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October 2004

Name: MAV

Stomach punching in Viral Load and the Van huh? I'll try to check those out. I forgot about the scene towards the end of The Reporter, but I didn't like that cross-tape gag, so I forgot about it. Thanks guys.

Are there any commercial bondage videos with semi-strong slapping scenes? I'm thinking of scenes similar to what happened in the mainstream movies Warlords, Sweepers, etc. How come Rick has never incorporated this in ZFX, at least as far as I know? Brutal violence has a lot of these kinda scenes.

Friday, October 1st 2004 - 04:04:57 AM

Name: Penitent
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bondagebyrequest/

To Ralphus, regarding Bondage by Request ;)

I've been a friend of the owner of BBR for a few years now, and have even been lucky enough to shoot with him a couple times! I can assure you that (unlike most sites), there is indeed hardcore at BBR (talking dildo penetration). The bondage is pretty stringent, but not like Insex, bruises and pulled muscles, hard. And there things like abduction scenarios, etc. And, per the name, if you want to see something, all you have to do is ask ;)

If you want a little sample of the site, you can check out the yahoo fan club that I run for BBR (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bondagebyrequest), featuring samples from the site, although I leave the penetration shots for the site itself, because we all know how fussy Yahell is! Hope this helps a bit, and keep up the great work on this forum buds, I love it!!!!

Friday, October 1st 2004 - 10:57:05 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer
Homepage URL: http://www.shortfusevideo.com/

Ralphus, the only place with girls who compare to BxR is Shortfuse. The girls of Shortfuse are generally comparable to that of anyplace I've seen, although Pby Models are rare there (I have seen Pby models, though, in some of their pix I've seen posted up elsewhere, so they do happen. Lynn Thomas is one such, as I recall)

Shortfuse tends more to a classic bnd style, with latex, rubber, full arm cuffs, lotsa straps, ball gags, drooling, etc. Good, but you sorta have to like that type of bnd to really get into it.

Personally I think all that stuff just gets in the way of access to the girl, so it is not all that interesting.

I dunno who is running the place these days, since they mention that the creator of the site, Mr. T., has passed away...

P.S., I am pretty sure I have seen some AriaG stuff from there, too, FWIW, since that may appeal to you... ;-)

Friday, October 1st 2004 - 11:32:45 PM

Name: Shared Joy
E-mail address: sharedjoy@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mcstories.com/ReadersPicks/SharedJoy.html

First-time poster, long-time reader... though I exchanged several Emails with Ralphus a few years ago (I was looking for -- what else? -- ZFX video recommendations) and he pestered me even then to come and post here... :)

I'll go ahead and say that my answer to his poll is "C" (both rape and bondage together). Of the two, however, rape is by far the most important.

My fantasy interests are actually quite varied. Rape, torture, bondage, humiliation, statue/robot, tickling, quicksand, electrocution, asphyxia, mind control, the list goes on and on. The one thing that ties all this together -- the root of all my sexual fantasies -- is Female Helplessness. I am highly turned on by ANY circumstance in which my fantasy self could exert control over a desperately unwilling female victim.

It must always be nonconsensual -- no "she decides she likes it after all" crap at the end. The more she protests, struggles, and begs, the better. When I view "straight" bondage, I must always fantasize that the girl is forced and unwilling. If she's smiling or giggling or obviously having fun, it Just Doesn't Work.

I've written a few stories along these lines which I've never posted online (maybe someday). Click my homepage link above for my personal favorite stories written by other people, from the Mind Control Story Archive.

Feel free to email me if anyone wants to chat...

Sunday, October 3rd 2004 - 12:28:16 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Shared Joy: Welcome to the board. I'm not sure I remember exchanging e-mails with you, since I don't recognize your screen name, and I frequently get blind e-mail requests for ZFX recommendations (can you imagine how many Rick gets?). Nonetheless, excellent post, and thanks for finally adding to the forum here. I have to say I totally agree with your viewpoints, too. Helplessness is certainly a key, as long as she's tied up, and of course, it must be 100% nonconsensual. If she ends up enjoying it, it ruins the fantasy for me. That's love bondage crap, exactly the opposite of what I want to see. Tears, suffering, pain, humiliation...that's the good stuff.

BTW, if your stories are as well-written and express your ideas as well as your post, I'm sure others would like to read them. Don't be shy about relating your thoughts to others; there are plenty of guys who feel exactly the same as you do, and many of them read this forum. That's the great thing about this place and the internet in general. Could you imagine going somewhere in public and announcing that you like to watch girls get tied up and raped? At best, you'd get strange looks from people; at worst, you'd probably get arrested. Say it around here and everyone just nods and agrees. You're among friends here at the GIMP. Hope you'll join us more often now.

Sunday, October 3rd 2004 - 02:40:31 PM

Name: Jonesy
E-mail address: jhjones2003@yahoo.com

Gents (and Ladies) I have been searching for a movie titled Kelly Simon: Bed and Bondage. Jennifer Simon was the star. Several nice tied to the bed scenes. The movie is several years old now. There is a lot of knowledge on this site. Can anyone steer me in the direction I might find it?

Sunday, October 3rd 2004 - 04:40:41 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Three thumbs up for fantasy female helplessness, assuming of course, it's at the hands of a dastardly villain.

Hypnotism mind-control, where the victim doesn't know that she's doing things that would normally be against her will, kind of suck. If she does know what's happening, can't do anything about it, and is in great distress while it's happening, then thumbs up to that.

Going along with the helplessness, I'm a big fan of the dramatic, even melodramatic, emoting of that helplessness and distress. I've only seen one actress/model whose expressions were so exagerrated that it didn't work. Most of the time, very expressive acting, even overacting, works for me. Many of those ole HOM models/actresses in the mags or silent 8mm loops were great at emoting distress and helplessness.

As far as showing the girl liking it, I'm not normally a big fan of that either, especially the love bondage variety. However, there are twists on that aspect that can work. It depends on how it's done. Has to do with the use of that knowledge used to humiliate the girl even further. I use that idea in the next installment of Supremegirl II, a photo story I've got going at superheroines.com (not in my free site space, it's a photo story on the paysite).

Sunday, October 3rd 2004 - 05:37:53 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Concerning today's picture, that artwork by Fernando...

Ordinarily, I'm a big fan of anything animated. And his work looks like good quality, so ordinarily, I would like it.

But I hate the angle it is drawn at. Oftentimes, photos are staged this way, too. There is too much HIM in the picture when I want to be focusing on HER. Does anyone know what I mean? If a piece of art or a photo is staged so that the male becomes the focal point instead of the female, not that there's anything wrong with that, but it dampens my enthusiasm immediately.

I "get" it, he was trying to show the guy's dominance and how small she is in comparison and the angle from top down says, she's on her knees, she's lower, she's submissive. Except ... when the male dominates the scene SO much, that he drowns out the female, that turns me off. It happens in comics, in photos, and in flix. And I'm sure most of you know what I mean.


Sunday, October 3rd 2004 - 08:50:02 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/Candace07.jpg

zee-ef-ex: I don't necessarily agree about the Fernando drawing, but I see your point about having the man overshadow the woman in certain artworks. A few years ago, RR posted a rape photoset on his club, and while it was an excellent set of photos, there were a couple where the villain was looking right at the camera, and some of us had the same reaction and made similar comments. It draws your attention away from the beautiful woman in peril and puts the focus on the man. On my Homepage URL is an example. Hey, you don't find out what works and what doesn't without a bit of trial and error.

I'll contrast this with our daily pic, another still from that series that works beautifully.

Some years ago, one of my best friends made a comment when I showed him a pic of woman with a guy's dick thrust out in front of her face. He said he hated seeing anything that distracted him from the girl in the picture. With that in mind, I guess forced blow job pics are bad then. I'll bet he would probably love Japanese movies where all the genitalia is fuzzed out. Strange, but everybody has their own tastes...

Sunday, October 3rd 2004 - 10:51:14 PM

Name: Newb

Hey. What's Richard Reynolds group site or is it no longer up anymore. Also, do you know where I can get Geoffrey Merrick's Tatyana transcripts.

Sunday, October 3rd 2004 - 11:09:02 PM

Name: Scribbler

RR's group is at...


Monday, October 4th 2004 - 02:00:30 PM

Name: Sion, The
E-mail address: Sion@Sion.cum
Homepage URL: http://sion.cum

New poster, lurking for years...

Big fan of belly punching and slapping too. Saw MAV talking about ZFX and face slapping and couldnt resist chiming in. Have you seen Robopimp? This movie is awsome beyond the face slapping thing, but the first scene this little red head hooker is holding out on her pimp and gets beat bloody.The dude slaps her senseless, then ties her with phone cord and waxes her, shockes her with a bare lamp cord then ass fucks her with this enormus telescoping dick, thus the robopimp, which then squirts jizz, a huge load in her mouth and all over her face.

Then there is this scene where there is another hooker and the pimp beats the hell out of her too until shes pisses herself! Shes got coke on her face after she gets her head smashed into a coke mirror. Then this pimp dude does all kinds of shit to this girl, he puts like 30 clothes pins on her tits and cunt then straps her to a bed and shoots her up with drugs and fucks her insensible. Her body is sweat soaked and looks really good. Both of these girls are totlaly hot.

Anyway, the slapping is severe in both scenes and the action and the pimp guy are very intense. I dont think its real mind you, but it sure looks real and thats what I want to see. This was my first ZFX and i had never saw anything like it, it had a very different feel to what I had seen up to that point. The girls sounds and reactions and the sort of dark details that were there, hit my fantasy very squarely. I have been voraciously buying up every ZFX I could get my hands on ever since.

The Sion

Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 12:02:17 AM

Name: D.M.

The Sion writes "This (Robopimp) was my first ZFX film and I never saw anything like it."

I would venture to say that this would be the experience of almost everyone into GIMP fantasy regardless of which ZFX film one were to see first. I believe that Ralphus has noted before that even the "worst" ZFX film, compared to other Zfx films, is probably worlds better in terms of Gimp action than any other film you would find.

Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 06:33:08 AM

Name: D.M.

This is a heads up for Rick, I'm not sure if it matters or not, but for what it's worth on the out takes section of SOB 7 there is a clearly audible reference to what seems to be Elaine Payton's first name by someone on the set asking her to do the Macarena.

Only a first name isn't near as bad as a full name, but it was probably not intended and could lead to a breach of confidentiality that I'm sure exists between the actors/actresses and yourself.

Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 08:33:26 AM

Name: joebob
E-mail address: johnyblaze20022000@yahoo.com

I am looking to purchase my first zfx film.  I have seen a few online, but am unsure of which one to get.  I like a lot of electro shock type scenes and I definetly want the one I get to have a rape scene.  Could you guys possible help me out with a recommendation? 

A few titles I read that really good were fair warning (lots of rape scened I read, but any electro?  Help me out here?) and nightstalker II.  I know there are rape scenes in these, but does anyone know if there is any shock torture? THX

Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 09:56:42 AM

Name: Penitent

Hey all, just joined Forbidden Video's site, and downloaded a video, but damn! Don't have the right codec! Can anyone who's a member there tell me what codec they use???? Thanks!

Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 10:52:37 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html#robo

The Sion: Welcome aboard, and thanks for posting. Interesting name. From now on, I think I'm going to refer to myself as "The Ralphus".

Robopimp was a good one, and the scenes you mentioned were some of my favorites, too. I really liked the scenes where Bridgette and Lisa were slapped into submission, and of course, the multi-clothespin breast torture that Lisa endured looked especially painful, and she acted like she was really suffering. It amazes me sometimes the abuse these girls put up with just to satisfy our twisted desires, but I'm awfully glad they do.

My original review of Robopimp can be accessed at my Homepage URL above.

DM: Your post probably had dozens of our readers scrambling to find their DVD of SOB-7 to watch the outtakes again. I know I did. That part goes by pretty fast, and even after playing it back repeatedly, I couldn't even be sure of what name he calls her. I don't think it's a huge worry.

I can't confirm which one, but I swear I remember a ZFX vid where you hear Rick offscreen giving directions to Lisa Kinkaid, except he called her a different name. And this was during the actual movie, not in the outttakes. But this was years ago, and I really have no idea which vid it was. But I do remember it. And we know for sure that Lisa Kinkaid is a fake name, because she admitted it in one of her interviews.

Joebob: Fair Warning has a cool gang rape scene in a field with Chandra Sweet, and she's also given electric shock and then raped again later in the movie. Night Prowler 2 (not nightstalker) features one of the all-time best rape scenes ZFX ever shot, with Holly Weston getting it while bound and gagged. No electro there, but definitely worthwhile for the rape.

Ballista 2 has several impressive electroshock scenes, although the only rape is by a sex-crazed plant (yes, really). South of the Border 4 has some great electro torture scenes with Lisa and an equally impressive two-man rape scene with busty blonde Christina Anderson. These are both two of my favorite ZFX films, and you can't go wrong with either one.

I've reviewed all the later ZFX titles in the past few years, so you could go skim through my review section and see a synopsis of what the tapes include. That way you can decide what sounds best for what you're looking for. Bet you can't pick just one. I would get about 5 to start with. So much great entertainment awaits you!

Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 01:02:22 PM

Name: Mr Bush


Does anyone know of a web site where you give someone certain particulars and guidlines and they in turn write you a personalized story. Obviously this would be in the realm of adults and bondage.

Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 03:02:30 PM


Mr. Bush

There are probably lots of writers on the net who will do a custom story if you ask them. If you check out any of the larger bondage Yahoo clubs, write and ask if anyone wants to take a shot at it. It would probably work if you suggested some ideas first about what specific ideas you want.

Wednesday, October 6th 2004 - 07:30:32 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer
Homepage URL: http://www.free-codecs.com/


Try http://www.free-codecs.com/

They ought to have a nice large "bundle" of codecs that will update you to all the latest ones. You ought to also be able to find info on the FV website, I'd think.

Another place (although I worry since I don't know 'em and russia is a source of a lot of malware at this point) is:


NOTE: I'm not saying they can't be trusted, just that I would only use them if you can't get what you need elsewhere, simply because I don't know anything about 'em... They do appear to have lots of codecs and info, and I have not had time or inclination to look em over and get a feel for how likely they are to be trustworthy. It's POSSIBLE they might use codecs as a hook to get malware onto other peoples' machines....

Wednesday, October 6th 2004 - 08:44:00 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer
Homepage URL: http://www.attackers.net/works/-/detail/=/cid=shk160/

For my money, the best rape scenes are in:

Liza Cord

Gangland 5 & 2

Whiplash 2 & 4 (4 def. has electric shock)

Blunt Trauma 3 & 4

I have seen about 3/4ths of the ZFX catalog, mostly excluding recent stuff like the SOB series. For pure rape scenes, I think the better Japanese have ZFX beat (since they can have actual insertion, even though generally mosaic censored), but ZFX has a lot more physical abuse, including ES, so it is a balance of preference or mood as to which one might prefer.

A fantastic extended rape scene occurs in "Lady Panther 2", from Attackers:


In it, Oikawa Nao (one VERY nice babe, with nice legs, face and skin and a gorgeous pair of c-cup tits) gets captured while attempting to rob a group of businessmen. They take revenge by one raping her, then another raping her, then gangraping her. All told, she spends about 90 mins or so in various oral/vaginal rapes, and is a very good actress, going from attitude to defeat as the rapres proceed. She also gets abused a bit, but not an awful lot. It includes the typical post-rape "drip shot"

FWIW, if you have not explored the above site, it has a lot of outtakes. Navigation is not easy unless you know japanese, but, for example, you can look at all the shark films just by changing that number of "160" in the link to some other number, from 1 to 217. Vids numbered above 160 (DAMN!!) also have 12 outtakes. There are plenty more, but that is enough to get you started. Poking around generally can get you a large number of box covers and outtakes. I do not know if you can order from them, but if not, if you see something you want, you can probably get it from somewhere like FV.

Wednesday, October 6th 2004 - 09:23:22 PM

Name: Penitent


Thanks for the help buds!  You're right, I don't trust ANYTHING from Russia!!!!  Used to be studying criminal justice, and knew some guys who worked financial crimes, and when it comes to that type of crime, Russia/Eastern Bloc are all over it like a ZFX baddie on a chloroformed jogger ;)

Truth be told, I just updated my edition of Quicktime, and it solved the prob :)  Now I'm LOVING Forbidden Video!  Great stuff, and Gauge is friggin' sexy as hell!  One thing I like about FV is that several vids feature the villain/perv/etc. performing foot worship on the victim.  Can anyone tell me if ZFX also has scenes like this???

Thursday, October 7th 2004 - 01:59:52 PM


There is a video put out in europe called slave market it is # 294 of color climax series. They only sell in pal version, does anyone know how to get a ntsc version of this film? Also has anyone joined the business girls in bondage web site, any opinion?

There is a movie called house on the edge of the park, in it is a great almost rape scene and another that is a rape scene. The terror on the faces of the people is real as they are truly in distress.

Thursday, October 7th 2004 - 05:35:06 PM

Name: D.M.

Did anyone find out if there is a U.S. special edition version of the Howling that includes the "rape" scene as an extra?

Would sure like to find it!

Ralphus, I can make out the girls name on the outake of SOB 7 because that damn name is forever burned in my head -kinda like the Adam Sandler skit on SNL where he has a cable access show to rant about his ex-girlfriend.

Thursday, October 7th 2004 - 08:47:03 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com


Well now youve got my curiousity peaked. DM shoot me a email as to what you think the name is your hearing if you could. I went over this with headphones and cant make anything out, but maybe you got super bat hearing or somthing;)


Friday, October 8th 2004 - 09:25:27 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html#howling

D.M: I can confirm that the US version of The Howling definitely does NOT contain the complete rape scene that we saw glimpses of in the original movie. In the extras, you see a few shots in a making-of featurette but that's it.

The version that Jaeckill acquired is only available on a foreign version of the DVD (Jaeckill lives in Germany). I managed to get hold of a copy and it's exactly as he described it (his review is my Homepage URL).

My opinion is that it would have been absolutely killer if it had sound, but that's the way I feel about a number of the old HOM and RDF loops. The images are arresting, but the lack of audio takes something away.

Tonight's picture was a donation from Baronorca. It's from Insex.com. After he mailed it to me, I wrote back and told him I had serious reservations about running the pic on the board. I said the GIMPers would be upset, and I wasn't too sure what I thought about it, either.

Let me preface this by saying that I have a lot of respect for PD and the work he does with Insex. Some of the setpieces he has created are incredible, and he's always pushing the envelope and taking these girls further than anyone working today. I was a member at one time. And yet when I saw the pic, my immediate reaction was...What the hell did PD do to that poor girl's breasts? 

Now I'm not one to shy away from heavy bondage and torture, and I even went on record as saying I liked the bloody skewered tits photo I ran from Torture Gallery a few month ago. Yes, that one was nasty, but for some reason, this Insex one bothers me. I don't find the shape of her breasts to be appealing, and combine that with the fact that they are all bruised, battered and striped just rubs me the wrong way.

Still, I know Insex has a lot of fans here, and certainly this isn't even close to being the most brutal pic I've seen. So what do the rest of you think? Yay or nay on this one? Based on this, would you want to see the rest of the video, or is it a turnoff? And what are your thoughts, if any, about Insex?

Friday, October 8th 2004 - 11:18:54 PM

Name: mr retailer

I have to say my vote is a flat out yes for this picture. Does this picture belong here? All you have the do is look at the name of this forum and I think this picture fits the bill perfectly.  "Bring out the GIMP (Girls In Merciless Peril)"

Does this picture want to make me see the rest of the video? Yes it almost made me want to join insex early to get the vid. I dont think there is any excuse for anyone here not to be a member of insex at least once a year. The bottom line is the value of the membership. I look for video values when I join sites. That means I like good videos with great action and presented in high quality. I can honestly say insex has the best quality videos on the net. If you copy a insex video to videotape and watch it on a tv the quality is damn good. There is very little digital breakup if any at all.

Lets talk about the price. 99 bucks for three months. So lets say you joined for three months and took 6 months off. You are getting the membership  for about 11 bucks a month. More importantly to me you are probably getting near 60 hours of high quality vids. Sure everyone of them may not be to your liking but at 66 cents an hour insex is a must have for any serious bondage collector. So like I said there is no excuse for any of us here not to join insex at least once a year.

Now getting back to the picture. I am a big fan of having plots to go along with my bdsm movies. Most insex movies are not this way so many times an isolated pic like this you can put your own plot behind the pic. At times insex is so consentual it takes away from alot of the movies intensity. So even though this pic looks terrible I know for a fact pd is very careful not to cause permanant damage. Also different women has different limits and some of those limits are pretty far out with different girls in the lifestyle. So if you read the promo this girl at the end said the whipping was very cathartic and she hopes to make it back to insex soon!

Saturday, October 9th 2004 - 11:22:23 AM

Name: mr bush

yes, for the picture. Agree with Mr retailer that at one time or the other the members should have experienced Insex.

Saturday, October 9th 2004 - 01:24:08 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

The picture does nothing for me. I don't like to see women marred like this.

But does it belong here? Sure. It doesn't bother me that some of you like it. Different strokes for different folks. (Hmmm, that common phrase takes on a whole new meaning in the BDSM realm, doesn't it?)

As long as the depiction was consensually made (which is a very different question as to whether it depicts something consensual), have at it, fun for everybody involved, actor, director, grip, viewer, whatever.


Saturday, October 9th 2004 - 02:14:58 PM

Name: D.M.

Another aye for the picture; I've never joined the site, but I check out the pictures at insex all the time.

From my point of view, insex has a truly sadistic flavor that is often quite mechanical, whereas ZFX films have more of a camp, sexually provacative quality -- that gleam in villian's eye and/or cry/squirm of protest from the victim

I am also turned off by the excessive tattoos and piercings of many of the insex models.

Saturday, October 9th 2004 - 07:44:01 PM

Name: MAV

That pic does nothin for me either. I don't like it gettin that graphic. Face slaps and stomach punches are as brutal as I'll go.

Speaking of brutal, did anyone else see the "Chainsaw" clip from Brutal Violence? When that chick had her vaginal area shot with a staple gun (it looked damn real to me), I had to take a step back and say "that's too weird for me". Has anyone else run into certain things on pics or movies that made you realize your limits?

Saturday, October 9th 2004 - 11:23:17 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/914test04_43.jpg

Since some of us don't visit this site every day, I'm going to make the Insex pic available here at my Homepage URL above. Take a look and give us your thoughts. Right now the score is 3 to 3 for those who like it versus those who are turned off by it. I'm not surprised, since I consider myself pretty jaded and it sort of made me wince.

MAV asks an interesting question. What are your limits? What is too much for you? I might run some offbeat pics soon to try to gauge where people want to draw the line. Trust me, I could blow some people's minds. But for now, let's keep the comments coming on this one.

Saturday, October 9th 2004 - 11:34:08 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

Eh, the pic does nothing for me. I don't like anything which mars the girls looks, including anything but the mildest striping, and excluding anything which would bring forth blood, including pins, etc.

This goes hand in hand with a general dislike of tats and piercings, too (ears, ok, but most girls don't seem to comprehend that the very reason for a piercing, like a beauty mark, is to call attention to a particularly nice feature, not solely to make holes in one's body. Few girls get a non-ear piercing which calls attention to a feature that looks even remotely attractive in the first place.)

OTOH, some people get off on it, so if enough do, then put pix like that one up occasionally.

Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 05:22:57 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Piercings? I like some. I like the belly, ears, nipples. Maybe even eyebrow occasionally. Tongues, lips, clits etc - no. The key is subtelty.

Tats? Mostly don't like 'em, but again, if subtle, okay. Hate those starbursts around the belly button. Hate extensive number of tats. Hate them in any but the most unobtrusive locations.

Limits? I've seen plenty of nasty stuff on the Net. Girls' tits nailed to boards. Asphyixiation. Cartoons of disembowelments. I hate it all. To each his own, but I don't like the woman's physical beuaty marred, nor any real violence.


Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 10:36:42 AM

Name: Shared Joy
E-mail address: sharedjoy@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mcstories.com/ReadersPicks/SharedJoy.html

Heh. My first post was in reponse to Ralphus asking what we like; my second will be to respond to Ralphus asking what we DON'T. :)

What's my line? Basically, anything "gross". I have no interest in seeing scat, pee, or blood, ever. No "permanent damage" to the victim. Minor piercings, tattoos or whip marks are fine; anything more than "just a little bit" of these is a definite turn-off. I liked Ralphus' Insex picture, but it was close to my limit. I want to see the GIRL beneath the tattoos, metal, or welts...

And of course, being a fairly typical hetero American male, I pretty much want NO men on the screen. A body part here or there as necessary for the proper torment of the female, fine. But nothing more..

Next question! :)

Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 10:48:02 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Brief reviews:

Mainstream bondage sighting, Weapons of Ass Destruction 3. Teagen is ball gagged, a leather necktie around her neck, wearing schoolgirl outfit, tied spreadeagle facing a door with wrists and ankles tied to straps which go around to the other side of the door. She's kept in bondage for a reasonably long time, even while her tormenter is reaming her a-hole with his tongue, before he finally unties her before he penetrates her a-hole with a glass toy. She stays in the same position, tho, looking like she is still bound, which is nice.

Eventually, they move on to different positions, a bed and she loses the straps and then later, the leather necktie, but the purple ballgag stays around her neck, which adds a nice fetishy touch generally but also when he comes on her face and the cum drips off her chin onto the ballgag. Very sexy. You rarely go wrong with a Jules Jordan flik, and this one is good. I forget the numbered rating suggestion sorry. But for the scene, I'd give it an A+. For the movie, an A.

Also, been moving to DVD, yes, yes, I guess VHS is dying. Rented a Gotham Gold DVD called Lisa & Bambi Struggle in Bondage. This one's a B, good for a rental but not a buy. The girls are reasonably attractive amateurs. The first half of the movie is devoted to Bambi, and the second half to Lisa (who is cuter and also gets better "treatment." The whole movie consist of scenes where the two of them are struggling against their bonds, and moaning. They are each always gagged with duct-tape. They each start off scenes with more clothing, and then scenes switch they have a little less clothing on, until naked. There is no showing of the tying, which is a shame.

The bondage ranges from weak (tied with ropes in a position where she could easily untie herself if she wanted to) to definitive, "Oh, this time there's no way she's getting out of it" better tieing and better positions. The second girl as I said is cuter (tho the 1st one isn't bad), and the second girl also gets clothespins on the nipples, clamps on the pussy lips, and a bullet-shaped vibrator inside her while she's writhing. So that is appealing, and the fact the girls are cute and get fully naked and are tied are all appealing.

But the best thing about this DVD is just that the girls are always struggling, always moaning. I like to see the athleticism in a cute girls's body, how her muscles tighten as she stretches and squirms. Even though the movie is very limited, just the squirming and moaning is enough to give it a certain rental-worthy charm

Oh, the bonus scene on the DVD sucks. It's black and white, and the performers are not attractive.


Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 11:01:42 AM


In regards to the poll question of 9/23; put me down for "B", although 'A' and 'C' rate highly as well. Due to some technical difficulties with the electric company (ie: they can't really appreciate the subtle humour in your wife remitting their payment to the gas company by mistake), I hav been incommunicado for two weeks. Sorry to hear about the latest pogrom over at Yahoo and the sorry fate of Hank. I hope he bounces back...I loved his groups. Anyway...nice to be back, the oil-lamps sucked, and get out there and vote for Kerry on Nov.2.

Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 11:54:16 AM


Well I see we've all gotten into a little discussion of bondage related body-markings. Being an opinionated bastard, I would like to contribute to the argument.

The 'insex' pic: I don't like welts. Red, swollen titties from having been tightly tied, yes. Ropemarks? You bet. Welts and blood, no.

Tattoos. Ok if tastefully done and artistically rendered. Shoulders, lower back, ankles...ok. Never on the upper arms (reserved for sailors and marines), breasts, pussy, and I agree with whoever said "not around the navel", (although I did see a tattoo-piercing combination that looked like a dolphin jumping through a hoop once that I liked). Never on the feet and hands. I'm a bit of a fetishist about well kept hands and feet. (...and I HATE those reverse french-nail things with a dark stripe at the tip, and any french-nail treatment on the toes. That shit just looks weird.)

Piercings. Nipples, tongues, ears and pussies are ok...just don't over-do it, and for God's sake, keep the hardware small. There's nothing appealing about seeing some old broad with her pussylips dangling to her knees under the weight of a three-inch cast iron anchor ring. Noses; maybe, but not out in public. Eyebrows? Never...looks stupid. Other places are just out. Period. I won't discuss male piercings because I just don't give a shit. Yeah, I have an earing or three, but nothing sharp is getting NEAR my dick.

Branding and scarring. Are you just fucking crazy, or what?

I'll now go peaceably back to my Sunday afternoon drinking and football. Thank you for your indulgence.

Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 12:44:22 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html

zee-ef-ex: Thanks for the reviews. I added both, with links to where one could order them, in the Reviews By GIMP Readers section of the site (link above).

It's fascinating to me that the Adult industry is adding bondage to mainstream sex films, even though most are too fearful of taking the big plunge and actually showing women in bondage being fucked, since that could imply (horrors!) that the sex is nonconsensual and the woman is being forced in some way (depiction of rape is a major no-no, of course). Still, I guess the trend is catering to those of us who appreciate the sight of a woman in bondage, or with a gag in her mouth. You get to see her tied and gagged before the good stuff begins, then the restraints disappear once the sex stuff happens. I remember you mentioned that Taylor Rain had at least one movie where she was tied up before she was put to work, for instance. Not as good as what we all want to see, but at least we get that imagery beforehand.

With that in mind, here's a list I found on the net that features descriptions of mainstream adult films with bondage/gag scenes. It's even got plenty of stills from the movies, too. Great stuff.

Bondage/Gag Scenes In Adult Features

MAV: I saw the Brutal Violence clip with the staple gun and thought it was cool. I took another look at it again just now. He also was taking a chainsaw to her pussy, too. I have to admit I smiled and laughed at that clip. It was all entertaining stuff for me. I realize it's not real, maybe that's why something so gruesome didn't bother me.

I love ZFX films, and I realize they are just skillfully made fakes, too, and the fact that the action is simulated doesn't bother me, because Rick really tries to pull off convincing illusions. The more realistic they look, the better. Japanese films, on the other hand, often do employ real torture, even though censoring the genitals takes something away. Nonetheless, you can see the girls really are suffering, and I love that, too.

Insex certainly isn't faked, but my problem with them, aside from the fact that they hire too many tattooed freakgirls, is that it isn't that exciting to me if the girls are submitting to it. If they were gagged and protesting while this was happening to them, I would be more enthralled. It seems to me less like torture and more like an endurance test, a harder-edged "Fear Factor" for the bondage crowd.

Personal preferences...well, for me, just about anything goes, really. I have few limits. I like rape, all kinds of torture, even degrading stuff like golden showers and scat (anything humiliating is good, even if it's gross). I don't generally have a problem with violence against women, either, like bloodying their faces or bruising them up. Even fake snuff scenes, like hanging or burning, can be erotic to me. The key thing is, she has to be a girl who I find attractive, she has to be tied up, and she can't be enjoying any of what's happening to her. Find a cute girl next door, tie her up and hurt her. Take away her dignity. Make her suffer, make her cry, rape her and leave your mark all over her face. That's my kind of entertainment!

Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 02:12:39 PM

Name: Paulus

Well, I like everything about that picture except the welts or marks on her breasts. I love seeing the weights on her tits and the funky gag in her mouth..but I dont like seeing the welts..its too "permanent"...i like her skin to be unspoiled...its part of the fantasy ok.

Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 09:21:15 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address: mayhem50@webtv.net
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

Regards to recent survey would have to lean toward A. Especially if it involves bondage.

Just updated site with 3 Attackers and 3 SRV titles!! Loads of bondage/sm. Also Shark titles have been mentioned here before. All Shark #1 thru #214 (except #23) are on site now. Also wouldnt hurt to pickup a rental of Fahrenheit 9/11 which is now in stores.

Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 11:57:40 PM

Name: thanagar

Speaking of bondage in mainstream porn, I just got a look at the new Jenna Jameson vid, "The Masseuse," which has several scenes. Jenna is bound while her boyfriend sticks a toy in her, and she also gives him a blowjob. Later, she takes Savanna Samson from behind with a strap-on while Samson is bound. The scenes are woefully brief, and the editing vitiates the impact of the bondage. As a porn flick, it's pretty ho-hum stuff, and Jameson isn't as hot as she used to be. If this is one of the first cracks in the dam holding back a flood of sex/b&d videos, I can only hope they push the envelope more in future efforts.

Monday, October 11th 2004 - 09:52:39 AM

Name: Hattrick

I agree with Paulus on the Insex picture. The picture is fine except for the extreme damage to her tits. I would probably watch the video until they started to mark her tits. Then I would go elsewhere. That is what it is all about, if you don't like something don't watch it.

I have joined Insex 2 times, but I am not a member now. You do get good value for your money. Some of their stuff is too rough for my taste so I don't watch it when it gets to extream. They do have some of the best video I have ever seen. The first part of their "Apartment 49" video is the best I have ever seen for a capture and transport. I didn't see the rest of the video when she is back at the studio. If they did more of that type of stuff I would have to stay a member.

Monday, October 11th 2004 - 10:01:11 AM

Name: Mr?

since Roberts has shut down all yahoo groups with his art, can anyone tell me where I can find his most recent stuff?

Monday, October 11th 2004 - 12:09:09 PM

Name: Buckeye
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hairywomen-punished2/

Are there any bondage movies anyone can recommend where the women are NOT shaved down to almost nothing? Thanks in advance.

Monday, October 11th 2004 - 05:33:55 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

Ummm, let's keep politics out of it as much as possible, hmmm?

Saying you prefer one or the other happens, but advocating Michael Moore's lying crap is a bit too far, frankly...

(Don't get me wrong, I despise Bush, but if he is going to go down it should be based on Truths, not bald-faced mistruths, half-truths, and misrepresentations and distortions of facts that are endemic to literally *everything* Moore has done in his entire life. I suggest this sort of topic end now. A casual search on Moore's opponents shows plenty of basis for what I have said. He's a bigger self-aggrandizing demagogue than Rush Limbaugh, and that is saying a lot.)

Monday, October 11th 2004 - 07:38:57 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Gucci Loafer: No, this isn't a political forum, but the topic comes up from time to time, and it's especially pertinent to the issues of censorship. Whether or not you agree with Michael Moore or his film, the movie is certainly thought-provoking, and it's a film that deserves a wide audience. I understand where you're coming from, but I also think that whatever it takes to defeat Bush in November is a good thing, so I have no problem with anyone recommending it. Moore's methods may be questionable but I agree with his point of view. He's all right in my book.

I'm going to end this discussion right now. This is not the kind of movie we should be discussing here. Unless Moore included some footage of tied-up naked female POW's in the DVD extras :)

Monday, October 11th 2004 - 08:07:16 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

(honestly expecting this to get excised, perfectly reasonably so, mind you)...

Tuesday, October 12th 2004 - 04:23:49 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Gucci Loafer: And your expectations came true :)

When I said I was ending this line of discussion, I meant it. If you want to debate me via private e-mail, go right ahead, but this is has strayed off-topic for this forum. This board is about bondage and bondage videos, and your last post had nothing to do with that.

So, anybody seen any good movies lately? You know, the good ones, where chicks get tied up.

Tuesday, October 12th 2004 - 08:10:26 AM

Name: Penitent

Att: Buckeye, (but first a diatribe)

Getting away from politics (btw, Moore's movie is certainly slanted in the extreme, but unless you're gonna show me that he had a disney animatronic robot playing Bush in some of those damning sequences, or that he staged that whole Haliburton greed conference, I am not going to agree that the movie lies.  You can only say that it shows PART of the whole truth)...

On to why I originally wanted to post!  BUCKEYE, for hairy babes bound, have you checked out H.O.M.'s Bondage Classics series?  Came across one at the local porn store, and snagged it instantly, love those 70's flix!  The music is almost stereotypically corny, and there's no other sound, but there ARE plenty of hairy bushes for you! The kind of bush that WE ALL like!

Tuesday, October 12th 2004 - 08:14:55 AM

Name: Penitent

Hey guys and gals, now a question... Can anyone recommend any yahoo/msn groups featuring classic old HOM type bondage photos, from the 70's/80's ? I've already discovered the Hairywomenpunished groups, which have a bunch, but am looking for more ;) Thanks all!

Tuesday, October 12th 2004 - 08:47:20 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chadscans/

Penitent: It's unfortunately a totally dead group, but the Yahoo club "Chadscans" features some of those classic HOM magazine pictures in the Files section. And mpegs of some vintage loops, too.

Tuesday, October 12th 2004 - 09:19:08 AM

Name: Penitent
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bondagebyrequest/

Thanks Ralphus, looks like just what I was looking for ;) Now I hope the mod lets me in. Keep up the good work bro!

Tuesday, October 12th 2004 - 09:47:49 AM

Name: MR bush

Society SM looks like it has some pretty good ppv video and bondage photos with story lines, anyone have and personal experience?

Tuesday, October 12th 2004 - 05:22:10 PM

Name: parishfan

Call me ignorant.

Most of the ZFX movies I own are the newer ones - based mostly upon recommendations and reviews I've read here. I never bothered much with the older ones, because the few that I had seen never did much for me. The local porn shack rents DVDs, but mostly will only sell them. Just happened to notice that 'Jennifers Nightmares' was rentable. So I rent it.

Now I know it's been mentioned that Allison Parish is a Hotty and a half, maybe I deserve a good "I told you so", but DAMN! I gotta get me more DVDs with this chick. Is Meanstreak or Xtractor on DVD? Can anyone recommend other flicks with her? Thanks in advance

Tuesday, October 12th 2004 - 08:21:02 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Parishfan: I'm not sure how many of Alison's movies have hit DVD yet. Rick started off with transferring the earliest ones, then he moved along to some of the more popular titles. I believe she made 18 appearances for ZFX, and many of her movies are some of Rick's best, among them Highway to Hell, Future Shock and the first Night Prowler. She was also in the first few Guinea Pigs releases, too. Those are all good films. It's too bad that Rick no longer sells the titles on his site, since it used to be real easy to see what had been released on DVD.

I'm sure there must be some by now. Maybe he can pop on here and tell us what's available, since he's the one who's transferring them, so he should know.

g-in-o: Sorry, I forgot to mention that Rick e-mailed me about the Kelly McKay pic you asked about. Not much to report on that one, and the Lisa Kinkaid pics that I posted in January are not from this new Apartment movie that Rick is currently working on. He did say it would have a release date approximately January or February 2005. So we have at least three new ZFX movies coming some time in the future. That's something to look forward to.

Tuesday, October 12th 2004 - 11:31:13 PM

Name: jaeckill
Homepage URL: http://jaeckillQyahoo.de

Mr. Bush,

SocietySM is indeed one of my favourite sites. Unfortunately their stuff is mostly consentual, but if you like to see some real cuties being dildo-penetrated while in bondage, this is one of the few places to go. Another good example would be "hogtied" if you like dungeon settings.

Peace, Jaeckill

N.b.: Uuuh, and I hope your group name is no political statement!

Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 02:50:38 AM

Name: Newbie

Sorry to bother you guys again. I was just deciding whether to purchase ZFX Doc Bondage. Can I get some sample pics of Heather Lee or where i can view them. I think she's also in Total Restraint and Southern Discomfort.

Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 05:25:10 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

For those who do not know, I am the creator and moderator of the chadscans group. Several people have joined from this board recently, but I had to turn somebody away because he/she did not include an age in the Yahoo profile - that's really the only hurdle to gaining membership.

Ralphus, yeah, the group died down when Yahoo stopped keeping attachments in the message in the groups, but I still keep it clean from spammers and the photos are always cool.

If the bondage were tighter at SocietySM, I think I would try to check it out, but the never seem to really want to tie a tit tight - still, I do like the dildo violation in bondage aspect, so I might just check it out at that.

Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 06:35:52 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer
Homepage URL: http://www.game-port.com/zfx.htm

1) For those of you who enjoy comic book bondage, of the non-XXX variety, try The Comic Book Bondage Cover of the Day, http://members.aol.com/covers3/Previous.html (includes an archive of about 1400 past covers, from the 50s to current) tame, of course, but still fun

2) It is unfortunate that Rick no longer does anything with the zfx website... it used to list all the vids of different actresses, among other things.

3)Allison was in the following, to the best of my knowledge -- most can be had from game-port.com (link above) --

SQUEALER - not a central char
TIFFANY TWISTED (also DVD) - not a central char

"Not a central char" means she is in a small filler piece to pad out the video. Both Squealer and Tiffany are mostly one-person videos of "other than Allison"... just a heads up so you aren't expecting much.

One of them, I forget which one (Dance Macabre?), is presumably her final vid for Rick (it was certainly one of the last ones released with her in it). The impression I got from it was that she was doing it because she agreed to, but wanted out... you can tell she is getting actually pissed about something, and her part in the video rather abruptly ends. I presume she and Rick had some sort of argument over what was going on, but have no definite reason for that impression beyond the above comments. Rick may or may not presume to comment on the above impressions.

Some of them are somewhat disappointing, but others are quite good, although perhaps tame by some later ZFX standards. She was certainly one of Rick's 10 best lookers.

I'd recommend GP1, Dirty Deeds, and Xtractor. There's one other one that was pretty damned good, but I seem to recall those are the best.

Sidenote: Ralphus, my point was that it's a bad idea to encourage anyone to make political commnets in general, agree with em or not (it is sure to generate OT discussion/arguments) -- This was my FIRST suggestion, please note -- you responded with a semi-agreement, then finished with "it's ok, though, since I agree with him". You can do so, it's your forum, but I'd suggest it's hypocritical. THAT was my objection. I did NOT argue the point *itself* any further. I also reiterate -- sending e-mails for me is a pain at the moment, as I noted.

Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 08:07:09 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Gucci Loafer: I don't think I'm being hypocritical at all. If anything, I gave you some latitude by allowing your original post about Michael Moore to remain on the board, even though it was totally off-topic for this forum. After I allowed it, I addressed it and correctly ruled that such discussions of his movie do not have anything to do with the focus of this board, and ended the discussion right there. It was when you posted again about the very same subject, right after I said the it was off-topic, that I had to remove your post. A moderator has to control the direction of the board, and this forum is not about Michael Moore and whether or not he lies in his films.

I was reading my Misty Mundae Yahoo group last night and someone made a political statement in one of his posts. That launched a whole angry Republican/Democrat argument that included some name-calling and before long the thread had nothing at all to do with Misty. It's because that group isn't moderated that it went awry. Someone should have put a stop to it, but no one was in charge. My job is to make sure that doesn't happen here.

That said, politics are not totally off-topic here, but use discretion when you bring them up, and make sure they have at least a connection with what we discuss here, that being bondage and bondage videos. The Bush regime has resulted in a climate where our personal freedoms are being taken away, and companies like ZFX are having a hard time getting their movies distributed as a result. It's the government censorship under this administration that makes the discussion of politics very much on-topic here, so that's one way to post and make sure it is allowed.

Interesting observation about Alison Parish in her last film. It's been years, but I do seem to recall that her part in Dance Macabre was rather truncated, and she looked different, too. Her hair was darker. Her footage didn't really seem to tie in with the rest of the movie, although that film was sort of a jumbled mess with lots of girls performing but no real focus to the story. That may not be a fair statement though, since like I say, I haven't seen it years and my memory is a bit hazy. It is odd that we never saw her again after that film came out, and she was ZFX's Golden Girl up until that point.

Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:10:00 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer

BTW, here are some of the contents of the Bondage Classics tapes (anything not listed I never got a chance to rent). Note that many of the videotapes are EDITED from the original loops. I dunno if they contained actual insertion shots (I think more than just that was edited out, like closeup genital fondling). You can sometimes see it in the way a cut occurs as it fades out, then you see a 'not-shown' scene fadeout very briefly before the next scene fades in. Unfortunate, since what is edited out seems to be some of the better parts.

This is particularly true for 'The Pickup', which I suspect lost a LOT of hot footage, and 'Sign!' and 'High Strung' which lost at least some. Some of them I can tell are definitely edited for a number of reasons (in some cases, the vids were excerpted in Bondage Cinema which have since been 'CHAD'ed.

I particularly recommend 'Sign!', and 'Bondage by Rx', the first has a somewhat plumper than usual Kelly Long (but still hot) getting thoroughly whipped and abused and the other has the exquisite Renee Baker on her knees in front of 'Nick'. There are a couple others that have Renee in them but I forget exactly which is which (Breast Bondage?). For my money, Renee (one of the heroines of the orignal HoM "Bittersweet Revenge") is either the most beautiful woman to do bondage or damned close to it. Also of special mention (see bottom note as to why) is 'Bound and Delivered'

Anything I add a "**" to is one I consider fairly hot in my book. Note that I am going from memory, I haven't looked at them in about 5-6 years. If I mislead, sorry-in-advance.

HOM BC #1 - High Strung**
Rope Burn**
Midnight Mistake**
The Traitor
HOM BC #2 - Whatever Wanda Wants
First Day at School, Surprise!
The Hostage
The Penalty
On Second Thought
The Auction
Bound & Delivered (see special note below!)**
HOM BC #3 - Rude Revenge**
Bound & Impaled**
Painful Persuasion
110 Volts**
HOM BC #4 - Two to Tangle
Rope Dream
Steel & Leather
Appointment For Bondage
The Trainer
HOM BC #6 - The Captive
Caught, Tied, & Fettered
Midnight Mistake
The Interrogation
Suspended Revenge
HOM BC #8 - B & D Climax**
The Victim
Hot 'n' Hanging
The Stranger
HOM BC #10 - Nina Never Knew
Trouble For Suzie
The Pledge
Red Hot Captive
HOM BC #11 - Outdoor Bondage XX**
Erotic Denial**
Breast Bondage**
Rude Arousal
Code of Honor**
HOM BC #13 - Forced Entry
Bondage by Prescription**
Captured I**
Captured II**
Bitch's Just Reward
The Collaborator
Suspended Tension
HOM BC #16 - Leather Bound Slave Girl
Cheerleader's Revenge
Bound Babe in the Woods
? (dunno the name of this one)
Model's Revenge
The Photographer
Bound & Delivered (2nd part, see note below)
Polynesian Slave Girl
HOM BC #17 - The Pickup**
Force Fed
Marti Kaye's Ordeal
Terms of Sale
Fenced Feline
Hard Hat Trouble
HOM BC #19 - Artist in Rope
Bondage Nightmare
To the Victor

'Bound and Delivered' is one of the few loops which depicts an actual rape ('High Strung' also has one, somewhat edited, along with the non-explicit oral one in 'Bondage by Rx'). The odd thing about this one is that the copy on BC #2 is clearly chopped off substantially -- but if you can get BC #16 you will find on it (at least on the copy I rented) -- UNLISTED -- **most of the missing scenes**.

You can interleave these two to make something at least close to the original loop. It's non-graphic, no insertion shots, and by ZFX standards (to say nothing of modern Japanese rape vids) it is fairly tame, but it does have a pretty damned good looking girl getting dropped off by some 'slave owner', stripped and pawed by the 'renter', then tied to a bed and raped. At the end, she is dressed back up and the owner picks her up.

Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:20:24 AM

Name: darren

I recommend the first nightprowler for fans of Alison P.

Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 10:34:26 AM

Name: mr?

please keep posting the zfx pix...I cannot find any other source for pix.

Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 10:56:26 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chadscans/

OK, after reading all this moaning and bellyaching about the fact that chadscans has been dormant for a while, I have decided to try to get the group active again by posting scans and asking for others to help the effort. So, if you would like to take part in the fun and get a hold of some of those elusive chadscans, join up at the above URL. BUT make sure that your YAHOO PROFILE reflects your age (18 or older of course) as that is the only way to gain access AND make sure to pick "individual emails" as your option since that is the only way to receive attachments to posts with Yahoo's new rules.

Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 10:40:45 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chadscans/

BBFan: Excellent news about Chadscans getting started back up, and long overdue. I hope, in part, that it was the comments here that inspired you to revive the club. I have relatively few from the series, and most I acquired directly from your group. Between all our readers here and the members at your club (currently at over 2500), we can all help to contribute and build up our respective collections at the same time.

Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 11:10:28 PM

Name: D.M.

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and started reading all the posts from the start of the Gimp site -- it really is an amazing accumulation of ideas, opinions and resources for Gimpers.

A question for Rick or anyone else who does this stuff for a living. Has anyone ever thought about getting around the often cited Miller test by finding a psycholgist or other researcher who would use the material in research of sexual response, sexual disorders, etc, that would inherently make whatever is shown in the movie "research material" thus negating a pornograpy rap?

Just wondering

Friday, October 15th 2004 - 08:46:47 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL: http://www.christinacaptured.com/blacksite/freegallery/006/images/16.jpg

One of you movie producers PLEASE get this chick in one of your movies! Are you out there Rick?

Saturday, October 16th 2004 - 07:41:59 AM

Name: g-in-o

Parishfan: To me, Alison Parish was the first ZFX girl to break the Major Babe Barrier, something Rick now does with astounding regularity (Lisa, Kelly, Penelope, Elaine, etc..etc..etc..). Things just went up a level with her and after. I recommend "Pretty Tied Up" as the best film that featured her. In it, she gets her bikini literally hosed off her body in a great outdoor scene. Outdoor ZFX shoots seem to be a thing of the past, not the best trend for those us who dream of seeing Lisa staked out in the sun...

Ralphus- Thanks for the Apartment update. I tend to parse Ricks updates for clues of upcoming footage but that limits things only to what gets mentioned. More footage is always a happy surprise.

Saturday, October 16th 2004 - 11:00:57 AM

Name: dagon

Question for bbfan, or whoever knows

Thanks for approving me into chadscans, and thanks to this board for letting me know about it in the first place. I went to your files section and downloaded the mpegs for "a little restraint". I had never seen that loop before. Is it from house of milan? It wasn't in the list of bondage classics that gucci loafer wrote about. Does that mean there are more that are not on the classics collections?

Watching that movie made me wonder about how far back bondage movies go. Think about it. Those loops were made in the seventies, right? If you consider how long movies themselves have been around, it seems strange that no one considered taking off a woman's clothes and tying her up in front of a movie camera before then. Is it really possible that bondage flicks have only been around about 30 years?

Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 12:22:07 AM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

"A Little Restraint, Please" is on BC15. BC15 also has "Hired Hand" with Renee Baker and "The Spy's Mistake" with Marty Kaye (2 VERY good looking women). However, it's around here (#15) where HOM started doing really poor jobs with their film to video transfers. So unless they redid it, the video quality is not the greatest. Some good loops content-wise tho. Not all the BC video collections are gems. We've talked about this before. Check the archives. Don't know which month tho.

Gucci's list is pretty good going from memory. To see a more complete list, go to the store at Lyndondistributors.com (they're on the GIMPs link page). More BC's available as VHS than DVD currently.

Betty Page, as well as other models, appeared in bondage loops produced by Irving Klaw in the 40s and 50s. They had 'Stag' films (risque films of that era) as far back as 1915. Probably some bondage in there somewhere. I've seen some really old spanking photos, not a pretty sight I can tell you. You may not want to see anything earlier than the 40s!

Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 02:06:32 AM

Name: Scribbler

I have a number of HOM loops, and I saw a number that I don't have, way back when they showed the loops in adult bookstores. "High Strung" is not edited, that's just the way it was in the loop. "Sign!" is the american version loop as sold here. However, there is another version of "Sign!" that has insertion. I know this cause CHAD told me about it when I conversed with him a few times via email (been years). HOM didn't release any penetration here, but did release some in European markets. CHAD, also known as Charles D when he posted to ABPEB newsgroup, was the one who turned me on to the Erotic Perversion videos, which were loops and video shot just for the foreign market by the HOM production team (Blakemore and crew) for another (overseas) production co. These all have insertion, and needles, and other rough stuff (good stuff).

"Red Hot BD" is edited a lot. And "Hired Hand" is somewhat edited. Can't say for sure, but both those look like the film itself had problems, you can see the projector skip a few times, get messed up. They may have had to edit out the bad film that the projector couldn't handle, and resplice together just the good parts--not talking content here, I'm talking the actual media. Most all the others loops (that I've seen on the BCs) are the whole loop.

All 5 loops on BC3 are not available (from HOM/Lyndon), cause HOM's mastertape got messed up, and no plans to redo it (they told me that themselves when I was at their warehouse, late 80 or early 90s, best I can recall). I have seen digital versions of these loops tho, posted to alt.binaries.multimedia.bdsm newsgroup occasionally. So someone who has BC3 has digitized those loops.

BBfan: You did a full repost of chads to ABPEB awhile ago. Did you post all you had, or are you posting even more new ones to chadscans?

Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 02:46:34 AM

Name: dormose
E-mail address: dormose@hotmail.com

Hey everybody,

A fellow traveller of sorts put together a list of films with raucous rape scenes on Amazon.  Here's the link.


Anybody seen any of these, care to comment?  The scene in "Irreversible" is shocking and intense.  "Straw Dogs" and "Clockwork Orange" are both classics, of course.  Has anyone ever seen the "Ginger" films?  I've only ever heard of them, never gotten a recommendation one way or the other.

Another film with a nine-minute gang rape is the obscure 1993 Peter Greenaway piece "The Baby of Macon."  Julia Ormond is raped by over 200 men, though it's behind a screen so you just get a silhouette and hear her screaming for the whole time.  Very dark and disturbing, not for the squeamish.  I found it very hot, but then again, I'm a GIMPer, with a box full of ZFX tapes in my closet.  The film was never released in the US, but you can track it down on VHS if you try hard enough.  It's a beautiful film, by the way, outside of that scene.  One to add to your highlight reel, Ralphus! 


Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 03:27:57 AM

Name: Looking for a link
E-mail address: txscout1000@yahoo.com

There use to be a link that had a bounch of rape and bondage Video's listed for sale. The titels were simple like forced 1, forced 2 or raped 1 raped 2 and so on. the number went in to the 20's and 30's. If any one if that link still exist could you let me know.


Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 07:29:04 AM

Name: Hattrick

dormose: I have seen all 3 Ginger movies. In my opinion only "The Abductors" was worth watching. There are 2 fairly good parts. Right near the beginning of the movie 3 girls are captured, forced to strip to panties, hands bound behind their backs, and gagged. The other good part is where Ginger's friend is abducted from her hotel room. The rest of the movie is not that great. You may be able to rent it from a Mom & Pop video store. It is worth a rent, but a tossup for a buy. I bought a copy from Amazion, but you may be able to get it cheaper some where else. I don't remember anything about the other 2 Ginger movies so I wouldn't waste my entertainment Dollars on them.

Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 09:32:43 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/hank-place-today-11.JPG

Dormose: The Ginger films are all worth getting. Trust me when I say that they were ahead of their time, or maybe one could say they were a product of their time, since stuff like that is just not being made today in mainstream movies. For one brief period in the early 1970s, actress Cheri Caffaro and her director/writer husband cranked out a series of cheesy action flicks that were all filled with naked women in bondage, and frequently contained bondage rape scenes. The most famous of these is the Ginger trilogy, which has developed a cult following among bondage fans over the years.

Here's a very cool page that offers links about all the Ginger movies (complete with pictures and hilarious commentary):


Back when I used to work in videos stores, the Ginger movies were constantly among our best renters (probably because of the exploitative video boxes that made it clear that there would be tied up chicks inside). They were among my earliest bondage memories, and I collected highlights from all three of the Ginger movies on my very first compilation tape (currently working on #106).

Cheri Caffaro is like a goddess to me. It's pretty obvious she was into bondage, since she got fully naked, tied up and raped in almost every movie she was in. While the Ginger movies are all easily accessible on DVD, I also have a very rare Caffaro movie that is out of print and hard to find today even on videotape, entitled A Place Called Today. Snatch it up if you ever see it offered up on eBay. She gets grabbed by strangers in her home (totally naked, of course), bound and gagged, and led away and then later raped at knifepoint while still tied and gagged outside. Our friend Hank Hobbs used to have caps from it on one of his Yahoo groups, but since those are gone, here's a teaser at my Homepage URL above.

Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 09:41:53 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer

re: HoM BC/Loops.

"High Strung" I seem to recall noting a fadein/out or notable cut on that one, where clothing was rearranged "inexplicably". Perhaps I am misrecalling.

Certainly there is one in Sign! and several others on the tapes... "The Pickup" is almost certainly savaged, as you can tell from even HoM's old adverts for it... The film has almost nothing happen, despite looking much like Bnd&Del in content/plot.

Sign!'s might have had insertion, but the FIO you see is while she is still strung up and before or after the whipping and you can see her panties have been substantially adjusted afterwards and the brief FIO appears as though she was being fondled in that area (might be when she was sitting down too). This is an excellent whipping vid for an older loop (I consider it one of the best 70s loops, along with Bnd&Del and BndbyRx), and it would be fun to digitize it and splice in some "produced" sound into it.

Kelly Long's weight varied notably during her time with HoM, and she is def. on her plumpest side here, but she certainly still looks hot and some guys even prefer soft/round to the modern "slender" look that Renee Baker is an excellent example of. I've been hoping someone would post a digitized "Curiosity Excited the Kat" to ABPEB or ABMB, but it hasn't happened. (Ummm, is there a different acronym for ABPE.Bondage?). Most of the Baker ones have been posted up in the last 3 or 4 months, but not much with Kelly, just a crappy xfer of Caught! and a partial of the one with the will-destroying machine (I forget the title).

BTW, by "from memory", I meant my opinions of the vids, not the list itself. I pulled that from my highlight tape contents list.

re: The "rape scenes" list, I have seen most of the films therein. "I Spit On Your Grave" is a fairly extreme rape, probably one of the most realistic filmed, and I actually find it a turnoff. There is some difference in the reality level that goes "too far" for my tastes, not sure exactly why some seem hot and others are a turnoff. Realism is probably the factor, but what makes some more real than others I don't know. I think the one in "Straw Dogs" is sorta like that, too.

"Clockwork Orange" is better, although I like the theater and fantasy assaults better than the household ones, perhaps for much the same reason. With the Ginger films, you get more into "good" stuff, although the rapes in these tend to be more of the "relax and enjoy it" variety (boy, I keep putting contraints on it, don't I?).

"Abductors" has several rapes, although I vaguely recall a pretty good scene in "Girls Are For Loving" (Seen it only one time back in Drive-in days). "Women In Fury" has one of the more gorgeous women in Xploit films, Suzie Carvalho, and WiF has a great scene of her getting beaten with wet towels, but there are no really good rape scenes, just some lesbian ones. For that, you have to get "Massacre in Dinosaur Valley", where she gets assaulted by a guy, mostly off-screen after she gets stripped, but you do hear it. Fantastic face/body, though, and she spends a large chunk of the movie in not much more than a loincloth (It's a standard Models-Planecrash-in-Amazon-Jungle-Flick).

Can't speak for "House on the Edge of the Park", but the next 4 are all fairly much like ISOYG, too realistic to be interesting to me... In short, while it is a list of mostly realistic rapes, I don't particularly like about 80% of it... I can recommend "Concrete Jungle" for its rape scene, as well as "Emmanuelle Around the World" and "Emmanuelle in Prison" (be careful, there are two E in P films and I speak of the later of the two, ca. 1980... I have not seen the first one, so can't comment), both with Laura Gemser. There is also a decent scene with Linda Blair in "Chained Heat", as well as a non-rape nude scene of Monique Gabrielle looking her incredible best. Some other movies to check out for assault/rapes/whippings are:

Sweet Sugar
The Hot Box
Warrior Queen (I & II)
DeathStalker (I & II)
Chained Heat II
I, The Jury
Eyes of a Stranger (pretty hot!)
She! (1985)
Women In Cages (go figure!)
Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (not as cheezy as it sounds, and not as raunchy, but still good)
The House That Vanished (1973, aka Scream...and Die!)
Gatorbait II
Foxy Brown
Terminal Island
Die Watching
Rollerblade II

BTW, I seem to recall a drive-in flick, ca. 1977, titled "Nurses for Sale", a women-taken-hostage-by-rebels flick that had a couple good scenes in it. Can't say if I would still have that opinion by modern standards. There is a eurotrash flick on IMDB by that name but it lacks any real data on it and it isn't available on DVD or VHS.

Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 11:21:03 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex

There's a female dancer turned author named Toni Bentley who has recently written a book called "The Surrender" about how much she enjoyed anal sex and found it to be a spiritual experience, given that a woman has to submit completely to her man for it to take place, which she found pleasurable not only in its own right but liking what it did to her mind as well, the strength she found in acceptance.

I'm not surprised. A few women in my life have submitted to me in this way. Other women were too nervous to get there. But the women I have known who really gave it their all and got past their nervousness wound up loving it like crazy.

Not necessarily anything to do with Girls in Merciless Peril (a guy performing anal on a woman usually needs to be gentle, not merciless), but just thought I'd mention it.


Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 06:48:33 PM

Name: Scribbler

A number of the HOM loops have fade outs and fade in. There may even have been cross dissolves. Fade in/out was a feature on a number of 8mm film cameras, and even more on 16mm cameras. So they could do fades in-camera, or if they had the gear to do it, in post, or they could send it out to be done. The loop "Molested" has a superimposed shot in it, cross dissove too I think, and fade out and fade in. As far as notable cuts, and cuts with bad continuity, yep, those are in the loops as well. In "Bondage by Perscription" there were continuity issues with Renee's gag.

A different acronym for ABPEB? Don't know. Don't think so.

Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 09:01:32 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Scribbler: I do not remember whether I posted all of them, but I received, directly from Charles D himself, chads0001 to somewhere in the 4000s, so I have all up through there. The goal is to have a complete repost in chadscans.

Monday, October 18th 2004 - 07:18:26 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer

> A different acronym for ABPEB? Don't know. Don't think so.

So, if you say something can be found in "ABPEB" how do you know if they mean ABPE.Bondage or ABPE.BDSM ? :-)

It's not like you could tell from context, heheheh.

As far as the fade/in/out goes, I mean that if you slomo the fade in/out, suddenly, before the next scene starts to fade in, you can see a final, heavily faded frame or two from a scene which is not there. I specifically noticed this in "Sign" (I foeget if it is when standing or sitting, but the obvious difference is the way her panties are adjusted, from somewhat normally to bunched up in her crotch), but there are other instances of it, too. I'd have to go back to the tapes to tell you which, but that is certainly the case in more than one instance. This suggests an imperfectly removed scene. There is other evidence of removed scenes, too, in the forms of:

1) the CHADS of the Bondage Cinemas (a few of which mags I have, too), which suggest some scenes which don't show up in the vid forms of the loops

2) If you had any of the old HoM mags, there are both descriptions and pix of some loops in the loop advert pages. In a number of cases, the pix show scenes not appearing in the vid forms and/or "activities" which the loops fall far short of or lack entirely. Granted, this might be believable in one or two cases, but many loops?

I'd believe they were cut first, esp. given the other evidence. Certainly, as commented on here, there was a considerable difference between what was allowed in vids/films/loops through to the early 80s and after that point (one reason why Bittersweet Revenge was so hot was because it was stronger than most of what followed).

Since the tapes were made in the 90s, I presume they reflect what they thought would not get them arrested in the 90s, rather than what was originally released.

It'd be ARGT if someone who had originals of these loops managed to get them digitized and put them out for posterity. It seems unlikely that they don't exist at all any more. SOME people are packrats... :-)

Tuesday, October 19th 2004 - 10:19:38 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer

BTW, speaking of Chadscans, there was a rather largish, presumably complete reposting of them in ABPEBdsm about a year or so ago...

Tuesday, October 19th 2004 - 10:25:41 AM

Name: Andrew

I've been reading the posts on this board for quite a while now. I've seen a number of political posts and I think that normally there is no room for politics in the little free time that I have. But now that politics has taken influence on how we all spend our spare time I feel I should clarify a few points.

Since Bush's election there has been increasing pressure on the adult industry. When Ashcroft took office, the first thing he did was cover up the antique greek statues in the building (those were antique nudes so covering them speaks books about his state of mind). Since then, the credit card companies have been influenced and used to put pressure on the adult industry, starting with rejecting some SM bondage business and later even mainstream porn. VISA and Mastercard have forced billing companies to reject adult business (Cardservice International with a market share of 90% had to phase out all adult business, IBill, Probilling, PSW and others are either bankrupt or they're close to bankruptcy). Remember, this is just the warm up for the Bush administration. They have planned their main strike to hit after the elections. Their goal is a "clean" internet.

We had to read here that ZFX will shut down if Bush is re-elected and that's going to happen to all the sites that are on topic (HOM, Extreme Associates, Hogtied, Insex etc) and it won't stop at domestic producers. I have read on various boards that even European companies will give up and shut down if Bush is being re-elected because the pressure will be also increased on an international level using the credit card companies. Also, they won't be able to find an US distributors anymore.

After 11/2 and if Bush is re-elected, we will realize that there will be no companies left that produce for us. And all this will happen for a Mr. Bush who is on the Bin Laden family's payroll (www.bushandsaudis.com).

Bottom line: this is happening now and here, in the land of the free. Our very basic freedoms are being attacked. They are trying to control what you are allowed to say and what you are allowed to see. So if you forget to vote against Bush on 11/2, you should not be surprised about a radical change of the internet and the extinction of the adult industry.

Tuesday, October 19th 2004 - 12:16:22 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Andrew: Thanks for posting and again reminding us of the dire consequences of reelecting Bush this November.

GIMPers, read what Andrew wrote, then go back and read it again. What he says is absolutely true. This administration is going after porn in a big way, and our right to view what we wish in the privacy of our own homes is in jeopardy. Don't think it can't and won't happen. It's already happening, and the only way to put a stop to it is by voting Bush out of office. In just two weeks, the most important election of our lives will be upon us, and we all have to go to the polls and do the right thing. It's up to us. Our very freedoms are at stake.

Tuesday, October 19th 2004 - 02:02:16 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Andrew wrote "They have planned their main strike to hit after the elections. Their goal is a "clean" internet. "

Do you have any links for us to see where this is documented? Don't get me wrong - I had already heard about Ashcroft covering up the statues with bare breast and is actually a gospel musician - I know where he stands. I also know that they went after Extreme Associates and the billing companies - I am just hoping that Ashcroft will get replaced (I think Bush is going to win, practically speaking) and this war on porn will cease so that they can focus on the real dangers to this country. Remember, Ashcroft was appointed AG because he did not make a stink about the way the Missouri senate race went - I think that this was a bone tossed to him and he was able to follow his own agenda as a reward. I don't think Bush himself is overly fixated on the porn industry.

Well, maybe that's just wishful thinking, but I do think a second Bush term is in the cards, win or lose for us pervs.

Tuesday, October 19th 2004 - 03:26:47 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.damseltheater.com/galleries.php?id=Bondage-Showcasev

> Do you have any links for us to see where this [porn crackdown] is documented?

There aren't any significant official links. I've been to the Dept. of Justice website and there's a little information about obscenity prosecutions, but nothing major. It's not likely that it will be heavily publicized because it can cost votes. In an election where the polls are close enough that statistical error accounts for the differences between the two presidential candidates, nobody wants to rock the boat. A high profile clamp down on porn probably won't net Bush any more votes than he already has, but will likely cost him some because most Americans don't like to have their freedoms of choice taken away. If Bush gets a second term (which is his last term by law), he won't have to worry about polls and can do what he wants without fear of political repercussion. This isn't an Ashcroft issue, but a party issue based on a general belief, not backed up by the available facts, that violent porn encourages violent criminal acts. It's a belief that there is a moral problem with the country and porn is part of that problem. The crackdown on porn was supposed to happen early in Bush's term and 9/11 derailed that effort.

The government will soon be going after violent porn in two ways. One is under long established laws that can be used to go after producers who mail obscene materials or transport them to adult outlets. At the moment, there is no enforceable nationwide obscenity law to police the internet, so that medium is somewhat safe until new laws are crafted that aren't so overly encompassing that they sexual material that is not obscene. A new law was passed that provides funding for the government to make surprise ID paperwork inspections and carries new stiff penalties if the paperwork is not good. This new law was ostensibly passed as a means of protecting children from predatory child pornographers. That's how these laws get passed. They're protecting children. The reality, in this instance, is that there are already extremely tough, zero tolerance, laws against child porn. The people producing that porn aren't worried about verifying that they're only working with adults over the age of 18. They're specifically targeting children, so the new law means nothing to them--there is no question that they are already breaking laws. The new law was passed to allow the government to go after producers that are using adult performers, but might be a little sloppy with their paperwork. The new law provides a means and the funding to harrass producers that other laws cannot touch.

It's hard to predict how far a second Bush administration will go to eradicate porn. There isn't much question that something will be done. Whether that concern is enough to influence a person who will otherwise vote Republican is up to each individual. I don't think George Bush is a bad person for trying to do this. He's only doing what he thinks is best for the country. It's not what I think is best for the country. If increased censorship is a strong concern for anybody, it's not hard to figure out which way to vote. I understand that it's only one small factor over many. The big thing is simply to vote. The last election was decided by the slimmest of margins and this one appears to be equally close and every vote counts.

Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 06:19:33 AM

Name: Hail

RR, so there's no links and very little info about the Bush Administrations "attack" on the porn industry. Sounds like chicken little to me. I ask everyone this: Is your porn experience better or worse than it was 4 years ago? I have to say that I'm doing just fine if not better. Do I have my head in the sand? I don't know. Things that have been posted here seem pretty vague and Rick's posts have been more business oriented trouble than Bush trouble, IMO. Is Bush being blamed for poor business practices? Hail

Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 08:07:12 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.slavelaborproductions.com/cgi-bin/slp/SLP-12.html?id=smqyqzgF

BBFan/Breastbinder custom video availability update

I have just stumbled across the fact that "Office Policy", the custom that Ralphus did not review, is available for purchase at the above URL. If you are curious, check it out.

Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 11:03:53 AM

Name: Willy
E-mail address: Willynotch@hotmail.com

anyone ever ordered these tapes and are they any good ?


the gangbanger tapes series are the ones I most like



Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 04:56:36 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex


There are fewer ZFX flix being issued.

I'd have to say my porn experience has gotten worse.


Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 06:10:18 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

I think anyone who imagines that Bush's second term will be able to do much of anything beyond basic economic issues (which GoP historically is far more sensible on, with at least SOME semblance of attention given to free trade and free markets), and, FAR MORE CRITICALLY, towards fighting terrorism worldwide is imagining things. Terrorism has already dominated his first term. It will do the same not only for this next term, but for several subsequent terms of whomever is president. This is not a short-term deal. Terrorism is only going to get easier, which means smaller and smaller groups will be able to commit attrocities. No sense in leaving a support network in place for the bastards.

This is true if only because the "Rich Bastards" have far more to lose from terrorism than the average joe. 3000 people lost their lives on 9/11 -- someone lost a hell of a lot of valuable real estate, and some people lost their asses when various businesses were badly hurt (like the airline and tourist industries). Even if you presume that the RBs don't care about the lives, they certainly care about their property and the value of their stock portfolio.

If you imagine that they would not lose a hell of a lot more of their wealth in a nuclear attack or any other ABC form of mass attack, you are simply not thinking about it.

Hence, the RBs have more to lose than anyone else, and so will certainly be calling for the head of anyone who fails to focus on terrorism.

In the face of that, Bush is not going to have sufficient resources to go after porn as well... not to any significance, esp. with the web able to bypass such efforts at censorship, something which is only going to grow MORE effective with time.

Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 08:04:00 PM

Name: willy
E-mail address: willynotch@hotmail.com

Man stop with the politics I cant watch tv without an add I dont want anymore when I check out my GIMP

Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 08:10:18 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/gimp2004/feb04.html

Willy: I hear ya, buddy, about not wanting to hear any more about politics on this board. Personally, I hate talking about politics. I would much rather talk about watching movies where girls get tied up and have bad things done to them. Oh, how I wish we could just talk about that. Life would be so much simpler if there weren't all these government officials who want to take it all away.

The reason politics are extremely relevant to this board is because of the wave of the censorship that is quickly befalling the porn industry under this current administration. This affects everyone here who likes to view adult material and order it on the internet. This is a most critical time for us, because we stand to lose that right if Bush is allowed to stay in office four more years. Like RR posted, if he wins, he won't have to worry about reelection again so he can carry on with his plans.

Hail, you're normally a pretty bright guy, but it's naive to say that the reason Rick has been having trouble is a result of poor business practices. Go back to the archives and read what Rick had to say when he first posted, about how Visa/MasterCard suddenly refused to handle online transactions with ZFX, after working with him with no problems for 10 years. Think he wanted to not be able to sell his own stuff on his own site? Nearly a year has passed and he's still unable to sell his own product on his own website. That's not poor business practices, that's government censorship. That's the government cracking down on Mastercard/Visa and the financial institutions that handle them, attempting to strip adult companies of their legitimate business ties.

You want links? Go back to WickedMister's posts on February 4 and February 9, and my post about Bruce Taylor on February 18 (link above, just scroll down to the relevant posts). There are plenty of links that tell what's going on. This is *not* chicken little talking. Don't be surprised if someday, in the near future, your right to view adult material in the privacy of your own home is taken away. Because Bush is in charge and he hired the people who are trying to do just that, by lumping mainstream porn in with child porn under the guise of "protecting our children".

Like I say, I hate talking about politics, but this is too important to ignore. If you like having the freedom to view adult material, don't take it for granted. We stand a very good chance of losing that right if Bush is allowed to remain in office.

Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 10:30:54 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html#gangbang

Willy: Regarding your question about Slave Labor and the Gangbangers tapes, check out the link above where Mr. D reviewed part of the series.

I did a short review of their first release; check out the review here:


While you're there in that section, you'll find some of my other reviews of tapes from Slave Labor. They are a huge site that carry a wide variety of releases from several companies, as well as their own homemade releases.

Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 11:02:36 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.damseltheater.com/galleries.php?id=Bondage-Showcase

>Bush is not going to have sufficient resources to go after porn as well.

The USA has more than enough resources to go after porn. The new changes to the ID law have already been funded. Record inspections will be done by existing law enforcement agencies, so it's extra workload, but no additional costs. At most, going after porn will only cost the government millions, maybe tens of million dollars and that is a drop in the bucket to lawmakers compared to hundreds of billions for Iraq.

The original ID law was put on the books after the Traci Lords scandal of having worked in porn when she was underaged. There haven't been any high profile scandals since then to warrant making the law more harsh and setting an imperative to inspect records. For pornbusters, the beauty of the new law is that it doesn't have to prove obscenity to fine or jail a person. It just has to show improper record keeping. The record-keeping requirements are unreasonable and not even verifiable. They require knowing the maiden name of every performer, every alias and stage name they ever used, and various other things that aren't readily available. Fines can be levied on producers even though they've never worked with underage performers. If a producer hired a 60-year old guy to play a villain years ago, but didn't bother photographing his IDs because a balding old guy isn't going to be mistaken for being under 18, that producer can still be fined for not keeping adequate records.

The thing about obscenity laws is that they are about fear. Fear helps self-regulate the industry. Mainstream adult companies steer clear of rape and torture in their work because it isn't worth the risk of being busted. Why risk their multi-million dollar empires for a smaller audience? Nina Hartley, an adult performer who now directs videos, said she'd include rape in her videos if it wasn't for the vagaries of existing laws. The laws remain vague because they do not provide a legal definition of what is obscene and what is not and that creates an air where erring on the side of caution is better than the risk of not doing so. The obscenity laws haven't changed since Larry Flynt was prosecuted decades ago. Visa, on the other hand, not being a government agency, is much more specific about what they won't allow and rape and torture are amongst that list of things that will cause Visa drop a client. There's not much legal recourse to challenge Visa's censorship rules.

Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 06:21:24 AM

Name: Hail

zee-ef-ex, you just convinced me! :o)


Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 07:07:36 AM

Name: Arguss
E-mail address: hol13ger@gmx.de

Hi, this is my first post in this book. I'm Hol from Germany. Thank-you for this. Does anybody of you know the movie "Beautiful Girl Hunter" and does anybody of you have a complete casting list of this movie?

Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 10:03:47 AM

Name: D.M.

The tone of the posts, from consumers and people in the business seems to range from tension to all out expectations of catastrophe should the current administration stay in office.

My 2 cents is that during the primaries, the college I graduated from was subpoenaed to provide the names of students that attended certain meetings on campus. The Law school had to step in before the government backed down from their perverse request

It sure seems plausible to me that this administration is indeed a group to fear in terms of trampling individual rights to pursue whatever ends they see fit -- such as getting rid of that "sinful" sex stuff.

Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 10:45:12 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer
E-mail address: guloafer@yahoo.com

1) I won't go into it because it is not relevant to the board, but anyone who treats the presidency as a single-issue question, sorry, Just Doesn't Get It. Even a single issue as important as censorship

2) As far as Rick's problems with MC/Visa, that is part of a general tone of religious intolerance and "busybodyness" and is DIRECTLY related to the modern "PC" issue. It is also NOT a *government censorship* issue -- I have yet to see anyone show a link between these acts of MC/Visa and the government, and I recall kvetching about the crackdowns BEFORE Bush took office.

On top of that, it still does not satisfy, since it means you need to jump through more hoops to disco the money from the orders. Rick needs to get together with some other producers and create an off-shore system which doesn't connect with him so he can take orders and not be hassled by any government OR business entity and still produce and sell what he wants. It's not like MC/Visa is going to be diligent at chasing him down.

Further, a casual reading of the various acts of anti-Bush supporters and Dems shows a completely casual attitude towards censorship in many forms relating to non-sexual activities, which is far, far more pernicious. Once these tools which are ripe for abuse are fought for and granted, Gee, is it surprising that they are misused by 'the other side', too? I recall a flap some time back when Google refused to take adverts for freeze-dried foods because the company *also* sold gun parts. How is this different from Rick's problem? If a business chooses to discriminate (foolishly, in my opinion) about things totally unrelated to the business dealings in question, that is not "government" censorship, by any means. Wrongheaded, yes, but it's not *government* censorship.

Look at the not-even-barely veiled threats of the Dems against the Sinclair Network, should they DARE to air the anti-Kerry documentary Sinclair expressed an intention to air. The Dems have made it abundantly clear that Sinclair would be in DEEP shit if Kerry wins. Sinclair has now backed down. Isn't that SPECIAL?

If you had to choose between your sexual speech being suppressed, and your political speech, it seems rather foolish to go with the side encouraging suppression of political speech (as long as you have PS, you can argue for your freedom of SS). BTW, the whole issue of "campaign finance reform" is almost entirely a Dem issue, and is clearly directly acting to censor *political* speech.

'Nuff said. Anyone wants to debate or ask for links to demonstrate/justify claims, feel free to write.

Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 01:27:46 PM

Name: mr bush

We are all goofy on this board, but lets stop the political retoric. I think some of you guys are so creative (People with our interests tend to be) that your creating problems and excuses in your heads.

Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 04:07:48 PM

Name: Opa-Locka
E-mail address: OpaLocka90@yahoo.com

Glad to see there are other lovers of "old" B&D. In the words of one General MacArthur once said, "I shall return."

Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 04:18:15 PM

Name: mr bush

Has anyone seen the movie "slaves" by Ich Bin NIeman, the trailer looks very interesting.

Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 04:52:14 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Argus, I've never heard of that movie.

You know something I like?  It is small and subtle, but it just seems right sometimes.  Go to http://www.ravensvoodoolounge.com/galleries/355.htm and scroll down to the pictures at the bottom.  I've seen a lot of pictures like that on the web, where you can see the girl in her entirety but the guy's face is blacked out in some way.

I know it sounds weird (or maybe, you can relate to what I mean), but it just seems to add a touch of dominance to the scene.  Kind of like when the guy wears a mask in a Rick flik.  Like, "I don't have to show my face, but you have to show yours.  You're totally exposed to the camera, slavegirl."

Does anybody else like pics like those?  Do you, like me, feel you can relate to the guy in those?  Just curious.


Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 09:15:39 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://imdb.com/title/tt0225458/

Arguss: Welcome to the board. I've seen Beautiful Girl Hunter; in fact I just recently looked at my favorite scenes from that movie again. Like a lot of Japanese films, it is also known under different titles, one of which is Star of Dave: Beauty Hunting. I didn't realize that and ended up ordering it a second time. So far I've been unable to locate an original copy of the movie; both prints I have are fuzzy bootlegs. If I ever do find one, I'll order it, because that film is filled with cool bondage and torture scenes. And it's not specifically a bondage flick; it's more of a horror movie, so I'm surprised it hasn't turned up on DVD yet.

Go to the IMDB listing above for a list of the cast.

zee-ef-ex: I get where you're coming from, but I actually don't like the masking of the attacker's face. In my mind, it draws attention away from the girl and makes me look at the guy's face, which I probably wouldn't even notice otherwise. I don't generally like those Halloween masks that Rick sometimes uses in ZFX films, either, for the same reason. Are we supposed to think it's a group of monsters who are gang-raping the girl in the field?

But the bizarre disguises Alex and his droogs used in A Clockwork Orange didn't bother me, I guess because we could still see their faces underneath. But I barely remember the droogs, anyway. I was too busy concentrating on the woman getting her clothes cut off and being gagged with the ball in her mouth and the tape wrapped around her head. How many people recall that as one of their earliest bondage memories?

Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 11:35:36 PM

Name: Hail

Ralphus, you *DON'T* like the masks? WOW! That was, without a doubt, the single most important/best thing that sucked me into ZFX. Fair Warning, The Plant, Alien Probe(s), Incubus. Those are all the first ZFX movies I first picked up. There was nothing out like it at the time and I don't think there has been since. Except for some present superheroine sites with vids but they are kind of silly. I think that's what started me doing fakes. I wanted to see more masked bad guys doing it to the girl. Anybody else like the whole mask thing or do you find it distracting? Hail

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 06:02:46 AM

Name: jaeckill
E-mail address: jaeckill@yahoo.de

I sometimes like masked villains because it adds some realism to the fantasy rape. Weird masks like the ones Rick used sometimes might be able to drag some of my attention away from the girl so they could be a very minor letdown to me. The black recktangle across the man´s eyes doesn´t do anything for me except transferring the illusion these are picture of a real crime, which would make me feel sick.

Ralphus: Yes, Clockwork Orange belongs to one of my first rape memories, allthough I found the rape in the rich couple´s house more disturbing than arousing. I can´t explain why, maybe because the whole movie left me feeling quite uncomfortable, maybe it was because of my age.

Peace, Jaeckill

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 06:18:08 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.damseltheater.com/galleries.php?id=Bondage-Showcase

> I won't go into it because it is not relevant to the board, but anyone who treats the presidency as a single-issue question, sorry

Sorry, but you just did. Censorship is not the only issue in the election, but it's the only one pertinent here.

> I have yet to see anyone show a link between these acts of MC/Visa and the government

I haven't found it either, but can only find one of two reasons why credit card companies would start taking responsibility for how their cards are used. It could be a result of outside pressure from non-governmental groups or a CEO-level decision to enforce a morality. In either case, one would expect some publicity to surround the actions, either from a group to take credit for forcing a major credit card company to take a moral stance or from the companies personally taking credit for their actions. From a legal standpoint, it's surprising that a credit card company would want to put itself in a position to be responsible for how its card is used. Should Visa be held any more accountable than the US Mint for how their currency is used?

Anybody who thinks that there is no such thing as government censorship is being naive. There are laws for obscenity. Extreme Associates is the first company to see those laws being publicly pressed in a couple decades under this administration. The new ID verification law was passed during this administration. The credit card issues started under this administration, but it's a little harder to find a causal link, but it's not impossible to imagine that there was pressure behind the scenes to force these changes. If it was only one credit card company, one could dismiss that notion, but it's unusual to find a number of companies changing how they do business all at once. It isn't hard to find this administration's position on porn. They're against it and believe that there is a moral imperative to reign it in. PBS's "American Porn" "Frontline" special reported that the administration was in the process of orchestrating a much wider sweep of vigorously enforcing obscenity laws when 9/11 happened and a lot of that information is still available on their website. Going after porn early in the administration would have been a similar act as Clinton forcing the military to accept gays in the armed forces. It's a controversial act that's best to get out of the way early and let the furor die down before the next election. Right now, pushing censorship would be a bad political move because it can adversely impact votes.

The election isn't black and white. I don't disagree with everything Bush has done and don't agree with everything Kerry is promising to do. My general feeling about politics is that somebody is going to get rich no matter which candidate wins. Different people get rich depending which wins and I know it won't be me. Looking at censorship as one issue, another term with Bush is going to be worse than one with Kerry. It's a fairly small issue in terms of everything else, but it's something to consider.

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 06:38:37 AM

Name: Arguss
E-mail address: hol13ger@gmx.de

Hi Ralphus, I knew IMDB; but I'm searching for a list with the whole cast - and the names of the actresses with their names in the movie, especially this wrist-suspended girl named Saeko. I'd never find such a precise cast list. I've the movie and a lot of stills to send.

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 09:23:52 AM

Name: D.M.

Hey Ralphus, looks like Beautiful Girl Hunter is out on DVD, see the following link:


Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 01:00:15 PM

Name: Joanne
E-mail address: joannes7466@hotmail.com

That Japanese electroclip... That one with the girl tied down to a bench, and three male policemen or military officilas torturing her with electricity, and she screams out loud... Still circulating the Web, and still teasing us with it's anonymity.

Does not ANYONE of all S/M-experts reading this site really know ANYTHING about that clip, which producer, which actress, movie company etc etc. I've asked Video Mayhem as they sell two similar videos that are obviously made by the same producer, FA#17 and FA#562 are the titles of these two, but they have not given me the name of the producer. If anyone knows which producer it is, then it of course can be located. And, hopefully, more videos of the same... Just imagine...

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 01:02:56 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer
E-mail address: guloafer@yahoo.com

RR sez:
> Sorry, but you just did. Censorship is not the only issue in the election, but it's the only one pertinent here.

...So it's the only one I dealt with. I simply said you should not make it the SOLE reason why you select a president.

>I haven't found it either, but can only find one of two reasons why credit card companies would start taking responsibility for how their cards are used.

ROTFLMAO. How Democratic (<-note the capital "D"). Let me xlate: "I make the connection up from whole cloth". I predict a wildly successful career working for CBS News.

If you want to debate, let's do it via e-mail, not here. Use the guloafer account above, created expressly for GIMPing. Alternately, suggest a venue/forum where others may chime in, if you would like, like a free blog with comments open. Anyone else interested? I will CC any and all. Assume anything not explicitly marked "personal" may be shared/CCed.

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 04:11:18 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

re: "A Clockwork Orange", I actually find the masks, etc., irrelevant. To me, the best scene in that movie is the on "down by the derelict casino", with the "Thieving Magpie" music playing as the rival gang strips the girl down, like a swarm.

Masks seem to me as not important to the action of the film, and, if anything, are a distraction/detraction only because you really can't fully abuse the girl with one on (sorta tough to lick ANY part of her with something in the way, innit?).

The same way, with gages and blindfolds -- they detract from the girl's reactions (although there have been some bnd models for whom getting gagged was an improvement, given a squeaky voice and/or massive acting skills...[Expressionlessly:] "No". [pause] "No". [big pause] "No".  :-S Heh...). I prefer neither.

One reason I like the Jap film "Lady Panther2" (previously commented on) is that Oikawa Nao is a fairly good actress. both voally and facially. About the only improvement would be if she was doing it all in English...

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 04:32:46 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

re the credit card companies... I remember talk early on in this administration about government clamping down on the credit card companies preventing them from facilitating internet gambling. There may have even actually been laws that were invoked. I don't care HOW we got here enough to do a Google search, but anyone can

So maybe the pressure as to porn wasn't overt, or maybe it was even only internalized, with the companies thinking, Shit, they came after us for gambling - they'll come after us next for porn, we better get rid of that too.

but again I don't care how it got here, but what to do about it? Are there porn-friendly credit card companies? I have no fears of cancelling my current card and getting a new one, and letting each company know exactly why I'm doing it. I bet THAT is a letter they don't get every day. But they need people speaking up and showing them they're losing business because of their actions.

"(rant off)"


Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 09:18:06 PM

Name: Scribbler

ROTFLMAO. How Democratic (<-note the capital "D"). Let me xlate: "I make the connection up from whole cloth". I predict a wildly successful career working for CBS News.

This is not debating. These are four sentences all intended to insult the other person. What's the point?

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 10:16:17 PM

Name: BBfan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Look, folks, the election will end up however it will end up - probably Bush will win, maybe Kerry can pull a rabbit out of his hat. I'm here to say that, whoever wins, we pervs will survive. example: back when this board was just a wee thing, Rick was releasing a number of videos a year. We had plenty to discuss with all the quality bondage porn ZFX was producing, and folks grumbled big time when Rick's production fell like a brick. Now we are discussing Anne Bruno, Jap bondage classics, and sigh politics. We adapted, and we will adapt to whatever environment is out there.

So, I say, chill out. Vote your preference. Me, I'm going for the guy who I think is closer to the middle, because I think that the far right and far left basically come around full circle and end up back where they are telling you what you should and should not be doing. If the Libertarians ever get a foothold, that's our party. Until then, vote for the lesser of two evils, but make sure you consider that the extremes on both sides are likely to come after us.

This advice is worth every cent you paid for it. I'm BBFan, and I approve this message.

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 11:11:31 PM

Name: Scribbler


So, if you say something can be found in "ABPEB" how do you know if they mean ABPE.Bondage or ABPE.BDSM ? :-)
It's not like you could tell from context, heheheh.

The two main bondage groups on the newserver I use (Supernews) are...

alt.binaries.multimedia.bdsm (ABMB) - primarily geared towards movies
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage (ABPEB) - primarily geared towards stills (jpgs)

If there's an alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bdsm newsgroup, I'm not aware of it cause supernews doesn't carry it. Some other bondage newsgroups exist, but they have little content (or did last time I looked.)

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 11:30:15 PM

Name: Scribbler

RE: Masks

I personally don't like freaky, grotesque, very ugly masks--big turn off. I don't mind masks that are more neutral. I'm fine with the simple Whitman-style HOM hoods. Hoodless or maskless only works if the actor playing the villain does a good job of it.

Friday, October 22nd 2004 - 11:54:52 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

>ROTFLMAO. How Democratic (<-note the capital "D"). Let me xlate: "I make the connection up from whole cloth". I predict a wildly successful career working for CBS News.
>This is not debating. These are four sentences all intended to insult the other person. What's the point?

Scribbler, it is indeed "debating", although I don't think it's something to debate here... [sigh]

Sunday, October 24th 2004 - 08:44:44 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Gucci Loafer: You are correct. It's NOT something to debate here. And once we start getting into insulting and making unfair assertions against our posters, this particular "debate" will not continue here. Do it via e-mail, like you suggested.

Sunday, October 24th 2004 - 09:15:05 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex

I don't usually like masks in flix, either. They look distracting and weird a lot of the time.

I was more admiring those black bars, or even masks perhaps, in photos. It just raises this whole idea for me of, "Hey, the guy is important, we have to make sure we don't show his face and therby make it easy to identify him in real life, where he'll be getting teased by his buddies for being in erotic pictures on the Net."

"Oh, the girl? Now, let's make sure we can see her face. Let everyone see the slut she is."

I don't know. To me, it's just one more measure of a girl's exposure, breaking down her resistance and being raised as a "good girl" and all that stuff. It's kind of like, "We WANT you to be known in your neighborhood for this, we WANT your friends to see you like this, we WANT guys to hit on you and want to tie you up and etctera etcetera etcetera" I don't think "demeaning" is the right word, but it just strikes me as more "exposing" of the girl, which adds to her humiliation, her submission, or whatever.

So it's not the masks or the black bars I'm focusing on. Rather, it is what they MEAN... Turns me on, YMMV


Sunday, October 24th 2004 - 07:21:30 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.damseltheater.com/galleries.php?id=Bondage-Showcase

I'm not sure what's to debate offline. I'm not debating. I'm presenting information that's pertinent to the positions on porn censorship for the election. I cannot help but be incredulous that there are people on this board that believe that their freedom to see what they want will not be affected by the election. Below are quotes from valid resources that leave no question about Bush's and Ashcroft's positions on obscenity. These men either mean what they're saying or they are lying to get votes and that isn't much better. There is a difference between the candidates on this one issue.

Find an adult website that isn't worried about another four years with Bush. It's not that all these sites are run by ultra liberals. The percentage of liberals and conservatives running adult websites is roughly the same as the percentage here. The difference in their stances on the election is that they're voting with their wallets and are clearly more afraid of four more years with a very conservative administration. Look up anti-porn websites and guess who they're voting for? When every anti-porn advocate wants Bush to serve another term and porn advocates don't want Bush, is there any reason to believe that there's nothing to be concerned about? Both sides of the issue are in agreement as to which candidate will be tougher on porn. Go to www.avn.com to see more legal discussions of the various laws and actions being taken against porn. Go to www.moralityinmedia.org to see the ultra conservative view.

During the 2000 presidential campaign George W. Bush promised to "vigorously enforc[e] federal anti-pornography laws," http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/porn/special/politics.html

John Ashcroft's statement at the Prosecutors Obscenity Symposium, Jun 02, "the Department of Justice is committed unequivocally to the task of prosecuting obscenity." http://www.nationallawcenter.org/Remarks%20of%20Attorney%20General%20John%20Ashcroft.htm

Here's a conservative website reporting on the porn positions of the two presidential candidates and finds plenty of information that George W. Bush has a strong anti-porn stance and cannot find any information to determine what John Kerry's stance is on the subject.

These are my links as to why I'm worried about the future of material that GIMPers want to see. Freedom is a funny thing because nobody pays much attention to it till it's gone and then it's too late. People should vote for who they want, but don't be blind to what it means about censorship. Kerry is less the presidential candidate of choice than the only other choice. Censorship concerns may not matter much to who voters will choose, but there is a difference in the public views of the candidates on this issue. A second term for Bush is an acknowledgement that his policies are correct on all fronts and that is a level of approval that will likely result in pressing his earlier campaign promise with more conviction.

For anybody contemplating starting an adult website, the new requirements for 2257 mandate that the adult producer's records must be available at the producer's place of business from 8am to 6pm. Inspections can be performed without advance notice. For a small adult webmaster, that place of business will be the webmaster's home. If the webmaster has a full-time job and is not home during those hours, that's probably a violation of the law and subject to fines and possible jail time. If the inspectors decide to visit while the producer is on vacation and it's a 1-person operation and there's nobody to let them in, that's another violation. If the law enforcement authority, conducting the inspection, finds something of an unlawful nature, even if unrelated to records inspections, that evidence can be seized for a felony prosecution. What it basically means is that adult producers have less rights than murderers when it comes to search and seizure. No suspicion of a crime is required to perform these inspections. No court order is required to carry them out.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 06:17:22 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.damseltheater.com/galleries.php?id=Bondage-Showcase

A movie of interest to folks here would be Suburban Nightmares. It's an odd dark comedy with a couple bondage scenes (spreadeagle on a table while being tortured with an iron & a captive chained in the basement). It's also a well-acted movie that's worth checking out. If somebody wants to check out a pair of good horror films before Halloween it's hard to go wrong with getting Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps 2, but there isn't any bondage in the movies.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 06:22:28 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer

Ralphus, this person made an assertion that what I was doing was insulting and inaccurate. That >WAS< a personal attack, and I argued against that claim -- with facts and reasoning instead of namecalling ("you're just being insulting!"). I find it interesting that you seem to want ME to be the one to stop discussing things, despite the fact that I have regularly been the one looking to NOT argue politics here in the first place, and have suggested that with each posting.

Your forum, but that seems interestingly convenient since I believe you disagree with my position, and I don't expand the scope further with ANY response. I'd also point out that they don't choose to take it to e-mail, either. They want to exclaim anything they want and not be called on it, apparently. Justifying their positions would be too much work. The only reponse I've gotten was from someone who supports Bush, much as I do -- reluctantly.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 10:05:07 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer

RR, there is plenty to debate, but this place is a bad one to do it. You make assertions and then don't want to hear arguments against those assertions, or why you weight them too highly. All you are looking for is a soapbox, and, so far, AFAICS, Ralphus is happy to give you one because he agrees with your position.

I'm not entirely sure *I* disagree with you -- but that appears to be one difference between us. I WANT to hear the arguments, even if I doubt they will sway me (because I think I already know where you are coming from) -- but I am willing to listen. You apparently, have made up your mind, and therefore presume there is no debate possible. In MY EXPERIENCE, This "I already know all there is to know on it" attitude seems far more prevalent among presumably intelligent Dems than it does among presumably intelligent Reps (there are idiots on both sides who believe holding the party line at all costs is "correct", I will more than amply ack. I am talking about people who are clearly bright enough to know better than that they "know it all already")

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 10:17:08 AM

Name: A good laugh

Switching topics: here's a good laugh for all GIMPers who will hopefully sympathize with my plight.

My wife and I are in the process of trying to get pregnant via in-vitro.  Soon, I will be called on to do my part - a sperm donation, into a doctor-issued plastic cup.  Problem is, twisted GIMPer that I am, I can't self-perform to just anything.  The usual adult mags and vidoes found in fertility doctor's offices leave me about as turned on as a wet dishrag.

However, I do have my own special, homemade tape full of the type of action that only GIMPers would appreciate.  My wife has no idea of the existence of this tape and I am trying to figure out how to smuggle it into the doctor's office without arousing suspicion (or anyone else).  She'd probably be more relieved if, like any normal red-blooded American male, she caught me with a tape full of big hooters and blonde bimbos - but that ain't me!

Not to mention, I'm going to have to keep the volume down on this little tape of mine.

Suggestions?  What's a panicked GIMPer to do?  ;)

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 12:42:01 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Gucci Loafer: For someone who just claimed he doesn't want to argue politics on the board, you sure do make a LOT of political posts, beginning with your (totally off-topic) tirade against Michael Moore that got you in trouble the first time. Just an observation from where I'm standing.

I've stated before that discussion of politics here is allowed as long as it relates to the focus of our board, that being the censorship issue that affects all of us. I think I've made it clear to others what my job as moderator entails: to keep the line of discussion on-topic. Sometimes I'll let a post slip in that doesn't belong, like your Moore rant and your computer posts that included all those links. But when the topic starts to stray and someone starts attacking the poster and not the post, that's where I draw the line.

You may not agree, but your comments toward RR, one of our most intelligent and well-respected guests here, were...if not a personal attack...most definitely a cheap shot.

Derisive, mock laughter, followed by a sarcastic, belittling attempt to compare RR with the Dan Rather controversy was uncalled for, unfair and frankly, not welcome here.

All RR was doing was stating facts. Read his most recent post concerning this issue and click on all the links. It's very clear what the Republican stance is on censoring adult material. It's not opinion, it's not something someone made up, it's established fact. I find it hard to believe that anyone of reasonable intelligence couldn't surmise, after reading all this information, that the Republican party is clearly in favor of censoring adult material.

You've already stated you're (reluctantly) pro-Bush, so I think we all know your position by now. Honestly, there's not much else you can say about this subject without veering off-topic or repeating yourself. But the vocal majority of us here are concerned about the consequences of allowing him to remain in office, as we value our freedom to view whatever we want in the privacy of our homes. And that, in a nutshell, is what this whole election boils down to, as far as this board is concerned.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 03:08:50 PM

Name: Duke

Why can't we all just get a long neck?! (And more Damian, please?)

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 03:27:20 PM

Name: BBFan
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A Good Laugh

Do you have a laptop? If so, I would go in with a nice CD or DVD and make use of that compact technology. If not, just stash the VHS in your overcoat and keep the volume down. Those places usually put the weakest vanilla shit possible - we're talking a single issue of Playboy and a playboy video of plastic girls dancing around - you DEFINITELY need your own stuff as a GIMPer.

If you don't have a laptop, save up and get one (maximum Hard Drive space) for those trips away from home and unique situations.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 03:54:05 PM

Name: Scribbler

Gucci: You are full of shit. All your B.S. does not hide the truth that you see things through Gucci-colored glasses and are not at all open to other people's opinions that do not support your own. Everyone with eyeballs can see that. You don't want to debate, you want to argue. And when RR posts views you can't intelligently respond to with a reasoned reply, you revert to insults and cheap shots.

"I already know all there is to know on it" describes you to a tee. Hiding behind "I WANT to hear the arguments-- I am willing to listen" is a load of crap. Sure you want to hear them. So you can put your spin on them and then respond with personal attacks.

Pointing out that those 4 sentences had no points to them other than to be insulting, cheap shots, worthless drivel, is NOT namecalling, it's pointing out the obvious. RR posted his views and you responded with (1) laughing, (2) party affiliate suggestive namecalling, (3) an xlation that either proves you couldn't comprehend what RR wrote or simply didn't want too, and then (4) sarcasm regarding CBS news. Then you say"If you want to debate...email...blah blah" Who but the people who agree with you are going to want to join you in Gucci style email "debating" (I use the word loosely). LOL...that part was laughable. I hope I have stooped down well enough to your level of "debating" now so that you can comprehend what I'm saying--but I doubt it. You would have to take off your Gucci-colored glasses to do it.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 04:35:30 PM

Name: dht
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Can any fellow gimpers tell me a good site to shop for Japanese B&D videos? Or any who want to trade/sell me some?


Monday, October 25th 2004 - 04:36:09 PM

Name: Ralphus
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All right, that's enough of this. We don't need name-calling and personal insults here. Scribbler, did you not just read my previous post about personal attacks? What goes for Gucci goes for you and the rest of our guests here. Knock this shit off...NOW.

I'm not your parents, guys. I would expect everyone here should know how to act like adults. If not, find another board to air your differences. We're not doing this here.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 04:51:03 PM

Name: Duke

Peace. Live long & Prosper.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 06:43:01 PM

Name: RR
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One of the things that I do not understand about political discussions is why it so often devolves into emotional arguments. It's not an emotional thing to me. Show me the facts and I'll decide which candidate I want to support. I've voted for both parties in different elections. I voted for Nader in the last because I couldn't stomach either alternative. At the time, I didn't think that any politician could take away the content that I was getting accustomed to viewing, so didn't worry too much about Bush's stance on obscenity. Now, I'm more concerned because of things that have happened and there's no need to regurgitate the thoughts that can be read in earlier posts.

I looked up some links because they were asked for to back up my positions and, unless somebody can find similar ones showing a more troublesome Kerry stance on obscenity prosecutions, the Republican position would appear to be the greater one to be concerned about because it's a matter of record. I'm more worried about the party that has to be true to its word over the one that hasn't taken a stand on the subject. Anybody who wants to debate these things with facts is free to do so, but there's not much point arguing with somebody who refuses to look at facts that disagree with a preconceived position.

It's hard to understand why people get that way over politics. Just because Bush's position on censorship isn't very good doesn't mean a person's vote has to change, but it's hard to understand how somebody can ignore facts just because they don't like them. Since there's agreement by those that are for and against censorship, that another Republican administration is more likely to be tough on obscenity than a Democratic one, and the President's position is a matter of record at a government funded PBS site, it's fairly hard to refute the available data.

Politics is about rich people getting richer. Whoever wins, a different set of rich people get richer and it's not us. Politics is a very emotional subject for those rich people because the wrong win hits their wallets big time. I don't know why it's an emotional subject for people at our level. If either politician does anything that benefits us, it's only in the incidental fashion where it helps the rich folks that got them elected and trickles down to us. That doesn't inspire blind loyalty from me. Why does it inspire blind loyalty in others? Both parties have played loosely with the facts in this election and I'm inclined to not believe either side until I've had time to independently verify the facts. Here's a decent site that doesn't seem to be politically biased: www.factcheck.org

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 07:04:50 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

We're talking about the wrong kind of bush, is what I think.

When's Larry Flynt or Hugh Hefner going to run for office? Now there's some guys I could vote for ;)

So, anybody seen any good movies lately? I haven't seen any new porn for a while, but there is a National Lampoon movie out, one of those wacky campus comedies which is pretty funny, and it has a brief bondage scene with a cute girl gagged and being held down while being tied up. Can't remember the flick's name, sorry. But aaah, nothing like a college co-ed in bondage. I introduced many of them to it, back in the day when I was in college and dating college girls. Miss those days


Monday, October 25th 2004 - 07:25:18 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

Ralphus, what sort of fantasy are you living in?

1) "Derisive, mock laughter, followed by a sarcastic, belittling attempt to compare RR with the Dan Rather controversy was uncalled for, unfair and frankly, not welcome here. All RR was doing was stating facts."

No, he WASN'T, and that was EXACTLY my point. His statement was PURE surmission on his part, by his OWN statement -- I quote: "There aren't any significant official links..." I called him on that. I suggested that his reply sounded just like the Rathergate claim that "these docs aren't real, but we think they should be"... In short, he was replying with his wants/imaginings and not with provable justifications for his assertions. There was also NO "derisive, mock laughter". I'd happily quote myself precisely, but you have seen fit to eliminate that possiblity.

His subsequent post seems far more effective -- I have not read it yet, and frankly, would rather have seen it come directly to me, so we COULD simply let the @#$@#$% subject drop. I've asked time and again for someone to either suggest a more appropriate venue where this discussion can go on, and I seem to be the *only* one that personally gives a damned, since no one either takes it to e-mail *or* suggests another forum... but your posts speak as though I am the only one who is making any poltical posts whatsoever, when every single one of my "OT" posts has been in response to someone else's -- INCLUDING THIS ONE.

2) You said "...moderator has to control the direction of the board, and this forum is not about Michael Moore and whether or not he lies in his films." So why, then, is Moore being mentioned at all? ***I*** did not mention his bloviating in the first place. I simply responded to someone else who DID support him, and did so TERSELY, with one paragraph or so, and also suggesting that it was not a political forum.

2a) You said: "Gucci Loafer: For someone who just claimed he doesn't want to argue politics on the board, you sure do make a LOT of political posts, beginning with your (totally off-topic) tirade against Michael Moore that got you in trouble the first time. Just an observation from where I'm standing."

Once more, I did not start talking about Moore, I *objected* to someone pushing his political BS into this forum.

3) I wind up in the middle of things because I appear to be one of few people actually willing to go against the flow, which is to support the pro-censorship of political speech candidate over the one that *possibly* threatens our rather clearly narrow specialty area. I'd rather have the former, since, given it, I can fight to regain the latter, if it is lost in the first place -- something that, with the internet, is certain to be less and less likely as time progresses.

I can get Jap vids right now, and US Customs is not able to do jack to stop me. This is not likely to change, no matter what Bush's DoJ wants to do... and As I have previously noted, he's going to be too damned busy with Iraq and terrorism to spend *much* time on it. One terrorist attack succeeds and any FBI/DoJ time spent chasing after porn instead of terrorists is going to lead to calls for his bloody head on a pike. I repeat: Being a sitting 2nd-term president does not mean you are invulnerable. Ask Nixon. Hell, ask Monica Lewinski. Bush has *bigger* problems. Abortion, Gay marriage, Terrorism, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Al queda, Israel/Palestine... Yep, I certainly see how porn is gonna become a significant blip on his radar. OTOH, of the above, do you really think Kerry, the appeaser, is going to handle *most* of them better than Bush's team? I just don't see it.

Making censorship your only basis for voting just doesn't make sense, and even if it is, Bush STILL wins, because the Dems are phenominally well-known at supporting censorship of *most* forms of speech, particularly political speech -- not just porn. I'll happily send you some nice *sourced* quotes from Hillary and others on that.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 09:52:10 PM

Name: Annie

A Good Laugh– I am thinking that your wife must be pretty even tempered. If my husband had your interests, it would have been ME bound for his viewing pleasure during that part of the procedure. I was such an emotional bitch, I am surprised that he didn’t gag me anyway. In my opinion taking your own tape as BBFan suggested is the best idea. Make a copy of it and then just rip the tape out of the cassette and throw it away. Anyway, been there done it twice– I commend you! Good luck!

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 11:08:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
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Gucci: Scribbler was right about you. You just like to argue. And the more you say, the less sense you make. You've bombarded this board with no fewer than 5 posts today alone (the final two were deleted as abusive), each time spouting more of your pro-Bush sentiments (or as you aptly put it, the pro-censorship candidate). You argue when I mentioned your derisive, mock laughter, saying you did nothing of the sort (although we all read the "ROTFLMAO" remark).

You argue about my actions when you went off on a tirade about Michael Moore, saying it was justified because someone else mentioned his movie first. Of course, you conveniently failed to mention that I had since declared the subject off-topic, and you continued pontificating about it thereafter and got your post deleted. Apparently, you feel the term "off-topic" doesn't apply to you.

You argue that you want the "@#$@#$% subject (to) drop", yet you are continually bringing it back up again, even though your points have been proven dead wrong by the actual facts. You seemingly will not quit until you are given the last word.

Like I posted before, you are just being repetitive, and this political arguing is becoming tedious. You're for Bush, we get it. You've made your political feelings known, now be done with it. Feel free to vote for the pro-censorship candidate, but unless you have something new to add, I don't really want to spend any more time arguing this matter with you on the board. Take your own advice and let it drop.

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 11:16:05 PM

Name: Annie

OK, so I don’t post much, but I do read this forum daily. Lately it has been like a big campaign. It isn’t so bad when one person gives their opinion once and then leaves it at that. But I am getting tired of reading the same things from the same person day after day. Ralphus, thank you for the moderation. I don’t think I could keep reading if the forum was filled with post after post from Gucci Loafer. I don’t happen to agree with several political issues stated here, by several different people, but I am not trying to force my opinions down peoples throats. Can we please, please pretend the election is over and get back to bondage, rape, and other fun subjects?

Monday, October 25th 2004 - 11:41:14 PM

Name: Reaver
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Since everyone is getting all political...

The simple fact is Bush has been the worst president in my lifetime. Hes running on a platform of keeping us safe, but he has the worst record in history for doing so. He has run up a huge deficit and not addressed the actual Terrorism issue so he could get right to seeking riches for his political backers in Iraq..the friendly people who sell bullets and oil. How Kerry, who won a silver star in Nam, is the appeaser and Bush, the lily white lad from marthas vinyard, who stayed safely in the Champagne Squadron in Texas, became the hard ass is a product of Karl Rove and his marketing machine. Bushes old man was frequently refered to as a wimp..anyone remeber that? JR is the same way.I think Kerry is a dam site tougher than Bush having been the only one of the 2 to ever be shot at and shoot back heh. Bush didnt get Bin LAden...Bush is not getting my vote either.

Gucci my brother, you need a reality check if you think these GOP bums are fiscally responcible...they are spending tax money we wont have yet for 10 years. Everytime the Pubs get in power they run up a huge deficit..its just ridiculous.

Now lets talk about Anne Coulter bound, gagged and gang banged by a large group of angry hippie protesters.THATS gotta be a fantasy we could ALL get behind..literally.


Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 12:22:25 AM

Name: hattrick


There are a numbwer of places to get Japanesse movies. I have tried 3 sites so far. Mcdarkterritory.com gives you enough pictures to get a good idea if it is worth ordering. I joined their site for a month and didn't feel cheated. As a member you get to see all of their pay-per-view stuff and a discount on ordering their movies. About 3 days after I joined they deleted a lot of their older ppv movies. Glad I started at the oldest first(always a good policy I have found) There were a few short movies that were very good. I would have ordered the whole movie but I couldn't identify the movie from the 7-10 minute ppv.

I have ordered VCDs from them and from bigbustvcd.com. Bigbust also gives you a number of stills from the movie to make a reasonable judgement if it will fit what you are looking for.

Always a winner is videomayhem.com. Only problem with VM is no pictures from the movie and only a few box covers. There have been a number of posts here that have identified some of the good movies from VM and I have not been disappointed with the recommendations for the VM movies that I have bought. Good luck.

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 04:20:59 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer

Ah, I see. if I'm actually, really *laughing* at the statement, and I want to call attention to that, I must be "mocking" them? The incongruity of what he said (and my subsequent explanatioon of HOW it was incongruous) bringing forth laughter and incredulity at his inability to see how wrong it was? This is insulting and derisive... ? I seeeee. Hmmm... and yet direct, overt slurs against me remain on the board. A posting which is nothing but direct, ad hominem comments is below for all to see...

Ralphus, you are showing your true colors. You have censored my comments time and again while letting ones you *agree* with slide by. Your own posts have twisted my statements with selectivity (BOTH candidates are pro-censorship, Ralphus. Not
>>> JUST <<<
Bush... and you have entirely removed that post, much of which **specifically** dealt with **censorship** issues (which you CLAIM are on-topic -- as long as they are anti-BUSH, we now see) and why Kerry is a *worse* choice on that regard...

This is censorship, Ralphus, not moderating, when you apply rules selectively based on the postions espoused, and who it is doing the exposition.

But that does not matter, does it? You have chosen the answer, and want to allow a soapbox for anti-Bush sentiments you concur with.

Do I like to argue? No, I like to know the basis for someone's contradicting opinion (I do expect the same respect in return, something I've seen very little of around here). There's a tremendous difference, although it's quite clear you are blind to it. The vast majority of the comments I have seen have been devoid of fact, and consist usually of ad hominem attacks on me (and/or Bush). RR's subsequent post to mine (the one you have called "insulting") was the ONLY one which actually had substantial content. For that, I commend him.

Needing the last word? Well, since **not one** of these political threads has been initiated by me (every post has been in response to others' comments -- and YES, *anything* promoting MMoore is *inherently* political -- he's a political pundit/hack, for crying out loud! Wake up and smell the coffee. Political things are the only things he writes/makes movies about!), Well, gee, a chance to respond to someone's comments (sometimes directed against *me* in succeeding posts, and rarely providing any kind of actual refutation of what was said) -- seems a somewhat *reasonable* expectation in a "balanced" environment.

Amazingly, ALL THIS DISCUSSION is occuring... where? Oh, riiiiight -- HERE, on the forum, rather than IN E_MAILs, where it would be more appropriate (yes, repeating myself, gawrsh!), and where no one would need to read about it unless they wanted to, and where I have TIME AND AGAIN suggested it be taken to, yet no one seems to do so -- most here seem to want to get up on their soapbox and utter unjustified claims, usually bereft of any factual basis, about how vile Bush is or how wonderful it will be to have a Dem as president again, and never to hear any contrary opinions.

"Discussion" Ends. It's quite clear your position allowing posts re: censorship only goes to pro-Kerry/anti-Bush polemics.

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 06:05:23 AM


Gucci Loafer

Apologies to Ralphus if this is off topic, but man, you seriously need to shut your pie hole. If anything Ralphus has been overly generous by giving you a forum to shout about much you love Bush, since this isn't even supposed to be a website about which way you lean politically. When did it become Bush versus Kerry? It is supposed to be about women in bondage, but you just won't let it go. Shut up about it already!

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 07:32:24 AM

Name: Penitent

Hattrick: Thanks for the dark territory link! Holy crap! Never would have found this site otherwise, and it looks awesome! :)

Reaver: AC bound and banged by hippie protesters, now THAT is a good one! Surely even the repubs would get off on that one ;)

People, as polarized as this country is, you aren't going to change anyone's mind arguing here. Sure arguing is fun, and I'll go tit for tat with anyone on either side, since both candidates suck. But this was one of the last boards where this kind of garbage hadn't crept, in until lately. We only have a week left of this shit, so let's just talk bound and abused babes, and save the party junk for people who actually benefit from corporate automatons being elected!

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 07:42:25 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Wow, this place has been active lately. One good thing about Gucci: he does get the people talking, even though half the comments are calls for him to shut up :)

Gucci: Dude, I know it must be tough being the only guy here who is favor of the Bush/Censorship ticket this November, but at least you got to say your piece. I'm even giving you the last word, if for no other reason than I'm tired of arguing minutia with you. You're just arguing for the sake of arguing now, and I'm tired of dealing with you.

Reaver: Hmmmm...Ann Coulter bound, gagged and ravaged? I think this is one idea we could all agree on. Bring on the hippie protestors

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 08:17:58 AM

Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfxpolitics@johnkerry.com
Homepage URL: http://lickthebush.com

Hey All,

Well, people are talking politics so I'll toss my hat in the ring as well. This is a really long, off topic for the most part, post. My apologies for that, but this is some very important stuff that needs to be said and so I'm saying it. There seems to be an ambivalence amongst most Americans. Many feel that the choice they make November 2 is irrelevant because both candidates suck. To a degree there is some truth in that, but I believe this election is actually one of the most crucial of our times and I'm hoping to lay out some of those reasons which go far beyond Bush the man or Kerry the man.

First let me say im no Democratic party wank. Im an American and I vote for the best man or woman for the job. If your a Republican, dont take offense with what I'm about to say. If your here and down with bondage you are ok in my books. I dont give a good godam about party affiliations, but I think most of the Republican party is misguided, selfish and steeped in Religion. I hope you can open your mind up a bit and think about the big picture. If you want to try read on.

Strictly from a porn stand point, Bush the man is worse than Kerry the man. Bush has given speeches to anti porn groups and wants to use tax dollars to fund them. He is a religious demagogue who brings other religious demagogues along with him in everything he does. I dont know Kerrys stand on porn, but I doubt he will re appoint Ashcroft, so thats a good thing. I also think he respects people who have different opinions than his own and hes a serious guy who I doubt will waste a dime on porn busting. I think you may even see that Obscenity Enforcement section of the DOJ deactivated, leaving porn busting to the states. This is what really bothers me most about the Republicans in general. There seems to be a certain lack of maturity among them. They dont want to share with the less fortunate or respectfully disagree with others. Its basic intolerance of other peoples right to live the way they choose. They seem to be smirking, mean spirited know-it-alls who never make mistakes. Its all OUR way or the Highway with these people and that kinda attitude will eventually lead this country to a civil war. The Republicans are for the most part the party of intolerance who wish to force their religion laced distorted views on everyone. The Democrats are far from perfect, but they are generally a helluva alot more tolerant than the Pubs, particularly on cultural issues.

The biggest threat to another 4 years of Bush is his likely hood of appointing at least 2 supreme court judges. This has a long term steering effect on the country and I personally dont want to see porn outlawed, a womans right to end a pregnancy taken away and GOD stamped on every government building and shoved down our throats with faith based initiatives. These are serious constitutional issues and who they are decided by is determined by the president. Its the long term damage to the constitution that I fear. If you see Bush in power for 4 more years, he will very likely be appointing supreme court judges and if they rule porn is illegal, which could very well happen, Hails porn experience is gonna go downhill real fast.

No, the adult industry will not disappear, just most of the stuff you like will be gone, or will move overseas. IP parsing technology is already being used by some companies to block IP access to some of their material in places like the United States. You literally will never know that other parts of the world are seeing more content than you. Insidious, but its happening right now.

As far as credit cards, the DOj sent out a letter to the big credit card companies that stated clearly that they would be RICO'd if they continued to process for Gambling or obscene material. Thats a fact. The reaction was the purging of these types of accounts. The result is I can no longer sell my own products so to say that the government didnt have a hand in the credit card thing is not true. As far as business practices, some Adult companies are scumbags, but you get rid of the bad one not everyone, unless your on some moral crusade or scared. The other issue is that people charge adult things then charge back when the wife finds it on the credit card statement...a lack of balls on the part of the consumer is partially to blame. That said I had a whooping .04 percent CB rate..very low..and was still canceled.

But lets just take porn off the table here. Bush is a man of dubious intellect who let this country get attacked, then failed to avenge that attack...He never GOT bin laden, instead went off chasing oil and daddies revenge in Iraq. Hes running up huge bills to fuel his and Karl Roves power trip and YOU will be paying the bill. Let me elaborate.

BUSH FAILED to protect us on 911...failed to scramble jets, failed to do ANYTHING except run like a bitch to Nebraska to his bunker..this guy was a deer in the headlights and leaders like that we dont need. When a jet hits the world trade center, no one in the government thought maybe..just MAYBE it MIGHT be intentional...they couldnt get one GODAM fighter in the air..not ONE? If they are really that stupid, that slow to react, then they are too incompetent to run this country. Or, even more ominous, they actually allowed the attacks to occur to take control of the country. While I never thought that possible before, watching these people in action since 911, and knowing their history for subverting democracy (Iran Contra, Watergate, JFK?) makes me think nothing is probably beyond their capability. I truly hope that people this powerful are not that evil, but recent events speak volumes to the contrary...

Maybe it WAS just gross incompetence. This is where you see that not only Bush, but his administration was asleep at the switch. His cabinet choices are stupid and rife with condescending politics. Condeleeza Rice really has no real world qualifications to be the national security advisor. She has a doctorate from the mid 80s in intelligence, bounced around a few government posts, then went to work at EXXON. There is an oil tanker named after her for ChriSts sake....Ashcroft..this guy is just plain dopey with the Religion. He spent a lot of time plotting the demise of the porn industry in the days preceding 911, one of the reasons he failed to protect this country. He didnt want to be bothered with terrorism when he was about to go on the big anti porn crusade. He should have spent a bit more time thinking about how to translate Intel intercepts that basically were orders from bin laden to attack. I would call that incompetence wouldnt you? Well, Bush appointed this man and he bears at least some responsibility for allowing 911 to happen. People this stupid and steeped in religion have no business office.

Bush FAILED to get Bin Laden in Afganistan..I mean, why did we go there if not to get Bin Laden? To free the Afghanis? I say FUCK THE AFGHANIS, we shoulda bombed Kabul into a parking lot, then sent 250,000 US troops into Afghanistan AND Pakistan if necessary, in fact why no go take out Pakistan, a country with NUKES and rife with terrorists like Bin Laden, and disarm them by force. They have 6 nukes, we have 9000+ and we know ours work... We woulda had the whole world with us and I got a strong feeling Bin Laden and Al Coifa would be nothing but a bad memory. War on Terror over.

Thats what Tommy Franks suggested, but OH NO..Bush had different plans and now we know what they are. GET THE OIL... If you think your safer with Bush your not. Bush never got the guy who attacked us, the mother fucker is still sending us love letters from Pakistan. BIN LADEN should be dead or in a cage. Now BUSH has created an army of Bin Ladens and people who hate America, and he still hasnt got the main guy yet...I, unlike the president, have NOT forgotten about bin laden, and I will never vote for the man who vowed to us to get bin laden on a pile of dead Americans and smoldering rubble and FAILED to deliver.

BUSH FAILED to secure Iraq or send enough men and material to get the job done. He lied to us about the reasons for the invasion of Iraq, and about the costs both in gold and in lives and misery for military families. Our soldiers deserve better than to be treated like cannon fodder for the oil companies, but thats what we have going on. Meanwhile, the oil companies are free to make record profits....cheap or free oil flowing from Iraq and record high prices because of the instability of the middle east because of Iraq...go figure. And Bushes Saudi buddies, you know, the country where 15 of the 19,911 hijacks originated from..record profits for them too....

BUSH is a BIG SPENDER: To say the GOP is more fiscally responsible is a just plain wrong. Fact is Republicans spend money like drunken sailors and never pass by the chance to buy some high faluting weapons system for 40+billion, working or not, while the grunts make do with homemade armor on their humvees. They run up huge deficits then the Democrats pay it off by raising taxes. Reagan and Bush senior had the country buried in debt, Clinton dug it out and then some with tax hikes on the rich. Now we are back in the hole again.

I could go on and on, the torture and abuse in Abu ghirab, Gitmo, the patriot act, nukes in north Korea and Iran, Pakistan...but here is the deal..BUSH is a terrible president. Hes made a mess of things. If we let these idiots continue, we will eventually end up with a nuke goin off in the USA. They are not competent to protect us. We DO need our allies to help us keep nuclear material from falling into terrorist hands. Bush does not seem to have the maturity level to see the big picture.

Do you really think BUSH can protect you, this man who cant form a complete sentence and has such a limited understanding of the world. He FAILED to protect 3000 Americans in NY on 911. He is a cowardly, privileged man who sat out the Vietnam WaR while men of conviction like John Kerry did the dirty work. Bush is a panty waist who has never faced adversity in his life EVER until 911 and then he choked bigtime. Do you think Kerry would have sat there for 7 minutes reading my little goat like BUSH did on 911? I really dont want to see Bushes reaction the next time we are hit...if there is a next time. I really hope there isnt a next time because I fear it will be marked by a mushroom cloud...

Listen to me my brothers and sisters, hear me now I speak the truth...pubs and dems alike, independents too, perverts all...VOTE BUSH OUT. Dont do it for porn, do it because its the right thing to do. Bush has FAILED US. Bush is not competent. We must turn from this path. Iraq was a huge fucking mistake but maybe we can make it right with some good leadership. A vote for Kerry may be the finest thing you ever did in your life, maybe the most important thing for your country, your future and your kids future. Just think about the supreme court situation..do you want Bush to put more conservatives on the court? 4 more years with a goofball like Ashcroft guarding the gate? Kerry might not be perfect, but hes got to be better than these jokers. I think Kerry is intelligent and steady under fire...we need that. I hear all these Republicans denigrating Kerrys service in Nam and it makes me sick....all the administration critics of Kerry are chicken hawks trying to smear a man who fought and fought well for this country, then saw the futility of the war and fought to bring our people home. Virtually none of the Bush administration has ever toted a rifle in combat, yet they criticize Kerry? Of the 58,000 dead Americans from the Nam misadventure, how many of them would be Kerry supporters today? I'm guessing 100%...

I think Kerry will appoint cabinet members who are not idiots. I think he may be able to extricate us from Iraq and get back to finding BinLAden, though Bush blew that opportunity so now it will be far more difficult but I still would like to see us try. I dont know his stand on porn but its impossible to be worse than BUSH. Did I mention that Lisa Kinkaid is going to suck the cock of every GIMPer who votes for Kerry, but only if Kerry WINS? I havent told her yet, but I'm sure she would be OK with it;)

Sorry bout the long rant...Now back to your regularly scheduled bondage chit chat=)



Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 10:56:35 AM

Name: Mr retailer

great post Rick!!! I am not a big polictal person. In short I paid more taxes under clinton but I made more money and I felt my life was better. Back in those days are worries were a little sex going on in the whitehouse and alot of tax dollars down the drain trying to smear clinton. Bottom line is too many americans died under this presidents watch!

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 11:37:58 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

Amidst all the political debate on this forum, I noticed an interesting entry that said three new zfx movies are due out in early 2005. Does anyone know? -- What are the three new movies?

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 11:42:24 AM

Name: Hail

Oops. I suspected only after I posted that I might have ticked off a certain film-maker by asking if it was just "bad business practices". Sorry Rick. For those complaining of the political posts here lately just remember that it will stop in about a week! But I have to say that I'm enjoying it. I argue politics online all the time but I never really know the type of people that I'm arguing with. I have some idea with the posters here though. (I mean we're **HERE** aren't we?). I was suprised that there was anyone here that was like me, for Bush. I'm one of those dual personalities I guess. I love the darkest type of porn and yet wouldn't mind if it was censored. The worlds pretty fucked up and seeing God and morals and personal responsibiliy come back to America isn't a bad thing in my opinion.

But, shit! A Lisa Kinkaid blowjob to every GIMP'r that votes for Kerry and he wins?

FUCK! I don't know what to do now, Rick you bastard!

How about we have to vote for whos candidate's wife we would want to see in a bondage/porn movie? Laura wearing an O-Ring or Terisa with his/her dick hanging out?

As payment for my off topicness i give to you all a link: http://darkporn.net/1/ Enjoy! Hail

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 12:36:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Excellent post, Rick. I'm sure it took a while to write, and yes, was mostly off-topic, but Rick Masters can say any damn thing he wants around here. He is the man.

Hail: How about if Kerry wins, every GIMPer gets to spend an hour tying up and tormenting the Bush twins?

That, combined with the free Lisa blow job, should be more than enough to win over the undecideds on this board.

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 12:55:48 PM

Name: DFX

Anne Bruno is awesome! Does anybody have a list of movies she's appeared in?

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 01:54:28 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Ralphus, Gucci is not the only GIMPer who will vote for Bush - I will too. I know he has plenty of drawbacks, but Kerry is a trainwreck, IMHO. Plus, I don't think there is any guarantee that Kerry would be friendly to the porn industry, and the guy is the most blatantly opportunistic, pander-to-who-you-are-speaking-to, hack politician I have seen run for president since I have been of voting age. Just wait for some feminist group to complain about the bondage porn industry, and BAM! Full circle, like I opined before - the far right and the far left join at the other end of the circle with the end result of telling you what you should and should not be doing.

I hate to be in the clear minority on this board, but I really think this panic is not necessary - the question of porn has plenty of precedent, as evidenced by its proliferation in the past decade, and any blatant power grab would meet with resounding resistance. I also am working on the theory that that office was a bone tossed to Ashcroft for bowing out quietly from the Missouri Senate race and that we will have a new, more war-on-terror focused AG in a second Bush term. I may be wrong, but that's the way I see it.

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 04:17:03 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

BBFan: Thanks for stating your opinion. I hope you are not wrong, but to me, it's too risky to chance.

I was hoping you would stop by, since DFX asked about Anne Bruno and I know there have been plenty of stills of her posted recently in Chadscans. You are the one who first introduced her to me when you sent me those breast bondage pics, but I had never heard of her before. Do you know what else she was in besides Punished 2?

D.M.: It kinda got buried in a sea of political posts, but thanks for the heads up on Beautiful Girl Hunter. Neither Greencine nor Netflix has it, but at least I know it is out there and can start searching.

RR: There was no listing in the database over at Brian's Page for Suburban Nightmares, but anytime someone mentions torture with a hot iron, my sadistic ears perk up. You said it's a comedy. Does that mean the torture scene was played for laughs? Can you go into a bit of detail regarding that particular scene? I'm definitely interested.

Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 04:50:32 PM

Name: D.M.

Ralphus, seek for Beautiful Girl Hunter and yee shall find.


Tuesday, October 26th 2004 - 07:56:50 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Rick, great post.

Gimpers, even if you are the most rock-ribbed, dyed in the wool Republican, I don't understand how you could vote for this particular president. He is the epitome of incompetence.

Oh well, got some (mainstream) porn. Will do some brief reviews soon. Hope we get back on topic.


Wednesday, October 27th 2004 - 12:13:28 AM

Name: Hattrick

Great post Rick.

Wednesday, October 27th 2004 - 04:25:20 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Ralphus: Well, I am honored that I turned you on to Anne and made you a fan - I trust you have been getting all those vidcaps from the Punished 2 scene from chadscans? Remember me saying that is the scene my buddy and I have been trying to recreate in our customs? It is definitely a classic and Anne was definitely a cutie - not the most perfect body in all the world, but something about her just makes me pant.

BTW, I got that DVD and photo CD from Lew & Maria - "Teacher's Pet" is the title - they did a pretty decent job of getting it like the original, but I think we will continue to try to really nail it and maybe even improve on it (if at all possible).

Wednesday, October 27th 2004 - 08:59:42 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://dan-hawke.com

Hey guys:

Long time no post, I know. But I have been lying low. I just wanted to cover a couple of quick things.

Another good japanase VCD site is av9 (i think it is av9.com). This may have already been shared on this board, but I thought I would mention it again.

Ann Bruno, *sigh* She was a personal favorite of mine too. Sadly I think the only video she appeared in was Punished 2. She had some articles in the old HOM publications, but I don't think she did any other vids or even film loops. The Punished series was near the end of HOM's association with Cole. In fact, according to some of my sources, this series brought a federal crack down on HOM and created the basic "fear" many bondage producers have had since then.

No penetration was directly shown in the Punished videos. it was indirectly shown by showing the object approaching the model's pussy, but then the shot would switch to the side or (more often) a shadow of the action where an insertion seemed to take place. In spite of this indirect method of showing this action, these tapes still brought on the ire of the government. They were banned in the US (thus no one enforces the copyright on this material).

To the best of my knowledge this chilling effect of this and other prosecutions (another old time bondage producer actually went to jail during, roughly, this same period) is what has been holding certain material in check ever since. Penetration is dangerous.

Many producers will show this on the web. The way the laws are, it is much safer to show this on the web than to release it as a "hard" video product.

Let me weigh in litely on all the political discourse. A Bush administration will be tougher on obscenity for many reasons. First his attorney general is a religious nut/zealot. Second, in this tight election Bush is really appealing to the religious right to insure a victory. He will be even more beholden to them if he is re-elected. Finally, whatever the truth is, a crusade against obscenity is aligned with Bush's own professed values.

As to resources, the federal govt. has plenty. Trust me they can go after terrorists and still go after the industry.

That said I agree with Gucci on one point. The election of our country's leader is more than a one issue consideration. If you aren't in the industry, the effect of a second term for Bush will have either no or little long term effect on consumers. Probably the material will get harder to get your hands on, but ultimately this will pass (unless our fundamental govt. structure changes).

However there are many reasons to vote against the current administration. The way we were mislead into the war with Iraq; the way the patriot act strips us of our rights; the way the tax code is being aligned to support the rich; the way legislation always favors big business, etc.

Vote how you like, but I suggest you gather some truly objective info if you do. Listen to NPR, read reasoned news magazines ("Foreign Affairs" recently had some interesting articles).

If you vote according to the Bush or Kerry ads and the soundbites you see repeated endlessly on the major news channels, you are voting with no real information.

I am confident that if the public took the effort to be better informed we would not only have better choices in this election, but in all future elections as well.

Sadly, with all this hoopla, I still suspect less than 50% of Americans will vote. I hope I am wrong.

Back on Topic

I saw the 1941 adaptation of Jeckyl/Hyde last night - the one with Spencer Tracy. I would be kidding to say this was an erotic film, but the evil of Hyde in this particular flick was all about sexual domination. There are clear hints that Hyde enjoys female singing - whether she sings "songs" or sings in another fashion altogether.

There was an incredible subtext of sexual domination in this flick. There was one overt image. The first time Jeckyl takes his serum, he goes into a dream state. In the dream he is riding a carriage. He is viciously weilding a whip.

Reverse angle on the shot shows two women. They are only shown from the shoulders up, but it is implied that they are nude, in harness, and pulling the cart Jeckyl is riding. I found the blatant imagry of this scene pretty amazing for 1941.

It is an interesting flick. If you can handle the pace of really old films or are a Spencer Tracy fan, this will be interesting to you. One last detail, the two women are Ingrid Bergman and Lana Turner. ~Dan

Wednesday, October 27th 2004 - 10:21:55 AM

Name: Gucci Loafer

Anne Bruno was, I seem to recall seeing, in some other, VERY similar to P2, loop from HoM around that time. I did not see the loop, but some scenes from it. They may have just been mag photos, not photoshoots from a vid.

Wednesday, October 27th 2004 - 11:07:28 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Since I didn't see a response to yesterday's non-political posting, perhaps I should weigh in with my take on your country's election. Basically, I agree that the Republican Party panders too much to the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. There should be more room in the party for true Libertarians -- people who want smaller government and lower taxes, and also want less government in people's personal lives.

It is perfectly consistent to believe in less government intrusion into the economy and, at the same time, believe in a woman's right to an abortion, same-sex marriage, legalization of marijuana and prostitution, and the right of every individual to watch as many Rick Masters videos as he or she likes.

Wednesday, October 27th 2004 - 11:35:03 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com


I think 90% of the people on this board would vote Libertarian if that was a practical option. As it is now, a vote for a Libertarian candidate is just a statement of principle, but that really would be the best of both worlds, IMHO. So we just have to hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils.

Sorry, but I don't have any info on the new ZFX releases.

Thursday, October 28th 2004 - 02:02:15 PM

Name: Alex

Ann Coulter... bound and gagged...hmmmm, what a great thought. Can you imagine the extra large basketball you would have to rig up as a ballgag, to shove in that nazi bitches rat trap, she calls a mouth.

Thursday, October 28th 2004 - 02:40:04 PM

Name: Thor

Stumbled across this site a few weeks ago and while viewing the archieves, a number of discussions on HOM and 'John Blakemore/Jason Whitman/Renee Baker/etc. caught my attention.  To perhaps clear up some of the questions AND misinformation, I'll fill a few of the gaps but do not care to give any specifics. 

I knew (know) Blakemore (not his real name). I'll call him John.  First, he's very much alive and continues his career as a painter (he is a wonderful mural artist).  He continues to live in the same  area, a deep south state, where all of his work for HOM was filmed...either outdoors or in a warehouse he rented.  He is reclusive and has cut off most contact with the outside world...and that includes the internet. I can tell you John is rather bitter that his work and the risks he took to produce it is now splattered across the internet and being profited from by even those who hold no rights to it.  He did have disputes with HOM over those issues.

Most of his bondage models were recruited from area topless clubs, although some came from chance encounters. I know of one girl John simply sat down beside on a flight.  At least two were married and to my knowledge, their husbands never had a clue about the extra curriculum activities.  John's wife at the time appears in some of his early stuff.  I was present at several shoots and can tell you that they could take a life of their own.  There are many stories to be told about those times....but John will have to be the one and I don't think that's going to happen.  

Thursday, October 28th 2004 - 04:58:25 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Thor: Welcome to the board. Kind of an honor to have someone here who was there when one of the pioneers of bondage cinema was at work. I know Blakemore was behind all those House of Milan loops, but I know very little about the man himself.

I know you said you didn't want to give specifics, but how about you treat the board to at least a bit of the experience of what actually went on during some of the shoots? You don't have to give any names, but tell us some stories. I'll bet it's fascinating stuff, and virtually all of here either grew up with the HOM bondage loops or discovered them later and still admire how much better they are than most of today's stuff.

Since you said John won't be talking, we'd love to hear what you remember. This is a totally anonymous forum, so you don't have anything to worry about. I think we're all interested if you would be so good to share with us.

Thursday, October 28th 2004 - 07:33:26 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Thor: Thanks for the info on Blakemore that you felt you could share. Many of us are huge fans of his work as you probably know (frankly, his stuff is still number one with me).

If John does allow the telling of more info and stories, be sure to let us know.

Thursday, October 28th 2004 - 07:41:46 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.damseltheater.com/galleries.php?id=Bondage-Showcase

This will conflict with Thor's statements. I wrote a quick retrospective on John Blakemore a few years ago and passed it to Bill Majors to check some facts and Bill said that Blakemore had passed away. Geoffrey Merrick confirmed that at one of the BondCons, something that should be easy enough to verify since he's still involved in the business.

Thursday, October 28th 2004 - 09:33:12 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Renee Baker had a southern accent in "Bittersweet Revenge", so it makes sense that Blakemore was set in the south.

Friday, October 29th 2004 - 07:59:35 AM

Name: BBfan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Also, if I wanted to totally remove myself from my past, I would tell old business 3333ffintances to tell John Q Public that I had passed away.

Friday, October 29th 2004 - 08:02:08 AM

Name: Thor

If John chooses or chose to be dead, that's his prerogative. I was not aware of any arranged premature exit from earth and may have unknowingly violated public knowledge of his present breathing status. I only know what I know....so I suppose it's up to you to select what you wish to believe.

Friday, October 29th 2004 - 03:11:27 PM

Name: Andrew

Excellent post, Rick!!! It was about time, someone said what you said, you've hit the nail on the head.

Friday, October 29th 2004 - 03:15:31 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

To heck with Ann Coulter! The newest hottie I'd like to see bound and gagged is Missy Peregrym from the new TV show, Life As We Know It.


Friday, October 29th 2004 - 06:46:51 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://imdb.com/gallery/hh/1335291/HH/1335291/missy.jpg?path=pgallery&path_key=Peregrym,%20Missy

zee-ef-ex: Who? I had never heard of her (don't watch much TV) but I did a quick search on the net. Pretty cute, and I'm sure she'd look good in ropes, but I doubt she deserves to be bound, gagged and mistreated as much as ultra-Conservative, Democrat-hating, right wing bitch Ann Coulter. I think being dunked breast first in a vat of boiling oil would be an appropriate punishment for her. After that, we can bring on some real pain.

Friday, October 29th 2004 - 07:07:34 PM

Name: Scribbler

Today's homepage pic: Now that's a hanging chad I can get behind!

Is this a shrunk down version tho?

Friday, October 29th 2004 - 08:32:56 PM

Name: Duke

Instead of Ann Coulter boiled in oil, I'd rather see Maureen Dowd! (And not because I think she is aesthetically more pleasing.)

Friday, October 29th 2004 - 08:35:18 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chadscans/

Scribbler: Nope, I didn't resize the pic. Got it off Chadscans. I'm collecting some really great old stuff that I had never seen before. Does anyone know if all these photo shoots eventually became HOM loops? I would love to some actual video of the suspended woman. She's a hottie.

Hmmm...this John Blakemore controversy has me intrigued. I believe RR when he heard that Blakemore had passed away, but I also think BBFan's theory makes sense, too.

What's disappointing to me is that Thor comes on with his teaser about being there while Blakemore was working and then clams up when it comes to actually telling us anything. Whether Blakemore is alive or dead, you made it clear that he definitely doesn't access the internet, so why not share some of your firsthand experiences? Leave out the names, leave out the name of the actual loops if you want. We just want to hear the stories. Assuming what you are saying is the truth, I'm sure we'd all be curious.

Friday, October 29th 2004 - 09:59:50 PM

Name: Paulus

That is some NICE breast bondage. Holy shit...very nice!

I never did get a copy of bittersweet revenge (the zfx one)...damned cduniverse had it on backorder and it never came. stupid fools. sheesh. i wish someone here would recommend one reliable source...but for whatever reason noone wants to. I dont know why...whatever... what happened to that fantasyfood place??

p.s. I think Bush supporters have got to be either deluded or retarded..take your pick.

Saturday, October 30th 2004 - 02:51:14 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://dan-hawke.com


I actually was into bondage from a very young age. I was already buying magazines just as Blakemore's work was first appearing. Shortly thereafter, I found a used projector and started buying loops.

At one point in time I owned all of the Blakemore HOM loops, but only have a few left now. The fact is he was the primary contributor to HOM at that time. His work was appearing in Hogtied, Punished and three or four other magazines. That was a lot of material.

I would estimate that only 15-25% of Renee Baker's material was ever released on film or tape. Same goes for his other long term models, such as Georgia Van Helsing. At that time, the film loops were very limited and (I suspect) fairly expensive to produce. Very few adult stores carried them and they almost never had more than one copy.

The magazines were published either monthly or bi-montly, with Blakemore contributing most of the work. I would guess that at the height there were five or six mags a month, each with about five photo sets. Some of these were devoted exclusively to Blakemore's work, but he was heavily featured in all of them.

He was probably having somewhere between 20 and 30 photo sets a month being published, maybe more. Very few of these were ever released as 8mm or super 8 loops. I don't know if this means he only shot photos for those scenes, or if the "film" was bad or was simply never released. The end result, lots of great pics -- and a lot less video.

Right around the start of the VHS revolution things may have changed for the better. I remember receiving my first Blakemore video. Sixty minutes of Blakemore bondage! Wow. It was Bittersweet Revenge and I believe it was the first video product of his that HOM released.

For the next two years or so, HOM put out a lot of his vids. Many you all know and love. Titles included Tourist Trap 1 & 2; The Experiment; The Trainers; Master Control; The Escape and a whole bunch of others. Perhaps twenty or so tapes in all.

His primary video models at this time were Renee, Georgia Van Helsing, Lana Ryan and a few others I can't recall. Then the Punished series began. These may have been film converted, or simply video shot to look like the old loops. I thought these were the creme of the crop. I also got a video called "Helpless" which looked like it was going to be the first of a series with the same format as the Punished series.

Then it all just stopped. I had no idea why, I just knew I was a lot less happy.

When I started production I was eager to emulate Blakemore. Many of my ideas came directly from him. It wouldn't be until many years after admiring his work that I would meet someone at Bondcon who had an association with HOM back in the day. He told me the story about the legal troubles I outlined in a post you will find below.

All I knew then was that no more new Blakemore product was forthcoming, and the old stuff became rare -- fast!!!

So, Ralphus, there is very little Blakemore video footage to match the pix. Whether film was unshot or unreleased, I doubt it exists anymore.

The end of Blakemore was the end of an era for bondage lovers. From that period on, very little material appeared that was good quality bondage material. The 80's and much of the 90's were pretty lame.

Finally exciting new work began to appear. insex started up, zfx vids began to appear. Thanx to the internet I found the work of great bondage producers whose stuff I had never found on the adult bookstore shelves. Talented folks like Jay Edwards and Brian Davis had apparently been producing some good stuff for years, but only sold via mail order. I was very happy to find their work at last.

If you have the twenty or so Blakemore vids along with all of the Bondage classics stuff, you have nearly his whole output. There were also some harder stuff which was originally sold in Europe. Some of these can be found on the Erotic Perversion vids. Some of his loops were never released on B/C vids, but do appear on some of the Bizzarro loops series, not many tho.

It is sad to think Blakemore may still be alive, getting no funding from his ground breaking work. All fans and all producers owe him a debt of gratitude. He turned up the volume on bondage material so high that it would be 20 years before anyone would begin to push new boundries.

I don't think there will ever be anyone who will stand higher in this field than Blakemore. He was a true original.


Saturday, October 30th 2004 - 08:18:25 AM

Name: Loxwood
E-mail address: franrnld@aol.com

Paulus... I have been following the comments in the forum for a couple of months now, but I have only just found the courage to put pen to paper.

Sorry Paulus I got my copy of Zfx's 'Bittersweet Persuasion' from cduniverse on the 19th Aug 2004. I also have, thanks to peoples comments in the forum. I have dvd copies of 'Love Object', The 3 'Ginger movies', 'Romance' none of which I would have known about.

I have been using 'SM Video' [www.smvideo.com]to collect copies of 'Bettersweet Revenge' Curiosity Excited the Kat' The Experiment and The Tourist Trap' All on dvd and all have fair to good picture quality, plus the service is excellent. From order to delivery in the UK is 8 to 10 days.

One final thing, if one wonts a little light bondage in a movie, may I recommend 'The Groove Room' from amazon.com

Saturday, October 30th 2004 - 11:46:16 AM

Name: Scribbler

Paulus: I don't think any of my friends and family, many of whom are voting for Bush, are deluded or retarded. People are just making what they feel is the best choice as they see it. And not everyone sees things the same way.

If I had to choose between the original Bittersweet Revenge, and the ZFX Bitter Sweet Persuasion, I'd pick the original. But others would choose differently. And that's fine. It's the American way :)

Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 01:25:09 AM

Name: Annie

Ralphus, good pic for today. Thinking of Halloween, I was remembering several years ago when I went to a Halloween party dressed as a rape victim, of course I wasn’t bound or gagged, but a rape victim never the less. Anyway, Happy “Boo” Day to all.

Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 07:44:14 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html#bsp

Scribbler wrote:

I don't think any of my friends and family, many of whom are voting for Bush, are deluded or retarded. People are just making what they feel is the best choice as they see it. And not everyone sees things the same way.

Absolutely. My Mom is a Bushie. So is my overly religious, anti-porn sister (she's the complete opposite of me in respect to adult entertainment). Neither of them are mentally deficient in any way; they just think differently. I think Bush attempts to portray himself as a religious candidate of family values, and whether it's really true or not, he'll get a lot of easy votes that way.

On the other hand, virtually all my friends are for Kerry, since we all believe in the right to choose what we want to view in the privacy of our homes. We know that Bush has publicly promised to vigorously enforce federal anti-pornography laws, even going to the extreme of appointing a religious zealot as his attorney general. Ashcroft's plan is to go after porn in a big way, and he's the main guy we want out, but he'll still be in power as long as Bush occupies the Oval Office. And these next four years figure to be pretty rough for our freedoms if he's able to accomplish his goals.

Most informed GIMPers would have to deduce that dire times are ahead of us if there isn't a change, so we have to use the power of our votes and hope like hell there are enough of us to get rid of him. All indications point that it's going to be very close, so everyone here needs to vote. And vote wisely.

Scribbler also wrote:

If I had to choose between the original Bittersweet Revenge, and the ZFX Bitter Sweet Persuasion, I'd pick the original.

How typical of you. How deluded and retarded you must be to actually prefer the original, since the ZFX version is MUCH better, IMO. When I was writing my review of BSP (linked above), I went back and watched the original at the same time. In fact, I was going to write a full review of the original when I posted the ZFX review, but I ultimately decided to just touch on the comparison in one of the paragraphs.

The Whitman film is a classic, but I don't think it stands up as well comparatively. Technically, BSP is much slicker, better looking, better edited, and goes further in the scenes than its predecessor. Whitman was a better villain than Travis Lee, but the girls are both cuter in the ZFX film, and that's a big point for me. I happen to be a big fan of Rick's work, and this is one of his best efforts. He actually improved upon a classic, and that's saying something.

Dan: Thanks for both of your great posts recently. It's great to have you back. You add so much to the board with all your knowledge of bondage history and your insider views of the business today. Feel free to post here any time.

Loxwood: Another lurker comes out! Glad to see a new face on the board. So...you ordered DVDs based on what you read here...I'm glad. And what did you think? I haven't seen Romance (sounded too consensual, although the caps are hot) but the Ginger films are bondage classics and Love Object may be my favorite new movie of the year. It's not only an entertaining horror film, it's got scenes in it that should arouse quite a few GIMPers.

Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 07:45:10 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Annie: You actually went as a rape victim for Halloween??? What a politically incorrect idea! I love it!

You should have tied broken lengths of rope to your wrists and had a swatch of duct tape hanging off your mouth to complete the costume. Well, maybe next time.

Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 08:33:52 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

Paulus: I'm not sure if this helps, but the problem at cduniverse may depend on whether you're ordering dvd or video.

I have found that they are pretty reliable with dvds (although I'm getting a little anxious about my order for Miss Ballista 3). On the other hand, they never seem to have the videos they advertise.

Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 09:06:42 AM

Name: J
E-mail address: JP455@Yahoo.com

A question.

Can anyone offer any information on the "Red Feline" line of videos?

Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 03:07:18 PM

Name: didjasee

Here is a good list I saw on another website.

(List removed by moderator)

Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 05:42:55 PM

Name: Ralphus
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didjasee: Sorry, I liked your list but had to remove it as off-topic for the board. Entire posts that are nothing but blatant political statements without relationship to our site are not allowed here, but if you want to post again with your own comments and then link to the list, I'll allow that.

Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 06:07:39 PM

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