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Name: mothbrad
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Bobjones - do you know what a post modern vegetarian is?


He eats meat ... but does it ironically.

So I guess a post modern sadist still tortures girls in merciless peril ...

But does it ...

Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 01:36:12 AM

Name: greyducttape
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Happy, Happy 8th! Keep the party going! The site keeps on getting better and better each year! Grey

Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 02:35:22 AM

Name: jhlipton
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Anyone else seen the previews for Grindhouse and know that Rodriguez and Tarintino got it VERY wrong. The girl getting her leg cut off is a good start, but then she turns into SuperCrip. The grindhouse roughies weren't about the Empowerment of Women. They were about the Victimization of Women.

Back to school, boys!

Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 06:47:56 AM

Name: A Canadian
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Thees van Kemp and Bobjones: Perhaps this just proves I'm a product of the public school system, but I'm not familiar with Foucault and the "post-modern bondage" movement. I guess this means I'll have to pay special attention to Natasha's lecture at the inaugural GIMPers convention. I just hope that when Lisa addresses the crowd, she doesn't tell everyone (like William Shatner on Saturday Night Live) to "Get a life."

jhlipton: Sadly, I think you're right about Grindhouse. I was initially pretty pumped about this movie, but my sense now is that the only good part might be the mock trailers. I would have to agree with VM that Hostel 2 looks much more promising.

Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 07:16:37 AM

Name: purpleviking
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I just want to say Happy Birthday to the Gimp board. Hope it's around for many many more. I love to read everything everyone has to say on here even though I don't add much myself. Thanks again for everything Ralphus.


Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 08:52:06 AM

Name: jhlipton
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I just hope that when Lisa addresses the crowd, she doesn't tell everyone (like William Shatner on Saturday Night Live) to "Get a life."

Thanks to sites like EWP, InShadow and Orgasmagoria, I've gotten several (some many times over!). If she wants to volunteer to be next, I won't stop her. (Now where did I leave my piano wire?)

Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 10:49:52 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Larry at VM: Thanks for the tip on Hostel Part II. At first, I couldn't understand where you were getting your information about all three girls getting gagged, since before we had only seen Bijou Phillips ballgagged ( and then Heather Matarazzo hung upside naked.

Now it looks like the cutest one of the three, Smokin' Babe Lauren German is going to get the treatment, too! There's a brief shot of her bound and gagged in the trailer (linked above in my Homepage URL). I'll tell you, this movie looks like it's going to totally ROCK! 3 babes bound, gagged and possibly tortured? I may not wait for the DVD this time; I'm seeing this one in the theater. This looks like real entertainment, what we all like to see, a film that celebrates the Victimization of Women! Ironically, looks like Tarantino is behind this one, too, so maybe he'll get this one right. I can't wait til June!

Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 11:04:35 AM

Name: chase
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Congratulations on your 8th Anniversary at Bring Out The GIMP.

Hope you are here for many years to come.


Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 01:35:14 PM

Name: eisenkette
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Best wishes for the site, Ralphus. Eight years already. May it live much-much longer.

I'm sending a link, for those who like the topic superheroines. Older stuff is to be found again.



Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 03:32:54 PM

Name: Paulus

I remember reading the synopsis for Hostel and thinking how it would be much better if the main victims were women..and now they go and make Hostel 2 :) It sounds awesome and the clip I saw was very promising. I just hope they don't cut too much out of the movie...can't wait for the DVD release.

Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 11:01:28 PM

Name: eeeteee

Happy 8th b-day ... boy how time flies when you are having fun with this board ... keep up the great work ... there is no other place on earth like this.

Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 11:54:38 PM

Name: Jake
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Just adding my birthday congratulations to Ralphus and the board. Take a bow everyone who contributes - take a risk everyone who doesn't.

The above URL is a gallery that should provide a few happy memories for HOM fans...

Monday, April 2nd 2007 - 05:56:48 AM

Name: Bobjones

The link that eisenkette sent contains an offer to buy, what is for me, one of the hottest little bits of bondage ever. The "justicegirl" clips there (I saw bits of them through the punished heroines site a while back) are fucking hot as hell, but I'm super biased toward superheroine smut (I think it's from watching too many episodes of "She-Ra" as a kid), so take that recommendation with a grain of salt. I'd recommend buying one of the clips through the link, as the way the punishedheroines site works means you'll have to pay 75 bucks and wait two months to see them. The clips are in the "bonus dungeon," a section you can see only after being a member for two months. I don't like the "bonus dungeon" concept myself, but I did stick around for three payments, so I guess it works. . . I felt like a chump, but a chump with a tremendous boner.

WARNING-- The following paragraph does not have any interesting notes about bondage, naked girls, or torture. It's a little tidbit about twentieth century philosophy and how it might shed lights on the asshole prudes who are always crawling up the ass of the pervert community. . . Michel Foucault was a philosopher who talked a lot about how the way things are organized and the way things are defined creates power, and he talked about how a lot of our preconceptions are really products of these power structures. The reason he might be of interest here is that he wrote a series of books about the history of sexuality (called "The History of Sexuality) that really give us a certain kind of philosophical framework to argue with folks about the validity of how they define "deviance." "Deviance" are feelings and behaviors that people use to define what "normal" is. A lot of what Foucault was talking about is harder to see, but when a group is campaigning to redefine deviance, it gets real obvious.

Why is the Christian right so obsessed with sex? Not because they are really concerned with the social problem that stupid sexual behavior can cause, but because talking about sexual deviance helps their flocks to define themselves as being righteous. Why are some (but not all) feminists such absurd prudes when it comes to aggressive sexual feelings directed at women? Because they are trying to define sexual normalcy as a feminine-positive, politically correct thing. The point is that Foucault is kinda useful to arguing about the way power influences the way people perceive normalcy. Since this is a discussion board filled with participants who fantasize about violent, antisocial sex, I thought some folks might find it interesting. Sorry to get on a ramble there. Don't say I didn't warn you. I try to stay on-topic, but I couldn't resist, since not everybody knows Foucault. Next post will be all about tits and hot irons, I promise.

Monday, April 2nd 2007 - 07:28:59 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Bobjones: In my view, there was no need for the "warning" in your post. Trust me, trying to understand why some people are so hellbent on dictating moral codes of conduct for everyone else in society is a regular discussion topic around here, and with good reason.

I can't say that I completely follow the Foucault arguments you have described (maybe I should read the books myself), but I do find them interesting. These days, of course, the moral crusaders tend to fall back on the same argument over and over again to defend their actions -- they do it all to "protect the children." It's a pretty lame argument, and makes you think many of the so-called "normal" people haven't taken the time that we "deviants" have to stop and seriously think about morality issues.

Monday, April 2nd 2007 - 05:33:31 PM

Name: bondafan

Thanks Ralphus for the great website, and congratulations on 8 years!

Monday, April 2nd 2007 - 06:21:30 PM

Name: Bobjones

"It's a pretty lame argument, and makes you think many of the so-called "normal" people haven't taken the time that we "deviants" have to stop and seriously think about morality issues."

I couldn't agree more. The weird thing is that "deviant" sexual desires seem to be almost universal, in American culture at least. Just go watch a horror movie. . . it's nubile girls being subjected to sexualized violence. But if people label getting turned on by violence "deviant," it helps to draw a nice clear line around "normal" sexuality. If that were not the case, then mainstream America wouldn't be nearly so interested in perverts.

From watching TV, you'd think there were rapists and pedophiles hiding in every bush in America. This smutty-mindedness suggests first of all that people really are fascinated by sexual violence (no matter what they claim), but they can't just admit it. Instead they have to use this fascination to help them prove to themselves that they are "normal". . . not like those PERVERTS who like to hurt people. That's why true crime books, which are every bit as cruel and smutty as any porn, aren't controversial in the way that porn is. . . because true crime books adopt a posture of "look at how sick HE is, not like ME." It's kinda fucked up how hypocritical people are when it comes to fessing up to what really gets them hot. At least I jerk off to fantasy violence. . . usually.

I guess those tits and hot irons will have to wait. I guess I don't really have anything original to say about that combination. I like it though. Shake and Bake.

Monday, April 2nd 2007 - 09:41:55 PM

Name: Bobjones

Shit, I forgot to praise the mighty Scribbler. I fucking love Superheroines in peril, and I like your work. Today's pic rocks. The phallic rocket is very cool. Maybe a smaller one sticking in her pussy next time? 10. . 9. . 8. . .7. . .6. . 5. .4.. .3. . 2. .

Monday, April 2nd 2007 - 09:45:33 PM

Name: Alex
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Happy Wonderful 8th! Alway enough going on to give the gals hard nips and more of course. Nothing like nipple twisting fun! And the site has improved galore with new producers, links and more insight into bondage, rape and violence themes with a reasonable perspective and point of view from the many that show up here. But it would not happen if it were not for the Gimp! Thanks Again! Here's to more twist and turns in '07!


Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 02:51:32 AM

Name: Joe
E-mail address:

Congratulation on 8 years !! It is actually a major miracle that a public forum even exists like this today.

Great work Ralphus and everyone who is connected to and participates on this site...THANK YOU

Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 01:12:41 PM

Name: Scribbler
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Hey Bobjones, that's not a bad idea! I'll have to do one (or more) like that...soon as I finish my taxes.

Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 08:20:00 PM

Name: Ralphus
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I've been keeping up the theme of Superheroine bondage as our daily picture this week because while it doesn't appeal much to me, I know a lot of you seem to dig it. I know this was brought up before, but what exactly is the appeal of seeing women in costumes...presumably women with special powers...being put in dangerous situations?

Now, I know when I was a kid, I was pretty excited whenever Batman came on, and it was a turn-on seeing the dynamic duo and especially Batgirl being placed some sort of deathtrap that they had to endure, like Batgirl being tied to the conveyor belt heading for the buzzsaw, for instance. That was fun when I was a kid, but now...I guess I just grew up. Maybe I just outgrew the idea of fantasy films involving fantasy characters. Especially with my bondage fantasies; they are firmly grounded in reality. Realism works for me, and just about anything else that comes across as too fantastic or unbelievable...I just don't care much for.

Now, I know I gave high grades to the ZFX "Ballista" films...Part 2, for example, I consider one of the high marks of Rick Masters' career. Still, the parts in those films that I liked the best were when Lisa was already stripped of her costume and it became more of a typical ZFX bondage/torture scenario. And the weird sci-fi segments in some of Rick's films, as well as tentacle bondage anime...they just don't do it for me.

Wonder Woman? Lynda Carter was hot, but I'd rather see her tied up without the costume. Show me a beautiful girl next door realistically attacked, tied up and raped and I'm in Seventh Heaven. Show me that same scenario with a costumed superheroine and I'll watch, but probably not like it nearly as much. It's just not real to me.

Superheroine Bondage: Do you like it, love it, or are you lukewarm about it?

Let's try to get this place talking. Tell us what you think, and why you think that way. I'm more curious to see what others think regarding this whole subgenre of bondage entertainment. Am I completely missing the boat?

Everybody vote. I appreciate the very warm compliments we've been getting about why this board is special, and now it's time to PROVE why it's special by giving us your opinions. We're only as good as the people who post here, so let's hear what you have to say!

Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 09:31:23 PM

Name: rg

Superheroine Bondage: Do you like it, love it, or are you lukewarm about it?

Very lukewarm. I like my fantasies to be a little closer to reality, so I just can't relate to the superheroine stories.

Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 10:10:17 PM

Name: Paulus

I like super heroine bondage...but I'd like it better in the form of Ballista 2 for example using live people, nor cartoons...unless you're talking photo realistic type art.

I think it's the idea that these so called powerful women who are used to kicking ass, are humbled and taught that they're not so tough after all lol...maybe that's part of the appeal.

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 12:07:31 AM

Name: Grey
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Hi gang --

Superheroine bondage serves no purpose for me. In effect -- it is not noteworthy. For me, a woman has to be subservient and damsel to appeal to me. It fits in there somewhere between the female bodybuilder on steroids and the Russian powerlifter.

Sorry, Grey.

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 02:24:38 AM

Name: Max
E-mail address:

What's the appeal of superheroine bondage?

First, they usually have superbodies

They wear tight, revealing supercostumes

They superstruggle

What's not to like?

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 04:48:45 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

I'll have comments on previous entries later, but I had to share these YouTube clips with my fellow pervs. These guys have "Grindhouse" right!

Maiden of Death and Tetas de Muerte (DEATHTITS)


Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 08:35:13 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Superheroine Bondage - seem to fall in with Grey and rg - lukewarm probably overstates it - simply indifferent to it as it does nothing for me - give me the girl next door as well - Stay Well All

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 09:24:13 AM

Name: Joe
E-mail address:

GIMP POLL: Superheroine Bondage: Do you like it, love it, or are you lukewarm about it?

I am indifferent to Superheroine Bondage. I like it only in the sense that it's just another good possibility for a bondage scene. Like others have mentioned I'd rather see the women out of their costumes and bound.

My VERY first bondage visual that started the whole thing was in fact Yvonne Craig as Batgirl - BUT tied up and gagged as 'Barbara Gordon'

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 09:44:32 AM

Name: Thanagar

Though I was a superhero fan as a kid (in fact, my screen name is a reference to Hawkman), I am only lukewarm about the superheroine in bondage, mainly due to the unrealistic aspects of it.

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 09:53:17 AM

Name: Brutus

GIMP POLL: I like superheroines in bondage, preferably wth real people. Here you have a hot babe in a sexy outfit, with superhuman powers--and she's a pure do-gooder! She represents the ultimate female, with brains, brawn and looks. She's not supposed to lose. So what happens? A villain with extra strong restraints and some GIMP tendencies subdues her, humiliates and tortures her, and then totally breaks her will, perhaps with a phallic rocket up her snatch :-)

I guess for me, a superheroine in bondage symbolizes a victory for perverts over prudes. And that adds a nice element to my GIMP fantasies.

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 10:53:17 AM

Name: Buckeye
Homepage URL:

I'm with Brutus, there's just something oh so sexy about a woman running around in spandex getting her "just deserts" from some evil villian.

Superpowered or not. ;-)

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 12:23:27 PM

Name: chase
E-mail address: chase1959

"My VERY first bondage visual that started the whole thing was in fact Yvonne Craig as Batgirl - BUT tied up and gagged as 'Barbara Gordon'"

Oh yeah! I LUV glasses. And I would love to do many things to Barbara Gordon.

Forget that shit about "Guys Don't Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses."

We make passes at them, we take their clothes off, and we **** them, too!

I like them to keep their glasses on, and they usually prefer it. Girls like to see what they are getting!

Until things start getting really messy, that is. Then they don't need to SEE much. When I say, "Why don't you take those glasses off now," they come right off, if they are not already. Her mind is on other things by that point.

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 01:09:04 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Superheroine bondage is like all other bondage to me - it's the scenario and the victim that determines whether I enjoy it or not. At the moment, I would do anything to get hold of the Ballista films to see Lisa in merciless peril, but having only seen the stills, I can say outright that they certainly work for me.

On the other hand, there is always the risk that the superhero is TOO strong and it's a setup for her to escape her fate. Usually, that's not where I want the story to go (*evil grin*).

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 02:29:01 PM

Name: Bobjones

As I've said, I fucking love superheroine bondage. I like it enough actually that I can get turned on by somewhat mediocre superheroine bondage-- and honestly, quite a bit of what's out there is mediocre. Even the mighty superherione central tends to have quite a bit of kinda so-so live action stuff-- too many repetitive stories and a weird obsession with fake tits. (The art there is often fabulous though. . .)

The interesting question, though, is WHY do I love it. . .

I think that there's something about a really pure, good girl getting put through the ringer that really does it for me, and superheroine fantasies really push those buttons. The idea is that those gals put themselves in danger to fight evil and to try to do good, and for their trouble they get tied up, raped, and tortured. It the same thing with some of those "pretty white girls getting in trouble with evil local governments in South America or Africa" SM comics and stories. The idea of a good-hearted peace corps cutie getting abducted into a life of sexual slavery really gets the trousers to tighten. . . it's just so cruel and awful. Superheroine fantasies, as silly as they are, push the same buttons, especially Barbara Gordon (I'm partial to the animated version from the '90's Batman cartoons), who exemplifies both a kinda "Nancy Drew teenage detective do-gooder" and "tough superheroine chick" at the same time. She's a good girl who doesn't deserve to be punished. . . so she MUST! She MUST, I SAY!

I think there's some weird arrested development thing at play too. The first chicks in bondage I saw were in comic books and cartoons, so that kind of fantasy scenario really pulls the trigger. It's Pavlov's theory at work. I guess if I grown up watching Zorro I'd have a thing for Mexican women being abducted by evil land barons.

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 04:55:19 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Superhero bondage? Neh. I can't get past the unrealistic nature of it. Every human who has ever lived has been simply that - just human, All Too Human, shitting, spitting, biological beasts, just like monkeys but with better tools :-)

In fact, it's the opposite for me - it's the HUMAN in the supernatural that appeals to me. Cartoon bondage where the girl looks more realistic is more appealing - think of the Japanese girls in the tentacle bondage. Their bodies usually look like great HUMAN bodies. Superheroes - think Wonder Woman, for example - look totally fake. But have you ever seen a real young woman with a gorgeous body in spandex? I remember once at a concert a girl who was just about human perfection, dressed skin-tight this way. Real bodies are usually overdressed in real life when we see them, at work or on the street, or most of them they are "flawed" in some way - I spend a lot of time at the gym, and there are many pretty, physically fit women there, but it is exceedingly rare to catch sight of a real, close-to-perfection girl. One girl might be pretty, yes ... but her hips are a little wider than your preference. Another girl might be nice and tight ... but maybe her shoulders are a little too bony... You get the idea.

But those rare times in your life when you actually run across a girl's body which meets your idea of perfection, it's just breathtaking. No, it doesn't look all grossly out-of-proportioned Wonder Woman-like. It looks like Plato's ideal form, like once, just once, nature got it exactly right, with everything proportioned in balance.

I loved Bat Girl, too - my favorite scene was when she was in her costume, hands tied behind her back, and dunked into a vat of chocolate pudding. But Bat Girl wasn't some gross charicature (spelling?) The actress who played her had a great body, a very human body, which her costume only accentuated. It was like that pretty girl I saw at the concert wearing spandex.

So in sum, most superhero bondage is just dumb. The victims appear to be distorted humans, instead of highlighted normal people. I'd much rather see a real girl with a good body wearing a spangly spandex costume any day of the week, than see some bizarre freakazoid Wonder Woman type character.


Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 05:29:11 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

GIMP Poll: Mark down another vote for indifference, as I am also lukewarm to the whole superheroine thing.

I often enjoy Japanese movies where the heroine is a spy or super cop, but that's because it usually means the woman will be dressed in a really sexy outfit, such as the one Jyuri Wakabayashi wore in Industrial Spy, as seen here: Jyuri

I did enjoy Lisa in Ballista 2 -- I thought she looked sexy in her purple costume -- but then again, it was Lisa. Generally, though, the superheroine concept usually doesn't do much for me.

Bobjones: I had the chance last night to watch two of the mainstream Japanese titles you recommended: Scorpion: Female Prisoner #701 and Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs. I was OK with the Scorpion movie (to be honest, I enjoyed the lesbo love scene in that one more than any of the GIMP scenes), but I was far more impressed with the Zero Woman movie. It had a level of brutality in it that was inspiring. And the lead actress, Miki Sugimoto, was gorgeous. I don't know if Zero Woman qualifies as a superheroine (she's kinda cut from the same cloth as Dirty Harry), but if so, then this is one superheroine I can fully support.

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 05:42:24 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Superheroines are usually drawn as especially hot women. Especially hot women in bondage works for me.

Superheroines are probably among the first naked women many of us who are midway along in years, saw in our youths. Basically, they're naked girls with parts colored in to make it look like they're wearing costumes! Memories of having seen these 'naked' girls in bondage on occasion are happy ones!

Superheroines in stories automatically suggests villains, conflict, battles, good vs evil, risk, things at stake. Bondage is a natural fit for such stories. Of course, the mainstream of these stories never went, or go, far enough!

Also part of the superheroine's backstory is that they're winners, they're honorable, they're good girls who fight, and the average man (without trickery) could not take them; the average man would lose, get beaten by them. How emasculating! These are women where it takes a special something to take them down. So there's some aspect of the bigger (or more powerful) they are, the harder (and more humiliated they are when) they fall. The Supragrrl free comic on my site would be missing something if she were not a superheroine (or more importantly to some, a parody of a well-known character.)

But first you have to be into superheroines, or fantasy fiction, or science fiction, and of course, into bondage, to get the appeal of the combo. If not, I can see how bondage with a superheroine wouldn't have any added appeal.

I'm not as big on superheroines peril as it may seem, but I like it, especially for the more fantasical ideas one can do. I especially like the living bondage Rubberband man (think Plastic man) I have on my site.

I could write a lot more, but this is plenty. People know what they like.

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 06:38:48 PM

Name: Bobjones

A Canadian. . .glad I could be of service. I agree about Zero Woman. It just has such a nasty tone. The word "hate-fuck" comes to mind.

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 10:17:00 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

So I was looking through some Isabella Camille photos I shot a long time ago, and then applied Bobjones' idea to it. It's in my SDH yahoo group (files section).

Thursday, April 5th 2007 - 01:17:52 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Grindhouse: Our worst fears about the Tarantino/Rodriguez movie, Grindhouse, have been confirmed. Apparently, there's no nudity in the film except for some scenes in the mock trailers.

I have attached in my URL a review from Toronto's NOW Magazine that asks the question many GIMPers would raise: how can a movie with no nudity truly claim to be a tribute to exploitation movies? It sounds like Grindhouse is stylish but falls flat in the exploitation department.

I'm able to forgive Rodriguez a little bit, as the world is still indebted to him for the Jessica Alba whipping scene in Sin City. But I'm pissed with Tarantino. He should have known better, given that he reportedly watches exploitation movies on a regular basis in his home.

Thursday, April 5th 2007 - 04:23:41 PM

Name: Vince

I think for me what started me on to superheroines was when I was a little boy and my folks took me to see "Barbarella" starring Jane Fonda. Although I was only 5 or 6 years old at the time, Fonda and the movie practically speeded up my puberty.

If you saw the film, Barbarella/Fonda is a scantilly clad superheroine who is always in sexual jeopardy. Among other things, a villain tries to kill her by making her orgasm to death.

I think that's why superheroines are a personal fetish of mine. Also, women can dress more easily as superheroines in real life. What Supergirl wears, I'll find lots of women wearing, a similar mini-skirted outfit with boots minus the cape.

So I can imagine the everyday woman as a superheroine with me as their arch enemy- The Penetrator!

Thursday, April 5th 2007 - 08:58:18 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Scribbler: Probably like everyone else, I couldn't access your new pic. There seems to be a problem across all Yahoo groups; hopefully they'll resolve it soon.

A Canadian: No nudity in the Grindhouse feature? Really, are you surprised? I don't think Tarantino has EVER made a film with female nudity. And even worse, whenever he puts bondage in his films, it's almost always MALE bondage (the cop in Reservoir Dogs, Bruce and Ving in Pulp Fiction). He did have a lame-o scene with Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Volume 2 (hands in front, no gag) and that's it.

Plus that, his films usually feature strong leading ladies, certainly not the kind of victims we like to see. Uma's character in the Kill Bill films was a butt-kicking superheroine. Those were good films, but nothing in there for the pervert crowd that wants to see women brutalized and victimized. Maybe he'll make a sequel and do a remake of one of those women's prison films. At least that gives us a better chance.

If we're going to get any GIMP thrills from mainstream movies, our best bet is to stick with the horror films, which seem be getting more and more torture-iffic in recent years. How many people can't wait to see what horrible fates await our three lovely heroines in Hostel Part 2?

Hey, we had a great response to the Superheroine poll, but is it possible it fizzled out after only one day? There are at least 600 of us here; let's hear some more viewpoints from our fellow pervs and sick fucks. I really enjoy reading what you all have to say.

Thursday, April 5th 2007 - 10:28:39 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Ralphus: What happens when you try to access it? It loads fine when I try it. Go to files section, click on Art of the Group 2007 folder, then on tsrocketgirl.jpg. Should bring up image then.

Thursday, April 5th 2007 - 11:59:54 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:


Especially with my bondage fantasies; they are firmly grounded in reality

My fantasies tend to be pretty extreme, so I like a "fantastic" element (time traveling to the Jurassic, for example.  If the girl winds up dead -- very likely in my scenarios -- her bones will confuse archeologists for centuries!).  For me, the appeal of super heroines is that they have the ability to withstand some pretty severe torture.  Imagine Supergirl with a kryptonite dildo up her pussy.  Whipping her is going to feel so much better than the wimpy human next door.

I don't like the gazongo tits that all super heroine artists seem to favor.

Uma's character in the Kill Bill films was a butt-kicking superheroine.

Kill Bill had soooo much potential.  Having Vivica A. Fox (wearing even less than Tarantino had her in) shot several times, once in the gut, then the clit, and finally just under a tit, as she slides down a wall, moaning as her life's blood ooozes out of her  Or in the battle with Chiaki Kuriyama, Uma slices her blouse, skirt and panties to shreds, revealing all her wondrous goodies before backing her into a row of spikes which fatally pierce her tender flesh.  I'm sure that we could work in a garroting, too, without too much trouble.

Friday, April 6th 2007 - 03:11:21 AM

Name: BlueDog
Homepage URL:

Time to catch up.
First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIMP FORUM! I'm amazed by the fact that this forum continues to live on. I'm also fascinated that of all the online communities that I inhabit, this one, by far, is the most civil. Go figure.

Next item, superheroines in trouble. I'm a big fan I still check to see if they are ever gonna return (any news Scribbler?). For really great superheroines in peril, you really have to go here.

If you look carefully at the movies they list they often shoot different versions of the same movie. The Tobatsu line (TBB-XX) focuses entirely on torture while most of the other lines focus on rape AND torture. Video Mayhem has a few but it really bothers me that there really isn't a way to get any others that I know of. In most cases, the price is 10,000 yen. Including shipping this comes to over $100. Nevertheless, in the ones I have the makeup, effects, acting, sets, lighting - everything really are very well done.

You're probably wondering about the link right? That is an online movie that can be purchased at Look for a store called 'The Basement' (listed under 'T'). They have a really strange checkout system where you buy minutes. Ends up costing about $40 but I really liked the movie anyway. This may as well be a superheroine movie because there is no way any chick could survive any 5 minutes of the feature. She gets beat up, then hit over and over with a baseball bat, her fingers broken, some GREAT electrocution scenes, shot 10-15 times, then gives a forced blowjob AFTER being shot, then shot another bunch of times, and finally killed. Gruesome stuff, but the girl is hot and sells it well. She looks a bit like Sarah Michelle Gellar but without the cute perky nose.

Friday, April 6th 2007 - 01:15:45 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Scribbler: Here's the official statement from Yahoo regarding the problems they have been having:

There have been several glitches this week with members and owners not being able to access certain group features. Yahoo has been making more changes so this could be the problem. You might give it a few more days and have several of your members try to access the Files on your group, then let you know if they are able to do so.

It's not just your site; I belong to several Yahoo groups and people have been posting saying they have been having problems viewing certain files.

BlueDog: Your online movie actually looks quite intriguing, particularly the electric shock scenes. Sounds...oh...maybe just a wee bit unrealistic if she gets shot 10-15 times and that still doesn't kill her, then they shoot her a bunch MORE times before she finally dies. Maybe she's made of steel like Superman, ya think? I don't especially get into bloody torture or the death fetish thing, but I would be interested in checking that out. Too bad so many places only offer these clips as online downloads, but I'm afraid that's your only option a lot of times nowadays.

Friday, April 6th 2007 - 10:22:35 PM

Name: Paulus

I was checking out that nicheclips site and they do have a store with superheroine type clips. The preview stills look very promising, the girls look hot and have pretty decent costumes. I may end up trying one and seeing how good it is...its a bit costly for a download clip though, $39...would prefer a DVD...but I guess it depends how good the divx is...

Friday, April 6th 2007 - 10:56:42 PM

Name: Vreeble

1) If you are into superheroines, the two obvious places to check out are

a) and the ancillary sites (esp. the free Wizard, Smudge, Mr.X and NW316 sites, which have copious free material), but also Dangerbabe Central, Spacebabe Central, and Catfight Central

b) HIP Comix (Heroines In Peril). -- also plenty of free heroine stuff

2) If you want Japanese-Attackers "superheroine" stuff, then go to the attackers site and Check into the Lady Panther series -- it's often more a "thief" sort of motif, but there are some (such as SHK180) which are def. superheroines. Thief oriented ones include SHKs 83, 141, 255, and what, for my money, is one of the best JR films ever, SHK 160, with the delicious Oikawa Nao getting banged for about an hour or so by three different guys (2x1-on-1 and 1x3-on-1). Onao is an excellent actress. There is also SSPD24 & 33, also both in the Lady Panther "series", and HAVD060 "Super Knight Atliger, with Riko Tachibana

3) Additionally in the Japanese vein is the "ninja" and "lady samurai" motifs, such as HAVD217, "Ninja Lady Azusa" (Azusa Ayano), SSPD020 and SSPD031, both "Lady Samurais", SHK219, another Lady Samurai, HBAD023, "Ravished Ninja",, HAVD169, Raped Ninjas

4) As for "why"? Well, that seems sort of obvious. They are "superheroines" -- they're "better" than you or me -- so seeing them get taken down and broken fills quite a few GiMP bills. Further, they are usually much "tougher" than a "real" woman, so they can get abused a lot more and "survive".

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 04:30:23 AM

Name: A Canadian
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Homepage URL:

Vreeble: Another interesting list, which is always helpful and much appreciated. I think the one area I will skip, however, is the list of Ninja movies. I don't know why, but I just can't get into the Ninjas.

Slave Island: Has anyone seen any of the Attackers' Slave Island movies? The stills for some of the movies available at have caught my interest (some of the covers are linked in my URL), but I'm curious about whether the overall concept of the movies actually works. If anyone has seen one or more of these movies, I would appreciate any feedback.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 05:01:08 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Oops, the link didn't work.

However, I have provided a link in my URL to one of the Slave Island movies from the Attackers site. Another interesting Slave Island film is coded RBD-063, which can be searched on either of my attached links.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 05:08:08 AM

Name: VM
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Homepage URL:

Slave Island series- Have seen and carry all of them. Attackers RB#47 PT#1+PT#2, RB#51 PT#1+#2, RB#55 PT#1+#2, RB#60 PT#1+2, RB#63, RB#67 and RB#72.

I can highly recommend this series! Women are abducted and end up in cells. They are bound and forced to perform oral sex. Occasionally a new captive will need a little whipping to put her back in line. Unwilling woman bound and forced to please their captors! Whats not to like :) All in all a great series.

Regarding superheroine films company called Giga puts out the Tobatsu and other interesting titles. Good rule of thumb with Jap films with regards to yen is this: 5,000 yen= 50 US dollars, 8500 yen= 85.00 dollars etc.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 06:09:50 AM

Name: A Canadian
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Homepage URL:

VM: Thank you for the information on the Slave Island movies -- your comments confirm my hunch about the films. And it is true that there is a healthy list of selections to choose from.

Personally, I am most interested in the later titles that are on just one disc, as it seems many of the other Attackers titles that feature more than one heroine tend to carry over onto two discs -- which is usually a bit too much for my short attention span. I generally prefer a movie that features more than one actress and can be shown in two hours or less.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 08:08:52 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Slave Island- With regards to single discs couple of these are over 3 hours in length. There is non-stop action so there is very little need for the ff button.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 08:20:27 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Slave Island- RB#63 is 2 hr. 20 min. RB#67 is 3 hr. 30 min. RB#72 is 3 hr. 10 min.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 08:27:13 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

VM: Wow, that's a whole lotta slavery. It's OK for me, I guess, but I worry for my friend Ralphus -- because if I ever try to review one of these suckers, he's going to have to deal with another insufferably long review.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 09:10:58 AM

Name: Paulus

ZFX and the new VOD has anyone checked out the new site for ZFX video downloads? I had once tried out their older site and was really not happy with it at all. I bought 20 minutes, and used it up in 5 minute cause of the fast forwarding I was doing!! Kinda sucked heh?

But anyway this new site has options for "Renting" it online so you can stream the video repeatedly for a set number of days. Unfortunately not all of the ZFX titles are set up for that...for example Ballista 2 and Ballista 1 have different permissions for what you can do with them.

To tell you the truth, I kinda prefer the downloading video clips to DVD's in some cases, because its easier for me to hide my stash.

I just read this news article though about this teenager who accidentally stumbled into a yahoo child porn group, and somehow he ended up with the Feds taking his computer away and finding some pictures on it. It took him 2 years to straighten it out and avoid jail time. What a crazy bullshit world we live in.

That stuff scares me...I mean what if some asshole sticks in some child porn on one of these sites....I guess it pays to check everything that's on your computer regularly and delete anything questionable or unintentional...

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 09:59:48 AM

Name: VM
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Homepage URL:

Wanted to mention: Just finished adding 23 new producers and 369 new titles with boxcovers.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 01:47:10 PM

Name: Jeff
E-mail address:

Attackers RB#63 looks great. I like rape and whipping and it can be hard to find a movie with both. I think I see a purchase coming.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 01:58:25 PM

Name: Jeff
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Everyone here knows about Il Pollaio, right? Mostly snuff and necro, but some punishment and superheroines thrown in. And some truly amazing artists.

Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 02:35:17 PM

Name: Brutus

Ralphus said: "his films usually feature strong leading ladies, certainly not the kind of victims we like to see."

I do like seeing the sweet innocent girl next door getting the business, but I also totally enjoy watching strong women, like superheroines, getting it too.

zee-ef-ex mentioned physically fit women in his gym. There's a couple of Amazon women who show up at my gym once in a while. They are as strong as many of the guys there, and only a maniac would mess with them. So here's what I would like to see in a movie:

Two or three incredibly strong women (but not too bulked up) always show up a nerdy weakling guy at the gym by following him around and lifting twice as much as his max. They make a big show of it by taunting and embarrassing him without mercy. But the weakling is a GIMPer at heart. He drugs their sports drinks and whisks them off to his dungeon basement where he binds, gags, whips, rapes and performs all sorts of devious tortures on his gym tormentors. The turn-on for me is that if any of these women escape, they can easily kick the shit out of the guy. That makes his bondage techniques so important. He's gotta make sure they can't escape. It also makes the women struggle all that more because escape means freedom and revenge. But they can't escape from their bonds, and he breaks them and makes them his personal sex slaves.

Jhlipton Thanks for the link. I'm not into snuff but there's some interesting stuff at Il Pollaio.

VM: That's quite an impressive line-up you're building at Video Mayhem. Glad to see the Attackers films are still there. I saw one of the Slave Island movies some time back and was very impressed.

Cheers all.

Sunday, April 8th 2007 - 10:31:36 AM

Name: HC Keys
E-mail address:

I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for this, so forgive me if I'm stepping over any boundaries. I recently started transferring a pretty big collection of b/d movies from videotape to DVD...and have no plan for the tapes. My first thought is to dispose of them. I was wondering if there's a market for Jay Edwards, Dominique Wolfe, ZFX, Harmony, Bryan Davis, AES, Close-Up tapes? Send me an email if you want more info.

As for this forum, I'm a longtime lurker who really enjoys visiting. Ralphus thanks for the hard work maintaining these pages.

Sunday, April 8th 2007 - 11:23:39 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Regarding those 3-hour Slave Island movies, you wrote:

...I worry for my friend Ralphus -- because if I ever try to review one of these suckers, he's going to have to deal with another insufferably long review.

Yeah, your reviews are awfully long, aren't they? The next time you write one, I may have to interject a warning with flashing red letters at the top reminding people that it will take approximately the same amount of time to read the review as it takes to view the actual movie. But that's okay, I've ordered extra bandwidth for the site just in case you happen to write one. Just warn me in advance, okay?

3 hour long bondage movies: You know, at first thought, the concept sounds great, but then I'm thinking...BOY, that's a long time to maintain an erection! Especially if the movie is really good. Talk about torture :)

I'm reminded of our late friend Damien, who in the early years of this forum's inception, wrote that he had watched a marathon of ZFX movies for 13 straight hours. Good God! I wonder if that's what killed him. For sure, he had to have suffered some degree of blindness, if what they told us in school was really correct. Or at the least, I'm sure it made him go through life with hairy palms. It's gotta be a bitch having to shave the palms of your hands twice a day.

VM: Man, you've really expanded your inventory lately. You're turning into one of those one-stop superstores where you can order just about anything that's bondage related. Just remember to keep carrying the Japanese titles, your bread and butter and the reason why people go to your site in the first place. As long as you've got descriptions for your movies, that sets you apart from just about everybody else out there that carries Japanese and makes our ordering choices easier.

HC Keys: Welcome to the forum. I have no problem with people advertising their old collections here as long as it doesn't get excessive. But now that you're out of the lurking closet, why not join us in the discussions? Your opinions are important, and so is sharing them with others. Plus I shouldn't have to mention how much more COOLER it makes you whenever you post.

A few weeks back, Jeff Gord from House of Gord visited here and I asked him for some stills from his site that I could post to help acquaint the readers here with the kind of work he puts out. I've never seen any of his videos, and after viewing the pics he sent me, I have to say it looks...interesting, to say the least. So beginning tonight at midnight, we're going to showcase some of this unique vision. Any feedback, pro or con, from my fellow GIMPers is always appreciated, of course.

Especially from YOU, HC Keys! :)

Sunday, April 8th 2007 - 05:53:46 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Hey Ralphus, nobody says that just because the movie's three hours long that you actually have to sit there, 'at attention' for the whole of the duration :D Actually, that's one advantage bondage videos have over three hour chick flicks ... Titanic was ninety minutes of running away from water, with only one tied up character in the film (and to show how much I think of the film, I can't even remember if it was the vacuous male lead or vacuous female lead!)

Thanks for the reminder of Damien's video marathon story - that was one of the funniest things I had read on the internet at that point. Do you happen to know which archive it's in so I can relive it?

Sunday, April 8th 2007 - 07:46:32 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mothbrad wrote:

Titanic was ninety minutes of running away from water, with only one tied up character in the film (and to show how much I think of the film, I can't even remember if it was the vacuous male lead or vacuous female lead!)

Someone was tied up in Titanic? Oh yeah, now I remember. It was Kate Winslet. Either that, or this might just be a cheesy manip.

Our late Dutch friend Damien first appeared on this board back in December 1999 and announced he had just bought a bunch of ZFX tapes, which he proceeded to watch all in one 13-hour sitting. You'll be able to relive all the fun if you click on the link in my Homepage URL. I miss that guy. He was definitely a big ZFX fan.

Sunday, April 8th 2007 - 08:23:35 PM

Name: Bobjones

Paulus. . .sorry you had a bad experience with ZFX streaming, but here's a tip for next time. . . don't drag the little cursor thing across when you want to skip ahead-- move the cursor to a new spot along the bar and click. When you do that, it will skip ahead without counting down on your minutes. This is true of any streaming site. I have bought a lot of minutes from the ZFX site, and I never had any problems. If you did this and your minutes were being counted off, there's something wrong with your copy of realplayer. I agree that the downloadable movies are certainly cool though.

Since there has been some discussion of Grindhouse, and since I just saw it, I thought I'd give a report. As expected, it doesn't deliver that much in the way of GIMP action, although it has more brutality toward sexy women than you might expect. More often though, it's a tease. There are several set ups for rape scenes, but no real payoffs. Rose McGowan does get threatened and leered at in several effective scenes, and she gets the shit beat out of her (in "Death Proof", where she plays a really small part, not in "Planet Terror" where she stars as the former stripper who fights Zombies with the leg-gun thingie).

"Planet Terror" is a blast, but "Death Proof" is a lot more interesting from a GIMP fans perspective. It's kind of a cross between an "I Spit on Your Grave"/ "Death Wish" rape-revenge movie and a Roger Corman car chase movie. Its got a creepy baddy who stalks and kills and who gets his comeuppance from some tough chicks, but since he uses his car as his weapon, the sexual charge of the whole thing is pretty low. As an homage to the grindhouse/drive in experience, the movie is about as good as it could be, but think more Jack Hill, Roger Corman, George Romero and John Carpenter. Don't expect to see anything like Jess Franco or "Ilsa," although Rob Zombie's fake trailer for "Werewolves of the S.S." shows that his heart is in a pervy place, even if the MPAA made him cut the thing all to pieces.

As a "movie" movie, it's an A+, but as a GIMP movie it's a C-, lots of teasin' (more than you'd think actually. . . one set up for a rape comes pretty much out of the blue), but not much pleasin'. I can't wait for Hostel 2. That might actually deliver both.

Sunday, April 8th 2007 - 10:08:34 PM

Name: HC Keys
E-mail address:

Since Ralphus was kind enough to ask for my input, here goes:

I really like the work Gord puts out. Although I'm not a rubber fans per se, I love the idea of absolutely inescapable bondage. He's had some really hot women over the years try out his style. Jewell Marceau, Summer Cummings, Arianna (Seven), Claire Adams, just to name a few. I have a couple of his movies with "Room 237" my favorite. His website has an incredible amount of clips you can download after becoming a member and he puts out great fiction. I have just about every House of Gord illustrated novel there is.

All in all and excellent producer. Again, not specifically for what I like but for how well he does what he does.

Sunday, April 8th 2007 - 11:55:47 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Bobjones: Thanks for the review of Grindhouse. It sounds to me like this is a case of fuzzy marketing. While the movie may be a tribute -- and a potentially good tribute -- to B movies, it isn't really a tribute to exploitation movies, per se. I mean, there's no nudity in the main features, so where's the exploitation?

It would also appear the whole grindhouse thing is being lost on the young ones, as the flick apparently didn't deliver at the box office this weekend.

Monday, April 9th 2007 - 03:48:59 AM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:

I have to say that I love the way Jeff's mind works, there is only one gord and he is the best.

Monday, April 9th 2007 - 06:26:53 AM

Name: Darkroom

Keep ridin', Jeff. Right off into the sunset...

Monday, April 9th 2007 - 06:56:16 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Whoa! Fame at last. At least from some.

Not sure about the Darkroom comment, could be taken either way???

Anyway; -Front page of the Gimp parade.

It just don't get any better. Thanks guys-n-gals.

Currently I'm super busy with our latest seasonal girl, Darling. This is an idea that came about when Claire Adams came to live and work here, followed by Petra, and then Fem-Car. Live-in ladies create a situation where extremely complex devices and machines can be developed. This just isn't possible when one has to call up the gal from LA or Tampa for each fitting. That saddle fucking machine Anastasia is riding is a very good example. I developed that with the help of Petra. The reason it is so difficult to make is that contra to common comix fantasy, one cannot double fuck a gal simultaneously without grave risk of damage. The two orifices converge in the middle, and if one shoves two mega dildos in at the same time, they meet and pinch the tissue in between. Strangely, these chicks get really pissed off when you do that.

Go figure ???? Must be a chick thing!

So I had to develop a complex drive system that pulled one dildo out as it shoved the other in.

One may say "easy". That's what I thought until I gave it some serious consideration, and got various ladies to stand with both holes stuffed so that I could assess the angles etc. I figured that I not only needed to have them alternating, but also penetrating at different depths, and at different angles. In addition they also needed to be highly adjustable so as to accommodate lots of different ladies. It also had to work and be balanced with single entry, front or back, as in the case of Anastasia who is only getting pussy fucked in that pic'.

Unfortunately, there isn't any such thing as a Mark I woman.

But many many trials with Petra made it possible to work it all out. I should add that no orifices were injured in the making of this device, but one pussy lips did get a workout.

Unbeknown to any of us ( including Petra ) her extreme wriggling under severe libido loading caused her to move sideways, and the dildo took her one pussy lip down on each stroke and rubbed it on the side of the saddle aperture. Petra thought it was the tens zapping that was stinging. (Oh I should have mentioned, there are micro switches on the axle crank causing her to be zapped at each rotation) The onboard camera mounted under her hard worked crotch told another story. Her poor pussy lip was a blur rubbing of activity, (video of this is on the website) and she was getting off so powerfully, she didn't give a shit.

Ya just gotta love it when that happens and there is no real harm. The pussy lip was fine within 24 hours.

So, long story short, the concept of the live in lady being available at a moments notice sort of turned into the Season Girl thing when we realised that the static cameras and onboard cameras we now use in order to evaluate development after the lady is freed would prove to be extremely interesting stuff for the loyalist kinky peiople out there. So then we went a bit further and John and I started to tie up the chicks when we finished using their bodies for tests, and just leave them bound or ticking over on a fucking machine somewhere.

The net result will be the first such season movie and it will probably be called "Petra's Summer 2005"

That was one helluva summer when we developed some seriously extreme gear.

I hasten to mention folks, and several people have asked me about this, (including the cops at the last raid) No, I don't fuck these gorgeous ladies. And that's why I get to play and hang out with so many fab ladies. They can come here and have fun on machines without all the complications of screwing up other relationships. I play with them on machines and in gear but they all have their own private partners and I respect that. But at the same time, the ladies can enjoy the rape/helplessness fantasy albeit by diabolical machines, without risks.

As for the guys and gals who confess that my scene is not theirs, but appreciate my efforts and are intrigued by my personal kink. Thanks good people, or as the Ozzies would say "Good on ya!" Glad I gave you some smiles even if I didn't succeed in blowing ya balls off with mega stiffies. I wish more people were more tolerant of other peoples sex turn-ons. If they were, we wouldn't have all this shit with the current bunch of moralists.

Remember people, true democracy is about toleration. There are some kink scenes out there that curl my toenails up, so I just don't go there and I don't bother to spout negative comment either. It's their scene, and if it's legal and consensual, I don't give a shit what they do.

Dammit, there I go philosphising again.

So Ralphus, what file size, compression, screen size, format, whatever, would you want a vid clip in to give graphic impact to all I have said here about the saddle fucking machine ???Cheers all

Gord waffling on as I swill down the first cup of brain starter.

Monday, April 9th 2007 - 09:20:44 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

While I'm not a Gord fan, I'm glad there's folks like him, pushing the limits, because it makes it easier for producers I do like to push their limits.

So, good on you, too, Jeff!

Monday, April 9th 2007 - 11:29:09 AM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings Gimpers!,

Happy 8th to one and all! Thanks to all the great (and in the case of Mad Dog, possibly insane, but still great) moderators over the years especially the Gimp who got it all started. I hope all is well with him wherever he might be.

Of course a big thank you to Ralphus whos been here since the get go and is still ably manning the helm when hes not careening into rocks=). Well done!

Since people were discussing Superheroines and its is the 8th anniversary and all, I sent Ralphus a few shots from the Ballista series. Looks like I am a little late to the punch, but maybe he can get them on some time. This was one of the most fun series to shoot, and being that Im a huge Batgirl fan having a non super powered heroine in a purple cat suit was just meant to be.

I have heard from the Wonderwoman fans that they wanted a more powerful Super Chick, but I really am not a big fan of that type. Maybe someday Ill do it, but the super powers thing always seems hokey to me. I wanted more of a nosy girl next door/crime fighter like Batgirl.

Im a big fan of Tarantino. I know he is a guy that really appreciates movies like Caged Heat, which he talked about on Leno, and the sexploitation genre in general. I just wish he would tie up some girls in his movies for cryin out loud! I still really enjoy his movies, I will definitely see Grindhouse when it hits Pay TV.

Also, I do have a new site on Hotmovies. You can follow the link above it will take you right to it. Or this The prices are much more reasonable and the quality better and there is now download options. This is good news for those that were frustrated by the old streaming site.

The old streaming site is being phased out. If you have any leftover time, use it soon, the site is coming down at the end of this month. I would like to thank all those who used the site over the years and invite you to come over to the new site and see what we have to offer. There are only 25 shows right now, but that should grow to the full catalog very soon.

Happy 8th to All!


Monday, April 9th 2007 - 05:53:19 PM


I know this is a little late, but I've sort of been out of commission for the last week, so Happy Anniversary GIMP Board! This probably sounds weird, but to me it seems almost weird that it's "only" been eight years. It's been such a regular part of my web habits for so long that I kind of just take it for granted at this point, and as Ralphus reminds us from time to time, I know I shouldn't. Hell, I barely remember a time when it wasn't my first stop for any pervy visit to the net. It would most definitely be an adjustment if it ever went away. So here's to many more years of intelligent discourse on the insanely sexy topic of super hot chicks used and abused against their will!!!!

On the superheroine topic, I've most certainly commented on this before in the past, but I just love to see a beautiful woman used against her will, and as many others in here have already mentioned, when that woman is a superheroine, she can take all kinds of fucked up punishment that a regular woman can't. I do prefer well drawn art to the women who dress up in spandex, but to me it's really all good. For instance, these superheroine Nicheclips look REALLY good to me, and if they were about 10-15 dollars less expensive, I might even consider buying one. (^_^). Thirty bucks for a 20 minute video is just to much in my opinion. I could spend that much on a full month long membership to another great site.


Monday, April 9th 2007 - 06:42:39 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Jeff, I gotta admit that I find your stuff very interesting, from an aesthetic point of view, but not at all erotic. That's far more a comment on me and my own tastes rather than the quality of your work. I see what you do as art, and of far greater 'sexual benefit' (for want of a better term) for the people involved (in particular the woman), rather than the male observer, if that male observer happens to be me.

Keep up the great work of expressing yourself and doing what you want to do, and helping fulfil the dreams of kinky women :)

Monday, April 9th 2007 - 06:57:36 PM

Name: Paulus

I came across this random "bondage" type picture...damn wouldn't that look good if it was colored in?

Tuesday, April 10th 2007 - 12:42:06 AM

Name: Jeff
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Yo mothbrad

You nailed it but good, even if my actual depiction doesn't get you fired up. but you got the concept.. For some it is just about as hot as you can get, and we 'Gordians, John Willie'ites, Bob Bishop'ites, Stanton'ites know it won't be erotic for many guys;- but you get what we are about. You saw the underlying theme and the most important facts about us.

Just my humble opinion, but there are only a couple or three ways of actually controlling a woman;- if that is what you want to do. One is a fat wallet. Another is control by physical superiority, although with some of the buff-ribbed, six pack chicks these days, and all the guys going the fast food route, that is getting to be an iffy pathway of success, and if you guess it wrong, you'll be sucking soup for a long time and spitting out female nail varnish.

The other way I know of is to turn the immense power of the female libido and orgasm against them and use it as a weapon.. If you can get them to multiple orgasm, they will come-and-cum (if you'll excuse the pun) and come back for more. That is control by pleasure, and so far I can't see any federal bust teams going after dudes who made ladies super happy :-) Problem is , the average guy, despite all the bravado, hasn't got a chance of keeping up with even a remotely horny chick on a mission to take you down with a seriously horny pussy weapon. Even a bucket of Viagra is no match for a woman on a razz. Take my word for it, I've seen chicks fuck super strong machines into smoking wrecks. Had one not so long back and after one extensive session, asked for a ribbed and larger dildo on the roto-fuck machine. She promptly fucked the thing to death, slowed down the garden tractor, and ripped the bearings out of the device with pussy contractions. That was sweet innocent Allison. Her boy freind was there when it happened and I looked at him with pity and figured I was glad it was his dick going into that meat grinder pussy

There is always the fantasy that one day they will climb off the machine and beg you to finish what you started :-) It has happened. Two I married. One I regularly play with these days. Which one you ask? Heh heh, no can tell :-) But if the gal doesn't wanna fuck, who gives a shit? It was a whole heap of fun sharing their mind boggling sensuality; - basically poetry in motion watching them display their enormous sexual appetite and mastery of the art of pleasure.

I guess this is pretty much a male site, but what the fuck. Some of you old farts will understand what I am going on about. The younger guys, who like me (some 40 years ago and still dreaming about past glories) are 19 year old walking stiffies looking for a place to happen. They'll will get it sooner or later : Once one gets over the natural impulse to fuck any female that moves, it gets real interesting.

Okay so I'm a liar, I'm still looking to fuck any sexy female that moves, but at least I have options now :-) and I don't get my face slapped so often. And if they do say yes, I can drain down their sex battery with my machines and just leave enough power there for a few good fuck sessions without getting myself sucked inside out and brains turned to soup.

Although that has backfired badly a few times recently. The more my machines fucked her to a standstill, the more rabid she became. I let her loose and I got fucked half to death. This sex demon even leaped on me as I slept and what I thought was a great dream, turned out to be happening on several occasions. :-). Even the great Gord fucks up on plans when it comes to figuring women you know. And let that be a warning to you all.

Okay, so I am not actually complaining. My dick isn't sore any more and my nuts no longer resemble rather small prunes that were sucked dry.

heh heh, at least she admitted she was walking bow-legged through the airport on the way home as well.

There's life in the old fart yet:- and after that, there's Viagra I'm told. So far, haven't needed it, but it is nice to know there is a back-up system.

Jeff Gord

Tuesday, April 10th 2007 - 09:14:49 AM

Name: Darkroom

Jeff, I meant the comment in a good way! Suggesting that you go "riding into the sunset" didn't meant "why don't you go and disappear." Rather, it meant, "keep peddling with your cargo in tow," or something to that effect.

Rick, thanks for the update! I've been a fan of your material since the early 1990s. I'm looking forward to seeing more, and rewatching the old stuff on your new site.

Tuesday, April 10th 2007 - 09:16:11 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Yo Darkroom

Thanks for that clarification :-) As one president said. "Two great nations divided by the same language" As for riding into the Sunset, it nearly happened. Bloody Quacks not checking medical history damned near fucked me with a drug reaction recently.

Good news is, I'm asking Lydia to let me have some of her naked Gord pics for you skin fantatics.



Tuesday, April 10th 2007 - 10:57:36 AM

Name: Bobjones

One of the cooler things about the GIMP board is that bondage producers drop in every now and again. Thanks to Jeff and Rick for sharing with us. We are real fans of autuers like yourselves. I dunno, I almost feel like a Geeky fan sometimes when brilliant smutmakers like you guys drop in.

Rick, since you mentioned it, I just want to give a shout out to Ballista, for me the best ZFX series ever. I have mentioned my affection for part 3 several times on the board, but the whole series is really great. Lisa is always a treat, but the Superheroine thing really put that one over the top for me. Plus that was, from a movie making point of view, one of your more ambitious series. If you are filming any new material, I'd love to see more spandex clad cuties who are in over their heads.

Tuesday, April 10th 2007 - 10:01:03 PM

Name: Darkroom
Homepage URL:

Best ZFX Series Ever? I'd have to say South of the Border, though I am partial to the old "Guinea Pig" series, and watching Victoria Vixen struggle on the floor in "Future Shock," her big wobblers flying around...

By the way, anyone seen the new shoot on Hogtied? Great bondage as always, but the set-up is classic. Reminds me of the old HOM days, with a real story setting. Can't beat a good story, good bondage, and real peril all wrapped into one...

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 07:29:21 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

The best ZFX series, IMO (and I've seen them all) is the South of the Border series, which was 7 torture-riffic tales of lovely women used and abused in a Mexican jail. It started off with Monica Moore and Penelope Pace as the principle victims (some great highlights there, especially with Monica) and then changed locales and the cast beginning with Part 3, which was shot mostly during Rick's trip to Minnesota. What that did was give us a greater variety of babes to watch suffer, including Christina Anderson, Kelly McKay, Lisa Kinkaid and the amazing Elaine Payton, who stole the show in the final two installments. I'm partial to torture anyway, and that series delivered big time.

The runner-up for Best ZFX Series would be Video Pirates, an older series which a lot of you might not be familiar with (and which is sadly not yet on DVD). The plot was great (Rick takes revenge on the ones who bootlegged his work by binding and torturing the loved ones of the people involved) and it featured an outstanding extended scene with Rick and Chandra Sweet (cute as ever) torturing the innocent niece of Rick's enemy. He and Chandra put her through hell and videotape the whole thing to show the guy they mean business. My only problem was that they strung this footage out from volumes 2 through 5, which meant you had to buy the whole set to see the complete story, somewhat akin to those old Saturday matinee cliffhangers where you had to come back the next week to see what happened. Rick put out tapes a lot quicker back then than he does now, but still, the suspense of having to wait between volumes was a killer :)

Anybody have an opinion on the best ZFX series? The ones that were named so far are excellent choices; what do the rest of you think?

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 08:40:55 AM

Name: Darkroom

So many choices! My two favorite all-time scenes would be from (I think) Jennifer's Nightmare, when Victoria Vixen is bound backwards over a work bench. Rick puts dozens of rubber bands on her ample breasts, which swell nicely. He then goes to work on her with jumper cables. Excellent scene...

There's also a scene in "X-Tractor," where (I don't know her name) is suspended on the wall, her breasts tightly bound, and whipped. She struggles nicely and the position is a strenuous one to say the least...

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 09:04:14 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Hey guys

I saw this on the news today

ORLANDO, Fla. (April 10) - A police search of former astronaut Lisa Nowak's car turned up bondage photos on a computer disk, British currency and pills, according to documents released Tuesday by prosecutors.

Nearly all of the 16 images found on the disk depicted bondage scenes, according to a forensic examination report by the Orlando Police Department. Some of the images showed a nude woman while others were drawings.

So, Lisa Nowak is one of us

She may even be reading this

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 10:52:12 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mornin All

Computer finally up and working again - allow me to give a belated congrats for the 8 years - hard to believe our host gnome has managed to keep such a dysfunctional band of perverts around and humming.

Now, back to business with a movie review. Today, we will look at "Slave Teacher Immoral Weekend". This is a CineMagic production - I think their code number is VS580. I obtained my copy on VCD from The Candles Room, their stock number is O2 and is on their recommended list. The run time is 68 minutes and stars Yuki Tsukamoto.

A school seems to be winding down for the weekend. A lady teacher walks down a hall to the office - this chick is smokin' hot by any standard. One of her co-workers seems to have a thing for her. The co-worker is talking to the boss in his office. He goes back to the school office and begins snooping through the chick's stuff. He sees her coming back from outside through the rain. She is soaked and he spies on her changing into something dry. He fantasizes with her bound in the hallway in her Sunday best, wrists behind and upper body with a noose around her neck to the ceiling. She comes back in, they chat then part company.

She has returned to the classroom and he has followed her. He seems down and tries to express his feelings for her. He grabs her wrist and brings out some rope, binding her wrists behind her head and puts more rope all over upper body as she sits on the floor - she whines and he caresses her. She has been retied on her back on a desk. Wrists behind and upper body roped, each thigh is tied to each calf. He pulls down her pantyhose and uses her lipstick to run over her pussy through her panties. He again sees her image bound in the hallway in several different positions.

Back to the classroom where she has been partially disrobed, still wearing top, panties and shoes. Wrists are behind and upper body bound, he fondles her as she stands. He pulls down her top and bra and plays with her nipples. He lowers her panties and fondles her ass and pussy. With a large pink dildo he does her from behind while she is bent over a desk with one foot resting on a chair.

She is now still bound and partially disrobed and corded to the ceiling standing straddling two desks about 3 feet off the floor. He places a manual on the floor beneath her and she urinates on it. He spanks her with the manual. Suddenly, it appears she has been transported to his place. She has on only panties and wrists are bound in front with some slack. Made to crawl on the floor while he lashes her ass, she collapses from exhaustion and he caresses her.

She is now in bra and panties bound wrists behind, upper body roped, legs bound, corded to ceiling, standing on her toes. An OTM gag stifles her whining. Then down to her knees and bent backward, still corded to the ceiling. Now it's off to the bedroom where she is on her back in bed, each wrist tied to each ankle, each elbow tied to each knee. He bites her nipples and diddles her pussy with his hands and tongue. Still bound the same on her knees, she sucks his Johnson. He puts her on her back and taps her. He puts her face down, ass in the air and does her again with the dildo and some more tapping.

Wearing only panties with her wrists bound in front she is on hands and knees on the floor of the living room. Overhead is a large grate with numerous candles attached. He rocks the grate and gives her a nice backside coating from head to toe. He taunts her during the torment. She falls over so he gives the frontside some wax as well.

Guess the fun and games for the weekend are over since he is talking to the boss in his office. He hears some whining from behind the desk - checking it out, he finds the chick laying on the floor, bound wrists behind and upper body, knees and ankles tied and cleave gagged. The boss and him have a good laugh. The End - now, wasn't that a tender love story?

Movie Pluses - this is a well done flick - the chick is gorgeous, the co-worker is a dweeb who overcomes - all seemed to work well here.

Movie Minuses - not a lot of physical torture ala Randa but just enough to keep interest.

The Verdict - I found this to be a very pleasant night's viewing and wished I had been this nerd - B+

Stay Well All

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 11:26:21 AM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Just dropping by to see what's up and plug the new release...Sub Prime. Heard on a message board that the astronaut killer had nude bondage pics in the car with her. She'd make a good model. Good shape, not bad looking, Phd. I'm waiting for Britney Spears to come in and pose to send out a fuck you to the world message. If you hear from her.... let her know I'm looking.

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 11:43:14 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Sloth: Another fine review. So far, it seems you and Ralphus have had better luck with Cinemagic than I have. I've purchased a few of their titles at a local store, and some others online, and was generally disappointed -- the ones I saw mostly set up the scenes of abuse as part of the female victim's fantasies. Doesn't work for me -- if it's part of her fantasy, then it ain't part of mine. Cinemagic does find attractive women and seems to have a thing for women with big breasts, so I'm glad you found a title worth recommending.

Best ZFX series: Haven't seen many of the titles that were carried over into a series, but of the ones I have seen, I think I would go with the Ballista movies in terms of overall consistency.

My favorite ZFX movie is still South of the Border 4, but unlike Ralphus, I wasn't quite as impressed with the SOB series overall. I mean the movies I saw were good, but the Ballista flicks were generally a bit better. Of course, I still haven't seen South of the Border 6 (another GIMP anniversary goes by and yet...), because the DVD is so damn expensive in my area. Maybe I'll try the new ZFX streaming site for this one.

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 05:20:52 PM

Name: s2000

The best ZFX series IMHO is the Video Pirates series with Candi Licks. When Travis Lee and the masked perv are "working her over" is priceless. I love the heels she wore and her tits are perky as hell. Plus, the dialogue is second to none as they verbally torture Candi.

How come no one ever talks about Kimberly Nobel? OMG, her bod rocked in Underland and 666! Her reactions and struggle are top notch too.

Sux is closing down. On the bright side Bush is almost outta here. Thank Jah.

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 07:17:34 PM

Name: Bobjones

Darkroom. . . that is an amaaaaazing scene with Victoria Vixen, but it's in a movie called "The Misadventures of Lois Payne." She is a reporter being tortured by some gangsters. Great whimpering, great sadism, great tits.

I agree that the South of the Border series is incredible, but for me, the thing looses steam a little as it goes along, whereas the Ballista movies are better conceived and better paced. South of the Border is filled with good scenes, but the movies almost start to become compilation tapes after a while. . . really good compilation tapes mind you! Monica Moore's scenes are fucking HOT though. I loved her in the Reporter series also.

One thing all those flicks have in common is electricity torture, which is kind of a personal fav. Using jumper cables and tasers really raises the ante from BDSM into real fucking TORTURE, which raises the front of my pants. There's nothing safe, sane, or consensual about zapping somebody's clit with a cattle prod.

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 09:45:09 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Sloth: Thanks a lot for the new review. There are so many Japanese movies out there, and without reviews like yours, it would be very difficult to know which ones are worth getting. Added to the new Reviews section here:

I also added Bobjones' review on Grindhouse here:

I'm a little late in saying thanks for that, but we all do appreciate it whenever someone takes the time to report on what they've seen. And as always, anybody who writes a review will have their work included in our Reviews section for future generations of pervs to enjoy.

Lisa Nowak: Bondage-loving Astronaut: The reports I read said it's not clear whether Nowak is the woman in the bondage photos she had with her. Either way, we need someone to go undercover and release those pics to the Internet. Or maybe she was using those photos to give her inspiration. She was arrested for attempted kidnapping, after all. Maybe she had some plans for the woman she was trying to kidnap...

Steve Power: Am I the only one who lost interest in Britney Spears years ago? Maybe it was the whole marriage/kids/rich white trash thing that turned me off. The shaved head was the final straw for me. The chick has gone off the deep end. Now if you've got a time capsule and can turn back the clock to where she was blonde and cute and sexy, feel free to tie her up and abuse her and I'll buy 100 copies.

In keeping with the superheroine theme we had last week, click on my Homepage URL for a dandy little manip of Britney (back when she still had hair) as Wonder Woman.

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 10:53:54 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Britney Spears is a hot milf. I'd ball gag that cute face of hers in about two seconds. Personality wise.....couldn't tell ya. All we see is the side they show us. Beyond quick shoot with Britney and I'd generate enough income to tie up ten celebrities and a CNBC news reporter.

Thursday, April 12th 2007 - 12:42:26 AM

Name: Brutus
Homepage URL:

Thanks for the reviews guys. Hmmm. A NASA Gimper? C'mon Lisa Nowak. Delurk!

Best ZFX series: Yes, I'd also say SOB, Ballista and Video Pirates. How about Cheerleaders of Perilous U? Do two movies count as a series? I also liked the Machine Head movies, probably because I have a thing for Amy Van Allen.

I finally got the house to myself, and decided to watch Jeff Gord's SBI Trilogy again. I know many of you aren't into his stuff, but for those who haven't seen his work, I hope this (extremely long) review sheds some light on The House of Gord. I am a ZFX fan all the way, but I tried to keep an open and objective mind when I wrote this review. I had to because Gord's stuff is so different from almost everything that's out there. Tequila helps as well :-)


The SBI (Special Bureau of Investigation) Trilogy is a three-chapter story with a simple plot and some rather complicated tortures devised by the devious mind of Jeff Gord. Although the movie represents just a fraction of all the equipment seen on his website, it gives an indication of what this man is all about, how far he will go, and perhaps most importantly, what he is capable of.


We learn that SBI agents have long been trying to smash the diabolical sex slave ring run by the evil Gord. At the House of Gord, the master and Lady Serena are on a couch watching the tube, just like any middle-aged couple. But this is no ordinary house. One damsel in black rubber is a lamp post, secured with red straps. Another, also in rubber, is on her back, legs strapped pretty much behind her ears. Her purpose is to be a foot rest.

Gord and Serena reminisce about how Serena became the part of Gord's sex slave ring. She used to be an SBI agent who was a mole for Gord's operation. In a flashback, Serena and two other agents think they're close to capturing Gord, and celebrate with wine that Serena has spiked. They pass out. Serena also ends up getting drugged herself by one of Gord's henchmen.

The three are hogtied and brought to a warehouse, One by one, the unconscious agents are stripped, put in tight corsets, collared, cuffed in leather-metal cuffs and ballgagged. (Why is it that women always come to just after the gag is put in?) The women are chained to the ceiling by their collars and "mmmmphing" a lot through their gags while they receive a few spanks and a tiny bit of whipping. Again, one by one, they are led to their cages.

The next scene, although a bit long, underscores why Gord's inescapable bondage techniques are second to none. The women are bent over on their knees, and their handcuffs, collars and ankle-cuffs are secured to the bars in the cages. Now, the girls are trapped, and Gord could've stopped there, but he doesn't. A bar is placed on their backs and under their arms and locked into position to further restrict movement. Gord then he tops off the scene by lubricating two metal dildos for each girl, inserting them through strategically placed rings on the cages, and literally screwing them into the already helpless victims.

The women are not drop-dead gorgeous, but they do a great job of fighting and struggling in vain. They are left overnight in that position.

The next day, the cages are fork lifted onto the back of a truck, and driven through the suburbs to Gord's place.

Back to the present. In the basement of Gord's house is the security guard Karl Kessler, a menacing bald guy who reminded me for some reason of a smaller version of that Baron Von Raschke wrestler. Karl has a babe in a leopard shirt, blindfolded, ballgagged and secured with yellow straps on an elevated chair. He uses a crank to hoist up her legs via her ankle-cuffs, cuts off her black panties with a knife and rapes her. I really wished this scene was longer and, well, meaner. Karl is way too tender with her.

We see more of the goodies at Gord's house, including a slave in a mask who serves drinks and a woman in a mask trapped in his liquor cabinet. And two more lamp posts in the bedroom.

Karl's rape is interrupted by an intruder seen on a video camera. He catches and fondles the intruder, and Gord and Serena decide to make her a slave. Gord checks her ID and discovers she's secret agent Celia (Lydia McLane), who is cute as hell with a sort of girl-next-door look and has a fantastic, natural body.

We get to see more of Gord's house, including two mummified chicks with their tits exposed who are later strapped on their backs to a giant wheel, and a female strapped up tight and used as a chair.

Karl forces Celia to stick a vibrator and butt plug in herself, but the insertions are not shown. Then she must put on a black rubber outfit, mask and high heels. She's securely strapped to a gurney face down, collared and trapped in a leather arm binder.

Karl puts a ball in her mouth attached to a chain. The entire contraption is hooked up to a large bottle. I wasn't sure exactly what the device does, but it seems that if the chain attached to the ball moves too much, Celia gets a shock via the butt plug and vibrator. So she's forced to keep the ball in her mouth. The bottle slowly fills up with water and we learn that it is part of a timer.

End of Part 1.

This was the weakest of the chapters in my opinion. It seems this was used to create the mood, introduce the characters, and tease us into what tortures await Celia and the other girls.

Video Mayhem


Celia is whimpering through the ballgag and drooling. As 7 a.m. rolls around, the bottle is full, the weight is too much and the ball pops out of Celia's mouth. This activates the vibrator and butt plug. Celia screams and struggles mightily but to no avail.

In a bizarre scene, a rubber-clad woman who was trapped in the ceiling descends to the floor. She's in an arm-binder, corset, mask, hood and high-heel ballet boots. She was secured to a metal frame with a metal collar and leg cuffs. Gord says it's time to exercise, so he puts her on treadmill and chains her ankle cuffs to the arm-binder. Her upper body is in a harness-type thing attached to the ceiling with chains and wires, which prevents her from falling down. However, if she rests, she gets "electrified." Gord turns on the treadmill and she starts walking in those painful heels.

The treadmill speeds up, she trips, gets shocked while suspended, and moans in pain through the mask. She's up to a jog now. Seeing her running in those heels, unable to move any other part of her body, was rather comical. But her torment was clearly real. The pace of the treadmill gets even faster and she's nearing sprint speed. She stumbles again and gets shocked. She has to continue running to avoid that pain. Although not particularly erotic, this torture is deliciously sadistic. It later gets worse for her.

Gord decides to deal with the mummified chicks who are still spinning on the wheel. He fondles their tits, moves the wheel around and lets them continue to spin and scream through the tape.

Remember poor Celia? She's still strapped to the gurney. Karl ballgags her, turns on the vibrators and tells her they will continue running for a few hours until she passes out from all the orgasms she'll experience. Celia struggles and moans convincingly, but she can barely move. Karl gives her a swat and some fondling on her rubber-encased butt for good measure, and then taunts her by urging her to resist her orgasms. He turns her upside down on the rotating gurney and lets her writhe in pleasure.

Gord turns off the treadmill, but tells the babe her exercise is not complete. He removes a couple of links from the leg cuffs so she can only take baby steps on the treadmill, which is turned on again.

In an outdoor scene, Gord has Sugar Wilson in black rubber, arm-binder, hood and a metal sheet gag. She's seated on a unicycle attached to a two-wheeler carrying Gord. As Gord puts his foot on the gas pedal, Sugar screams through the gag and starts pedaling, moving the entire contraption down the driveway. It seems that the accelerator either operates or sends shocks to the metal dildo she's sitting on. They drive around through Gord's vast property with Sugar screaming through the metal gag.

Celia is topless wearing a thong and metal cuffs attached to a waist belt, and has a collar filled with C-4 that Karl says will blow up if she leaves the perimeter. Annabelle, a heavy Asian, makes Celia her maid.

Gord returns to the treadmill, uncuffs the exhausted damsel's legs, but then tapes them tightly together. The treadmill is turned on and she has to do two-footed hops in those heels to keep from getting shocked. She is obviously tired and very uncomfortable. Finally, she's put back on that metal frame and stored in the ceiling.

Gord and Karl have to leave, giving Celia the chance to break into Gord's safe, steal his gun and the keys to unlock herself from the collar bomb. Clad in black rubber, Celia pistol whips Annabelle, strips her to her panties and garter belt, hogties her with rope, rope gags her and puts her in the freezer.

Now it's Serena's turn. At gunpoint, Celia forces Serena to put on a pink rubber outfit, unzip the crotch and insert a butt plug and vibrator. She forces Serena to put panties in her mouth, which are kept in place with a hood/mask. Serena is secured to a different treadmill and forced to walk at a brisk pace. She continually receives shocks. Celia jumps in a car and escapes from the House of Gord.

This was my favorite chapter of the three. We get to see more of the devices that have made Gord famous.

Video Mayhem


Gord and Karl return at night and find and release Serena and a frozen Annabelle. The mummified babes on the wheel have also escaped. Gord is clearly pissed off.

But later, Serena gets a phone call from someone in Gord's network saying he's caught Celia, who is shown suspended upside down, naked (yay!) except for her panties, and ballgagged. Her long hair is tied to big cement block. Gord here uses some Japanese-style rope work.

The next morning, Cody, another bald guy, mummifies Celia and applies a mask gag with breathing tube. A big butt plug is inserted (not shown) and more tape is applied until Celia is balancing on her knees.

Celia is hoisted up, placed in a round container with her head above rim. Cody mixes some liquid and pours it into the container. Turns out this liquid morphs into packing foam. This scene, unfortunately, took way too long. And besides, we could only see Celia's head, not her luscious body.

She's returned to Gord in that container, and kept in it as she becomes a water tank for the house. I couldn't really figure this one out. Apparently, whenever the water, filter or garbage disposal are used, the pressure increases in the container. Whatever the case, this was not one of Gord's better torture devices. Again we could only see Celia's head, and the actual torture was nowhere in sight.

Two weeks later, Celia's male SBI partner is snooping around. Gord catches him at gunpoint and learns that Agent Ryan actually wants to take over Gord's business. After some negotiations, Ryan agrees to join Gord's organization, but on one condition: He gets to "train" Celia for a life of sexual slavery.

Jewell Marceau, clad head to toe in rubber, an arm-binder, and metal gag with a duster attached enters the room. A box with an antenna is on her back and she is operated by remote control. She dusts dutifully in ballet boots. Jewell then gets put in auto-walk mode, which, IMHO, was a compete waste of her talents.

Celia is ballgagged and strapped on her stomach to a sort of horse-gurney table thing, that has holes for her tits. She is stuck in an arm-binder and collar. Most importantly, she's naked!

Agent Ryan comes in, fondles her and removes the gag. She pleads, "They said some guy is gonna come down here and fuck me! Get me outta here!" When Ryan informs Celia that the "fucker" is him, she threatens to slit his throat, so he regags her, fastens her ponytail to a winch, tightens it and puts her in a hood. He mechanically adjusts her into position, and then rapes his helpless former partner from behind in another tame and too short scene. This scene was my favorite of the bunch, but it could have been so much better with a bit more roughness.

The trilogy ends with Jewell still walking around in circles.

The final chapter was a bit of a letdown from No. 2.

Video Mayhem

Overall, I must say that Gord's stuff is definitely not for all tastes. I don't mind rubber and leather, but there was so much of it in the three chapters that the viewer was often denied a chance to see the victims' bodies and their full expressions of pain and pleasure. If you are looking for the brutality of ZFX, it's not here. Strict breast bondage? Crotch ropes? Endless whipping? Ruthless violence? Not here either.

But if you are looking for inescapable bondage and women so sexually tortured that they become dehumanized sex toys, then Gord's stuff is definitely worth a look. The man's imagination and creativity seem to know no bounds, and his engineering background is certainly put into great use.

What also impressed me was the professionalism in the production. It seemed he used three or four cameras for all the scenes and the editing was terrific. Gord does a great job bridging the different scenes, usually by using brief shots of other babes left in their torture devices. I have no idea what the budget was, but a shitload of money must have gone into his machines.

Celia was good looking, but the other models' faces could not be seen well through their hoods. On a negative note, Serena and Anabelle were much too heavy for my liking and should always play doms IMO.

Some suggestions, I would have continued with the human furniture motif, which disappeared after the first chapter. Just a few shots here and there would have shown that this house is the ultimate GIMP place. Also, when physical contact is used, such as in the rape scenes, more violence would have been nice, as would more skin, and maybe some of those robot dildo devices from the website.

Each chapter was about an hour long. Might have been nice and less expensive if they were all on one disc for a marathon session :-)

Bottom line: I am not a Gordy but I was impressed and pleased with this movie. He definitely enjoys what he is doing and puts in a 100% effort. Jeff Gord definitely gives the phrase "cruel and unusual punishment" a good name.


Thursday, April 12th 2007 - 10:38:24 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Brutus: Wow, that was quite the assessment of the SBI Trilogy. I don't think the Gord movies would do much for me, but it probably doesn't matter as I don't believe the films are available in my area. Nonetheless, I'm sure everyone appreciates the time and effort you put into that review. I hope you will continue to write more reviews, as time (and the liquor cabinet) permits.

Thursday, April 12th 2007 - 05:15:24 PM

Name: Abu Zalaam

Mike from Brooklyn writes:

> ORLANDO, Fla. (April 10) - A police search of former astronaut Lisa Nowak's car turned up bondage photos on a computer disk, British currency and pills, according to documents released Tuesday by prosecutors.

> Nearly all of the 16 images found on the disk depicted bondage scenes, according to a forensic examination report by the Orlando Police Department. Some of the images showed a nude woman while others were drawings.

> So, Lisa Nowak is one of us <

16 images? *sixteen* images???? Is there anyone reading this forum who has fewer than 16 hundred images?

Thursday, April 12th 2007 - 06:51:20 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Abu Zalaam wrote:

16 images? *sixteen* images???? Is there anyone reading this forum who has fewer than 16 hundred images?

Over 188,000 for me, personally. I'm sure there are many more pervs here who could beat that total, too. But the difference is...we're bondage freaks. She's an ASTRONAUT. No, let me embellish that. She's a LADY astronaut! She's a CUTE lady astronaut who's in the news for stalking and trying to kidnap a chick who had a relationship with her boyfriend. And she either posed for bondage pictures, or at least had enough interest in bondage that she was carrying a CD of bondage pics with her. The number of images is irrelevant. It's the fact that she's apparently into bondage that's fascinating, at least to a few of us here.

Brutus: Wow, 3 complete reviews in one post! I know that had to have taken you quite a while, and we do really appreciate you taking the time to share that with the board. After reading that, I'm more curious than ever about Gord's work. Some of what you described sounds VERY interesting, particularly the scenes that involve dildos emitting electric shock. It sounds like a whole new fetishy world that might be worth exploring.

All three of your reviews are now added to the Reviews section at my Homepage URL above.

Thursday, April 12th 2007 - 07:56:15 PM

Name: Bobjones

You guys will have to excuse some rambling. . . I'm drunk at the moment. I'll try to listen to my inner angels and be polite by showing some restraint. If our perverted little moderator wants to censor me, I won't be offended. There are just so many interesting issues floating around the GIMP board tonight, and I want to talk back!

As somebody whose tastes are very different from Gord's, I have to say that I am becoming increasingly impressed with him. I really appreciate Brutus's reviews by the way. From his summaries and from the pics up on the board this week, I can only confirm that Gord is really something of an artist. My own tastes in Gimp fantasy run much more toward sick non-consensual and very nasty torture rather than elaborate BDSM, so I haven't ever really paid much attention to the House of Gord, dispite the beautiful photos I've seen on the preview pages of his sites. Rubber and fancy bondage aren't so much my thing, but his stuff tends to be really aesthetically marvelous. The focus on his stuff at the GIMP board this week has really suggested that this guy is pretty fucking good at what he does. I think I'd be interested even if I didn't like lookng at Jewel Marceau's body, as hard as that is to imagine.

As for the astronaut thing. . . are any bonadage producers paying attention? Maybe this might be nice plot for a bondage movie? And what about that awful McDonald's thing that happened a while back? Maybe change it to a Hooter's-like restaurant and make it fucking so! Bondage, ripped from the headlines! I'd pay to see it.

I do have a little bit of actual information that people might be interested in. . . I just watched a new horror film called "Freakshow." It's basically an update of Tod Browning's classic (from the 1930's) "Freaks." The film is about a traveling freakshow. A gang of nasties want to con them out of their savings, and their plan is to have the female member of the group seduce the leader of the freakshow so's they can get the cash. Needless to say, things eventually go wrong, and much violence ensues. It's a pretty decent little horror film, but the piece-de-resistance is a super elaborate torture session visited upon the evil hottie who was screwing around with the ringmaster's heart. There's tongue slicing, breast removal, and elaborate facial mutilation. It's really fucking sick, but for those whose interest in watching hot women get tortured runs toward the extreme end of the stick, it's pretty amazing. I was cringing behind a blanket, but I did have a hard on.

Thursday, April 12th 2007 - 11:59:51 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Howie's link of the "Punished Heroines" (especially those strangled to death) is much more erotic to me the the House of Gord, but I can see that Gord is among the best, if not the best, producer in terms of high quality -- pics, filming, and girls. If I could get him to work with Ahiru from Genki-Genki, I would explode from joy.

Friday, April 13th 2007 - 12:33:41 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Brutus - blow out reviews man - well done - along with the images from this week my interest is tweaked - almost "industrial strength" bondage - his models seem to be able to handle the tightest he can produce.

A Canadian - truth be told, my experience with CineMagic is probably no better than yours - I have a stockpile of them in the fulfilling fantasy realm you describe - they do find the hottest chicks tho.

Bobjones - so, is the evil hottie nicely restrained during her session? Sounds yummy.

On this astronaut Lisa Nowak thing - sounds like that high tech Nasa bitch could fit in nicely with Gord's high tech bondage - "Tron Meets Rick Masters" perhaps.

Stay well All

Friday, April 13th 2007 - 05:41:29 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi Folks

Thanks for the review Brutus. It can't be easy trying to be objective when it isn't your scene. I know I couldn't do it.. I was smiling at some of your comments, and then I mentally reversed the situation and tried to imagine how I would view stuff that would send this rape and ravish bunch crazy. It may or may not work for me, and it would probably depend on what level of tight clothing the chick was wearing at the time.


So I see much mention by all of you about my need to stretch tight material over the ladies. That is as important to me as nakedness is to you guys and gals. You rape and ravish types want to exercise control in your fantasies by "taking" the woman. I see women as super powerful creatures, and I control by stripping away their personality and turning them into sex toys..


Now Brutus mentioned the length of some scenes being overlong. That was in fact deliberate, and they probably only seemed overly long because it wasn't his scene. No doubt, if they had been rape and ravish scenes with a naked lady he wouldn't have thought they were too long, and may even have commented they should be longer..

Our goal in making the scenes long was to ensure that each specific bondage scene was long enough for a slow and satisfying jerk-off. Let's be real here folks, this is all about jerking off, so if the scene works for you, you would not want to keep rewinding in mid stroke now would you?.

Trilogy was made to try and encompass all of the main styles of bondage, naked and or otherwise, caging, suspension, ripping and stripping, insertions, rubber sheathed, enforced working and training, slave gear, non consensual usage etc etc. I would also add that the non visible depiction of penetration was a cop out to current moralistic standards at that time. That movie began it's life back in 1995. At that time it cost me an arm and a leg to even get it all started, and there was no cash left over to fight any legal crap thrown at us. So we played safe. Then everything came to a grinding halt due to politics within the scene, and the entire caging scene became a minefield of problems when two of the players went apeshit in a major fight and seperation thing. We sat on that footage for almost 5 years before starting up again and rewriting the entires film to allow pre shot footage into the story, hence the flash back to cover any continuity glitches..

As for Jewell's radio controlled footage being a waste of her talents, :-)))))))) Guys and gals, that is one of the most jerked off at scenes in the entire movie for Jewell rubber-sheathed fans. Lydia as the alarm clock is probably the other. No doubt you guys and gals prefer the simulated rape when James Mogul get's his wicked way. I would also add, Jewell had a blast demonstrating her skills with those boots and she was very proud of her performance, as well she should be..

What was the toughest part for me?? Pointing that 9mm Glock at James. We checked, triple checked and even took bits out of the gun, and still I felt really weird pointing a real gun at James. It goes TOTALLY against everything I ever taught as a combat instructor. But we simply could not find a replica in time that looked real. So a friend stepped in and loaned me one for the shoot..

Okay so a few last notes. .

Claire Adams did the ENTIRE shoot in the movie in one long session without coming out of bondage. From the moment she first appeared, to the moment she vanished back into the storage and brainwashing silo, she never came out of bondage. We kept asking her if she needed a rest, but she is one helluva Trojan. It took almost two hours and lots of retakes to get the lot, and all of that time she was super stressed out, but she refused to quit. She was truly trashed and super tired, and she really underwent all the trauma a real captive would have experienced, at her own request..

Brutus seemed confused over what some of the gear did. If anyone else needs explanation to make the movie swing for you, just ask.

Costs of Trilogy, plus minus $35,000 to make. No way we could do that at that cost now.

But that will give you guys and gals an idea of the sort of money we have to get back before we can make another, and why we get so pissed off when someone dumps the whole thing for free on Rapidshare, as just happened a couple of days ago. It has been removed now. As for the two ladies who were cocooned, (Rose and Gwen) I can advise, they are both drop dead stunners, and I will send Ralphus some pics of them as soon as I can dig them out.



Friday, April 13th 2007 - 07:59:37 AM

Name: Darkroom

Just sitting around wondering... Can anyone tell me where Hank Hobbs went, and his videocaps Web site? I think it used to be on Yahoo, but not anymore...

Friday, April 13th 2007 - 11:09:51 AM

Name: Brutus

Number of GIMP images? I lost count, but at least 10 GB over here. Thank god for CD burners.

Jeff Gord: Thanks for the extra info on the Trilogy. $35,000? Shit, you must be doing something right :-)) I figured there must've been some morality-legal crap that forced you to tone down some of the scenes.

And yeah, I did realize the longer scenes were catered to your die-hard fans. But if I'm not into a particular scene, I get greedy and want something different. To each his own, I guess.

As for the robot Jewell, again my greedy and peculiar GIMP tendencies took over. I've seen you put her on the hamster wheel in Room 237, and even one of the stills you provided here was of her getting plugged outdooors. I'd rather have seen some of that than her walking around in circles.

But hey, I totally enjoyed the three chapters. Each of them put a helluva lot of tension in the old trousers, and that was after perhaps one too many margaritas. So again, you must be doing something right!

Friday, April 13th 2007 - 12:48:27 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Grindhouse: Following up on the recent Bobjones review of Grindhouse, I attached an article in my URL that may get a few chuckles. Seems that Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of the studio that created Grindhouse, has admitted the film was a dud. Weinstein is musing about reissuing the two features in Grindhouse as separate movies, and adding some deleted scenes to each film, including an apparently missing lap-dance scene from the Tarantino flick, Death Proof.

Friday, April 13th 2007 - 04:13:37 PM

Name: Wild Bill

Favorite Series :

Overall I'd have to agree on the SOB series. So many beautiful women, so many brutal scenes, excellent consistency throughout.

On the other hand two of my favorite ZFX movies are the first two Guinea Pigs movies. Allison Parish with that hot, trim body and Victoria Vixxen with those big bound tits how could you go wrong. I wasn't overly fond of the rest of the series but those two ...

Wild Bill

Friday, April 13th 2007 - 10:32:58 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:


Weinstein is musing about reissuing the two features in Grindhouse as separate movies

So he wants two duds instead???

Saturday, April 14th 2007 - 12:06:07 AM

Name: Bobjones

The Grindhouse debacle is interesting, but unsurprising. The whole concept of the movie is such a Geekie, B-movie wet dream that the fact that mainstream America didn't turn out is not really news. What's news is the way that the movie has been hyped up as the first big summer movie, and it's a really strange, THREE AND A HALF HOUR tribute to "bad" movies from the 1970's. The truth is that it's a ready-made cult movie, produced by and for people who love other cult movies. Those people will be arguing for years over whether it was a dud or not, and the rest of the world will never really give a shit. What's disappointing is that we'll never see the neo exploitation trend that might have happened if the movie had been a hit. Maybe some Grindhouse copycat might have really pushed the women in jeopardy buttons a little harder than the original.

The weirdest thing about that article is Harvey Weinstein's idea of putting back in the "deleted scenes," the weird gaps in the movie where chunks of the film is gone and "reel missing" signs are up on the screen. The "missingness" of those scenes was obviously a part of the scripts. There are even in-jokes about the information that the audience is missing. The missing scenes are quite obviously a device used to speed up the plots and to make jokes about the experience of watching a movie in a grindhouse theatre. They aren't really missing. I would love to see the lap dance that "Death Proof" builds up to but does not deliver, but I have a feeling it was never actually filmed, unless Q.T. had a mind to include it as a DVD extra or something. I'll be happy if such a scene exists though.

Harvey Weinstein is a bit of an asshole. If he does recut the movie for a film festival, it won't be the first time he's done it (he did something like that to Il Postino). He likes the prestige of the Miramax brand a lot more than he actually likes movies.

Boy that was off topic!. . . well, maybe the GIMP lesson here is that the classic days of exploitation are over, and Grindhouse (as sexually tame as it was) failed to bring them back. Jess Franco is still making movies though (straight to DVD, but movies nonetheless), so we can hold out some hope for a last blast of the good old days. Maybe he's got a good one left in him. All he needs is some girls and a prison cell.

Saturday, April 14th 2007 - 12:09:06 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

jhlipton wrote:

So he wants two duds instead???

Hey, don't ask me to explain Weinstein's thinking -- I'm just the messenger.

Actually, I would be interested to learn more about the reference to Tarantino "freaking out" over the reaction to Grindhouse. Also, after I re-read the column, I realized Bobjones may very well be right about the lap-dance scene -- it may not actually exist. The Toronto Star columnist suggests that the scene was filmed but then chopped from the movie, but that might just be wishful thinking on his part.

Saturday, April 14th 2007 - 07:14:37 AM

Name: MAV
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Homepage URL:

Hey everyone: a movie alert and a question:

First, if you havent seen some comments on brianspage, there is a movie due out in July (on DVD) that may have some GIMP-worthy moments. It was initially called Stickville, but is now called Bloodlines. The trailer is linked above. Plot summary is that some hillbillies kidnap girls, make them fight, and "breed" with the winners. In the trailer above (there are also a couple of trailers on youtube and a teaser at and in the pics linked above, we can see that some attractive girls are bound and probably smacked around. I'm marking my calendar.,13,14%20088.jpg

Secondly, I wanted to ask you what movies you would get if you signed on with Netflix, particularly releases in the past 2 years. The only one I know I really want to get if I sign on is "Rape is a Circle". I've seen Bill Zebub's other movies.

Saturday, April 14th 2007 - 02:03:40 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

MAV: Bloodlines looks good but they forgot two crucial rules:

1: When you kidnap a girl, strip her IMMEDIATELY! Why tie her up if you're not going to check out the goodies?

2: The girls should fight in bra and panties ONLY. When one takes a knife to the leg, arm or gut, we want to see the results, not just a tiny bit of blood.

These rules need to be posted prominently at the Kidnapper's Guild Hall!

Saturday, April 14th 2007 - 04:35:20 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Since it looks like another quiet Sunday, I might as well weigh in with another addition to my list of women I would like to see in bondage movies: vanilla porn star Kirsten Price, as seen here: Kirsten

I haven't seen any of her vanilla porn flicks, but I did see her the other night on a repeat of that TV show, My Bare Lady where porn stars were trying to cut it as real actresses. She definitely made an impression on me.

Sunday, April 15th 2007 - 09:00:29 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
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Homepage URL:


You guys are forcing me to go see this "Grindhouse" at the theater instead of waiting for the DVD to come out so I can watch it at home whilst swigging back a bottle of wine.

Anyone seen the "Tourista" movie, and if so, what was the take on that one? Any half decent bondage in it, or are we back to the normal Hollywood 12 inches of clothes line loosely wrapped format? You may all have already discussed Tourista, but I wasn't on the forum then. If it's just blood and snot I won't bother.

Incidentally, in answer to two people on this forum who emailed me and questioned the safety of the fucking machine on the front of the truck due to the proximity to the ground.

Good point people. Well spotted. In fact it was a design fuck-up we noticed right before the shoot. So I improvised. The steel tube dildo mounting was sawed off. The drive was quickly cut away and mounted on a hinge and the dildo remounted into the tube with a kebab stick glued into the cut tube sections. ANY sideways thrust caused by the drive motor touching down snapped the stick with ease, and the dildo drops out as the motor hinges backwards.

I tested it twice and the stick snapped with just a gentle push with my little finger; - once I tested it in front of Anastasia so she could see for herself. The stick only had vertical strength. As it happened we never touched it to the ground and all was well.

And please folks, if anyone else sees something and wants to question it, please do. It may be something I missed that needs attending to.



Sunday, April 15th 2007 - 04:19:18 PM

Name: Bobjones

"Touristas" is pretty much a dud as a horror movie or as a Gimp movie. Not scary and not enough babes in peril to really get the adrenaline going. There is one nice gory scene but its brief and the girl gets anesthetized, so it's not that exciting. It's actially most enjoyable as a diverting little B-action movie. There's some hot babes in various states of undress and some surprisingly interesting chase scenes. Also the location shooting is actually impressive. If you like Roger Corman movies, it's not too bad, but it's nothing to get that excited about.

I actually have a really badass looking horror DVD in my possession right now called "Hitchhiker." It's a new straight to DVD horror flick about some girls who end up being kidnapped by a psycho. It's unrated, and the box warns the viewer about "graphic violence and rape." I'm watching it later tonight. I'm kinda jazzed about it. Horror flicks have a bad habit of pussing out when it comes to the "chicks in torment" department. They seem to be all fucking talk these days. As a fan of mainstream and extreme GIMPtitude, I feel like a chump for renting some of the bullshit that I end up renting, but every once and a while I hit paydirt. I'll offer a report if this latest effort works out for me. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 15th 2007 - 09:46:04 PM

Name: Brutus

I saw a clip from Turistas on one of those DiD sites, maybe from Raffish. It had a guy and girl being carried on poles through the jungle by mean-looking natives. They're cleave-gagged rather tightly. So what happens? The natives stop to get high, the guy frees his hands rather easily, unties the girl and she gets chased to her death.

I have no idea what the rest of the movie was like, or what it's even about. But that scene was nothing special. It does, however, add another rule to jhlipton's Kidnapper's Guild: Wait until you have secured your victim in your dungeon, basement, warehouse, etc. before you get stoned.

Here's some enticing comments from a non-GIMPer for Hitchhiker. Curious to hear what Bobjones has to say about the film.

Monday, April 16th 2007 - 08:14:31 AM

Name: jhlipton
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I just got my Porn Inspector newsletter and it had a review of a site my fellow GIMPers should know about: Fucked and Bound (although, in sequence, it's bound and fucked. Duh.) It looks very similar to Sex and Submission -- girls in tight bondage getting fucked in pussy, ass and mouth.

The production company is "Twisted Factory" ( and they have one other site, "Chanta's Bitches". I wonder if this is the company that set up at the Presidio???

Monday, April 16th 2007 - 11:11:44 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

MAV: I just now checked out the trailer you posted for Bloodlines tonight (yes, even I don't always get to read this board every day besides updating it). Thanks for the tip. The ladies look nice, and I love that line "It's breeding time!". I swear, we're getting a notice about a new horror movie with GIMP scenes about every week now. I'm loving it. It seems like today's filmmakers are finally clueing in that tied-up women can make great entertainment.

The only thing that continually bothers me, though...the lack of bare femme flesh. What's wrong with these directors? Bondage is good, torture is good, but man...where's the Bloodsucking Freaks-style nudity? Are they afraid that if they make the women naked it will resemble an HOM or ZFX bondage movie and they don't want to go that far? Could it be that nudity plus bondage just makes people too squeamish? I wish I knew, I really do.

Regarding Netflix, I used to be a member before I basically realized I never have time to watch movies anymore, plus the 20 bucks a month was starting to drain my rather meager budget so I had to close my membership. But I kept a copy of my queue, and here's some of the titles I had in there as potential GIMP movies:

Thriller: A Cruel Picture
The Mummy an' the Armadillo
Evil Dead Trap
Evil Dead Trap 2
Japanese Hell
Venus in Furs
Diamonds of Kilimandjaro
The Thrill Killers
Night Train Murders
Entrails of a Beautiful Woman
Entrails of a Virgin
Zombie Holocaust
Anatomy 2
Killers 2: The Beast
7 Seconds
Escape from Brothel/ Cop Killer
Female Yakuza Tale
Virgins from Hell: Special Edition
Alien Abduction
Chupacabra Terror
Wolf Creek
Toolbox Murders

The only one I know for sure that has bondage scenes is Wolf Creek; the others are just ones that I read about, had recommended to me or that looked interesting enough to check out. Anybody know if any of these movies deliver?

I've heard now from several sources that while Turistas had scenes, it was rather disappointing from a GIMP perspective, and that's a damn shame, since it stars a couple of very nice babes, Olivia Wilde and Melissa George (pictured above).

Bobjones: Please fill us in on Hitchhiker. Graphic violence and rape? I'm liking that synopsis already! Add some bondage with some pretty girls (and some skin, PLEASE) and we might have a winner.

jhlipton: Porn What a helpful website! Never heard of it, but it's about time someone came up with a site like that. Do you know if their reviews are impartial or are they shills to whoever gives them the most money?

Monday, April 16th 2007 - 10:21:32 PM

Name: Bobjones
Homepage URL:

"The Hitchhiker". . . not a GREAT gimp movie, but certainly a pretty good one. A group of hot girls on their way through the desert pick up a hitchhiker. Because the car is making a funny noise (it's not really clear, but probably because the guy did something to the tailpipe), the group stops for the night as a little flea bag hotel. They are the only guests, and they are way the fuck in the middle of nowhere. Because the pre title sequence showed the guy pulling a bound and gagged lovely out of the back of a truck, we know that this is bad. The next day, our villain takes out the hotel manager and a the truck driver (the only one within quite a few miles). The girls are puzzled that they can't get a hold of anybody, but are annoyed more than scared. They've ended up stranded for another day of their vacation. This will be the least of their problems.

That night, our villain (who nobody has realized is a leering psycho) prepared the groups a pitcher of booze. "Boy that's strong," the girls say as they struggle to stay awake. When they do wake up, they are bound and gagged in a different hotel room. The walls have all been covered in clear plastic and the bedsheets have been removed. These changes have clearly been made to make for easier clean up. Uh oh.

Needless to say, the movie really takes off right about there.

This is certainly worth a look for mainstream GIMP fans for the overall atmosphere of scary misogyny and for a couple of specific scenes. The first is a really nice little rough sex scene between one of the girls and the villain that takes place before he reveals himself to be a baddie. The scene starts off consensually, but as it continues, its clear that the girl is intimidated and disturbed by the way she's being handled. He fucks her roughly in the ass and he keeps wrapping his hands around her throat. She never resists, but she looks pretty scared.

The other particularly noteworthy scene is the big obligatory rape scene. The baddie rapes two girls at the same time, which gets him in trouble, preventing him from finishing, but he does get quite a bit of fucking in before things get interrupted. (Another villain rule. . . only untie one victim at a time! You can only actually put your dick in one hole at a time, so don't be greedy. They're not going anywhere. . . not unless you are a greedy fuck that is!) One girl gets pretty near naked before she gets bend over and fucked in the ass, and we see some nice stripping and struggling with the other actress who gets it in the pussy. The other girls are crying in the corner while all this is going on.

Lots of tied up crying girls, lots of rough handling and carrying, and lots of nasty violence, including an assault involving a truck. But for all that, the movie doesn't quite pack the wallop it should. It's curiously subdued, almost an effort to be a character study as the girls and the villain interact. Still, it does deliver what it promises, and it is a pretty diverting little film. It should also be noted that it has a kinda lame ending. If you turn it off ten minutes early, it's a better movie.

As a "movie" movie, its a C+. It's a passable thriller that is a lot smarter than it could have been, even if it overstays its welcome. It's actually pretty smart, and the acting is impressive. As a mainstream gimp movie, it's a solid B. The same subdued seriousness means that the film is less exploitive, and therefore less exciting, that it could have been, but it does actually deliver the goods. And there's LOTS of GIMPness, not just one scene tucked away somewhere. You won't need the fastforward button as much as usual if you've rented this just to watch tied up women.

Monday, April 16th 2007 - 10:55:24 PM

Name: Bobjones

Ralphus. . .I actually own a bunch of those. "Thriller" is a really, really good movie, but there's not that much peril or bondage stuff. There is some really hot nakedness from the amazing female lead and some really cool violence. As a really gritty, mean as fuck feminist revenge picture, it's a winner. As a Gimp movie, there are only a couple of scenes.

"Evil Dead Trap" has one pretty good rape and a lot of really cool violence. If you like slasher movies, it's certainly worth a look.

"Virgins from Hell" is for fans of zaniness only. A girl does get roasted, but its not that exciting. It's is a kinda weird trip though. "Japanese Hell" falls into the same category, although there is a rape scene.

"Female Yakuza" tale is fun, but not terribly exciting sexually. There is some hot flesh on display, though.

I've saved the most interesting ones for last. . .. "Scrapbook" is about as intense, realistic, and intimate a movie about serial killing and sexual slavery as anybody has ever made. The movie follows one pervert and the woman he has taken prisoner as he humiliates and degrades her. Eventually she's asked to contribute to a scrapbook that he has all his victims contribute to before he kills them. It's REALLY fucking intense, but it's too ugly to really be sexually exciting. Emily Hack, who is the female lead, is a cute chick, but she's not really the model type, so watching her run around naked in harsh lighting isn't much of a thrill. The violence is ugly and realistic, and not played up for its sexual charge, but it is very, very explicit (just shy of hardcore). It's certainly noteworthy when it comes to movies about a women in sexual peril, but it doesn't turn me on. It's not supposed too, though.

"The Toolbox Murders" has been remade lately, so I dunno which one you are interested in. The new one is a good horror movie (Tobe Hooper is always an efficient B-movie maker), but totally not worth a mention as a GIMP flick. The old one, however, has one of the best GIMP scenes in a horror movie EVER. Kelly Nichols, who was a pretty well known porn star at the time, is masturbating in a bubble bath. She's being spied on by the bad guy, who breaks in and chases her around with a nail gun! She tries to talk him out of killing her, to no avail. Nails through the face for her. The masturbation part of the scene is REALLY hot, especially with the voyeurism and danger, and the chase/murder has the fetching actress neked as all hell. It's sexy and suspenseful, and the payoff is pretty damn violent. Word is, Nichols herself helped direct and plan the scene, which makes sense since it is way better than the rest of the movie. She's a smart cookie. These days she's a highly paid makeup artist, and still a hottie. She should become a writer/director/ star of perverted horror flicks. "Milfhunter" indeed.

Last, but certainly not least is "Entrails of a Beautiful Woman." This movie has what is for me the second best rape in a mainstream movie EVER (no. 1 goes to "Irreversible"). The plot is a lot of complicated nonsense about Yakuza thugs and drugs, but the movie gets NASTY. There are several rapes, murders, and forcible administrations of drugs, which somehow lead to the creation of a weird ass sex monster thing, so this is worth seeing, right? Yes, but the real reason to see the movie is one long scene that could serve as a self contained little blast of hate. A HOT lady doctor gets kidnapped and gangraped by a bunch of baddies. They strip her, shoot her full of drugs, and fuck her every which way come Sunday, and in every hole she's got. The scene just goes on and on in what seems like real time. It's cruel and unusual. Bonzai!

Monday, April 16th 2007 - 11:52:43 PM

Name: Brutus

Bobjones: Thanks for the review on Hitchhiker. Sounds like it's worth a look. I also agree with your assessment of Toolbox Murders. It also had a girl cleavegagged and tied on a bed, but she was underage and the scene was lame anyhow. I didn't bother watching the remake. From the trailers I have seen, it seems it may have only a guy tied up.

Haven't seen any of the others on Ralphus' list, but perhaps Sportkill should be added. Looks like there are some GIMP-worthy scenes there as well.

Still, I think Hostel 2 is gonna blow everything away in terms of mainstream movies. Hopefully, it will go down in GIMP history with the likes of Bloodsucking Freaks, Ilsa and A Clockwork Orange.

Tuesday, April 17th 2007 - 09:37:38 AM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

For anyone interested in rape scenes in mainstream movies, NetFlix is a real boon. I have rented quite a few from them, including:

Ms. 45
Bad Lieutenant
Ichi the Killer
Straw Dogs
Where Truth Lies
Class of 1984
Rosemary's Baby
The Draughtsman's Contract
The Doom Generation
Warrior Queen
Heaven's Gate
Jackson County Jail
Escape from Hell
Mother's Day
Blood Ranch
Night of the Wilding
...and many more.

A lot of these are lame movies, but they do have some pretty good rape scenes. For more info on each, see the list in my homepage URL (a hidden page on my story site).


Tuesday, April 17th 2007 - 10:09:13 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Bobjones: Thank you so much for the reviews. It's great that we have so many knowledgeable perverts who read and contribute to the forum. Those mainstream reviews are definitely appreciated, especially when one is heading to the video store and wondering what to rent. Just do a quick browse in the Mainstream section of the Reviews page for ideas. I'll add your latest contributions to the Reviews section as soon as I can.

In Virgins From Hell a girl gets roasted? Whoa! You're gonna have to get me more details on that one.

And I'll be updating the Rape List in time, too. There were some reader contributions I haven't added, plus this Entrails of a Beautiful Woman is one that neither we nor Jefferson have on our respective lists.

Talking about the best rape scene in mainstream movies, I don't know if I would pick Irreversible. It's certainly long enough, and Monica Bellucci rings my bell, but the best of all time? I dunno. I was more excited by Margaux Hemingway's bondage rape in Lipstick, a truly great scene, IMO.

Jefferson James: Are you sure your description for Lipstick in your database is correct? You have it listed that Kathy McCormick (Mariel Hemingway) is battered, tied up, raped and sodomized. I'm pretty sure that was Margaux. I don't remember Mariel being tied up at all. But then, I don't even remember Mariel's scene at all (I never kept it on my highlights tape).

BTW, that film featured one of the greatest lines of dialogue in movie history: When her lawyer gets on her about what she'll say in court, Margaux screams "He wanted to kill me! He wanted to kill me with his cock!"

Tuesday, April 17th 2007 - 09:04:40 PM

Name: Bobjones

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Margeaux in Lipstick too. I've got a copy somewhere, but I'm too lazy to dig it out to double check. That IS a really good scene by the way.

I'm such an exploitation movie geek. I actually own an embarrasing number of the movies on Jefferson's list. I'd recommend that anybody here who hasn't seen "Escape from Hell" go track it down ASAP. For me, it's one the all time hottest WIP films ever, second only to Jess Franco's "The Women in Cellblock 9." These are the BEST wip flicks as "movies," but as porn. For hot babes getting abused, you can't ask for more than those two deliver.

Ms. 45 is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I dunno how good it is as pornography. It's violent and deranged, and the atmosphere is just pure hate. There are a couple of pretty scary rapes also.

Another great mainstream rape scene is in "Once Upon a Time in America," if you get the uncut version. That's a violent, long scene with a hot, hot babe. It's a really good movie too.

I dunno why that scene in "Irreversible" does it for me. It's a really scary scene actually, and it's so awful that I want to cry or something by the end of it. The beating after the rape is almost too much to watch. I think that Monica Belluci just looks so vulnerable walking down into the tunnel in that dress, and what happens to her is just so awful that my adrenaline just gets going like crazy as the scene build up as we move toward the rape. And the rape! It is just so violent and explicit, and Mrs. Bellucci is just so naked, and. . . well so Monica Belluci, that I just can't help but tingle over it. That might be my single favorite piece of pornography ever, which is odd since the scene is so scary I can barely watch it. I dunno. It really pushes my buttons.

Tuesday, April 17th 2007 - 10:12:57 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Thanks to Bobjones, I have my work cut out for me. So far, I think the description of Entrails of a Beautiful Woman is the one I find most intriguing. Actually, I was looking for a copy during my lunch hour yesterday -- I found a store that sells it, but it was sold out. So I will likely order it online.

I am also in agreement with Brutus that expectations are pretty high for Hostel 2. I don't know if it will become a GIMP legend, but I hope it is a worthwhile film. At this point, everything I have seen looks encouraging.

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 03:39:58 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:


There's a better pic from Turistas here. In fact, with a little imagination, one can picture hand-cuffs and a rope just out of the top part of the frame. Cuff their hands together behind their backs and hello, Mr Knife! They won't be smiling then!

PornInspector is OK -- I like them becuase they provide the most samples (2 page-views, 3 galleries and 3 movie clips) of any site I've seen. They seem to be correct about DRM restrictions (which sites allow full downloading and which are just streaming), so that's useful, too.


Hitchhiker is available on Netflix (here). It's also in my queue! (Grin)

So are Lipstick, Escape from Hell and Irreversible.

The old [Toolbox Murders], however, has one of the best GIMP scenes in a horror movie EVER.

I agree with that. The killer "nails" Kelly once in the gut before getting her in the head, so she has a chance to suffer before dying. Very awesome!


The trailer for Sportkill looked very lame. One man bit-gagged, the girl keeps her clothes on, yeah, I don't think so!

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 07:12:28 AM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Re: Lipstick

You are correct; my list was in error. I copied and pasted that review from IMDb or some place like it. It's been a long time since I've watched the movie myself, but a closer examination of reviews on IMDb confirms it was in fact Margeaux.

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman isn't on my list, but has been in my Netflix queue for quite sometime. I keep pushing things like Blood Ranch (a rape scene I really liked, by the way) ahead of it. I'll be adding it soon. Because my girl lives with me, only every third movie I rent has a rape scene in it. The rest are comedies and such for us to watch together. She is into role-playing rapes, but not watching them.


Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 08:50:49 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Jefferson James: Both Bobjones and I have reviewed Blood Ranch, and while Bobjones seemed to like the movie a bit better than I did, I would agree that the rape scene was pretty good. If the villain had removed the woman's top (even if it were shot from an angle that isn't too revealing), it would have been all that much better. Still, a fine scene in an otherwise so-so movie.

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 04:13:19 PM

Name: D.M.
Homepage URL:

Gimps might enjoy.

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 06:40:20 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

DM: Thanks, I did enjoy that. "Why shouldn't she suffer? Let's have some fun." Now that's the kind of attitude I like to see in my bondage scenarios! Bondage should be mean, and the villains should enjoy being mean to their bound victims. The girl gave a good performance, too. Nice find.

My question is...who was the prudish idiot who decided to flag that video? No nudity, no what exactly makes that content inappropriate? Because a girl got tied up? Check out the keywords...ballgag, bound, gagged, bondage girl, DiD, babysitter, ballgagged. It's obvious whoever found that video was seeking out something bondage-related before he or she flagged it.

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 07:11:38 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Babysitter Ballgagged was pretty good, but it seems we need some more refreshers on Rules for Kidnappers (taught in the Japanese Warehouse for Wayward Women):

Number 25: If you tie a girl to the chair, make sure the chair is securely fastened to the floor, directly, or by a short chain (there's nothing like giving her a brief feeling of freedom, only to be brought up short).

Number 7: Remove a glass and other sharp objects (other than the knife you're holding. If there's a surgical tray around, make sure it stays out of reach At All Times.

Any questions?

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 08:56:13 PM

Name: Bobjones

Ralphus. . . your comment reminds me of a brilliantly funny point that Christopher Hitchens made about free speech. He told the story of Samuel Johnson, the guy who compiled the first dictionary, encountering a prudish old lady. The lady praised the Dictionary, saying "and you didn't put any of the naughty words in!" Mr. Johnson replied, "Well, it's a good thing that you took the time to look for them all."

Censors want to censor what WE are allowed to see and hear, not what THEY should be allowed to see and hear. People who like to gripe about how awful certain kinds of movies or music or books are seem generally to be sex obsessed weirdoes with strange, overactive imaginations and boundless appetites for perversion. If they'd just loosen up, they'd make fine contributors to this board. . . well, on second thought, evangelical Christians may be little far out for me. I'm reminded of Senator Rick Santorum's bizarre warnings about how we need to maintain our moral boundaries or we'll end up condoning "man on dog sex." It takes a filthy mind to be a prude.

Jesus that was a weird post.

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 09:46:35 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Just wanted to stick my head in during a week when time has been a non-existent commodity to back up what Ralphus said - that Bondage porn should be mean. And the lack of meanness is what makes lame movies or photosets. One of the overriding things about ZFX villains/villainesses is that they are MEAN - they have no concern for the victim other than as a canvas on which to paint their portraits of pain (to coin a phrase). You can't imagine Travis or Mad Dog or Rick ever engaging in that waste of rope known as 'Love Bondage' because their world doesn't include that sort of idea. They are all about the fact that villains are EVIL and their victims might be deserving or innocent, but regardless, they are there for the EVIL villains' pleasures.

I have this tiny hope that Hostel II will have some MEAN ass villains, and some victims who might or might not deserve what happens to them. I have this feeling that we will all be disappointed, but perhaps this will truly be the BSF or Last House on the Left of our generation - the film that takes it all the way. You know, I'll even settle for the politically correct 'women win the day' ending where all the bad guys get castrated and end up in the morgue, SO LONG as they have their moment in the sun, their time to be mean, and their chance to show what it means to be a Gimp worthy villain/hero. Yes, like other great people in the past, I have a dream, and this dream is entirely too X-Rated to contemplate.

Thursday, April 19th 2007 - 01:21:42 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Yep, I am in complete agreement with Mothbrad. The concept of "Love Bondage" is insane and ridiculous. The term is an oxymoron.

I think it was invented by the folks at HOM so that they wouldn't get in trouble with censors. And so that they could sell their magazine: "Bondage Life". Remember that publication?

I think we put up with their love bondage rhetoric because they always featured knock dead gorgeous women.

The women were fantastic looking, but you only got half woodies because they were great to look at, but they never broke a sweat and they never gave the least hint that they were in any kind of distress or danger.

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 03:35:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mothbrad: Beautifully written post, thanks. I'm a bit surprised there haven't been more readers chiming in and agreeing with what you wrote, but I'm going to give it my shot. In the past few years, I've seen a lot of bondage videos, mostly from major American producers, who cast the right girls, tie them up properly and the end result is still...well, dull. Now, I love the image of a bound and gagged girl, but I want more. After a few minutes of watching her squirm a bit and make mmmpphhhing sounds, I get bored and start fast-forwarding. My guess is that a scenario like that is perfect for most bondage fans; heck, the people over at Brian's Page (a discussion forum like ours, only much more popular) get excited over mainstream scenes where nothing happens to the woman other than she gets a thin piece of cloth between her lips. That may ring the average bondage fan's bell, but I guess I'm just wired differently.

If I had a pretty girl bound and at my disposal, I sure as hell wouldn't just tie her up and not do anything with her. That's just not logical. If you're not going to use her, then why tie her up in the first place? Hey, maybe I'm a sadist, but I'm going to get mine. I'm going to use her for my entertainment. I'm going to fuck her in every hole and if she doesn't like it, that's too bad. She can't do anything about it anyway. I'm going to make her suffer and enjoy watching her reacting to the pain I'm causing. Having an attractive girl tied up is important. Having a villain who is mean and who clearly enjoys dishing out the abuse is just as important. They're the yin and the yang. One cannot exist without the other, not if this movie is going to work.

As for love bondage, I remember buying one of my first bondage magazines back in the mid 1980s, "Shackled", put out by Lyndon (were they part of HOM?). Inside the cover on page 2 was a preface where they used that phrase, "Bondage is love" to explain that the purpose of their publication was to celebrate willing, joyful adults who were sharing the consensual fantasy of bondage with each other. At no time, the preface continued, was there any violence or coercion, expressed or implied. And even then, I thought that sounded awfully dull. And leafing through the magazine today, it's still boring. The models are attractive, but so what? They're actually smiling in some of the pictures. Like the magazine promised, there was no implied suffering or pain. It's kissy face bondage. Basically, it's crap. Give me the old HOM any day.

Also of significance in the preface is a reference to the Meese commission, which back then came out with a report saying that porn was bad, and which caused bondage producers to panic and tone down their bondage material. Sound familiar? A Republican in the White House (back then it was Reagan, now it's Bush) and 20 years later, history repeats itself. We weathered the storm back then; let's hope we can survive it again.

On a totally unrelated note, tonight marks the last of this series of pictures that were graciously donated by Jeff Gord, so if you liked what you saw, tell him thanks. He's been reading this forum. And if you didn't, let us know anyway. I'd like to get some feedback. I have to admit I was practically a Gord virgin before he stopped by the forum; I've still never seen any of his movies, but I have to admit I'm a bit intrigued, especially after seeing the pictures and reading Brutus' reviews. Has Gord picked up any new fans or do some of you not really "get" his vision? Let us know your opinions, pro or con. That's why we have this forum, so talk it up.

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 09:04:15 PM

Name: VVV
E-mail address:

Just so Ralphus doesn't think Mothbrad's sentiments have gone unappreciated, I'll affirm: I'm down with mean. Tight bondage for crying, helpless girls -- humiliation through forced lesbian sex -- lengthy whippings, paddlings, or canings of tits, asses, cunts, and assholes -- non-consensual anal penetration. Yeah, mean definitely makes the branch grow.

I remember the same frustration with Lyndon and HOM, my major bondage resources of the 80s and 90s. In the Lyndon survey, published in many Lyndon magazines, the editors at some point changed "victim" to "individual" in phrases like, "I like to see the victim whipped." (Lyndon heard my opinion of this, and many other pervy things, on a number of those surveys I returned, I'll tell you. Hmmpf!) Some of the photo set story lines were a little mean, but you couldn't much tell from the pictures themselves. The videos showed asses that barely got red.

And as far as the "Love Bondage" stuff ... ewww ... they didn't even take the panties off the bitches!

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 09:41:38 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Unlike the posters thus far, I prefer love bondage, am more into fetish and ambiguity than the violence you guys like. "Not that there's anything wrong with that" :-) The whole concept about freedom that half of the world seems incapable of grokking is the acceptance of difference, the idea that anything on the spectrum from "hmm, that's not my cup of tea" all the way through to "ugh, that disgusts me" should have just as much liberty as the stuff that I like. Abortion is a great example. I'm both against it, and for it. On the one hand, it disgusts me. But OTOH, even more disgusting to me is the ridiculous idea of removing somebody's liberty to have one. God gave us freedom - we should use it.

The Gord pictures have done nothing for me, sorry. They haven't even had enough of an impact for me to have taken note in detail of what I thought they were lacking, they just bored me and washed right past my eyes. Models not attractive ... too much clothing ... too tight bindings ... There's no drama, just fait accompli in those pictures. Snore... Sorry, Jeff.


Friday, April 20th 2007 - 09:51:53 PM

Name: tom
Homepage URL:

Okay, I really would like to know if Video Mayhem have any of these wierd rape/wrestling/live sex show videos!! This is the third clip I have found on the net, and I would like to know what it is.


Friday, April 20th 2007 - 10:06:54 PM


Tom ---

Hilarious video! The reactions of the crowd are what made it funny. The Japanese are so fucked up. They were cheering on the guy for forcing her to pee, and they even applauded the guy's cum shots! I guess they appreciate a good performance, LOL!

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 10:24:21 PM

Name: Bobjones

Mean, mean, fucking CRUEL. That is what makes me horny. Hot girls who DON'T deserve their treatment getting royally and permanently FUCKED. That is the kind of fantasy I like. Scare them, rape them, torture them, and make sure that they never return to normal life. They should be thinking not just about what they are going through, but how they can never go back. Selling them into slavery is always good, or maybe some psychotic mutilation. . .

For me, GIMPTitude should be fucking scary. I like the sadistic side of the fantasy, but the masochistic side is important for me too. I want to feel afraid on behalf of the damsel in distress. It's the yin to the yang, and if she's not terrified and suffering, there's no point. If it's not a little scary, it doesn't accomplish what it should. That jolt of adrenaline is what makes GIMPtitude what it is.

As for love bondage, kinkiness can be hot, but it's not the same thing as Gimp fantasy. I'm not totally opposed to it, but it's not really my thing. I do however like some "glamour bondage" stuff, which I think is a kinda different category. It's kinda retro-gimp, and it's tamer than I'd like, but it is about nasty fantasies, even if it's kinda like innuendo or euphemism for rape and torture rather than really confronting what's really going on. The models who do that stuff tend to be super duper hot.

As for Gord's work, I think it's really impressive, but it doesn't turn me on that much. I have certainly enjoyed the pictures. His work seems to be aesthetically some of the best BDSM stuff around, not in terms of the photography, but in terms of the creativity of the bondage. It's really neat. If he got a really spare studio and nice black and white camera, his pictures could go on the walls of my house. I wouldn't masturbate in front of them though. Not quite my scene.

Friday, April 20th 2007 - 11:06:25 PM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi Folks

Well, the comments I see are pretty much what I was expecting when Ralphus first mooted the idea of me donating some pics to the group. It just proved my point. We are what we are from birth, and no amount of exposure to different kink will change a person.

It is a point I hammered home in the British court case, in that I put it to the Jury and court to ask themselves if any of them who hadn't previously been interested in bondage were now suddenly interested after being exposed to my magazines.

I have been interested in chicks with seamed tights and stockings, catsuits, female butts, and tied up gals since the age of five. I have seen every kink under the Sun and then some, and nothing has changed my original concepts and thoughts. All that changed was that I gained the ability to turn the crazy images inside my head into reality, and fortunately they just happened to be the same reality as a lot of gorgeous ladies, so I got to play big time.

A couple of you have been interested in my style and have sent direct emails to me, but I am willing to bet you always had a yen for tight bondage and objectification, you just never saw it taken to this level, or didn't quite understand what it was that turned you crank. Hopefully for those people I turned on the light bulb. Basically I gave what you felt a name; - objectification, and later Forniphilia. Yep, we invented that word, it is a House of Gord copyright, and apparently the reprint of the Oxford dictionary has it on the list as a new word to describe the kink of turning women into furniture.

But I digress. Several have said "boring" (as I would expect) I see gazzilions of pics of naked gals in spreadeagle and rape poses, and I just flip past them. Occasionally one will have some cool tights or stockings on, or corset and I will pause. It's the clothing fetish thing folks. You either have it or you don't.

Anyway folks, it has been an interesting experiment, and I wish you all well with your kink. At the end of the day, those of us who can fantasize and play with the dark side of our nature without actually bringing anyone any harm are the winners. Those who bury it and refuse to acknowledge their human nature are the losers, and often these are the ones that scare the crap out of me.

As the man said "Live long and prosper".

Jeff Gord

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 08:11:19 AM

Name: Brutus

I don't mind the love bondage stuff, but, yeah, give me nasty and evil villains plus the ZFX victims sweating and screaming through their tortures any day. I also like seeing the villain portrayed as a nutcase. If the scene is done right, the woman will look even more terrified and the guy's insanity adds some sadistic unpredictability to her already helpless predicament. Ernie in Cheerleaders of Perilous U is a good example.

Tom: Great wrestling clips. Gotta hand it again to the Japanese for creativity and lunacy.

Jeff Gord: Thanks for the pics. Everyone's mileage varies, but I like your work and I appreciate your comments here.

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 08:18:08 AM

Name: Grey
E-mail address:

I agree with Ralphus -- love bondage is garbage. Bondage has to be done in conjunction with some nasty sexual assault.

The best mainstream movies like "Death Wish 2" has the captive bound and gagged and fucked hard by many dudes and her reactions in the movie simulate reality. Any bondage/rape fantasy movies that don't simulate reality are a joke and not worth a dime.

A grade "A" flick - tears, quivering, shuttering, struggles. A grade "B" pouting, grimacing, reluctance. A grade "C" indifference, dominated, submissive. A grade "D" compliant and agreeable. And Finally a grade "F" Love bondage.

Where are all of the flicks that were supposed to hit the market that resemble the HOM loops? Grey

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 11:10:49 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Some weekend reading: Just as an FYI, I am working on a review of Shark Special 33, which I hope to post tomorrow. However, I will warn everyone in advance that it will be a lengthy review, as this title is really two full-length movies on one disc.

One of the movie's stars, An Nanba, as seen here: An Nanba is fantastic. I'm biased, but I believe people will enjoy reading about this movie, despite the review's length.

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 11:12:00 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

All right, another supercool colossal A Canadian Review upcoming. I'll reserve a few hours on Sunday afternoon to read the first half, then a couple more hours on Monday night to finish it up.

Just imagine if A Canadian decided to review last season's box set of 24 on DVD. We'd have to build 3 additional websites just to hold all the text and then devote an entire week just to read it all. Well, maybe not, but if 24 ever decides to add a sexy Japanese secret agent character who gets tied up a lot on the show, God help us all.

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 12:25:02 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I understand Gord's vision; I can appreciate Gord's vision; I just don't share Gord's vision (in part, but only in part, because it doesn't seem MEAN).

Have I mentioned here? Not a lot of pure bondage, but amazing (non-fatal) asphyx. Strangling and choking (where you believe the girl actually is choking!) and pretty vicious. If you like cute Japanese girls with ropes, chains, cords and hands tight around their necks, it certainly is worth a visit.

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 12:29:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Jeff: You know, even though your current run of pictures on the forum is coming to an end, that's no reason for you to run off and say goodbye, which is what it looked like in your post this morning. You are a highly respected guest on the GIMP forum, so feel free to stop by and visit here whenever you have time. You definitely have some fans here, and your feedback and opinions are valued. Remember, we're not only about bondage here, but about protecting free speech, as well. That's why we have a link to the Free Speech Coalition on our site. Your battles are our battles, and we have to all stick together, much in the same way that I met you while trying to help you fight the bad guys who were bootlegging your stuff.

So I hope you'll stick around and post from time to time. We consider you a friend of the board, and you're always welcome here.

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 12:58:50 PM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hiya Ralphus

It wasn't a goodbye. Sorry it sounded that way, it was intended to sound as if I expected the response I saw. It was pretty much balanced in a way I figured given that GIMP caters for the most predominant kink fantasy. Like, I was smiling and musing, "no surprises there then."

Actually, your guys have apparently missed much of the darker side of House of Gord and Naked Gord. Torment verging on Torture is very much a part of us, it is just a lot more subtle.. It just generally ain't naked. That last pic for instance, how much more tormented can a girl get than being crushed to the point where she can hardly breath or move a muscle and then being electrically zapped ??? She is entirely at my mercy, and she knows it.

It probably would not have gone well for me to have called them all a bunch of Philistines because they like the raw rape scene, whereas I prefer what I call "the cultured approach" to rape ravish and mayhem :-) That is my standard response in face to face discussions at venues etc. when accused of being too whimpy on the girls. But face to face is different, the facial expressions convey the light heartedness of the accusation, whereas textually it can come over as a nasty comment that is often misinterpreted.

I also use a lot of machinery to push a gal way beyond the amount of pussy pumping any mortal man can inflict.

When you see the movie Kinkonapolis you will see Fem Car being fucked by a dildo literally as big as a wine bottle, and she can't do a damned thing about it as she is motored around the track being electrified and with a spark plug up her ass.

So if any guy on your group gets his rocks off thinking that a woman is being totally taken over her limitations by being raped by mortal man, think again. The Kinkonapolis car fucked Fem-Car 2700 times plus with each circuit, and she did at least seven circuits. Calculate that lot out and then tell me I'm engaged in "loving" pussy cat bondage sex. These girls are taken to the limit, beyond the limit, wrung out and hung out to dry. Fem-Car was walking bow legged for a week afterwards. When you asked her about the ordeal she made a sort of choking, grunting sound and rolled her eyes up.

As for free speech; - dude we are members, you can be sure of that :-) Serena was a huge participant in discussions and free speech stuff on behalf of House of Gord.

Meantime I'm still trying to figure out which vid clip to make up that will convey to your people that Gordian fucking is simply not the whimpy stuff. Maybe Fem-Car clamped in a vice and being fucked by a custom built pussy jackhammer.


Jeff Gord

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 01:39:38 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

24: Come to think of it, why doesn't 24 have a sexy Japanese secret agent character who gets tied up a lot?

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 04:55:13 PM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Hey Ralphus

Please don't compare your excellent website to that of that hack over at Brian’s Page. That guy can't hold your short shorts.

The biggest difference between your website and that fascist over there is that you encourage your readers to submit whatever we want to talk about. You don't step in unless somebody starts taking advantage of somebody else.

However, over at Brian’s Page he will censor freely, stating that posts have been deleted because they are off topic, when actually he gets off playing God. He has actually stated on numerous occasions that it is his website and what he says goes, end of story.

He even calls himself “The Moderator", whereas, you are just plain Ralphus, one of the guys. Talk about ego trips, why doesn't he just call himself “Big Brother” and be done with it.

Getting back to “Love Bondage”. I know that I am on record as saying I hate it. However here are two positive things about “Love Bondage”.

One, It's probably easier to talk one's girlfriend into letting you tie them up spread eagle to a bed, Cleave gag them with a satin scarf, fondle and caress their breasts, lick their vaginas until they are in ecstasy and then make passionate love to them.

As opposed to saying: “Bitch, I'm gonna hogtie you, beat the shit out of you. Shove my hard cock up your ass and bang you until your eyes pop out and you can't say shit about it because your saliva soaked panties are gonna be duct taped into your mouth”. And then convince her that this experience will be mutually satisfying to you both.

Please note, I don't know any of you guys so I prefaced everything by saying: “It's PROBABLY easier…”

The second observation I want to make is that I believe Love Bondage is like Bowling. They are both great recreational activities that we like to participate in. However, it's boring to watch someone else do it, either live or on video.

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 05:29:59 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Have added some Gimp worthy titles at VM. Today added Elite Pain. These storyline titles contain: Whipping, caning, electricity, humilation. Case 3 even contains pussy nailing! Another Euro producer recently added: Mood Pictures: Storyline dvds with whipping and caning.

Also recently added bondage/abduction with some SM are REXBON Bondage Videos. We now have 48 producers up at VM, many excellent ones such as House of Gord. Also added some Attackers/Shark titles today.

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 06:21:58 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mike from Brooklyn: Thanks for the kind words. I don't usually have time to read Brian's Page, but I know what you're talking about and I've also seen the way he treats people. Brian runs his site his way; I have my own style. I like to be polite to our visitors and treat them like friends because I'm glad they came by and made the effort to join us. I want this to be a friendly place where people will feel comfortable coming back. He gets a lot more people posting over there, but he also gets a lot of fighting and arguing with people with hurt feelings over being chastised by the moderator of the site. I don't like to read that and I don't like to be treated that way. Over here, it's pretty rare that we have any flaming and everyone treats each other with respect.

In Brian's defense, it's a lot of work to run a website with that much traffic. And it really is his website. He owns it and designs it and he's free to run it any way he wants. I prefer to look at it this way: This forum belongs to each and every one of you. I just happen to be the one moderating it for you right now.

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 06:23:51 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Mike, your last paragraph captures perfectly my thoughts on love bondage.

On an unrelated note, Bobjones, can you drop me an email?

Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 06:36:41 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

As promised, here is my full-length review of Shark Special 33:

Title: Shark Special 33 (Code: SSPD-033)

Stars: An Nanba and Emi Kitagawa

Produced by: Attackers

Running time: two hours and 40 minutes

Shark Special 33 is a two-part (on one disc), beautifully photographed Attackers feature that is consistently good and is particularly exceptional in its second half, when the focus is on sensational An Nanba(sometimes billed as Ann Nanba), the woman on the right in the DVD's cover photo.

Ms. Nanba is simply irresistible -- an attractive, sexy woman with big, beautiful eyes, who glares at her attackers with utter hatred and disgust whenever she is being violated and humiliated. And in this movie, that is often.

The story here is about two female thieves who steal a small statuette from a bunch of guys who are kinda villainous themselves. The men get their revenge on the two thieves by raping the women and torturing them in a variety of ways, all sexual. The first part of the movie features cute Emi Kitagawa, the co-star of the film, while part 2 focuses on An.

Part 1 with Emi Kitagawa

Although both women take part in the heist of the statuette, only An manages to escape, leaving Emi to fend for herself among some bad dudes in what appears to be a large mansion. The male villains -- four of them -- quickly get to work interrogating Emi, a cute black-haired woman who is wearing a black pant suit with a white blouse. With one guy pointing a gun at her head, two others grab her by the arms.

The scene cuts to a shot of Emi on her back on the floor -- her jacket has been removed, but she is still in her white blouse and black pants. Her wrists have been handcuffed and are being held above her head, while another guy holds her legs down. With a third guy crouching beside Emi and pointing a gun at her head, the lead villain proceeds to open Emi's blouse. This leads to one of the film's disappointments, for it is clear -- even with a bra on -- that Emi's boobs have been enhanced.

Still, the villains lift the bra off her boobs and leave it closer to her neck, and pull off her pants so that she is now in pantyhose and panties. As Emi squirms, the lead villain rubs his hand along Emi's pussy area, and the villains then strip off Emi's pantyhose. With Emi still pinned to the floor, three of the villains simultaneously kiss, lick and suck her face, boobs, pussy, legs, toes, and even her left ear. One guy tries very hard to get his tongue into Emi's tightly clenched mouth, and then moves down for some serious slurping of Emi's boobs. Despite the fake breasts -- which look OK -- Emi is quite pretty, a young woman with a fine, slender body, and an adorable little face. She looks terrific squirming about, letting out various whimpers and yelps, as three tongues dine on her trapped body.

Emi is still being pinned on her back as one guy removes her panties, briefly licks her pussy, and then removes his own pants and forces his dick into her. He nails her in her trapped missionary position, leaning his face into hers to try for more kisses (which continue to be rejected). The villains then roll Emi onto her stomach, and hold her down as the same rapist squats down so that he can nail her in this position.

After a few minutes of rape in that awkward position, the villains roll Emi back onto her back, pin her arms and body, and the same rapist returns for another missionary-position screwing. He drills her well, causing pretty Emi to let out some soft yelps and grunts. The rapist finishes by withdrawing and -- as another guy holds Emi's head -- the rapist shoots his load on Emi's face, mostly on her mouth and nose.

With the cum still on her face, Emi is lifted into a sitting position, and the villains try to force her to blow a guy (she bites his dick, instead). The pissed off villains decide to forget the blowjob, force Emi back down on her back, and two more guys each take turns tapping her, with the first guy finishing by shooting his load on her face, and the second guy cumming in her pussy.

The movie then cuts to a new scene, where one of the villains heads down to a basement area and into a darkened jail cell. He flips on the light and there is Emi on a mattress on the floor, bound naked and helpless on her back. There is a dog collar around her neck, and a rope tied from the collar to a nearby crossbar, which is attached at each end to leather bands around her thighs, effectively pinning her legs up, spread wide. Her wrists are tied behind her head and to the bed mattress. Oh, and there's a vibrator stuffed in Emi's pussy, buzzing away in her helpless, writhing body.

The villain -- the guy who was the first one to rape her -- kneels down beside her head, and his left hand starts gently stroking the face and left arm of the wiggling beauty. Between some deep breaths and whimpers in response to the loudly whirring vibrator, Emi softly pleads to be set free, but receives no mercy. Instead, the villain grabs Emi's head and tries to French kiss her, but she again keeps her teeth tightly clenched.

The villain then moves down and fondles and sucks on Emi's tits. He then removes his clothes, climbs over the top part of Emi's bound body, and sticks his dick up to her face. He pries her mouth open with his fingers and forces her to blow him. When he's done getting sucked, he goes over to Emi's pussy and finally removes the buzzing vibrator, causing Emi to grunt with relief.

Of course, it's short lived. The villain starts tickling the outside of Emi's pussy with his big dick, and then moves in for the drill. He gives her a heartfelt fucking, at one point lying tightly on top of Emi, so that he can kiss her face and sweet lips. The rape gets more intense as the villain starts a rapid-fire fucking of Emi's little body, provoking some loud squeals from the rattling victim. The rape ends with the villain cumming in Emi's pussy.

Another villain shows up, and he unties Emi's hands from the mattress (although her wrists remain cuffed). The two villains place Emi in a seated position, holding her hands behind her head, and with the crossbar keeping her legs spread widely apart. The villains use a big, green vibrator to toy with her pussy, but that's just preparation for the final humiliation. One of the villains produces a silver-bullet-looking super-vibrator that is operated from a remote-controlled box. The super-vibrator is placed in Emi's pussy and activated, quickly making Emi orgasmic. There are some terrific close-ups on quivering Emi's pretty face, as she goes wide-eyed and cross eyed in ecstasy. Finally, the villains leave Emi lying on the mattress, writhing and moaning, as the super-vibrator continues its magic.

Part 2 with An Nanba

Beautiful An Nanba shows up to rescue Emi, who is found lying naked in a cell. The two women break free, getting into fights with various villains as they try to escape. However, as the two women enter one room, someone activates the super-vibrator still in Emi's pussy, and Emi collapses to the floor. An then sees that four villains have arrived, including one guy pointing a gun at her. As one of the villains carries Emi out of the room, another grabs An from behind, encircling his arms under her armpits in order to lock her arms.

The villains are having dirty thoughts about sexy An, and who can blame them? She's fabulous -- she has a lovely face with beautiful eyes, rich lips, and a full head of thick, brown hair. She has a fine, slender body with a perfect waist and nice, natural tits. She's wearing a sexy black leather vest, cut off at the midriff, black leather hot pants with a dangling chain, black leather arm warmers, a silver choker necklace, and big, slutty black boots.

As one of the villains keeps An restrained from behind, another guy comes up and undoes the zippers in her vest that cover each breast (how convenient), allowing him to expose her tits and play with her nipples. He then completely opens the vest, and starts fondling An's tits as he verbally mocks her. He moves his head down to suck on her left tit, and begins by playing with her firm nipple with his tongue. An squirms and grunts but she is still restrained by the guy holding her arms. Although much of this scene is shown in close-ups, there is a terrific wider shot where you see one villain holding An's arms firmly behind her, and the helpless beauty struggles and squirms, her fists tightly clenched, as the other tormentor takes as much of her left boob in his mouth as he can.

When the sucking guy lifts his head, An spits in his face, leading to much yelling and a decision to force An down on the floor. She is soon restrained in a seated position, leaning back in the lap of one guy who is holding her arms, while another restrains her legs. An fights back, trying to kick free, but she can't get loose. A third guy moves in and decides to suck her right tit. Similar to his buddy's approach earlier, he begins by playing with An's pointed nipple with his tongue, and then gets down to some serious breast feeding.

One of the villains slowly unzips and then removes An's leather hot pants, revealing underneath some black, bikini-like panties. The panties are pulled aside so that one of the guys can briefly finger her and lick her pussy, and then An is moved into an upright seated position so she can suck some dick. One guy manages to get his cock in An's mouth, but she bites it. However, one of the villains threatens An (saying something about Emi), and then grabs An's neck with both hands and forces her face back to the other guy's dick, where An reluctantly starts giving head. An's beautiful big eyes never stop looking up, with total hatred, at the guy getting blown, as various hands force An's head to bob back and forth on the guy's member.

This is one of the best scenes in the movie. In one wider shot, you see two of the villains crouched besides An, holding her tightly, while the guy being sucked is standing, with one hand getting a firm grip of An's thick hair. The guy getting sucked pulls An's head in for some serious deep throat action, and tightly holds it there, a move that repulses An and causes her sexy body and face to convulse and jerk back to break free from the blowjob. Unfortunately for An, it ain't over -- the villains bring An's head back to the guy's groin area, and after a few seconds of him rubbing his big dick all over her face, the sucking continues.

The blowing continues with a close-up on An's face, her lovely eyes continuing to glare upwards with utter contempt at the guy violating her. When he attempts another deep throat, she breaks free from the blowjob again, and angrily scowls at the man orally assaulting her, but there is no respite and her head is brought back for more. With the shot still close on An's face, the sucking continues until the guy forces An's face in tight for another deep throat. He holds her head firmly in the deep throat position, provoking more convulsions until An's lovely face manages to break free.

One guy restrains An's arms and she is back in a seated position, leaning back in the one guy's lap. Although she is kicking and thrashing to try to stop it, one of the villains manages to pull off her panties, revealing a pussy with a fair bit of bush. An is now essentially naked, except for the slutty boots and the black arm warmers (her vest now dangles at her elbows). Two guys pin her on her back on a rug on the floor, with her hands firmly restrained and her legs spread apart, and a third guy moves in to fuck her. He violates her in the missionary position for a few minutes, and then the villains flip An up onto all fours, restrain her in that position, and the rapist nails her doggie style. While she is being fucked, another guy grabs her head with both hands and starts kissing her face, trying to force his tongue into her mouth while An tries to push him off.

The villains lay An back down on her back, restraining her hands and legs once again, as the rapist goes back to the missionary position. When it's time to finish, he shoots a decent load on her face, particularly on her forehead, nose, and around her mouth.

With cum still on her face, An is moved back into an upright seated position, in order to suck another guy. With two guys holding each one of her arms out to the sides, and a third guy playing with her tits, An reluctantly starts blowing the fourth guy. The guy getting blown grabs An's hair with both hands and drills her head back and forth for a serious face fucking. The intense face fuck produces an angry look on An's face, while the guys around her are laughing. A couple of times, when the dick is going in too deep, An pulls away, but the guy getting blown quickly grabs her hair and yanks her face back for more rapid-fire sucking.

An is then laid down on her back, restrained by three guys, so that the guy who was getting blown can now fuck her. As An's getting screwed, one of the villains is beating off near her head. He strokes himself with his right hand and grabs her head with his left, so he can shoot on her face. It's a nice moment, marred only by the fact the guy's cumshot mostly hits his own hand, rather than An's face. When the rapist is done, he cums in An's pussy. The villains then move An into a kneeling position, with hands tightly gripping her head, while the lead villain sits in a nearby chair, laughing and taunting her.

We next find An fully dressed again, restrained in a chair, while the villains show her TV footage of Emi being tortured with the super-vibrator. They convince An that in order to spare Emi, she must masturbate for them, which she does on a nearby couch in various states of undress. After her finger work, one of the villains comes up to her nude body with a large white vibrator, which he rubs against her right tit. The villains then require An to use the vibrator on herself. In a squatted position on the couch, An pleasures herself with the vibrator -- writhing, moaning and panting as she brings herself to climax. When she's done, she collapses on the couch, her body glistening with sweat. But the villains aren't done. They move An to a seated position on the floor, with a guy seated behind her and holding her legs apart. One of the villains then produces another bullet-sized super-vibrator, which is placed in An's pussy and activated. An's body rattles and shakes as the super-vibrator does its work. She is left lying on the floor, quivering, as the super-vibrator's super motions continue.

In the next scene, a villain heads up to a darkened bedroom. He enters the room and turns on the light, and there is An, now fully nude, with ropes tightly binding her legs in bent positions, and her wrists tied to her legs. She is on her back and a vibrator has been tied into her pussy, and the vibrator is loudly grinding away. An looks phenomenal here. Her writhing body is glistening with light beads of sweat. She jerks and moans and does some heavy breathing and panting, and is utterly helpless. Not that the visiting villain gives her any relief. He taunts her and fondles her jerking body's tits. The villain then sucks on An's right tit, causing the quivering beauty to arch her neck, grit her teeth, and roll her eyes upward in unwanted ecstasy.

The villain continues to taunt An and play with her nipples, and her humiliation is heartbreaking as she tries to fight, but cannot stop shaking and moaning. When the villain sucks on her left tit, her body is practically spastic, and the sucking ends with An letting out some squeals and heavy panting, followed by a deep moan.

The villain rolls An onto her front, so that she is on her knees, with her wrists still tied to her legs, her ass up in the air, and her face buried into the bed. The vibrator has been untied, but the villain is manually ramming the vibrator into An's pussy, making An shake, shudder, and let out some loud squeals. The villain then removes the vibrator and moves the bound beauty into a seated, upright position on the bed. He attaches a steel, clamp-like device to An's head, and uses it to pry open the top and bottom of her mouth.

A second villain shows up, nude, and with naked An's mouth clamped wide open, he really has no choice but to stick his dick in her mouth. The two villains take turns holding An's head as the one guy's prick goes in and out of her mouth. At one point, the guy getting blown grabs An's head and forces her to take all of his member. While this deep throating causes An to convulse again, her wrists are bound to her legs, and so her face can't break free until the guy finally releases it, leaving lovely An gasping for air. After a while, the other villain decides he can't let this opportunity go, either, so he drops his drawers and puts his dick in An's clamped-open mouth. Plenty of sucking and drooling follows, and the scene finishes with the first blowjob guy shooting a load in An's mouth and on her tongue.

The first villain places An back on her knees again, her wrists still tied to her bound legs, and with her butt in the air. Also, her mouth is still clamped wide open. The guy then taps her doggie style, and squealing An's shoulders rock up and down as she struggles in vain to get free. The fucking causes An to pant heavily and the villain grabs her hair to pull her panting face off the bed. The villain removes the clamp from An's mouth, and he soon has her on her back, to be fucked missionary style. An is almost crying as her glistening body bounces along to the rapist's thrusts, and she looks terrific when she says something retaliatory in a panting, near-orgasmic voice. At one point, she clenches her teeth and arches her head back, eyes once again rolled upwards, as she climaxes. The guy, meanwhile, finishes by cumming in her pussy.

In the final scene, Emi has returned and is kissing An, who is lying on a rug on the floor, while the lead villain sits nearby in a chair and watches. Emi then grabs a double-ended dildo, and the two women essentially pleasure each other as the villain continues watching. This whole scene struck me as a gratuitous attempt to add some lesbianism to the mix. Anyway, after the lesbo lovin', some struggling follows involving a gun and a knife, and the lead villain and Emi are both killed. An escapes and the movie ends with her watching a video of Emi blowing one of the villains (I think the super-vibrator was supposed to have broken Emi's will), and this causes An to masturbate.

My grade: A

Shark Special 33 is Attackers at its best. It's obvious a lot of care went into this film, from its storyline to its high production values. There is plenty of variety in the scenes, and every scene is the right length -- not too long, not too short, just perfect. The villains are nasty and convincing, the woman attractive and believably helpless, and the number of standout moments in this flick are too great to count.

And what more can I say about An Nanba? This sexy bombshell is terrific -- she's beautiful and she's a good actress. You really feel her anger and her hatred as she is humiliated and degraded again and again and again. Shark Special 33 is highly recommended.

Sunday, April 22nd 2007 - 05:47:09 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: As usual, a very thorough and well-written review, thanks so much for enlightening the board with that. The link in my Homepage URL has a whole series of pictures from the movie. And you're right, both girls are very attractive.

I especially liked your line in the review:

...and with naked An's mouth clamped wide open, he really has no choice but to stick his dick in her mouth.

But of course! Come on now, he's only human! I really dig jaw spreader gags (and ring gags, for that matter) because they force the girl to keep her mouth open for whatever can be inserted into it, and face it, that's about the only thing that chick's mouths are good for.

Your movie sounds like it's pretty heavy into rape (which I love, no question about it, especially with pretty women like these two), but pretty low in the torture department, unless you count penetration with the super-vibrator, which can be humiliating but not especially painful, IMO. When I was checking out the Attackers website I noticed the page for Special 34 which looks more like a Ralphus-type movie. Looks like hot candlewax, whipping, multi-clothespin torture, threatening with fire (oh yeah!), and what appears to be extraction of her own urine and forcing her to drink it (another turn-on). You've gotta hand it to the Japanese, especially with the Attackers series. Whether it's rape or torture, they consistently deliver the goods.

Sunday, April 22nd 2007 - 09:31:16 AM

Name: Brutus

A Canadian: Thanks for all the work that went into your review. Whew. It must've taken a while. I agree that An Nanba is smoking hot. Emi Kitagawa is no slouch either.

Your descriptions make this look worthwhile. I like the idea of breaking a woman with a super-vibrator. And it sounds like the actresses really sold the rape scenes, which is always crucial. But with 2 hours and 40 minutes, you think they could've had some more gags. I don't care too much for those dental gags. Give me ring gags instead, or this nasty device.

Sunday, April 22nd 2007 - 10:02:44 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Brutus and Ralphus: Thank you for the feedback on the review. I think your comments show just how much a reviewer's take on any particular movie can be influenced by that person's likes and dislikes. For example, I like vibrator scenes, when they're done right, so that added to the value of Shark Special 33 for me. Others who don't like vibrator scenes might have a different take on the overall movie.

Along with Shark Special 33, I also had a chance to watch a couple of the Slave Island movies, and they would also receive a strong recommendation from me. Though they also focus on rape, there is a mix of rape and torture in those movies, and lots of action. At some point, I plan to review Slave Island 7, with Ayumu Kase. But that movie is 3 hours and 30 minutes long, so it's a little intimidating from a review perspective. For now, suffice to say it's a great movie.

Sunday, April 22nd 2007 - 02:20:12 PM

Name: bobjones

A Canadian. . . Bravo for the hard work. That sounds like a winner to me.

Sunday, April 22nd 2007 - 09:48:20 PM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian - thanks so much for that blow out review - coupled with that chicks image, this is a must see for me.

Recently had the opportunity to view several offerings from InquisitionLive - just a few general observations if I may - the production values are fairly good, for the most part the actresses are easy enough on the eyes, the sets are pretty good at depicting the dingy dungeon atmosphere and they use a wide variety of medieval torture devices - perhaps it's just me but something is lacking in these efforts and I can't quite put my finger on it - maybe it's the lack of fire and zeal on the part of the inquisitors who seem to be going through the motions - or perhaps I was expecting some sort of resolution - I mean, when you have a confessed witch, isn't she supposed to be beheaded, burned or hanged or something - fortunately, I did not have to pay the price of 69 euros each to view them - anyway, they left me feeling so-so about the efforts - I'd like to hear what other Gimpers who have seen these think - Stay Well All

Monday, April 23rd 2007 - 06:03:20 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Jeff Gord's comment on the feature pic


I'll start on the molding box immediately. Thanks for the inspiration. Mine will have the pussy exposed and maybe a few bolt on attachments to keep said exposed pussy happy.

Who do I owe that brain fart to?


Monday, April 23rd 2007 - 08:31:49 AM

Name: Thanagar

Shark Special 33 looks terrific, but I still have a problem with the pixelization, and it makes me somewhat reluctant to buy Japanese vids. You'd think some computer geek somewhere would've found a way to unpixelize video by now...

Monday, April 23rd 2007 - 09:38:52 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback on my review. Clearly, there are some GIMPers whose tastes are similar to mine, and I would be interested to hear the follow-up comments from anyone who does ultimately purchase Shark Special 33.

Sloth: Speaking of similar tastes, you are not alone in your view of the Inquisition movies. I reviewed the film Agony of the Whore Witch last summer and came to pretty much the same conclusion. I thought the movie started well, but the actors didn't sell their scenes and I ultimately found the thing somewhat flat. Fortunately, like you, I didn't have to pay big bucks to see this movie (I was able to rent it, rather than purchase).

Monday, April 23rd 2007 - 04:22:04 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Jeff Gord: Glad you liked the daily pic so much that it inspired you to make your own version. I'm not sure where I found that pic of the girl encased in a block of concrete, but I definitely like the concept. I have another one like it that I'll run tonight.

I have to warn you though, someone already beat you to the punch. Back when they used to be good, the website Brutal Violence used that idea in a movie called "Concrete Cube". It was about a guy who turned psycho and sealed his girlfriend up in a box, which he filled with concrete and let hit harden, leaving only her head and lower body exposed (and inexplicably, her arms, too). And of course, he used her sexually from both ends, finishing by cumming in her mouth. I might runs stills from that this week. It's one of the best, and most creative movies they ever did.

Monday, April 23rd 2007 - 07:47:15 PM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL:

@Sloth - I also checked out inquisitionlive and its sister site (discounted at signup) and I agree with the production quality and the girls ... as a returning visitor from over a year ... they've have improved a little from their initial offerings ... I even broke down and ordered a few films (cheaper than the DVD, VHS quality is not bad for conversion back to DVD. The outstanding Torture Rack parts 1 & 2 are the closest thing you'll get to live action Quoom and Zell. Out of the lot, this one stands above the other ones I've seen.

They definitely took the fans advice about HQ pics ... which were lacking in the past ... but the size is still too small. They also have a custom pics section with action that looks like it should be what all fans are looking for ... unfortunately, they are also asking for a separate fee for view these galleries ... what a bunch of tight wads ... no vids (have to pay extra), only previews, and the good stuff is also extra ... the other galleries give a detailed pictorial view of the most of the vids (decent frame grabs) along with HQ set shots. Navigation in the site is lacking any easy way of archiving photo sets other than going one pic at a time.

The sister site is disappointing in content ... same stuff only updated to modern times ... but no real modern devices or new techniques ... animated electricity effects are OK with archs flying over bodies. Same pricing too.

Some of the monthly deals are bargin ... considering the DVDs are 69 Euro and the downloads are ~49 Euros ... The later production's download quality is a higher bitrate and size than the older stuff and it shows.

Tuesday, April 24th 2007 - 08:45:22 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

I'm sorry guys, but I have serious problems with today's picture.

The little girl locked in the cement box looks like she's TEN years old. There is nothing sexy or sensual about this.

This is child abuse. This is kiddie porn!!

Can we move on!?!

Tuesday, April 24th 2007 - 01:24:17 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mike from Brooklyn: Well! Just imagine my surprise when I came home from work to find out that I had somehow posted kiddy porn as the daily picture last night. At first I thought your accusation was ridiculous, so I took a second, longer look at the picture in question. And now...I STILL think your accusation is ridiculous.

Number one, she looks about the same age as the girl in the other picture I posted previously, and you apparently had no problem with that one. What makes you think this one is 10 years old? Because her hair is shorter? Lots of Japanese women look young, especially in Japanese anime. Half the pics I've seen make them look like schoolgirls.

Child abuse? Guess what? It's a CARTOON! I can assure you no real child was injured or abused during the making of this artwork.

And even if it WAS a 10-year old depicted in the artwork, what exactly would make it kiddy porn? There's no genitalia or breasts showing. For all we know, she has all her clothes on inside that concrete block. It's not even technically a child bondage picture, either, since there are no ropes depicted. What do you see in the picture? You see a female encased in a cement block. That's all there is, dude.

But just for you, I asked the artist how old the girl was that he drew in the artwork. He assures me she's 18, but her driver's license is sealed inside the block with her :)

Tuesday, April 24th 2007 - 07:09:31 PM

Name: Kevin
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi Gimpers

I haven't posted in forever, but I just have to respond to MIKE IN BROOKLYN

First of all, you apparently have no damn idea what kiddie porn is! Its not pornography, if the child isn't nude.

Second of all, it's no more child abuse than some of the scenes shown in everyday cartoons.

Anyone who's offended by this picture needs to seriously chill out! IT'S A DRAWING PEOPLE!

Tuesday, April 24th 2007 - 07:32:24 PM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:


I go to Japan just about every summer, in fact I am going again this summer. In Japan you can stand next to a fully grown woman and think she is 12. However, given the fact she has just stepped out from behind the wheel of a car would tell you she is a woman and an adult.

Those words kitty porn are the new witch hunts of our area, you need to be very careful where you throw them and at who. Kitty porn is totally fucking disgusting to me, hell I did not even give that picture a second look until I saw your comment. You are off base on this one, child abuse is equally disgusting to me. I saw no child, only the representation of a Japanese woman in the form of a cartoon. That is the kind of statements that fuels the fire that is currently taking aim at our first amendment rights.

Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 04:51:24 AM

Name: Alan
E-mail address:

Good evening Gimpers,

I could not agree more with sgtmajor more. I too find kiddie porn an abomination or any act of violence against children.

Obviously Mike has opened a very troubling & disturbing issue.

The fact is that we are living in a very conservative environment & unfortunately our First Amendment Rights are under attack.

Mike however does have a right to his opinion on this subject & I and plenty of Vets like me fought for this country & its Constitution.

This is a darn good site & all views should be heard.

I do think this discussion should move to another venue since it is not a political venue or at least should not be.


Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 04:05:30 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

I agree with Mike. If the drawing could even imply the issue, that should be enough to stay the hell away from it. We all agree that kiddy porn is unacceptable and outrageous. (I'd argue that it isn't even porn, as there is no actual or even possible consent. It's more like documentation of a crime).

Even when surfing porn on the Internet and a web site affirms that a model is 18 or older, if the model looks younger than 18 I steer clear of it. 18 is plenty young for anyone, and if a girl even just LOOKS younger than 18, yuk.

I think the bottom line is if Mike or anyone else reasonably thinks the drawing could imply someone younger than 18, then that is reason enough to drop it and move on. It's not like there isn't plenty of grown-up porn to take its place.


Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 05:16:06 PM

Name: Brutus
Homepage URL:

Mike from Brooklyn: For what it's worth, I didn't care much for that picture either. Not sexy at all. Still, I think that labeling it kiddie porn and child abuse is going too far. Sure, the victim looked young, but then again, Japanese anime tends overexaggerate all the features of the women (huge tits, saucer-sized eyes, pencil-length eyelashes, and youngness of the victim.) I can understand how you might have been offended, but I saw the picture as just another typical anime.

Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 06:00:25 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

The 'block' picture: Just to get in on the fun, here's my take on the issue.

To begin with, I have a hard time supporting Sgt. Major's suggestion, if I read it right, that we should self-censor ourselves just to protect our right to freedom of speech (I won't say First Amendment rights, as I obviously don't live in the U.S.) I don't think it's wrong for Mike to question where we draw the line on some things. In fairness to Mike, the woman (girl?) in the photo was young looking, and I think it is legitimate to raise questions about the picture.

At the same time, however, I have problems with classifying the drawing as "kiddie porn." I agree with Kevin on this -- pictures of imaginary people don't meet my definition of kiddie porn.

Believe it or not, this actually makes me think of something funny. In one of the hardcover editions of the "Cherry Collection" -- a series of dirty cartoons featuring a young woman who looks like an Archie comics character -- artist Larry Welz has an introduction where he discusses the issue of minors involved in sexual situations in cartoons.

Welz created a funny solution for his Cherry character, a hot blonde who is in high school. In every story she appears in, she has always "just" celebrated her 18th birthday. It keeps happening again and again, much the same way Kenny keeps getting killed in the early episodes of South Park. So Cherry has always just become legal.

Here are some of Welz's comments from the introduction of the Cherry Collection, Vol. 3:

It makes me wonder. Is the act of putting blots of ink on paper that vaguely suggest the image of an underage girl having sex, equivalent to the act of abducting an 11-year-old girl, tying her up in the basement and forcing her to have sex while you torture her and shoot videos of it? That's a hideous crime, and anyone who does that should be shot in the head, immediately. But what about allowing grown men and women to even think about the idea of an underage girl having sex? When nobody gets hurt in the process? Is that legal? We're talking mind control here.

So what I do is I just make a big joke of it. I make a big deal of how (Cherry's) just turned 18, she has always just turned 18, she will always have just turned 18, as fresh as you can get, legally. It's okay with me for now; there are plenty of sacred cows to tip.

Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 07:27:48 PM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:

A Canadian and Mike

I can disagree with a statement a guy makes and still respect his right to make it. No disrespect was intended to Mike at all and I think self censorship is the wrong path.

I should have been more to the point when making my statement. It seems to me that the far right in this country seems to want to use kitty porn as a way to attack the adult entertainment industry. (Mike I am not calling you the far right) They will use this charge to try to cause any damage they can to our industry.

I am not saying Mike did this at all! What I am saying is that our own government is trying to shut down this industry anyway it can. Hence the 2257 regs and the manipulation of companies such as CCBILL and what the feds have done with visa and payment processors. I agree with Mike that the pic was not one that I would want to see again. But we as fetish people have to really be careful, even the mention of something like this (kitty porn) can cause trouble. That does not mean telling others not to speak out. In fact I have read many of Mike's posts and I rather like a lot of what he has to offer.

What I mean is that we should understand that forums like this one are watched by our government. I think understanding the current political mood that has been like a fog covering this country is what we need to be aware of. This seems to be an undefendable charge that even the unfounded implication is almost impossible to defend against. My two cents anyway.

Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 07:58:30 PM

Name: Bobjones

This has been a strange week on the board. I hope that nobody has been too offended by any of this. The kitty porn charge is pretty serious stuff indeed, and I hope that everyone involved takes a breath and realizes that this was indeed a understandable, but unfortunate misinterpretation of the picture. (And I hope that any reflection at all would suggest that Ralphus would never post Kat porn, even in pen and ink form, on the site. The unanimous disgust that has been expressed toward the very idea of Kat porn comes as no surprise. We like raping adults around here.) Japanese cartoons are indeed drawn to emphasize the youngness and cuteness of the girls, and they do kinda look like prepubescent twelve year olds. . . but with big tits, which is hot. Mike's reaction was understandable considering what he thought he was looking at, but he certainly misunderstood what the picture was supposed to be.

Some of the conventions that make anime bitches look like Kitties actually have a kinda interesting history. First of all, anime evolved out of comic strips, which are of course drawn in cute 'n cuddly, idealized childlike style. Then when Hentai (that's toon porn, for anybody not in the know) came along, the conventions stuck (which made for cute, childlike looking women. . . ), but a new convention was accidentally created. . . because the naughty parts of the women were going to be blurred out after close up scenes had been animated, the artists left things pretty sketchy, and they never bothered to put pubic hair on the characters. This was fine, since in Japan the movies were meant to be seen with a fogging effect over the genitals. The problem came when said toons found there way overseas, and the fogging was removed. Suddenly you had a whole genre of cartoons about monsters raping what appeared to be big breasted prepubescent girls. This caused an awful lot of controversy in England, where a classic Hentai film called La Blue Girl became the center a big stink. The film ended up on the infamous "video nasties" list and became illegal to own. (Since Hentai producers keep the overseas market in mind now, sometimes the bare pussy convention is kept and sometimes they bother to put in more realistic details, including, alas, pubes.)

Incedentally, "Twin Angels" part 3 is really great pornography.

On a more serious note, I'm glad A Canadian posted what he did. I am not at all okay with any picture of child abuse being passed around as whack material, but drawings? Computer generated porn? There HAS been an effort to make that kind of stuff illegal in the U.S., but the Supreme Court ruled that it did indeed constitute creating a category of "thought crime," and it's still legal. For me, that kind of fantasy is too much. Way the fuck too much. But the idea of criminalizing it is pretty scary. Gentlemen, we too fantasize about lots of illegal and awful shit, but it's fantasy. The idea that I could get arrested for having a ZFX film or a Gary Roberts drawing is pretty frightening. I could certainly make the argument (as could most of us) that our fantasies are somehow fundamentally different from those of Kat porn fanciers because they are about adult sexuality, that are a part of a "sliding scale" of affection and aggression that constitutes lust and so they are different from Kat porn, which is outside of adult sexuality. But I don't think that argument is necessary. I'm for free speech. That means whether I like that speech or not.

BTW, the preceeding rant isn't meant as any kind of retort to anything anybody posted. I'm just on my high horse tonight.

Sarge, I take it we're refering to Kats instead of minors to protect the Gimp board from Google hits? Clever, and fun. I want a t-shirt with today's pic on it.

Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 10:04:49 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Bobjones: Fortunately for the U.S., the Supreme Court decided not to do something really, really stupid like .... enacting Canadian law. In my country, the kitty porn laws include writings, drawings etc., although there is an exception made for works that have "artistic merit," so that teachers don't get busted for teaching Romeo and Juliet.

In reality, most of the focus in terms of law enforcement has been exactly where it should be ... busting people with videos and pictures of real kids. But that doesn't mean an R. Crumb book, or one of the Cherry Collection comics I mentioned yesterday, won't get apprehended by Canada Customs at the border. The end result is that Customs sometimes nabs books that can easily be found in local bookstores. As I said, it's really, really stupid.


On another issue, Bobjones made a point that I assumed was a given. Putting aside the whole history of anime (and what a fascinating history it is), I think everyone agrees that Ralphus wouldn't have deliberately posted something he thought was kat porn. We all have a pretty good idea of the range of Ralphus' sick perversions, and how far he will go in his efforts to corrupt America, and we can safely say his evil mind is focused on adults.

Thursday, April 26th 2007 - 03:39:10 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Friends, or am I assuming too much?

Since the dust has settled and people have stopped throwing rocks at me, I will respond to some questions that have been raised and put forth.

Ralphus, I thought the purpose of the Forum was to solicit mature conversations about a topic we all love. When, you as our leader react in a manner that encourages people to follow your lead and throw stones what chance do I have?

If you're offended by my comment, you should’ve said, Mike I think you’re off base, please explain why you feel this way.

Instead you took it personally and attacked me.

Okay, I will respond to your questions.

Number one, she looks about the same age as the girl in the other picture I posted previously, and you apparently had no problem with that one.

That’s not true, I didn’t care for the previous one either, just because I don’t comment on something doesn’t mean I like it. I didn't comment on Gord’s stuff one way or the other.

What makes you think this one is 10 years old? Because her hair is shorter? Lots of Japanese women look young, especially in Japanese anime. Half the pics I've seen make them look like schoolgirls.

Her hair is indeed short. Her face is round and cherubic looking. Her legs are plump with baby fat and her hands are chubby, not slender like a woman’s.

Child abuse? Guess what? It's a CARTOON! I can assure you no real child was injured or abused during the making of this artwork.

Maplethorpe did portraits of the Madonna covered in shit. That was just a painting, people got offended. The medium is not relevant, the intent is what matters

. And even if it WAS a 10-year old depicted in the artwork, what exactly would make it kiddy porn? There's no genitalia or breasts showing. For all we know, she has all her clothes on inside that concrete block. It's not even technically a child bondage picture, either, since there are no ropes depicted. What do you see in the picture? You see a female encased in a cement block. That's all there is, dude.

If I saw the picture on its own I wouldn't know what to think. I would probably think it was from a Harry Potteresque fantasy book. But things don’t exist in a vacuum. The picture appeared on this forum which is an adult bondage discussion site.

But just for you, I asked the artist how old the girl was that he drew in the artwork. He assures me she's 18, but her driver's license is sealed inside the block with her :)

Now you're just trying to be friends ;-) Ralphus, my friend, if I offended or pissed you off, I apologize.

Sgt Major, thank you for saying that you meant no disrepect to me. I appreciate that. You are indeed a gentleman. And thank you for saying you’ve enjoyed some of my previous posts. Just for the record I am far from being a right wing conservative. I teach liberal arts at a college on the east coast and I live in a section of Brooklyn that is very Liberal.

Alan, zee-ef-ex, Brutus and A Canadian thank you for acknowledging that I have a right to express what I find disturbing.

I hope we are all friends, again. I think posting today’s KITTY Porn picture took a lot of the edge off.

Thursday, April 26th 2007 - 02:20:36 PM

Name: Joe
E-mail address:

Well now it's amazing how that particular topic (which I will NOT mention) caused that much reaction - time to get back to where we all belong - discussing all kinds of diabolical situations for Girls in Merciless Peril and you guys are all the best at it !!

Thursday, April 26th 2007 - 02:52:58 PM

Name: Brutus

I'm with Joe on this one. I'd like to think we are all still friends here with the same interest in seeing and discussing tied up and given the full treatment. And besides, that hilarious KITTY Porn picture is now starting to freak me out :-)

Cheers all

Thursday, April 26th 2007 - 04:36:55 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Agreed. I'm sure we're all still friends here and will welcome a new topic for discussion.

Unfortunately, I don't have a topic. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Thursday, April 26th 2007 - 05:10:24 PM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:

Gents we could all talk about the tightest crotchrope we have ever seen on a model or in a movie. Yes I agree we are all friends, that never was in question in my mind.

Thursday, April 26th 2007 - 06:58:23 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mike from Brooklyn: This is hopefully the last word on the subject. I'm not mad, I wasn't offended, but on the other hand, I don't feel like I "attacked" you, either. I merely defended myself and asked you to explain how you could have possibly made such a serious accusation against me on a public board. Like the others, I agree with your right to express your opinion. God knows, that's what this forum is all about.

However, if you go shouting KIDDIE PORN around here, you're seriously jeopardizing the future of this board and possibly setting me up for potential legal ramifications. Dreambook may indeed suck, but they generally allow just about any type of adult material, which is why we are still here. But one of the few things they don't allow, and which will get us kicked off in an instant, is any sort of allegations of child pornography, whether they are true or not (and in this case, they were most definitely NOT true).

So just be careful in the future before reacting in anger and be sure you know what you're talking about before accusing someone like that. I think we're all in agreement that child porn is abhorrent and that I would not have intentionally posted such material here or on any other forum.

Above is a Wikipedia page that covers the subject we're discussing and hopefully clears up the controversy over what's allowed and what's illegal. Of particular interest is this passage:

Any text or work that involves or depicts no real child, (and is not otherwise "obscene"), is never illegal.

Like most people here, it never occurred to me that the picture I posted could be interpreted as such, so reading your accusation came as a huge surprise to me. I think you misinterpreted the artwork, but in doing so, hey, you did inspire a pretty interesting thread on the forum, so I thank you for that. But let's drop the subject now. It's not something I want this forum to be associated with.

And yes, we're all friends here. Apologies accepted. Let's move on.

Tightest crotch rope I've seen in a movie? Probably have to be one of Dan Hawke's videos. He is, after all, the King of Crotchropes. And don't forget those great House of Milan loops. And speaking of crotchropes, the Sarge himself sent me a picture of Lynn Dumaire from his upcoming movie that looks like an old HOM still, but it's brand new. That will be our daily picture tonight, so stay tuned.

Thursday, April 26th 2007 - 07:34:59 PM

Name: Bobjones

Do Canadian customs actually confiscate R. Crumb books? As much as censorship bothers me, I have never actually considered how it might affect serious artists whose work is "offensive," mostly because in the US that stuff is ultra protected. Folks like Robert Mapelthorpe, and Robert Crumb now for that matter, have the protection not just of the law, but certain financially and politically powerful people and institutions that care about art. Assholes like John Ashcroft don't LIKE that kind of art, but they can't real come close to banning it because there are powerful folks who will get their panties in a bunch. . . but pornographers who produce very small independent movies are different, which seems to be why all the "live action rape porn" around seems to be exclusively online, and exclusively from The Netherlands, Japan, and Russia. The idea of pornographers having to deal with this kind of bullshit is bad enough, but considering some the other consequences of censorship really points out what bullshit it is. Free Canada!

Sorry for still being on a high horse. One of the things I've encountered from the Gimp board that has most surprised me is how much censorship is still around. I had never really thought about how serious the lack of a first Amendment might be for somebody living in Canada or Australia. The idea of criminalizing thought really is pretty creepy. I LIKE perversity! Shit, I like perversity that doesn't even turn me on.

On a lighter note, crotch ropes were mastered by HOM. When it comes to crotchropes, they have few peers, and no superiors.

I read an interview with Eli Roth today about Hostel 2, and I'm getting increasingly excited. It sounds SICK. The way that guy talks about horror and sex makes me think he's somebody who really gets it, even if he has yet to deliver anything that really delivers in the GIMP department (both of his films are really good, just not in that way). I'm probably going to be disappointed, but anticipation is fun in and of itself. Bring on the naked pain.

Thursday, April 26th 2007 - 11:30:15 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Bobjones: Take a look at the brief item, from 2001, in my URL. It's a news item from Toronto's NOW Magazine about Canada Customs seizing some R. Crumb comics.

Tight crotch ropes: I think there may be an opportunity here for an officially sanctioned Ralphus poll. I don't know about others, but tight crotch rope scenes don't do anything for me. Yes, I'm sure it's painful, and of course it's humiliating, but somehow I'm just not into them. Tie a naked woman up by her feet and suspend her from the roof, and I'm excited. Tie her up standing, with a tight rope between her pussy lips, and I'm bored. Can't tell you why, but that's the reality for me.

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 03:34:10 AM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:

Let's talk anything but more politics! I myself enjoy a nice, deep crotchrope, and equally tight breast bondage. Love today's pic. Poor girl. What's she to do!?

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 07:44:21 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Honestly, crotch ropes aren't exactly my thing, either. At least, they're not very high up on my totem pole of things that excite me. I think if you have a woman tied in a standing position, it's a great embellishment to run a tight rope through her pussy and hopefully put some sort of weight on the other end that causes her discomfort. Visually, though, I'd rather see her with her arms overhead and her legs spread wide, and something more nasty like clothespins or clamps on her pussy lips, or maybe even a guy shoving a dildo inside and fucking her with it. That would be preferable than just a line of rope splitting her in her most intimate place. I just think the other scenario is more visually pleasing and more painful and humiliating for her.

Let's try to get this place talking.

What are your opinions of tight crotch ropes on a bound victim? Love 'em, like 'em or indifferent?

Everybody here, step up and give your opinion. I want to see some posts on this forum. Especially from you newbies that never post. This is a good time to break your silence.

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 07:49:40 AM

Name: Joe

New GIMP POLL: Crotch Ropes

I wasn't a big fan of crotch ropes until recent years. I do very much enjoy them now in any kind of tie-up - standing, spreadeagle, ball tie etc. Just like the level of discomfort it gives the victim. The whole bondage event to me is greatly enhanced by something always shoved in their mouth AND pussy.

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 12:27:21 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Regarding the poll, I don't mind crotch ropes, but they're not something that particularly 'do it' for me - I prefer tit torture to pussy torture, anyway.

I have to say, though, that I love how well Bondage Barrix have done in that photo posted today at recreating the feeling of the old HOM photos. All it really needs is a masked perpetrator actively tormenting her.

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 03:05:10 PM

Name: Mike From Brooklyn

Crotch ropes

I like the ones that look like "Chastity Belts". The ones that are wound around the woman's waist, through the pussy and up the ass.

I don't care for it when the rigger adds a vibrator to the rope work, I guess it takes away from the symmetrical look

Also, I think it looks sexy on top of the woman's panties as well in the au natural position again supporting a slick symmetrical look.

Sharon Montgomery use to wear the Chastity wraps really well in the old HOM movies.

Ralphus, how about running some of those old photos of Sharon?

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 08:46:53 PM

Name: Brutus

I don't mind crotch ropes. But like many here, I prefer the pussy easily accessible to other things without the rope in the way. My favorite crotch rope scene was in HOM's Betrayed when Natasha Cole gets lifted off her feet as the villain shows her that the high she gets from being a Girl In Merciless Peril is better than cocaine. Yummy!

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 09:20:39 PM

Name: DoppleM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


From the time I bought my first HOM "Bondage Classics" magazine over 30 years ago, I have loved tight crotch ropes... so tight that the rope is buried between the pussy lips.

Coincidentally, just last night I watched the video in my URL above, and I hope to post a review within the next week. It had a great crotch rope scene (among several other very good scenes). As most of you know, Japanese videos mosaically censor the genitals. But because the crotch ropes effectively covered the woman's slit, there was no censoring of the plump pussy lips cleaved by the ropes. Another long length of rope was then run between her legs, which was then twirled and pulled by her tormentor so that it pounded against her pussy and inner thighs.

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 09:47:14 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Crotch ropes can be fun, but only as part of Bringing the Pain. Of and by themselves, not so much, unless they bring the girl to tears. Put them with more agony-makers, and you have a winner in my book!

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 10:08:51 PM

Name: Bobjones

I like, but don't love, crotchropes. It's better if there's a dildo shoved up the ass before the ropin'. I seem to remember that Ballista 3 had something like that. . .

One the better uses of a crotchrope is to cruelly rub that fucker back and forth. That can be pretty physically damaging torture if you do it seriously so you don't see it much in live action (well, I've never seen it done seriously anyway), but BDSM artists sometimes use that torture to great effect. I remember a particularly awful scene in a Quoom comic. . . there were naked thighs smeared with blood and tears streaked all down a beautiful pair of computer generated breasts. Gorgeous.

Friday, April 27th 2007 - 10:44:09 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

ZFX titles: The latest ZFX titles to find their way onto DVD are:

  • Chamber of Horrors

  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  • Ms. Cox

  • Vostock Core

(Note to VM: There is a typo in your listing of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap)

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 06:17:02 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Not a major fan of crotchropes, unless it's the "walking" crotchrope torment. Example above :)

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 07:18:18 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian- Fixed it, thanks for catching and pointing out the error. Also added Bill Zebub Productions today.

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 10:20:50 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Time to weigh in on crotch ropes - I seem to fall into the Ralphus-A Canadian cabal bere - rather indifferent to them and would far prefer A Canadian's suspension - I do agree with Brutus on that "Betrayed" scene however - now that's entertainment - Stay Well All

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 10:24:26 AM

Name: Danny
E-mail address:

GIMP POLL: What are your opinions of tight crotch ropes on a bound victim? Love 'em, like 'em or indifferent?

I actually like the crotchrope... discomfort... they HAVE to be tight... especially, when they are attached to something that supports a lot of weight... and filling up a bucket of water which is attached to a crotchrope is fun to watch and see the torment as its getting heavier and heavier...

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 10:37:34 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

re Baronorca's example pics:

I don't like weights on the pussy lips. At all. I think they disfigure a beautiful part of the female anatomy.

But they seem pretty popular...

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 06:50:01 PM

Name: Jeff
Homepage URL:

Hey everyone. While browsing in Underground Video's website I happened to notice a video called Mark of the Whip, PR1140. Has anyone seen this? Is it worth the money? I'm a fan of females being whipped, but I'm looking for real stuff, leaning toward the real severe side, ie., torture by whip. The description on the Underground site for this movie makes it sound good, but not sure if this is as good as they make it out to be, or if it's just sales tactics. Thanks for any imput!

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 07:02:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Jeff: See, this is why we updated the Reviews section. Go there and look under Mainstream movies. There are two reviews of Mark of the Whip already there. It's worth seeing, but not for the 70 bucks they're asking for over at Underground Video. The reviews link to Asian Cult Cinema, where you can order it for a much more reasonable $24.95.

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 07:31:36 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Two quick points - please do check out what Ralphus has done with the review section - I've never seen my writing presented in such a professional and entertaining context! (Just joking). But more importantly, there is an incredible resource here, and if you're lucky enough to be able to choose which dirty movie you want to get, rather than being at the mercy of distributors/etc, go for it.

Second, can someone identify a clip for me? It's an inquisition type clip, I think from Italy (on my copy, it's badly dubbed in English) - but most interestingly looks like a pro-shot/genuine film, rather than an exploitation/porn film. The most memorable part is that a girl has her nipple pulled off by an inquisitor, and eventually passes out/passes away due to her rough treatment. I'd love to find the whole movie to see what the context is.

Oh - bonus question - many years ago, in a former life ie a former hard drive, I came across a set of photos that had various women being made victims of the inquisition, including a quite convincing thumbscrew sequence (quite rare, in my experience), and I think some nuns being hung from the rafters. They were extremely high quality black and white shots, with a nice brunette starring as the victim. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I will gladly direct many positive vibes towards them.

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 08:55:04 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

And while I'm at it, I LOVE today's photo from the famous Chadscans/HOM era. Although to be honest, the chick on the left's performance was a bit wooden.

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 08:58:32 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mothbrad: Haw, haw, now I get your joke. The chick on the left was a mannequin! You clever dog, you.

I think your mystery inquisition movie is actually called Inquisition, a mid-70s film by Paul Naschy. Check out the pictures in my Homepage URL and see if they look familiar. The nipple-ripping scene was a giveaway clue.

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 09:28:13 PM

Name: Hiccup
Homepage URL:

Hi all,

Recently I made the mistake of joining the site referenced above. It is apparently a sister site of but the similarities end there. This site sucks, I repeat sucks! Get out of the way or it might land on you sucks.

On another front,

This is really an amateur site. I'm into forced stripping, clothing ripped off, yes! And this site has it but then it just loses it. For the forced stripping scenes the girls all wear the same schoolgirl skirt and blouse and the skirt comes off in half a second. The worst thing about this site though is that the camera just seems to focus in on the worst part of the chick's anatomy. Don't let the teaser pictures fool you as you. Most of what you'll see is a lot of "cottage cheese ass". Great idea but poorly executed, no...extremely badly executed. I hope the guy who made the vids on this site had fun because if you join it you sure as hell won't. It kind of reminds me of

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 09:44:39 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

Ralphus, you got the movie! They must have been up all night thinking of that title, though... (And sorry for the terrible wooden acting joke - it's just she reminded me so much of my ex-partner that I couldn't avoid making the connection.)

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 10:00:23 PM

Name: MAV
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Jeff and all:

I bought Mark of the Whip a while back but didn't get around to posting a review. Here it is, a bit rushed:

At about 9 minutes in, a nude Maria Vaslova is strung up by the wrists by some deformed villagers and whipped. She still has high heels on for those that like it. Although the acting is pretty lame, the buxom Vaslova's body is not. After about 3 minutes, the "Fantom Whipper" arrives and takes over the whipping duties. He works Vaslova over for another 4-5 minutes. Then, the Fantom Whipper gets a closer look at Maria and fondles her a little before using the lower part of the whip on her breasts and ass. The Fantom Whipper then uses a crop on Maria's ass and breasts.

Later, about 20 minutes in, Maria Vaslova is tied nude, spreadeagle and ballgagged on a hospital bed with whipmarks on her body. Her ballgag is removed after 2 minutes, Maria then recounts, with flashbacks, her whipping when she was strung up by the wrists. After a few minutes, the gag is replaced on her mouth and the nurse proceeds to rub her down with baby oil. Total scene length about 6 minutes.

Now we move to the more athletic hottie-Hana Krosova. After being knocked out 36 minutes in, she wakes to find herself tied nude, also strung up by the wrists, ballgagged and barefoot. The Fantom Whipper then works her over 9 minutes straight. The scene is a lot better then the first scene and makes the movie worth it, with Vaslova's hot body doing a lot of writhing, sweating, moaning, and some drooling. Ultimately, Hana cums on a mirror placed under her.

Later, about 57 minutes in, Krosova is seen wearing a full-body see-through fishnet outfit, tied arms behind by the Fantom Whipper. A choker tied to her arm bonds also. she is then ballgagged. The front of her outfit is then torn by the Fantom Whipper so that he can place nipple-clamps on her. The clamps are then tied to an overhead rope to create tension and to keep Hana in place. She is then whipped for several minutes, with her outfit being reduced to shreds in the process. After about 8-9 minutes, the Fantom Whipper then repeatedly thrusts the lower part of his whip into Hana's ass. Great moaning and drooling through the ballgag throughout. He then leaves Hana tied up for the cops to find her A male cop takes then comes and whips her with the whip that was left in her ass after a female cop takes the ballgag off. Krosova is then untied and left on the ground tied up in a modified hogtie position, kneeling while her wrists are tied to her ankles.

About 96 minutes in, after saving Hana and her blonde friend from a failed robbery attempt, the Fantom Whipper ties them up together seated on a wooden horse in an upper spreadeagle facing each other. They are both nude and ballgagged, and have a dildo inserted in them. They are then whipped repeatedly.

Overall, there are some hot, voluptuous eastern European bodies whipped and abused for a long time, but the scene quality is not consistent. The Hana Krosova scene and the overall GIMP intent makes this movie, in my opinion, a B+. For some reason though, the old site for this movie doesn't work anymore, so I may have a rarity on my hands. I'm willing to trade for a copy of "Rape is a Circle".

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 02:53:47 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

MAV: Thanks for the review -- I definitely like the description of Mark of the Whip. Sadly, I doubt I'll ever find that movie in these barren parts, but who knows? I'll keep my eyes open for it, in any event.

As for Rape is a Circle, I must say I still have my doubts about Bill Zebub. But if you ever do get your hands on that title, you'll have to let us know if it's any good.

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 08:41:46 AM

Name: Brutus

MAV: Nice review. I really appreciate the information about the length of the scenes. It really helps in deciding whether to fork out the dough for the DVD, especially a mainstream movie. I'm convinced.

So in the reviews section on this site, there are now three out of three very positive reviews for Mark of the Whip. Ironically, another movie reviewed three times received two very poor ratings and one seemingly reluctant thumbs up. That movie was The Crucifier by Bill Zebub. I agree with A Canadian on Bill Zebub. From what I've seen, the potential and the GIMPer attitude might be there, but the execution so far has been flat.

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 10:41:46 AM

Name: Cruel Jailer
E-mail address:

Red pussies and crotch ropes......sweet.........the crotch rope is the mainstay of female persuasion as we all know. Get her bound well kneeling and with a few well timed tugs of that sweet rope the girl will do just about anything you ask. And as a punishment device, its just as sweet too.

Likes the pic, well done rope work here......keep it coming.

C. Jailer

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 01:23:55 PM

Name: Glatman
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi Guys!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been reading regularly, but I've been lazy I guess. Anyway, I just wanted to alert the readers of this board to an article that appeared in today's Sunday NY Times magazine: A Disciplined Business by Jon Mooallem. Its a fairly even handed article about (Hogtied is one of its sister sites for those who don't know) and its owner Peter Acworth. Pretty interesting commentary about the online porn business. There's also an article in the same magazine called "Stalk of the Town", but don't get too excited, its just a cooking article about rhubarb!

But I hate to say I don't think the gray lady (that's a nickname for the Times, not the old broad at the public library) is not about to start publishing movie reviews by Ralphus. This very same issues cover story is all about a serial killer. Somehow I think the feminists over there made sure to offer a "counter opinion".

I hope the link above works guys. If it doesn't, just go to the times page on the web, then to the magazine.

Be well all and Happy Gimping!

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 04:16:34 PM

Name: Grey
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Homepage URL:

Poll: Crotchropes are an excellent feature in B&D dvds, films, and loops. I saw crotch ropes for the first time in HOM magazaines and film loops about 30 years ago -- and I believe they still were the best at it -- usually with panties tugged tight against the vulva with pubic hair prominent. Dan Hawke does a fine job as Steve Power does when he uses it. I wish it was used with greater frequency. Grey

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 06:13:24 PM

Name: Bobjones

Thanks for the article about Kink. . . those guys really do the very best quality when it comes to kink-oriented porn, even if what they do is emphatically and disappointingly BDSM and not really torture. (Couldn't the models just pretend not to like it? Pleeeeaase? They're just so hot and tough. If they'd just pretend not consent it'd be the hottest site on the internet. It's so well done that I actually think it's pretty good anyway, but not good enough for me to subscribe to any of their websites again. . . well not soon anyway.)

I'm glad to see that the kink folk are making an effort at explaining this stuff to the outside world, even if the writer wasn't exactly as enlightened on the subject as one might like. I think the sooner everybody comes out of the closet about their own aggressive sexual fantasies, the better we're gonna be as a society and the more intelligently we can talk about how we relate to each other. I teach in a college, and nothing bothers me quite as much about the doctrinaire liberalism in the academic community as anti-porn feminism. I consider myself both liberal and a feminist, but I also believe in freedom and I know what turns me on. It's not WHAT turns you on that causes problems, its what you choose to do about it. I like seeing articulate folks from the fetish community getting themselves out there.

Jeezus. I'm still up on that high horse. I don't know why I can't start a post without ranting this week. Must be the weather. Oh well.

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 09:01:10 PM


Ralphus & Mothbrad: That movie you linked to "Inquisition" does look incredible, but I'll give you a warning. I tried to order "War Victims" from about a year ago. The guy even wrote me when I placed the order. They charged my credit card, and I've still never seen the video. I sent MANY e-mails asking about my videos and NEVER got a reply. For a while I was just sending him an e-mail a day saying "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE", but I got sick of that. So order at your own risk.

Poll question: Crotch Ropes. They certainly aren't high on my list of choices to watch, but as long as they don't last too long, not fast forward material either, so I guess I fall in the middle on this one.


Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 09:16:16 PM

Name: VM
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Homepage URL:

War Victims... We do carry #1-4

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 09:25:28 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Crotch ropes: For me, bondage is all about the sex. So to the degree that a crotch rope might be seen as sexually stimulating the lady or giving her something enjoyable to do while the rest of her is otherwise occupied, fine by me. Prefer insertion, tho.


Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 09:28:23 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

MAV: Thanks so much for the review of Mark of the Whip. That's our most thorough review of that movie yet and I believe your first official entry in the Reviews section. Welcome to the club. The direct link to your review is linked above.

Cruel Jailer: Good to see a new face around here; thanks for your comments. Yeah, tugging on a bound girl's crotch rope is a good way to get her to comply. I also like tugging on the chain to her nipple clamps. Or how about leaving her in an uncomfortable position so that any movement pulls on her pussy lips and her sore nipples at the same time? A few hours tied that way ought to get her moaning after a while. Then we break out the whip to show her what REAL pain is about!

Glatman: Welcome back; I thought you had been arrested or something and we wouldn't see you for 15 to 20 years. We missed your input.

I liked the NY Times article; I didn't realize handled so many websites. And to be honest, I'm not a big fan of ANY of them, although I haven't seen enough content from many of them to make an informed opinion. I think it's the lack of plotlines that disinterest me. I've seen women tied up and fucked in Sex and Submission and I think it's dull. I'd rather watch a simulated ZFX rape scene than the consensual real stuff they put out. Hogtied does some creative stuff, but everything I've seen from them involves the women ultimately orgasming in their bondage. I don't like that. Acworth may consider crying distasteful, but I think it's essential. Show some distress! That's what makes it good!

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 10:47:04 PM

Name: HC Keys
E-mail address:

Crotch ropes: yes. Some of the hottest scenes in movies I've enjoyed have had them. Jenni Lee, Alexis Taylor, Tyler Scot...they've all endured them and it's very sexy. So a big thumbs up from here.

Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 11:48:03 PM

Name: Jefferson James
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Homepage URL:

Crotch ropes: They might be a good way to store a woman between rapes, but I like my women accessible.

I've seen "Rape is a Circle"; it's available through NetFlix. It had a lot of potential, but was very poorly executed. As I posted on IMDb, the scene where the main characters first meet features some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Unless you get off on women talking dirty and being verbally threatening, you probably won't like it. There is talk of a woman being in the bathtub with a barbell pinning her down by her throat while she breathes through a straw, but it isn't shown. There is talk of a girl getting a soldering iron up her cunt, but is isn't shown, etc. All talk and no depicted action.


Monday, April 30th 2007 - 11:48:08 AM

Name: db
E-mail address:

A tight crotch rope on a bound female is the ultimate. I like it with or without panties. The damp panties cam be used as a humiliating gag later. HOM in the 70's had the best. I especially like Sharon Montgomery in Hard Hat Trouble. A tight crotch rope, then a walking crotch rope.

Monday, April 30th 2007 - 03:25:19 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Jefferson James: You know, I feel bad for Bill Zebub, as he regularly gets dissed on this site. But his movies do seem to be an ongoing source of disappointment.

Now, a number of GIMPers did give Bill some solid ideas for his film about the woman in the box. If he screws that one up, he will no longer get any sympathy from me.

Monday, April 30th 2007 - 03:54:41 PM

Name: Christina Carter
E-mail address:

Hey!! This is Christina Carter...bondage/fetish and glam model. I had a minute away from the ropes on my wanted to say quick hello. Recently heard of this site from a producer I work with very often...can you guess who?? I'm Not's on a site you would only go to if you feel the need to take what you want..."shut up B*tch"

I love all of you!! Love,Christina

Monday, April 30th 2007 - 05:19:32 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

I think it was invented by the folks at HOM so that they wouldn't get in trouble with censors. And so that they could sell their magazine: "Bondage Life". Remember that publication?

"Bondage Life" was a Harmony Concepts mag, not an HOM mag.

HOM in the 70's had the best. I especially like Sharon Montgomery in Hard Hat Trouble. A tight crotch rope, then a walking crotch rope.

Georgia van Helsing was in 8mm loop "Hard Hat Trouble", not Sharon. Sharon did appear in a Punished 1 video segment which had Whitman with a hard hat, and near the end, Sharon straddling a rope tied to two posts that ran tight between her legs, and she was made to drag her crotch along it. This Sharon short vid is called "Red, Hot Bondage"

Crotch Ropes

I like 'em a lot. The 'Celebrating 8 Years' graphic on top shows that. The first HOM mag I ever saw (and bought), Punished v1 n4 had a number of nice crotch rope shots.

Hey!! Wow! Christina Carter! One of the hottest bondage models ever. Visiting our forum. Imagine that.

Monday, April 30th 2007 - 06:18:31 PM

Name: Bobjones

Another fetish model siting!!! And Christina Carter no less. Score one for the Gimp board.

Monday, April 30th 2007 - 10:35:26 PM

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