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July 2004

Name: lianghanlan
E-mail address: lianghanlan@yahoo.com

great job

Thursday, July 1st 2004 - 04:03:23 AM

Name: mongoose
Homepage URL: http://bondageart.palcoscenico.to/

Has anyone ever checked out the "Bondage Art" site by Franco Saudelli? I really love Saudelli's work, but the site looks suspcious.. everything you click on tries to download an ".exe" file your hard drive, which seems unwise to me..


Thursday, July 1st 2004 - 03:16:19 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca1@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/orcahouse

Ordered 4 dvd from videomayhem, recieved them within a week, all worked well. Brief reveiws of them follow.

First: Cinemagic CS#115 The infamous tithanging video I have been looking for, Ralphus said all that needs to be said about this one except that videomayhem can give it to you on DVD instead of VHS. A+ (for tithanging fans).

Cinemagic CS#295 Breast bondage & abuse of a busty japanese woman, this is a great breast abuse video, some breast bondage, some titty slapping, some breast waxing and some near tithanging. B+ (for breast bondage fans).

Attackers #72 Abduction, bondage & abuse of two young women. These two are some of the best lookers I have ever seen in a japanese BDSM video. Bondage, whipping, waxing, dildoplay & bukakke. Longer than usual, about 90 min. B (for fans of the barely legal women).

Cinemagic VS#656 Bondage, tentacles & rape in a japanese hospital, this has some plot that doesn't make it thru the language barrier. C (for fans of live action hentai only).


Thursday, July 1st 2004 - 06:20:16 PM

Homepage URL: http://www.inpor.net/ASW/index/index001.html

Ok Ralphus, I thought that I would post the site that we discussed so we could all share. Yes the Japanese do it best and I'm sorry I'm still dealing with 9.0 but I'll be on DSL soon. Who's that discussing breast-bondage? I gotta tell ya, I have these mags from House Of Milan in the 70's that still beat just about anything being done out there these days. Sorry I missed the Damien.

Thursday, July 1st 2004 - 11:31:33 PM

Name: milo

Jandals76: If you like novels (and I assume you mean written, rather than illustrated), you should go over to bdsmlibrary.com, and read the works of Boccaccio and Big Jake (actually the same person). Non-stop lurid sexual torture, yet with a serious plot. It's free and its better than most of the pocket novels being sold nowadays. There are a few other good writers there (some of whom post here once in a while).

Friday, July 2nd 2004 - 04:15:49 AM

Name: Jandals76
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.inpor.net/ASW/index.html

Backlash: It's a good one. The photographer Yu Asano used for work for SM SELECT that he refers as "a SM magazine that used to be most recognized in Japan" ... Yes we Japanese do the best SM! (and the 2nd most strict sensorship)

Well anyway the link you put on the board is actually not the index. Here I put the link to the main index, where you can start exploring 2 other photo sectors. I assume no one missed it but just in case.

Friday, July 2nd 2004 - 05:56:57 AM

Name: Jandals76

Milo: Thanks, I'll check it out.

Friday, July 2nd 2004 - 06:09:44 AM

Name: Jandals76
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au
Homepage URL: http://http://www.sugiuranorio.com/

I'm beginning to explore Japanese SM sites for my 1st time in my life, because lots of my mates here want me to do it. The funniest thing is that I never did such a thing when I was still in Japan, because the internet at that time wasn't so good.

Well Yu Asano (recommended by Backlash) says that he strongly admires 2 NAWASHI - ropemasters; Norio Sugiura and Chimuo Nureki. As I went to Google JP, Mr Sugiura has his own HP (link above) but I couldn't find the other one's. Plus, Sugiura says his HP will be refurbished from 8 July and the quality will be much better after that.

I hope no one will have trouble finding "Enter" switch, he he he :-)

Friday, July 2nd 2004 - 06:39:20 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bondageshowcase/

Candace Daylee is easily one of the hottest models I've ever worked with. In spite of this being her first bondage shoot, her expressions were always right on target and not every model has such great instincts. One of the interesting things about bondage fans is that they overall seem to prefer voluptuous models over the emaciated Kate Moss type.

Sadly, FetishFolios has been down the last few days, due to server problems, so the site is currently unavailable.

Friday, July 2nd 2004 - 04:08:25 PM

Name: Vince
E-mail address: neirdav@aol.com

Hey RR. Can you send some more Candace pics? She's hot.

Sunday, July 4th 2004 - 03:38:27 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://zfxetc.tripod.com/reviews04.html#varjap4

Looks like Candace is getting some good reaction from some of the posters to the board. I agree, she's a lovely young woman, and in RR's hands, I trust she got what was coming to her. When Fetish Folios gets back on track, it might be worthwhile to check out the whole series. For a buck or two, sounds like a good investment.

Backlash and Jandals76: Thanks for the link to the Asano Shibari site. There's lots of Some really great bondage photography there, and a rarity in that many of the Japanese models have uncensored genitalia. I used to think that Japanese women really didn't have pussies in real life, that if you looked down between their legs, all you would be able to see were pixels. I guess that debunks that theory :)

Jandals, since you're from Japan, maybe you can explain exactly why showing genitals is considered obscene in that country. I mean, why not breasts? Why not a girl's butt? Why is it that pubic hair raises such a stink? Like a friend of mine noted, you can find any kind of kink you want in Japan, from pedo to beast to scat to pee, but no genitals.

I would have thought that after all these years, someone would have changed the law there, wouldn't you think?

Baronorca: I'm a little late, but thanks for the capsule reviews of the Video Mayhem tapes. I added your reviews to the Reviews by GIMP Readers section of the site (URL above). It's your first entry to the Reviews Page, congratulations for the accomplishment. We now have 47 separate entries to that section, and combined with the other pages, a total of 115 reviews. It's not quite the comprehensive bondage video review archive that Jandals was hoping for, but it's quite a start, and I'm really proud so many people here have contributed. Speaking of which, Jandals, we're still waiting on the SOB-1 review you promised.

And after that, we'll need you to translate every page of these Japanese websites into English and tell us what we should buy.

And then go ahead and buy them for us, since we only have US money and these places probably require that you pay in yen.

It's so cool having a Japanese guy on the team!

Now get to work.

Sunday, July 4th 2004 - 07:02:33 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

I am not from Japan, but the basis for the censorship system in Japan (I believe) dates back to the end of WWII and the postwar admin that MacArthur was in charge of. They basically attempted to enforce US sensibilities on a culture with a lax nudity taboo, and part of the strictures put in place was that they could not depict (human) genitalia at all. The Japanese, in typical human fashion, started attempting to find ways arround such limits, thus producing what is called 'hentai' (after all, demons, aliens, and tentacled monsters aren't human, right? Letter of the law says you can show their genitalia).

That, to the best of my knowledge, is how they wound up with such a screwy system. Why they have not since thrown it out probably relates to the essential conservative nature of the Japanese socio-political system.

If that is incorrect, I apologize, but that was how it was explained to me some time back.

Sunday, July 4th 2004 - 11:26:20 PM

Name: Jandals76
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

Gucci Loafer: Good suggestion. But let me say "Hentai" means something unusual rather than ordinary sexual desire in general, so that it's a broad term to explain the wide variety of Japanese sexual activities.

Gucci Loafer and Ralphus: About the sensorship in Japan, I have no idea how it became like that. 300 years back, people had Makura-e, sexual drawings. In makura-e, genitils are clearly depicted and unsensored (yet exaggerated in terms of the size). Moreover, Makura-e pictures are most of the time non-hentai scenes. The most hentai form in makura-e is I believe 1 man having 2 women.Therefore there must have been a revolutional event that transformed the entire Japanese porno after that.

Somehow Asians think non-sensored porn is "too much" but not "too good". They do sensor even cartoons. Anyhow the genitil sensorship is certainly an Oriental thing. I remember when I went to Korea in 1998 I had a chance to see a Korean porn magazine. After 30 sec., I started wondering whether Korean women do not have nipples or they have invisible nipples.

In China, it is even more extreme. Any activity with pornography is a criminal offence. One day I read a newspaper article which said 5 Chinese students had been arrested for watching a Japanese porn video and THEY GOT THE ELECTRIC CHAIR for that. It was my first time to feel such a deep satisfaction to be a Japanese citizen, even with the sensorship. (But sorry for the poor guys)

Well anyway sensorship is frustrating. And I assume that's why we've developed such a rich varietions of porns. Say bare brests are not as good as a bare pussy, but breasts tied up and decorated with cloth pins definitely beat a sensored pussy. (Is anyone still following me???)

Well I may be able to find ropemaster Chimuo Nureki's book about the history of Japanese bondage that I've seen on the net. If only I could smuggle it to this country!

Monday, July 5th 2004 - 05:19:21 AM

Name: Bruleo

I know that it sounds kind of far fetched, but, like Gucci Loafer, I have read at least 3 or 4 times over the years that we have General MacArthur to thank for the censorship of Japanese movies. After WW2, when US forces occupied Japan and MacArthur was in command, he told the Japanese people that they should "straighten out thier morals" and thus covering the genitalia in movies was born.

Monday, July 5th 2004 - 07:47:57 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address: mayhem50@webtv.net
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

Censorship/mossaic blurring of japanese videos. As of the last few years movies/videos produced in Japan do show pubic hair and woman's butthole, but no pussy.

Monday, July 5th 2004 - 08:46:03 AM

Name: eeeteee

Anyone intested in some R-Rated fun may want to check out The Screaming Dead.  Came across it by accident at Blockbuster and the box looked interesting (stocks/torture chambers).  Kinda like Bloody Pit Of Horror ... but with some updated instruments ... one is a cool electric rack table with menacing appendages/attachments.  Worth a look if there isn't anything else to rent.


Dan Hawke and Spider alumni model AJ Kahn makes a cameo at the beginning holding a slowly filling weight w/sharp objects over her abs.

Monday, July 5th 2004 - 03:45:23 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.restrainedtastes.com/knotbusters/scream.html

eeeteee: Phone home! (Sorry, couldn't resist) I want to second your recommendation of The Screaming Dead as one to check out for any bondage fan, especially those of us who like the traditional Damsels in Distress theme. It's a decent movie that manages to incorporate bondage into a horror story with some unexpectedly good results. There are a LOT of bondage scenes in the film, particularly in the last half hour, where several good-looking babes are put in dangerous situations (and all of them survive) with some nice suspense. Even better, it also stars my future wife, cult favorite Misty Mundae (yum!) who has an excellent nude rack scene.

The review you linked was lukewarm toward the film (and the idiot calls Misty "barely-attractive"...is he blind?), but above is a link that features all kinds of bondage vidcaps from the movie. There are multiple pages because of all the scenes. Definitely worth a rent, and I liked it so much, I put it in my permanent collection.

Monday, July 5th 2004 - 05:39:46 PM

Name: Iago

Well, I finally saw Bloosucking Freaks tonight. It was different, but easy to watch. I see where you got your name, Ralphus, that maniacal evil dwarf was the best character in the film. You mentioned once that most of the cast died young. Any idea what happened to the dwarf?

Monday, July 5th 2004 - 09:57:56 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

re: "Hentai" -- I am no historian of Japanese porn, but I would suspect that the most "wierd" or perverted stuff exists as a result of attempting to cicumvent the censorship. I don't think most other cultures would come up with "tentacle sex", since most don't need to avoid the activity involving humans, thus find some "other" way to depict having sex, LOL

Mind you, this stuff might have existed before that, but most of the older style, "classic" japanese erotica I have seen (i.e., pre-WWII artwork off the net, mainly ), while it does allow for/involve some force and bondage, hasn't shown any sign of TSex. TSex seems to have been a recent development (I realize I may be waay off base here, of course).

As far as I can see, the only non-oriental culture which might be so wierd as to invent TSex would have to be those in Islamic states with a strong religious culture, and those places tend to interdict virtually any form of porn at all -- hence they don't have the "wiggle room" that Japanese law allows for. You sort of need both the restrictions AND some wiggle room to get hentai. :-)

Monday, July 5th 2004 - 11:08:58 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://imdb.com/name/nm0208953/

Iago: According to the IMDB, actor Luis De Jesus, who played Ralphus in Bloodsucking Freaks, died of a heart attack in 1988, age 36.

Of course, the IMDB is fraught with errors, and doesn't even mention my later work as a full-time website moderator and bondage video reviewer for this board. So believe what you will.

Tuesday, July 6th 2004 - 12:50:56 PM

Name: chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Ralphus: I need clarification here.

No, really I need it. I am, as you are, a terminal Misty fan.

Does Misty Mundae REALLY have a scene on the rack where she is NUDE? Please god tell me this is true. Email me off list if you have to. I NEED to know.

I mean, we can at least see her tits, right?

The other writer is clearly misguided when he calls Misty "barely-attractive."

I mean, really. You know what I mean.

Tuesday, July 6th 2004 - 06:43:05 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.restrainedtastes.com/knotbusters/misty.html

Chase: She absolutely gets tied naked on the rack. Did you miss the site I linked with all the vidcaps? Check above for the page with her rack scene.

The caps don't show what happens to her. She gets bloodily slashed by unseen forces (the magic of special effects) and her nude body eventually gets pretty well covered with blood. But like I mentioned, she survives, as do all the other lovely damsels. Unfortunately, Misty has the only nude bondage scene.

Unless people around here only care about nudity in their bondage (the main complaint about the movie CUT, which got mixed reviews here last year), they should enjoy The Screaming Dead. It's a mainstream B-movie that clearly plays to our fetish. I think it's a lot of fun.

Tuesday, July 6th 2004 - 07:23:52 PM

Name: Tyval
E-mail address: Tyval@webtv.net

Misty Mundae is indeed a VERY attractive young lady. Her only flaw, which almost is not a flaw, is her rather small breasts. But while I do prefer a little larger, Misty's are still very nice and the fact that she clearly seems to 'get into' her lesbian scenes makes her a hottie in my book.

Wednesday, July 7th 2004 - 04:22:01 PM


Misty Mundae is a fricking GODDESS in my book. About time someone tied her up in a movie. I always thought she would make a perfect victim, because she has that girl next door look. (I *wish* she lived next door, anyway) Innocent, yet super-sexy at the same time. I'd like to see her in a horror flick where she gets chloroformed and tied down to a bed. The guy could hold her captive and rape her whenever he wanted to. Could you imagine all the guys that would pay to see that one? Maybe that can be her next project.

Wednesday, July 7th 2004 - 06:03:36 PM

Name: Emerald Wolverine

For the Misty Mundae fans out there, rather than waiting for her to do a scene you might enjoy, remember she got her start in very low-budget fetish/violence/horror flicks. She was often the damsel in distress being chloroformed, tied up and terrorized. Though the bondage is lame in parts, you get the helpless damsel being sexually assaulted in "Virtual Kidnapper" and for more bondage and torture you could look at "The Infamous Bondage Murders" 1 & 2 and she also plays a victim in at least one of the "Electric Cord Strangler" series.

"In the Darkest corner of the mind, lies the truth" - Wolvie

Wednesday, July 7th 2004 - 06:40:22 PM

Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3628b/

ok, so everybody seems to have a Misty Mundae fixation. Well, seeing as how I'm new around here I thought that you guys might find these Yahoo Groups of interest. Pardon me if they're old news, but the group above, run by a guy named Hank, and these additional groups:



contain quite a few vidcaps from the films that you like so well. "Fantom Killer", "Bloodsucking Freaks", "Bordello of Blood", Hank has them all, and some vidcaps from old ZFX flicks and House of Milan loops as well. Sorry that I can't do more with video, I'm still struggling to get my DSL hook-up going.

Wednesday, July 7th 2004 - 07:05:52 PM


.....and just out of curiosity, I found myself doing a little "Ralphus research" as well. Luis DeJesus did indeed die of a heart-attack in 1988, but not before starring in two films with Carrie Fisher ('Under The Rainbow', and 'Star Wars; Return of the Jedi'),playing a munchkin and an ewok. He also starred in several x-rated films including 'Ultrasex' with the legendary blonde goddess, Seka. Although I couldn't find any corroborating evidence, and God knows its been a long time since I saw it; didn't he have a small role in "Behind the Green Door" with Marilyn Chambers? My memory is foggy........

Wednesday, July 7th 2004 - 07:20:46 PM


Hmmmm. I guess that last pic answers my question, eh, Ralphus?

Wednesday, July 7th 2004 - 10:42:30 PM

Name: greyducttape
E-mail address: greyducttape@yahoo.com

Have you seen the GangBanger series of dvds of Slave Labor Productions? GB-18 and GB-8 are seemingly the most interesting of the lot.

Wednesday, July 7th 2004 - 11:58:21 PM

Name: Jaeckill

Hi All,

I havnīt been here for a long time and now enjoy the futher improvements of this precious site. The reader reviews corner is a very good idea, since Ralphus canīt review all the videos out there on his own and different points of view are always appreciated.

I wonder if anybody knows whether "pulpfriction videos" still exists. This company had some nice bondage vids with gorgeous gals, some could be suggested being non-consentual but all quite tame compared to some other stuff discussed here. Nevertheless I liked it.

Are they out of business or did they just change their name and web address? Does anybody know where I can find them or their products?

Ralphus, thank you very much for keeping this site alive, Iīm always happy reading through it.

Peace, Jaeckill

Thursday, July 8th 2004 - 06:31:00 AM

Name: Jandals76
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

Gucci Loafers: It's really interesting to hear about pre-world war Japanese porn. As I am from Japan, there are many things that I do not normally pay attentions.

The first porn in Japan was makura-e, as I said a while ago here. It was about ordinary sex AND was not censored. It was born during Edo Era, which is the age of samurai and lasted until 1867. Then we know about General MacArthur who brought censorship into Japan in 1945. So what is missing is information during Meiji Era, from 1867 to 1912, and Taisho Era from 1912 to 1925.

To be honest I've never recognized pornography during that time. I've seen some drawings such as "Prison guards manhandle female criminals", "Government officers give harsh treatment to arrested Christian women" or "Samurai tortures a female ninja to get information", etc,... I used to believe they were post WW2 stuff, just themed on the Edo Era. But anyway I've got to check it out. Gucci Loafer, you've got to tell me where you saw those stuff.

Tentacle Sex in JP animation is peculiar, too. Surely they employ aliens, mutants, mad scientists and demons with tentacles to fight against Japanese superheroines. The only explanation I can think of is, that since pornographic cartoons are also censored, they invented something more exciting. Anyway it's not a turn-on to me, somehow. But I have a question - how many guys here think TSex is a turn on, as in Miss Barrista 3 (according to Ralphus's review, I haven't watched it though) ?????

Friday, July 9th 2004 - 01:01:08 AM

Name: Jandals76
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?style=ICE&pid=6756579&cart=195800845

Ralphus: Thanks for the great pictures. Now, CD Universe is selling a tape called "ZFX Collection vol.2" including "ZFX tape #2, #3 and #4". You must have watched all those, so what is meant by "tape 2,3&4"? Are they as soft as SOB-1 or as harsh as SOB-3 and later?

P.S. My SOB-1 review will be here soon, I think.

Friday, July 9th 2004 - 01:09:03 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Jandals: I'm still not sure what kind of problems you had with SOB-1 that you consider it "soft". Soft isn't the word I would use when I think about the tortures that Penelope and Monica received in that movie. Maybe I need to read your review so you can enlighten me.

Bon Vue has access to some of Rick's earliest works, before he left them and started his own company, ZFX. I've seen them all, back when they were originally released. The other three were released as part of the ZFX Collection #1 DVD, which I bought and haven't looked at yet.

Yeah, I saw ZFX #2-4; it's been years and I don't remember a thing about #2, other than I didn't take any footage on my highlights tapes. Tapes 3 and 4 feature one of ZFX's cutest early performers, Sierra Stuart, and she is the reason to check both of them out, for me, at least. I don't remember anything especially "harsh", if you are looking for simulated shock scenes and the like. I believe he did force Sierra to drink water though a hose that was taped in her mouth. Whippings, clamps, vibrator torment, just good old fashioned bondage and S&M with a pretty girl. It's ZFX, it's 3 hours and it's cheap, I think it's worth checking out.

Maybe some of our old-timers can recall what was in the individual tapes, particularly ZFX # 2.

Friday, July 9th 2004 - 08:24:01 AM

Name: J
E-mail address: JP455@Yahoo.com

I promised Ralphus that I would work up a list of Nikkatsu Videos that I have seen, provide a brief plot description, and tell you my personal rating.

Note that almost all the older Nikkatsu stuff would be classified as "softcore", but, in my view, its still better than alot of the lipstick lesbian stuff so prevalent in US S&M video.

Since the list will be kind of long, I will only list a few videos each day. I will tell you if I have seen it. If I have not seen it, then the plot description is taken directly from a catalog I obtained from Asian Cult Cinema. They no longer carry the Nikkatsu series as far as I know. The titles are direct translations from the japanese. Here goes.

SECRETARY ROPE DISCIPLINE (Onna Hisho Nawa Chyokyo)1981. Actress: Junko Mabuki. {A young secretary, charged with corporate snooping, is captured and taken to a private torture chamber in the company mansion. Written by S&M kingpin Oniroku Dan.}

I have seen this one and rate it very highly. Features one great suspended by wrists whipping scene early in the film. The rest is various bondage poses as the woman is forcibly tattooed.

FAIRY IN A CAGE (Ori Naka No Yosei) 1977. Actress Naomi Tani. A upper class noble lady (Tani) tortured by the Grand Inqusitor during WWII. Written by Oniroku Dan.

Another good one I have seen. Naomi Tani is tortured not because she is quilty, but because the Inqusitor wants to fuck her. She is hung be her ankles and tortured with boiling water, tortured on the "horse" and raped. I rate this one slightly below SECRETARY ROPE DISCIPLINE, but only slightly, because it lacks a whipping scene, my benchmark for greatness.

That's it for today. Stay tuned.

Friday, July 9th 2004 - 01:36:21 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

J: Hey, thanks for the post concerning the Nikkatsu videos. J is a friend of mine who used to live in Japan, so he got to see a lot of this good stuff while they were in actual movie theaters. Of all the Japanese tapes I've seen, I would say that roughly 8 out of 10 of the very best were put out by Nikkatsu. I've seen both of those titles you mentioned. Fairy in a Cage was an original print I found on eBay and Secretary Rope Discipline I got from Larry at Video Mayhem. Both full of outstanding torture scenes; both rate very highly with me as well.

That Naomi Tani was like a bondage superstar in Japan. All of her movies that I've seen are modern-day classics, including the highly acclaimed Wife To Be Sacrificed, probably the most famous of all the Japanese bondage films. I read that today she refuses to be photographed, so that people will remember her for the way she used to look when she was making bondage films in the 70s. It also adds to her mystique, sort of a Garbo-like aura.

The thing is, I've only seen about 5 or 6 of her films, and she made dozens. And I've seen comparatively few Nikkatsu films, so your reviewing them for us will make it easier to pick out the best ones. We appreciate your contributions, so keep them up.

Friday, July 9th 2004 - 10:04:23 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address: mayhem50@webtv.net
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

Just watched mainstream, excellent new horror flick called Love Object. Long bondage scenes with cuffs and tight ballgag. Lots of facial closeups of bound and gagged victim. Man tries to mold an inflatable sex doll into likeness of his new girlfriend. Not satisfied with that he tries it the other way around. 

Friday, July 9th 2004 - 10:13:08 PM

Name: Vince
E-mail address: neirdav@aol.com

The best mainstream bondage movie is "Love Object" which I saw in theaters in New York in February. I know it wasn't widely released in most parts of the country, but it's out on DVD this month. If you want to have an erotic and thrilling good time rent it. I also want to mention that I was really aroused by today's image of the woman on the pool table. It's given me another idea how to use them other than to play billiards.

Friday, July 9th 2004 - 11:06:36 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.colinthegrey.co.uk/Loveo/Index.html

I knew the buzz about Love Object would start to get louder once it came close to DVD. Ever since Vince mentioned it on the board some months ago, I've been looking forward to seeing this. Based on the reviews I've read and the vidcaps I've seen, this is one I'm going to buy, not just rent. This movie hits DVD on Tuesday, July 13.

Check out these vidcaps someone posted. And from what I understand, there's even more in the movie that this guy didn't cap. The pics there don't show her hanging by her wrists and torso, and the guy putting the box cover over her while she's strapped and ballgagged in the box. And this is pretty blonde Melissa Sagemiller as the victim, a girl who rings my bell. I seriously can't wait.

Friday, July 9th 2004 - 11:40:43 PM

Name: Vince
E-mail address: neirdav@aol.com

I loved the pool drawing yesterday. I am beyond ecstatic with a photo of a real woman tied up on a pool table. Hope tomorrow's photo shows somebody sticking it to her.

Saturday, July 10th 2004 - 11:44:48 AM

Name: nycdom30
E-mail address: normaldom@aol.com

Hi all

Any idea what Rick is up to? Any new preview pictures?

I really enjoyed bittersweet and the last two SOBs were good too.

Saturday, July 10th 2004 - 11:51:41 AM

Name: pkcccc

Glad to see something new for a change. This whole industry has dried up, pretty sad when your looking at stuff 20 and 30 years old. Only new stuff is from japan.

Saturday, July 10th 2004 - 12:28:00 PM

Name: eeeteee

Ralphus: The caps don't show what happens to her. She gets bloodily slashed by unseen forces (the magic of special effects) and her nude body eventually gets pretty well covered with blood.

If ya want to see the fake blood ... lobby cards at http://www.shock-o-rama.com/videos/screaming_dead_pics.htm and Misty has her own site ... http://www.mistymundae.com/

more Ralphus: Bon Vue has access to some of Rick's earliest works, before he left them and started his own company, ZFX. I've seen them all, back when they were originally released. The other three were released as part of the ZFX Collection #1 DVD, which I bought and haven't looked at yet ... Maybe some of our old-timers can recall what was in the individual tapes, particularly ZFX # 2.

I'll have to dust off those tapes. The thing I remember about them is that the Bon Vue ZFX series did showcase Rick's earliest models whom later appeared in his own initial releases and that the action was not as harsh as those releases. Back when Bon Vue first released the ZFX series on tape, they also released few special mail order only ZFX productions including Bondage Imagination Unlimited (featuring a now classic electro scene).

Rick also released a few good titles around the same time through Bizarre Video (where some flyers at their Consumer Electronics Show [CES in LV] booth caught my eye with ZFX models on the box covers! ... and their show discount prices were too good to pass up) ... I don't remember the titles off the top of my head ... Around the same time, Bizarre Video also released a few Golden Ram titles as well before they released Sadistic Sweetheart through Tao.

Even way before that, I was renting/trading vids with the original owner of the infamous Kerney Street Cinema in SF and I remember a conversation with him saying that there was a new BD producer who was going back the roots of classic Cole HOM and RDF ... and Rick Masters and the initials ZFX were a name to look out for. That was then, this is now ... Jeez ... I'm showing my age!

Good thread on Japanese BD ...


Sunday, July 11th 2004 - 03:35:19 AM

Name: mr?
E-mail address: @?

the japanese girl is Anna Ohura.

Sunday, July 11th 2004 - 11:02:06 AM

Name: Mr?
Homepage URL: http://www.videodetective.com

above has preview of L.O.

Sunday, July 11th 2004 - 11:10:11 AM

Name: Paulus

I haven't seen Dan hawk post in a while. what's he up to?? anyone know?

Sunday, July 11th 2004 - 03:21:48 PM

Name: Duke

Anna Ohura has a great bod! Does anybody else have trouble with the "In-Sex.com" site? I have not joined the site, 'cause when I checked out the free previews it attacked my computer & tried to take over! Now I'm afraid to try again ~ no site is worth messin" up my PC! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DAMIAN?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Sunday, July 11th 2004 - 03:43:24 PM


GOOD GAWD Ralphus!!! Who is the asian babe with them tits?

Sunday, July 11th 2004 - 07:50:09 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.annaohura.net/

Backlash: Gorgeous girl, huh? An Asian beauty with big ol' tied-up tits...gotta love her. If you scroll down, she has already been identified as Anna Ohura.

Thanks to Baronorca for the pics. And a new breast bondage pic will be up tomorrow.

Sunday, July 11th 2004 - 08:16:01 PM

Name: laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

Duke-- You went the wrong site. You were looking for Insex.com NOT In-Sex.com

Tuesday, July 13th 2004 - 01:22:51 PM

Name: Lindsay
E-mail address: No way I'm telling you guys!!!

Hi. I'm new to the Internet and surfed in based on the description of the site, "girls in merciless peril". Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "prude". I see nothing wrong with bondage per se. If a couple wants to spice up their love-making, being blindfolded and tied to bedposts can be a turn-on. And I also don't see anything wrong with the idea of "girls in peril", like tying the maiden to the railroad tracks so that the hero can rescue her at the last minute. That kind of stuff is fun and exciting. But when I look around this website, I don't see any of that.

What I see is a bunch of sadistic men talking about hurting and raping women, and talking about watching video's that feature MUTILATION and TORTURE and God knows what else. This is totally disgusting and sick. I've heard about movies like that, and now I know what kind of sicko's like to watch them. Let me ask you. Why do you hate women so much that you want to see them hurt? Is it "fun" to tie women up and beat them with sticks? Is it a power thing? I'm really curious about this.

One thing for sure. I definitely wouldn't want to run into any of you in a dark alley. I hope I never do. You guys scare me.

Tuesday, July 13th 2004 - 01:46:10 PM

Name: Vince
E-mail address: neirdav@aol.com

Lindsay, you are making an unfair generalization. Most of the men here who are turned on by extreme actions are not sickos anymore than women who watch "The Batchelor" take it to a realistic level. If anything, I think you should be more concerned that people take shows like that for real. True love based on a TV game show. Please.

This site offers men and some women an outlet to indulge and express their fantasies. Those who carry out those twisted desires in real life I'm safe to assume don't need this or any similar site to spur them on. Plus no one forced you into this group, so you have the privilege to leave. If it bothers you I suggest you do so.

By the way, don't think the men in your life haven't thought about extreme sex one way or another. They have. It's just that 99.9% of us can distinguish fantasy from reality.

Tuesday, July 13th 2004 - 04:52:42 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Lindsay, here's what it says at the top of this forum...

This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage video, namely ZFX Productions, emphasizing the ----- FANTASY ---- aspects of extreme bondage.
We do ----- NOT ----- condone sexual violence in any way.

So that's what this forum is about, more or less. It's not about really hurting women, it's about fantasy, and it's not about light, love bondage either, it's about extreme bondage. And if it's not what you're looking for, that's fine. There are other forums out there geared toward "light" bondage and "light" girls in peril or damsels in distress that will probably be more to your liking.

As far as your misinformed assumptions, judgements, name-calling, accusations about the forum members who do discuss the material to which this board is primarily geared for, well, hope you enjoyed yourself. It's typical trolling behaviour. Hope you had fun doing it. Many a troll has posted to a forum, any forum, just to see what raucous they can cause, how many responses they can get. I haven't posted here in awhile, so what the heck. Hope this makes your day!

You say you're new to the internet? You sure picked up the art of trolling quick enough!

Tuesday, July 13th 2004 - 06:17:43 PM


You know its incredible that any explaination needs to be given to any outsider. The little lady has obviously already strayed up the wrong dark alley. The argument has been made for years in the media that if you don't like whats on, change the channel. The internet is the same. Nobody forced her dainty fingers to type the URL that landed her here. As gentlemen we should all wish her happy trails and send her on her merry way. Please Lindsey, save your breath, you'll provoke no guilt feelings here.

Tuesday, July 13th 2004 - 10:07:57 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

I read what Lindsay had to say and considered deleting it as a flame post, but then I figured, why not leave it up and have our guys tell her how misguided her views are. The fact that we have had precious few flamers to this forum in over 5 years is proof that everybody around here can tell the difference between fantasy and reality and that any kind of entertainment, no matter how vile or disgusting it may be to others, is okay as long as it's performed by consenting adults.

You know what really scares me? People like you who make automatic judgments on people you've never met and assume we're bad just because of the movies we like to watch. To my knowledge, none of our readers has ever physically harmed a woman in any way. None of us hate women; we simply like to see them stripped, tied up and have unmentionable things done to them in our movies. It's all fantasy, no one does it for real. If it's sick to have such thoughts and to watch such movies, label me a Number One, First Class Sicko Perv! Yeah!

Closed-minded attitudes like yours should inspire our readers to go watch a bondage film tonight and imagine it's our flame princess Lindsay starring in it. Should be quite an entertaining show!

Tuesday, July 13th 2004 - 10:21:23 PM

Homepage URL: http://www.bdsmlife.net/arcimboldo/main.htm

Well, you must admit, Lindsay has provided a little entertainment.I thought that I would include the link above so she can see some of our friends. No honey, we are not alone. If you were to meet me, you would quickly learn that I am among the most anti-violent people you could know. I am sure many of the guys here at THE GIMP are very much the same way.

Let me ask you though, and its only because its a pet peeve of mine, do you go to the gaming sites? You know the ones. Do you have an X-Box? If you want to meet the true pimps of violence, go there. How many kids have been gunned down in school hallways, how many cops killed, and how many little old ladies have been maimed in the imagination of your typical adolescent who has access to one of these insipid "toys"? We at least are adults here, and we make no effort to pander to children like the manufacturers of Game-Boy do. Go play a few rounds of Grand Theft Auto, then come preach to us about violence.

Tuesday, July 13th 2004 - 10:34:02 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex


If you met me in a dark alley, I'd be the chivalrous gentleman helping you out safely. Please, take some time to educate yourself before judging others. Read up on the research about the types of people who enjoy these kinds of movies, how typically it is the more educated, creative, cultured, dare I say, gentlemanly portion of the population. The theory (and I think there is a lot of truth to it for many of us) is that just as in other aspects of our lives we crave intellectual stimulation, so, too, in our sex lives.

PS, you'll be happy to know I'm a high functioning member of our society with a prominent job and healthy relationships with women. Sexually, the relationships have been very healthy - and exciting. There is nothing unhealthy or "wrong" with this board or its frequent vistors. We enjoy fantasy - ho hum, so what, big deal.

Assuming you are a woman (who knows) ... and/or assuming your intentions are legitimate and you're not just trolling to cause trouble ... let me ask you a question. Why do so many women criticize male sexuality while absolving their own gender's preferences? Isn't each gender entitled to its fantasies? If you would shun or condemn this board, then please, too, go out marching against all of the soap operas on TV, and the bodice ripper novels in the bookstores. I find those insipid and offensive. I hate the values they inculcate in women, with their portrayals of scheming conniving money-grunging women taking advantage of men. However, you won't find me out there posting to soap opera boards and criticizing the women who enjoy that offensive garbage. I'm too nice to do that, and I don't like to impose on other people.

Obviously, you DO like to impose on other people. Hence, truly your mindset is closest to the rapist's than that of any of the rest of us here. Think about it. And when you've grown up and experienced more of life and realized some truth, feel free to come back and aplogize.


Tuesday, July 13th 2004 - 11:50:24 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

I was going to respond to Lindsay just after she posted, then had to go away and do some other things (involving dark alleys), and now I come back and everyone else has come up with the same ideas I had.

Just to add something else, the attitudes behind that post, whether it represented the beliefs of the person who posted it or not, certainly exist in society, although they are in the minority - meaning, people into 'love bondage', but not into the heavier stuff.

I do remember when I first came across published bondage photos, they blew my mind, and they were definitely in the 'love bondage' mould. I couldn't imagine how they were even legal (even though I was happy that they were). Since then, I've come across a heck of a lot of material that is too light for my taste, lots of things that are just right for me (particularly the humourous side of things, such as in the ZFX films, which is what brought me here), and a few things that went too far for me.

Probably the best definition of an intolerant hypocrite is somebody who is somewhere on the continuum (ie 'I like girls in peril, ...'), but abuses those people who are at other points of that same line ('but I think you're all sickos'). Even though I sometimes laugh at my friends and call them 'vanilla', I do it as a joke, the same way that I call friends who are futher out than me 'perverts', I don't really mean it, and if I did, it would mean that I was showing an unreasonable intolerance.

And finally, it should be pointed out again for any newcomers that this site was originally called simply 'Bring out the Gimp', ala Pulp Fiction, but recently changed, with tongue in cheek firmly as in our favourite movies, to the acrostic 'Girls In Merciless Peril'. In other words - it's a joke.

Boy it was a good thing I waited so I didn't have to post too much ha ha ha.

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 01:47:28 AM

Name: milo

Perhaps we might even want to thank 'Lindsay', for galvanizing us into keyboard action. I particularly enjoyed Backlash's responses, which I agree with. Happy trails to her, and don't come gunning for us without recognizing those that really capitalize on violence and gore. At least, Lindsay is not that 'Mr.?', who seems to have left a site that is nothing but pop-ups.

Actually, I was half waiting for 'zee-f-x' or Damien or even Ralphus to come out and say "Hah, got ya! There is no 'Lindsay', it's just me, stirring up the soup". But if there really is a Lindsay, I hope she's at least as cute as the picture (w/c, while nice, does not compare w/ busty Asians in distress/bondage). Happy trails to all.

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 03:35:26 AM

Name: Mr?

Website with popups?! HUH? I have no websites. I never had a website. Ok? controversey over. spankya later.

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 04:12:41 AM

Name: J
E-mail address: JP455@Yahoo.com


I am so glad to see that Bush Republicans read the forum. I didn't want to think that we were all just a bunch of wild-eyed leftist.

For your information, no self respecting sadist would ever beat a woman with a stick. Way too neanderthal. Just look at the progress that has been made since the cave man beat his woman with a stick. We now have the rack, the wheel, the strappado, various whips, paddles, clamps, needles, etc. And, of course, electricity. Are you opposed to progress?

I can only assume that you and your partner(s) lack imagination--a shame.

Well, its off the review another movie. Probably something particularly cruel just for you.

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 08:31:51 AM

Name: JoeX
Homepage URL: http://www.slavelaborproductions.com

Hasn't anyone here tried any of the Gangbangers dvd's at www.slavelaborproductions.com? Greyducttape asked about them last week and hasn't had any response. I checked out the site and now I'm curious, too. C'mon, help a brother out. I thought you guys knew everything.

Joe X

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 12:20:54 PM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL: http://www.inquisitionlive.com/

Anyone have any experience with inquisitionlive? Their content looks right up alley for us fantasy fanatics here. The only wierd thing is that they require proof as an adult ... a Germany thing ... or identity theft waiting to happen? $19.95 euro (about $25 usd) sounds reasonable.

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 03:34:06 PM

Name: Scribbler

Video games are no more the "true pimps of violence" than are the various movies, plays, books and artwork that have violence as a major theme. And kids, even me way back when, played all kinds of scenarios (army, cowboys and indians, etc.) with toyguns long before video games were invented. Most all of us turned out not to be violent criminals.

Humans who are prone to actual violence over all the ages past have been very able to perpetrate violent acts even when all the above did not exist.

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 05:38:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.slavelaborproductions.com/cgi-bin/slp/GB-01.html

Slave Labor's Gangbanger series: Only one I saw was their first one, Bondage Gangbang (URL above). Two segments; the one I ordered the tape for was the home invasion scene, but I didn't care for it at all. Just wasn't believable to me. The second segment featured a cute girl named Nikki who gets taken captive out in the woods and forced to suck the guy's cock before he rapes her. She was good, with convincing crying, but the production as a whole was weak, where they just stick the camera on a tripod and let it roll, with almost no camera movement at all. And it looked like it was shot on analog VHS, so the picture quality was surprisingly mediocre. I took some footage from it on my highlights tapes, but overall I didn't think it was worth 40 bucks. That was their first production, so hopefully the later ones have improved, but I haven't been willing to take another chance of them.

#18 did sound pretty good; if Greyducttape orders it, I hope he reviews it here for the board.

Inquisition Live: I've never taken a chance on their website, but I did order their first video a few years ago. Almost nothing in it that rang my bell, just a short scene where they force a witch to hold 3 or 4 lit candles in her mouth while they drip some wax on her. Otherwise just bondage with very little else. Boring, fast-forward material.

I did have e-mail contact with the guy who runs the company, and he said the downloadable videos are much harsher in content, but they can't mail them out of the country because of Germany's restrictions. I like witch torture, but their video prices are too high to justify a purchase. I do have a bunch of stills off their site. It might be worth checking out for $25, if you can download their mpegs.

I got up early Tuesday so I could get to the store and buy my DVD of Love Object (Best Buy carried only two for sale). Saw it today, and...this a damn good movie! Melissa Sagemiller is a doll baby, and like the protagonist in the movie, I developed a fondness for her as the film moved along, so that when the bondage scenes occurred in the final third of the movie, they had that much more impact for me. The caps I posted a while back appear to have disappeared from cyberspace, but she does get tied up, ballgagged, suspended, locked in a crate and finally tortured. The end of the movie has a big twist and I won't give it away, but I loved it. Worth seeing especially for the bondage scenes, but that's only part of the reason why this movie rocks. A creepy thriller that was probably too "out there" to attract a mainstream audience, but bondage fans should rush to go buy it, or at least rent it. This one was even better than I expected, worth the wait.

A review of the film is at this site:


Lindsay: Too bad you didn't leave your e-mail address. I'd mail you a thank you letter for perking this site up. Well, maybe I'll run into you in a dark alley someday, with any luck. I'll be the one carrying a stick :)

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 06:24:27 PM

Name: Paul

Wow, Lindsay is hot!!

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 06:29:17 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Paul: You realize that picture I posted is of actress Lindsay Lohan, most likely NOT the same Lindsay who visited our site yesterday. Otherwise, I'd be even more enthusiastic about hanging out in a dark alley waiting for her :)

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 06:35:13 PM


RALPHUS! SHAME! This site is about fantasy. I'm with Paul. Let me think that this is the Lindsay that flamed us.

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 07:05:08 PM


Can we make her our mascot? Please?

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 07:08:23 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Well, come to think of it, she MIGHT be the same Lindsay. That's good enough for me!

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 07:25:06 PM

Name: Backlash

Point well taken Scribbler, but the difference lies in who is fantasizing the violent thoughts and who is helping them along. No question, mankind has found any number of reasons to perpetrate some kind of violence on his fellow man, and hardly needs any coercion to do it. But in my humble attempt to explain to dear Lindsey our reason to be here, I was only pointing out that nobody here is selling anything, and certainly nobody here is selling violence to young and impressionable minds. Those manufacturers of video games can hardly make the same claim.

As a matter of fact, I recall those long-ago lost days of my youth and the nice cowboy and indian type of games that I particularly liked. Shit, my head was on bondage scenarios even then.....but hey, that was the 60's. Nobody in the media back then was showing the kind of violence that we have all become accustomed to in this day and age.

So, does "art" reflect the culture, or does culture create the "art"? This is the subject that has puzzled a lot greater minds than mine.

Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 07:29:46 PM

Name: Mr D.


Hasn't anyone here tried any of the Gangbangers dvd's at www.slavelaborproductions.com? Greyducttape asked about them last week and hasn't had any response. I checked out the site and now I'm curious, too. C'mon, help a brother out. I thought you guys knew everything.

The Gangbangers Vids/DVD's (available at Slave Labor Productions) are definately a mixed bag, based on my watching a sampling of their stuff (several between GB-17 and GB-23.

On one hand some of the girls are quite gorgeous like GB-17's Brooke and GB-23's Prom Queen. Moreover, some of the situations are the stuff of GIMP reader's best fantasies, like abusing a pair of Sisters, or violating a Kidnapped and bound lovely.

The technical production values are quite good compared to many other vids out there (like some of the ones available at Crusex and Stray Thoughts). The video is crisp and clear, and there's no obvious audio glitches or loud distracting music (like Forbidden Video's After School Surprise).

The sex is explicit; not simulated softcore or censored in any way, nor are the cum shots faked. Neither, however is any of the action particularly "hardcore," (in the sense of a mainstream gonzo gangbang porno).

If all of that sounds good to you it might be worth it to try ordering one with a girl that particularly appeals to you, but read on.

There are a number of downsides to these vids.

As hot as some of the women are, none are likely to become any GIMPer's favorite actresses. They don't really struggle, moan or scream much nor do they do it very loudly. The action that requires their participation (ie grabbing they guy's dick with one hand for a BJ or lying still while being tied) tends to be "submissive/threatened" rather than "violent/forced."

The men in the vids aren't particularly intimidating or violent, some light knife threads notwithstanding. None really quite fit the bill of a brutal rapist or even sadistic porn star.

Also disappointing to me is the lack of any real plot, setup or exposition. It would be much more exciting for example to immerse oneself in the fantasy of watching a haughty too-good-for-you prom queen getting a brutal fucking if we spent the first ten minutes of the video watching her act like a total bitch, instead of observing her simply shower and dress. Forced lesbianism would be that much hotter if one victim is repulsed by being forced into licking the other, who hates the her body for becoming sexually aroused. It's that sort of lack of attention to detail that prevents the vids from fulfilling their full potential; As one last example, why choose the bustiest model with the luscious globes of titflesh to be in the vid where she keeps her bra on the whole time? Breast men want to see nipples being squeezed, twisted and pinched. Tits should be fondled, mashed, slapped, sucked, fucked and covered in cum.

To summarize;

Good : Good technical production value. Some very hot women. Sex with light bondage

YMMV : No heavy bondage, S/M, serious peril or torture. More "coerced" rather than "forced."

Bad : Acting. Little plot, setup, characterization or exposition.

For fans of "lighter" fare, this series will come close to hitting the balance between sex and bondage. For more "hardcore" fans of rape and torture, this series will dissapoint.

Thursday, July 15th 2004 - 01:52:50 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html

Mr. D: Thanks for the detailed post on the Gangbangers series. Very useful information. I've added that and your recent post about Attackers tapes into the Reviews by GIMP Readers section of the site. Thanks for taking the time to help us out.

Thursday, July 15th 2004 - 08:42:00 AM

Name: Mr?
Homepage URL: http://www.no pop ups.sm

Has anyone noticed that erotic horror.com is gone? Also Christina Carter, actress in the GB videos, is one the best looking web girls around. I hope she will do a ZFX film soon.

Thursday, July 15th 2004 - 11:58:13 AM

Name: J
E-mail address: JP455@Yahoo.com

Time for a couple of more Nikkatsu reviews. Stop me if I bore you.

LADY MOONFLOWER. Actress Naomi Tani. This one is not subtitled so beats me what its about. It opens with a nice scene of a cute, underpants clad, jap girl bound standing, arms overhead and legs chained apart. She is being molested by another woman. Something she says ticks off the molester and out comes the whip. The expression on the bound girls face when she first sights the whip is priceless. Rest of the movie features Naomi in various bondage scenes including one spreadeagle bed rape, and one inverted suspension where she is used as a flower vase. I will let you figure out how. I rate this one a B.

WIFE TO BE MOLESTED: Actress unknown. Another one without subtitles. Best I can figure out the "wife" in questioned is blackmailed into the waiting hands of some pervos. This one has one of the better whipping scenes IMHO. In a warehouse she is forced to strip, then is tied to an electric winch and pulled onto her toes. She is whipped in a fairly long and realistic scene. Some nice screams and dancing around. Later she is placed into some imaginative suspension bondage and, of course, forced sex. I give this one an "A".

More to come.

Thursday, July 15th 2004 - 12:24:42 PM

Name: pkcccc

Ralphus Read your review of love object, was the acting realastic? Was the bondage realistic or poorly done? Does the actress moan and groan. The pictures really excite me.

Thursday, July 15th 2004 - 05:05:27 PM

Name: This Will Hurt
E-mail address: Yodasays@yahoo.comhurtthiswill4
Homepage URL: http://torturegalaxy.com

I usually just lurk here but the only paysite I spend my money on is torture galaxy. they specialze in needle torture and electroshock. Recently the needles have been around 6" long and really are more like skewers. The electroshock is usually delivered via the needles. the girls are generaly quite pretty and, because the piercings go through the thick part of the breasts there's plenty of blood.

The downside is that it's generally the same 5 or so models over and over again and there are *far* more stills than videos.

Thursday, July 15th 2004 - 06:13:51 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

This Will Hurt: Thanks for the info on Torture Galaxy. I've collected a few stills from them in the past. Some pretty brutal images, like breast mutilation, not exactly my snort of coke but intriguing nonetheless. It's only $12.95 a month, not bad. A few questions for you about them:

If you sign up for a month, do you have access to all their older material, or is it everything is new and you miss stuff if you're not there every month?

Are the scenarios consensual, like Insex, or do they attempt to tell a story of some sorts where the woman is captured and tortured by a madman? I notice none of them are gagged.

You say the women are generally pretty, but I see a few tattoos in the few downloadable images on the site. What percentage of the models have them? I don't want to join only to find out it's nothing but freakgirls receiving consensual "punishment" (which they probably get off on anyway).

pkcccc: The acting in Love Object is excellent! Not only is Melissa Sagemiller a real beauty, she gives a GREAT performance, especially in the final scenes when she's tied inside the box and her former boyfriend is "preparing" her. She cries, whimpers, begs, screams and really sells her part. I think it was the harrowing denouement of the film where she gets tied up and tortured that made people uncomfortable and prevented the film from achieving a wide audience, but GIMPers should eat it up.

The bondage is very good, and even though Melissa is tied to a chair with her hands in front in the first scene, they even did it right by having her wrists tied to the arm of the chair, so she couldn't take her gag out. Her feet are tightly bound together, too. And how often do you see a ballgag in a mainstream movie? Seeing pretty blonde Melissa ballgagged and suffering is worth the price right there!

Thursday, July 15th 2004 - 11:18:15 PM

Name: Paulus

Oh man, I had trouble watching those pictures at that torture galaxy site...mutilation is just not my cup of tea...I like seeing nipples tweaked and prodded and tied up and swollen...but not ripped off or cut up like that....kinda turned my stomach.

Friday, July 16th 2004 - 01:22:10 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com


I have been a member of torturegalaxy.com and can answer your questions:

If you sign up for a month, do you have access to all their older material, or is it everything is new and you miss stuff if you're not there every month? You get ALL of their archives!

Are the scenarios consensual, like Insex, or do they attempt to tell a story of some sorts where the woman is captured and tortured by a madman? Generally consentual

You say the women are generally pretty, but I see a few tattoos in the few downloadable images on the site. What percentage of the models have them? I don't want to join only to find out it's nothing but freakgirls receiving consensual "punishment" (which they probably get off on anyway). they are generally much less tatooed and freaky that the insex or CyberNet cast

BTW, I am testing out a few sources for purchasing european BDSM videos. The sites are:

www.erodvd.nl (BDSM vids for 24.95 euros each - much cheaper than other sources I found), and

www.aahsex.com has a pretty wide selection and appears to be based in the states.

I will let you know if I have any issues with my orders.

Friday, July 16th 2004 - 08:35:45 AM

Name: WickedMister
E-mail address: (the same)@aol.com

Hi again all!

I just popped in to check what's going on (good pics, Ralphus), and I came across the great question from Mr? about erotichorror.com being gone and then, surprisingly, a very quick answer from Todd himself about what happened.

Back about five weeks ago or so, I myself happened to visit the site to see what was new there, and to my surprise I found the site missing, too. I did some different internet searches to try and find out if anything had happened (legal-wise), but I was able to find nothing so I was really unsure what to think. I guess maybe I was hoping there was just some kind of site problem that needed fixing, but even then it did seem a bit like an optimistic thought. And now I find my hunch was completely correct--erotichorror.com, just another victim of the Puritan Brigade in action.

From my prior research and even my postings here I knew this whole situation was going to get worse, but I really cannot believe how bad this is starting to get. I thought about asking the same question here that Mr? did just a few postings earlier but, after remembering a small bit of "controversy" here awhile back about mutilation and/or gore, I figured why bother...thinking most people here wouldn't be into that type of stuff anyway. Now I see I was wrong, though it maybe looks like, with the exception of the answer from the man himself, not many people were too interested either way.

Todd, if you do see this, you said you're still accepting mail-orders and payments by check/MO for certain titles still, but what info do you have available for people still interested? I myself saw a bunch of titles I was interested in and, thinking I always had enough time, kept putting it off, but I guess you really can't take too much for granted with everything that's going on right now. Do you have a catalog or listing of films still for sale? Where do you send payment to? You might not be able to accept CC payments anymore, but if nothing else you should try and get some, perhaps, scaled-down version of your site back online with title/payment info for those who might still be interested. Like me. Hell, even just a two or three page site would be sufficient, as long as people can find out what's going and how to send you an order. Besides, isn't that pretty much what you did back in the early days of Threat Theater anyway?

Bottom line, don't pack it in entirely just because some right-leaning knobs are causing trouble for everyone. Tone some things down maybe if you have to, but don't let 'em run you out of town completely. Unless there's some legal stuff going on behind the scenes you didn't mention (I'm assuming not because you did say you were still selling), then you still have a leg to get around on--you might not be able to kick their teeth out with it, but you can still hop from point A to B. And even that's better then waiting for them to come cut off the other one.

Please post and keep us up to date on what's happening with your company--and, please, try and get some info available to those who are still interested in buying your films. I know Threat Theater has gone thru a lot of changes over the years--this last one not being a very good one--but you still do have many past customers, some of whom are still willing to support your efforts.

Boy, what can be said? What a sorry state of affairs this country is headed for if things keep going like they are--I wouldn't be surprised if there's some right-leaning knucklehead working hard right now on creating a bill regulating what the hell we're allowed to even think about. I can see it now--head now to your local community enforcement center so you too can be properly taught how to goose-step like a good little "conservative" poster child. Don't you know, the security--the very future!--of our nation depends on it. Lies my President told me. Nof if I can help it...a few more months and I'm off to do my part in flushing this conservative monstrosity (aka current administration), down the toilet and, hopefully, Jan LaRue, her group AND her agenda will still be nuthugging them tight enough that she goes right down with them. Now that's a cheery thought! Bye all!

~ WicMis ~

Friday, July 16th 2004 - 10:08:25 AM

Name: Mr?

hello again...have any gimpers seen Robertīs new comic Slave Ranch? curious. He has no previews on his site & I am reluctant to join his site to find out another artist has drawn it. I dig his work but he is not dependable.

Friday, July 16th 2004 - 12:37:20 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

Mutilation and gore are things I do NOT want to see in my BDSM video. They do NOT turn me on in the slightest. I like some rough stuff sexually, but not to the point of cutting people up. But that's just me.

Backlash: Saying video game makers are selling violence to young and impressionable minds is just like saying the producers of movies, music, plays, books, art and other entertainment product with violence in them are selling violence to young and impressionable minds, and that ZFX and other BDSM videos are selling violence against women, and I'm not buying into any of that. So I respectfully disagree.

does "art" reflect the culture, or does culture create the "art"?

Artists are influenced by other artists (especially ones they like) and everything else in their lives and environment, and this is filtered through the artist's own opinion of what's cool and not cool. So art reflects that, and culture is part of the influence.

I agree that as the decades have progressed, there's way more graphic violence shown than there used to be. But video games are not the devil. Horror movies are! just kidding.

Friday, July 16th 2004 - 03:44:24 PM

Name: Mr D.

BBFan wrote:

www.aahsex.com has a pretty wide selection and appears to be based in the states.

Their domain is registered in the Netherlands. Of course this does not mean they don't have a US based subsidiary, subcontractor or anything.

Let us know about your experience with them

Saturday, July 17th 2004 - 12:03:45 AM

Name: "Hank"
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3628/

Ralphus, boy are you right on with your review of "Love Object". Melissa is one cute chick and for a mainstream movie this puppy has a lot to offer, bondage , ball gags and e.t.c.

I just put up 6 vidcaps at the link above with 18 more yet to come.


Saturday, July 17th 2004 - 07:44:53 PM

Name: Jandals76
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

South of the Border 1 Review:

Hi guys, here's my SOB-1 review that I've promised to do ages ago. Sorry for the delay but I've been doing on a few odd jobs, like translating a couple of Japanese BDSM vids for someone I met here, but it's another story.

Review: South of the Border 1


Release date: February 1997

Length:60 mins (approx.)

Starring: Penelope Pace and Monica Moore

GIMP Factors: Kidnapping, suspending, rope bondage, molestering, verbal abuse.

Story: Two beautiful American sisters kidnapped and tortured by members of a guerrilla group.

Review: The south of the border 1

In Republic of Cordoba, a beautiful attractive American woman (Penelope Pace) is kidnapped by a man and brought to a captive. In a dungeon she is blindfolded, ball-gagged and suspended from the ceiling. Her captor demands her to confess activities that she has no idea about. As she refuses to speak, her captor's torment becomes more intensive.

First he molesters all her body, particularly her bottom and ample breasts. No matters how much she moans from fear and discomfort, the mask-man's investigation never slows down but only escalates. He removes the jeans from the helpless girl. There is a video camera in the room to record the entire scene. When we notice, the captured lady has her large breasts tied with ropes over her cloth, her pussy exposed and still suspended from by the wrists from the ceiling. Mercilessly, the evil man slaps her naked ass and fingers her pussy, and decides to take some memorial pictures. It is no wonder that he stops photographing her for a while, in order to pull up her shirt-like costume to expose her breasts for better quality pictures.

Finally her blindfold is removed and her wrists are freed from the ceiling and the bondage, only to take her to another session. It is a wooden chair that she finds first after recovering her sights, a chair with a large dildo fixed on the seat! She refuses an offer to sit down on the chair, but the man does not care. Then she is bound to the chair and blindfolded once again. The next toy is a stun-gun. He enjoys giving her electric shocks for a while. Then he leaves her so that she can moan and groan, but no one else is there for her except for the camcorder. When he comes back, she is suspended by her wrists from the ceiling again, but this time she is naked except for her pantie. She gets gagged again with her pantie down, then a whipping session begins.

In the meantime her sister (Monica Moore) arrives in the country in search of her missing sister, but immediately abducted. She is as well blindfolded, gagged and tied to a chair while her captors strips her and their hands freely explore the miserable girl's body. She is asked to tell them what she knows, but she says she knows nothing. It makes one of the men use a stick on her. The black stick is used in different ways to torment her. After a while they stop and offer her a coffee, from which she falls unconscious. They move unconscious Monica to the floor, strip her for forthcoming sessions.

We come back to Penelope who is now in a very uncomfortable position, completely naked. She standing but having her arms tied together in front of her breasts and they are linked to her feet. So that she has to keep her body bent, while maintaining the balance not to crash on the floor. Even so, her captor does not forget to play with her breasts and nipples.

The last scene is that Monica gains consciousness and finds herself in a bondage, that she is half-naked, gagged and standing spread-eagle at the same place her sister had suffered. She screams but no one is listening her.

To me, this film has many problems. First, when Pene is put into the dildo-chair, her wrists are obstructively tied in front so that you cannot observe what is happening with her pussy. Second, at next stage when she is suspended again, she is wearing a pantie that had been already removed. Clearly, it is for a removing-pantie-from-the-helpless-captive-show but I felt like a cold water on my head. Thirdly, the following whipping scene is no good, as the masked guy only aims at her belly, although her large tits and beautiful legs are just in front of him. There are a few more things I wish the movie to have, such as suspending upside-down, gang-rape, clothespins torture, more intensive whipping etc,... but the worst thing is that the film is "to be continued" at the end. As I checked ZFX's official web site, SOB-1 and SOB-2 were BOTH filmed on 1/15/97 and released on 2/2/97, which means that Rick Masters made one movie but sold them as vol.1 and vol.2. Well you may say why not, but I was hugely disappointed, after waiting the DVD to arrive from the USA to here in New Zealand, after all those hassles.

I personally give it a C, but if I had been just give this from someone, it would be worth a B.

Saturday, July 17th 2004 - 10:47:56 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address: you
Homepage URL: http://knowit

Hey All,

Actually SOB 1 and 2 were shot over 2 days. South of the Border Dates of Production: 1/15/97 2/2/97 Date of Release: 4/15/97. South of the Border 2 Dates of Production: 1/15/97 2/2/97 Date of Release: 10/15/97. Not saying I wouldnt or havent shot 2 movies in a day, but I dont think this is one of them times. As I recall, each of the 2 main victims, Penny and Monica, were shot on different days with possibly one of the 2 days all 3 were there for part of the day. Then those scenes were combined into 1 and 2. Chandra Sweet also is in the SOB 1 and 2.



Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 01:19:28 AM

Name: Jandals

Master Masters: Sorry if my review on SOB-1 disturbs you in soe ways, but I didn't try to undermine your work. I just said what I GUESSED when I was watching it. So our mate Ralphus can put my review without my wrong guess, when he moves it into the "Review by GIMP readers" place.

I mean I really like the concept you do, in fact I was checking ZFX official web site almost every day when I was in Japan, because I couldn't import any uncensored porn there. So I had dreamt to see one of your intensive bondage works for about 4 years. But SOB-1 was not quite like what I'd expected. In fact all the trailers in the SOB-1 DVD turn me on, like 666, Underland, SOB-3 and 4...well... there were misunderstandings.

Anyway I'm currently waiting for Barrista 3 to arrive, I've ordered it from CD Universe, and it was sfter I'd got SOB-1. I'm quite sure I'll love it, according Rulphas's review.

But let me say one more thing; that Chandra Sweet DOES star in SOB-1 but not getting ripped off or humiliated.

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 04:46:43 AM

Name: Jandals' P.S.

Ralphus: Sorry I meant RALPHUS, not RULPHAS. I become really bad about English spellings when I'm happily drunk :-)

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 04:51:17 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Jandals: Thanks for the very thorough review of South of the Border. I know reviews with such details take a long time to write, and we appreciate all your efforts. E-mail me with the revised line about the release date of the movies, and I'll add it to the reviews section. But make sure you sober up first :)

That said, I think the grade of C is a little low for SOB-1, but I didn't keep any of the Penelope footage from that tape on my highlights vids so I honestly don't really remember much about it. This was back when Penelope hacked off a lot of her hair and dyed it dark, so she wasn't as appealing to me, despite that killer body. Monica Moore is the one who rang my bell from the first two volumes, so it's almost exclusively her stuff that I enjoyed.

I think you'll like SOB-2 more (I know I did), especially if you liked Monica's footage. And even though 3-7 have different casts, they are all ambitious projects with lots of girls and lots of torture and rape scenes. There should be plenty of the stuff you like in the rest of the series. Likewise, all three Ballista titles are worthwhile, although the first two are superior to the last one, IMO.

I do understand where you're coming from as far as being frustrated that Rick continues storylines over several tapes, but then, this is a classic tradition of teasing the audience with a taste of what's to come so you can sell them another ticket next time. Think Star Wars fans liked waiting 3 years in between volumes to see what happened next? ZFX didn't make us wait quite that long, but it seemed like it sometimes. The great thing is that now in the age of video and DVD, one could presumably buy the whole series and watch them all in one evening, if you don't burst from all the stimulation :)

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 12:33:21 PM

Name: Guest
Homepage URL: http://www.damselx.com

Hey, have any of you checked out Goldie at the address above? She's hot and her site has some great nonconsentual bondage videos, and some forced sex. The problem is it doesn't update as often as they promise (certainly not 8/month) and a lot of the material comes from her Hogtied and Society SM shoots. But check out the GI, the cabin, the chair tied and the architect. She's a great actress too, really selling the protests.

Also, Ralphus, is Melissa naked or topless in Love Object? I noticed her in Sorority Boys but she used a body double there. Thanks

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 04:15:49 PM

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

Did we just hear from Rick? I thought I heard Rick. Is the online site going to rebuild?

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 05:55:06 PM

Name: Guest

Has anybody ever ordered a custom video from a porn/model site? It seems like the ultimate way to get your ideal scenario, but is it cost prohibitive and can you trust the people to follow your script?

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 06:28:51 PM

Name: Guest

I must have missed something. Where can we see Anna Ohura in bondage? She does indeed look perfect.

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 06:40:21 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.forcefantasies.com

Goldie's also done a few rape fantasy sets at ForceFantasies. I almost had a chance to work with her, but a last minute glitch in her schedule prevented that.

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 08:19:27 PM

Name: Jandals76
E-mail address: @yahoo.com.au

Ralphus: Thanks for your comment and offer of revised lines for my SOB-1 review. But let's say I will withdraw all the lines about the production details, because I got it wrong and went too far. So the last words shall be "intensive whipping etc,..." Then "I personally give it a C+.....". My mark is actually C+, not C. It was a mistake.

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 08:35:09 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://zfxetc.tripod.com/reviews04.html#sob1

Jandals: As you wish. Your revised review can be found at my Homepage URL above.

I also added the first four Nikkatsu videos that J reviewed recently, under "Various Nikkatsu (Japanese) reviews".

Guest: Thanks for the tip on Goldie. I love the headline on her site:

See the power...feel the beauty...know the sweetness...

Then take it all away!

Which is followed by all these pictures of her helpless and tied up. Hee hee...they know how to sell their product, all right. Take a pretty girl and show her who's boss, and it sure ain't her!

Goldie is gorgeous. Big breasted blonde with no tats...just the way I like 'em. Some of those photos look pretty inventive, too. Do all the photo shoots include downloadable mpegs? And if they do, how long are they and how is the quality? $10.95 for one month sounds pretty reasonable.

Anna Ohura with her magnificent breasts in bondage was one of the daily pictures I posted recently. All the more reason why you should visit here everyday, but since you're a guest, we'll cut you a break.

This one is definitely Anna:


And this one might be Anna, no confirmation:


To answer another of your questions, yes, Melissa Sagemiller gets topless a few times in Love Object, once during a lovemaking scene and later while she's bound inside the box. For the film, the makeup crew gave her an angel tattoo on her left breast (as well as a tongue stud). When her character comes to after her ex-boyfriend has knocked her out, she discovers he has removed the tongue stud, and later there's a shot of him actually painting over her tat while he's "preparing" her as she struggles in the box. He may be psycho but he's just like the rest of us and clearly doesn't like it when pretty girls mark themselves up. Pretty cool touch, I thought :)

Sunday, July 18th 2004 - 11:45:32 PM

Name: Hattrick

I visited BigBustVCD.com and they have a number of VCD's that look worth ordering. At $5 each with 1 free if you order 4 seems like a real good deal. Has any one ordered their VCD's? They also give you enough vidcaps to be able to determine if the movie is worth ordering. Thanks

Monday, July 19th 2004 - 05:08:54 AM

Name: Baronorca
Homepage URL: http://www.badnarik.org

re: BigBustVCD, I haven't ordered from them, but am very tempted. I'd rather get DVD from Mayhem, but they don't have all the titles I want. So any feedback on BigBustVCD from anyone? Maybe I'll have to be the first gimper to try.

Monday, July 19th 2004 - 07:43:15 AM

Name: Duke

Bravo! Keep the Damian art coming! Thanks!

Monday, July 19th 2004 - 02:07:01 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Today's pic is a donation from This Will Hurt from The Torture Galaxy, which we talked about recently. I hesitated before running it, but decided to go ahead so we can get some opinions from our readers. Take a look and tell us what you think. Is blood in pics (or videos, for that matter) always a turnoff? I recall some years ago when Rick released Ballista 2, which featured Bridgitte Bayonne getting tied up and slapped until her face was bloody, and Viral Load, with Penelope Pace receiving a similar treatment. Nearly everyone here chimed in that they didn't like the blood (although I was one who didn't have a problem with it), and Rick hasn't incorporated it into any more of his releases since.

I never specifically fantasize about my victims bleeding, but I personally love to see red stripes on a chick's body from a severe whipping, for instance. Is blood so much worse? A lot of GIMPers like the torture aspect as much if not more than rape scenes in their bondage fantasies. We understand the entertainment value of seeing a girl in distress. Realistic suffering can be quite stimulating, which is part of the reason why ZFX videos are so highly regarded (and criticized for in other circles) because of the realistic, cruel edge that Rick brings to his dramas. So why then, does seeing blood stop the fun? Does that make it too real?

A wise friend of mine once made the statement after the two of us had seen the infamous Sklavin K video, where the chick gets her tits literally nailed to a board (since repeated, BTW, by companies like BrutalMaster and Insex). He said the key is distress, not mutilation. What do others think? And take another look at the picture. I personally like it, but I understand why some may think it goes too far. Who agrees with me on this? Let's get some feedback.

Monday, July 19th 2004 - 11:13:57 PM

Name: MR? aka Da Wuss

call me a "wuss" but I donīt like this picture.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 01:30:48 AM

Name: Jandals76
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au
Homepage URL: http://

The bloody tits torture pic: Not for me either. I've been thinking for a while in fromt of the pic to find out why it's not my turn-on, but I haven't got an idea. Tell you guys later on if I can. Say we aren't vampires for now.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 03:31:31 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com


About custom videos, I have been involved in commissioning several. Please email me at memfan@yahoo.com to discuss.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 10:23:22 AM

Name: nycdom30
E-mail address: normaldom@aol.com

Blood, real blood, is a total turn off

Pictures like the one posted cross the line in terms of taste.

Those who find this picture interesting or a turn on are people I don't want to meet and have "issues".

The blood in ZFX was fake. I didn't like it, one because I don't like blood and two, it was fake which distracted from the scene. The intent of course is to make it more realistic, but these scenes ended up even looking more fake. I am glad Rick stopped doing it as it wasn't adding anything

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 01:32:24 PM

Name: Guest

re: Goldie. A few of the photo sets do not have videos, but most do. The videos are in Real format but good quality. There are larger MPEG options but I didn't like the compression.

I've noticed lots of these models really push the envelope. Artemis Antone was another one. But Goldie's the best actress and has gone the furthest that I can see. I actually found her official site through Lorelei's links page. If anyone's worked with her, I'd love to hear about her in real life.

Re: blood. I'm not into it either. I agree with the distress vs. mutilation point. I don't want to make a beautiful woman ugly.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 01:38:07 PM

Name: dazza
E-mail address: lifenarratives@hotmail.com

Fellow ZFXers blood is too much. Its meant to be fantasy, (not outright sadism), which we are into, photos like this plays right into the hands who wish to destroy the fantasy and you all know who I mean. Surely you must understand there are boundaries.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 02:24:08 PM

Name: Brainius

The pix is hot, and just because someone likes blood in fantasy does not mean they do it in reality. Also, there is nothing wrong with those who like to play hard. I personally like to see in fantasy films what I can't do in reality. You folks need to get off the judgement train. The only reason you do it is because you feel guilty about your fantasies and need to measure yourselves against others to give yourself moral justification.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 03:12:33 PM

Name: pkcccc

Distress yes, but that can be handled with fear, anticipation,verbal, etc. Blood no, its a turn off for me, just like bare pussy.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 04:42:30 PM

Name: Scribbler

People know what they like, and people know what they don't like, pure and simple. Posting about personal BDSM likes and dislikes should be perfectly fine on this board.

Passing judgement on others, making wild leaps about the character of others posting their opinions, telling others what you think they should or shouldn't like and labeling them negatively if they don't think your way, isn't perfectly fine.

Blood is OK for some, not for others. Mutilation is OK for some, not for others. For me, I don't like either, but I can deal with a little fake (or real) blood. To me, mutilation is cutting something off (like a breast), and that has NO turn-on value for me whatsoever, it's a gross out and something I don't want to see. However, needle play I'm fine with. Those bigger-than-needles skewers I'm on the fence about personally. They look faked to me in this photo anyway, so I'm not that bothered. If I knew for a fact they were real, I might like it a lot less. The girl in the photo looks pretty hot.

This is not a photo I would look at over and over, probably won't look at it again in fact, or seek out ones like it. The best thing about it is the model and her expression. Take out the very hard S&M elements (namely the tit skewer torture) and I'd like it a lot better. But this is my opinion. I do not presume to speak for others. I do not pass judgement on those who like this photo a lot more or a lot less than I do.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 05:27:50 PM

Name: Emerald Wolverine

Perhaps the penetration of the breasts is a bit much but here again it is a willing actress performing a role.  If she was actually under duress and being forced to do this then there would be lawsuit upon lawsuit {now more popular than baseball as a national sport}.  Perhaps if she were stabbed with heated skewers some would be more happy?  After all the pain and penetration would still be there but no blood!  :)

The most disturbing thing to come from the posting of this picture is the constant re-affirmation of human nature.  No matter how small a minority group is, nor how vigorously it may be persecuted from those outside the group, its own members are always more than willing to turn upon their own by taking the moral high ground that their deviance is morally superior to someone else's deviance!

Face it, fantasy is fantasy, there are no boundries nor should there be, while some elements may not be appealing to all one should not pass judgement on that which they personally don't find appealing.  What consenting adults chose to enjoy or not to enjoy is their own business and no individual nor government has any right to interfere.  {Notice I said RIGHT! This has nothing to do with what restrictions governments place on things and ideas making them LEGAL!}

As a final thought I would suggest that all those who are offended and/or repulsed by those interested in blood sports {as a note here: I am not a fan of blood sports personally but would never condemn consenting adults who are!} you need to take a little more heed of the line I always sign off with, it's not just pretty words it is a philosphy!

"In the darkest corner of the mind, lies the truth"  - Wolvie

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 05:44:08 PM

Name: history master
E-mail address: hist543@yahoo.com

Hey Everyone

good news, you can now buy ZFX in IOWA!!!! The Lions Den located on I-80 in between colfax, and newton Iowa has all sorts of bondage vids including ZFX, Dan Hawke, bizzare video and bondage fantasy. The reason they can sell bondage flicks in iowa is due to the fact that they are located literally in the middle of nowhere. this means community standards dont exsist. This is great for those of us who had to drive to genesso ill, or futher for our ZFX fix.

history master

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 07:42:35 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

I like the pic in spite of the blood, I LOVE the model (Anita) - the things those crazy Czecks do - I just wish they wouldn't do the needles in every-shoot-they-do! I have been a member several times, and really like the really intense bondage they do... except the invariable needles. I usually get all this pics from a series up until they start with the skewers.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 08:16:26 PM

Name: JoeX

Mr D and Raplhus: Thanks. See, I knew you guys knew everything.

Branius: Don't get defensive. We're not judging you. We're just saying that blood and mutilation are turn-offs for us. (I side with the vast majority here.)

Rick: After the recent compaint about South of the Border I not being the full story, I saw an ad for a dvd combining Tiffant Twisted I and II. Are you going to do that for any other videos, when you put out the dvd edition?

Dance Macabre I and II, possibly? (I'm trying to seque to my next question, here.)

In the middle segment of Dance Macabre II, a man watches a woman get dressed. Then he grabs her and pins her to the ground. He wads a huge gags into her. And then... on to the third woman. The other two segments were good, but what happened with the middle one? Why did you stop just when things were getting good? Were you saving the footage for Danse Macabre III? Did the model not come back after lunch? Did you run out of ideas, for once? Did you run out of film? How about the inside scoop, for your fans?

By the way, I think this has been asked before, but I can't find it. Where are some good places to buy ZFX on the web, while your site is waiting for the coast to clear?

Thanks, Joe X

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 08:20:34 PM

Name: Baronorca

Hmm, never tried anything that extreme before, but if I had a willing victim who wanted to experiment, I would try to be open minded.

As to the blood, after gutting & hanging your first deer, a little bit of blood isn't that troubling.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 08:43:45 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

Blood is "bad" -- it's a sign of destroying beauty, not mere distress or punishment.  As others note, destruction becomes a part of the fantasy, and that's not what is sought. For the same reason, mutilation and/or  physical penetration (i.e., with needles, etc) is a turnoff. Never have like physical assault to the point of serious physical damage -- major bruising, branding, anything along those lines.

Comparing blood to welting is inaccurate, since blood almost certainly relates to scars, while welts presumably do not (and this means serious welts/whipping likely to be scar forming result in an 'ick' response, too.

I think one reason many like the 'superheroine' fantasy is that there is generally no permanent damage in comix (the aspect of 'bringing down' the uber-female is also there, too, of course)

My US$.02 <- and worth every bit of it....

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 08:47:01 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/TTGAX380.jpg

Good to see so many people have an opinion about this subject. Since the response has been so good, here's the aforementioned Torture Gallery pic again at this link, in case anybody who might have missed it on the day I ran it wants to comment. Very interesting thread so far. Blood and mutilation, yea or nay? You make the call.

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 10:47:42 PM

Name: Guest

I've noticed another thing about some bondage/rape movies. Often a one minute scene in a feature film is far more erotic than a one hour video shot by amateurs. The quality of filmmaking and acting definitely has a lot to do with it. Thank God we have ZFX making long movies with good acting and camera work. Agreed?

Tuesday, July 20th 2004 - 11:47:38 PM

Name: Guest

Are any of the "rape" sites out there worth anything? There seems to be hours of video that no one's mentioned here. I've joined a couple sites that had some cool videos. Definitely less elaborate bondage, but that's okay with me. It's just the acting sucked and the girls are nothing like ZFX quality. Goldie would be the best mix so far.

Wednesday, July 21st 2004 - 12:21:27 AM

Name: Paulus

I dont like the blood..but I won't put someone down because they like it..we all have our own likes/dislikes...

I really liked Damian's pictures though. Damn that guy can draw.  The one with the woman hanging by her breasts..oh, very nice..

Wednesday, July 21st 2004 - 01:08:21 AM

Name: WickedMister
E-mail address: (the same)@aol.com

Hi all!

Wow, what a mess this board has become the past couple days! Does this all come out of my posting a little while back about the erotichorror.com issue? Because, in a way, I have to admit I almost feel responsible for all this confusion. Well, no, not really. And even if I did... who really cares? We're going to debate over something like this? At a forum, no less, devoted to EXTREME fantasy? Excuse me, but did I just catch a whiff of narrow-minded moralizing go past me here? Uugghh...I have to say, it really smells like shit.

On the one hand I don't even really want to comment as this really seems like such a non-issue to me, though I do have to side along with Brainius, Scribbler and, more specifically, Emerald Wolverine. People are people...what the hell are you going to do? We all have different tastes--and to that effect, we all have different thoughts and fantasies. And yes, some do like to dream a little bit "darker" than the rest. Sue me, Big Brother--it's my head and I'll think what I like.

But then on the other hand, there are some making broad generalizations, personal judgments and, in my opinion, hypocritical statements about this whole issue, and that does make me want to comment. Wasn't it just last week the whole board got thrown into an uproar over some college chickie coming in and causing a stink on the forum because--though she did like bondage--she didn't like our "kind" of bondage? Big deal, she's entitled to her opinion. And do we have to agree with her? Of course not.

So why then did everybody got all razzled from her post?

I'll tell you why--because she was passing judgment on the people who visit here, and more specifically on those who do decide to post and share their thoughts. Made everybody upset, she did. And, who knows, maybe she even got a big laugh out of it. Maybe that's all she was trying to do to begin with. BUT, she was posting as an outsider--someone who supposedly doesn't share our "ideas"--so, in the end, it doesn't really count for all that much, does it? After all, she never did come back and post again with a follow-up, did she?

But for people to be saying things like "Pictures like the one posted cross the line in terms of taste--", or "it's about fantasy, not outright sadism--"...oh, it does? It is? Really? For who...you, it does? Because I never thought that. And who says a fantasy can't be outright sadistic? Better question--what is this forum even about? FANTASY SADISM, perhaps? Would it be fair to say that might be one of the underlying themes of the Gimp Board here? 'Cuz I know for a fact this forum isn't devoted to hogties and handcuffs.

I saw Joe X (nothing against you, brother), tell Brainius not to get defensive because "we're not judging you", but clearly some people are. This comment--"Those who find this picture interesting or a turn on are people I don't want to meet and have "issues"--came just a few postings earlier. Now that, to me, does sound like a judgment. And not to go off on too wild a tangent here...but what about the girl herself? Obviously, the pic is from a site devoted to sado (not a "forced fantasy" site"), and the woman--if not a paid model/actress well compensated for her "time"--is, at the very least, a devoted enthusiast of the subject. Is it possible, even just a little, that maybe SHE herself was getting off on the treatment, hmmm? Just a random thought.

Again, I have to defer to Emerald Wolverine on this...his comments were right on. Now if anybody thinks I singled them out, that wasn't my intent (I purposely left out names to avoid that), but I was just working from the comments posted I could find. However, all this makes me think of a comment posted here a little while back, something about the one pot feeling better about itself because it wasn't as black as the other pot...or something to that effect. That really seems to be the case here. Bottom line is NOBODY here should be throwing any stones. Ralphus asked for an opinion on whether or not YOU liked the pic--not for views on what you think of others who do like it.

Now, speaking for me ALONE, I can take it or leave it, though I lean more towards taking it. The blood doesn't bother me one way or the other, and in the end it's just one facet of the picture. I don't get off on seeing it, but it's there so big deal. I like the pose, the multiple torments she's going thru look pretty nasty and her expression is great--good enough for me. :-P Later days!

~ WicMis ~

Wednesday, July 21st 2004 - 08:57:53 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Has anyone seen "The Wicked Lady" starring Faye Dunaway?


Here's a quote "Director Michael has even gone so far to include an erotic whipping scene between Dunaway and Marina Sirtis of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION."  I think that might be pretty cool to see.

Wednesday, July 21st 2004 - 11:34:36 AM

Name: Guest

BBBFan, I have seen The Wicked Lady. It's a great whipping scene. No bondage, but Marina's tits flop out and jiggle around real good. :)

Wednesday, July 21st 2004 - 11:50:30 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.wsimd.com/wsim/neoranga/ranma/sakura/wsimpics/women/wicklady.jpg

BBFan: I haven't seen The Wicked Lady, but here's what Olso says about it on his indispensable Whipping Scenes in Movies website at www.wsimd.com:

Faye Dunaway and Marina Sirtis (yep, Troi from Star Trek: The Next generation) go at each other with long bullwhips. Though she eventually wins the fight, Sirtis has her top whipped off and gets several whip marks all over her body before it's done. Later we see Dunaway getting her whip marks treated. A great scene in a lousy movie.

Marina Sirtis was a hottie. She also had a cool topless rape scene in Death Wish 3, but they didn't tie her up in that one, either. How did this woman keep evading the ropes every time?

Wednesday, July 21st 2004 - 09:28:33 PM

Name: Hail
E-mail address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naughtykristina
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/planwow2

Wow, lots of comments about one little pic! I've been amazed recently how thin skinned people are who also like violent fantasy. Not just on this board but also in a few Yahoo Groups I visit and a few web-boards as well. Some people have these "limits" in their heads and they throw out the words "real" and "fantasy" and make judgements like they are better than that.

"I don't like it. You're sick! Now can we go back to "normal" talk about supernatural rape or posibility of using a dildo attached to a powerdrill and ramming it up a bound coed's ass in the next ZFX film?"

Does anyone else see the comedy in statements like that?

Even a few recent posts here about this very topic are written in a way I find odd. Someone left out names because he didn't want to offend anyone. If you're here and you enjoy ZFX films and the topics discussed but get offended when someone singles you out and disagrees with you, that's just beyond my comprehension. You should be tougher than that! Unless you're looking for attention. In which case you should just spare us all and kill yourself. (Lets see how many think that was out of line.)

Now, if this board was about gardening and someone posted the pic in question I could see where there would be some issues :o)

Here's a link to another board that I thought had some potential but just kept getting stranger and weirder everyday: http://www.rapeclub.net/yabbse/

"rapeclub" WOW, You'd think that would be a wild place huh? More like "I-want-to-hold-your-hand-real-hard club".

Some good stories though if you're interested. Hail

Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 09:31:50 AM

Name: Exidor

The movie trailer for Love Object is at


Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 01:51:50 PM

Name: Emerald Wolverine

For those interested while we're on the topic of Marina Sirtis she does have a bondage scene in the movie "Blind Date". She plays a hooker being stalked by our hero {sorry, I mean killer} :). She leads the guy back to her place and comes out of her bathroom topless, he leads her to the bed and ties her hands over her head to the headboard while she lies in bed. He then pulls out his surgical pencil startling her but he reassures her so she thinks he just has a few kinks {he does!}. He then marks a line on her torso where he plans to make his incision, then pulls out his surgical scapel, we see her horrified reaction hear the scream and the scene cuts away.

I grant you there isn't much torture to this scene and it doesn't deliver the kill but the buildup and pacing are good for a mainstream film, overall not a bad D.I.D. scene.

"In the darkest corner of the mind, lies the truth" -Wolvie

Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 04:12:17 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

Speaking of "Blind Date", it also stars the late Lana "Barbarian Queen" Clarkson and a back-when-she-was-halfway-svelte Kirstie Allie...

And it's not a bad picture in its own right, either. Mild horror with an interesting premise to drive it.

Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 04:59:26 PM

Name: Gucci Loafer

Regarding the quality of scenes in movies, this often ties even more into the editing of a film, which strongly controls its pacing. Amateur films have very little to no editing, which is why they so often suck -- too much dead time (no, not a reference to snuff...lol).

ZFX actually suffers a bit from this, but Rick does a moderately good job regardless of setting things up in the first place, so the limited editing does not harm it. Simple cuts and camera changes do enough.

If there was some interleaving for pacing changes, they could be far, far hotter. Mind you, this might easily not translate into much extra $ for him, despite much extra work, so I am not claiming he *should* be doing this... but it would be interesting to get raw digitized footage and see what could be done with Adobe Premier (or Ulead) and a good computer these days.

Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 05:23:16 PM

Name: Todd
Homepage URL: http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=217#comments


You were asking about BigBustVCD. I placed an order with them on July 11. It was shipped on July 12 and I received it on July 20. I ordered the 5 videos where you get one free. They are VCDs and initially I could not play them on my computer, a Mac running on OS X. But they were helpful and directed me to the link above where I was able to download some free software for a VCD player. Now that I can play them, I can vouch that the quality is good. I'm glad I ordered from them, www.bigbustvcd.com. They have many vidcaps for each movie and a good assortment including rape and bondage.


Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 09:07:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Todd: For those of us who aren't exactly up on the latest technology, can you play VCDs on a DVD player, or do they have to be played on a computer?

And more importantly, is Anna Ohura in any of the bondage videos you ordered? Any specific details as to what titles you got and what was good?

Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 09:25:24 PM

Name: Mr D.

Todd wrote:
They are VCDs and initially I could not play them on my computer, a Mac running on OS X. But they were helpful and directed me to the link above where I was able to download some free software for a VCD player
VCD's shouldn't be a problem under MacOS X. Put the VCD in the drive and launch Quicktime Player. Choose to Open a File and select the disc. Look for the folder named MPEGAV and select a file ending with .DAT. Some VCD's will have multiple files, in general choose the one with the largest size. You should get a new window open with the movie. As a bonus, Quicktime will let you quickly skip back and forth to various points in the movie using the slider, which is something some of the free VCD players don't let you do.

MacOS 9 can also play VCD's and the procedure isn't much different, but I forget the details.

Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 11:08:20 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/html/S/Sins_of_the_Father_DVD_Product_ADE.html


I got to take a look at another custom tape from BBFan, this one entitled Sins of the Father. Unlike his other custom, Heather's Forced Rehabilitation, this one is put out by B&D Pleasures. While the idea is good, the execution and casting bring this one down. Amazingly, one of the main problems with this one is the effectiveness of the bondage, surprising since B&D Pleasures has been around over 25 years and should have known better.

It starts off well. Heather, played by an attractive busty brunette named Devin DeMoore, is grabbed from behind by a masked intruder and chloroformed until she passes out. When she awakens, she's tied naked to a chair and ballgagged. She learns that she is being held here because her father owes gambling debts, so the plan is to videotape her torment and send him the tape to encourage him to pay up (shades of ZFX's Video Pirates series).

But here's the first problem with the production. Her ankles are corded to the back chair legs and her elbows are tied together. But that's it. Her wrists are totally free, so she's able to reach from behind and cup her own breasts, a major no-no in my book. A girl with tits like that needs to have them tied up, and her male captor attempts to that, but the rubber bands he puts on her tits keep falling off, until he finally gives up and just leaves her alone with only one bound tit, and of course, her hands basically free. I should also mention that this woman had to have recently given birth, since milk is constantly dripping from her nipples whenever they are squeezed, which makes the flubbing up of this scene all the more of a waste. With such ripe tits, this had the potential to be a killer scene, but they blew it with bad bondage. Shameful.

After a short scene where she is left in a cage for the night (and not bound at all), Heather is next tied on her back to an exercise machine, with a rope through her pussy that is tied above her to the top of the platform. This time, she's gagged with duct tape, and she looks good that way. Her captor ties a rope around her nipple and pulls it up to the top of the platform, leaving her tit stretched skyward. Then he torments her with smacks from a ruler, spiked gloves and finally a whip to her tits and pussy. All this time, though, he leaves her one nipple free, and doesn't even bother to tie the other one until the end of the scene. Worse than that, her hands are poorly tied, so she is again able to cup her own breasts during the scene (and presumably untie the ropes if she had wanted to). Once again, no excuse for such sloppy ropework.

At this point, Heather is led to a room where another naked woman is suspended from the rafters. Like Heather, this woman is there being tortured to cover debts by her father, except he ended up committing suicide, so she's been there as a sex slave for the past year. But unlike the attractive Ms. DeMoore, this other woman is pierced, tattooed dirtybutt and I lost all interest once I saw that. She is whipped, given pussy clips, hung upside down and "tortured" with an electric wand, although she seems to actually like the treatment, another huge turnoff for me. This is fast-forward material.

Next, Heather and the dirtybutt are tied standing facing each other, each with their arms tied over their heads. The man alternates using the electric wand on them, with Heather screaming realistically and the dirtybutt barely reacting at all, which completely spoiled the illusion that anyone was really in pain. Vibrating pussy clips and more whipping follow, but the only highlight for me was when the man puts more rubber bands around Heather's tits and we lots of close ups of the milk dripping and sometimes literally shooting from her full breasts. It was making me thirsty, that's for damn sure!

The final scene has Heather tied on her back, with the other woman ballgagged and tied standing behind her. The man uses a mouth spreader to open Heather's mouth, which he fills with a pair of her panties. After putting vibrating clamps on her nips, both women are alternately whipped and given vibrator action to their pussies.

This wasn't a total mess, but it wasted the efforts of Devin DeMoore, an attractive woman and good performer who should have been tied better in her solo scenes to enhance her best asset, her big, milky breasts. Once it became a two-girl movie, I stopped caring. My advice would be to cast Devin in another movie now and use someone like Dan Hawke who knows how to tie up a woman's tits correctly. And nix this other chick from the biz for good; I'm tired of freakgirls ruining my bondage vids.
My grade: C-

Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 11:36:37 PM

Name: Jandals76
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.hanatohebi-movie.com

Mr.D: You may also help me. I've just got a controversial Japanese BDSM film DVD from Japan. But the region code is 3 while my computer's region 2. I can change it into 3 but after that I won't be able to change it again.

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 05:10:43 AM

Name: Todd

Mr. D

I appreciate your comments on playing a VCD using Quicktime. I tried it, but I would get an “input-output” error statement. This free VCD player does have the slider that allows me to move to different parts of the movie.

Ralphus: My DVD player was not able to play the VCDs, but it is about 3 years old and doesn’t have the capabilities of newer players. And yes Ralphus, Anna Ohura is in two of the DVDs that I bought. I’ve looked at one of them and she is in breast bondage. In fact, you posted pictures a couple of weeks ago of her in breast bondage that are from this movie. As I get time to watch the VCDs I will let you know more about what I got. I picked mostly videos that looked like they had good breast bondage. I also picked one or two that looked like they had some interesting rape scenes.


Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 05:55:02 AM

Name: Jandals76
Homepage URL: http://

Ralphus: Wow, it sounds like a huge disappointment. I wish you didn't pay for the vid.

"Heather waking up naked": An abducted woman awakes to find herself naked... I like this basic scenario, but I personally like to have the girl semi-naked, like only in bra and pantee. So that the captor(s) can enjoy removing them. If the captor informs her to remove them gradually and the girl begs his mercy, I'd give some bonus points.

Well Ralphus sorry for your wasted time, but your comment is right; it's a problem of production. Giving the actress to Dan Hawke would make a great film. But what if Rick Masters joined him? I was thinking about something like this; "MISS BALLISTA RETURNS: Ballista vs Dark Tarantula (Dan)", written and edited by Rick. "Milky breasts": It is unbelievable that any human male can practise a breast bondage with lactating tits as if they weren't lactating. Is he supposed to be blind in the scenario? Is that why he failed to tie them up properly? Why not teasing her for lactating? Why not suggesting he'll milk them off so that he could sell it and her debts will decrease? I can think of at least 10 speeches to abuse her. But most of all, why not tasting it at all?

"Dirty Butty": Surely a slut is a turn-off in BDSM. In my opinion "girls next door" is the best for victims. It is the contrast that turns me on, that an ordinary girl is suddenly taken into another world. Plus, as prominent in Japanese BDSM, female victims wearing ordinary underwears rather than sexy, quasi-transparent ones, will get even more bonus points from me.

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 06:11:26 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Sins of the Father

I pretty much agree with the major points of Ralphus' review - implementation and execution killed this video. However, I will say that the hands being left to cup the breasts was intentionally scripted, but the tits were supposed to be tied much tighter and in such a way that her partially free hands were pretty much useless except to cup her bound, sore tits. The scene with Devin's bound nipples is the saving grace. I will say, however, that the script kicked ass (OK, I wrote it), and this video would have been awesome if executed right.

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 09:14:44 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Jandals: I dunno, it never occurred to me that the reason he messed up tying her tits tighter was because she was lactating. I don't have any personal experience with lactating breasts...are they squishier? At any rate, the whole reason for casting her was because BBFan likes breast bondage, and they had the right girl, just the wrong guy attempting to tie them up. And you're right, helping himself to her breast milk (by force, of course) would have been awesome. A real missed opportunity there. Oddly, nothing was even mentioned about her lactating breasts, although the cameraman certainly showed them off prominently.

BBFan: Was it part of the custom that she was supposed to be lactating, or was it merely good fortune?

And I don't really agree with the choice to have her hands free, only if it was just to cup her breasts. Of course, it was your custom, not mine. My opinion is that if she could cup them, she could also take off the rubber bands if she chose to. Any kind of position that allows the woman to manipulate her own bondage, or adjust her gag, for instance, doesn't work for me. That's part of the reason why I hate the idea of hands tied in front like we see in so many TV shows and movies. With the hands in front, you're not really helpless, it's just more awkward to do things. There's definitely no point in gagging a woman with her hands tied in front because it's too easy for her to take off her own gag that way.

My way is tight, stringent bondage, wrists tied behind, elbows together, which forces her tits to stand out so they can be bound as uncomfortably as possible. This way she has no choice. She has to sit there and suffer, and there's not a thing she can do about it. If they had tied Devin that way, this movie would have gotten a much higher grade from me.

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 11:45:53 AM

Name: nycdom30

Hail, its not about being "thin skinned". If you like to see bloody purple tits, than that's your business.

Don't be so defensive though if I think that is sick.

Sometimes ZFX does something I don't like, its rare and for those times I am glad to have the fast foward option.

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 12:52:02 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Ralphus, the lactating breasts (and the surprisingly long nipples) were a fortunate coincidence, but it went into our decision to pick Devin for the shoot.

About the hands being free, rubber bands were not how her tits were supposed to be tied in that scene. It was supposed to be a recreation of the Anne Bruno scene in CalStar's "Punished 2", one where a much better wire bra was suppsed to be augmented by thin rope binding them even tighter, so her free hands would not be able to free her breasts.

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 01:02:43 PM

Name: Hail

nycdom30, I'm not being defensive I just think it's funny that you think someone who likes the pic has "issues". It's like the pot calling the kettle a little blacker. We all have limits, like child porn (I hope). But I still find it funny when people in moral glass houses get all indignant. Hail

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 01:21:46 PM

Name: Guest

I know most of the posts deal with commenting on different scenes, films, etc, but I would like to know GIMPers take on the following two questions

First, did most GIMPers recognize their interest in being a Gimper at an early age, like in childhood, or is it an interest that started in adulthood?

Second, do most GIMPers see this interest as just a strong area of interest or hobby, like people might be into baseball or opera etc, or do they see it as a kind of compulsion, albeit a fun and harmless one.

Hey, with enough comments, maybe I could do a study!

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 02:17:45 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

"If you like to see bloody purple tits, than that's your business.

Bloody, no. Purple, yes, Yes, YES!

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 02:44:26 PM

Name: Lurker

Guest: Those are some good questions you had for your suggested survey. In my case, the interest goes back to at least 4th grade. I attended a Catholic school where we had to go to Mass every day. Most of it was spent looking at either a.) the naked man on the crucifix and, b.) looking at the developing upper class girls amd fantasizing about them being naked and hung spread eagle like that.

There also being fascinated by the lurid "Men's Action" and similar magazines with their painted cover illustrations of such stories like "Naked Nazi Slave Women of Stalag 69" or "Captive Bikini Secret Agents."

I also enjoyed getting the neighbor girl to play "Cowboys and Indians" with us so that I could "capture" her and tie her up.

Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 03:38:35 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

re blood, excessive pain etcetera ... I personally don't like it, at all. But I will never judge someone who does. My bottom line is that the DEPICTION of anything is never obscene. The REAL USE of anything is not obscene if it is willing and transitory. Child porn? Of course it's obscene, it's horrible, if only because it is not a depiction, real kids are getting hurt. Plus, by definition it cannot be and is not willing.

Blood, snuff, whatever? Again, a depiction is always fine. Real blood? Only if it doesn't harm the actress, and doesn't cause any kind of permanent damage. Depiction of snuff? Who cares, never obscene. The real thing, not okay, horribly wrong.

To each their own unlimited fantasies. But to each their limited realities. That's basically my take, my motto on this. If your fantasy is different than mine, I don't care. You're not sick, you just have different fantasies than I do. Mine are a lot milder, but so what?

re when got into bdsm - it is ingrained. As a kid the only nudie photos or stories which drew me in were the bdsm ones. re hobby or compulsion, observing it on video, the 'Net whatever is just a fun hobby, with no guilt feelings of any kind whatsoever. In real life, I practice it with great mutual pleasure with my girlfriend. It's all good, healthy, and normal, "good, clean fun," as they say.

p.s. ralphus i missed the photo when it was first posted, so thanks for linking to it so i could see what all the fuss was about.


Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 06:54:13 PM

Name: Mr D.

Jandals76 wrote:
Mr.D: You may also help me. I've just got a controversial Japanese BDSM film DVD from Japan. But the region code is 3 while my computer's region 2. I can change it into 3 but after that I won't be able to change it again
There are at least two methods you can try.

  • Flash the firmware

    The details will vary of course depending on your computer brand, DVD player mechanism and OS, but in my experience, the DVD region code in computer DVD drives is not "super"-permanently burned in regardless of what the instructions tell you about not being able to change it.

    You'll need to find the Brand and ID of the DVD mechanism (this is different in general from the brand of the DVD drive, a Dell branded DVD drive might have a Sony mechanism for example). System Profiler in MacOS X will give you that info. It's a bit harder in Linux, but scanning through the output of dmesg will give you a starting point. (I don't know how to find it in Windows).

    Once you find that information out, do a Google search for region free firmware. (Try entering "region free" dvd firmware plus the DVD mechanism model number).

    Here's where it gets dicey. Many popular mechanisms have hacked firmware versions which will make your DVD player permanently region free. If there is one out there for yours, Google will usually fi nd it, though you may have to spend some time searching through bogus or tangential links. (You may also have to get creative with the search keywords). If you can find one with a flash program for your OS and succesfully flash yours you can happily watch DVDs from any region worry-free.

    If you decide to try this, READ ALL THE DOCUMENTATION and feedback you can find. It is possible to turn your DVD drive into a permanently useless paperweight if something goes wrong.

  • Make a region-free copy

    I know there are software packages that can copy/reencode your DVD to hard-disk or recordable DVD wh ile stripping the region encoding. Unfortunately I've not done it myself, so I cannot offer any hel p with the details.

    Perhaps someone else could provide some links for Windows and MacOS software/HOWTO's to do this?

  • Saturday, July 24th 2004 - 01:38:46 AM

    Name: Mr D.

    Todd wrote:
    I appreciate your comments on playing a VCD using Quicktime. I tried it, but I would get an "nput-output" error statement.
    The only time I've ever seen that is when the VCD was scratched or there was an encode error in the MPEG file. Perhaps you need Quicktime Pro? Maybe the VCD is a nonstandard format (Try other files on the disk - look for ones that are big, as in hundreds of MB)? I don't think I have anything setup unusually

    Another way which will give you much quicker response when sliding back and forth is to convert the .DAT to a MPEG file on your hard drive. I use VCD GEAR, but there are probably other programs out there too. Once it's a MPEG file, you can use any MPEG viewer you want and even do some editing with the right tools.

    The MacOS X interface is pretty bad and the Linux (x86 only) interface a touch arcane but you can not only copy the VCD to an MPEG file on your hard disk, but you can also use it to rescue content from a damaged or scratched VCD. With some patience you can even just copy a particular scene you like.

    Saturday, July 24th 2004 - 01:53:00 AM

    Name: J
    E-mail address: JP455@Yahoo.com

    Well Ralph. You hit upon the source of my pervosity (is that a word). I was a youth in the heydey of the lurid men's magazine covers. One of my earliest memories of a raging hard-on was at Doc's drugstore on my way home from school as I pored over magazine covers and stories of beautiful damsels at the hands of the merciless nazis. Ahhh!. Those were the days.

    Saturday, July 24th 2004 - 07:21:41 AM

    Name: BBFan
    E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

    Report on one of the european distributors I tried out: www.erodvd.nl (BDSM vids for 24.95 euros each) Received original DVDs today. I recommend erodvd.

    Saturday, July 24th 2004 - 04:04:37 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
    Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

    BBFan sent me a few stills of the original breast bondage chair scene in Cal-Star's Punished 2, so I compared it with the scene that Marc Wolf shot for Sins of the Father. Sorry, man. You blew it big time. Those tits are gonna be have to be a lot tighter to compete with the classic. Just another reason why that movie was such a disappointment. The ideas were there, the implementation was not. Let's get Dan Hawke and Devin DeMoore together and remake this movie!

    Saturday, July 24th 2004 - 10:02:21 PM

    Name: BBFan
    E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

    Damn, Ralphus, what an awesome side-by-side comparison! Really illuminates the shortcoming of the bondage in "Sins".

    Dan, how about it? Could you recreate that scene?

    Saturday, July 24th 2004 - 11:36:03 PM

    Name: Rod

    Ralphus..more on "Ann Bruno" ? Did you get her name from HOM mag covers or are there other ways to get info on her (did she do extra-HOM work ?) ?

    Sunday, July 25th 2004 - 06:36:44 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
    Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

    Rod: I actually don't know who Ann Bruno is, and I've never seen Punished 2. The pics, and the information, came from BBFan. They are excellent pics; I'll share them with the board in the days to come. Meanwhile, I'll stand back and turn these questions over to BBFan on this one.

    Sunday, July 25th 2004 - 07:02:42 AM

    Name: Hattrick

    The DVD at http:www.//hanatohebi-movie.com that Jandals76 got with region 3 coding looks very good. Anyone know how to get the DVD that plays in the USA? I ordered 5 VCDs from BigBust.com. I will give a short review when I get them.

    Sunday, July 25th 2004 - 10:15:23 AM

    Name: Bob Smith

    This is Guest, not the guest asking the questions, the previous guest who asked about custom videos and refered to Goldie. So, that's who I am and I'll start using this fake name. :)

    To answer the big question, for me it was the scene in Re-Animator. I was 11 or 12 and I just knew something made the nudity more exciting because she was strapped down and didn't want to be there. I started looking for scenes in mainstream movies, got an older friend to rent a few BD movies from the local Mom and Pop store when we were old enough, and finally have explored force and other fantasies since the dawn of the internet. Praise technology!

    Sunday, July 25th 2004 - 05:47:17 PM

    Name: Iago

    Bob Smith, everyone here uses a handle anyway, so I'm not sure what you mean by using an alias. Are you normally Tom Smith? Hmm?

    Okay, I'll be nice, Ralphus. Don't use the electrodes.

    I saw re-animator when I was around 18 or so. It was a midnight movie in one of those art houses. I also thought that scene with Barbara tied down on the autopsy table was very hot. Of course, I was already well and truly corrupted by years of Wonder Woman, Buck Rogers and Batman re-runs by then, so it wasn't a pivotal moment for me, but it was fun. Sadly, none of the other Re-Animator movies ever matched that scene.

    Peace, Iago

    Sunday, July 25th 2004 - 08:06:12 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
    Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/hank-re-animator-52.jpg

    Bob Smith: Glad you picked a more suitable handle. We hope you'll stay around and continue to contribute to the board.

    Re-Animator: Great movie, a lot of fun, I own it on DVD. For years, I've strongly suspected that the director Stuart Gordon is "one of us", because if you look at his body of work, an unusually high percentage the movies he's directed feature women in bondage scenes. Besides Re-Animator, there's also scenes in From Beyond, The Pit and the Pendulum, Castle Freak, Space Truckers and Dagon, and those are only the ones I know about. He also wrote The Dentist, which featured a cool bondage torture scene in the dental chair. A coincidence? I would say not :)

    Above is a still from Re-Animator, courtesy of our friend Hank Hobbs.

    Sunday, July 25th 2004 - 11:56:45 PM

    Name: Hail

    The Re-Animator! I forgot about that baby. One of my favorites. I made sure to make it a part of my video collection. I loved that little scientist too. He was cool.

    What put me on the path to being a Gimper? I think it started with a "rape" scene that was in a Hustler or a Penthouse that some of us kids (age 12?) found in a Convienence Store dumpster. Yeah we used to go dumpster picking for our porn! Anyone remember how the stores used to rip off the covers and then throw the old mags away? They might still do that I don't know. (really, I don't dumster jump anymore!) That put me on the path because I knew those scenes were "more naughty" than the standard porn.

    From there I don't remember but as soon as I got old enough to hit a local adult bookstore I grabbed everyone of those Bondage Paperbacks with the cartoon covers that I could find. And the rest is history. I've been hooked ever since. At the dawn of video rental mom-and-pop-store explosion I was there getting 5 or 6 at a time and fast forwarding through everything until there was a bondage,rape or horror scene. Sometimes my eyes would hurt at the end of the night from watching the fast-forward so much!

    I always thought Bondage videos sucked though. Never understood the tied up but no sex concept. I think Alien Probe was my first ZFX (I'm not really sure maybe it was the Plant I always mix it up) and I was totally blown away and hooked ever since. Bondage, sci-fi, penetration (even fake) it had everything I wanted. I never had a problem with the simulated sex in ZFX. When it was done in a sci-fi way it was even better. Hail

    Monday, July 26th 2004 - 07:47:41 AM

    Name: Hail

    Second Pre-Gimp flashback. Early 80's. HBO latenight. One of those horrible Emanuelle movies. This one was called Island or something. Naked blonde female had her hands tied over her head and two thugs were threatening her breasts with a hot lightbulb still plugged into a hanging wire from above. Might totally suck compared to today but at the time it was wild. The whole scene was probably 8 seconds long but I always remember it. Hail

    Monday, July 26th 2004 - 08:17:47 AM

    Name: Dan Hawke
    E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
    Homepage URL: http://dan-hawke.com

    Hey all:

    Thanx for all the props about the breast bondage recently. I am a huge fan of the Punished series and Ann Bruno's scene in P2 is one of the best. I wish she had done more work with Whitman/Cole, but she only appeared in this one video and a few magazine articles (to the best of my knowledge).

    The side by side pic comparison Ralphus had up a few days ago really shows the difference between the old and the new. It's hard to top anything that Cole/Whitman did for old HOM. That said the new version looks pretty pale in comparison.

    For those of you who like breast bondage (who doesn't) I am working on DH50 which stars Mallory Knots (aka Piglet aka Randi Ryder). I think this may be one of my best ever and I am really being careful with the editing. I am even thinking of starting a new line DHM (Dan Hawke Master Series) with this title, but haven't decided yet.

    I still read the GIMP board almost daily and I check out a lot of the links I find posted here (such as the Big Bust VCD link talked about recently).

    Also I will be at the Fetishcon in FL in Sept. (http://www.fetishcon.com/) although I won't have a booth. I am attending just to mingle. Perhaps I will see some of you there. It should be a lot of fun.


    Monday, July 26th 2004 - 08:58:33 AM

    Name: BBFan
    E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

    Dan, So you are saying that you would not be able to recreate that look with today's climate and models?  That's too bad - but that Mallory video sounds sweet.

    BTW, when you are at FetishCon, look up Kirby http://www.kirby104.com/ - she may be a fantastic possibility for intense breast bondage.

    Ralphus, actually we are having another go with recreating that scene with Lew and Maria at boundndetermined - curious to see if they can get closer.  To be fair to Marc Wolfe, I don't think I ever sent him those scans - I may have just described it to him.  Live and learn, I guess.

    re: Anne Bruno: All I know is that Anne Bruno was her HOM modeling name, and she did a number of shoots for them and one or two CalStar videos.  She really had an innocent look to her.

    Monday, July 26th 2004 - 09:24:16 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
    Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/Movb1981.jpg

    Hail: Regarding your second pre-GIMP flashback, the movie you're referring to was called Island of 1000 Delights, starring the gorgeous Olivia Pascal. I managed to find a rare copy years ago and added the scene to my highlights tapes. It may be just a 2 or 3 minute scene, but I think it's pretty hot stuff, especially since Olivia was such a babe. The film was in color, but the best scans I have are in black and white (above).

    Monday, July 26th 2004 - 10:17:44 AM

    Name: pkcccc

    The old HOM / Cole Whittman stuff was not only real intense bondage, but best of all the ladies were usually in their natural state, hair on their pussy and not many fake boob jobs.

    Monday, July 26th 2004 - 11:12:35 AM

    Name: Hail

    Ralphus, the fact that you knew what I was talking about (based on the scant incorrect info I had given) and also had a screen cap to the same film makes me bow down to your GIMP greatness!! Hail

    Monday, July 26th 2004 - 01:32:55 PM

    Name: Guest

    This is the guest who asked the questions.

    Thanks to all who have responded. It appears that everyone who is into girls in merciless peril started the interest in childhood rather than as an adult. Maybe that explains my favorite show as a kid -- The Avengers with Emma Peel getting abducted, tied, sometimes gagged and always menaced.

    Hail, I agree, tied up with no implied or actual threat or menace just doesn't cut it.

    "Forced Entry" was the first ZFX flick I saw -- there is no question that as a general rule of thumb, virtually all ZFX films are Gimper's Paradise.

    As far as quick scenes in general relase movies, can't do much better than the adult book store scene in The first Howling movie.

    Monday, July 26th 2004 - 08:24:51 PM

    Name: Guest

    Ralphus, all I can say is Unbelievable! Mention a scene and there it is. Do you do these things on your own or do you have a workshop with little elves like santa?

    Tuesday, July 27th 2004 - 07:47:41 AM

    Name: Guess who's back?

    Guest~No, not elves...Oompa Loompas!

    Tuesday, July 27th 2004 - 02:30:47 PM

    Name: Rod

    More ZFX dvds now available at lasersedge.com (and directly from Rick's ?) : Spread Eagle, Mark Of The Beast, The Plant, Suffering Has A Number.

    Tuesday, July 27th 2004 - 03:16:25 PM

    Name: BBFan
    E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

    BTW, I am testing out a few sources for purchasing european BDSM videos. The sites are:

    www.erodvd.nl (BDSM vids for 24.95 euros each - much cheaper than other sources I found), and

    www.aahsex.com has a pretty wide selection and appears to be based in the states.

    I will let you know if I have any issues with my orders.

    I received my order from www.aahsex.com today - original as well, well packaged. So both sources get the thumbs up!

    Tuesday, July 27th 2004 - 10:01:07 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
    Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

    Guest: Thanks for the compliment. I have a lot of pictures, and often times before deciding on what to run, I check to see what people are talking about. So yours and others' postings do make a difference. Thank you!

    Hollywood Vampire: Welcome back, and shut your damn mouth. Oompa Loompas, indeed!

    Wednesday, July 28th 2004 - 12:38:44 AM

    Name: jaeckill

    Ralphus, Guest (the one still calling himself "Guest"),

    My interest in bondage and forced fantasies also started with the first part of "The Howling", being a double feature in cinema together with "Humanoids from the deep" when I was about 14. As Ralphus mentioned, I always thought of how great it would be to get hold of that original movie inside the movie.

    Later I found out this little movie was done by Joe Dante himself in his garage with an amateur model.

    A couple of weeks ago I saw the new DVD edition of "The Howling" at ebay that was claimed to have a fake porn movie included as bonus material.

    What can I say - itīs all there! It runs about 2 minutes something and starts with an outside scene: The girl finds herself being forced down on the engine hood of a car by two men. They are holding her arms above her head while trying to remove her trousers. She does a good job in screaming and trying to resist, so itīs quite convincing.

    The second scene includes the material that was shown in the real movie: The same girl is lying on her back on a metal bed while two guys masked with nylons tie her wrists to the frame. Her dress is torn down and the first guy leans over her pinning her wrists down. In the meantime the second guy does a very bad job in tying her left ankle to the bed but thatīs just a minor complaint. While she squirms one could get a short glance on her pussy. They gag her and the first guy starts raping her - you can see her upper part of the body while she squirms and his upper part of the body moving rhythmically. Unfortunally you canīt see more but although not being explicid itīs one of the best and most convincing rape scenes I ever watched.



    Wednesday, July 28th 2004 - 09:32:48 AM

    Name: J
    E-mail address: JP455@Yahoo.com
    Homepage URL: http://nikatu.site.ne.jp/pt-b/oka005.jpg

    Just wanted to share this one from Nikkatsu Video. Enjoy.

    Wednesday, July 28th 2004 - 11:18:14 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
    Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

    Jaeckill: Wow, are you kidding? That is some awesome news! I was aware that Dante had filmed the fake porno himself in his garage, but for it to turn up in full on the DVD has to be the coolest DVD extra ever! I immediately added the DVD to my rental queue at Greencine. Quite a find there, thanks :)

    Wednesday, July 28th 2004 - 02:36:41 PM

    Name: Bob Smith

    Hail, I'm with you. I don't understand tying someone up and not stripping them, tying somebody up and stripping them but not fondling them, etc. I know there are laws, but nobody even tries to use a sexual context but ZFX. Are we all just pretending that nobody's turned on by breasts, only by ropes? Hard to find good ones these days. Any more new ZFX on the way?

    Wednesday, July 28th 2004 - 11:45:27 PM

    Name: Jandals
    Homepage URL: http://nikatu.site.ne.jp/HTML/newpage19.htm

    J: Wow, it's hard to imagine an American guy discovering a private Nikkatsu fan site out of millions of others. Your Japanese must be really good! For those who don't have much patience, here's the link to their GIMP-oriented page (above).

    Mr.D: Thanks for your information about DVD drive, I'd rather change the region code although it will be the last time I can change it. Better not to get another paperweight in my tiny room!

    Hattrick: Hana to Hebi Version6 DVD has just been released in June, and it's a mainstream film with a large budget. So I think it would be too much hassle to sell it in the USA. Moreover, it involves some rape scenes. Good for us but not for the US authority, I guess.

    But not to worry, I'll watch Hana to Hebi soon and post my reviews here part by part, when I've got rid of all my bloody workstuff!

    Thursday, July 29th 2004 - 07:45:28 AM

    Name: Jaeckill


    As I wrote, the fake porn movie is not long and not explicid, but itīs definitely worth the rental fee. The only thing is I dinīt know whether it was released in the USA as well, as Iīm sitting in Europe. Just look what they say about the bonus material.

    I wondered how the DVD got the label "free above 15 years of age", they must have missed this tiny detail :D

    Watching it again yesterday evening I recognized my first description was inaccurate and incomplete, so here Iīm adding kind of a "mini-review":

    The Howling 1, fake porn movie

    completely without sound

    1st scene (45 seconds): Outside; blond model wearing a white T-shirt and blue panties, lying with her back on the engine hood of a car - 3 men, two holding her arms to both sides, the third one standing between her legs - heīs pulling her T-shirt up to expose her breasts, she struggles and squirms, some indicated breast fondling.

    2nd scene (2 minutes 58 seconds): Inside a shed or garage; same model lying on her back on a metal bed wearing an oldfashioned orange shirt with white frills and white hotpants - two men, both masked with a pantyhose, one is tying her right wrist to the bedframe, the other one tries the same with her left ankle - her right ankle is already fixed so her legs are slightly spread - we see some struggling and squirming and a short glimpse of her pussy, not properly covered by her pants - the ankle guy does a pretty bad job, he has no idea at all how to tie a girl so her left leg always escapes - her right wrist gets tied and you can see how much power is needed to break her resistance - full of anger and frustration the ankle guy rips down her shirt and pants, you get a nice view on her naturally haired pussy - with her left leg still free the camera shows her upper body, now completely naked - the wrist guy starts raping her, indicated by showing the upper parts of their bodies moving rhythmically - sheīs gagged with a white scrap of cloth, maybe her hotpants, and the rape goes on, again showing mostly her head and upper body, nothing explicid - the ankle guy, who finally managed to tie her left ankle, takes a wooden stick and pushes it towards her pussy (not shown) causing her to writhe with pain - the camera alternates between him pressing that stick towards her and her gagged face with a great expression of terror and agony.

    As I mentioned before this is one of the best rape scenes I ever saw, mainly because the female model really is convincing and sheīs tied in a spreadeagle, my favorite bondage position. Although no penetration is shown the scene left enough for the fantasy to fill the gaps and to ring my bell.

    If any producer could use this hot stuff as a point to start from, creating a nice storyline around it, using a beautiful model who knows how to (re-)act and showing the rape in more detail (penetration, genitals), this could become my all-time favorite.



    Thursday, July 29th 2004 - 09:07:55 AM

    Name: AvF
    E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

    I heard you missed me, I'm Back. I got my pencil...

    Ralphus~I knew you'd get it. Got some catching up to do.

    I also heard you guy's were being harrased some during my absence. Sorry about that, I had Lindsay Lohan tied up a little longer than she liked I guess. She was just hashing out. Not to worry though, I got her staightened out with the help of my W.A.D. (Weapon of Ass Destruction ;-)

    Baronorca~This is going back a bit but wanted to thank you for your mini reviews. One in particular I wanted to ask about. Don't remember the title but it was then one that you mentioned included a Bukkake scene. Way, way back, when the topic of ingredients to make one's perfect B&D video if they could, inluded as an ingredient of mine, a Bukkake scene. I was just wondering if the video you mentioned containing the scene, was one where the girl was still tied?

    If you care to respond, and happen to remember the title, maybe give us a refresher ( that way I don't have to hunt for it;-)


    Thursday, July 29th 2004 - 06:13:55 PM

    Name: Hollywood Vampire

    Oh, I forgot to mention..."Strange Days" DVD at Wal-Mart for $5.50. Bridgette Bako! Hot!


    Thursday, July 29th 2004 - 06:20:43 PM

    Name: AvF
    E-mail address: HollywoodVampire

    Damned Ralphus, prepared w/pics of "Strange Days" too!

    Always liked Bridget Bako. Dosen't hurt that she seems to get tied up a lot in her flicks either.


    Thursday, July 29th 2004 - 11:43:36 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
    Homepage URL: http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/brigitte_bako/

    Hollywood: Good call on Strange Days. I love that scene. Brigitte Bako gets grabbed, stungunned (twice), tied with her hands above, has her clothing cut off with a knife (full frontal nudity), is raped, blindfolded and finally strangled. Amazingly, this movie was directed by a woman! Worth the 6 bucks to grab this one in all its widescreen glory.

    Brigitte Bako also gets raped and is the recipient of another violent bondage attack in Dark Tide; two great scenes from an excellent victim. She was adorable and had no problem with getting fully naked and tied up. That puts her in the GIMP Hall of Fame in my book.

    Thursday, July 29th 2004 - 11:43:45 PM

    Name: J
    E-mail address: JP455@Yahoo.com


    Thanks for the compliment.

    I got a copy of Hana to Hebi yesterday. Here is my short review.

    If surrealism is your style, this is one for you. The setup is rather long, but worth it. A gorgeous tango dancer is made unconscious and when she wakes she is in a strange enviorment. The first thing she sees is a woman hanging by her ankles being savagely whipped. I would have preferred this scene to have been more in closeup, but it will do. After the whipping she is lowered and we can see her bloodied body--unsure if she is supposed to be dead or just unconscious.

    Next its the "heroines" turn as she is made to strip. Awesome body here. She is arm bound to a crossbar and pulled up and off her feet. She hangs quite awhile as she undergoes a form of water torture. As the movie goes on, she is subjected to various styles of rope bondage and suspension, is raped, hung by ankles and dunked in water, whipped (a brief scene) etc. I rate this one a solid B primarily for the bondage and the gorgeous actress. She doesn't have the appearance of a $2 street hooker so common in american bondage flicks.

    Anyway, there it is.

    Friday, July 30th 2004 - 07:16:00 AM

    Name: J
    E-mail address: JP455@Yahoo.com
    Homepage URL: http://s87455100.onlinehome.us/

    Some here have asked my source for japanese videos, particularly Nikkatsu Videos. Well I linked it above.

    Word of caution. Do not open the site with the AOL browser, at least not if you want to see the box covers. Use only IE Browser.

    I can vouch for this guy's integrity.

    Friday, July 30th 2004 - 08:01:13 AM

    Name: Paulus

    Hana to Hebi sounds pretty good! Are there any stills available??

    Friday, July 30th 2004 - 07:00:13 PM

    Name: mothbrad
    E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au
    Homepage URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0223268/

    It's interesting that we've been talking about mainstream movies with Gimp-like scenes in them, as I just saw an interesting one this last weekend. I can't remember whether it's been mentioned here or not, but if not, here's my sort of summary or review.

    The movie's called 'Faust', and, surprise, surprise, it's based on the old story of a man selling his soul to the devil for some gain. Unfortunately for him, his gain isn't that he can play guitar like Robert Johnson, but rather that he turns into a cartoon hero type character (a cross between Batman and Freddy Kreuger) who avenges the deaths of his friends.  Interestingly, I picked up the movie for two reasons - first, because it made a reference to Reanimator on the cover (I think it's the same producer), and second because each of the stills from the movie on the case had some interest for Gimpers.  These were, unfortunately, the ONLY parts of the movie that would interest us in general.

    The main scene of interest is about 80 minutes into the movie, where there is a Femdom scene in which the heroine is first whipped, and then hung in a nice steel cage and given electric shocks.  Interestingly, these are done for the BDSM story purpose of 'combining pain and pleasure', and turning the 'victim' into a painslut.  The scenes themselves are more interesting than erotic, but I'd recommend seeing them if possible. I got my DVD rental as a freebie, so I think I got my money's worth!

    The other couple of scenes of interest include one early on in which a female friend of the hero is threatened with a blowtorch to her face (we don't see anything gory here), and also towards the end, where another woman is hung from an X-frame.  I have to warn, that this is one of the goriest scenes in the movie, and Freudians will have a field day here, with a vagina like hole being made in her stomach, and a snake slithering out (followed by the snake going down some guys throat).

    In terms of eroticism, this is a bit of a dud, but it's certainly a fun film, despite not making any sense whatsoever - the dialogue is either totally inane, or sounding like it was written by that guy in ninth grade who has found a Nietzsche book and suddenly thinks he's a philosopher.  One other funny scene worth mentioning is when a woman is transformed by the 'devil' character into a massive pair of tits and massive ass (with her head in the middle).  I think it's obvious though, that the Gimp-scene (whipping+electro) is pretty much completely gratuitous, and doesn't have any connection either to the rest of the film, or to the goriness of it.  No blood, cute victim, but direction that seems to be trying to take away any titillation that might be possible.

    Rating: I have no idea - but you should be able to get it for $2 a week, and check it out for yourself.

    Friday, July 30th 2004 - 07:10:57 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
    Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/Movb3639.jpg

    Mothbrad: Thanks for the review of Faust; I'll add that to the reviews section. Your descriptions of the torture scenes are right on...I saw the movie, too. Well, I saw it in fast-forward and just watched the "good" parts. Overall, a near-miss for me...a bit too surreal and over-the-top for my tastes, plus it featured a female dom, which I don't usually care for. But I'm still glad I checked the film out and would recommend it for others to take a look.

    Paulus: Someone recently posted a Japanese website that featured teasers from Hana to Hebi. Unfortunately, I believe it scrolled off and we haven't updated July yet, but I'm sure someone will link us again.

    Friday, July 30th 2004 - 07:58:05 PM

    Name: Mr. D

    Apropos of the "how did you get into bondage" and "what was your first bondage movie" threads I decided to write reviews of the first two rape-porn scenes I ever saw. One was even the first porn I'd ever seen.

    As far as mainstream movies, how can anyone forget the B-Movie horror flick Evil Dead? The "Tree Rape" of "Cheryl" scene is probably one that's better in my memory than it was and I doubt it holds up well today, but boy was it different and exciting when I first saw it.

    Two Classic Porn Reviews

    • Bad Girls (feat. Anna Ventura and Pia Snow with Ron Jeremy and Randy West)

      This 1981 release, not to be confused with several more recent releases with similar names is more a sentimental favorite of mine than a great bondage/rape movie. It's more notable as starring mainstream/b-movie actress Michelle Bauer (billed here as Pia Snow) in one of her handful of before-she-was-semi-famous porn flicks.

      The basic plot of the movie isn't Shakespeare, but it is an old school porno, not a modern wall to wall fuck fest. Some girls pack up a camper and take it deep into the woods for some time away from civilization. After the usual hijinks, they stumble upon what appears to be an abandoned spa/resort.

      Little do they know that the place is actually occupied by a religous cult, whose female members are brainwashed sex slaves for the leader and his men. Captured by the cult, the girls are locked up and we get to the fun parts of the video.

      In the first scene, the lovely and naturally busty Anna Ventura is threatened by Ron Jeremy. Fight him and she will be "beaten black and blue." Cooperate and they'll "have fun." He grabs a tit and appears nearly ready to rip her dress off and follow through before she relents. He orders her to act out a fantasy and pretend to seduce him. Again, this is an old school porno so the faux-seduction is a slow tease which she slowly gets into. Ron goes on to give Anna a good consensual ride in the hay, which ends with a beautiful titfuck and facial. Unfortunately for Ron, he has broken a cult rule by fucking Anna before she's indoctrinated, so he ends up on the cult leader's shit list. In fact if you cut out the beginning part with the threatened violence, you'd never think this was technically a scene depicting rape.

      And speaking of which, we next see Pia being led off to be brainwashed by one of the cult members. Apparently this process starts by getting a girl naked in the center of a room, and tying her hands high above her head with a rope up to the ceiling. The next step involves whipping the crap out of her until she relents to giving her torturer a blowjob. Sounds like a great plan to me, but sadly for us, Pia's torturer is part of a faction that doesn't particularly like the kidnapping and wants to let her go. He tells her to follow his lead and she screams in apparent pain as he whips the floor. Fortunately there's a brief part where the other cult members enter the room and our hero must whip her for real to keep up the illusion. Convinced that she has been broken, the cult leader puts on some special "incense" and begins the inevitable orgy scene. Unknown to the cult, the insense has been spiked by some faction members. After the cult members wear themselves out and fall asleep post coitus, they help the girls escape to end the video.

      If all of this sounds tame for the GIMP board, it is. As I wrote above, this is really more of a sentimental favorite of mine rather than a good rape vid. It is the first porn movie I ever saw; before watching the Ron/Anna scene, I had no inkling that titfucking was possible or that bondage and coersion was something others found exciting. I think it probably has something to do with both the breast and bondage/rape fetishes that became more fully developed as I got older.

    • Taxi Girls (feat. Nanci Suiter, Serena with Ron Jeremy and Jamie Gillis)

      Classic porn fans remember this video as one of the very few that Nanci Suiter made before leaving the business. Rape fantasy fans know this as containing one of the truely great gang rape scenes of American porn.

      Nanci plays a prostitute who, tired of being arrested comes up with a plan to start a taxi cab business with some of her fellow hookers. The bulk of the video consists of your basic 70's wacky adventures type plot wherein the girls gang bang a bank manager to get a business loan, grow their business by providing special services for customers and manage to tick off the drivers of an all male cab company.

      The bit that concerns us here at the GIMP board is a sequence late in the video. Serena is kidnapped (offscreen) by three of the male cabbies, who take her back to their garage and proceed to take out their frustrations on her brutally. She receives some ass slapping from Ron Jeremy who is pounding her pussy all while being forced to suck another cabbie. Meanwhile, Nanci is kidnapped outside a nightclub and brought by several other cabbies to join in the fun. What follows is a brutal six on two gang rape.

      There's too much action to detail but make special note of Serena being brutally raped orally almost throughout; one man pulls out to paint her face, using the tip to spread it all over before using his still stiff penis to slap her face hard several times! Nanci doesn't get off easy either, having two dicks in her almost the whole time.

      Sadly it all comes to an end. We cut several times to Nanci's boyfriend (John Leslie) who by coincidence figures out what happened to the two missing women and gets the rest of the women to stage a rescue. (Yes, I know there's a much much better ending they should have filmed)

      There's even a happy ending to the rest of the video, but who really cares?

      Overall there's about ten full minutes of GIMPworthy stuff.

      Just be aware that some copies out there for sale have the fun parts cut out. I have no idea if the uncut version is available on DVD (I got my copy on VHS many years ago).

    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 02:32:40 AM

    Name: Jandals
    E-mail address: ...76@yahoo.com.au
    Homepage URL: http://www.hanatohebi-movie.com/index2.html

    Here comes your Japanese officer.

    I 've just finished watching Hana to Hebi. It was worth changing the region code of my external DVD player.

    As J has already mentioned, it contains hunging, whipping, rape, beautiful Japanese rope bondage, hot wax and even crucifixion scenes.

    The story is like this; Shizuko Tohyama (Aya Sugimoto), a famous Tango dancer whose husband is a multi-millionaire, is experiencing a difficult time. They love each other but are a sexless couple, and both of them are under pressure from their professional lives.

    One day her husband Takayoshi (Hironobu Nomura) is visited by a group of anonymous men. They show him a film in which Takayoshi bribes a politician. The men tell the speechless young president that it was filmed and donated by a guy who he had fired. "Well let's be frank," Takayoshi says, "how much do you want". But the answer is far beyond his imagination. As a result, Shizuko is kidnapped and taken to a strange place where she is surronded by masked "celebrities" who she is obliged to please.

    After another female victim is whipped to death (as in J's review) her first show begins; "betrayal and revenge". She is overtaken by her driver/bodyguard who was also kidnapped and is forced to cooperate in the show. Then the guy who had been fired by her husband takes his revenge by raping her, while her bodyguard holds her from behind.

    In the meantime Kyoko, Shizuko's female bodyguard, is also kidnapped and taken into the show. This young girl is tied, ripped off and toyed with a vivrator in front of now helplessly bound Shizuko. Shizuko is asked to obey their orders, or Kyoko will be done by Slave Master Oni-Gen (Gen the Ogre). In the meantime a tube is attached to Shizuko's mouth and she is forced to drink an amount of liquid which contains a certan kind of chemical.

    After a while Shizuko is gagged and her body is restricted in a black bondage contume on a bed. Here her female bodyguard rapes her in order to survive.

    After that Shizuko becomes the heroine of their special scenario. She is a female convict in the Edo Era. She is in elegant kimono, then ropes over it. Slave Master Oni-gen plays her torturer to make her plead guilty. After the torture session, she is given SHICHU HIKIMAWASHI penalty, that she is naked and roped on a horse. Eventually she is removed from the horse, but only to proceed to the final stage; crucifixion.

    What's more? Shizuko is suspended upside-down, and Oni-Gen soak her head into water to make her conscious again, followed by an intensive whipping scene with a wet handtowel. And the story goes to a shocking finale...

    I totally enjoyed the movie as a GIMPer, but I'd say it's an Erotic film with serious BDSM scenes, rather than a BDSM porn. Just as J mentioned, it features proper A-class actresses and actors. The length is 115 minutes and each BDSM scene is not very long. So I revised my opinion; Hana to Hebi may be sold world-wide in future! Yes Japan still rules BDSM!

    My grade: A-

    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 07:47:32 AM

    Name: HOWIE

    To both J and Jandals. Did both of you purchase this version of Hana to Hebi that you've reviewed from the link that Jandals supplied? I would love to get a copy, but don't speak or read one bit of Japanese. I did find the link to purchase it on that site, but I have absolutely no idea what it's telling me to do. Is this the only source to get the DVD?



    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 09:55:01 AM

    Name: gimpfan

    Fantastic photos, what movie are they from? Seems like a video worth watching.

    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 10:12:34 AM

    Name: Guest

    Mr. D., I believe you are the first person, to date, that has suggested they got into this as an adult. Be honest, now, was there no indication of earlier childhood excitement/arousal from seeing girls in peril?

    One other mainstream, blockbuster movie, I could not believe that blockbuster had it on their shelves, was Strangeland. Many Gimp delight scenes and a most ingenious and cruel gagging technique.

    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 12:46:44 PM

    Name: pkcccc

    Insex although expensive, is by far the best site on the web. Does anyone know of any other sites that even come close to their quality and Quantity.

    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 01:36:01 PM

    Name: Scribbler
    Homepage URL: http://www.superheroines.com/SDH/

    These Brigitte Bako tied to wire fence jpegs remind me alot of HOM's ole "Attacked!" 8mm loop. Maybe it was an inspired HOMage.

    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 04:15:59 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
    Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html

    Gimpfan: The Brigitte Bako stills are from the movie Dark Tide. She gets naked frequently in that film and raped twice, including the scene I highlighted where she's tied to a fence. Along with Strange Days, this is another excellent mainstream scene that's of interest to the pervs who read this board. Most actresses would shy away from such explicit material, but BB gave it her all in not one but two outstanding bondage roles and showed everyone how to play a convincing victim. I keep hoping there's a third, unknown Brigitte Bako bondage scene that I might have missed somewhere. She sure was a cutie, and that's my favorite type of girl to see tormented.

    Many thanks to all the posters who have contributed reviews here lately. Jaeckill, Mothbrad, J and Mr. D, check out the URL above to see your fine work included for posterity.

    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 04:19:59 PM

    Name: Mr. D

    Guest wrote :

    Mr. D., I believe you are the first person, to date, that has suggested they got into this as an adult. Be honest, now, was there no indication of earlier childhood excitement/arousal from seeing girls in peril?

    Oh, I didn't mean to imply that Bad Girls was my first experience being sexually excited by girls in peril. Far from it in fact. I can recall lots of daydream/fantasies of either being the superhero rescuing a girl in bondage or being a supervillian who stole the super powers of superheroines by kidnapping them and then drinking their breast milk. The earliest I can definitely place them would be around the third or fourth grade, but I'd hardly call them sexual beyond the obvious hint at something nascent in my personality, as those fantasies fell by the wayside before I entered high-school.

    I suppose I can't say for sure if it was something that was going to come out inevitably at some point or something that was woken up by several encounters as I grew older. A chance viewing of Bad Girls at sixteen-ish was probably my first "real" sexual experience and awakened some of those fantasies. In college, my fraternity threw some Halloween weekend events, including once renting a whole shelf of B-horror videos for a video marathon, the drunken confessions of others, including girls, during and after Evil Dead helped me realize that 'normal' people could be aroused by bondage and peril too.

    But it would be my even later getting on the internet in the early 90's (Primarily by way of alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage and alt.sex.stories) that would get me purposefully and actively seeking out bondage/peril/rape fantasy material and sharing my own thoughts (Including some correspondence with a.s.s's infamous author Parker) and even writing, though never posting my own fiction.

    So to answer the full question; Yes and no.

    Yes, there were clearly some childhood indications, and some adolescent incidents.

    But no, I really didn't get into this until I was an adult, though it's obvious that one could argue the point by defining into this a little differently that I am.

    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 09:12:52 PM

    Name: zee-ef-ex

    Taxi Girls, aaah, that brings back memories. I used to have an original uncut version until a roommate accidentally taped over it. Ever since then, all I have found are copies with that prime scene either cut completely, or chopped down a lot. I remember the scene well, Serena lying on her belly getting fucked from behind, her face being forced down again and again onto a cock, with "All the way, bitch" ordered of her again and again. And Nancy Suiter, what a delight. The scene in that movie where she takes John Holmes' huge dick is also unbelievable. Serena was in a lot of those 1970s/1980s sex + bondage flix, often with Jamie Gillis. She really seemed to enjoy it.


    Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 10:03:51 PM

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