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December 2007

Name: Brutus
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Hey gang,

Been busy as hell lately and finally got some time to myself to get caught up here.

jyydubs: I would also appreciate any info on GIMP scenes in horror movies you may come across. Your posts have already been extremely helpful.

HOWIE: Did you get a chance to see "The Human Sandbag"? What did you think?

Sloth and IRONMAN: Thanks for the reviews. I also think it is a good idea to fill in some of the blanks for the ZFX section. So here's a series (VHS versions) that hasn't been reviewed yet.

Machine Head

The "Machine Head" trilogy is part of Rick Masters' Shockwave phase, and unlike many other ZFX series, these movies actually got better as they went along. The plot is a common horror movie theme--a maniac brought back to life. But Rick delves into deeper issues: The inevitable perils of playing God; the tragic consequences of trying to achieve greatness; the nature vs. nurture debate. Or maybe Rick just wanted to tie up and torture some of my favorite ZFX actresses with some of his household appliances.

The movie starts with Professor Wyzinski (Jon O'Brien) receiving a package containing a brain cortex, carefully wrapped in saran wrap and resting in styrofoam. Delighted, he plugs the cortex into a robotic machine he calls "Ed."

His wife, played by Lisa Kinkaid, shows up in the garage in tight jeans and a white top. She has her doubts about whether Jon can bring life to the robot. Maybe that's because Ed looks like a piece of gym equipment overused by that 400-pound Rosie model that Ralphus posted recently. But the robot is certainly user-friendly because all you have to do is plug Ed into a wall socket, which Jon does. Ed moves briefly, but then dies.

Lisa voices more skepticism, and implies that she wants some action in the bedroom. Jon, proving that he is indeed a mad scientist, turns her down to continue working on Ed.

We then see Jon outdoors stroking his pussy (cat) while checking out blonde neighbor Kimberly (Penelope Pace) on all fours doing some gardening. She follows him into the garage, where she strips, teases him and then lets him take her doggy style. Ed watches the fun through a camera and shows signs of life.

Lisa decides to get rid of Ed so she can get some attention from her husband. She is about to smash Ed, but he comes alive and scares Lisa so much that she turns around and knocks herself unconscious by running into a wall. Ed moves in, plays with her nipples with his robotic arm and yanks off her jeans to reveal a pair of black panties.

Ed secures her wrists with his metal hands/clamps and she awakens. A dildo-shaped appendage is shoved in her mouth as she is forced to squat.

Penelope walks in and decides that with Lisa out of the picture, Jon will be all hers. She starts to masturbate watching Lisa's predicament. But Ed has other ideas.

A wire from the robot wraps around Penelope's leg and pulls off her shorts. Another wire goes up her snatch and she writhes in pain/ecstasy with robotic movements before passing out. She wakes up under control of the evil cortex.

Penelope heads over to Lisa still struggling with the dildo thing in her mouth. Lisa's tits gets fondled and licked in a scene that dragged on far too long. Ed finally cums.

Things get better though. Lisa is tied standing in a strappado position. She begs Penelope to let her go, and even offers her husband. Penelope responds by shoving a red ballgag in Lisa's mouth. Penelope torments Lisa's tits, pulls down her panties and rubs her pussy with long red fingernails. There's some great closeups of Lisa's gagged face as the lesbo and spanking action continues. After cutting off Lisa's top with scissors, Penelope grabs a belt and starts wailing away on Lisa's ass. This was a fairly convincing scene by both actresses. After a couple dozen lashes, Penelope puts clothespins on Lisa's nipples, and the sits down to masturbate.

From this point on, it appeared that the crazed evil cortex took over the editing studio at ZFX.

For reasons unexplained, Penelope is now tied with rope around her ankles and knees, with a knotted crotchrope. Single strands of rope are also tied around her huge cans and attached to a pulley hanging from the ceiling. She also has an apple-sized ball in her mouth and is handcuffed behind her back. She is wearing nothing but those horrible sneakers and socks.

We get a brief shot of Lisa loose and a wire going up her butt.

Magically, Lisa is suspended upside down with her arms spread out with leather cuffs and chains. Penelope has also magically freed herself, and ballgags Lisa.

After more fondling of Lisa, six clothespins are applied to her tits and six on her pussy lips. More lesbo action follows, and Penelope leaves Lisa hanging. At this point, I was left hanging as to what happened to the plotline.

Suddenly, Lisa is now possessed by Ed. Penelope is tied with red tape bent over and straddling a yellow wood beam, arms taped to legs. She is also tape gagged.

Lisa gives Penelope some light spanks, showing once again that Ms. Kinkaid should always play the victim. But Lisa does do a nice job of fingering Kimberly's butthole as her big-titted victim grunts through the gag in a fairly hot scene.

Ed shows his excitement by moving various parts of his body.

Next, Penelope is tied AOH with one leg strung up high in the air. She also has a crotchrope and gray duct tape gag. Lisa is harness-gagged with rainbow ball, arms tied behind her back, ropes over her eyes, ropes around her tits, and clothespins on her pussy. She also has a crotchrope that goes over a pulley and is attached to Penelope's crotchrope. The two struggle there for a while tugging on each other's crotchropes. I have no idea how they got tied up there. I guess it is assumed that Ed did it.

In the final scene, Penelope is strung up, suspended and stretched, breast tied, and a big OTM leather gag. And she is still wearing those damn shoes and socks. Lisa is in a squatting position, blindfolded, arms behind back, and cleavegagged with a belt. Penelope flips around a bit, and Lisa fingers herself from behind until she orgasms.

The movie ends with Ed moving around.

"Machine Head" starts off promising, but descends into confusion. Those who do not like girl/girl action will likely be disappointed, as will rape fans because there are no real penetration scenes, not even with dildos. (Ed's wire doesn't count.)

On the plus side, Lisa and Penelope, this time with long blond hair, work well together. There are a couple good moments, with the belt-whipping and the fingering. But the latter scenes seemed more suited for "love bondage" movies, not what I am looking for in a ZFX film.

I hope Rick cleaned up some of the editing for the DVD version, but he probably couldn't salvage some of the scenes with the robot.

My grade: C+

Saturday, December 1st 2007 - 08:47:44 AM

Name: Brutus
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Machine Head 2: Cold Metal

"Cold Metal," the second in the Machine Head series, features what I consider a Dream Team of ZFX actresses: Amy Van Allen, Chandra Sweet, Lisa Kinkaid and Penelope Pace. It is a marked improvement on the first film and continues the story of a robot with an evil brain possessing and torturing lovely ladies.

We start off with Professor Wyzinski (Jon O'Brien) at University College pissed off that Professor Carol Lash (Chandra Sweet) won't fund his robotics project, which unknown to him, has possessed and tortured his wife and neighbor. He begs Chandra to check out his work in person. Professor Lash's assistant Pamela (Amy Van Allen) tags along.

Meanwhile, in the garage ...

Neighbor Kimberly (Penelope Pace) has a big red ballgag in her mouth, her ample breasts are bound in rope, and she is sporting a nasty-looking black strap-on dildo. The professor's wife (Lisa Kinkaid), who is topless and frogtied with ropes, is forced to give the dildo some head. She gags repeatedly on the dildo while Penelope gags on her ballgag.

With a cleavegag back where it belongs, Lisa, on her back, is violated by Penelope while the machine, named Ed, gets off by moving its arms. Lisa does some nice screaming through the gag while Penelope pumps away.

Chandra, wearing a white blouse, black pants and glasses, and Amy, in a tight sleeveless red top and tight skirt, check out the machine in the garage, where Lisa and the neighbor have mysteriously disappeared.

Chandra and Amy giggle at the phallic nature of some of Ed's parts. After Amy heads out to get some papers, Chandra takes a closer look. Ed comes alive, clamps her hands and shoves the dildo thing in her mouth as an effective gag. The professor eventually passes out.

Ed moves in and removes Chandra's clothes. She comes to but wires are wrapped around her legs so she can't escape. Another wire goes up her butt that puts her under the control of the brain. Amy returns to the garage, and says what anyone would say if they saw their uptight female boss naked, squatting on the floor and giving head to a piece of rubber sticking out of a machine: "Professor Lash, what are you doing?"

Chandra, with a lovely psychotic look in her eyes, attacks her assistant forces her to give some "machine head" while playing with her tits from behind.

Amy passes out and Chandra, on the orders of the talking brain, gets Amy naked to her black garter belt and stockings and gives her a literal tongue lashing. The professor ties Amy's hands behind her back with her panties, gives her tight ass a few swats and plays with her some more.

We flash back to four years ago, and we find Amy, looking damn hot in an incredibly tight and short orange skirt, being attacked in a garage.

The maniac (Bryan Dunhill) tears off her panties and forces her to blow a dildo sticking up from a chair. He verbally abuses her, but she's feisty, calling him a son of a bitch and telling him to go to hell. She is forced to sit on the dildo, and the villain compares it to a ride at Disneyworld.

A bit more goofy dialogue ensues, and the villain shoves Amy's white panties in her mouth and keeps it in place with a swatch of yellow tape. He then ties her with rope and puts mousetraps on her nipples and clothespins on her pussy lips. He fondles her, smacks her pussy a bit and taunts her while giggling like a nutter.

But a cop interrupts the fun and shoots the maniac. We find out that Amy was attacked by the now-deceased Workshop Killer.

We return to the garage with Chandra spanking Amy. On the orders of Ed, Chandra ballgags Amy, who is bent over with her wrists secured by the machine. She gets dildo fucked from behind by Ed and makes some good grunting sounds, although the dildo isn't really moving. Chandra fondles her tits and pulls her long hair aside so we can see her ballgagged face.

The ballgag is removed and Amy has to blow the machine. Ed's sperm spills out and a puddle of spunk forms.

Ed speaks and tells Amy that he is the brain of the Workshop Killer.

"You're evil!"

"Yes, and loving it!"

Next Amy is hogtied and tape gagged. Chandra licks her all over before sitting on the floor to masturbate. The tape is removed so Amy can eat out Chandra, who cackles.

Amy is now tied AOH with a big ball shoved on her mouth and held in place by a white strap. Chandra puts clothespins on Amy's nipples, spanks her and tastes her pussy, much to the delight of Ed.

Jon arrives and we find our what happened to Penelope. She's now a bloody piece of meat hanging from the ceiling. Jon decides to destroy the machine, but Ed talks him out of it. After all, he controls Professor Lash, who is in charge of funding. Ed also promises Jon immortality and fame. Oh, and he's got wife Lisa hidden away as an insurance policy. Jon, after a drawn-out dialogue, decides to grant Ed's wish and make him a body.

The movie ends with Chandra taking orders to spank Amy some more.

Although "Cold Metal" is mostly girl/girl action, it had its moments. Chandra Sweet plays a great psycho, and Bryan Dunhill is, as always, dependable as a nutcase. And Amy Van Allen has always been my favorite victim.

The scenes themselves were OK, but like the first movie, the ones with machine were lukewarm at best.

Still, I thought the movie was an entertaining romp.

My Grade: B

Saturday, December 1st 2007 - 08:49:00 AM

Name: Brutus
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Machine Head 3: Rage Against the Machine

The third and final part of the Machine Head series is the best one IMHO. That's because Ed the evil robot gets a human form so that Rick does not have to use all those distracting special effects. The human form is now played by Bryan Dunhill, who seems to have continued his role of Ernie in Cheerleaders of Perilous U.

Professor Wyzinski (Jon O'Brien), as promised, creates a body for the evil cortex of Ed, the slain Workshop Killer. Pamela (Amy Van Allen), the only survivor of the serial killer, is suspended AOH and legs spread wide with a crotchrope, harness ballgag and what appears to be a neck brace. She is still in her black garter belt, stockings and heels. She also has a butterfly vibrator on her muff held in place by tape.

Lisa, meanwhile is tied to a ladder AOH, with an OTM gag, makeshift leg spreader, and her breasts tied in rope. She gets slapped in the face with a dick on a stick. The end of the stick is mounted on the floor while dildo fits snugly in Lisa's pussy while she squeals and provides great facial expressions. Unfortunately, the scenes with Lisa were obviously shot somewhere else, and the villain, supposedly Bryan, is never seen with her. All we have is a mysterious hand and none of Bryan's rants.

Bryan goes to work on Amy by fondling and licking her tits while verbally tormenting her. He removes the vibrator, but places clothespins on her glistening body. Professor Lash (Chandra Sweet), who is under Ed's control, masturbates with a dildo in the background.

Jon and Bryan argue because, well, Bryan's a psychotic killer. But Bryan is clearly in charge.

He proceeds to whip Amy's tits over and over, then unties her legs, turns her around and whips that luscious ass.

Chandra is now on her back tied with ropes that also go around her tits. She is fine with this situation because Bryan wants her to be a participant in his evil plans. He puts clothespins on her nipples and gags her with a belt because "it's part of the look." When he whips her repeatedly, Chandra doesn't like it and whimpers and cries.

Ed ungags her and forces her to suck on a dildo while commenting on his sadistic plans. Bryan is clearly nuts. We also gets some shots of Lisa still stuck on the dildo.

Amy is now hanging upside down, arms handcuffed behind her back. Bryan puts duct tape over her mouth, blindfolds her and whips her front. He puts clothespins on her nipples and whips her some more. He then toys and spanks her shaved pussy, and leaves her hanging there with the whip draped over her pussy. She struggles to no avail, and the camera slowly pans over her body.

Lisa's body is now glistening in sweat. The mysterious hand puts clothespins on her swollen nipples and pussy lips.

Bryan explains his own invention to Chandra. The machine will inject his sperm and nanobytes into Chandra through an "insertionary device," which looks like a plastic gas nozzle sticking up in a closet-sized box. The idea is to produce super smart offspring. (Wouldn't raping her be easier?)

Chandra's wrists are tied to the sides of the box, and the insertionary device is inserted. She is naked (no socks) and tape gagged, with some sort of electric device in her mouth. Wires are also taped to her nipples.

Rebecca Jonson (Monica Moore), another professor at University College, shows up and tries save Chandra.

But Bryan returns, and the following hilarious dialogue follows:

Rebecca: "What are you doing to Dr. Lash?"

Ed: "It should be rather obvious. She's being impregnated with nanotech sperm." (And Rebecca calls herself an academic.)

Bryan attacks her as she tries to free Chandra, yanking off her clothes and choking her unconscious. Monica is tied to a chair with ropes over her large tits, and a big cleave gag and nipple clamps. She is wearing only white panties.

In her struggle, one of the nipple clamps falls off and she frees herself of the gag. But the evil scientists return. Bryan chokes her with a belt until she's unconscious again. She gets tied sitting on floor to a desk, ankles and arms spread and getting off on a butterfly vibrator. She has on a rather large OTM gag.

Lisa also has on an OTM gag and is hogtied with metal cuffs as well as thumbcuffs. Her tits are also bound. She writhes around some before the mysterious hand fondles her and spanks her ass.

After some back and forth shots of Monica and Lisa, we get to see Chandra still in the box. On closer look, her belly is has protruded and she must be pregnant! Has the evil plan worked?

We go back to a scene in the first movie where Lisa has knocked herself unconscious by running into a wall. She is awoken by Jon. The whole thing was a dream. Jon hugs her and the movie ends with the image of a heart.


"Rage Against the Machine" works much better because now, with the robot out of the picture, we get the normal ZFX fare with babes getting whipped and tormented with dildos by a strong male villain. Bryan Dunhill's role was sorely lacking in the first two movies. Here, he has nonstop chatting and some hilarious one-liners. The women are all hot and give good performances.

This is a solid entry in the ZFX catalogue.

My Grade: B+

Saturday, December 1st 2007 - 08:50:06 AM

Name: A Canadian
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Brutus: Wow, that's an impressive contribution to the Reviews list. I'm going to assume you still own those tapes -- if you wrote all that from memory, your mind is much sharper than mine.

I have also seen those three movies, and I agree with your assessments. I enjoyed some of the scenes with Amy Van Allen, but was pretty lukewarm on the rest of it. I do agree that the third movie was the best of the bunch.

Saturday, December 1st 2007 - 03:25:53 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Brutus: I love reading your reviews, and to get 3 new ones in one day? Wow, outstanding gift to the forum, thanks very much. And to make things even better, I totally agree with your assessments.

I was always lukewarm on the first Machine Head, even though it had some good material. I could never figure out how the machine magically tied the girls in all those just didn't make logical sense, even though it had a sci-fi plot.

And as the sequels improved because Rick turned Bryan Dunhill loose and let him be Bryan Dunhill, my favorite of the ZFX villains because of the infectious joy he had for tying up and tormenting his female victims. He clearly relished playing these roles, and he was twisted/funny as hell. Some of the dialogue you quoted (he gags her and puts clothespins on her tits and tells her it's because "it's part of the look") is a perfect example.

Plus all those hot babes...Penelope Pace, Lisa Kinkaid, Chandra Sweet, Amy Van Allen, Monica Moore...that's like a ZFX All-Star team.

Although I will disagree with one thing you said. Personally, I think a lot of the ZFX sequels actually improved upon the original. Witness the following sequels that were better than the first: Ballista 2, The Reporter 2: Gangstarr, The Tool Box Abductions 2, Video Pirates 2, Whiplash fact, I think that's the rule rather than the exception most of the time.

Check out the reviews section for the direct links to your new reviews. I now count 70 different ZFX titles that have reviews and descriptions...amazingly, that's nearly half of Rick's inventory that our crack staff of talented perverts has covered for the forum. Obviously, anyone who's curious about finding a good ZFX title need not go anywhere else online to find out what's worthwhile. We're providing a great resource right here for pervs and sick fucks all around the world. You guys make me proud (*sniff*).

Saturday, December 1st 2007 - 03:31:37 PM

Name: Ironman
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Thees Van Kemp: That is great news. I'm really glad to see that things may be improving for you down under.

Brutus: Great job on the interviews. I agree with your views on those releases. That is quite a lineup of ladies for one package. Re-visiting the ZFX titles has reminded me that these pieces truly are a cut above most of what's been offered out there. I recall a comment from Ralphus a while back when he pointed out that once you've been introduced to fine Italian food, Spaghetti-O's just don't cut it anymore. I think Rick's work has stood the test of time.

This brings me to a couple of quick reviews that I would like to share. I must confess that I have never seen PART ONE and I hate to pick up in the continuation of a series, but I feel so strongly about the other two installments that I feel compelled to express my thoughts on them. Perhaps someone could help out with the first one. Anyway, that goes.

"ALIEN PROBE 2" -starring: Darby Fox, Kerri Downs, Nick Long, and Rick Masters. To bring the story up to date, aliens from the planet Zordan have come to earth to inseminate our women and have an incorrect assessment (or not) on how to stimulate them. Jasper (Rick) has been offered help by the Zordanian leader Tardac, who has taken control of the body of a hapless bum (Nick) who hangs out near the warehouse where Jasper works.

A lady of the night (Darby) is lured into the warehouse and is promptly molested by Nick-n-Rick. This sequence concludes with a forced BJ.

Darby is then tied standing, roped to a wood frame above her head. She has that usual sweaty-sheen that is so common to ZFX. Now Nick begins to add clothespins, which he calls "stimulators" to her body. He then applies a tape gag, whips her, pokes her with a stick, and adds more stimulators. All the while he explains that she is being prepared for insemination.

In the next scene, a realtor (Kerri) lets herself into the warehouse. She is trying to find out why the rent isn't being paid (Jasper killed the owner in PART ONE). Kerri is dressed professionally with her hair pulled back and wearing glasses. IMO this is a cool look for her. Kerri has always been a personal favorite. There is a really spooky quality to this scene as she explores the warehouse and finds SM equipment scattered everywhere. She interestingly finds female underthings among the toys. Just then, Nick lunges at her from his hiding place and she runs, screaming.

Caught and stripped by creeping vines, she is raped by the plant, tendrils stuck into every orifice. I love these attacks by inanimate objects. Special effects like this are what make Rick's work so unique.

In the final scene. Kerri is hogtied on a table while she is filled with vile fluid from a hose and snorkel.

The film may not sound particularly interesting from this description, but I assure those who haven't seen it, I feel that I got my money's worth. This is a movie that I have found myself watching over and over.

Movie pluses: creative plot, good camera work, I love the music, the actors are convincing. As in the tradition of "GANGLAND", Nick and Kerri work so well together.

Movie minuses: Gee, I'm not sure I can think of any, except that the plot was a little hard to follow. The parts where Jasper receives his instructions is subtitled. The text is washed out by the background and I must admit that I didn't fully understand it the first viewings. But who cares, to me, the plot was subordinate to the fun that ensues.

Grade: B+

Saturday, December 1st 2007 - 08:55:41 PM

Name: Ironman
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"ALIEN PROBE 3" - starring Nick Long and Kerri Downs. As the lineup attests, the entire film is devoted to Nick and Kerri. In this installment, it is time for her to be inseminated. First, she needs to be "examinated" by our alien friend.

In the first scene, Kerri is standing naked with her hands tied behind her and a noose around her neck. A ball is put in her mouth and tied in place. Then her glasses are removed and her hair is let down. Stimulators (clothespins) are placed on her nipples and she is whipped. After poking her with a stick, the stimulators are whipped off.

Next Kerri is rope-tied on her back to a table with her knees up and spread. She is tape gagged and more stimulators are applied. Clamps are also applied to her puss lips and she is beaten about the chest and legs with a rubber baton. The most interesting element is the dialog. Nick makes a great alien, speaking in a halting monotone that sounds rehearsed. He makes constant references to his study of our species, questioning this and that. He asks what the foot coverings are all about while removing them and throwing them aside.

Then a funny thing happens here. Suddenly the shoes are back on. The mood has lightened. The alien talks of something he has learned from our books and Kerri says (matter of factly and out of character) "You can't read". She informs him that they will be looking for her and makes a reference to her boss. Nick tells her that it is of no concern and she laughs at him and says "Do you want to inseminate him?" It's as if an outtake was inserted here. I find that strange. Normally I would have been bothered by this but the scene is so good I'm willing to overlook the would-be buzz kill. We now jump back to where we were before the interruption to finish the scene.

Next Kerri is suspended by her arms with a ball gag installed. She is whipped while she kicks and struggles.

Now she is tied to a frame on the wall. Plastic clips are on her nipples which are pulled by strings. She is wearing a leather "Hannibal" type mask. There is more stick poking and dialogue. What follows is one of the best electrical scenes in ZFX history. Kerri is assaulted by clips from as battery charger. Nick repeatedly hits the clamps together in front of her face, terrorizing her with a display of sparks in between some rather nasty shocks. She is covered in sweat and gives a wonderfully convincing performance. It's the kind of scene that makes you think "My goodness, these young girls have no idea what could happen to them on their way home from the mall."

In the next scene, she is strapped into a tub with electrodes on her temples and is filled with more vile fluid from hoses that are connected to an interesting machine. We jump to a short scene with her arms tied behind her back. She is suspended and forced to suck on a dildo.

Jumping quickly to another scene, Kerri is laid out for insemination. Suddenly, Nick appears with a strange hairless, wolf-like mask (with sunglasses!) on and rapes her. He howls and growls while he dumps his load. Then she is pulled up onto her knees for a forced BJ. He spews gallons of alien cum from a funky looking prick from outer space. I found this scene to be outrageously funny. To this day it makes me laugh.

We end with Kerri being shrink wrapped.

Movie pluses: The acting is top notch. Nick makes a great villain and Kerri's performance is quite convincing (especially during the electrical sequence). Her noises of protest are music to my ears. Overall, I find it has the same qualities as part 2.

Movie minuses: The inserted outtake can be a bit disturbing. Also, the timing was sometimes off on the electroshocks. When I like a movie this much, however, I'm willing to forgive.

The most interesting aspect to this release is that it could be considered a comedy. It is this quality that has inspired me to show it to friends with whom I normally wouldn't share BDSM material. I find it to be a sort of boundary-crosser. Needless to say, it has always been my favorite ZFX. Until the SOB series came along, that is. My grade: a cheerful A-

Saturday, December 1st 2007 - 10:33:00 PM


Holly fucking shit! This is without a doubt a record I've never seen on the Gimp board going all the way back to the beginning. Between 08:47:44 AM & 10:33:00 PM, not two, not three, but FIVE detailed reviews posted in that short amount of time. Hat's off to both Brutus & Ironman, and if A Canadian keeps his deadline, there will be a 6th very soon. You guys are some prolific fucking perverts!!! :)

Brutus, you asked me about my opinion on "The Human Sandbag." Well, I actually just finished it tonight, and it did have all the ingredients for a CLASSIC gimp film, but it violated a cardinal rule for me. One that will lead me to a new gimp poll question in a moment.

Your review of the film was spot on, and the actress, Hotori Mizuno, has a SMOKING HOT body, and while her lid isn't quite as good as the rest of the package, her body much more than compensated for it. As I said in my post below, butter faces welcome. I wouldn't even qualify her as a butter face, because her face is actually pretty, just not a good as her flawless bod. Which leads right to my problem with the film. I wanted to drink in her flawless body as it was being so mercilessly and wonderfully put through the ringer, but instead of being able to do that, most of the time I was forced instead to look at this fucking white shirt that they for some god forsaken reason refused to remove from her FOR THE ENTIRE FUCKING MOVIE!!!

So lets see, I have this girl with a perfect fucking body, who I'm degrading by doing everything from hanging her upside down, peeing on her, kicking her, slapping her, making her drink her pee, whipping her, and more believe it or not, but I'm going to leave her the dignity of her shirt!?!

As an example, there was one scene where she had her arms tied over her head, and one guy was alternating between whipping and using a vibrator on her, and I believe it culminated in them giving her a Milk Enema. (Classy joint, huh?) But while that would be all fine and good, there is another guy there the whole fucking time who's only apparent job is to keep pulling that piece of shit White Shirt up!!! JESUS BUTT FUCKING CHRIST!!! JUST RIP THE GOD DAMN SHIRT OFF HER ALREADY!!! This wasn't a little white shirt, but a long, draping, button down piece of shit that would literally cover her all the way down to the bottom of her ass every time Mr. Shirt holder would loose his concentration and let it fall back down. So instead of watching her perfect body squirm, I'm watching a guy vibrate a white shirt with a great ass!!

I understand there are some people who actually prefer the woman to still have something on, and that's what the early scenes are for, but at some point, GET HER FUCKING NAKED ALREADY!!!

So there it is. It's probably been asked long ago, but I nominate this as a new Gimp Pool question. "Do you need the model in your gimp flix to get completely naked, or do you prefer her to keep something on?" I think it's pretty obvious where I stand.


Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 01:25:15 AM

Name: A Canadian
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The reviews continue (and the deadline has been met).

Title: Slave Island 11

Stars: Luna Akatsuki, Rin Hayakawa, Rion Morishita and Riku Shiina

Directed by: Nagira

Running time: Three hours and 15 minutes

Although there are always various stars, it's not unusual for a Slave Island movie to shine the spotlight on one woman in particular, and that's certainly true in Slave Island 11, the penultimate film in Attackers' recently completed series. Beautiful Luna Akatsuki is the principal star here, and her phenomenal performance makes Slave Island 11 a terrific viewing experience.

Brown-haired Luna Akatsuki (also known as Runa Akatsuki) is the total package (Luna). Her attractive face might best be described as alluring, particularly her gorgeous eyes and soft lips. Luna's small body is slender and quite fine, and she's got a great set of tits. Rounding things out, Luna is a wonderful actress -- her performance seems real, beautifully combining eroticism and credible raw emotion.

In Slave Island 11, Luna plays a detective who goes to Slave Island to arrest the villains who have been kidnapping young women and forcing them to become sex slaves. Unfortunately (for Luna), the tables are turned, and Luna becomes the next captive.

First hour

We first see Luna sneaking into the Slave Island lair, wearing a black short-sleeve jacket, black blouse and a short black skirt. She is carrying a gun and plans to arrest the villains who run the slavery ring. But one fiend sneaks up on her, points a gun to her head and captures her. Luna is next 'seen' hidden inside a potato sack, which is being dragged by a villain into a dark prison-like cell. The villain unties the sack and pulls it off Luna, who is passed out. The villain strips off Luna's black wardrobe, along with her white bra and white panties, and lifts the nude cutie to a standing position, tying her arms over her head to a chain that hangs from above.

Stark naked Luna awakens, assesses her predicament, and has some flashbacks where she recalls how she got this assignment. Two villains arrive who verbally threaten her, and feel up the squirming beauty's tits and pussy. The villains unhook Luna's wrists from the chain, lower her arms and cuff her hands behind her back. Luna fights and struggles valiantly as one villain tries to force her to squat down on the floor, and she protests loudly when she sees the other villain drop his pants. Eventually, the fiends get Luna on her knees, parked in front of the villain who removed his trousers.

As the pant-less guy stands in front of Luna, the villains insist Luna suck the guy's dick, but she won't do it. She keeps jerking her pretty face from side to side, trying to get away from his prick. The frustrated villains rough Luna up a bit, throwing her to the floor and then jerking her back onto her knees. But, still, she won't blow the guy. The villains hold Luna in a kneeling position, with her face in the guy's crotch, yet Luna keeps her mouth closed as the villain runs his member against her lips and teeth. Lovely Luna's defiance is really hot. She looks truly pitiful and helpless as she scowls at the guy who wants to be sucked, and there are some wonderful closeups of her anguished face. Luna holds out and never takes the dick in her mouth.

The villains reposition Luna so she is on all fours. She kicks her legs about and fights, but one villain manages to get his cock inside her kitty. As the second guy helps restrain her body, Luna cries and protests as she is violated. After a few minutes, the villains change positions and the other guy rapes Luna doggie style. Luna's crying gets louder as she gets plundered.

The villains roll Luna onto her back, and one villain starts raping her in the missionary position. Luna is still crying, and shakes her head back and forth, pleading with the fiend to stop. At one point, there is a look of horror on Luna's beautiful face, most likely because she has learned the villains like to get their slaves pregnant. As her sexy body gets pumped, the sobbing Luna begs the rapist to stop, crying out, "yamatei, yamatei" (don't, don't!) -- a plea he ignores. The villain climaxes inside Luna, and then the other guy comes back for more. Luna lets out a loud groan of agony as this guy enters her again. This guy nails her pretty well in the mish position, and also finishes inside her, with some cum seeping out afterward.

Luna is next seen lying on her back on the floor of a small cell, her hands cuffed behind her naked body. There is a blue ball gag in her mouth, and ropes have been used to tie a buzzing vibrator into her pussy. A female villain, Maya, enters the cell, and removes Luna's ball gag. Maya then puts a leash on Luna, and makes Luna walk like a dog on all fours, with the vibrator still tied in her pussy. Luna is walked through the halls of Slave Island, where she sees her "roommates" in different cells, sucking and fucking different villains. One of the captives, Rion Morishita, gives a particularly meaningful blow job that ends with the guy cumming in her mouth.

Still on all fours, Luna is walked into a large cell, where the three other naked women -- Rion, Rin Hayakawa and Riku Shiina -- are now standing near a wall, chained arms over head. A male villain is taking turns rubbing a vibrator against the ladies' breasts and pussies. The villains try to force Luna to lick young Riku's ass, but Luna refuses, so Luna gets a hard slap to the face from Maya. Luna then watches in shock as Rin is released from her chain, drops to her knees, and willingly agrees to blow a male villain.

Luna is then chained near the wall, and a male villain removes the vibrator (yes, it was still there) and lifts Luna's right leg, so that Riku (who is untied from her chain) can crouch in front and lick Luna's pussy. At this point, there's a lot of competing action happening. Luna cries out as her bushy beaver gets tongued by Riku. Meanwhile, to her left, Rion (who is still chained arms over head) is squirming as a male villain runs a vibrator in and out of her pussy. And on the floor space in front of them, Rin continues to blow the male villain. The guy getting sucked finishes by cumming in Rin's mouth.

Luna is next seen in the cell alone, still chained arms over head. A guy is working her kitty over with a vibrator, and sexy Luna squirms and squeals as the vibrator pleasures her pussy. A couple of short scenes follow. In the first one, Luna is kneeling in front of a wall mirror that has a dildo attached to it, and a villain makes Luna suck the dildo. Next, Luna is crouched over a mirror on the floor, with a dildo sticking up from it. A male villain whips Luna's back, forcing Luna to squat down and ride the dildo.

Second hour

Naked Luna is lying on the floor of a small cell, her hands cuffed behind her back and a vibrator once again tied into her pussy. There is a bit gag in her mouth. A male villain enters the cell and forces Luna -- whose resistance is broken -- to suck him. The villain grabs Luna's hair and he rams his cock back and forth in her mouth. Luna gags and grunts as she takes the cock, while down below the vibrator buzzes in her pussy. Luna's eyes cast an angry glare at the villain when he announces he's going to cum in her mouth. Still, Luna keeps sucking, and she sounds like she might choke when the jism is shot down her throat. After Luna pulls away, there is utter contempt in her eyes. Luna lets a drool of cum fall out of her mouth, and the villain re-attaches the bit gag in her mouth and leaves.

Luna is in the same position, cuffed, with the bit gag in her mouth and the vibrator in her pussy, when a second villain arrives. He moves Luna into a doggie-type position, unties the vibrator, and then bangs Luna doggie-style. Still gagged, Luna's face is flat against the floor, and she lets out muffled cries and moans as the fiend drills her. When the villain is done, he reties the vibrator in Luna's pussy, as Luna whimpers, and then leaves.

Luna gets a third visitor, and it's clear a daytime routine has been established. Visitor number three removes Luna's bit gag and has Luna suck his cock. Mr. Three fucks Luna's face, and he grabs her head with both hands when it is his time to blast her tonsils. Once done, there's a nice closeup of Luna's face as the villain puts the bit gag back and leaves. A fourth guy shows up, removes the vibrator, and Luna gets fucked once again in the doggie position. Mr. Four holds both of Luna's cuffed hands firmly behind her back, so he can pound her with extra gusto. He finishes and leaves, and Luna is left lying on the floor, sobbing to herself.

Meanwhile, Rion receives a visit from two people, a businessman and a new villainess, Mirei. Rion, who is attractive and has huge, natural jugs, is forced to blow the businessman. As he gets sucked, the businessman takes a call on his cell phone. Next, Rion is moved into a doggie position, and a pregnancy test device is placed in her mouth. Rion, whose hands are cuffed behind her back, is forced to dip the pregnancy device into a bowl of her own piss, while the businessman fucks her. In the end, the pregnancy test comes up negative, so Mirei slaps Rion's face.

Rion is next seen in a flashback to her first day at Slave Island. She is in a dress, blouse and sweater, with her hands cuffed behind her back, and a villain is stripping off her clothes and preparing to rape her. Rion is quite effective in this scene, crying and flailing about as the villain peels off her dress and panties. At one point, Rion is flat on her back, and the villain chokes her, forcing her to French kiss him. The villain makes Rion suck him, and then he nails her doggie style, with her blouse and bra still dangling from her body. The villain finishes by nailing Rion in the missionary position, and the crying beauty's big boobs jiggle around as she gets porked. The flashback ends with the villain cumming in Rion's pussy, and some cum seeping out after.

Back in the present, Rion is forced to blow another guy, while the villainess Mirei crouches beside Rion, feeling up Rion's tits and body.

The villainess Mirei is next pictured with Rin, and Rin is kneeling in front of the wall mirror with the big dildo on it. Rin is putting up some resistance to sucking the dildo, so Mirei spanks her ass until she does it. That is followed by another scene with Rion, where villainess Mirei makes Rion squat down on the dildo on the floor mirror. Rion's hands are cuffed behind her back, and Mirei spanks Rion's ass, to make Rion properly ride the dildo.

Villainess Mirei is next seen sitting in a chair, wearing a purple dress, and with her bare legs exposed. Two of the naked captives, Rion and Rin, are both kneeling in front of Mirei, with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Mirei stretches out her right leg, and makes Rin suck her toes while Rion licks the top of Mirei's foot.

The movie then gets into some serious lesbianism, with the same trio -- Rion, Rin, and the villainess Mirei. Villainess Mirei is pretty much naked now, except for some clear stockings and a garter belt. She is standing, while Rion and Rin kneel in front of her, their hands still cuffed behind their backs. Mirei, an older actress who's attractive in a MILF way, makes the two young slaves suck on her ample breasts and lick her pussy. Mirei also makes Rion and Rin French kiss each other. Both Rion and Rin are quite pretty, and their kisses are passionate, so this scene is pretty hot. At one point, Mirei lies on her back on a black gym mat, and has Rion and Rin further suck her body, and smooch each other. Mirei ultimately positions Rion and Rin on the mat so they can 69 each other.

Third hour

Rion is on her knees again, her hands cuffed behind her back. Villainess Mirei applies some pink lipstick to Rion's lips, and then Rion is required to blow a male villain. After, the male villain nails Rion doggie style.

The next sequence -- a gang rape of detective Luna -- is one of my favorites. It begins with Luna on all fours on a gym mat. Her ankles and wrists are cuffed to links in the mat, so she is pinned helplessly on all fours, with her legs nicely spread. A rope from the roof is tied around her mid-section, keeping her trapped in a doggie position. Two villains arrive, crouching down beside her and feeling her up. One villain starts raping Luna doggie style, spanking her ass for added measure. Meanwhile, the action moves to a nearby scene, where an almost robotic Rion is on her knees, hands cuffed behind her, and she starts sucking a standing male villain. There are some close ups of Rion delivering her calm and quiet blow job, while Luna (being raped) is heard sobbing and whimpering in the background. The blow job finishes with another deep-in-mouth shot -- Rion lets some cum dribble out of her mouth, then appears to ask the villain if she can lick the cum off his dick.

The action moves back to Luna, whose body is starting to glisten. She is still crying loudly as she is violated. The rapist climaxes inside her, and leaves Luna with her head down, sobbing into her right arm.

But beautiful Luna's ordeal is far from over. Four guys kneel down around Luna (still on all fours, with her wrists and ankles still cuffed to the gym mat) and the villains start running their hands all over her nice body, massaging her back and fondling her big tits. Luna lifts her head and there's hate in her eyes, as she realizes she's going to be gang raped. Helpless, Luna puts up what little fight she can, shaking her head to try to stop one guy from running his fingers through her hair. A new rapist enters Luna, and Luna lifts her head with a grimace on her face. Then her head drops, her right hand slaps the mat, and she is wailing again as she gets fucked, while various other guys run their hands over her back, her boobs, her arms, and in her hair. The second rapist climaxes inside her, and Luna's sobs take a desperate tone. Two more guys take turns raping Luna, and there is a wonderful side-angle shot of Luna's slender body being violated, her fists clenched as she gets drilled. The third and fourth guys also climax inside her, and Luna is finally left gasping for air, as one villain taunts her and strokes her hair. Meanwhile, some cum seeps out of her pussy.

A businessman steps into a cell and undoes his fly, so that a kneeling Rion can blow him while villainess Mirei watches. Mirei fondles Rion's big tits as Rion softly slurps on the businessman's dick. Rion, whose hands are cuffed behind her back, is then moved into a doggie position so the businessman can fuck her. Rion's cans jiggle about as she gets screwed, and her face is on the floor, as she lets out some soft moans and grunts. The businessman climaxes inside her, and then a truly housebroken Rion gets back on her knees and gently asks the businessman if she can suck him some more.

The action moves back to Luna inside another cell. A male villain who is naked from the waist down is lying on the floor, and Luna, whose hands are cuffed behind her, is riding the guy in a reverse cowgirl position. Luna has virtually no resistance at this point -- she pants and moans and wiggles about, like a perfect fuck toy, and the villain fondles her great breasts as he dinks her. The pleased villain sits up and kisses Luna's back, then moves her into a seated position facing him (he is also seated) and he porks her in this position. Luna is then moved into a doggie position, and her sense of shame returns -- she starts softly crying as she is being fucked.

The movie jumps to another jail cell, where Rin is on her knees, her hands cuffed behind her, and she is quietly sucking a man standing in front of her. This leads to a flashback about Rin's first day at Slave Island. A villain has her pinned on the floor. Rin is wearing a pink skirt and a white blouse, which has already been ripped open to reveal a white bra. Her hands are cuffed behind her. The villain licks Rin's face and sucks on her tits, then moves Rin into a kneeling position and forces her to blow him. Rin puts up a bit of a struggle, but ultimately takes the cock, and the villain grabs Rin's head with both hands as he fucks her face. The guy then nails Rin in the missionary position, with her legs wrapped over his shoulders. The movie jumps back to the present, where Rin finishes sucking the first guy, and a second man appears. A perfect slave, Rin asks if she can also blow him (no surprise, he accepts). Rin provides some nice, long, deep throat action, and the guy shows his gratitude by cumming deep into her mouth. After Rin has pulled away, some cum dribbles out of her mouth.

The heroine Luna is laying in a cell, with a vibrator tied in her pussy again, a blue ball gag in her mouth, and her hands cuffed behind her. A villain enters and makes her sit on her knees. He removes the gag and vibrator and has Luna blow him. The villain finishes by cumming deep in Luna's mouth. The villain then issues a command to Luna, and Luna complies -- a broken Luna quietly asks if she can lick the cum off the villain's dick. Once Luna has cleaned the villain's knob, a dog bowl of food is placed in front of her, and she bows down to eat like a mutt.

How badly broken is detective Luna? This badly -- Luna is walked like a dog into a cell where the other three women are tied arms over head, with bit gags in their mouths, and Luna is ordered to lick each woman. Not just the pussies; Luna also has to rim their asses. As the villainess Maya holds on to the leash attached to Luna's collar, Luna willingly munches the rugs and tosses the salads of Riku, Rion, and Rin, and this includes Luna burying her pretty face into each woman's butt cheeks. Luna makes some wonderful lapping and slurping noises as her tongue goes up each bung hole.

Riku and Luna are next seen squatting on some dildos attached to a mirror on the floor. The two young beauties are facing each other as they ride the dildos, while a male villain and the villainess Maya watch them. The villains force Riku and Luna to kiss while they ride the rubber dongs. The ladies are reluctant, but eventually get into it, swapping tongues.

Luna -- who arrived at Slave Island hoping to rescue its captives -- has now become a perfect sex slave. She is seen lying alone in a cell, her hands cuffed behind her back, when a male villain and a businessman walk in. Luna gets up on her knees and immediately asks the businessman if she can suck him. The guy pulls his dick out of his pants and Luna goes to work, giving him a passionate blow job that makes him moan with pleasure. When it's time for him to cum, Luna deep throats him as he shoots his load down her throat. Luna swallows the cum, licks her lips, and then politely asks the man if she can lick the cum off his dick.

The two men leave, and another male villain shows up with another businessman. Again, Luna asks the businessman if she can suck him. Luna blows this second guy with an equal level of passion. On the male villain's orders, Luna stands up, bends over, and presents her pussy to the businessman, so he can fuck her in a standing position while the villain watches. Luna writhes and moans as she gets nailed, and the guy climaxes inside her. Luna then drops to her knees, and sucks the remaining drops of cum out of him. Luna lets out a few soft moans as she sucks him. She then plants a few little kisses on the head of his dick, and thanks the businessman for doing her.

And it continues. A third businessman arrives, Luna stands and bends over for him, and he dinks her. As the guy screws her, there is a brief flashback to Luna's life as a detective, when wholesome-looking Luna was in a bar talking to her boss. Back to her new reality: the businessman cums inside Luna, and after he withdraws, a glob of cum seeps out of her pussy and drops to the floor. Luna kneels down and politely asks businessman number three if she can suck the last drops from his dick.


Luna is lying on the floor when she spots a cell phone one of her violators left behind. Though she is still cuffed, she manages to grab the phone and start dialing to call her boss in the police force. But unbeknown to Luna, she was being watched. The phone is taken away and the villains decide to get rid of her. As Luna sits, sobbing, with her hands still cuffed behind her, the villains cover her up in the potato sack. A villain then carries our heroine away; she will never be seen again.

My grade: A+

Slave Island 11 is more than three hours of pure evil -- from the cum-in-mouth blow jobs to the rapes to the lipstick loving and the forced rimming, this movie is amazing. Leading star Luna Akatsuki is a beautiful and convincing victim, and it is awesome seeing her sexy body violated and her dignity shattered in so many excellent scenes. Slave Island 11 is very highly recommended.

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 06:03:26 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Photo cutline: For those of you trying to sort out the supporting actresses in Slave Island 11, the cast members I listed at the top (after Luna Akatsuki) appear in the same order as the women in today's photo. From left to right, the women in the photo are: Rin Hayakawa, Rion Morishita and Riku Shiina.

In the meantime, here is another picture of Luna: Luna

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 07:41:55 AM

Name: Brutus

A Canadian: Very hot review and well worth the wait. It seems A-pluses are tough to come by on this forum, but it sounds like "Slave Island 11" is deserving. Hot babes, gags, rapes, forced lesbianism, a storyline and convincing performances? Oh yeah, I'm there. And yes, Luna is a doll.

Ironman: I agree with your point about us being sort of spoiled by ZFX. If some other studio's name was on the box for "Machine Head," I probably would have given it a much higher grade. But since it is ZFX, I had loftier standards.

I also enjoyed the "Alien Probe" series, and agreed with your reviews, although my "ZFX standards" might have graded them lower.

Howie: Yeah, that shirt was a distraction in "The Human Sandbag." Hotori Mizuno has one of the best bodies I've seen on a Japanese actress. Maybe they were trying to cover up some ugly tattoo or something.

As for your poll question, I prefer totally naked, but I can live with some articles of clothing on, as long as the goodies are accessible. For example, a garter belt and stocking with no panties. But I can't stand socks, sneakers or pantyhose.

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 09:05:15 AM

Name: Vince

I miss the "Perils of Daphne".

Got Any Wonder Woman?

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 10:14:02 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Brutus: Thanks for the feedback on the review. Considering some of the discussion around the validity of letter grades, you're right that assigning an A+ to a movie is not without its risks. But I have to call 'em as I see 'em, and I think this one is worthy.

Ironman: Appreciated the reviews of the Alien Probe sequels. Your reviews have got me thinking it's time to reassess my bias against Kerri Downs. Up to now, the only movie I have seen Kerri in was Drifters. While she was fine as one of the villains in that movie, it certainly didn't leave me thinking I want to see more of her. But the Alien Probe movies seem to be popular favorites, so I am definitely going to have to reconsider.

HOWIE: My response to the nudity poll is no, I don't have to see the woman completely naked. It doesn't bother me if the woman is wearing shoes, for example, and I sometimes enjoy some clothing like black nylons, and/or black boots. I would have to agree with Brutus that socks and/or running shoes tend to be a turn off.

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 10:52:07 AM

Name: Hiccup

Hey Canadian,

Your review of Slave Island 11 was excellent. I'm definitely going to get this one and add to my collection of Slave Island titles. You seem to know what the actresses are saying. Do you speak Japanese?

I just love the scenes where girls get tonsil shots, it works much better for me than seeing the old money shot of a girl getting creamed in the face.

One of the things that bothers me about Japanese porn is the language barrier. On some level it works because I can create the dialogue myself.

Too bad that there will only be one more episode in this magnificent series. Too bad also that western producers cannot create such a wonderful body of work with this type of theme, think GM and Toyota and its a pretty good analogy.

Yes, the actresses in Japanese porn are very beautiful but being a western male I have to say that Asian women all kind of look alike. It probably won't happen but imagine a Slave Island vid with American porn stars like Dee, Julia Ann and Mercedez doing the same script. The variety of ethnicities and body types would make it a better vid.

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 02:29:30 PM

Name: MasterDetective
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Love the pic of the three helpless Asian slaves up there right now... Just wish they were tied down a bit more tightly. I like to see a woman struggle and squirm not just to avoid the instrument of her torture, but against the bonds + ropes that are holding her restrained as well.

I have a question for all you GIMPers out there: I'm working on something of a script, something of a "Cheerleaders of Bondage U" type theme. There's a big football game, and the guys watching the game at home, gathered around their big screen TV, decide it'd be more fun if they kidnapped a few of the cheerleaders from each team and brought them along for the fun and festivities. So they abduct (for starters) two of the cheerleaders: one from each team. They bring them on back home, in front of the big screen TV. They strip each girl, and to remind them which team each girl represents, they might paint or otherwise "mark" on her tummy her team's logo.

They girls are gagged, blindfolded and the ears are muffled so the girls can't see or hear anything. They have no clue when/if or how they're about to be raped until they physically feel the men roping at their bodies and pulling them down for the raping. Each girl are forced to stand on a pedestal, one on each side of the big screen TV.. and b/c they're blindfolded, the girls don't even know if the men are watching the football game, or if they're gawking at their voluptuous, nude bodies.

The game the men play is something like this: Suppose Team A scores; then the cheerleader for Team B (the losing side) is pulled down off her pedestal, any bondage around her legs and/or ankles is undone, and she is gang-raped by the men watching the game; same fate befalls the other cheerleader if the other team should score. Once the raping is done, the girl is tied up nice and tight again, and is propped back up on the pedestal; perhaps w/ some "punishment" commensurate w/ the loss her team has just sustained: for example, however many points have been scored against her team, that's how many clothespins she has to wear pinned around her nipple.

My question to you is: given this kind of a scenario, how would you guys celebrate the halftime festivities? *evil grin*

Any particular "games" or bondage you would force the two girls to endure?

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 04:36:23 PM

Name: Ironman
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Master Detective: Catfight! Loser gets a gang rape.

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 04:42:11 PM

Name: MasterDetective
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Homepage URL:

Ironman: Yes, I love it! Catfights are a great idea..

I wonder what the rules of the catfight should be? She loses if she gets pinned down by the other girl for say 10 seconds? Or something more elaborate? Like they both start in bikinis, and they have to strip their opponent (first the bra, then the panties), and then proceed to pin the opponent down, hogtie her, ballgag her, etc.

First girl who's hogtied and ballgagged loses?

And yes, the loser gets gangraped. Well.. first she's (brutally) tortured, then she's gangraped... then she's tortured (again).. *evil grin*.. The winner, on the other hand, has the "privilege" of performing a sexy lil striptease for the gentlemen present.. (that is, after all, what cheerleaders get paid to do, no?) and she had better do a damn fine job stripteasing, lest she find herself raped and punished as well:

So which one of these cheerleaders would you kidnap and rape for the Big Game? *evil grin*

I've had other ideas too, for a "contest" between girls. One that I like goes as follows: you take both girls, strip them nude, hogtie them, and then oil their bodies up nice and wet w/ massage oil (or some other such oil). You set them down on a hardwood floor, and oil up the hardwood floor so it's good and slippery. You then mark out a "finish line" on the opposite end of the room (the floor between where the girls are and the finish line is soaked wet w/ oil, making it slippery), and then you order the girls to squirm their way across the finish the line. First girl across wins.. the loser is raped.

The floor and their bodies being all oiled up like that, of course, makes it next to impossible for the poor girls to squirm their way across the finish line.

I don't know that that works quite so well for this cheerleader scene, though.. I kinda like the hogtie race I describe above more in scenes where the girls already know each other.. like mother-and-daughter, or two sisters.. so you can see whether one of the girls voluntary "sacrifices" herself in the race so that the other one doesn't have to be raped.. *evil grin*

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 06:52:18 PM

Name: jyydubs
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Hey gimpers, a film that has been on my radar finally has a release date. Check out the website in my url and buy it below. Gotta love that DVD cover!!

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 08:11:21 PM

Name: Bobjones

Yeah, I'm alive and kicking...and I'll be making a point to check in again. I've honestly been too busy to devote the appropriate amount of mental space to masturbatory fantasy. I'll be posting something about "The Girl Next Door," along with everybody else. I'm gonna be at Best Buy Tuesday afternoon to be sure.

Sunday, December 2nd 2007 - 10:27:33 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Maria Ozawa update: We won't have to wait much longer to see stunning Maria Ozawa in an Attackers movie.

According to the latest information on, Maria will be one of the stars of an Attackers Super Special movie to be released Jan. 7 in Japan. I have attached the cover art in my URL. It looks like Maria will be one of a trio of thieves who are captured and violated by the men they are trying to rob. One of the other women is Hikari Hino, and I haven't yet figured out who the third woman is. Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to this one.


Hiccup: Thanks for the comments on my review of Slave Island 11. For the record, I don't speak Japanese (although I have eaten Chinese food, to paraphrase that hillbilly guy on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila).

As I was writing my review, I determined what I believe "yamatei" means by doing a Google search. In some other cases, such as those scenes where a slave asks if she can lick a man's penis after he has cum, the scene was repeated often enough that I felt pretty confident I knew what was happening. In a few other instances, I have taken educated guesses, based on the action in the scene and my knowledge of Slave Island movies. Perhaps I have taken some creative licence, but I'm pretty sure I captured the intended spirit of the scenes.

Monday, December 3rd 2007 - 03:25:11 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin me little malchiks

Brutus and IRONMAN - those are movies I've not seen - thanks for the effort on those and happy reading to me.

A Canadian - as luck would have it my copy of Slave Island 11 arrived from VideoMayhem this weekend - allow me to echo your sentiments on the movie - even though I go more on the torture end I want to assure fellow Gimpers that this is a first rate film and the best I've seen in some time - and this has what I call a happy ending. Somewhat rare but I rate it a solid A.

MasterDetective - love the scenario - how about for the halftime show we put both hogtied and oiled cheerleaders on a low table and they have 20 minutes to administer as many blowjobs as possible - winner goes back on the pedestal, loser remains hogtied and gets electro shock on a score for the rest of the game regardless of who scores - let's see how much rah rah she has for the team then.

jyydubs - that "Nature Morte" looks like Roger Corman's "Bucket of Blood" meets Renoir - from the looks of the trailer I rather hope there's a tad more bondage and a tad less gore - looks interesting nonetheless.

JeffersonJames - looked through your base and I notice you have a film, "The Peeping Tom" listed but no rape details - I saw that film last week and if you like I can fill you in on the deatils on the 4 rapes in the film.

Ralphus - was going to do a movie review but it looks like you have your hands full after 6 in a weekend. Being the compassionate soul I am, I'll hold off until you address all of these.

Stay Well All

Monday, December 3rd 2007 - 07:45:16 AM

Name: Brutus

jyydubs: "Nature Morte" looks promising. But I hope this isn't another one of those movies where the cover misrepresents the content of what's inside. Still, a bit-gagged babe being tortured is a good start.

MasterDetective: I love your scenario. How about these rules:

  • Field goal=Blow jobs all around

  • Touchdown=Gang rape

  • 5-yard penalty=5 lashes with the whip

  • 10-yard penalty=10 lashes with the whip

  • Pass interference=2 lashes per yard

  • Turnover=Vibrator and buttplug until her team gets the ball back

  • 2-point conversion=5 electric shocks

  • Onside kick=Candle waxing

  • Monday, December 3rd 2007 - 08:45:26 AM

    Name: jyydubs
    Homepage URL:

    Brutus - the cover shot is in the trailer. Check it out, it is on the homepage. It looks good, as long as it all makes it to the final cut of the film.

    Monday, December 3rd 2007 - 03:03:22 PM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    Hi gang, I can't help noticing that we haven't heard from our fearless moderator in a few days. I figure he's either busy with all those reviews, or he's taken on seasonal work playing elf for one of those mall santas.

    Howie: In answer to your recent poll question, I prefer total nudity. It adds to the humiliation and vulnerability. Besides, I love to see naked chicks in any situation. I'm a voyeur at heart. Articles left on are okay if the fall in with the storyline. (i.e. torn uniform or undies around the knees. What I strongly dislike are decorations for decoration sake. Fishnets on a housewife or spike heels on a nurse or anything that is ridiculously out of character are a real turnoff.

    Canadian: That is one great review. What a mouthful. I know I keep saying I'm gonna get on the Japanese bandwagon but this time I mean it. Thanks to your strong recommendation I finally got off my lazy ass and ordered that one. I'll be sure to let you know how much I love it.

    Listen, I just bought a DVD release of "SEED" from CD Universe and the quality ain't too good. I swear it looks like it was lifted straight from VHS. Is that the case? Can someone whose purchased Rick's re-releases confirm this? If he has tweezed the old items, how do we know if we're getting the 'Real McCoy?'

    Monday, December 3rd 2007 - 06:22:33 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi guys. Sorry about missing the daily picture update last night. Regular readers to this forum know that the only time that ever happens is when I have computer problems, and that was the case again last night. Since late Saturday night, I've been battling an annoying virus that has played havoc with my ability to come online and update the site. Best Buy's Geek Squad is supposedly taking care of the problem, but there are programs I have to run and they take forever. At this point, I'm more or less back up and running, and supposedly, things should be fixed tomorrow. Hopefully.

    First a belated thanks to Ironman for your 2 excellent reviews and to A Canadian for your latest epic novel disguised as a review. And Sloth, go right ahead and knock yourself out. I'm caught up with adding the most recent additions to the Reviews section, but that shouldn't stop you anyway. Keep on cranking them out, guys. We have the best group of bondage video reviewers on the Internet all toiling away right here, contributing their talents and opinions to share with their fellow pervs, and we owe you guys a huge debt of gratitude.

    Alien Probe 2 & 3: After the original classic with Holly Weston (to which I give a grade of A), the sequels were a bit of a letdown for me. I think the third one had some good scenes, though. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Kerri Downs, even though she and her real-life master Nick Long had some great chemistry together in several of their movies. She was cute, but with those pussy rings, at times it seemed too obvious to me that she was "into the lifestyle", which took away a bit of her appeal for me as a victim.

    Maria Ozawa in an Attackers movie: That woman is just too gorgeous to be believed, and as a result, I'm not holding out much hope that anything extreme will happen to her, even though it's Attackers that's producing her movie. As our friend Baronorca recently pointed out, the prettier the girl, the less extreme things she will have done to her. Expect maybe some light bondage and penetration, but I don't think we'll see her tortured in any way. Anyone have any stills from this movie yet?

    Ironman: I seriously doubt that the DVD of Seed was a VHS dupe. Rick has been working too hard on these updates to allow his work to be presented in a shoddy form, and CD Universe is one of their authorized dealers. A while back, zee-ef-ex had a similar complaint about one of the older ZFX titles that had been remastered to DVD. Rick Masters himself addressed this on December 1, 2005. Check out the link in my Homepage URL. My post at the very top of the page includes his comments on this subject.

    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 12:53:38 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    More Maria Ozawa: I will keep a watch on the Attackers site, to see when the stills from Maria's new movie surface. At the moment, the only picture I have seen is in my URL (I got this one from the SweatPig website). Unfortunately, I don't think this pic really adds anything to our knowledge of the movie.

    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 03:43:31 AM

    Name: Sloth
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Mornin All

    Sometime back, and I'm sorry I don't recall who, someone mentioned a mainstream Asian effort "The Peeping Tom". This caught my interest and I had a chance to view it last week. It's a 1997 Hong Kong film. I obtained my copy on an eBay bid but it can be obtained at the above link from HKFlix. The lower half of the cover shot is from my favorite Gimp moment. So let's hit some highlights with descriptions.

    The premise is as follows - this whack job has been terrorizing Hong Kong. He is a rapist/serial killer/legs of his victim collector. I know, you're thinking just another one of those whack job/leg collector movies. He has taken a shine to this hot Hong Kong detective babe who he films at a shootout. He is able to recover her keys and other items.

    Gimp Scene #1 - First scene of the film he clobbers a chick between the shoulder blades with a bat, loads her into his van and carts her off to his place. There, with her still wobbly from her clubbing, he rapes her on the sofa. She is naked and unbound. He films and photos all his victims. She is tied naked and spreadeagled to a metal gurney, screaming all the while. With a Sharpie, he marks on her thighs where he wants his incisions. So, with a circular saw, he "cuts along the dotted line". Surprisingly, little gore shown, merely some splatters on him and her.

    Gimp Scene #2 - He enters detective babes' place. Her sister who is her roommate arrives. He catches her and throttles her into submission. He has her in his van and parks on a very busy street at night. He pulls off her hose and panties and hikes up her blouse and bra and begins his rape. She is too groggy to put up any fight. A meter maid begins to cite the van for a parking violation and he handgags his victim. Once cited, he finishes business with her.

    Gimp Scene #3 - Through a series of utterly implausible events he now has both sister and detective in captivity. What follows is my favorite scene in this flick. Detective babe is suspended from the ceiling wrapped in a fishing net. When she promises to be nice to this guy he lowers her. She attempts an escape but is subdued. He places her, in bra and panties, in an arm sleeve and body harness that goes around her shoulders and upper thighs. Attached to the ceiling, she is bent forward at the waist, arms extended upward and back and hoisted onto her toes. With her looking on, he rapes the naked sister on the sofa. He approaches detective babe and lathers up her legs with foam and shaves them with a straight razor. A small piece of metal with a grip has been heating up. So he lifts her leg and brands the sole of her foot with what I assume is his version of "USDA Inspected Grade A Meat on the Hoof". Sister has come out of it and clobbers him from behind with a bat. She manages to partially free detective from her harness. When he comes to, grabs her in a headlock and snaps her neck. Detective babe gets loose and our leg collector flees and must relocate.

    Gimp Scene #4 - Relocation is to a pleasure boat. He sits and watches a reporter on TV comment on his brutal crimes. Sitting next to him is a girl in bathing suit. She is cleave gagged, bound wrists behind and cords around arms and waist. He fondles her legs so we may assume what her fate is.

    Gimp Scene #5 - Whack job invades the home of the reporter he was watching. The reporters wife is an attractive 35ish Caucasian blonde chick who is emerging naked from her bath. He has her dress in a fishnet top and stocking and takes photos while he wants her to dance. She is terrified and unable to function so he cuts off her attire with a straight razor, stands her up facing a wall and rapes her from behind. She meets a grisly off screen demise.

    The last 20 minutes have nothing of interest and the detective babe ends up killing the whack - shit, another happy ending.

    Movie Pluses - The chicks are all very attractive and the bondage scenes were pretty effective. There was amazingly little gore. The rapes were short but rather well done with the final one the most effective IMHO. He put them in some interesting positions - he is a leg guy afterall.

    Movie Minuses - the plot was ludicrous in the extreme - Hong Kong must have the most inept PD this side of Bolingbrook, Illinois considering the things this guy could do with utter impunity. Next time I watch, I'll turn off the English subtitles which are so poorly translated it is easier to watch and understand in Cantonese. Thought there were missed opportunities for some good bondage in the rape scenes. Ditto on torture.

    The Verdict - for overall effort in a mainstream movie, it's mediocre. It does however contain 10-12 minutes of Gimp worthy scenes I'll put into a compilation disc.

    My Grade B-

    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 07:29:42 AM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:

    1) Nudity: I don't much care what ancillary clothes the girl wears, but tits and "kitty" must be visible and easily accessed.

    2) Cheerleaders:

    a) We need to have a pre-game show where the girls are punched, whipped and stripped to get them in game-mode.

    b) I'd not blindfold or ear-muff them. Let them watch, so they can see the 98-yard run-back, the interception, etc.

    c) Definitely need torture along with the rape. Anything that causes a team to lose yards gets a shock or belly-punches. Anything that causes a turn-over, including a 4th down punt, gets a whipping.

    d) Let's have a nice ethnic mix instead of the all-white squad. An asian vs a black girl could be a nice change of pace.

    Slave Island 11 sounds like great fun. I'm also getting the "Best of Attackers". I hope there's a lot of brutal torture along with the rapes.

    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 07:37:03 AM

    Name: jaeckill

    Hi all,

    Some time passed by since I last read this incredible forum. On top of the posts page there is a link section and what suddenly struck my eye was the picture of the "banner section" link. Who knows where it comes from? Is it from a movie or a picture series?

    Now having asked that I will read through the posts to catch up with current discussion.


    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 08:41:17 AM

    Name: Gord
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi Folks

    Came across some U-Tube urls that may interest you. The first one is a clip from a film showing ball gag and terror.

    The second is two chicks wrapped in duct tape worming along the ground in a race with two guys

    Finally a page full of crazy shit bondage, including one of ours that someone posted called 'Compress' showing Paige Richards getting the crap squeezed out of her on my Bitch Bender



    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 10:13:44 AM

    Name: Jefferson James
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Sloth: Thanks! I just ordered The Peeping Tom.

    Cheerleaders: I am not much of a sports fan, but hopefully both teams score before halftime. That would mean two juicy cunts. Since both have been gang raped at least once, the halftime activities need to be upped a notch or two. The "show" could be a test of pain tolerance. The first to shed a tear loses. The loser could be forced to eat the cum out of the winner while being gang raped in the ass. Since the guys would probably be drained after this (pun intended) the women would be hooked up to fucking machines for non-stop forced orgasms the remainder of the game, getting electo shocks from their dildos whenever anything exciting happens on screen. "He's at the 40 (zap), the 30 (zap), the 20 (zap), the 10 (zap) TOUCHDOWN! (Zaaaaap!).

    Clothing: For me, the perfect image is torn or cut clothing with one or both breasts and her pussy exposed. In A Clockwork Orange, we never actually see the wife raped. It is the cutting of her clothing that is so hot. The oontrast of her pale white skin and bright red clothing is simply delicious.


    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 10:29:11 AM

    Name: Jefferson James
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Crack House (1989)-BD

    (1) MMMM/f interrupted attempted gang rape.
    (2) M/f implied coerced rape.
    (3) M/f implied violent off camera rape.
    (4) M+/f beginning of witnessed gang rape (friend).

    (1) Melissa (Cheryl Kay), the girlfriend of a gang member who tried to quit the gang and instead winds up in jail, is chased by four other gang members. They attempt to rape her, but stop when another gang member convinces them that Steadman (Jim Brown), the gang boss, wants her. Scene 6. Timer: 0:29:48 - 0:33:19. Action: 01:13.

    (2) In order to get drugs on credit, Melissa is coerced by Dockett (Anthony Geary), her high school guidance counselor, into stripping to her bra and panties. It is implied she is further coerced off camera into paying “interest” on the loan with sex. Scene 8. Timer: 0:51:30 - 0:55:19. Action: 0:60.

    (3) Melissa is forced to become Steadman’s sex-slave until her boyfriend repays a debt. She is examined and removed from his apartment. At the crack house, she is beaten (audio only) and it is implied that she is raped off camera. Scene 9. Timer: 0:55:19 – 0:59:11. Action: 02:30.

    4) Steadman gives Annie (Heidi Thomas) to his gang, and tells them, “Do what you want to do with her.” She is wrestled onto a coffee table so that she can be raped. Melissa is brought from the bedroom to watch and is told the same will happen to her if Steadman ever gets tired of her.

    Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 3/5. Scene 12. Timer: 1:08:48 – 1:09:50. Action: 0:35. Color movie directed by Michael Fischa. 90 mins

    The BD rating above means that nudity consists of breasts and that the media I reviewed was DVD.

    For those who care about such things, the character of Melissa is dark complected with short dark hair and throughout most of the movie is strung out on drugs and looks it. Annie, although also strung out on drugs does not look it and is your typical large breasted blond Barbie Doll. The would-be rapists in the first scene are Hispanic. The guidance counselor is Anglo, and the remaining rapists are all Black.


    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 10:49:49 AM

    Name: Rick
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:


    Ironman: I just read your comments and want to make sure the SEED disc you have is real. It should be a DVD ROM (not a DVD R) silver on the play face and some of the writing where the picture is should also be silver. If that's not the case or this doesn't sound like the disc you have, let me know. I don't assume ANY distributor is selling real products. Anything is possible and any retailers could be knowingly or unknowingly handling bootlegs. I'm willing to look at anything that's questionable, regardless of the source.

    If the disc is real, all I can say is the quality is as good as it gets within practical means, and it is taken from the edit master one generation down from the camera master. Camera technology has come a long way since then. Still, I just popped a disc in and it looked good to me, no comparison to the VHS, its way better. Anyway, I hate to hear when someone is disappointed in the quality.

    A Canadian: Beyond Driven should be out shortly, Beyond Driven 2 and 3 in mid January.

    Happy Holidays,


    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 11:42:43 AM

    Name: Jefferson James
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Oops! I forgot the letter grade on Crack House. I don't watch entire movies; only the rape scenes. Anyway, over all, I'd give the scenes in this one a C+.


    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 12:06:39 PM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    Rick: Thank you for the response and I do understand your concern. The disc does bear the markings that you described. It's not that I am disappointed. The quality is still within acceptable levels. I fully understand that there are limitations to working from an old print. Since it was my first DVD purchase of the older material, however, there was nothing to compare it to. I was mainly seeking reassurance that I had not purchased a boot.

    Personally, (and I think most of us here would agree) I don't believe in supporting bootleggers. Producers who are trying to earn an honest living suffer in the end. Without folks out there to produce this wonderful material for our enjoyment, this forum would have to be about golf or some other boring crap.

    Thanks again Rick, and also to Ralphus for the quick response.

    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 12:56:52 PM

    Name: jyydubs

    Jefferson James and Sloth - "Peeping Tom" was on my "best of the last five years" list I posted a month or so ago. I also posted screenshots, but unfortunately they were taken down. I don't know how many of you got to see them. I wholeheartedly recommend this film to any gimper. It is one of my absolute favorites. Some good rape scenes, bondage, nudity, and some gore for those who like it. The ladies are extremely hot too. I bought this movie on a whim a couple of years ago. I was shocked how good it was.

    Also, I will try to post some info over the next couple of days on another Category III mainstream film called "Diary of a Serial Killer". It is actually better than "Peeping Tom". It's about a serial killer that likes to torture and murder women. Many great bondage/torture/death scenes in this one. Very creative tortures/deaths too. I will try to do a review of this on for the forum. I have a VCD and a DVD version of it.

    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 02:31:54 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Rick: That is excellent news about the Beyond Driven series. I have been thinking it's time for me to become a team player and support my fellow droogs who have been building up the list of ZFX movies in the Reviews section. And the first Beyond Driven movie would be the perfect candidate for a review. Hopefully, VM will soon have more details on the release of the first movie.

    Sloth: I think your New Year's resolution will have to be something about only reviewing movies that are available in Canada. Anyway, The Peeping Tom sounds intriguing, although it's too bad the detective lady didn't get raped. I will be on the lookout for this title, on the off chance a copy finds its way north of the border.

    Still more Maria: I didn't have much time this morning, so I only posted some of the things I wanted to say about Maria Ozawa and Attackers.

    To continue... I'm pretty sure Ralphus is right about the nature of the Super Special movie Maria has done for Attackers. If it follows the pattern of other "Panther" movies, the emphasis will be on rapes, rather than torture. I wouldn't count on seeing Randa Mai in this one.

    However, it's not clear if this is a one-shot deal. I have been trying to follow the gossip on, and I am getting confused. According to different rumors that have leaked, Maria may or may not have signed a longer-term contract with Attackers. If she has signed for more than one movie, it's possible there could ultimately be a Maria movie that goes beyond rape.

    Tuesday, December 4th 2007 - 07:01:28 PM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    If you click the Next button on the bottom of the page Canadian linked to, eventually, you get to the nice "camel-toe" pic linked above. Or you can go the main page at for a ton of Japanese Idol bikini pics.

    Wednesday, December 5th 2007 - 01:53:53 AM

    Name: lovemyzfx

    Ralphus, Rick,

    Regarding bootlegs & CD Universe. I recently had a problem with a DVD of Ballista 2 - did not play. The play side was pink not silver. They refunded my money including my cost of shipping back to them. I reordered later and got a copy with a silver play side - on the play side it had writing that said Ballista. Checked my other purchases: SOB 2 & 7.

    Both were pink and the writing on the play side did not indicate the title only a string on numbers and letters.

    I toss the boxes immediately but they looked fine and the label side also looked good - full color reproduction with copywrite info. Not sure how to tell DVD-ROM vs DSD-R. Hope this helps.

    Wednesday, December 5th 2007 - 07:03:40 AM

    Name: Sloth
    E-mail address:

    Mornin All

    A Canadian - consider that my resolution - please be aware I have never been able to keep one - and yes, it was a shame the detective did not go through the wringer - she was the hottest of the bunch. I'm certain she felt that way as well during the foot branding scene.

    jyydubs - glad you enjoyed "The Peeping Tom" as much as I did - somewhere in the archives I have "Diary of a Serial Killer" on an old VHS - think I got it from Threat Theater in the mid 90's - it's been awhile but as I recall it was a tad more gruesome than Tom - have to pull that out and give it another viewing - thanks for reminding me on that one.

    Am awaiting the second part of a shipment from Video Mayhem - ordered "Girl in the Lift" and hope to get a review out soon.

    Stay Well All

    Wednesday, December 5th 2007 - 07:09:15 AM

    Name: Brutus

    jyydubs: Yep, I did watch the trailer for "Nature Morte" but it seemed to emphasize lesbianism and blood. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm hoping for more GIMP-worthy bondage scenes in the film other than the bit-gagged babe and that bloody chick. Yeah, I'm greedy. I'm also looking forward to your review of "Diary of a Serial Killer."

    Sloth and Jefferson: Thanks for the reviews. "Peeping Tom" convinces me that there must be shitloads of great Asian mainstream GIMP movies. I've seen some from Japan and Hong Kong, but a few years ago, I read about a South Korean movie called "Shackle." Anyone seen this?

    Jeff Gord: Hilarious Youtube clip of that worm race. However, they should have tape-gagged the female contestants :-)

    Wednesday, December 5th 2007 - 08:29:23 AM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    Ralphus: You're wrong, I thought the caption for the daily pic was very funny. I saw it first thing this morning and laughed so hard I spilled my coffee.

    Wednesday, December 5th 2007 - 02:17:58 PM

    Name: jyydubs

    Brutus - "Shackle" is pretty good and easy to get on DVD. Basically this guy keeps naked/half naked women (one at a time) in bondage. I I recall he does kill some of them, but I don't remember it being gruesome. There might be one rape also. I have it on DVD somewhere, I will have to dig it up. I do recommend it, you can get it fairly cheap I would imagine.

    On the subject of Asian films, you can find quite a few. Look for "Category III" films. They have quite a few good rape films too. Unfortunately a lot of the DVD covers don't sell the bondage aspect. You really have to research to find the best films. I will try to list a few when I post the info on "Diary of a Serial Killer".

    Wednesday, December 5th 2007 - 05:34:29 PM

    Name: Paulus
    Homepage URL:

    Has anyone commented on a relatively new site called Its from the same guys who do I really like it, it has a much more raw look and the metal ties are harsh against soft skin...

    Also, I picked up the DVD for Girl Next Door. I haven't had time to watch it, but the girl they use is really hot.

    Wednesday, December 5th 2007 - 09:34:22 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Sloth: Thanks very much for your latest review. I've seen The Peeping Tom...don't remember much about it except that was the movie where the nutso hung up all those severed legs from the ceiling. But it might be worth checking out again to take a closer look at the scenes you described in your review. I'll put that into my queue at Netflix. Added to the Reviews section at the link above.

    Jefferson James: Our resident rape expert scores again! Thanks for the scene details from Crack House. I added the information into our Rape Database.

    Jaeckill: Hey, great to see you here again. It's been a while. The picture on our Banner links button is the gorgeous Constance Money from the Golden Age classic Barbara Broadcast. I've never seen it, but zee-ef-ex has a review of it here

    jyydubs: When you get a chance, drop me an e-mail. There's something I want to discuss with you.

    And a few days ago, Ironman wrote:

    I can't help noticing that we haven't heard from our fearless moderator in a few days. I figure he's either busy with all those reviews, or he's taken on seasonal work playing elf for one of those mall santas.

    You didn't think I was gonna let that comment go by without a response, did you? Okay, yes, I have been busy, and with Christmas around the corner, I have been working extra hours to scrounge up a little more cash so I can buy a nice new torture toy to use on Aria. Except I don't work with Santa; I'm strictly a solo artist. Take a look:

    Wednesday, December 5th 2007 - 10:53:23 PM

    Name: Darkroom
    E-mail address:

    Wow, nice pic today! Poor gal, can't stand up, can't squat down. What's she to do? Just take it, I guess.

    Thursday, December 6th 2007 - 07:00:47 AM

    Name: Brutus

    jyydubs: Thanks for the info on "Shackle." I think I'll order this sooner or later. I am curious to see how the South Koreans do GIMP scenes.

    A Canadian: On a second look at those pics of Maria Ozawa, I can't shake the feeling that she looks like an Oriental Lisa Kinkaid, especially the eyes. Or maybe my brain is just too pickled with booze from last night. Whatever. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

    Thursday, December 6th 2007 - 09:02:50 AM

    Name: jyydubs

    Sloth - I hope you are not as disappointed with "The Girl in the Lift" as I was. The star is very very hot, but the acting is flat and the plot is really thin. I like what Teraz Films is doing though. I just wish they would get "Fantom Kiler 4" released!

    Thursday, December 6th 2007 - 03:43:10 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Maria Ozawa in Attackers update: The information for SSPD-047, the Attackers movie with Maria Ozawa in it, is now available on the Attackers website. The updated page includes some still shots from the movie, and I have included the link in my URL. It looks like there are at least some scenes where Maria's hands are cuffed while she is being raped, so that is definitely a positive sign.

    You know, I'll be heartbroken if this becomes one of those titles that makes its way into the U.S., but not into Canada.

    Brutus: I have to confess, I don't see a close resemblance between Lisa and Maria. But I'm prepared to devote some time to investigating this matter further.

    Thursday, December 6th 2007 - 05:34:15 PM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    Hello all, I dig the daily pic. I also share the sentiment that the artwork is much better when the artist doesn't insist on giving women tits that are way out of proportion. The hairy underarms are a nice touch also, in that they fit the setting to perfection. I've stated before that I am a realist. Interesting that the subject of clit burning should surface today as...

    I made the trek to Best Buy today for my copy of "THE GIRL NEXT DOOR". Loved it! jyydubs hit it square on the head. I share his views to the letter. This is positively one of the best gimp movies of the year, but be warned. It is mean spirited and cruel (not for amateurs) and I was bothered by the true story aspect. But only when I was reminded of it at the end. Overall, I give it a definite thumbs up. This one for the library. But then again, I am a sicko...I admit it.

    Friday, December 7th 2007 - 04:36:45 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    More Maria/Attackers: I have posted in my URL a link to a DMM page that has some additional photos (small photos) of the Attackers movie with Maria Ozawa.

    Friday, December 7th 2007 - 05:38:02 PM

    Name: Kevin
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi Ralphus

    Just want to post real quick and say a huge thank you, for that cool elf link you posted. You're quite the dancer!

    I could spend a lot of time on that site, making goofy elves of myself and other people!

    Its really a fun thing to do, and an easy way to wind down after a hard day/night of dreamin' of rapin' hot babes!

    Friday, December 7th 2007 - 07:06:05 PM

    Name: Aries

    Poll - Hot, a 7 or more, or forget it.

    A Canadian: Thanks for the updates on Maria's next movie. She looks awesome, great outfit too. The only bad thing, is that, it doesn't look like there's much bondage.

    Friday, December 7th 2007 - 07:09:20 PM

    Name: jyydubs
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    As promised, here is some info on one of my favorites "Diary Of A Serial Killer". I have included the link and a place to purchase the film above. It can also be purchased at I recommend both of these sellers (vomit bag and mdn). MDn is in Canada and Vomit Bag is in North America. Both sellers are great and have a wide selection of nasty rape/exploitation films. Both also have great service and prices.

    I actually have the original release (on 2 VCD's) of this film. I bought it on a whim from It is long out of print. Vomit bag video has a slightly different version. I feel that this film has been cut a lot. I have never been able to find a longer version though. It still delivers the goods, but I can tell there is more. One commenter on states that it is based on a true story and runs almost 2 hours.

    Basically, the story is told in flashbacks after the serial killer is caught. He primarily kills prostitutes and is naturally a pretty screwed up guy to say the least. His first victim he strangles while she is in the shower after having sex with her. The second victim is raped on the hood of his car while tied up. He then ties her up to a tree in the woods. Her shirt is ripped open and her legs are spread (no real quality shots of this though) and tied to her wrists. After going through her purse he realizes it's her birthday soon and decided to have a celebration. He then proceeds to put firecrackers in between her toes. Then he produces what appears to be a stick of dynamite or something and jams it up inside her (you can guess where) and ties a lead to it. Naturally, he has to make sure that he is far enough away when things go south for our damsel. As expected he lights the lead and things get exciting.

    We are introduced to the third victim as she is tied to a wheelchair. I always appreciate chair ties. He molests and taunts her before cutting all of her clothes off. Taunting her more, he removes her gag. Then unexpectedly he puts a clear bag over her head. She struggles and shakes while he taunts and times her with a stopwatch. Making comments on how he has done this before and that she is "lasting longer" than previous victims because "her breasts are bigger and therefore her lungs are bigger". This guy is a medical genius and I think he is on to something there. This is one of the scenes that I feel is cut. I think more of the struggling was cut. Finally he cuts a small hole to let the victim breath only to take a knife and viciously stab her in the neck. It's honestly a pretty shocking scene. What follows is a bit too much for me. He drinks some of her blood and starts to cut off certain "parts" of her body.

    The final victim is another prostitute. After having rough sex with her (this includes bondage and bagging) he ties her to an ironing board on her back. She is still nude. He then uses a magnifying glass to burn spots on her using sunlight. I also feel this scene was cut a bit. She struggles nicely. Finally, he brandishes a hot iron and finishes his deed. This is followed by more nasty cutting. All in all I like this film. It's graphic, shocking, mean spirited, and creative. It is darkly comical too. In a way, that lessens the intensity of the scenes.

    On the negative side, the quality of the original release is not the greatest. Double VCD's were never the greatest. I would love to see an uncut DVD release of this, but I am sure it will never happen.

    Saturday, December 8th 2007 - 11:26:38 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    jyydubs: Thanks for the great review of Diary of a Serial Killer. I bought that film years ago (from the now defunct Threat Theatre, I believe) and put quite a few scenes from it on my own personal highlights tape. Your review inspired me to go back and look at that footage. Naturally, I liked the burning torture with the magnifying glass and the hot iron, along with the firecracker torture, the best. It did seem rather choppily edited, but that seems to be the case with almost every Chinese/Hong Kong film I've ever checked out.

    According to the link above, the original film does exist in some sort of censored print, or at least at one time it did. The details you wrote about in your review, though, matched my copy of the movie at least in your descriptions of the "good" scenes.

    Looks like the film has never had an official DVD release and appears to be in the hands of the bootleggers and file sharers, which is a shame, but if you search for "Diary of a Serial Killer" and "Otto Chan" (the director), you should find something. Unfortunately, the MDn link you posted says the site is closed, and after looking at Vomit Bag Video's website, I couldn't find it. That's a really poorly laid-out website, BTW. No search key, films aren't in any kind of order, etc. I personally wouldn't order from them based on that.

    If someone can find me a direct link where to get it, I'll put that in there along with your review.

    Saturday, December 8th 2007 - 04:14:11 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    jyydubs: While I normally get pretty excited about a distributor that's based in Canada -- and while I am definitely interested in Diary of a Serial Killer -- I have to say I have a lot of concern about buying VCDs.

    Maybe I have just been spoiled by the high quality of movies that Attackers releases on DVD, but I have generally found VCDs to be total crap. I would rather see a film on videotape than on VCD. I think I am somewhat reluctant to order this film, although I did enjoy the review.

    Saturday, December 8th 2007 - 09:20:32 PM

    Name: Bobjones

    Got a copy of girl next door. HOOLY SHIT was that on target. It worked just like the book. I wanted it to stop....but I really didn't......boy oh boy was that fucked up. I'm gonna lie down for a while.

    Saturday, December 8th 2007 - 09:48:01 PM

    Name: jyydubs

    A Canadian - It looks like something is up with MDN anyway. The site was active when I posted the link. They do not sell VCD's. They sell only DVD's and downloads also. I was stating that my original release copy of "Diary Of A Serial Killer" is a 2-disc VCD. I know it sucks, but it is how a lot of films come from the Asian market. They never really caught on in the US for obvious reasons. It looks like MDN is having problems with their payment source or something. I'll bet it has something to do with the content they sell. They are great to work with. Low prices and excellent service. I admit that I hate their website though. It is difficult to navigate.

    Ralphus - my double disc VCD of "Diary Of A Serial Killer" is the original release. I bought it from They are not a copy/bootleg company. The case, artwork, and VCD's are original/legit. I just think a lot was cut out. The version that sells runs a tad longer. I agree with you on vomitbag, the site isn't real great looking. E-mailing the owner is often a way to find something quicker. The guy that runs it is a true gentleman and does it for the love of movies. I have ordered (on and off) for 7 years and never once had an issue. My only problems are: 1. The site layout or lack of and 2. Paypal stopped letting him use them as a payment source due to content.

    Sunday, December 9th 2007 - 05:39:41 AM

    Name: jyydubs

    On the topic of DVD distributors, here are a few good ones:

    I love asiancultcinema and they also sell Teraz films. I check their new releases a lot. The great thing is that they give content (including if the film has rape/bondage!) and some juicy pictures of each release. They are a nice research tool.

    xploited is the best for film buffs. is a great Italian seller. I have used them a few times. They got me a copy of "The Torturer" on its original Italian release date.

    Sunday, December 9th 2007 - 05:54:52 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    jyydubs: My apologies. I was making rather merry last night, and obviously misread your post when I got to it. Indeed, a Canadian source for DVDs like the type sold at MDN is a great find. I hope MDN gets its problems sorted out.

    Sunday, December 9th 2007 - 06:58:40 AM

    Name: Abu Zalaam

    Bobjones wrote:

    Got a copy of girl next door. HOOLY SHIT was that on target. It worked just like the book. I wanted it to stop....but I really didn't......boy oh boy was that fucked up. I'm gonna lie down for a while.

    I too was pleased with this feel-good holiday film classic. I've heard that another film adaptation of the same book is in the works. Does anyone know if that's true, and if so, what the name of the other flick is?

    Sunday, December 9th 2007 - 09:42:06 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:


    The long-awaited film adaptation of Jack Ketchum's classic novel The Girl Next Door has finally made its way to the DVD shelves of your local video store, and it's a masterfully told story that sanitizes the torture, nudity and bondage of the book, yet still retains the novel's vision and dramatic impact.

    The average viewer will probably still be shocked by the subject matter of the film, and even the jaded viewers of this forum might still be put off by some of the horrific violence that befalls Meg, the doomed teenage victim of the story, well-played by 21-year old Blythe Auffarth. The story is based on real life events, about two girls that are forced to live with their Aunt Ruth after the death of their parents. Ruth is an old shrew whose days of being young and attractive are long past, and she's resentful of the fresh innocent sexuality that Meg projects toward her 3 sons and a neighbor boy, David, who quickly develops a crush on Meg. It's quite evident early on that the kids are being led astray by their mentally imbalanced mother, and they willingly go along and eventually join in when she openly punishes Meg and her handicapped younger sister for what appear to be minor infractions.

    Meg makes the mistake of trying to stand up and defend herself against her aunt, and this leads to a backlash where she is tied up and literally held prisoner in the basement of their home, and the captivity and torture increases as the days go by. She is bound, gagged, blindfolded, kicked, beaten, sliced with a knife and burned, and not just by the sadistic aunt. The equally mean and vengeful boys (and even 2 neighbor girls) take their shots inflicting tortures upon the unfortunate Meg, as though having a bound victim was a plaything to have some fun with.

    This leads up the more harrowing treatment that she endures during the film's final third, as she is first bound and raped by one of the sons, then has words burned onto her stomach by Ruth with a heated hairpin. Then the nastiest torment of all, as Ruth takes a blowtorch and burns off Meg's clitoris, to prevent the poor girl from ever having sexual thoughts.

    Now before anybody decides this is too gross to watch, I have to interject that the director, Gregory M. Wilson, tones down the violence and the actual torture to the bare minimum, and very little is actually shown. This was a decision that was made, most likely, because Meg's character is supposed to be underage, as are most of the actors who play the roles of the boys. In the commentary track, it was disclosed that they were threatened with having their film shut down if they went too far, and so they made the "tasteful" decision to make sure the film didn't exploit the subject matter.

    Indeed, GIMPers hoping to revel in the nudity, bondage and torture that was prevalent in the book will likely come away disappointed. There is very little nudity, just a 4-second frontal shot taken at a distance, and various brief views of her backside, but not nearly enough to get more than just a quick peek.

    Fans of the book (and I'm a BIG fan) will also be let down by what isn't in the movie. The film completely deletes what were two of the most powerful scenes in the book, one being the scene where Ruth and the boys decide to "clean up" Meg by giving her a scalding shower, and another of my favorite scenes where Meg is tied to a post in the basement alone with Ruth, and Ruth continually flicks matches toward the frilly dress that Meg was wearing, until the dress catches fire and the flames begin to climb up toward her.

    In listening to the commentary track with Ketchum and the two screenwriters, they said they cut the shower scene because it would make the film too close to pornography and exploitation. They all seemed to agree that it was the correct move, but I strongly disagree. They muted the power of the book and sanitized the script to make it more palatable to a more mainstream audience, but the fact is that this film could never have been socially acceptable to the mass public. Someone like a Rick Masters might have made a film that didn't compromise the bondage and torture of the book, but I'm not going to fault the filmmakers for their decision. They made the film they wanted to make, and it obviously wasn't made to please the sick pervs that would get off on exploitation and torture. It could have been that kind of movie, but they chose not to go that way.

    Of course, the predicament that befalls poor Meg is certainly horrific, but the film is not a horror movie. At least I wouldn't classify it as such. It's clearly a dark drama that has some horrifying elements to it. Unlike a horror film, especially of the "torture porn" variety that has become so prevalent in the past few years, the evil is not celebrated at all, and in this case, it's toned down so much that the viewer would have a hard time really enjoying her suffering. That's Wilson's decision, and while it makes the film a bit more palatable to the casual moviegoer, it tones down the important prurient thrills that made the book so special.

    If you're looking to enjoy bondage, pain and torture, watch and admire this movie for its story, and then read the book and see how good could it could have (and should have) been. The story is the same, but the visceral thrill from reading the book is 10 times higher. That's a testament to the power of Ketchum's writing, and the unfortunate limitations the filmmakers had in adapting this challenging story to the screen.

    The fact that the film turned out so strong is also a credit to the writing, direction and the realistic acting from the mostly younger cast. Also worth noting is the performance of Blanche Baker as the sadistic aunt, who takes evil to a whole new level because she seriously believes, in her twisted mind, that she's doing the right thing. I hope she's remembered when it comes award time for independent films, and the same for the movie, which is one of the more powerful films I've seen in a long time. Now please, will someone have the balls to take it that extra step next time?

    My grade: A-

    Sunday, December 9th 2007 - 03:46:18 PM

    Name: Paulus

    I watched various scenes from "The Girl Next Door" and I had a question. Wasn't she still "alive" at the very end after the brainless cop left the scene? Why the hell didn't he check her pulse before leaving the room? Seems like textbook cop stuff...or bad writing? heh

    Sunday, December 9th 2007 - 10:17:25 PM

    Name: Brutus

    jyydubs and Ralphus: Wow. Those excellent reviews are for two of the nastiest mainstream movies I've read about. Still don't know if I'll see "The Girl Next Door." But "Diary of a Serial Killer" sounds more to my liking.

    A Canadian: After a much closer look at Maria Ozawa, I retract that Lisa Kinkaid comparison. Guess I've been watching too much ZFX lately.

    Monday, December 10th 2007 - 06:52:22 AM

    Name: Sloth
    E-mail address:

    Mornin All

    Ralphus & jyydubs - thanks so much for supplying proper holiday joy and cheer with those film reviews - and both have "happy" endings - and those are some interesting links there dubs.

    Abu Salaam - I believe that other movie on the same topic is "An American Crime". Don't know a whole lot about it but it seems to have a lot of court room drama stuff in it so it may be told in flashback - hope that helps some.

    Paulus - as far as the fuzz not checking the chick at the end, that's just typically cop - trust me on this one. Probably well researched writing.

    Stay Well All

    Monday, December 10th 2007 - 08:06:57 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Ralphus: I have mixed feelings about The Girl Next Door. It's an excellent review, and I have enjoyed the pictures, but I'm not sure about some of it. Regardless of how it's depicted, I just don't think I want anything to do with the burning of the clitoris, and I could probably live without the hairpin branding scene.

    Then again, some of the scenes where Meg is bound arms over head look interesting, and I share our friend Jefferson's enthusiasm for a good rape scene. Hopefully, when this one comes to Canada (in January!), it will be available for rent, rather than just purchase. That would make my decision much easier.


    ZFX update: The December update of new ZFX titles on DVD has been posted on the Video Mayhem site. The December releases are:

    • Beyond Driven

    • Dance Macabre 1 and 2 Combo

    • Phantacide Peepshow

    • Phantacide Peepshow#2: Virtual Violence

    Monday, December 10th 2007 - 05:07:13 PM

    Name: Vince

    Ralphus, I enjoyed reading your review of "The Girl Next Door" especially since the mainstream and some underground press barely reviewed it all. I thought it was very eloquent in regards to being both a bondage movie and mainstream movie.

    I think a lot of us who have seen the film have mixed feelings about it, but I think one thing we all might agree on is Blanche Baker's performance as the sadistic aunt.

    I know this movie has absolutely no chance of being nominated, let alone winning even minor awards like the Independent Spirit or Saturn awards, but if I had a vote, I would nominate Baker for Best Supporting Actress.

    Baker has played one of the top 10 movie villains of all time. Regrettably it's in a movie that will get the most minimum of attention.

    Since I saw this movie in a theater and Baker was part of the audience, I got to meet her and told her she gave a performance that sent chills down my spine and she couldn't have been more gracious giving me an autograph and letting me take her picture.

    The Academy Award will go to someone in a more conventional movie, however, to me, Blanche Baker definitely gave the scariest performance of the year.

    Monday, December 10th 2007 - 08:57:57 PM

    Name: VM
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Watched film tonight called: Somebody Help Me. Had three bondage scenes. Leather cuffs and black ballgag for all three victims. First scene he uses a scalpel to cut off her ear. Second scene a woman has her scalp removed. Third scene the woman is recued in the nick of time.

    Here's the link to the trailer:

    Great job on the review Ralphus of The Girl Next Door.

    Monday, December 10th 2007 - 09:56:14 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    A Canadian: It's understandable if you have mixed feelings about The Girl Next Door. If there was ever a movie that wasn't for everyone, this would certainly be this one. As for the branding/blow torch scenes, like I say, they barely show a thing. You see about 2 very quick cuts of the branding and none of what happens with the blow torch at all. It's all implied. For a sick fuck like me that gets off on burning at the stake scenes in movies and likes practically everything to do with fire or any kind of burning torture scenarios, the book was like nirvana to me. The movie didn't have nearly the same impact.

    That's part of what I regretted when the film finally got made, that they cut 2 of my favorite scenes (the scalding shower scene and the flicking of the matches onto her dress she was wearing), and there was no reason for that other than they wanted to tone down the violence and not make it exploitive. In fact, it was mentioned in the commentary track that the original man slated to direct the film wanted very badly to keep the shower scene in the film but the screenwriters kept fighting him on it and he eventually got replaced. That sucks.

    The rape scene was likewise very short. You get shots of her that shows that her wrists and ankles are tied and you can tell she's being penetrated from behind. Her rapist even grabs her by the gag and shoves her head down at the conclusion, which I thought was a nice sadistic touch. And we get to see her naked and tied to the bed for a split second before the director racks focus, but overall, the scene was over pretty quick. Of course, if I'm the one directing it would have lasted much longer, but this director didn't want to go that far. Once again, major suckage.

    You know, it's funny. For someone who gave the film such a high grade, I sure am complaining about it a lot. The perv in me wanted more, but I can appreciate the impact of a strong dramatic production. And after I wrote my review, I went to the IMDB and checked out what others had to say about it. I also read about 25 external reviews of GND last night and nearly ALL of them praised Blanche Baker's performance, basically agreeing with Vince's and my contention that she's one of the all-time great villains. I doubt anyone who sees the film will disagree. And like any good bondage film, having a strong villain is just as important as the victim. In this case, the film hit a home run on both accounts.

    Monday, December 10th 2007 - 09:56:20 PM

    Name: Jaeckill

    Hi Ralphus,

    Many thanks for the hint to Barbara Broadcast. I will have a closer look into it.



    Tuesday, December 11th 2007 - 02:02:04 AM

    Name: Hail
    Homepage URL:

    Hello everyone. I've been out of the GIMP "loop" for a while. I was on this site that I linked above. Check out the "Hills Have Eyes 2" rape scene. Actually the whole site is pretty interesting too.

    Tuesday, December 11th 2007 - 01:27:29 PM

    Name: BigD

    Hey Jyydubs, any good intense rape/torture movies you bought from I'm just asking because I saw a ton of movies with the word "rape" in them that I've never heard of before...Mostly 70s movies....Maybe I'll list some titles that interest me when I check it out further....

    The Girl Next Door really didn't do anything for me, I guess it was just tooooo "real" for my tastes, guess I'm a softie at heart, lol... The acting though was really good, which is probably why I was left so shaken by watching it.

    Tuesday, December 11th 2007 - 04:27:54 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    Hail: I think LucyBoots is out to lunch. This is the time of year when some of us start thinking about compiling year-end reviews, and I have to say The Hills Have Eyes 2 (HHE2 Review) won't fare too well in my final assessment of 2007.

    Tuesday, December 11th 2007 - 04:30:13 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hail: Good to see you back here again. The link you posted was very cool. I didn't think much of the silly monster rape in Hills Have Eyes 2, but they do have the complete rape scene from Irreversible there so I got to see Monica Bellucci get raped again (and then get beaten up at the end, too, which I sort of enjoyed this time). Something I never noticed the first time (or maybe just forgot about) was that early on in the rape, another man comes along the hallway, sees what's happening, then rather than try to help Monica out, he turns back and leaves Mr. Rapist to violate her in private. Heck, I'd have at least stayed to watch.

    And those motivational posters were too funny! My two favorites were:

    FACIALS: Because you weren't going to call her back anyway


    BALL GAGS: Because it's not rape if you never hear her say no

    Lots of great pictures and clips there, too. This will take more than one night to go through all this. I like this LucyBoots chick. Devoting an entire blog (and a huge one at that) completely to rape? She sounds like my kinda gal.

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 12:00:18 AM

    Name: Lucyboots
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Not sure what 'A Canadian' meant when he said I was "out to lunch". Care to explain?

    I just found this site and it is awesome! I hope to contribute as much as I can in the near future :-)

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 07:50:54 AM

    Name: Sloth
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Mornin All

    Ralphus - thanks so much for these "Girl Next Door" shots - I know it has been purchased for me as a stocking stuffer - Merry Xmas.

    jyydubs - got a chance to view "Girl in the Lift" and alas, I was as disappointed as you - I think my expectations for the film were somewhat different than what was delivered - very run of the mill IMHO.

    Gimp Alert - check the above link for this item I discovered in my travels - "The Gainesville Ripper" - for those not familiar with this guy he's a whack job named Danny Rolling who at U of Florida went into college apartments, bound, raped and killed his victims then posed the bodies in, um, "lewd poses" - from what I've read the director says this will be "historically accurate" - well, we'll see. As an interesting aside, there is a 30 second cameo in the film by a living legend in Gimpdom - none other than Herschell Gordon Lewis, king of good ole boy bloody drive-in fare. Long live "Blood Feast", "2000 Maniacs" and "Color Me Blood Red"

    Stay Well All

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 09:04:10 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Lucyboots: Hey, great to see a kinky chick make her way over to our little men's club full of perverts and sick fucks. I really enjoyed reading the rape section of your blog last night and even more shocked that it was written by an actual female. Hope you stick around and check out the features and maybe join in the discussions here from time to time.

    As for A Canadian, well, I'm sure by "out to lunch", he meant you were on your break catching a bite to eat. Yeah, that's it.

    Hey, I didn't like that monster rape scene, either. I'm more of a traditionalist and don't much care for aliens and tentacled monsters doing my work for me.

    Guys, let's give our new lady a warm welcome so she comes back a second time. Let her get good and comfortable before we get out the stun guns, rope and duct tape. And Lucy, we're just kidding (Guys, you know the plan, get ready).

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 09:20:33 AM

    Name: Lucyboots
    Homepage URL:

    Haha well thank you for the warm welcome. Please go easy on me, guys :-)

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 10:22:41 AM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    Lucyboots: Welcome aboard! hope you join in regularly.

    Ralphus: I've been busy of late and finally got a chance to do some catching up. Just wanted to thank you for that excellent review of "GIRL NEXT DOOR" and for the pix. Also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the elf. What a riot!

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 01:33:23 PM

    Name: Brutus

    Lucyboots: Welcome to the GIMP forum and I also hope you pop in here from time to time. We seem to have a habit of scaring off all the female posters. (Dahlia, please come back!) I'm really enjoying the kinkysexslut blog (thanks Hail). You've got a lot of cool stuff there.

    Paulus mentioned Device Bondage a while back. I've seen various samples from the site, and it looks like a less-intense version of some of PD's previous stuff at Insex, much as Hogtied was. Nonetheless, the Device Bondage stuff looks good, and seems to be adding new sites every month.

    And for you nostalgic porn fans, I noticed that Ginger Lynn did a shoot for Hogtied. I guess you can't keep a good porn star down. And even more weird is that Jamie Gillis appeared on the Men In Pain site being dominated by women. Jeez, what happened to the abusive Jamie Gillis from the golden age of porn?

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 05:01:40 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Lucyboots: what I meant to say, of course, was that I was not in complete agreement with your thoughtful analysis of The Hills Have Eyes 2.

    Unlike Ralphus, I'm actually OK with the whole mutant thing. In fact, it's a matter of public record that I quite liked the scene where a mutant forced Vinessa Shaw's character to let the mutant suck her breasts in the first Hills Have Eyes remake.

    I just didn't like the rape scene in HHE2 because it was badly done. The victim, Daniella Alonso, was beautiful, but the camerawork was terrible and I couldn't follow what was going on.

    So (ahem) I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I do promise to behave in the future if you do sign up as a regular GIMP poster.

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 05:23:51 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:;_ylt=AsqQ1AT_396dmejNm1Z156Cs0NUE

    Tragedy has struck my little fantasy world. I can't put this into words... you'll have to read the item yourself in my Homepage URL.

    I'm inconsolable.

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 08:21:46 PM

    Name: Vince

    Welcome aboard Lucyboots.

    Your blog is really impressive.

    I think we should all get together and throw a party with you as the guest of honor. We know how to party here. You won't want to leave. Hell, you won't be ABLE to leave...

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 09:06:33 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Vince: Hey now, be nice. What have I told you about scaring away our guests? Lucy's going to think we're all a bunch of sex-crazed perverts who only want to rape women. And that's so totally not true. Some of us like to torture them, too.

    BTW, your "party" line reminds me of one of my favorite Roberts artworks:

    You gotta love Roberts. I wish life was just like a big Roberts cartoon.

    A Canadian: I can't help thinking that Jessica expecting a child is just her way of trying to get back at me after I dumped her. You know, like "I'm doing just fine without you, Ralphus; look, I'm having a baby". Yeah, yeah, yeah. She still secretly wishes it was MY baby she could be having, a 7-pound bundle of joy with a cute little evil grin and a tiny little afro. Not gonna happen, honey. Get over it.

    Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 10:21:16 PM

    Name: Sloth
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:,2933,146954,00.html

    Mornin All

    Lucyboots - yes, welcome to the forum. As I read it you are a bi-sexual dom with chicks, sub with guys. Interesting girl. Be looking forward to your budding film career. By the way, are you the lady I met at the Holiday Inn on I-10 just outside of Alpine, Texas?.....never mind that was someone else:).

    Ralphus - when it comes to dealing softly with Lucyboots may I suggest we invoke Section 2 paragraph 5 of the Gimp Manual -specifically the subsection concerning the "break in" period - only ropes and tape for the first 20 posts.

    An item of interest for all - yesterday I walked into the living room and heard a breaking news story. As it was midstream when I caught it I wasn't certain on the context but there were enough keywords to pique my interest. Found it online so check the link above for the full story. There were several stories on it yesterday but this seems to be the only one not yet yanked. Seems a band teacher in suburban Chicago is being held without bond. Over a 6 year period he managed to convince 16 of his nubile female students to pose for him so he could get photos and film of them re-enacting scenes from his favorite bondage films. We can only hope he is a big South of the Border series fan. Now this is a guy with major cajones.

    As a tribute to Richard Sperlik, Jr, the involved teacher, I propose he be granted instant induction into the "Gimp Hall of Shame". As the justice system cannot convict Michael Jackson or O.J. Simpson, we owe this guy some form of moral support for his innovation and improvisation. And is there a Chicago area Gimper we haven't heard from in awhile? Just wondering.

    Stay Well All

    Thursday, December 13th 2007 - 05:50:23 AM

    Name: mothbrad
    E-mail address:

    Sperlik's lawyer has demanded a gag order.


    Thursday, December 13th 2007 - 12:37:21 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Mothbrad wrote:

    Sperlik's lawyer has demanded a gag order.

    Well, I thought it was funny, since that's the actual quote from the news story. A gag order? Talk about your double entendres. I didn't realize he was selling them. Can I order some gag pictures, too?

    To be serious, I did some searching and apparently that story is old. Looks like he was already convicted and got 20 years for sex abuse, and one of the girls he tied up was only 10 years old.

    Pretty dumb. With all the great material out there on the net, some guys just can't get enough and have to take it to the next step. And that's okay if they consent to having their pictures taken, but for God's sake, make sure they're of age and they're not your fricking students! You're just asking for trouble. What an idiot.

    Friday, December 14th 2007 - 12:46:33 AM

    Name: Lucyboots
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    All very warm (and funny) welcomes! This board makes me feel like a mild celebrity! Now all I need to do is go out drunk in public so the paparazzi can snap photos of me going "commando" to make it official :-)

    Today is my last day of exams so hopefully I will be posting a lot more in the next couple of days...until then.....

    Friday, December 14th 2007 - 11:05:53 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    You ever listen to a new song and don't really get into it for one reason or another? Say the volume is too low, someone is talking, your stereo system sucks? It could be the best song in the world, but if you don't get the proper presentation, it just doesn't seems as good.

    Well, since we're talking more and more about mainstream movies on this forum lately, I just recently finally got a chance to take a second look at Hostel: Part 2, the film I saw in the theater when it came out in June. I liked it so much then, I bought the DVD last month, but only recently took the time to watch the movie again. And guess what? I was extremely disappointed.

    No, not by the movie, but by the print. Simply put, it looks horrible! It's one of the worst DVD transfers I've ever seen. I don't know what the hell they did with the print, but they definitely fucked with the color and the contrast. The daylight scenes still look fine, but all the scenes shot indoors look awful. There are entire scenes where the print is so dark that you can barely even see what is going on, and of course, that includes ALL the bondage and torture scenes. I turned the brightness on my TV to its highest level and it still looked terrible. And the blood in Heather Matarazzo's upside down suspension scene doesn't even look red now; it looks brown.

    Assuming it was Eli Roth who supervised the DVD transfer, what was he thinking? Yes, it's a horror film, but that doesn't mean it has to be this dark! He's in all 3 commentary tracks and he didn't say anything negative about the transfer in any of them, so I'm assuming he had no problems with it.

    BTW, what I saw was on regular DVD, so I searched the net to find a review of the Blu-Ray version. And this reviewer (link above) said the exact same thing about the high-definition version. "Needlessly blackened transfer". "Remarkably dark to the point that it appears digitally defective". What a pisser. They absolutely blew it.

    Honestly, I can see why the members of this board were only lukewarm about the film if they didn't see it when it came out and only saw it once it hit DVD. I doubt the film will pick up many admirers based on how it looks now. Trust me, this is NOT the same film I saw in the theater.

    I'm so disgusted, I'm ready to eBay my copy. I won't even be able to transfer the good scenes to DVD, since the copy will look just as dark as the original, and I don't even know if there's a way to adjust the brightness on my copy anyway (is there?).

    Anybody else notice how dark the movie was when they saw it on DVD? It makes a big difference in your enjoyment of a film if you have to turn your brightness all the way up just to see if that's really a girl being tied up.

    Friday, December 14th 2007 - 08:59:33 PM

    Name: Brutus

    Ralphus: That's too bad about the Hostel 2 DVD. You'd think that after the movie's poor showing at the box office, Eli Roth would have gotten the DVD transfer right.

    Anyhow, we were sort of discussing cheerleaders last week, which prompted me to view one of my favorite ZFX titles. With all due respect to Damien (R.I.P.), his review of The Cheerleaders of Perilous U was more of a teaser. I think this classic deserves a scene-by-scene explanation on why this is such a popular title. However, I could not sum this movie up any better than Damien did: "for the ones who didn't get it yet: GO WATCH THIS ONE!!!"

    The Cheerleaders of Perilous U

    This is one of those movies that's the stuff of dreams for most males around the world. We've all wanted bad shit to happen to the beautiful, but snotty girl in our school who wouldn't give you the time of day unless you were the starting quarterback from a filthy rich family. Sure there are tons of mainstream movies that feature these snobs, with the lame ending being something on the lines of the bitch seeing the wrongs of her ways or her losing a beauty contest to the good-hearted plain Jane.

    The opening scene of "Cheerleaders" clearly demonstrates that this is NOT a typical "Revenge of the Nerds" movie.

    The school geek Ernie (Bryan Dunhill) comes up to hot Tiffany (Chandra Sweet) at her locker and offers to carry her books. Chandra gives him an evil look and tells him to get away from her, "you dweeb."

    Now, is Bryan heartbroken? Does he do some soul-searching on how he can win Chandra's heart? NO! He rubs his hands together and says: "She'll pay! Heh! Heh! She'll pay."

    Thus, the tone is set.

    At the Beta Beta Beta Sorority House, Bryan and Vikki (Penelope Pace) plot how to get Chandra out of the head cheerleaders competition so that Penelope can win. Penelope suggests Bryan abduct Chandra and take her to an abandoned upholstery warehouse where he can tie her up, spank her, etc.

    "Yeah, it could be like a date," Bryan replies.

    Penelope offers $1,000 for the job.

    The character developments are brief but effective. Chandra plays the stuck-up snob well, Penelope is convincing as the manipulative rich bitch, and Bryan is absolutely perfect as the nerdy, but psychotic villain.

    At Gamma Alpha Gamma Sorority, Chandra takes a shower and plops on her bed in a towel. She puts on white panties, black bra, cheerleader outfit, knee high socks and sneakers. She practices jumping on her bed while praising how great she is and then decides to take a nap.

    Bryan, with a filthy grin on his face, comes out of the closet, so to speak. In a fairly hot abduction scene, Bryan slips a rope around Chandra's neck, chokes her, shoves a cloth in her mouth and uses a stocking to hold it in place. He ties her arms behind her back and puts a stocking over her head. He plays with her tits and smacks her ass before choking her some more with the rope. Then he whisks her away.

    In the Fixx Upholstery Factory, Bryan forces Chandra on her knees, removes the stocking from her head, kisses her on the gag and plays with her tits, or "boobies" as he calls them. Bryan alternately pants, laughs, makes wisecracks and threatens Chandra, which is sort of a theme throughout the movie.

    He removes her gag, chokes her with the rope, and kisses her as she struggles in disgust. He hogties her and orders her to be good. After playing with her pussy and choking and regagging her, he explains all the nasty things he's gonna do to her.

    Bryan pulls down those shiny white panties and says she has a beautiful "gluteus maximus. Heh heh. That ASS!" He fondles her some more before choking her unconscious with the rope.

    Giggling, Bryan measures various parts of Chandra's unconscious and cleavegagged body with a ruler. He removes her top and fastens her leather manacled wrists to a bar that gets risen as she wakes up so she is in a standing position. Her bra is open but she's still wearing the skirt, socks and shoes. Her panties are around her ankles.

    Bryan puts clothespins on her nipples and fondles her to her absolute disgust. He puts more clothespins on her nipples and her pussy lips and swats her ass a bit.

    He calls up Penelope and demands more money. Penelope waffles, oblivious to how dangerous Bryan is.

    Bryan goes back to work on Chandra. He's got her tied to a chair with OTM gag, wrists and ankles secured to the chair's arms so her pussy is exposed and vulnerable. Unfortunately, she's still wearing those socks and shoes, as well as the skirt.

    Bryan takes some polaroids of her, and the pulls out a rubber electrified stick and teases her with it. He removes her gag and she pleads with him not to hurt her. "I'll do anything."

    "LIAR!!" Zaaaaaapp! Bryan shocks her tits and pussy. He turns off the rubber stick and puts it in her mouth, but then turns on the juice. The stick is shoved down her throat and tied in place. He switches on the electricity and Chandra struggles in agony.

    Next up for Chandra is some breath play. Although this is not my favorite fetish, this is a hot scene. Bryan pulls out a clear plastic bag and exclaims: "Warning! This is not a toy! Do not place over head! (which he does to Chandra.)

    Through a breathing hole in the bag, Bryan puts a vacuum tube in her mouth and shoves the other end into her pussy so she's breathing the fumes from her snatch.

    Next we have Chandra blindfolded, ballgagged, arms shackled behind her back, and legs spread and hoisted so she's on her back with her ankles in the air. (She's still wearing those damn socks and shoes.)

    Bryan then whips Chandra's ass, front and pussy in a great scene. Penelope gets the polaroids and masturbates with a big dildo. Bryan calls again and demands another grand. Rebuffed and pissed off, Bryan yells, "You'll be sorry."

    Chandra is ballgagged now AOH and legs tied together with rope. Her breasts are also tied. Bryan's pedaling on a stationary bike and urges Chandra to cheer for him as she sobs convincingly through the gag.

    In my favorite scene of the movie, Chandra is tape gagged onscreen. She's on all fours on a work bench tied down by her wrists and ankles. A leather belt around her waist is hoisted up to "make you more accessible." Bryan shows her a big dildo, lubes her butthole and shoves it in and straps it on. Chandra again does a nice job sounding tormented.

    Bryan plays the nice guy and offers her some food. Then, in a split second, he shows his nasty side. "EAT IT! EAT IT!" he yells as he shoves a hamburger plus wrapping in her mouth. He then gags her with a leather belt and wisely advises her not to go swimming soon after a meal.

    He then licks her nipples, spanks her ass, tapes her mouth, and accuses her and all the other cheerleaders of being bulimic.

    Chandra is clearly defeated. Tied spreadeagle standing up against a wall with her tits tied tight in thin black ropes, she pleads through her OTM gag, "Please, no more." Bryan whips her as she whimpers.

    The session is interrupted by the phone. Bryan is clearly pissed off after he finds out Penelope won't pay him. Chandra pleads for her release and agrees to help Bryan get back at the person who owes him money. He unties her. The movie ends with a line reminiscent of the beginning: "They'll pay! Heh heh. They'll pay!"

    It is rare in a ZFX movie for a male to steal the show, but Bryan Dunhill's performance as Ernie was truly a masterpiece. He alternates from nerd, to comedian to psycho in a heartbeat.

    But that's not to take away anything from the female characters. Chandra portrays the stuck-up snob quite well, and she's even better as the helpless victim. And Penelope is obviously getting set up for the sequel.

    The torture scenes are excellent and imaginative, especially with Bryan's nonstop lines. And the storyline is smoothly played out.

    And the minuses? Those damn socks and shoes!

    "Cheerleaders of Perilous U" is truly a classic. It is a victory for all nerds at school, and more importantly, a must-see for all GIMPers.

    My Grade: Give me an A! Give me an A!

    I bought this from Game-port, but it is now cheaper at Video Mayhem

    Friday, December 14th 2007 - 11:05:44 PM

    Name: Brutus

    The Violation of Vikki Fixx

    The fun continues in this sequel to Cheerleaders of Perilous U, but this time with rich bitch Vikki (Penelope Pace) as the victim of crazy nerd Ernie (Bryan Dunhill) and vengeful rival cheerleader Tiffany (Chandra Sweet). Bryan continues his brilliant performance and Penelope is even more convincing as the victim. However, this movie fell a pom-pom short of being another classic.

    We start off with Penelope in the shower as Bryan and Chandra hide in the closet. Penelope puts on white panties and bra, cheerleader outfit, white socks and shoes, and does a few stretches on her couch for upskirt panty fans. Penelope believes that Bryan has fulfilled his job to get Chandra out of the way for the head cheerleaders contest. But she doesn't realize that Bryan's pissed off that he didn't get paid for the job, and has enlisted Chandra's help to get back at Penelope. They attack Penelope in her room and take her away.

    At the warehouse, Chandra and Bryan manhandle a cleavegagged Penelope. Chandra, who was tortured at the hands of Bryan on Penelope's order, now gets her revenge. Bryan bends Penelope over and yanks down her panties, while Chandra administers a few sharp spanks. Penelope's wrists and elbows are tied behind her back, and Bryan forces her on her knees so she can be the "head" cheerleader. He sucks her tits while Chandra licks her face.

    After more groping, the tormentors untie Penelope's hands and force her on all fours so Bryan can ride her like a horse, swatting her ass to get her going. Penelope grunts in humiliation through the gag, and then it's Chandra's turn. Penelope tries to get away, so Bryan ties her wrists while Chandra binds her ankles. Penelope's clothes are removed except for the shoes and socks. They bend her over and spank her ass and Chandra removes the gag. An angry Penelope calls Bryan "a fucking geek" and Chandra "a bitch." Bad move. Bryan effectively shuts her up by rubbing and swatting her pussy hard.

    Penelope still has some fight in her, telling Bryan, "You think she'll fuck you? I don't think so."

    Bryan responds: "No. But YOU will! Heh heh heh!"

    As Bryan holds down Penelope, Chandra takes off her clothes and delivers about 20 punches to Penelope's face until she's unconscious and bleeding from the mouth. Bryan's maniacal laugh must be contagious. Chandra starts laughing like him, but it doesn't have quite the same effect.

    Penelope is now harness ballgagged nicely, arms spread and secured to a bar over her head. Her legs are spread and tied to a bar on the floor. She also has a crotchrope. Chandra puts clothespins on Penelope's nipples, and Bryan proceeds to whips her front while Chandra rubs herself. Rick Masters gives us a nice slow-motion segment of Penelope's tits bouncing with each lash in a convincing performance.

    Bryan puts a clothespin on Penelope's pussy and threatens to rape her ass. Instead, he whips her ass while verbally abusing her. They leave an exhausted Penelope there because Bryan wants to watch a science program about the mating habits of sperm whales. "Heh heh heh."

    After the show is over, Bryan and Chandra force Penelope to crawl to a stationary bike with a triangular plug on the seat. Bryan explains his little machine. Penelope will sit on the plug thing, which, by the way, is electrified. The faster she pedals, the less of a shock she'll receive in her muff. But if she slows down, the shock will increase. (Maybe Jeff Gord is teaching a class at Perilous U.)

    After a struggle, they get Penelope on the bike. Chandra straps her feet in the pedals, and now Penelope appears with a rope gag with her tongue sticking out. Her hands are tied to the handle bars. Bryan turns on the machine and she starts pedaling. To encourage her, Bryan zaps Penelope's body with a rubber cattle prod thing in what he calls "high-impact aerobics." Bryan turns up the voltage and Penelope eventually passes out, ending a somewhat amusing scene of torture.

    As any gym teacher will tell you, it's very important to stretch after a workout. So Penelope is sitting across two chairs, her legs are spread wide and her wrists are tied to her ankles. She's cleavegagged. The chairs are arranged so that her pussy is wide open over a mirror on the floor so she can see her privates if she leans forward.

    Bryan and Chandra put a stocking over Penelope's head, plus clothespins on her pussy lips. Bryan adds an OTM gag (or an over the stocking gag.) After some fondling, Chandra eats out her rival and Bryan ties those fun jugs with an electrical cord.

    Chandra forces Penelope to suck a large two-headed dildo, then shoves it up Penelope's snatch, forcing her to watch the mirror as it goes in deep. Chandra tries, but she does not come across as particularly nasty. Thank God Bryan's there to make up for Chandra's shortcomings. "Sis boom bah, bitch!"

    Bryan tapes the dildo in place, chokes Penelope with a belt, and puts thin strips of tape over her eyes. They leave her there in that humiliating position, with one end of the double-headed dildo hanging out.

    Next, Penelope is suspended face down with leather straps and chains, complete with a leather belt gag. Bryan eats her out and Chandra attacks Penelope's jugs.

    After that short scene, Penelope is back on the floor, AOH and one leg stretched up around her ear. She is rope gagged with packing. AND SHE'S STILL WEARING THOSE SOCKS AND SHOES!

    Bryan gives her a good lashing across her tits and legs. Welts appear and Penelope writhes in pain. Bryan lifts and secures her other leg in the air so she's suspended. He whips her ass, fondles and licks her, and then dry humps her a bit. He leaves her there struggling.

    Penelope is now mummified in red tape on the floor with tits and pussy exposed. Bryan inserts a ballgag, which Chandra later removes to make room for a dildo while Bryan chokes her with a rope. The ball goes back in her mouth and Chandra uses the dildo on Penelope's pussy as Bryan plays with her tits. They leave Penelope there struggling helplessly.

    Then we go back to a scene from "Cheerleaders of Perilous U" with Chandra in her cheerleaders outfit in her bed. It was all a dream. Or was it?

    Fans of Penelope Pace are sure to enjoy "The Violation of Vikki Fixx." She does an incredible job of continuing her defiance against the nerd and her main rival. Her struggles against her bonds appear genuine, and the tortures she endures are creative.

    Bryan Dunhill continues his brilliant performance, although he's not quite as funny as in "Cheerleaders." But Ernie remains perhaps the best villain in ZFX history.

    The main problem I had was with Chandra Sweet. She is one of my favorite ZFX performers, but in "Vikki Fixx," she simply appeared lost as Bryan's partner. I thought she was excellent as a psychotic in "Liza Cord," but here, she seemed resigned to try and copy what Bryan was doing. I was waiting for Bryan to turn the tables on Chandra so he could have two victims to play with. But that, unfortunately, never happened. The Ernie character was strong enough on its own as the villain. Chandra simply got in the way.

    But "Vikki Fixx" is still a good movie. Not quite as good as "Cheerleaders," but a satisfying follow-up. AND WHAT'S WITH THOSE DAMN SOCKS AND SHOES?!

    My grade: A solid B

    Video Mayhem

    Friday, December 14th 2007 - 11:09:32 PM

    Name: MasterDetective
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    You know, the girl in the Hostel promotional clip is cute enough, but seriously: what's with the cleave gags in "mainstream" bondage flicks?

    Why can't they ever gag a girl right in any of these mainstream movies? :-)

    Friday, December 14th 2007 - 11:24:17 PM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    MasterDetective: Very good observation. Anyone with experience knows that the gag always goes behind the teeth and must be tied much tighter. Otherwise it is easily forced out with the tongue. Besides, this type of gag is not effective at stopping noise unless the mouth is stuffed full behind it...preferably with dirty panties!

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 01:09:20 AM

    Name: sgtmajor
    Homepage URL:

    Anyone who has any real experience in the making of movies and with actresses be they adult film or mainstream will tell you not all women can take a ball gag. Some women have TMJ and a gag that forces the jaws apart is not an option. I love the oversized gags tightly stuffed in a models mouth. Make no mistake about it every time you pack a girl's mouth and tape the hell out of it you are taking both of your lives in your own hands. If she pukes you are both fucked, her for the obvious reasons, and you for the rest of your life.

    This makes what PD did at Insex very hot yet very dangerous.

    I have footage of Lyn Dumaire that I have never released before in which she got the living shit knocked out of her, as bondage went it was very hot and the girl was crying and hurting and cumming all at the same time. What scared the hell out of me was that she almost puked into her ball gag that was in VERY tight. I cut the gag strap and yanked it out of her mouth and cut her down at once. Some after care was given and she just felt overwhelmed and felt like she was going to blow chow all at once.

    I think of what may have happened that day and my heart stops for a beat. She was fine and we shot again many times, but I have never been totally able to relax when a model is stuffed and tape gagged or ball gagged. The cleave gag may not be the best option for dick raising fun but it is by far the most safe, and you can get very tight with it.

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 05:49:47 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Brutus: Excellent reviews of the Cheerleaders of Perilous U. movies, and I agree with your assessments of both. Without a doubt, the scene from the first film where Chandra is bound on all fours on the work bench is the best of the lot.

    One of the reasons I loved the first movie is that Chandra looked really hot. There was nothing "freaky" about her -- her hair was a natural brown (not some obviously dyed color), and her performance was very credible. I loved the way her broken character at the end of the movie was willing to do anything if Ernie would just untie her. I haven't seen all of the Chandra movies, but of the ones I have seen, Cheerleaders of Perilous U. is by far my favorite.

    Unfortunately, her character in the sequel was completely over the top. And Penelope was at a stage where she was starting to look too porn star-ish, with the size of her boobs getting out of control. The Vikki Fixx movie had some good scenes, but it didn't stand up to the first movie.

    One final note: I know many of us appreciate the commitment you and others are making to rounding out the ZFX section of the Reviews list.


    Ralphus: In terms of the assessments of the Hostel: Part 2 movie on DVD, it looks like you have come over to the "dark side."

    I don't think this was clear when I posted my comments a while back, but I actually liked the Heather Matarazzo scene (dark as it was). It was the rest of the movie that I felt was lacking. Oh, and in case I didn't mention it, I really wanted to see Bijou Phillips' tits.

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 06:05:21 AM

    Name: jyydubs

    BRUTUS - Great reviews! "Vikki Fixx" is actually one of my favorite ZFX titles. I am glad you gave it an A. I always loved the use of the exercise bike and I actually dig Penelope Pace, though I prefer her with the dark shorter hair. I love all of the "South of the Border" series, but I like the first two with Penelope the best.

    RALPHUS - You are exactly right on the "Hostel II" DVD transfer. It is very dark on both the DVD and Blu-Ray. I rented the Blu-Ray to test it myself. It's disappointing. I actually have a screener dvd that is much brighter and I prefer it over the regular dvd. There is supposedly a "workprint" that circulated, but I don't know how bright it is.

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 08:01:11 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    jyydubs: As someone who is firmly on the fence while the format war goes unresolved, I'm curious to know how you decided to go with a Blu-Ray DVD player. Do you know something the rest of us don't?

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 09:34:52 AM

    Name: jyydubs
    Homepage URL:

    A CANADIAN - Most places Blu-Ray sells more than Hi-Def. I have included an article in my URL. Also always has a sales comparison on their page.

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 11:35:23 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Brutus: Thank you so much for the reviews of Cheerleaders of Perilous U and its sequel. I bought Cheerleaders on DVD and was considering possibly reviewing it myself, but I could never have topped the review you wrote. Reading your reviews, especially that one, was almost as fun as watching the real thing, especially when you quoted Bryan Dunhill's lines of dialogue. It's Dunhill, who was arguably the best of the ZFX villains, and Chandra, one of my favorite ZFX cuties, that made this title my all-time favorite ZFX movie. I really love this film.

    I think you hit upon it correctly: it's the whole "stuck-up cheerleader gets hers" plotline that probably appeals to me the most. Plus Dunhill is so fucking hilarious as the nerdy Ernie that you just have to smile (he actually loses his pencil holder while he's tying up Chandra and has to stop what he's doing and put it back in his pocket...a perfect nerd thing to do). Masters really hit gold by casting him, and his performance made this film work from beginning to end. That laugh! Cracks me up. If Rick ever made a "feel-good" bondage film, this is the one.

    Then you have Chandra, always solid, although there were a few times I sensed she wasn't really acting scared and was just watching Bryan carry on. But for the most part, she played a great victim. She was so damn cute, and when she moans and cries, especially toward the end when she's clearly broken, it's a real turn-on.

    BTW, I don't particularly care about (or usually even notice) clothing in bondage scenes, but I actually think it was an excellent move on Masters' part by leaving the sneakers and knee-high stockings on Chandra throughout the film. Even after her outfit is removed, you still have that portion of the uniform on to remind us that she's no ordinary babe, but an actual cheerleader being bound and abused. I also liked the fact that early on, he pulls up her cute little cheerleader skirt to put clothespins on her pussy! I don't think I have a cheerleader fetish, either, but that moment was special, I thought. Heh heh, make the bitch cheerleader pay!

    The sequel was not as much fun, I agree, mainly because it was Penelope as the victim, and like our Canadian friend, I felt the supersized boobs made her a less appealing victim than Chandra. I did particularly like the scene where Chandra enacts her revenge by punching her in the face several times, though. Face it, I just love scenes where women get beat up. To me, that was the highlight of the sequel.

    BTW, here's some interesting trivia for you. Cheerleaders came out first, but was almost immediately withdrawn shortly after being released. Apparently because Penelope wears pigtails and sucks a lollipop in one scene, I heard the film was suspected of featuring underaged characters (totally lunacy since it takes place in a college...Perilous University). Anyway, I guess that finally got straightened out and Rick was eventually able to release it again, but by that time the sequel was already out, so most people saw Part 2 before Part 1. For a few years in the mid-90s, audiences were prevented from seeing what is arguably Masters' best movie. Damn government censors.

    Anyway, here's the links to your 2 new reviews:

    Sgt. Major: Good to see you back here posting. No one has to tell a veteran bondage rigger like yourself, of course, but no one should ever leave a woman gagged without constant supervision because gags can be dangerous. Nonetheless, I'm also of the opinion that cleave gags, especially thin ones, are basically worthless when it comes to actually silencing a woman, and yet, you see a lot of them in movies. I actually liked the one that Lauren German wore in Hostel: Part 2 because it was so tight, and of course, Heather Matarazzo's gag was very thick. But most cleaves suck. I want to see the bitch's mouth stuffed full. Ballgags are good, duct tape with mouth packing is better. If you're going to gag her, do it RIGHT. It's all about keeping her shut up, otherwise, why gag her in the first place?

    Okay, time for another super fantastic official GIMP Poll:

    What kind of gag(s) do you most favor in your bondage scenes?
    A. Tape
    B. Ballgag
    C. Cleave
    D. Ring gag
    E. Bit gag
    F. Over the Mouth
    G. Jaw spreader
    H. Strap gag
    I. Something else
    J. No gag, it obstructs her face

    Everybody vote, and try to say why you have a preference for your choice(s). And we are going to keep track this time. This should be a topic that ALL of you should have an opinion on, so let's get this place talking!

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 08:24:36 PM

    Name: VVV
    E-mail address:

    First choice: J. No gag. I like to hear her screaming and pleading.

    Second choice: I. Other -- Her panties or, better yet, the panties of the other girl you have captured so that you may use the two together. Panties are also a good choice if held in with a single strand of rope or cloth so that she can still provide pretty good screams and moans, but you have just denied her the power of comprehensible speech.

    Third choice: B. Ball gag. There is just something sexy about a big red ball strapped into a bitch's mouth.

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 09:04:30 PM

    Name: zee-ef-ex

    The poll: I

    Ralphus - how could you leave my favorite penis gags off the list?

    Ball gags second.


    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 10:12:39 PM

    Name: VM
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Poll- If were talking mainstream film my pick would be the ballgag (because of the uniqueness) followed by the cleave gag. If were talking commercial/fetish- would pick cleave, then ballgag. Probably should have included cleave with packing as choice.

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 10:29:34 PM

    Name: sock puppet

    I like the gag where they bring in a girl in handcuffs and the guy goes "Who's on first" and she says "Mmmmph!" and the guy goes "no, What's on second."


    Well, I guess you had to be there...

    Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 11:05:41 PM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:

    Re gags: The bitches mouth has to be open so you can cum in her mouth, right? So bit gags, ring gags or mouth spreaders -- any of these are fine!

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 01:55:55 AM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:

    LucyBoots: Love your blog. I hope you continue to give a woman's perspective on all things GIMP!

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 02:00:52 AM

    Name: Brutus

    Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. Yep, I think "Cheerleaders" was Chandra at her hottest. As for Penelope, yeah the tits were too huge, but she put on a great performance. I doubt anyone with half a brain would mistake her or her character as underage.

    As for the poll, this is one of my favorite topics. For me, it's definitely (B) ballgags. Why? Let me count the ways:

    1. Effectiveness: When properly inserted, only muffled sounds of pain, pleasure and frustration can be heard, and no audible words.

    2. Appearance: A bright red ball stuffed in a woman's piehole is a thing of beauty, and the leather straps add some nice symmetry.

    3. Pain: The larger ballgags certainly stretch the woman's jaw, providing some genuine discomfort over the long run.

    4. Practicality: Easy to put on, easy to take off, and impossible for the victim to remove if properly applied.

    5. Humiliation: Unstoppable drool on the tits is a nice touch.

    6. Coolness: Isn't it awesome that these things are created for one purpose? To shut the bitch up?

    In second place is any gag with panties for stuffing, mainly for the humiliation.

    And in third place is the penis gag, preferably a double-ended one so the victim is silenced, forced to give head, and then pleasure another victim.

    BTW Ralphus, F and G are the same answers in the poll question. Perhaps we could have G as "Over the mouth with stuffing" or "penis gag"?

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 08:29:37 AM

    Name: Scout
    E-mail address:

    What kind of gag(s) do you most favor in your bondage scenes?

    A big red ball gag is my favorite

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 09:43:15 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    Poll question: I'm not a hardliner on this one -- I'm pretty open to a variety of gags. But my top pick would be duct tape. In my mind, nothing says "shut up, bitch" quite as effectively as a big piece of tape across a woman's mouth.

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 10:18:06 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Brutus: You're right, I made a boo-boo last night when I was putting the choices up there. I've corrected the mistakes and (hopefully) made it easier to vote by adding pictures to the poll.

    As far as penis gags, well, there are two types of penis gags. I did consider that when I made up the choices. One is a regular strap gag (H) with a penis inside for her to suck on. Then there's the penis gag which is double-sided with a penis on the outside as well. If you want that option, simply choose (I) Something Else.

    As far as panties, you can fill her mouth with whatever packing you like. You can stuff her mouth with panties and then use tape, an OTM gag, cleave, strap, etc. Whatever option you like. If you prefer panties tied in with rope, I guess you'd choose (I) Something Else. We have 10 choices up there already; I couldn't list all of them :)

    My preference is duct tape with mouth packing, and nothing works better than her smelly, dirty panties. Let her taste her own excretions...(evil laugh).

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 11:39:53 AM

    Name: sgtmajor
    Homepage URL:

    I guess I am a duct tape kind of guy, what else would you expect from an H.O.M. junkie. Something about how raw it looks especially if a model gets red faced.

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 05:52:27 PM

    Name: Kevin
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Favorite gag? My favorite part of bondage, without a doubt!

    Definitely for me, it's a nice sweaty, smelly sock stuffed into the girls mouth, and then duct tape wrapped several times tightly, over her mouth and around her head!

    Why a sock for stuffing, you ask? Well, I happen to have a huge foot fetish, and it's a way I can get her barefoot.

    Also, the sock adds to her distress, and makes the gag all that more unpleasant!

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 07:19:09 PM

    Name: Jeff Gord
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi folks

    I guess my preference would be A-F-I simultaneously. :-)))

    I'm having a hard time writing tonight. I'm struggling with a finger in a weird device trying to save it from amputation. Bad scene. I busted the joint capsule and ripped a tendon off the bone and then it got infected with a real nasty virus. As they say a pic says a thousand words so I'm sending some of my favourite gag scenes.

    1/ Fem-Car is surgically taped, then leather beanie hood, plus shiny hood over the top and then over taping.

    2/ Fayth is on Bitch Bender with surgical tape and then steel over leather.

    3/ Claire is surgical taped first, with darlex hood over tape, then stretch hood and then copper head cage over top. The pics show what happens to Claire when you gag her like that, stretch her, squeeze her with air power to a level of 2244 lbs total body pressure, then stick a gazzillion tens volts up her ass, pussy and through her nipples. As you can see, the gagging is very effective and I just love that bulging cheek effect as the juice hits her and she can't move a single muscle. Damn it if she didn't get off when we did it to her. Another torture machine that went wrong.



    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 07:19:14 PM

    Name: jyydubs

    If I have to pick then it would be A. Can't beat duct tape.

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 07:45:11 PM

    Name: MikeyMike

    Jeff Gord,

    I was wondering if you saw the CSI episode that was basically copying your stuff (forniphilia). Were you consulted? It looked like they copied some of your devices.

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 07:47:30 PM

    Name: eeeteee

    mmmmmppppppphhhhhhh ... just pick one??? ... I've got too many favs ... classic HOM panties and clear tape, ball, and ring ... Donna's Dungeon Ordeal's bit ... or the more modern Jennings Dental mouth spreader ... the most important thing is ya gotta be able to hear them. OK ... in stead of wimping out ... I guess I'm partial to the metal look of the Jennings.

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 08:32:34 PM

    Name: eeeteee
    Homepage URL:

    Oh ... I forgot to mention ... Teraz Films latest DVD offering The Girl In The Lift was very disappointing ... the setup was promising, Hana Liska was HOT! and very sweaty, the action was not on par with Mark Of The Whip ... too much setup (lots of masturbation and bad voice narration), not enough action.

    The opening BD scene has Hana standing with suspended nipple clamps, hands tied behind ... all looked too familiar as in MOTW ... I'm a sucker for anything electro ... there was a two part electro sequence. The first included forced drinking and a vibrator to make her pee into an electrified bucket ... which didn't even have the polarity correct ... both contacts on the bucket ... the second was a bit better with one contact on the lift she was standing on and the other contact attached via a chain clamp to her pussy which was threaded through the gate door ... any contact of the chain with the gate would cause a nice CGI spark.

    She is forced to write identity theft info using a dildo stick with a felt pen and paper on the floor... She is tied arms overhead, legs spread and whipped in front (nice and sweaty!) ... then she is impaled with a broom/dildo in that position as her bank accounts are drained and house sold. The moral to the story is to be nice and not rude to the security guard. The extras included on the disc are nice ... including dir commentary, raw whipping, and behind the scenes with Hana.

    Fantom Killer 4 looks promising ... Nina's Nightmares also looks disappointing ... hopefully ... they will deliver move Fumetti style action ... or HOM/ZFX for that matter. Director Roman Nowicki has a knack for finding beautiful women, filming raw action, and shooting wonderful camera work/angles ... he should do better with this series and he can as he has proved in the past.

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 09:00:54 PM

    Name: Fantazmaster
    E-mail address:

    JawSpreader for certain.

    Sunday, December 16th 2007 - 10:42:36 PM

    Name: John S. Cohen
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    I would prefer choice "J", No gag as it obstructs her face. If for some reason a gag is absolutely necessary, I would pick choice G, jaw spreader.


    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 01:16:31 AM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    POLL QUESTION: I don't have a strong preference on this one. I like them all. Given a choice, however, I have a fascination with the jaw spreader. I like the look of metal on her face and it leaves the mouth open for other possibilities.

    My second choice would be duct tape. There is truth to the old saying that you can fix anything with the stuff. BTW: I remember that a while back, someone here asked how to remove the goo from the victim after it is removed. Nail polish remover works well or if your also into building scale models, use (Testor's no.1156) brush cleaner.

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 04:30:51 AM

    Name: Sloth
    E-mail address:

    Mornin All

    Poll Question - sgtmajor's points are well taken but need to go with duct tape for the following reason - tightly placed it allows the model's lips to be nicely outlined so there is minimal facial distortion and still muffles any unauthorized whining.

    Brutus - thanks so much for your effort in providing outstanding reviews - excellent work.

    Ironman - I actually prefer the Testor's - something about less after-taste I'm told.

    Stay Well All

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 05:55:31 AM

    Name: Thanagar

    It's all good of course, but I like the aesthetic of duct tape the best...the captive's mouth is totally concealed, so you have to focus on the fear and apprehension in her beautiful eyes.

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 06:33:15 AM

    Name: Jeff Gord
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi Mikey Mike

    Yep I saw that CSI atrocity, and yes they did steal everything from my site.

    Someone who was working with them said they even had photos from my site on their story board and the House of Gord name was still on them.

    We were in two minds to sue the assholes, but then we got involved with other stuff and never got around to it.

    It's a real sore point with me that these assholes portrayed us as they did.

    Their writer is clearly a loser who hasn't got the brains to actually think up anything original of his own.



    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 09:08:45 AM

    Name: Jefferson James
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Poll: I like different gags for different occasions. For the look, you can't beat duct tape. It has that abducted-for-sex look. I know from experience, however, that it isn't very effective. Most any woman can simply open her mouth. Gorilla Tape is better because it is stickier, but unless tape is wrapped around the head, it doesn't work well.

    Forced oral is very hot, especially with a woman who would bite if she could. For that reason I like jaw spreaders. Ring gags are good too if they are large enough to get your dick through. I custom made one for myself and shot video of me using it on girl. Cum running out of a ring gagged mouth and down her chin is sexier than hell.

    If I wasn't concerned about the woman's comfort and safety, I'd love ball gags. I do, however, act out rape scenes with women and want them to enjoy it enough to do it again and again, not to mention her being alive to do so and me not being in prison. I agree that mouth stuffing is essential if keeping them quiet is a concern. Therefore, I invented my own gag which I humbly call the Jefferson Knot.

    It is a modified hangman's noose with the noose at the side of the coils rather then the bottom. (See URL above) Panties are put in the noose, which is tightened, and then inserted into her mouth. The coils act as a sort of cross between a bit gag and a ball gag. I leave the ropes long enough to wrap around her head and tie in the front. I love the look in her eyes when you are tying that knot between her lips.

    The benefits of this gag are that the rope coils are soft enough for her to bite into and not damage her teeth. It is absorbent. Unlike some, I don't care for drool. The rope can be bleached afterwards so there is no problem reusing it on another girl. It's cheap. I sort of have a thing for white cotton rope. My earliest fantasies involved tying women up with clothesline, the main rope available at the time. And most importantly, if she starts chocking on the stuffing, it comes out instantly with the gag.


    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 10:09:27 AM

    Name: Vlad
    E-mail address:

    Cleave gags are my favorites, with mouth packing of course (panties, hoses nylons......).

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 11:07:40 AM

    Name: Minas

    Well :) It'd be my pleasure to torture female victims, with whichever mouth gag they'd like :)

    Ok, I noticed the title of the poll, which is referred to bondage films' preferred way of gagging, but its the same for real life too, isn't it?

    Anyway, it'll remain just a dream, just a fantasy for me, since I've no way to live a real bondage & exploitation of a female object :( :(

    Now, since I have to make a choice among the different ways of gagging a female object, I'd prefer to gag her with her panties, after they'd be wet enough by her own juices :) :)

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 11:13:23 AM

    Name: John Farnsworth
    E-mail address:

    I suppose my choice would be the ring gag

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 01:05:35 PM

    Name: Jenny G

    Well I love the feeling of a ring gag for being vunerable, But since I am a big fan of pony play I also love a pony bit harness.

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 01:38:47 PM

    Name: tk
    E-mail address:

    strap gag, all the way!!!

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 02:00:23 PM

    Name: mothbrad
    E-mail address:

    When I first saw this poll question, my first thought was 'gags? I don't care about gags! I want to hear the girl begging and screaming!'. Which is still pretty much true, as it always has been. I know that the vast majority of folk into bondage love gags, but I've always been a minority man - in general, I think they spoil the view, as well as some of the appeal of the scene. (This minimalism applies, believe it or not, to rope as well - but that's a discussion for another day).

    Having said that, I thought I'd still take part in the poll to give my thoughts on gags in general.

    Going through Ralphus' list: Tape is one that I don't mind the look of, although I always cringe a little when the tape goes right around the girl's head, thinking about how it's going to come off pulling her hair out. Yep, you can tie her up, beat her, brand her, shock her and piss on her, and I won't be sympathetic, but there's something about getting tape out of hair that makes me wince! Having said that, the 'piece of electrical tape across the kisser' look (as per photo) always looks completely useless, particularly if you've ever tried it.

    Ballgag - I've never liked these, but there are a couple of ZFX scenes that come to mind where they work quite well. For some reason, they're always red, and that's not really my favourite colour - maybe white would be better. But then, maybe I'm just thinking of that film from a few years ago 'Jawbreaker' ...

    Cleave gag - Not much good as a gag, but there's a great image in my head of Kelly McKay with one of these - very sexy (but then, she'd look sexy in pretty much anything; or nothing, come to think of it).

    Ring Gag and Jaw Spreader - These appeal to me most, because there's still plenty of room for the moans etc to come through, as well as giving intimate and unhindered access to the mouth (always a fun prospect). As well as that, they look highly uncomfortable - a definite plus. I wish more films would use this - I have some Insex material that uses jaw spreaders nicely.

    Bit Gag - Unattractive. And with all due respect to fans of pony girl play, horses are simply not my idea of sexy (despite the times I've made it to the racetrack and been screwed thoroughly by a few).

    Over the mouth - nup - covers too much of the face if it's going to be effective. The only thing that should go over the mouth in that way is a guy's hand, and that should only be for the beginning part (e.g. the abduction scene).

    Strap gag - Does this have something inside the mouth (e.g. a good ol' penis gag), or just the leather across the face? Either way, as with the 'over the mouth', this covers too much, and focusses the fetishising on some object, rather than the thing that I really have a fetish for - pretty female faces!

    So there - it's a good thing this isn't a poll I have much of an opinion on!

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 02:08:46 PM

    Name: Dahlia Delis
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi sweet people!!!

    Sorry I disappeared again, I am packing my stuff for my trip to New York next week, I be staying there whole month of January shooting working with awesome east coast bondage producers, so I am happy about that, anyway

    About gags, first of all where are my damn pictures???

    I'm going to post some gagged pictures later for sure

    I like tape better, but sometimes is not good for the skin and it makes me break out (I am a girlie girl after all) but I still like a cloth inside my mouth and tape over that, as you guys know I can produce a lot of noise even gagged like that

    I never like ball gags and all those fancy metal or leather things, but that's just my opinion

    Ok you all I'm going to post pictures in a little bit

    Much love


    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 03:48:47 PM

    Name: Stephen

    At the risk of complicating an easy question, I like a wrap-around tape gag better than anything else, but I like a tight cleave gag better than a simple strip of tape gag as you've pictured. But go ahead and register my vote as a tape gag since there's no way to vote more specifically.

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 04:23:23 PM

    Name: HOWIE

    Poll Question: I'm going to have to vote for D, Ring Gag. A gag that allows easy access, what's not to like?

    G, the Jaw Spreader looks like you might get caught on something, so no good there.

    The rest I'm kind of ambivalent about.

    There's one that was missed though, and looks sort of like E, the bit gag. I've seen it in JAV vids a few times. It's the one where they have two sticks and then have one on each side of the girls tongue, and tied off at the sides. I don't know what it's called, but I dig that one as well.


    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 05:27:50 PM

    Name: Dahlia Delis
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Here are some of my stills

    This is how you gag a lady!!!

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 06:34:50 PM

    Name: Cruel Jailer
    E-mail address:

    Bloody tough call here my friend. Has to honestly say that any female gagged is exciting as all forms of gags have an appeal to them, but would have to say if I had my druthers the ring gag would get the nod as its practical and at the same time very erotic, so yes my vote would be the ring gag. Don't get me wrong as all the others are really hard to beat but hey if I have to pick on then thats the one.


    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 06:52:16 PM

    Name: MasterDetective
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    First off, I gotta say: Ralphus, I love that gallery of poor lil damsels, all wearing those lovely gags!

    As to which ones I like best, well... to me variety is really the spice of life, n'est pas?.. I hate to keep my girls bored by wearing just one gag all night long.. much better and more pleasing to change things around a "bit" (no pun intended) by using different gags to suit my pleasure and mood.

    So long as the facehole is strictly controlled, it's all good.. *evil grin*

    Going down through your list:

    • Tape Gags:Yes, I love 'em.. although I like to see them applied a bit more thoroughly than what's been done to the girl in A. Better to really pack that mouth good and tight w/ wadding, panties, etc, and then lock it down in place w/ the tape.. and use more than one measly strip: give it a good, solid lockdown, ear-to-ear, and taping under the chin too. It's probably the most "domineering" of the gags in this bunch: it silences the girl, it fills her mouth w/ wadding, and all the villain has to do if the slut starts copping an attitude is just pinch her nose shut till she starts behaving herself.

      It's also nice to see the tape wrapped all the way around the head.
    • Ball Gags: I love em! (Who doesn't??) Again, those, the one this blonde is wearing seems a bit small for her mouth. I think Penelope Pace in Machine Head gets the award for All Time Sexiest Ball Gag Ever! LOL

      Ball gags are great for the quick in-and-out. If you want to pop the gag out, you just pinch her nose shut w/ one hand, and pop it out w/ the other. If the bitch starts copping an attitude again, or you desire to silence her, just pinch the nose again and slip the ball right back where it belongs. Quick and easy. Works great if you want to silence her for some torture, then use her mouth for a little face-fucking, then silence her again for some more torture, etc. The drool that ballgags cause is also pretty sexy, imho..
    • Cleave Gags: Nope, Nada.. Unless of course you're working w/ its close cousin: the rope gag. Now rope gags I like, both for "standalone" silencing and as part of more elaborate gagging (first you rope the mouth, then you pack some wadding in, etc). There are also sinister variations of the rope gag that I like, such as using a tight thin metal wire in place of the rope, then passing an electrical current through the wire, etc. *evil grin*
    • Ring Gags: Yep, they're great. As has been duly noted already, you can prop the facehole open and fuck away. A nice "complement" to these kinds of gags that prop the mouth open, is to tape the girl's nose shut w/ electrical (or possibly duct) tape, forcing her to breathe through her propped out mouth. Then you ram your cock down her throat, forcing her to gasp and breathe "around" your cock as she's sucking you off.. Great fun for all!

      The ring gag also works great for other "play" in the mouth: for instance, you might want to attach some clothespins to the tip of her tongue to "punish" her for disobedience, or attach some electrodes to her tongue and run a current, or take a pair of pliers, grab the tongue, and hold the tip of her tongue over a lit cigarette lighter, etc.. all these techniques work best w/ the facehole firmly propped open as w/ the ring gag
    • Bit Gags: Naw.. never really been a big fan of bit gags.. except for instance as what PD did at Insex where he did the outdoor scenes, and used a piece of wood as the "bit" gag.. that was good!
    • Over the Mouth Gags: Love em! And the model is F looks hot w/ hers, too. I especially like taking that cloth around her mouth, and then gently nudging it upwards, so it covers her nose too. You see this in the Oriental/Japanese bondage flicks once in a while.. Yes, she can still breathe, but now she has to work harder at it, and she's much more nervous/terrified about what you'll do next to her.
    • Dental Gags: Yes, similar comments as w/ ring gags. I think dental gags work better in scenes where the victim is "immobilized" more.. she's in a tighter Lockdown, so to speak. Perhaps the head has been immobilized w/ a strap across the forehead, perhaps she's wearing a nosehook, etc.. the dental gags work better in those kinds of scenes (imho) than the ring, but many of the same comments apply.
    • Strap Gags: Although the model here is a bit too retro-80s for my tastes (LOL), yes I love em. Esp the ones w/ the dildos facing inwards, although the dildo gags should really only be used to "reward" slaves in my opinion. If the slave has been misbehaving herself, there's no reason I can see to reward her by stuffing a cock into her mouth.. there are more degrading uses her mouth can be put to in that case.

      I also like the variations on the strap gag like the head harness, the full-blown muzzle, etc.
    • Others: Already brought up a few I don't see on this list (rope gags, head harness, muzzles), but how about those Oriental chopstick gags? Again, those work best if you're torturing the tongue (keep the tongue fastened "outside" the mouth w/ the chopsticks, then attach electrodes, expose it to a flame, etc). I also saw the panties in the mouth + clear tape gags mentioned below.. those are pretty hot too

    Again Ralphus, nice gallery!

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 08:42:59 PM

    Name: jyydubs
    Homepage URL:

    Heads up on a film coming out tomorrow called "On Bloody Sunday". It's not as good as I was hoping it would be based on the trailer, but it does have one good scene where an unfortunate damsel is tied topless to a chair by the serial killer. He tapes her face up with the picture of another woman to fantasize. After some torment, he pours gasoline on her. That's where the scene ends. Unfortunately the rest of the torture/bondage in the film is a big male sausage-fest.

    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 09:54:26 PM

    Name: Grey
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Poll: Preferred gag. In order of preference:

    A.) Tape - 1st place

    I.) Ace Bandage covered with tape - 2nd place

    F.) Over mouth (i.e. ace bandage)- Third place

    C.) Cleave gag - Honorable Mention

    I.) Roped in gag - Best New Style

    J.) No gag - but hand over mouth (for a quicky)

    And lastly B.) Ball gag (least favorite-too common)


    Monday, December 17th 2007 - 11:11:13 PM

    Name: knightmayre
    E-mail address:

    The ballgag is my personal favourite, big, red, drooling. When wedged in deep, there's nothing sexier.

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 12:15:12 AM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    mothbad: Ring Gag and Jaw Spreader - These appeal to me most, because there's still plenty of room for the moans etc to come through, as well as giving intimate and unhindered access to the mouth (always a fun prospect). As well as that, they look highly uncomfortable - a definite plus. I wish more films would use this - I have some Insex material that uses jaw spreaders nicely.

    Eyewitness Productions uses these from time to time -- these are pretty much the only gag they use. I've uploaded a few pf my favorite model in a ring gag -- see the URL. (For those who think "killing" the girl is a waste, You can presume that she is "merely" beaten and raped after this series of pics!).

    HOWIE: There's one that was missed though, and looks sort of like E, the bit gag. I've seen it in JAV vids a few times. It's the one where they have two sticks and then have one on each side of the girls tongue, and tied off at the sides. I don't know what it's called, but I dig that one as well.

    I don't know what that's called either, but it sure is nice, innit!

    When a girl is being strangled or hung (to "death" of course), I prefer no gag -- I want to hear every moan and whimper down to the last "urrrgggh" as she breatheds her last. THAT's yummmy!

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 12:25:40 AM

    Name: sadman51
    E-mail address:


    How about an enormous ball gag inside a mouth stretcher covered with extremely tight multiple windings of tape all round her head, covered by a full head harness with a tight leather mouth strap, underneath a tightly laced full head discipline hood with integral mouth 'hump'.

    Making me hot just thinking about it!

    From the Sadman.

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 06:15:34 AM

    Name: Baronorca
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    On the topic of gags, it's the least important bit in a scene to me. So, I really dont care which gag is used (or none).

    Homepage URL should lead to another sample gallery of Tigerr Benson (dont thnk theres a gag in sight) :)

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 06:30:07 AM

    Name: Vince

    Of the choices given here, I would have to choose the tape gag.

    It's cheap, effective and makes me think of a woman as another object that needs to be wrapped up

    Despite that though, I think nothing can be as exciting as handgagging a woman's mouth. The feel of rapid nervous breath on the palm of one's hand is one that can't be duplicated.

    Name: MasterTD
    E-mail address:

    Any gag that makes her drool on herself. That is one of the most humilating things you can do to a sub or slave. This works well in public also.

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 08:07:54 AM

    Name: Sloth
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Mornin All

    Nice to see all the chatter concerning this latest poll - I especially like Jefferson James' noose gag as it seems multi-purpose - hang her with it when you're done.

    Dahlia - dear, at this time of year people are fleeing New York, not heading there for a shoot - still, hope all turns out well.

    On a balmy day U.S. Gimpers might head out to watch a baseball game, Euro Gimpers might take in a soccer match and our Aussie friends might watch those high flyers of Hawthorne and Essendon square off. The Japanese, however, will engage in their favorite sport, the abduction, bondage, torment, torture and sexual abuse of arrogant, snotty bitch female teachers. Which brings us to this days' movie review. The film is "Slave Female Teacher". Officially it would be Cinemagic DVS #037. I obtained my copy on VCD from The Candles Room at the above link and their code number is S33. It stars the lovely and gracious Sayaka and the run time is 70 minutes.

    So this snotty bitch teacher is in her classroom chiding this dullard high school student for his poor performance. The boy takes off and his geeky father returns to ask her to come over to the home for the weekend to tutor the awkward son. She arrives and they converse at the dining room table. The chat does not go well so father brings out a coil of rope and quickly binds her wrists behind, upper body wrapped and leaves her standing by the table. He gives a her a fondling and diddles her pussy. He sits her on the floor and continues.

    She is retied in a rather uncomfortable position with wrists behind and wrapped, one leg has calf tied to thigh and she stands on one foot while the rest of her is bent over the table. Dad uses his palm to whack her ass.

    It would seem dad has prepared a confinement/classroom area. Teacher is sitting bound wrists behind and upper body wrapped. She is blindfolded. Dad brings sonny in and removes her blindfold. Sonny fondles the teacher under dad's expert tutelage. Dad has boy sit down and forces teacher to suck his toes. She gags at first but then begins to function. Sonny removes his pants and gets a blow job while dad manipulates her head from behind. Upon completion, she deposits the load in his palms and he smears her face with it.

    Later, the teacher is sitting on the sofa unbound doing some actual tutoring. Apparently, dad has a different outlook and divests her of all attire. This type of instruction is to the son's liking and she's ordered to fondle herself as he studies. So it's off to the bedroom where she's bound wrists and elbows in front and body wrapped. Sonny licks her pussy from behind while she sucks daddy's dick. Sonny works her pussy with a vibrator. Dad turns her over and does her missionary style as Sonny goes back to his studies. Dad puts her on top and bounces her around a bit. Another turnover and he wraps her ankles around his neck and finishes business with a Samurai yell as he dumps his load on her face. She's left quivering on the bed as dad helps Sonny study.

    Teacher is now back in the confinement/classroom sitting on the floor wearing panties. Her wrists are bound in front, ropes around breasts and upper body. Enter our heroes for a waxing. Dad holds her in place while Sonny waxes her breasts and butt under dad's watchful eye. Dad explains some of the subtler points of a proper waxing. Amid much groveling, the waxing continues to back, belly and legs. She is left to whimper on the floor.

    Our teacher is now back in the dining room, wrists bound behind, upper body wrapped and corded to ceiling, legs bound together in several places. Dad enters and applies a white whiffle ball gag. He administers a body lashing with the cat and the drool flows freely. He lowers her to the floor where they swap spit.

    Sonny continues his studies in the confinement classroom but needs some visual inspiration. Dad has teacher dangling before him, one calf tied to a thigh then to the ceiling, wrists behind then to ceiling standing on one foot. It would seem the teacher has found her true calling and will now specialize as an in-home tutor/bondage slave. The End

    Movie Pluses - The actress has what for me is an ideal rack - mid sized, symmetrical and well formed, with small well defined nipples. Looks phenominal with cords wrapped just above them to accentuate the female form. It was refreshing to find these two dweebs in an idyllic situation. A nice balance of torment and sexual abuse.

    Movie Minuses - the teacher needed to be a tad more vehement in her protestations and the male duo needed to have a bit more glee in her suffering.

    The Verdict - pretty much standard Japanese fare but I enjoyed the "family values" premise. All fathers should bring up their sons as properly as this one.

    My Grade B-

    Stay Well All

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 08:26:31 AM

    Name: Brutus

    Dahlia: Great to see your gorgeous gagged face back in the GIMP world. I like the blond look in one of your pics, but your natural color is better IMHO. Dress warm for NY.

    Sloth: Thanks for the excellent review. I also love movies where geeks have their way with a hot woman, but I wish they gagged her more. Still, my father never helped me with my homework like that ...

    Poll: I'm really enjoying the opinions about gag preferences, and I cannot recall a more varied response to a GIMP poll.

    Based on an earlier post from VM, I checked out the mainstream horror movie "Somebody Help Me." It's got three scenes of hot babes with black ballgags who are secured to a chair with leather cuffs on wrists and ankles. One gets her ear sliced off, one gets scalped and another gets rescued. But the scenes are not that great.

    First, the women are fully clothed. Second, the tortures consist of one act, and that's it. But the biggest flaw is that the ballgags are NOT used properly! They are not really jammed in the victims' mouths. In one scene, the victim's screams actually dislodge the ballgag so it's resting on the outside corner of her mouth. What a wasted opportunity :-(

    And was it just my imagination or was there a female poster here who said she likes the feel of ring gags? God bless your soul for sharing that with us :-)

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 09:55:52 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    Sloth: I enjoyed the review of Slave Female Teacher, but am confused by the actual movie. In the middle of the action, the teacher is suddenly sitting naked and unbound on the sofa, doing some actual tutoring? WTF? I'm afraid the storyline in this one doesn't work for me. That and the fact it's on VCD, which I hate.

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 04:50:02 PM

    Name: DHT
    E-mail address:

    Gags? I have a lot of things to say about gags. But, I'll make it short and concise... I love to see women gagged. It is not bondage if there are no gags. Now, that doesn't mean I only want to see a woman gagged, because in a video if she is gagged the whole time, then I don't know what she looks like un-gagged, and that takes out some of the thrills. And I want all of the thrill, so I need these things done right.

    Favorite Gags in order of favoritism:

    1. The strap gag (H). I consider this to be the ultimate in gags, the result of combining all of the best aspects of every kind of gag, with none of the worst. Jay Edwards has the best strap gags: form fitting, smooth, and tight.

    2. The over the mouth gag (F). This is #2 because it is so aesthetic and effective, yet relatively rarer than the cleave gag. If the cleave gag were more rare, it would be #2.

    3. The cleave gag (C). Okay, when done right, this is the damn near unbeatable one... but there is a wide margin for error here. Too loose = bad. Flaps of cloth hanging off the side = bad. Too thin = bad. Knot in front or on the side = bad. Ken Scott-style, from the back-wraps around the front-winds BACK around the back-crosses across the front AGAIN-OVER THE HAIR = BAD. That convoluted, it doesn't matter how tight it is, it's going to be loose because she can't keep it in her mouth even if she tries. Plus, he uses that shiny material, and they are going to slip out anyway.

    Optimum cleave gag = bandanna or longer thin scarf, knotted, knot in her mouth, and tied IN the BACK. If the scarf is too thin for the knot to be thick, put an extra layer of cloth in it before you roll it and it will be perfect.

    4. Tape (A). Tape is nice, but again I am particular. I want to see her with one or two straps, wide, straight across. Nice and tight. I don't need to see 7 strips, or x's, or chin straps. I prefer to see her chin, so if the tape goes down past that, I like it less. The same goes for wrap-around gags, be they Coban, tape, or cloth.

    5. Ballgags. I like to see a model with a ballgag, I prefer wider straps over thinner ones, but I like the ball not to be too big to fit all the way in her mouth. I don't like chin straps.

    6. Gags I don't like: Dental gag, (what's the point?); ring gag (useless, really, unless they are big enough to get your cock through, and most of the time that you see a girl with one on, that isn't happening anyway; Gags with stuffing, I could care less without stuffing. It is dangerous and a pain in the ass, and I have no interest in wasting precious time with it; Ballgags that are too big to get in the model's mouth.

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 05:40:04 PM

    Name: VM
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Just added a new line at VM. China Bondage. China Bondage#1 is the first hardcore bondage dvd from China!! Boxcover and description is on front of site. Includes several pics from the dvd.

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 07:13:31 PM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    WOW! There has really been quite a response to the poll question. I didn't realize how much I liked gags until reading the responses. I have particularly enjoyed some of the in-depth studies by DHT, MasterDetective, Mothbrad, and others. Very good coverage (pun intended).

    A Canadian: Wanted to let you know that I finally got on board with the JAV scene, starting with SLAVE ISLAND 11. I fully understand why these movies are so popular. Although I prefer content that is a bit more rough, the quality more than makes up for it. Excellent picture quality and camera work, marathon run time, and the girls are very pleasing to the eye. I found it a bit funny that I was looking for Japanese Attackers on Pearl Harbor day.

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 07:58:03 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    I gotta say, I'm really impressed by the number of responses we're getting on the Gag Poll. I know we have our regular posters here who I figured would chime in, but we're seeing some brand new faces here and some others who haven't been here for a while. And some really interesting and detailed answers, too. Thanks to everyone who has posted so far, and by all means, keep 'em coming. I'm really liking all the varied opinions we're getting.

    One thing, though. I did say I would keep track of the results, but that's going to be devilishly hard, since a lot of you are expressing preferences for multiple gags. Hey, that's fine, there's more than one way to keep her quiet. We want to know what you think.

    Dahlia Delis: Hey, good to see the Sex Symbol of the GIMP board finally made it back here. Nice pictures; we'll be expecting more after the New York photographers are done tying you up and gagging you. If you have any large ones available from the shoots, e-mail them to me and I'll highlight you as the daily picture for a while.

    Baronorca: Thanks for the Tigerr Benson (now known as "Tigerr Juggs") pics you linked for us. She's looking a bit better in those pics; at least she took out the nipple studs and covered up her tats with that vinyl skirt. She's been branching out at Shadowslaves, even letting them put needles in her tits now. Hope they don't pop.

    In fact, Shadowslaves looks like they're putting out some more intense stuff lately, which is ironic that they're doing it now since my membership lapsed, naturally. They had one on their latest update page called Terrorized where a chick is force-fed dog food, but they don't stop there; they add the contents of an ashtray, as well as slugs and insects to the mix. Sounds pretty exciting, since I like gross, humiliating tortures. You can download a hi-res trailer of that and others at It looks like a lot of fun. She definitely doesn't like what he's doing to her.

    Sloth: Another nice Japanese review; I like the theme of the dad and his nerdy son teaming up to go after the pretty teacher. Like father, like son. "Now son, if your teacher gives you any trouble in class, let me show you the way to take care of things." Ah, if life were only like that...Hey, maybe it really IS like that in Japan! I'm saving up my money so I can take a trip out there to check things out. I'll bet it's a GIMPer's version of Disneyland. Or should I say Fantasyland?

    Here's the direct link to your review:

    I know we're not here to celebrate real-life GIMP stories, but I couldn't help but notice the headline on Page 1 of "Tennis Star Robbed: Masked Men Tie Her up". All this proves is that the media knows exactly what type of headline gets people's attention.

    The tennis star is 20-year old Russian babe Anna Chakvetadze, who, as you can see, is pretty cute. She was tied up for a half hour in her home. It doesn't say what they used to tie her up or if she was gagged. The direct link for the story is in my Homepage URL above.

    Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 08:25:04 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Ironman: Congratulations, you've made a wise decision. The Japanese filmmakers won't let you down.

    Since you like da rough stuff, some titles you may wish to consider would include Attackers 77 (JBD-077), Attackers 79 (JBD-079) and Attackers Super Special 21 (SSPD-021). All of these titles are still available at, and can be found by searching the codes. If you are searching according to each movie's star, here's the info: Attackers 77 stars Anjyu (the link is in my URL), Attackers 79 stars Mika Siina, and SSPD-021 stars Ageha Aoi.

    The three movies above should be pretty safe picks. Ralphus picked Attackers 79 as the best movie from 2005, and I picked SSPD-021, which was reviewed by DoppleM, as the best film of 2006. Sloth, DoppleM and others might also have some suggestions for you.

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 03:37:02 AM

    Name: Lucyboots
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    I chose the classic ball gag.

    I would choose a jaw spreader or a ring gag because I have to assume it forces the girl to swallow whatever you want, which SOUNDS hot, but I've never seen a movie that utilizes either one! Can anyone email me a link to such a movie?

    Maybe then I will change my vote :-)

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 05:39:05 AM

    Name: E Flynn

    Which Gag??

    My favourite gag has to be the penis gag, it has to be quite large, with a dildo attached to the front of it. So when she is forced to use the dildo on her twin sister, sister or her mother. As it moves back and forth at the back of her mouth, it makes her start to retch and she feels she is on the verge of being sick. Then the panic really sets in becouse if she is sick there is nowhere for the vomit to go and she knows she could choke on it

    My second must be a over large ball [any colour] that clicks in behind the teeth. Fitted with full head harness

    There is one more gag that I think about but have never seen. That's a double head harness Ball gag, that fits into two mouths, so that the two bound models are held in a permanent kiss.

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 07:35:09 AM

    Name: Jefferson James
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Lucyboots: I'll see about posting my forced oral with a ring gag clip called Ring Rape. Stay tuned.


    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 11:48:09 AM

    Name: mothbrad
    E-mail address:

    Ralphus, that clip you just pointed out (Terrorized) is an absolute marvel! I haven't been that excited about a company since I discovered Insex all those years ago - I think I'm going to have find some way to get a membership. Forcefeeding; bugs; a victim completely freaking out ... all looks too good to be true. (coulda done without the piercing down below, but when the action's this good, it seems churlish to complain about that).

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 01:49:01 PM

    Name: Leffard Smith
    E-mail address:

    My favorite is the cleave gag which really makes the girl looks helpless and in dire peril.

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 03:13:23 PM

    Name: John
    E-mail address:

    I. Her own soiled Panties.

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 03:29:25 PM

    Name: Mac
    E-mail address:

    I like the ball gag the best, but there is no "bad" gag.

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 04:35:11 PM

    Name: Rich K
    E-mail address:

    Can I have two comments!!

    Yes, I agree w/the other person saying a g'd size ball-gag.

    Cleave gags--nice tight thick ones is also g'd.

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 04:47:20 PM

    Name: Thos. Merchant
    E-mail address:

    My favorite is a Penis Gag/Ring Gag combo. The penis keeps her mouth filled until you can fill it with a penis, which the ring gag helps accommodate. The ring gag is also useful during feedings and waterings.

    My next fave is another combo - a large, mouth-filling rubber ball kept in by duct tape very tightly wrapped around her head.

    Ball gags are my favorite "simple" gag. But in any event, the bondage ain't finished until she's gagged!

    Thos. Merchant

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 05:16:00 PM

    Name: HOWIE

    Man, I gotta say, today's pic does nothing for me. It's even hard for me to look at. I just don't like it when a woman's breasts are tied so tight that they don't even look like breasts anymore. I don't mind a little rope work around the fun bags, but when they get all red and misshapen like that I find it to be a real turn off. Especially when I know the model in question has GREAT fucking tits, but you would never know from that pic.


    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 05:24:11 PM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    HOWIE: I have to agree with you. I'm not really sure why but it freaks me out too. I can't hardly look at it.

    A Canadian: Thanx a lot for the tips. I value your opinion when it comes to Japanese titles. Your reviews show that you are a valuable source of info.

    I see some names that I haven't seen post here before. Hope you stay with us and post regularly.

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 06:26:45 PM

    Name: Jughead
    E-mail address:

    Voting for the spreader gag and others that leave the mouth open for insertion of all types of objects, plus the mouth is available to fuck if you so wish.

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 07:52:37 PM

    Name: Steve Power
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    I've gone through phases liking all sorts of gags. My favorite is the ball gag. Cleave gags get wet and soggy...the spreader gags that you see....are often easily spit out....ring gags can be turned on their side....a nice tight ball gag causes immediate submission and prevents her from biting. If the strap is tight she can't spit it out. It also makes it difficult to she drools. It takes away her ability to control, leaving her helpless and vulnerable.

    Duct tape gags are ok for a while but then I want to see those lips and teeth. Some gals have to struggle constantly to control their gag reflex when ball gagged. Natalia is one of those models that I worked with that almost instantly threw up when ball gagged and had to fight it the whole time. I don't like the giant ball gags and want to see the ball well inside her mouth. At least half the ball needs be inside her mouth.

    Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 09:09:01 PM

    Name: morgan
    E-mail address:

    A good old cleave gag is about as good as any. It leaves the face open and also doesn't show the extreme pain that some of the other gags may cause.

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 01:23:40 AM

    Name: Nightposter

    I too prefer the ring gag / penis gag combination with a pump up gag as second choice. One of my past playmates built her own combination gag with a tube running one the inside of the penis to allow for the "pumping" of a range of substances.

    Another preferred the pump up gag to silence her cries for help in or games.

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 01:34:13 AM

    Name: attackers
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Just found some very good japanese bondage movie gallery

    The Japanese BDSM is difference from U.S or germany one

    It is more fetish and most important the girl is good looking

    Akane Hotaru Sakura Sakurada Les Noir 5

    Chihiro Hara Slave Secretary of Jyabaku

    Orgasm Weapon vol.2

    Loach Punishment Lesbian Desire Eel Crime

    Yuka Osawa School Girl Crazy Machine Pussy Torture 2

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 02:22:26 AM

    Name: Sloth
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Mornin All

    Attackers - thanks for those shots - like the looks of Slave Secretary.

    I don't recall seeing so many new names appear in such a short time - our host troll seems to have found a poll everyone has an opinion on - keep contributing guys and girls.

    On to the business of the day. Today we will review an Attackers effort, JB020, "Collar Girl". I obtained my dvd from Video Mayhem but it seems to be gone from there. It can be ordered at the above link. It stars Nami Maita and the run time is 70 minutes.

    Office babe is working late in the dark on a computer. These dweeb security guards make their rounds and she hides under the desk. Next day one of the guards sees her withdrawing vast sums of money from an ATM - light bulb goes off so he tells his buddy and they formulate a plan. That night they catch her at the computer. Rather than turn her in they decide to use and abuse her.

    She's taken to a small apartment attached to the business. When she tries to flee she's subdued, held on the sofa and has most of her attire shredded and removed. Bound wrists behind, upper body wrapped with calves tied to thighs she gets a major fondling and diddling. They menace her with shears to her face and eyes. She becomes compliant when the shears are used on her nipples and pussy. Cutting off her panties, they work her over with small vibrators. A much larger double pronged version is produced and when properly inserted produces the desired effect.

    Office babe is now fitted with a collar and leash. In panties and shredded stockings she must crawl on all fours and is made to fetch a doggie chew bone with her mouth and return it to her new masters. A doggie bowl is filled with Alpo and she dines - bon apetit. Some tattered clothing is put back on and she is retied straddling a divan bound wrists behind and upper body wrapped, cords holding a vibrator in place from behind.

    For some diversion she's taken to the offices of the business. The guards have strung rope column to column along the length of a counter. Every 6 inches the rope has been knotted. Wearing heels and tattered panty remains, wrists bound behind her head then secured to body cords she must walk the gauntlet, straddling the rope and pausing at each knot to diddle herself.

    Now to the basement where she is bound wrists behind and secured to ceiling and equipped with a red whiffle ball gag. One leg is hoisted and clothespins applied to breasts, pussy, eyelids, cheeks, chin - name your body part. She gets another dose of the double prong vibrator. Taken down and naked, one guard waxes her all over as she blows the other nerd. She is then suspended from the ceiling by her ankles and receives a flogging with the cat.

    It would seem the guards decided to turn her in anyway as they come to visit her in jail. She seems to get the same treatment there as she's brought out naked, bound and whiffle ball gagged. The guards gape in amazement. The End

    Movie Pluses - nice looking lady, good bondage nice premise and plenty of torment. What's not to like.

    Movie Minuses - here's what not to like. This actress simply was incapable of conveying any sense of torment of suffering. Too bad, but if you can't sell me on some sense of genuine agony you get a major grade subtraction.

    The Verdict - what a shame.

    My Grade - C

    Stay Well All

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 08:55:44 AM

    Name: Jefferson James
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Steve Power: has a thing called a spider gag. It is a ring gag that can't be turned in the mouth.


    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 09:04:05 AM

    Name: bill
    E-mail address:

    I prefer hand over mouth gags

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 12:34:11 PM

    Name: ikugan
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Here's a good JAV that I found a while back. It stars the now-retired Sally Yoshino.

    From what I gather from the plot (my Japanese sucks). She's an undercover spy that's been sent to gather info on a slavery ring operating under the guise of a night club. The story opens with her having drinks with one of the club owners. After some useless chit chat she notices that the drink she was given had an extra ingredient: roofies. She passes out at the bar. Cut to the next scene.

    She's in a dungeon, behind a cage. Her arms are cuffed above her and she's still wearing her evening gown. She comes to as two men enter her cell and begin feeling her up as a prelude to "harsher"(?) things. She basically tells them to f*ck off and one of them puts his hand up the slit of her skirt and tells her he'd rather "f*ck this". Lots of struggling as they strip her and fondle all the areas that need fondling. They finally get her panties off and unhook her from the chain that held her arms up.

    With her hands still shackled in front of her, one man holds her arms and the other man bends her over. Once he gets down to business the camera alternates shots between the action and her facial expressions as she struggles to get free. Eventually she's completely naked but still restrained and both guys get a turn at her. The whole time she's putting up a good act struggling and trying to stop them from doing anything else.

    This pretty much sets the tone for the whole AV. She's naked for most of it, restrained in one way or another, always looking good and acting good as the guys use her. Lots of bondage, lots of humiliation as they break this tough "spy" into a more pliable slave.

    My only two negatives for this AV is that:

    1) It could have been longer. Twice they show the same slow motion montage to show just how badly they're using her. The AV's only 80 min long; they could have made these scenes into normal ones instead of "dramatic" slo mo, bad-music-in-the-background montages. Thankfully they don't last too long.

    2) A LOT of restrained sex, not enough torture; just a few spankings/slaps to the face (that looked a bit real).

    Overall, great AV worth the effort to view.

    Grade: A-

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 02:12:04 PM

    Name: ikugan
    E-mail address:

    As for gags, ball gag. Preferrably the wiffle ball variety with holes. Either that or her wet panties after you've stimulated her enough :).

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 02:18:04 PM

    Name: NevadaDom
    E-mail address:

    I like A and C. Or, if the area is isolated enough, no gag at all.

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 02:34:08 PM

    Name: Silverback
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Personally, I like my models with a ball gag. However, some have complained that it is too uncomfortable, and for those I use a cleave gag with packing (hopefully their panties). hee, hee.

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 03:26:01 PM

    Name: Penitent

    My personal vote would be for the penis/dildo gag! Second choice, those japper style "tube" gags. Like a ring, but with more of a tunnel, hehehe!

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 05:05:34 PM

    Name: DoppleM
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Poll Question: I have to go with the ball gag.

    Ironman: As A Canadian said, you have made a wise decision on the Japanese movies. I would highly recommend the titles he mentioned. Here are a few other titles I would recommend that are pretty rough: Art Video ADV#075, ADV#078, ADV#096 and ADV#0141; Attackers #92 (JBD-092), #108 (JBD-108) and #111 (JBD-111). Most of these titles feature a bullwhipping scene, which I particularly enjoy. Attackers #111 also features the burning of the victim's pussy hair with a lighter (a favorite activity of Ralphus) and the subsequent shaving of her pussy using a mixture of semen and her own saliva as a lather. After her pussy has been shaved, the tender pubes are given a hot wax treatment. That has to hurt!

    All of these titles are available from Video Mayhem, and at $12 per title, you cannot go wrong.

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 09:33:34 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Sloth: Another fine review, thanks. I have actually seen Attackers#20 (it was recommended to me by Larry from Video Mayhem) and I have to disagree with your opinion that the actress doesn't display any torment of suffering. Granted, it's been a while since I saw the whole movie, but in the two bondage segments I chose for my highlights tape, she did a great job.

    She was screaming out in pain after every stroke in the scene where she's tied upside down and whipped. And my personal favorite scene where she endures the multiple clothespin treatment and gets molested by the vibrator is an OUTSTANDING scene. Watch it again and listen to her muffled cries of pain during that scene. She's clearly suffering and crying through her ballgag, and that's what made the scene work. Heck, it's worth the price of the video just for that one scene alone. I think we can both agree, though, that she is definitely a very attractive woman. Different strokes, so to speak, as far as one's opinion of her acting. She made it work for me.

    Here's the direct link for your review:

    ikugan: Unless I've overlooked you in the past (possible, my memory sucks), I think this was your first time posting to the forum, and to give us an actual review your first time out is most appreciated. It seems to me that the regular Shark series from Attackers is more geared toward rape than actual torture, while the Jyubaku (JB) series is a lot heavier on torture, which is what I prefer. Still, lots of restrained sex is a definite good thing.

    You must know a bit about Japanese actresses since you were aware that Sally Yoshino had retired. How does one find out more about the JAV performers? That's a whole other industry out there, but they consistently put out a high volume of quality bondage films, so I'm always interested to know more.

    And BTW, welcome to the Reviews section. You join the ever-growing list of readers who helped us out by reviewing videos for the forum. You can find your review here:

    Ironman: If you're just starting to get into Japanese bondage films, we have lots of very good ones that have been reviewed here on the forum, including most of the titles DoppleM mentioned. I would also highly recommend Cinemagic DVS#054, which I chose as my best movie of 2006. My review is in my Homepage URL above. This one's got lots of everything, a veritable Whitman's Sampler of Japanese bondage cinema.

    Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 10:35:17 PM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:

    Video Mayhem has the Attackers #100 -- Best of Attackers for $12 (part of the October Releases, I think). That's where I'm starting my collection.

    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 01:06:06 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    ikugan: A new reviewer is like the perfect Christmas gift for the GIMP board.

    As far as Shark 273 goes, I think I'm the odd man out on this one. A while back (somewhere in the archives -- I'm too lazy to look), a poster named Vreeble was also pitching the merits of this movie. Unfortunately, in my case, I am in disagreement with both of you.

    While there's no doubt that Sally Yoshino is stunning, I found Shark 273 kind of boring. I'm going from memory, but my recollection is that it was very repetitive, emphasizing quantity of rape scenes over quality. I don't remember any of the scenes being particular standouts. But then again, everyone else who has assessed this movie has given it pretty high grades, so maybe I was just in the wrong frame of mind or something when I watched it.


    Ralphus: Two websites that regularly track the comings and goings of Japanese porn stars are and Both websites have search engines, which is particularly helpful. I believe the guy who runs lives in Japan, so it often makes for interesting reading. As well, I think might have some helpful information, although I don't generally read that one.

    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 05:00:32 AM

    Name: Bill Out
    E-mail address:

    I'm curious, I don't know you site and would like to know it, please.

    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 07:03:58 AM

    Name: Sloth
    E-mail address:

    Mornin All

    Ralphus - amazing, is it not, the different reactions that a movie can evoke - I found her protestations more annoying than stimulating - but yes, we are in agreement on her appearance - almost has that stunning Eurasian look to her.

    ikugan - thanks so much for that review - good way to begin your illustrious career on the forum.

    Stay Well All

    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 07:30:51 AM

    Name: Jefferson James
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Lucyboots, et al: Here's a little holiday present for everyone. My homepage URL is to a homemade video clip featuring a ring gag large enough for oral. True, it isn't the fanciest of gags, but it worked.


    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 08:34:35 AM


    Jefferson James ---

    DAY-UM MAN! Hot clip! Way to use her mouth!

    Silly question, is there a way to save that clip, or only play it?

    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 09:17:02 AM

    Name: Buckeye

    No gag at all for me. I want to hear her pleas and screams for mercy and know just what she's saying not some muffled "MMmmpppphhhh!!!" sound.

    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 12:00:37 PM

    Name: BlueDog

    What Buckeye said. No gag.

    Although some women DO have annoying voices. If I had Fran Drescher all to myself, I'm pretty sure I'd keep her gagged.

    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 12:16:09 PM

    Name: Andrea Cohen
    E-mail address:

    I like tape, but I wonder what it would be like to have my panties or bra put in my mouth?

    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 01:29:26 PM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    I really appreciate the information guys...thanx

    Friday, December 21st 2007 - 04:29:46 PM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:

    GRAVEDIGGERXTRO: Is there a way to save that clip, or only play it?

    If you "right-click" the URL, it should have a Save As line. Click that, then tell your browser where you want it saved.

    Andrea: I think we're going to have to experiment. You don't mind being a "volunteer", do you? (If you do, too bad, you are one now!)

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 12:37:32 AM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:

    Sorry for the double post -- Jefferson James, that clip is hot as Hell! Thanks!!!!

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 12:39:24 AM

    Name: Hattrick

    I ordered 7 DVD's from Video Mayhem early Monday and got them in the mail Wednesday. Now that is service. Only had time to watch Slave Island 11. I ordered it based on the review by A Canadian. I was not disappointed, thanks for taking the time to do the reviews that you do. One thing the movie got right was keeping the girl bound, hands behind at all times during forced sex.

    The gag I like best is the penis gag. Second is the pump. The problem with the videos I have seen with the pump gag so far is I'm not sure if it is inflated inside her mouth. Powershotz has a video that uses a pump gag that has the girls cheeks buldge. I may order that one to see how well it is done.

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 07:30:14 AM

    Name: bakerboy
    Homepage URL:

    Horse bits:

    Collar gags:

    Cloth gag:

    Dental gag

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 07:57:59 AM

    Name: wolfgang3
    E-mail address:

    looking for suspension/hanging bondage photos..

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 10:38:54 AM

    Name: Boz
    E-mail address:

    I prefer cleave, tape and OTM gags. This is probably due to my age and seeing such gags regularly in films and TV series when I was growing up. The Avengers and The Saint were always obliging in this respect.

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 12:18:01 PM

    Homepage URL:

    jhlipton ---

    When I try to right-click on Jefferson's link, I get "save as" ringrape.HTML. I want to save it as a movie file, not a HTML file. Any ideas?

    Ralphus and Mothbrad (and anybody else into bugs and torture)---

    If you liked that Shadowslaves preview, here's a totally fucked up clip of a Japanese girl being covered with cockroaches while she's tied up inside a plastic box. They even pour maggots down her pussy! TOO FUCKING FUNNY! I know a certain Canadian who will just LOVE it, HA HA!

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 12:27:35 PM

    Name: Willthebloody

    My favorite gag, I gotta go with today's picture. There's nothing better than stuffing a bitch's mouth, wrapping tape around her head...leaves nothing but a few muffled groans. got me turned on to doing that, particularly with the electrical tape. Duct tape would be better...but for the ladies I enjoy playing with I don't want them losing their hair as the tape comes off. I want to play with them again and again and again...

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 02:05:46 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    Ralphus: I have tried sending you some emails, in response to your email to me earlier today, so hopefully you received my response. If not, the problem may be at my end. I foolishly accepted some Internet Explorer updates on my computer early this morning, and I'm starting to regret it. Nothing major, but I certainly don't think it has been an improvement.

    GRAVEDIGGERXTRO: All I can say is, "Ewwww....". That was fucked up.

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 02:38:30 PM

    Name: mothbrad
    E-mail address:

    GRAVEDIGGERXTRO: Thanks for the link - my shitty system can't handle actually playing it, but I'll try to sneak a peak at it when I'm on a decent computer. Sounds up my alley, and what a dirty, grimy, ugly alley that is!

    What pretty eyes the girl in today's pic has! Proves my contention that a rope around the neck is a fine beauty accessory.

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 04:19:10 PM

    Name: Rick
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Holiday Greetings,

    Just thought I would stop in to wish you all well! May Santa be generous to us all!

    Favorite Gag: Hmm, this is a tuffy. I am a serious gag lover and I really like variety. Panty gags are high on my list, as are penis gags and I'm no stranger to tape in all its iterations either.

    BUT, if I was stranded on a desert island with, let's say, Jessica Simpson and I could not make other gags from coconuts, palm fronds or fish heads to keep it varied, and Lord knows you would NEED a gag in that situation.... I would have to go with B. for ballgag. I would make Jessica's extra large, LOL.

    The first time I saw Vanessa Del Rio in Top Secret I was hooked on these things. I like the pig roast aesthetics, the drool factor and they are effective but not too effective, you can still hear plenty of grunting.

    Jeff Gord: Sorry to hear your finger is bunged up. Nothing worse than rigging with cuts on your fingers. Ok, there are many things that are worse, but it does suck.... Sounds like you have way more than a cut. Hope it heals up soon.

    Happy Holidays!


    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 05:44:11 PM

    Name: ikugan


    Thanks for the compliment. I posted here once before and got a lot of help towards finding an AV I was looking for. Thanks for that one Memfan.


    If you had Fran Drescher all to yourself might I suggest using superglue/Mighty Bond/Crazy Glue? No kind of gag known to man can keep that mouth quiet or that nasally laugh from killing the mood. O_O.

    Saturday, December 22nd 2007 - 10:53:46 PM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    GRAVEDIGGERXTRO: Nope, no further idea. Mr James might be able to help you, though.

    Does anyone know a US source for the Attackers Anthology ATAD-042 (see the URL)?

    Video Mayhem has scenes from Shark #2, 6, 21, 27, 29, 34, 35 and 41 ($24 for 7 hours! Does that have a good mix of violence and rape?

    Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 01:56:54 AM

    Name: Glatman
    E-mail address:


    For transporting in the trunk I vote for mouth packing, followed by duct tape, followed by vet wrap, topped off with more duct tape. Back at the shack a good old ballgag is my favorite. (Red please!). It's easier to take out when you want to stuff the bitches mouth with "something else"!

    By the way Ralphus, great pic of Jessica. But ditch the boots, she ain't walkin anywhere! Happy Holidays/Gimping!

    Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 03:37:30 AM

    Name: pepe
    E-mail address:


    Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 04:47:45 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    I'm sure there are plenty of Dallas fans who appreciate the fact Jessica is tied up and being kept out of the public eye.

    Frankly, Jessica doesn't do much for me, boots or no boots. She's cute, but I don't find her sexy in a womanly way.


    jhlipton: That Attackers movie you linked to (ATAD-042) must be a box set. Given that the Japanese titles sold in the U.S. (and Canada) are pirated copies, I think it's highly unlikely you'll find that set. You could try ordering the original from av-megastore, which I think is based in Japan. But be warned that the movies would be Region 2 discs, which means you need a region-free DVD player. Some of the individual titles in that box set, such as the Real World movies, are still available individually, at least from Canadian-based

    As for the Shark titles you mentioned, I haven't seen those particular films, but I can assure you the emphasis will be on rape, rather than torture. Many Shark movies feature nothing but rape.

    Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 05:03:26 AM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:

    Hello pepe

    Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 05:19:39 AM

    Name: MadMax
    E-mail address:

    I don't really have a favorite... whatever seems to fit the situation is good... but since I am more interested in damsels in peril, I guess I lean towards the type of gag a villain would find handy, and who carries around elaborate ring gags or gags with lots of straps?

    And if the damsel is out far from help, leaving her ungagged lets her cry out for help that may not be coming (grin)

    Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 06:09:36 AM

    Name: Brutus

    Hey gang,

    Sloth and ikugan: Great reviews guys. With the mixed opinions on the board, I'm eager to check these ones out.

    Jefferson James and GRAVEDIGGERXTRO: Thanks for sharing those hot clips. Two of my favorite themes: Forced blowjob through a gag and a tied up naked woman tortured by insects. The Japanese victim definitely needed a gag though.

    Andrea Cohen: Your "brief" post put a big smile on my face.

    And before I forget, Happy Holidays everyone.

    Cheers all.

    Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 09:01:54 AM

    Name: Santiago
    E-mail address:

    In my opinion, the best and more beatiful gag is the cleave gag, in second place, the ball gag and third place, the tape and the bit gag...

    Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 09:29:54 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Just in time for the holidays, here's a little gift from our friend Jeff Gord. His finger is bothering him so he asked that I attach these pics for the forum on his behalf.

    Here are some super drooling ballgag pics that are part of this week's Christmas update at House of Gord. Apparently Madison Young and the super-cute Ceci Delores were helping with the trimmings and ended up as a Christmas display themselves. I'm not sure what kind of weird contraption Gord has them tied to, but it looks particularly devious.

    Also enclosed is one non-gagged pose of Ceci that captures her stunning beauty. She almost looks better that way than she does with the ballgag in her mouth. Almost.

    GRAVEDIGGERXTRO: Awesome video, thanks. I laughed my ass off with sadistic glee. Pouring the maggots down the speculum into her pussy was a stroke of genius. Those Japanese sure know how to torture their women. And this was probably for a TV show that's aired for the whole family, no doubt. It's a whole other world out there in Japan. I'm loving it.

    Even funnier than the video are the comments that people left about the video; did anybody happen to read those? They range from people thinking it was sick fun to this particularly angry one:

    There is no way any sane woman would agree to that and there is no way any sane man would put maggots up a woman's cunt. That was just awful. Anybody that gets off on that should be committed. Seriously.

    Dude, lighten up! It's sick, which is why it's so entertaining. Go back to watching your Merchant-Ivory movies and shut the hell up. Why are you watching movies on Efukt to begin with?

    Rick: Always great to see you posting here. Hope you enjoyed seeing Jessica Simpson ballgagged. If you missed her, oh well, should have been tuning in every day :)

    Oh, and Pepe: Hello.

    I wonder why some people go to the trouble of typing in their names and e-mail addresses and then proceed to either write nothing or else leave a one-word post? I guess they just don't have much to say, huh?

    Well, I only have one thing to say: Merry Christmas to all my fellow GIMPers. Hope Santa brings you a tied-up naked babe under your Christmas tree (hopefully with some sharp pine needles sticking to her...evil laugh).

    Sunday, December 23rd 2007 - 10:27:13 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    Gord: Thanks for the photos. I sure hope your finger gets better.

    Let me also take the opportunity to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas. Stay warm.

    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 07:12:55 AM

    Name: Darkroom

    A nice wide dental gag worked well for PD during his Insex years. He gave one of his slaves a good shave and dropped her short and curlies into her open mouth.

    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 10:14:45 AM

    Name: bilbo1962us
    E-mail address:

    For me it depends on the purpose for the gag.......if it's to keep her (I most definitely like the ladies in bondage) as quiet as possible then I would prefer a panel type with a bit of some kind in it.

    If it's just for looks, then either tape (my preference is medical) or a piece of cloth tied over the mouth with a small piece of packing (and I do mean small)......if a lady permits me to tie and gag her, then I consider myself responsible for making sure she's NOT hurt by my actions.

    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 12:17:27 PM

    Name: DoppleM
    E-mail address:

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their contributions to this forum. I hope to contribute more often myself in the year ahead.

    Merry Christmas, all!

    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 12:21:36 PM

    Name: Alan
    E-mail address:

    Just a short comment to wish all the Gimpers a Happy Holidays.

    On a the recent query I like a girl ball gagged.

    Also has anybody seen the Elizabeth Bathory reanactment in Hostel 2?

    Seen a lot of reactions.


    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 02:23:15 PM

    Name: Graham
    E-mail address:

    Hi all,
    Firstly, happy Holiday time to you all. My take on the gag poll…

    #1 (D) Ring gag – it looks good and allows the Dominant (Male or Female) to enjoy the services of their submissive

    #2 (G) Jaw spreader – for pretty much the same reasons; works well in the medical bondage and forced examination situations

    #3 (B) Ballgag – classic look, plus helps with great looking subs who don’t sound so good in the videos

    #4 (I) A personal favorite – panties cut off and stuffed in mouth and secured there (tape, rope, bandage, strap) so that they can still be seen

    #5 (J) if the sub is good at showing distress or pain or orgasmic climax; otherwise no


    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 02:47:03 PM

    Name: purpleviking
    E-mail address:

    Just want to say Merry Christmas to all from the Great Lake State.

    As for the poll, a nice ball gag of course. Nothing more than a big ball gag filling the mouth of your pretty naked victim. But then again a cute mouth packed full of her moist panties then sealed with tape or cloth sounds good too!

    I would just like to say that I enjoy everything that you all say or leave in here, even though I dont put in my 2 cents worth as often as I should.

    I also enjoy it when we have the many female posters adding thier comments to read, please keep them coming. I hope that in the new year all the other female lurkers will delurk and tell us what they like.

    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 02:54:17 PM

    Name: Dale
    E-mail address:

    (B) is favorite.

    (A) and (C) are nice.

    Do not like (D)(E) (F) or (H)

    Despise (G) :-)

    Best setup I ever saw was Charlotte of and her "Hogtie Trainer." Not only is the device amazing, but by pulling her hair back, the trainer prevents dropping the chin thereby keeping ballgag in place.

    BINDHER has my second favorite picture series. Five pictures of a blond woman being given a black ball mounted on gold supports with black leather straps. The gag is held in front of her and the look in her eyes when she sees it and then has it pulled into her mouth is priceless.

    My 2˘ worth


    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 05:27:55 PM

    Name: Gabriela Atar
    E-mail address:

    Just stopped by while I'm waiting for Santa (the ultimate home intruder?) I read Purpleviking's post about wanting to hear from females, so I decided to "delurk", and give my opinion on gags.

    I hate gags! I suppose it's because I'm a talker. I hate having that ability taken away from me. But when I'm playing games, and my partner finds out I don't like gags, what happens? You guessed it. I get gagged! Not much I can do about it, so I put up with it.

    Anyway, I could talk about what it's like to be gagged, from the receiving end. For example, some gags are not as effective as they look. Let me know if you're interested.


    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 09:52:50 PM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:

    Gabriela: Anyway, I could talk about what it's like to be gagged, from the receiving end. For example, some gags are not as effective as they look. Let me know if you're interested.

    I know I'm interested. Which ones aren't too effective (so we can avoid them) and which ones don't you like (so we can use THEM). More info from the victim's point of view is always welcome!

    Monday, December 24th 2007 - 10:02:54 PM

    Name: Stony
    E-mail address:

    I love cleave gags, OTM gags, strap gags and tape gags. My boyfriend either uses these gags on me or I gag myself using these.

    Tuesday, December 25th 2007 - 09:34:36 AM

    Name: Stryder
    E-mail address:

    For me if I had to pick any of the gag choices I would pick a nice big, drool inducing, ball gag! But my fantasy isn't listed under your choices... And if you're about to guess the mythical ah the damsel can do is, "mmmMMMPPPHH!" you're right (just remember to keep it sane and with your damsels consent).

    I'm fond of the old Harmony video(?) with mouth stuffing, followed by a cleave gag, and a few (or SEVERAL) strips of tape to seal it all in.

    Tuesday, December 25th 2007 - 10:16:25 AM

    Name: Tiengag
    E-mail address:

    Loved reading all the comments about favorite gags etc. Was wondering if the video BTK showed them getting tied and gagged in any of the scenes?

    Tuesday, December 25th 2007 - 11:06:17 AM

    Name: Tiengag
    E-mail address:

    Love the site great to see that there are others out there who enjoy seeing women tied, gagged, molested etc in pics and vids

    Tuesday, December 25th 2007 - 11:20:52 AM

    Name: mothbrad
    E-mail address:

    Great to see so many folks here delurking for this poll. Hope you all stick around and keep on piping up with your opinions in the new year.

    Nice Christmas picture, Ralphus. Has anyone done this scene with a real live model? It would be relatively easy to do, unlike lots of scenes that have been made with 3d graphics, and would make a great Xmas card.

    Tuesday, December 25th 2007 - 01:52:09 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Mothrad wrote:

    Nice Christmas picture, Ralphus. Has anyone done this scene with a real live model?

    Oh yeah, I've seen it countless times. Most of them are kinda silly; you know, girls tied up with ribbon instead of ropes, wearing Santa hats, etc. Usually that type of pose is a bit too fakey for me, but I kept a few. Thus, the inspiration for tonight's daily picture. So we'll have one more day of Christmas, then return with something different tomorrow, how's that sound?

    Tuesday, December 25th 2007 - 09:02:11 PM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Here's my friend Damien's wife Angel -- a perfect Christmas Angel. They have a great BreathPlay site at

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 12:09:59 AM

    Name: Gabriela Atar
    E-mail address:

    In my experience, the ballgag is the nastiest gag.

    It tastes like rubber.

    It makes your jaw sore, especially if the ball is big.

    The strap can be pulled extra tight. (I think it's tight already, but you guys just have to pull it one notch tighter!)

    It doesn't totally silence you, but the silly "gagtalk" it forces you to do is almost worse than not being able to talk at all.

    And there's something very un-lady-like about having saliva flowing down your chin. The drooling just makes you feel more helpless.

    Having said that, I must admit that the jaw spreader, AKA the dental gag, scares me. I've never had one in my mouth, but it looks like it really leaves your mouth wide open and vulnerable. Darkroom wrote about dropping shaved public hair in there. Yikes!

    I saw a scene on Insex where a model had her head encased in a glass jar, her mouth pried open with one of those dental gags, and big, live bugs were dropped in the jar. That gives me the heebie-jeebies!

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 01:34:28 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Gabriela Atar: Although I'm going to stick with my vote for duct tape as the most appealing gag in bondage scenes, I must say you have given me something to think about. I'm sure I will appreciate ballgag scenes much more in the future.

    Like most of my fellow GIMPers, I am pleased to see more women offering their comments here. Gabriela, Andrea Cohen, Lucyboots, Dahlia, and others I may be forgetting, have helped to provide a more rounded discussion here and I hope will continue to post in 2008 and beyond. Who knows, if she ever gets untied, maybe we will even hear from Angel.


    We were recently discussing the comings and goings of Japanese porn stars, and today I have to report on another retirement. According to information at, An Nanba is retiring. Ms. Nanba has made some Attackers movies, including the excellent Shark Special 33, which I reviewed earlier this year. Apparently, she has had a pretty good run in the Japanese porn world, so her retirement is well deserved. Still, she will be missed.

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 07:12:20 AM

    Name: Jefferson James
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    GRAVEDIGGERXTRO: Sorry for the slow response, but I only visit here while I am at work. I would email it to you, but you don't put your email address in your posts.

    Regarding Females Here: I have always wondered if they aren't put off by some of the comments the men make. I am not referring to things like enjoying depictions of bound, tortured, raped women. I know countless women who enjoy the very same fantasies and I am sure the women here fall into that category. The comments I am referring to are the tendency to say derogatory statements about piercings, tattoos, breast implants etc. or saying nasty things about a model's weight or her less than perfect face. A woman who considers herself less pretty or more overweight than the model, who has tattoos and/or piercings and/or breast enhancement (it isn't rare) could very well take such things personally. Just a thought. Now somebody hold her down so I can fuck her! Yank on her nipples and make her spread. The line forms behind me, no crowding.


    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 09:18:11 AM

    Name: Brutus

    I hope Santa was good to everyone here.

    Gabriela Atar: Your words captured in essence why I love ballgags so much. I thoroughly enjoy hearing the "gagtalk," especially when the frustration sinks in. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 09:51:21 AM

    Name: mothbrad
    E-mail address:

    Jefferson James: The comments I am referring to are the tendency to say derogatory statements about piercings, tattoos, breast implants etc. or saying nasty things about a model's weight or her less than perfect face. A woman who considers herself less pretty or more overweight than the model, who has tattoos and/or piercings and/or breast enhancement (it isn't rare) could very well take such things personally

    I take your point, JJ, but this forum isn't so much about people's appreciation of the bondage lifestyle, as it is about the portrayal of bondage, etc on film. Viewers are going to have different tastes, and want to say what turns them on or off, and I think we have enough variety here that it's not like we're ganging up on any particular person or look.

    When I say that I don't like piercings and tattoos, I'm making a purely aesthetic comment - I don't know the models, so I can't possibly be making a personal comment. (Actually, it's so impersonal that I can happily say that no matter who the woman, a piercing makes her less attractive to me - luckily for her and me, she's probably not trying to attract me in the first place.) The fact that I seem to be outnumbered 9 to 1 (maybe not here, but in the general BDSM world, such as it is) in whether I like that 'look' means that I'll keep saying it, in the vague hope that a producer or model who also doesn't like that look, but feels pressured into conforming to it, will maybe think 'hey, at least some folk like the natural look - maybe I'll stick with it'.

    Enough of the serious stuff - is anyone else appreciating the irony that the most talk generated on this board in a long time is a poll on gags?

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 02:12:24 PM

    Name: Brutus

    Jefferson James: I agree with what Mothbrad said. I certainly hope that no female lurkers are offended by some of the remarks made on this incredibly un-PC forum. But descriptions, either positive or negative, of the women we watch on film are inevitable. I personally appreciate information from a poster about huge tattoos or body piercings on a model or actress in a movie. Those things are a turn-off for me so I probably wouldn't enjoy the movie that much and may decide to save my money. The same goes for the model's looks, although that is a more subjective category.

    Are our comments derogatory? Well, maybe some of them are. But I'll speak for myself and say that people should have a thick-enough skin to understand that my comments are not meant as personal attacks against anyone who resembles a model or actress I've described in a negative light. So what do the women who read this forum think? We've had a number of women posting for the gag poll. Now's a good time to express any qualms you may have about us male pervs and what we write here.

    Now where's Jefferson's line?

    Stony:You gag yourself? Can you teach my wife how to do that? :-)

    Jeff Gord: Those pictures were sweet. I hope your finger gets better soon so you can continue to work on poor Ceci.

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 05:25:26 PM

    Name: HOWIE

    Jefferson James: I certainly am all for as many women posting to this forum that are cool enough to do so, but with that in mind, it will be a cold day in hell before I censor a single opinion on the looks of a model who is in a movie I'm paying money to see. Especially on this message board. Oh, since you were first in line, I guess I'm next, so I'll just whip her for a while. : )


    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 08:01:58 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:


    It's time to alert the forum about an excellent new release from my favorite Japanese bondage production company, the fine folks at Attackers. Attackers vids are usually heavy into torture, and one of their latest titles, Attackers#111, is one of the best I've seen in a long time. If you enjoy cute women really being put through the bondage ringer and doing some big-time suffering, this is the movie to buy.

    Even if you can't understand Japanese, the plot of this one is easy to follow. We open with a sultry dark-haired bitch, who has just killed her male lover, presumably because she found out he was having an affair with another girl.

    After the killing, she goes through the guy's wallet and discovers pictures of him with the other girl, played by the very cute actress Megu Hoshino. After contemplating what she just did, the sultry bitch is greeted by the sound of the doorbell. To her shock, she instantly recognizes it is Megu, wearing a schoolgirl uniform and long knee socks, at the door paying a visit. The innocent Megu, who clearly doesn't know her lover was also involved with the sultry bitch, even shows her pictures of Megu and her lover together. Rather than get upset, the sultry bitch plays it cool and invites Megu in to share some coffee on the couch. Unbeknownst to Megu, Sultry Bitch mixes in some powder into Megu's drink to knock her out. Once Megu is unconscious, Sultry Bitch loads her up in the back seat of her car and drives her to the lair of two trusted male henchmen, who will presumably take care of the problem.

    The next scene, we are introduced to the henchmen. The one is a burly, quiet type. The other one, clearly the man in charge, has a scruffy 3-day beard and is wearing dark sunglasses. Hey, that sounds like...Yes, it IS! It's Mr. Cool Shades himself, the legendary Randa Mai as the lead villain. Oh yeah, they'll be taking care of the problem, all right!

    When we see Megu next, she's still unconscious and fully dressed, but that won't be lasting long. Randa and the other henchman tie her hands behind her and fasten a rope around her waist, tie that to the ceiling and leave her in a standing position in the middle of the floor. Randa takes a whip and proceeds to smack Mega several times on the ass, but she still doesn't wake up. Undaunted, he switches to a bamboo cane, which hurts more, and that does the trick! Gotta make sure she's fully awake to enjoy the brutal treatment that will follow.

    Taking his time in prolonging Megu's torment, Randa hikes up her skirt and runs a crotchrope between her legs and over top of her white panties. With her shapely legs and underwear exposed, the other henchman holds her still while Randa delivers several sharp blows of the whip onto Megu's legs until the terrified girl begins to cry. Then he whips her even more, admiring several dark whipmarks he has produced across her upper thighs.

    Randa then ties ropes to her ankles and with one big thrust, she's hoisted off the ground and into an upside down position, hanging from the ceiling. With her in that vulnerable position, Randa shows her a photo of Megu with her lover together. It's obvious what he's telling her. She shouldn't have been with this man, and this is why she's being punished. Simple as that. She's going to pay.

    Megu endures some suspended whipping, then she's brought back down to her feet for more harsh treatment with the bamboo cane. He then gives her a wedgie by pulling on her crotch rope and lifting her off the ground with it. This is followed by a harsh face slapping, which produces some more lovely tears from the sobbing girl.

    Up until this time, Randa has been rough with her but has also been careful not to strip this innocent girl too quickly, so when he suddenly pulls up her skirt and yanks down her panties, it comes as a shock to her and she cries out in humiliation. Running his hands along her pussy, he decides that she has too much pussy hair and that he needs to get rid of it...with his lighter! As the panicked girl looks on in horror, he uses the open flame to singe away some of the hairs, then uses a scissors to give her a trim. Then he lights up a cigarette and uses the glowing tip to burn away more of her fuzz down there. That was fun, but still not as thorough as he wants. So he comes up with another plan.

    Megu is tied on her knees as the other henchman approaches and pulls down his pants in front of her. She knows what he wants, but doesn't want to do it. But with after being threatened with the bamboo cane and having her nostrils closed off, she reluctantly opens her mouth and starts sucking him off.

    I'm not a big fan of Japanese oral sex scenes, since they tend to go on too long and the action is pixelated anyway, but this one doesn't produce boredom, since they are collecting the spit and cum from Megu's mouth into a glass bowl as she completes the blow job. Leaving her face still dripping, she is then forced to lay on her back on the floor. Randa produces a razor and then shows Megu what he plans to do. He then proceeds to shave her pussy by using the mixture of spit and cum as a lubricant. That's ingenuity!

    He takes his time, and Megu's sobbing doesn't dissuade him in the least. He even uses the lighter again to try to burn off some of the stubborn extra hair between her legs. He doesn't stop until the last bit of pussy fur is shaved from her sensitive region.

    Then he helps himself to a vigorous finger fucking of her newly shorn pussy and follows that up by inserting a vibrating dildo device. I usually find those scenes boring, too, especially since the Japanese tend to overdo the forced orgasm stuff to the point where I usually have to hit the fast-forward button. But this one lasts just long enough, and besides, Randa doesn't want to spend too much time giving her pleasure, not where there's more pain to inflict.

    The mean son of a bitch spreads her legs wide, and, lighting a big red candle, proceeds to drip hot wax directly onto her tender pussy, which had to be already sore and hurting after the shaving. As she wails her head off, Randa literally covers up her pussy lips with the burning wax, so that her pussy is totally coated with red wax by the time he's done. A truly sadistic scene. I loved it.

    The following scene has Megu tied in a standing position. Randa calmly binds her as the henchman holds the bamboo cane in front of her to let her know they mean business. Once she's properly tied, Randa opens up her top, pulls down her bra and as she starts crying again, we finally get our first look at her cute little titties. They squeeze and fondle her lovely breasts and pull on her nipples, then it's time for action. She's rudely hoisted off the ground and hung horizontally from the ceiling. As she spins around, Randa gives her another brutal lashing with the whip.

    Randa brings her down to her feet, but her suffering isn't about to end anytime soon. He takes his finger and then violently buggers her up the ass, then comes around and makes her sniff the finger that just violated her. He follows that up with more hot candle wax onto her already sore and reddened ass, and then he goes after her tits, dripping wax on them as well. A few face slaps convince her to open up her mouth, and he pours the scalding wax onto her tongue and liberally across her nose, chin and cheek, too. Then more harsh whipping is followed by more hot wax, this time across her back. I'll tell you, that bitch knows how to scream! Randa leaves the poor girl to hang limply in her bonds.

    After that torturous treatment, you would think things couldn't get any worse for Megu. But you'd be wrong. Because her final torture will be the harshest of all.

    Out of her bonds at last, Megu is dragged by her hair onto the floor of the room. Randa forces his shoe down into her face, then violently grabs her by the hair and thrashes her around, slapping her face and angrily shouting at the crying girl. This time he means business. None of the previous gentle pulling down of her clothing like we saw earlier. This time he roughly cuts away her bra with a scissors and yanks off her skirt, even using the skirt to whip the girl several times while she's held down. He's pissed and wants her naked, and he wants her naked NOW! He squeezes her boob and slaps her several times across the tits and face until she's sobbing very loudly. Then he gets to work on tying her up. Very, very tightly.

    It takes a while to bind her, because he's very thorough. Bondage films sometimes edit out the actual tying, but in this case, that would have been a huge mistake. It's a real pleasure seeing Megu whimper and wince in pain after each knot is cinched, and there are a lot of them. He starts at her ankles and winds the rope up across her legs at several places, continues upward with ropes around her waist, then up above and below her tits. Her wrists are once again bound behind her back.

    Her tightly bound body is then lifted into a standing position by a rope hoisted from the ceiling. Randa then runs a rope from between her knees and back around her neck, forcing the girl to bend forward and stay that way when the rope is tied off. He ties an extra-large knot in another strand of rope, which he then fashions into a gag by jamming it into her mouth (yes!) and tying that into place, too. Her bondage is complete, and she can barely move in that position.

    Randa takes advantage of that fact by taking 2 whips and really letting her have it, swinging hard and making contact with every stroke. Then he takes out the gag (way too early for my taste) and continues to pummel her with the whip. The removal of the gag only makes her scream louder, and Randa continues to whip her with gusto.

    Then most of the ropes are removed, and the exhausted girl can only weakly sob as her bondage is readjusted. Snot is running down her nose, but Randa doesn't care and instead he hoists her arms up over her head and ties her wrists to the line from the ceiling. With a hearty laugh, he takes his bullwhip and lashes away at Megu's body with vigor, leaving red marks across her midsection.

    Then he pauses in his attack and lets someone else enter the picture. And in walks Sultry Bitch, and Megu realizes she was the one behind all this in the first place. Randa returns with the picture of Megu and her lover together, and he symbolically rips the photo in half, removing the lover from the picture. Then he takes the lover's section of the photo and sets it on fire in front of Megu, and she wails in agony as she realizes her lover was killed.

    And now Randa and Sultry Bitch both grab bullwhips and finish the job on Megu, not stopping until her body is criss-crossed with red slash marks across her body. Both smiling, they leave her alone in her bonds. They taught her a lesson, all right. Fade out.

    The end credits show behind-the-scenes footage of what happened right after filming of the actual movie was completed, as Randa and others help her out of her ropes, and she collapses and cries into Randa's arms.

    I've seen several Japanese movies this year, and while most of them have some good or great scenes, this is the first one I've seen that works brilliantly from beginning to end. It's a 2 and a 1/2 hour long film, with no slack scenes or any reason to hit the fast-forward on the remote control. Megu Hoshino is a very appealing and cute victim, and her crying performance through the various tortures she endures is very real and believable. She was clearly suffering in this one, and of course, no one dishes out the abuse as well as Randa Mai. The story is easy to follow so you can fully understand the motivation behind the characters and know exactly why Megu is targeted and punished. That, along with outstanding action from start to finish, makes this the best movie I've seen this year.

    My Grade: A

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 09:28:11 PM

    Name: DoppleM
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Ralphus: Excellent review of Attackers #111. I was hoping to post a review of it myself sometime soon, but I could not have done it nearly as well as you. I also fully agree with you... it has my vote for the best film of 2007.

    I am not quite so sure, however, about the relationship of Megu to the "male lover" and the motivation for the punishment. Attackers #111 is actually the fourth installment in the "Torture Mansion" series. The first installment was Attackers #97, the second was Attackers #108, and the third was Attackers #110. In each of the first two installments, the "Sultry Bitch" and her "male lover" provide Randa Mai and his sidekick with a lovely victim for some strict bondage and torture at the Torture Mansion. In Attackers #110, the "male lover" is stabbed by a woman who seemed to be somehow related to one of the previous victims. I thought that Megu might be the male lover's innocent daughter, who has the misfortune of crossing paths with the "Sultry Bitch".

    Regardless of the plot, this was one of Attackers best efforts, and the best of the "Torture Mansion" series, though I would also recommend Attackers #108 and Attackers #97.

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 10:13:34 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    DoppleM: Thanks for the kind words. I didn't know that Attackers#111 was a sequel, but in the very first scene, you see flashbacks of him and Sultry Bitch together and then you see footage of a woman leaving the scene with him dead on the floor. And Sultry Bitch certainly acts like she knows he's dead when Megu asks about him and shows her the pictures. That was the theory I came up with, but I could be wrong, especially now finding out that there were 3 other movies in this series. Oh well, hard to tell without subtitles.

    You know, with the huge budgets that some of these Japanese companies must spend on these productions, how hard would it be to provide English subtitles for their Western audiences? Closed captioning would be so awesome, don't you think? A lot of times, I have to fast-forward since I figure there's no point in trying to decipher what's being said, even though it's probably some important plot point.

    BTW, when I wrote my review, I had to come up with silly names like "Sultry Bitch" because I couldn't locate the actual name of the actress playing the role. On the Attackers website, they only list the name of the lead actress and nobody else, not even Randa Mai. I had seen movies with him before, but I never knew his real name until one of our readers pointed out who he was. But I still like to refer to him as "Mr. Cool Shades" anyway :)

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 10:52:33 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    Ralphus: Thanks for the excellent review. I would say that any Attackers movie that combines solid torture with some form of rape (in this case, a forced blowjob) is a real find, particularly when the victim is attractive. I've seen Megu Hoshino in Slave Island 8 and Slave Island 10, and she is really cute. Attackers 111 definitely sounds like a winner.

    Naturally, I also agree with your comments about English subtitles, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them. The people at Attackers don't really care about the Western audience -- especially since we're all buying pirated copies of their movies.

    Wednesday, December 26th 2007 - 11:14:00 PM

    Name: ikugan
    E-mail address:

    @Andrea Cohen

    A former sub told me she liked her own taste after I gagged her with her panties after sufficient "stimulation".


    Heh heh, sorry I missed your earlier comment. That's what I get for skimming the forum. Actually that review was only my second post here.


    Thanks again, I've been into Shibari and AV for a while now. I always liked Sally Yoshino for her ability to really get into a scene and Nao Oikawa for the same reason (it's amazing that she's been able to transition to a mainstream TV career). They're much better AV actresses than Maria Ozawa (all looks and no talent).

    @Gabriela Atar

    In my experience, the ballgag is the nastiest gag.It tastes like rubber.

    I use a plastic wiffle ball gag. It has no taste and is more comfortable for the sub.

    It makes your jaw sore, especially if the ball is big.

    Wiffle balls usually aren't that big ;-).

    The strap can be pulled extra tight. (I think it's tight already, but you guys just have to pull it one notch tighter!)

    Sorry, that's just us being Obsessive-Compulsive perfectionists making sure the gag's properly secured ;-)

    It doesn't totally silence you, but the silly "gagtalk" it forces you to do is almost worse than not being able to talk at all.

    That's all part of the scene :-D

    And there's something very un-lady-like about having saliva flowing down your chin. The drooling just makes you feel more helpless.

    Also part of the scene. Besides, it could be could also be blindfolded ;-).

    Having said that, I must admit that the jaw spreader, AKA the dental gag, scares me. I've never had one in my mouth, but it looks like it really leaves your mouth wide open and vulnerable. Darkroom wrote about dropping shaved public hair in there. Yikes!

    Usually before I do scene with a sub we sit down and talk limitations, "dos and donts", what's ok and what's not. If we did a scene together, ball gag, no gag, dental gag, you can rest assured that if it's a "don't" for you it's not going to happen during the scene AT ALL.

    I saw a scene on Insex where a model had her head encased in a glass jar, her mouth pried open with one of those dental gags, and big, live bugs were dropped in the jar. That gives me the heebie-jeebies!

    Heh heh, sorry but BDSM and "Fear Factor" are two different activities. Had a bug phobia ever since I woke up with a 7-inch centipede crawling over my leg without so much as a "'scuse me buddy" O_O (gotta love camping in the Philippines). Just remember "safe, sane, and consensual" if you're getting a little apprehensive about certain gags. Communication goes a long way to making a good scene between dom and sub.

    Thursday, December 27th 2007 - 12:13:06 AM

    Name: Jefferson James
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Mothbrad: I understand what you are saying. We all have preferences and opinions and I agree that we should express them freely. I just feel that there is a huge difference between saying, "I prefer women without tattoos," and saying, "What the fuck is wrong with these bitches that get these ugly damn tattoos? It makes them look like crack whores!" We should be able to express our likes and dislikes without being so damn hostile.

    I too would like to hear female opinions on the subject. Perhaps I am wrong; I was at least one other time in my life.


    Thursday, December 27th 2007 - 09:56:19 AM

    Name: Brutus

    Ralphus: As always, an awesome review. I love the idea of shaving the victim with a spit-cum lather. As for English subtitles, I'm surprised that Japan, a country that exports so many wonderful products and really protects its intellectual property, does not have export-oriented porn. Sure, the U.S. trade deficit would worsen, but that has never stopped Japan before. Must be a censorship issue. Perhaps the rape and abuse scenes in Japanese bondage movies are too harsh for Big Brother on this side of the Pacific.

    Thursday, December 27th 2007 - 02:02:40 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Another Maria Ozawa/Attackers movie: I can't take credit for this discovery, as it was our friends at who uncovered this great news. There is another Maria Ozawa movie coming from Attackers. This next one will be released in February, and judging from the back cover photos, it looks like it will have a combination of torture and rape (forced blowjobs, at the very least).

    This is a bit presumptuous on my part, but assuming this title finds its way into North America (and it must!), I feel this one may be deserving of an official Ralphus review.


    In other news, this is anti-climactic at this point, but Jessica Alba is engaged to that guy who knocked her up.

    Thursday, December 27th 2007 - 04:06:13 PM

    Name: ikugan
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    @ A Canadian:

    That Maria Ozawa movie might be here about 4-5 months after it's released in Japan. Try checking the usual AV sources for it. If not, try going to and ask around there. They should have the latest info regarding this AV. Heck, one member even provided evidence that Maria Ozawa did a live strip show in Hokkaido back in November. Hopefully she improved her acting skills for this one.

    Thursday, December 27th 2007 - 09:03:28 PM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:

    Gabriela: In my experience, the ballgag is the nastiest gag.

    Having said that, I must admit that the jaw spreader, AKA the dental gag, scares me.

    So we have recommnedations for the ball gag and the spreader! [Evil grin]

    Friday, December 28th 2007 - 02:06:08 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:

    ikugan: For those who are into strip show performances by Japanese porn stars, here is a link to a site that offers a performance by Maria Ozawa, along with performances from GIMP-world stars such as Ayumu Kase, Sally Yoshino, Rion Morishita and Riku Shiina. If you click on the box on the top right in each section, you can see a free preview, but it doesn't really show anything.

    Friday, December 28th 2007 - 03:19:34 AM

    Name: Aries

    Poll - Blue ballgag. The ring gag, would be my second choice.

    On Maria, from what I've heard, Maria is going to be doing more movies with Attackers.

    Saturday, December 29th 2007 - 08:52:53 AM

    Name: BigD
    Homepage URL:

    Hmm, I haven't anyone mention this movie yet, has anyone heard of "The Devil of Blue Mountain"?? I've seen it on Amazon and Yahoo, but no reviews, but I noticed Video Mayhem has it...Looks like a great potential gimp movie!!!

    Can anyone point me to a review of this movie?? I wonder if it has any nudity in it?. I know that on Video Mayhem's site it says "bondage and rape" (see my url)

    Saturday, December 29th 2007 - 10:57:42 AM

    Name: Ian
    E-mail address:

    Gags most favoured by me in bondage scenes (in descending order):

    C Deep tight between-her-teeth cleave gag – somehow this usually has the most aesthetic appeal to me, even though it doesn’t silence her as effectively as other types. It looks uncomfortable enough to keep her mind on her predicament, lets her breath and isn’t easy to push out if tight enough.

    C (or F) Cleave gag with soiled panties packing – more effective, admittedly. One cleave wrap should be pushing the packing past the teeth; another can cover the mouth.

    A Tape gag round-the-head (at least fully once with overlap) with soiled panties packing. Worry about glue in the hair later.

    H Plug gag (strap gag?). There’s one used in the film “Dune” – very nice.

    H Plug/strap/penis gag with access hole.

    B Ball gag, provided it’s small enough to go behind her teeth. I don’t like those ones too large to get past the teeth. Colour shouldn’t be too bright.

    Most other gags – I don’t want to inhibit anyone muffling a trussed-up female.

    How about a cleave gag on a supine bound female, with a chinstrap stretching her and clamping her jaws around her gag. I recall Joanna Lumley strapped to a traction table with the tension pulling her chinstrap against her strapped ankles being cycled on-and-off (set to maximum stroke or frequency by the villains, of course) in a “New Avengers” episode. Her arms or wrists were strapped at her sides. I thought then that a thick between-the-teeth cleave gag would have been a great improvement since she could still tell her rescuer through gritted teeth where to switch the machine off. It might even have been more comfortable for her!

    Saturday, December 29th 2007 - 12:02:33 PM

    Name: tiemaster
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Over the mouth but u have to stuff it first with something to keep her quiet. That's my way or the highway.

    Saturday, December 29th 2007 - 01:59:31 PM

    Name: rightman
    E-mail address:

    It seems to me that which is the best gag depends on what you are trying to achieve. If it is to keep the victim quiet then the tape over the mouth (A), particularly if the mouth is previously stuffed with some packing, such as her panties, is going to be very effective. Aesthetically I find the ball gag (B) hard to beat, although I think it allows a lot of noise to escape, which can in itself be pleasing in some circumstances. However, it seems to me that keeping the victim's mouth accessible, whether she wants to or not, has such obvious advantages that my vote goes to the ring gag (D) and the jaw spreader (G)

    Saturday, December 29th 2007 - 06:12:47 PM

    Name: Aries

    Like I mentioned earlier, from what I've heard, Maria Ozawa is most likely going to be appearing in more movies filmed by Attackers.

    Reason being, S1, Das, and Attackers are affiliated. Girls start in S1, then if willing they move into making Das movies, then again if willing, they move on to Attackers. She's made several movies with S1 and Das, and already filmed two with Attackers, there should be more to follow.

    Also, as you know the school girl look is huge in JAV. One of the cutest girls in JAV, who makes the perfect school girl, recently hooked up with S1, three movies so far. If she ends up doing movies with Attackers, the televisions going to need a sneeze guard, she's extremely cute. Don't know if you guys are familiar with her, she's never been mentioned on the board as far as I know, but she's definitely worth a look.

    Here's a pic, her name's Mihiro. Check her out, very cute.

    Considering how adorable she is, you'd think they'd treat her like a little princess.

    Thankfully, the Japanese like GIMPERS know, the cuter they are, the more fun they are to play with. 3rd film from S1, and she's exactly how we like her. I'm seriously thinking of changing my vote to cock gag, unless tea bagging this sweet cock socket, equates to ballgaging.

    Additional proof, the Japanese are cool.

    Man, she really looks like she's in need of rescue. I wish we were there to help, HIM.

    If you like her, here's the movie the pics were taken from.


    Saturday, December 29th 2007 - 07:03:16 PM

    Name: BigD
    Homepage URL:

    Hey Gimpers, check this one out!! Click on the URL...It's a movie called "The Hood has Eyez"...Check out the 5 minute video montage...The 1/2 half isn't good but the last 1/2 of the trailor shows promise...I believe Netflix has it for rent....

    Saturday, December 29th 2007 - 10:15:04 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Aries: Thanks, that is interesting information, and I certainly hope you're right about Maria Ozawa. I have also seen some reports that she might be doing more work with Attackers, but I had never before heard the full explanation you provided.

    It's interesting. I knew Attackers and some of the other labels were all part of the same company, but I didn't know there was a system for graduating to Attackers movies.

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 08:20:04 AM

    Name: jyydubs
    Homepage URL:

    BIG D - Trailer for "The Devil of Blue Mountain" can be found at the site above. I watched it a while ago and was mildly impressed. The premise is good, but I doubt it will deliver in the nudity department. It should be out by now, I may rent it. On "The Hood Has Eyez" I was also not impressed by the trailer.

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 08:55:07 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:,/

    Well, here we go again -- it's time for another YEAR IN REVIEW. Except this year, it comes with a twist.

    Normally, for whatever reason, my holiday season reflection on the year just ending includes a heapin' helpin' of negativity, with all kinds of doom and gloom about political crackdowns and the sad state of the world around me.

    But not this year. I don't know, maybe someone's been spiking my drinks, but I'm feeling quite good these days. I saw some outstanding Japanese movies throughout 2007, particularly the fantastic Slave Island films and some impressive Shark Special movies. Indeed, it's becoming quite common to pick up a high-quality film that is three hours long. Meanwhile, more Lisa movies found their way onto DVD in 2007, the list of famous bondage producers and stars visiting the GIMP site continued to grow, more women are starting to post, and the bank of GIMP reviews expanded at an impressive rate. Finally, as we head into the final year of the Bush administration, there is at least some hope that social conservatism will fall out of favor.

    So things are lookin' rather sunny.

    Of course, we shouldn't get too giddy. I mean, there were some troubling signs in 2007, such as the possibility mainstream audiences are losing interest in Torture Porn. Wouldn't you know, just as the political heat might be starting to drop, market forces become a problem. It figures.

    Still, overall, I'm uncharacteristically upbeat.

    Anyway, time for the rundown. As always, the usual qualifiers are in place: I don't watch the online sites, I'm not much into bondage art, and not every GIMP movie released on DVD is available in Canada. Now, here's my list of the best and the worst of 2007. And the awards go to:

    • Best movie of 2007: Slave Island 11, an Attackers movie (code: RBD-090).

    • Best actress of the year: Luna Akatsuki in Slave Island 11 (Luna).

    • Other outstanding performers: Ayumu Kase in Slave Island 7 and Shark Special 35, An Nanba in Shark Special 33, Maxine in Sgt. Major's Bondage Classics One, Riko Tachibana in Riko Tachibana Special, and Nana Nanami in Slave Island 8.

    • Starlet to watch in 2008: Maria Ozawa. Gorgeous Maria, who is half Japanese and half Canadian, is already a huge international porn star, but her bondage and rape scenes to date have been kinda weak. Fortunately, Maria has at least two Attackers films coming out in 2008, so there is good reason to hope her world domination will soon include GIMP-land.

    • Best Lisa moment in this year's ZFX discs: the rape scene in Hard Down Easy.

    • Worst spoiler of 2007: that the whips in the ZFX films are made of felt.

    • Best online punches: The YouTube mixed-boxing link (no longer available), where the guy kept punching the face of the sexy blonde in the bikini.

    • Best punches on DVD: The shots delivered to Valerie Wyndham (SoCal Val) in Girls of War.

    • Best mainstream release: Hostel: Part 2.

    • Best mainstream actress: Heather Matarazzo in Hostel: Part 2. (She ain't the purtiest thing I ever seen, but she got the job done).

    • Worst mainstream release: The Hills Have Eyes 2.

    • The two things that would have greatly improved Hostel: Part 2: Bijou Phillips' left breast and Bijou Phillips' right breast.

    • Is it really necessary to see breastices in an exploitation movie?: Check the returns for Grindhouse.

    • Is director Eli Roth a lurker?: Yes. Anyone who caught the villains' "are we sick?" conversation in Hostel: Part 2 knows Eli has been lifting lines from the GIMP site.

    • Is Quentin Tarantino gay?: I don't think so. But if he ever makes another so-called exploitation movie with no nudity in it, I may send a few inquiring questions to Perez Hilton.

    • Recipient of the 2007 Norman Bates Award: Debra McCabe, for her wonderful cold shower scene in Saw III.

    • Best oldie discovery this year: the Japanese film, Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs, on DVD.

    • Favorite star from yesteryear: Abigail Clayton, also known as Gail Lawrence, who impressed porn fans in films like Femmes de Sade and mainstream fans in the film Maniac.

    • Mainstream star I would most like to see doing bondage: would-be singer Misfit Dior, from VH1's The White Rapper Show. Runner up: pop star Fergie, particularly in that Boy Scout uniform from her Fergalicious video. It's hot, hot, indeed.

    • Other mainstream stars who should be making bondage movies: pop tart Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, reality TV star Andrea Lowell, overrated golfer Michelle Wie, Shakira, and, of course, Jessica Alba.

    • Most annoying online development: The delay, which can sometimes lasts for hours, when you post something on the GIMP site.

    • Best online development: The new GIMP reviews section, which is robust and well organized, even if some of the reviews are a tad long.

    • Best new GIMP visitor in 2007: Dahlia Delis, whose posts are as enticing as her photos.

    • Worst new GIMP visitor in 2007: Rosie O'Donnell and her big red undies.

    • Most "outed" closet GIMPer of 2007: Bill Zebub. Bill, despite your denials, you are as sick as the rest of us. Deal with it. The sooner you acknowledge it, the sooner you can make peace with yourself, and in turn make films your kindred spirits can enjoy.

    • Best comeback of 2007: The return(s) of Hank Hobbs' Bondage Video Caps.

    • Best expression of 2007: "Go fuck yourself, you pineapple," a loosely translated line from Room 237 by The House of Gord.

    • Top U.S. election question: Of the many people who have appeared on Law and Order -- Angie Harmon, Elisabeth Rohm, Jill Hennessey, Carey Lowell -- why the heck would the Republicans be looking at Fred Thompson?

    • Most bizarre U.S. election question: How could Mike Huckabee possibly believe there is a national igloo in Canada?

    • Worst Canadian news of 2007: Jessica Alba was in Toronto shooting a Mike Myers movie, and I never saw her.

    • Worst international news of 2007: The same Jessica Alba is preggers.

    • Best unsubstantiated rumor of 2007: That Lucyboots wants to star in her own The Hills Have Eyes remake, and this time the mutants would be replaced by beer-swilling Canadians.

    • My wish for 2008: The format war ends and one high-definition DVD format emerges, so GIMPers can start purchasing their favorite mainstream movies in high-def.

    I would like to wish each and every GIMPer the very best for the New Year.

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 10:56:59 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    A Canadian: Great list as usual. And in keeping with yours, here's my annual list of GIMP Best and Worsts and Ralphus Awards:


    Best News of 2007 for Freedom-Loving Americans - 2257 was FINALLY declared unconstitutional by a 3 judge panel in Ohio in October. Will this mean the end of the needless prosecution of adult entertainment? Doubt it, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

    Goodbye and Good Riddance Award - to Alberto Gonzales, Bush's porn-hating Attorney General, who finally resigned under pressure in August. He wasted millions, if not billions of dollars of the taxpayer's money going after the people who produce adult entertainment to appease his boss. Too bad we have to wait til NEXT year to get rid of the rest of those sorry right-wing losers.

    Best Trend in Mainstream Horror Movies - "Torture porn", in which women are tortured onscreen for our entertainment...movies like Turistas (actually a 2006 release but hit DVD this year), Captivity, Hostel: Part 2, Saw 4, I Know Who Killed Me, etc.

    Worst News in Mainstream Movies - Almost every single one of these movies tanked at the box office. And the reason? Most of them sucked. And they forgot the female nudity and stupidly added more gore and grossness instead. Guys, the key is distress, not mutilation.

    Best New Celebrity Posters - Jeff Gord from the legendary House of Gord, the man who originated making bound women into furniture, and Dahlia Delis, a true Smokin' Babe and bondage model who has quickly become the Sex Symbol of the GIMP.

    Celebrity Friends We Wish We Saw Here More - The great Dan Hawke, who seems to have virtually disappeared, and Everybody's bondage sweetheart Natasha Flade. Come back, guys!

    Idiot of the Year Award - To Bill Zebub, who plans on making a film based on the amazing true story of The Girl In the Box (in which a woman was imprisoned and tortured for 7 years)...and he plans to keep the victim's face completely covered up with a mask for most of the movie. Who else would cast a beautiful woman and then not let us see her face?

    Idiot of NEXT Year Award - To Bill Zebub. Why wait? The movie isn't out yet, but despite overwhelming disagreement and backlash on this forum, he still doesn't plan on changing his mind about keeping her face covered up. Face it, he's trying real hard to win this award EVERY year.

    Best Bondage Film of 2007 - Attackers #111, in which a young cutie is subjected to over 2 hours of nasty tortures, including pussy hair burning, suspension, hot wax, harsh bondage and lots of brutal whipping. One of Attackers best releases in recent memory.

    Best ZFX Movie of 2007 - Several good ones got released this year, but my personal favorite is Machine Head 3: Rage Against the Machine, featuring an all-star cast of babes (Lisa Kinkaid, Chandra Sweet, Monica Moore, Amy Van Allen) along with ZFX's finest villain, Bryan Dunhill. A fun combination of sci-fi and typically harsh ZFX action.

    Best Mainstream Movie of the Year - The Girl Next Door. The book was better (and much more explicit) but the film perfectly captured the power and drama of Jack Ketchum's beloved novel of a teenaged girl who was bound and tortured to death by a group of children and their sadistic aunt.

    Worst Movie of the Year - I dunno, what's Bill Zebub made lately?

    Best Movie I Saw In a Theater in 2007 - Hostel: Part 2. The one "torture porn" movie that got it right: Three bound and gagged babes, torture, snuff, nudity (okay, not enough) and a film that celebrated captive women in peril. Eli Roth rocks!

    Worst DVD I Saw At Home in 2007 - Hostel: Part 2. The sadistic joys of the movie were nearly ruined by a hideously dark transfer that severely limited our ability to even see what was going on. What were they thinking? Eli Roth sucks!

    Best Babe in a Bondage Film - Ruri Satou, the doe-eyed (and big breasted) victim from Attackers#92.

    Best Villain of the Year (and seemingly every year) - Randa Mai (Mr. Cool Shades), the Japanese superstar who always brings a cruel edge to his domination of helpless bound girls. It's no surprise that the films he's appeared in as the villain have won my Best of the Year awards for the past 3 years.

    Best Victim in a Mainstream Movie - Lauren German, Hostel Part 2. Of the 3 young women who were captured and tied in that film, she was the most appealing, and gave a totally believable performance that carried the film. Plus that, she was tied up twice, got beaten up, bruised, threatened and nearly raped. And she was the lucky one of the 3.

    Best Villain in a Mainstream Movie - Blanche Baker, The Girl Next Door. This one's easy. As the sadistic and twisted Aunt Ruth, she was as scary as Norman Bates or Hannibal Lector, except neither one of those guys was into tying up girls in their basement.

    Best Bondage Scene of 2007 - A tough call, but my favorite is the very cute Minami Aoyama repeatedly dunked in a huge vat of bubbling, steaming wine and then covered in hot wax at the conclusion of Attackers#103. Does it for me every time.

    Best Whipping Scene - Another very close call, but my pick is Ruri Satou's brutal whipping by Randa Mai at the conclusion of Attackers#92. Check out those lovely red stripes.

    Best Scene in a Mainstream Movie - Heather Matarazzo being hung upside-down, bound, gagged and naked and led into a large room like a piece of meat, before meeting her demise in Hostel: Part 2. Already a legendary bondage scene in movie history.

    Best Hidden Discovery - Night Train Murders, a 1975 "video nasty" I had never seen and barely even heard of, turned out to be one of the most sadistic and effective thrillers I saw all year, as two sweet young women are held prisoner, beaten, raped and killed on a vacation trip aboard a train. A remake of Last House on the Left but much, much better.

    Best Poll of the Year - We had some darn good ones, from whether bondage lovers hated women (a resounding NO!) to whether films made about real-life subjects affected our enjoyment of bondage entertainment (most of us said no) to our feelings about superheroine bondage, candlewax, crotchropes and forced orgasms (remember all those?) but the one that has sparked the most attention (over 70 different people have responded so far) is "Which is the best way to gag a bitch?" (or words to that effect).

    They Said It Wouldn't Last Award - To myself and Aria Giovanni. Who would have thought that a tall, busty bondage supermodel and a 3 foot 7 midget would still be a couple after over a year now? Well, we proved them wrong. The reason for our success is simple: heavy, industrial-strength rope and lots and lots of duct tape.


    And Happy New Year to all my fellow GIMPers. Here's to making 2008 our Best Year Ever!

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 11:21:51 AM

    Name: Wild Bill

    Favorite gag?

    For ease of use and overall looks it would have to be the ball gag. Easy to insert and snug up and the bright color really says "I'm here".

    I also love a ring gag for ease of use in another manner. Ads yet another opening that your victim no longer has any control of. Great for forced oral and increases the volume of the incoherent noise the victim can make. Also fun for breath play, as in I'll just leave my cock down your throat until I feel like letting you breathe.

    The dental gag looks interesting in the sense that it goes in without the victim opening her mouth much and then all of a sudden her mouth's wide open and she can't close it. Never used one myself though.

    Panties, etc... are always fun and fuctional, especially if theres nothing else laying around.

    Wild Bill

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 01:24:05 PM

    Name: Lucyboots
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Well, Canadian, I must say I am honored to make your prestigious list!

    The rumor is basically true, I do have intense rape fantasies and I've blogged about them before.

    I'm not sure how that got tied in with the "Hills Have Eyes" rape scene because I said I was totally grossed out by that.

    I think most guys would be surprised by how many girls have rape fantasies. But, like mine, violence isn't part of's more about the sex and control. It's like what Ralphus said: It's about humiliation, not mutilation!

    Perdita Durango's Rape Scene is a good example of what kind of rape turns me on.

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 02:28:15 PM

    Name: Lucyboots
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:


    I never personally thanked you for posting the homemade ring gag was really hot!

    The sounds she made were incredible and it sounded like you were very turned on as well!

    I have officially changed my vote to "ring gag", lol.

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 02:33:37 PM

    Name: Jeff Gord
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Yo guys

    Still battling on with the finger. No pain now, but is still flopping around like a spare part if I take the splint off.

    I have been scanning old archived pics in ready to put back on the site. They were removed after the 2257 debacle until we could interpret the law regarding overseas photos and gigs. Now they are going back up. These are scanned from photos as they are a very old scene that was right at the start of the website back in 98.

    It is just that I remember one of the gag comments being about taped lips with the lip shape showing through. These should make someone's 2007 end on a happy note. This is Elle, an Australian lady converted into a garden bar and taped up with the last of the super strong British surgeons tape I had. This stuff is no longer available, and to coin a Navy term, it sticks like shit to a blanket. One has to be careful peeling it back off otherwise you end up with a pair of lips stuck to the tape; - and a really pissed off chick.

    Happy New year to all from

    Jeff Gord

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 04:03:45 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:,/

    Jeff Gord: Thanks for the photos. I'm glad to hear the finger is getting somewhat better.


    Lucyboots wrote:

    I think most guys would be surprised by how many girls have rape fantasies. But, like mine, violence isn't part of's more about the sex and control. It's like what Ralphus said: It's about humiliation, not mutilation!

    Actually, I think that's how most male rape fantasies work, as well. In one sense, I like a rape scene in a movie to be convincing, in that I want the female victim to appear truly helpless. However, I also want the scene to be erotic -- the focus should be on sex, not on seeing the woman get hurt. I suspect most male GIMPers would agree with me.


    Ralphus: That is an excellent assessment of the year just passed. Clearly, you and I and probably most others are agreed on the best mainstream release of the year. And we appear to be agreed, once again, on the quality of Mr. Zebub's works.

    But there are some different views in the other categories, such as the best GIMP porn movie. I would be interested to hear what others thought were the best films or scenes this year.

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 04:28:14 PM

    Name: Brutus

    Ralphus and A Canadian: Great lists and a very fun read. It seems the Japanese continue to dominate the film categories. I didn't see too much new porn in 2007, but most of the titles I did get were the Attackers films based largely on the reviews posted here. As for my favorite film, I still have a place in my heart for "The Human Sandbag," even though I graded it only a "B" and it made me squirm a bit. Gotta love that title and Mizuno Hotori's tits and genuine pain. She's really growing on me.

    It's hard to believe that the year started off with Ralphus threatening to pull the plug on the forum and ended with an overwhelming response to the gag poll. In between, we've had excellent discussions, outstanding reviews and tons of information about everything GIMP in the world. We've seen the forum debuts of some stars in the bondage industry, and we've seen the return of some old posters, including the original Gimp. And we somehow survived the Bill Zebub-hood controversy. (I still get headaches thinking about that.)

    Overall, it's been a fun year here. I'd like to thank everyone who posts on the forum and wish all GIMPers the best for 2008.

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 05:28:01 PM

    Name: Bill Zebub
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    LOL - Ralphus, can't please everyone...

    Well, I still haven't begun the "Breaking Her Will" project, but I do want to correct a misconception - it was only partially inspired by the Girl in the Box. I'm still on the fence about a lot of stylistic choices. But no matter what, the girl is going to be be masked for the first phase of her brainwashing. I know that a lot of you really hate that, but seriously, it makes story-sense. From what I recall, the real-life victim's head was kept in some box contraption. But then, if you made that movie, you would probably have what's called the "impossible camera perspective" where the camera would be inside the box so you see her face. Actually, that's kind of cool, now that I write it...

    Just wondering - how many of you have HD, or at least, widescreen TV's? I'm asking because I was offered a huge advance for one of my movies and I am thinking about getting an HD camera. While it's still early to produce HD DVD's for the sleaze/drama market, I wonder how many people prefer a widescreen format...

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 05:32:20 PM

    Name: purpleviking
    E-mail address:

    Lucyboots, and A Canadian: I agree with you about rape fantasies. I just love to see a cute lady tied up against her will while she gets her pussy fucked or teasing her against her will with a vibrator while making her suck your dick. I'm not into the real heavy torture stuff either though I like to watch the movies off and on.

    Ralphus, and A Canadian: I enjoyed reading both of your year in review. Lets just hope that Rick puts together the rest of his works into DVD's and gets going on some new material for the new year and afterwards.

    I would just like to wish everyone a very happy, safe, and gimp worthy new year.

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 06:27:18 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    BigD: The Hood has Eyez looks like a LOT of fun; I was smiling all the way through the 5-minute teaser. I like the "rape party" atmosphere, but I have the suspicion that it's probably going to be just a lot of cheesy blood and gore effects rather than overt bondage, rape and torture. Certainly it's low-budget; you can tell that pretty easily, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. At least they have do have a couple of cute women as the victims. Ought to be worth a rental. I added it to my Netflix queue.

    Bill Zebub: Dude, you're missing the point. I've posted about this before but I'll tell you again. Yes, Colleen Stan was kept in a box and forced to wear a box-like apparatus over her head...but NOT when she was being tortured, just when Hooker left her alone. He wasn't an idiot; he wanted to see her expressions and reactions when she was tortured, just like everyone who wants to see a movie like that would. To deny your audience that would be a HUGE mistake. I read your screenplay and I know what you're trying to go for, but you need to be smart and reconsider that choice. Seriously, you're cutting your own wrists if you deny the audience that element of the story...that's the most important part of a film like that and it would ruin the impact. Can't you see that?

    Go back to the June archives (linked above) and reread what people had to say about your idea that you claim makes "story-sense". Probably about 95% of posters said that it was a bad move and that they wouldn't buy or even rent a movie if they couldn't see the victim's face. And those are the people that are your audience, the people that pay you with their wallets. What are you thinking?

    What's sad is that this material is primo; it's a guaranteed moneymaker if you wouldn't fuck with it, but no, you won't listen and you're going to turn it into a piece of crap. There's still time to change your mind. Be smart, man. Don't blow this opportunity.

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 06:36:32 PM

    Name: Ironman
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hello all, I've been making rather merry over the holiday and haven't been around much. Tuned in to find a lot of catch up reading to do. I'm really amazed at the huge response to the poll question. I actually learned a lot about gags that I didn't know. While on the subject, Ms. Ironman asked me to toss in her vote for duct tape. I tried to get her to post it herself but I'm afraid she's still a lurker.

    Lucyboots: Enjoyed the rape clip and I would like to say that I agree with you. I'm basically a hard-core torture fan but when it comes to rape and forced orgasm, it's about sex and control.

    Jeff Gord: Thanx for the pix. It is interesting to see the lips through the tape. Take good care of that finger.

    Bill Zebub: To answer your question, I have a widescreen TV and HD player but only because I got a good deal on the equipment. I'm not, however, buying ANY HD discs until the war is over. As far as that goes, I am personally boycotting SONY. That company has obviously gone to hell. I have had nothing but bad experiences with their stuff in recent years. Obviously the work of some dickless corporate geeks trying to cut corners. BTW-gotta say that seeing the victim's reaction is what I'm after. Hell, I would buy a vid of nothing but facial expression if I came across one. Quite frankly, I love to watch a woman cry.

    Ralphus and Canadian: Excellent "YEAR IN REVIEW" guys. I totally agree with your observations. Just to toss in a few personal notes on 2007:

    For best mainstream release of the year, I vote for "THE GIRL NEXT DOOR". It could have been better (they always could) but I enjoyed it all the same. And Ruth definitely deserves the best villain award.

    Best scene from a mainstream for me was the cold shower from "SAW III".

    I saw very few gimp porn releases from 2007 but my vote would have to go to "SLAVE ISLAND 11". Although "ATTACKER'S 111" looks very promising. It's on my want list fer sure.

    My favorite acquisition this year was ZFX's SOB 6. It's getting lots-o-airplay around the house right now.

    And the best punches of the year are the one's I throw in "Awawa's underground room". Damn that's a fun site.

    For 2008, I think Dahlia Delis deserves a cabinet post in the newly forming Gimp Nation. I was thinking maybe Under-secretary of the Navy.

    So long for now and happy new year everyone!

    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 08:49:19 PM

    Name: zee-ef-ex

    HD-TV? No. Widescreen? No.

    And no interest in either, nor in HD-DVD or Blu-Ray.

    Plain old full screen analogue TVs with DVDs are good enough. I'm on cable, so I don't care about the end of analogue signals in 2009 or whenever it is.

    I'm more concerned about building a media server, so I can basically "i-Pod" all of my movies the same way I do all of my music. I don't want to slip in a disk to watch a movie. I want to rip that disk, keep the original as a backup, and scroll through a collection of hundreds of choices on my TV like I do on my iPod.

    Besides the stupid DRM copy protection, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray are too fat. I want my media server movies to use as few bits as possible, so more of them can fit on the hard drive.

    And what's the bang for the buck? I have friends who have hi-Def, even the more than 40 inch 1080p crap, and sure, it is a LITTLE bit crisper looking, but not nearly that much better to justify the purchase. I can barely tell the difference, maybe because I just don't care.

    There's a point when tech becomes "good enough" and there is no reason to stay on the purposely-pushed BUY BUY BUY treadmill. TV plus DVD is good enough. So, there is no reason at all to upgrade.

    Bill, if I were you I'd sell on-line downloads that can be easily copied and backed up to DVD for safekeeping, with both full screen and widescreen for the price of one.

    Hey kids, get off my lawn.


    Sunday, December 30th 2007 - 10:14:45 PM

    Name: jhlipton
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    # Best online punches: The YouTube mixed-boxing link (no longer available), where the guy kept punching the face of the sexy blonde in the bikini.

    Check out Girl Fight Wizard's page on (you have to register to see anything, and if they do send mail, it's getting trapped in my Bulk Folder). He's posted that video, plus topless boxing and wrestling to a more accepting host.

    # The two things that would have greatly improved Hostel: Part 2: Bijou Phillips' left breast and Bijou Phillips' right breast.

    I wouldn't have minded one of Phillip's breasts and one of German's, but would prefer both. And seeing both girls tortured for MUCH longer.


    More Worst News: We're still using Dreambook, which I believe to be the ONLY forum that doesn't even know paragraph breaks. Yeeeesh!

    Monday, December 31st 2007 - 03:42:42 AM

    Name: Bill Zebub
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Thanks for the feedback about HD and widescreen. I'm just so nervous about the next couple of years. It seems that all TV's are widescreen now, so anything shot fullscreen will warp on a TV like that unless the viewer chooses the 4:3 ration, but that looks silly on a widescreen TV.

    I'm looking at a Sony HD camera, for about $7,000, but a little birdy told me that Sony, as if they weren't stingy enough, sort of programs a failure date - sort of like a planned obsolescence (like when my car transmission blew 20 miles beyond the warranty). Not sure if Sony would do that but I wouldn't put it past them. I mean, for their Playstation 3 they were considering making it impossible for you to share your disk. The technology has been there for a while but nobody was enough of a dick to use it. That kind of stuff MAKES people go out of the way to screw over the company. I thought Sony would have learned the lesson from other failures. Also, them not wanting to share the Blu Ray (which I think is crap), just shows that they think that the Beta versus VHS lesson was a fluke, lol.

    What I don't like about the ultra HD is the 60i form, which looks like tourist video, albeit very high resolution tourist video. Movies have what is called "cinematic motion" and the magic ingredient is the blur. Take that away and you lose the illusion.

    Anyway, what's got me worried is that if I don't correctly predict the trends then I might be out of business. I remember the old days when VHS vendors refused to go with the times, and they waited too long to adapt. (I just realized - why is Sony making an HD camera?). Ultimately I won't actually make an HD DVD for a while but it's probably good for backup in case a title gets enough demand later in the war.

    I personally own a 42" widescreen HD TV (the 720 kind). I play normal DVD's on a normal DVD player. Why? Because my old TV could not play the full resolution of a DVD. My new TV can, and at a contrast of 10,000:1 I see all sorts of new things. But I can't see replacing my hard-bought DVD collection with HD versions. This is enough extra for my eyeballs. Hopefully others see things this way, at least for the next few years.

    I have just now made some titles available for download, either as full resolution DVD format or the much smaller file size of divx. It's only via paypal for now but my webmaster is working on getting a key for credit card orders. Not sure about the titles yet - I know ASSMONSTER is on there but it might be too comedic for most of you. I know I sent a free copy to a few of you but no one posted naything yet.

    As for BREAKING HER WILL I am letting it sit until I can read it with a fresh outlook. Right now I have a major problem. If the girl is in a mask in act 1, then the male has to be a damn good actor - the actor I have in mind can't deliver that kind of performance. He can't carry the scene alone. The actress, Elyse Cheri, is very talented, and I have no worries about her performance. I really like this script and I don't want to mess it up. It's definitely going to have some compromises because I can't seem to get the investors to put in as much money as is needed to make this the ultimate. So I have to wait a bit and read the script with fresh eyes. But even if I made the whole movie with everyone wearing a milk crate, I have a lot of other movies in the works that will probably get some nods of approval from you lot. I'm in that twilight grotto where I am renounced by all because I am not pure in any discipline. I only touch on things here because I find them interesting, so I am just a tourist in your realm, not a citizen.

    Monday, December 31st 2007 - 02:57:14 PM

    Name: Rick
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Greetings GiMPers!

    2007 was not a good year on a myriad of levels. There were a few bright spots, but not many. Still, every year you're still using air is a good one.

    2008 does promise to be better, but you never know what the future holds. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, but it could also be a train=)

    Anyway, let me propose a toast. I imagine all of the Gimpers in one hall, a dingy old ale house. The scantily clad ladies among us look around nervously at the sea of horny mooks pressed close around them. We share a common bond of seeking forbidden pleasure, we share a symbiotic relationship. Yet, the tension in the room is palpable.

    It is a dark haired beauty who breaks the ice, making out with a testy midget. Taking this as a cue, the men press around seizing her firmly. She gasps as she knows she is now under their control. One man strips off her panties which are thrust in her mouth, his hand sealing her gasping red lips. She is held spread eagle on the table as the men impale her with their cocks.

    Soon the other girls see what is happening. Some of them just look on in shocked curiosity. But some begin to make out with the men around them. It isn't long before they too are focal points of attention as the men circle them with grasping hands and eager mouths and cocks. As the clock strikes midnite, the room explodes in cum glazed ecstasy. Suddenly, one drunken Libertine leaps atop a table and, thrusting his mug of mead high, he cries:

    Here's to the Ladies, Be of good cheer

    The Lads may be raunchy But you've nothing to fear

    So bend over Ladies So we can fondle your rears

    We just want to screw you It seems rather clear

    And when we are done And sipping our beers

    We will laugh at ourselves For being so weird

    Happy New Year!


    Monday, December 31st 2007 - 03:26:31 PM

    Name: zee-ef-ex

    Geez, Rick. You just described my New Years Eve this year EXACTLY to a tee.

    Hey, get your camera out of my house and get back to shooting new ZFX videos, okay?



    Monday, December 31st 2007 - 04:22:09 PM

    Name: chase
    E-mail address:

    As to the poll: What kind of gag(s) do you most favor in your bondage scenes?

    J. No gag. It obstructs her face.

    Monday, December 31st 2007 - 09:24:06 PM

    Name: Scribbler
    Homepage URL:

    Actually, this dreambook can be set up for paragraph breaks without the <p> tags...if you want.

    GAGS: for me, it's whatever's appropriate for the fantasy, for the story. If a gag is not needed, girl is somewhere where her pleas for help won't be heard anyway, go without it. If gag needed, and the story is an impromptu, unplanned attack, then tape gag, or panties in mouth gag held in with rope, or tape, whether tape is just covering mouth or wrapped around head. Never been much of a fan of open mouth holding gags, but they're alright, I could deal with them. I found a hexagon (or octagon) clear ballgag at a store nearby, used it in a superheroine video I shot with Anastasia Pierce in 2004 that no one's ever seen but me (blame 2257). Was the most modern looking ball gag I've seen.

    Monday, December 31st 2007 - 10:37:46 PM

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    Next - January 2008