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Name: Electrosadist
E-mail address: seems good, but doesn't anyone know of a similar site for modern interrogation pics and videos? It really ought to be one somewhere out there on the Web I think, as it's just as exciting... well, hrm, even more if you ask me...

Friday, July 1st 2005 - 07:09:25 AM

Name: greyducttape
E-mail address:

Ralphus and others -- I appreciate the "Consumer Digest or Reports" approach to reviewing bondage vids. Very helpful.

But outside of ZFX and Foridden Video (I give them both A- -- almost flawless products)-- I don't see much about anythingelse.

I have inquired about Powershotz many times and have gotten hardly anywhere.

O.K. I have viewed Ashleigh's clips and they are excellent -- she struggles well and is a great prospect. Now -- does anyone have any DVD's on Miranda of Powershotz. Please let me know which DVD's of Powershotz you recommend. E-mail me please -i if you don't want to post.

Please help! There are way too many clips to review and too much material to weed through.

Thanks for your anticipated consideration, Grey

Friday, July 1st 2005 - 01:09:34 PM

Name: Duke


Friday, July 1st 2005 - 06:46:44 PM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:

Hey, Gimpers... I used to have a catalog from an old company known as RDF. It offered some rare and cruel oldies, probably from the 70s (obvious 8mm stuff). I've since lost the catalog and have spent the last five years trying to find a video that was listed in that catalog. The video in question had a stacked blonde dressed in yellow. She was dragged off the street into a warehousee by four guys. She was tied to a chair and stripped and fondled. She's later tied to a table and fucked, then placed on the floor and fucked again. It was a great bondage/rape vid...lots of fondling but no torture. Anyway, does anyone know this video, its title, and where one might find it now? Any help would be appreciated...

Saturday, July 2nd 2005 - 09:01:38 AM

Name: WickedMister
E-mail address: (thesame)
Homepage URL:

Hi again all--sorry this response comes so late (just been extra busy lately).

Thanks to Ralphus for posting about what was happening and bringing a little attention to the matter.

To answer BaronOrca's comment made a bit earlier about why not just look for another shopping cart... no special reason. Just doesn't seem like it's worth it anymore, really--with the news of so many credit card processors cutting off adult merchants left and right, there's no guarantee another processor won't do the very same thing 5-6 months down the road. And with government coming up with more and more ridulously strict laws left and right, it just doesn't seem like the smartest thing to do--or not if you don't want to end up in prison, anyway.

Once I first started hearing news about all this happening (going back a few years now), I started thinking about just getting rid of the video section altogether and turning the site into a password protected story archive, one more expanded with more categories and with rotating pic galleries, the whole works. However, since I wasn't having any problems with my own shopping cart provider, I decided to just keep using it for a while.

And then just recently, out of the clear blue, they decided to pull the plug on me, too. They didn't give any of their adult merchants much notice (I think I got about 10 days maybe?), and more or less sent all of us an online contract to sign which, if we didn't, basically amounted to each merchant voluntarily closing down his/her account with them. I never did sign the contract myself so I was expecting my cart to be deactivated on 6/20, and when it wasn't I temporarily added the "Classic Bondage & Roughies" category back in figuring that I had at least until the end of the month then to use the cart before it was deactivated--which would have made sense being that I had paid my shop. cart fees for June.

However, it looks like they still haven't deactivated my shopping cart and/or closed my account with them because I can still access them... so, either they're very slow on following thru, or else this was just some kind of PR manuever and the don't fully intend to follow thru with their statements.

All this did help me to remember that they did pull this same stunt a few years ago--making their merchants sign contracts stating they wouldn't use their shopping carts to sell adult merchandise (which I DID sign that time)--and nothing happened that time, either; in fact, I used their shopping cart for over 3 years without any hassle whatsoever.

So, as of now and as far as I know, I still do have my shopping cart. Again, they might just be moving very slowly and I might not have it for very much longer, but until they do deactivate it (hopefully they won't), I'll keep using it then.

Being that I still have use of the cart, I'm going to keep the one adult category up and running (Classic Bondage & Roughies), as it's really the only one I have that is actually completely compliant with the new stricter 18 USC 2257 law (all titles in it were released prior to 1995). I did have several other adult categories there, too, but those will remain closed for now.

Anyway, I was just following up on Ralphus' and BaronOrca's posts, but there's some info for those who are interested. Again, the CBR category may not be there for much longer, but it is up for now at least--and until I receive word otherwise from my cart provider, it will continue to stay up. :-)

Take care all.


Saturday, July 2nd 2005 - 09:21:43 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

I don't know the name of the movie that Darkroom is referring to, but I hope someone does. It sounds like it has potential.

Saturday, July 2nd 2005 - 10:11:10 AM

Name: Bob Smith

Greducttape: Because of the way Powershotz is set up, none of their models particularly stand out. There's nobody who has a specialty in a certain type of acting. One day she may be a screaming, struggling fighter, another she may be a submissive slave girl.

I'd say the best thing to do is use tokens to look at some of the video clips and decide which ones you want to own in their entirety. I find the monthly membership quite worthwhile for samples, and the token selections are vast and fairly priced.

Saturday, July 2nd 2005 - 01:58:00 PM

Name: jazzdar
E-mail address:

Darkroom, just today I found a site named Bondage Old Videoclips. It's a token site. I have some old 8mm films from them. It was a great company, but of course they were silent. However the action was often so hot, you could hear the sounds in your mind. I was pleased that they had one of my favorites, # 36. There is a great spreadeagle on a table and lots of whipping. i don't recall the one you are referring too. A lot of their films were in black and white.

Saturday, July 2nd 2005 - 09:35:37 PM

Name: pvdadp


And the address of this site is...?

I tried searching and setting up a variety of URL's with this name and couldn't find anything. Sounds interesting.

Sunday, July 3rd 2005 - 04:33:31 AM

Name: jazzdart
E-mail address:

It's Try that and see.

Sunday, July 3rd 2005 - 07:52:00 AM

Name: jazzdart

Yarble, I liked the models on SSM but could not handle watching ORGE, or whatever his name is. Is he still the main character? I hated it when he muffled the sounds of the model with his ugly hands. Spoiled many, many scenes. Regarding Inquisitionlive, doesn't one have to pay extra for watching the videos? I thought the membership only got you the galleries.

Sunday, July 3rd 2005 - 07:58:44 AM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL:


Re: RDF ...

Now that was a great company! ... a bit expensive, but great content ... I have their catalog buried in my archives in the garage somewhere. They also had the old Matthew Cole Euro-loops, other hard to find loops from the 70's/80's, photo sets, and some excellent loops that they produced themselves ...

I did notice that AlphaBlueArchives has added a bunch of the old RDF titles to their releases ... haven't dealt with them, but if anyone has ... please post info.

Sunday, July 3rd 2005 - 01:04:29 PM

Name: pvdadp


Yes, Ogre (who is so proud of himself that his name appears on the streaming info at the bottom of every video--even if the model's doesn't) is still the main guy at SSM. And yes, he's still a major irritant in the scenes for many reasons. I guess for GIMPers the issue of the badguy is a biggie, since he (assuming you don't dig female torturers) is a stand-in for us. Machine on Paingate and Whipped Women, Ogre on SSM and others don't seem to understand how bad they are. There have been several discussions here as well about the ZFX guys as well, how either bored or ridiculously overplayed they are. That's one of the things I mentioned around the InquisitionLive flick: there are 3 guys doing the torturing, and they really played it well!

Regarding IQL, yes again: you do have to pay a monthly membership which gets you the archives of pics and the video trailers (which are fairly long) and ACCESS to the films. Then you pay for the film itself--not cheap, since it is Euros and our fearless leaders seem much more interested in keeping our morality strong than keeping the dollar so. It was quite costly to get the video, but, as I wrote before, this has the best whipping and some of the best torture scenes and the best production values of anything I've seen.

Monday, July 4th 2005 - 03:37:11 AM

Name: Pvdadp

Pvdadp, thank you so much for your feedback. That's why I love this forum, there is excellent information here and helps me decide what is worthwhile investing in. I know nothing about Euros. Sounds expensive. So which are your favorite whipping scenes that you liked?

Monday, July 4th 2005 - 09:13:25 AM

Name: mr retailer

I am pretty sure the inquistion live dvd's are being released in america. So I would hesitate paying 80 bucks for these. maybe with a little patience you might just be able to rent it. These arent pirated copies so I would just ask your local videostores to check into them.

Monday, July 4th 2005 - 11:30:21 AM

Name: D.M.
Homepage URL:

More good abductors pics at the above or below URL.

Monday, July 4th 2005 - 04:14:51 PM

Name: greyducttape
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Bob Smith -- thanks again for your response. But please drop me an e-mail so we can discuss things further. Thanks.

Monday, July 4th 2005 - 09:25:46 PM

Name: Duke

Ralphus: I hope you're just taking a vacation! Are you OK?

Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 09:45:19 AM

Name: Dave Darke
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I just wanted to announce, for those who may be interested, that streaming video on demand is now available on my site. The streaming video library currently contains 2 full-length videos. A third video, featuring Darling, will be added soon.

Also, this week's update features my first shoot with Naomi St. Claire. Naomi is an experienced adult performer but a relative newcomer to bondage modeling. Naomi was eager to test her limits and I must say that she passed with flying colors. The shoot with Naomi was a tough one for several reasons, including the fact that the studio was sweltering that day due to a lack of air conditioning. But the excessive heat served a useful purpose in that it caused Naomi to sweat profusely, which I think added to the intensity of the images. Check out the preview pics to see what I mean.


Dave Darke

Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 10:01:04 AM

Name: Hail

The Oompa Loompas took Ralphus!

The Oompa Loompas took Ralphus!

Oh No! The Oompa Loompas took Ralphus!


Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 11:48:49 AM

Name: Mr bush

Anyone know what you multiply the euros number by to get equivilent dollars?

Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 01:18:34 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

The above link provides currency adjustments.

Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 03:41:06 PM

Name: Cheapo
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

FYI - many of the clips at can be downloaded much cheaper from - compare Video 40-42 with

Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 05:19:58 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

What's up, fellow GIMPers?

No, it wasn't those damn Oompa-Loompas this time. My new PC (not even 3 months old) got zapped by lightning Thursday night, right as I was putting the finishing touches on another fabulous post to this board. The result? Not as bad as I feared, as I thought the hard drive would have been fried and everything would be lost. Turns out I'll need a new motherboard, that's all. Still, I've been without a computer for the past 5 days and I'm using my backup right now.

Good to see we had plenty of activity in my absence. Even Hail showed up, that sick fuck. Guess that proves he's not totally abandoned us.

As soon as I find time, I've got a few movies to watch and review for the board. And we'll finally have a new picture up tonight. I know what a burden it must have been to have to look at Cheri Caffaro's bare ass for 5 straight days.

Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 06:28:56 PM

Name: Iago

Ralphus, sorry to hear about the computer. I hope the bill isn't too bad. Are you going to upgrade the motherboard while you are at it?

Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 07:53:43 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp
E-mail address:

Any fans of beautiful French actress Catherine Deneuve out there? There's a great whipping scene at the start of "Belle de Jour" (1966 directed by the Spaniard Luis Bunuel), Deneuve is in her prime thinking man's 'Sex Kitten' period.

The opening scene shows her enjoying a pleasant autumn ride with her husband in a horse-drawn carriage, all of sudden husband Pierre is irritated by a remark she makes and orders the drivers to stop and commands them to remove Deneuve's character 'Severine', drag her through the thicket and bind her to a tree, next thing clothes come off and the 3 men proceed to giver her back a good whipping, when they are done, her husband invites them to merrily have their way with it a dream??

(The film is full of surrealistic perversion, Bunuel was a good colleague of artist Salvador Dali), this French/Italian film got a "Golden Lion" Award at the Venice International Film Festival in 1967. Worth watching a great film by a great director.

Look in the "Arthouse' section of your local video store.

Speaking of 'mainstream' films, has anyone seen "Secretary" with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader?

What do you make of it?....

Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 08:04:06 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thees Van Kemp: Good call on Belle de Jour. Catherine Deneuve is one of the great beauties of all time, and she actually gets tied up and humiliated three times in that movie, including my personal favorite where she's tied standing and absolutely covered with mud thrown at her while the men berate her and call her names. And it really is a great movie, too. I saw the restored version in a theater years ago and the poster still hangs in my editing room. Don't buy it looking for true harsh GIMP action, but it was still pretty daring for 1967.

Iago: My new PC is pretty much top of the line, so the motherboard doesn't need to be upgraded. And my only cost will turn out to be the 40 bucks I coughed up to have the repair shop give me the diagnosis. Everything else is covered under the warranty.

Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 11:04:03 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Well, I guess everybody's getting into the act. I received an email alert yesterday about a new Jenna Jameson movie, Jenna Loves Pain, that is being released at the end of the month.

It's an all-girl feature and while I'm positive it will be tame by GIMP standards, I still find it to be an interesting development.

Wednesday, July 6th 2005 - 03:53:12 AM

Name: Bruno

Jenna Jameson is one hot looking babe and I don't remember her ever being in bondage but with Ernest Green directing the movie you can bet it will be one big bust for Gimpers, IMO his work leaves a lot to be desired.

Wednesday, July 6th 2005 - 07:56:20 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Too bad there's no preview pics of the Jenna movie. I have my doubts that it will be GIMP-worthy, too, unfortunately. Number one, there's the all-girl aspect. With very few exceptions, chicks can't dish it out as well as a man could. And then there's even the title, "Jenna Loves Pain". Dammit, if she LOVES pain, that's not as much fun. We want her to be tied up and suffer, not have an orgasm.

Still, she's among the hottest women in porn, or at least used to be. Past few times I've seen her, she had marked up her perfect bod with tats, I recall. I do remember I used to drool over her when I saw her on Howard Stern a few times, though, so she does ring my bell. Should be worth checking out to see what happens to her, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Now if we can get some action like in the manip linked above, we might have something!

Wednesday, July 6th 2005 - 08:21:09 AM

Name: Hail

Yeah, Jenna hit the wall a long time ago, in my opinion. She's still hot but no longer that #1 "super hot" sex kitten that once graced us. I don't think that I've ever seen anyone as perfect as she was in Stern's Private Parts. Even her voice is deeper now. Like she's had too many cigarettes or something. Plus the tats. And that all she does is lesbian stuff or has sex with her husband. (At least that was the case a few years ago. I gave up on her then.)

Still, when I read that she revealed in her book that growing up she was a cheerleader who got gangraped by the football team at age 16, I said "Shit, that's the book I want to see turned into a movie!"

Wednesday, July 6th 2005 - 12:17:39 PM

Name: Thanagar

Jenna Jameson has dabbled a bit in bondage, especially in "The Masseuse," and while I look forward to seeing her take a bigger plunge with this movie, I have to sadly agree that she's past her prime.

There's not a lot of traditional b&d action in "Secretary," and Maggie Gyllenhaal is not exactly what you'd call a hottie anyway, but I found it somewhat gratifying that a serious film could explore a dominant/submissive relationship,and even imply that it could dramatically improve the mental health of a young woman...I've been trying to convince women of that for years!

Wednesday, July 6th 2005 - 04:30:17 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I was asked to review another custom written by this board's own BBFan, who previously wrote Heather's Forced Rehabilitation and Sins of the Father. And at least the casting works better in this latest offering, entitled Kidnapped Cunnilingus. This one stars busty redhead Darling as the victim and Mistress Lolita as her femme dominant. Although Darling has a great reputation among the bondage crowd, this was my first time seeing her perform.

The paper-thin plot, such as it is, is that Lolita has had an affair with Darling's husband, but he won't leave his wife for her. So she has abducted Darling so that she can torment her on camera and send the tape to the husband. You know, happens all the time. Makes about as much sense as the plot of any other all-girl vid, anyway.

The way Lolita "torments" her is to rub her pussy with a vibrator while Darling is tied to a chair. At one point she cuts off Darling's panties and stuffs them into her mouth, then pushes her own panties in there as well. They are still sticking halfway out of her mouth when Lolita finishes up the gag with a single strip of duct tape, which doesn't do much to keep the contents lodged inside.

After about 10 minutes of vibrator action, Lolita pumps up an inflatable dildo in Darling's pussy and simultaneously rubs her clit with the vibe. I couldn't tell if Darling was suffering or enjoying this, since her reactions, while loud and expressive, are exactly the same throughout the vid. Then Lolita gets up on the chair and straddles Darling's face, forcing her to lick pussy until she smothers and passes out.

In the following scene, Darling is tied standing with her arms roped off to the sides and her big tits tied up. There is a rope through her pussy lips and her mouth is filled with a red ballgag. There's some light tit torture, as Lolita flicks her nipples and uses a small hair comb and some metal skewers to tease and torment her sensitive titflesh, then follows that up with more vibrator play. All throughout, Darling makes lots of noise, and if you like to see women orgasm while in bondage, then you will probably think this is a hot scene.

All this time, I was eager to see Darling's big tits really get punished, and they do in the next segment, but oh, what a disappointment. Darling is tied to a chair, with decently tight breast bondage, and a vibe is duct taped to her pussy. Sounds great so far, except they FAIL TO TIE HER HANDS! In fact, she is seen cupping her own breasts while several tight clothespins are applied to them. What is this, consensual tit torture? At any time, she could easily remove the clamps if she wanted (or the vibe off her pussy, for that matter), which blows the credibility of the scene right out of the water. Makes absolutely no sense at all, and even though Darling (who's apparently smarter than the director) hides her hands behind her through most of the rest of this segment, the scene was ruined big time for me.

As if to apologize for the lack of bondage in the previous scene, when we next see Darling, she's tied extremely well, bound standing with her knees together, and her wrists and elbows bound behind her. The red ballgag is back and so is the crotch rope. Lolita torments her with several blows of her riding crop before forcing the bound woman to lick her pussy. After removing her gag, she forces Darling to lay on her back (which looks painful, considering how she's tied), sits on her face and mashes her pussy into Darling's face until she orgasms and Darling passes out. This is, IMO, the most successful scene of the video.

And the final segment, which should have been the absolute highlight of the vid, is again ruined by poor direction. It's a brilliantly written bondage position in concept. Darling is hung up in the air in a sort of suspended hogtie, with her back facing the ceiling and her legs forced apart and opened up wide, leaving her gaping pussy quite vulnerable. Her dangling tits are nicely tied with rubber bands and weighted clamps are on her nipples. And to make things even better, Lolita is preparing to fuck her with a huge strap-on.

So what's wrong? You can't really see anything at all. If you glance quickly at the right time, you can tell she's really tied, but the entire scene is filmed with nothing but tight close ups. She is really being pummeled in midair by the strap-on, but it's deliberately filmed so that you never really see the actual bondage. Even after they force her tits into a bowl of ice water (a potentially great torture) at the conclusion of the sex scene, I felt cheated that basically all I saw was a series of insert shots and none of the terrific bondage that Darling was enduring. This is, no doubt, a result of a Nervous Nelly producer afraid of getting arrested for showing bondage with penetration, but it still sucks.

This one had potential, and the concept was probably better than how it actually turned out. Darling makes a lovely victim, and she does her best with what she was given to do. Mistress Lolita is adequate, but never shows an ounce of meanness, plus there was too much attention given to masturbation and not enough to actual torture. I fail to see how teasing a woman's clit with a vibrator for 20 minutes can be anything but pleasurable for her. Fans of Darling will probably enjoy her putting on another nice show, but this one missed for me.
My grade: C

Wednesday, July 6th 2005 - 09:21:58 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Regarding the Kidnapped Cunnilingus review, I guess vibrator play on a bound victim must be an acquired taste. The scene Ralphus described sounds good to me.

I remember there was a similar vibrator scene in the Bon-Vue movie, Abduction at Devil's Peak (reviewed here by g-in-o). That was my favorite scene in that movie.

Another similar vibrator scene (with a bit of pixelation, at times) is found in the Japanese movie, Insulted Raped Female Avenger, which was reviewed by me. That was another scene that I really liked.

Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 06:47:01 PM

Name: Scribbler

Is there any stripping in the movie? Sounds like Darling is bound and naked from the get-go. Is the abduction shown? Does it just start with her already tied up for the vibrator?

Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 07:48:51 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Scribbler: Nope, no stripping and no abduction shown; she's naked and already tied in the first scene of the movie. No on-camera tying, either. Although that last point is typical of a lot of bondage films anymore, unfortunately. I guess producers must think the actual tying is too boring, although I usually get a kick out of watching a girl get roughly tied up against her will.

Regarding vibrator play, maybe it is an acquired taste. Sometimes I dig it, sometimes not. I loved the vibrator scene in SNAP, but he was fucking her with it while she was bound, as opposed to teasing her and bringing her to an orgasm, as was the case here. Some people obviously like the idea of turning a woman on while she's tied up. Certainly the Japanese must do that in every other vid I watch. I usually hit the fast-forward button whenever they bring out one of those weird vibrating toys.

BBFan clearly must like it since it was his own script. Maybe we'll hear from him soon. I know he must not agree with what I wrote in my review.

Once again I reiterate: I don't like to see the bound victim enjoy herself. I don't like it when the rape victim starts to enjoy her rape, and I don't agree with doing anything to her that will bring her pleasure. She's there for MY pleasure. I should be having the orgasm, not her.

Flash poll time, and for God's sake, let's hear from some newbies this time. Everybody participate. What are your opinions regarding using a vibrator on a bound victim? Do you like it, or not? And is it a good thing to see her get turned on by it?

There are no right or wrong answers; we're looking for opinions here. Post away.

Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 08:19:10 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address:


Ok, let me just start out by saying that I think Ralphus' review really reflects that the video wasn't done to his vision. What I would consider the perfect bondage video would probably garner barely a B from him because our pervs differ. I like F/f with a hot, cruel domme tormenting a hot, innocent honey - Ralphus doesn't. If Ralphus were to get his perfect video done, I would probably find it only marginal, because I ain't into exactly what he's into. One thing Ralphus might have missed is that he evidently didn't find this domme as irritating as the one in "Heather's Forced Rehabilitation" - that's something, right?

Let me disclose to my fellow pervs here that this video had the following ongoing element as the mood setter - the domme wants to "ruin" the heretofore innocent victim by forcing her to do and eventually enjoy lesbian services to her for presentation to the unseen guy. It really hits on forced orgasms and pussy licking as elements of the victim to enjoy the action in spite of the extreme shame it causes her. That kind of scene does it for me - it doesn't do it for Ralphus.

That being said, let me respond to the specific comments:

Paper-thin story - well, I wasn't aiming for critical acclaim on my writing. This is a BDSM porno - just enough story to make the action make sense is all I really need.

The way Lolita "torments" her is to rub her pussy with a vibrator while Darling is tied to a chair - well, yeah - training her to be a good lesbian sub while the hubby watches from afar. Heather (Darling) is MOST ashamed of letting herself cum over and over like this. The Panties tape could have been executed better, though.

All throughout, Darling makes lots of noise, and if you like to see women orgasm while in bondage, then you will probably think this is a hot scene. - um, yeah, I agree. This is a matter of your what your chosen perv is.

they FAIL TO TIE HER HANDS! - this was a result of trying to get the CalStar Punished 2 scene, where the girl's elbows are tied, but her hands are just free enough to allow her to caress her aching boobs. I like that scene and have been trying to get it done right again ever since, but you are right - free hands with clips just doesn't work - it has to be tied boobs getting whipped where the free hands won't do any good.

the most successful scene of the video - I agree - Darling's body looks luscious in that tie, and I love the forced pussy licking. It was extended and well captured on camera.

And the final segment, which should have been the absolute highlight of the vid, is again ruined by poor direction - well, the whole strap on scene was really not my doing, so I just skipped to the ice-water scene, which was my idea. It could have been done better, but the whole idea that she had to lick her to climax before the bound tits came out of the ice really goes a long way with me.

I will add a few other points - I think the casting was excellent as the models had the right look for the part, and true fans of forced cunnilingus in a non-playful setting know how surprisingly rare that is. The lack of intensity of the bondage was the biggest disappoinment for me, but the forced orgasms, licking and tone of the action really worked and the video has and will be good for many a bag of cheetos for me.

Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 08:55:37 PM

Name: Iago


Both the girls look very good to me, if the picture Ralphus posted today was any indication.

I like the pose in the photo, with the victim open and completely vulnerable.

That gag looks fake. I'm kind of a fan of ring gags and spreader bars, that vulnerable open mouth is very appealing to me,especially if it is being setup for some oral abuse (and I don't mean bad dentistry).

I'm fine with the victim starting to enjoy themselves after a while, but my suspension of disbelief usually requires some sort of mechanism to force it, like some sort of aphrodisiac or mood-altering drug. Mad scientist stuff works well here. But a victim, simply kidnapped and aroused?

Nyah, I don't buy it, not unless there is some kind of introductory setup that reveals to us that the victim is a closet bondage freak, with gear and outfits at home that she wears and uses on herself. Then it can be one of those "fantasy fulfilled" things where she gets off on it. Even in this case I would still look for the point where the action goes beyond the fantasy of the tied-up girl, to where she realizes she's over her head, in serious trouble and on the road to having her will broken and what's left of her dignity smashed. It's especially good if the villain has something on the victim that prevents her from seeking revenge or the authorities. The Forbidden vid "The Poolman" had a setup like this, and I thought the plot in that vid worked really well.



Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 09:29:05 PM

Name: milo

I never (well, hardly ever) decline to participate in any poll initiated by Ralphus.  Vibrators on bound victim?  If anyone remembers my past sporadic posts, they would know that I am big on the sexual (i.e. focused on the erogenous zones) torture aspect in any scenario.  If the victim is clearly enjoying the vibrator, then I vote no. In some clips I've seen, the bound victim screams and writhes, so maybe she is supposed to be enjoying it, but I prefer to think she isn't.

If the vibrator is a means to torture (not maim), such as when it is oversized, nastily shaped, electrified, or otherwise obviously painful to the victim, then by all means. (Plus points if applied anally).  And if the victim screams and writhes, it's a slam dunk.

Digressing to another point:  Jenna Loves Pain?  Seems everybody here agrees she is past her prime. Notice, though, how bondage models like Ashley Rene and Summer Cummings seem to have been around for ages. Maybe that's Jenna's goal -- do bondage= longer career. Let's just hope it's only a first step in the right direction for Jenna, and that in the future she does a flick where she is tied up and tortured with a mean vibrator.

Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 10:32:34 PM

Name: Bob Smith

Vibrator poll: Never did anything for me, but mostly because the victim never reacts much to it. Some moans, but for all I know, they're being cued and not even feeling anything. As I've said in other posts, I'd probably be into anything if the victim was loudly protesting, "Don't do that. Don't touch me there. I don't want to feel that." etc., making it clear it was something they didn't want. But that's the issue here.

Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 11:05:24 PM

Name: James

Regarding the poll, using a vibrator on a bound victim can be very erotic if done right. Being forced to orgasm against her will is great so long as it is clear from her actions that she doesn't want it to happen.

But as far as starting the movie out with the victim nude and bound, one of the worst mistakes a movie can make. What can I say, the abduction and stripping are the best part of the movie for me.

Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 11:08:21 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp

Another poll?...mmm....vibrators, dildoes for some reason I prefer them inserted in the victim anally instead of vaginally....more demeaning?

Some of the strange dildo machines or bizarre mechanical penetrating devices used in ZFX films are very inventive., if they add "character" to the visceral nature of the scene I don't mind them at all.

Back in the 70's when I was a young lad, I recall seeing a "infamous" loop (in the old movie booths) called: "The Fucking Machine", I think it was a Scandinavian production, the chick looked a bit like porn star "Seka", in the scene she is seated in a stool with bicycle gears which appears to be a 'physical exercise machine' then penetrated with a huge penile mechanical pump device which is constantly lubricated with oily vaseline, the whole thing has an almost macabre yet comical feel to it but  she's seems to be enjoying the experience, judging by the big wide smile of the accomodating female.

If anybody has seen it, let me know., THE FUCKING MACHINE is supposed to be a "Classic" in the Loops Hall of fame (or is it infamy)....anyhow somebody ought to do a DVD compilation from the eternally "Classic" gems.

Bye for now from the land of OZ (Tray-lee-a)

Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 11:44:24 PM

Name: D.M.

I vote for vibrators that annoy, overstimulate and are against an unwilling participants desire. Like electrostimulation, vibrators can really heat up a scene if the victim is disturbed and/or otherwise offended by the insertion or use of the vibrator.

Friday, July 8th 2005 - 05:40:46 AM

Name: greyducttape
E-mail address:

I'm in full agreement with James. I've seen vibrators used very effectively on the victim if it is against her will -- even though the body says yes, the mind and feelings say no leaving her with guilt and shame.

The Japanese VCD victims respond often with tears down the cheek while the domestic counterparts have often responded with stonelike emotions -- dissapointingly.

Additionally, abduction scenes with the female in professional or secretarial dress -- nice shoes and pantyhose sweetens the deal.

Can you visualize a nice brunette stripped forcefully down to only pantyhose and wearing a piece of grey tape on her lips holding a wad of cloth in her mouth in place and the pantyhose holding a vibrator in her cunt. Her forehead wrinkled and the read of strong emotions apparent on her face. The mmmffing audible in close proximity but not any further. Hogtied on the bed with her toes trying to grasp the sheets. Her body turned on the side as you stare with enjoyment at her cunt as the pubic hair surrounding it. Tears start streaming down her cheeks as her legs are now anchored to each bed post. The vibrator now removed and the crotch panel being torn away. Her eyes reveal a myriad of emotions as the captors shorts drop. Not hard to imagine -- what is there not to like?


Saturday, July 9th 2005 - 02:35:07 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

While she has features that are attractive, I don't think Darling does much for me. Not my type, I guess.

On a completely different matter, is reporting that the 70s classic, Demon Seed, with Julie Christie, will be released on DVD on Oct. 4.

Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 06:02:10 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian wrote:

While she has features that are attractive, I don't think Darling does much for me. Not my type, I guess.

Yeah, I agree. She's kind of pretty, and I like the red hair and big tits, but overall she doesn't really ring my bell, either. Seems a bit too big and muscular to be an ideal victim, in my book. But then I'm pretty picky anyway.

I saw parts of Demon Seed on TV about 25 years ago. The only thing I remember is a scene where Julie Christie is strapped down to a bed and a machine was cutting through her dress, presumably to rape her. I don't remember if there was anything more than just that one short segment. I'm guessing they didn't take it as far as one of Rick's twisted sci-fi plant rapes.

I checked out my Brutal Violence membership today to see if they've gotten any better. Well, one thing has improved. The newer video clips look a lot better than the older ones, even watching them full-screen they are nice and sharp.

But the content...oh, please. I downloaded a new one today called "Silly Clowns" and it was about a Russian rope dancer in a circus who is attacked by...right, a couple of clowns. Really. Pretty stupid all the way through, with some bondage but no real force. And the direction is bad, too. One potentially good scene had her tied up standing while they raised and lowered a large ring of fire over her body. But the director kept cutting back to a shot of the clowns' antics making jokes and you only got to see about 5 seconds of her! Yeah, we really want to look at a two guys wearing clown costumes when there's a tied up naked girl just out of camera range. Clueless, I tell you.

And then she isn't even tied up while they pee in her mouth (like someone would just lay still for that) and then rape her, and rape without bondage and struggling is just plain sex to me, and I can find that anywhere on the net. The whole thing was totally unbelievable and played for laughs, but I wasn't laughing. Thank God their old stuff was better, so at least I'm getting something decent for my money.

Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 01:38:29 PM

Name: John Davis
E-mail address:

This is my first visit. The site looks very interesting. I wish there was some guidance on how to see or download or purchase of films in your database.

Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 03:50:27 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

John Davis: Others can provide you with a more comprehensive list, but I can get you started.

To find zfx movies for online streaming, go to To find zfx movies on DVD, a good source for reasonably-priced DVDs is Not all zfx movies have been released on DVD -- not yet, anyway. However, some of the zfx movies only available on VHS can also be found at

I believe people use a variety of sources for purchasing Japanese bondage movies, which are highly recommended. You might want to try the list of stores that Ralphus has posted on this site.

Some of the popular online sites include,,, and The movie that Ralphus just reviewed, Kidnapped Cunnilingus, can be found at

Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 05:37:43 PM

Name: mr retailer

regarding brutal violence. i think they are in the middle of a content change and a name change. if you play the preview of the newer movies at the end it say the site is called funny bdsm!!

Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 06:29:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

John Davis: Welcome to the board, and we hope that you'll come by regularly and contribute.

We have an entire page full of links where you can buy the movies reviewed here. It's one of the six boxes you can click on near the top of the site (with the girl tied to the bed as the picture).

Not only that, nearly every review in the review sections also has an individual link at the top that will take you to ordering information. For the movies in the three databases (electro, whipping and rape), it might just be easier to run a check on Google and see what comes up.

Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 06:43:51 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp


Here's a noteworthy article regarding classification and censorship of adult video material In Australia from the major Sydney daily "THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD", with particular mention of so called "Violent" videos (ZFX titles do get a mention!)....

The Conservatives relentless onslaught on civil liberties continues, Prime Minister John Howard is now pandering to ultraconservative charismatic-revivalist religious groups (the most prominent being a Sydney-based congregation calling itself: "HILLSONG") who would love to see all porn burnt in the cleansing fires of their proposed lunacy.

The article can be found at:

Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 07:10:52 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

I'm sorry for our Australian friends that they have to be fighting off obscene, moralistic religious nut assholes. That kind of mental illness seems to be infecting most of the planet nowadays, whether it is the Islamic nuts blowing people up, or the so-called Christian brown-shirt Nazis in the US or elsewhere.

Just keep fighting the fight, and never give in. It's okay to believe in God (I certainly do), but organized religion of any stripe has proven itself as obscene and causes most of the troubles in this world. If the brown-shirts wind up outlawing obscenity, I hope the first books they will burn are the Bible.

Rick, I know it is probably asking for trouble, but a cool theme for one of your future movies might be the kidnapping of some hot holy roller girl and showing her the ropes. Continuing the vibrator/dildo theme here, maybe you could penetrate her with her own crucifix, "Exorcist" style.


Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 10:30:45 PM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL:

Re: Alpha Blue Archives ...

I checked out their release of Nazi Sexperiments ... and it does include a few RDF loops ... including Torture of a Slave and Matthew Cole's The Traitress ... the good news is ... anyone wondering what happened to the old HOM Classics loop The Collaborator Pt2 (I believe pt1 was on one of the their Bondage Classics releases ... and their old 8mm catalogue listed that there was a part 2 with electricity!) ... it turns up as a good loop transfer here ... the bad news is that the ending of the The Traitress is cut ... don't know if they put it on another one of their releases ... the other loops (mostly rape themed) seem to be complete ... but, some of the content also includes excerpts from other movies.

The overall transfer quality is very good for their source material (either 8mm or tape) and the loops include music overdubs. Makes me want to check out some of their other releases ... the Collaborator pt2 was a pleasant surprise and a lost treasure!

Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 11:33:43 PM

Name: Epilepsio

Wunderbar, Herr Ralphus

Great foto!, my kind of girl for this sort of treatment, right proportions curvy and fleshy. Shockingly pleasurable.

I'm still travelling around ASIA and the Pacific, I've been to Malaysia, land of NO PORN (very different to Thailand, just across the border: LAND OF LOTS OF PORN), in fact in Islamic Malaysia even thinking about Porn could get you a good flogging with a bamboo cane or a jail sentence, a lot of Web sites with adult content are censored by the government's watchdogs.

Sunday, July 10th 2005 - 11:47:04 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thees Van Kemp: Thanks for the very interesting article. Of particular interest was the paragraph where they mentioned ZFX's Night Prowler's always fascinating to hear an outside commentator detail what goes on in a ZFX movie. Can you imagine what common, uninformed people must think when they read that description?

Sad to say, it looks like it's not just here in the States that we have to worry about our right to view material in our own homes. The censors are out there everywhere, even in other countries, threatening people with imprisonment for selling material that doesn't meet with their own limiting standards. That means simulated sex films with theatrical violence like what ZFX produces would be against the law there. I imagine many stores had to pull such "dangerous" material off their shelves to protect themselves from police raids. Doesn't anyone anywhere still care about freedom of speech?

zee-ef-ex: Personally, I would love to see your proposed ZFX movie theme, but boy, if that's not an insanely bad idea, I don't know what is. Could you imagine what would happen if any of those religious nuts got wind of that project? Targeting them is bad enough, but the whole crucifix penetration idea would brand as Rick as Satan Incarnate. Remember when Hustler came out with that cover showing a woman being put into a meat grinder? It was hard to miss it, since fundamentalists and Christian groups kept using that as an example of how hateful and degrading porn is to women (I linked it at the top). Never mind that it was a big joke on Larry Flynt's part, it made him the evil face of porn. He was in and out of courtrooms for years.

Making a film like that would be like painting a big target on Rick's chest and inviting the prosecutors to come and get him. You sure as heck don't want to agitate these people, and a bondage film that is a deliberate attack against them would surely bring out the protests and give them a reason to shut down ZFX's operation, in spite of the fact that his films are 100% legal. Rob Black and his crew from Extreme Associates practically baited the Department of Justice to come after him by highlighting what he did in before the Frontline cameras. And they did prosecute him. They could have ruined his business and locked him up in jail for years. Black won, for now anyway, but do we really want the expense and the publicity that an obscenity trial would generate? Rick has his legion of fans; they know how to find his stuff. He doesn't need to advertise and piss off the wrong people by pulling a stunt like that. That's just asking for trouble.

Monday, July 11th 2005 - 11:38:51 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex
Homepage URL:

Oh, well, I guess it's been done before anyway:

"Obviously, the acting isn't going to win anyone an Academy Award, but it's not supposed to. Each of the four vignettes is separated by comic book panels, and this is the doing of Howard, who created Horny Biker Sluts, an underground comic. 'The Vampire Hunter' features Evan Stone, who goes at it with Jayna Oso and Haley Paige with a crucifix-shaped dildo."


Monday, July 11th 2005 - 06:50:17 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

I can't recall if they abused a crucifix or not, but there was a Rob Black feature a few years back called Acid Sex that pushed some religious boundaries in its opening scene. A Messiah-like character (Jasmin St. Claire, believe it or not) gets it on with a priest (Tom Byron) and a nun (Lizzy Borden).

In its review of the movie, AVN said it couldn't figure who Black was trying to offend, since the religious types most likely to be upset weren't going to watch Acid Sex in the first place. In any event, Ralphus is probably right when he suggests it may be best to avoid some of the controversy that Black seems to love.

Monday, July 11th 2005 - 06:59:37 PM

Name: Bob Smith

Speaking of the polls, does anybody recommend movies, from any distributor, with good scenes as mentioned. Either the forced dildo or the resistance/abduction models?

Tuesday, July 12th 2005 - 09:22:36 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Speaking (again) re: "fighting back", why doesn't Rick sell swag on his website? (or does he? I didn't see any.) I would happily buy a ZFX logo baseball cap, or hoodie sweatshirt, or quality (all cotton) t-shirt, or bumper stickers and the like. They would make good conversation pieces with people of like mind, or to educate the unknowing. ("ZFX? What's that?" "Oh, they're great. They're one of the best hardcore porn companies out there.")

Yes, I know some of you live in more conservative communities than I do, or lack the balls or the wherewithal otherwise to wear such stuff, but I would happily don such clothing. Would any of the rest of you? And, do you think it would help? It could certainly bring Rick a few extra pennies.


Tuesday, July 12th 2005 - 11:17:11 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex
Homepage URL:

I like this new girl. She's really cute, and she squeals nicely.


Tuesday, July 12th 2005 - 11:33:50 PM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL:

To follow up on my AlphaBlueArchives find, The Collaborator Pt1 was released on the HOM Bondage Classics 13 dvd ...

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 12:54:20 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Regarding swag: I would consider buying such items, but probably wouldn't wear them in public. That's not necessarily because I lack the cojones to be seen in public sporting the zfx logo. Instead, it's because I prefer to collect items like that, rather than wear them (a T-shirt, for example, will get worn out over time if you wear it regularly).

I have proudly showed people my Mary Carey election button from the California race of two years ago. Of course, a ZFX button or cap is a somewhat different matter....

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 04:01:46 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Also, I'm not familiar with TAO, but the Nosey Nurse picture is hot. A natural beauty in a bondage scene -- to me, that's the best.

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 04:05:34 AM

Name: Max
E-mail address:

whoa, TAO productions, that takes me back... they had a great story with a bosomy blonde tied under a pendulum, do you have that one?

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 06:03:13 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address:

Tao Productions has a special significance for me. It is the picture from Little Oral Annie having her tied tits pulled in "Nurse with a Curse" that introduced me to my favorite perversion.

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 08:35:59 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

zee-ef-ex: Would I buy ZFX merchandise if it were available? Yeah, most definitely, particularly if it was just the ZFX logo and nothing explicit, like a tied up naked women, for instance. I actually do own a t-shirt like that, featuring a naked woman being burned at the stake. It was so cool I had to buy it, but I never wear it out in public (well, I did once to pick up a pizza, but I just said fuck it, LOL). Anyway, I'm guessing if someone saw me wearing a ZFX shirt, most would probably not know who ZFX was, and the few that did would probably give me a sly wink and a smile :)

But I think the reason why there are no ZFX t-shirts, ball caps, coffee mugs, bobblehead dolls, etc., is because once again, I'm guessing Rick wants to lay low and not actively promote that he's making movies like this. He's smart enough to realize that the risk of openly parading the ZFX name could end up backfiring if the wrong people see it. We may love it, but his stuff has a limited audience. I don't think it's a wise move to take it mainstream.

But cool would it be to a have a ZFX bobblehead? Could you imagine a ballgagged Lisa Kinkaid bobblehead? They could modify it so that the boobs bobble, too. Damn, I'm a marketing genius :)

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 03:57:45 PM

Name: Bob Smith

You know, I was just going over some old compilation tapes and I came across the Vanessa Del Rio scene from Filthy Ritch. This is still one of my all time favorites for the following reasons. I'll list them in hopes that somebody can refer me to some current work that matches them:

In one brief shot, she is tied standing to the bed frame. She's totally exposed, totally secure yet she still puts up a good fight. The guy is all over her, they're screaming at each other. It's sexual, she's in danger yet it's a tad campy so you feel safe.

I wish there were a DVD of that movie with all the outtakes and alternate angles on that one shot. Does any model today have that energy, any filmmaker that style?

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 04:14:41 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp

Stop it!, guys...I'm getting all teary with all these nostalgia., I'll have to start digging my porn vaults for all these "vanilla" classics which feature some mild Bondage scenes like the one mentioned : "Filthy Rich" (with Vanessa Del Rio, Lisa de Leeuw, and Jessie St James and Samantha Strong), "Sex Boat" is another one from that unforgettable 'Golden Era'; right at the beginning of the film one of the characters gets 'tied' up for cheating and as revenge she is forced to watch her fiancee getting a 'double headed-blowjob' from two accommodating babes, she struggles and hurls obscenities in vain then finally she begs for forgiveness and afterwards she is 'sent' on a "Girls only" cruise to redeem herself....that is until Randy West and friend decide to jump onboard dressed in 'drag' and things get heated up...., a true classic.....

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 04:44:51 PM

Name: ju man

I'll toss in my 2 cents worth. I'd vote for the toys (dildo, vibe) to be used, especially by a male villain. He could just as easily use something else, but instead surprises her by forcing an orgasm with help. :)

Please forgive me for being off topic talking about mainstream films but after reviewing some tape the other day I noticed something. The scene with the cheerleaders in the Abductors is almost totally copied in one of Laura Gemser's "Emmanuelle" movies! All these years and the light clicked on! What is real cool is when the three ladies are blindfolded. Disappointed by the stripping scene but my version might be edited as it was taped off of cable TV. Over all the gals look great, especially Laura. The best looking one however is already tied and blindfolded.

Black hair, nice firm round tits and a super heinie. What a treat!

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 06:01:59 PM

Name: Bob Smith

Which Emmannuelle movie was that?

Sex Boat is another favorite, but not for the bondage scene. As mentioned in other frustrations, that woman isn't really upset about being naked and she isn't being used or forced, only made to watch. The real money is the massive pirate attack at the end!

So, the question remains, where can we find scenes like this today? They're out there. They always pop up. Is anyone combing the straight to video market? Love Object can't be the only one.

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 11:00:03 PM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL:

Don't forget that TAO also distributed the infamous Golden Ram productions of Bitch Busters, Bound and Abused, Sadistic Sweetheart (personal fav!), Hooked Up Hooker, Fetish Phone Fantasy, The X-Wife, Lesbian Lark, Walk The Line, and Bondage Incest before GR got shut down for using an alleged under age model in their Fantasy Fotos side business (which were also the source for some of the better TAO publications like Pain and Punishment, Crime and Punishment, Bondage Master, etc... Classics in the HOM, early ZFX tradition ...

Also ... anyone interested in getting used stuff ... red is a great person to deal with ... massive HOM pubs avail.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 01:37:25 AM

Name: Thees Van Kemp

G'day, Speaking of old films, anyone remember any bondage scenes in the classic "Chesty Morgan" movies?....Remember her? Massive tits and massive tits and still more massive tits! She played a secret agent with a "in-built" secret hidden camera implanted in her breasts, the films were made in the early to mid-1970's, they were true 'gems' of the "sexploitation" genre.


Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 05:43:34 PM

Name: Willy Notch

Crap and Dbl Crap looks like the guys at Forbiden video have gone mainstream

they no longer have any rape or bondage or theire weak jailhouse series just cocksucking

First Damn Brutal Violence goes lame now forbiden I just hope ZFX stays true

I just picked up a copy of the apartment from a outdoor fleamarket in NJ from a guy who sells hardcore german and ZFX from his van.

what a great story

they say nature abwhores a vacume or some shit so maybe some one new will fill the spot with some good bondage rape movies

P.S. I still hate Tatoos on chicks and Liza Kinkade is the Best rape victim in movies

latter brothers and sisters I got to go feed my bitches in their kennel

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 06:33:30 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Oh, what the HELL! Willy is right, Forbidden must have made some sudden change and got rid of all of the good stuff on their site. Everything is gone...everything except the boring old Cock Crammers series. No Gauge, no SNAP, no more bondage videos of any kind. Not even in the members section. This is really horrible news. Especially with the comeback that Forbidden had made recently, all the improvements and the promises of better things to come...

Something must have happened. Maybe they were indicted, maybe the 2257 law scared them off, although that really shouldn't affect them because they used their own models. This really hurts because they went soft a few years ago, but never just up and packed everything away like they apparently have now.

I was wondering why Steve had been so quiet lately. I was getting close to e-mailing him to see when his new release would be out. Now who knows what's going on?

It does say in the FAQ that the Dark Side videos are not available at this time but will be again at a future website, so that's a least a glimmer of hope.

Hope we get an answer here soon.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 07:00:11 PM

Name: Thanagar
Homepage URL:

If you read Forbidden's "Daily news update" for July 14th, you'll see the explanation for the purge of the bondage vids. Let's hope he gets the new website going soon.

Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 07:40:57 PM

Name: Thanagar

Well, that was quick. The Forbidden bondage videos are now at

Friday, July 15th 2005 - 12:45:43 PM

Name: Bob Smith

Thees, no bondage in the Chesty Morgan movies. I remember her well and couldn't believe they missed the opportunity to put her through the motions.

As for Brutalviolence, I still see hard stuff on their site. What's everyone talking about?

Friday, July 15th 2005 - 12:47:51 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Bob Smith: Scroll down to my post on July 10 and Mr. Retailer's followup for a taste of what's going on at Brutal Violence. Their stuff is still "hard", I suppose, but they have clearly lost their cruel edge, and it seems like their stuff is being played for laughs. Less brutal, more lightweight, more consensual action. It clearly is not the rough content that they used to put out. In fact, as Mr. Retailer pointed out, they have even changed their name to "", although that hasn't officially happened. I've got half a mind to contact them and get a partial refund, because the shit they're churning out is NOT what I paid my $400 for.

Friday, July 15th 2005 - 04:02:27 PM

Name: Bob Smith

Oh, I've been on a down time from BV. I join for a month every once in a while. The samples still look good though, so I guess I'll have to try again and weigh in on the recent stuff.

Friday, July 15th 2005 - 04:28:45 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

BTW, I got an e-mail from Steve at Forbidden Video. CCbill, their member processor, gave Steve just 2 hours to get rid of the Dark Side and jail series or they said they would close his account permanently. This came after 8 years of business with him.

This was the reason they've had a delay in releasing their new title, too. He said he's been having problems with his billing company and also his merchant account, too. To quote Steve, "It's getting pretty bad".

Remember when Stray Thoughts had to practically drain their site of anything hardcore because their shopping cart provider suddenly refused to deal with adult merchandise? It was asked at the time why he wouldn't just get another credit card provider. This is the reason, folks. This is not an isolated case. More government pressure on cracking down on Internet porn. Remember that Rick at ZFX still cannot sell his own movies at his own website because no one will work with him. Not because he's a bad guy, but because of the content. And CCbill, who handled Forbidden, is one of the giants in the biz. Expect more of this government censorship to continue.

Thanks, of course, to President Bush and the misguided moron masses who voted him in for creating this mess. We had our chance to do something about it. He won, and now we're all losing. It's going to be rough for anyone who creates adult entertainment to survive these next 4 years.

Friday, July 15th 2005 - 04:39:42 PM

Name: Scribbler

And the pope and some on the religious right are against Harry Potter too! Oh, when will it end!!

Actually, that's pretty bad news about CCbill. For a long time now, they've been one of the more tolerant billers, or so I've heard. A number of bondage sites use them.

Friday, July 15th 2005 - 09:12:54 PM


"A Canadian" wrote:

'I believe people use a variety of sources for purchasing Japanese bondage movies, which are highly recommended. You might want to try the list of stores that Ralphus has posted on this site.'

Where is that posting of stores, Ralphus? I cannot find it. Thanks!


Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 01:16:41 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Joannes: Look in the GIMP Links section, which is the box near the top of the page with the picture of Gauge tied to the bed. There really isn't a huge list for Japanese movies; just Video Mayhem and The Candle's Room. I've ordered from Video Mayhem is the past and they are highly recommended by many of us here. Candle's Room also has links to many other Japanese sites, as well.

Who else knows a good place to order Japanese bondage flicks? Let us know and I'll add them to the Links page.

Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 03:08:47 PM

Name: Bob Smith

I wonder if we could get a list of all the bondage sites who use CC bill so we can monitor how their content changes.

I agree about Bush, but the fact is the idiots who voted for him want this. They want to go back to the puritan days. The real question is how do we preserve the values of America when we're in the minority? I haven't found an answer and it saddens me.

Not to get too political, uh, kidnapped housewives stripped and hogtied, whipped and penetrated. Whew, that feels better.

Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 03:27:46 PM

Name: eeeteee

Anyone wondering about the action in Collaborator pt2 ... it basically takes place where pt1 left off ... typical Matthew Cole, trying to extract info, he motions asking a question, she refuses, he hooks up the wires first to her breasts and the other end to a power circuit breaker manned by the other masked inquisitor.

Cole asks again, when she refuses, the switch is thrown a few times, her reaction is to writhe in pain. After more shocks, she passes out, when she awakens, Cole takes off her gag asks her again and tries to kiss her, she spits at him, the gag goes back in and this time Cole hooks up another set of wires to her crotch area and proceeds to shock her some more ... after a short period, she breaks.

He unties her and she gives him the info. Classic brutal 1970's HOM before they got all nice and commercial. I miss the good old days ...

Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 03:28:52 PM

Name: mr fantastic
E-mail address: yomama

hey, i cant ever find any of the titles in the reviews sections at what gives?

Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 09:05:19 PM

Name: kevin
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello gimps! Kevin here again. Please forgive me for not posting much, but I never can think of what I want to say. This time its a major difference though! I just rented the movie "LOVE OBJECT" and let me say, anyone who hasn't seen it, should definitely rent it!

Now I'm not much for ballgags, but, I gotta say that I am extremely impressed with this movie! Not only is it twisted as hell, but the actress' ballgag scene is worth the price of the movie in itself! Not only are ballgags very rare to see in mainstream movies, sometimes they are not really even strapped on. It looks as though the actress can just push the ball right out. Not in this movie!! Not only is her gag actually strapped on tightly, and effectively, but you also get the feeling that the actress herself is really in distress, and knows she wont be screaming for help anytime soon!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I really liked the scene where he straps her into that box! It looks as though she had trouble breathing! And also how desperately she tried to get the neighbors attention when he came to the door!

You all owe it to yourselves to see this awesome movie!

Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 10:16:58 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Kevin: Thanks for the post. No need to apologize for not posting enough. At least you care enough to help us out sometimes with your contributions, and we do appreciate it whenever someone adds to the forum. We have a lot of bright readers who have lots to say, but most of them lurk and expect others to do the work. The thing is, this board will survive only if people contribute, so if it dies, that will be the reason.

We've talked about Love Object here before, actually when it was still in the theaters. It is the only mainstream movie I ever bought without having seen it before. And I agree, it's one of the all-time great mainstream films for GIMPers. If you like to read customer reviews like I do, a lot of people were disturbed by the theme of the movie (a man becomes obsessed with a sex doll) but what really bothers them is the ending, where it really gets rough for the pretty, blonde victim. Some of the reviews said the last third of the movie was difficult to watch. Of course, GIMPers are cut from a different mold than the rest of society, so we ate it up and asked for second helpings :)

Anyone who hasn't seen it yet, get your ass down to the video store or put it in your Netflix queue right now. It's actually a very good, unpredictable horror film with realistic acting, a super-cute victim and GIMP-worthy bondage and torture. One of the truly great films for the sick fucks who read this board.

Sunday, July 17th 2005 - 12:33:47 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

For those familiar with the Relic Raider site, they just released a new video which has the chick who I think is pretty hot (despite the lack of nudity) stretched out on a rack-like device wearing bra & panties. There's a trailer and some pics at the link.

Sunday, July 17th 2005 - 01:36:33 PM

Name: chase
E-mail address:

Adult entertainment will survive because of a simple rule: Supply & Demand.

The fact is, we will have to resort to writing checks and money orders. The Feds are using the Hammer of Thor to come down on credit card companies. These companies don't see dealing with adult merchandise as being worth facing the wrath of a "Faith Based" Republican Puritannical government. And the companies are making the correct business decision. I can't say I blame them. The greatest good for the greatest number of people.

Adult entertainment will survive over the Web, but it will change. It cannot be "in your face" and easily found. Too many soccer moms troll the web these days, looking for just our sort of entertainment. They have the vote and they know how to use it.

Adult entertainment started underground, in the redlight district, in bad neighborhoods. You took your life in your hands to get there. If you got mugged or knifed, too bad, you shouldn't have been there in the first place.

That's the thing. We shouldn't be denied adult entertainment, but it shouldn't be too easy to obtain. That's how our country thinks.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the new dot xxx extension for adult websites becomes available, and how many ISPs refuse to allow subscribers access to it.


Sunday, July 17th 2005 - 02:33:02 PM

Name: Iago

You know, between Ralphus giving it a generally positive review and the fact that Forbidden was so on the ball in getting their bondage stuff back online so fast I think I might have to go ahead and order Snap. Of course I'll have to wait until I am taking a few days off, since Forbidden has that wretched "sign on delivery" policy. They really should put some sort of "waiver on record" policy in place for repeat customers.

Sunday, July 17th 2005 - 04:06:38 PM

Name: teeny70
E-mail address:

I have just seen a great film called "The Other White Meat". However, the version that I have has no sound. I would like to obtain a copy with sound. I'm willing to trade (I have great films like Fantom) or buy. Does anyone know where I can get a copy. Thanks.


Sunday, July 17th 2005 - 05:56:13 PM

Name: mr?

I have found an interesting book titled Mens Adventures Magazines, published by Taschen. I highly recommend it. Loaded with d.i.d. pix. Also has some interesting interviews with the artists who painted the covers.

Govmt. cracking down on "dark porn"? Has happened several times before. Things will change...relax for some years & then tighten up again, etc etc. It does suck now.

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 04:26:00 AM

Name: lovemyzfx

It's been a while since I've posted GIMPER's but I've been a regular reader - thanks for all the great posts.

I have a question that only this board is qualified to answer. In the late 70's, I saw a horror movie at the drive-in (remember those? remember the 70's?) that had a scene where a nude blond was tied to a table and cut - when she passed out the villain revived her with smelling salts so she could experience the pain. Later they cut her open (way over the top for me - but the image is seared in my mind).

The only other recollection I have is several other folks awaiting their fate hanging by meathooks in a barn. For some reason, I have thought for all these years that movie was "The Last House on the Left". Today I rented Last House - needless to say it wasn't it. Now, I'm at a loss - anyone else ever see the film I described??

Oh, one more thing - what's your opinion of the rape scene in I spit on your Grave??? I tried to find that one at the local vid store but was out of luck - is it worth a search?

Thanks guys (and a few gals, I'm sure) - maybe my memory is playing tricks on me and I dreamed it all.

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 08:51:59 AM

Name: eeeteee

Ralphus ... all emails to either of your aol email addresses are bouncing (all weekend) ... is aol having problems? ... can anyone else confirm this by sending him a direct email? ... all I get are bouncebacks.

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 12:08:01 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

eeeteee: I have tried sending an email to Ralphus. So far, it looks like it went through OK.

lovemyzfx: I don't know what the first movie is that you are remembering -- the only meat hooks scene I can recall was in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but it doesn't really sound like the movie you're describing. And the TCM (note the new acronym) only had one person on a meat hook.

As for I Spit on Your Grave, I thought the rape scene was pretty good. She is gang raped -- the guys have her pinned down pretty well, and boy does she scream. There is no overt violence, so it's enjoyable as fantasy material. But I'm serious about the screaming. If you have family members in the house, turn the volume down real low.

Meanwhile, I have a question for the experts. I am wondering how the Dan Hawke and Dave Darke movies generally rate, from a GIMP perspective.

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 04:20:53 PM

Name: lovemyzfx

Thanks Canadian, I remember TCSM too - much better than the remake by the way. Maybe they weren't on meathooks only suspended in a barn. But it was almost 30 years ago and sometimes memories have a way of bending reality. My memories of Mark of the Devil and Ilsa were much better than reality when I saw them again recently but as my name implies nothing is better than zfx to me - especially the torture and electro shock scenes. SOB4 & SOB6 still are my favorites.

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 05:04:40 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

mr fantastic: Obviously, changed what they offer at their website. You might want to do a Google search on any particular title that was previously reviewed as belonging to their site. Some may still be available elsewhere. At least one I found as a download only.

If you find what you're looking for, let me know where and I'll change the URL for it in the Reviews section. Thanks in advance for helping.

eeeteee: Phone home (Sorry, but with a handle like that, I couldn't resist). Actually phone 1-888-212-5537. That's the AOL Postmaster. The problem is on your side, not mine. I got A Canadian's e-mail and about a hundred others. I also sent you one yesterday; I'm guessing you didn't get it.

What happens sometimes is that AOL may have received large amounts of junk mail from someone using your domain name. Give them a call and I'm sure they will get it straightened out in no time. They are open 24 hours a day.

lovemyzfx: Good to hear from you again. Based on your description, the only thing I can think of is a low-budget stinker called Mardi Gras Massacre, which actually features several women who get tied to tables and sliced up, starting with the feet, then eventually getting sliced open. The effects are cheesy but I included one of the girls in my highlights tape, so it must have been decent enough for me to keep. But on the other aspects...the smelling salts and others left on meathooks...I don't recall that at all. It probably is not the right movie, although check out the review I linked above. It does have a few stills that might seem familiar if this is indeed the right film.

I Spit On Your Grave: Hell yes, if you like rape scenes, it's one of the nastiest ever filmed, particularly the anal rape against the rock. That bitch could scream. In some ways, it might be too harsh for some, since you might feel sort of sorry for her if you're in the wrong mood.

It's one of the more famous rape scenes in history, and I know others here have seen it. Let's hear what others have to say about it.

Dan Hawke and Dave Darke videos: I haven't seen enough of Darke to give a qualified answer, although Baronorca gave his latest vid a positive review. I think Dan Hawke is one of the most talented bondage producers working today. His tapes are less story-oriented than what ZFX and Forbidden produce, but he's more grounded in extreme bondage positions that really tax his models. He was heavily influenced by masters like Whitman, and his style is reminiscent of some of the early House of Milan works. Some of his titles, like Lashing Liz, Bound on Blonde and Lass and the Lash are classics of their kind.

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 05:20:47 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

lovemyzfx: I haven't seen SOB6, but I agree with you about SOB4. It is my favorite zfx movie, as well. Lisa looked stunning in that movie. I figure any movie with four outstanding Lisa scenes -- and plenty of other hot women, as well -- has greatness written all over it.

eeeteee: Ralphus is receiving messages. I received a reply to the test I sent to him.

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 05:29:13 PM

Name: Iago
Homepage URL:

I Spit on Your Grave: There was another movie released in the early 80's with a great rape in it. The scene was a woman in a cabin. She was visiting her parents. While her parents are out a gang of guys that had been watching her earlier come by and gang-rape her. It's a very long rape, and she does a good job. I wish I could remember the name of the movie. It was something (I think) Like "A Woman (abused, alone, over the edge) something like that. It was a "mainstream" vid in the same vein as I Spit on your Corpse, complete with the sadistic revenge by the victim after her parents come home and get kill the gang-rapists. Ringing any bells?

An alternative to Dan Hawke, if you prefer sexy bondage to discipline bondage, would be Jim Weathers (at Jim Weathers Productions). He sells some very sexy (but not very stern or violent-no harsh whipping or rape, sadly) bondage vids. Or at least I think he does. I hit his site a few months back and the purchase links appeared to be removed.



Monday, July 18th 2005 - 06:23:59 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I need to get the above movie in dvd (real dvd not VHS copied to dvd), so If you know of a vendor that has it let me know. Thanx.

Dan Hawke makes some pretty good vids (now starting to be carried at 5stardvd for $26.99 or so), but they are very repetitive. If you like the model/performer, get them, if not, then don't bother cause (for the most part) if you have seen one you've seen 'em all. At least he's lost the goofy mask, lately.

Geek Alert: Having a blast playing City of Heroes, anyone else (of the Gimpers) playing this?

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 07:23:47 PM

Name: Scribbler

Worth a read...

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 08:28:07 PM

Name: kevin
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello gimps! This may be a bit off topic, but do any of you know of any hand smothering scenes in mainstream movies? These scenes are even more rare than ballgag scenes even.

I feel that, especially in rape scenes, women are often handgagged, and I know in the heat of the moment the rapist does unknowingly cover the girls nose too.

So, if anyone knows of any mainstream handsmother scenes, or even scenes of handsmothering in commercial movies, created by websites, please give me the details. Thank you!

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 09:17:45 PM

Name: Hank

Iago, I think the movie you are looking for might be "Naked Vengeance" starring Debra Tranelli who was on "Dallas" at one time.

Ralphus, it looks like "Hank's Bondage Vidcaps" will come back to life again, X-Rated groups has been bought by a company in the Netherlands.The e-mail I got said the sites should be restored in a week or so.

Monday, July 18th 2005 - 09:26:07 PM

Name: lovemyzfx

Thanks guys - Ralphus - it wasn't that Mardi Gras flick - but maybe my menories are playing tricks again. Doesn't really matter - I'm more into zfx stuff anyway. BTW Last House really turned me off - the acting was awful!!!

Canadian, if you have the chance and if you happen to like electro shock and great reactions from actresses you have GOT to see SOB6 - Elaine Payton strapped onto this stool with this prod up her butt and another spiked device in her mouth - then they turn on the juice - one of the best ZFX scenes ever. I'll try a few more rental places for I Spit...

- not the type I want to watch over and over - but now I have to see it.

Tuesday, July 19th 2005 - 03:44:28 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I finally found a US source for that DVD, but the price is steep - $60. But... if you are interested, see the above link. I did find a VCD for $9.95 at if you want to go that route.

The model is Shoko Goto. Did find some other stuff at

Hope this helps.

Tuesday, July 19th 2005 - 08:22:47 AM

Name: Daveyface

LAGO: Yeah, bondagecafe. Great site, beautiful woman, fetish clothing and lots of vibrator action. Jim Weathers does some dynamite work. Unfortunately, he stopped selling his dvds. I asked him why and he was a little vague, but my guess is Jim was feeling a little outside pressure. And judging from some of the recent posts, I'm sure we know where that pressure was coming from.

Tuesday, July 19th 2005 - 09:11:39 AM

Name: lovemyzfx

Got it! The movie I was describing is Last House on Dead End Street - obviously playing off the rep of Craven's Last House on the Left. The difference is there is no revenge - just violence about the making of a snuff film. Do I recommend it - NO! But as I mentioned certain images are burned in my brain and I want to see if it was as intense as my youthful memories.

BTW I found it on DiabolicDVD site which I found when looking for a source for Fantom Killer 2 that Ralphus reviewed. Never used them before - anyone with any experience - they have lots of titles.

Tuesday, July 19th 2005 - 11:40:57 AM

Name: 42nd Street Freak
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Delightfully un-pc site!

Anyway...thanks for the link to my "Mardi Gras Massacre" review.

On the subject of the site..these may also be of interest. - "Fantom Kiler" (not hardcore but still full on softcore. - "Hardgore", mentioned above. Hardcore. - "Thundercrack". Hardcore. A true cult classic! - "Thriller: A cruel Picture". Hardcore mixed with a revenge plot. Strange but worthwhile. - "Caligula: the Untold Story". Hardcore moments. Violence and sex in a low budget knock off of Tinto Brass's infamous "Caligula". - "9 Lives of a Wet Pussy". Abel Ferrara's first feature is a weird mixture indeed. - "Forced Entry". Infamous 70's hardcore exploitation tyhat mixes typical 70's psycho antics with rough hardcore porn. Harry Reems stars. - The psycho/scheming plot/porn mix of "Sex Psycho".

Tuesday, July 19th 2005 - 01:48:51 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

OK, so I just saw Love Object. So here is my review:

Love Object

Starring: Desmond Harrington, Melissa Sagemiller and Rip Torn

This movie was worthy of the advance praise. I give it a strong recommendation.

Here's a quick summary of the plot. Harrington plays this loner named Kenneth, who is a technical writer for instruction manuals for things like VCRs and DVDs. He's a whiz at his job but very socially awkward. This becomes a challenge for him, as his crusty boss (Torn, doing pretty much the same act as in any episode of The Larry Sanders Show) forces Kenneth to work with a temp who does layout -- Lisa (Sagemiller). Lisa is pretty and cute -- a bit frumpy at the beginning of the movie, but she learns to look hot as the movie progresses.

Anyway, Kenneth's co-workers show him the latest in modern toys -- a $10,000 plastic sex doll, that can be ordered on-line to meet your specific recommendations. Kenneth orders a sex doll, and proceeds to make her look just like Lisa.

As the movie unfolds, the sex doll -- named Nikki -- boosts Kenneth's confidence, and he eventually scores with the real thing, Lisa. At times, it looks like Kenneth could be on the verge of a happy, normal life.

But Kenneth has a kind of Norman Bates thing happening, and he keeps imagining Nikki is talking to him. And boy is she jealous.

Eventually, everything falls apart in Kenneth's world. Lisa learns about Nikki and dumps him. Kenneth also loses his job and he is in debt to his landlord and the bank. He falls apart and confronts Lisa outside her workplace. She refuses to help him, and he kidnaps her. And so, we move into the GIMP portion of the movie...

The scenes with Lisa as victim all take place in Kenneth's apartment, and they're effective. We start with Lisa waking up on his couch. She tries to escape, but Kenneth has her captured. We next see her tied by the feet and her body to a chair, with her hands tied in front of her and a black ball gag in her mouth.

After a quick scene where she almost escapes, Kenneth ties a hook to the back of the black corset she is wearing and, using a crane, pulls her back into the middle of the room. He extends her arms out and ties her hands to ropes attached to the roof. She had briefly removed the ball gag when she tried to escape, but he puts it back in her mouth.

She remains in that position for a bit, squirming and squealing as Kenneth uses a power saw in the bathroom to kill a nosy landlord who had bust into the proceedings.

We next see Lisa briefly bound in the same position, but with a black blindfold covering her eyes. Kenneth appears to be inserting some kind of drug into her neck with a needle.

Lisa is then seen suspended in the air in an upright position in a flying harness. She is wearing this really sexy power suit and black stockings that she had bought earlier in the movie. She doesn't have the ball gag at this point, but is quite drugged and doesn't scream. Kenneth briefly tries to waltz with her.

After Lisa puts up some resistance, Kenneth takes her out of the harness and carries her to the crate that the sex doll came in. He puts her in the crate, straps her into it, puts the ball gag in her mouth again. He then screws the lid of the crate back onto the top, trapping Lisa inside.

After some scenes where her co-workers wonder where she's gone, we get back to Lisa. Kenneth uses a crane to lift the packing material (I think it's styrofoam) out of the crate, with Lisa still bound and gagged in the middle of the packing material. He uses a knife to cut off some of her clothes, and she is eventually stripped down to the black corset again and the black stockings. The corset is pulled down far enough so that her tits are on display (in the movie, we've seen her tits earlier in a consensual scene). Kenneth then proceeds to stick some gigantic needles into her legs, which he wants to give to his sex doll (it's a little weird). She is tightly tied down and crying, and the scene works really well.

The movie has a surprise ending, so I won't go any further in story details. But it's safe to conclude that I really liked this movie.

The GIMP scenes are great and Sagemiller is very attractive, in a cute and sexy kind of way. Even from a non-GIMP perspective, this is an interesting movie that is entertaining to watch. It's no Gone With the Wind, but it has suspense and humor and I thought it was well done.

Tuesday, July 19th 2005 - 07:54:04 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Awesome review; thanks for taking the time to write that. Hard to believe but it's the first official review of that movie in the database. The direct link is above.

I think what he was trying to do to was drain her blood from her and replace it with embalming fluid while she was still alive. Those were the needles you referred to. It looked very painful, and of course, she sold the scene big time with her reaction (through her ballgag, of course).

You might want to also listen to the commentary track on the DVD. Melissa Sagemiller makes some quite interesting comments about the time she spent bound and gagged during the movie.

Your review makes me want to go watch the film all over again. It was a trip.

Tuesday, July 19th 2005 - 08:24:04 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Ralphus: Thanks for the explanation of the needles scene. Upon further review, I think you're right. I have to admit, I didn't fully understand Kenneth's motives at this point in the movie, but I still enjoyed the torture with the gigantic needles.

Wednesday, July 20th 2005 - 03:55:34 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Screenshots for Love Object at the above link.

Wednesday, July 20th 2005 - 09:33:06 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Little news:

Regarding credit cards/adult business.

Things are starting to look bleak indeed for online adult business.

Hardcore Abductions- Mastercard just shut them down.

When Mastercard had Hardcore Abductions' account terminated it was due to "too explicit content".

Then they tried to contact company that held their account. They would not accept calls or answer their emails.

I spoke to a friend of mine in the business and his account was dropped and he has a temporary account (one who will drop him soon because they dont accept adult material).

He had been at same bank I use for years. He knows of 30 adult sites that have been dropped by our bank.

So far I still have my merchant account but.....

My gateway company just dropped me and I had to switch to another that handles adult stuff.

This new one is 5.00 per month cheaper. The other company after 2 years said they dont accept adult material.

My guess is within next year vast majority of sites will no longer be accepting credit cards.

Im hanging on by a thread.....

Offshore accounts I understand are not bound by Visa/Mastercard regulations.

Eliminating credit card acceptance on the web for adult stuff will certainly cause a lot of companies to go out of business. Guess Bush will be able to sleep better at night :(

GIMPERS should take the time to write a check/money order to online merchants who have and will be having their online merchant accounts terminated. Otherwise, the far right will indeed prevail!

If people are too damn lazy to take the time to mail in an order maybe they deserve to have their rights to view adult material in their own home taken away.

VM is still accepting credit cards TODAY, but in the future I wouldn't bet on it!

Wednesday, July 20th 2005 - 08:45:27 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp

Regarding: ZFX Film: "Ms. Cox"

Some time ago I refer to this film as "undiscovered gem" in the ZFX arsenal,...well guess what? I retract it! ~ Ralphus suggested to do a review but after repeated viewings I seem to have 'grown out of it''s a pity because there's so much potential for a good movie, but it just doesn't 'ignite'.

Featuring Sandra Chase and a long haired satanical dude who looks like Slayer's Tom Araya's twin brother, it's set in some "Orwellian" Dystopia where profanity is outlawed and punished, Sandra plays the teacher of this fascist school (I used to have a "crush" on a colleague who looked just like her!!, so I guess that explains my first interest in the film), anyhow, she's a horny one Ms Cox so after humiliating and punishing the student (after he's caught scribbling pornographic doodles), she and a dildo retire to the ladies room for a bit of 'interior decorating'.

The "Tom Araya" look-alike dude catches her in the act and decides to device some "fun" of his own for revenge, so he teaches her the "ropes" and puts her through some violent motions like tying up her ankles on her arms (maybe the most interesting part of the film), gives her a bit o' the old whip, then hangs her up by her arms with her feet almost touching the ground, the he ties one leg up so she's left dangling by just one leg, then he chokes her with a ball gag and applies a neck brace which can be tightened and just as it starts to get interesting it JUST ENDS!!! What happened? Did Rick lose his inspiration? Did he run out of tape?.... and the whole film only lasts a miserly 30 mins, thankfully I only paid $5.00 Aussie Dollars for it (that's like 2.50 in the USA, so it was a bargain)

The acting was a little 'stiff', but fairly believable, Sandra stroking her "clam" in the bathroom held my interest, unfortunately no close-ups of her genitals, but a fairly 'intense' scene nonetheless and the metal-dude looked like he was really enjoying dishing out the abominations on Sandra, but still disappointing in the end.

What do you gimpers think?

Geeez...even though I didn't want to....I think I just reviewed the bloody thing!!!!

Wednesday, July 20th 2005 - 10:55:39 PM

Name: wevus
E-mail address:

Is VM still in business? I placed an order almost a month ago (using VISA) and still no delivery. My emails get returned as undeliverable and a snail mail enquiry goes unanswered. I did get a order confirmation email within hours of the order but nothing since. My VISA account was billed. What gives here?

Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 05:13:12 AM

Name: lovemyzfx

Ralphus, I think you mentioned this before, but I can't recall...My local vid superstore has started carrying ZFX DVDs and among the selections are The Reporter and GangStarr (Reporter 2). Looked here for reviews but came up empty. Worth the money? Any electro-shock or just the usual (and quite enjoyable!) zfx whipping and suspending?

Kevin, since you have a link to some gagging vids, have you seen Cum Fart Cocktails? Was browsing CD Universe the other day and read some reviews on it - then found it locally. There is a great scene of this hot babe choking on this guys huge cock while this other bitch whips her ass! Worth a look! Haven't had a chance to watch the whole movie but this scene alone was worth the price!

Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 06:42:05 AM

Name: D.M.

I realize that I'm a little late to the recent Love Object resurgance, but I sooo loved the movie -- especially the gimp parts. There seems to be confusion regarding what he was doing with the needles at the end, at it is really essential to understand that ol Kenneth was looking to turn the girl into a "life like doll" through the process of plastination. He was in the process of exchanging her bodily fluids with the goop that "lasts a lifetime". They have a major plastination exhibit in Chicago at the museum these days. It is composed of a bunch of people, who gave consent before they died, and animals that have been plastinated. This process maintains organs, blood vessles, etc. In the overall spirit of the movie, I encourgage all gimpers to spend a few minutes looking at some of the information about and pics of plastination that can readily be found online using the term plastination in a search engine.

Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 07:27:05 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

lovemyzfx: There is a mini-review of GangStarr (Reporter 2) in the reviews section by GIMP readers. It is found under "various zfx reviews" by Damien, who gave the movie a 9 out of 10.

VM: I am wondering if the MasterCard situation explains why wouldn't accept my card when I tried to sign up a short while back?

Thees Van Kemp: I haven't seen Ms. Cox, but it will be interesting to see the reactions to your review. If my memory is correct, I think there are some divided views on Sandra Chase. Some people liked her, others didn't. Personally, in the movies I have seen, I found her to be a convincing victim but a bit too skinny for my tastes.

Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 10:10:29 AM

Name: Bob Smith

Hardcore Abductions sounds like a great idea for a site. Why wasn't it mentioned here until it's now too late?

Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 03:27:13 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thees Van Kemp: Congratulations. Whether you meant to or not, you're now officially a contributor to the Reviews By GIMP Readers section. Click the link above to see your review added. And thanks for giving us your thoughts. You were the first person to review that one.

Like I mentioned before, I never much cared for Ms. Cox, especially since Sandra Chase, who used to be cute in the early 90s, came back years later to appear in this one with a pixie haircut. Since I'm a guy who digs chicks with long hair, I never had much interest in seeing her perform looking this way. Simply put, she didn't ring my bell. If I don't like the girl, I won't like the movie.

As far as your contention that the movie doesn't "do it" for you anymore, my advice is to put it away for a while and watch it next year, or at least several months from now. I think if you watch anything too much, the novelty and the excitement can wear off. I've recently been watching some of my highlights tapes I made years ago (I've been making them for 20 years now, so there's lots of material I've haven't seen for a long time). It was interesting how some of what I collected didn't really stand up as well, but a lot of scenes were even better than I remembered. Particularly bondage rape scenes in the mainstream films Abduction and Violated (neither of which was in the database, so I added them).

And I recently watched my copy of ZFX's Vacum again. Some really outstanding moments in that one, especially the Lisa Kinkaid segments. They were even better getting to watch them "fresh" because it had been so long ago since I had seen it and I had forgotten what was coming next. I was pleasantly surprised how good it was years later.

Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 04:37:58 PM

E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello gimps! My thanks to you Ralphus, for posting the Love Object pic!

That movie is definitely now one of my all time favorites. Also, thank you lovemyzfx, for the heads up on Cum Fart Cocktails! I will be looking for this title, starting tomorrow, and I will post to let you know what I think!

Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 08:56:41 PM

Name: mr fantastic
E-mail address: ?

Does anyone know of any s&m simulation video games for the pc? There a few quickly made types in gimp's links thing where you can torture and whip the girl but its like a drawing. I was just wondering if there is anything like this out that is more realistic and if so, where do i find it. thanks

Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 09:49:11 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

mr fantastic: Sounds like you're talking about this link above. I'm not an aficionado of video games, but you can bet I would take an interest if they came up with a live action version of the twisted games on this Japanese site.

I don't know of anything like that here (and I'll bet there would be a huge uproar if they ever invented such a game and marketed it here in the States). I'll bet if it ever does see the light of day, it will come from Japan. They seem to be the only country open enough...and bold attempt it.

Friday, July 22nd 2005 - 04:58:19 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Based on some of the reviews this morning, it sounds like the new Rob Zombie movie, The Devil's Rejects, might have some GIMP-worthy material in it.

One review said it had "sexually deviant confinement and torture," while another review described a scene where a woman is forced to strip and is then carressed by a dirty, gun-toting criminal. The reviews also mention the degradation of women and a constant connection between sex and violence, but there weren't many details in the reviews I read.

I'm not familiar with Mr. Zombie's works, but if there are any fans on this board, perhaps someone should check this movie out.

Friday, July 22nd 2005 - 10:30:44 AM

Name: D.M.

A gruesome, but gimpworthy, Devils Rejects sample:

Friday, July 22nd 2005 - 11:22:57 PM

Name: Red Ded

Thanks (belated) to BBfan for the Shoko Goto link --fantastic forced tit abuse -most stimulating. If, BBfan, you have any more links to forced tit abuse and/or rape of huge titted sluts I would love to hear from you -- or other fans. Thanks again.

Saturday, July 23rd 2005 - 02:29:17 PM

Name: bluesman
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

HI Guys

If you are interested I have War Pigs on ebay. I need to sell it because I am short on cash. This is the only ZFX film I have. It cost 50 at the local porn store. I assume that It will sell for around 10-15 dollars on ebay which is a great deal for one of you.

BTW Ralphus is this is not allowed please delete my post.



Saturday, July 23rd 2005 - 07:34:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Bluesman: No, it's fine. As long as no one is openly advertising illegal dupes, I have no problem.

That said, we're a discussion group, not a selling page. If it ever gets out of hand, I may have to put a stop to things. I'll tolerate the occasional on-topic sales pitch as long as the discussions continue.

BTW, War Pigs is a great flick, IMO. I love Chandra Sweet, and Rick and Bryan Dunhill are inspired villains. That's one of those movies that works well mainly because of the strength of the acting of all involved.

D.M.: Thanks for the link on the picture from The Devil's Rejects. This is a sequel to Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses, which also produced a few cool bondage scenes. Unlike that film, this one is actually getting good reviews. My local paper gave it an A-, but more importantly, it stressed the torture aspect in its opening paragraph. It actually called the film torture-riffic. That's my new favorite word :)

Saturday, July 23rd 2005 - 08:10:00 PM

Name: I couldn't resist

Re: Natalie's unique attire took the fashion world by storm. It's the cross your wrists (not your heart) bra.

Saturday, July 23rd 2005 - 08:27:25 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hank Hobbs managed to get hold of the rare foreign version of The Howling, with the original footage that director Joe Dante used to create the bondage porno movie that Dee Wallace gets to see when she enters the booth in the adult book store. Almost everyone has seen the original movie, but what you get to see in the film amounts to only about 10 or so seconds of footage. The entire scene runs about 3 minutes. You can read more about it in Jaeckill's review at the link above.

Hank made several caps for me to post on the site. And since there are so many, I'm going to run two at a time starting tonight. Be sure to tune in every day to get the whole collection. As always, I will change the pics around midnight, Ohio time.

Most of us will never get a chance to see this rare DVD extra, available only on the German (?) version, and definitely not here in the states. These caps will at least give us a taste of what actually happened in the movie Dante shot. Great stuff upcoming.

Sunday, July 24th 2005 - 09:30:52 PM

Name: Abu Zalaam
E-mail address:

Does anyone know where materials from the old site "torturedrome" might be acquired? I only discovered their site about 1 month before it closed, but I really liked it.

Thanks for any info!

Monday, July 25th 2005 - 03:41:44 AM

Name: 42ndStreetFreak
Homepage URL:

Very nice pick up on "The Howling" porn footage. Damn those BBFC types for rejecting this!

Monday, July 25th 2005 - 05:57:09 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address:

Abu Zalaam

You wrote:

Does anyone know where materials from the old site "torturedrome" might be acquired? I only discovered their site about 1 month before it closed, but I really liked it. Thanks for any info!

The guy who ran that site went by "Harry the Goblin" - I worked on getting a couple of custom videos from him. His email used to be but I have no idea if that account is still active, but... you can give it a try. I also have a cell phone number for him, again... no idea if it's still valid, but I don't want to post it publicly - email me if you try the hotmail address with no luck.

Monday, July 25th 2005 - 08:31:09 AM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL:

mr fantastic: here's something I found many years ago ... definitely for the GIMPers ... UV1 definitely seems like inspiration for Awawa's games ... not that he needs any inspiration ... LOL ... he has some great stuff. You actually have to excite UV1 to get to the next level.

Monday, July 25th 2005 - 10:24:37 AM

Name: Kevin
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello gimps! First, I want to say, it's so awesome to actually see rare pics from the HOWLING! I for one, was completely unaware that so much of that scene was cut out.

Damn those censors, for denying all of us from seeing such a heavenly site as Beverly Warren being tied, and more importantly GAGGED onscreen! I'm looking forward to seeing more caps from this scene, to see how her bondage progresses.

Also, on the subject of THE DEVILS REJECTS from Rob Zombie. I for one, thought the movie was quite mediocre, other than some amusing dialog, and a pretty decent storyline.

As far as the bondage goes, other than the heavenly site of Sheri Moon Zombie being hand gagged in a decent but very short scene, I thought the bondage was pathetic! One girl is cleave gagged, but it is so loose it isn't even fully in her mouth, and it was tied quite loosely! She could have screamed her bloody head off EASILY!

So, if you're going to see it in hopes of seeing some good bondage, in my opinion, you should save your money and wait for the video!

Monday, July 25th 2005 - 10:44:50 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Kevin: As far as the Devil's Rejects goes, you've convinced me. I'll wait until it's out on DVD.

Monday, July 25th 2005 - 04:05:02 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp
E-mail address:


With the exception of one 'rebel' adult store, it is now impossible to purchase any ZFX films over the counter in Sydney Metropolitan stores, there's been 2 major busts in the city of Penrith (a dormitory town 30 miles west of Sydney), most of the stuff confiscated included: "Dog and Donkey Films" (as one local conservative radio 'Shock-Jock' referred to them), Dutch 'Vanilla' porn 'Teenager' series (in fact very, very legal in the open minded and progressive Netherlands, where the legal age of consent is 16!), some weird sci-fi transvestite film starring: Ron Jeremy, and the 'ultra-violent' and 'rape-inducing - threat to women' films known as the: "ZFX".

This 'talking Sphincter' of a DJ kept going on and on about the 'danger also to children, not just women' and furthermore calling on the government of conservative Prime Minister John Howard (Who happened to be on a 'surprise visit' to Iraq) to declare a "War on Porn" and making suggestive comments to listener's about forming "anti-smut" vigilante groups and to "put these porn shops to the torch"

Along with Porn stores being raided, now there's plans to check commuter's baggage on trains with sniffer dog's (in case of explosives) and random checks on 'eccentric looking individuals', we are also being "bombarded" (on pun intended!) with TV advertising on National Security and the need to report suspicious "behavior" even if it's not Terror related. Aussies are suddenly embracing 'fascism' like never before and guess what? any critics or dissenting voices are being labeled "Un-Australian" (a quote which our Prime Minister seems to have coined".....sound familiar?

Regards from Downunder.

Monday, July 25th 2005 - 05:20:21 PM

Name: Frederick SEVEN
E-mail address:

I am happy to sign your post, you have "rung my bell" so to speak. I congratulate you on the effort you make, not all of us are able to emulate you. Reading some of the reviews, I note references to some scenes where the girl is dragged by her hair across the room. This sort of scene is just what "rings my bell" and I would regard it as a very kind favour if anyone can point me towards where I can see other scenes like this. Thank you.

Monday, July 25th 2005 - 09:50:08 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Frederick SEVEN: Thanks for the kind words. But shucks, the real congratulations are due to the men who actually make these movies for our enjoyment...people like Rick Masters, Dan Hawke, Dave Darke, Steve Austin and others. All I do is describe what's in the movies and offer my opinions. I'm just a fan who likes to talk about bondage flicks and get feedback from others. This site wouldn't be much without the other readers who actually give a damn enough to post their opinions, too. So you and the others deserve to be thanked, as well.

Maybe it's late, but I don't recall reviewing a movie where the chick gets dragged across the room by her hair. The only thing I can think of right now is the Insex video The Taming of Paige, where Paige White gets rolled across a room while strapped to a cart. Check the picture linked above.

Anyone else give any suggestions on videos that feature hair pulling?

Tuesday, July 26th 2005 - 03:49:53 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

I don't know about movies that "feature" hair pulling. I can think of a few hair-pulling scenes, but they're usually pretty brief.

For example, in the zfx movie, The Apartment, there's a very quick scene near the end of the movie where Lisa is being pulled around her bedroom by her pig tails.

There is also some hair pulling in the Japanese movie, Insulted Raped Female Avenger (HAVD-016), but again it only occurs in short snippets.

I think the mainstream movie, What's Love Got To Do With It, had a scene where the actress playing Tina Turner is pulled into her bedroom (by Ike) by the hair, before another beating occurs.

Tuesday, July 26th 2005 - 05:11:56 AM

E-mail address:

Ralphus, that scene with Dee Wallace in it is without question one of the most incredible, arousing, dark sexual scenes ever put to film. I know it is short and all but the look on her face as she watches that screen is beyond priceless, it touches you in that place that just gives you such a rush. The guy who filmed that knew his shit no question.

I have watched "THE HOWLING" maybe 25 times over the last 15 years or so and just get such an intense chub on sweet Dee alone as she sits there, it is just so very very deeply glad you have what you looking forward to seeing your stufff....keep up the good work......sweet Dee......Jailer

Tuesday, July 26th 2005 - 11:21:46 AM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL:

check out the archives of insex ... they had hair tying, pulling, and actual hair hanging (youch!) in their older past ...

Tuesday, July 26th 2005 - 12:17:50 PM

E-mail address:


What a great find in obtaining stills from the extended rape scene of the "Howling"!!! I have always loved the gritty, 8mm realism of this scene, hightened by the fact that Dee Wallace is forced to watch it in a dirty, little porn booth.

I have always got a charge out of hearing that "rape loops" would play at old, Times Square booths back in the day, and Dante truly captured this idea in his footage.

Wallace also appears later in the film, having a nightmare, flashing back to impressions of the rape scene, and sees herself with the girl's gag in her mouth. Very hot.

Great work!!!

Wednesday, July 27th 2005 - 06:10:08 AM

Name: Yarble
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Well, it looks like our friends north of the border get some smut but not others. While you can watch "Bondage Ahoy!," you will not be able to watch ZFX:Whiplash.

Oh well, here's to the border guards, who must have an awesome stash.

Wednesday, July 27th 2005 - 10:43:20 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Yarble: It's so heart-warming to see my tax dollars going toward such an important public service.

Wednesday, July 27th 2005 - 03:49:10 PM

Name: Iago

Hank, thanks for the info on Naked Vengeance. The title doesn't ring a bell, but it was a long time ago. My memory could have easily lost it. I'll see if I can track it down with a little google-foo.

Love Object also looks cool. I'll have to try and get that, too.

Wednesday, July 27th 2005 - 05:55:43 PM

Name: 42nd Street Freak
Homepage URL:

"Naked Vengeance" is actually a pretty damn good slice of exploitation, with a rough rape sequence, violent demises and some nice nudity. I reviewed it a while back.

Wednesday, July 27th 2005 - 06:52:52 PM

Name: Epilepsio

I'm still around, haven't been in any place with computers or even electricity lately so I sort of dropped out. Someone mentioned the film Ms. Cox, it is one of the first films of the ZFX series I saw. I reckon Rick should do a remake/sequel with Lisa Kinkaid this time, it is a little short, Sandra Chase never did it for me, she kind of reminded me of those hard-faced women you find in the German Magma series,,,perhaps that's being a little harsh on Sandra.

While traveling in Thailand I visited some establishments which stock some really unusual material, I suspect locally made (but the actors were mostly European looking, all look like adults over 18) only a 'mysterious' label (sometimes a photocopy of a polaroid shot stuck on the cover), with titles like: "Hog-tied violent soap bar enema", "Penetrated by eels bondage", "electroshock blow-job brutality", you get the picture! Anyway the female actresses looked pretty hot. I heard that Scandinavian backpackers are offered to make these weird films to make a bit of cash while they travel through Asia.

I purchased a copy and had it mailed to my home country: Germany. Inside a "National Geographic" series video box, you just can't be too careful whilst in Thailand everything goes, in other places like Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia (places where Islam is either the official or majority religion this sort of thing is a "NO, NO" and not tolerated) I heard you can cop a hefty jail sentence in some forgotten shit hole jail for carrying a copy of Hustler magazine; anyway the stuff looks painfully realistic.

Wednesday, July 27th 2005 - 10:33:06 PM

Name: 42nd Street Freak
Homepage URL:

"Hog-tied violent soap bar enema" LOL!! Quite possibly the best movie title ever.

Coming from the UK, it's aways funny to go to Amsterdam and walk around your typical street market that sells shoes/boots, clothes, t-shirts, CD's, ornaments and food and inbetween such stalls are ones selling hardcore porn that includes simulated 'rape' flicks and animal fucking epics normally starring a blonde and a pig or dog! All openly on sale in-between the everyday market stalls. Great stuff.

Thursday, July 28th 2005 - 12:25:44 AM

Name: D.M.

Ralphus, Howling pics are great. Does anyone know if the German DVD version that contains the making of a porn film extra can be purchused online from the U.S.. If you use Beverly Warren Howling as a search term you come up with a site that shows the German DVD, but I cannot figure out if it is for sale and/or if it could be bought in the states and used on one of our DVD players? Just wondering -- 3 minutes of the scene that shows up for 10 to 20 second on the typical versions would be great to have.

Thursday, July 28th 2005 - 05:28:08 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

According to and other sources, there are some new DVD releases this week of four zfx movies: Ballista 1, Ballista 2, Whiplash 3 and Whiplash 4.

Thursday, July 28th 2005 - 07:19:39 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:

The DOG is in the house.

Glad to see that there is so much chatter on this board. For a while, I thought it was going to die. On the other hand, maybe that was just because I was not here.

To all of my loyal fans I apologize for the absence, but the personal appearances, trying to answer all of my fan mail, and my filming schedule have kept me pretty busy. Oh, yah then there is the women. Sorry guys but if I have a choice between hot babes or chatting with you guys well you are going to lose every time.

I try to skim the board when I get a chance. Ralphus told me that some of you were asking questions of me. I apologize for not answering, and Ralphus was supposed to let me know when the questions come up. Bad Ralphus, your punishment is more OOMPA LOOMPA jokes. So bring them on everybody. Nevertheless, if you do have a question, or just want to learn from my infinite knowledge feel free to email me at the above address. I am usually pretty good at getting back to people in a timely matter (Unlike Rick).

Speaking of the homeboy, hey Rick are you still alive??? Stop spending all of your time arguing with Bubba and drop by, but leave the politics at home. I know they are essential to your business but everybody wants to hear inside info on the DOG, and I suppose the ladies.

Anyways, I just want to tell Iago that if he pitched his money in with Ralphus they just might be able to buy a life. Would not be much of one but surely an improvement over what they have now.

Travis Lee if you are lurking out there in the shadows knock it off come here and post some stuff. Same goes for you Uncle Fester. BTW Travis, I got rid of my cell phone so the number you have is no longer valid. Just email me at this address and I can give you the new one.

So I guess that is it for now, if you have any questions for the DOG, or just want to heap praise on me, send me an email. Until then Peace out.

The One and Only

Mad Dog

Thursday, July 28th 2005 - 07:45:18 PM

Name: Kevin
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi Gimps! I gotta say that, The Howling caps are getting better day by day.

I also have to mention that scene In "The Cheerleaders of Perilous U" where Chandra Sweet is force-fed that hamburger, and then had her mouth taped shut, was HOT!!

I'm quite sure that I am one of the only people who visit the forum who has a HUGE force feeding fetish.

To me there is something strangely sexy about an attractive bound woman gagging and choking on food that is being mercilessly crammed into her mouth! Does anyone else here find this exciting? I would also greatly appreciate any feedback on movies that contain force feeding. It doesn't matter whether it's a mainstream movie or commercial movie.

Thanks Gimpers!

Thursday, July 28th 2005 - 08:02:03 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mad Dog: The only questions people may have of you are 1) Who the hell is Mad Dog? and 2) What's with the yellow text?

Everything else you churn out is just Mad Dog crap all over our nice clean floor. I keep waiting for you to get housebroken, but I suppose that's just a pipe dream. Where's my rolled-up newspaper?

For any newbies who are wondering about the strange man who writes in yellow and makes no damn sense, Mad Dog's biggest claim to fame is that he was moderator of this forum before I took over (and cleaned up his mess). And, oh yes, he also worked for Rick Masters as a villain in a few ZFX films, but, praise God, he didn't have any nude scenes. The only ones who got naked were the tied-up ladies he acted alongside. And for that we are all truly thankful.

If anyone does want to ask questions of Mad Dog, such as, "How did it feel to grab Christina Anderson's tied-up bare tits?", please ask him here. We all like hearing insider ZFX info, even if it's ancient history.

Kevin: Personally, I love the idea of force-feeding myself, and Rick must, too, since he's employed that idea in at least 3 ZFX films. Most recently was in the final South of the Border movie with Lisa Kinkaid, although I wasn't a fan of that particular scene. Anybody who's seen it knows which ZFX movie had the best force-feeding scene, but I'll let someone else take the reigns and talk about that one. Come on, guys, you can name it.

BTW, here's some scans from a Japanese movie (Video Mayhem calls it "Collector Private Sessions" but I'm not sure that's the actual title) that features a very cool forced-feeding scene.

Thursday, July 28th 2005 - 08:50:23 PM

Name: D.M.

One of the Ballista movies had forced hot coffee drinking (Bridget Bayonne was the victim) and, of course, later in the same film a forced cucumber shaped plant sucking scene which also included an interesting forced impregnation.

Friday, July 29th 2005 - 07:48:37 AM

Name: 42nd Street Freak
Homepage URL:

Thanks to the discussion and pics on here I just picked up "Love Object" (at a very nice price), so thanks a lot for the heads-up on it.

Friday, July 29th 2005 - 10:58:38 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

42nd Street Freak: Cool! Be sure and link us with a review if you decide to review Love Object on your site. I'm a fan of your reviews so I would be especially interested in reading what you have to say about this one.

It should also help others find out more about the movie, which is a good thing, since this one has the potential to become a cult hit. And who knows, it might even inspire more filmmakers to tie up and torture women on film. Now that's my idea of entertainment!

Friday, July 29th 2005 - 11:14:49 AM

Name: Kevin
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thank you D.M. for the heads up on the forced hot coffee scene in Ballista. I will have to check that scene out!

And also, thank you so much Ralphus, for the pictures of the forced feeding.

One of the best parts, in my opinion, is when a funnel is forced down a female's throat in preparation of her forced feeding! YOU GOTTA LOVE THE GAGGING NOISES THEY MAKE!!

Friday, July 29th 2005 - 01:43:24 PM

Name: Bruno

FORCED FEEDING-One of the best forced feeding movies IMO is a Japanese movie that features a female karate expert who beats the crap out of a young hoodlum. Later the hoodlum and I think his father drug the karate girl and she ends up naked and tied to a chair at a dinner party, the nasty duo also have invited a very well dressed man and woman to the dinner party. The karate girl sits there naked and is forced fed, she puts up resistance, spitting food etc. etc. and ends up tied on her knees, hands behind, face down, ass up while the fully dressed woman forces her to eat various food items, very erotic IMO, some of them end forced into her upturned rear end, the karate girl has some nice (unhappy) facial expressions

My box I.D.'s the movie as VV34 but not sure if that is correct. I'm sure that Larry (Video Mayhem) can identify the movie if anyone is interested. I think it is very good movie even if your not into forced feeding. The hoodlum that she beats up gets his revenge by taking her sexually etc. etc.

Saturday, July 30th 2005 - 06:03:22 AM

Name: Gagman

Please help me! I live in Japan now, and placed an order some videos to But they haven't sent me those items at all. I paid money for them without fail. I paid money but I haven't received them. Is the vicious site that cannot trust it? What should I do?

Is there anyone who has ordered to lately? Please let me know about it.

Saturday, July 30th 2005 - 06:07:47 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Bruno: I'm no expert, but my guess is that the general storyline of a woman spy who is kicking the crap out of men, and then gets overtaken by them, is a common theme in some Japanese movies.

For example, check out the cover art for this movie I found just doing a random search:

That is a movie I will definitely pick up if it shows up in my area. Anyway, do you know the name of the actress who starred in the movie you described? If so, it might be easier to track down the movie.

Saturday, July 30th 2005 - 07:00:23 AM

Name: Bindher
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


If you are the person who sent me an envelope of foreign cash PLEASE write me ASAP at "" I have been trying to get in touch with you. The cash you sent has MUCH LESS VALUE than what you assumed due to the exchange rate & the amount that U.S. banks charge to convert it.


Saturday, July 30th 2005 - 08:48:01 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Bruno/DVD Fan:

Bruno- The title VV#34 is correct. Title was released by Cinemagic.

DVD Fan- boxcover you linked to is of course a Habino. Title is HAVD#131. Listed as Product ID# 02809 in our database.

Saturday, July 30th 2005 - 06:45:31 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

VM: Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, mail orders aren't really an option for me at the moment. Last fall, those nasty folks at Canada Customs nabbed one of my orders, and I suspect my name is on their list of people to watch.

I'm sure if I wanted to order information on how to kill lots of people in a suicide bombing, I'd have no problem getting it through Customs. But a DVD of a woman tied up -- suddenly, the geeks at Canada Customs go into red alert.

Fortunately, there are signs that things might be changing. While I was out for a walk yesterday, I popped into a local adult movie shop to check out their selection. Normally, this is one of the stores in my area that goes strictly by the book. It has always strictly limited its selection to government-approved vanilla porn.

However, yesterday I noticed a few bondage movies in their selection, including a Severe Asian Restraints movie and a Bon-Vue movie about Bill Majors retiring. Nothing here that would shock a GIMPer, but a pretty impressive start for this particular store.

In the big picture, what does this mean? I think there are two possibilities:

1) The market for bondage movies is unavoidable -- even mainstream porn seems to be working ball gags and stuff into their movies -- and this store is no longer going to fight the trend. Or,

2) It could mean that in Ontario, where I live, the province's film censors are quietly starting to allow bondage films to be rented and sold. This type of thing has happened before. When Ontario stopped cutting explicit scenes out of porn in the early 1990s, they didn't make a lot of noise about the change in policy. Quietly, they just started to approve uncut movies -- leading to a huge boom in adult video stores. Perhaps the province is quietly starting to see the light when it comes to bondage movies.

Sunday, July 31st 2005 - 06:02:44 AM

Name: Bruno

A Canadian-No, the movie I am talking about has nothing to do with spies or leather clad women which I know is a common Japanese theme and most of them are not to my liking.

The one I am talkin about which Larry (VM) has confirmed as VV34 (Cinemagic) is just about a normal girl who happens to take karate lessons and is harassed on the street, she beats up the punk, then takes him to his own house to "report" him to his father so that he can be punished for his bad behavior. The father fakes being apologetic and ends up slipping a drug in her tea.

Once tied up the young guy that attacked her on the street has his revenge on her. They then have an elaborate dinner party with karate girl tied naked to a chair at the table, also at the table are the guy, his father and a male/female couple as guest. Then there is a quite lengthy scene involving 'forced feeding' which several Gimpers expressed an interest in.

As I mentioned before, I think this is a very good movie, even for those not especially into forced feeding. The karate girl is attractive and she is brought to tow after being very forceful in the early going of the movie.

Sunday, July 31st 2005 - 06:20:59 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: It's amazing you're such an active poster here, since it's gotta be damn near impossible to find any GIMP-worthy material living in Canada. I took another look at the link Yarble posted and discovered I had missed the accompanying list that was down below it...17 pages worth of titles of banned material. Virtually anything on that list that I have seen or would be interested in was marked "Prohibited", including Bitter Sweet Persuasion and Underland from ZFX, films by Dan Hawke and Rick Savage, even a few Japanese titles I recognized (including a Severe Asian Restraints movie, ironically).

Surprisingly, a title called Japanese Scat Girls Uncensored (on page 8) was listed as "Admissible"! You can't tie them up, but it's apparently okay for them to eat doo-doo on camera. You figure that one out.

I certainly hope things do get more relaxed, because it's hard for me to fathom a country, especially one so close to where I live, where it is virtually prohibited to buy or sell movies that feature women in bondage. They think they can censor the entire country? Certainly you're not the only perv that hails from that side of North America. I don't think banning stuff is going to make their citizens' evil urges go away.

If you ever get tired of it all, you could always move to the states and check out what we can buy here. Stop by my place and I'll show you my stash...hundreds of filthy movies. At least it's legal here. For now, anyway. At least until Bush and Gonzales find a way to force their idealistic morality down our throats.

Sunday, July 31st 2005 - 08:44:42 AM

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