOH. Another girl has her arms tied behind her and gets waxed also. Maybe we can work out a trade?

Friday, January 5th 2007 - 10:01:06 AM

Name: Brutus

Dan Hawke,

Thanks for sharing that boxcover. Love those crotchropes.

Friday, January 5th 2007 - 10:11:12 AM

Name: Vreeble

Check out ActionJAV. I believe you can download their stuff. If I understand the deal (I have not used them, so take sensible precautions, but they've been around for several years so I think they're safe enough), you pay for a certain number of gigs of D/L, (there are two different plans, one which gives access to pictures/larger screencaps, the other to the more likely movies you want, but examine both plans). You then pick your movies and save them to your own HD.

They certain seem to make and effort to reach the US market.

Friday, January 5th 2007 - 09:26:28 PM

Name: BlueDog
Homepage URL:

In regards to the Giga post below

I bought one of the Heroine Tobatsu vids from VideoMayhem a few weeks ago, and I gotta say I was very impressed. The Tobatsu series are more about torture then rape, but there are others that focus more on rape. The one I saw has a heroine that gets captured, beaten, stepped on, whipped and electrocuted. The special effects are very well done and in my impression the production values and talent are better than ZFX.

I'd love to get more of these but 10k yen is a heck of a lot to spend. After some searching, I found the link above. This link is at least in English which makes browsing easier. I'm hoping Larry (of Video Mayhem) gets more.


Friday, January 5th 2007 - 09:50:52 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Today's daily picture is a gift from our talented artist friend Per, who's been with this board from nearly the beginning of when we first opened back in 1999. He posts at Renderotica under the name Kelderek (a lot of his work is available in the free section if you want to see more). I really dig his artwork, and I think this latest one is one of his best yet. If you like it, let him know. Artists love getting feedback.

Friday, January 5th 2007 - 11:14:15 PM

Name: Vreeble

One thing I'd love to see would be the original HoM bondage loops in their uncut state. It's always annoyed me that, when they were released on Tape (and this has continued thru the DVD releases) it is moderately obvious that scenes were cut and bowdlerized. A lot of times this shows up by either a small bit of the original fade scene showing up (you can sometimes spot it with a jarring change and see the two or three frame fade-in/out remnant with the "pause" feature).

In Sign! (with the delectable Kelly/Shannon Long) there's a scene missing where she gets molested between the front and back whippings, and another when she's on the chair. (This also shows up in an abrupt "readjustment" of her panties).
In some cases, the jarring just about ruins the loop -- In High Strung, it's clear she gets molested and pawed before the final climatic scene.
In another one ("Girl for Rent"?) it's so mutilated that there is barely any reason for the loop to still exist. The girl is lifted out of the box and about two minutes later he's shoving her back in. ARRRGGH!

One can but hope someone who appreciates those loops has them somewhere and will capture and post them up to the internet at some point. *sigh*

Saturday, January 6th 2007 - 01:20:47 AM

Name: Vreeble

> The best WIP movies in terms of their GIMP appeal are, for me...<

One, interesting entirely due to the fact that it's probably got one of the most incredible woman ever to do a WiP flick, is Women in Fury, with Suzanne Carvalho. Every version I've seen lacks a M/F rape scene, which is about the only thing that could be asked for. Suzie has an exceedingly pretty face, large, round, Natalie-Wood-like eyes, a good figure and a firm, jiggly c-cup pair which she has no problem letting men see.

Another movie to enjoy is the sendup, Reform School Girls. It does not take itself seriously, but still manages to have just about everything (except that M/F rape scene, which, let's face it, wouldn't really fit into a sendup), including the sadistic warden, the evil hench-prisoners, babes in scanty outfits, lesbian assaults, and "the hose".

Saturday, January 6th 2007 - 11:14:32 PM

Name: Vreeble

Well, poking around looking for "Tobatsu" on Yahoo Japan (it takes english even if it doesn't return it completely) -- (P.S. Thanks, Bluedog!) -- I bumped into this:

Might be of some vague interest to anyone into the more odd areas of JAV (there's mention of scat as well as the more obvious heroine stuff shown)

Bluedog: Most of the "G" coded vids on that link are, you may note, "Giga" releases (as well as some of the others). Most of the "T" coded releases are "Tera", which I think is a competing company.

Me, I'd like to see one of those "Denki Shock" vids listed, judging from the covers ;-)

Saturday, January 6th 2007 - 11:46:47 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Vreeble: I took a look at the reviews of Women in Fury on, and I think there might be some questions about an exploitation movie that doesn't have a whipping scene (towels don't count). On the other hand, the hanging scene sounds promising. I'm kinda torn on the merits of this one.

Sunday, January 7th 2007 - 09:41:22 AM

Name: Bobjones

Kudos to Kelderek. I don't think I'm familiar with his work, but I'm likin' what I'm seein'. I might like to see some scary intrument of torture lying around somewhere to lead the ole imagination on a little more. . . I liked the one with the electric box a little better.

Has anybody here joined the membership section of Rederotica? I'm wondering if there's enough GIMPtastic art over there for it to be worth the money. Kelderek's pics this week have been pretty cool, and my curiousities kinda peaked. I'm broke after Christmas though, so I won't be checking out any new web sites for a while. Any opinions of the site?

I'm a pretty big fan of "poser" art, come to mention it. The guys who do S/M porn with poser seem to really be willing to push the envelope. You can really fuck up a CGI girl in ways that you can't fuck up a real one-- not if you're sane anyway. Somebody mentioned Quoom's work in the forum recently, and I'd agree he's badass. Way outside of good taste, with girls getting tortured and mutilated and such (hot poker+tight female asshole=good times). His shit is about as dark as it gets. I have looked into some of the artists at and, and some of them were pretty good-- Davo is really awesome. Not many of them had much in terms of quantity though. Does anybody know of any other poser artists who really push things?

Sunday, January 7th 2007 - 10:40:40 PM

Name: Vreeble

> I think there might be some questions about an exploitation movie that doesn't have a whipping scene (towels don't count).<

"Towels don't count"?

Awwww, gimme a break!

She's just had her clothes torn off

She's naked

The towels are wet

The women whipping her are naked

The women whipping her are glistening with perspiration

After it's over, the camera stays lingeringly on her quivering, sobbing body.

It's one of the *hottest* "whipping" scenes ever in a mainstream film! LOL. What scene were *YOU* watching?


Monday, January 8th 2007 - 02:02:34 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Re: What scene were *YOU* watching?

To be clear, I haven't actually seen Women in Fury, I was only responding to the online reviews. But I find it hard to imagine the towels could be used to create an effective whipping scene.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I am skeptical at this point.

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 03:32:28 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Bobjones: I was a member at Renderotica a year or so ago, although I joined when they had some incredible deal, like one month for 4 dollars (I think it was an anniversary special). Nonetheless, I think it's worth buying a membership, especially if you like poser artwork, which I do a lot. They have a lot of work from Kathryne (see the Notable Guests section for more from her), Kelderek, Damselactionbabe, Chibiabos and others that I really enjoyed.

At one point last year, Renderotica was forced to remove bondage artwork from their site due to the wave of censorship that the Bush administration imposed on credit card companies, where they suddenly wouldn't accept material that was harmful to women, even though these were just works of art and no live women were even involved. I thought then that this would be the end of Renderotica. Fortunately, they were able to survive by making some sacrifices to make their payment processor happy, one of which was to make all account profiles filter out the harder stuff like bondage and S/M as a default. You just have to manually change them to see the good stuff, but that's easy enough to do. Clearly, this a company that could use our support.

If you're looking for poser art as hard as Quoom, I really don't know of anybody that equals his quality, although Zell over at Drawing Palace is very good, and I also like the mean, sadistic tone of the guys over at A lot of the art at those two sites is so nasty that I can't even post samples of it here without offending people.

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 08:21:41 AM

Name: bakerboy
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Homepage URL:

I see again that many posters are returning to the whipping and women in prison movies:):) So here I go again (Ralphus forgive me:) I am not trying to spam here BUT The Pet was a bit wimpy BUT OK and needs supporting BUT boundheat WIP flicks are still the best... for me anyway:)

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 08:23:51 AM

Name: Brutus

I like Per's stuff, but am not a huge fan of WIP movies, probably because it seems there is a lack of gagging of the inmates, and gags for me are an esssential part of my gimp experiences. Correct me if I am wrong, Bakerboy, but "Chained Heat 2" had only one brief scene of a gagged girl who was in the trunk of a car.

But when Vreeble writes "one of the *hottest* "whipping" scenes ever in a mainstream film," I'm intrigued. Towels aren't my thing, but is the victim at least bound?


About the credit card and other freedom of speech issues: With the Dems victory in the midterms, it would seem like the religious right has (hopefully) lost some of its clout. Any news on perhaps an undoing of all this Bush censorship crap? Or might we have to wait until Bush and his cohorts are replaced with (again hopefully) someone not hellbent on winning the vote of people trying to push their "morality" on all of us? Just curious about your thoughts on the matter.


Monday, January 8th 2007 - 09:32:45 AM

Name: Per
E-mail address:

Thanks for the kind words about my pictures, I'm glad you like them!

Believe it or not, but I have never been a member of the Premium section of Renderotica myself, so I can't give any opinion on it... I'm sure there is great stuff in there though! All my stuff at Renderotica is in the free section and I intend to keep it that way. As have been mentioned, Renderotica had to make some sacrifices to please the credit card processors, so if you register for the free stuff, you need to adjust your account settings to not filter out bondage and S/M pictures (including mine!). After that, you will have access to all the goodies.

The most extreme stuff is not welcome at Renderotica anymore, which means that some artists have take refuge at, where everything still goes. I will try to contribute to their gallery as well.

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 12:26:20 PM

Name: Steve Power
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Yo Gimpers....and Gimpettes...are there any women in this group? Just a heads up to let you know that the latest dvd release is out. VL007 has abduction and bondage fantasy combined with hardcore. If you like tied up and fucked you may like this one. It's got three hot models...two get watches.

Get one before we get shut down again. We're throwing caution to the wind and shooting bondage with sex. It isn't rape fantasy but when the babe is tied get the point. I figure if every horror movie that hits the street these days has a bondage torture snuff scene contained in it....we might as well push the edge and show them fucked...instead of killed. I've always wondered why people think sex is worse than murder....oh well.... Just buy one of the dvds so we can party with your money before we get thrown in the slammer.

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 03:06:49 PM

Name: Alan
E-mail address:

Hello Gimpers,

Has any one ever heard of a writer artist named DANTE AKA J Reid who lived in Western Canada (Calgary Alberta Canada).

I lost contact a few years ago.

Would appreciate any help.

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 05:48:57 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Brutus: Regarding the Democrats putting an end to the damage that Bush has done to our rights to view what we want in the comfort of our homes...well, I'm no expert, but this is my guess. I think it's already too late. With the Good Guys now taking over the House and Senate, I think the best we can hope for is that they'll probably be able to prevent him from continuing his current onslaught of censorship, but the damage is already done. It's like calling in the fire department after most of the house has already burned down. They'll put out the fire, but the charred remains are all that are left of our personal freedoms. Nobody's going to rebuild the house.

I don't foresee any reversal of the laws that have already been passed. The Democrats are not necessarily pro-porn; they're just more the party of the average working man and they don't try to impose their religious views on everyone else like the Republicans do. But don't expect the Democrats to come riding in on a white horse to save the day. Particularly because reversing such a law is bound to attract criticism and negative attention. They don't want to come across as allies of pornographers...that would be political suicide. If they do attempt to loosen up the laws, their best bet would be to do it covertly, the same way the Bush administration slipped all these laws under the radar of the general public, and frankly, I think the Democrats have too much integrity to do that.

Our best hope for the future, as freedom-loving Americans, is to vote the Republicans out of the White House in 2008, and pray to God that the public doesn't fall for that "America's Mayor" bullshit and vote in Rudy Giuliani. This is the guy who made it his agenda to eliminate porn from his home state of New York, and don't any of you doubt that he will stop there if he's elected to the highest office. Too many people are stupid. They'll vote for the familiar, cuddly persona and for a name they recognize, instead of looking for the right candidate. The last time that happened, we got stuck with George W. Bush. I rest my case. We may never recover from that last mistake. Let's not make a bigger one in 2008.

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 09:28:56 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I agree with you that it won't make much difference who is in office as far as previous legislation is concerned. What's done is done. However there have always been laws on the books to stop us...the difference is enforcement. Republicans take a beating when they start telling people how to live. While neither side of the aisle is going to come down on the side of the pornographer....with the balance between democrats and republicans as tight as it is....I don't think either side wants to risk the negative publicity that a crackdown would bring. Even anti-porn politicians know the danger of coming down on porn. They can only get by with it when they have a strong majority and can afford to lose a few votes. Let's face it...politicians spend half their day whacking off to porn. Also....the political pressure on credit card companies to kiss republican ass is reduced somewhat by the democratic shift.

On another subject....I couldn't believe what that Utah polygamist leader was able to pull off. This dude was trading under age babes with his buddies and calling it arranged marriage. We all know they just wanted to fuck young girls. Wish they'd just come out and admit it....start buying porn and leave the young girls alone. You take a religious society like that where nobody can get their hands on good porn and they start trading off their daughters for sex. Porn prevents crime!!!! The statistics prove it time and again! I'm going to add a statement to that effect to my dvd introduction. I can quote some statistics.

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 10:52:50 PM

Name: mean_swede
Homepage URL:

@ Vreeble regarding uncut HoM loops

Do you have any tangible evidence that the video/DVD versions of the mentioned loops are cut compared to the 8mm releases? (like having watched the 8mm versions and remember them to have more content....)

I watched some HoM 8mm loops at an adult shop back in the late 70's and early 80's, bought a couple actually but never got me a projector to watch them. One title was "110 volts of torment", don't remember the others, anyway when Hom started to release the Bondage Classics on VHS I bought them as they were released. I never watched that many of the loops on 8mm and if, then only once for each loop so I might not have remembered if anything was missing from the tapes.

Other hot stuff back then were of course the Erotic Perversion loops which I also watched as 8mm before aquiring the tapes. In that case at least one of the 8mm loops was longer than the tape (my copy of the tape anyway) I don't remember the name of the loop, but the weblink should have a cover scan from the magazine with stills published later. Anyway the loop ended with the guy burning her pubes with a lighter (or with matches, this is a 25 year old memory ;-) which is not on my VHS copy.

BTW this is my first entry in this forum (I know, shame on me for taking so long) after having lurked here for quite a while, although very irregularly.

Over the years I have collected a fair bit, but not that many movies as I got tired of poor VHS copies even if they were retail directly from the source, on the other hand I have almost all bondage magazines worth having that ever were released from the major publishers ;-)

All my Bondage Classics loops on VHS have been replaced by DVD's and I'm planning to replace what I can of my ZFX tapes as well and yeah I have some from Dan Hawke too...

A couple of years back my collectors mania turned its attention to JAV and I now have close to 500 on DVD ( and probably the same amount as VCD's (did I mention I was a compulsive collector ;-))

Still my all time favorites comes from Cole/Whitman/Blakemore/or whatever his name was....

Tuesday, January 9th 2007 - 01:12:02 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

mean_swede: Let me be the first to officially welcome you to the board and congratulate you for finally coming out of the lurking closet. We're glad to have you here, and hopefully you'll become at least a semi-regular poster here now.

I can confirm that unfortunately, HOM did indeed edit at least some of their 8MM loops when they transferred them to video. It's too bad, because I would have loved to have seen the pussy burning scene at the end of the loop you mentioned.

Speaking of edited burning scenes, let me direct you to the archives and a classic Ralphus post on October 11th, 2000 (link above), where I wrote about my experiences of seeing an edited HOM loop, then discovering the complete version a decade later. I've reposted it here one other time, but I'm tired so I'll just let you guys scroll down and take a look. There's some good follow-ups afterward, too.

Tuesday, January 9th 2007 - 09:49:18 PM

Name: Pr0m3theus
E-mail address:

Hello all, enjoyed some of the review and decided to de-lurk with a question.

I am trying to identify a very brutal electro torture movie that I have just found small clips of. The clips are usually named something like "Japanese electro torture" or "Faces of Death, Chinese electro torture." The scene is of two young Asian girls being interrogated with electricity. The electrodes are strapped to the ankles while the girls are on a gyno table. The guards are wearing what looks to be Nazi uniforms. The production comes from Japan (I think) since the genitals are pixled out. The shocks last about 20-30 seconds with good screaming and convulsing. Any help finding the title of this one or the production company would be appreciated.

Wednesday, January 10th 2007 - 01:49:51 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

I'm all in favor of New Year's resolutions that involve de-lurking.

Meanwhile, I thought I would submit a cautionary note about some of the Japanese Cinemagic movies, following the Ralphus review of one Cinemagic flick that was posted two weeks ago (and the subsequent ranking of that movie as Ralphus's top pick for 2006).

I have ordered some Cinemagic movies online and bought some movies locally, and have found there is a certain level of risk with these purchases. That is because Cinemagic seems to like using a storyline where the bondage, torture and even rape scenes are part of the lead woman's dirty fantasies. Quite often, a woman will be looking at some dirty magazines, and the action then jumps into the fantasies. To my way of thinking, that pretty much makes it look consensual, and ruins the effect.

The worse part is you cannot tell from the cover art for a movie if the bondage will be portrayed as non-consensual crimes, or just part of a dirty fantasy.

It's OK if you purchase your Cinemagic movies from Video Mayhem, because VM has descriptions of its movies. But in other cases, it is buyer beware.

Having said all that, Cinemagic does produce some movies that are clearly non-consensual and not presented as fantasy, and some are pretty good.

Wednesday, January 10th 2007 - 04:31:53 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Pr0m3theus: Those two Japanese electrotorture clips have been floating around the net for years now. We've had people ask about them on this forum and elsewhere, and I've even posted vidcaps trying to see if anybody knew the source. I'm convinced at this point that the only person on the face of the earth who knows what movie they're from is the one who originally made the clips in the first place. And he might not even know the name either.

I do know that Video Mayhem at one time carried a couple of excellent Japanese women's prison movies that had very similar scenes shot in the same location, leading me to believe they were from the same series. The two titles started with the letters "FA". Unfortunately, Larry recently purged all his older stock and you can't even order those anymore.

A Canadian: I agree with you. Without descriptions, it's awfully easy to get burned when ordering Japanese titles, even if you have the box cover with pictures on the cover. And if the girl is wishing it would happen to her and then liking what's happening to her, that takes away a lot of the fun. That's why I usually trust the brutal, definitely nonconsensual plotlines of the Attackers series when making my purchase.

It's been kinda quiet here lately. What are people thinking of the hardcore pics from the new Powershotz DVD? I'll be running them all at least all this week, if not longer. The movie looks promising. It's great to see bondage scenes coupled with hardcore sex, usually a no-no in today's political climate. Hopefully the risk will pay off and Powershotz will be rewarded for taking a chance by putting out material like this. Anybody curious about checking this one out?

Don't everybody talk at once now :)

Wednesday, January 10th 2007 - 10:34:18 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Those Japanese Electro torture clips are turning into the holy grail of sadistic video - right up there with the X-Rated BSF. Like Ralphus, I remember coming across them at least five years ago (probably), and the amazing thing about them is how professional the shoot is, as well as how well acted it is.

Thursday, January 11th 2007 - 12:55:02 AM

Name: Sloth
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Morning All - after a christmas hiatus with the familia I can't tell you how nice it is to be back to the sleaze and depravity of the forum - I don't know much about this little item I stumbled across other than the rather vanilla review and cover shot at the above url - if anyone does please let me know - otherwise I would find it worth a rental to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer stretched on the rack - from the review I read fast forward some but nice cover shot fellow perverts - Stay Well All

Thursday, January 11th 2007 - 08:22:06 AM

Name: mean_swede
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Ralphus: Thanks for the welcome "speech" :-) and for providing a direct link to the archives with the previous discussions on the subject, now I know that at least you have a complete copy of Red Hot B&D, I think you like hot pussies then (pun MOST certainly intended ;-)

For the last couple of months several JAV actresses have suffered the same treatment (ehh - with a lighter only of course, not a bonfire ;-) seems like when one studio finds a new way of mistreating the poor chicks, all the other follows....

Anyway the picture host I tried didn't like the (very non PC) pic as it disappeared in less than a day so I'm trying another host that some of you guys are using, hopefully it fares better this time, a picture says so much more than mere words..... (to identify the loop)

The loop is named Erotic Bizar on my VHS tape, and the missing segment came right after the needling, not a very long one though, probably less than a minute or even shorter.

I think I asked Charles D. (of CHAD scan series fame) some years back when we traded full magazine scans if he might have seen it too, but he hadn't if I remember it correctly.

Should someone come across the 8MM film, it could be worth checking out if it has the segment intact. (I write this because most of us wouldn’t bother getting something in an old format if we already have it on VHS/DVD unless there's a chance to get a better source or uncut/complete material.

Thursday, January 11th 2007 - 09:27:51 AM

Name: mean_swede
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Sloth: You should have written the Original Buffy the Vampire Slayer or else all the young readers here will be rushing out to find the DVD with the hope of watching Sarah Michelle Gellar on the rack ;-)

I always found Kristy Swanson to be a cutie and although she's no spring chicken anymore she's still looking good, alas she's not put on the rack, another girl is but it's rather gross as her session ends with a bone pipe sticking out her leg....(And not even any nudity in this movie *sigh*)

Later there's a scene with Kristy cloth gagged and with her arms chained overhead as (hopefully) seen in the pic link above, nothing arousing about the scene though.

So how do I know this you ask? Well after your message here I searched Usenet, found a xvid rip posted 18 days ago, downloaded and watched it in it's entirety.

IMDB users have rated this straight to video movie 2.1/10 (51 votes) and it's clearly not a winner in any area.

I don't know if direct linking to a .nzb search engine is allowed here, but the full release name is Living.Death.2006.STV.DVDRIP.XviD-NEPTUNE and found in alt.binaries.movies.divx in case someone still would like to grab it.

Thursday, January 11th 2007 - 12:22:42 PM

Name: Brutus


Thanks for the feedback on the religious right. I agree it will take some time to undo all the nonsense that has gone on in the past few years.


Thanks for the awesome picks. Hope Bush and Co. are too focused on Iraq (as they should be) than to give you grief.


I was also taken in by the boxcover of "Living Death" and was thoroughly disappointed by what was inside. Here's a brief description of the Gimp scenes: We start off with a babe (on the cover) willingly getting strapped to the rack. The guy slowly stretches her, and she sort of enjoys it in a curiosity type of way. Then she starts to realize this guy won't stop. The scene ends when the guy is startled by his wife, and accidentally tightens the rack, snapping the girl's leg. This was the best scene in the movie, which isn't saying much. Speaking of racks, the victim had a nice set, but she remained clothed throughout.

After an hour of "plot" where the guy is poisoned and comes back to life, he decides to finish the job. He uses scarves to tie the same girl down to her bed and stuff gags her. So what does this evil doer do next? He calls his wife to threaten her and her lawyer lover! At that point, the girl rather easily escapes her bonds. He catches her and instead of torturing her for escaping, he quickly disposes of her by bashing her head in. She is wearing even more clothes in this scene, as well as an ugly leg brace.

The final scene has Kristy (looking about 15 pounds heavier than her Buffy days) manacled AOH with an OTM gag. No real closeups of her face, and mean_swede's link shows that the manacles are rather loose. The killer unties and ungags her so she came strap the lawyer to the rack. He gets quartered, so now it's Kristy's turn, right? No! She quickly kills him when he isn't looking. The end.

The 2.1 rating on IMDB is about right for the movie and the Gimp scenes. It seems to me that whenever mainstream producers use Gimp scenes on the boxcover or have a Gimp-style title, they fail to deliver. "Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity" and "Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism" come to mind.


Thursday, January 11th 2007 - 04:20:05 PM

Name: Ralphus
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mean_swede: Actually, we don't allow links here that lead to copyrighted material being stolen off the net, but I'll allow it this time since you're a newbie. Our stance here is to respect producer's rights and not encourage file "sharing", even though it's probably very easy to find such material online. We just don't want it going on here on this forum.

On to the important stuff...What's this about pussy burning? :)

Seriously, any kind of torture involving flames or fire is a big turn-on for me, so if you know some Japanese titles that have scenes like that, please fill us in. I must be watching the wrong movies because I've never seen that particular scenario in a bondage video, only in artworks.

Above is an example from the artist Wayne Wine. I gotta stuff! I'd love to see it in a video.

Brutus: Thanks for filling us in on the GIMP scenes in Living Death. That info will be added to the updated Reviews section, coming soon. Okay, I know we've had the Coming Soon banner up there for nearly a year, but I promise we'll have new stuff ready by the time our 8th anniversary comes around in March, if not sooner.

Thursday, January 11th 2007 - 08:36:43 PM

Name: DoppleM
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Pr0m3theus: I think the Japanese electro-torture video you are looking for is available at See the link above. I recently viewed it, and it's okay, but not as good as I had hoped. The electro scenes are not as lengthy as I would have liked, and one of the girls subjected to the torture has tats on her back and above one of her breasts.

Thursday, January 11th 2007 - 08:38:32 PM

Name: Steve Power
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Thanks for posting the pics! I wish it were true that Shelby took it up the ass in that anal on this one. The anal training scene that she did in Repressed Desire (PZV121), was her first and only anal. Awesome reality facial expressions in that one. I'm somewhat biased....but I'm thinking Well Deserved is going to be well liked by fans of tied up and fucked. The video was shot so that in the beginning the girls are talking about their fantasy of being abducted, bound and fucked. Then it becomes the girls fantasy...rather than a rape fantasy

Thursday, January 11th 2007 - 10:37:28 PM

Name: mean_swede
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Ralphus: I don't think there's much hope of finding real footage depicting a blowtorch applied at the angle shown in your link, that would be too cruel to the model unless it's faked. JAV producers rarely ever fake any of the abuse suffered by the models so I think it's pretty amazing what those beauties endure considering that most of them aren't into S&M and only paid peanuts unless they're a big name.

You must be looking at the wrong movies if you haven't seen any scenes on this topic, mind you, just because there's a scene of interest in a movie it doesn't mean it's a completely solid hit depending on what your fetishes OR dislikes are.

The payoff for many movies are very often only mere minutes or even seconds and in many cases some scenes can be a complete turnoff, at least from my point of view. The OPUD titles from Opera also contains scat scenes, a big no-no for me, but it's always possible to edit and keep just the good bits....(this is a general comment about movies from all producers, not just JAV's)

Here are some direct links to one Moodyz title and a couple from Opera for your perusal, these are certainly not the only ones available, but I don't have the time to compile a complete list with links for all the titles known to me (and also have) OPRD-035, OPRD-053, OPUD-008, MIAD-164.

Your response to my Living Death post almost got me started about dual standards but I'm not about to take that discussion here, suffice to say I'm sure the producers of these fine JAV titles are pleased to know that ALL users here, wanting these, will only obtain original retails and NOT download or buy them from bootleggers....

Friday, January 12th 2007 - 03:04:51 AM

Name: Ralphus
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mean_swede: Thanks for the nice stills of the pussy burning movies. I'm assuming you're in Sweden? (I have no idea, really, just guessing from your handle) What was your source for acquiring these vids? Like I've stated for years on this forum, the problem with finding Japanese bondage titles directly from the sites in Japan is threefold:

1) The sites are in Japanese, which is a huge language barrier for most English-speaking potential customers

2) They usually only sell inside their own country, which prevents most of us from ordering even if we wanted to


3) There are no legitimate US sources, at least none that anyone has been able to point out here, so we have to procure them from places like Video Mayhem, Candles Room and SaveOnAV.

I've tried ordering directly off the Attackers website (linked above) and gave up in frustration. Even Vreeble's extensive list of sources he posted last week had me confused when it actually came to making a purchase. I think many of us would feel better about ordering Japanese titles if there was a legitimate alternative. My stance on bootleggers has always been that I'll use them only if the movie is otherwise unavailable. The Japanese would make a killing if they would sell in the US, because their stuff blows away most of what's produced here.

Friday, January 12th 2007 - 08:39:42 AM

Name: mean_swede
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Ralphus: It's not very difficult obtaining retail JAV's outside Japan, at least not compared to what it used to be, not as long as we're talking about material from the "mainstream" producers like Cinemagic, Attackers and Moodyz to name a few.

The real hard stuff producers don't use the main distribution channels and is thus harder to come by so I'm not going to provide links for them in this forum.

My first source for getting my hands on the, then new, Jabaku series from Attackers (only available as VHS back then) was actually from an US based operation named and it went OK for a while until I lost a lot of money on paying for stuff that I never got so I stopped using them, their site is still up I see, but it looks like it hasn't been updated for a while.

The link above (NOT the Jabaku link) points to the English spoken web page of Cosmolink, they are resellers and usually gather titles from most of the major producers in less than a week, payment is done with credit card which isn't charged until shipping takes place.

The search function is pretty good, just select Maledom in category 2: to narrow it down to bondage and S&M titles.

They offer the service of sending the covers separately (for an additional (and reasonable) fee)) and are happy to mark the shipment with "Training material" or whatever in case there's a risk of adult material being confiscated by customs.

Their order system is a bit basic but easy to work and all orders must be confirmed by email before they actually start processing them.

They have always given me a very good and reliable service and communicate well (mind the time difference)

For better information about specific titles, higher resolution cover and added sample pics I always go to the producer’s homepages, there’s a list found on their start page.

There are other online shops shipping out of Japan but I have no experience ordering from them so I leave them out this time.

And yes I’m in Sweden (big surprise eh! ;-)

Friday, January 12th 2007 - 10:21:06 AM

Name: jhlipton
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The video was shot so that in the beginning the girls are talking about their fantasy of being abducted, bound and fucked. Then it becomes the girls fantasy...rather than a rape fantasy.

I wasn't terribly aroused by the pics, and I think the above is why. To get me going, the girl (NOT the actress) can't be in control -- she must be a victim. I don't mind a vid shot from the POV of a girl's fantasy, as long as the fantasy is rough, brutal and non-consensual.

I wanna see tears, dammit! [Smiles]

Thanks for letting Ralphus post the pics. I appreciate being able to see vidcaps before I buy a vid.

Friday, January 12th 2007 - 12:10:12 PM

Name: THX1139
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Hey it looks like one of our classic favorites has been released uncut: Don't Answer the Phone! A new DVD release promises not only that it's uncut, it's a widescreen version. This means that some of the more "interesting" parts will be more...well, interesting (the Paula Warner scene in particular where her bare chest was off to one side of the screen and not visible... now maybe we'll get to see if there's any wax dripping off her delicious breasts). Searching "Don't Answer the Phone" and "uncut" yields lots of info.

Friday, January 12th 2007 - 05:45:18 PM

Name: Ralphus
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mean_swede: Thanks for the heads up concerning US sources for Japanese material. Those were two sites I had never heard of. The Jabaku site, though, looks totally dead. Their newest releases are from 2005, and the fact that you said they ripped you off last time doesn't exactly install me with confidence as far as ordering from them.

The All Japanese XXX DVD site, however, looks very promising. What's nice is that the search system lets you find the type of perversion you're looking for, although individual descriptions of the movies would be quite helpful. The prices seem very reasonable, too. 28 bucks is a decent price to pay for an original Japanese DVD, although the prices on the Attackers series is higher (probably because of their reputation for being so nasty). And I found one of those Moodyz vids with the pussy burning right away. Yeah!

You said there were "real hard stuff producers" that don't use the main distribution channels? Who are you referring to? I find it difficult to believe there could be any harder stuff on video than what I've seen from the Attackers movies. What kind of "real hard stuff" are you talking about?

To Steve Power, Rick, Dan, Dave, Sarge or any other bondage producers reading this: The recent stills with Shelby being tied to a bed and violated have me wondering what kind of reaction their husbands or boyfriends might have if they are on the set watching this being filmed. Do you guys ever allow any kind of outsiders to watch the models being put through their bondage paces? And if you do, do the men ever get protective and put pressure on you to not be so rough on their girlfriends? It's gotta be tough enough to make one of these movies without running into a jealous boyfriend complaining that you're hurting her. Or do you strictly ban boyfriends and husbands from the set? I'll bet you guys could tell some fascinating "behind the scenes" stories if you wanted to.

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 09:50:12 AM

Name: Vreeble
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> Do you have any tangible evidence that the video/DVD versions of the mentioned loops are cut compared to the 8mm releases?<

Swede, if you look closely at some of those vids (even easier if there's a DVD of it), you can actually SEE a remnant of the missing scene(s). A key example is in the still excellent "Sign!" with Kelly Long aka Sharon Montgomery -- in one scene right near the middle of the whipping you can see a stutter during the transition, and, if you slow it down and single-frame forward, you can see a faded still or two from the missing scene. There are other cases if you look for them, though.

Further, (and this is REALLY odd) There is the loop Bound & Delivered from one of them -- there is a large segment I KNOW to be missing from it because I happened to encounter it at the end of another of the tapes, at the very end of that tape -- I presume this was an accident or something but I did re-edit them back together (as is the case with any VHS to VHS it suffered) but the missing segment is pretty much a full soft-core no-visible-penetration rape scene which was only implied in the first, edited VHS release of the loop. It's much lower quality than the original (it almost looks like a copy of a copy) but, prior to ZFX and JAV it's pretty hot.

A Canadian:

I have never found that much interest in the Cinemagic bunch -- if you want non-consensual, then Shark are far and away the most reliable, with the gang-bang versions of IESP (that is to say, most of them) being a close second. If you like forced oral then the lamentably short Compulsive Oral Sex Slave series (of which I've only been able to find notes of the existence of seven or eight, I think, and actual box covers for only three or four) is pretty good. There is also a series "Disposable M Slave" which is unreliable for the level of force but some are almost as good as the COSS series.

For those looking for a starter kit:
SHK028 - Raped JAV Producer
SHK064 - High School Girl 14 (oh, she's DEFINITELY 18)
SHK124 - Raped Swim Instructor
SHK166 - Raped Office Girls
SHK255 - Raped Superheroine II (SHK180 is #1)
SHK273 - Raped Agent

IESP040 - Mini Pato Police Girls
IESP075 - Stark Naked Busty Lesson
IESP076 - 20 Nakadashi Rapidfire Busty Teacher ("20NR")
IESP102 - 25 NR F-Cup Detective
IESP119 - NR Race Queen Idol
IESP138 - 20 NR Teacher
IESP146 - 20 NR Tour Guide

Current IESP count is up past IESP250 -- not all are forceable, and a lot of the last 100 are collections (100NR-5 girls, etc), so be sure to check it out at a reliable source before buying. If you can find them at ActionJAV (see link, enter "IESP" in the search box, or Shark, SHK, HAVD or some of the names I've mentioned in previous entries like Ayano, Oikawa, Wakabayashi, Tachibana, Yoshino) you can be more sure that what you get is what you want.

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 01:46:56 PM

Name: sgtmajor
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Thanks for the heads up about that fucker who is ripping me off on ebay. I will say this to anyone, if you tell me where I am getting ripped off. I will be more than happy to send you a dvd free as a thanks. Its a real bitch to make a go of it these days doing fetish dvd's. Someone stealing from you is a real kick in the nuts. Thanks again for the heads up.

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 02:02:29 PM

Name: Vreeble

> Thanks for the feedback on the religious right. I agree it will take some time to undo all the nonsense that has gone on in the past few years.<

Foo. Nothing personal, guys, but most of the nonsense has been in your heads. The internet has made actually suppressing anything very very difficult, if not utterly impossible. The best they've managed at this point is to make it difficult to make MONEY doing it here in the USA, and even that is an ephemeral proposition because other places will take up the slack as far as distribution and money, it just takes time for it to catch up. Yes, it's expensive at the moment because no one is set up to do it that way, but amazingly, the free market does a remarkable job with fixing this sort of thing.

In the last five years it has become downright easy to get JAV Rape, Jyubaku, Ryubaku, and Hentai over the internet. Most of the Europorn is getting there, too, as have Russian rape vids. I don't look for really HC torture stuff, but I can't believe it's all that much tougher to get than the various JAV stuff, which includes some pretty nasty examples of that.

I have no doubt Rick has been having difficulties, but a measure of inventiveness and patience on his part would do wonders for his ability to make and distribute things and make money on it. Ditto for others. With a broadband connection it's orders of magnitude easier to get just about any kind of perversion your genetalia respond to, with the probable exception of child porn, than it was five or ten years ago -- and it's easier to buy and sell, too, since it no longer has to physically cross a border.

The internet design does not allow for censorship. You want to see real efforts at censorship, go look at China, where you go to jail for even TRYING to have the ABILITY to access the stuff that's out there. 'Nuff said.

Worry more about the Islamic Fundamentalists threatening to take over Europe (see Riots, Paris, and fast forward 10-20 years, given the population shifts). THAT will be a restrictive environment.

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 02:12:34 PM

Name: Vreeble

> boundheat WIP flicks are still the best...<

Gimme a Break. The Bound Heat stuff is decent, no doubt, but it's all lesbian fluff. That's the primary weakness of Women in Fury, there's no men involved, really. It's saved by the fact that Suzanne Carvalho is spectacularly hot. If it weren't for that, it wouldn't hold a candle to other WiP movies like Chained Heat or Emmanuelle in Prison. ;-)

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 02:26:45 PM

Name: Vreeble

> But when Vreeble writes "one of the *hottest* "whipping" scenes ever in a mainstream film," I'm intrigued. Towels aren't my thing, but is the victim at least bound?

As I recall, she's being held down by four naked chicks, one on each limb, while a fifth naked one with big'uns does the job, while the (rather hot, africano-type) boss dyke watches. Does that count? (8-D

Do realize, I say "mainstream" , and I do mean mainstream -- there are limits which can easily be surpassed by many pornos. This did get an "R" rating at one of the laxer times, but it was still "R". I don't want to build it up too much so you have unreasonable expectations... but, with HoM loops in a booth as the standard, it certainly did a pretty good job.

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 02:36:01 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Vreeble: One problem I might have with some of the older movies you have listed, such as Shark 124 with Jyuri Wakabayashi, is that I don't really care for movies that are VHS or VCD quality.

Still, you have once again put together an impressive list, and I would be interested in some further feedback on two of your recommended titles:

  • Shark 273, with Sally Yoshino. This one is on my list of movies to see, although I'm not crazy about the butterfly tattoo on her tit (I assume it's fake, as I haven't seen it on other "Sally" cover photos). Anyway, I am wondering what you might describe as the strengths and weaknesses of this movie.

  • IESP-146, with Aya Koizumi. I love an attractive woman in uniform, but I find the I Energy movies to be hit and miss. Any insights on this one would be appreciated.

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 03:01:18 PM

Name: Vreeble

> I've tried ordering directly off the Attackers website (linked above) and gave up in frustration. Even Vreeble's extensive list of sources he posted last week had me confused when it actually came to making a purchase. I think many of us would feel better about ordering Japanese titles if there was a legitimate alternative. My stance on bootleggers has always been that I'll use them only if the movie is otherwise unavailable. The Japanese would make a killing if they would sell in the US, because their stuff blows away most of what's produced here.<

Ralphus, this is, if nothing else, a perfect reason to be using P2P -- if it can't be bought, you aren't taking anything from anyone. That is the difference between piracy and theft -- theft denies someone money they are entitled to, actively seeking, and which you have to give. Piracy does not. Call that sophistry all you want. It's a clearly definable difference.

It's also arguably better than using bootleggers, since, using P2P, no one is making money off of someone else's work (even if it's only the cost of duping and such). The availablilty on the net of a lot of older stuff which is no longer available for legitimate purchase (i.e., any sources are bootlegging it, not the official copyright owners) is more than ample justification for learning about these things.

You can't really pirate most of the really good stuff, it's not out there (the posters generally have too much respect for creators) -- just as an example, I just looked up powershotz. There are a smattering of photos and a few small clips -- most of the catalog is unavailable. There's just enough out there to get someone interested in what they have if that's "your" thing.

Likewise, you can't find anything much from Superheroine Central, Dangerbabe Central, or Spacebabe Central... all three paysites with only a smattering of older stuff sitting out there.

There's some fair amount of Hegre or Met-Art, but it's probably not enough to dissuade someone seriously interested in that sort of photography from joining if they can afford it.

Back to JAV -- I'm fairly sure that any of the downloadable sources can be used from the USA, esp. any one of them extensively in english like ActionJAV (why put it in English if you won't sell to the USA?). That's presumption on my part, I'll ack.

If not, though, ask me and I'll tell you about a Swedish anonymous proxy which I gather can be used from anywhere -- As I understand it, Swedish privacy law does not allow for the release of information about a user unless it can be demonstrated that a conviction will yield not less than two years in prison... which means you ought to, one way or another, be able to make a purchase from anywhere. It costs about $5 a month, and makes your access effectively anonymous -- all your connections are tunnelled through them and then out to the net, so that anyone trying to trace back to you finds that to be a dead end (well, unless they've got the resources of the NSA, at least).

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 03:01:28 PM

Name: Vreeble
Homepage URL:

(sorry, don't mean to be dominating the forum)

>Shark 273, with Sally Yoshino. This one is on my list of movies to see, although I'm not crazy about the butterfly tattoo on her tit ...<

I concur, as far as the tat goes. I dunno, maybe she's gotten it since, and this is the first thing since getting it to make it to video. Her tits look a good bit smaller to me in this one, for some reason. As far as the actual vid goes, I think this is one of the hotter JAV rape movies I've seen lately -- Sally is a good actress, in the same league as Oikawa Nao and Jyuri Wakabayashi (and she does not have that annoying shrill moan/shreik that Azusa Ayano has). If you're looking for torture, there's none of that here, it's all rape and abuse, with many shots a sort of "point of view" -- Sally is looking at the camera in misery -- and Sally does a great job, when it's happening, of looking fetchingly rueful. It immediately made it to my "hot" list. There are only about 2 or 3 Rx2s in it, but they intersperse some of the footage in such a way that it seems like there are more. I don't know Japanese, but it looks as though it ends with a likely sequel to come.

As far as VHS/VCD quality, I may be less sensitive than you, I dunno. I am more attentive to the action, and that one has some good acting in it. Jyuri is a bit smaller in the chest than my ideal but she does a good job selling it.

With the IESPs I concur, they are uneven, and it depends as much on what floats your boat. I like more oral stuff and even most of the JAV lacks a lot in this department -- they usually have oral but rarely do they have it end there (part of the reason I like the DMS and COSS series). IESPs are more about lots of cumshots than about anything else. Think "forced gangbang" -- if that appeals, then you'll like 'em. Otherwise, probably not, and they are certainly rather formulaic. Azusa's done at least four of them, now, including one with black guys (there are several 20NRs with black guys in the 150-200 range). See the link above for box covers, just change the number to match the vid. I think they currently list everything from 120 onward. Azusa is in 138, 162, 175, & 186. If you see "20" in the text, it's almost certainly a forced gangbang vid (but there are occasional exceptions, just so you're aware)

In specific, IESP146 is another 20 NR Teacher vid (hmm. Not sure why I thought it was a tour guide vid -- sorry). I just like Aya Koizumi, ever since I saw her in SDDM722 (Train Molesters). I'd love to see her in a COSS vid, she'd be friggin' hot. She looks like she could suck the chrome off a bumper.

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 04:02:43 PM

Name: Joanne
E-mail address:

Mean Swede,

You seem to know a lot about these harder Japanese movies. I've been trying for yers (!!) to locate the missing electrototurevideo in the former AV-series which sold (it seems they don't have them anymore). Ralphus posted a link to a vidcap of it a year ago or so, check my former entries at the Forum please.

Do you know anything about that video? It's a scene where three Japanese officers without visible emotion are looking at a totally naked (digitally censored though, oh how I hate that; it's such a waste) young Japanese girl, firmly secured on her back and shrieking from the current. The videoclip (26 sec) I've found has been out for years at Kazaa and simliar file-sharing programs. If you have any clue whatsoever, please post here or email me. I'm also interested in similar hard military interrogation videos so please update me and all others here at the Forum if you wish, we'd be most grateful!! Thanks Swede!


Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 04:09:02 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Vreeble wrote:

That is the difference between piracy and theft -- theft denies someone money they are entitled to, actively seeking, and which you have to give. Piracy does not. Call that sophistry all you want. It's a clearly definable difference.

I strongly disagree. Piracy IS theft, no two ways about it. The only difference, I suppose, is that the thief is not profiting from the deal, but he hurting the original producer in an even greater way than the bootlegger. Take a producer (let's just say Sgt. Major for instance) who puts out a DVD for sale or an online downloadable video for the paying members on his website. Now take a thief (let's just call him Michael YouSuck as an example) who gets hold of the video and decides to put it out on his Yahoo group to "share" with all 1000 of his online "buddies". Now 1000 people are accessing the video for free, and Sgt. Major is losing out on 1000 potential sales. Now maybe not all of them would have joined the website or bought the DVD, but I can guarantee that some of them would. That's real money that he is losing, his time and his expense and his profits that are being given away on the net for free. So what's to keep him in business? Why should he keep producing high quality videos when someone is just going to steal them and give them away for free?

You can't really pirate most of the really good stuff, it's not out there (the posters generally have too much respect for creators)

Okay, you have GOT to be kidding, right? You're saying that thieves have respect for creators? If they had that kind of respect, they wouldn't be stealing their stuff in the first place! Or are you saying that they only respect the really good producers and steal from the lesser ones? That's patently ridiculous. I belong to a few online groups, and one in particular is run by a major asshole who will openly and brazenly steal anything on the net, encourage others to do the same and act as if he has every right to grab them without paying. And we're talking the "good" stuff, the ZFX's and the Insex's and the Hogtieds and you name it. If he can get his hands on it, he will steal it and "share" it.

Personally, I can't do anything to stop online piracy; it's out there, and yes, I've dipped into the free stuff myself (hard to resist), but I can at least take a stand against it here and not encourage it. I've banned Rapidshare links on this site for everything that is covered by US copyright. In other words, if I sense it's illegal, I won't allow it here. That's just the opposite of what this other guy does. He knows what he's doing is illegal, and that's why he puts as his number one rule to disguise the company names so they won't be discovered by a search engine. He's had a few close calls with producers threatening to join his group and close him down, and he knows full well they could (and should, really). He lives in fear that his online theft ring could be shut down at any time. At least my conscience is clean and I don't have such fears about this site.

We have a number of producers who read and post here. Ask them if online piracy costs them money. This new online technology may be great for people who like getting free stuff, but try to put yourself in the shoes of the producer who's investing his money making fetish DVDs, hoping to make a profit, only to have someone pirate them and deny him his due. Would you pay for something if you could just download it for free? Really, who would? That's my point. We should thank our lucky stars that people like Sarge and Steve and Rick are still producing stuff for our enjoyment, even with all the obstacles out there in front of them.

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 07:46:59 PM

Name: bakerboy
E-mail address:

I second Ralphus 100% on this one. Theft is a theft is a theft. The piracy of movies is as old as movies themselvs.. It is now just easier. A good question would be why there are not the latest version(s) of Hollywood blockbusters on Rapidshare??? But I am sure I know the answer. MPAA would shut them down regardless how well they are hidden. So its porn because NOBODY will defend the producers or the consumers. So its "free for all" and those who share do not realize ( and do not care) that they are actually killing the business they are stealing... Soon there will be nothing else than the old shit and home made vids....Amen:)

Sunday, January 14th 2007 - 02:59:23 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

The piracy issue: I want to tread carefully here, as I know from past discussions that I represent a minority position.

Still, I would say the bondage producers who are getting ripped off are the victims in a war that has been generated as much by Hollywood greed as anything else.

In my view, much of the black market for movies was created by the hunger for more money that set in during the early days of the DVD market. The boom in DVD sales helped to silver-line a lot of people's pockets, and many Hollywood bigwigs have never accepted the idea that the market would eventually flatten. Thus, in order to dupe us out of our hard-earned dollars, we get slickly packaged re-releases of movies that are no different than the first releases, other than the cover art (eg., the second release of Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the exact same as the first, with the exact same extras). As well, new releases often continue to be very pricey, and it's hard to imagine why.

If a movie can profitably be sold for less than $10, why are standard new releases coming in at the $35 mark (or more) once you include taxes? In my view, the heavy markup has created the underground market for cheaper DVDs, and for downloaded movies.

Of course, with the move to high definition creating a backlog of regular DVDs, and with the black market still being an issue, many prices are coming down. Just last week, I saw that Brokeback Mountain and other movies like Austin Powers: Goldmember were on sale at a retail store for $5.99. I even saw one movie (I forget the title) on sale for $3.99. So Hollywood appears to be smartening up. But it has taken some time.

Ultimately, the best way to undercut the black market is to set reasonable prices.

Having said all that, I agree with Ralphus that most of our favorite producers are making movies for a niche market, and they should be supported. I continue to endorse the ban on the file-sharing sites.

Sunday, January 14th 2007 - 10:47:01 AM

Name: mean_swede
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

If one only had as much time as one has other interests and things that have to be done even if there is no interest to do them....... ;-)

Ralphus: Before you get too excited about the Moodyz title, remember that they're generally very soft with little bondage, and the lighter/pubes scene is more of a scare than real torture.

Rougher stuff than Attackers? Certainly, at least when it comes to how much blood is shed (I'm referring to needle work here, not beatings) but if we're talking about more brutal or realistic "rape" scenes I doubt it, but then I'm not that interested in so called "rape" movies.

I need to sleep so I can't spoon feed you all details now, but Cosmolink (XXX DVD) do carry some nasty stuff, make sure you've got maledom selected in category 2 field, and then enter DRMV or DJS in the title field. (just a few examples that sprung to mind) When you a search result up you can then click the manufacturers’ link, i.e. KansaiManiaClub/Kirindou and then browse from there, you'll even find old EP's, ZFX's, Insex, and euroSM titles.

Vreeble: Thanks for additional info, Ralphus pointed me at the archived messages on the subject, I downloaded them all so I can search them locally on my computer. I think RR posted a message about additional footage at the end of a nother tape too, but I think it was never disclosed exactly what tape, I'll have to go through them one day.....

Joanne: Sorry, I'm not the authority on JAV's you try to make me out to be ;-) I've read all threads on the subject and it looks like you've already pinpointed the producer to be which still is around, but like most other JAV producers they don't linger around the old stuff, JAVS in general goes out of print much faster than we see with US or European productions. There is no way to find stuff from the late 80's (first FA titles are from back then) or 90's unless you come across a collector who has the title, and I haven't.

Sunday, January 14th 2007 - 01:59:07 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

One more thing on piracy: I should have mentioned this in my previous post, but not all artists support crackdowns on downloading.

In Canada, many Canadian musicians such as Sarah McLachlan and Steven Page (of the Barenaked Ladies) are opposed to legal action against downloading. They are part of an organization called the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, which can be found here: CMCC.

Their basic point is that downloading actually creates new opportunities for artists to be discovered, and that legal actions against downloading are driven by corporate profits, rather than concern for the artists.

One can choose to agree or disagree with their points, but it certainly shows this is not a black-and-white issue.

Sunday, January 14th 2007 - 03:40:51 PM

Name: THX1139
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Normally this sort of material doesn't interest me, but the facts that the action appears convincing (at least to me), the production is decent (including the capture of the all-important sound) and that the girls are hot looking and topless made it an instant hit (no pun intended). Anyone know what this clip is from and where to get more from this?

Monday, January 15th 2007 - 09:19:55 AM

Name: BigD

ZFX VHS vrs DVD... I've been a big time ZFX movie fan, but the adult video store that carries them is too far away from here, so I'll be placing a large order through CD adult universe once my taxes come back.

My question is, can you tell the difference between the DVDs and VHS? is it worth it and really noticable???

Thanks! PS..I tried funnybdsm.come streaming videos, but those are some of the worst faked videos I've ever seen!!! Bad reactions, and no fear in the wormen's eyes at all and the action is horrible!!!! The only thing that site has going for it are the beautiful women.... ZFX OWNS and always will :)

Monday, January 15th 2007 - 12:38:36 PM

Name: Thees van Kemp

G'day, I've stumbled upon a virulent and pleasurly unpleasant site: "Kirsten Putrid Stories" - worth a peek or two, the subject matter ranges from Bondage, S&M, teen, rape, , fear fetish and other "unclassifiable"subject matter of literary hellish decadence (some graphic material to accompany the story. See what you think...

Monday, January 15th 2007 - 04:20:20 PM

Name: Vince

Hi Ralphus,

This is rather late, but I want to echo your statements about Rudolph Guiliani for President.

I know this is not a political site. This is one for adult pleasures. However being one of Rudy's constituients and seeing how he "cleaned up" New York City, this site and others like it will be in jeopardy.

There may not be an ideal candidate for us or this country, but if we have to choose a New York City mayor, draft Mike Bloomberg. At least he's not an ideologue.

Monday, January 15th 2007 - 05:05:50 PM

Name: John

Greetings All...

For BigD: I would recommend going with the DVDs over the VHS...the picture quality will be as good as it will get...the ZFX movies aren't edited any from their VHS release that I know of...and they should last forever if you keep them clean, not like VHS which wear out, stretch, etc.

Just my opinion, but there are a lot of VHS tapes that I can not watch since I went to DVD because of the sound/picture quality.

Monday, January 15th 2007 - 05:32:34 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

On Piracy vs. Theft, I will echo that the situation for music is very much different from indie fetish producers, and that indie producers, of music and fetish, are showing that the RIAA is full of shit (Apple's iTunes led the parade on that). RIAA talks a good deal about "stealing from the artist" (which is funny, considering that their chief monkey, Lars Ulman used to encourage people to bootleg Metalica concerts.

But the RIAA steal the artists blind, and want to do the same to the consumers. The smart money is finding ways around these crooks and getting the money directly to the artists.

For indie fetish producers, there is no equivalent of the RIAA -- when you buy from Sgt Major, or Powershotz, or whomever, that money goes directly to the producer.

I've gotten people interested in web-sites by posting samples of the content (10 pics out of 400, or 40 seconds taken from a 3 minute vid). I certainly wouldn't say that piracy is right for any of this material.

Monday, January 15th 2007 - 10:39:47 PM

Name: Bobjones

Definitely go DVD for ZFX titles. A feature that I actually rather like is that some of the more recent movies come with outtakes, which are actually more interesting than you'd think. You can kinda get an idea of what goes into making a low budget movie with one camera and one or two evenings to shoot and still have the thing looking professional. The concentration it actually takes to move around and shoot stuff that can be edited into a coherent scene is actually kinda impressive. Rick Masters is really a pretty skilled guy when it comes to the technical parts of directing a film, and the stuff you notice from the outtakes really kinda helps to demonstrate why some of the more recent ZFX films look so much more like "regular movies" than porn, particularly in the way Rick looks for ways to shoot so that he can cut from a master (no pun intended) shot to several different close ups in telling the story. Also, when you see the performers out of character, you get a sense that they are really having quite a bit of fun acting out these perverted little fantasies. I dunno, I was surprised by how interesting those little features they actually turned out to be. Made me appreciate how uniquely "cinematic" Rick's stuff is.

As for the pirating debate. . . I dunno. A Canadian brings up a point that gets too often overlooked in the debate about sharing stuff online, and that is that people really do use that kind of sharing to check out stuff they might not be able to check out otherwise. In the end, sometimes people end up buying things (and therefore supporting artists) they would not have bought without getting exposed through illegal sharing. I have quite a few CD's by artists I fell in love with after tracking them down through Kazaa, particularly really weird musicians who I would have NEVER been able to hear otherwise. I love Will Oldham, and I would have never had a chance to "try him out" without illegal file sharing. Hell, since radio sucks so hard these days, even some fairly mainstream artists really do benefit from people trading songs.

The trouble is that I'm not sure that this phenomenon is really true when it comes to porn. Porn sites generally have some kind of preview section that gives you a pretty decent sample of what's going on. In fact, generally, the way I can tell if a site sucks is that the site won't give you much info about its contents. If I want to sample Quoom's work, I can go to his site and look at pictures, and even see a long list of the updates he has made to the site. Having been lured into a lame ass web site or two after from seeing just one or two cool preview pics on the main page, I think this kind of "window shopping" is a pretty accurate way to assess a site. If the site doesn't let you "window shop," it's probably not very good.

The point of all this yammering is that I don't think that illegally sharing stuff from our proud smutmakers really serves them in the same way it might serve a musician. Pornographers have the means to let us sample their stuff, while musicians struggle to find ways to let us to hear them. Between list sites, search engines, and preview pages, it doesn't seem too tough for anybody is the porn biz to find his customers. If somebody were putting things from the preview section with info about where it came from of a website onto a newsgroups or something then that would be in the interest of keeping good smut in business, but that's about as far I think anybody should go. After that, it's just ripping off.

Lord, I'm long winded tonight . . . on a lighter note. . . Ralphus. . . and Steve Power also. . . the "powershots" stills that have been getting posted this week are fantastic. Nice.

Monday, January 15th 2007 - 11:51:30 PM

Name: Silverback
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I read the question from Ralphus regarding husbands/boyfriends on the set. From my experience, it has always been a real turn on for them. Personally, I don't get it. If I had a girlfriend or wife as hot as some of these models, I would not be letting other guys do her. Actually, there would be no opportunity, as you couldn't pry me off of them in the first place. I'd say about half of the models come to the shoot with their significant other, so it isn't a rare situation at all.

Also, piracy is an issue that is close to my heart. As each time it is done with my product, I lose money. I go through all the work of buying equipment, finding and paying models, hiring videographers,etc, and all it takes for the pirate is a duplicator and a few blank disks.

Tuesday, January 16th 2007 - 08:59:14 AM

Name: Brutus

This is also late.

Vreebles wrote: "Nothing personal, guys, but most of the (censorship) nonsense has been in your heads."

How I wish that were true. If you check some of the many previous posts from producers and website operators on the issue, unfortunately, it seems real enough.


The catfight stuff isn't really my cup of tea. Haven't been a member in a long time, but Whipped Ass had a few similar clips, some F/F wrestling and not nearly as real as that boxing clip.

On the file-sharing issue, a Canadian raised some good points, and yeah, I felt like a chump buying music CDs for the same albums I had already bought on vinyl and cassette.

But for my bondage videos, I'd rather directly pay the source of my pleasure. I figure that if I and everyone else buys enough ZFX DVDs, Rick will have so much money he can offer Amy Van Allen a comeback deal she can't resist. Hell, a guy can dream, can't he? Or has Bush outlawed that as well :-)

Tuesday, January 16th 2007 - 09:54:20 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

More on piracy: While various GIMPers may hold different views on piracy and downloading, I think everyone will find some humor in the story below, taken from today's Toronto Sun:

1,400 pirated DVDs seized

The brisk business in pirated movies at the Downsview Flea Market stall never slowed down -- even though the vendor was in handcuffs and surrounded by police officers.

Among the 1,400 English-language DVDs seized Sunday were 174 titles of recent film releases, including Rocky Balboa and Casino Royale, which are still in theatres.

"It just shows how people are with this stuff," Det. Steve Craddock said yesterday. "We're seizing the stuff, (the suspect) is in handcuffs, people are still trying to buy stuff off us.

"We've got our coats off, there's guns hanging off our waists, we've got handcuffs, things that say police on us, and they're trying to buy off us," he said incredulously.

Craddock alleged he approached the vendor, who described herself as a York University business student, and tried to haggle down the prices, but she allegedly refused to budge because "the prices are so good as they are."

The loss to the industry is averaged at about $20 a DVD, making Sunday's seizure valued at $28,000.

Lei Susan Ma, 24, is charged with fraud under $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime and possession of proceeds of crime.

Tuesday, January 16th 2007 - 04:52:16 PM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:

Hi Gimpers

Well I have to say once I jumped on ebay and threatened legal action the asshole took my stuff down. I suppose it will go up again when I am not looking. Europe is where we get raped the most, trust me its not erotic rape either. Select international seems to think that they are entitled to rip off people, and rip they do. get the real hot hole treatment as did insex. After spending two years in a row at a fetish convention I have seen first hand what some of these guys are doing. International law does not seem to apply and even if it did it takes a person in that country to help you out.

I would rather give my stuff away rather then get ripped off, thats why I offered a free dvd to anyone who helps me find someone ripping me off. Its strange but with the bible thumping right trying to send us gimpers and pervs back into the dark ages we have only ourselves to protect our selves, if that makes any degree of sense.

After the fire at Bon Vue I understand that they are getting ready to get up and running again. This is the year that I hope to get an AVN mod, I have some of the best stuff I have ever done ready to get shipped to Bon Vue and others who will sell my stuff. As I already expect there will be some gutless fuck who is going to rip me off, you have to take the bad with the good and work on getting rid of the worst part of the bad, or so it seems.

Tuesday, January 16th 2007 - 07:53:53 PM

Name: Big D
Homepage URL:

Thanx everyone regarding the ZFX DVD's...I just wish my local adult store had the DVD's as opposed to the VHS copies...When I do place an order, it will probably be for about 20 titles, LOL...

Here's a few more questions to mix it up a little...

#1 So how many ZFX videos does everyone own????

#2 For those who own ZFX videos, does anyone worry like I do that you will die in a car accident etc, and their family members will stumble upon their ZFX collection and think that you were a horrible person. LOL....I always think about that....

#3 I'm a BIG fan of the whipping scenes in the tapes, the more whipping and the more brutal and realistic the better!!...My question is, do you think the whip actually touches the skin?? It sure looks like it's hitting them hard. I hear that they use dye with the whip to make it appear as if there are marks...

#4....Are there any other tapes comparible to ZFX in terms of intensity and brutality?? So far I haven't seen any, but if you know of any, PLEASE let me know :). So far everything I've seen is mild at best and ZFX OWNS when it comes to this stuff....

Thanks! Big D

Tuesday, January 16th 2007 - 08:02:22 PM

Name: Bobjones

Big D. . . good questions to spark discussion actually. . . how many ZFX DVDs DO I actually own? I think it's up to about 20 now. Since they cost $50 bucks each round these parts, that's a pretty big investment, but that investment makes up about 100% of my porn DVD collection. I've also watched parts of a bunch of different movies from the ZFX streaming site.

Yes, it has occured to me that if I died, people would eventually discover that I like to masturbate in front of images of women being tortured. Since my love of, and purient interest in, mainstream exploitation movies isn't a secret to anybody, I can only hope that my family has already figured out that I'm a big ole perv and they love me anyway.

Yes, the whip certainly makes quite a bit of contact in ZFX films, though I get the impression that it certainly doesn't hurt nearly as much as it looks like most of the time. If you notice the editing and the angle of shots, you can kinda tell how far actresses were willing to go with actually participating in S/M during the shoot. The thing that makes ZFX different is that the movies are much more "movies" and much less filmed S/M, and so more stuff is faked. Hogtied, for example, is about watching performers actually experience things. ZFX is more fictional. You won't see anybody getting tasered during a hogtied shoot.

The only live action shit that rivals ZFX in terms of intensity is from Japan. Scroll down to some of the posts about Japanese bondage vids that some folks have been posting during the last couple of weeks and you'll see some spots to go. If you want to download stuff, I'd recommend also. Personally, I think the Japanese stuff tends to get a little monotonous, but it's extreme, intense, and expertly made. I certainly understand why people like it, even if I'm not a big fan. I do love gimp senarios in mainstream Japanese movies. They really push the kink over there.

Do you have any interest in comic books or adult art? Your posts suggests that you like the hard, sick stuff. I personally gravitate toward that stuff quite a bit, and I really like porno artwork since the imagination is the only limit. The "dofantasy" sites are really badass. If you haven't checked out,,, or, you should do yourself a favor and give it a whirl. Some of the stuff on those site goes waaaaayyyy further even than ZFX. We're talking genital mutilation, extreme gore, snuff, you name it. That stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea, and its not live action (that God for that actually), but if you want extreme, they got extreme. The comic artist Gary Roberts, for my money, is the only person working in the adult biz who is as good a pornographer as Rick Masters. He is not into the gore and such, but his stuff is very "hard" otherwise, as am I when I read it.

Tuesday, January 16th 2007 - 11:29:29 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Bobjones: Actually, depending on where you live, $50 per movie isn't necessarily a big investment. It costs about $75 (U.S.) per ZFX movie in my area -- which probably explains why it is taking forever for me to get around to ordering South of the Border 6. Fortunately, a number of the more recent releases have been available to rent, so I have been able to see some ZFX titles that have interested me without having to make a commitment to purchase the movie.

As for the number of movies I own, the total is fairly small. I own four ZFX movies and four Japanese movies, and I have a highlights disc kicking around. I try to keep the number low, not so much because I'm worried about what people will find when I kick (like you, I don't think anyone will be surprised), but my instinct is to only keep the movies I absolutely want.

Wednesday, January 17th 2007 - 03:41:22 AM

Name: Brutus


1. I've got about 25 or so ZFX titles (mostly VHS). Some I've only watched maybe a couple of times. But others are being worn out and might soon have to be replaced by DVD versions.

2. Funny you should mention the post-dying thing. Many years back, in a fit of absolute lunacy, I had similar fears about my porn collection being found. So I trashed it all! I had some classic HOM stuff, Japanese S/M tapes, various magazines, etc. Here's some sound advice for everyone: Never ever make such crucial life decisions after drinking vodka! But the Gimp in me eventually started up a new collection. Then I came across ZFX, and the rest is history.

I'm now luckily married to an understanding woman who doesn't mind the ZFX collection, and she has strict orders to get rid of it should anything happen to me. But she often asks: "What if we both die at the same time? My family might think these are MY tapes."

3. Spoiler alert on ZFX whipping! As far as I know, the whips are actually made of felt.

4. I've seen some harsh clips and other good stuff, but none that really combine the intensity, brutality, storyline and fantasy nearly as well as ZFX. The Japanese come close, and they do have some unique tortures, but they seem to lack the fantasy element, dark humor and character of ZFX films IMHO.

Wednesday, January 17th 2007 - 09:15:16 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Big D: How many ZFX movies do I own? It might surprise people when I say I have only about a dozen or so, mostly their latest releases, plus a few classic titles mixed in. However, in my 108 highlight tapes, I probably have footage from maybe about 125 ZFX titles. My modus operandi was usually to rent or buy the original movie, dub the best parts onto my personal tapes, then either return the rental copy or else sell off the original, if it was one I purchased. That's how I got to see them all.

If I were to suddenly die in a car crash, what would my loved ones think when they saw my place? Boy, if that scenario hasn't flashed through my head a few thousand times! My place is full of bondage porn and related items. I have a whole editing room filled with thousands of movies and DVDs, plus I currently have about 30 big boxes of someone else's collection (on loan to me) filling up my condo. It's ridiculously stuffed. My family would see the two pictures of naked women being burned at the stake mounted on the wall as they entered my room, and it would all be downhill from there. It would be like one of those CSI Crime Scene Investigations.

Plus it wouldn't be long before they discovered a naked Aria Giovanni tied to my bed, struggling and moaning. If I were alive, I would have a whole lot of explainin' to do!

ZFX whipping scenes: Rick Masters is an artist, one who creates realistic illusions of bad things happening to women through special effects and editing. I read somewhere that the whips are made of felt. I don't imagine the girls are feeling much pain, although it often seems that way. It's called acting and adding sound effects and/or fake blood. And he pulls it off every time.

Closest thing to ZFX in terms of intensity? I'll go along with Bobjones on this one. Easily, it's the Japanese. Except those aren't faked. Those girls are really suffering and being tortured. That's probably the reason you seldom see the same girl twice in a JAV vid. They don't get paid nearly enough for the kind of horrid abuse they have to endure. Their reactions are real and that's why their stuff totally rocks.

Bobjones: Gary Roberts used to post here in the earlier years of this forum's inception (before he got his own forum on his paysite). He mentioned once that his work and Rick's are very similar in terms of plots and ideas. Clearly, the two think along the same path and have the same approach in their respective artworks. That's why I think a collaboration between the two artists would be awesome. My dream project: "The Black Van: The Motion Picture", directed by Rick Masters. How cool would that be?

Wednesday, January 17th 2007 - 09:20:48 AM

Name: travis lee

gimpers, very interesting about if you should die and loved ones discover your bondage collection, i used to worry about it all the time and also if somebody from my town recognized me on the covers of the zfx films !!! but now i figure if i am dead it really doesn't matter anyway being 6 feet under !!! i know i'm a good person in real life so i don't worry about afterlife remarks !!! i cannot change who i was nor do i want to change now, bondage is part of who i am !!!

as far as the whips we used for zfx, i found some material in a mpls upholstry store that was part felt and part vinyl which stung but did not cause real high intensity pain, however when you spray down the girls with water to create sweat images the whip collects moisture and it gets heavy it then begins to hurt the victum!!! it is a fine art when using the whip on ricks fantastic models, we also use fake blood from a threatical store , its eatible!!!! when you add up all the above ideas , you really can make a great product which is why zfx films are so popular !!!

Wednesday, January 17th 2007 - 02:57:59 PM

Name: BlueDog

If I died in a car crash....

The thought always bothered me too. Finally I had an idea. I went and bought a 200 gig hard drive. I am lucky enough to live near porn stores that rent and there are a number of netflix like places that rent adult DVDs (, There is no porn to find except what is on that drive, and it's password protected. This way I can rip the good parts of a DVD and return it back to the porn shop. I also find it convenient to rent a PO box to receive DVDs.

My big problem now is that the drive is practically full. Whenever I get something new, I have to get rid of something else.

Wednesday, January 17th 2007 - 03:52:40 PM

Name: BigD
Homepage URL:

Wow, thanx everyone for the replies! I didn't think I'd get that many :)...

A couple of more questions, for those who said the tapes cost you 40 or 75 dollars, have you ever thought of buying from the adult cd universe store where they are only 26 to 30 dollars? Although, they don't have NEAR the selection...

The other queston is, Is there anyplace online that will RENT you the ZFX movies?? as opposed to buying them or watching them online (ie streaming)? I have dialup, so you can forget the streaming idea, LOL.


Big D

Wednesday, January 17th 2007 - 07:00:50 PM

Name: Bobjones

Ralphus. . . your condo sounds like some kind of paradise. If you charged tickets to let people root around, I'd sure buy one. Just as long as you had a private booth set up somewhere. I don't know. . . now that I consider it, I think I'm actually encouraging you to invite us all over for a wank. . . I'm not sure I'd want to invite people (well, not the general public and not dudes) over to my own house to masturbate, so maybe that's not such a good idea after all!

That CSI joke brings up a pet peeve of mine. . . there is a real stereotype that men with kinky private lives or even just kinky fantasy lives are deranged, dangerous wackos. The shorthand way that Hollywood paints somebody as a serial killer is just show a pile of bondage magazines and paraphernalia. You know the scene. . . the detectives are searching the apartment, and find a loose floorboard, lift it up and "what's this?" . . . bondage porn and handcuffs! This guy MUST be the rapist! Get 'im! Of course, there are plenty of folks like myself who are happily married, stable people who are hardly misogynists (I think of myself as an adamant feminist actually), whose fantasy lives are WAY fucked up. But that's the POINT of fantasy, eh? Gimp fantasies are just a part of the spectrum of power fantasies that everybody has. We shouldn't HAVE to worry about people finding our stash, god dammit! Just cause other people are too repressed to admit that power turns them on! Of course, my own porn stash is pretty fucking well hidden . . .

That "The Black Van: The Motion Picture" idea sounds like the greatest porno flick concept EVER. Lord have mercy. Actually, what I'd REALLY love would be for somebody to make a live action version of Gary Robert's "Secret Police." It's his "College girls being interrogated in a Central American prison" story. I suppose we do have the "South of the Border" flicks, but still, there a couple of specific scenes in "Secret Police" that I would LOVE to see acted out. It's a pretty brilliant little comic, actually.

On his forum a while back, Gary Roberts was talking about doing animated versions of some of his stories. I seem to remember that it fell through, but that's a pretty cool idea too. That another area where the Japanese have it figured out. Toon porn is kinda cool. Not that very much Hentai is really worth seeing, but animated rape and violence can be pretty fun when it's done right. "Twin Angels" always gives me a boner to be sure.

Wednesday, January 17th 2007 - 08:53:00 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Homepage URL:,1169182799&t=DVD

Riko update: Court of Justice, the two-part Attackers movie starring Riko Tachibana, is now available at There was some interest in this movie a few days ago during the discussions of Japanese movies.

Thursday, January 18th 2007 - 03:41:28 AM

Name: Aries

In regards to Japanese animated porn, I've always been fond of innocent teen Ayana from Cool Devices. ..... Ayana's, unscrupulous famous detective stepfather, habitually drugs her with an illegal drug known as Yellow Star, a mild hallucinogen paralyzing agent and aphrodisiac. While drugged, little Ayana is forced to surrender her body, her stepfather knows no mercy, and rapes her joyfully as she tearfully pleads for freedom. ..... Ayana's molestation is constant and complete, but the nightly abuse is insufficient, her stepfather wants more. ..... All that has befallen her escalates as she is driven to a seedy motel, drugged, and gang raped. Her stepfather and his associates, the suppliers of the narcotic that flows through Ayana, share her tender helpless body, equally. ..... If a girl similar in appearance to Ayana can be found, this needs to become a live action movie. ..... .....

Thursday, January 18th 2007 - 05:47:55 AM

Name: Bobjones

Indeed... a young girl, lying on top of the bed covers in a cheap hotel room, paralyzed by drugs but conscious, her skirt disgracefully pulled up above her panties, tears streaming down her face. . her stepfather explaining the invitation on those flyers he passed out to those tough guys hanging around on the street corner that they passed on the drive over . . . yeah, I'd pay to see that.

While I'm posting this, the pics being posted this week continue to be mind blowing. When I get some fucking money again I'm absolutely going to have to get this movie. It's almost absurd how hot Lexus is. It so ridiculous. She CLEARLY needs to be punished again.

Thursday, January 18th 2007 - 09:07:30 PM

Name: Aries

On Lexis, I concur, Steve should make her torment legendary. ..... There's a cavalcade of elder teens seeking fame, in vanilla porn. ..... They need to be brought forth to our realm, and shown the pleasure of pain, while innocence still lingers in their eyes.

Friday, January 19th 2007 - 02:24:17 AM

Name: Steve Power
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I actually prefer shooting with gals that don't typically do hardcore porn. Gals that do hardcore expect to get in and out of the studio in a few hours....and get paid big bucks. Porn shoots are easy compared to bondage. Porn starlets often want to control the scene. Lexus is great because she does what she is told....and because she is in such great shape...she can stay tied up for a longer period than most.

Friday, January 19th 2007 - 12:05:19 PM

Name: Aries

Steve....Everyone has their predilections. ..... I understand your appreciation and interest in the uninitiated.

Saturday, January 20th 2007 - 01:42:28 AM

Name: Steve Power
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On the other's a gal that's done porn....

no sound on this one....just video

Saturday, January 20th 2007 - 07:59:25 AM

Name: Grey
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Hi Steve -- Naomi looks terrific -- pleading well. I do think she would wear grey tape well, though -- hint, hint.

I believe that for 2007 grey duct tape should be rolling off the shelves. I would be nice to see another dvd like -- "Silver Nightmares". I think Naomi is a great prospect -- already demonstrating her abilty to act and sell her scene. Can't wait for the dvd release with Naomi in it! Grey

Saturday, January 20th 2007 - 10:55:28 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Been kind of quiet around here lately, although our hits have stayed pretty consistent, so people have still been visiting here on a regular basis. The problem is there's just not much going on. Sorry, I haven't been saying much, either, although I've been mostly sick all this week. But I've taken advantage of the time off from missing work to continue updating the reviews sections.

It takes a while to update every review, and man, we have a lot! Not just mine, but over the past years, we've had a lot of GIMPers review a crapload of videos. My job is to put them into the new format, add the proper HTML, spell-check each one (I can't give you guys high grades for spelling and punctuation but we're not exactly in school here, are we?) and most importantly, find a place where the movie can be ordered online for the lowest price. Some of the movies we reviewed, particularly the Japanese ones, can't be found anymore, especially since Video Mayhem got rid of so much of their stock. But for the most part, I've managed to find alternate sources for a lot of them. I think the new Reviews section is going to be easier to read and easier to locate titles when I get it finished.

To try to get people talking, here's a question for the group: Based on the pics you've seen the past two weeks from the new Powershotz DVD Well Deserved, what do people think? Has anybody ordered it yet? Bobjones indicated a desire to purchase it; has anyone else taken the plunge? Why or why not?

I'm excited that that we're seeing bondage mixed with hardcore sex, and Shelby and Lexus Lane are certainly easy on the eyes, even though Lexus has recently marked up her pretty bod with extra-large tattoos since I've seen her last, a major no-no in my book. Steve indicated it's not really rape, but boy, looks close enough to me. This looks possibly GIMP-worthy. Does anybody around here actually buy bondage videos anymore? This is one that really does need a review.

Saturday, January 20th 2007 - 05:42:03 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Well Deserved: I don't think I'll be the one writing the review. Not because I'm freaked out about the issues around spelling and grammar (we don't need no steenkin' adverbs). Instead, my problem is that the pics just haven't done much for me. While Lexus Lane is cute, I prefer to stick with my Japanese movies.

Saturday, January 20th 2007 - 06:48:14 PM

Name: jhlipton
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I was e-mailed by one of the models at Desperado's Domain (, and since it's only $20 for a month, I thought I'd give it a try. Not bad, but I don't think I'll let it recur.

The models aren't as cute full-size as they are in pics, and there seems to be a lot more tit-clamps and wax, and not as much HARD bondage as I would like. Not a bad site, and not a bad price. (The pic in the link was chosen just for greyducttape.)

XRG has been (somewhat) reborn as We can post pics and files, and download recent files. It looks like everything prior to Jan is gone, though. Worth a look-see if you had any groups there.

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 03:07:12 AM

Name: lovemyzfx

OK, so I haven't posted for a looooong time. Been actively reading though and thought I'd add my opinion of "Well Deserved". I agree with A Canadian 100%. Attractive model, but does nothing for me. I much prefer the torture aspect of GIMP - which is why I admire ZFX. The photos you've been showing seem like light, almost consensual, bondage. Bring on the electro shock, the whips and some serious pain and then you've caught my interest.

I have purchased several Japanese DVD's from VM based on stuff I've read on this board - action was first class - wish I understood what they were saying though! And I'm not a big fan of the digital censoring.

I do have a question, though I think I already know the answer. Years ago, I rented some German & British bondage films that were downright nasty - I think they were part of the Slave Sex series but they could have other titles as well. The torture and whippings seemed real to me. Anyone know if they are available on DVD? My guess is no - I remember the last few I've rented the clerk said "this stuff is illegal now" and then the shop closed its doors.

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 06:04:49 AM

Name: Steve Power
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Fellow Gimpers, Whipping and torture combined with hard core penetration is a difficult situation today for the adult producer. You get shut down by the credit card companies....or you get black balled by advertisers and the modeling community.

To attain models for this type of work takes bucks..... A cute, tattoo free model whipped, tortured and fucked in a brutal fashion costs a few thousand. Unlike straight porn, it requires cuts and retakes that consume time. The models need breaks, hotel, travel cost reimbursement, and you need to be super careful that nobody gets hurt or busted.

A decent rape/torture dvd would cost on the order of $10,000 to produce. Sales volume would need to be a few thousand to break even.

When people rent a video...the producer sees very little income. Producers sell dvds to wholesale customers like Bon Vue for less than $10 per dvd. Most producers make $5 or less per dvd sold. The adult video stores may pay Bon Vue up to $15 for a dvd...then they turn around and rent it to hundreds of folks or sell it for what they can get, often under cutting the producers own website. Everyone has a dvd burner today so many people who rent are copying and exchanging pirated copies at adult bookstores. The feds aren't cracking down on piracy in the adult marketplace. The producer is at the bottom of the feeding chain and makes the least amount of money, while taking the greatest amount of risk.

A great dvd title only sells a few hundred copies. Unfortunately that's the size of the market with current advertising limitations. You can't advertise this stuff because advertisers don't want to risk being shut down or shunned either. One lawsuit and you lose your house.

Any really cute model that poses for a scene destroys her future chances of being a top model or actress. Hollywood is hard on porn stars.

As a result you've got two types of content out there today. The stuff similar to hogtied....where porn stars are whipped and butt fucked while strictly bound...but there is little appearance of abduction, kidnap or forced fantasy.....then there is the damsel in distress fantasy where kidnapping and forced sexual penetration are shown....but it cannot be brutal and you aren't going to find academy award winning performances. Any adult producer that wants to stay in business has to live within those parameters.

I liked all the ZFX movies that I ever watched....but was always disappointed that there wasn't hard core fucking while she was gagged and bound...and the female rarely talks. I've only seen about half of them so I don't know if there were later titles produced that showed hardcore with bondage and acting. ZFX filled a unique niche at the right time.

Hollywood tries to make rape videos....but if they spend too much time on the torture and rape....they are shunned. Hollywood has to focus on character development and plot line.

In short...people want it....but they want it for free. The only way to get it for free is with advertisments.....and you can't advertise with the big guys like coke, budweiser, youtube. So you are fucked.

Since powershotz started showing has not increased revenue. Revenue is down. Bon Vue, the largest wholesale distributor, will not take anything with bondage and penetrations. Sales volume has not increased enough to offset the loss of that wholesale market. The risks are way up...and the profit is down. Unless somebody figures out a way to turn that aren't going to find rape and torture videos easily.

I anticipate a loss of interest in porn as people become desensitized to it. I also see some democrats coming out against porn this election season in order to gain right wing votes.

You take a product like Well expect to find major flaws in it. Pan the hell out of it, but grab those little 10 second gems of incredible content and enjoy that hot naked body in bondage because its there now and it may not be tomorrow.

We plan to keep pushing the edge, but I'm really more into forced pleasure than forced pain so I'm never going to satisfy the whole group. I'd rather watch a gal breathing hard as she is forcefully probed with a powerful vibrator because I know she isn't acting when her mouth falls open and her eyes roll back. Faked orgasm sucks! Anal sex sells because you know when that 10 inch black cock goes up her ass that look on her face is real...young and inexperienced girls being tied up and fondled by dominating older men is very real to them. Even if they aren't nude and there is no genital contact involved. It's an erotic fear factor. A niche that may survive for a few years until every site on the net is doing it.

Demand more for less....but keep buying!

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 08:26:58 AM

Name: bobjones

Steve Power. . . thanks for the info you gave about the biz in your post. I think that knowing more about the restrictions of the market is really useful for the kind of discussion we have going here, and your post really helps us to put out our frustration with the limits that bondage producers place on their product in the proper context.

I do have to say though, that the problems that come with mixing penetration and bondage is kind of a non-issue for me. I don't really CARE if the rape is "real" hard-core sex, or even if the punishments in a vid are "real" or if they are special effects. A rape scene doesn't really require penetration shots at all, as anybody who likes ZFX movies can testify. What's really important to me is that a bondage vid really works hard to sell the "non-consensualness" of an encounter. I like the fantasy of torture and rape more than I like watching performers get put through the ringer. While BDSM can be pretty hot, I'd much rather see performers act out a really nasty scenario, even if they have to fake stuff, than watch then go performers through the paces of various discomforts. (Don't stop tying Lexus Lane in awkward positions though. . .) The reason that ZFX is so special to some of us is that Rick Masters was more interested in making really nasty, scary little movies than he was in showing us real performances.

I don't want to sound critical of what you're doing. . . you're putting out some good stuff. I have downloaded some clips of the Lexus Lane video (from your website of course! I paid for them!) that Ralphus has been showing pics from this week, and I have to say that I think they are pretty fucking hot. I like the sense of pacing that they have, and I certainly like Lexus Lane. It's really nice work, and it certainly does deliver in the arousal department. Were I to watch the whole movie and review it, I would probably give it a B.

I just wish the movie was a little meaner. Some fake electricity torture? Some nasty hysterical threats? Pretending to penetrate her with something big and nasty and inappropriate (I'm picturing a tire iron)? Letting her overhear a conversation about plans to sell the bitch into slavery? That would really get me going. I know I sound hopelessly perverted here and I wonder if I'm in some kind of weird minority. . . except that the kind of fantasy that people seem to describe on this message board seems to lean toward pretty fucked up shit. I guess that what I'm saying is that I'd rather see fake TORTURE and RAPE more than to see real SM, and the fact that not many folks have followed Rick Masters in delivering that kind of sickness makes me a little frustrated. Having said that, I want to say again that what you're doing is nice, and I applaud the introduction of more sex into your work. I downloaded the blowjob clip, and that's particularly nice. I'm becoming a fan, of Lexus Lane and of you. The movie really is hot, even if it's not 100% to my tastes.

I sense a little frustration on your part with your audience's expectations. I'm not sure this post is gonna make you any better, but I thought I'd pitch my two cents in. I might be in a minority in my preference for extreme fake shit (which, as I understand it, wouldn't present the difficulties you describe) to less extreme real shit, but maybe not. . . this message board devoted to GIMPtitude is in name a celebration of ZFX. . .

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 09:56:49 PM

Name: Vreeble

> The only difference, I suppose, is that the thief is not profiting from the deal, but he hurting the original producer in an even greater way than the bootlegger. Take a producer (let's just say Sgt. Major for instance) who puts out a DVD for sale or an online downloadable video for the paying members on his website. Now take a thief (let's just call him Michael YouSuck as an example) who gets hold of the video and decides to put it out on his Yahoo group to "share" with all 1000 of his online "buddies". Now 1000 people are accessing the video for free, and Sgt. Major is losing out on 1000 potential sales.<

No, no, and no.

You ignore the specific context of the statement I made which differentiates piracy, to wit: a) It MUST be possible to pay the rights owners in the first place. This is often not possible with very old stuff, or with discontinued stuff, or with "out of country" stuff, esp, as you've noted, Japanese stuff. b) You must have the means to reasonably pay the price demanded. If you're some poor shlob student, how does it profit ANYONE for you to not have something you could not possibly pay for anyway? c) You must be willing to pay the price demanded for the stuff in question at your current income level, if it were not available to you by "piratical" means Yes, this comes down to pretty much honesty or dishonesty on your part. What else is new? If you flat out wouldn't pay for it, how is the rights holder denied anything -at all-?

For it to be theft, all three -- a, b, AND c, MUST be the case. "Theft" means LOSS. Explain, please, in the absence of any one of these conditions, how there is an ACTUAL loss? What, precisely, is that loss? The only loss would be the user not getting access to something they could not or would not pay for in the first place. Using your Sgt. Major example, the Sgt would not be out one red cent.

Anything else, and it's piracy. If you wanted to eliminate "c", I'm not going to argue it much, but YOU know if you are willing to pay for it or not... and you might be more than amply willing (as in "able") to pay for three movies, for example, but not a dozen... but that's not how the system works, is it? Rarely do you pay for general access.

And that points, potentially, to a future solution -- the old concept of patronage -- which is likely to be the way things eventually work out. If all the GIMPers who liked the Sgt's stuff paid him $5 or $10 or whatever a year for him to create it, he might make enough to justify doing it (I made up a number, there, mind you. It's likely to vary to/from each of them, as to how much they would be willing to pay to support him).

The other element of the model is likely to be a matter of a tax on blank media which is then distributed based on some formula of search engine hits or site visits or something suitably complex.

I have no idea what the final form of things is going to be, but the current system is flat out broken, can't work, and won't work. It's designed wrong and leaves way too much in the hands of rich fatcats with attorneys.

Finally, in your specific example.

1) It presumes that he does this. In reality, IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. There is just enough of that stuff out there that a person is likely to FIND OUT about Sgt Major's stuff, not enough to kill interest in membership in his site or the obtaining of his DVD.

2) You are making the bald-facedly unlikely presumption that the people who got the vid from Michael are willing AND able to pay for it.

3) "1000" VASTLY overestimates the typical "expansion" on a copy of anything like this. More likely numbers, given that this isn't a mainstream film, are in the 10-20 range -- and I particularly cite the improbability that everyone in a group of 10-20 people are willing and/or able to pay the price in question. There's probably only 1 or 2 who will see it AND be able to afford it AND not be willing to go out and buy it once they've seen that it IS something they like (at the worst, they are much more likely to buy something ELSE from him that they haven't seen, which means he got a couple customers HE MIGHT NEVER HAVE HAD if the piracy in question hadn't occurred.

4) In particular, #3 highlights a common thing -- someone pirates something, decides that they like that thing, and go join or buy future products from that source. In other words, it becomes advertising.

5) #4 is highlighted by several book authors, for example, who have taken their older books and made them freely downloadable on the web, because it strongly encourages people to experience their works, which leads to future sales far in excess of the meager sales of older works.

6) Part of it comes down to a simple fact: You're simply NOT going to get every possible penny from any creation. Any effort to control it to that level will REDUCE your income from it, not increase it. Control is anathema to the internet as well as to the flow of wealth in an IP economy.

Sorry for the length of this, it's just hard to make the points clearly without extensive commentary.

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 09:59:02 PM

Name: Vreeble

> Okay, you have GOT to be kidding, right? You're saying that thieves have respect for creators?<

Nope, not at all. I'm saying that THIEVES aren't going to buy it in the first place. So there is no loss involved. So it's not even theft.

You don't have to like that notion, it's plain and simple. If you're never willing to pay anyone for what you've taken, then that person didn't lose a DAMNED THING.

That's the difference between IP and "Real Property" -- if I "take" something from you that is Real Property, then I have that property and you don't. If I "take" it from you and it's IP, then You Still Have Possession of it. What you have "lost" is a theoretical opportunity to have me pay you for it. And it was just that, "theoretical".


The only time they tend to "take" is when they feel like they are getting ripped off. And so where IP is concerned, most of those who pirate are not willing to pay or are unable to pay the amount in question.

NOTE that I do NOT include commercial piracy to be within the bounds of that which I speak -- commercial piracy is someone making money off of someone else's creations, directly and clearly in a manner which prevents them from realizing the benefits of ownership/creation. It is close to impossible to be "commercially" pirating things and not be a thief, although in some cases the theft is more in the head of the creator than it is in the actual activity. The case below of the flea market piracy I note that they aren't quoted as listing the price the pirated movies were being sold for -- which is the actual amount of theft involved, not the "$20 each" that IS openly quoted. Old Maxim: The value of a thing is what that thing will bring". That is, values are not set by owners, but in a complex interaction between the owner/creator and the buyer. Copyright-as-defined warps this notion into a monopoly privilege, and piracy is a direct response to that monopoly, as are all black markets. If prices were not being distorted by external forces (usually by governments shoving in their obnoxious little hands) then black markets would not exist.

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 10:13:55 PM

Name: Vreeble

> 3. Spoiler alert on ZFX whipping! As far as I know, the whips are actually made of felt.<

You sure? They look more like mylar, to me, which is why they often are shiny (looks like rubber or vinyl) but with no weight at all, which means at best they may sting a bit or make the skin overall pinkish.

Here's a clue -- if they raise welts on the skin, or even more, if they actually break the skin (i.e., those little lines of sharp pinkish red where struck), then it's likely to be a real whip of sorts (although a real, historical, leather whip was far, far worse, and tended to actually leave scars if not treated immediately).

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 11:03:20 PM

Name: Vreeble
Homepage URL:

> #4....Are there any other tapes comparible to ZFX in terms of intensity and brutality?? So far I haven't seen any, but if you know of any, PLEASE let me know :). So far everything I've seen is mild at best and ZFX OWNS when it comes to this stuff.... <

Big D, about the only thing I've found that compares is Japanese stuff. Which vids you would want depends on exactly what it is you like about the ZFX -- rape, or whipping and general abuse.

1) All the Jap stuff is in the Japanese language -- "duh" -- the action is still good

2) Almost ALL Jap stuff is "mosaic censored" -- i.e., they technically can't actually show genetalia -- vaginas and penises. How substantial this is depends on the age of the film and the company. In some cases, it's a big round ball over the "region" in question, in others it's scaled down to the general shape itself. I've found this to be a minor distraction at best, but others would surely disagree.

If the rape part of ZFX appeals, then the first things to hunt down are Attackers' "SHK" (Shark) vids. They are up to almost #300 now. The quality improves substantially after #100.

If the abuse/whipping part appeals, then the first things to hunt down are Attackers' "JBD" and "RBD" (Jyubaku, Ryubaku) series. They are at about #75 and #100 each.

I'm sure there might be others out there which you may class as "better", but those are good intros to the sorts of things that are offered by JAV.

Above is the link to attackers' web site. If you don't read Jap (and likely you don't) then you'll have to just push links to snoop around. Note that you should see five very visible "doors" on that page (about 1 inch square) -- the first two on the left are JBD/RBD, and the rightmost is SHK.

Here is another good link -- they aren't solely for Attackers, but they are in English: -- if you do a search on "SHK" or one of the other prefixes, you'll get a good overview of what they have.

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 11:49:54 PM

Name: Bobjones

Vreeble. . . you are making some good points, but I'm not 100% sure what the larger point is supposed to be. Should we just tolerate people illegally sharing movies online? Should Sarge simply look the other way when people rip him off?

You're right that intellectual property is always gonna be floating around, and you're right that most of the people who steal intellectual property wouldn't have paid for it. I think that that "floating around" is ultimately a kind of advertising sometimes. I might watch a clip of a movie somebody posted illegally on a newsgroup and then decide to go out and buy the whole movie. I might download a song and then go buy the album.

But what happens if we became totally lax about letting people copy and share intellectual property? If Sarge's stuff was posted all over the web for free, why the fuck would anybody buy anything from him? Saying that piracy is okay because the people who do it are either broke or cheap doesn't really do it for me.

The larger issue is that artists should have a certain amount of control about how their work is distributed. If an artist wants to release work to get swapped around for free because he thinks that doing so is good advertising or because he thinks that his stuff should be a part of the public domain, peachy. But if he wants to charge folks to see his work, then undermining his wishes by ripping his work off and giving it away just isn't right. Piracy is a victimless crime only because there are enough legal repercussions to keep it somewhat below the radar. If the internet really became a free for all, then I can't imagine how anybody could make a living producing content for it.

Your tax idea seems kind of interesting, but do you really want to pay into some kind of "intellectual content" tax fund? Supposing you do, since the net is international, how might that work? I certainly agree with you that the piracy thing gets blown out of proportion sometimes (by the MPAA particularly. . . we won't get into the Lars Ulrich thing here. . ), but arguing that it's okay or that it's a victimless crime doesn't really fly with me. If I like somebody's work, I want to see them get paid.

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 11:52:13 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Steve Power: Thanks for the really nice, well-written explanation on what your situation is regarding putting out material at Powershotz. I certainly don't doubt that what you're saying is true about being blackballed by the industry and the modeling community. In other words, you can show rape fantasy but it can't be too realistic? So if a scene has an "edge" to it, it will get you banned or arrested or blackballed?

Of course, you've been though the horrors of having your site taken apart and scrutinized and been forced to censor your own content to please your credit card processor, so naturally, you are a bit wary of the possible consequences of going too far. Your situation reminds me of that of another Steve, Steve Austin of Forbidden Video, a company that burst onto the scene some years ago with a very promising debut film called After School Surprise. That was a film that featured a very cute schoolgirl named Gauge getting tied to her bed and raped, complete with hardcore scenes and a cum shot to the face at the finale. It was a VERY good bondage rape movie and it looked like this company was going to go places.

And then what happened? They must have run into outside pressure or became fearful of the government laws, and they started to pull movies off their website, including the aforementioned After School Surprise. They started to edit their previous movies and sanitized their later stuff. One of their best titles, the rape film Trick or Treat 2, is no longer available for ordering to this day. And Steve Austin, formerly a regular poster here, disappeared and hasn't been heard from for a year. Nor has Forbidden Video released anything new, even though they had at least one new release ready to go. They are essentially dead in the water.

This is a company that pushed the envelope, and you can see what happened to them. So I don't blame you for not wanting to go too brutal. After all, this is your life and your livelihood, and you have to do what's right for you. But I'll also second what Bobjones declared when I say that the actual hardcore scenes don't turn me on NEARLY as much as seeing the fear and distress in a tied-up victim. Mia's Abduction, which was my first Powershotz movie (and truth be told, the ONLY one I've actually enjoyed) had some real dramatic tension and we never saw any penetration whatsoever. The villain was constantly threatening to do sexual stuff to her and I could feel how scared she was and THAT'S why it worked so well.

If you don't want to show fake torture and want to concentrate on having the victim forced sexually, keep this in mind. While they may have a lot of torture, ZFX movies have no actual penile penetration and frankly, they don't need it. It's the mood and the nasty tone that make them dramatic. For the most part, the villains are vocal and you can tell they enjoy dishing out the abuse. And another reason is the fantasy works is because the women ARE gagged! Rick Masters knows dramatic power of seeing a girl gagged and helpless.

If you had your victims gagged more instead of making them say "Yes, master", your stuff would immediately have more of a meaner edge. Compare the two pictures I posted at the top of the forum tonight. See how much better Lexus Lane looks gagged? Let the villain do the talking. He's in control. Women are best when they can only helplessly cry and moan into their gags. Take away a woman's right to speak and she will feel more threatened and helpless and she'll also give a better performance right away. Trust me on this one. It will help make the fantasy work better, and make your movies stronger.

Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 11:53:23 PM

Name: Grey
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Some great discussions and critical analysis. Thanks again to Ralphus for articulating very reasonably and in a considerate manner the dilemma the purchaser of bondage/rape fantasy dvds face. Also, thanks to Steve for his real genuine wanting to understand the wants and needs of his customer as well as his perseverance and quest to produce the best product he can against all odds.

From my viewpoint -- I can say that from watching many video clips and some dvd that I have like many of Steve's work and then some that I haven't liked as much. It comes down to the model and how well the model accepts direction and then conveys and acts out a bondage/rape fantasy scenario. Then additionally -- how well the plot/theme/atmosphere/setting for this occurs. Steve has had some great models -- 2 Alex's, Rayne, Miranda, Naomi, Serene, Amy, Gabby, Rayna, Lexi, Mia, Celena, Beth, Ashleigh, Heather, and Shelby -- That's more than 15 models folks -- which is pretty good. What those models have is a certain degree of attractiveness and some believability in conveying real emotions which their character is feeling whether it is fearful, horny, etc.

I agree also that it is the "Fear of penetration conveyed" not the penetration itself that is important. I have mentioned many times that you could create an illusion of mock rape by bringing the victim into the bedroom -- closing the door for the video and have sound only -- and then have the door open with her laying in bed with cum on the sheets and her displaying real emotions of shame and daydream. ZFX until recently didn't show penetration and did very well and so has Powershotz. The penetration is the whip cream and cherry on top -- but if you don't have the ice cream then you are out of luck.

I agree with Ralphus that is more effective to use a duct tape gag and silence her than having this dialog of the yes, master bit. Bondage is used to immobilize and make helpless completely. When here is all kinds of dialog where the female is given a venue to negotiate an outcome that is where the failure occurs. I also believe models are coachable and given a certain amount of talent can be directed to convey the kind of fear we are used to see in "Legal" B-movies that are way more violent and perhaps even less community friendly.

I believe that the movies Steve makes can be all things to all people -- when he uses models of somewhat more mature appearance and dress instead of the younger ones most of the time and doesn't have to market all of the details of the movies to his peril -- this will require more of a back-end customer service approach as opposed to a front-end marketing approach -- handling specific questions in email -- disregarding nonsensical ones of course. Steve has also succeeded where many have not which is with superior quality videos with close-ups and great angles. He has at any time the ability to make a ground breaking film like "Mia's".

I hope Steve will continue his ways and pursue some of these recommendations -- he certainly has a following here. I also feel that the burden has to also be with the consumer to seek out his material -- review the promos and try them out. I am sure that you will find something you like. Thanks, JHLipton for calling me out and for the reference to the picture you linked which is excellent and conveys the great uses of grey tape when used as intended.

Thanks, Gang! Grey

Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 01:02:23 AM

Name: Aries

I fully agree with much of whats been said. ..... As Ralphus pointed out, the proper mood is essential. To reiterate, there must be a sense of dread, a dire need to escape. The victim must emit resounding fear and distress. Despair should cloak her every gesture. ..... I also agree that a gag is mandatory. Only forced oral, should dictate its removal. ..... I only differ in regards to hardcore bondage sex. Its presence creates an alluring paradigm shift, that is not easily ignored. ..... A BDSM hardcore film, needs only a merciless villain, an enticing young victim, provocative clothing, and the proper mood, to make it the perfect GIMP film.

Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 06:58:26 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Hound Dog.

I heard something on the All news all the time radio station, this morning, that you might find interesting,

There is a movie that is about to open at the Sundance Film Festival that is creating a lot of controversary.

Dakota Fanning plays a 12 year old girl who gets raped. To deal with the aftermath of this rape she turns to music, most specifically, Elvis, hence the title Hound Dog.

The movie has not been released, nor viewed as of yet, so no one has seen it. No one knows how graphic the rape scene is, yet people are protesting it.

They interviewed the director, who is a woman and she stated that she saw the movie "Pretty Baby", when she was younger and remembered being moved by the rape scene of a very young Brooke Shields.

Anyway, I thought people would find this of interest.

On another note, living in New York has definate advantages when dealing with the adult film business.

Although former mayor Rudi Guiliani tried his best to clean up the city. He could not destroy the adult film stores.

I have pretty much all of the ZFX films. I've bought some for as little as $9.95. Currently, you can go to adult stores on 14th Street and buy old ZFX vhs tapes for that price.

Before, you think that everything in New York City is great. I can't afford to live in Manhattan, so I live in Brooklyn. I live in a studio apartment that's about the size of a two car garage and I pay $1,200 a month in rent. You take the good with the bad.

Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 07:27:30 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I know I sound hopelessly perverted here and I wonder if I'm in some kind of weird minority. . . except that the kind of fantasy that people seem to describe on this message board seems to lean toward pretty fucked up shit.

I'll cop to the "fucked up shit" -- I like fantasies where women DIE, slowly and painfully, preferably raped and strangled to death. Give me a cute girl, with at least her breasts exposed, and a nice thin wire wrapped tight around her throat and I'm a happy man!

The nice thing about fantasy is that I can watch the same woman die over and over again. Check out for one of my faves. The image linked shows her at her best.

Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 07:39:37 AM

Name: BlueDog


Like your note. When the difficulties of being a bondage producer get you down, do try to remember that you got to tie up Lexus Lane, something we all have to settle for dreaming about. Also, I've always thought that it might behoove you to kowtow, just a bit to the expectations of the industry. Maybe bookend your usual content with interviews with the models making it clear that this is all good clean fun.

SexAndSubmission has some pretty hardcore face fucking while bound that is spectacular. Personally I don't care about the fact that it's all consensual. All I need is a good scene and a bit of imagination...

I think that one of your biggest obstacles is really just the nature of trying to do fetish porn. Even within the genre of bondage/rape, we are a rather fickle audience. One of your responses mentioned a common preferance for gags. Personally I hate them, and one of the reasons I like your videos is that they are NOT always gagged. I don't much care for hogties either. has a small forum for each update. Notice how no matter what they do, some like a given update, and some hate it.

Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 12:33:19 PM

Name: Pezzonovante

Steve: Very interesting post! Beeing a long time buyer of B&D tapes (and nowadays dvd's) I'm always all ears when the producers and actors give some insight. Thanks, and keep it comin'!

To be honest: Powershot's been off my radar altogether for a long time, after being on the radar only for a very short time. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago, a befriended videoshop owner lend me 2 Powershotz tapes, both starring a girl named Megan (or Meg??? Steve???). The first tape had a home invasion theme of which I mostly remember a scene where the poor girl was forced to take a ringgag that clearly was to big for her mouth; the second had the same girl starring with a black girlfriend, and had a white slavery theme.

Both tapes didn't really work for me for the same reasons: Even though Meg(an) wasn't exactly the type I prefer, and her acting wouldn't quallify for an Oscar (that's an understatement for being one of the worst actresses I've seen in adult movies ever) I still would have considered checking out some more of Powershotz stuff. Both storylines were exactly what I like, and maybe with another actress....who knows??? But both tapes were so poorly directed and edited and the ropework looked like the model only had to sneeze a little to get free that I decided against any further purchases.

The point I'm trying to make here is that there's more than legal issues and untalented actresses to ruin a good thing. Or: when life hands you lemons (in this case: restrictive laws and poor actresses), you can make far better lemonade by good directing and editing.

But in all fairness to Steve, I'm speaking from memories of 2 vids I watched a few years ago. And since he seems very passionate and upright in his intentions, I thought it was only fair to give Powershotz a 2nd chance. Therefore today I ordered a more recent Powershotz title that stars the hot Lexus Lane (and 2 other models who's names I don't recall right now), just to see how things are with Powershotz these days AND to be able to give a fair review.

And my 2 cents on the gag-no gag-yes master debate: I'a great fan of the abduction theme, so here's how it should go, IMHO: While beeing overpowered, the gag should be the last item to be applied. Thus giving the victim plenty of opportunity to scream, plead, and beg. Once the gag is applied, there should be some angry and afraid gagtalk. When being tied, tortured and retied, the gag should be removed some of the time, but the victim should ONLY either beg and plead or give lip, but NEVER use words like yes master (unless being forced to do so, but in a way that makes it clear for the viewer that she ONLY says so to avoid being whipped some more or punished otherwise). Any indication that a victim really submits ruins the mood for me. The victim should only be broken and really submit (or give information, perform a sexual service that she wasn't prepared to at first get it) at the end of the movie. For me it's all about helpless victims in fear and in pain. Penetration (in any form) is of no interest to me, unless it enhances the pain and fear.


Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 12:59:18 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Something to remember....there are a series of dvds that aren't advertised heavily. The VL Series. There are 7 of them now. You won't find them in adult bookstores in America because they were never offered wholesale. You need to write and request them. I'll send Ralphus some pics to post. Though they don't contain torture or snuff scenes...they do contain abduction, strict bondage, and spanking/riding crop, along with penetrations.

Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 01:18:30 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Checked out Well Deserved from Powershotz. Even though Lexus has a great body I enjoyed the scenes with Shelby more. Couple of scenes that come to mind is the sex from behind while she is tied to the table and ballgagged. Also when bound atop the table performing oral sex. Masked guy comes on her face then thrust his dick in and out of her mouth several times. Very hot scene! Bondage/sex- hard to go wrong with that combination!

Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 06:22:23 PM

Name: Grey
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Gang -- I really appreciate Steve's participation in our group here. I am also looking forward to a dvd with one of his latest gals -- Naomi. She looks hot and if her acting is up to her looks -- we are looking at a best seller. Grey

Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 11:36:18 PM

Name: jrbone
E-mail address:

I am interested in a particular type of video; specifically Inquisition/Medieval torture. I have seen the Inquisitionlive site and would like to purchase some of their videos, but would prefer to buy them from a U.S. distributor.

Would it be possible for anyone here to let me know if there are any outlets in the U.S. where the Inquisitionlive products could be found?

Tuesday, January 23rd 2007 - 08:22:31 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

jrbone: I have attached a link in my Homepage URL to a site that I believe is based in the U.S., and which sells Inquisition movies. But I have to tell you that they are expensive -- and in my opinion, not worth the money.

If you check the June 2006 archives, you will find my review of The Inquisition VI: Agony of the Whore Witch. I didn't care much for it, or the other Inquisition movie I watched at the time. Indeed, at the end of last year, I named the Inquisition movies on DVD as the biggest disappointment of the year.

Tuesday, January 23rd 2007 - 05:11:44 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

JR- Yes, they are in the US. Also this weekend we will be putting up a sampler tape of Underground titles. This sampler tape will have some Inquistion titles.

Tuesday, January 23rd 2007 - 06:28:17 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Beginning tonight, I'm glad to share an exclusive gift from our friend, the ever-productive Hank Hobbs...Vidcapper Extraordinaire. Through a lot of hard work, Hank has created an amazing 58 new caps from the ZFX classic Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual, starring Lisa Kinkaid in one of her best showcases. And the only place to see them is right here, so be sure and check in every day.

Over the next month, get ready to bask in the erotic glow that is Lisa suffering in bondage. These caps are great, and I know you all will enjoy seeing all the bad things that happen to her in this one. The movie is newly out on DVD, too, if you can't wait and want to see it all unfold on your DVD player at home. This one gets my Ralphus Recommendation. It's a good one.

Meanwhile, go visit Hank at his free Google group (linked above). Lots of great stuff there, too.

Tuesday, January 23rd 2007 - 09:55:55 PM

Name: Bobjones

I think that Inquisition Live is a big disappointment. The whole medieval torture thing is a pretty cool genre of GIMPtitude. . . the rack, the pincers, the branding irons, plus a little guard rape between sessions. . . boffo opportunities for cruel and unusual horror. . . but the videos those guys produce are just kind of okay and they are outrageously expensive. It's a cool idea they have, but their videos would have to be way better than they are to justify what they cost. I'd certainly join the website to give them a good sampling before coughing up what they're charging for a whole movie. You'll get to see lots o' stills along with movie trailers, and that might be enough to satiate you without having to take out a second mortgage.

If you like inquisition fantasy, you should check out the poser artist Quoom. I sound like broken record since this is the second or third time I've endorsed him on the GIMP board this month, but his shit really is the bomb. It's not live action, but its way better than anything Inquisition Live's got going, and a much better value.

I'm glad so many people jumped in with me to say that the important thing in a bondage movie is not the explicitness, but the nastiness. Do we want to see graphic depictions of sexual violence. . . fuckin' A we do! But is the explicitness more important than the emotional content-- the fear, the horror, the suspense? Nope. A really awful situation and a really good performance from an attractive victim are what gets my trousers to tighten. I'd also have to chime in to say that I don't want to hear "yes master." What I want to hear is a lot of whimpering through a gag, interrupted by brief refrains of "Please don't!" when the gag is removed so that something else might be stuffed in. I think that the difference between BDSM fantasy and Rape and Torture fantasy is an important one. Some folks want to see a beautiful woman be submissive. I'd rather watch her be terrified. Trouble is, there are many more pornographers working in the BDSM genre than in the Rape and Torture genre. I'm getting all self righteous again. . . funny how I manage to do that when I'm describing my perversions. . .

Tuesday, January 23rd 2007 - 11:24:22 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

I've got a question for the group that kind of relates to the piracy discussion we were having.

I have several dozen Orgasmagoria clips that I'm not interested in (Post Mortem, stabbings, neck breaks, etc). I'm planning on deleting them off my hard drive, but before I do, I was thinking of giving them to someone who would want them.

If these were actual physical objects, I could only have one copy at a time, and there would be no question. But there's nothing to keep me from giving them to multiple people, or giving them and keeping a copy for myself.

That said, is it ethical for me to advertise or promote this give-away? Would I be hurting Orgasmagoria's sales in any way?

I look forward to the advice of my fellow GIMPers.

Wednesday, January 24th 2007 - 11:11:38 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

jhlipton: Well, for what it's worth, Orgasmagoria is sadly no longer open. I'm not really sure what happened to them, but I heard someone speculating on another message board about the Florida hurricanes might have gotten them, or maybe it was the political censorship that made them close their doors. A lot of times these companies are very small operations. For instance, ZFX is essentially just one person, Rick Masters. Anyone know what happened to Orgasmagoria?

It's kind of a shame, really, since they were one of the few companies that combined bondage with necro fantasies, and they had to be better than the putrid Club-Dead folks, although that company is still around. I saw a handful of Orgasmagoria clips; one of them had my girl Slyyy bound and gagged and get her head cut off, right on camera! I have some stills that indicate she was also stabbed, strangled, shot, smothered with a plastic bag, and electrocuted in other clips, too. Not exactly everyone's kink, but they looked interesting, anyway. In fantasy, everything goes as long as no one is (really) hurt.

As far as giving away online copies of their old stuff, anybody can contact you via e-mail if they want them. I just don't think it's a good idea to go posting Rapidshare links on this forum, in spite of the fact that the company is closed. Were they just not to your liking, is that why you're getting rid of them?

BTW, curious, what do people think about the death fetish around here? Right now we have Eyewitness Production as our banner link of the week, and they specialize in hanging and other asphyxia movies. Personally, my favorite fetish has always been burning at the stake. Does anyone get turned on by fake snuff fantasies, or is that stepping over the line for anyone here?

This is a discussion page, so...let's discuss! Give us your opinions.

Thursday, January 25th 2007 - 08:19:40 AM

Name: Brutus
Homepage URL:

Fellow GIMPers, a few brief opinions:

Mandatory gags: Yes!

"Yes master" scenarios: No.

"Hound Dog": No.

Mood in bondage movies: Yes.

Inquisition Live: No.

Orgasmagoria piracy: No, if they no longer exist, and you're are not making copies to turn a profit or going overboard in sharing.

Death scenes: No. Unless the torture beforehand is well done. I usually fast-forward the actual killing. Seems a waste to waste a babe under one's control.

58 caps of Voodoo Dolls 2: YES! YES! YES! Thanks Hank.

HTML: Dunno. Did this work?

Thursday, January 25th 2007 - 09:31:34 AM

Name: Japanese freak
Homepage URL:

Re: death fetish: not for me. I know people get off on it, but there's nothing sexy to me about seeing a struggling woman strangled, hanged, or burned to death, no matter how well-acted.

To answer a question someone had a while back about alternative rape movies to the Japanese Shark series: try the Chikan (Molester) series, issued by Soft on Demand, produced by Natural High label.

Look for product codes like TOT or NHDT. has some, Video Mayhem has a few, but you can find some of the most brutal ones at mcdarkterritory (see above link) or at the site, where you will have to be patient and navigate through Japanese links to all their movies.

Thursday, January 25th 2007 - 03:45:03 PM

Name: Bobjones

I haven't particularly liked the death fetish stuff I've seen, not because it crosses any kind of moral boundary (I like watching people die in other genres of movies, so why not porn), but because folks who produce that kind of business usually don't push the sex and torture aspects of the scenario quite enough for me. It seems that people who produce faux snuff are usually catering to a pretty specific fetish- from what I've seem, the idea seems to be that watching the death itself is supposed to be hot. I don't really get it.

The treat of painful death can be something to terrify a girl enough to create an exciting scenario. I do really like corny scenarios with damsels in peril: naked girl tied to conveyer belt moving toward saw=good times. Hell, girls in tight clothes tied to said conveyer belts get me a little hot and bothered: I recently saw a Batman cartoon that had Catwoman in such a scenario, and I'll admit, I had a brief moment of 'toon related wood. It's really the fear and bondage more than the death that I like. Watching the girl get tied to the stake is what I like. Seeing her eyes grow large and the saw blade moves closer to the divide between her legs. . . yeeeeeaaah. The death itself doesn't particularly do much for me. It's not a turn off, but its not particularly exciting either. Since it puts the victim out of her misery, it actually kinda diffuses the whole situation.

The only kind of faux snuff that seems kinda exciting would be to show a scary guy strangling a girl, maybe while raping her. Because that particular way of killing is so slow and intimate, I could imagine how it might make for a really scary and uncomfortable personal little fantasy. I kinda might rather the girl be left alive though. I know there are some "strangulation" and "hanging" sites around (including this week's proud banner link), but from what I've seen of that stuff, it just doesn't do much for me. A slow death from torture might be fun, but again, its not really the snuff that does it. I guess when it comes down to it, the snuff doesn't particularly turn me off, but it seems superfluous.

I agree that if something is not commercially available, sharing it becomes much more okay. It's still not really legal to do so, but at that point, you really aren't hurting anybody. I think Ralphus' position on the matter is appropriate (as usual). . . don't just post the stuff for public consumption, but swapping among friends (even anonymous internet friends) seems okay. Hypothetically though, the moment Orgasmagoria went back online, you shouldn't share the stuff anymore. I know I seem like a big ole tightass, but I really feel like its important to support pornographers who are brave enough to work in disreputable genres like extreme bondage and snuff. I don't have any problem with people ripping off mainstream porn, like say a Vivid video. Of course, I have no idea why anybody would bother watching, much less sharing a Vivid video. . .

Thursday, January 25th 2007 - 09:59:10 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

An Open Letter to Lisa Kinkaid

Dear Ms. Kinkaid:

On behalf of the people of my small country, I wish to request -- in the strongest possible terms -- that you end your retirement or semi-retirement (or whatever it is) and please return to making movies.

As you would know, these are difficult times -- war in the Middle East, economic uncertainty in The West, and if the Al Gore gang is to be believed, the whole planet's going to burn up in about 25 years. Oh, and January has been a really dull month.

If there has been any joy at all, it has only been found in the recent DVD release of your movie, Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual. (I will have much more to say about this tomorrow).

I cannot accept the Internet Adult Film Database's assertion that your career ended in 2002. To the best of my knowledge, you are as beautiful today as when you started, perhaps more so. I'm sure you have many great performances to deliver.

The world needs you. I would implore you to take the necessary steps to begin your long overdue comeback.

Thanking you in advance,

A Canadian

Friday, January 26th 2007 - 03:32:14 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Closet Case Entertainment (Orgasmagoria) hasn't gone away; they're the Power behind NicheClips (see URL above). There isn't a lot at NicheClips for the bondage / torture crowd -- mostly sleepy, death and crush (???) fetish stuff. InShadow went to Pay-Per-View for a while, but it looks like they may be back to subscription.

Bobjones: I would recommend getting a Rue Morgue/Rumspringa/Peachy Keen, Orgasmagoria or InShadow clip and editing it to end just before the death. Or you can get a subscription to EWP -- they concentrate on bondage and pain, with fairly frequent breast squeezing -- and trim the death scenes from the photo-sets. Since they don't have many models, you can assume that they all just keep having REALLY bad luck. [grin]

Monique thinking: "Damn, I was really lucky to have the cops burst in like that. I thought I was a goner for sure! Oh, shit! Not again!"

Friday, January 26th 2007 - 10:41:23 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://

I started on, but never finished, an epic tale of two young girls (just over 18, of course!) who are abducted and put through a series of painful, humiliating sexual tortures. By the time I kill them off, they've been beaten, whipped, electro-tortured, raped in face and pussy and covered in cum.

I can put it on-line, and you all can tell me what you like to happen next to these poor things.

BTW, XXX-Rated Groups is now XXX-Rated Network. It's not 100% functional yet, but it is coming back. It might be fun to start (or revive, since all the XRG groups are still there) a GIMP group.

Friday, January 26th 2007 - 10:46:05 AM

Name: Alan
E-mail address:

Subject: Lisa Kinkaid

I have to join in. I have enjoyed watching Lisa in many ZFX Films.

All I can say is, Rick get this lady back to work.

Her fans need her.


Friday, January 26th 2007 - 04:02:51 PM

Name: Chricton
E-mail address:

On the subject of Orgasmagoria, I'm a little pissed. I only got into them AFTER they got hit by the storm, and I missed out on so much. I'm thankful that they put the Nichclips place up, but all I have been able to get from them was what is available on that site. I wish it wasn't a "rotation" site and more of a complete catalog. I know the have literally HUNDREDS of videos, many of which I'll probably end up waiting years to see, if ever (the older 2001-2003 stuff especially). One video a week is slowww.....

Someone mentioned to me that they were actually doing "last time" offers on some of their videos :( Of course before I found them. Anybody know which ones they were? Hope I didn't miss out on some greats.

And according to Lorenzo, they MIGHT be back, if he gets the time. I guess he has other websites that he operates.

Friday, January 26th 2007 - 05:59:05 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Research conducted in Canada has confirmed there is only one sure-fire cure for the January blahs: a good Lisa movie. Here is my assessment of Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual.

Title: Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual

Stars: Lisa Kinkaid, Rick Masters and Jon O'Brien

Director: Rick Masters

Running time: 65 minutes

The terrific Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual delivers a rich menu of ZFX specialties -- whippings, electric shocks, clothespin tortures, bondage and gags -- but what puts this one over the top is the sex. Gorgeous Lisa Kinkaid, the sole female star of the film, gets taken in a number of positions and her (simulated) fucking scenes are outstanding, making this an above-average ZFX production.

The story is about a hot young go-go dancer, named Stevi Simmons (Kinkaid), who is renting a back cottage from a father-and-son combo. Unfortunately, her new landlords have a dark secret -- the father is a 300-year-old shaman, and he and his son love seeing young women tortured. The movie begins with highlights from the first Voodoo Dolls, where Stevi was abused in various ways, including one scene where she was tied spreadeagled on a bed and violated by a well-endowed teddy bear.

Voodoo Dolls 2 picks up with the same story structure as the first movie -- basically, it jumps from scene to scene without a clear linear structure, and you don't really know if anything is real or fantasy (this is intentional). In each scene, Stevi is being tortured by either the shaman (Masters) and/or his son, Archibald (O'Brien), but the scenes deliberately don't flow into each other (thus, certain items of clothing keep disappearing and reappearing on Stevi's body).

It may sound confusing, but nonetheless the movie has a wealth of bondage and torture scenes, and many are first rate.

We start with Stevi and the shaman father, a guy with a light blue-ish face who wears dark gloves that almost look like claws. Stevi is in a voodoo spell, and she performs a topless go-go dance for the shaman, who is sitting on a black couch in his living room. Stevi is wearing a skirt, panties, and white shoes with thick heels, and gives a slinky, sexy dance. The shaman enjoys it -- he lifts Stevi's skirt and feels up her body, including a grab at her big boobs and running his fingers along the crotch area of her panties.

Next, the movie cuts to a scene in the house basement where Stevi is naked (except for the shoes) and in a squatting position on the floor, bound to a wooden post behind her. Her wrists are tied above her head to the post, leather straps bind her waist and neck to the post, and there are ropes tying her ankles to her legs. There are also ropes tied around her chest area, above and below her tits in order to squeeze them out.

The villain in this scene is Archibald and he ignores Stevi's desperate pleas to be set free. Instead, Archibald uses a ripped cloth with a large knot to gag Stevi's mouth, and he then proceeds to feel up her tits and stroke her pussy. Archibald attaches some clothespins to Stevi's nipples and to her pussy, and then brings out a battery and some vibrating eggs, and ties the apparatus to Stevi's body so that the eggs vibrate against the clothespins on her pussy. This causes Stevi so much pain she eventually passes out.

The movie jumps back next to the shaman, and he and a topless Stevi are sitting on the leather couch. The shaman uses his voodoo powers to force Stevi to French kiss him -- a full-tongue smooch that allows the shaman to transfer an insect of some sort from his mouth into Stevi's throat. This magic insect now in Stevi's throat can cut off her air supply, at the shaman's command, thus giving the shaman even more power over her.

Another quick cut -- this time, to Archibald marching a naked Stevi over to a green couch in the house basement. Stevi's hands are cuffed behind her back, and she is thrown onto the couch, with Archibald jumping on top and gagging Stevi with a straight black gag. Archibald spanks Stevi's ass, then picks her up and walks her over to a camping cooler, making her stand on the cooler so he can cuff her hands to the ceiling rafters.

Using cables that are linked to a nearby car battery, Archibald starts zapping Stevi, causing her to step off the cooler and shake to the electric jolts as she dangles in the air. Stevi squeals and rattles and jerks her head back in pain. When the electric-shock treatment is done, Archibald ties Stevi's right leg to the roof and leaves her hanging there, struggling.

Next, it's back to Stevi and the shaman on the leather couch, where the shaman (who speaks in a deep, slow-motion voice) explains the whole insect in the throat power thing to Stevi, who is gasping and choaking as her air supply is restricted. The shaman then strips off Stevi's skirt and panties.

A quick jump again to Archibald's torture area in the basement, where a naked Stevi is now hogtied on the green couch. Ropes have been used to tie her hands to her feet, while a black band has tied her feet together, and another black band has bound her arms just above the elbows. There is a black gag in Stevi's mouth and she squirms about, trying to break free. Archibald shows up with two steel-wire mousetraps, which he attaches to Stevi's nipples. The hogtied Stevi is then left alone to wiggle about on the couch, with the mousetraps remaining firmly clamped to her nipples.

The movie jumps back to Stevi and the shaman on the leather couch in the living room -- and this is where things really get good.

The shaman wants to spank Stevi, so he has her drop to all fours in front of him and raise her ass in the air. Stevi wants to resist, issuing a defiant and throaty "no," but the shaman uses the insect in her throat to start choaking her -- forcing Stevi to meekly say 'yes', she'll submit (an inspiring moment). The shaman delivers some solid slaps to Stevi's nice, round butt. I'm not normally into spanking scenes, but I found this one very effective, as Stevi yelps in pain with each slap. During this scene, the shaman also feels up Stevi's boobs, and stuffs Stevi's panties into her mouth.

The shaman then sits back on the couch and forces the naked Stevi to sit in his lap, with her back pressed solidly against the shaman's body and her head (with the panties still in her mouth) bent back and rested beside the shaman's head. Stevi's luscious body is in full display here in what looks like the greatest lap dance ever caught on film. The shaman forces Stevi to spread her legs wide open, and his gloved right hand rubs her pussy.

The shaman removes the panties from Stevi's mouth and rips them open to create a gag, which he uses to gag her mouth. He then moves Stevi to one side and starts sucking on her left tit, applying some serious tongue action and suction to her tender nipple.

With Stevi still gagged, the shaman lays her out on her stomach on the couch, with her feet bound together and her hands cuffed behind her back. The shaman, who is fully dressed, rapes Stevi doggie style in this simulated fuck scene. The action is is shown from two different angles, including one showing Stevi from the front, and Stevi's breasts bounce around as her body gets rammed.

Archibald, who is not a villain in the livingroom area of the house (?), arrives on the scene and scolds his father. But Archibald has a voodoo doll strung around his neck, meaning it's the shaman who calls the shots, and the shaman has his own ideas. Before you can say Shazam, a dazed and spellbound Archibald is lying on his back (fully dressed) on the leather couch and Stevi is riding him cowgirl style in the first of four simulated couplings by the pair. Without a doubt, these sex scenes are the highlight of Voodoo Dolls 2.

Naked and still gagged, lovely Stevi rocks away on Archibald, egged on by the shaman, who is sitting in a nearby chair and stroking two voodoo dolls to keep Stevi and Archibald in heat. Not that they need much help. With her slender body arched back, Stevi delivers an enthusiastic show, panting and moaning and often throwing her head back in full ecstasy.

"Archie, ungag the bitch," the shaman says. "I want to hear her scream."

A capital idea. The gag is taken out of Stevi's mouth, and the shaman goes up to Stevi and pushes her forward, so that she continues to ride Archibald cowgirl style but her body is now leaning forward, against Archibald's chest. The shaman tells them to go "harder, faster," and he coaches Archibald to play with Stevi's ample breasts. "Archie, her nipples demand attention. She wishes you to touch them," the shaman says. "Pull them. Don't be a sissy."

The pair are next seen in the missionary position on the black couch. The nearby shaman coaches Archibald to pound Stevi harder -- "Shove your cock in it all the way, Archibald" -- and Stevi lets out some loud moans as Archibald drives into her. Fully engaged, Stevi often uses her arms and legs to grip Archibald in a tight embrace, at one point grabbing his ass to help him thrust harder. At other times, Stevi's hands are clasping the couch, her dug-in fingers almost tearing the leather off the couch as the drilling continues.

In their final position, the still fully dressed Archibald is seated upright in the couch, and nude Stevi is on his lap, facing away from him (a lap dance look again). This scene is arguably the best of the bunch, with Stevi grinding on Archie's groin like there's no tomorrow. Her hair flails about as she throws her head around in excitement, and her panting and moaning is amazing. The scene is shot from different angles, including some frontal closeups of her pretty face, bouncing boobs and yummy waist (with the ever-present belly ring), and there are some nice closeup shots of Archibald's hands grabbing Stevi's hooters. Even better, there is one closeup moment where Stevi releases a loud groan that is just heavenly.

As the participants are nearing their climax, the thrusting grows intense, and some of Stevi's moans are loud enough to wake the neighbors. My favorite moment is when Stevi lets out a loud whimper that is totally sexy.

Once completed, Stevi and Archibald are collapsed together on the couch, with Stevi gasping for air, but the shaman is far from done. "The fun is over," the shaman says. "Things are going to get a little rough."

Sure enough, we next see the shaman with his hand clasped over Stevi's mouth, leading the naked beauty to a dressing-room type setup, with a mirror and all kinds of toys (wigs, voodoo dolls, etc.). After a brief scene where the shaman fondles Stevi's tits and pussy, the shaman makes Stevi lean back on the floor, her hands cuffed behind her back, and the shaman orders Stevi to spread her legs. A green thunderbolt then shoots into Stevi's pussy, and she is taken by unseen "gods." The quivering Stevi lets out some loud and wonderful moans as she gets fucked by her invisible gods. The shaman grabs a voodoo doll and sticks it in Stevi's mouth, and then rubs the voodoo doll against Stevi's pussy, adding even more thrills down there, and more loud moans. When it's all done, Stevi is left lying on the floor, with an almost blissful look on her comely visage.

More voodoo stuff follows -- the shaman finger paints a red cross on the front of Stevi's naked body, followed by a scene where Archibald forces Stevi to kneel before the shaman, who is sitting in a chair propped up by a wooden pallet.

Soon, we find Stevi chained to a makeshift wooden cross, with her back to the cross and her hands chained out to the sides. The shaman ties a red ball gag into Stevi's mouth, and then spanks her ass. The shaman grabs a bullwhip and starts whipping Stevi's back and ass, producing more loud yelps (despite the gag) from the victim, and leaving red whip marks on her body.

In the final torture scene, Stevi is chained to the makeshift cross facing away from the cross, in a crucifixion position, except her feet are chained to the sides so that her legs are spread apart. The shaman removes the ball gag from Stevi's mouth, and starts shoving a huge skin-colored butt plug into her mouth. The shaman then puts a smal black plug into her mouth, taping it in with strips of red duct tape. Meanwhile, Archibald takes the huge, skin-colored plug, and forces it into Stevi's pussy, producing some sexy writhing and some loud squeals and soft whimpers, along with drops of glistening sweat on Stevi's fantastic body.

In the end, Archibald removes the tape and plug from Stevi's mouth, and she convinces him to kiss her. Her kisses move down to his chest area, and then her mouth yanks the voodoo doll off Archibald. This causes Archibald to come out of his trance, and as he starts freeing Stevi, she awakens from what was all apparently just a dream. But she still has some red marks on her back, leaving viewers to wonder...was it all a nightmare, or was it real?

My grade: A

I could quibble over a few details, such as O'Brien hamming it up a bit too much during some parts of the sex scenes. But overall, this is a tremendous movie, showcasing the phenomenal Lisa Kinkaid at her absolute best. If you're OK with the fact the sex is simulated, and if you like Lisa, then this is a must-see movie.

Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 05:58:53 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Another awesome review, thank you so much. It's been years since I've seen Voodoo Dolls 2, and this looks like a good time to go back and revisit it. Your review certainly brought back a few memories! And for those who have never seen it or any of the classic ZFX now being reintroduced to the public on DVD, this would be a good place to start.

And now I have something important to say, and I hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears. It concerns most of you here, so I hope it makes an impact on some of you, at least.


Many thanks to all the support you've given our forum in the time we've been around, but I think it is very likely I'm going to pull the plug on the GIMP site unless we get some people posting. I can't do it on my own and it seems like pulling teeth to get anyone to post here anymore. I've tried to introduce new topics but when no one or very few say anything, it's frustrating. I feel like quitting.

This latest review by A Canadian is a perfect example. Here's someone who took his time, most likely hours, to write a review for the forum. I've written a few reviews myself; I know how long it takes. Whenever someone makes such a huge contribution to the board, whether it be A Canadian or Sloth or Thees Van Kemp or others, I think they deserve some sort of thanks. We don't get paid to do this. The only thing that keeps us going is FEEDBACK, feedback that is so easy to give but sorely lacking around here anymore. How hard is it to take a minute or two and say thank you? This is a discussion forum, but very few of you seem to want to make an effort to contribute.

It's not a lack of hits. For the past several months, our hits have increased and been very steady. We average anywhere between 600 and 700 hits a day, every day. Those are real people that stop by every day to grab the free pictures, then they leave and don't say a word. That's really sad.

This last question I brought up, asking what people think of the death fetish, drew a grand total of 3 replies. 3 replies, out of over 600 people! True, I didn't highlight it to make it an official GIMP Poll question, but that's still pathetic. Does anybody around here even READ what we post? Why should I spend hours of my free time updating the reviews sections and the other features if no one cares? I'm really embarrassed for you guys.

It doesn't take that long to post to the forum. You think your opinion doesn't matter? It does! Help us out. It's bright, opinionated perverts like you that make this forum great. If you have something to say, share it with the rest of us.

I've a member of a few forums that require you to make at least 2 posts in 30 days; even a brief reply counts. If you don't satisfy the minimum number of posts, you're out. They cancel your membership. That sounds like a good policy to implement here, but we're on the honor system here and have to rely on the precious few of you who make it work for everyone else.

It's pretty simple. If you want to see us die, if you just don't care, continue doing nothing and don't contribute. Trust me, if you don't care, neither do I. You'll just have to live with the fact that you were part of the reason why this site closed.

And it was so easy. All you had to do was take a few minutes every now and then, and it wouldn't have happened. I hope we'll be missed after we're gone.

But I'm giving everyone a chance to save this board. If anyone has any opinions, reviews, comments...this would be the time to step up and attempt to keep us alive. Posting here is the only thing that will save this site; it's up to each and every one of you to do your part. You know who you are. If you're one of those who have things to share with the rest of us, but you don't, you're part of the problem.

Everybody needs to contribute if I'm going to keep this forum open, and so it's really in your hands. I don't want to shut us down, but our future looks bleak if this continues. I hope we're still going to be around to celebrate an 8th Anniversary this March 29. The rest is really going to be up to you.

Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 05:21:55 PM

Name: tom
Homepage URL:

Hey Ralphus

Posting may seem light to you, but I have a non sex message board, that on average gets about 12 posts a month. I don't call it quits because I know many people depend on my posts and what I have to say. I suppose you could look at yourself as a blog for the bondage crowd. I really enjoy what few posts that come along, and I really enjoy reading from the producers of Gimp type films.

The snuff question is probably something that doesn't excite too many Gimpers. I suppose that it is because the people doing the current snuff sites seem more interested in the blood and gore, or in the death of the model, then in the lead up to it. As gimpers I would think that most of us would prefer the build up to the climax. Snuff is climax with no foreplay. If someone put them together they get rich.

I also think most of the guys making both bondage and similated snuff, forget the story line. If you go to the pictoral you end up with nearly 100 pics of nearly the same action, and very little story. Almost all the photos take place in the same studio, and some guys are so lazy to use the same plot, equipment and scenario on a different model. Seen it once seen it twice. All producers need to look to Clive McLean who use to take pics for Hustler. He could tell a story in 12 pics, where it takes these guys 100s, and McLean could tell an exciting tale, and not bore you in those 12 great pics. Also some of the great Whitman stuff is basically like that in 20 some pics you have a great story, and excitement. As we say in the art world Less is more.

Finally, I ran into this film clip and I was wondering what the fuck it is?? It looks like a wrestling match, that turned into a bizarre live sex show? Borderline rape? What is interesting is that it is not mosaic censored, so maybe it is not Japanese.


Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 06:54:48 PM

Name: Hank
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Homepage URL:

I hope everyone is enjoying the caps from "Voodoo Dolls 2".

Lisa never looked better than she does in this flick, it's one that you all should go out and get. One of Rick's Finest.

Ralphus, I know where you are coming from about the lack of posts. Sometimes I get real down as I wonder if anyone is even visiting my groups what with all the problems I have had with being kicked off Yahoo, XXXGroups going down and then I tried Google and half the time I can't even get in, tells me I am not a member, if I do get in I usually can't get it to post.

Anyway hang in there buddy a lot of people would miss you. I have been ready to give up capping several times and then I get messages from people thanking me and I relent.

So come on folks get in there and leave the man some feedback.

BTW, on the subject of XXXGroups turns out it never went down, the bookmarks just quit working. There is a new link above and if you have to join it will look like you didn't get in just go back to the homepage and you will be a member. You should check it out I just put caps from another ZFX Flick tonight.


Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 09:04:45 PM

Name: Bobjones

Ralphus. . . thank you for all the work you've done keeping this thing around. As I wrote in my first post (which was just a couple of months ago. . . ) this place really is a fabulous clearing house of info for god-fearing pervs like myself. It would be a shame for it to go under.

I encourage all of my fellow perverts to STOP FUCKING LURKING and introduce yourself. It won't hurt. I'm pretty new around here myself, and I've enjoyed participating.

While I'm showing my appreciation, A Canadian. . . that Voodoo Dolls review really is great. I am glad you wrote it. That movie seems like one of Rick's sillier ideas, so I hadn't really given it much thought (despite Hank's cool pictures. . . ), but your review makes me think I really ought to check it out. Very cool. I'm not sure that I'm man enough for the teddy bear scene yet though.

Also thanks to jhlipton for the recommendations. I do like extreme peril, and your recommendations seem promising.

I think one thing that might get the pot stirred a bit might be some sort of poll or something. I'm stumped for an idea right now. . .

Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 09:46:18 PM

Name: Bobjones

I have an open question for folks here. Who's your favorite "adult artist" who does non-live action gimp stuff?

I vote for Gary Roberts of and myself. His work is mean as hell, flat out rape and torture stuff, but he shows enough restraint to keep things suspenseful. Plus he's one of the better draftsmen doing porno artwork. It's dark and cruel, but not numbingly so. Very scary and very hot.

Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 09:59:51 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

bobjones: Thanks for the feedback on my review. In fact, the teddy bear scene was actually in the first Voodoo Dolls movie, and is seen only briefly in this flick. Having said that, I have also seen the first Voodoo Dolls film, and believe it or not the teddy bear rape is much better than it sounds. Lisa really sells it.

Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 10:14:26 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:


I had to write about your plea for people to post more. I think I've been guilty of not posting as much as I should, and part of that is because I don't think I've ever gotten much response from people other than you (boo fucking hoo), but really, that's the nature of the internet. I realised when I first got online something like ten years ago, that there are 98% readers and 2% providers/writers. It can be frustrating to work hard on creating something and having nothing come back to you, but that's just reality. I wrote a story for BDSMlibrary that had something like 25,000 hits and six reviews plus one email (which was complaining about some minor point in the story).

We do what we do because we enjoy it, and I know that you enjoy the movies we discuss, and being (In my opinion) the #1 site for unbiased but 'in the middle of it' discussion. Think about it - The GIMP is a free site that has been visited by probably a dozen major players/fun folk from BDSM film, yet has reviews that don't suck up to anyone (your excellent reviews of the subpar Zebub movies a standout example), even our friends. Rick and Dan and co know that they're going to get honesty and candidness, while never being pointlessly flamed. You surely have some idea how rare that is on the internet.

Anyway, the other reason I don't post much is because movies have become impossible to get hold of in this fascist country that used to be sunny 'Australia'. It's against the fucking law to have a STORY that contains non-PC concerns on your hard drive, let alone a movie that has the twin taboos of rape and torture. And hell, I'll only torture or rape someone if it's going to turn them on and blow their mind, but I sure don't want to have a bunch of asterisks on my movies and stories saying 'all female participants actually had a great time here and were not harmed in any way'. In fantasy, I want it to go all the way. In reality, I want it to be fun for everyone. I know 100% where you, Rick, Dan, etc are coming from.

So, for what it's worth, keep the faith. The world needs this site. And hell - once the one god/one world government takes control, it won't be up to us whether we shut down these sites. So enjoy it while you can.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 12:34:43 AM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Oh, and to go back to the fun ...

Everybody get ready to say "Duh!", because I've gotta say that Lisa is so incredible on those screen grabs that it's making my day (usually several times a day LOL) every time I see them. I hope there's someone who knows Lisa who just tells her every day 'you're fucking sensational', just cause it's true.

Hank, you have always rocked, and you continue to rock! Keep up the great work of bringing these (literally) forbidden images into my life.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 12:38:48 AM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Yah ... OK, no posts for ages and then three in a row - Ralphus, if you want, you can combine this and my last post.

Re Death scenes - I like the 'near death' situation, where the torture can continue, but the victim is fearful of death, and physically goes through the extreme trauma of that situation. The hanging scene in Warpigs (III?) is a great example, and when she pisses herself in either terror, or just from the physical strain, it works beautifully.

Strangely, I've never gone for the burned (/burnt) at the stake fantasy, and I have no idea why. Just doesn't work for me erotically at all. I think the Marquis De Sade had a passage where a woman has her breasts covered in a flammable metallic substance (like the ones they make 'sparklers' out of, from memory - it's been well over ten years since I read it), and then sets that on fire. I found that a huge turn on, so you can't accuse me of going soft. Somebody needs to make a GIMP styled shoot of 120 Days of Sodom - Pasolini did it with Salo, but that had a completely different (serious) purpose, and hence probably wouldn't do much for us folk.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 12:47:33 AM

Name: lovemyzfx

Ok Ralphus, I have to say I've been a long time lurker, very sporatic poster - in my mind it's because I have nothing meaningful to add. BUT...I could have participated in your surveys and did not.

So to add to the recent flurry...I'm not into the death thing or the burning thing either, it's torture that floats my boat. I was hoping for more with the Inquisition stff and was disappointed. My favs by far are South of the Border 4 & 6 and Ballista 2.

I'm not much for adding extensive reviews but I DO appreciate those who contribute them. And thanks for the Voodoo doll caps - though contrary to your belief I visit this site for the comments as I am always looking for recommendations for additions to my collection.

I'd like to add a few comments on two of my most recent purchases, Giga: Heroine Tobatsu#24 & Brutal Sex Cronicles, both from VM.

Big disappointments in my mind. BSC was a "german XXX" video so I was hoping for some extreme action. No such luck. It was B&W - no sound just annoying music and essentially some jerk holding a gun and "forcing" some scank to have sex with him.

the Giga movie had some different torture scenes, but she stayed fully clothed the whole time! I found it engaging but the lack of nudity ruined it for me.

I'm still looking to find some DVDs with extreme torture and I promise that I will add my two cents much more in the future. Thanks for doing this Ralphus - your site is my fav on the net and I'd hate to see it die.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 03:14:50 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

The posting/lurking issue: On behalf of those of us who don't live in the land of the free, I would second the points raised by mothbrad.

Ideally, it would help the flow of discussion if we all had access to the same movies. In such a world, we could even have a "Pick of the Month," much like they do in book clubs, where someone recommends a title for the upcoming month, and we could all rent it and comment on it.

But in the GIMP world, that would never work. For many of us, the recommended titles would be difficult to obtain -- either not available, or too expensive to purchase on a monthly basis. For example, I have enjoyed Sloth's reviews of those older bondage movies, but my ability to join the discussion in a meaningful way is restricted because the movies aren't available in my area.

Since we don't all have access to the same movies, that means we're often left struggling to find general discussion topics, much like those hosers Bob and Doug McKenzie on the old SCTV shows. And then, when we do find something, there's always a chance one of the original GIMPers from the glory days will remind us that the chosen topic has alreday been discussed before.

Our search for discussion topics also isn't helped by the limited number of new ZFX titles each year (probably none this year), but there's nothing we can do about that.

So, it does tend to get quiet at times. But I would agree the site must continue. Bring Out the GIMP is an important source of information. I know the reviews of the ZFX movies were very helpful to me when I first discovered ZFX, and I would never have found the Attackers movies on my own. As well, we shouldn't overlook the fact that this site actually allows us to speak with a host of producers and stars. They may not like everything we have to say, but as mothbrad said, this is a site that promotes honest discussion.

Also, I know of no other website -- not even Rick's -- that is as devoted to Lisa. The importance of the Lisa photos and discussions cannot be exaggerated.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 05:48:24 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Meanwhile, here are some responses to recent questions:

Favorite artist question: I don't have one. I may be alone in this, but I don't care much for bondage artwork, no matter how well it is done. Same goes for anime.

I only enjoy bondage and torture scenes that involve real people. I'm not sure why this is.

Snuff scenes: I can enjoy scenes of people being tortured, where the torture will lead to death. For example, I like the scene with the woman standing on a block of ice, with a noose around her neck, in Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS. But the actual death scenes themselves don't do anything for me.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 06:00:50 AM

Name: Brutus
Homepage URL:

Been outta commission for a while,

A Canadian:

Nice thorough review of Voodoo Dolls 2. There seem to be few A's given out around here. I didn't like the movie quite as much as you, but any film with a panty gag automatically gets extra points IMO. As for the scene where Lisa passes out from the pain, I'd much rather see something like that in movies than a death scene. It makes much more sense to tie the unconscious victim in a different position, revive them and continue the torment :-)

Bobjones: Total agreement on Gary Roberts. There are some other good artists with similar stuff at Dofantasy (above link). I also like the works of Brian Tarsis and Peter Noga Jr. But Mr. Roberts would get my vote.

Lurkers: Come on out and break your silence! I discovered this site a year or so ago, so I'm also a relative newbie here. I've been on other message boards of varying topics, but most of the threads seem to end up in boring screaming sessions with little to do with the original topic. Even the thread-based message boards are ruined by a few douchebags picking fights with anyone who disagrees with their opinions or trolls and spammers just being assholes.

But here, the discussions are generally filled with insight and respect. The moderators have been quick to scold or delete any poster who is out of line. I read the entire archives and was most impressed with the way this forum has been handled over the years. It is a truly great read. Yes, the discussions here might be more lively if Rick was producing and posting more, but there are still a shitload of GIMP topics out there. Even GIMP scenes in "normal" movies grab my interest. We are also lucky enough to have other producers posting here. And we have Ralphus, a veritable encyclopedia on everything that is GIMP-related.

So don't let this site die! If you're here to grab the daily picture, comment on why you like it enough to download it. If you don't download it, say why. Such opinions are meaningful. And you get Ralphus's "cool" message after you post.

Sorry for the ramble. It's just that I had been waiting for so long to find a site like this. Would be a total shame to see it go.


Brutus "the douchebag"

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 06:08:39 AM

Name: hattrick

Ralphus: I am guilty of reading every day but not posting very often. I have posted in the past but not much recently. I will try to improve. This is the first site I go to every day so I would be extremely sad if the site closed. I think you do a fantastic job!!

Death and mutilation do nothing for me. I agree with some of the others, why destroy the woman when you can now do whatever you want to her. What I enjoy is the abduction, the gag, and cutting off her clothes or forcing her to remove her clothes. After some exploring take her to a new location and tie her in an exposed position and insert a new gag. The gag type and how it is done as well as how well the actress sells being gagged pushes my hot button. I have bought tapes the were devoted just to using different gags.

I bought 1 DVD because the actress did such a great job selling the scene where she was gagged with a penis gag. That scene was in the trailer. The rest of the movie was lame for the most part, but the 2 times that she was forced to take the penis gag was done great. Two minutes out of 60, oh well.

I have seen some ZFX movies that some great penis gag scenes. I would like to know some of the titles that the woman was gagged with a penis gag. Any other suggestions?

Rape and penetration are OK but not necessary. I will still buy the DVD if the abduction and gagging appear to be good. However I do have a weakness for forced oral. The Japanese stuff has some great forced oral. You have no problem telling what is going on even with the censoring. I joined Forced 4 Sex a few weeks ago. The price was reasonable for the number of movies you can download, but they have yet to add an update. I will give the board an update on the site later next month.

jhlipton: I have been considering joining Desperados Domain, but I have not been able to determine the amount of videos that are available to members. Do you get a lot of videos? The do use a variety of gags. I know you were not planning to continue membership but you were not that disappointed with what you got with your 1 month membership. Thanks

I have collected a lot of GIMP stuff over the years and I am still trying to figure out what to do with it. I will probably end up sending it to the landfill. I have also thought about boxing it up and sending it to Red's Realm and if he gives me something for it fine, if not oh well.

I want to add my thank you to the regular contributors to this forum.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 08:56:46 AM

Name: Alan
E-mail address:


Hey! Gimpers I think this is a great site.

Keep it going because there is no other site like it.


Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 11:37:15 AM

Name: tom
Homepage URL:

this is part two from the first video from my last post. anyone know where this came from?????



Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 12:33:50 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Tom: I have no idea where that video comes from, but here's the truly fascinating thing about that download -- all the "sluts" on the left of the screen apparently live in my neighborhood. Who would have guessed?

I guess this would be a good time to take the dog for a walk through my community. Too bad I don't own a dog.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 03:15:18 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


jhlipton: I have been considering joining Desperados Domain, but I have not been able to determine the amount of videos that are available to members. Do you get a lot of videos? The do use a variety of gags. I know you were not planning to continue membership but you were not that disappointed with what you got with your 1 month membership. Thanks

It looks like one a week, with one or two gaps per month (so 2-4 per month). There are at least 2 photoset / video releases per week. He does use a lot of gags.

I'm dropping because I can't find the asphyx that he does, and what I've found isn't very tight. Nor does the bondage look very tight or painful. I think I would be happier at HogTied, even though it's about twice the price.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 04:14:08 PM

Name: Brutus


Hilarious synchronized screwing clip. Didn't know there were 29 sluts in my city online.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 05:08:37 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex


Guilty as charged. (Lurking instead of posting)

The reasons are several, but mainly:

(a) so many of the discussions here have unfortunately become repeats (e.g. gags, or not? we long-timers on the board can remember that discussion coming up in 2006, and before that in 2005, and also in 2004, and then again in 2003 ... after a while it gets old);

(b) not enough Rick flix. (Hey, is the Voodoo Dolls 2 something new? Or just a video being placed onto a DVD? do we care anymore? It's like "Lost" on TV going on hiatus - the viewers start losing their connection); and

(c) more excitement and discussion here nowadays from the guys who are into severe stuff (snuff, burning, whatever) which has nothing to do with why I like these types of films - I like loving, bondage, sexual tension - not violence); and

(d) the religious fascists cutting off our access to the wonderful God-blessed types of art that we enjoy (I don't like to order on-line, or through the mail - I prefer to go to my local video store. But even they seem to be running scared with fewer selections on the shelves. The producers are making less, and the stores are stocking less; and finally

(e) The destruction of the economy in the US by the Tax and Spend political party (aka the Republicans) has removed many of our discretionary money. Money I might have used in the past to support my favorite charity - PORN! - now goes to filling the gas tank.

If I were you, I would see this for what it truly is - not an end to interest in the site (witness all the hits the site gets) but rather a temporary lull in alignment with the times. Once we get the religious fascist who are destroying America on the run like the Blue Meanies in that Yellow Sumarine movie, then the party can start again and all freedom and love-loving people can start enjoying themselves more again.

My six hundred and forty two cents.


Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 06:10:52 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

zee-ef-ex: It's true! You really are alive! The rumors of your demise were greatly exaggerated, apparently.

Seriously, it's good to see that you're still around, since your opinions were missed on this forum. As far as charges that we repeat topics on this forum, well, show me another forum that's been around as long as we have that DOESN'T. Brian's Page has been around a couple of years longer than we have, and the're still doing the "Who are your top ten damsels of all time" and "What type of gag is best" threads, stuff they've covered over and over since 1997. I don't have a problem with repeating topics every now and then as we get in new readers, since we get different answers and different perspectives from different people. Personally, I love hearing from newer posters like Bobjones and Sloth and Brutus and Vreeble as much as I've enjoyed reading your perspectives over the years.

After nearly 8 years, it's hard to find a new wrinkle that we haven't covered before, although I don't really think we've gone stale yet. Even if I didn't run this forum, I would still read it every day just because I think there's some genuinely interesting stuff being posted by people. And if you don't like what's being discussed, here's an idea: Bring up a new topic! No one has tied you up and gagged you and prevented you from starting a new thread. If anyone has any new ideas, it's far more preferable to bring them up on the forum then to just be silent and not say anything. If no one responds, so what? But if you try, sometimes people do answer and you end up with a really interesting discussion.

I thought we had a really fascinating topic a few weeks ago when Big D brought up what would happen if we suddenly died and our loved ones found our stash. Even Travis Lee came back to answer that one. It was fresh, it was new, and I've never seen it brought up here before. But still, we only had a handful of posts and it disappeared fairly quickly. Where were the older posters then? That wasn't a recycled topic! No excuses there. You're going to tell me a board with over 600 readers can only get a few people to respond to an intriguing question like that? That was very disappointing.

The snuff fetish thing (hanging, burning at the stake, etc) may only appeal to a small percentage of our readers here, but you would think the people who DON'T like it would say why, wouldn't you? Hey, negative opinions are interesting, too. We want to know what people think. If they say nothing, it doesn't help the board. Saying nothing hurts us. We have so many people here with great minds who have some potentially engrossing opinions they could offer and instead they clam up and don't share. What a loss! And why? Don't you think it's FUN to give your opinions? We're giving you a forum where you can say any perverted thing you want...anonymously...and most people still don't do it.

Well, God bless the people around here that do! People like A Canadian and Bobjones and others who aren't afraid of saying what they think and want to share it with the rest of cyberspace. It really does show how much cooler they are than everyone else. Posting is cool! Sharing your opinion is cool! We have some raw, undiscovered talent hiding in anonymity who haven't come out yet. Just imagine how great this forum will be once they grow a pair of balls and decide to join us. Come on guys! Get out of the lurking closet and join us. What are you waiting for?

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 07:37:41 PM

Name: VVV
E-mail address:

I've posted a couple times before, but have drawn no attention. I just figured I haven't quite got the hang of this board yet.

Snuff: Don't like it. In real life, its just wrong, of course, but then so is what I enjoy in fantasy. In fantasy life, as others have said, killing some beautiful girl that you have taken the trouble to capture and can now play with however you wish -- it doesn't do anything for me. But I am probably on the soft side for this board. I enjoy seeing pretty girls bound, humiliated, whipped, and raped. Cutting, burning, asphyx ... not so much.

Bondage art: I haven't seen a whole lot. When I buy, I prefer video. But I have seen Gary Robert's art and agree that it is hot stuff.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 09:33:57 PM

Name: jhlipton
Homepage URL:

BTW, asphyxia (not just snuff) isn't my only interest. I love to see young black girls fucked and cum on. I've been a member of "Exploited" Black "Teens" a couple of times -- the guy there likes to cum on a girl's face then fuck her some more. It is SUPER HOT!

I like teen sites like Teen Pink Video and My Pink Kittens, and group sex sites like Party Hardcore. And I like Severe Bondage like on the Kink sites (HogTied, Whipped Ass, etc.)

Variety is my thing, more than anything else.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 10:32:00 PM


For me on the Snuff question, I LOVE it!! It's ALL fantasy, and I just don't see the point in putting a governor on make-believe. I just love seeing super hot women used in what ever fashion the pervert in the movie or art sees fit to use her, as long as I have a good view of it. : ) Unlike Ralphus I even like the Club Dead stuff and have quite a few of their videos and pics on my hard drive. (Even ones with thin chicks that have big tits. Inside reference.) I also loved InShadow, before they went all niche-clip crazy, and have a good amount of Orgasmagoria stuff from before they went belly up as well. My three main criteria, which I've probably stated in here at least once a year going all the way back to 1999, are: 1. The chick has to be hot, otherwise there's no reason for me to watch. 2. She has to be completely naked at some point. 3. It has to be nonconsensual. As long as all of those facets are in place, I'm a happy camper, or pervert, or whatever.

As far as posting is concerned, I try to post whenever I feel I actually have something to say. But as zee-ef-ex mentioned, to us old timers a lot of the subjects repeat after a while. Not that that's a bad thing, I still like hearing new perspectives on things, it just that when I've already poured my perverted heart out over a subject various times, it's sometimes hard to want to do it again. Case in point, Bob Jones asking if anyone likes Roberts art. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hearing about other people who are into Roberts, and think it's wonderful that Bob is sharing with us, but on that point, if you go back into the archives, I was actually the one who got Roberts himself to come here and post for the small time he was with us, so I feel I'm kind of treading on old ground, and that's just one example. Let me reiterate to be clear, I LOVE that Bob is talking about Roberts, and am eager to hear what he and other people think, "I" just don't get really motivated to throw in my 2 cents when I personally have already done so, at length in the past.

I'll admit to being guilty for not throwing in with the "If I die, what about my port stash" topic. I should have said something there, so to get right to the point: I don't give a shit because I'm dead. : )

Tom, those wresting clips are great! I wish I knew where they were from as well. God Damn, the Japanese fucking rule in the world of porn. Also, the girls on the left side show up for everyone as people from your area. They just use your IP to figure out where you are. I don't know if it's for real or not, but I'm curious if we are all seeing the same chicks, and it just has each of our perspective local areas listed.


Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 11:50:16 PM

Name: Bobjones

I have an interesting topic that I'd like to ask folks about. It actually occurred to me a while ago, and I forgot about it, until I was reading the big batch of posts that have come in during the past couple of days. It's a slightly complex question, and I don't know if it will be an interesting to anyone else as it is to me, but here goes. . . Is there a difference between the style of fantasy material that gimp fans who DO participate in BDSM in their personal lives like to watch and gimp fans who don't?

I know that question might be a bit too complicated, but I'm pretty interested. The reason I wanted to ask is that I when I was first starting to get really interesting in the forum, there was a post that one of the bondage producers who visits from time to time kind put up that I found kind of odd. (I think it was Steve Power, but I'm not 100% sure.) This was during a discussion on the message board about whether we would rather watch rape or torture. The bondage producer posted to say that what he really liked was a scene that began as a bondage rape scene, but evolved into a scene of consensual sex. He went on to suggest that he really was more interested in fetishy domination than in really watching or acting out the kinds of nasty rape/torture fantasies that we were discussing.

Now then. I can certainly see why consensual sexual domination is hot (I mean, I'm a pervert, not an idiot), but I'd much rather see a brutal scene that scares the victim out of her mind than to see anybody do anything that looks like it might be fun for the victim. I do not participate in BDSM in my own personal life, and I wonder if other folks who don't participate in it are also drawn toward the darker stuff. I wonder if my frame of reference for bondage porn is different since for me it is very much strictly fantasy, or maybe because since I can't relate to SM as easily, I want to see really strong stuff that will really push the limits. My tastes in gimp related fantasy really does tend to run toward the extreme "hard" end of the spectrum. I want to watch hot girls (pretend to) get humiliated and scared out of there minds, not to watch them say "yes master." (Although I do love "glamour bondage," but only because that kind of material can really spark the imagination towards some nasty stuff. Even if its not explicit, glamour bondage is all about rape foreplay. even if it is a tease. I guess we all can use a little style now and then.)

Anyway, since the talk about snuff porn has solicited a little bit of discussion about how far we like our porn to go, I again wondered how much our personal lives affected our tastes in fantasy. I worry that this question might seem a bit personal, but remember, we are anonymous here. . .

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 11:52:50 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

VVV - here's a quick tip about posting on the internet: many, many times, you will write something that you've thought about and put lots of effort into, and get no response. This does NOT mean that you've wasted your time. Chances are, lots of people have read it, nodded their heads, thought 'good point', and then gotten on with their lives. That's just how it goes. It always annoys me, but I try not to let it stop me from keeping on posting.

Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 11:54:08 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

VVV: I'm sure there are many posters who would sympathize with what you're saying. Many of us have gone through the experience of posting something that we think is interesting, only to find it gets zero response. You just never know what will click. Trust me, when you don't get a response, it's nothing personal.

Bobjones: I don't know if this is connected to my tastes in bondage material, but I'm not involved in S&M in real life, and never have been. I strictly like to watch it on screen, and I'm clearly into humiliation and degradation in my movies (I like scenes where women get pissed on, for example).

I can't say if there's a connection between personal experiences and what people like to watch, but I have also been interested to know how many GIMPers are fetish people in real life, versus those of us who only enjoy bondage and torture in our movies. If Ralphus is on his game, I think there's the potential for a poll question here.

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 03:43:03 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin' All - Wow, several weeks of enforced absence and I find myself facing an anomaly in the Time-Space Continuum. Shut down the Forum? Could our host gnome be in a funk?

Ralphus, heed mothbrad's stats. To me, the forum is akin to a text version of a talk radio show. It is well known that even the most successful such show has only about 1% of the listeners actually call in and only a tiny percentage thereof contribute anything to the show. By that standard 5-6 posters per day is doing quite nicely. When I or A Canadian or anyone else does a review I don't have the expectation of anything but informing both posters and lurkers of what they might find in a certain production. That is the payoff whether they comment on it or not. So, do the following at the next opportunity - mix yourself a vat of martinis, slip Bloodsucking Freaks into your player and recharge the batteries - always works for me.

A Canadian - great review and I must say you beat me to the punch on that one - received some nice japanese titles from VM and am working on those as we speak - also, loved your comment on the hanging scene from Ilsa - a bit of trivia for you - that girls name is Peggy Sipots and she never appeared in anything else - boy, if you have to be a "one hit wonder", that's the way to do it.

lovemyzfx - ditto on that Brutal Sex Chronicles - what a piece of crap -I also viewed a couple of the french XXX titles - marginally better but still nowhere near the standard.

mean_swede and Brutus - right after I asked about Living Death and you guys set me straight I got layed up with an unexpected surgery so I never was able to send thanks for saving me the time and trouble - so typical of mainstream cover shots - back to my japanese friends and awaiting release of The Hamiltons and Bit Parts.

Finally, will weigh in on that question - nope, never engage in any such behavior personally - when fantasy becomes reality it loses it's appeal for me, although if I had a block of ice, a noose and Peggy Sipots..............let me ponder that.

Stay Well All

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 06:46:02 AM

Name: Pezzonovante

Shutting down the forum???

Hmmm.....Makes good sense to me. Lisa Kinkaid being old news and ZFX being as good as history, the main points of the ZFX-forum seems to have disappeared. The main thing that kept me coming (and occasionally delurk) were the producers and actors (like Steve and Dan) that showed up occassionally. But I guess we'll meet some other place on the net. If not enough people post to keep this interesting, I say pull the plug!


Monday, January 29th 2007 - 07:52:27 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian wrote:

I can't say if there's a connection between personal experiences and what people like to watch, but I have also been interested to know how many GIMPers are fetish people in real life, versus those of us who only enjoy bondage and torture in our movies. If Ralphus is on his game, I think there's the potential for a poll question here.

Sounds like someone wants this to become an official GIMP Poll, so let's do it. If there's more people out there who feel the same as Pezzonovante and want to see us shut down, this might be a good way to gauge whether it's worthwhile. If, on the other hand, you're serious about keeping this forum alive, you'll take a few minutes and try to contribute. The response we get might be the deciding factor.

So here it is:

Do any of you participate in bondage, BDSM or rape fantasies in my own personal lives, or are you the type that enjoy such themes only in the movies you watch?

I'll add my two cents: When I used to live with my ex, yes, we used to practice bondage on a regular basis as part of our sex lives. I asked her several times if she had to choose between sex without ropes vs. sex while she was tied up, she said she would take the bondage every time. She always balked about me going harder (no candle wax, for instance), so there was no torture involved ever.

Then about 6 years ago, I met another girl online and we explored our dark side together about 5 different times, beginning with me grabbing her out of the parking lot at knifepoint, hogtying her in my trunk, and taking her back to a hotel room for torture and forced sex. She knew my plans and allowed me to come down and act out my fantasies with her, so it wasn't exactly something I could have gotten arrested for, but I tried to make it as real as possible for her. She was so moved by the experience that she wrote a story about it and posted it online, and it was a VERY good story because it was true and because she's a fantastic writer.

Anyway, enough about me. Let's see how the rest of you reply. You don't have to try to compete, but it would be interesting to see if these movies are strictly fantasies for you or whether you practice bondage in your real life. Speak up, and remember, no worries because this forum is, as always, anonymous.

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 08:25:03 AM

Name: Joanne
E-mail address:

Marvin: Thanks for your email. I unfortunately lost your email address. Please send the information about the video you mentioned to my email address, I'd be most grateful. Or post it here at the Forum. Thanks Marvin!

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 08:32:52 AM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Gimpers....Click on the link above to view a little clip from PZV125.....Party Girls...

Just released VL008...Sex Slaves. It has a short non consensual hardcore scene.

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 08:38:19 AM

Name: auralflame

Does anyone know where it is still possible to find the 'CUT' film? Seems to have vanished...

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 08:42:06 AM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

I suppose I better post something before Ralphus' head explodes.=)

Thanks Mr. Canadian for your nice review. One of the things that maybe I didn't drive home well enough in my transitions is that she is having delusions of the different torture scenes with Archie. The Shaman is inducing them on her and then she wakes up she is still in the room with him as he is doing bad shit to her. It is a bit confusing, I suppose deliberately so, as you dont really know whether it is happening in reality or not. In the end none of it is happening. I thought it would very scary for her to keep having these vivid hallucinations only to come to with some creepy dude on top of her, unable to control her own mind.

Whenever I work on these older shows it brings back a lot of memories. This was Lisa's second and third movies for me, it took 2 days to shoot Voodoo 1 and 2. Some of the scenes in the garage and the house interior scenes were shot first at an actual house location and then a few days later were completed at the warehouse. Both movies have parts from both days in them.

Anyway, back in the heady days of 1995, I'm sure Lisa was wondering most of the time if I was crazy, stupid or just plain dangerous, but after shooting part of Beyond Driven 2 and 3 and being no worse for the wear, I guess she figured she would hang with it. And hang she did. I think the garage scene where shes hung off the rafters and shocked might be her first suspension scene, and it was a pretty tuff one. That position is not easy. Plus it was pretty frosty that morning to be hanging nude in a garage! She was a real trooper though and did a great job on this.

After the first shoots with Lisa, I realized she was a natural at this. Of course I gave her a lot of coaching, but she has a natural affinity for playing a submissive role, so getting her into the right mode was easier than most. The sounds she makes are some of the best to my ear.

Many would like to see her come back (including me), but thats of course up to Lisa. I can tell you that she is gorgeous as ever when I saw her less than a year ago. When I get back to shooting I will definitely be at least asking if she wants to do some stuff. Hopefully she will.

Ralphus I hope you dont pull the plug on the board, but I know you put a lot of time in to it and that can be tough. I find myself lurking more often than not, I just dont have a lot of free time these days to put together meaningful posts.

The choice is yours, but just so you know, if you do pull the plug you will be delivered to the ZFX warehouse in a crate where I will proceed to go all "Sardu" on you until you change your mind.=) Of course I merely jest. Hang in there my man!


Monday, January 29th 2007 - 09:16:59 AM

Name: Brutus

Rick wrote: "When I get back to shooting ..." Any timeframe? What's in store? Hopefully it won't be Ralphus in the ZFX warehouse.

Old-time posters (Howie, zee-ef-ex): I totally understand your feelings about the repeated discussions. But I'm glad to see you're still hanging around. Hopefully the future political climate will make it easier for Rick and others to produce more films to discuss here. My local video stores are also running dry. And thanks for all the posts in the archives, especially the response to that guy shopping for a cucumber.

GIMP poll: Without revealing too much of my personal life, yes the wife and I dabble in the odd BDSM session at home. But it's not like I'm whipping the crap out of her, shoving oversized butt plugs up her ass or hanging her from the rafters like in the movies I enjoy. I know her limits and would never come close to crossing them because she's not into it as much as me. And we could never pull off a rape scenario or anything like that. We'd probably burst out laughing at what shitty actors we are.

(If she ever found out I was writing this, the GIMP population would quickly drop by one.)


Monday, January 29th 2007 - 10:00:49 AM

Name: Thanagar

Sad to say, personal issues have distracted me enough lately to prevent me from contributing. But I'll delurk long enough to comment on a couple of recent topics.

The death fetish thing leaves me cold. It seems (from this armchair psychiatrist's view) to be crossing a line into a a mindset that has less to do with sexual desire than it does with outright hostility.

I've had bdsm fun with virtually every woman I've ever known (in the biblical sense, that is)...I'm afraid it's kind of a prerequisite for hanging (sorry) with me. The girl I currently know is, in fact, probably willing to go further than I ever would. Except she won't let me post any pictures of her on this forum, damn it!

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 10:40:25 AM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Okay, here's a post and answers to a few questions.

Death? I have mixed feelings. On the one hand it is a waste. On the other, I have seen the rare scene I enjoyed. Like anything else, it is how it is handled.

My collection after death? I am out. My friends and family all know what I am into. My mother has read my stories and thinks I'm a good writer. I only hope that my collection goes to someone who will appreciate it.

The effects of being into real-life SM? Well, one of the reasons I don't post a lot to this forum is because most of what is talked about doesn't interest me as fantasy. I can tie up women and beat them with a whip most anytime I want, and it is about giving pleasure not pain. My fantasies are about rape and pretty much only rape. Even then, I have role-played thousands of them and so am pretty jaded. There are so many lousy scenes in low-budget stuff, and I see little excuse for it. When I role-play, I see very good reactions from women who are not actors. It is just that they are given something to respond to. I feel the biggest problem with low-budget movie making is in the writing and direction rather than the acting. Some of the low-budget classics we all hold near and dear seem to prove this.

Ralphus: I understand your frustration. I quit publishing -plain brown wrapper- for similar reasons. I don't know if my experience with this forum is the same as everyone elses's, but... I only have a limited amount of online time due to other obligations. I read this on weekdays while at work. Sometimes it is all I can do to read all the new posts and keep current, trying to glean as much info about rape scenes in movies I can. Then I follow those leads and put a lot of effort into further research. I also have my writing to do. That doesn't leave a lot of time for posting about things I feel I have no right to criticize. If someone wants to talk about how hot it is to see a woman get her toes bit off, that's fine by me. It doesn't interest me and so I don't comment. Negative comments will, IMO decrease the amount of posts, and I do enjoy reading them.

Okay, that was a bit of rambling and not my best writing by a long shot, but at least it is a post. I've got a head cold and I'm at work anyway. Hopefully things will improve soon. I'm teaching a Forced Sex Role-playing class tonight. That usually makes me feel better.


Monday, January 29th 2007 - 10:55:27 AM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

GIMP POLL - For a brief period in my life, I did manage to act out some of my BDSM fantasies, with somebody who had very few limits, etc. Unfortunately, because I was quite immature, I didn't make the most of it, and would love the chance to do it again, knowing what I know now. Watching Insex and ZFX films is probably not the best way for someone who is inexperienced to learn how to act out a scene ...

In some ways, I prefer the fantasy side of it, in that I can take it as far as I want to in stories/films, but in real life I'd be too scared to push the envelope, for obvious reasons.

I can also say that role play can be extremely intense when the boundaries are blurred between consensual and non-consensual. Things that in a film would not even merit a response from you as a viewer can take on huge meaning when you're actually doing it yourself. So even clumsy real life mucking around can reach 'Blunt Trauma' type highs ;)

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 02:00:08 PM

Name: catman
E-mail address:

Gimp poll: First I don't get turned on by death. I like a good rape scene with a hot model. I like to see that the models are into the scene and get off on the action. I think that was why I was such a great fan of Insex. They just got right to the point.

I have tried bdsm in my personal life and it just didn't work out. My partner is just not into bdsm. I have although had the opportunity to participate in some BD movies. That was a big thrill and it was really something to work with the models. I got sick and tired of the limits that the models had (safe words). Don't get me wrong, I don't want to hurt anybody that's not into the scene. It seemed the better they looked the faster they would call out the safe word. Again that's why I liked Insex so much, the models signed on and they went for it.

Don't close down the forum, it's a great thing.

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 03:42:24 PM

Name: purpleviking
E-mail address:

I'm guilty of lurking more than posting also. I only have a very small collection of bondage tapes and dvd's.

As far as bondage in my every day life, heck yes the wife and I do it as much as possible. We are not into the heavy torture stuff but I love to tie her spread eagle on the bed and roleplay using those fake rubbery whips, wax, vibrators, oils, and other things, and when I'm all done I fuck her good and hard.

We have also done it outside a few times while camping, but have always made sure we were in a spot no one else was around.


Monday, January 29th 2007 - 04:02:57 PM

Name: MAV
E-mail address:

I'd also be interested in obtaining a movie or clips from the CUT movie from a while back. I do have a long Spy Trap clip for potential exchange that some of you have been inquiring about.

Additionally, has anyone else ordered the new "Mark of the Whip"? I think it's in my mailbox today, so I could try a shot at a review if no one has reviewed it yet.

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 04:14:08 PM

Name: sgtmajor
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Hey Guys

The only way I can have a romp as it were is if there is bd/sm involved. Give me an average looking girl who lets herself get bound and smacked around (in a loving way) and I will take her over the totally hot chick who won't even let me tie her hands behind her back. I can't fake my way through vanilla sex any more.

In fact when 62 and I play it is usually far more physical than what you see in my movies. There can be sex without pain, the love comes in the trust you are given and the respect you show comes in the aftercare that follows the session. I have tried blending into vanilla relationships and the result has always been a total cluster fuck not worth the pain caused to both people.

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 05:00:06 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Rick: The possibility -- however slim -- that Lisa might make another movie in the future is great news, no matter what the Lisa dissers like Pezzonovante might say.

I guess it's true that I didn't understand the transitions in Voodoo Dolls 2. Yet, somehow, that didn't diminish my appreciation of the movie. In the interests of full disclosure, I should also admit that, as a non-fetish guy, I didn't initially understand how the vibrating eggs work -- I had Ralphus explain that scene to me. The rest of the review I put together myself.

Ralphus: Your story about the woman in the parking lot was amazing. We'll see how the poll goes, but I don't think anyone will top that tale.

Sloth: I am going to respectfully disagree with one of your points about feedback to reviews. I think it is helpful to provide feedback, particularly the feedback for new reviewers. Maybe I was just being self-conscious, but I know when I first posted some reviews, back in early 2005, I had a difficult time determining whether or not anyone was reading them. The feedback -- good or bad -- can be helpful to people who are not used to writing reviews.

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 05:42:58 PM

Name: JoeW
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GIMP POLLS: Death Fetish: not into that at all...if it's part of a film as a storyline though that's fine

Do any of you participate in bondage, BDSM or rape fantasies in my own personal lives, or are you the type that enjoy such themes only in the movies you watch?

Yes - until I met someone who would even try bondage - bondage or rape fantasies would almost always exist in my mind while in the middle of 'vanilla sex'

The roleplaying stuff NEVER included any of the 'love bondage' stuff - there would always be some type of force involved - mostly typical kidnap, hostage or home invasion fantasy. These always included forced blow jobs and 'rape' in this roleplaying mode. No very rough stuff though - but it was always her bound and gagged and NOT wanting to be.

I don't post much on the site because the very hard torture stuff is not my style but I do very much LOVE bondage and this forum. Please keep the site alive.....

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 09:08:24 PM

Name: jhlipton
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Real Life BDSM? The girlfriend and I are into VERY light bondage, more as a silly, fun thing than pushing any limits. I'll whap her ass with a belt, but not put any force into it.

When we play asphyx games, we're VERY careful. I'll loop a cord around her neck, pull it tight for a couple of seconds, then make sure its thoroughly loose.

But mostly, my little chocolate brownie and I have "vanilla" sex (except when we go to swinger clubs).

Death fetish is, I think, a lot about hostility and more than somewhat about control. It is the ultimate in determining someone's fate to hold their life in your hands -- and to squash it flat.

Steve: The clip you posted looks right up my alley. I'll be over as soon as I have a spare buck or two!

Monday, January 29th 2007 - 10:33:48 PM

Name: Grey
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Hi gang -- Poll: I have had the fortune of participating in my favorite fantasies over 15 years. The bondage has been light, functional, simple and with rape themes for optimal orgasms. I has been in context of consensual relationship with the emphasis being more of rape with bondage as opposed to bondage with rape -- if you can relate (i.e. simply holding one down with hand over mouth when need be quick and rope with duct tape or cleave gags for longer interludes). The experiences have been darker than you might imagine but done efficiently and effective -- bondage done for too long of a period loses its effect and doesn't necessitate the best outcome -- it is all in the timing.

Anyway, with my 2 cents in -- my vote is to preserve the forum -- should the Gimp be willing to carry on -- as the forum continues to be a great resource and a healthy outlet for those who participate in power exchange or those who enjoy the visual aspects to feed and grow their sexuality internally.

The forum is more beneficial in more ways than I can possibly articulate. The effect of any potential termination of this forum would be adversely negative IMOP.

Thanks to the Gimp, fellow gimpers, and all contributors for carrying on!


Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 01:32:35 AM

Name: E Flynn

Jefferson James.. I note in your rape list. A film called 'Man with a Maid' After reading the Four books many years ago about Jack's kidnapping, binding, Striping and then raping his girlfriend Alice, including her ass, then binding, raping her maid. Alice's best friend, then Alice's sister. Finally just about every other female under 35 living in Victorian London. Written in 1901 by Anonymous.

I have been looking for a film that relates to Jack's dirty deeds for years, after seeing a small reference to it some years ago. The nearest I have got to it was with a British comedy called 'The Groove Room' Staring Sue Longhurst. The script was very, very, very loosely written like the first book in the series. But the film you describe is far more like the books. I would dearly love to have a copy of this video, dvd. Do you have any further information about this film?

Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 06:28:24 AM

Name: A Canadian
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Sloth: I was distracted by the Lisa news yesterday and forgot to ask: are there any Attackers/Shark titles in the movies you are reviewing?

All teasers are welcome (at least by me).

Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 09:45:57 AM

Name: WilltheBloody
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I admit, I'm guilty. I'm a lurker. But the first step is admitting it, no? All of the talk on the boards has me itching to throw in my two cents, so here we go:

First off, BIG Lisa Kinkaid fan. Used to have every one of her videos before an unfortunate mistake on my part. She was, without a doubt, the best ZFX performer. And I think it was mainly because she really did seem like the girl next door. No massive tits. No tattoos. No bleached blonde hair. Just her. And I loved it.

Death: I for one can enjoy it when a video or storyline incorporates it. So long as plenty of fun has been had with the captive before hand. I used to have plenty of orgasmargoria vids, and enjoyed them all. Why? Hey, this is a dark kink we I don't mind exploring how far into the black I can go. Hangings, plastic bag suffocation, stabbings...go for it. So long as I get plenty of quality time seeing her bound, gagged, and used.

Personal experiences: I've been VERY fortunate to have made several acquaintances over the years, and I don't mind saying that I've been able to enjoy some HARDCORE bondage sessions with some lovely women over the years. Youngest was a 21 year old Korean girl from Brooklyn who was curious about it all. Oldest was a "pro sub" from Queens who knew more about this stuff than I did! Nothing like learning while playing! I've traveled to meet women for sessions and in two weeks will be traveling up to Albany for a 12 hour session that will include mummification, breath play, kidnap/rape role play, insertions in every hole, you name it.

Bottom line is, if you remember that it's all a game and keep your wits about you, you can find a woman to enjoy these times with. They're out there...just gotta find them. I've had success on mostly the chicks there are either non-existent or plants to get fools to pony up more cash (watch how you suddenly have interest in your profile right before your account expires)

So I've been able to enjoy, in person, what I enjoy watching on either video or online. ZFX was the end-all, be-all for me bondage wise. Nothing else compared. But the later releases didn't hold the same power over me. Not Rick's fault, just tastes change. I did become a big-time fan...and got friendly online with some of the models there. And also cultivated some of my play ideas from there.

While there's a part of us that would LOVE the thought of grabbing some hot young thing off the street and keeping her bound and gagged as a personal fuck toy til whenever...I think the best thing about playing is that, when done right, you can come damn close to that experience. The Korean girl I played with? I taped her up and put her in the trunk of the car before driving to the hotel. Ask me how fast my heart was beating on that one! Wondering if someone saw me...wondering if a cop would pull me over. She wanted to know what it was like, and I obliged. Luckily, it was 1 am when we started playing. I got to the hotel, took her out, cut her loose...walked her the room...hogtied her on the bed and fucked her for as long as I wanted, candle wax, breath play, flogging, whipping, dunking her head in the toilet. She wanted all of this, and I obliged. Although...she admitted afterwards it was rougher than she imagined. And we never did play again.

Short story on meeting chicks online that are into the rape play scenario? I was contacted by one...gave me her name, number, address, where she worked, where she lived, etc. Had a very detailed fantasy she wanted to explore. Sent me photos. Etc...

Well, eventually I smelled something wrong and ignored it. Emails stopped. Until a few months later when a detective came to my door asking if a certain email account was mine. Turns out it was her husband trying to set her up to get raped. True story. I had to testify in front of a grand jury on that one. They got the guy, and turns out my email account had the most info on him. Spent the day on the computer showing them every email and picture I was sent. LOL. A crime fighter for a day!

So...what was my point here? Oh, nothing. Other than trying to open up more and post to thie forum which I visit often.

And, maybe, in my next play session when I've got her bound up good...I'll try and hold up a GIMP sign near her and snap a photo. Oughtta look good on the board, no?

Oh, and where did all my Lisa and ZFX vids go? Stupid me, I got engaged to chick only into regular sex and thought I could just stop cold turkey. Boy was I wrong! Since the engagement ended, I've been lining up women to play with. Along with my Albany trip (3 hours for me) I'm entertaining playing with a 19 year old with MASSIVE tits (she's a little heavy) who wants to be wrapped in duct tape, raped, beaten, and suffocated to the point of blacking out. Sometimes life is good!

Am I gloating? Maybe. But who else can I talk to?? Can't go "Dad, wait'll you hear about what I did to this cunt last week.."

Laters, you perverted fuckers...I love ya!

Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 11:10:43 AM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Thanks for sharing, Will - some nice stories there. I think it's well worth remembering to be very careful when playing around online - there are some freaks out there who make us look positively angelic. Looking forward to seeing our personalised GIMP photo!

Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 12:22:36 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Once again, I stand corrected. Will's story about the naughty husband topped the Ralphus tale -- although both were pretty good.

Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 05:00:40 PM

Name: VVV
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Canadian, Mothbrad

Hope I didn't seem like I was whining. That wasn't my intent. I just wished to provide my forum experience and admit that I was not sure what posters on this forum are interested in.

Real life BDSM: A tiny bit with one girlfriend years ago. She didn't like it. Then with my girlfriend (who became my wife) early on I admitted my interest and she went along with it, partly because she got turned on by being a sub but mostly, I think, because she was into me.

In the old days a good number of times I got to act out most of my standard fantasy -- the girl is bound ass up while I spank her, then whip her ass and asshole with a belt, then assfuck her. In real life I lacked only two things from my standard fantasy: (1) a second girl to force my girl into humiliating lesbian acts with and (2) it was not NC. On the other hand, my wife loved it when I would eat her out after I was done, which my fantasy girl would not -- not that my fantasy ever included that.

Currently kids, weight gain, and stress have left her uninterested in BDSM and sex generally... so I'm online more. Oldest story in the world.

Since she knows my interest, I'm covered in a general way if I find a dirt nap, as long as she doesn't join me. Though she doesn't really know how much I've collected or where it is. (Mostly, it's on the computer, but I still can't throw out the last of my beautiful HOM and Lyndon mags.)

Probably TMI, buy thanks for listening.

Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 06:01:33 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

VVV, Nobody here thought you were whining. More just engaging in a little mutual commiseration.

By the way, this conversation we're having about real life experiences is absolutely fascinating. Folks, even if you've only thought about it, this is a GREAT discussion to get in on. It's not a competition here ... we're all among friends.

Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 09:11:53 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Lisa? Yes, yes, yes

The forum? Keep it going, or if it is too much burden, please locate a new moderator.

Snuff, torture, etcetera? I don't like it at all, but who was it, Voltaire? who said he'd defend to the death your right to enjoy it? As long as it involves consensual adults, no depiction of ANYTHING is obscene. If I don't like it, I won't seek it out. If you enjoy it, good for you. Censorship or lack of consent are the only things which are obscene.

One's porn stash? Wave your freak flags high, brothers. I hide nothing. There's nothing wrong with porn, and many things right with it (witness the poster who bewailed the diminishment of sexual congress in his marriage, but who stays with his wife. What assists marital fidelity? Porn, my friends. One would think the "Family Values" crowd would embrace porn for the great faithful marital aid that it is.

Real life BDSM? I have had the lucky fortune to experience this repeatedly ever since I started dating and having sex. But one thing you learn in a relationship is that she's gotta enjoy it, too, or if not, the spigot will soon be turned off. Given that my preference is usually for consensual lighter "Yes Master" BDSM, maybe it IS true that my acknowledgement and acceptance over the years that if I want real life BDSM, I had better be empathetic, HAS in fact colored my BDSM preferences. Interesting question.

Wildest BDSM experience? I can't come anywhere close to topping what has already been posted. I guess my favorite shivery moments was young (legal teen) beautiful girls enthusiastically leaping into BDSM experiences with me, there's nothing like having something like that in real life. Most who were young and newbie and cautious understandably were a little scared and wanted it on the softer side, but there were a couple who liked it harder including one young beautiful woman (okay, THAT one was in her early 20s, not teens) who really liked her fucking (all holes) rough and of the "Hurt me, hurt me" variety.

Here is another psychological twist to chew on. In my experience, the girls who are into the rougher BDSM also are wackier than the other girls generally, and while the sex can be great, it is harder to sustain a relationship. That seems to be a common observation of many of my male friends as well -- namely, the better the sex is with the girl, the greater chance she is a little unbalanced and is hard to live with. Can anyone here relate to this observation, too?


Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 10:38:52 PM

Name: Bobjones

This IS an interesting discussion. Since I am a full time fantasy pervert, I don't have anything really to contribute, except to say that I am enjoying the fuck out of these posts. Will's story with the evil husband is pretty fucking creepy. . . I mean, setting up your wife to get raped is about as low as it gets. Jesus. But it seems like the starting point for a really cool bondage story.

Since I'm thinking about this, and I don't have a REAL encounter to share, I'll share a glimpse into my tawdry little fantasy world. Here's the little plot I thought up for "Evil Husband" . . . the evil husband and his mistress are waging a covert campaign against Mrs. Evil Husband. They think she's a little miss goody two shoes, and want to see her suffer. Their plan is, of course, to have the sweet little thing raped. They shop sexy photos and rape roleplay propositions around on the net until they find somebody who agrees to rape his wife (of course the "rapist" thinks that he is agreeing to consensual roleplay, albeit with some weird rules to prevent him from figuring out that he's being set up). Our hero (the rapist is our hero, naturally) nabs the girl, drives her to a motel, and rapes the shit out of her. The girl is terrified and humiliated, but as the encounter goes on, she discovers that she likes it, even though it never becomes anything resembling consensual. She likes it a bunch, even as she's crying and fighting for her life.

After it's all done, our hero ungags her so's they can talk, and perhaps go get a cup o' coffee and chat about bondage movies (turns out he's a sweet guy). Needless to say, she's not exactly ready for a date, but after some initially harsh words, they clear up the misunderstanding, and they figure out pretty quickly that Evil Husband is the culprit. They go to his office to confront him, only to find him and his secretary (she's the mistress, of course) laughing about the prank they have played on Mrs. Evil Husband. "Ah hah!" they think. Mr. Evil Husband goes to the bathroom, gets knocked on the head, and wakes up tied to a chair in a dark room. A lamp clicks on to reveal his bruised and battered, but smiling wife.

"That wasn't a nice thing you did to me tonight dear. I'm afraid you need to be taught a little lesson"

"What are you going to do to me?"

Another lamp click on revealing our hero the rapist, who is fondling Evil Husband's secretary perfect little chest through her blouse.

We're not going to do anything to YOU, dear. Just relax and enjoy the show."

Mrs. Evil Husband starts to get undressed and Mr. Evil Husband starts to weep. Our hero the rapist is experiencing the happiest moment of his life. "The internet rocks," he thinks to himself. "Wait'll I tell Ralphus about this!"

Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 05:21:17 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

A Canadian - picked up 2 Shark Specials - #27 part 1 and #30 part one, both from VM - probably get a review up end of the week - Stay Well All

Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 08:21:18 AM

Name: Thanagar

I hate to say it, but the point zee-ef-ex makes is true of my own experiences. The more adventurous the woman is in bdsm matters, the less likely she is to be the type that you could sustain a long-term relationship with. The young woman I know at the moment is a prime example...she's up for almost anything, and you absolutely wouldn't want to live with her. Which is tragic, because there's a part of her that longs to have the "June Cleaver" lifestyle, and I don't think she'll ever achieve it.

Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 08:51:33 AM

Name: Brutus

It's nice to log in and see so many great new posts.

MAV: I heard good things about "Mark of the Whip," so I for one would be interested in a review.

I already answered the poll question, but WilltheBloody's comment: "But who else can I talk to??" has prompted me to share an experience I have never told anyone. The reason I kept it secret is because I doubted anyone would believe it, but more importantly, the woman involved swore me to secrecy, and she still scares the shit out of me. This isn't as good as the car abduction or evil husband stories, yet it's the closest thing I've gotten to a true life ZFX experience. Please bear with me.

Many years ago when I was single and in a slump, a dark-haired woman in her early 30s was transferred to my office. She was rather plain looking and quiet, dressed conservatively, and didn't really socialize let alone talk with others. People tried to strike up conversations with her, but she was more or less unresponsive. One night, after working late, I asked her out for a drink. Don't know why, since I wasn't really attracted to her. Maybe I felt sorry for her because she seemed so socially inept and the other women in the office would make fun of her behind her back. To my surprise, she agreed and we headed off to a bar where she told me about her shitty marriage, her rich family and how she had always been spoiled in life. There were long gaps of silence in the conversation, and nothing happened that night.

The next couple of days, she ignored me and my office e-mails, although she was like that with everyone. Then one night, after another late shift, she came up to me as I was heading to the elevator and said, "I want to show you something."

She took me down to one of the basement floors of the building and led me to a stall in the women's bathroom. Everyone had gone home by then, so the place was empty. She closed the door, took off her blouse and skirt, and said, "I want you to tear off my underwear." After my shock wore off, I obliged, not knowing what the fuck was going on. She made these whimpering noises as I ripped open her slip. I realized I was fulfilling her rape fantasy. I took her from behind as she moaned and kept pleading, "No, no, no!" After it was over, I asked her if she was OK. She said she was fine, and suddenly, in a scary voice that I'll never forget, this "quiet" woman growled, "DON'T YOU DARE TELL ANYONE OR YOU'LL REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE." We left separately.

She still ignored me in the office, and we'd never socialize after work, but every once in a while, she catch me at the elevator and we'd head off to the basement where I'd tear off her clothes and "rape" her. (She always brought extra clothes to work). Then she started to up the stakes.

She finally responded to my office e-mail, but her replies were insults and the babblings of a jealous lunatic. She kept sending these e-mails nonstop, and then, when she knew I was really getting pissed off, she would write, "Meet me downstairs." She was just trying to infuriate me so I'd be rougher with her. I played along. I'd slap her ass, rough-handle her tits, "force" her to give me a blowjob, etc. And she really got into it. But her annoying e-mails continued. She wanted it rougher.

I decided to fulfill my own fantasy of combining rape with bondage. I bought a roll of duct tape and kept it in my desk. The next time, after the annoying e-mails, we went to the same bathroom stall in the basement, where I had a surprise for her. I tore off her clothes, forced my dick into her mouth, and then pulled out the tape. She presented her hands in front, but I roughly pulled them behind her back and taped them tight. I shoved her white panties in her mouth and taped it shut, and then blindfolded her with another piece of tape. I took her from behind, shoved her head so it was resting on the toilet seat. The muffled sounds from her mouth were so sexy. She was also sopping wet. We were going at it pretty good, and I thought that life was great. The GIMP gods were finally rewarding me. Could things get any better? Well ... no.

The lights in the bathroom came on. It was a fucking security guard making the rounds. He must've seen the closed door because he asked, "Anyone here?"

Obviously, I couldn't answer. What the fuck was a guy doing locked in a women's toilet stall in the dark? What sick perverted weirdo hangs out in women's toilets? She couldn't speak because of the gag. The guard knocked on the door, so I did the only thing I could think of: I flushed the toilet. I frantically tried to pry the duct tape from her mouth. After another knock, an "Everything OK in there?" question and another toilet flush, I finally pulled off the tape and she spit out her panties. I couldn't believe how calm she was. There she was, naked, sweaty, my dick still inside her, a piece of tape hanging from her cheek, tape over her eyes, hands secured behind her back, and she said,"Yes, I'm in here. I got a case of food poisoning and I'm a little sick. Didn't have time to turn on the lights because I didn't want to make a mess. I think I'm OK now."

The guard asked if she needed a doctor, but she politely said "no thanks." Then he left. I, of course, was terrified and started to untie her so we could sneak out. All she said was, "What are you doing? Let's finish this."

I took a couple of weeks vacation to travel, during which time I wondered how far she would go. I contemplated buying a ballgag, some handcuffs and other goodies. But when I returned to the office, she was gone. I was told her husband got transferred to another city, so she had to move with him. She never said where she was going, never said good-bye, didn't even leave a note or message. I never saw her again. For all I know, she could be lurking on this forum. I still have no idea why she picked me for her fantasies. Maybe she had a GIMP radar. No one at work ever suspected a thing, but my boss did wonder why I was constantly working late without charging overtime.

So yes, in my one experience with a woman who liked it rough, she was definitely wacky. The sex was great, but a serious long-term relationship with her would have been impossible.

Now that I think of it, during those few months when I was enjoying my role as the bathroom rapist, she was actually the one in control.

Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 10:27:38 AM

Name: Aries

Poll - BD, Absolutely, since the beginning. It's a requirement, one of two. The girl I'm with has to be cool with wearing exactly what I want her to wear, and she must be willing to engage in bondage sex, whenever I feel the need. ..... SM, Rarely, only when she deserves it. .....

A Canadian: Great review of Voodoo Dolls 2, very detailed and informative, thanks. .....

Ralphus: This site must continue, no surrender. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. ..... Maybe it's time for a toga party?

Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 12:24:44 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Aries: Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I can't say this about every review I have ever posted, but this one was a joy to write. Probably had something to do with Lisa.

Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 06:04:19 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Brutus: Good God, man, what a story! That's like a bondage version of one of those Penthouse Forum stories, except this one was actually true. I think the consensus appears to be that women who dig bizarre shit like that are going to be...just a bit unbalanced. You were taking a huge risk doing it with
A) someone you work with
B) in the workplace to begin with.

As I was reading your story, I was wondering where this was going to end. Could you imagine getting caught or losing your job over this? Not to mention if she were to suddenly wig out and accuse you of rape (and she sounded like that type). I mean, how would you possibly explain something like that? I guess the way it did end was the most logical resolution. How could the both of you maintain a professional relationship at work with that kind of past hanging over you? Something had to give, and for your sake, I'm glad it ended without anyone getting hurt. And boy, you have those memories that will last you a lifetime, too. Thanks for sharing your story. Now someone needs to buy up the movie rights!

WilltheBloody: You know, back when I used to read the newsgroups like alt.torture and alt.sadistic, I remember reading a series of posts that were supposedly from a woman asking to be raped. I remember them because there were always a whole slew of replies from the perverts following up her posts, and many of them were requesting specific details like where she lived and making plans to go down and visit her. It looked too good to be true, like a setup or a trap, and several follow-ups were from guys saying it was probably a cop laying out the bait to catch internet predators. And I recall reading later that it really was a guy who was setting up his wife to be raped, just like what you described. I wonder if it was the same case?

Fascinating thread so far, guys. If anyone has any true-life experiences, keep 'em coming!

Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 08:32:58 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

True-life tales: I have the best true-life story of them all.

It's not my own, of course, as my life is vanilla and completely dull. It's the story Ralphus mentioned when this poll started, about the woman he met online and proceeded to "torture" in a hotel room.

Ralphus has shared the story with me, and I have to tell you the synopsis Ralphus provided here didn't even begin to do it justice. You really have to read the whole thing, as described in glorious detail by the female "victim." If I didn't know better, I wouldn't have believed it -- and yet it's all true.

The story is pretty long, but it's a terrific read. In my view, Ralphus must share this story with the entire group.

Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 08:50:41 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

the better the sex is with the girl, the greater chance she is a little unbalanced and is hard to live with. Can anyone here relate to this observation, too?

Not me. My girlfriend likes the same things I do (very light bondage, and asphyx fantasies), the sex with her is fan-freakin'-tastic (just fucked her while we watched "Best of Black Cheerleader Search), and she is one of the sweetest, kindest, but very self-aware and self-sufficient people I know. I lucked out BIG TIME when I found her (and I never let her forget it!). Fortunately, she feels the same.

Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 11:55:11 PM

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