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March 2004

Name: Mr?

hello....For ZFX meister...I have a casting request...Has ZFX ever approched Christina Carter?She is one of the hottest bondage models ever.I don´t think Erica Campbell would be too shy for a ZFX film also.Anyone else care to give their thoughts on these 2 babes?

Monday, March 1st 2004 - 01:57:03 PM


Mr? Erica Campbell in a ZFX video would be fucking amazing, but I don't think she would ever do it. She's pretty wrapped up in the whole Danni Ash, soft core bull shit scene, and while she does do some bondage, it's all very light and playfull type stuff. I think ZFX has a bit to much of an edge for her, but man-o-man, I would pay a TON of money to see that vid.

Monday, March 1st 2004 - 06:53:38 PM


For anyone unfamiliar with Erica Campbell, here is a link to her bondage Yahoo Group. She has one of the hottest natural bodies I think I've ever seen in my life. I highly recommend checking it out if you're not already familiar with her.


Monday, March 1st 2004 - 07:04:11 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Response to poll question:

What do you think is most important to you in your ideal bondage/rape video? You can select more than one.

Here's my list from most important to least important (additional factors are italicized)

Important Breast bondage/torture (like to see them as deformed and purple as possible)

Tight, uncomfortable bondage

Pussy torture (e.g. tight crotch ropes)

Attractiveness of the victim

forced multiple orgasms and pussy stuffing

person doing the torture - prefer attractive Fem

Effective gags (like using her own and domme's panties)

Realistic theme

tight corset or rope belt

Acting ability

Multiple victims (put in situational bondage positions)


Stalking of the victim


Anal penetration

Rape scenes

Forced blow jobs

Whipping scenes

Electric shock torture

Science fiction/fantasy theme

Tuesday, March 2nd 2004 - 09:09:52 AM

Name: Mr?

HOWIE is right. Erica is a natural babe. I think if ZFX could create a story within her limits, a film could be made. I am sure she has a price to extend her limits. As for the group...that is how I found out about Erica.

As for Christina Carter....I think she is more flexible than EC. ZFX please close a deal with 1 of these honeys!!

Tuesday, March 2nd 2004 - 10:40:10 AM

Name: Xenonex
E-mail address: xenonex@BareGirls.zzn.com

>What do you think is most important to you in your ideal bondage/rape video? You can select more than one.

After you read this you'll wish I had stayed lurking... hehe
As you may be able to figure out, I have gravitated to the weirder elements of ZFX flics:
Aliens, ghosts, plants, etc.
The elements below are loosely ranked by importance to me-

1 Acting ability - must be belevable- this is key.
Rape scenes - Absolutely - Why tie up someone if you wont?

2 Tight, uncomfortable bondage / (Tentacle bondage)
Effective gags

3 Realistic science fiction / fantasy theme:
Other (you name it): hmmm- (maybe you'll see a pattern):
Messy substances (alien slime / cum / food)
Uncontrolable bodily functions (especially if induced by alien tampering)
Unusual bodily functions (due to alien tampering- coughing up goo, blue piss, and of course; "WHAT the HELL is THAT?" )
"Hugger" bondage - (think "facehugger" from Alien- but for any part of the body-, Breasthugger, Crotchgrabber, etc)
"parasite birth" - (Step 1 alien imprenates victim - Step 2 victim gives birth to a pod-like thing (very very short gestation) -
step 3 pod like thing unfolds & attaches itself to victim (a "hugger') - step 4 with victim preoccupied with "hugger," alien re-impregnates victim- cycle repeats)
Surreal dream sequences - Nightmare on elm street style (with a ZFX twist of course)

4 Pussy torture / Penetration
Anal penetration
Forced blow jobs
Breast bondage/torture
Electric shock torture
Whipping scenes
(penetration scenes include impossible penetration - special effects assisted, of course: 5 foot long tentacle? sure- entering vagina & exiting mouth? yes- "we have the technology- we can fake it"

5 Attractiveness of the victim
Multiple victims
Stalking of the victim / (I like the idea of quick / unexpected attacks)

Go on- tell me to go back to my lurking...hehehe...


Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 03:17:29 AM

Name: Hail
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HailCaesarsFakes

Xenonex, how could I have forgotton about all the sci-fi stuff? That's what made me a ZFX fan in the first place. The Plant made me say "What the hell it THAT?" And Alien Probe with that thing fucking her from behind? Awesome!

Lurk no more! Hail

Oh here's a new Yahoo group I'm starting. Nothing there yet but I've got some stuff to add soon.


Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 05:48:07 AM

Name: susan
E-mail address: no
Homepage URL: http://no

I wonder if you experts can tell me if one can get really strong torture/bondage cartoons ? I prefer drawings of severe torture rather than photos.....hooked by breasts and impaled type drawings, etc., and wonder if anyone has done cartoons like that. Manga stuff is O,K, but don't you hate that doe eyed big kid look? Also any sites featuring drawn s & m mayhem open without pre pay, etc., would be good. Love, Susan.

Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 08:58:18 AM

Name: Comic Artist

Some good sites for comic book art are:

Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 10:47:34 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Susan: Sounds like you like the same stuff I like. I love erotic artwork, because you can be as mean as you want to the victims and nobody gets hurt. I also have a penchant for severe bondage and torture drawings, like what you described, for instance:


One particularly good place to recommend would be:

The Drawing Palace, which has a smorgasbord of great artists, most of whom produce the same type of nasty stuff we both like (some of which is really brutal).

Or if you're strapped for cash, you could do what I do and subscribe to several Yahoo clubs, the best of which would be Boilerplant. They send you dozens of artworks from various sources free in your mailbox every day, and they are one reason why I've accumulated so many awesome pics in my collection over the years.

Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 12:08:47 PM

Name: Hail
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HailCaesarsFakes

Susan, check out this russian site. Don't miss G-Man and Hyde. Gman is AWESOME. Totally fucking brutal! There are 5 G-Man galleries.



Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 12:55:09 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://desadov.com/galler_dir/pictures/Fernan_dir/fernan051.shtml

Hail: G-Man is good, but Fernando is FANTASTIC! It's always sort of amazed me these people are so gifted with the special ability to create art, and then they use their God-given talents for what purpose? Drawing realistic pictures of women being tied up, tortured, and sexually abused in every way possible! You've gotta love it.

Excellent site; there's even movie stills on it from a lot of my favorite films that I've never seen capped. Proves that there are pervs all around the world who love this disgusting stuff, including Russia. Great link; thanks very much for sharing it with us.

Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 02:29:04 PM

Name: Scribbler

Rene Baker for president!

She's already proven she holds up well under a thorough investigation!

Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 07:04:02 PM

Name: milo

Arggh! I was going to return to peaceful, harmless lurking, but as Al Pacino said in Godfather III: "Just when I want to get out ... they suck me back in!!". How? By raising the topic of torture artworks! How can I remain silent?

There are three paysites I have tried, w/ good content (albeit pricey) - torturedrawing, drawingpalace, and bdsmartwork. Never heard of wristrope, but it looks very interesting.

I'm just guessing, but I think Fernando is a bit too tame for Susan. Gman is too often over the top for me, along w/ other 'extremists' like Zerns, Preston. Dolcett and Cato are snuff, so be warned. I avoid them.

But apart from that, there are so many great ones I really dig. The Classics: the great Stanton, Ward, and those old RDFs like "The Fiend and the Three Strippers". The hard-to-find Lee and his bondage comics.

More recent vintage - the mercurial Roberts of course (who used to frequent this site), Swift/Hawkeye, Cagri/Kose, Mr. Kane, DeHaro, Aries, Roscoe. Serpieri is awesome, but Druuna never gets more than a quick whipping. (someone talk to that guy). Kovaq and his Hilda series. Ferres. And we're not even talking about 3D art, by such masters as ken49, the now-disappeared Ratnik, Composer, tryten, linusxyz, zell, and this site's very own Per/Keldrek. Or composites, by Damian! Somebody stop me!

Must ... resist! Must not ...join... paysite! Nooooo!

Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 11:26:52 PM

Name: susan

Thankyou for the suggestions. I'll check them out. And fancy mentioning The Fiends....I remember those from a shop in Soho many years ago. Rusty, Busty, and I can't remember the third. And anyone remember Yo-Ho or Jo-Ho drawings? Fantastic machinery for tormenting us poor ladies, but in pre-nipple or pussy showing times....all those convenient wisps of cloth ! Haven't seen any of those on the web. Have a few of my own lewd sketches which I'd love to show to those who like that sort of thing, but I'm not sure how this damned machine works, so not easy for me to do. And my husband, though he knows of my peculiar interests, does not approve and certainly would not help. Anyway, nice to have found some folk who like sexy snuff. love, Susan.

Thursday, March 4th 2004 - 02:26:34 PM

Name: Frida

Lordy, how I missed this forum! And all the pics! I haven't been on in ages and look at all the conversation I missed (said with Sarcasm) I guess we wore out our fingers on the MC/Visa issue:D Nice to see that theer's another fem in the group, it should make things a little bit more interesting now (for me, anyways)

Hey susan, what say we gang up on Ralphus and the others??? Latex is purely optional;)

Gotta get back to the taxes and books! Y'all have a fine weekend, yeah hear?

Yours Truly, Frida

Thursday, March 4th 2004 - 04:28:29 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Frida: Nice to see you're back with us. We missed hearing from you.

As far as you and Susan ganging up on me (latex optional), I say just try it, baby! There are literally hundreds of us guys here and only 2 girls, and we all like the idea of binding up cuties and doing bad things to them. Need I mention that we've all seen your picture by now so we know you're worthy. All we're looking for now is an excuse...hee hee hee.

Thursday, March 4th 2004 - 05:02:28 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~Susan and Frida....that's probably more than your bearded, 3'7" self can handle.

By the way...what pic of Frida are you talking about? You mean the one up today? ;-)


Thursday, March 4th 2004 - 06:16:37 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Milo~Almost forgot. I'd throw you a life line...but I know it would only slip (and slide) out of your grasp ;-)


Thursday, March 4th 2004 - 06:24:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

It's been a little while since I asked the poll question:

What do you think is most important to you in your ideal bondage/rape video?

I didn't want to give my answers right away, since I wanted to hear some feedback from the other readers first, and it looks like we have some real diverging opinions as to what people like. That's good; variety is a good thing, because as a friend of mine once noted, if everyone had the same tastes that girl would be awfully sore :)

Here are my picks for what's most important:

Attractiveness of the victim - Looks like I was right. Nearly everyone who responded put this among their choices as the most important feature. It's number one with me, too. Casting is oh-so important to making one of these successful. Start off with an attractive victim, and you're more than halfway there. If the girl isn't pretty, I won't want to watch it, period.

Acting ability - This was number two for me, and it kind of goes hand-in-hand with attractiveness. Not necessarily reading lines, but being able to portray realistic fear and distress. A Penelope Pace, for example, is not super-high with me looks-wise, but her ability to act makes her an ideal victim.

Multiple victims - A bonus sometimes, but not as important for me. I'm pretty much a one-woman guy, and sometimes having more than one victim interferes with the fantasy. A pretty girl abducted and subjected to torment is one thing, but having it happen to 3 or 4 girls at one time doesn't always seem believable.

Stalking of the victim - So far, people have been fairly evenly divided on this one, but to me, it's great foreplay if done well. I like the suspenseful aspect of it. It allows you to assume the role of the hunter, which makes capturing your prey all the more satisfying, more so than just a quick attack where you barely see the girl beforehand.

Chloroforming - It's a dramatic device, often done too quickly (she's knocked out in 3 seconds) and too often in the course of a tape, but I can live with it. Myself, I would prefer the jolt of stun gun to subdue my victim. More realistic, and more painful, too.

Tight, uncomfortable bondage - I like to see a pretty girl tied up tightly so that she can't escape, and maybe even squirming because it hurts to be tied up. I'm talking arms tied behind her to the chair, not to the armrests like they often do in TV scenes. She's your victim. She shouldn't ever be sitting there comfortably. Make her suffer a bit.

Effective gags - Nothing improves the looks of a girl more than stuffing a big red ballgag in her mouth or covering up the lower half of her face with several swatches of duct tape. Plus that, it adds to their feelings of helplessness, being unable to speak. Very important in my book. I wrote it as effective gags because your often-used cleave gag, which is simply cloth tied through the mouth with no packing, is more for looks and doesn't provide much in the way of silencing the victim.

Breast bondage/torture - A big yes in my book. I love breasts, and seeing them tortured in any way, be it tight bondage that makes them turn purple, clamps on the nipples, whipped, used as punching bags, etc., is a big turn-on.

Pussy torture - Clothespins on the clit and pussy lips are always a plus, but sticking vibrators inside, anything that might bring her pleasure, is usually fast-forward material for me. I can think of something better to put in her pussy.

Anal penetration - Not my favorite, but as long as it's painful, sure.

Rape scenes - Absolutely, and my reasoning is why not use her for your own pleasure as long as you've got her all tied up? Plus being violated is what every woman fears, so why not make her nightmare come true?

Forced blow jobs - Degrading and humiliating for the victim, and fun for the captor, so by all means.

Whipping scenes - If done well, then they can be very stimulating. If done badly, they get boring real fast.

Electric shock torture - This one also has people equally divided, but I love it, especially when done well. To answer Milo's question about recommendations: Maybe the best I've seen is Elaine Payton's awesome zapping scene in South of the Border 6.

Science fiction/fantasy theme - Not my preference, since I can't quite believe horny spiders and plants that sprout tentacles and sexually attack naked women. I don't begrudge people who enjoy them, because these are ultimately fantasy films, after all. It's just not my fantasy.

Realistic theme - Now you're talkin'! A real setting and a real girl tied up and tormented by a real guy. I can get into that!

Other - So far there have been some great suggestions, my favorites being AvF's line about her sense of peril where she feels this could be her last day on earth, and Mothbrad's call for real tears. If I feel her distress, it's all the more stimulating for me.

Keep on with those opinions, guys. This is real interesting to hear what people want to see.

Friday, March 5th 2004 - 11:33:38 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~I spent the day reminising, as I watched both the original and the fairly recent re-make of "House on Haunted Hill". I had totally forgot that the remake has a fairly intense (although no nudity)electro-shock scene w/Fanke Janssen (or however she spells her name...Come on Ralphus...do your job....you know your my spell check bitch ;-).

Since you are Mr. Electro-torture (amongst other fiendishly tortuous fetishes), what do you think about that scene (I'm assuming you've seen it since you seem to have seen everything else)?

Also having watched the re-make again, it made me think that the beggining would make a pretty good video plot. For those who haven't seen it, the re-make starts out with the inmates of an insane asylum taking over. It brings to mind all kinds of various possibilities a sick and perverted mind (Even more perverted that us!) could think up. Crutches, scapels, bite wounds, stitching, lab mice, HOSPITAL FOOD....the horror!


Friday, March 5th 2004 - 05:15:42 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/ralphus44/MOVB3243.JPG

AvF: Yeah, I saw that scene. A friend who knows what I like tipped me off that Famke Jansenn gets electrocuted in that film, and she encouraged me to check out the film. And...I didn't like it. Neither the scene nor the film. Go figure.

Famke Jansenn is a beautiful woman, but then they covered up half her head with a hood so you couldn't hardly tell it was her, and the film was edited so quickly you couldn't really enjoy her suffering. It was an intense scene, with lots of writhing, and I particularly liked the smoke shooting out at the end, but a near-miss for me. Now if Rick Masters had directed that scene...naw, nevermind. I'd rather just go watch Lisa get shocked in Whiplash 4 again.

Friday, March 5th 2004 - 06:04:09 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~Wow, I though for sure that one would float your boat. Yeaugh, the sheet came to mind for me too (get rid of it!!) but I thought the reactions were done well enough to get it by. Plus I liked the bit gag. It looked hot between Famke's lips!


Friday, March 5th 2004 - 09:31:56 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://noneof yourfucking business.com

Avf- Dude, you got it all wrong, Ralphus is the 3'7" bearded freak, and Iago is his brain dead lacky. Together they make up...... well what ever the hell it is, I really dont want to know. Suffice it to say that they probally share one brain between the two.

I know this is a dead subject, but who really cares if somebody post saying they are a woman or not? What guy would want to admit to being a woman anyways? Or even thinking like one, for that matter? I would have to revoke their membership cards for doing that. What, you mean you guys didnt get one? Well maybe if you try really hard to be a macho pig, I might think about letting you into the brotherhood, and yes you do need my approval.

Anyways, whats to say that all of us arent women posting as guys? What kind of proof do you have that you are a man, and not a woman who is jealous of other female posters? We all take a leap of faith and assume that poeple we are communicating with over the internet are who they say they are. Not if you sent up a face to face to find out that the chick you are in "love with" is really a guy, then you might have a legitamate gripe. Otherwise just accept things as how they are and post what ever the hell you want to regardless of somebody elses post.

Ralphus, man talk about rehashing old stuff. Wasn't that post done in Dec 2001? I think so, man come up with something origanal. Something like, who would you most like to seeMad Dog star with? I know that is on everybody's mind. So give me your thoughts, Who would you like to see me torture the most? Come on, dont even telll me that you havent thought about it, because I know each and every one of you are dying to ask this question.

But I suppose to answer your questions, Yes, Yes, Yes, sure, no, not really, Yeah I would agree, Most definatly yes God made them for guy's fun, Maybe, I could go either way(shut the hell up Iago), OK, Yeah boring as well, nope just cant buy into it, it would have to be a whole mind control thing, If you want to be believable, anything with Mad Dog in it and multiple victims.

Frida,What the hell is wrong with the cheerleader type? You can dress up a cheerleader and visit me anytime, and I will show you how I treat those uppity bitches!! I will show you what happens to naughty little girls who dont do their himework. Oh yeah, AVF, dude you missed a good picture. See what happens when you dont check the board every day?

Susan, you are next on my list, except I want you in school girl's outfit. If you dont like that, well too bad. DON'T make me brake out the "heavy equipment"

On a lesser note I am issuing a personal challenge to Damien, what ever the problem you are having, solve it and come back to post here. Ripping Ralphus, and Iago is just getting too easy and boring, I miss telling you how wrong you are. So there, I am issuing a personal challenge, or better yet I am triple dog(Mad Dog)daring you to comeback to your true home.

On a lesser note you think Rick has not posted here in a while is because he is dealing with bootleggers, and credit card companies, but that is far from the truth. He is too busy hitting the strip club with all of your money. Yeah thats right I am calling out the Bid Dog himself. Pull yourself away from the "flavor of the month" and come back to your only home, and Keep the excuses for your old lady.

Howie- Who the hell do you think you are telling everybody how to post in color? I should be the only one to post in color. If it wasnt for me this board would have died out long ago. I swear if you post in yellow I am going to have to hunt you done like a mangy old mongrol that you are, and show you who the "Mad Dog" is. There are many imitaions but only one original.

Milo- Screw this lurking bullshit and post every goddam day. Dont make me open up a can of woop ass on you

Hail You aren't that fucking computer from 2001 Space Oddesy, are you. Man, did I hate that thing, dont make me pull your plug as well.

Xenonex- Dude, where did you come up with that name? It sounds like what would happen if Xerox, try to mate with Clarinex.

MR?- Whats with the qestion mark? Are you having a Identity Crisis? (Cool name, somebody should name a softball team after it, wait I already did)

BBFan- You have been posting here awhile, havent you? I have nothing bad to say about you? Unless you want me to, then I could find something.

mothbrad Exactly my point, if you do not post here on a regular basis, you get left behind. You dont want us to leave you behind, now do you?

Well screw you all, I dont have time to berate every single one of you. So, if you are feeling slighted in any way, send me an email and i will berate you personally.

Until then, there is only one god and his name is Mad Dog

Peace All
Mad Dog
The Original

Friday, March 5th 2004 - 11:22:32 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

See, this is what happens when Mad Dog drinks.

Dude, next time, just say no. Booze is very bad for a dog's digestive tract, especially a mad one.

Friday, March 5th 2004 - 11:36:21 PM

Name: Mad Dog

Ralphus See, I dint even apologize once! I told you I was only going to do it one and that was it.

Peace All
Mad Dog
The Original

Friday, March 5th 2004 - 11:38:24 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Mad Dog~Excellent poll!!!

How bout a threesome....Mad Dog with B&D co-star victims....Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Streisand!!!

And once again I must add...The horror!!!


P.S. The missed pic...Yes, I know. I was making an attempt at humor. LOOK OUT MAD DOG, DUCK! (as it goes flying over his head ;-)

Saturday, March 6th 2004 - 02:38:54 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

P.P.S. Mad Dog~Are you sure you're not really Scott? (Think Mad Dog, think....Don't hurt yourself though...remember....Scott, Mr. twisted about subject 6 months or more old ;-)

Saturday, March 6th 2004 - 02:42:37 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Susan wrote: "nice to have found some folk who like sexy snuff."

Are you also in to stills and film? Or is it just writtings? If so to the first, what are some of your favorite sites?

Other than the obvious ones (EWP, Orgasmagoria, Hanging Bitches, Etc), are there any that you know of that may not be too well known that are any good?

New poll: In everyone's fantasies, is there anyone who's off limits. In other words, is there anyone whom you couldn't picture or fantasize about in any way, shape, or form, in B&D. And I'm talking people whom you'd normally find attactive (as is obvious that your not going to fantsize about Whoopi Goldberg...unless you're Mad Dog ;-)

Let me get the ball rolling. I've had lots of girlfriends of which B&D played no part, but still I would fantasize about it. For me, for whatever reason, because I think she's beautiful, it's Kate Beckinsale. I just read something, wheter it's a sweetness or a sensitivity, or whatever it is, in her face that I just can't think about her in these fantasies that I normally don't consider off limits with anyone else.

I know it dosen't really make much sense but I was curious to see if others have an "off limits" type of reaction with anyone.


Saturday, March 6th 2004 - 07:21:48 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://us.imdb.com/gallery/granitz/2165/KateBeckin_Grani_1505842_400.jpg?path=pgallery&path_key=Beckinsale, Kate

AvF: You be crazy, man! I've had a major crush on British smokin' babe Kate Beckinsale for years, and if anything, she's gotten even better looking as she's gotten older (can't believe I'm saying that), since she's grown her hair longer. You telling me you wouldn't want to see a movie where she's alone in a house and two guys break in, tie her up, tape up her mouth and ravage her? Yeah, that would be so awful, boycott that movie!

Pretty much anybody who I find attractive I would want to see tied up. It's just the way I'm wired. Innocence has nothing to do with it, because those girls would make much better victims. I think we discussed this before; I would much rather see a sweet girl get the treatment than a slut anyday.

This topic reminds me of those bondage artists who take celebrity pictures and manipulate them into bondage photos by adding ropes and gags. One of my favorite artists is Manipulator, whose site is now located at my friend Bindher's site right here:

The Manipulator

He does great celebrity fakes. His manip of Monica Bellucci with a noose around her neck is reason enough to check him out.

Saturday, March 6th 2004 - 09:48:29 AM

Name: Saphire

Hello, Having been happy in lurk-mode, I never intended to post here. But now that my friend Damien's mentioned again, I feel the need to say that it's not likely for him to return to this board anytime soon, if at all, due to his physical condition. I'm not sure how much more he wants me to share, so respecting his privacy, I'll leave it at that for now.

Saturday, March 6th 2004 - 01:01:35 PM


Yes MAD DOG, you're right. I definitely over stepped my bounds. Consider this... an... ahhh . AAAA..... AAACHEWWWW!!!!!. Oh shit, sorry.

Saturday, March 6th 2004 - 01:43:59 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~I hear what your saying, I was in on that debate. I kinda went each way, recognizing the innocents has a major appeal but also the bitch who gets her justs rewards has it's merits to. If I remember right I had mentioned Lara Flynn Boyle in the bitch role, and I think it was either Mad Dog or Howie (on second thought it must have been Howie since Mad Dog is hooked on Whoopie) that also mentioned Ms. Parker (TV show...can't remember).

For whatever reason I just can't picture Kate there. By the way,since you've got a major crush on her, have you ever seen her as a blonde? Just as hot either way.

Sorry to hear about Damien. Please give him our regards as he has friends here. Tell him his fellow Dutch home lander, now in the states gives his regards.


Saturday, March 6th 2004 - 03:44:05 PM

Name: Black Rubber Mask

Ralphus - thanks for the tip on The Manipulator (and the classic breast bondage pics the last few days). Some nice fakes. As a fan of nooses and gags, the Bellucci pic was smokin'. Nooses and gags go together like cherry pie and ice cream (only improved by nooses, gags and breast bondage). Of course, the 9 minutes or so in 'Irreversible' is still one of the hottest scenes in maintream for years.

On the subject of fakes, I was a fan of Gillian Anderson fakes with bondage - ah! where is she now? Something about her repressed character on the X-Files done up in collars and gags worked so well. Then of course she did that layout in FHM featuring skimpy lingerie and a latex catsuit, leading one to suspect that it was only her t.v. character that was repressed. Hm, maybe she's ready to make a return to acting with a ZFX title or two, or some quality time with Dan H.?

Sunday, March 7th 2004 - 12:06:22 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

AvF, I can understand you being the jealous type that dosent want to admit that I am the best looking dude that has ever graced this board, but at least give me credit for what I did say. I was the one that brought up Miss Parker, from the Pretender. Now I am usually a breast man, but man those legs, are to die for.

Oh yeah, and about that whole Whoopi thing, your just sore because she is more of a man than ever will be.

On a serious note. Sorry to hear about Damien, it just suck to hear about anybody being in a bad situation. Tell him that the next time I get my hands on some chick, I will give her a couple of lashes just for him.

Peace All
Mad Dog
The Original

P.S. Howie, Budda bless you, I hope you used precautions before that sneeze. Also I hope you didnt lose anymore brain cells, because you cant afford it.

Sunday, March 7th 2004 - 03:08:23 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Mad Dog~Jealous?...Maybe of all that braided back hair ;-)

But no doubt about Whoopie being more man....After all, she kicked Arnold's ass in Predator.


Sunday, March 7th 2004 - 06:27:09 PM

Name: Dave Darke
E-mail address: davedarke@davedarke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.davedarke.com


I just wanted to say thanks to all the Gimpers who have contacted me with questions and comments on my first video, "Pain Times Seven."

The response and interest are very much appreciated.

Dave Darke

Sunday, March 7th 2004 - 08:37:19 PM

Name: Iago

Damien: He's had trouble before, if memory serves. If this is the same issue as before I feel really bad for him. He seems like an enthusiastic and basically good guy, and it sucks when bad things happen to good people. Saphire, if you see Damien please tell him I send my best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

Mad Dog, I have to agree 100% about Ms. Parker on the Pretender. I didn't even like that show sometimes, but she has treasure legs. Hypnotic, even. And man is she bold about showing them off. Woo.

Regarding Kate Beckinsdale: Anytime, anywhere. A better example of a MILF (Mom I'd like to...) I can't imagine. A real stunner. Of course, I also want Diane Lane. Yum...

Regarding Women on the board. Mad Dog, you are absolutely correct. It's a dead topic. Let it go, man. It's not good to dwell on these things. Take up a more healthy past time, like drinking or smoking.

Regarding women on the board part 2: Quit lurking and post. You know who you are. I sure as hell don't. You feel misunderstood by men, or don't understand something yourself? You have Pervs-R-Us here, at your disposal. Don't waste this resource, especially when so many of the posters on this board would be just dying to tell you the answers to whatever you wanted to know. Even if they don't really belive you are a woman when they do.

Regarding off-limits bondage: I can see the point being made. For me it would be a new crush that might be off-limits. I'm not a hurty kind of guy to start with, and if I really like her I'm not likely to have any urge to go kinky for a while. Messed up I know. More casual relationships the rules are off from the get-go. But it also keeps things lively as the gloves slowly come off over the first few months.

Who would be the best co-star for Mad-Dog? Lesse, the shark from Jaws...Oh, you meant something -else-when you said "bite me?" ;-) I'd actually like to see Mad Dog in another vid with Christina Anderson, just because I know he'd be blowing his load over her, he's so in lust with that girl. Just don't go having one of those frustration heart attacks, or I won't have anyone to mock here. Me, I'd be in hog heaven in a movie with Christina and Kim Noble, or the new gal (sorry, lost the name, maybe Elaine Payton?) From the last 2 SOB movies. Very good actress, that one. I always thought Kim had this drop-dead beautiful body, and she emotes well, which adds to the appeal. Nice... Which leads me to...

Acting versus looks. I'm kind of half-in, half-out of the Ralphus camp with this one. I never had an issue with Penelope's looks (though I agree she looked a bit cuter before she had her breasts super-sized), but agree that she really made almost any movie she was in just because she was damned convincing. She could do outrage, fear, stimulation, sex and masturbation, and do them all in the same video. Some of her roles were some of the best in ZFX history, as far as I'm concerned. The acting really made it for me, and made her very sexy to me. A gal like that not only works for me on the screen, but gets the back of my head buzzing because you just -know- she'd be a great fantasy-player as a girlfriend. Woo. I've always been a big fan of healthy fantasy lives, but find most women (really, to be fair, it probably applies to most people in general, but Mad Dog's homophobic rants to the contrary I only really care about women) just aren't very imaginative. In fact, many of them are downright inhibited, and would sooner wrestle Mad Dog than play a little game. Sigh. Now I need a drink, (sniff).

Finally, a list of the best ZFX actresses, from the book of Iago, so you know it's true! Penelope Pace, Kim Noble (oddly, she acts better once gagged than before. I never understood that), Lisa Kinkaid (later better than earlier, and she gets prettier as she goes), Elaine Payton and Chandra Sweet. The list is in no particular order. Some other girls get honorable mentions, like Christina Anderson or Allison Parrish or Amy Van Allen for having scenes that were very good,but I think the first list marks the A-Team for acting ability in ZFX. What do the rest of you think?

Peace (You stole my tag line, Mad Dog),


Sunday, March 7th 2004 - 08:45:17 PM

Name: Iago

Er, that last bit should maybe read "ZFX models with best acting ability." Wouldn't eant to confuse anyone.

Sunday, March 7th 2004 - 08:50:56 PM

Name: Frida

Seriously, Mad Dog and AvF need to give each other a hug or sumtin. I can't stand watching you two fight! *LOL, just kidding, I actully find it rather ammusing. Whatever happened to the Pretender anyways? Neh, oh well.

Oh! Guess who's getting SOB3 this weekend? That's right! How excited am I? Well, i personally think I could start my own water park;) *lol. Anyways, I've got class, Though I could babble on for hours about how excited I am! Have a good week guys!

Yours truly,


PS - So appearantly there's a reason why they put those little plastic covers on nipple clamps. Muw ha ha ha....

Monday, March 8th 2004 - 09:42:32 AM

Name: Per
E-mail address: kelderek@hotmail.com

SOB3! That's great news, Frida. That's one of my all time ZFX favorites, a very good choice indeed.

Monday, March 8th 2004 - 10:53:30 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Iago: Regarding your list of the best ZFX actresses: You have a good list there. Not much I could object to, but these would be mine, strictly based on acting ability and the believability of their performances as a victim:

Penelope Pace - Could do it all; has anyone ever been better?

Elaine Payton - Her two SOB appearances grant her immediate access into the Hall of Fame

Chandra Sweet - May be the ultimate victim, and improved every tape she was in

Lisa Kinkaid - ZFX's most prolific performer, and has given too many outstanding performances to ignore

Holly Weston - Cute little Holly made only about 5 appearances for ZFX, but they were all great

Monica Moore - No one screamed louder...

Christina Anderson - ...but she comes darn close

Alison Parish - Excellent actress, natural victim

I'd be curious to know who Rick would personally pick if he were to name his list of best actresses. He got to work with them, to direct them, to tie them up. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that he officially has The Best Job in the World?

Monday, March 8th 2004 - 08:36:10 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

Mad Dog, just cause you've managed to spend some screen time torturing Christina Anderson, etc, doesn't mean that you get to show disrespect towards plebs like me. Hey, if it wasn't for geeks like myself buying the films, you would NEVER be famous!

I don't like the sound of being left behind, but there's a few ZFX actresses I wouldn't mind standing behind!

Monday, March 8th 2004 - 08:46:51 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: steve@powershotz.com
Homepage URL: http://powershotz.com

Steve with Powershotz.com let me know about a couple of models coming in this month available to do custom videos (DVD). That's Rayne in the pictures today. I'm pretty sure that the rates he'll charge will be fairly reasonable as long as what he shoots can be used for material at his site (meaning all sexual acts and tortures would be simulated). He did mention though that there might be a possibility of actual penetration but would cost extra due to being shot just for the customer (and not used at his site).

So if you've been thinking about it, give him a shot. Tell 'em you heard about it at the GIMP's forum.


Monday, March 8th 2004 - 11:14:10 PM

Name: Xenonex
E-mail address: xenonex@baregirls.zzn.com

Originally I called myself Xenomorph (alien-changeling) but aparently the name is really popular. (?)
So, in interest of making a cool logo- I made it into a palandrome- that can be read upside down as well as backwards (at least the way I drew it)

RE: Powershotz, Steve...
I've met him- back when I approched Baregirls about doing special effects for them. Nothing ever materialized, and Bruce (from Baregirls) has since moved out of the city and into Southeast Asia somewhere.

Still would love to do special effects, but haven't heard from any of those folks.

Of the crew at Baregirls I've met:
Bruce, Steve, Pete (of Petesgirls), Megan, and Leah.

Of those who like the more Sci-fi / Fantasy / Horror type ZFX films- what would you like to see as the ultimate freaky film? Just wondering...


Tuesday, March 9th 2004 - 12:35:22 AM

Name: Hail
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HailCaesarsFakes

Xenonex: Of those who like the more Sci-fi / Fantasy / Horror type ZFX films- what would you like to see as the ultimate freaky film?

A Blair Witch type of film but with 3 *hot* females that get lost in the woods. (I know there have been shitty soft/hard porn parodies already) Keep the story similar to the original and have each female separated mysteriously from the others one by one. Unlike the original we get to see what happens to them as they are taken. But we don't get to see the villain. We only see everything through his eyes (until near the end) so we only see his hairy hands/claws as he rips off their clothes and his black hairy chest and hairy hips as he rapes each girl.

The first two are stripped, raped and then taken to that old broken-down house where they're chained/roped and tortured in the basement. The third girl, the busty blonde cheerleader, follows the screams through the woods to find her friends. Just like in Blair Witch she follows the sounds of her moaning friends down into the basement. As she turns the corner she screams as she sees one of her friends, the busty brunette schoolgirl, on her hands and knees getting anally raped by the villain, a huge Gorilla with a TV for a head!

She screams and turns to run away but trips over her third friend, the busty red-headed Girlscout, that is tied and bent over a wooded sawhorse (suddenly there is a flashback where we see the busty red-head being tied to the sawhorse and then anally raped by the villain). The gorgeous busty blonde (and I don't care how long these chicks are supposed to be in the woods keep them all clean and beautiful!) gets up and runs up to the main floor and almost makes it outside but she's blocked by another monster. This one is in black robes but has a red devils mask for a face.

As the blonde is stripped and beaten back down to the basement, she falls naked on top of wooden pallet and the Devil-Man opens his robes to reveal a monstrous twin-headed fire-red knobbed cock. The Devil-Man lowers himself on top of her and begins his furious rape. The camera pans back to also show the Gorilla-Man walking towards the bound busty redhead with a glowing red-hot fire poker. She begins screaming. The camera pans back some more to show the house alone in the woods and we can hear them all screaming through the trees. 

Well, that's what I'd pay a shit load of money to see!! It would seem like a ZFX type movie too. Gorilla suit, Devil mask, Cheerleader+Schoolgirl+GirlScout costumes, find an old abandoned house somewhere, some camping equipment, woods..... And the sequels! Their friends go out to find them, flashbacks to show the previous girls final fate......

Plus! Haunted woods/trees (vines anyone?), camping equipment coming alive, rednecks bothering the girls (to give the illusion of being the villain. Throw in a Wood Goblin too! What's a Wood Goblin? I just made it up. It's a Goblin that lives under a pile of leaves and grabs hot chick's legs as they walk by and pull them down into their Wood Goblin Rape Pit, obviously, duh!

Ha HA, that was fun!


Tuesday, March 9th 2004 - 08:42:40 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Xenonex~So does Megan look pretty good in person? She's got a little bit of a different look and body type but I think she still looks pretty good.

As far as special effects, hit 'em up again. Or, you could go joint on a custom, depending on how and what you've got going. Just a thought.

Hail~I thought I had an imaginative mind...but it sounds like you could give me a run for my money.

I tend to like reality themed videos, but also still have a lot of room for horror/sci-fi. I forgot this past year, but the two previous years, around Halloween, I had posted some ideas for story lines for horror videos. Was planning to make it an annual event, but hey...

Howie~I almost forgot. My sincere appologies for mixing you up with Mad Dog. It really wasn't meant in a bad way. Just an honest mistake. Please don't hate me man.

Oh hey Mad Dog...didn't see you there ;-)


Tuesday, March 9th 2004 - 05:13:47 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Xenonex wrote: "Of those who like the more Sci-fi / Fantasy / Horror type ZFX films- what would you like to see as the ultimate freaky film? Just wondering..."

One word comes to mind...."The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"...wait, awe you know what I meant. :-)

Done without the blood and gore though. The setting is perfect. Creapy, dark, dirty, out in the middle of nowhere. I haven't seen the remake, but in the original I remember a girl being tied (I think) to a chair, her finger sliced, and some 115 year old man sucking on it. Well, I can think of better things he could have sucked on.

Also there is a scene earlier where a girl gets caught, carried, and hung by a meat hook in her back. Like I said, eliminate the blood and gore, but since I'm a fan of asphyxiation scenes, this whould be a great opportunity for an EWP type hanging instead.

Make it an all girl cast (victims that is) of about 5 or so going on the roard trip (by the way, Rick's begining segement of Liza Cord had much of that feel), then breaking down. Caught off guard, chased, captured, tied, abused, then eliminated. One or two could escape (there has to be a sequel doesn't there?), but not until they've endured a little torture and or rape.

Cool video in my book!


Tuesday, March 9th 2004 - 07:59:58 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/ralphus44/texas16.jpg

AvF: I doubt Rick could do a Texas Chainsaw Massacre scenario simply because finding and then casting multiple girls would be too expensive, but I agree that your scenario would be perfect. It would have to be ZFX doing it, because the addle-brained filmmakers in Hollywood blew the remake big time. Not with casting, because they had the babelicious Jessica Biel in the lead role, and the original script had her tied up, just like in the original (and the two sequels, for that matter). Then they rewrote the bondage scene and changed it to something stupid (I don't recall exactly) but it made me immediately boycott the film after I found that out. A Texas Chainsaw film with no bondage? What the hell were they thinking?

The original is a true classic, not just because it happens to be a great film, but also because it features some nasty (and also totally hilarious) bondage scenes with Marilyn Burns, who really knew how to scream. And the director Tobe Hooper perfectly filmed her struggles while she was tied to that chair. That was back in the politically incorrect 1970s when men were men and women could get tied up and brutalized and no one complained that such scenes were warping our brains, or at the least, didn't try to get the filmmakers arrested for creating art they didn't like.

I like Hail's suggestion, too, really over the top. But what's with the reference to Robot Monster? That's gotta be the lamest excuse for a movie monster in film history, but maybe that's why the film has such a cult following.

Anyway, we can all dream about a ZFX horror film. With films like Fair Warning and the 666 films, Rick has certainly delved into that territory. Maybe some of these ideas will rub off on him. If not, they are still fun to read.

Tuesday, March 9th 2004 - 09:27:29 PM

Name: xenonex
E-mail address: xenonex@baregirls.zzn.com

Wow thanks guys! Great ideas, Hail!

Sometimes wish I had some money to do even just one of the ideas I have...(sigh)

Within the past 6 months I have stumbled upon some really cool techniques on making CG effects look incredibly real.

If filmmakers (even low budget) were to do 2 simple steps before filming any scene (and these things take mere seconds) -then I can match lighting in the computer to lighting on the set.

Also, I can remove people & items- rendering them invisible. Someone could be in the frame - puppetering a tentacle (for example) and I can take out all but the tentacle!

Okay... re-asking my question- if (lets say) you had a George Lucas sized budget, and had ILM on tap to do the effects...

...What would you like to see in a freaky ZFX style movie? (anything, I mean, anything being possible....)

Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 12:15:56 AM

Name: Hail
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HailCaesarsFakes

Ralphus: I like Hail's suggestion, too, really over the top. But what's with the reference to Robot Monster? That's gotta be the lamest excuse for a movie monster in film history.

Dude, picture that 7 foot tall sucker with a monster cock in a darkened basement raping chicks. It FREAKY!! It would also be a comeback of Travolta-like porportions for the little monkey. Get this, while the "Robot Monster" is raping the brunette she looks up at his TV face and sees her blonde friend getting raped by the Monster just a few hours earlier. Or she can see herself getting raped from the Monsters perspective. Or you could use that TV face for flashbacks or coming attractions. The posibilities for that TV headed Gorilla are fucking endless!

My other alltime greatest wish for a freaky high budget blockbuster movie would be for the upcoming "Dawn of the Dead" movie to be about the dead wanting to rape all the females and kill the men (thereby creating more undead rapists). There have been a few entertaining stories online written about this scenerio.  Here's one that I like:

(Story removed by Moderator)

Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 06:14:42 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Hail: Appreciate the effort, but this forum is really not the best place to post such a long story in its entirety. I'm assuming the story is posted somewhere online somewhere, so if you could do a direct link to the proper URL instead, that would be much better. That way it will easier to read if someone wants to click on the link, and not disrupt the normal flow of this board.

Thanks, dude.

Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 08:19:00 AM

Name: Hail

Ralphus: Yeah, I was wondering about whether or not to post it. And it probably didn't help that it went through TWICE! Won't happen again. Just wondering though, what's the big deal? Define "flow". Is it just that it's annoying to scroll up and then scroll down to read a long post?

Anyway,for the others, it was just a silly zombie story I picked up a few years ago on a forgotten (by me anyway) site. Not worth reposting. Hail

Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 09:16:43 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Xenonex wrote: "Okay... re-asking my question- if (lets say) you had a George Lucas sized budget, and had ILM on tap to do the effects..."

Well, even if buget was not the issue, I would probably still stick to a bondage/uglified hill people version of "The Texas Chainsaw Massecre". But now that buget is not of the issue it would come down to casting. While still sticking in the adult film industry, first off I would increase the female cast to about 7 to 9 for a minivan road trip. The cast would include: Olivia Simone and Janice Gorton of EWP, Amy van Allen and Lisa Kinkade of ZFX, Taylor Rain, Kelly O'Dell, and Pantera, adult actresses (the first two have done some bondage, the third is a pretenious little bitch who needs to get off her, I'm a star pedistal, and realize she is an adult actress), and finally Frida (Just seeing if you're paying attention Frida ;-)

If I were to want to do a special effects video however it would probably involve a tree that comes to life. Maybe some cusrsed upon witch's hanging tree or something. Looks very inviting for a picnic or something till you are close enough to not be able to get away. Branches enclose and secure, clothing ripped off, enpregnated with the dead seed of the cursed witch. Excellerated birthing period, during which the victim is secured spread with a feeding branch inserted in her mouth, to also serve as a gag.

The forrest nomes eagerly await the birth knowing she will be theirs to rape and ravage as they please.

Spread and helpless 14 little 3'7" nomes (Ralphus, a part tailor made for you...and your hairy back ;-)move in.


Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 01:16:09 PM

Name: Gonzo


All of a sudden, I find myself in the financial and discretionary position to be able to go crazy and buy a wheelbarrow full of good ol' American bondage porn. And Rick's site is out of commission! What gives? You there Rick?

To make matters worse, some of you may remember me posting a while back about having found the Erotic Perversions loops on DVD. So I went back to buy them and not only are they gone, but all I get from the owner is a blank stare. I happened to renew my membership at brutalviolence.com, and now that I have seen some of these gems, I just have to find them on DVD. Any leads?

Anyway, I did order 3 or 4 Dan Hawkes, along with "The Coffee Club" from bondagecafe.com. I'll try to post a reveiw when they arrive.

Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 09:57:55 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com

Gonzo: I guess you haven't checked in here for a while. VISA/Mastercard put the kibosh on accepting payments for ZFX's official website, effectively closing down that portion of his online business. You'll be able to order ZFX online, but it will have to be from someplace else. Rick should be posting here before much longer, because his newest release, Bitter Sweet Persuasion, will be out within a week or two. He'll be able to tell us much more about what's going on.

What Hawke vids did you order? Remember he's got that video club now where you can get them for half-price.

I checked out the trailer for The Coffee Club. Looks like they picked right girl to tie up, but it's another one of those all-girl (yawn) vids that... just...puts me right... to...slee....zzzzzzzz

Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 10:24:59 PM

Name: AvFHollywood Vampire

Is that Frida in the pic again? ;-)

Hey Ralphus I went to save the picture (of Frida) today and after finishing was taking my cursor off, when all of a sudden this caption "I'd be the first in line." popped up over one of the guy's asses. What's up with that Ralphus? ;-)

The following is a test of the emergency bondage network


Had this been an actual emergency you would have been asked to contact Ralphus for more information on the lastest mainstreme or adult B&D video to counteract the effects of Viagra gone bad.

This was only a test.


Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 06:46:30 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

AvF: I don't know, it must only do that on your computer. Maybe it knows more about you than you think.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure that's Frida in the picture. She got so excited thinking about her new ZFX film that she couldn't wait to have some of that stuff done to herself. Hope they weren't too hard on her...

...Actually, I hope they were! (evil grin)

Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 07:31:36 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.msn.com/OrcaHouse

Erotic Perversions on DVD? Try jadedvideo.com under the company "Nova" for 42.95 plus shipping, also Violence 1, is available at the same price. Three of the Violence series are available at xxx-imports.com (these guys are the importers) for $40 (shipping inc). They should have the EP title, but I can't find it on their site. Also lots of german BDSM titles available here too. Hope this has been of help.

Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 08:01:08 AM

Name: Frida

Whoa whoa whoa now! That is obviously not me (other than the fact it's COMPUTER GENERATED!!!!!) for three reasons: ONE! - My hair is a good 6 inches longer than that TWO! - There's this funny little thing called GROOMING! I think the artist needs to try this out of his next pics. The girl could at least have an airstrip or sumtin! and THREE! The girl's practically spent, and there's only maybe a dozen whip marks on her. Like, come on! somebody needs to start doing some daily reps if she wants to make it in this industry! I mean, what's she gonna do when that dude on the left decides the iron is nice and hot? Faint? Yeah, right.

Seriously though, if you boys are gonna accuse someone in a pic of being me, thenatleast make sure they're not some 17th century wench who can't handle a little pain. *lol

Your's Truly, Frida

Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 06:53:51 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Frida wrote: "My hair is a good 6 inches longer than that"

Only one response can go with that...Hurt Me! (actually my real response was OOOOwwwweeee... but I didn't know how to spell it ;-)


Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 10:42:08 PM

Name: Gonzo

If I didn't already think this the coolest forum ever...

I do now.

Sincere thanks to Baronorca for the info. I have placed my order and will be one happy pervert when they arring.

But I am a confused pervert too. I sort of thought the violence series were the same things as the erotic perversion loops. I can tell now that the violence flicks I ardered are the same as the ones on the Brutalviolence site as well as the ones I saw in that video store. But then what the heck are the Erotic Perversion line of movies that I have heard about? Did Cole/Whitman make something even MORE perverted than the violence line?

Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 11:21:12 PM

Name: Xenonex
E-mail address: xenonex@baregirls.zzn.com

I can make that tree...
It would take some time but yeah-
Bound by thick branches-
stripped naked-
I like it-

I'm tempted to go and make up some rubber texture molds from trees in my backyard...
> <


Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 11:21:54 PM

Name: Scribbler

There are 3 Erotic Perversion videos (each with 3 separate movie loops on them). Then there are 3 Violence videos, also Cole/Whitman productions, similar style to the E.P.s, but different, and 2 have dialog (so either shot with film with audio, or videotaped.)

The following link shows covers of the 6, scroll to the bottom 6. The top two vids are not related, not Cole/Whitman.

link to covers of erotic perversion and violence series movies

Friday, March 12th 2004 - 01:06:31 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVamp1re@juno.com

Xenonex~Cool! Keep us posted on your progress.

Since it sounds like (and I think you have already touched upon this) you can clean out unwanted video flotsam and jetsam, your the perfect person to lend a hand to, if not Rick, then to EWP or Club Dead or the like, for a nude hanging. Film w/harness, touch up to eliminate from ther finished product.

Hell, since you know Steve w/Powershotz, and since I'm getting ready to send him a script, maybe touch base with him, see what he says for a modified or new script...depending on what you'd want of course.


Friday, March 12th 2004 - 12:33:48 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~It looks we stand corrected. Frida says that's not her in the pic. Come to think of it, I don't know what we were thinking...Frida's much more the, hanging upside down by the ankles, type ;-)


Friday, March 12th 2004 - 04:56:32 PM

Name: Frida

Hey Ralphus, you alive? I was suprised that there was no new pic today! Now, I know you want to keep the pic of "me" up for as long as possible, but sometimes it's good to move on! New pic I say!

Yours Truly


Friday, March 12th 2004 - 07:20:10 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html

Frida: Yeah, there was no new picture today, sorry. Dreambook's control panel was down for maintenance all last night and most of today, so I was unable to change the pic. It was completely out of my hands. But I'll have a new one up there by bedtime tonight.

Now onto something more serious.

For those of you who haven't been reading this forum since its inception almost five years ago, one of the more colorful and outspoken posters has been Damien, our old friend from the Netherlands. Ever since he first started posting here in December of 1999, Damien has been one of the most enthusiastic ZFX fans I've ever met, and several of his reviews are listed in the "Reviews by GIMP Readers" section of the site (URL above). In fact, he's somewhat of a legend around here, when he disclosed that he once watched ZFX tapes for 13 straight hours! That's got to be a world endurance record. I once joked that that was why he ended up in the hospital.

Well, in the past few years, Damien has been largely absent from the board, due to bad health. He came back a few months ago and let me post stills from his latest custom, but he disappeared again in early January. I've had e-mail contact with him for years, but he never let on exactly what his condition was. Well, today I got a message from Saphire. Damien has multiple sclerosis. It's a muscle disease that has him completely immobilized. He's either laying in bed, or is moved around in a wheelchair. Since this disease has its ups and downs, sometimes he can come back and regain control of his muscles, but when he falls back, it's worse every time. Saphire said he's doing badly, but they are hoping this isn't that time yet.

Saphire occasionally gets the chance to play a DVD or video from Damien's own collection for him, and he clearly enjoys that, so Saphire takes this as a good sign that there's still hope. Damien was told about the replies of some members of the board, and he was very moved by that. He gives his best to all of the friends he has here.

Saphire has a personal request. Saphire only has access to a small part of Damien's collection and would like to show him something he hasn't seen before. The request for all us GIMPers is that if we have any doubles, or tapes we simply don't watch anymore, or even VCDs, magazines, whatever, to send them over to him. If anybody wants the address, send me an e-mail.

And let's all remember that even though we all have our problems, there are people a whole lot less fortunate than us. This could be happening to any one of us. Damien is a good guy, and he's one of us. Rather than just feel bad for him, let's try to help him out, okay?

Friday, March 12th 2004 - 08:09:20 PM

Name: Mr Retailer

I just wanted to let you gimpers know the long waited release of the new zfx dvd called Bitter Sweet Persuasion should be on the shelves of you local video stores that carry it next week? it might even be there now!!

Saturday, March 13th 2004 - 07:15:43 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Hey, I finally made it to the video store after months of doing other things. Didn't see Rick's new one there - darn. But I found a flick I liked. John Fantasy's Master's Touch Number 10.

Have any of you ever heard of John Fantasy? Until today, I hadn't. Many of you wouldn't like the flik, I know, cauz the bondage is consensual, and the filming is a little cheap and grainy and badly edited. But for me it had a certain charm.

First, the girl was really young and cute. I love it when the girl in bondage looks far too much "girl next door" to ever be on film in that situation. Second, they dish out the whippings and what have you to her pretty good. Third, she acts as if she's really into it, which again would turn some of you off but it turns me on. For example, at the beginning of the flick she's with some guy touring what appears to be a bondage museum of some kind (is there such a thing?) She talks about how she can't wait to be whipped, that kind of thing, and sounds like she means it. I like that whole talk about it, verbal foreplay angle. Jenna Haze did that in some of her early movies, too, describing her first bondage experiences, and it was great to hear all that from such a sexy woman.

Anyway, not the greatest flik I have ever seen, but it had its moments. I'm surprised I never heard of this John Fantasy guy before, though. I looked him up on the Internet and found very little.


Saturday, March 13th 2004 - 11:30:43 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com

John Fantasy? Sure, Amateur videos out of Florida, I'm on his mailing list, ordered some once, didn't like...he has about 80+ videos out (mostly non bondage).

On another note, just recieved Dave Darke's "Pain Times Seven". Has anyone else seen this yet? It's not bad (Seven is cute), but the bondage is loose (not taut), and no sense of menace. Then again, I have seen Seven on both Hogtied & Insex and was hoping for something on that level. Not the worst BDSM video I've ever bought.

There is a great scene in "The Annihilation of Summer", Summer Cummings (big fake titties & tattoos), it's the last scene. In it, Summer is tied up and abused by four other big-boobers and really worked over. Ther rest of the video is so-so Big boob lesbo (with a twisted solo by Summer). Fans of BigBoobedLesbos will enjoy the whole movie, fans of Summer will like her two scenes, the rest of us pervs, should zip to the last scene and skip the rest.

Sunday, March 14th 2004 - 08:58:00 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

I remember what Ralphus wrote a comment or two about the remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". I just saw "Feardot.com" and right away those comments came to mind.

Actually, even though choppy, still not bad bondage scenes though. The lameness of Hollywood comes across loud and clear however as a naked girl in bondage is secured with a leather strap across her nipples (even though you see her topless a time or two). Gutless, balless, etc.

Just once I'd love to see 'em do it right....but I guess if they did we wouldn't need people like Rick.


Sunday, March 14th 2004 - 07:50:45 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/ralphus44/movb4217.jpg

AvF: FearDotCom wasn't great, but I liked the mood of the bondage and torture scenes in it. I had to edit together all the good parts, since you correctly stated that they were choppily edited, but I ended up with about 10 strong minutes when all was said and done. And for a mainstream film, I consider that pretty darn good. (Check out the still on my Homepage URL).

You've gotta realize we're a bit more jaded than the moron masses out there, and bondage scenes in general are considered exploitative and politically incorrect, let alone scenes where women get stripped, tied down and tortured. I wouldn't expect to see ZFX-type action in a mainstream movie, especially against a woman.

What is especially interesting to me, though, is that Mel Gibson's Passion movie really lays it on thick with the torture scenes of Christ, with unrelenting stomach-churning details, and that could end up being the most successful moneymaker of all time, the way it's going. Of course, that happens to Christ, a man, so apparently people can deal with it. But I seriously doubt we'll see a sequel where Monica Bellucci's character would get a similar treatment. "The Passion II: Magdalene Gets Tortured and Ass-Raped"...nope, don't think that's going to happen.

Sunday, March 14th 2004 - 08:29:34 PM

Name: milo

Baronorca: I have always been a big fan of Summer Cummings (at least to the extent wanting to see someone luridly tortured makes one her fan). Yes, she's getting really old, and her body has more synthetics than the Terminator, but her figure has always touched me as being the perfect bod upon which to inflict sexual torture. I've seen a few of her films, and have invariably been disappointed. She is a totally unconvincing actress, and she never has to suffer anything more than a few feathery whipstrokes, and the usual consensual fake lesbo 'torments', looking haughty the whole time.

A title like "The Annihilation of ..." gives one some hope that she's finally in a real scene worth watching, especially with your statement that she is "really worked over" by the others . Pls. give us a bit more detail of what happens. This may be the Summer flick I've waited my whole life for. Then again, maybe not. After all these years (boy, she's been around), would they suddenly put her tits in a press, hang her in an X and beat her boobs with a crop? One would hope so. Also, info on where to get this would help. Thanks.

Monday, March 15th 2004 - 12:33:01 AM

Name: Iago

Milo, I think you've hit on why bondage models, even those with computers, don't really ever post here. For most entertainers fans want to be like them, or desire them. That sort of affection though it can be cloying, makes stars appreciate their fans for the love-in. But what does a bondage model get? A bunch of people like us who dream about them all tied up, often in very unpleasant circumstances and with barely speakable things being done to them.

Given that, I'm not sure I'd want to meet us, either.

Ralphus and Sapphire: It's very sad for me to hear about Damien. I wonder: He had a self-imposed boycott going against ZFX new releases for years. Was he funning us, or he really not buying any more new tapes? If that's the case, those might be the best tapes to send. Also, do we have an inventory of what Damien has, so we know what to look for?

Peace, Iago

Monday, March 15th 2004 - 05:02:44 AM

Name: Hail
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HailCaesarsFakes


Some good covers. I couldn't navigate the main site/blog too well. Need a online translater that I didn't have time for.

What was Damien's beef with ZFX? Just wondering.


Monday, March 15th 2004 - 08:59:36 AM

Name: Saphire
E-mail address: kinkaidfan@yahoo.com

As requested by Ralphus, above you can find the emai-adress of Damien that I check for him. Anyone with any questions regarding Damien can contact me through that adress.

Iago: As one of the bests friends of Damien (we literally grew up together, visited Amsterdam (hint) together for the first time), please trust me when I say that Damien is a very, VERY stuborn guy. During our long years of friendship, we've clashed often over that. Once he makes up his mind, he sticks with that. On the one hand, that makes him difficult to get along with (sometimes), on the other hand: you always know where he stands. So take my word for it: His boycot was genuine. And from the hart: he really felt cheated by Rick at that time and did not exactly keep that a secret...:-))

As far as an inventory of his collection: I know there exists one, but so far, I haven't found it. There's one thing I remember very clearly: He owned (and I think even reviewed) a Japanese flick called Bondage Battle 2. A friend once borrowed it, and well.....go figure. I know for sure he'd love to see that one again.

I also know that the past few years, he got interested in japanese flicks, with a special interest in kidnap/interrogaton themes (which he enjoyed far more than the rape-stuff). I also remember he traded with at least one (maybe more?) of the gimpers, so maybe others can give more details than I can.

I've told Damien that I've informed this board on his condition, and he sends his best wishes. I did, however, NOT mention the appeal I made on his friends here for 2 reasons: If it does NOT work out, I wanna spare him the disapointment. And if it DOES work out, I want it to be a surprise. As for his condition: it hasn't gotten worse for the last week, nor better. And that actually is good, since that might mean he's reached the bottom now, and can slowly climb up again.

I realize this is WAY off-topic, and might bore many of the gimpers who've never known him. Therefor, I will inform only those who express interest through the kinkaidfan-adress with reports like these. Let this board go back to normal business

Thanks for sticking with Damien


Monday, March 15th 2004 - 02:55:59 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com

Milo: The basic premise of "The Annihilation of Summer" (TAOS) is that Summer is upset over her & Skye's separation and gets into a self destructive (including a sticking a large safety pin thru about two inches of arm) masturbation scene. Meanwhile Skye calls a bunch (4) of their lesbian Buddies to straighten her out (with bondage & rough lesbian sex). The bondage is simple, but effective; pink rope used ina chest harnes, elbows linked with about 6 inches of play, hands free but unable to reach anything, knees tied together and some minor breast bondage (the bondage is minor not the breasts). Then Summer gets a rather severe flogging with some paddling thrown in for good measure. She gets quite red and there is lots of impact action. Then she is untied and gangraped by the girls. The finale is the use of an electric drill with a buttplug used for anal violation. Followed by a waxxing.

As to Summer getting old, she is 36 (according to RAME), that's 10 years younger than I am!

When I spoke to Summer at Bondcon, she said that this was to be the first of a series (she wrote & directed it as well), and wanted to have fans let her know who should be in the next one(s).

Monday, March 15th 2004 - 08:30:45 PM

Name: Iago

Hail: Damien was a very enthusiastic ZFX (and Lisa Kinkaid in particular) fan. He had some pretty stringent ideas about timeliness, though. When Rick's release dates on a couple of vids were delayed Damien became quite upset and swore he'd never buy another new ZFX release. It's been a great source of amusement on the board lo these many years. Not quite as good as Mad Dog braiding his back hair into dreadlocks, mind you, but still pretty good.



Tuesday, March 16th 2004 - 06:59:27 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Iago~I think the only thing that tops the braiding of his back hair is when Mad Dog did the same dred-lock thing with his nose hairs too.

Baronica~As far as info for Summer's next flick (as I would more than likely pass on this one), and keeping the list to those I've known to do B&D (and are current or still active), would be Taylor Rain, Kelly O'Dell, Molly Mathews, Rhiannon Brae (?), Red Heaven, Alex Dane, Rachel Paine and Eve Ellis (?).

Ralphus~Do we send vids/DVD’s to you for Damien?


Tuesday, March 16th 2004 - 08:03:30 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: kinkaidfan@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.boundanddelivered.com/

AvF: Write to Saphire at the e-mail address above and you can get the address to send stuff to Damien.

I have some good news for fans of the lovely Liz Tyler, which probably includes anyone who was ever lucky enough to see her perform. She may be retired, but our friend Dan Hawke apparently has a backlog of archived footage, so much that he's releasing his latest DVD, DH-47: Collecting Liz, on his site on Wednesday. Dan sent me the screener and I took a look. While I don't think it's in the same league as their previous outing together, Lashing Liz, this one has a few very good scenes that make it worthwhile.

My favorite scene has Dan tightly tying up Liz's tits until they are engorged, then torturing them with a Wurtenger wheel (a wheel of sharp pins). Man, you should hear the delicious noises that come out of her, even with her mouth stuffed with a ball gag! Of course, that's Liz Tyler, one of the most expressive victims around, and one that I wish was still working today. She's good throughout the whole video, and we also get to see appearances by sexy blonde Aiysis and the also-retired Tyler Scot, another cult favorite. I believe this footage preceded both Liz and Tyler's appearances for Insex, where they went on to do some incredible work.

At any rate, the breast torture scene with Liz makes this one worth checking out, as well as the opening scene where Dan grabs her while she's sleeping, swiftly ties her up and gags her, torments her with a few well-placed tit slaps, then literally carries her over his shoulder out of the room. I should mention that this film is more artfully edited than any other Hawke effort I've seen, although he still overuses the sideways angle in most of his scenes, and needlessly adds repetitive music over many of the segments, which takes away from the otherwise fine content. Nonetheless, it's great to see Liz Tyler again, and I'll be posting a few of the pics that Dan sent me. Sorry I don't have any of the breast bondage scene, but you'll have to take my word for it. It's a killer scene!

Tuesday, March 16th 2004 - 09:34:30 PM

Name: Scribbler

Good thing Dan was there to stop Liz from sliding down the bed and falling on the floor. :)

Wednesday, March 17th 2004 - 03:09:53 PM

Name: milo

Hi, Baronorca: Thanks for the details on the Summer flick. Sounds a tad more intense than the other Summer flicks I've seen, where the flogging has all the intensity of a senior citizen's shuffleboard game on a cruise ship. Still doesn't sound like much, and I'd really rather see her in a scene along the lines of something Hail might write (dude, don't bruise their faces, that's not sexy). Nothing personal against the person of the performer of course. And hopefully, she can give an acting job like Liz Tyler. Probably not going to happen, as her core customers appear very happy with her doing softer stuff.

She's 36, it says? Guess she started young. Who's oldest, Summer, Ashley Rene or Asia Carrera?

HankHobbs: How are your CD sales coming? If I was in the continental US, I'd certainly grab one up (esp. for scenes from 'Fantom Killer 2". More power to you. Did you give any more thoughts on making a 'best scenes" compilation?

Wednesday, March 17th 2004 - 06:41:03 PM

Name: Hank Hobbs
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3628/

Milo, I have sold a total of seven.I guess the people at Yahoo don't like to spend money.

Those that have bought them have been happy with it.

As for the compiltation video after retirement June 1, I will probably tackle it.


Wednesday, March 17th 2004 - 07:32:50 PM

Name: Iago

Okay, I'm bored. No women posting (sorry, Frida, but you're way up in Canada), no real new topics to keep my attentizzzzzzz....

Where is this new ZFX pearl we have heard so much about? I want my Kim Noble, dammit. Even if she -is- in a blond wig. Brunettes and redheads rock, yo!


The eternally impatient (and probably irrelevant) Iago

Thursday, March 18th 2004 - 06:57:56 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Iago~The ending to your last post would make Damien proud.


Thursday, March 18th 2004 - 07:44:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Iago: Rick wrote me and said it's already out, and it's been out since March 1.  What?  Yeah, that kinda hit me by surprise, too.  I haven't seen it in any stores, and of course, no word from Rick here at all.  This one just kinda snuck in under the radar, and it doesn't help that ZFX doesn't sell the tapes on his site anymore, so we saw no announcement there, either.

I have no idea where the best place to buy it would be.  We are way overdo for a visit by Mr. Masters to this forum.  His new release has been out nearly three weeks, and here we were waiting all this time. 

The good news is that caps are coming, as well as a new review before long.  I'm waiting on my copy.  Hope I'm not the only one to see it.

Thursday, March 18th 2004 - 09:26:26 PM

Name: Frida

Awwwwww... Was I missed? Sory for not writing, though I have popped in just to see all of the exciting action I'm missing!

Iago, what do yeah mean "Sorry Frida, but you're way  up in Canada"? As compared to all the female posters from the States? So confused! hehehehe... No worries, but Thank God I'm a brunnette then, eh?

Well, it's back to school for me! Have a good one boys! (And an even better one once y'all get your hands on the new ZFX flick;)

Yours Truly, Frida

Friday, March 19th 2004 - 06:37:46 AM

Name: CP Quiros
E-mail address: postmaster@lostcausefilms.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lostcausefilms.com

Alright Ralphus,

The Transformation has been completed, everything is up and running smoothly on our website.  People logging on will note a big difference.

All the purchase links are back up. http://www.lostcausefilms.com, we had to keep the URL, but the company has shifted.

CP Quiros

Friday, March 19th 2004 - 08:00:41 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews02.html#cut

CP Quiros: Good to finally get an update from you.  It may be old news on this site, but your independent film CUT got high marks from me when I reviewed it last year.  Glad to see the DVD is available for purchase again, and I trust there will be no more delays that hampered the distribution last time. 

In case any of you missed my review last time, it is available on my Homepage URL above.  And like I mentioned, no actual nudity in this one, but a very cute victim and lots of cool bondage, torture and suffering.  I definitely recommend it if you want an inexpensive little movie (less than 20 bucks) that plays to our fetish extremely well.

Friday, March 19th 2004 - 09:33:54 AM

Name: the Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Some of you may remember I had a Superheroines in Peril art site, but then my old sponsor pulled out and it was no more.

Well, guess what, it's back, new sponsor, new design, and some new stuff you haven't seen before. The official launch date was set for sunday, but betatesting went quicker than I thought and it's up now. Feel free to check it out.

Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 02:38:55 AM


The new ZFX release is for sale on internet, looks like early March is when it was released. Do a search on ZFX and you should find places that have it.

Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 10:58:44 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus' caption "Who doesn't appreciate the helplessness of a hogtied girl?"

Hogtie, along with a face down spread-eagle, and finaly an ankles together unside-down hanging tie, have to be my three favorites (the first two, especially if you happen to have a fetish for pretty feet).

Oh, by the way Frida...you...a....have pretty feet? ;-)

Scribbler~Good thing you are on or ahead of schedule, otherwise, in honor of Damien, I would have to either call for a boycott, or more in my line, cast you as a victim in a remake of "Attack of the Street Pimps" ;-)


Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 12:18:46 PM

Name: Kinky
E-mail address: Kinky@Bound2BKinky.com
Homepage URL: http://www.Bound2BKinky.com

Great Damsel in Distress stuff here hope folks will visit my website and Yahoo group too:) we are always looking for models of this type and information is on the website under model call Kinky

Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 01:01:51 PM

Name: chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com


Loved your pic post of FearDotCom. The collage looked way cool. Probably the only images worth seeing in the movie.

That torture table looks great. The victim looks good, too. I always love it when you have a woman stripped and tied down so she is helpless and can't move. Then, instead of ******* her brains out, the bad guy tortures her with an electrode or a sharp blade.

Torture is fine, but let's use the victim first. Have her give us some satisfaction. Then, depending on how enthusiastic she was, she gets the full dungeon treatment.

Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 01:38:53 PM

Name: Frida

AvF: No, I don't have pretty feet (ran my toes into too many door corners as a child), though Liv's are damn sexy. Unless it was you that hacked into my computer last week.

Hmmmm.... I should learn to face the web cam away from my bed....;)

Spent thursday looking for the new ZFX flick, all the store owners looked at me like I was lost or sumtin *lol It's like they thought a school girl in a sex store was weird....

MD: There's a lady two blocks down from my house who does an awesome job on dreadlocks. Keep it in mind in case your backhair ever gets unmanagable;)

Have a good one boys!

Yours Truly, Frida

Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 02:42:19 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Hey, we past 80,000 visitors since the counter was installed.

80,000 visitors and maybe about 18 posters.

Raise your glasses and keep up the good work!


Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 03:40:58 PM

Name: Gonzo

Ralphus, you are welcome to pull this if you feel I am being too inflamatory. I just got Bounty on Brianna, one of the newer Dan Hawke DVDs, and I think I am done with Dan Hawke Productions, and the funny thing is that this is despite the many things he is doing RIGHT.

I'll start with that. Brianna is hot. Dan is finding great talent, no doubt about it. She has great eyes and a smokin body. Dan even got her to make eye contact with the camera, something I personally like. And for the first time, I'm beginning to like the look of a good ballgag.

I bought this DVD essentially for the flogging scene. Having a girl's arms bound overhead with her legs spread is one of my favorate positions. Not that I didn't like the suspension scene, but really, I was fast forwarding to this part.

Dan needs to do 2 things before I ever buy another video from him. First off, he needs to GET BEHIND THE FREAKIN CAMERA! He has all the menace of the pillsbury dough boy, and less camera appeal. The models he uses are top notch, and they seem to be crying about something, but I can't figure out what since the PDB seems to be barely touching them when he is whipping them. Second, Dan needs to BUY A NEW TRIPOD! Apparently the tripod he sets his camera on is broken because every goddamned scene is tilted. I just can't get over how he can allow such great potential material to be ruined like this. How is it that Rick can't sell DVDs online but Dan can ruin his and sell them for more? Look at the picture Ralphus just posted. What one legged man held that camera?

I can't decide if I wanna try to get my money back from Bound and Delivered, or ebay the thing, or just burn it in effagy.

OK I'm done.


Sunday, March 21st 2004 - 12:38:06 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com

I did find a site that says they have Bitter Sweet Persuasian in stock. It's cybercheeks.com, priced at $34.95 for the DVD and $39.95 for the VHS. Has anyone here ordered from this site before?

As to the "camera tilts" of Dan Hawke, it seems to be a "style thing" (maybe he went to a film school), hopefully he will grow out of it. However it will take a while for it to show, since he seems to have a huge backstock of footage to work with.

Sunday, March 21st 2004 - 09:02:35 AM

Name: Paulus

Dan said a while back that he shot a bunch of clips using that tilted angle thing he likes...he said he would reduce it in future movies, but he has a lot of stuff already filmed with it...so we'll have to put up with it for a while I guess.

By the way, has anyone come across this web site before? The sample pictures look quite amazing. http://waterbondage.tw.st/

Sunday, March 21st 2004 - 12:55:40 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Frida~I’m not sure how exactly to take your last post, so let me respond with the following:

One: Anyone who has read my postings over the years knows that I post with a bit of humor. Some obvious, some tongue in cheek, and some that are missed totally (as was a recent comment to a more than likely, drunken Mad Dog, "Duck Mad Dog….."). I'm not saying the humor's any good, I'm just saying the attempt is there.

B: I have got to be one of the more computer novice types here. I work w/computers and I know my programs and am very good at them. But you can ask Ralphus (come on Ralphus, back me up here. Don’t let your petty jealousies of my thick unibrow and the fact that I'm 3" taller than your 3'7" frame hold you back from helping me here. OK, I'll even admit, I wear 4"elevator shoes, alright?), as I'm always sending him e-mails…"Hey Ralphus, how do I open the zip file? Do I need a zip drive?" or "What does LMAO mean in e-shorthand". I'd be the last person who would want, or have the capabilities to hack you.

And III: Even though you may be cute...you're still not as cute as I am.

Dan Hawke videos~I too have to agree that his menacing style on camera could use some work. Maybe he should check out "Wrong Turn" (Good acted B&D scene although no nudity) for some hints. His girls are hot though!

Raise your glass to 80,000 hits! Even though 69,000 of those are probably Ralphus :-)

OK, OK Frida, you may be as cute as I am.... But just barely! ;-)


P.S. Are we talking Liv Tyler?...If so, I'll say hi for you ;-)

Sunday, March 21st 2004 - 02:07:39 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Paulus~Thanks for the cool link!

There used to be a site that offered B&D/drowning vidoes but I believe they went under (or last I heard they were going to try to pass ownership over to someone else). #3333fffantasies I believe was the name (Ralphus might remember).


Sunday, March 21st 2004 - 02:18:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Gonzo: First off, no need to censor yourself when it comes to your likes and dislikes of any particular video. This board is certainly not a love-in, and I think it's actually beneficial when we have negative reviews on videos because that enables others to read and interpret reviews to help them make up their own minds. Tapes and DVDs are expensive and no one wants to get burned buying something that turns out to be less than stellar. There is a lot of crap out there, and honestly, I don't really like a large percentage of it myself. I'm very particular about what turns me on and I'm usually not shy about saying if something bothers me.

Regarding the Hawke vid you bought, I haven't seen it, but I do understand your complaint about the constant tilting of the camera. I agree, it can be annoying, and Dan even told me he probably over-relied on those angles for the longest time. But he also noted that he has a huge backlog of unreleased material and so there won't be any immediate change for a while. I can live with it, and in fact one of my real favorites from Dan was Lashing Liz, and he did plenty of it there. I think I was too caught up in the drama of watching Liz suffer to really notice, or care that much.

My guess is that if Dan had a time machine and could go back and reshoot his stuff again, he would probably not use the sidewise tilts to such a large degree. But they are there, and no doubt he still has some potentially super footage to show us in the months and years to come. It may not be perfectly shot to our specifications, but I would rather see babes struggle in bondage sidewise than not at all.

What I don't agree with is your comment about Dan's screen presence. Personally, I think he does a great job. He may not come across as "dangerous", but he's clearly in charge and he lets the girl know that, and he sometimes makes cruel jokes at their expense and basically tells them "I'll do whatever I want to you, and you have no choice". That's real power, and I love a villain who enjoys flaunting his power over the helpless captive. That's part of the whole scenario that really brings a smile to my face. And on that note, Dan is perfect. This is a guy who enjoys tying up his victims, and you can sense that in every frame. He's having fun doing this to women. Wish I had his job.

Technical aspects aside, I like most of Dan's work. He's a guy who has his own vision, and he makes tapes that he wants to see, just the way that Rick Masters or any other successful bondage producer makes what turns his own crank. I had some problems with his latest offering, but there's enough good stuff in there to recommend it to the board. And incidentally, my favorite part, the breast torture scene, is so much fun and so dramatic that you won't even be thinking about where the camera is placed. That Liz is quite a screamer when she wants to be :)

Sunday, March 21st 2004 - 05:53:01 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Well, seeing babes tied up sideways (really it's more of a 50 degree dutch tilt) is one thing, paying $40 for it is another! This is old news, but I side with Gonzo on the infamous over angled dutch tilt, and Dan's effectiveness as a villain. And my other complaint about Lashing Liz and other DH fare was the padding, over long dragging scenes. But that's true of some other vids (especially insex) as well.


Dan likes that stuff, he's talked about it, and it's his product, and he should do what he likes and wants to do. And if he likes it, others probably do too. Also he does hire some great models sometimes, and the bondage is pretty good most of the time, the whipping isn't, but the clothespins are, crotchropes are a big thumbs up.

I have ideas for how to deal with the dutch tilt and Dan's acting video already in the can, so to speak, but as I'm dipping my hand into producing myself, it becomes an issue how much advice one wants to give other producers. So I'll pass. However, for the viewers, hey, you can always tilt your viewing monitor to compensate!

Gonzo: I'd watch the vid again. Make sure you hate it as much as it seems you do. If so, then try to get your money back. If not, then keep it, and use it as a reference before you ever again buy something else without renting it first, or at least seeing a review. Yes, I know that's not always easy.

Sunday, March 21st 2004 - 08:40:18 PM

Name: Iago

Forbidden Video: I just read two Reviews By Ralphus (TM) for Trick or Treat 2 and Robobabe 2025. In the past I purchased a few movies from Forbidden when they had that sale last year. I really enjoyed both Dr. Ruthless and Black Market Bondage. After School Surprise was also good. I found The Intruder to be flat.

So here I was, thinking about Gauge, which happens from time to time, and went on over to the Forbidden site. There I found the two vids above for sale and read the reviews. They look like good picks. I'm interested to see the contrast between the types of "settings" on Gauge and the straight horror-show of Trick or Treat 2. Anyone else seen these?

Any reviews out there for the new ZFX movie?



Tuesday, March 23rd 2004 - 08:14:47 AM

Name: Iago

aVf: Nah, the ending to that post would have been Damienesque if it contained some sort of damning curse against Rick for tardy release of his work. Me, I'd rather he take the time he thinks he needs to get it the way he wants it. Though I do wish he could multitask better ;-)

Tuesday, March 23rd 2004 - 11:02:20 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.msn.com/OrcaHouse/photoalbums

If all goes well, tomorrow I will start (and finish) videotaping my first bondage video. I plan to do a short (30 minute) three scene video. My model/actress will be Anna (pix at my OrcaHouse MSN group). This is actually a custom video requested by a member of the OrcaHouse group. If i turns out OK (or better), I may keep making them. Planning to do something similar to what goes on at Hogtied.

Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 07:42:00 AM

Name: Iago

I Googled for Bittersweet Persuasion, ZFX and several other things and didn't find any trace of it. Now I'm not saying my search fu is all that good, but I thinkI should have at least seen it on a site what carried ZFX stuff. Has ANYONE seen a trace of this video, or is it a Flying Dutchman?

Peace, Iago

Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 12:38:31 PM

Name: thanagar
E-mail address: stantonfan@yahoo.com

Whoever mentioned that "Bittersweet" is at cybercheeks.com was correct. It's in stock and it's $34.95.Look under the "bondage" category on their website.

Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 01:22:06 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Iago: The key is you have to search for "BITTER SWEET PERSUASION", three words, not two. Still, I didn't find but four hits, the lowest of which is $34.95 at the URL below.

Virtual Sex Superstore: Adult DVD: Bitter Sweet Persuasion

I wrote Rick and asked him to post to the board, asking specifically where he recommends we go to purchase it. I hope we'll hear from him here soon. We are past due for a State of the Union address concerning All Matters ZFX. I imagine he has a lot to tell us about what's been going on, and what's next on the horizon.

Baronorca: Cool, you're going to be a bondage director now. I went to your site and checked out pictures of Anna. Cute girl, even though the pierced nips and the tattoo sort of turned me off. What are you planning on doing to her?

Here's a news flash. There's a strong rumor that ZFX's newest star could be...the GIMP board's own FRIDA! Reportedly, she auditioned for Rick and I've managed to secret away this still from her meeting:

Frida Auditions for ZFX

The caption should read, "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Masters".

Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 02:05:42 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Good to know. I thought bittersweet was one word too.

Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 03:19:38 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Ralphus, You have way to much time on your hands.

Iago, dude you just need to get a life. Anyone who talks about my "back hair" like you do,...well lets just say I dont have enough time to list all the things that are wrong with you. By the way, I would rather have "back hair" than the hairy palms that you have.

Frida, you never did let us know what you thought of SOB3.

Peace All
Mad Dog
The Original

Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 05:33:23 PM

Name: g-in-o

Above the city the searchlight sends its signal. Deep in his cave the Red Phone rings. The dwellers of Gimpdom need information and they need it fast-- Holy Mad Dog working overtime on Kelly McKay! Who will step up to the plate? Our hero adjusts his mask..

This looks like a job for me.

So how is Bitter Sweet Persuasion?

I liked it. I need another viewing to get the finer points and a ZFX production often gains over repeat viewings, but this much I can say. I know this is a sort of Homage to HOM and I think Rick has had success without having to resort to the old school film look the pre-video age.

This film has a bit of a different look- maybe its the bright costuming, lighting etc.. whatever the case, it has a different look and feel. Suzi Sexton is better than she was in her first film and Kim Noble always does a great job. I wonder if her ass-up servicing of one of the villians is Ricks nod to the scene we always wanted expanded of ex Playmate Kathy Shower in "The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck" (If you saw the movie, you know what I mean). Kim is always hot, and being blonde this time out does not hurt.

Its still too early for me to place it rank wise. It does not have the out of the park quality of SOB-VII (which rested on one incredible performance) but I enjoyed it throughout. I tend to like the victims fully nude, but that might not go along with the bright colors that give this film its distinctive look.

Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 07:22:49 PM

Name: Iago

Mad #666600 Dog:
Dood, back hair was -so- last week. C'mon, get with it. Hairy palms? No, not me. You must be thinking of my ears or nose...

Ralphus, etc., thanks for the link. Grr...no caps. We need a proper review on this!



Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 08:06:22 PM

Name: Hank Hobbs
Homepage URL: http://www.game-port.com/zfx.htm

I don't know anything about them but the link above will lead you to the site of Game Port and their link with a listing of all ZFX videos. They sell them for $ 45.dollars.

What may be most interesting is they have a description of the movies with cast credits and pics of front and backs of the movies.


Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 08:08:20 PM


Ya Ralphus, like Mad Dog said, you must have to much time on your hands to be manipulating pictures. (^_^)

Inside Joke.

Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 08:29:38 PM

Name: Frida

Wow Ralphus, if I ever get the pleasure of meeting you in person, the first thing I'm gonna do is give you a swift kick in the ..... (insert male appendage and friends here). You really do have too much time on your hands.

And just incase anyone is confused, that's not actually me audition, just a certian someone sick and twist mind. But wait; I guess on this site that doesn't really point fingers at anyone.....


Keep up the good work ralphus! You made my day;)

Yours Truly, Frida

Wednesday, March 24th 2004 - 09:59:01 PM

Name: Iago

Thanks for the link, Hank.

Frida, pointing fingers here would be like going to an Italian reunion and asking for "Tony" to raise his hand. Perspective, girl, perspective.

Thursday, March 25th 2004 - 05:24:54 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com

Ralphus: Gonna try to shoot her from the front mostly (will avoid most of the tats that way, dunno if she will leave the nip-rings out). This will (hopefully) be three scene video starting with a bound masturbation, then a standing spreadeagle with flogging & clamps, finishing with a tabletop frogtie with a dildostick. BTW. this video is actually a special request from one of my sites members. Keeping my fingers crossed that all works out well.

Thursday, March 25th 2004 - 06:41:46 AM

Name: Iago

That guy in the box art looks a little short to menacing Kim Noble. Though I do love the way she has her leg wrapped around him while she's partially suspended there. Mmmm....Kim.

Mad Dog, how is it she got in a ZFX flick without you? I thought the two of you only worked as a team. Sort of a Jerry and Dean or Ben and Jerry or Ben and Dover kind of thing. Sup, Dog? I think you need to hustle down to the Sunshine state and give Rick a piece of...whatever it is that motivates him... Ew.



Thursday, March 25th 2004 - 11:40:57 AM

Name: Scribber
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

So that's Kim Noble. Didn't know which actress was which to tell you the truth! I like that lower right photo on the cover a lot as well.

Looking forward to the reviews.

Thursday, March 25th 2004 - 11:51:04 AM

Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com

Greetings to one and all!

Just wanted to let you know that Bitter Sweet Persuasion was released on March 1st, 2004 and should be available now at online vendors and video stores. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the ZFX online store back up yet, so you will not be able to buy it direct from ZFX, but there are no shortages of vendors out there so it shouldn't be too hard to find if your so inclined... Im guessing that in the not too distant future the online store will be back, but it may be a while. Streaming is back and has been since mid February and there will be10+ shows added within a couple weeks.

As far as where to buy, I cant give any specific recommendations because I will be drawn and quartered if I do. There are bunch out there, but there is also a lot of sites using the ZFX trademark that are not selling ZFX, so browse wisely.

Frida: Always nice to see a kinky gal in the house. Just a quick question, you said you were getting ZFX movies at a local video store and that you lived in Canada. I was just wondering where you were getting them, like the name of the store, location, etc.. Any info would be helpful. You can email it to me direct at the address above if you dont feel comfortable posting it here.

Damien: Sorry to hear about his situation, hope that he bounces back.


Thursday, March 25th 2004 - 02:37:45 PM

Name: Paulus

Damn, Suzy is soooo hot. Ralphus you haven't seen it yet? I can't wait for your review.

Friday, March 26th 2004 - 12:03:48 AM

Name: Iago

It looks like g-in-o was right, this movie does look brighter than the normal ZFX fare. It looks like Rick might be getting a little craftier with background details, too. Check the top left picture up top. The girl in the poster is wearing almost the same outfit as the girl in the foreground. I wonder if stuff like that pops up all through the movie? Suzi does look cute. I never saw her previous ZFX performance. I seem to recall the review was kind of lukewarm for it.

Friday, March 26th 2004 - 05:10:38 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BondageShowcase/

What happened to the link for the reviews?

Friday, March 26th 2004 - 05:37:45 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews.html

Paulus: Yup, Suzi is hot, even hotter than I remember from her previous ZFX appearance in Dark Offering. I saw Bitter Sweet Persuasion last night. I'll be working on a review in my off-hours, when I'm not working at my real job (No, I don't do this for a living!). The goal is to have it posted on or before Monday. In the meantime, don't wait for me, go buy the DVD. It's another good one.

RR: The link for the reviews is where it's always been, the middle section between the Lisa interview button and the GIMP links button. The reviews are in with the Guestbook Archives. Or you can just click my Homepage URL above.

Friday, March 26th 2004 - 07:44:30 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

It's good to finally hear from Rick again! Great to see the preview caps too! (Thanks Rick and Ralphus!!).

Iago~You got and eye for details man....I'd have never even noticed (although it kinda looks to me that the poster girl is topless....but then my eyes are bad).

I've been hearing a debate lately that might be a cure to the credit card boycott (or an easier was to single out for obscenity) where all the adult sites would come under an XXX. address rather than the usual WWW. With Rick being (obviously by reading his postings)a very articulate and intelligent (although mislead because of the BOOTS in Warpigs....sorry Rick, but someone has to take up for Damien with a jab of continuality of beaten to death subject, until he ges better to re-take his own causes ;-) person, was wondering what he, or anyone else, thought about it?

Frida~Danm...I thought that was a real pic you had sent to Ralphus. :-( I was hoping it was going to be the first of a Frida series ;-)

Ralphus~I didn't know (duh...missed the obvious) what everyone was talking about when they were all saying that you've got too much time on your hands. Geeze, if you're able to do that, I would have thought you'd have manipulated YOUR picture to have stretched it out to 6'5" or something ;-)

By the way, have you seen a mainsteam called "Savage Abduction" ? Saw it on DVD and wondering if it was any good (since youve seen everything).


P.S. There, did I do that nice? (Inside joke ;-)

Friday, March 26th 2004 - 07:56:03 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/ralphus44/frida_zfx_audition.jpg

AvF wrote:

By the way, have you seen a mainsteam called "Savage Abduction" ? Saw it on DVD and wondering if it was any good (since youve seen everything).

C'mon, I haven't seen everything!

Savage Abduction: Okay, I've seen it :) Decent scene where some hippy bikers kidnap a couple of cute teenaged girls. They force them to strip to their underwear at gunpoint, then they later tie both girls up (hands behind, feet together) and gag them well with over-the-mouth gags, including mouth packing. They pick up both bound girls and carry them over to a couch and sit them down. I was hoping for more, but it just kinda ended there. If I were the director, I would have taken advantage of the situation and thrown in a little biker bondage rape (Idiots! It was the 70s! They could have gotten away with it!). I didn't include the segment on my highlights tapes, but it's worth a look if you can get it cheap.

Actually, I'm clueless about the "too much time on my hands" comments, too. Is it a reference to the classic song by 80s pop icons Styx?

And I confess I wasn't the one who manipulated the ropes and gag on Frida's pic. A friend of mine did it for me; I've never tried to play with Photoshop. But I think she looks good that way, just like a gag will improve every chick's appearance. When she first decided to "come out" in front of the group (prove that she was a REAL GIRL) I mentioned that she would look better with a wide swatch of duct tape across her mouth. See? I was right!

Friday, March 26th 2004 - 09:04:21 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com

Ordered a dvd of "Bitter Sweet Persuasian" from Adult Video Universe (the adult side of CD Universe) $26.99 + Shipping, best price I could find. They also have other ZFX titles at a decent price. Will let ya know how they deliver.

Friday, March 26th 2004 - 06:05:22 PM

Name: thanagar
E-mail address: stantonfan@yahoo.com

It appears that a.v.u. has it listed as "Bittersweet Perversions," for those who want to use the search feature to find it. Based on my recent experience, their service is fine,if not their reading skills.

Saturday, March 27th 2004 - 11:00:49 AM

Name: Paulus

Nice stills. I love the AOH position :)

Saturday, March 27th 2004 - 11:08:39 AM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: Jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Iago, what you don't see me? That's because I am using my invisibilty. Seriously though, I was around for 9/10 of the newer stuff that was shot up here. (I say newer, but it was actually about 4 years ago)Also the knife that Travis Lee is holding in the stills is mine.

Peace All
Mad Dog
The Original

Saturday, March 27th 2004 - 11:58:26 AM

Name: Frida

Mad dog: When you say "invisability", are you refering to the same stunt that Mr. Wick attempted on "The Drew Carey Show"? Because it didn't work too well for him....

Regards, your crazy antics and puppy dog demenior make us all smile!:D

Yours Truly, Frida

Saturday, March 27th 2004 - 07:26:54 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Hey Ralphus, Thanks for the info! The DVD was around $9.00 or less if I remember right.

For someone who HASEN'T seen everything...you're sure batting a thousand everytime I ask (If I remember right).


Saturday, March 27th 2004 - 08:29:48 PM

Name: Iago

The stills for this movie do look really good. I think I'm going to like this new, brighter ZFX look.

Mad Dog, I was wondering about the timing on this. Was this movie shot a few years ago?



Sunday, March 28th 2004 - 12:41:32 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html


ZFX is finally back with its first new release of the year, this time with an homage of sorts to the 1980s bondage classic "Bittersweet Revenge". This new version is called Bitter Sweet Persuasion and quite simply, it's a lot of fun.

The story opens with blonde cutie Suzi Sexton (who previously starred in ZFX's Dark Offering) playing the boss of a lingerie shop and ZFX veteran Travis Lee as one of the store's janitors. She happens to catch Travis whacking off in the break room and fires him (what, a guy can't relax on his break?). This enrages Travis, and he decides to take revenge on Suzi by grabbing her, wrestling her to the ground, and tying her hands behind her. After gagging her with a cloth tied into her mouth, he leads her out of the room and into the backroom of the store. He's about to make her pay.

Travis binds Suzi with her arms over her head, kicking away her support and watches as she hangs suspended by her wrists. He gives her a shove and lets her sway a bit, then he takes out his knife and slices open her shirt and the cups of her bra, showing off her tits. He then strips the helpless girl, grabbing and molesting her along the way, and even cuts open the crotch portion of her pantyhose (he'll be using her pussy later). Then he leaves her alone to hang for a while.

The next time we see Suzi, Travis has her tied in a painful, humiliating position, bound to an exercise machine with her legs tied far apart, with clothespins stretching open her pussy lips and tied to the sides. Her natural breasts are encircled with rope, and both nipples are crowned with clothespins that are tied to the rafters above her. She is a pretty picture indeed.

Travis approaches with a battery charger and proceeds to shock Suzi multiple times on her breasts and pussy, an extremely well-directed illusion enhanced by animated sparks from the cables touching her body. Suzi does a great job reacting in pain, and the only thing missing is the sense of fun from the villain, who silently and mechanically goes through his paces.

The next scene has Suzi hung suspended upside-down (yes!) hanging from her ankles with her wrists tied behind her. The remnants of her ruined blouse and bra still cling to her shoulders, and her mouth is now filled with a #666600 ball gag. Travis then delivers a viscous and thorough whipping, leaving nice red marks crisscrossed over her body.

At this point, we see another familiar face from ZFX, Kimberly Noble (from the "Underland" and "666" series) except this time as a blonde. She's Suzi's assistant, and has just come in to work. But with her boss tied up in the backroom and a pissed-off janitor on the loose, she has no idea what's in store for her. Travis sneaks up behind her, hand-gags her and drags the struggling girl off to an abandoned area of the building. In a matter of seconds, he's got her top pulled up and a plastic bag tightened over her head, suffocating her until she's under his control.

She awakens to find herself hanging by her wrists from the rafters on the ceiling, with her full breasts still exposed and clad in her blue jeans and sneakers. Travis ballgags her and strips off her jeans, then helps himself to her body, sucking her tits and smacking her ass.

In the following segment, a bound and gagged Suzi is wheeled out on a cart to where her friend is already tied standing in the center of the room. After leaving the two of them alone together to contemplate their fate, another janitor, played by Jesse Keddings, arrives on the scene. Travis tells him what's going on, and like any horny guy, Jesse decides that tormenting naked women is what he wants to do, too. "Let's go fuck 'em up, man!"

The two guys have a great time slapping, fondling and harassing their bound playthings, particularly their hated boss, forcing Suzi to stick her face into Kimberly's bare ass, then making her suck her titties. It's an infectious, high-energy scene that had me smiling.

Next, the two girls are left standing facing each other, each with their hands tied over their heads. Their pussies are split by tight crotch ropes that are tied off to the ceiling. Suzi is now gagged with a red bandana. The men arrive carrying whips, which they use to relentlessly flog the squealing girls until they both hang limply in their bonds.

Travis drags away Suzi and leaves Jesse alone to handle Kimberly. As if the previous whipping wasn't bad enough, she is subjected to even more whipping torture this time. Suspended by both her wrists and ankles, she wails like mad through her gag as he delivers blow after blow to her writhing body. Then he increases her torment by adding multiple clothespins to her breasts and pussy lips.

To top it off, Kimberly is then tied bent over, with her wrists knotted to her ankles and her tight little asshole exposed. And Jesse lets her have it with a brutal anal rape (lots of cool screaming), climaxing all over her back.

Meanwhile, Travis has Suzi all alone and he rapes her pussy as she lays crying and bound on the ground. Tears stream down her face as he removes her ball gag and fucks her mouth, exploding on her face. Another great simulated illusion that was worth waiting for.

But this is becoming a ZFX trademark: Travis Lee Must Die In Some Nasty Way. After being beaten to death in one film and having his dick sliced off in another, this time Travis meets his end by being stabbed in the back with a screwdriver after Suzi is able to untie herself. And Kimberly manages to lock her legs around Jesse's throat and stomps on him until she can be rescued. Bummer. Oh well, I guess that explains the "bitter sweet" part of the title...

The DVD also gives us 11 minutes of humorous outtakes and behind the scenes bloopers, plus we get to hear Rick Masters give directions like: "You're scared shitless...and ACTION!"

Afterward, I took another look at "Bittersweet Revenge", the Jason Whitman film that was clearly the inspiration for BSP. While the storyline is similar and some of the scenes are identical, I think this new one surpasses the original film in most areas, except for maybe the charisma of Whitman as that film's villain. The ZFX film is better paced, with 12 scenes in its 60 minute running time. It's sharply directed and edited, and both girls are cute and give solid performances. I was especially taken with Suzi Sexton as the more appealing of the victims, and I think she's better here than in her earlier effort with ZFX. Other than a certain flatness from Lee as the bad guy, every scene works well. Plus that, any film that features four (four!) suspension scenes is going to get high marks from me.
My grade: B+

Sunday, March 28th 2004 - 11:45:47 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html


On this day five years ago, this discussion board was launched into cyberspace by The Gimp. It came about as the result of discussions the two of us had on the newsgroup alt.sadistic, where I used to post my reviews. He proposed starting up an extreme bondage discussion group, and as a result on March 29, 1999, this forum was born. In this day and age where websites pop up and then vanish with regularity, we've been here a nearly unheard of 5 years, and we're still going strong.

I like to think that this board gives us all a chance to interact freely about our love of such normally socially taboo subjects as rape, bondage and torture without the fear of scorn by others. I'm proud to call myself a pervert, and I think this is a great place to hang out.

I thank everyone who visits here and adds to our site. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for the contributions of like-minded pervs such as yourselves, and this site belongs to all of you. Happy Anniversary to YOU, because you make this forum what it is today.

Monday, March 29th 2004 - 12:24:05 AM

Name: Paulus

wow, 5 years. hard to believe.

Tuesday, March 30th 2004 - 12:24:57 AM

Name: Iago

It -is- kind of amazing that the board has lasted so long. It switched from a ZFX to general bondage board, and is on it's 3rd webmaster. Good job, Ralphus.

Tuesday, March 30th 2004 - 05:25:19 AM

Name: nycdom30
E-mail address: normaldom@aol.com

Hi all, been lurking...finally have something to say.

I purchased BSP and I am very happy with it!

Rick has had a good run lately, High Strung and SOB 6 were both good. But BSP is even better, the best since the classic Forced Entry

I have watched Rick grow as a film maker, since the first ZFX vid I rented way back, TRU Detective. I can say this is by far the BEST produced vid Rick has done. The beginning espically is well done. We get a real introduction to our characters, even some decent acting.

Another big plus with this vid is we get two hot women. Suzie looks great in heels. Kim has a body built for Rick's hard bondage. I love the blonde hair! If you ever use her again, how about skirt and heels, Kim always seems to wear sneakers and jeans.

I agree with Ralph, the main badguy was very quiet in most of the torture scenes. Some more verbal humiliation would have been good. Actually more pleading and begging too. I know you have to gag them because they can't act, but how about just a minute of begging?

One quibble, the rape scenes were very short. We do get to see Suzie cry, a great touch. As I said, this is a very well produced vid. Still, more violations would have been nice. No one gets fingered? A ZFX staple!

I would give this vid an A- It gives you two hot women, a good story, nice bondage scenes and some rape. You can't beat that!

Tuesday, March 30th 2004 - 06:25:12 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Such glowing reviews...and an anniversary too. Looking forward to seeing BSP sometime soon.

Tuesday, March 30th 2004 - 11:40:18 PM

Name: Iago

I went and order BSP today. I hope that adult superstar place Ralphus linked doesn't require a signature for delivery.



Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 09:23:21 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

FIVE and going strong!!! Many thanks to Ralphus for taking the board to new levels (After taking it over from Mad Dog...I think MD could read the writting on the wall as an imminent take over was just a matter of time. Well what do you expect MD, as every other day's picture was one of yourself :P ;-)

Ralphus~Thanks also for the review (Part of which instantly caught my eye;-)! Sounds like a must have!

Nice to see one of the originals is still lurking around. NYCDom, don't be such a stranger.

When I first found the board, missing the inception by just a few months, it was the Gimp (our forum's founder of course... with a little help from Ralphus if I remember correct) Ralphus, NYCDom, Satan, and a few others who were the regular posters way back then.

Every once in a while The Gimp shows up. The same for NYCDom. Satan seems to have fallen off the map though (maybe it DID freeze over), and to the others who I may have forgotten to mention....How many times have I told you, I have no memory!

Some stay, some go, some lurk. The board is only as good as we make it. Quit the lurking and get your idea's out there to show the producers what floats our boats! Make the best forum even better by participating!

There was an idea which I posted a long time ago that showed up in one of Ricks videos. Ralphus gives me credit for the scene but only Rick would know if it was just coincidental. Only Rick would know for sure...and he's never said anything to the contrary, so from time to time I'll throw out an idea here and there (as I've shared others idea's with Ralphus that just so happened to show up in a preview video....remember the smoke Ralphus? Just missed that one, but it shows that if I had tossed that one out there earlier it would have been something Rick would have considered, if he hadn't thought of it yet.). You never know.

The point is that to some degree we are all influenced by people we interact with. How many times have you told a friend "You know, I never thought of it like that" or someting to that effect.

Who knows, you might have a great idea you've been sitting on that'll give one of the producers who freqent here a new way to see things, or inspire an idea.

Let's make this fifth year the boards best ever (That means more video's Rick;-) with the lurkers participating! Later.

Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 11:47:48 AM

Name: candide

First-time post from a lurker with a question. Has anyone received their ZFX dvds _loose_ in the jewel case? This has happened to me with no less than three of the four discs I own.

Fortunately the discs -- though scratched up -- play okay, but it is enough to make me break out in a cold sweat every time it occurs. Perhaps I'm just having a bit a bad luck. :-P

Anyway, I mention this now because Bitter Sweet Persuasion arrived today from CD Universe in that state. I previewed it briefly by cycling through the chapters and it seems okay, but I just assume be spared the anxiety attack. ;-)

BTW, BWP looks great!

Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 12:29:14 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html

To clear up for others what AvF mentioned about the smoke, he sent me an e-mail concerning an idea he had for an electric shock torture illusion a couple of years ago. His idea was to have a smoke effect coming out of a hidden tube that would give the illusion that the victim was being burned as a result of the electric shock being administered to her. This was right after South of the Border 6 came out; I had seen it, he hadn't.

And many of you may recall that Rick used that effect on Elaine Payton during that fantastic electric shock scene. He had Elaine straddle an electric dildo while he zapped her with electric shock, and there were two distinct times where we actually see smoke pouring out of her pussy! It was a pretty innovative idea, and obviously Rick thought of it first, since he had already filmed it and released it when AvF e-mailed me his idea. Still, AvF didn't know that at the time. He was pretty tickled to find out that Rick had already done it.

And BTW, it was a killer idea, and it was just one of the ingredients that made the scene work so well, along with the zapping special effects, and of course, Elaine's realistic performance.

Smoke from Elaine's pussy

nycdom30: Yup, you've been around here from the beginning, and some of our first reviews were from you. Thanks for the contribution, and your newest review has been added to the GIMP Member Reviews Section (URL above).

Mad Dog: Since you were actually around for the shooting for Rick's latest (even if it occurred 4 years ago!), how about some behind-the-scenes insights as to what Suzi and Kim were really like to work with? I know everybody loves to hear that ZFX Insider stuff.

Lurkers: Like AvF said, quit your damn lurking! Support this site with your own contributions. Think you're not important enough to say anything? If you have ideas, questions or opinions, let's hear 'em! That's what this board is for. Don't let it die due to your apathy. As long as people continue to post, I plan to keep us around for a while longer. But don't take it for granted. This site is only as good as the people who post here, and some days it's so slow I've been tempted to close it down permanently. The only way to prevent that is to make your presence felt. If you want us to survive, you have to contribute.

Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 03:58:21 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Candide~Alright we get one lurker stepping out!

I've had that problem a number of times (not ZFX DVD's though), but since the hub it came off of is plastic, usually all it takes is a wipe and it'll be just as new. Have yet to experience one that's so bad it was unwatchable.

Note to the other lurkers~Just like Candide just posted, you don't need to include your addy if you don't want to.

Post, share, remain anonymous. Simple.


PS Two versions of the remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". The more expensive of the two has an alternate beginning and ending (Although I can't see why...since the original was taken from actual event's). Anyone know if the second version would have anything to imterest us B&D freaks?

Oh by the way Rick, a role tailor made for Mad Dog....Scrotumface (Leatherface of "TCSM" ;-)

Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 05:29:00 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Five years? Cool.

I wonder if Rick has the same perceptions as the rest of us as to his best work. There seems to be virtually universal acclaim here for Forced Entry. No matter our individual preferences, just about all of us like that flik and think it's one of Rick's best.

Rick, do YOU agree? If so, maybe we should all spend some time analyzing why we think that flik worked so well, to maximize the chance of repeating the success.


Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 06:54:51 PM

Name: Iago

Hold on there, partner. Forced Entry was good, but I've never said it was Rick's best. It worked for me because it had an amazingly hot model who did whatever Rick wanted, who started off in a sexy leotard and got more naked as the vid went, and it also had a level of sexual menace that is sometimes replaced by a desire to torture in ZFX flicks. Rick has done other flicks that are better and deeper and much more challenging than Forced Entry. Ballista 2 comes to mind right away, and maybe...er...drat. I forgot the name...Amy and Chandra and Brian, Amy doing a strip, Chandra getting doped and freaking out....grr...hate it when this happens...Liza Cord! That's it.

I'm not putting down Forced Entry, just putting it in it's place. A basically straight-shot home invasion flick versus good sexy bondage with plot is kind of a knife in a gunfight to my way of thinking.



PS, what a bunch of short-memoried losers you are. I was here too way back when in the days when the Gimp posted more than once a year. Sheesh, give a perv his props.

Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 09:22:14 PM

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