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December 2005

Name: Ralphus
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Here's some ZFX Insider news directly from Rick Masters...he may not post here much, but he's usually very open with me whenever I ask him questions via e-mail. He has not abandoned this board by any means. He still reads it regularly and he'll be posting a little closer to when his new show comes out, hopefully around February 2006.

zee-ef-ex: Last week you posted about being disappointed in the look of the DVD transfer for Future Shock and some of the older titles that ZFX has been digitalizing. I asked Rick about that. Here's what he had to say:

As far as the transfers, they are as good as is possible. I looked at Future Shock and think it looks pretty good but its from an old analog source, in this case SVHS tape. Its from 1992 so its pretty old. Most of titles have been remastered completely, including Future Shock. They are captured to hardisk for encoding from the edit masters one generation from the camera masters.

Unfortunately, sometimes the edit masters are missing cutaway shots and things like that so that makes it a bit more time consuming. I use final cut pro and a pinnacle cinewave card for capture. Its uncompressed digital so its as good as it gets. You cant tell the copy on the hard disk from the master, its an exact copy. My capture cards cost 7k so its pretty good, lol. But its still a digital copy of an analog source of circa 1992 quality. Next to DVCAM that we all shoot on now it looks a bit soft. Suffice it to say the conversions are as good as they can be coming from 10+ year old masters for some of the real oldies.

We are going to pressed discs by the way so all future conversions and new releases will be DVD ROM not DVD R.

The audio is also rebalanced on most of the conversions but the trade off for more natural sounds (dialog, grunts and groans, etc.) is more camera sounds and other unwanted ambient sound. In most cases the music soundtrack levels have been significantly lowered.

He also noted in another e-mail that he's going to make a concerted effort to get the rest of his inventory catalogue converted, which is unfortunately going to cut into any new productions. He's trying to do 4 new ones every month, which means 48 a year, and he has around 70 more to go. He said he hoped to be done by the end of 2006 or midway through 2007, and, if you do the math, that later date looks more likely. As much as I want to see the new stuff, I say go for it and get those conversions finished up. The sooner the better. As soon as that's done, he'll be able to hopefully get more new stuff shot and released.

A Canadian, Gravedigger and others in past months were speculating about Lisa Kinkaid's future with ZFX. And here's the direct word from the Rickmeister:

I dont know if Lisa is retired really but Im not shooting much at the moment and she really isnt shooting with anyone else. I still have some footage of her, part of a series Im working on, some very good stuff, but.... if or when it will be out is hard to say.

As I noted before, the DVD conversions are first and foremost for Rick right now, and after this new movie gets released in February, that will be it as far as new releases go until after they are all finished. He's not scheduling any new releases until after the older titles are converted. I know that sucks, but blame new technology that has made VHS pretty much passé and has forced people to upgrade to meet the new demand for digital. In Rick's case, it's especially daunting because he's been extremely prolific in his career. It may not seem like that to newer fans who are used to the current one-a-year schedule, but I know a lot of us remember back when ZFX used to release 10-15 new titles every year, and some damn good stuff, too. He's shot over 150 movies, and, as he alluded to, he's remastering nearly every one of them completely. He's not merely copying them from the finished products, which would probably have been easier. What he's doing is a lot of work, but hopefully worth it in the long run.

As to the new movie, we now have a title: The Jackbooth Job. Kelly McKay stars with Travis Lee. As mentioned before, Kelly gets taken hostage during a bank robbery, which hopefully will lead to bad things happening to her. I can't wait. February is just around the corner.

Thursday, December 1st 2005 - 06:07:52 AM

Name: Duke

Great to hear from Rick! Wonderful news that a new disc is forthcoming! I really like Kelly McKay, though sometimes she could react a little more like she's truly in peril ~ like Elaine Payton does. I would like to see Elaine perform again. She may not be a Jessica Alba look alike, but she sure acts like she means it in a ZFX scene!

I just obtained "Damian's Crucifixions" from Dofantasy ~ different format from "Dungeons" and "Inquisition", but very good nonetheless. A lot more writing than prevoius works. Damian's art is great!

Thursday, December 1st 2005 - 05:54:31 PM

Name: MAV
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I think people have mentioned Marie Madison's movies before, but I dont think I've heard the linked movie discussed before. In this movie "Witch Hunt", Kami Andrews is chained AOH in the nude and penetrated while getting whipped with a crop. I've only seen half of this seen (via VOD) so far, but I think the scene is real good.

Thursday, December 1st 2005 - 08:30:19 PM

Name: Scribbler
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MAV: I changed your long URL to a tiny URL that goes to the same link.

For everyone's info: There's a site called that will create a tiny URL out of a longer one, pointing to the same link. Can be very useful.

Thursday, December 1st 2005 - 10:01:55 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Is Bill Zebub a one-hit wonder? That's my question upon viewing his latest effort, Into Thy Hands. In Kill The Scream Queen, he showed great promise with a ZFX-inspired low budget tribute to bondage, rape and torture. But his followup was The Crucifier, in which he cast a lot of pretty naked women and then basically gave them nothing to do. So I was real curious to see which direction he would go in this third offering. Unfortunately, this one is a huge disappointment.

Once again, Zebub loads up this film with nothing but gorgeous women, and this one has lots of bondage, too. So what's wrong? Let's start with the concept. As a director, his intention seems to be to make this into an art film (maybe something along the lines of Pink Floyd: The Wall), so the film is filled from start to finish with an atmospheric alternative music soundtrack. The music is great; I'd buy the soundtrack. But that's literally all the sound in the movie. There is no dialogue; not even one word. It's basically a silent film, the same style they had back in the 1920s. Why intentionally turn the clock back 90 years and make a film with no live audio? Even those old bondage loops from the 1970s weren't silent on purpose; it was just the medium (8 mm) that they were filmed on. So to ignore today's modern advances was a huge mistake in my opinion.

Huge Mistake Number Two: Zebub presents nearly the entire movie in slow motion. Slow motion! So as the result, the action creeps along at an excruciatingly snail-like pace, and if you can watch the entire thing without grabbing your fast-forward button, you should win some sort of prize. Combine those two mistakes with the fact that much of the movie is shot with an orange filter and in low light, which makes it difficult to see at times. No doubt, this was another "artistic" touch.

And what makes this such an incredible waste is that the women are beautiful, they get naked, they're tied up and gagged, they're raped and tortured. The last one even gets burned at the stake. Certainly, Zebub had the right ideas with what to do with his lovely bevy of naked chicks. And with this much naked femme flesh on display, it's hard to call this one a total bomb. If looked upon as a feature-length music video, one might even consider this a compelling experiment. But as a dark-side film to please bondage fans, the presentation kills whatever erotic impact it might have attempted to muster up.

Advice to the filmmaker for next time: Silence is NOT golden. Anytime you deprive us of a girl's crying or a villain's gloating, you're lessening your picture. And if you have a naked girl struggling in bondage, camera tricks aren't needed; they're only a distraction. Look at what you did right in Scream Queen and then do it again. Repeat as necessary. I haven't lost faith in you.
My grade: D

Friday, December 2nd 2005 - 08:17:20 AM

Name: A Canadian
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Some random thoughts:

Ralphus: Your q and a with Rick Masters has raised as many new questions as it has provided answers.

I'm wondering what the "series" is that would include the unused footage of Lisa? Do you think this might be a "Best of Lisa Kinkaid" collection, much like the idea that was discussed on this board a short while ago?

If so, that movie could easily become the best American porn movie ever produced. Ralphus, I think you may need to probe a bit further into this topic in your next discussion with Rick.

Alpha Blue Archives: I think these movies are relatively new to Canada, but I watched a couple of them last night -- Nazi Sexperiments and The Abductors. For those who haven't seen them, the Alpha Blue Archives movies are collections of old '70s bondage scenes. As Ralphus mentioned in his review of Into Thy Hands, the '70s scenes were shot on 8mm home-movie cameras, and didn't have audio.

There's some good stuff in the two DVDs that I watched (I thought The Abductors was the better collection), although I probably could have done without some of the accompanying music. In one scene, a woman was being tied to a fence, while the song that was playing was "Funkytown."

The Canadian election: Nothing much of interest to GIMPers took place in the first week of the campaign, although U.S. religious wingnut Ralph Reed was in town the other day, whipping up some of the Christian candidates who are running. Sorry, Ralph, but the back-to-the-Bible foolishness doesn't play particularly well in most parts of Canada.

Saturday, December 3rd 2005 - 05:28:30 AM

Name: chase
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The top image is totally cool. I love AOH shots. Of course I'd be approaching the chick holding my anatomy (if you know what I mean and I think you do) in my hand instead of a candle. But then I'd want to phuck (misspelling deliberate) the chick not burn her.

Saturday, December 3rd 2005 - 07:52:36 AM

Name: chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo,com

I'd like to re-ask Kevin's question of November 28th, but with a twist.

As experts of ZFX, which of their movies do you consider the best when it comes to suspension.

I mean plain old AOH suspension, by wrists, feet off floor.

I also like the rare spreadeagle suspension, not on a bed but the kind you'd do in a gymnasium or a set of monkeybars or under an elevated bunk bed, in tits down position.

Saturday, December 3rd 2005 - 08:09:22 AM

Name: A Canadian
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chase: I don't know that I qualify as a ZFX expert, as there are many ZFX movies I still haven't seen, but some of my favorite AOH suspension scenes include:

-- Chandra Sweet in The Dentist (feet off the floor, nice whipping)

-- Chandra Sweet in Whiplash 2 (feet on the floor for this one, but still looks good)

-- Lisa Kinkaid in South of the Border 4 (she is suspended both ways -- AOH and by the feet -- in this movie. In the AOH scene, her feet are still on the floor, but it is a fantastic scene. Her clothes are stripped off and she is beaten with a rubber hose)

-- Lisa Kinkaid in The Dirty Dreams of Lisa Kinkaid (feet off the floor, has a beer bottle shoved into her pussy)

-- Lisa Kinkaid in Miss Ballista (at one point, suspended AOH and her legs are spread apart and also suspended)

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, you might also want to check some of the Alpha Blue Archives collections from the '70s. In the collection called The Abductors, there is one scene where a tall, sexy blonde in business attire is lifted AOH until her feet are off the floor. Her clothes are then stripped off and she gets a whipping (as noted previously, it's all visual. There is no audio, other than a music soundtrack).

Saturday, December 3rd 2005 - 11:13:17 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Chase: Re: suspension scenes in ZFX movies:

I'm not sure I'm an expert with my deteriorating memory and all, but I've seen them all. I don't recall too many suspension scenes in the older, Golden Age ZFX, but thankfully, Rick has cast quite a few girls in more recent years who are capable of pulling off that stunt. If you're looking for the best, you could start with one of his more current titles, last year's Bitter Sweet Persuasion (direct review above). Kim Noble gets strung up twice and so does Suzi Sexton, although one of Suzi's is upside-down.

One that's dear to me would be Penelope Pace in the original Guilty. Because of the way Rick filmed that one, where it was clear it was just him and Penelope in the scene, you get to see a lot of long shots where it's clear she is hanging and quite helpless, but she pulled it off.

One more I could name would be Ballista 2, which features Barbara Bayer suspended and whipped, and Lisa strung up and zapped with a violet wand. Two very good scenes there.

As far as a Lisa Kinkaid Greatest Hits collection, that's not much different in my mind from a ZFX Greatest Hits collection, since she's produced so many great highlights for him over the years. I don't want to pester RM with too many questions, but maybe that's one he'll bring up himself when the new show comes out in a few months.

Saturday, December 3rd 2005 - 05:14:02 PM

Name: A Canadian
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I haven't seen the movie -- so I have no idea if it has any GIMP-type scenes in it -- but The Fantastic Four is being released on DVD on Tuesday.

So that seems as good an excuse as any to post another picture of the only 2005 Signy award winner that I would ever recognize, Jessica Alba (see URL).

Monday, December 5th 2005 - 08:10:47 PM


A Canadian --

Hot picture of Jessica, man. Sorry, no scenes for her in Fantastic 4. That was the only one of her three films that she didn't get tied up on in 2005, the others being Sin City and Into The Blue. Still, 2 Jessica Alba bondage scenes in three movies proves she's choosing her roles correctly!

On a personal note, I want to apologize to Rick for my comments last week. The fact that you're still answering our questions, even if it's second hand through Ralphus, proves to me that you do care about your fans, and I was wrong to say what I did. I'm also sorry to hear that won't be any more new zfx for a while, but at least we can catch up on your older stuff when it comes out on dvd. If I haven't seen it, it's new to me, at least!

Monday, December 5th 2005 - 08:33:12 PM

Name: Iago

Ralphus, thanks for the review of Into Thy Hands. I was wondering about that one.

I notice Bill hasn't posted here recently. Has he moved on, do you think, or is he just lurking?



Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 04:36:21 AM

Name: Bruno

I see that a couple of pics from SlaveComics have been posted. Does anyone out there know of any sites besides Dofantasy and BDSMCagri that carry illustrated comics by either Cagri or Templeton. I think maybe SlaveComics does but they don't mention the names of their artists during their 'free tour'. Thanks for any help.

Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 08:11:53 AM

Name: Mr?

speaking of JA...has the SF2 preview from Roberts been posted?

Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 10:32:27 AM

Name: Penitent

Hey all, I'm curious, are there any good shops in the Seattle area with a good selection of vids/dvd's that appeal to us GIMP folks? What are the best porno shops? And is there any place (anywhere in the country) selling vintage bondage mags (HOM, etc.)? Thanks all, and keep up the dirty work ;)

Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 10:53:32 AM

Name: Joanne
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Has anyone out there seen this one yet? (New at

- - -


Released:12-5-2005 Young woman is tied up and brought to cell. She is tied spreadeagle to bed for bondage/fondling. Next two guards watch as she is attacked in bondage/rape scene. After girl/girl action with cellmate woman is held down by two guards and raped by another. There is water and shock/burn torture. This is followed by one more rape scene.

Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 01:16:37 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex
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It is a sad day for the USA, put on your black armbands, everybody.

According to various websites, Taylor Rain just announced she is retiring from porn.

Thank you, the astoundingly beautiful Ms. Rain, for providing us with so many happy hours of traditional American values - good wholesome sex, masterpieces of art, freedom of expression, life, liberty, and the pursuit of motherfucking happiness, religious fascist turds in power in the Middle East or the Middle West notwithstanding.

May I salute Ms. Rain in the time-honored words of some of America's greatest poets, the Ramones:

"Gabba, gabba we respect you, we respect you - [you're] one of us! "Gabba, gabba we respect you, we respect you - [you're] one of us!"

Let freedom ring. Happy trails, Taylor... Thank you!


Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 08:06:05 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Iago: Bill definitely reads the board; he e-mailed me not long ago to say he is working on another movie that he said GIMPers should like. I don't know any details, but I wouldn't be surprised if he posts here soon to tell us about it.

Bruno: I don't know of any other sites other than the two you mentioned that carry artwork by Templeton and Cagri. I caught a series by Templeton, "Evil Crew" that was posted recently online and it just blew me away. Nasty stuff. I loved it. I had never really seen much from him before but now I'm a fan.

Mr?: Gary had said that when he had some nude bound Jessica he'll send me a sample. I think this cartoon just started, so most likely it hasn't gotten to the point where she's been stripped and bound yet. I'm not a member so I don't know. Maybe Aries can give us an update on what's going on with that comic.

Joanne: Bondage/rape? Shock/burn torture? My little ears just perked up. Like Julie Andrews would say, these are a few of my favorite things! (Okay, maybe that wasn't what Rodgers and Hammerstein had in mind, but it applies here.) Details, someone.

zee-ef-ex: Like Gravedigger posted, most porn stars are finished by the time they're in their early 20s. They earn all their millions in the first few years and then live comfortably for the rest of their lives, never having to take another dick up their ass for money unless they really want to. Must be nice to retire at age 24, huh? The world just ain't fair.

I learned about Taylor pretty much through your postings over the years and I became a fan, too, even though most non-bondage porn bores me. For such a pretty girl-next-door, it was good to see that she dabbled in bondage and seemed to have a kinky side. Too bad she never went all out and teamed up to do something with Rick, because I'll bet he would have filmed her. She had that innocent look that he seems to look for when he casts his movies.

Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 09:31:15 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Joanne: HAVD-156 hasn't found its way into Canada yet, so I haven't seen it.

However, I have seen a number of other movies produced by the same people, HIBINO, so I will make some general observations that might be helpful.

I would start by cautioning that the HIBINO movies don't tend to be as rough as the Attackers/Shark movies favored by Ralphus and others. I have never seen a HIBINO movie with candle wax or the nose clips used in some of the Attackers movies.

Like all Japanese movies (including the Attackers and Shark flicks), the rape scenes in HIBINO movies can be hit and miss. Sometimes the victims are well restrained. Other times, they aren't.

However, the victim usually isn't tied up when she is being raped -- if anything, she has a man or a group of men holding her down.

On the plus side, the stars of the HIBINO movies are usually very attractive, and the movies are well produced, with excellent lighting, make-up, etc.

Also, the HIBINO movies I have seen have usually been very strong when it comes to the humiliation of the victim. For example, the victim is usually forced to strip in front of a group of strange men, generally as a result of blackmail or the threat of violence. These movies also tend to include scenes of a victim being French-kissed by her assailant.

Overall, I have liked most of the HIBINO movies I have seen, and have posted reviews for some of them -- including Devil School, Insulted Raped Female Avenger and Industrial Spy.

(As an aside, Ralphus and I were in complete disagreement about the merits of Industrial Spy. We both agreed it was flawed, particularly with its phony electro-shock scenes, but I still enjoyed the movie and highly recommended it. Ralphus doesn't recommend it).

Wednesday, December 7th 2005 - 04:39:17 PM

Name: ju man
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Hello all. I'd like to put in my two cents worth on a discussion that was a while ago. As far as physical abuse of a "gimpee" I'd choose the course the guys took against the "Cora Norman" role in Emmanuelle Around the World. Have a guy on each side holding her while another smacks her in the stomach and backhanded across the face. 'Course then they strip off the panties and go to town.

My favorite all time scene of this is "Carter"'s struggle to get free in the Abductors. I mean, at one point she even gets tackled. The part that makes me grin though, is when Carter gets contacted by a knee to the crotch. Very good stuff indeed.

Wednesday, December 7th 2005 - 08:42:48 PM

Name: Le Marquis Divin
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I'm a novice who's personally interested about the subject of BDSM and I've visited "Bring out the GIMP." It's FANTASTIC. A lot of resources here.

It's been a dream of mine to break out into the realm of erotic literature, and I hope it's not an abuse of the forum to mention a website that I've created featuring a graphic novel I've written. Moderators, if this is a misuse, I won't feel at all bad if you delete this post.

In any event, the novel is called Whipping Girl and is viewable online at It's unique in that it's not merely an S&M novel, but has evolved into a veritable saga incorporating romance, drama, tragedy, horror, mystery, and appropriately enough, dark humor. It also features a musical "score" playable online as well as photorealistic artwork of some scenes rendered in Metacreation's software Poser 5.

Looking forward to visitors. I'm very proud of the work I've done, and hope you enjoy it as well as I have putting it together.

Friday, December 9th 2005 - 08:02:48 AM

Name: b4a69
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Hey GIMPS, what movie does this clip come from???

Friday, December 9th 2005 - 09:47:10 AM

Name: Per
E-mail address:

b4a69, it looks like a scene from a bondage video by B&D Pleasures ( I don't know which one, though, but the girls and the setting looks pretty familiar.

Friday, December 9th 2005 - 02:59:36 PM

Name: Danny
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b4a69: It is from Party of the Damned - I own it, but havent watched in a while. I believe that is the title. Very good concept, but still misses that "realism" near the end.

Friday, December 9th 2005 - 03:04:38 PM

Name: Mr retailer
Homepage URL:

Here is an update on the extreme case. Up the ladder it goes!

Friday, December 9th 2005 - 07:08:33 PM

Name: Mr Retailer

Hello Gimpers. It seems the forum has really slowed down to a crawl lately. I think partly because the political climate isn't the best right now and websites are dropping off the face of the earth like there is no tomorrow. I also feel this was a great place to talk about ZFX films but with the lack of new releases from ZFX there is only so much to rehash over and over again. Rick is converting all of his older stuff to dvd and while I am disappointed in the lack of new releases I stand by his decision to put the older stuff on dvd because it makes good business sense. He will make a lot more money putting out 4 older dvd's every month or two compared to releasing new product. So you cant blame him for that. In the mean time to keep this forum alive we are going to have to talk about a lot of other movies to keep this place interesting.

I always like coming here to see if anyone finds some good new gimp content. I think we need to reach back and search. Maybe some gimpers from other countries will shed some light on good material from there homelands. There use to be great scenes in those old Italian horror films. I wonder what they are like today. Maybe we have a gimper lurking in Italy and he can fill us in. I also think we should talk about websites and discuss the good ones and bad ones. Hell even some straight adult movies have had some gimper type material in them. So I say lets all put in some effort and get this place going again so it could continue to be a great source for the gimpers!

I start by saying if you like caning movies Mood Pictures seems to be one of the top producers out there. They put out maybe one movie every month to 2 months but the action is definitely worth it. The problem is the movies are very pricey and on top of that on the short side. Go check out the previews to find out more about them! You don't need to give them an email address to see the previews; just click ok!

Friday, December 9th 2005 - 09:10:12 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Le Marquis Divin: Welcome to the board and thanks for the kind words. I think you have a very impressive website, too. I've never seen an online novel with its own streaming audio to accompany the individual chapters before. I didn't have a chance to read all your novel, but it looks good so far.

Mr. Retailer: That's bad news about the Extreme Associates case, but I wasn't surprised by the results since I had read an earlier account on the Free Speech Coalition's website that the case was being heard by 3 conservative judges. Big shocker that the ruling was unanimous and that it was the most conservative of the three, Bush appointee Judge D. Brooks Smith who wrote the court's opinion.

All this means is that Judge Lancaster's ruling that threw out the case has itself been thrown out, and it's just the next step of a long process. This thing still has a long way to go. Let's hope in the next round they get an impartial hearing and not one where the cards are already stacked from the very beginning.

You make a very valid point about the direction of the forum right now. Except for the upcoming new release, we can't expect anything from ZFX until at best, the middle of 2007. Except for Japanese vids, there's not much out there comparable to the type of entertainment that Rick puts out. I like the idea of discussing websites, mainstream scenes, whatever is around that relates to the focus of our site. My funds and free time are scarce these days, and I don't want to get burned again like I did when I pissed away $400 by purchasing a year of Brutal Violence, only to see them denigrate into a weak shadow of what they used to be.

Most of what I see anymore is just stuff I download off RapidShare, where I get to sample files from Hogtied, BrutalMaster, Torture Galaxy, Insex and others. Of those, I was most impressed with one incredible series I saw from Torture Galaxy. This chick gets thumbtacks taped to her ass, tits and pussy, and then beaten HARD with a cane right over top of the tacks. Nothing faked there, and she hollered her head off. Boy, that had to hurt. That alone made me interested in investing in a membership, but at this point, I haven't made up my mind yet.

Friday, December 9th 2005 - 10:37:39 PM

Name: b4a69
E-mail address:

Thank you Danny. It is Party of the Damned. Your tinyurl link was correct.

Saturday, December 10th 2005 - 04:47:13 AM

Name: Jazzdart

Mr. Retailer, I'm considering purchasing some DVD's from Mood Pictures. Have you had any difficulty with them and do you have any favorites. A couple if the canning ones really look brutal. Any good whipping scenes?

Saturday, December 10th 2005 - 01:07:09 PM

Name: Aries

Ralphus : Six pages have been released, at the moment Jessica is unconscious, on a plane headed for a privately owned island where her enslavement will lead to the plundering of her sweet body while she is bound and helpless. ..... The show is about to begin. ..... The comic is going to start up again this week. Gary said things are going to get nasty.

Saturday, December 10th 2005 - 03:51:30 PM

Name: Mr Retailer

Jazzdart. To start with I think Mood specializes in caning. I am sure there is some whipping but nothing really stands out in my mind. I can tell you there is no pussyfooting around with the cane though and the women appear to be mostly very good looking. My friend has ordered twice from them with no problems. The two newest movies I haven't seen yet but they look promising from the previews. Martial Law looks good along with Stanford Prison, Mrs. Geist, and Special Treatment.

As far as whipping movies I think Paintoy delivers in this area. I am not sure their dvd's are available anymore but I still think they are downloadable. Quality on the dvd's was very good. The women are not models but more like every day women but also lots of tats. Some people think of Paingate when it comes to whipping but I feel the website sucks. They have probably the best looking models around but mostly they offer a bunch of video clips. The quality seems to be getting better but 2 minutes clips just don't work for me. The next problem is they flash the whip around hard on the floor. They circle the girl about 5 times in a two minute clip and by the time the clip is over maybe they applied the whip 3 times and I would say medium hardness. You figure with a two minute clip you would want mostly action but reality says it is mostly fluff. Nu West offers good whipping tapes but for the most part the quality sucks and they are way too short for 70 bucks a piece.

Ralphus. I would agree that Galaxy has some good content but my problem there is the way it is presented. It is like watching a movie on an old VHS tape that is in SLP speed which was recorded over 100 times. In today day and age I like to see websites with great content and presented in great quality.

The Extreme case is going to be interesting. I say things gets worse before they get better. I think if Gonzales goes after enough people eventually some of them won't back down and maybe the first amendment will get defended the way it should. The adult industry is a 15 billion dollar a year business and if they take the right away from enough people eventually the Republicans will piss off the wrong people and it will show up in the elections. Besides I think 15 billion is a decent tax base that they shouldn't throw away. Our economy could use the money!!!

Saturday, December 10th 2005 - 09:01:34 PM

Name: VM
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Info on HAVD#156: Has couple of men holding woman while another man uses an electrical prod on her. He touches the two metal wands together and electricity sparks. He lowers them onto her arms and shoulders. Lots of struggling/whimpering. He torments her by holding the wands over her breasts. When he lowers them onto her breasts one will need to lower the control volume as her screams are very loud. After each wand attack we see the electricity scars/burns welts on her body.

Sunday, December 11th 2005 - 08:39:24 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Homepage URL:

If I lived in the U.S., one of the movies I would consider ordering from Video Mayhem is Shark#169 (see link in my URL).

I haven't seen it, as the only version available in Canada is one of those crappy VCD versions. But the Shark movies are pretty dependable and the star of this one, Miyuki Hourai, is a total sweetheart. I have seen her in other movies, such as the I-Energy movie, A Beast Legend, and she is really cute.

Monday, December 12th 2005 - 09:46:05 AM

Name: MAV
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Just wanted to let everyone know about another good scene with penetration IMO from Marie Madison Productions. (Whoever did that shortening the link thing before, please do so again)

I linked "Witch Hunt" a week or so ago, where the very buxom Kami Andrews, while tied AOH, gets penetrated from behind and whipped. In Talon's Reign Episode 1 (linked above), Marie Madison herself is penetrated from behind while chained AOH. I think both scenes are great.

On a side note, the site has A LOT of commercial bondage movies available for streaming IMO. I've caught up on a lot of oldies but goodies from studios like London Enterprises, HOM, and CalStar.

Monday, December 12th 2005 - 07:53:02 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp
Homepage URL:


Well, time for a bit of escapist "ultra-violence" once again with the "Behemoth" of Pain: Dan Hawke.

We are back in Dan's "Dantesque" grotto of pain and we are going to have a "nice", "Very Nice" time.

Trinity, the victim in question reminds me of actress Linda Lovelace...but far more prettier!!. She's ready for action, wearing a flowery, summery black dress, she is a girl with a solid build, a 'comfortable' plumpness about her which gives a her a 'wholesome', 'butter wouldn't melt' look., she's got reddish hair, white ripe shoulders and a smattering of cute freckles around her shoulders, she is also wearing a "Rudolph The Reindeer" styled red gag (well, I couldn't help'll be Christmas before you know it). "You little whore" the dark giant murmurs. Trinity's ankles are chained and legs spread, her legs are the type of legs that cartoonist H.R. Crumb fantasizes about, strong, solid pins which could easily hold the entire Verrazano-Narrows bridge.

Our babe still manages to keep her dress on, at least until now - Dan places leather straps on her wrists and starts to wind up the beam which is supporting her, he pulls her skirt up and gives her his trademark 'pussy wedge' with her own panties. I happen to notice a very tasteful little tattoo of a rosebud, which curls around her bellybutton (I don't mind tattooed chicks in the least!), I just love her milky love jugs, firm, nurturing lactose sacs, a pretty pair of nipples which lucky Dan gets to feel, grope and squeeze and rub with the palm of his hand., "I'm gonna do lots of things with these" - he promises her, he takes her tits from behind and kneads her mammaries like a baker kneads dough and stretches he nipples as far as these can go.

'Very Wet'...he quips as he feels her cunt lips, she has an elegant and very fuckable fun-slit, he dries her drooling waterfall of saliva and proceeds to shut her the fuck up with her own juicy wet torn panties and then duct-tapes her mouth with my very favourite grey duct tape...."tastes good?"-"just like you". He continues his torment with a pair scissors, playfully threatening her tits as he starts cutting into the dress. Dan attaches a chained tit clamp on both nipples, and threads the rope through an eye-hook on the balancing beam above, places a padlock for added weight, then raises her left leg above the ground and ties her abdomen with a rope and slots right between her pussy.

I don't mean to be unkind, but I'm still trying to warm up to poor ol' Trinity...just too wholesome, I hope Dan goes "easy" on her...she is so well behaved.

A leather strap is placed on her thigh and ankles, her knees must be "killing her" since these are now taking all of her body weight. The dark figure finishers her with a rope around her wrists (hands behind back...."See you soon" and off he fades into off-camera obscurity. Her fun melons have been tightly wound with rope and look as if they're about to burst open, they are so red it's hard to distinguish the "aureolas" from the rest of the tit (I just adore super-tight tits....could we have more in future DH installments??).

Amazing what pigtails can do, suddenly I'm having a "Lisa Kinkaid" deja-vu experience (suddenly her body also looks a bit like Lisa...I must be warming up to this girl), mmmm yumm, pigtails and deliciously and depravedly naked, legs spread and gag removed, her tits are now back to normal after ropebra was removed...mmm "I'm getting very tingly, indeed"

Dan doesn't like her woman to talk that much so a new ballgag is inserted in her oral cavity for good measure., but in all honesty Trinity is the "quietest" victim I've encountered in DH's films so far and not to mention tough, she takes 3 barbell disc-shaped weights which pull on her pussy, this is a very busy scene, lots of chains, ropes pulleys and other painful artifacts, very very straining. "I'm gonna let you think about the sort of day you're going to have'- once more the dark villain exits....time to perve and contemplate our victim in detail!! END of Part 1 - Stay tuned - I'm having computer problems...again!!. Next scene:

Monday, December 12th 2005 - 09:10:08 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp

Back again!!....I had to go to an "internet cafe" and finish this review due to technical problems. I sincerely apologize.

DH53 "Taming Trinity"

If I remember well we were left with our victim as Dan walks off for a coffee or smoke or readjust the camera.

We are treated to some great shots of her big "Christmas pudding" white ass.

Dan returns, Trinity is now seated on a white stool wearing long white stockings. I notice her tits have certainly taken a hell of a beating because they look traumatized and kind of sag gently in defeat, but they get no respite, Dan inserts a rope bra again and sculpts her meaty mounds into cantaloupes, turning purply pink...."You look very sexy" - Dan compliments her, he then commands her to kneel on a wooden crate. Her meaty "garbanzos" now appear surrealistically diminutive, her hands tied behind her back and rope hanging from that beam- Dan starts winding her up again.

Trinity's nipples are clamped- "Don't flinch away!" - he warns her, Dan disappears once more and all I can think about is how great she looks with ponytails?!?!?. Time for a bit of high voltage rock'n'roll, he's got her spread-eagled, arms, legs apart, and the "buzzing" prod like an angry stick insect enters the stage, he teases her arms, tits, the poor girl is terrified and she's not acting, Mr. Dan is rather unstoppable in his electrical assault, he gives her a few fondles then the horrific blitzkrieg of current returns, this time a 'rake' shaped prod, Trinity is not a happy painful are these things, Dan? - He grabs he nipples, tweaks them, the giant is getting rough indeed...out of nowhere the tears start to flow, but she gets no mercy the more she cries the more prod she gets., she is thoroughly tamed...."Women can be trained" he tells her - "Be good or you'll get the wand again".

My nerves are frayed, this is one of the most 'viscerally realistic' offerings from this "Master" of pain, and let's not forget about poor Trinity, she certainly deserves every penny of her model's fee...I feel sorry for her, after all she is as wholesome as "apple pie"....(I prefer my victims a bit on the slutty side, rough, pierced, tattooed, bad attitude). I'll give it 8.5 on the "clothespin scale". This one certainly delivers...onto DH 52!. GO Buy it NOW!!

{Some things I would like to see in a DH film: dildo, toys penetration, more vaginal fondling and penetration, water torture, anal pentration}


Tuesday, December 13th 2005 - 04:01:42 PM

Name: ju man

Pardon me. Just wondering if I missed something. Who is supposed to be getting the treatment along with Jessica Alba in SF2? Not that she coudn't hold our focus alone! My favorite movie of hers is Honey. Lots of stroke worthy scenes in that one. In my opinion a great pairing for a SF story would be Lindsay Lohan & Hillary Duff.

P.S. Another lady that has captured my attention is the awesome babe that does the Directway infomercial on Direct Tv. Schwing!! It's only 15 min long but it's played over for hours on end. Yes!

Tuesday, December 13th 2005 - 04:52:28 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Thees Van Kemp: Thanks for your (as always) entertaining review of Dan's flick. I'm a Dan Fan myself, and this is one I wanted to review for the board, too. So in the spirit of Siskel and Ebert (or Ebert and Roeper, for the later generation), here's a special treat for our board: competing reviews of the same movie, which is a concept I really like. The whole reason this board started was so that we could discuss our opinions about extreme bondage videos, but often times, it's hard to find two of us who saw the same movie and are willing to take the time to share our opinions with the board. Not this time, though. It's sorta too bad we can't have one of Siskel and Ebert's legendary disagreements, because it looks like we both give this one a thumbs up.

So apologies to anyone who experiences deja vu, but here's another opinion on Dan's opus:


I don't get to see all of Dan Hawke's movies, but he has a winning formula, so when he shoots a model I like, I take notice. That's the case with one of his newest titles, DH53: Training Trinity, starring the adorably cute Trinity A'Dell. I saw her years ago in DH20: Lash and the Lass, still one of my favorite Hawke titles. I was thrilled to see that Dan brought her back for more. From past experience, I knew that any Dan Hawke picture was going to feature lots of difficult bondage setpieces, so I also knew that Trinity was going to be in another rough time.

The thing I love about Trinity is that she doesn't look like the typical bondage model. She has shoulder-length brown hair, a cute face and an innocent look about her. Her tits are round, firm and not overly large; they are clearly hers and not store-bought. Even her tiny rose tattoo on her navel doesn't bother me, because it's not showy, it's just a cute little feminine adornment to her body. She has that girl-next-door quality that I find extremely appealing, and anymore, that's a hard thing to find in this industry.

This one starts out, in typical Dan fashion, with Trinity being dragged into Dan's lair, where she swiftly binds the protesting girl, silencing her with a red ballgag, and hoists her into a standing spreadeagle. She eagerly helps himself to her prone and vulnerable body, molesting her all over as if she belongs to him, and really, she does, so he has no qualms about ripping off her dress, yanking off her bra and slapping and squeezing her cute little titties.

After briefly removing her ballgag, Dan rips away Trinity's wet panties and decides they would be the perfect thing to stuff into her mouth, sealing them into place with three strips of duct tape. Give the man credit, he knows exactly how to gag a lady! He then affixes silver clamps to her nips, ties a string to them and runs the string up to a pulley on the ceiling, adding a weight to increase the pull on her sore tits. He adds a crotchrope and strings that to the ceiling, adding even more tension to her predicament. To top that, one of her legs is forced off the ground and tied there, leaving poor Trinity in a vicariously uncomfortable position. Dan leaves her alone to suffer and we're treated to multiple angles of Trinity's torment.

The next scene is my favorite, and the real reason to buy this video. It starts off with Trinity bound in a standing position, with her wrists bound behind her. She looks adorable wearing a tight black ballgag. Dan decides to make a new "bra" for Trinity, and he uses lots of rope wound tightly around her fleshy globes until they are discolored and almost ready to burst. Breast bondage fans, rejoice. He then leads her over to small platform and forces her onto her knees, even using belts to keep her legs in a bent position. After anchoring her into place with more ropes tied to the platform above her head, Dan leaves her alone to deal with her unfortunate position. I would loved to seen even more of the usual Dan Hawke padding during this scene, but we only get a couple minutes this time; too bad. But what's there is certainly eye-popping.

The next time we see Trinity, for some reason she has now redone her hair into pigtails, and while she looks cute that way, logically, it makes no sense. For the movie to have a natural continuity, it's unbelievable to think that Dan would allow her to go to the restroom, fix her hair and then come back for more bondage. Especially if we're to believe the abduction scenario that began the movie. That quibble aside, Dan ties Trinity with her legs spread wide to a small wooden platform, wrists tied behind her, and gags her with a white ballgag. And what else can we expect from The King of Crotchropes but yet another joyrope splitting her pussy lips, with the end tied off to the pulley above, increasing the pull on her vagina. Dan adds a few clamps for nipples and leaves her alone for a while. Then we see 8 full minutes of shots of Trinity alone struggling in bondage, maybe a bit of overkill after a while. Your mileage may vary.

The final scene has Trinity bound in another standing spreadeagle, again gagged with the black ballgag, and this time the pigtails are gone and her hair is back to normal (making the previous scene even more preposterous). Dan whips out the electrical device known as the violet wand, which he liberally runs all over her body, giving her lots of nice shocks wherever he feels like it. There's one extraordinary close up of the wand where you can actually see the lightning bolts shoot out and sting the inside of her thigh; I wish we could have seen more of that. Dan eventually adds a rake attachment to his toy, and by the end Trinity is crying so much that black mascara runs down her face. What an appealing image to see that cute girl suffer so much that her face is stained with tears! That's entertainment :)

One debit worth noting is a problem that unfortunately has plagued a few of Dan's productions, and is even more noticeable this time than in some of the others I've seen. It's pretty obvious that there's a TV in the room that Dan uses to make sure his shots are lined up properly, and while it's for Dan's benefit, it also draws attention to itself when you see the model with her eyes constantly affixed in one direction, clearly and obviously watching herself on TV while Dan works on her. A glance or two would be okay, but it becomes a distraction when she stares that way nearly the entire movie. Advice to Dan the director: Tell your model to keep her eyes off the screen and tell her if she wants to watch, you'll give her a copy of the DVD afterward. If she persists in staring at the monitor...well, you'll just have to torture her harder to teach her a lesson!

Overall, this is another winner from Dan, with a very appealing victim succumbing to his usual assortment of bondage torments. It's all about the casting, and with Trinity as the leading lady/victim, it can't help but be good. Sign this girl up for more, if she can take it.
My grade: B

Tuesday, December 13th 2005 - 08:24:40 PM

Name: Aries

ju man: Alba is on her way to the island. Spears is still there. ..... Maybe they will bump into each other. ..... Hillary Duff is a great choice, wish her and Alba were porn stars. Since they're not could someone please hook them up with Tommy Lee so we can get hold of some Alba, Duff hardcore.

Wednesday, December 14th 2005 - 02:40:54 AM

Name: Aries

The Fantastic Two

Wednesday, December 14th 2005 - 02:51:57 AM

Name: SG
Homepage URL:


I had posted once before, but slipped back into laziness. I am encouraged by the recent comments about utilizing this forum as a resource to find new materials. So, let me start by introducing you to the Nexim group.

Aside from the published catelog, the owner of the site, "Al" is a wizard at locating hard to find dvd's. I ordered several dvd from the main catelog including "Criminal Women" (see comments below), and "War Victims". If you have other movies in mind, you can ask him to locate it for you.

Note, Al is NOT a bootlegger. As far as I can tell, all the DVD's are originals in shrink wrapped DVD cases.

Now, about the movies. I am a poor writer, so I won't attempt to write a full review. I like "Criminal Women Report"--a japanese EDO inquistion movie. The movie is highly stylized, and only show upper body nudity, but the women are really pretty, and look like proper actresses, not prostitutes. The torture scenes are intense and have some original ideas. Good plots, and well acted. The costumes, make up (including blood), lighting and camera work has mainstream movie feel, not the garage studio type.

The "War Victims" was reviewed here before. I like the first woman, who is prettier and a better actress. Also, I like the knife play. Even though the blood is clearly fake, it still is a thrill to see a knife cut across the breasts and into the virgina.

I have Criminal Women Report 2 and War Victims 2 and 3. And will report to the board after I view them.

One inquiry:

A while ago I tried to buy the "CUT" movie (by Carlos Quiros) from his website, Lost Cause Films. After the money was taken out of my PayPal account, the website disappeared, and my inquiries went unanswered. Of course, PayPal couldn't refund the money, since they couldn't locate the owner either. Do anyone know what happened to Carlos Quiros? Better yet, do anyone know where to buy a copy of the "CUT"?


Wednesday, December 14th 2005 - 11:56:18 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Regarding the Nexim Group: They have about 40 different ZFX titles available on DVD, which can be ordered on ebay. You simply put zfx into the search engine, and the Nexim Group's "buy it now" option will come up.

Haven't used the service, as the movies I was considering became available in Canada, but they look reasonably priced to me.

Wednesday, December 14th 2005 - 03:59:34 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hey folks: I wanted to thank both Ralphus and Thees for their reviews of my video.

Trinity truly was a girl next store. She only shot with me twice and, believe it or not, insex a few times. Sadly she is retired now and, unlike some "retired" models, I am almost certain she won't return.

Sad news I fear. On the plus side, I still have three or four scenes (from that same shoot) which will appear somewhere down the road.

I will mention a couple of things about this video. The reason that breast bondage scene is shorter than I would have liked is that I saw how incredibly purple her breasts were getting, and I was a little concerned about her circulation. Her breast harness was actually the only thing supporting her on kneepoint. So I let her go, just to make sure she would suffer no ill effects.

As to how harsh the wand is... Pain is such an individual thing. I have done identical things to several models, some who almost laughed the positions off, where others dissolved in tears.

I told Trinity I would be using the wand and showed her how it worked and she was very, very nervous. We shot two days and, I think, it was the very last scene. It did seem to hurt her a bit, but I think truly she did a mind game on herself that made it worse. As Thees pointed out her reactions were not faked. In face, she was no actress, so her reactions to all the scenes were pretty genuine. Inluding those from dh20 (shot about two years earlier).

I wish I could have shot her one more time before her retirement, but sadly it wasn't meant to be. I'm just glad that I got the footage of her I have. I really did enjoy shooting with her a great deal. I have fond memories of the two different shoots I did with Trinity.

Talk to you all later!


Wednesday, December 14th 2005 - 07:02:03 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

If Dan Hawke or any of the other producers who read this board are looking for suggestions for new talent, I have one recommendation to make: Franchezca Valentina.

I saw this woman in a Peter North movie the other day, and I think she's a relatively new talent. That would likely mean she isn't under contract to one of the vanilla-porn companies.

Franchezca Valentina is a natural beauty, with long dark hair and big, natural tits (see the attached picture in my URL). Unfortunately, she does have a fairly big tattoo on her back, just above her ass. But she's still great to watch and I think she would be terrific in a bondage movie.

Wednesday, December 14th 2005 - 07:51:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

SG: I'm not positive I believe your assertion that this Al guy is not a bootlegger. He has several ZFX videos on his site for prices that seem awfully low. $19.95 for VHS? I guess that's possible, since VHS appears to be on the way out and maybe he picked up several for discount prices. And the DVDs for $25.95? Again, possible, but I'm not sure how he could be making any money selling them that low.

Still, he also has Inquisitor and Poor Cecily there and to my knowledge, both of those are only available as bootlegs. Plus the stills he's using on those two titles look like the kind of fuzzy dubs I'm used to seeing from those two movies. I would think if they were genuine DVDs, the print would be better. And as far as shrink-wrapping, it can be done easily if one has access to shrink wrap equipment. I used a shrink wrapper for years when I worked in videos stores.

Bottom line: Especially if I was interested in ordering original ZFX titles, I would probably pay a bit more and order them from a legitimate source. His site looks more like Video Search of Miami, a movie "locator" which is just a fancy way of saying they'll dub you a movie for a price. I think Mr. Masters would be quite curious as to why his movies are there alongside titles that almost certainly have to be boots.

Criminal Women Report 1 and 2: See, here are two more titles I've only seen available as bootlegs. I bought them years ago from Video Search of Miami, and the only reason I went there was because I couldn't find them anywhere else. I agree, they are both torture-riffic, especially the first part, which is like a "greatest hits" collection of Japanese torture.

CUT: Carlos Quieros dropped the ball big time when he released his movie on DVD. I was one of the lucky ones who finally got my order after a long delay when it came out some years ago. I know others here got burned and either didn't get their orders or else had to wait forever until they arrived. Then he moved his website and the last I saw, CUT wasn't even available for ordering anymore. This made me look bad, too, because I'm sure a lot of people ordered it because I promoted it on the site with a glowing review (deservedly so) and then people ended up getting screwed because he couldn't send the damn thing out.

The good thing is that Stray Thoughts (link above) bought up some prints before the movie disappeared, and you can buy one of the last few copies known to man if he still has any left. I think it's a great little low-budget student film with excellent acting, even if a few GIMPers were disappointed by the lack of nudity. Angie Morris is a major babe in my book, and she knows how to play a victim. And check out her most recent portfolio:

If anything, she's gotten even better-looking. Apparently she's a model and actress now.

BTW, I found an article on her where she talks about about making CUT: (You do have to register, but it's free and only takes a minute.)

In the article, she says she was tied to a chair for 17 straight hours! God, I would have loved to have been on the set for that.

Dan: Thanks for the inside scoop on Trinity. I can't believe she did stuff for Insex! That's probably why she retired; I'll bet PD worked her over good. Anybody know which particular segments she did for Insex, and what happened in them?

Wednesday, December 14th 2005 - 10:44:44 PM

Name: SG


Thanks for putting in the paragraph breaks for me. I told you, I am a poor writer, but the long paragraph wasn't intentional.

Thank you also for the source for "CUT". I will try it. I don't hold it against Quiros (or you for recommending it). I know it is hard to run a normal business providing this type of contents, especially under the current political environment. I just hope to eventually get a copy. (If someone here want's to arrange a trade or sell, let me know.)

I have not ordered any ZFX DVDs from Nexim, so I don't know whether those are bootlegged or not. (I order my ZFX DVDs from CD Universe.) The movies I have ordered, War Victims and Criminal Women, looked well packaged. Although the disks seem like DVD+-R disks you burn on a computer, but so were the ZFX DVDs I ordered directly from Rick before his site went down. I guess given the printing (and shrink-wrapping) technology it would be very hard to distinguish a bootlegged product from the original.

I believe we shouldn't buy from bootleggers. My reasons are practical: if you don't support the content producers, we won't get the contents we want. But, in case where the original is hard to find and are not obtainable on a convenient format, i.e. DVD, I let myself slip. I know "criminal women" has to be a bootlegged copy, but I couldn't find it from an authentic source. I am not proud of it, but the beast must be fed ^_^.



Thursday, December 15th 2005 - 07:34:16 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

I guess I'm an accomplice in the Nexim Group controversy, as I was the one who mentioned the ZFX movies available at their site.

For the record, I should state that yesterday's post was only an information item, and certainly not an endorsement. As I mentioned yesterday, I have never actually ordered from Nexim Group.

I have to admit, I felt kinda foolish after I read Ralphus's post. It does seem bizarre that they could offer the movies at such a cheap rate if the movies are actually the real thing.

Thursday, December 15th 2005 - 05:45:54 PM

Name: Thanagar

Cheap? His zfx dvd's are only 70 cents less than most of cd universe's. War Victims is the same price as cdu, and Undercover Slave is a lot less at cdu. He may be selling bootlegs, but there's at least one dealer he's not undercutting by much, if at all.

Thursday, December 15th 2005 - 06:06:20 PM

Name: Mr Retailer

I wouldn't be so fast to judge the Nexim Group as pirates. I remember being offered ZFX on VHS at a close out price in which I could easily sell them for 19.95 and make a good profit. It is also possible for him to be selling the dvd's at 26 bucks and making some money. The most important thing to notice is this guy is carrying the Inquisition Live series at a price of $29.95. I remember debating with someone on this board that the German site was ripping people off at 80 bucks a piece. I also remember telling people to hang tight that they would be available in America at a reasonable price. Judging from what I see most of this guys product looks to be coming from the same source and appears legit.

Thursday, December 15th 2005 - 06:17:23 PM

Name: b4a69
E-mail address:

Some time back I bought Lustful Turk from nexim. No problems with the dvd, and it appears to be original. Kind of a softcore laugher, but seemed to be all as represented.

Friday, December 16th 2005 - 04:39:18 AM

Name: SG


Stray Thought indeed has "CUT". I promptly placed my order. Thank you very much for the info. I will see if the movie indeed deserves your glorious review.


Thanks for weighing in on Nexim. I am not invested with Nexim Group. But, I have placed several large orders with them. And "Al" always responds and handles the transactions quickly and professionally. He sends the package in regular Post Office mail or Priority mail, which saves the hassle of having to be home or go to the PO Office or UPS customer center to sign for them. And, like I said, given the choice, I always try to order things from the original source. I have always ordered directly from Rick before his site went out. The jury seems still out that Nexim may be a bootlegger, but my guess is Al's got some original stocks such as ZFX (if he is a bootlegger, why did he offer some on DVD and some only on VHS?), and some bootleggers, for those out of print movies. Even if he is a bootlegger, his customer service is superior. So, I will use him again next time I can't find an authentic or convenient source for my entertainment.

This brings up another point. I think, the producers also need to be sensitive to us consumers. If they don't provide their contents in convenient format, or use complicated delivery channels, it would be unfair to demand consumers to stay away from bootleggers. Here are some examples of producer abuse:

ZFX's streaming video site: at $20/50 minutes--not even a full movie, you get to watch what you pay top dollars for, only once (unless you are a techie, and are willing to fiddle with 3rd party download softwares)! The online delivery channel should have been a superior alternative, if you can simply download the clips and save it in your library to watch off-line. But, Rick blew it. Is this sensitive to consumers? Plus, Rick refuses to recommend a legitimate source to order his DVD? What's up with that? There aren't that many distributors, just list them all!

Inquisitionlive and Red Feline on the Cross: as mentioned in the previous comments, at close to $80 per DVD, it is extortion. I've seen the clips, they are good, but not that good! Abusive pricing only invites bootlegging.

And the list goes on.

I think the issue of piracy has been discussed in this forum, ad nauseum. So, I apologize for bringing the topics up again. But, hopefully we could get the producers out there to think more of what's best for their customers, rather than worried about piracy. If you put your customers first, we would be loyal to you and make you rich. If not, maybe you shouldn't be in business (look no further than Carlos Quiros). Remember, good ideas are a dime a dozen, but the execution is the key!

Yours Ranting (just this time),


Friday, December 16th 2005 - 07:54:21 AM


SG: Is the copy of War Victims that Nexim Group has on sale #1, 2, or 3? I've already ordered number three from CDuniverse and am still waiting on it. I think the copy the have at Nexim might be number 1, but I'm not sure.


Friday, December 16th 2005 - 11:27:26 AM

Name: SG


I ordered all 3 War Victims DVDs from Nexim Group. The main catelog only show War Victim #1, but in the e-mail request form you can ask for #2.

#1 is pretty good, especially the first woman. I also took a peek in #2 and #3, both are good. But I agree with your preview of #3 before, a lot of the set up is obviously fake. Though I still enjoyed the knife play and the whipping, the roasting scene does nothing for me.


Friday, December 16th 2005 - 11:56:47 AM

Name: Thanagar
Homepage URL:

The e-mail address for bizarro video now takes you to its sister site, forbidden video. It seems likely that Mr. A has abandoned the b&d market for now. Oh well.

Friday, December 16th 2005 - 01:16:14 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thanagar: Yeah, it's officially over for Forbidden/Bizarro Video. I never did hear directly from Steve, but I'm on Forbidden's mailing list and got this e-mail a few days ago that reads, in part:

As some of you may have noticed, has been closed permanantly (well, at least for the next 2-3 years) - since 1996 this site has been providing everything from cult horror films, to classic porn to our own original productions hailed by critics. Most of you on this list have purchased MANY of these DVD's from us over the years and for this I THANK YOU - I still get e-mails daily asking for our original titles and some even BEGGING me not to stop selling them.

We have had two new ones in the works and we are not sure when they will ever be finished or released, if at all.

So, to sum it up. Bizarro Video is gone. The dark side brutal DVD's are gone - BUT there is one way, one last chance for those of you who missed the last sale to get your hands on ANY of our Dark Side original films on DVD.

And then he goes on to say that you can get some of the Dark Side vids for free...if you sign up to be a member of Forbidden's website, which now is a boring vanilla sex site that looks exactly like a million other boring vanilla sex sites that clog up cyberspace today. We're talking no bondage, no forced sex, no torture...basically everything that made the original Forbidden Video beloved by the pervs and sick fucks who dig this sort of entertainment.

It does go on to say that if for any reason someone wants all of the dark side titles, he can still offer the full collection on DVD - 22 DVD's for $219.99, which is not bad, although you could have gotten the whole set for 99 bucks a few months ago.

When Forbidden made its comeback early this year and released Moved To Tears and SNAP, it looked like things were looking up, but the consequences of trying to do something daring and bold in the US...against the censorship of this repressive and freedom-hating Bush administration... sunk what was once an enterprising company. I'm pretty sure that's what Steve meant when he made reference to 2 to 3 years: the amount of time Bush still has left in office. If the Republicans win again in 2008, God help us all. But by the time Bush and company are finished, there may be nothing left, anyway. Forbidden is gone. Insex is gone. What will be next?

Friday, December 16th 2005 - 04:42:38 PM

Homepage URL:

Did anyone ever end up buying Murder Set Pieces? If so, was it worth a damn?


Friday, December 16th 2005 - 06:03:39 PM

Name: JoeX
Homepage URL:

The Nexim link that SG sent was selling movies from various sources. They all looked pretty familiar except for The Choice. Does anyone know who made it? Or, for that matter, has anyone seen it?

Joe X

Friday, December 16th 2005 - 09:30:52 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

Season's Greetings!

No, I haven't lost it. Christmas came a little early this year for this GIMPer.

I finally managed to obtain a copy of Ballista 2: Ballista vs. the Evil Dr. Menace, after months of trying. (As an aside, this is one movie I considered purchasing from the Nexim Group, if all other options failed).

It actually cost me more than I would usually spend on a porn movie, but I considered this to be one I must own. I particularly wanted the scene where Lisa is suspended and whipped, and it was as great as I expected.

However, the movie does raise one concern, that I throw open for discussion.

As Ralphus mentioned in his review of the movie, there is one rather lengthy scene where Bridgette Bayonne is bound to a chair and gets punched out by Joseph Marx. She takes numerous shots to the face and gut, and her face is eventually a bruised and bloody mess.

I'm wondering what GIMPers thought of this scene, or others like it (there are similar scenes in Robopimp, although they don't go as long as this one did).

Personally, I was rather squeamish on the whole thing, even though it was clear they were only acting (and many of the punches actually looked pretty fake). To me, the numerous punches to Bridgette's face and body crossed some type of line into a form of violence I don't want to see.

It's not a political-correctness thing -- after all, I have no problem with rape scenes, and actually prefer the Shark movies to the Attackers movies when I order Japanese films.

I just found the punch-out scene was not my thing. I'm wondering what others thought.

Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 06:03:55 AM

Name: Thanagar

I've never been a fan of punching either...maybe because I associate it with male/male conflicts, whereas spanking, whipping, etc. have sexual connotations that make them seem more appropriate for male/female s&m action.

Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 07:51:53 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: I remember when Ballista 2 came out some years ago and we had a similar discussion about that scene where Bridgette Bayonne gets tied up and beaten until her face was bloody. It only took me a few seconds to research it, since I referred to Bridgette as the Queen of Blood back then, so I just typed in "Queen of Blood" and Ralphus and it came right up. I love Google :)

Anyway, if any of you want some interesting reading, check out NYCdom28's post on August 11, 2000 (direct link above) and then read the various replies, including Rick's very interesting take on it early the next month. I think I was about the only guy in the board who liked that scene. Since only a few of the names that replied (BBFan, Milo) appear to be still here 5 years later, and since we have a new generation of GIMPers, it would be interesting to see what their opinions on the subject are.

(As an interesting sidenote to this board, my post on August 12 was my only post that entire month; sort of hard to believe I could be that quiet, huh?)

Anyway, that thread was more specifically about blood, and not necessarily about the beating, so here's my take. Violence against women? Yeah, I do like it. I know, I'm a sick fuck, but I love to see a chick take some punches and get beaten up on screen, particularly if she's already bound and can't defend herself. Is there really that much difference to having her bound and whipped? Is one form of violence, hitting her with the fists, worse than hitting her with a whip or a stick? I know, that seems more akin to wife-beating than to actual BD/SM torture, but I still dig it. In most situations, anyway. I was sort of bothered by the scene where Monica Bellucci gets the shit kicked out of her after she gets raped in Irreversible, maybe because that seemed too real. But I remember cheering during that scene in The Verdict where Paul Newman hauls off and slugs that woman in the bar after he found out she betrayed him.

How about scenes (rare, to be sure) where a woman gets her tits used as a punching bag? I love that stuff! And blood doesn't bother me, either. I have lots of scenes in my collection where the chicks bleed. It's all fake, and it's all fantasy, so take it that extra step and mess up their pretty faces. Take that, bitch!

Okay, let's get some opinions. Beating up women, yay or nay? (We're talking about in our movies, not in real life, of course). How about blood? I know people have opinions about this one. Don't be shy, and don't be afraid of saying what you think. This is an open forum and your opinion matters. Speak up!

Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 08:56:11 AM

Name: Kerhop
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I'm against it and have had the following sentence on the entrance page of my web site for years... "The slapping and spanking of helpless babes are usually removed from videos."

Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 10:09:37 AM

Name: arrakur
E-mail address:

it definitely turns me on. there is something quite outrageous about it, that corresponds with my tastes in sadistic fantasies/fiction/movies. it may be too close to real life violence for some and i can fully understand and accept that. it works for me.

consider a woman being captured and taken to a richly equipped torture chamber. when she feels her belly punched, her tits slapped or even pummeled and a knee rammed upwards into her crotch, she knows this is going to be really, really bad. so it sets the tone quite nicely for the things to come.

ultimately, these fantasies deals with bad things being done to helpless females in order to satisfy the twisted pleasure of the sadist/s holding them captured. whipping them is not nice, raping them is not nice. so why not extend the cruelty to punching.

and before i am considered the most evil sadist around, let me confess: i can´t stand seeing blood. ;)

Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 10:36:55 AM

Name: rjmnwso
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

As to beating up a woman bound or otherwise. I am totally against beating a woman's face with fist, slap maybe just to get her attention. I detest overdoing the beatings to the point of bruising. But to give her a hint as to what she is in for, belly punching and tit slapping is about the same as spanking or whipping.

Just my two cents worth

Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 10:48:55 AM

Name: Jean
E-mail address:

In fantasy-movies, etc. anything goes. In real life- any abuse is bad.

Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 06:46:09 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

I'm fine with hitting, slapping, beating of a heroine in erotica, as long as it's handled in a certain way. Which is hard to explain, but I know what I like and don't like when I see it.

Excessive realistic meanness I'm not into. Comic book like violence, where erotica is the main subtext of the action, is more along the lines of what I like.

Saturday, December 17th 2005 - 08:53:00 PM

Name: Brian
E-mail address:

I am completley turned on by any whipping scene be it male or female. This is an interesting little site for people like me. I must add however that I am opposed to any real harm being done to anyone regardless of their gender. To me its just a fantasy that remains in my head and turns me on when necessary. Best regards. Brian

Sunday, December 18th 2005 - 06:08:44 AM

Name: purpleviking
E-mail address:

My feelings are more towards what the Scribbler has wrote. Whipping is more towards the torture fantasy than the hitting and punching of your damsel in distress. I guess what I'm trying to say is if it involves seeing blood I'm out!

Sunday, December 18th 2005 - 06:43:47 AM

Name: Epilepsio

Blood and Punching in Bondage films

In my case it borders on the 'uncomfortable' and not enjoyable, there are more satisfying and interesting methods of torment. (It also depends on the context in which the punching is done and the blood shed.) I have no problems with the odd slap here and there, but definitely not a 'closed' fist', and as far as blood is concerned: only fake and preferably in horror films.

Sunday, December 18th 2005 - 03:16:08 PM

Name: hellonearth
E-mail address: no email at present

Just curious and new to the group- Great to see people of the same feather hanging out together. I've mostly dropped in and read the posts but never bothered to write anything up until now.

Great to see Dan Hawke getting a bit of spotlight in the post lately, since for most of the time it's been purely ZFX dominated, but as we know ZFX output recently has trickled to almost nothing, on the other hand Dan H. keeps churning them out.

Somethings I would like to see in a DH film: Vaginal and anal penetration (dildoes, objects , whatever). Real intercourse, not necessarily 'forced', a victim driven to "give in" to a seduction ie. a kind of "Stockholm syndrome situation" where the victim develops a bond with the attacker , if you get my drift, lesbian action would be ok too.

More to toys----{industrial power tools would be perfect and also strange and bizarre 'fucking machines' which ZFX does very well I will say}, oh and the odd forced blow-job and obligatory cum-shot would be also nice, very nice as Dan says, as would a bondage bukkake, now that would be like the cherry on the cake.

Dan, I've got the perfect model for all this: Shay Sights and there's a vanilla porno chick called "Charlie" - whom has been referred to as a trailer-trash Chasey Lane, she'd be perfect...or perhaps someone like Cheri Moon (anyone seen Rob Zombies' House of a Thousand Zombies???., but regardless of what he puts out Dan's stuff is awesome. Catch ya later.

Sunday, December 18th 2005 - 03:40:30 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

hellonearth: Welcome to the board and glad to see you posting here. I hope you and the other newbies that have stopped by to answer the "beating up women" poll (I love the sound of that, LOL) will become regular posters here. The reason this board is great is because we have readers who aren't afraid to express their opinions, and I hope this particular thread continues for a while.

I love your ideas for future Dan Hawke projects. I can't speak for Dan, but my guess is that he probably wouldn't want to take the chance on adding real penetration to his productions, though. That makes them hardcore bondage and that's a risky thing to attempt today in this political climate. Look what happened to Forbidden Video; they got forced off their own website and couldn't find anyone to handle their product, so they had to pull up their stakes and quit. Extreme Associates didn't even have bondage in their movies, but they got arrested for pushing the envelope, and they're probably paying millions of dollars in legal fees with no guarantee of emerging victorious. Who knows what's going to happen with that. I know Dan doesn't want to go to jail for his work.

The good news is that Shay Sights already got the Dan Hawke treatment; in fact Thees Van Kemp already reviewed it for the board. Check out his review in my Homepage URL above; on his review link there's another link that takes you directly to the order page if you're interested.

Sunday, December 18th 2005 - 07:25:09 PM

Name: D.M.

It has been interesting to read the posts about punching/beating victims. The first film I ever saw with this was Bridget B. in Rick's Robocop. As mentioned, the scene in Ballista 2 with Bridget is even more extreme. I could not get into it. They always say that rapists act out of aggression and not sexual motives -- that has never exactly made much sense to me. If it were truly just aggression, than it would seem there would be far more beatings and far fewer sexual acts. There certainly is a lot of aggression that gets expressed in SM/BD themes and all of the ZFX films, but it is almost always directly connected to sexual acts or preparing the victim for a sexual act to come (no pun intended). This poll leads me to recognize I'm charged up about the implied and actual sexual menace not the pummeling of some woman.

For those who do like the aggressive and bloody stuff, I recommend the move that Ralphus informed us of 12/04 --Human Nature!

Sunday, December 18th 2005 - 07:48:52 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

On the beating issue, I've been one of the GIMPers who actually likes it (make-believe only of course), but I also have my prerequisites. I'm a big fan of spy interrogation scenarios, so beating/slapping is usually part of it, as is other kinds of torture like whipping, electricity, etc. I guess I like when a woman's body squirms in that situation. I liked the Ballista 2 scene Ralphus mentioned except for the amount of blood. Maybe that's why I like belly punching, since there isn't a lot of blood associated with that. If there is any blood, maybe just a trickle on the outer lips or under the nose, but no more. I'm not a big fan of spanking/caning videos when you can see the woman's skin get very red or scarred.

Monday, December 19th 2005 - 04:44:01 AM

Name: B
E-mail address:

Nice topic, Yes I do enjoy to watch a woman get beaten, especially when bound and gagged and helpless. Beat her down, then tie her, then beat her again. A lil blood, not a lot, no cutting or any of that, Im a pervert, not a sick bastard.

What else is there to say?

Monday, December 19th 2005 - 04:45:12 AM

Name: SG

I confess, that I enjoy fictional scenes of beating while the victim is bound or immobilized. In some ways, I actually prefer beating to flimsy whipping which dominates most SM films. A fast and hard throw of the punch followed by the agonizing writhing and coughing of the victim is a great turn on for me. And the fear or defiance (depending on the situation) on the victim's face after she recovers would also be a huge bonus. Of course, beating scenes won't work, if it goes too long. To me, beating is drama, while spanking and light whipping is just porn. I don't mind blood either, as long as it does not mess up the beauty of the women.

Monday, December 19th 2005 - 06:37:07 AM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL:

Don't know if this is old news ... lets see what they do with it ... has been sold to the Dutch company:

Intersec Europe
Mauritsstraat 7
Moerkapelle ZH 2751 BV

Monday, December 19th 2005 - 03:20:09 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp
E-mail address:

Sheri Moon?..someone mentioned Sheri Moon? Now there's a candidate for the Dan Hawke treatment, but on the other hand she might enjoy it and ask for more, she strikes me as a girl 'with unusual tastes', but you can't beat those curvy 'All American Gal' apple pie affectations makes Angelina Jolie look like a mild mannered Mormon librarian.

Hellonearth: Yep, I'd like to see all those things too in a Dan Hawke film but the risks are monumental we don't want to lose what little they've left us.

Kind Regards and take Care

DH52 will be reviewed very very soon...." very nice, very nice

Monday, December 19th 2005 - 03:54:47 PM

Name: Graham
E-mail address:

I’m a firm believer in super heroine’s getting beaten up – probably by a gang, overpowered, bound , and then abused – whipped, breast discipline, etc. (all the fun stuff). I don’t like blood in my BDSM scenes, and the problem with beating scenes is that the “belly punching” can be so badly faked it’s a turn off. So for me if it’s done well, particularly to explain how the victim came to be in this situation, and doesn’t go for a bloody effect then I’m all for it – so long as it’s only the beginning of some excellent BDSM material.

Monday, December 19th 2005 - 04:06:26 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

The times, they may be a-changin'.

There was an interesting court ruling in Canada today. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that swingers' clubs are legal.

What was most important, from a GIMPer's persepctive, was the Supreme Court's comments on "indecency" prosecutions. In their ruling, a majority of the judges changed the standard for "indecency" in Canada, saying that an activity must clearly be "harmful" in order to be indecent. It is no longer good enough to prove that something merely violates "community standards" -- the old standard that has previously allowed judges to ban anything they didn't like.

This is a positive step forward. I don't know when -- maybe not in my lifetime -- but one day bondage movies will be legal in Canada.

For anyone interested in today's court ruling, I have attached a link in my URL.

Wednesday, December 21st 2005 - 04:25:26 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Sounds like a court ruling with promise. Still, it may not go far enough, and could actually be used in the opposite manner than you describe.

It really sucks that religious zealots keep trying to drag societies backwards when most reasonable people can come to a consensus on what makes sense.

Just about everyone agrees porn should be kept away from children - check.

As civil libetrties groups (I can't remember the exact ones but think ACLU, EFF etc. style groups) noted when US Attorney General announced yet another tired old war on porn, this time he's trying to go after consensual stuff.

But shouldn't a standard be fairly easy to reach? For me, if there is an underlying crime involved, then the porn could be prosecuted. Examples:

Child porn = real kids were victimized. Go prosecutors, crack down on those films like a motherfucker, I have no problem with it.

Bestiality = real animals were victimized. It took me a while to come to this conclusion, I'm not an animal-hugger, but if you just think it through like kids, the animals can't really consent, so yeah, ban it, no problem.

Real rape, snuff, etc = real people were victimized. Again, some guy gives a roofie to or kidnaps a girl or whatever, rapes her and videotapes it, then hell yeah, ban and destroy that videotape, okay. Or someone films a snuff film or something, same result.

In each instance, there is a crime involved.

On the other hand, consenusal filming of consensual sex should be always permitted, no matter what realsm of sexual imagination the imagery displays. To me, none of this seems like rocket science. But then again, I have never been infected by the mind-deranging religion virus.

ps, I like sexual dominance in films, the beatings like Bridget Bayonne's turn me off. ymmv.

For us long-timers on the board, it's a little sad to see topics like this beating subject get re-hashed again and again just for something to talk about. Too bad Rick isn't making more movies to talk about.


Wednesday, December 21st 2005 - 09:23:09 PM


A Canadian --

Great topic, beating up women. My opinion is that as long as she's tied up, anything goes. The whole idea of any kind of torture is that she has to be restrained first. If not, then it's just abuse, and I don't see much reason for it other than to get her ready for the actual bondage. I thought Bridget's scene in Ballista 2 was very rough, and maybe went a bit far seeing her face got all bloodied up. I could have lived without that, if for the only reason that too much blood spoils a girl's looks. Slapping, stomach punching, choking, any kind of beating works for me. It's just another way to make her suffer, as long as she can't get free of her bonds.

Wednesday, December 21st 2005 - 10:46:17 PM

Name: Tomatin

Beating, punching, blood : no thanks. I prefer a more sophisticated treatment. Electricity or huge amounts of water forced down the throat sounds more like it. The fun isn't over after the torture, is it :-)

IMO 'Relax, this will leave no permanent marks' is a fine quote to start any session.

In my dreams that is, of course.

Thursday, December 22nd 2005 - 03:40:51 AM

Name: Thos. Merchant
E-mail address:

Myself, I'm not a beater - more whipping or caning. (Actually, I *really* like breath control stuff, but that's not the main issue here.)

For me, the using of fists seems so.... crude and personal. It's like you have some real resentment or hatred for the victim - enough to get right Up Close and Personal. That's not an attitude I want to bring into the picture - even if it's just a fantasy.

Thursday, December 22nd 2005 - 09:26:01 PM

Name: Scion, The
Homepage URL: http://itdont


A Canadian: Im happy to hear there are some semi sensible people North of us. Sorry to tell you , but once the US makes its transformation into a Christian Theocratic Authoritarian/Fascist state we will be invading you promptly to make sure you have heard the good word that Jesus Christ, the son of GOD, has come into the world to save you from your sins. Praise his holy name..or die.

Any OIL in the Yukon? I bet there is BLACK GOLD in them thar hills and I think Pat Robertson just heard GOD tell him that we should invade Canada and teach those peaceful Canadians a thing or three about the good book. Things are not going well here in the states needless to say...

Scion, The

Thursday, December 22nd 2005 - 10:58:16 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

The Scion: OK, OK, I repent. Have mercy on my soul.

Actually, the Pat Robertson followers in Canada are up in arms over this court ruling, saying it's the end of civilization, etc. Perhaps it is, but you know, everything has to end eventually.

Friday, December 23rd 2005 - 03:30:11 AM

Name: Dave Darke
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


First of all I would like to thank Ralphus for posting the vid caps from my latest video release on the Gimp board.

While it is impossible for me to be completely unbiased, I do think "Molly in Misery" is my best work to date. Of course my viewers and fans will make the final judgement.

I have been following with interest the discussions about violence against woman. First of all, let me start out by saying that I detest real violence in any form against any person or living thing.

In terms of simulated violence, I am not a big fan of punching or slapping women. These are much too crude for me. Blood is another turn-off for me.

I am obviously a big fan or whipping, flogging, and caning scenes when they are done right. I also like electrical play, but this is easy to fake, and a good scene relies heavily on the acting abilities of the model.

I think seeing a woman tied and helpless is half the fun, and whatever happens next is the icing on the cake. A securely bound woman subject to some exquisite form of torment works for me every time. My pal Dan Hawke is a master of this type of imagery.

Happy Holidays!

Dave Darke

Friday, December 23rd 2005 - 08:48:46 AM

Name: L.
Homepage URL:

Hey eetee,

Insex originally belonged to Intersec (U.S.A.) and now the site says it was sold to Intersec Europe. But on the FAQ page it says that anyone who wants to buy the site should now contact Intersec Europe. Not sure if that means that someone bought it and two weeks later decided to sell it again (that would be weird), or if it just means that Intersec Europe is a european branch of the same company that always owned

Friday, December 23rd 2005 - 11:34:31 AM

Name: Darkroom
Homepage URL:

Interesting debate. Check out this link and look for the vid titled "HITA." Now that's a beating I can live with!

Friday, December 23rd 2005 - 11:39:37 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Darkroom: There you go! Nice find. I'm into breast torture and I love the idea of using a girl's tits as punching bags. That scenario is hard to find, although I think our old friend Gerard Titsman has done it on film a few times. Then there's the Nikkatsu movie Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell that had an excellent scene where the beautiful victim is tied with her arms over her head. The villain opens up her top to expose her rather large breasts, then repeatedly slaps away at them HARD, left to right, back and forth, several times, and it was a killer scene, one of many in a real good movie. The only place I've seen that carries it is Video Mayhem (link above).

While we're on the subject of beating up women, I found this picture online that's just too funny to not share with you guys:


I know the holidays are here and a lot of you will be away with your families, but if any of you happen to stop by on Christmas Day, I think I've found the perfect Christmas daily picture for the board. You'll see.

Friday, December 23rd 2005 - 03:38:33 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

While the Christmas season is traditionally a time for pundits, film critics, Time Magazine and others to reflect on the year just passed, I've decided to weigh in with my own retrospective. Below is my list of the year's best, the year's worst, and other odds and ends.

Sadly, there was much to dislike about 2005. When you tally up the wins and losses (not to mention the legal bills), it seems Jesus had a better year than Ralphus. True, it was a bad year for one of our foes, anti-porn fanatic Andrea Dworkin, but only because she died.

Even on "our side," there were people pissing from inside the tent. Like those weenies at the Signy Awards who blackballed Ralphus and Bring Out The GIMP. "We like to tie up women and torment them, but there's no need to be offensive," the judges wrote.

Oy vey!

Still, it wasn't all bleak. ZFX released a new movie this year, and there is excitement about the Kelly McKay film to be released in February. Dan Hawke and Dave Darke keep churning out flicks, and the Japanese continue to set new standards for bondage and rape movies. And, of course, we still have Jessica Alba.

Anyway, I've chosen my winners and losers for the year, and perhaps some will be the subject of debate.

Purists will note that some picks are not "technically" from the calendar year 2005 -- but I live in a country where bondage movies are illegal, so I'm allowed a little latitude. Also, I'm a fan of DVDs, not the online bondage sites, so someone else will have to compile a list for those sites. Same thing for the graphic artists, something I don't really follow.

For better or worse, here is my summary of the highs and lows of 2005, warts and all ... (drum roll) And now, the envelopes, please...

Best movie of 2005: Shark-231, Rape Investigation.

Worst movie of 2005: The Crucifier.

Best actress of 2005: Sayaka Miura (in Shark 231).

Most over-looked actress of 2005: Miyuki Hourai.

Best ZFX DVD release of 2005: Ballista 2: Ballista vs. the Evil Dr. Menace.

Best ZFX whipping scene that I saw this year: Chandra Sweet getting whipped in The Dentist. (Chandra's whipping scene in Whiplash 2 was a close second)

Best moment in ZFX's The Apartment: Lisa Kinkaid tied to her bedroom doorway and getting whipped with a belt.

Worst thing about ZFX's The Apartment: Lisa's pigtails.

Most over-rated ZFX DVD release of 2005: Seed (Sorry, Ralphus).

Most over-rated non-ZFX release: War Victims 3.

Best Dan Hawke movie that I saw in 2005: DH26: The Better Mousetrap.

Best actress in a Dan Hawke movie: Victoria Vega in DH26: The Better Mousetrap.

Proposed New Year's resolution for Dan Hawke: to put more 'oomph' into his flogging scenes.

Vanilla porn actress I would most like to see in a ZFX or Dan Hawke movie: Kaylani Lei.

Mainstream star I would most like to see in a ZFX or Dan Hawke movie: professional wrestler Gail Kim.

Best mainstream actress of 2005: Natalie Avital in Shallow Ground.

Most overlooked mainstream actress of 2005: Priscilla Barnes in The Devil's Rejects (she's a senior citizen by Hollywood standards, but her scene with Bill Moseley in the motel room was hot).

Best mainstream actress to appear in my URL: Jessica Alba (see link above).

Best Jessica Alba movie of 2005: Sin City (actually, I haven't seen Into the Blue yet).

Too many gratuitous references to Jessica Alba in 2005?: Don't be absurd.

Lindsay Wagner or Lynda Carter: Lindsay Wagner.

Best surprise find: the Ginger movies from the 1970s, particularly the second film, The Abductors.

Best news of 2005 (Canadian): the discovery of the site that sells Japanese bondage movies in Canada, including the Attackers movies. Special thanks to ZFX Forever.

Worst news of 2005 (Canadian): A federal election is called in late November, and so far the heavy-handed censorship problems in Canada continue to be a non-issue.

Best news of 2005 (international): Robert Zicari (a.k.a. Rob Black) and Extreme Associates win a court victory against obscenity charges.

Worst news of 2005 (international): the death of some bondage websites due to malicious prosecutions by the Bush administration.

Best investigative journalist of 2005: Ralphus, for his Dec. 1 interview with Rick Masters, where it was learned the never-released Lisa Kinkaid footage in Rick's vault may be used in some sort of series.

Winner of the 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award: Lisa Kinkaid.

Best unsubstantiated rumor of 2005: that bondage superstar Lisa Kinkaid has left the United States of America and headed north in search of her favorite online writer, A Canadian.


Merry Christmas one and all.

Saturday, December 24th 2005 - 04:31:36 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Ha! Great list, thanks. I love Best of Year retrospectives. The year ain't over yet, but close enough. So here are the 2005 Ralphus Best and Worsts and Various Awards:


The Let Freedom Ring Award: To Judge Gary Lancaster, who threw out the case against Rob Black and Extreme Associates in January, saying the obscenity laws were unconstitutional

The Uh Oh, Not So Fast There Award: To three ultraconservative judges, who this month overturned that ruling and stated that Black would indeed have to stand trial after all

4 Numbers That Struck Fear in the Hearts of Freedom Lovers Everywhere: 2257, most assuredly a big deal, the latest outrageous government ploy to get rid of porn by threatening jail time to anyone who violates it

Best News: The comeback of Forbidden Video, which, inspired by the Rob Black verdict, released two new (and quite good) bondage rape movies, which leads me to the...

Worst News: It did not last. Chased off their own site, by the end of the year, Forbidden was essentially gone

Worst News (runner up): Groundbreaking online pioneers, forced out of business by the 2257 government regulations

Best Movie of the Year: Attackers #79, the roughest and meanest of the Attackers series yet; 90 minutes of nasty tortures and rape

Worst Movie of the Year: Into Thy Hands, a movie with great intentions that did just about everything wrong

Best Rape Movie of the Year: The Apartment, and maybe the best ZFX movie ever, in terms of rape scenes

Best ZFX Movie of the Year: The Apartment

Okay, the only ZFX Movie of the Year: The Apartment (We only get one a year, remember?)

Worst Pigtails: Lisa Kinkaid, The Apartment (easiest choice of them all)

Best Dan Hawke Movie: Taming Trinity, with uber-cutie Trinity and her tied-up tits

Best Mainstream Performance: Natalie Avital, naked and bound, squirming while hanging by her wrists in Shallow Ground (See link above)

Best Scene Practically No One Saw: The extended bondage rape scene from The Howling, available only as an extra on the foreign version DVD (good luck finding it)

Biggest Rip-off Website: Brutal Violence, a once fine company that totally changed their direction and even their name (to FunnyBDSM) and began sucking so badly that I haven't been back in months

Fuck You Award: To the Signy's, who threw out our site from competition because our content was "too mean"

The Who Woulda Thunk It Award: To bondage-loving actress Jessica Alba, who got tied up onscreen twice more this year, then became the girlfriend of a certain midget bondage reviewer and agreed to appear with me in a sequel to Bloodsucking Freaks. Sometimes short guys do finish first.


Merry Christmas to all my fellow GIMPers.

Saturday, December 24th 2005 - 10:51:52 AM

Name: Mike aka Boilerplant
E-mail address:

Got access to a computer since I have a new house but no phone or computer access, yes you have to take the good with the bad.

Well lets make the small talk Chritmas wishes bla, bla, bla, but happy Holidays to you that have them.

About the cover picture today,,,,,,,,,,,how can they put her through all that?????????????????

What type of clothes budget do they have for this type of picture?

Anyhow I need to unbounce my Yahoo Email so I can see what they heck my fans have been posting.


Saturday, December 24th 2005 - 02:11:40 PM

Name: greyducttape
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://North Pole

Merry Christmas and the Best New Year Ever in 2006


Saturday, December 24th 2005 - 11:34:16 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Merry Xmas.

Just wanted to post a link (whoever shortens them pls do so again) from that VOD site I keep linking to since War Victims #1 is there. #2 or #3 are not there yet, but it's a start. There are also some Gerald Titsman vids there which you can find by clicking the "Underground Video.TV" link.

Sunday, December 25th 2005 - 06:48:55 AM

Name: D.M.

Love the year in review posts. To everyone at the Gimp, a good year! To all the gimp victims of 2006, not so good!

Sunday, December 25th 2005 - 05:19:11 PM

Name: THX1139

Speaking for myself I enjoy the physical violent stuff. Part of that is probably due to one of the first violent sex scenes I ever saw: the blonde waitress being attacked in Eyes of a Stranger. The actress did an outstanding job of acting terrified. Her attacker does away with her boyfriend, then surprises her, ripping her dress open, punches her and throws her on her bed. As the stunned girl lies whimpering, he leans forward and rips her bra open. She then makes the mistake of trying to sit up… and gets a solid powerful slap to her face and falls backward onto the bed. What makes this exciting is the superb use of sound effects—the slap, her grunt of pain-- and, most especially… her breasts bounce most deliciously as she sprawls on her back again. He delivers another slap before raping/strangling her (not shown). There are other attack scenes with similar content, including Jennifer Jason Leigh, in the film.

Haven’t seen Ballista 2, so I can’t comment on if the beating scene is over the top for my taste or not. Can someone provide a little more detail about that scene? Length, number of times she’s hit, etc? I seem to recall a mention of some hitting in one of the Cheerleaders of Perilous U ZFX movies? Can anyone elaborate?

I’m also interested in hearing other recommendations for such scenes in other films, mainstream and otherwise. Maybe we should start a list :-)


Monday, December 26th 2005 - 02:58:58 PM

Name: MAV


With regards to ZFX, aside from Ballista #2 I don't think there are many other scenes with a hand-inflicted violence while the woman is tied up. Monica Moore was punched in the stomach in both The Reporter (weak scene) and South of the Border 2 (better scene). For mainstream movies, I think a list was started on Brianspage a few years back. Some scenes that come to mind are Paula Trickey in The Base, Marcia Gay Harden in Fever, some chick in Stryker, and Maria Ford in Burial of the Rats.

Monday, December 26th 2005 - 08:25:54 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

THX1139: Thanks for the info on Eyes of Stranger. You know, in 12 years of working in video stores, I never once checked that one out. I saw it was in the rape scene database but there's no other info available on it. Now apparently it's out of print on VHS and not available on DVD. Some idiot on the net is selling the VHS for $148 (above)...think he'll get a lot of offers?

What happens to Jennifer Jason Leigh in the movie? That was back in her Fast Times at Ridgemont High years so she was quite a looker back then. And do you have $148 you can loan me?

Regarding the Ballista 2 beating scene, here's an excerpt from my original review:

Meanwhile, Trixie, played by cute redhead Bridgette Bayonne, is led into another room by the other henchman, Joseph Marx. He makes her straddle a dildo chair, forcing her down on it, essentially locking her pussy to the chair as he ties her to it. After silencing her with a ball gag, he delivers a vicious beating to the bound and helpless beauty, punching her over and over in the face and stomach. Although it's obvious in some of the shots that the blows are simulated, it's a credible illusion, and by the time he is finished, Bridgette's pretty face is covered with blood. Call me anything but PC, but I think she think she looks very appealing that way!

Okay, for the squeamish among you, you've been warned in advance. Here's a pic of Bridgitte's face after the beating.

Relax, guys! It's Karo syrup and red food coloring. It's fake, okay? I thought it added to the realism of the scene, so it didn't bother me at all. Nonetheless, that might be the most controversial scene in ZFX history.

For more bloody ZFX beatings, Chandra Sweet bashing Penelope Pace's face into a pulp in the sequel to Cheerleaders, The Violation of Viki Fixx (my favorite scene from that movie), and Penelope again getting pummeled by Joe Marx in Viral Load.

Any other bondage beatings in movies we're forgetting?

Monday, December 26th 2005 - 09:17:57 PM

Name: THX 1139

Jennifer Jason Leigh gets attacked at the end of the film; the event is the big finale. She plays a blind young woman, and the attacker toys with her before getting down to business. After she scalds him with hot coffee, she hides, only to be found by the bad guy, who is now really angry at her. He throws her on her bed and proceeds to pound her face with his fist several times, then rips her shirt open (she isn’t wearing anything underneath). Anyway, the beating restores her eyesight, and the heroine arrives in time to save Jennifer’s character from being harmed further. The scene with the waitress getting attacked is better (I think, anyway). That scene would have been much more interesting had it been longer. You can find another description at Plus, if the webmaster there gets enough requests for the clip, he’ll post it.

It would be nice to get on DVD… the VHS is probably starting to lose some resolution. Widescreen would be potentially nice as well so as to see if there’s anything interesting going on in the screen edges.


Jennifer Jason Leigh screencaps: tour/movie.php/5227

Box art showing blonde (apparently after he’s through with her… not shown in film):

Monday, December 26th 2005 - 11:32:55 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

The older movies with GIMP themes seem to present an ongoing problem. If they haven't been reissued on DVD, the movies are often difficult to locate. I can't recall the titles, but there have been a few movies discussed here in the recent past that sounded really interesting but were impossible to find.

Wednesday, December 28th 2005 - 05:55:07 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Yeah, that can be a problem finding some of those older titles. A lot of titles that were only on VHS are out of print, and seemingly waiting in purgatory for someone to reissue them and give them new life on DVD. One place I usually check is eBay or its sister site; a lot of times you can locate an old VHS title for next to nothing, usually a couple bucks. I've even seen some titles for literally pennies at times, where all you're essentially paying is the shipping Media Mail. I still collect scenes for my own private use, and they dub just as well onto DVD as they did onto VHS.

If you're really into collecting scenes like I am, Netflix is a great club to join, because you get to sample as many movies as you want, as long as you cough up the $20 a month. Of course, if it isn't on DVD yet, that won't help you, but there's lots of treasures out there that are. The only hard thing is finding out which titles have GIMP-worthy scenes, and that's why contributions from the readers of this site are so important. Already in my queue is a movie called Wolf Creek, a movie I haven't seen yet, but Roger Ebert called it "despicable exercise in the torture and mutilation of helpless women". He and the other guy both gave it two big thumbs down, but in this case, that sounds like a big THUMBS UP for pervs like us! Yeah! Anybody heard anything more about it?

Wednesday, December 28th 2005 - 06:33:19 PM

Name: THX 1139

Or if they're released on DVD they're edited, sometimes beyond interest for our purposes. E.g., the DVD of Don't Answer the Phone, another of my favorites (and another one I'd like to see in widescreen... for sure there are some interesting things that got clipped in the full screen VHS version, mainly in the scene where Paula Warner gets wax poured on her bare breasts (after the bad guy rips her teddy open during which her goods jiggle most appealingly).

Wednesday, December 28th 2005 - 07:06:11 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Damn, you're kidding! That was a great scene, one of the first scenes I ever collected, on my very first compilation tape. How could they cut that? It's a horror movie, for rice cakes! I knew some Golden Age pornos cut out some bondage from their original releases, but since when did tied-up women getting a little hot wax become taboo in a horror film? Disgusting censorship...

I did a quick search in the IMDB; you're right (link above). All the nudity and graphic violence removed. What's the point of even releasing a butchered print onto DVD?

Wednesday, December 28th 2005 - 07:22:22 PM

Name: arrakur
E-mail address:

yes, it is infuriating. to have classic (or at least older) movies with great gimp-scenes reissued on DVD and then seeing them with the best scenes and shots cut.

my personal favorite from the eighties is the schlocky, femalized follow-up to schwarzenegger´s "conan the barbarian" titled "barbarian queen" starring the late lana clarkson.

she plays a female warrior who is captured by her enemies, taken to the dungeons and tortured on the rack...and even raped during the proceedings! great scene, alas cut on the dvd-release. outrageous. simply outrageous.

Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 02:05:13 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:

I know I haven't come to terms with political correctness, but what is particularly bizarre is that rape scenes in movies may be cut or edited while murder scenes are almost always left intact... even when the murder scenes are particularly gory.

As a society, how did we decide that rape is worse than murder?

It is true that rape scenes are sometimes eroticized in the movies (the Ginger movies are a classic example of this). But at the same time, killing is often made to look macho and exciting (for example, the Dirty Harry movies, or almost anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger).

I can't understand why the one crime is taboo for some film distributors while the other crime is fairly common in any movie not made at the Disney studios.

Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:40:07 AM

Name: Thanagar

Television seems to have this same double standard...I can turn on network television any night of the week and see hosts of corpses in various stages of putrefaction, but god forbid I should get to see a woman whipped. I had the misfortune of seeing part of an episode of something called "Nip/Tuck" the other night, and was treated to the sight of some transvestite getting his/her pecker hacked off. Why is it ok for a kid with a remote to stumble across this kind of thing with no apparent outcry from the public, but s&m is barely explored on mainstream tv?

Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 01:17:47 PM

Name: THX 1139

Aha! There, you see! Just imagine how nice it would be to have a full letterbox image for that lower left hand pic of the screen caps Ralphus put up (thanks dude). Somebody somewhere has to have a panavision print...

Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 05:53:16 PM

Name: Jean
E-mail address: sockittome24@YAHOO.COM

My kind of site! Send me anything you can! Any pictures would be appreciated!!!

Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 06:59:00 PM


Thanagar ---

No network is going to air scenes of women being whipped. Just plain not gonna happen, dude. No way, no how. Same with rape scenes. Women's groups would protest and before you know it there would be a huge uproar about the victimization of women. Advertisers would pull out and millions of dollars would go down the drain. At least, that's what they're scared of. That's why you're not going to see anything that glorifies violence against women. When was the last time you saw a woman tortured or raped on network TV? Our only bet is late night pay cable, and even then you have to be lucky to find the right one.

Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 08:05:12 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

The show Alias has shown Jennifer Garner and other women tortured on TV (last season at least, I haven't been watching this season). One captured woman had a electric sander used on her. Law and Order, CSI, and other network shows show violence against women, usually involving murder along with a skewed sex appeal. Often this happens around sweeps weeks. I vaguely recall Xena getting whipped (but I could be wrong). I do remember her and Gabrielle crucified. There are rape themes on soap operas and Lifetime channel movies, but I've seen little of these shows.

I'm among the gimpers (I think there are a few) that don't like torture that's especially harsh -- involving extreme agony. I only like that it hurts some if it's meant to be realistic, and is mainly sexually based. Superheroines or comic book heroines are a different story; don't mind somewhat harsher looking treatment with them, but even then, there are lines I don't care to see crossed. Fantasy sexual abuse is more like it for me; extreme torture is out. This is why a couple movies coming out now, Wolf Creek and Hostel, are movies I don't even want to see. (Well, Hostel is mainly violence against men or so I hear; a double reason it's of no interest to me.) I suppose we've had this disussion before and I'm repeating myself, but so it goes...I'm into BDSM for how it enhances sexual fantasy in my mind. I don't like violence against women when it gets gruesome.

Looks like there's a ruling on 2257. Go to the site (click on the gif link banners above).

Yes, it really sucks that they edit gimp scenes out of DVD movies.

Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 10:36:19 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

This might sound hypocritical coming from a guy who writes movie reviews that go on forever, but I find Adult Video News tends to over-write its stories and, in the case of legal stories, gets too caught up in legal jargon.

Anyway, I am assuming the Wednesday ruling on 2257 is saying a person like Ralphus shouldn't have to keep records on the models and actors who appear in his posted pictures, since Ralphus doesn't produce the pictures himself.

That makes sense to me.

Friday, December 30th 2005 - 06:28:09 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Nice to wake up to some good news. At least, it does appear to be good news. The Free Speech Coalition's press release regarding the 2257 decision said the FSA was analyzing the results of the rulings, and would have an official reaction soon. It doesn't sound like the slam dunk victory we got early this year after the Extreme Associates case got thrown out, but it does appear to be a win for our side.

The ambiguous way that 2257 was written, and the near-impossible legal burden it put upon producers, webmasters and others would have made prosecutions easy for the feds, so I'm glad the judge (finally) did the right thing. There's so much legal mumbo-jumbo that I'm not entirely sure entirely what went down, and whether this is cause for celebration yet or just a temporary lead, and the other side still has another turn at bat. I'll hold off on spraying the champagne around until I hear more. As long as this government continues to try to change the rules and make up brand new ones (unconstitutional or not) to serve their own agenda, I'm not going to relax. But for now, it appears we can all breathe a bit easier, at least.

Friday, December 30th 2005 - 10:05:55 AM

Name: DoppleM
Homepage URL:

For those GIMPers who enjoy Japanese BDSM, I recently viewed some titles ordered from Video Mayhem that I thought were noteworthy. Here is a review of one of them:

Attackers 37 opens with an attractive large-breasted girl and three men in an apartment. The men seem to be trying to convince her to sign some kind of document. One of the men is wearing a neck brace, and I can only surmise that the girl caused his condition. Suddenly, the men begin to strip her, and she finds herself nude on the sofa with the men examining and fingering her holes.

When the next scene fades in, the girl is securely bound on the floor outside a steel-barred cell, clad in a bra and panties, which are soon cut off with scissors. Vibrators are used on her, but this will be the least of her tortures. One of the men then rapes her, her large tits jiggling and swaying as she is fucked in various positions. The room where she is being brutalized is apparently very warm, as both her body and that of her assailant glisten with perspiration.

After this assault, she finds herself strictly bound in a standing position, with ropes pulling the bindings beneath breasts down to the bindings at her knees, forcing her to be bent forward. Her breasts are deliciously squeezed between ropes that are wrapped around her body. A rope from the ceiling is tied to the severe bindings of her arms behind her back. Drool streams from her ball-gagged mouth, while her body gleams with perspiration and droplets of sweat sting her eyes. The viewer is treated to a study of this suffering and helpless girl in bondage from various camera angles.

In the next scene, she again bound on the floor, wearing only panties. She is given a heavy dose of hot candle wax, with the main target, of course, being those magnificent breasts and nipples. After this abuse, she is forced to suck the cock of one of her tormentors.

In the final scene, she is standing nude, ball-gag stuffed in her mouth, arms bound tightly behind her back, with a rope from the ceiling pulling up those bindings. One of the men applies no less than two-dozen clothespins to her ample tit-flesh, and she is then subjected to a good flogging. During the course of her flogging, some of the clothespins are whipped from her tits with one stroke, obviously causing her much pain. Her whipping continues with most of the clothespins still biting her tits. When her torturer finally removes them, we see their impressions in her opulent tits. The video closes with her being taken into her cell and left there to ponder her wounds.

The quality of the copy of this video is less than perfect, but certainly acceptable, especially given the very good content. I recommend it.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30th 2005 - 03:36:29 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

DoppleM: Excellent review; sounds like another winner from Attackers. It seems like very few people ever say thanks when someone takes the time to write a review for the board, but I want you to know how much we do appreciate it. And congratulations; you've joined that elite group and now have your work included in our ever-growing Reviews by GIMP Readers page (direct link above).

Sounds like more of the stuff I dig from Attackers; they have a very good formula. Rape, rough bondage positions, hot wax, whipping and multi-clothespin torture. This chick has pretty huge tits, too, so more fun to torment. That's an older title that I missed, and it looks like a good one to check out.

Friday, December 30th 2005 - 07:58:34 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

DoppleM: I enjoyed the review -- particularly your description of the whipping scene, which sounds like it was really well done.

I'm probably about a week away from putting in my next order to for Japanese movies, so I would be curious to know what other movies you saw, and your assessment of those movies -- good or bad.


On another note, in my assessment last weekend of the year now ending, I said Priscilla Barnes was the most overlooked mainstream actress of 2005 for her motel-room scene in The Devil's Rejects. For those who haven't seen it, there are now some video caps on the Hank Hobbs website.

The Hank Hobbs site also has some new caps from The Abductors, my favorite movie from the Ginger series. These include pictures of the ultra-cute blonde who gets raped -- in my view, the best scene in the movie. Apparently, her name is Gerie Bronson.

Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 08:04:52 AM

Name: Darkroom

Hey Ralphus, thanks for the heads up on the breast-slapping scene in "Teacher Hell." It's a scenario I can dig. Insex had a few good scenes of this nature, but sadly they're gone. And yes, Gerard T-Man did it well in his time. Breast slapping looks to be a good way to make an overendowed tease pay for her ways...

Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 11:34:02 AM

Name: DoppleM
Homepage URL:

Ralphus: Thanks for acknowledging my review of Attackers 37 and posting it in the Reviews section. I have ordered some titles based on your recommendations and those of other contributors, so I only felt it fair that I post a review of a title that I thought might be of interest. I hope to post more reviews in the future.

Canadian: Thanks for your comments. I have enjoyed reading your posts as well. Not sure that I will be able to provide reviews as detailed as what I did for Attackers 37 before your next order, but I can tell you that if you like watching a good whipping, Attackers 80 is worth checking out. It also includes some intense nipple torture, as the victim in this title has each of her nipples pierced with a pair of needles.

I have linked to the Attackers website, and if you check out some of the photos at the bottom of the page, you can see the marks from the whipping, as well as the needles in her nipples.

Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 01:13:11 PM

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