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May 2004

Name: Rod
Homepage URL: http://www.lasersedge.com/item_detail.asp?id=625&tMedia=1

Ralphus - how would you rate the DVD version of Blood Sucking Freaks (see link above - I guess this is the Troma dvd) ? Is it badly cut ? moderatly cut ? uncut ? Thanks


Saturday, May 1st 2004 - 01:42:21 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/6304852444/qid%3D1083456713/sr%3D11-1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/103-4173596-9779033

Rod: I really like the DVD of Bloodsucking Freaks; the commentary track is full of interesting bits of trivia, and of course, since it's DVD, the picture quality is better than any previous video versions I've seen. You can get it for slightly less at the URL above.

The box proudly advertises that it's the Director's Cut, but it doesn't use the word "uncut", so I don't know. Every version I've ever seen of the film was exactly the same as far as content. I've seen the original video release from Vestron Video and a relabled version called "The Heritage of Caligula" along with the Troma DVD and I don't recall any extra footage or anything missing in any of them. They're all the same. If there truly is an uncut version, I've never seen it. And there's no extra scenes included as extras on the DVD, where one would expect to find them.

Here's an interesting bit of trivia about the film. Troma had the film cut to gain an "R" rating, then shipped the same unrated print to theaters and told them it was the R rated version! Too funny! Eventually it was discovered when a mother complained the film upset her 8-year old child. I think a more interesting question is what kind of retard would take her 8-year to an R-rated film called Bloodsucking Freaks??? What the hell was she thinking? Anyway, this led to the MPAA suing Troma for improper use of the "R" logo.

The movie got banned in the US following a protest by a group called Women Against Pornography. I've read that this little film might have slipped into obscurity until people started protesting, which ultimately led to it being discovered by fun-loving perverts like us and that really launched the film into cult status. Same thing happened with the rape film I Spit on Your Grave, especially after Siskel and Ebert trashed it on their review program. Sometimes negative publicity is exactly what gets people interested.

Saturday, May 1st 2004 - 06:43:20 PM

Name: Rod

Thanks Ralphus - guilty pleasure to be ordered very soon. Regarding "Poor Cecily", I vaguely remember that a few gray tapes vendors I visited online last year had the film available on dvd-r. Can you confirm ?

Speaking of lower prices, the B&D Pleasures "ZFX collection" (trilogy) can be found at $16.99 at cduniverse.com. By the way, if anybody has info regarding the content of the other new Bon Vue 3-movie-on-1 reissues ("Sharon Kane", "Alex Jordan", "Prescription For Pain", "Bondage Bonanza 3-5", "Home Maid 3"), please let us know !

Sunday, May 2nd 2004 - 01:50:19 AM

Name: Danny

ANyone know where I can find some decent PONYGIRL DVDs? Mostly ones where girls are made ponygirls against their will. Preferrably medium/big breasts.

Thanks Dan

Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 02:28:57 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html#bush

Rod: I did a search on Google for "Poor Cecily" and DVD. Most of what came up looked like they were talking about bootlegs. As far as DVD, anyone with the right equipment can transfer a tape to DVD...Video Search of Miami offers that on their site, and all they deal with is boots. The thing is, I've got the movie as a bootleg, and not an especially good one, either. But this is one case where I'm thankful that the bootleggers have it, because nobody would have been able to see it otherwise.

It's not that old a movie, came out in 1973, just 5 years before Bloodsucking Freaks, for instance. You would think someone would try to locate the copyright holder and re-release this on tape and DVD. There's money to made for somebody out there!

Then again, sometimes movies just disappear, and are never to be found again. A few days ago, a poster to one of the Yahoo groups I belong to was asking for caps from The Bushwacker, a film I've never seen, and only know of because of Robert's review (see Homepage URL above). The guy who ran the club naturally didn't have caps, and that's because nobody even seems to have this movie at all, not even the bootleggers. And it was from 1968, just 5 years before Poor Cecily. One of my all-time top ten mainstream films, The Pick-Up (also 1968), wasn't even available up until a few years ago, when someone found an old print in Denmark and sold it to Something Weird Video. Having lived through most of the sixties and all of the seventies, it doesn't seem like such a long time ago to have these films just vanish like that.

Danny: Ponygirls, huh? Sticking a fake tail in a chick's ass and a bridle through her teeth and marching her around? Not quite my snort of coke, but I like the dehumanization aspect of it. I've seen lots of drawings and I might have seen some video covers in the past, but I never checked out the actual tapes. If no one here knows of any, try Google.com and see what comes up.

Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 03:37:23 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com

Be All That You Can Be!

Insex is hiring an apprentice! Imagine getting paid to work there.

Ordered 4 discs from Video Mayhem. Fast service, 3 of the 4 worked great, the 4th didn't, but got the replacement today and it works fine.

Punished 3--OK, but nothing special, typical early HOM style BDSM.

Attackers #71--Almost 2hrs, storyline japanese BDSM storyline movie, OK with some interesting firecracker torture.

Heavy Torment Ecstasy--Not the movie I thought it was, didn't like at all (my fault).

CS-278--Wow, this is one of the best BDSM videos, I have ever seen (If it wasn't for the mosaic & Japanese language) it would be PERFECT! Two very hot (and Busty) asian girls. Great Bondage (breast bondage & suspensions), waxing, fishnets, whipping and a sex scene to cap it off. Great Image Quality, too. The only bummer is that it seems that neither performer has made any more BDSM flix. Ge this one, It's a winner.

Making these flix is much harder than I ever imagined, after two half days of shooting (almost one month apart), I might have enuff footage for a 20 min featurette, but it's a learning experience.

Entered a couple of my earlier pix in a photo contest & took third place (of five :)). Can be seen over at www.domsview.com (not a bad little webzine).

Ordered one of the DVD's from SM Society (had to, it starred Liz Tyler). Quick service, just short of an hour long, abduction video with some combined bondage & dildo rape. Recommneded (espcialy for fans of Liz Tyler).

Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 09:31:13 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

Baronorca: Thanks for the info on the Video Mayhem tapes. This is what I love the most about the GIMP board, where we can hear from fellow pervs about what's out there that's GOOD!

Okay, inquiring minds want to know. Firecracker torture? Details, please! I'm already getting excited letting my mind wander :)

Attackers # 68, which I got from VM, had a real interesting firecracker torture scene, one of the hottest scenes I've seen in a long time. They had this cute chick tied up on a couch, and they gagged her with one of those ball gags that has the little holes in it. They plugged the holes with two firecrackers, which were connected to a long fuse that was lit in front of her. Naturally, it sparked up and started shooting out heavy smoke as the fuse burned down and got closer and closer to the poor girl's face. Very hot stuff! I won't tell you how the scene ended; you'll have to buy the movie!

Also, what's the name of the Liz Tyler movie, and what's the URL for SM Society?

Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 09:57:26 PM

Name: Baronorca
Homepage URL: http://societysm.com

Oops, it's SocietySm (not SM Society). The video is SSM-03-011. But take a look at all of them. The guy who runs the site seems like a decent perv & makes some interesting stuff.

As to the "firecracker torture", attach clothespins (4) to cheek and each side of nostril, each clothspin has a firecracker taped to it with a long fuse. light fuses, stand back, watch girl whimper & squirm, then bang,bang.

They were lttle firecrackers, but it still looked good.

Later strings of firecrackers were tossed at her feet and she did the "slave dance" to avoid them.

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 07:57:36 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.thecandlesroom.com/momointro.htm

Baronorca: Sounds like an awesome firecrackers scene, thanks. Those Attackers tapes are wild with some of the ingenious ideas they come up with.

That Candle's Room link that ZFX'r posted a few weeks ago noted that the Attackers videos "tend to exploit women with its sometimes senseless torture." They were trying to compare them negatively with some of the other Japanese videos out there, but to me, that's a big thumbs up!

Question for Larry at Video Mayhem: do you have any more videos that include torture with firecrackers?

Thanks also for the link to SM Society. I had never heard of that company and some of the girls and the abuse they are receiving looks intriguing. Hard to tell if they follow a storyline or are just S&M for its own sake, but I might check out a DVD to find out.

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 08:46:57 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address: mayhem50@webtv.net
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

Cinemagic CS#278 was mentioned by Baronorca. Similar tapes CS#295 and CS#292. Just added few more Attacker ATI titles. Recommend ATI#13.

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 12:24:07 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

Ralphus, I'm loving the BloodsuckingFreaks caps! Keep 'em coming.

Does anybody have an opinion on Guinea Pigs 5? It's very hard to get hold of ZFX films here, and this one's been offered to me.

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 04:45:43 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL: http://www.dragonfilms.com.br/

Has anyone ever seen anything or become a member of the dragonfilms site linked above? I think this forum is where I may have gotten word of this site. What I have seen that I like from the dragonfilms people is that they put out tapes where bound/restrained women are punched/kicked in the stomach, but they also have regular bondage stuff. The site appears to have movies available, but i think it may only be worth it for broadband people due to size. Any feedback would be welcome.

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 05:28:14 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Mothbrad: Thanks, but the real thanks should go to the man who made the caps, Mr. Hank Hobbs. These more recent stills are from the DVD version, so they're a bit sharper.

Guinea Pigs 5: I seem to recall really only liking Holly's segment, and part of Chandra's, as well. This is the tape where Holly uses the famous line, "No, not in my ass!" :) I'd say grab it; it's ZFX and that's almost always a good thing.

Larry: You have too many good tapes to order. I still have a boatload of stuff I haven't even looked at yet from last year. Now here you are tempting me with more. Damn you.

Firecracker torture is a definite turn-on for me. Anything suspenseful where the girl might get burned is something that will ring my bell every time. It's akin to having her tied to a chair with a ticking bomb under the seat. Classic damsel in distress stuff. Wish more bondage companies would employ that theme.

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 11:38:14 PM

Name: Ghost Rider

Do you guys know any good sites for bondage stories??

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 - 08:58:15 PM

Name: Paulus

Wow. after looking at all these stills from bloodsucking freaks I am going to have to get myself that DVD!

By the way I checked out that dragon site..it looks interesting...you know. I kinda like the idea of two heavy set women abusing a thin girl..(one of the videos looks like that). I'm not so sure about the picture quality though...says 62 minutes but only 250 megs?? typically mpeg-1 quality is like 600 megs per hour... hmm.anyone try them??

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 12:07:56 AM

Name: Tomatin
E-mail address: Tomatin_be@yahoo.com

Ghost Rider:

Two of my favourites are




The library has a huge archive of bdsm-stories. It gets updated a few times a week and it's totally free.

RPP-stories stands for 'rape, pillage and plunder'stories. Need I say more. This one's a paysite but imo more than worth the fee.

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 12:39:31 AM

Name: Paulus

Did anyone else notice ZFX's website is some search site now? what happened to the address?

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 12:40:59 AM

Name: Paulus

Anyone ever watch these?? Are they any good?


Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 12:54:04 AM

Name: milo

Ghostrider: Was going to recommend both those sites, but Tomatin beat me to it.

In bdsmlibrary, two of the best writers there would be Boccaccio (novel length stories w/ actual meaningful storylines + lurid, brutal torture), and Cortez (1001 ways to enjoy electrotorture). Both also appear in rpp. RPP has some of the Curt Strapp series, nice for whip lovers.

Problem w/ both site is you have to wade through a lot of lousy stories to get to the good ones. The Haffnium72 site also has a story page (not for the faint-hearted) that is pretty good. If you ever find stories by a guy named 'Ed' they are dynamite.

While on this (slightly off) topic, has anyone ever seen this illustrated story entitled "Doom"? I saw a few pages in a yahoo group last month -- whew! If you liked those old RDF illustrated stories (remember "The Three Fiends and the Secret Service Agent"), this one is right up there with them.

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 05:20:53 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com/

Paulus: Captured and Trained 3...I dunno, it's from B&D Pleasures, so consider the source. I looked around hoping for a review, only found this synopsis:

"Captured by enemy forces, Angela finds herself a slave in training that will be forced to service a massive military group. She is subjected to a variety of torments and pleasures, while bound helplessly, including training with large dildos, clops, crops, paddles and the electrifying fun of the violet wand! Will she submit to her new role? Watch and see!"

Hmmm...I'm not sure what "clops" are. She's pretty cute. Why don't you order it and check it out, then you can tell all of us?

ZFX's website is still around; not sure what you typed in to check. The correct URL is above.

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 10:56:21 PM

Name: Emerald Wolverine
Homepage URL: http://www.3virgin.com/

Hey Ralphus and the rest of you fellow pervs :) I know it was mentioned as closed with no official reason a few months back but apparently the heavily hang oriented website at 3virgin.com is back and running. Don't know if it's a blow for freedom? Or just you can't keep a hangman down for long, they do seem to have added a few more disclaimers {likely to warn away the self-righteous who think this is all real} ;)

Friday, May 7th 2004 - 03:35:20 PM

Name: Hattrick

Danny: I am not aware of any pony girl DVD's only videos. Almost all of the videos are laim. I've only found 2 videos that were half decent. Pony Girl 2 by HOM in 1985 and Pony Girl Submission by Magic Pony Productions in 1999. There was a Pony Girl 1 but it is not legal to have because it has a minor in it and they made it believing she was 18. So be ware of that one. There were two sequals to Pony Girl Submission, but they were very poor compared to the first one. Don't waste your money, I did that for you. If you find any DVD's let me know. I read the board every day.

Friday, May 7th 2004 - 05:36:43 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address: mayhem50@webtv.net
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

See lot of pics up lately from BSF. Cool flick but only sadly no sequel :(

Friday, May 7th 2004 - 07:25:29 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Okay, okay...you talked me into it. I'll drop my salary increase demands and agree to star in a sequel, provided I get top billing. Because everyone knows it's not the tortured women that made the first film so popular, it was clearly me, the perpetually grinning midget with an afro. Besides that, it's harder to find work these days for actors who are 3 foot 7. Rick Masters offered me a job with ZFX but that fell through when Lisa refused to work with me. Something about short guys freaking her out. Bitch.

Friday, May 7th 2004 - 10:17:03 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/namethatflick

Created a Yahoo group for ID'ing Bondage Videos. I posted a clip of a scene from a Cinemagic video, If any of you (after seeing it) know what movie this is, please let me know.

If you have any Bondage Movie ID questions, please come on over and post a pic/clip & ask away.

Saturday, May 8th 2004 - 12:20:30 AM

Name: Rod

Hattrick - The underage girl from HOM's Pony Girl (actually California Star's "Pony Girls 1", released in the mid eighties) is Traci Lords. It is legal to view/sell the film in my country (old europe). That said, I haven't seen it, but I wish I had, because I feel it is a bit unfair to judge the whole ponygirl thing by the lame "fetish-latex-rubber" stuff that Gwenmedia - Bizarre releases these days. There MUST be good videos and dvds...somewhere.

Saturday, May 8th 2004 - 02:06:33 AM

Name: Danny
Homepage URL: http://www.game-port.com/calstar.htm

Rod & Hattrick: Regarding Ponygirls, I have downloaded a few off emule and found some that are actually worthy of buying on VHS, or even DVD for that matter. Calstar Ponygirls series is available at the link posted above. They are the only ones who seem to sell the Calstar Ponygirl series. I have contacted the vendor and it seems all 5 vids are available on DVD except for Ponygirl 2: at the Ranch which is only on VHS for some reason...

As for Ponygirls being lame, from what I was able to download, I will agree... some are lame, but some are actually VERY good... there is kidnapping, girls humiliated, bondage, being made a ponygirl against their will, best use of handcuffs I have ever seen... I strongly recommend Ponygirl 2: at the ranch and will order it myself as I find it very good.


Saturday, May 8th 2004 - 09:33:14 AM

Name: Mothbrad
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

Film review - Blunt Trauma 2: Hard To Swallow

I know this is an old film for most people here, but I wanted to get a review up for two reasons:

1) I'm at the end of the world, so for me, it's a new release, and

2) It's one hell of a movie.

Actually, it may be the best erotic movie I've ever seen. Now, I should qualify that and say that everyone has their favorite scenes and styles, and this film happens to hit the bullseye for me in every single scene.

I know that I'm highly unusual in that I don't enjoy long whipping scenes, and I don't care that much about rape scenes. 'Hard To Swallow' manages to replace whipping scenes with fantastic group slapping sessions, and (conventional) rape scenes with a variety of ways of violating a victim's orifices, including some great, humiliating anal dildo rape, and raping the victims' mouths with fingers. These just happen to really work for me, so as always, your mileage may vary.

The most important thing about the video for me is the acting is spot on - victims who look like they really hate what is happening to them, and villains who are menacing towards their victims, while having a great time themselves. The script here is fantastic - lots of abuse and clever comments, and nobody overdoes it (well, not too much, anyway ;) ). Add that to a super hot female villain, and you have the makings of a classic.

As I said, all the scenes are highlights, but I'll go through some of the important scenes (going from memory here, as I don't have the video with me right now):

Penelope Pace, the blonde victim, is lifted right off the ground by the two male villains, who then slap her all over, with the woman also getting in on the act. Her tits hang down, and she gets to shake them all over. The point of the scene? Getting her to say "please slap my pussy" convincingly. The humiliation here really comes through, and is very believable. My only complaint is a common one with ZFX - the static camera that doesn't quite focus where you might want it to.

Later, she's tied to an upright metal frame, and has vibrating eggs (?) put against her clit, as she's teased (physically and verbally), has pegs put on her nipples, and eventually gets the electric treatment in one of the hottest scenes I've ever come across. Chandra acts the part beautifully as the villainous woman (although goes slightly over the top a couple of times), laughing at her pathetic victim. The sense of fun and cruelty here are inescapable.

She's then tied on the ground, in a very long, very hands on scene in which her tormentors take great delight in playing with her tits and pussy, and also slapping her all around. Her beautiful body is a real highlight of this scene, and it's nice to linger on it for so long.

The final scene sees her being forcefed food after she refuses to eat. This is an extremely cruel and convincing scene which is a great climax. Particularly fun is when she's forced to eat a banana, and then the whole peel is forced into her mouth as well. Great editing here, Rick - the viewer knows what went on in filming, but it's still done very slickly.

There are other scenes, and even a very brief appearance by Gimp board favorite Lisa, and all them are good. I don't want to rate the film, as it's such a subjective thing, and I know that many perverts won't find their particular kink on screen. It was just nice for me to see almost every one of mine up there! It also really rammed home for me what we stand to lose if this sort of quality film-making is no longer viable/legal, so do what you have to do, folks, to keep these films being made!

Saturday, May 8th 2004 - 03:40:29 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://zfxetc.tripod.com/reviews04.html

Mothbrad: Excellent review, thanks for writing it. I added it to the Reviews by GIMP Readers section of the site (link above) so that it can be saved for posterity for anyone who wants to check it out before deciding on a purchase. We appreciate your contribution to the forum.

BTW, I agree with all your observations, particularly the killer scene where they stuff an enormous butt plug up Penelope's ass, clearly too big for anyone to take, but through clever editing, they pulled it off. And of course, the final scene is only the greatest force-feeding scene in ZFX history, really over the top. I might add that this is some of Penelope's earliest work, back when she was still blonde and hadn't yet super-sized her already large tits, so IMO this is when she looked her best.

Saturday, May 8th 2004 - 04:43:37 PM

Name: Mothbrad
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

Ralphus, thanks for putting the review up for posterity.

I really believe that two of the best actors in the film are Penelope's tits, and it's a pity IMHO that she went and changed what nature had given her, particularly before I got my hands on them. Oh well.

Saturday, May 8th 2004 - 05:18:57 PM

Name: Iago

I received 4 vids from Video Mayhem a few weeks back. The first thing I would like to say is that they aim to please. I had my vids in 2 days flat, no signature required. Nice.

Most of the titles I rented came from Ralphus recommendations, since the site had hundreds, or maybe thousands of videos, so I took the easy approach.

The first title was Heavy Torment Ecstacy. Basically, this is done to look like a game show of sorts. A series of women are introduced then put through roughly similar torture sequences, involving riding crops, rope, wax and some whipping. I was a bit puzzled by this one.

Rape of Village Women was interesting. There are several good-looking women in this one, and they are put relentlessly through their paces. Rape, enemas, whipping ad stingent bondage are all featured in this vid. The pacing felt odd, probably because I couldn't grock the lingo and it seemed to have a real plot, but it had some good scenes.

Collector's Private Sessions: The premise here appears to be that a woman gets raped, goes frigid, and is then turned over to a torture fiend for reconditioning (I could be wrong, since as mentioned above I no habla Japanese). This has the feel of a much older tape, and does not feature visual (even pixelated) penetration, though there is plenty of it implied. Not a bad vid, really, just dated.

Shark #...er, I'll have to get back to you on the number. The Shark vids mostly don't have titles, per se, just numbers. In this installment we see a businesswoman who goes to see an obnoxious client at the behest of her boss, who is desperate over potentially losing a big contract with the client after a blowup at a meeting. The client convices her that the only way to save their business (and thus the company she works for) is to strip for him. Needless to say, it isn't long before she's wearing shackles and getting the slave treatment. I thought this was a good movie. The girl is very pretty and complains well. She looks very good. Now, if we could just lose that pesky pixelization... No big surprises or fancy scenes in this movie. Restraint is limited to wrist chains. Still, the capturing and humiliation are interesting.

Overall, I found it hard to go wrong with VM. They were fast and the tapes were good quality. The vids are only $12 for 1 or 1 and 1/2 hours of tape. If you can get past the pixels (and I got used to them after a bit) then this is a good value, with no hassle. It gets the Iago stamp of approval.



Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 10:17:55 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews02.html#heavy

Thanks for the reviews, Iago. Let me know when you get the right volume number on the Shark tape and I'll add your reviews to the GIMP Readers Review page.

I should mention that I've been informed that the tithanging film "Heavy Torment Ecstasy" that I reviewed a while back (and gave an A to) is NOT the same title that Video Mayhem carries. In fact, I've recently discovered that the actual title is "Heavy Torment Breast Suspension". I've changed the title on my Other Reviews page. It's unfortunate that Japanese videos are often known under various titles when translated for American audiences, so it's extra hard to know what you're ordering. Even worse, the company that I ordered the tape from is now apparently defunct, since I get a 404 when I click on the link now. Apologies if you ordered that title based on my review, only to discover it's a different movie.

Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 10:54:41 PM

Name: Iago

I was a bit baffled when I saw the tape, as it didn't match with your review, was all. Not a big deal. That shark I bought is #150.

Monday, May 10th 2004 - 02:01:02 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.fetishfolios.com/galleries.php?id=59

In case anybody's interested, the entire Elkie Cooper photo set is available at FetishFolios, link above. I am learning that the rumors of big porno bucks are highly exaggerated and would need four times as many purchases as I've gotten to earn back my costs. At least I got a lot of photo sets shot exactly the way I want them and that's worth something. I never saw enough photo sets where the the woman was completely assaulted. Most pictorials start with a woman completely tied up and then the guy leaves her alone. With my stuff, the guy ties up his gorgeous prey, rips her clothes off (something that I constantly wished I could see other producers doing--clothes always mysteriously disappear in other people's work) and never stops attacking her shapely body. Elkie Cooper was one of the cutest models I've ever worked with. Although it would be nice to break even, I've still gotten my money's worth.

Tuesday, May 11th 2004 - 04:01:09 AM

Name: seeker
E-mail address: theseeker77@hotmail.com

Hi - You know what I like (and can't find) are Videos of Woman on woman Domination and/or Rape

The obsessed woman who kidnaps bounds gags another to have (and use)her for herself ( + other variations) Got the Damsel in Distress, Bondage. and Lesbianism that I love

Anyone know if are any really good Videos/companies along this vein?( - Bondage and especially Gags a must!)

Tuesday, May 11th 2004 - 10:33:21 AM

Name: history master
E-mail address: hist543@yahoo.com

long time lurker first time poster.

I dont know if any of you have heard some of the conservative BS about the torture in Iraq, but now some of them are blamming Pornography!!!!!!!! They say the youth of today are into "weird things" and sexually perverted, and when left to there own devices went wild on the prisoners.

When is the right wing going to learn that when you expouse hate, and lothing of other cultures that your simple minded followers will treat the enemy as sub human. ITS Not the PORNO that caused it, It is the elitist right wing culture that created it!

Besides, the porno we all love is done by consenting adults. I think that prisoners in iraq hardly consented to be treated that way. This is just another lame attempt by the right to attack pornography.

History Master

PS. ralphus I thought about ten years ago there was a sequel to blood sucking freaks, but it took place in a girls school, and was very lame. just wondering

Tuesday, May 11th 2004 - 07:00:24 PM

Name: Paulus

I can't stand to read anymore about the conservative response to the iraqi torture...they're so fucking braindead, its not even funny. People like rush limbaugh and other assholes. I hate them all.

Hey ralphus..that video looks good, but it does have one comment from a viewer, and he says its kinda tame if you're used to hard core stuff. So I don't think i'll spend the cash on it...besides, I have like no freedom these days to watch movies like this anymore. I rarely have the house to myself, and I can't watch this stuff in front of the people I live with.

Tuesday, May 11th 2004 - 09:10:33 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://zfxetc.tripod.com/reviews01.html

History Maker: Thanks for de-lurking and finally making your presence known on the board. I honestly would be prefer to stay away from talk about the Iraqi prisoners situation; in fact, I had to recently delete the comments from a troll about how he was turned on by seeing those pictures on the news. However, since you tied your post in with censoring porn, I think it's still partially on-topic.

With my work schedule, I don't get to hear a lot of political talk on radio and TV, so I don't recall hearing anyone making comments along those lines. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone made that inane leap and tried to blame porn and the decay of values in today's society, especially since this is an election year. All I can say is that if Americans "went wild" on the prisoners because of porn, I wonder what kind of stuff Saddam Hussein got to watch because the shit he did to his own people and POWs is a helluva lot worse than we are accused of doing.

Porn is always an easy target. Anybody remember the interview with Ted Bundy before they finally fried his ass? He blamed his killing spree on viewing violent pornography, basically saying that it fueled his desire to kill all those women and that he was sort of a victim himself. I remember seeing the interview on TV; he looked real convincing. Never mind the fact that he was an extremely skillful liar and it was this ability to manipulate others that was part of the reason he was able to take advantage of his victims in the first place!

Nonetheless, I've seen people attack porn and use Bundy's claims as just another reason why it's harmful and causes deviant behavior. As RR mentioned in a recent post, sex crimes have been cut in half in the past 20 years according to the Department of Justice, so it's ridiculous to even attempt to make such an argument, with the easy availability of porn on the net today. But they never let the facts get in the way of their own prejudices, and thus we've had to deal with the slow erosion of our first amendment rights under the Bush regime. Time for us right-thinking Americans to take back our country!

Speaking of which, how's that Adult Consumer Association website coming along, Rick?

RR: I'm more into video myself, but some of those photo sets on your site look mighty enticing. The video token system seems relatively inexpensive, with the costs for the Elkie Cooper photo set averaging out to less than 2 bucks for the whole set. That's pocket change, and if the whole series is as good as the picture you donated to the board, it sounds well worth it. I explored the web looking for stills of Elkie; she's got a real alluring presence. And of course, she looks great with white tape over her mouth :)

Bloodsucking Freaks sequel: I don't think it ever got made. The director Joel Reed couldn't get funding, and I heard the concept sucked anyway. From what I remember, they were planning on reversing the roles and making it more of a feminist movie where the women take revenge on the guys. Ughhh! No wonder no one wanted to finance a project like that! This politically correct bullshit has got to go. Giving power to women and making them into strong figures? That's perverse! Give me old fashioned damsels in distress any day.

Tuesday, May 11th 2004 - 09:20:23 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Well, you know, if the truth be told, if it wasn't for porn, people wouldn't be having sex, wouldn't know what to do. People having sex; it's all the fault of porn! And blame food commercials for obesity, if it weren't for images of food popping up on TV, people wouldn't be eating, would never cross their minds!

hogtied.com and whippedass.com have some decent F/f dom web movies. And Lyndon/HOM have F/f videos (vhs/dvd). Don't know if they have any good ones. I've seen two, from way back when, never watched them again.

Big porno bucks exaggerated? The industry as a whole is a huge money making machine. But 3 sets on a token site is probably not going to do it. But maybe after they've been up for awhile, and more sets are added, eventually, who knows.

Tuesday, May 11th 2004 - 11:07:41 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Hey all - I have an offer for someone. I am in the process of doing some "spring cleaning". I have 2 DVD's that I am looking to ge rid off. They are both from Forbidden VIdeo, The Intruder and Black Market Bondage. Of Course these arent bootleg copies, they are the original's. What is the price you ask? I am only asking $5 for both of them, mainly just to pay for shipping. This isn't an auction, so the first person to email me (and pay for) will get them. Oh yeah, autographs are extra. He He He

Peace All
Mad Dog
The Original

Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 05:41:30 PM

Name: Scribbler

So the rumours are true. Ralphus has run out of pictures!

Friday, May 14th 2004 - 03:44:49 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

I'm back! Sorry I was away for a few days and you guys missed out on a new picture TWICE! It was the same old bugaboo, computer problems that prevented me from getting online and updating the site. At least I left you with a cool stakeburning picture. Can you imagine the reaction if I had been knocked offline while I had butterflies and flowers up on the board? This place would go nuts!

And I can see this place was a hotbed of activity while I was away :) Geez, one freakin' post in 3 days? And from our recently absent former moderator, Mr. Yellow himself. Hey Mad Dog, I thought you had died, man. You disappear for close to 2 months, then come back just to sell off your old videos? What's up with that? Try eBay, ya spammer :) I don't think the five bucks will buy you much to drink, but it'll get you started. I can't wait for you to get yourself liquored up again so you can start trashing the people who post here. But that's cool, since you're a "funny drunk".

Hey, did you know you're in the outtakes section of ZFX's latest DVD? Except apparently your face is so frightening to others that Rick had to digitally fog out your face! (If anyone has ever seen Mad Dog up close, you'll understand why.) If you look closely, there's a few shots where you're helping out in the background and another one where you're letting Suzi Sexton sit on your shoulders while she hangs suspended by her wrists in between shots. I'm guessing the reason is that since you're so damn ugly, Rick had to either censor out your face or else add a new warning to the beginning of his tape. Since all the ZFX warnings already take up about 16 minutes at the beginning of every tape, he probably just decided to hell with it.

Since you've decided to pay us a little visit, how about filling us in on what it was like to work on that shoot, if you can remember back that far (what, 4 years ago?). What were Suzi and Kim like to work with? And more importantly, did you snatch any of their panties for a souvenir like you did with Kelly McKay? (You filthy perv!)

Talk about Bitter Sweet Persuasion has kinda died down. That surprises me, since it's only been out for 2 months. This movie seemed to generate a lot of buzz on the board before it came out, but not a lot of people have talked about it so far. Who here has seen it? I've seen it, g-in-o and NYCDom both saw it and reviewed it on the board, and I know Hank Hobbs saw it because he's capping it like mad over on his Yahoo group. Who else? Iago? Scribbler? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

If anyone hasn't seen it, why not? This board is made up of ZFX fans, so to me, it's a no-brainer that everyone here would want to get this one, especially because it's getting positive reviews from the few people who've discussed it. And this brings up an interesting topic. Feel free to join in, guys, that's what this board is about.

My question concerns our video buying habits. How many bondage tapes or DVDs would you say you buy or rent in an average year? Just bondage/rape vids, or other adult vids, as well? I just purchased 20 new Japanese tapes from Video Mayhem, which may not have been the smartest move since I still have VM tapes I ordered last year that I still haven't even looked at. I still have 3 older Dan Hawke DVDs from last year that I've also not watched yet. I'm notoriously slow when it comes to watching the tapes once I get them; I hardly ever seem to have time. It doesn't stop me from buying them, though!

I also rent and purchase mainstream movies that potentially have scenes in them that I might like to add to my collection, stuff like Wrong Turn with Eliza Dushku or Descendent with Katherine Heigl (great bondage scenes in both). Robert posted once about renting DVDs from Greencine (www.greencine.com), a Netflix clone where you can rent all the movies you want for twenty bucks a month, and I've checked out quite a few movies since I joined there.

I would say I probably will watch about 30 actual bondage vids a year (although several I'll mostly view on fast-forward) and maybe another 20-30 movies that I'll check out just hoping to find scenes. That seems like a lot, I know, and I'm guessing my totals are probably higher than most of the other readers of this board. The thing is, though, that I'm pretty picky and I'll mostly only take a chance on stuff I know is good, which for me means ZFX vids, of course, plus Japanese, Dan Hawke, Eyewitness, a few odds and ends that I'll gamble on and that's about it. I rarely ever watch straight Adult vids, maybe one a year tops, but I'm sure a lot of our readers, like Mad Dog and zee-ef-ex, for instance, watch a lot more than that.

So let's get some feedback from our readers, just to satisfy my curiosity. Approximately, how many bondage/rape vids, and/or adult vids, do you check out in a year? Buy or rent? And would you get more if there were some better stuff out there?

Discuss, guys. This forum is for you, don't let it die.

Friday, May 14th 2004 - 08:32:26 PM

Name: Hattrick

I ordered Bitter Sweet Persuasion from CD Universe about 2 weeks ago and they are out of stock. I'm hoping that they get a copy in. Guess I waited to long to order it. It is hard to find a place to rent good bondage tapes/DVDs. I have to buy tapes now. At $40/50 bucks a pop you have to be sellective. I put in my first order for 8 DVDs from Video Mayham based on the recommendations on this board. Thanks for the suggestions. I would rent about 5/10 a week if i could find a good place to rent. So I end up buying about 5/10 a month. Hard to find good ones, do a lot of fast-forwarding. I finally got to see all 6 of the Punished series. OK but it could have been so much better.

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 03:17:51 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com

I ussually have to buy my discs (about 25 so far this year), living out in the wild lands of Montana - there aren't too many places to rent from. Then again (since I manage a porn shop) I have no problems getting rid of my rejects, this allows me to buy (too) many B&D discs (VHS is dead).

Never bother with mainstream movies for B%D scenes, can't sit thru a 90 min movie for a good 2 min BD scene.

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 09:23:01 AM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Don't have time for long posts these days. I haven't bought any adult vids this particular year, yet, but I do plan to check out BSP when more time frees up for me. Hopefully soon. Everyone so far seems to like it. Don't know what I'll be able to add to what others have said about it already, but we'll see.

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 07:40:52 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.fetishfolios.com/galleries.php?id=59

The adult industry, when its earnings are looked at in an isolated fashion, looks like a massively profitable industry when estimated earnings are $4 billion and higher. The fact that the number isn't more clearly defined is an indication that it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Playboy makes $80 million and is probably the biggest adult company.

That's the trick of numbers. Every industry looks pretty good when earnings are looked at. I couldn't find a good link anywhere on earnings for the US agricultural industry, but did find one for VietNam and their farmers are bringing in $3 billion in exports. That's a lot of money and doesn't even count earnings for agricultural goods being sold in Nam. The last I heard, VietNam wasn't on the list of most thriving economic countries in the world. Does anybody want to bet that the average VietNamese farmer is living in luxury? If a little country like VietNam is pulling in $3 billion farm export earnings, imagine what US farmers, from the biggest food producing country in the world, are making--it's got to be hundreds of times that amount. All of a sudden, the porn industry doesn't look so massive. I know, for a fact, that there aren't a lot of rich farmers. As in any industry, the vast bulk of earnings go to the top few percent. Further down the line, people are just getting by or losing their homes.

I don't know any rich people doing bondage work and I'm fairly sure that there are no Harmony or HOM mansions where the owner walks around in jammies with bound women all around him. It's great to dream about, but it's not happening. I'm estimating, based on my current token earnings, that I'll make about $750-$1200 this year and that sounds cool. Even when I look at those figures, it feels like something good. Or, at least it does until I realize that it doesn't even cover 10% of my expenses. I'm being told that my numbers are good, so there are producers making less than me at the site, but they're mostly recycling older photos. Mine are new, so that might be all that accounts for the decent sales. Unfortunately, using them at the token site will make them almost worthless when and if I ever start a full members paysite. I didn't walk into this with a plan.

I'm not complaining. I started hiring models and shooting my own photos because I wanted to. If I ever get around to doing a regular members paysite, I should be able to make a slight profit over my shooting costs (that means all my time is donated free to the cause, so it's only a means of subsidizing my shoots, not my life). Most member paysites are small and are part-time jobs that usually just help pay for shooting models. I had a fair idea what to expect before I submitted photos to FetishFolios. Token sites are designed to be alternatives to paysites to get customers who don't want to pay month after month for what just one producer does. As an enticement, most token sites use low costs per set. Since those costs are low, they mostly get older sets from paysite archives that are no longer earning much money for their owners. For a paysite owner, that's an extra $50 -$100 a month for very little extra work on their part. For somebody like me, who is only posting new material, it's not the ideal arrangement. At the moment, it suits my needs. I don't have to maintain a website or pay the large credit card fees to set up a credit card system (that charge exists even if a rebiller, with a merchant account, is used). I don't have to deal with customers and billing problems. All I do is photoshop the images and email them to the token site.

Somebody is probably getting rich from porn, but it's not the little personal run websites. Bondage websites are mostly run by the people that take the photos and they're the equivalent of Mom & Pop variety stores (that sadly, you almost have to be old to remember). Just because the supermarket down the street is raking in the money doesn't mean that Mom & Pop stores will thrive--they in fact haven't. I always wonder what will happen if the big adult entertainment companies decide to go after the fetish market big-time.

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 11:54:57 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.fetishfolios.com/galleries.php?id=59

> if the whole series is as good as the picture you donated to the board, it sounds well worth it.

Between the photo at the top of today's forum, and the previous, it provides a fairly accurate range of what to expect. Today's photo, of Elkie's dress being ripped, was about as mild as the shoot got. Most of the remaining photos are of Elkie's wonderful natural breasts being assaulted and mauled. There's no torture, so that might be a minus for some GIMPers, though the brutal physical mashing of her breasts might fall into that area. Elkie's one of the most beautiful models I've ever worked with. I've always been amazed that I was able to get to do shoots with somebody as incredibly cute as she is.

Token sites might not be great for me, but they provide an inexpensive means to sample photo sets from a variety of producers for significantly less than a single month's membership at any one of the sites.

Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 12:18:56 AM

Name: Andreas

Hi, I am new here, great forum! Has onyone an idea where to find torture and hanging videos or mpgs (Women)???

Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 07:01:08 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews02.html

RR: Regarding your comments about people not making profits off porn, I'm certainly not an insider, but I'm sure there is money to be made. All the porn websites out there can't be losing money or else they would just fade away. True, there is probably some saturation by now, so that's going to stretch the profits out amongst all the participants. Also, bondage porn is a more selective, specialized niche of the industry, so there are going to be far fewer consumers for our kind of entertainment.

I've seen the work you do, and there will definitely be an audience for your kind of high quality bondage photo sets, so stick with it. It's mainly a case getting your work known by the others in the community; I would try offering a sample pic or two on various bondage Yahoo groups (with your website URL branded on them, of course) and people will come visit and eventually you'll get more business.

Andreas: Welcome to the forum; we're glad you're here and hope you'll join in the discussions from time to time. The best hanging videos I've seen are at Eyewitness Production.

Four of their five tapes are reviewed in my Homepage URL above. Expensive tapes, to be sure, but worth it. They pull off the hanging illusion better than anyone else I've seen, and some of their models are gorgeous.

Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 07:55:39 AM

Name: ZFX'r

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is well. Wow. Elkie IS cute.

Well, I went on an excursion last night to the Times Sq area-NYC...something I have not done in more than a year to see if I could find some foreign(Japanese) vids I've been looking for and to see the status of adult vid shops today.

Whoa, depressing...a sad, sad state of affairs.

In short, the NYC (at least midtown) adult scence is a shell of what it was and what remains is not what you would expect for NYC where tradition and history dictated you could find anything. Any fetish. Foreign. Rare. Classics--whatever--there was a shop that carried it.

When I was younger and was more into adult vids (had more time and use for them) I can recall it would literally take me HOURS to go shop to shop and hunt around for that rare, imported or niche vid I was looking to get. Seriously, I could easily spend an evening hopping around. Some of the places were HUGE. One, I recall, even had SHOPPING CARTS like you see at a supermarket!

And, 9 out of 10 times, I found what I was looking to get. In fact, it was around 92 I guess, that I came across my first ZFX vids that I purchased (Southern Discomfort followed by Night Prowler)at a very small place that only specialized in bondage etc.

As of last night, I found six places but that sounds better than it really is. It may very well be a comibination of an extremely rough three years in NYC--the local economy, lower tourism from around the world (these places always have tourists stocking up) and high costs like rent BUT each place was very low stocked and carried, it seemed, the same narrow list of titles. Boring. Underwhelming AND very little for GIMPers to see.

In fact, it seems to me, these places have become more reserved: most vids were straight, missionary style, girl-guy with the silcone beauties from California. Ho Hum...zzzzz.

Gone, for the most part with the exception of a very small selection of stuff GIMPers would consider boring and too staged (like California Star stuff) , is anything related to S&M, Bondage, Doms etc...gone. Even Euro or Asian imports are gone.

So, I came home realizing and accepting this scene, right now anyway, is near dead in the city. I also realized and accepted that if I want to look for anything like I mentioned, it is online. Period. I know there are a few shops spread around the rest of the city that are very good and specialize in imports and niche stuff but you literally have to travel around now to see it.

I did see some ZFX vids in two places. The most recent being High Strung but I also saw vids dating as far back as Southern Discomfort, Peril Age, Hard Bound Television and Guinea Pigs 2!

Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 08:27:01 AM

Name: ZFX'r

Still looking to find places where I can purchase new Cinemagic Noir and other Cinemagic titles. As I've bene looking around the web, it is clear that the Japanese adult industry (as far the stuff GIMPers like) is putting us to shame.

I would think that these vids would be far easier to purcahse here--especially with the Internet but apparently not. If you are into Asian beauties like me check out some stunners like "Katsumi' and "Miko Tan".

I was wondering--and thinking it would be a good question to ask the board--what were the first models in ropes etc..that first caught your attention and then lasting interest in this fetish?

For me it started with Little Oral Annie--who to this day--offered some of the best and most intense breast bondage. Others included Ashley Renee, Victoria Vixen and Rene Baker from those HOM vids.

Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 08:34:59 AM

Name: Todd

ZFX'r poses a question that I want to respond to: "I was wondering--and thinking it would be a good question to ask the board--what were the first models in ropes etc..that first caught your attention and then lasting interest in this fetish?"

I first saw some tight breast bondage in a feature in Nugget magazine in the early 80's. It fascinated me immensely. The article described her breasts as being tied so tight that each one resembled a "light bulb, ready to burst." It listed a contact for buying the magazine that these photos came from, so I placed an order. That led to more magazine purchases with titles such as Big Breasts in Bondage, Tit Torment, Big Boobs in Bondage, Tit and Body Torment. Unfortunately those classic magazines are long lost. I fondly remember Little Oral Annie being featured in several magazine spreads.

My first bondage videos I saw were two that I purchased, again by mail order. They were Bondage Playmates and Lesbian Passion. Bondage Playmates featured an enthusiastic Buffy Davis, just prior to her porn star days, and another young woman who are both in breast bondage in the opening scene. Lesbian Passion had three women in lesbian situations playing bondage games. Beautiful Leslie Winston was the target of the other two and they put her in good breast bondage. Leslie's breasts were also lactating at the time, so they made good use of that treat too. No bondage photos or references appear on the box cover and I've always found this title listed as a lesbian video, but it is primarily a bondage video.

I definitely enjoyed eventually seeing Little Oral Annie in several bondage videos and Ashley Renee is another lovely that I've seen in many videos, although most are a bit less severe than I prefer. The first ZFX video I saw was one of the Guinea Pigs videos. My favorite ZFX movies are any that feature Penelope Pace. Over time I started pursueing many of the German bondage videos, such as the Pain and Slave Sex series.

Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 07:28:37 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.fetishfolios.com/galleries.php?id=5

Somebody is making money on porn, but it's kind of like Hollywood before there were superstar salaries. The big breadwinners are the people behind the scenes: distributors, heads of large companies, etc. Some performers earn a decent living. For a lot, doing adult films is advertising for their dance career where they make and keep the most money. Video is just a way to increase their marquee value. If adult fare can get past it's bad image, conditions and pay for performers can improve dramatically. I wasn't saying that people aren't profiting in the adult industry, but that earnings of billions of dollars doesn't mean it's a highly lucrative field for everyone involved. Just because the agricultural industry makes hundreds of billions of dollars doesn't mean all farmers live in the lap of luxury. There's something about our culture that allows us to think less of people who make too much money. Censors like to quote huge figures to show how awful the adult industry is and make it look like a giant crime syndicate.

The only public dollar figure I've seen for a bondage personality was in a flyer Harmony put out ten years ago soliciting customer videos. The flyer said one producer earned $90,000 from selling videos through Harmony and it wasn't hard to guess, even with no name given, that it was Jay Edwards. I can't remember if that figure was for one year or for all the years his videos were sold through the company. Even if it's one year, it's respectable earnings, but not massively so. I don't know how many bondage producers are doing the job full time. From discussions I've seen in other forums, the impression I have is that the majority of photographer/paysite owners only do it as a part-time passion.

I'm still waiting for FetishFolios to put up the second part of the Elkie set. They rotate putting new stuff up for all their producers and it seems to be about two weeks before the site goes through everybody. I expect the second part to go up early this week and then Candace Daylee, another incredibly hot model, is next.

Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 07:53:20 PM

Name: Iago

Ralphus, welcome back.. Have another drink. I alreay reviewed Bitter Sweet Persuasion, and I think you copied it to the archives. If you want an opinion of why the buzz has dropped off...

BSP was probably the prettiest movie ZFX has ever made. The lighting was bright and made sure we didn't miss anything, the girls were beautiful, and the setups very carefully laid out. It was a top-notch bondage film.

But it didn't quie feel like a ZFX movie to me. Maybe because Rick was purposefuly recreating some classic stuff, but more likely because of the villain's methods. ZFX has some of the best villains in BDSM. Mad scientists, mass murderers, aliens, plants, possessed people and home intruders all show up and do their little evil dance that I love so well. I've never thought the dsgruntled employee just caught out doing something who then goes berserk was the best use of ZFX talent. It worked in high strung because after the villain got his brain bashed in by his first victim, he then wakes up a predatory brain-damaged deviant and goes to town on Lisa K. That was a very cool scene. In BSP the villains seem to have no knowledge or worry that they are virtually guaranteed of getting caught, because they are justa couple losers and that's what happens to people like them. I'm sorry, but that just doesn't click as ZFX. I'd rather have the sinister ad anonymous home intruder or my beloved mad scientists/space aliens.

The other ZFX trademark for me has always been rick's ability to take the torture of victims to more levels than just physical. There are a number of ZFX movies where the vistims get thoroughly mind-fucked while their bodies are being raped and tortured. BSP was more of a straight torture vid and didn't really include these elements.The rape seemed like almost an afterthought; again, owing to the homage nature of the tape, I expect.

So what does thismean to a long-time ZFXer like me? For me it means that it is a really good bondage tape, but feels more like a "regular" bondage tape than a ZFX tape. It's still in the collection, but not in the same spot with the classic Penelope Pace/sci-fi ZFX tapes, is all. Not quite my cup of tea.



Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 08:41:41 PM

Name: Iago

Replies to Ralphus, part 2:

Regarding Mad Dog-Hey, we have some of our best back-and-forth when we're both liquored up and staring, bleary-eyed at the screen. You're just jealous of our superior Dean and Jerry wisecracking. You're not fooling anyone.

Really, I think you're just jealous of Mad Dog. If you aren't you ought to be. I know I am. Seems he's the only one I know on the board what has fondled Kelly, Christina and Kim. And got paid for it. I surely never did. The rat bastard. Of course the reason he didn't post for two months was that he was probably in detox from over-sniffing that pair of Kelly's panties that he filched. :-P


Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 08:50:53 PM

Name: Iago

Iago replies, part 3, y'all!

Rick, a while back you posted thanking me for inormation and moral support. Hey, that has been my pleasure, provided any of it actually helped. I've really enjoyed your work for a long time now, and am glad if I was able to add something to the mix. I do hope that we aren't seeing the twilight of ZFX.

Maybe it's time to take another look at that MMORP? ZFX meets Evercrack? Elves in precarious positions?

Best of luck to you in the coming year. I hope all goes well and you get to keep chasing your entrprenuerial dreams.

Best regards,


Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 08:56:55 PM

Name: Hattrick

ZFX'r: I'm sorry to hear about the sad state of the adult industry in the Times Square section of NYC. I got to visit a few times in the late 70' and through the 80's. You could spend the whole evening looking for the right bondage stuff. I would like to try to find a video/DVD of Little Oral Annie breast bondage you mentioned. Do you remember any titles? I would also like to buy some of Girrard Tittsman's videos, but I'm reluctant to order from his site in France. Any place in the USA where you can order them? Thanks

Monday, May 17th 2004 - 04:07:47 AM

Name: linky
E-mail address: netmail1@mail333.com

ZFX'r: asian BD/SM video and DVD? try: http://www.jabaku.com/

Monday, May 17th 2004 - 04:47:19 AM

Name: Matrix
E-mail address: matrix_1010101@yahoo.com

Aaa-right! Classic HOM Punished mags! <*sniffffff...haaaaa> Yesiree! (One of)my first B&D experiences was a good classic mag such as this one. Though it was a Bondage Cinema featuring Tourist Trap. Just as well, the seedy shop I found it in also had a few of those "loop booth's" you carefully went in and dropped your roll of quarters - crapload of HOM loops that made me search high and low for the mags.

Also made a trip in '79 to Germany - Raperbahn I believe it was, and wandered into a shop filled with hardcore porn and a bondage mag section that puts the non-fiction and fiction section at Waldonbooks to shame! There were lots of HOM mags. Needless to say, they became scarce here at the shops (US), which eventually closed up. 

Well, the internet has been a great source in the past several years, with links like this one- http://www.reds-realm.net/market/salehom.html -and of course ZFX vids to push my interests further into perv-dom...yep, I'm a Penolope Pace fan too, as said previously...but also plan to seek out the last two SOB volumes as well. 

Just chillin' -


Monday, May 17th 2004 - 07:51:26 PM

Name: g-in-o

ZFXr - A couple of years ago I came across a shop that had a extensive Japanese bondage (Cine-Magic) selection on Manhattan. I think it was somewhere around the main post office on seventh or eigth Ave. I know its pretty vague, but its been awhile. It would be worth searching out because the prices were pretty cheap and the selection awesome.

As per HOM mags- I remember seeing Kim Bittenger (Michelle Bauer) in Special Request years before I tracked down the film in an HOM magazine. Ahh memories...

Monday, May 17th 2004 - 10:00:43 PM

Name: Paulus

I think my first experience with bondage etc, was a cheap sci-fi type movie called Stryker. In it, this guy's sister gets raped repeatedly by a gang of thugs, and meanwhile this other girl gets fondled and raped by 4 guys....it was then, I realized how arousing that was...and of course, I felt guilty about it for a while

Monday, May 17th 2004 - 11:13:07 PM

Name: milo

Paulus:  Stryker, eh?  I remember that one, though to my best recollection, the only meaningful scene was the rape of the heroine.  She was tied to the wall (or was it between two pillars) by the hands in the classic 'Y' formation, and was wearing the mandatory 'mad max circa 80's' attire - leather vest, shorts, knee-high boots and headband.  The villain rips open her vest just as she screams, bringing her ample bosom into full view. She is then taken down for a very brief (it seemed) rape on the floor, before the hero interrupts from behind by killing the rapist. 

BTW, I  didn't feel the least bit guilty when I saw this, having rented the tape precisely for that scene alone.  I had already decided that most movie rapes were nice, and that scenes of female sexual torture were even nicer. I did feel cheated that the scene was so short.

Tuesday, May 18th 2004 - 04:48:01 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex

VHS is not dead.

I haven't seen much lately, hence so few postings from me. On average I probably rent 60 to 100 tapes total a year, about 1/2 "vanilla" and 1/2 bdsm. I don't buy. (I would if the price was reasonable, 5 to 10 bucks for most, more for the exceptional (like ZFX tapes)). What I do is go to the video store sporadically, but when I go I rent 10 or 12 at a time. I rent so many because so many are boring, I think it's got to be hard to make a really good flik. I also will often base my vanilla selections on past good experiences or things I've read. For example, Joey Silvera and Skeeter Kerkove fliks are usually well done and contain some bondage.

I think we're born with this predilection (or it forms at a very early age). I know when I was a kid most of my older brother's sex magazines didn't interest me, unless it was a fetish letter in Penthouse forum or the occasional bondage pictorial - only then was I fascinated. Still that way. :)

When I started renting tapes, I remember Kristara Barrington in bondage, was one of the 1st times I had seen that, very nice. I also remember a scene with Jamie Gillis and some drunk girl in bondage which was pretty disturbing (she was really and truly drunk, actually vomited - and they showed it). He did take pity on her and treat her kindly, but she shouldn't have been that wasted and being filmed while fucked. Later saw Barbara Broadcast, and of course ZFX, and the rest is history.


Tuesday, May 18th 2004 - 09:37:53 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/ralphus44/page6.html

ZFX'r: Great topic for the board. Inspirations for the bondage fetish for me...hard to say, really. Like zee-ef-ex mentioned, I think we're born with the fetish, much in the same way that you know early on that you're gay or straight, it's just the way we're wired. I do remember being aroused by an old black and white horror movie on TV where the damsel was tied to the stake in preparation for being burned at the stake. I don't even know what movie it was, but I knew I liked the idea of having her tied and helpless.

And I recall looking at a girl standing up in class in junior high to give a report...she was standing with both her hands behind her...and I was imagining her tied that way. I had never even noticed her in class before, but she suddenly looked very appealing to me, and years later, that moment is still crystal clear in my mind. Weird the things you remember, huh?

Anyway, for me, the turning point came when a friend and I saw A Clockwork Orange in high school. You all know the scene, where the man's wife is grabbed by Alex and his droogs and they cut off her clothes, stick a ball in her mouth and wrap the tape completely around her head and then rape her right there. Check out my Homepage URL to see it again. That film had a huge impact on me. From that point on I sought out books, magazines, movies...anything I could find that produced this strange, forbidden desire in me. For the longest time, I thought there was something wrong with me, something abnormal. But I knew what I liked.

Then I ordered my first bondage magazine from an adult mail order company called Adam & Eve. It was called "Lesbian Dildo Bondage". Even then I had no interest in lesbians, but seing these pictures of a naked woman tied spreadeagled to the bed, with a ballgag in her mouth, being fucked by a large dildo in her pussy...it was just so incredible to me that such things even existed! There were pictures of tied-up women with clothespins on their nipples. I had never even grasped the concept that you could do something like that to worsen a girl's bondage, so that was extra exciting to me. Bondage...and torture! What an idea!

From then, it was on to my first bondage video, "Bondage Classics Vol. 6" from HOM. I think I paid $69.99 for it. Incredible what adult companies used to get away with charging back then. I remember liking it, but the music track took something away from it. It didn't stop me from ordering more, though.

Around this time, I started to explore the adult sections in video stores. And I came across a film called Spell Bound, that featured a beautiful girl named Peggy being tied up and tortured in a home setting that featured hogties, whippings, ballgags and electric shock. To me, this seemed to be what I was looking for all along. It wasn't until years later that I discovered this film was actually made by a guy named...Rick Masters before he started ZFX. The rest is history.

Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 08:42:05 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

My first exposure to bondage was through a section of the old Club magazine called "The Tether Report" and ads for Tao Productions in men's magazines. I saw a little pic of Little Oral Annie in tight tit bondage and first thought it was gross (tight tit bondage is now my #1 perv, lol). I went years and years trying to find that pic again and finally found it on an vintage bondage mag.

My first ZFX video was Meanstreak and there was a cool breast bondage scene to start that movie involving Victoria Vixxen. I really like the early ZFX attention to breast bondage, but that seems to have fallen out of favor with Rick. Fortunately, some website producers are paying it good attention, so I get my fix. (Dan-Hawke, Hogtied, Insex, etc)

Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 09:25:31 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com


About Annie - I have spent a lot of time researching her work. I can guide you to her breast bondage vids:

Tao: The Sadistic Adventures of Annie and Maria, Nurse with a Curse

Bon-Vue: Andrea's Fault, Judi's B&D Slave School

Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 09:43:20 AM

Name: Iago

For me, I was like five years old and watching a Batman rerun. It was one of the episodes with Batgirl, and she was being chained to a post, with poison fog rising around her ankles. I think it set the whole pattern. I had no idea what I was thinking or seeing, but I did know I liked it. Ever since then I've loved the captured and abused superheroine idea, along with shiny tight clothes on women.

The bondage part of that just developed when I hit puberty years later. Sadly, I turned 18 during the bad old Meese years, so I was cursed with knowing their had been a bumper crop of of great bondage sex/rape movies justa few years before, but Meese and his cronies had burned the crop out. I never did get to see most of them. There was one movie, a porn called True Crimes of Passion, that featured a detective what always found herself in compromising positions, often in a lycra catsuit (yum), but not much else. I bought one vid, Abducted for Pleasure, from Bizarre Video. It was okay for the times, and got me interested again. Following that I found an ad for Bon-Vue and ordered a couple vids from them. At nearly $70 a crack I couldn't buy many, and was very disappointed by what I saw. Buying those vids did, however, get me a catalog, and introduced me to a new company called ZFX that Bon-Vue distributed for. The rest is, well, what led me here, eventually.

My first ZFX tapes (I bought three on a leap of faith and because there was a price break if you bought 3) Guinea Pigs, GP 2 and ...something else. I don't remember which movie it was. I do remember Shockwave hit a few years later, and I loved both The Plant and Fair Warning. I've always ben partial to Rick's sci-fi flicks, though the odd demon or supernatural movie was always welcome.

Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 08:44:38 PM

Name: Iago

Hey, can anyone dash off a quicky review of a ZFX vid titles Disciplz of Pain? I just saw some vidcaps that looked cool, but the only review I saw was a two-liner from Damien.



Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 09:43:57 PM

Name: Iago

Nice cap, Ralphus. Ballista 2 and 3 are two of my favorite ZFX flicks. I always hoped Rick would do another Batgirl-type heroine series (a woman with no real super powers but a lot of spunk), but it didn't happen. I would be interested to know how well the Ballista series sold.

Thursday, May 20th 2004 - 11:39:25 AM

Name: MAV

Anyone know of anything to do related to our bondage interests in Amsterdam?

Friday, May 21st 2004 - 06:00:48 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://bondagevideosrus.com/videos/zfx/disciplz_pain.htm

Iago: At the link above is a synopsis from Disciplz of Pain; that should give you an idea about the story.

Is it good? Well, I went back and looked at my edited highlights (I saved about 15 minutes, about average for a ZFX vid). I'm not a big fan of all-girl bondage flicks, but I liked this one. Diedra Carrera was a pretty hot Latin chick with a trim body and a cute face, and this one had Chandra and Melisa Pope (the main victim from the Video Pirates series) in dominant roles having some fun with her. Some nice AOH bondage and clothespin torture, and Chandra even penetrates Diedra's pussy with a nightstick at one point. The other scene I kept had Diedra bound to a table for some electric shock treatment. Chandra shoves a too-large plug into her pussy and tapes it inside of her, then the two of them leave her alone to suffer.

If you're looking for that one ZFX vid to buy...I would probably buy others first. I consider it more of a minor league title, but it's a worthwhile purchase, IMO. Especially if you're a fan of all-girl ZFX action, this is one of ZFX's better efforts in that category.

Hope that helps.

Friday, May 21st 2004 - 09:54:03 PM

Name: Paulus

what do you all think of this woman's article??


Friday, May 21st 2004 - 10:03:11 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://domsview.com

About the Guardian story.... What's there to say, Soldiers have (almost) always raped & looted. Why should we expect ours to be different. As to the similarity between the Iraq pix and cheap internet porn, I think the shared features are the extreme "raw" look that pervades today's entertainment. With millions of digital cameras and digicams out there, everyone can be a producer (but very few do it well).

Saturday, May 22nd 2004 - 07:40:47 AM

Name: Baronorca

BTW, great pix of Little Oral Annie, they sure do bring back some memories. Thanx!

Saturday, May 22nd 2004 - 07:42:53 AM

Name: Andreas


Thanks, it is great to be here! Thanks for the ewprod.com link, this was one of the best tips I ever got. Great torture even on the short downloadable films. You are right the hangings are breathtaking!! THX a lot.

Sunday, May 23rd 2004 - 05:53:56 AM

Name: gimpfan

Has anyone ordered from Ravenhill Studios before? I ordered a video over three weeks ago from them and have not recieved it. I also have sent them e-mails requesting order status with no reply. Has anyone else had difficulty with them?

Sunday, May 23rd 2004 - 07:25:33 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angryalien.com

Ravenhill! I didn't even know they were still in business.

btw, please try the totally OT link, http:/www.angryalien.com

Sunday, May 23rd 2004 - 06:50:29 PM

Name: Per
E-mail address: kelderek@hotmail.com

gimpfan, I ordered from Ravenhill several years ago and I remember I had to wait months for my tapes. I haven't dealt with them since and obviously they haven't changed! The tapes turned up eventually, but after several e-mails and lame excuses from the company.

Monday, May 24th 2004 - 01:15:41 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/ralphus44/TVB01180.JPG

Gimpfan: I had never heard of Ravenhill Studios before, so I googled them just to see what came up. The second entry featured this page:


Of course, this was a year ago, but it sounds like at least someone else shared your predicament. Hope things work out and you get the vid eventually.

Looks like Ravenhill makes spanking videos. Is it just me, or am I totally out of it in not seeing the appeal of spanking vids? Not that I don't like the idea of beating a chick's ass until it's red, but something about it strikes me as being too consensual if she isn't tied down first, and I never see that. I mean, who would volunteer to lay across a guy's knee and willingly accept a beating, especially if it's really harsh? What's to stop her from standing up and getting out of there if the action got too rough? Some women are naturally masochistic, and that's fine for them. I can understand the humiliation factor, too, but to me, if they're not retrained in some way, I'd get bored real fast.

Our readers are pretty bright and have eclectic tastes. What do any of you think about spanking videos? And while we're on the subject, what about sex vids that feature humiliation and rape, but no bondage? Does she always have to get tied up to make it a good video, in your opinion?

Iago: Check out the link above. This sounds like the same episode you were referring to earlier. Bring back any memories?

And we started to get a good thread going a while back but it kind of petered out. Readers, what was your first bondage experience, or what was it that made you realize that you liked this kind of entertainment? Was it a scene in a movie, a story or a picture in a bondage magazine, even a true-life experience that was the seminal moment for you? This is something we all should be able to relate to.

Monday, May 24th 2004 - 01:30:42 PM

Name: Baronorca
Homepage URL: http://redlightvideo.com

Heads up for Little Oral Annie fans, I found a great deal on "the Sadistic Adventures of Annie & Marie", featuring Little Oral Annie for a great price. $5.00 for the DVD & $10.00 for the VHS. Don't know how long this price will be good for. BTW, they have lot's of other titles at similar prices (no ZFX tho).

Got my "what's new" fax from a distrbuter this morning and listed on it is "Bittersweet Persuasians" from ZFX, so it should start showing up in the Stores soon....

Monday, May 24th 2004 - 09:10:44 PM

Name: g-in-o

Ravenhill- ranges from the gawdawful (spanked for cash films) to the pretty damn good.  An example of the latter is called something to do with Border Crossings- (its been awhile since I saw it), anyway, in good SOB style, to American girls find themselves in prison.  Their close are cut off them and they are taken to a shower room and bound.  The water gets turned on and out come the yard sticks and belts!  Priceless wet fun!  The girls look like they are really feeling it, and I have the feeling the water was cold, because one of them keeps complaining about it.  The rest of the movie pales from that sequence, but trust me, it was worth the price of admission.

In another file, an import called Czech Brutal 2, a cute Euro girl is kept naked and caned by her evil step father.  Real tears, real quivering- not to be missed, even with the stupid voice over.  But be warned, for every good Ravenhill film, there are ten that suck- basically whipping trailer trash for cash. 

That said, Spanked at the Beach-2, where cash is exchanged for a red ass, is pretty interesting, because ironically enough, the girl is quite likeable.  You almost feel sorry for her, and yet, you want to see how much she can take.  It's the wierd mix of impulses that keeps it interesting.

Monday, May 24th 2004 - 10:10:35 PM

Name: milo

Hey, what happened to the nice artwork with the Nazi electro-torture? I've seen a lot of nice art on our favorite topic, but I am not familiar with those two pics that were posted. Who's the artist, and where can we get more of it? At the very least, we need to tell the artist that there are better places to attach those cables.

Following the thread: when did we first discover our particular 'preferences'. For me, it probably started from comic book superheroines, with their immense, gravity-defying bosoms, and skimpy, unmoving costumes. Much as I lusted after them (in a pre-pubescent sort of way), I sensed that I got special satisfaction seeing them punched, blasted by explosions or ray guns, or restrained, particularly when the artist allowed us to see them grimace in pain (w/ the dialogue balloon going above; heroes go "Argh!" or "Uhhn!", heroines go "Ah! or Uh!" -- much more erotic). Interesting, in that some shrinks relate S&M to feelings of power. Perhaps I started out wanting to see these powerful, arrogant superheroines put in their proper place!

Next stop was movie posters and still pics. There were lots of ads in the papers for westerns, horror and prison flicks that involved women in peril. I started enjoying those more than most people, and as much for the peril as for the near-nudity. In addition, there was the sneaking over to the part of the bookstore where more adult titles were stocked. Again, it wasn't so much the erotic cover art that got to me, as much as those involving pain and peril for females.

The whole thing concretized when I came upon a pocketbook in the same section entitled "The History of Torture". It was ostensibly for historical purposes (though that didn't quite explain the back view of the naked woman lying on the floor), but basically the whole book was descriptions of various tortures through the ages. The writing itself was not particularly erotic, but I found myself getting all charged up when the victim in the narrative was female, and the tortures were 'sexually' inclined, e.g. intentionally focused on the good spots. I knew then that the fantasy of erotic torture was my cup of tea. Of course, I bought the book.

Thereafter, the usual pre-internet sources: so-called Men's Magazines, the occassional bondage piece in Playboy or Penthouse, and then the pocketbooks w/ Dimulato art on the cover. Actual film on the matter was hard to find, except for the women-in-prison films.

Even with the power of the web, I still rarely indulge in film. Too costly, hard to ship and pay for outside the US. The risk of spending a bundle on tapes that turn out to be lousy (Incubus 2 -- ugh!) is also a negative. Mostly, I chase down artwork on the subject, and in some cases, stories. Of course, what little movies I have, I cherish (including the Oslo Netfetter tapes, and a few select ZFX titles, esp. the Penelope Pace movies). But for the most part, it's really the artwork that keeps me going.

Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 03:07:33 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL: http://commerce.surfnetcorp.com/acbuild/showdetl.cfm?&DID=7&User_ID=498267&st=4036&st2=38056288&st3=10238645&Product_ID=5277&CATID=23

g-in-o: I think the film you are talkin about is Border Guard Blisterings (see link). Seein those 2 chicks nude AOH on the cover looks interesting. for everyone: sorry to beat a dead horse, but I'll ask again if anyone knows anything to check out/do in Amsterdam related to our bondage interests. For one thing, I know when I went there several years ago I saw a bondage movie with Ashley Renee that I'd never seen here in the states. IIRC I think it was because it had penetration with bondage, which i know is a big no-no here.

Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 03:51:31 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL: http://www.ravenhillstudios.com/__HBO/border_guard/index.html

Sorry-this is probably a better link for info on "Border Guard Blisterings". It's too bad the online viewing isnt working. That AOH scene looks like gold.

Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 04:09:42 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Milo: The two previous Nazi electro-shock pics were sent to me from a reader; I liked them so much, I added them to the board. According to him, they came from a Pantha/Vampirella fansite. It looks like those are comics, and I don't know jack about comic books today. I don't know if there's more to the series, either. He only sent me the two, but he's an avid GIMPer so I imagine he'll read this and reply to the board if he has more information about them. Those were damn good, weren't they?

MAV: Excellent links for Border Guard Blisterings. Beatings with bondage, I can get into that! I wish other bondage tapes had such extensive coverage online; usually you're saddled with just a picture of the box and that's it. It would be a lot easier to make purchases if you got multiple pics like that.

Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 07:28:36 AM

Name: Iago

Ralphus: Yep, that was it, good catch. The "Londinium" episodes. Of course Batgirl then proceeded to get herself into all sorts of kinky situations, and she had this great way of sort of lounging about in a sexy way in between fights that was also very sexy. Is it just me, or do women nowadays not seem to have as sexy an air to them?

Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 03:47:50 PM

Name: Iago

Hey Ralphus,

Where did you get those Batgirl pictures? Most of the ones I find are blurry, but these were pretty good.

Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 09:42:28 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/movb4218.jpg

Iago: Those were from Movie Fan, who produces the very best bondage vidcaps I've ever seen. I honestly don't know what equipment he uses to make them so sharp, but some of them are really stunning, especially his later stuff. For instance, check out his work on FearDotCom (URL above). Unfortunately, his caps aren't available on any website, but I've caught the majority of them on the newsgroup


Between him and Hank Hobbs, I've discovered all kinds of mainstream films that feature bondage scenes, and that has helped me build up my collection of scenes immeasurably.

Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 10:36:39 PM

Name: darren
E-mail address: www.lifenarratives'hotmail.com

Hello fellow ZFXers does anyone know what happened to my favourite ZFX babe Victoria Vixen. Thanks Darren

Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 05:58:17 PM

Name: Iago

Darren: Rick posted some time back that Victoria became Mrs. Victoria, and that was the end of her bondage model career. Not so good for us, but good for her, so I wish her the best.



Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 08:28:30 PM

Name: Iago

Ralphus: Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. I have never been able to resist the Yvonne Craig Batgirl...

Note to self: What's the deal with DreamBook? Posting times longer than a Spielburg movie, lost posts, what the hey?

Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 08:33:27 PM

Name: Iago

Ralphus: Regarding alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage, it seems to me that they have been really sliding in recent months. I checked today (for example) and found it chock full of kiddie porn and non-bondage photos. The former I don't want to see, and the latter I'm not looking to see in a bondage newsgroup. It is a shame we can't find this guy's photo caps on any website. He does really good work.



Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 08:38:55 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Darren: Iago is right, and I recall Rick also mentioned that she had a couple of rugrats, too. With those milkin' mamas she had, I'm sure they were well-fed.

Iago: The deal with Dreambook? Um, they suck. We've been with them 5 years and they've always had problems. I was reading the 1999 archives earlier and I noticed people were mentioning having problems posting even back then.

What usually happens to people when they try to post is they will hit the Sign The Book button and get an error message. Does it mean the post didn't go through? Occasionally, but usually it's there, even though you often won't see it when you hit "refresh". So people go back and try it again, and eventually it shows up as a double or triple post! Happens nearly every day, really. It's no big thing; I keep on top of the board and I'm usually around to correct the mistakes fairly quickly. I'd rather have people post twice and have to clean up an extra post then for them to just give up and not bother. Plus I added the e-mail link in case they can't get through the normal way, so they always have another option.

I've stuck with them because they are the best free host I've found that has no little or no restrictions for adult content. And even though they have their bugs, they're fairly reliable and they've been around a lot longer than similar hosts. I don't have any fears that we may just suddenly disappear like a lot of other sites do.

Regarding that newsgroup, you may well be right. Unless a group is moderated, the spammers will eventually take over and choke out any worthwhile content. Movie Fan was the recipient of at least one Yahoo group a few years back, and that was great. But the moderator disappeared, the spammers took over, and it's totally abandoned now. I've e-mailed him before and the last I heard, he'll only post to Usenet and knows of no website that carries his work. It's an awfully large collection. I personally have nearly 5000 of his files, and I'm missing quite a few.

Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 09:28:21 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

I've used and been on a wide variety of types of board, and this one, despite its glitches, is probably on balance the most fun to use and the easiest (of the free ones, that is). I'd hope we stay here unless or until we find someone keen enough to pay for a proper website of our own.

Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 10:01:42 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Off topic: Primetime (the news show) doing a story on porn, thursday night.

Must be sweeps.

Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 10:35:35 PM

Name: MAV

For anyone interested in buying Ravenhill videos in NYC, Kinematics on 37th street (by 6th Ave) has most of them available. I saw the first 30 mins of Border Guard Blisterings, and while the AOH scene was great, it was short and only a lead-in to what seems to be Ravenhill's specialty-spanking. That doesn't do it for me, so luckily i only spent $10 instead of buying the thing for 60+tax. BTW, I also miss Victoria Vixxen as well. Monica Moore and VV are my top 2 XFX girls.

Thursday, May 27th 2004 - 03:55:55 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com

Just got a copy of "Sadistic Advdntures of Annie & Marie", for $5 I couldn't resist, pretty cheezy, but does have a spectacular breast bondage scene with Annie Owens,

Just saw that I had some more pix published in the current (July 2004) TABOO magazine, they are the five pix of Tina Marie in the Reader's Domain section.

Dreambook doesn't work all that well, but it does work better than most FREE forums/groups.

Thursday, May 27th 2004 - 07:11:52 AM

Name: mongoose

Those are some fine tits on Victoria Vixen!! Damn, I'd actually like to see that a lot more in bondage movies -- (big-breasted) women in lingerie tied up and abused. The lingerie that shows a little, but still leaves something up to your imagination, is really the best! ;-)

Thursday, May 27th 2004 - 01:28:45 PM

Name: Iago

mongoose, I think the real problem is that it's so hard to get a woman these days with big, natural breasts in a bondage movie. Most of them have implants so big that they don't really bind up that well. You tie rope around them and they just turn into a couple of softballs. Victoria's rack was, well, precious, as was the rest of her lovely, lovely body.

Friday, May 28th 2004 - 01:31:14 PM

Name: Iago

Attention all GIMP pervs:

I've seen a few posters lately mouring the loss of posts on the board. It's true, we've slowed down, but it's not all -that slow now.

When the board first started we had a link off of the ZFX site and I believe we drew a lot of new viewers from that. Some time back Rick removed the link, possibly because of the widening of scope that the board experienced in recent years (not just a ZFX board any more). I really think that we just need more exposure to get some new pervy posters in here. So here's what we need you to do:

Get some folks to link to us!

That's right. Email your favorite bondage producers and let them know that we are here and would like them to link to us. It's good for us, and it's good for them. Ralphus reviews anything he can get his sticky mitts on (Ew), and lots of GIMP readers have posted reviews over the years. It gives exposure to the products of the producers and also gives us new viewers to add to our base. I like it here. Conversations are generally civil yet still on topic, we get the rundown on lots of vids and materials that we would like, and we get to hear from the producers themselves from time to time, which gives us insight into their films and gives them insight into what we like. It's a win for everyone. So get crackin'. Post here if you get a link somewhere, or just email Ralphus so he knows where we have links. Help a pervy brother out!

Peace out,


Friday, May 28th 2004 - 01:40:00 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Iago: To be fair to Rick, I don't think he removed the link to our board for that reason. When he truncated the ZFX website earlier this year, he took out a bunch of stuff...stills from his movies, his own personal artwork, the sales section buy his vids online...and the links page. All the links vanished, not just ours. I e-mailed him this morning and asked if he would reattach the links portion of his site, but I don't know if he'll be able to.

You are correct, though, that a lot of people found this site as a direct result to Rick linking us on the ZFX site, and now that we're no longer there, it's going to be a bit more difficult for that crowd to find us.

I need to work a little harder at getting the site noticed. I already leave the site's URL whenever I post on Yahoo groups, and we're already linked at the similarly themed Brian's Page, as well as Hank's Yahoo groups, Oslo's Whipping Scenes Database, Stray Thoughts and probably a few more I can't think of right now. Sites like Dan Hawke, Forbidden and Eyewitness don't have separate links pages (I've checked). But yeah, if anybody knows a site, or a Yahoo club, that has similar bondage themes, let them know about this board. The same 9 people post here all the time and we could always use some new faces around here to contribute. Otherwise it's possible this site might go bye-bye eventually. It could happen; it's up to us to keep it alive.

Friday, May 28th 2004 - 02:24:44 PM

Name: Bruno
Homepage URL: http://www.mood-pictures.com/

For those of you that are interested in whipping movies, Martial Law, at www.mood-pictures is by far the best movie of that kind that I have ever seen.There is a plot of sorts, the blonde victim is very attractive, she is tied hand and foot to a whipping apparatus, she must count each of the 100 strokes from the cane, or they do not count, a doctor checks her over after each 25 strokes, she looses consciousness after about 75-80 strokes, is revived by the doctor with water on her face and behind the neck, she reacts pretty good to the realistic strokes and he rear cheeks and the backs of her upper things are a mess at the completion.

Friday, May 28th 2004 - 05:37:55 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mood-pictures.com/pp0404.htm

Bruno: I checked out the pictures to Martial Law. The girl is cute, they tie her up before the whipping, and damn, they really blistered her ass! My only problem I can see is that it sort of looks from the pictures that the action is consensual. You see her taking her own clothes off before the whipping begins. You said there was a plot; does she at least cry or act scared before they tie her up? Would you say the mood is more consensual, or is there force involved?

Friday, May 28th 2004 - 07:53:47 PM

Name: Bruno

Ralphus:I am strictly into n/c whippings also. The blonde is a sargeant in the miliatary and at the beginning of the movie she gives a captive brunette 25 strokes before realizing that the brunette is actually an undercover spy in her own army. For her mistake, she is courtmartialed and sentenced to 100 strokes. Yes she disrobes at the command of her superiors, but in no way enjoys receiving the punishment. I thought it was a very good movie.

Saturday, May 29th 2004 - 07:01:22 AM

Name: gimpfan

I am interested in ordering the "Martial Law" video however, I noticed that the video is shipped from overseas. I have not ordered a product from a foreign country as of yet and before I do so I'm curious if anyone has had any problems with customs concerning thier orders. There are a few companies that I would like to order from but I have been hesitant before now not really knowing how strict it is.

Saturday, May 29th 2004 - 01:52:19 PM

Name: Bruno

Gimpfan:I ordered Martial Law and amazingly received it in just a few days.

Saturday, May 29th 2004 - 06:41:40 PM

Name: ZFX'r


GREAT photo and YES I think that position is best!

That photo is perfect. Tied legs spread, feet touching, hands bound AND a puss open wide and ready! Whoa.

I also like that Allison Parish look too though I usually go for heavier, bustier babes. Allison was hot.

Two other positions for me in the top three are placing a babe on her belly, tie her hands over head or behind her back, lift her ass high in the air and tie her legs together. And, how about the Penelope Pace tie the legs behind the head? Nice.

Thanks Ralphus for the pics of Victoria Vixen this week. Erotic Bondage Confessions is one Vicki V tape I never got. Always intended to but never did. It was Vicki V that really caught my eye in Night Prowler (the first) and I was ga ga over ZFX and her after that.

In Scene of the Crime, her spreadeagled, tied up, pus open and ready pose just blew my mind! I also just loved that full-figured, busty look and how her lingerie could barely contain her. Sweet.

I've been wondering for some time and DUH and I should have just asked here: just what the hell is Rick using when he does those tit suction scenes like on Lisa in HIgh Strung and Allison in Guinea Pigs?

Are they home-made or specially rigged props?

Either way, I love how breasts either very small or large are sucked into those cups!

Sunday, May 30th 2004 - 07:05:57 AM

Name: Iago

Allison Parrish? Is that her? If it is, what movie?

Yes, that is a great pose. It's especially great if the vid has action following setup, tho.

I believe Rick is using a vacuum jar to get the suction going, at least it looks that way. It's a cool effect.

Sunday, May 30th 2004 - 08:30:38 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Iago: That wasn't Alison Parish in that pic; it was an unknown model. I think it came from a photo set, not a video.

However, the real Alison is posted right now. Back in the early 90s, you couldn't find a ZFX vid without Alison. Rick used her nearly as much as he uses Lisa Kinkaid now. (Using Lisa Kinkaid....mmmmm....the mind wanders!)

Sunday, May 30th 2004 - 11:24:32 PM

Name: mr?

Hi all...Ralph ...Please more caps from Erotic Bondage?

Monday, May 31st 2004 - 05:23:31 AM

Name: Iago

Ralphus, I never had any complaints with seeing a lot of Allison. She acted pretty well and had a killer body, petite yet still very sexy.

Monday, May 31st 2004 - 09:49:21 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.isubmissivegirls.com/botg/gimp1999/jul99.html

Right, no complaints here, either. She was a Smokin' Babe, and a great natural victim who gave her all in every ZFX release. I remember Rick praised her on this board as being one of, if not the best looking model he ever shot (July 9, 1999 if you want to read his whole comments). She must have really been into the whole scene; if you recall, she even had an "SM" tattooed on her ankle.

I first saw her in Pretty Tied Up, one of the earliest ZFX releases, and she was the one and only female performer in that tape and she carried the whole thing herself. Then I saw the first two Guinea Pigs tapes and I knew it was no fluke. Just about every tape she appeared in I would recommend, and some of them, like Future Shock and Highway to Hell, are bona fide classics.

Monday, May 31st 2004 - 10:23:37 PM

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