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December 2004

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

Actually, Tera Patrick did appear in a light bondage movie from a few years ago called "Helpless Heroines."

There was no torture of any kind in the movie. It was just women being bound and gagged. It was well photographed, if that's any consolation.

As best I can recall, Tera's scene had her hands and feet tied up and I believe she was gagged. She was left to squirm for a few minutes on a bed, and that was about it.

A pre-boob-job Allysin Chaines was also in the movie.

On the subject of new reviews, it's worth noting a number of early to mid-90s zfx flicks are now being released for the first time on dvd (at least, I believe it's the first time). For someone like me, who didn't have access to the original videos, I am interested in the reviews even if the movie isn't new.

Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 02:56:02 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Mainstream pornstars in ZFX flix? Well, my two current faves, Taylor Rain and Jenna Haze, have both been in bondage in various porn flix (each of them at least two times). Either one of those, though, in a ZFX FLIK would be fantastic.


Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 08:08:27 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Allysin Chaines? Never heard of her, but what an awesome name for an actress in a bondage film!

I'll be honest. I hardly ever watch vanilla porn movies, so I'm unfamiliar with most porn stars. I know Tera Patrick because she was brought up here some months ago, and it was fairly easy to Google her and find some bondage pics of her. When Helpless Heroines got mentioned, I searched again and came up with this quote from her:

Bondage? "I'm fascinated by fetish and bondage," Tera admits, "but in my personal life, I can't say I practice it. I don't mind being tied up, but I don't like to be - well, I do like to be smacked around... It comes out now: I like to be beat up. I don't like to be whipped, though, but I like to be slapped and choked and all that."

Pretty cool, huh? And this Taylor Rain sounds like a real wild child if all that zee-ef-ex has mentioned about her in the past is true. Plus that, she's a damn cute girl, and I would give my eye teeth to see her get the ZFX treatment. But I think we're probably all just dreaming here.

I'm just speculating, but my guess is that most of the vanilla porn actresses would not want anything to do with the kind of action that Rick produces. I know the whipping is not as harsh as it seems, but I'll bet it's not painless. Plus that, he does things like clamping clothespins on sensitive body parts, suspensions, and often has the girls in uncomfortable bondage positions. I'm not saying he's overly rough with them; in fact, mostly likely he goes out of his way to ensure they are not hurt on the set.

Still, if any of his prospective actresses got hold of a ZFX film in advance, most would probably be scared off by the seemingly rough action depicted therein. Face it, it's probably much easier (and probably more profitable) for them to just lay on their backs and get fucked than to put up with being tied up and have painful things done to their bodies to earn a living.

That said, it brings me back to that age-old question of where in the world Rick finds the girls who are willing to do such work. I don't think he uses real porn stars, because like we mentioned a few weeks ago, very few of his performers have ever done adult films for anyone else. My guess? Probably exotic dancers, mostly likely all from Florida, or, when he visits, Minnesota. I sure would love to know where he finds them, because nearly all his girls are rather wholesome-looking, with few of the piercings and tattoos that you would normally expect from girls into the bondage and S&M scene. And for that, I am truly grateful.

Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 11:08:32 PM

Name: Bruno

WATCH FETISH GUY-In Japanese movie IESP078 a very cute girl is raped and forced to give head (no bondage) while wearing a black wrist watch, which is clearly seen, close up etc. etc. during the first 45-50 minutes of the movie. In scenes after that, the watch is removed. If the movie is not available now, it soon will be at www.videomayhem.com

Thursday, December 2nd 2004 - 06:42:15 AM

Name: Tha Man

Has anyone tried any of the videos from this place http://clips4sale.com/store.pl?305 ?  I think the name of the manufacturer must be nrg women, but I can't find anything about it besides this.  Some of the videos (especially on pages 3, 4 and 5) look like they could have some real potential.  hehehheh

Thursday, December 2nd 2004 - 01:04:51 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp
E-mail address: albertg34@hotmail.com

Just for the Record...some optically rewarding femmes of the "Vanilla" porn world which I would be delighted to see bound, gagged, fucked and with their tits in a vice:

Serenity, Chasey Laine, Tiffany Minx, Asia Carrera, Sunset Thomas, Devon.....phew!!!..., what the heck...dreaming is free!!!

....even Jenna for that matter...but with quadrupled the torment!!!

On another note, I recently picked up a discounted copy of one of Rick's Video in a local Adult Store (for $5.00-Aussie Dollars, around $2.50 U.S. or thereabouts): Rick Masters' Bondage Play. It features Rick and a nameless hot looking blonde. Pretty tame stuff compared with the brutality that was to come in ZFX. Production date is 1991, quality a bit grainy, poor lighting, the action borders on amorous bondage, sometimes you think Rick is about to get his rocks off, but this never happens, it's just a tease, all you get are lots of giggles and tickles...you know the "let's spice up our love life and be naughty" kind of thing. If anybody knows anything about the identity of the actress in this video, let us know!, I can't recognize her.

Thursday, December 2nd 2004 - 04:07:03 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/total01.jpg

Thees Van Kemp: Hard to say since I've never heard of that one, but a good guess is that your mystery actress is most likely Drew Phonix, who was indeed a hot-looking blonde, so hot that Rick later married her. She appeared in several of his earliest ZFX productions as an actress, and ran camera for him when she wasn't onscreen.

I uploaded a small picture of her to my Homepage URL above; take a look and see if this looks like her.

Thursday, December 2nd 2004 - 04:24:59 PM

Name: Thees van Kemp
E-mail address: albertg34@hotmail.com

Thank you for the research, and information on Drew Phoenix , always a dedicated soul and a fountain of knowledge, Ralphus.

On the subject of fetishes, I think I'm developing a fetish for spectacles, reading glasses, sunglasses and assorted eyewear {not sure about monocles, though}....must be all my exposure to universities and academia!!., recently I've noticed a ZFX film with Lisa Kinkaid wearing a pair of black framed specs and my heart Booom!!, I've noticed there is a niche for this sort of thing in mainstream "vanilla" porn films, in fact a whole series of them featuring nerdy {but hot!} studious looking babes who get their gear off and get boned wearing glasses....{haven't we all had politically incorrect thoughts about that curvy school librarian?)...

So, Rick at ZFX, the odd spec in kindly appreciated, reading specs or fashionable sunglasses!!, I am not fussy! Who knows where this will lead to...Wristwatches??{what sort of 'philia' would this be??....'chronometrophilia'???, just a wild guess, I'll have to look it up in my encyclopaedia of 'Fetishes and Perversions'.

Just to quickly change the subject, recently I was watching one of the "South of the Border" series with the volume turned down whilst a Cannibal Corpse Cd played in the background, the combination was sheer bliss, particularly scenes featuring 'electro-shock' {something that usually does very little for me). These chaps {the cannibals, that is) live somewhere in Florida not far from ZFX productions), perhaps Rick could use them in one his next restraining masterpieces...I guess they're not everyone's "cup of tea" {musically speaking, that is}, but you never know...perhaps he could invite them to be part of the movie and play 'live' on the set while Chandra and Lisa get the visceral treatment....now I'd like to see that.

See you, Gimpers I'll leave you with some words of wisdom by none other than the Irish!!! "A hole is nothing at all, but you can break your neck in it"

-Austin O'Malley

Thursday, December 2nd 2004 - 07:10:47 PM

Name: Annie
Homepage URL: http://www.hardcoreabductions.com/videos/garage2andcheerleadertiffany.htm

I was looking forward to expanding my video library. A little discussion last month about "Silverback", helped me decide to try "Garage 2/ Cheerleader Tiffany". I was anxious to see if they would be better than "Sisters"(these films share the same villain), which I thought was okay, but obviously doesn’t compare to any ZFX films I have seen. So here is a short review - as there is no other way to give a review on them.

Both "Garage 2" and "Cheerleader Tiffany" were very short, no more than 15 minutes each and if you read the synopsis, you have pretty much seen the flicks (can’t really call them movies). Though the summaries are tempting, that is all you get. In both vids the victims hands are bound with clear tape behind their backs. In both vids the victims are forced to give blow jobs ( and yes, Cheerleader Tiffany had to give two), but neither looks at all distressed about the situation they have found themselves in. Most of the 15 minutes of each video is the blow job scene, with a short vaginal rape at the end. After the oral stimulation, they do introduce gags, but that is the extent of the bondage. Absolutely not worth $40, IMO. In fact, I would say both videos could be used as trailers, they get your appetite moist (not wet), and then end. Very disappointing:(

Saturday, December 4th 2004 - 08:02:44 AM

Name: evets

Can any of the Japenese rape flicks be obtained without the blotch out censorship of genitals ?

Saturday, December 4th 2004 - 08:49:50 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html#gangbang

Annie: Thanks for the review. Damn, major suckage, and I almost ordered some of those Silverback vids for myself, too. I think I'm learning that a lot, if not all of the Silverback titles are the same as the Gangbangers vids being offered over at Slave Labor Productions. If that's the case, then your description sounds very similar to what Mr. D had to say when he gave his interpretations on the Gangbangers series (linked above), particularly this section:

As hot as some of the women are, none are likely to become any GIMPer's favorite actresses. They don't really struggle, moan or scream much nor do they do it very loudly. The action that requires their participation (ie grabbing the guy's dick with one hand for a BJ or lying still while being tied) tends to be "submissive/threatened" rather than "violent/forced."

That also explains why there are so many videos available at Hardcore Abductions. Can't be very hard to crank out "double features" if the two halves are only 15 minutes long! I guess we're all looking for storyline rape/abduction/bondage vids in the same vein as ZFX while we wait for Rick to come out with a new release. From what I've seen and read, it doesn't look like these guys are in the same league, even if their price tags ($40) are comparable.

Saturday, December 4th 2004 - 09:40:01 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.brittanyoconnell.com/

My top choice for "vanilla" actress in a zfx movie is truly just fantasy, as it would require a time machine to do it effectively. But, in her heyday, I would have liked to have seen Brittany O'Connell appear in some of Rick's movies.

My top picks from today's choices are all Asians -- Jade Marcella, Naomi Marcella and Kaylani Lei.

Saturday, December 4th 2004 - 10:30:04 AM

Name: D.M.

I'd sure love to see Racquel Darian in one of Rick's Flicks.


Saturday, December 4th 2004 - 12:23:27 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

I'm sure our regular readers will notice we have some new features on display here at the GIMP. The biggest, and most significant, is that we are now the new home of the Whipping Scenes in Movies Database, from Oslo Netfetter's late, great WSIMD website. This was one of my favorite sites on the Internet, and Oslo was gracious enough to let us host the list portion of his site. If you're a fan of women being whipped, which I think most of us are, this information is invaluable. It's an extremely comprehensive database, compiled by a guy who was a true fan of the subject. I'm really glad we could resurrect that portion of his site, because I think it's a perfect fit for our readers.

A few months ago we added the Electro Torture database here, and lastly, we now also have included a list of movies with rape scenes that was posted on the net several years ago. Yes, it's an older list, but it's still got a lot of useful information for us pervs, and certainly we can add to it and make it more complete. Personally, I love catching bondage/torture/rape scenes in mainstream movies, and now with handy access to these three databases, they will be a lot easier to seek out.

Thanks again to Scribbler, who worked behind the scenes adding these new segments to our site. He's really the unsung hero around here who doesn't get the credit he deserves. I think he did a great job.

Hope everyone likes the new additions.

Saturday, December 4th 2004 - 11:24:44 PM

Name: Epilepsio
E-mail address: silentscream@gmail.com

Hi y'all

Anyone ever wondered when we'll get to see real "live" fucking and sucking on a ZFX production?. Just curious, that's all. Just finished watching "High Strung", being a "handyman" myself I wouldn't mind seeing more power tools on zfx films: pliers, vices, drills, screwdrivers, staple guns and other industrial paraphenalia, anyhow,if you are tool-fan, "High Strung" is "highly" recommended, Brandi Dukes and Lisa Kinkaid are walking talking wet dreams come to life. Read Ralphus' Review of this film, it's good value!!. Sequel please!

Sunday, December 5th 2004 - 05:46:47 PM

Name: Duke

I'm with you, Epilepsio! I'd like to see some of that "live" action, rather than dildo & billy club insertions, etc.!

Sunday, December 5th 2004 - 06:04:50 PM

Name: Tim
E-mail address: tbmoss_2001@yahoo.ca

Glad to see you back -- Just got your e-mail and dropped by to check things out


Sunday, December 5th 2004 - 08:14:23 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

To our new visitors here:

We're glad you came by, but now that you are here, you are strongly encouraged to sign the forum. Don't just read it and go, leave some acknowledgement, as little as a sentence, that you're also a fan! Don't let this site die out!

Monday, December 6th 2004 - 08:27:21 AM

Name: Gary Chamberlain
E-mail address: mailguy6@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://yahoo.com

Hi I'm a bondophiliac.

Monday, December 6th 2004 - 12:03:29 PM

Name: Mr bush

ALA Tourist Trap, probably my favorite and most watched video. The realistic scenes and story and the natural women make it my all time favorite.

Monday, December 6th 2004 - 01:26:18 PM

Name: Japok

Great site, I just found this place! Anyone here into breast torture? I like to see women get their big tits tied up until they are purple, then have the nips clamped until they are extra-sore! Also like breast whipping and abuse. There doesn't seem to be many websites doing good breast bondage but hogtied and insex have done some wild stuff! Also a good group to join is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Breasts_In_Pain/. It hasn't been updated for a while, but there are lots of excellent clips there.

Monday, December 6th 2004 - 02:43:41 PM

Name: lovemyzfx

Well Ralphus, after months of lurking I took your suggestion and signed in. Can't leave an e-mail address - family shared computer- but have to tell you I LOVE your site and can't get enough of ZFX - I'm so glad Rick decided to do DVDs.

I do have a couple of questions for you and maybe Rick when he checks in. First, does anyone know of any bondage, torture, rape sites that sell DVDs? I'm not interested in streaming videos, memberships, on-line viewing - just rough stuff (non-consentual) like Rick produces in DVD format.

Question for Rick - I just purchased South Of the Border 2 & 5 and awaiting delivery of 4 and 7. I had 6 already. 6 has chapters menus etc whereas 2 and 5 don't. Is there a reason for the lack of additional menus or is there more than one version for sale? I would prefer them but it won't stop me from buying. I've been a ZFX fan for over 10 years and can't get enough! Keep up the good work Rick and thanks Ralphus for this great site!

Monday, December 6th 2004 - 04:31:57 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Anyone here into breast torture? Heh heh - you might find one or two here. Check out the archives for our recent debate on the subject - about half the folks here are into purple tit and tortured tits (including me). Some good ZFX titles for tit torture are "The Misadventures of Lois Paine" and "Xtractor". I also think www.dan-hawke.com is a good site, though Hogtied is my current favorite.

Monday, December 6th 2004 - 05:06:51 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp
E-mail address: albertg34@hotmail.com


I Couldn't agree more with "Epilepsio", real sex is one of the key ingredients missing in the Psycho-sexual fantasy world of ZFX, simulation just doesn't have the same effect, ocassionally it may even 'degrade' what is usually an OK film, I certainly don't watch ZFX films for the so called "sex scenes", surely I get off on the hot babes in distress and all the other paraphenalia associated with Bondage, but there's other claustrophobic , eerie and dark dimensions to Rick's films which despite their low budget, which takes the enjoyment to a more cerebral realm {ie. the first few seconds when the title credits of "Forced Entry" start to roll and the subliminal flashes of what is to come is teasingly offered on the screen...it still manages to leave me cold with fear!! ,even after countless viewings), I cannot find this sort of mind-blowing morbidity in mainstream expensive Hollywood Horror Movies, imagine what Masters could do with 1 or 2 million bucks!? Craven , Hooper & Salva watch out!!!. ., so despite the lack of real sex I'll still buy and watch his films...

In regard to tools, I don't have a fetish for them but they are very useful props and the possibilities to inflict pain and twisted 'pleaure' are varied, 2 great ZFX films with tools come to mind: "High Strung" and "Toolbox Abductions" are amongst my favourites which feature the 'tool' aspect. I do enjoy some of Rick's more 'outlandish' 'weird-sex' or what some may call 'sci-fi', "Robopimp" is one of them, "Incubus"[1996?] is probably one of his most unusual and most under rated films, in fact it's the first ZFX I ever watched, and featuring the aesthetically scrumptious Miss Kinkaid, it was love at first sight, who could forget that raven beauty, innocent cheerleader eyes those perfectly formed tits, sculpted by the gods themselves....oh, please stop me!! !{anyway that's another story!}.

Incubus features one of the most unusual scene of depravity ever put on film as lovely Lisa is gagged, tied, {those fans of tit bondage would surely delight is seeing Lisa's memorable pendulums wrapped with rope displaying those beautifully saucer shaped nipples!!#) and a hot iron [one for ironing clothes,that is) is placed on her pussy by the 'evil-doer' {the iron is simply hanging on by the fabric of her slightly pulled-down panties...the pointy bit of the iron is resting on her clit...and what a clit that is!, Kinkaid in my opinion has the most beautifully sculpted vagina in the Milky way and probably the known universe {With apologies to Vanilla porn actress: Zara Whites, who comes a close 2nd), anyway you look at that magnificent cleft of delight the result is simply magically absorbing...it's blissfully ethereal.....anyway....'Incubus' is a real gem of a movie and highly recommended, I'm not sure if Ralph has reviewed it., the only actress in the film is Lisa, so if you are a Lisa fan, what else do you want?!?!

Today's proverb courtesy of the Chinese:
"The palest ink is better than the best memory"

Regards to all

Monday, December 6th 2004 - 05:59:22 PM

Name: Steve Horton
E-mail address: stevehorton@shaw.ca

A long and eagerly awaited return of my favourite genre

Monday, December 6th 2004 - 06:39:57 PM

Name: Duke


Tuesday, December 7th 2004 - 05:25:40 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Japok: Welcome to the board, and thanks for the tip on Breasts in Pain. Some real diverse breast torture clips there, with some stuff from Insex, Hogtied, Gerard Titsman (who posted here a few times) and even the legendary scene with Anne Bruno that I had seen stills from, but never the actual video until now. Since the GIMP has seen a lot of activity lately (our hits have gone up 500%), chances are the Yahoo club will reach its download limit quickly as people join to check out the club based on your post, so they will have to be patient if they can't grab all the clips right now.

lovemyzfx: Another lurker delurks! Thanks for the kind words. The reason this site is cool is because of people like you who join in and add their comments. Don't be a one-timer; now that you've done it, you can see it's not hard to post, and we appreciate hearing your opinions.

That said, it's getting harder to find producers who actually put their movies out on DVD anymore. I don't especially like watching movies on my computer, and the idea of streaming video doesn't appeal to me at all, since I want something tangible I can keep to watch again if I'm going to pay for it. I think a lot of the reason we're seeing so much online stuff is twofold. Number one, the technology is improving and I think customers are deciding that while it's not TV quality, the screen size is bigger than it used to be and they're willing to settle for it. And number two, I believe the fear of obscenity laws is keeping producers from taking a chance sending material through the mail, where it could possibly be intercepted and they could end up facing prosecution. It's likely a combination of those two, so I think it's probably the future of bondage porn, unfortunately.

Thees Van Kemp: Thanks for another great post. Yes, The Incubus was a real nice piece of work, highlighted by two outstanding scenes. The first is where Lisa is tightly spreadeagled on the bed, complete with breast bondage, red tape gag and multiple clothespins on her tits and pussy. Rick gets up close and practically molests her with his camera. She looks so beautiful trussed up like that. And you mentioned the assault with the hot iron. Genius idea, although I wish Rick had added some steam to help enhance the illusion. Nonetheless, a killer scene, and Lisa plays the victim role to perfection.

Tuesday, December 7th 2004 - 11:12:29 AM

Name: Bob Smith

Boy, I leave for a couple months and suddenly the place booms! Congrats, and maybe some more GIMPers will have answers to these inquiries:

1) What is the best site for ungagged women protesting their bondage and/or rape? (I'll settle for protest bondage, as long as they make it clear they don't want to be stripped and naked. Too often they don't even try and it's just going through the motions.)

2) Is there a clothes ripping database like whipshock? That'd be cool.

3) What then, are the best sites for clothed women bound and getting their clothes ripped/cut off?

I will again call back to Goldie's damselx.com. She has some good protesting in earlier videos, but even she's started to get used to it. I think my biggest problem with Ashley Renee, no matter how goddamn hot her voluptuous body and dark beauty is, is that she clearly likes it. Even in force sets, she's just too into it.

Oh well, thanks for the thoughts.

Tuesday, December 7th 2004 - 12:22:21 PM

Name: Adam
E-mail address: bass669@hotmail.com

Hello, Does anyone know of a good website where there I purchase ppv videos of rape scenes?

Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 09:47:17 AM

Name: Adam Szdell
E-mail address: bass669@hotmail.com

Hi, I want to purchase ppv videos of rape scenes. Anyone know of good websites. I tried clips4sale.com but their site is a pain in the ass. Any suggestions? Thanks

Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 09:56:05 AM

Name: Bob Smith
Homepage URL: http://www.clips4sale.com

Has anyone checked the archives at the above site? Searches for "Forced" and "rape" turn out a lot, though the videos tend to be expensive. Any feedback would be of interest.

Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 11:57:54 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

If it hasn't happened already, I hope The Incubus is on the list of movies to be released on DVD.

Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 03:11:42 PM

Name: Witch Finder General
E-mail address: the_witchfindergeneral@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://profiles.yahoo.com/the_witchfindergeneral

Cool stuff.. Here's a pretty cool site that doesn't seem to be on your list, they specialize in rare/cult sexploitation type films - http://www.blue-underground.com

Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 08:01:49 PM

Name: Paulus

I like that rope bra still from incubus. There's just something great about seeing a hot looking woman in a rope bra.

Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 09:42:45 PM

Name: Thanagar

Now that I have a computer with a dvd burner, I've been thinking about copying some of my old bondage vids to dvd. Can anyone recommend a good video capture card?

Thursday, December 9th 2004 - 09:28:48 AM

Name: lovemyzfx

Thanks to Witch Finder General for the blue underground site – More horror than I care for but it brought back some fond memories – most notably Mark of the Devil! I only saw it once, in a theater, but it’s burned in my mind forever. These ‘witch hunters’ really loved to torture the females.

I loved the Ilsa SS movies too – though they was a bit over the top for me with the castration and eyeball thing. Fond memories but I don’t know if I would buy them.

Bought 3 vids from Video Mayhem. Really good service and fast shipping. Never saw the Japanese stuff before, so based on reviews here I tried Attackers #75, a prison movie and a Dogma movie. The quality of the prints was excellent but I really hate the digital censoring. I was warned so no surprise here but there were lots of close-ups that were censored so it was bothersome to me. The girl is Attackers really screamed her head off – I see what you mean Ralphus. The prison movie was only so-so – mostly rape little torture and each scene looked about the same to me. For prison movies I’ll stick to the South of the Border series.

Ralphus I agree with your comments on why there is so much more on the net than DVD but I have to say it’s too bad. Nice to have a hard copy. That’s why I love ZFX even without the real sex- though I would love to see that – I gather from earlier discussions that it may illegal.

One final note – a while back a guy from Califormia was arrested for pornography - something with Extreme in the title. Never heard anything more. Has anyone seen or purchased this stuff – if so what’s it like and can it still be found.

Thursday, December 9th 2004 - 02:11:30 PM

Name: Jay

I recommand a Canopus video card or firewire box.. I use it with iMovie or Final Cut. If you have more to spend buy a Aurora Igniter or Decklink card. I´ve made a ZFX best rape dvd or a Lisa highlight dvd. regards Jay

Thursday, December 9th 2004 - 02:22:26 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp
E-mail address: albertg34@hotmail.com

G'day, Gimpers.

Any ZFX-Schockwave T-shirts available? Might help to spread the word out there. Any exposure is good exposure!!

Thank you for those irresistible shots of dear Lisa...[yum,yum].

"Liberty is always unfinished business"
[American Civil Liberties Union]

Sometimes 'us' foreigners have  to remind our American friends about this from time to time. Keep fighting and keep this great web site ALIVE!!!!
[American Civil Liberties Union]

Thursday, December 9th 2004 - 04:02:29 PM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

It's great to see the WSIMD has a new home. It's about time.

It's also great to see a section for electro-shock. To me, the female nipple and the electrode were made for each other. Apply some tape, or turn the screw to tighten the clamp, and let the night's entertainment begin.

I haven't posted for awhile. I will, however, visit and post as often as I can.

This forum is too good to fade away as so many others have.

-- chase

Thursday, December 9th 2004 - 06:19:52 PM

Name: Wild Bill
Homepage URL: http://www.videohelp.com

Thanagar : Visit www.videohelp.com for info.

Wild Bill

Thursday, December 9th 2004 - 07:38:48 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.extremeassociates.com/forcedvideo/

lovemyzfx: Good to see you posting a second time! A lot of lurkers come out once and then quickly disappear forever. Thanks for breaking the pattern.

Mark of the Devil and the Ilsa movies: What can I say? Those are absolutely essential if you like bondage mixed with torture. Mark of the Devil is still one of the most sadistic movies ever made, celebrating all the wonderful atrocities of the Inquisition period, where men were men, and they proved it by being able to torture any cute girl in the village just by declaring her a witch. It makes you wonder if they did it because they were truly paranoid about witchcraft or because it was so much fun seeing women suffer. Gaby Fuchs' ordeal while being stretched on the rack is one of the great mainstream bondage/torture scenes of all time.

Then Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS practically started the entire Nazi sex-n-torture genre, with over-the-top torture techniques, some of which are pretty nasty, but I admired the whole evil theme of the film. One of the first films I ever saw that helped make me into the twisted sicko that I am today.

The Extreme Associates case is still in a holding pattern. Rob Black is the one being tried on obscenity charges, and the prosecution trumped their case by setting the trial in conservative Pennsylvania, instead of the more liberal state of California where the filmmakers are from. That's another reason why producers are often hesitant to send their movies through the mail. Black and his fiancee each face 10 counts relating to the production and distribution by mail of obscene materials, and each could get 50 years in prison and a fine of up to $2.5 million.

Are the movies obscene? I saw their most notorious one, Forced Entry. As far as I tell, you can still order it from their site (link above). That's the film with rape, urination and (obviously fake) snuff scenes. It was, for the most part, a repetitive piece of crap that seemed to go on and on forever. One rape scene was decent, but there was no bondage (should have been, would have been better) and I got bored after a short while. In my opinion, the only thing obscene about the film was that it wasted 2 hours of my life. But I'm not going to be on the jury, and even if I was eligible, the prosecution would never accept me in a million years. Rick told me before the election that he heard if Bush had ended up losing, the charges would have likely been dropped. But now that we're stuck with him another 4 years, who knows what's going to happen?

Thursday, December 9th 2004 - 09:43:45 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex


I tried to do it on the cheap, buying a small converter device called DVD XPress from ADS for about $100. Hooked up my VCR to my computer through the device.

The software that came with it worked well. The digital copies of my old videotapes it created were visually great-looking. The sound also was fine. Except...

In the digital copy the sound was out of sync with the video. I still haven't figured out how to fix it.

From what I have read, this out-of-syncedness is a common problem. Good luck, and please let us know if you find a good solution.


Thursday, December 9th 2004 - 09:48:33 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Was in a waiting room for several hours recently and had a chance to read through many, many magazines. Has anyone else noticed the increasing proliferation of advertisements with bdsm touches to them?

IPod ad on one page, pretty scantily-clad girl lieing on couch with Ipod wires wrapped around her, looks like she's in bondage.

Clothing ad, girl with skimpy top on, wearing a neck choker, has her jacket pulled down behind her so her arms are pinned to the sides of her nack behind her, looking like she is tied up. Looking up submissively at dom looking guy who is taller than her and towering over her.

Cigarette ad, guy and girl on the beach, he's on his back and she is lieing over him, having pinned his arms over his head.

The list goes on. Sure, I have noticed these ads before. But when you look through that many magazines at once, you see how incredibly common they are. There's just tons of them. Yes, we all know that "sex sells". But I guess "BDSM sells", too.


Thursday, December 9th 2004 - 09:54:21 PM

Name: Tomatin
Homepage URL: http://www.inquisitionlive.com

I’ve always been a fan of the inquisition ;-) although in my opinion most of their methods of torture are far too rough. OK for the rack, water torture and off course the pear, but breaking fingers and legs are too bloody.

One of the first films I ever saw on the purpose is Viva Maria starring Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot as two strippers leading a revolution. It is still one my favourite mainstream bondage/torture scenes although it’s an hilarious scene.

As I think about it, a hilarious scene referring to the inquisition started my career as a twisted sicko ;-)

It was still a child as I watched the ‘torture scene’ in 'Viva Maria', a movie starring Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot as the leaders of a revolution in some banana republic in the early 20th century. At the end of the film, they are both captured by a priest and taken to a torture room. Unfortunately, the torture equipment hasn’t been used for a long while and falls apart by even looking at it. But the two bound and gagged damsels looking at their fate sure did it for me.

Being a more experienced sicko now, I can recommend a German site called Inquisitionlive. The site isn’t very large (only a few 100 pictures) but the pictures are great with realistic scenes and pretty victims. Members are offered free previews of what seems to be very good films.

Friday, December 10th 2004 - 02:33:35 AM

Name: Hail

Fake snuff? Has anyone here ever seen that fake snuff clip that has a girl tied up in a chair and she's crying and she says "snuff films are not real!" and then she gets her head blown away by a pistol being held to her temple? It was all over the net about 5 years ago. Stileproject.com might still have it. It totally freaked me out! I found a site years later that analyzed and exposed all the fakeness. I wonder why there aren't more vids like that. If it's fake it's no big deal and the shock value is tremendous. You'd think college kids would be making them as a goof.

Friday, December 10th 2004 - 08:22:58 AM

Name: lovemyzfx

Tomatin - thanks for the Inquisition site - I was so disappointed that they do not ship to individuals - If you find any US distributors for their DVD's please let us know! Ralphus - I'm getting to be a regular! Thanks for the info on the Extreme thing - I guess I was fantasying that it was truely extreme - you saved me some money and time. Thanks too for the Mark of the Devil photos! As I said - it's burned in my menory after all these years. I may have to buy it!

Bondage and torture together is my favorite combination - and of tortures, I love electro-shock - even though I know its staged the ZFX stuff hits the spot! Bitter Sweet Persuasion has one great scene and South of the Border 4 - what can I say - the best!

I really love it when the torturer is laughing at his victim or when another girl is laughing at the GIMP. The follow up to Cheerleaders of Perilious U (was it Blunt Trama?) had some great scenes with Penelope doing the suffering at the hands of that wacko geek and his female friend (sorry can't remember their names) - the tormenters were really enjoying the suffering they were inflicting. That crazy midget in Attackers#75 was the best part of that flick - he was having a ball for himself.

That's it for now - Thanks to all of you for making this forum great.

Friday, December 10th 2004 - 12:06:34 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

The problem of audio being out of synch when you transfer tape to DVD is a common problem.

I have one of the more unusual examples. I transferred one tape to DVD on a regular DVD recorder through the television set, and it transferred fine. However, the transfer was to a regular DVD recordable disk. I later tried to upgrade to a DVD-rewrite disk, by copying from the first disk to the DVD-RW disk, in order to create better menus and have more options. It was on the second transfer that the audio was out of whack.

I've tried it more than once and the same problem occurs. As for the obvious solution -- transfer directly from the tape to the DVD-rewrite disk -- I can't. I got rid of the video tape after the first transfer.

My understanding, from a techie that I work with, is that DVD+R recordings work better than DVD-R recordings. However, I can't swear to it.

Friday, December 10th 2004 - 02:14:54 PM

Name: helpful

lovemyzfz- Video Mayhem: Under Recent Releases category- Inquisition titles.

Friday, December 10th 2004 - 04:07:28 PM

Name: Scion, The
E-mail address: scion@scion.com
Homepage URL: http://scion

Howdy gang,

Just saw another ZFX movie called Supermax. Wow, what a cool movie! Some big titted FBI agent gets caught by a terrorist bitch whos making a bomb. Theres a stun gun torture scene in it where the totally hot agent is hung upside down and she gets shocked over and over till her eyes bulge and her tongue is like swollen or something out of her mouth. Sick but yet incredibly erotic. SHes all sweaty too and her big tits are heaving from the strain of it. Anyway, I really enjoyed it but something odd is in this vid and that the main villain guy is um..headless. I mean the dude has no head! Everytime I think I ve seen it all...thats got to be a first and only for porn..anyway cool movie. Just wondering if anyone else has seen the movie and if they ever noticed this.

The Scion

Friday, December 10th 2004 - 11:10:26 PM

Name: koko
E-mail address: kokojumboeg@yahoo.com

i like your stuff

Saturday, December 11th 2004 - 10:41:22 AM

Name: Lino

I don't suppose anyone in the UK could point me in the right direction to get my hands on a copy of the old CalStar Top Secret video with Vanessa Del Rio could they? I had it years ago and lost it.. Can't find it anywhere now :/

Back to lurking!! ;)

Sunday, December 12th 2004 - 01:23:44 PM

Name: Annie

Ralphus- Great drawing! I am imagining the cart with wheels and the pop-up phrase of "Run, Sparky, Run!, but I guess that WOULD be an awful strain -- on Sparky :)

Sunday, December 12th 2004 - 02:24:26 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

The Scion: Regarding Supermax, yeah, that was another good title. I believe that was from Rick's Shockwave inventory, which was a series of releases that featured more involved sci-fi related storylines. Along with Seed, this is one of the better all-girl movies ZFX put out. Well, mostly all-girl in this case. I'm pretty sure that was Rick as the headless villain, but I don't recall him doing any menacing.

This one worked because of the casting. It starred Penelope Pace as the big-titted agent, and no one portrays realistic suffering as well as Penelope Pace. She's one of the greats, IMO. And Tabitha Jordan as the villain? I never much cared for her as a victim, but I think Rick was smart to cast her as a dom here. She laughs at Penelope, makes lots of snickering comments at her misfortune ("Can't let you go, so I just gotta beat ya!") and really looks like she's a having a lot of fun torturing her.

Besides the upside-down attack with the stun gun, another highlight for me was where she hangs Penelope off the ground by her wrists, strips her, then lets her dangle a while before subjecting her to a harsh whipping.

I don't think it's out on DVD yet, but it's definitely got some good stuff in it worth recommending. I did a quick search and you can buy it on VHS for 40% off at the URL below:

Passion Adult Super Store

Sunday, December 12th 2004 - 03:27:43 PM

Name: Bob Smith

Does anyone here subscribe to any pay sites? I can't order videos to my house, so I'm sort of dependent on my net time. I know quality varies, but I've found some good stuff like "brutalviolence" i think it was called, the sister to RTbondage, and a few of the SocietySM and Hogtied sets.

What I'm really looking for is some clothes ripping, and ungagged girls whining and protesting the whole while they're being stripped and fondled. Even if it doesn't go all the way, that would satisfy me. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Sunday, December 12th 2004 - 06:44:49 PM

Name: lucanveritas

Haven't seen SuperMax, but the scene there reminds me of one called Blunt Trauma, I believe, in which Penelope is a stripper captured by some rednecks and is hung spread-eagle and naked and whipped by two guys at the same time across her front with rattling chains and commentary by the bad guys as she struggles gagged. Nasty scene and one which, unfortunately, I've never seen capped. It was part of an earlier series from ZFX.

Monday, December 13th 2004 - 03:06:22 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.brutalviolence.com

lucanveritas: I double-checked my highlights tape for Blunt Trauma. At least in the scene I kept, Penelope does get hung up by her wrists and whipped, but by Brian Dunhill and Chandra Sweet. I believe the spreadeagled whip scene you're referring to is from Mincemeat Pie and its sequel, Doer. That first movie is one of my Top Ten favorite ZFX movies...lots of nasty, threatening dialogue and another superb performance by Penelope. It had one of those "rape and torture party" feels to it, where the guys all get together to torture some poor girl for the fun of it and everybody laughs and has a good time...except her.

Assuming that's it, Hank Hobbs did a few caps of the whipping scene. Let me know and I can run some later on in the week.

Bob Smith: I used to be a member of Brutal Violence. May not be exactly what you're looking for, but other GIMPers and ZFX fans should like what they put out. They have another absolutely killer teaser mpeg on their site this week. Totally hilarious. Check it out.

Monday, December 13th 2004 - 11:05:49 AM

Name: lovemyzfx

Bob Smith - I have the same problem and ended up getting one of those private post boxes - Mail Boxes Inc has a set up in my local UPS store. They can take all kinds of deliveries, UPS, post office, FEDEX etc - they will sign for stuff and ask no questions. It's kind of expensive, about $170 for the first year - but I'm getting my money's worth since I've saved quite a bit by buying ZFX at discount prices. The locals here rarely have any ZFX material and when they do they want $45 for a DVD. I'm finding them on the net for $25-27. The one downside is I end up paying by postal Money order so that there is no different shipping and billing address on credit card purchases - I understand that raises som red flags.

Thanks to helpful I checked back at Video Mayhem and found some interesting things under Interrogations - new releases.

Just ordered and received a catalog from a place called BloodGore Video (cost me 4 postage stamps) - no website - no credit card orders and the catalog only listed titles and a one sentence description. About half was horror the other half adult. Lots of German stuff (the PAIN and SexSlave series - not my favorite) and quite a few 70's roughies. They also had a few uncensored Japanese videos. I've never seen the 70's stuff so I'm leaning in that direction. It's one of those places like VideoMayhem where he has a set of masters and dupes you a copy. (where do these guys get this stuff???) Haven't tried it yet but I will let you know if they are reliable.

Thanks for the comments and photos from Supermax - guess it's not on DVD yet - and I'm hooked on that format.

It's great to see this forum so active - keep it up guys!

Monday, December 13th 2004 - 03:09:22 PM

Name: epilepsio
E-mail address: silentscream@gmail.com

I noticed in a recent post a gimper pointed out the use of of AC/DC's song titles in ZFX film titles, being a fan of extreme music I wouldn't mind seeing the following SLAYER songs come to film.: 'Piece piece', 'Necrophobiac', 'Hell Awaits', 'Hollow Point', 'Reign in Blood', 'Angel of Death', 'Blood Red'....just a thought....that's all.

Somebody said: ZFX T-Shirts!!!, not a bad idea!, perhaps heavy metal black with the classic "zorro-esque" ZFX trademark slash in delirious colors and a portrait shot of Chandra, Drew or Lisa gagged with eyes bulging out!!!. totally politically-incorrect..., we could send one to Andrea Dworkin as a Christmas present, that surely ought to put a smile on her!!


better go, I've got "THE VAN" on pause {No!, not the one with Danny de Vito, made in 1976!!, the other one)...See ya!!

Monday, December 13th 2004 - 03:35:32 PM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Great pics! Love them. More memorable suspension scenes! More, more, more.

Not that I'm eager or anything.

Monday, December 13th 2004 - 04:37:29 PM

Name: Bob Smith

I do like the brutalviolence stuff. I rejoing every few months to get their new stuff. I just wish there were more sites, photo or video, that offered storylines instead of just generic women sitting there tied up, even already naked. Where's the fun in that? At least strip them on screen.

I know force is touchy and most won't go there. As I said, I'd be happy with some protesting bondage.

Tuesday, December 14th 2004 - 10:10:59 AM

Name: lovemyzfx

OK Gimpers – some help if you please. I’m considering a list of several videos from the BloodGore source I mentioned previously. Since I’ve never tried this source and since they only take money orders I’m only going to order 2 or 3 – (minimum order is 2). Here’s a list of titles I’m considering with the brief description that’s provided – if anyone has seen them and can provide some reviews that would be great:

Best of Torture and Spanking – Rare and extreme Cole and Whitman sick loops. Heavy bondage, rape, graphic S&M torture and more AKA Violence.

Climax of Blue Power – 1970’s extreme brutal classic rough porn. A sicko pretends to be a cop and rapes and tortures women, Very rough!

Domination Blue – classic Rough prison porn with Vanessa Del Rio.

Erotic Perversion – Rough 1970’s S&M collection that features the extreme Cole and Whitman loops. Women are kidnapped, raped, tortured and dominated by perverts. Very graphic torture and S&M.

Helga – the She-Wolf of Spilberg – 1977 woman in prison/torture flick with torture, nudity, beatings – soft-core X.

Horrors of Rape – mega-sadistic rape compilation of mean-spirited footage. Lots of forced sex in the Euro compilation. Foreign/English spoken

Hotel Paradise – Rare UNCUT Women in prison film released in US as Savage Island. In a butchered version. This version has more beatings, rapes, tortures, fights and XXX footage.

Dungeons of Degradation – vile 1970’s loops. Dominant men and women torturing their captives in dungeon setting.

Nazi Sexperiments – Twisted 1970’s Nazi themed perversion loops. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Tuesday, December 14th 2004 - 01:15:47 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://alphabluearchives.com/

lovemyzfx: Well, since no one else has stepped up to help you, I'll take a shot at it. Doesn't everyone get tired of me monopolizing this board?

One word of advice for you. You're planning to order from a bootlegger, and one we've never heard of. You're always taking a chance when you order from them, because chances are he got his source material from another bootlegger and who knows what the quality will look like once it's been dubbed down umpteen times. Indeed, some of the titles on your list are the same ones that I used to order from Threat Theater 15 years ago. I am friends with Todd, the guy who used to run that company, and he openly admitted he renamed a bunch of his titles to make them sound better and improve his sales. Thus, the Japanese movie "Woman in the Box: Virgin Sacrifice" became "Tortured Prisoner". Your movie "Best of Torture and Spanking" is one that Todd used to carry, and it sounds like one he retitled. Chances are your company bought it from Threat Theater and dubbed a copy he's peddling to you. So again, buyer beware.

I'm not a fan of bootleggers; for one, I'm a quality freak and prefer originals whenever possible, plus there's the whole moral issue of stealing someone's copyrighted work. However, it sounds like the titles on your list are most likely no longer protected by US copyrights. My contention has always been that if the title is not available from any other legitimate source, I'll order from bootleggers. In fact, some of the very best stuff in my collection has come from them.

Best of Torture and Spanking: If it's the same as the Threat Theater version, it's a compilation of three unrelated tapes: one an English caning segment that is Fast-Forward City, another that was okay, and the Cole/Whitman segment that is absolutely essential. Whitman was a pioneer in bondage entertainment, and the inspiration for Rick Masters' later ZFX stuff. This segment was great, and even better, it was a "talkie". Definitely worth getting for the Whitman part alone.

Climax of Blue Power: Never saw it, but I'll bet you can get a better copy from Alpha Blue Archives. They carry it.

Domination Blue: Again, go to Alpha Blue.

Erotic Perversion: Assuming this collection has all the Cole loops included, this one is a must-have. Arguably the very best 2 hours of bondage/torture you are likely to see in one collection. Penetrations with spiked dildos and nightsticks, needles in the tits, burnings, and the infamous scene of the woman who gets hung up in the air by a meathook up her snatch (since stolen by Brutal Violence a few weeks ago). Makes most of what is made today look mild by comparison.

Helga – the She-Wolf of Spilberg: Sounds like another foreign import, haven't seen it.

Horrors of Rape: Sounds like someone took a bunch of old loops and retitled them. No idea what's in here.

Hotel Paradise: I've seen Savage Island; it's a foreign women in prison flick with bondage, whippings and rape; good stuff there. The whipping scene is reviewed in the new WSIMD section we just added.

Dungeons of Degradation: Another Alpha Blue title. I looked at their box cover and recognize at least one of their loops, Donna's Dungeon Ordeal, that I liked and added to my private collection years ago.

Nazi Sexperiments: Alpha Blue. Now we know where this guy got a lot of his source material. If you want better quality, go through Alpha Blue. The prices are (naturally) higher, but I've ordered from them before and they are legit.

Hope this helps.

Tuesday, December 14th 2004 - 07:06:02 PM

Name: bob
E-mail address: fetishbob56yahoo.com

I like your web page. I like bondage clips and download some from my newsgroup, but they sure are not like these.

Keep up the good work.

Tuesday, December 14th 2004 - 07:57:00 PM

Name: D.M.

lovemyzfx: I will second Ralphus' endorsement of erotic perversions. About 2 or 3 years ago I got a two disk CD version from an outfit I believe was called forbiden videos. The quality of the CD was fair to good - not great, but the actual material -- as Ralphus indicated -- was great.

Tuesday, December 14th 2004 - 08:32:45 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.bondageshowcase.com

> it sounds like the titles on your list are most likely no longer protected by US copyrights.

Actually, copyright protection extends to just about everything that was properly copyrighted after the early 1900s. It's safe to say that anything in the last few decades is still covered by copyright law. I don't have time to look up the details, but they're not that hard to find.

Wednesday, December 15th 2004 - 03:13:22 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca1@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/orcahouse

hmm, a vendor that sells bootlegs & only accepts money orders, well, I sure wouldn't order from them. But if ya do, let us know how it turns out.

Sorry about not contributing much lately, but it's been a tuff X-Mass season, I'm sure that after I get back from Vegas I'll feel fine.

As to copyright, RR is right. These days, copyright is damn near eternal. So please support those who make the good stuff, by buyin the real thing.

Erotic Perversion, Violence and many more Classic BDSM loops & films are available on DVD. Scala (dutch company) is releasing them on DVD. Availabilty in the US is poor, but try xxx-imports.com & Jadedvideo.com.

Wednesday, December 15th 2004 - 07:21:45 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Another site that reportedly sends you import S/M videos from within the states is http://www.adultmovieshop.com but I have not yet tried them, so I can't speak to their service yet.

Wednesday, December 15th 2004 - 08:49:21 AM

Name: thanagar

I feel compelled to warn everyone that if you click on that link to adultmovieshop, you'll be treated to scenes of, uh, highly unusual interaction with our friends in the animal kingdom.

Wednesday, December 15th 2004 - 02:08:17 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

In the absence of any real knowledge of the current topics on this board, I'll limit myself to a few quick thoughts.

1) I don't know any of the movies listed by lovemyzfx. However, I will say this: I always thought Vanessa Del Rio was over-rated. If I had to choose, I'd rule out the one that she's in.

2) I'm prepared to support the call for ZFX t-shirts. But my personal preference is for ZFX ball caps.

Wednesday, December 15th 2004 - 02:13:46 PM

Name: lovemyzfx

Thanks Ralphus and all the others that offered an opinion and review. I guess I'm naive, I never considered that this dude was doing something illegal like bootlegging - but you raised a valid point - and like you, I believe quality is essential.

This isn't the first source I've seen like this: I bought this mag at Barnes and Noble titled "Shock Cinema" and there were several ads for this stuff. One dude runs a site Witchinghourvideo.com (he's closing his doors after 12/20 - didn't say why) and it's essentially the same kind of operation - he even says on his site that he has masters and dupes them. Many are the same titles as BloodGore. I'll check out AlphaBlue again and order from them - it's best to support legit if possible. I'll check out the other sites you list also Ralphus - they are always entertaining - I've used Adult CD Universe & VideoMayhem and both have been OK for me. I know a few guys in the past had some complaints about CDU but my two orders went smoothly.

Thanks again guys! I've got to buy this Supermax vid - I'm lovin all things pictures - Penelope has always looked great!

Wednesday, December 15th 2004 - 03:22:13 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp
E-mail address: albertg34@hotmail.com

Hi, Since we're on the subject of 'bootlegs', someone at an adult video store in Sydney, Australia mentioned that all ZFX - videos available 'Downunder' are bootlegs. ZFX Dvds are not available at all. I think Mr Masters is aware of this, I am not sure whether he has done anything about it. They usually retail for A$20.00 {just under U$10.00...give or take a few cents!.mmmmm.....

Wednesday, December 15th 2004 - 05:27:49 PM

Name: John
Homepage URL: http://www.xtorture.com


I tried to become a member of the Asian torture drawing site www.xtorture.com the other night but failed, as none of my credit cards are accepted by IBill. There is nothing wrong with the cards but IBill claimed that neither VISA or Master Card are valid for the site. Does anyone know anything about the site, is it down or what? And if the site is down, where can I find the wonderful drawings from it today? They promise a lot, "no bondage - just torture", which sound like music to me... Must have access...

Please reply to this forum asap if you know anything the site.


Thursday, December 16th 2004 - 08:59:42 AM

Name: John
Homepage URL: http://www.mcdarkterritory.com

And, another thing... I paid membership at MC Dark Territory the other night but still have not received any password so I can´t access. I gave them a valid e-mailadress. I have tried to contact them twice via e-mail but they do not ansewer (it did not bounce either). Who knows anything about the site, is it fraudulent?


Thursday, December 16th 2004 - 09:11:23 AM

Name: Bob
E-mail address: fetishbob56@yahoo.com

Are most of these films like Domination Blue, Erotic Perversion in english?.( I can't find Erotic Perversion at any of the sites mentioned on this website, maybe I don't know what heading they are under?).

Thursday, December 16th 2004 - 11:17:34 AM

Name: Bob Smith

Boy, all these video sites sound great, but is there no online viewing alternative? I know forbidden used to have a membership service for clips, but they didn't have much.

I only ask because, again, I can't order videos. It's not about receiving them in the mail. That's fine. It's just I can't store a video collection and pull them out whenever I have the house to myself. So I search the web.

If someone wants to start a compilation of sites that have ZFX-like content and those that falsely advertise, I can contribute from my experience. I just joined an adultcheck ring that looked great and was a huge disappointment. I know rapelinksxxx does a great job of cataloging, but they seem to limi their listings and only update in spurts.

Thursday, December 16th 2004 - 02:02:50 PM

Name: Bob Smith
Homepage URL: http://www.acmebondage.com/cgi-bin/home.pl?cgifunction=Search

This looks promising. I'm thinking of joining to see if they really fuck girls up the ass like they say. Has anyone seen this before?

Thursday, December 16th 2004 - 02:37:51 PM

Name: Ivanhoe Ur
E-mail address: ivanhoe@aol.com

Good place

Thursday, December 16th 2004 - 05:20:26 PM

Name: Note to John

mcdarkterritory is very reliable and legit. Just be patient; sometimes they can take awhile with the password. If you email them again, address it to Michael. And enjoy! I just let my one month lapse because I've seen everything, but I'll be back.

Friday, December 17th 2004 - 03:04:55 PM

Name: Bob Norris
E-mail address: fetishbob56@yahoo.com

I am fairly new to this site. In reading some of the other peoples comments, it appears that all ZFX movies are not on DVD at least not let (can't figure that out because almost all new films are on on DVD, VHS will soon be a thing of the past}.

If you do find them on the internet, they are probably bootleg copies and made up of several different films.

I can't find them on any site listed here for $25 unless I am not looking under the right subject matter or heading.

Where can I find Erotic Perversion and will it come out on DVD. This seems to be the hottest film out there, but I do not have a VHS player. Any help on these subject would be appreciated.

Friday, December 17th 2004 - 05:15:12 PM

Name: thiswillhurt
Homepage URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086541/

Just looked at the electro database and--shock! horror!--Videodrome is not listed. This film is directed by David Cronenberg and, more or less, revolves around a the owner of a Canadian television station who finds a pirate station from Asia that is just a continious feed of a room where women are tortured to death. The rear wall is electrified wet clay.

It is, believe it or not, a high-concept art-house film and would be--to me--worth seeing even without the graphic violence. It's well written, stars James Woods and has that wonderful mind-fuck quality shared by Cronenberg's early work. Also the female lead is Debbie Harry and she has an (obviously faked) nipple piercing scene.

Friday, December 17th 2004 - 06:09:38 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

thiswillhurt: Regarding Videodrome, no problem, we can update entries to all the databases. Write up a short description of the scene and e-mail it to me and we can update it.

I haven't seen that movie except in pretty much fast-forward mode. The only thing I really remember from that film is the scene where Deborah Harry takes a cigarette and burns her own tit with it...pretty cool scene, I thought. Was that the scene you were referring to?

Bob: Scroll down to Rick Masters' November 23 post regarding DVD transfers and that might explain why they aren't all on DVD yet. You have to realize he's made over a hundred movies in the past twelve years, and it's a long process. I know he's spent most of his time transferring his inventory, which has cut into his time for producing new titles.

As far as finding Erotic Perversion on DVD, scroll down just a couple days and Baronorca listed a few sites you could try. I have no idea what the quality is like.

Friday, December 17th 2004 - 08:58:57 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca1@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://jadedvideo.com/search_result.asp?PRODUCT_ID=91035

Great picture from Erotic perversion. Picture quality on this dvd is pretty poor, but somehow I don't think anyone will be remastering these videos. Hopefully the URL above worked & will take you to jadedvideo.com for this movie.

Saturday, December 18th 2004 - 01:30:52 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

My recollection of Videodrome is that James Woods buys a snuff tape from some Japanese porn dealers at the beginning of the movie. I'm going from memory, but it seems to me the brief scene of the snuff tape was the hottest part of the movie.

Here's two facts you may not know about Videodrome:

1) the TV station that Woods works for is based on an actual TV station in Toronto that used to show porn movies on late Friday nights in the 1970s. Unlike Videodrome's suggestion, however, the soft-core porn movies weren't really that exciting (Emanuelle and the like).

2) One of the guys portraying the Japanese porn dealers went on to become a cabinet minister in the Ontario government.

Meanwhile, I agree with Bob Norris' wish to see more ZFX movies converted to DVD. Given the time it takes to produce quality transfers and the new cover art, I think priority should be given to any movies starring LK that aren't out yet.

Saturday, December 18th 2004 - 10:06:59 AM

Name: Kimyong
E-mail address: hans.gisa2@lycos.de

I search the Movie "CAGED HEAT 2", of DVD or(VCD)! Help me!!!

Saturday, December 18th 2004 - 12:03:57 PM

Name: Per
E-mail address: kelderek@hotmail.com

I heard that the recently released extended DVD version of Videodrome has some extra material included: unedited versions of the brief flicks we see of the torture TV channel that James Wood's character finds. Can anyone verify that this is correct?

Sunday, December 19th 2004 - 08:04:53 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

If I can find a rental version of the new Videodrome release, I will check it out.

This particular release of Videodrome is a Criterion edition, which I would be reluctant to buy. The Criterion DVDs are expensive enough in the U.S. -- the prices are a killer here in Canada.

Sunday, December 19th 2004 - 10:59:09 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

On one of my Yahoo groups, someone recently posted some poser artwork from an artist named Skyler. I had never heard of him before, but I was blown away by this series, entitled "Perils in Plaid". I think his work rivals that of another one of my favorite artists, Kelderek (also known as the GIMP board's own Per). All I can say is that I wish this were a live action movie. Check out these pics in the days to come and I'll bet you'll agree.

Sunday, December 19th 2004 - 10:18:28 PM

Name: master
E-mail address: master_sky2100@yahoo.com

i want more whipping scenes

Monday, December 20th 2004 - 01:10:15 AM

Name: Bob Smith

I sense that this group is more focused on hard copy videos than website downloads. That is fine, I appreciate your interests. Could anyone recommend for me a better forum to inquire about websites and compare with other users?

In the meantime, is there a website with the full Perils in Plaid series?

Thanks, BS

Monday, December 20th 2004 - 10:49:58 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Bob Smith: I think most of here would prefer to have something they could actually play on their TV at home rather than this online thing and streaming video. To me, watching bondage entertainment on my computer is still the lesser of the two options, but if that's all that's available, I'll accept that. Certainly Insex does some hellacious stuff, and you can't order it on DVD, so I'll join to get their stuff as downloadable mpegs. Same with Brutal Violence. Like I mentioned before, it's getting so that you can't often get the stuff you want through the mails anymore. Some producers won't offer that option, probably more because of fear of prosecution than any other reason.

And we have discussed bondage websites here quite a bit. Just scroll down and check the Guestbook Archives for previous posts. I know Hogtied is another one that has been mentioned by others as having some worthwhile material.

If any of our readers subscribe to pay sites or have in the past, feel free to chime in here so we can get some feedback.

I don't know if the Perils in Plaid series came off a website; all the pics came in a zip file in a post on my Yahoo group. There are 15 pics total; I'll be running most of them here.

Last month, Larry from VM brought up Human Nature as a good mainstream movie to check out. Based on his recommendation, I rented it last week. If you don't mind blood (I know a sore point for a lot of GIMPers), this is one title to definitely check out. A chick gets tied up and tortured for nearly the entire movie. She's chloroformed, tied to a chair, gagged with a cloth stuffed in her mouth and taped over and then repeatedly tortured by a psycho who gets his thrills hurting women. He uses an ice pick on her, burns her tit with a lit cigarette and generally does whatever he wants to make her suffer. There's very little information on the net about this movie; it's a "small film" and easy to miss, but I found it at Hollywood Video in the New Releases section. It's nasty and bloody and well worth a rent. There's probably at least 20 minutes of quality GIMP-worthy footage in here, which is a lot for a mainstream movie.

When I mentioned that the Peril in Plaid series would make a good movie, it got me thinking. Here's a fantasy subject for us to mull over and discuss. Say you pluck a runaway off the street and decide to have some fun with her. She will star in whatever kind of bondage video you want, so what kind of stuff do you do to her? Tie her to a chair and punish her tits? Force her to suck you off with her hands tied behind her? Tie her to the bed and rape her? Burn her with a cigarette? Suspend her by her wrists and whip her? The possibilities are endless. Let's hear from some of you.

Of course, whatever you decide, make sure you give me a call so I can come down and run camera for you. We're shooting a video, remember? :)

Monday, December 20th 2004 - 03:35:56 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Perils in Plaid. Chains. Mmmmm.


Monday, December 20th 2004 - 06:13:37 PM

Name: D.M.

I googled "skyler perils in plaid" and came up with this site that is filled with great gimp material -- for those who like the computer programed drawings, which are becoming more and more life like.


Ralphus: I'll take a spreadeagle to the bed, with ballgag, small nipple clamps and throw in a little electrical charge -- perhaps tens unit to the nipples and hole.

Monday, December 20th 2004 - 08:16:35 PM

Name: D.M.

I cannot find any information about a movie called Human Nature other than some comedy -- what gives. Please provide some further information about this movie.

Monday, December 20th 2004 - 11:32:16 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://excaliburfilms.com/GeneralDVD/410560D1+Human+Nature+dvd.htm

DM: It's definitely NOT a comedy, it's a horror film. Like I say, there's not very much on the net about it. I did find this one page that at least shows a picture of the box. And the average customer rating is 4 out of 5 stars. Must be all perverts that have been voting so far :)

Tuesday, December 21st 2004 - 06:44:46 AM

Name: Per
E-mail address: kelderek@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://actionbabecentral.com

Thanks, D.M, for mentioning Actionbabecentral since I'm one of the featured artists there (Kelderek). The archives you linked to contain older pics, but if anyone likes what they see there is a pretty inexpensive pay section (the Premium Gallery) with more recent stuff. With those two sources combined, you have access to more or less my entire production.

Tuesday, December 21st 2004 - 08:52:21 AM

Name: Bob Norris
E-mail address: fetishbob56@yahoo .com

I am going to rent Human Nature from my local Hollywood Video store, besides Videodrome is there any other mainstream movies that I should look to rent that has torture or rape scenes besides Death Wish.

Tuesday, December 21st 2004 - 05:24:59 PM

Name: D.M.

Bob Norris: Don't forget Love Object -- endorsed by gimpers everywhere!

Tuesday, December 21st 2004 - 07:57:16 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Bob Norris: We now have three databases here that should give you all kinds of ideas for whatever you're looking for: one for rape and two for torture (electro and whipping). As far as rape scenes go, you couldn't go wrong with A Clockwork Orange or I Spit On Your Grave. I know, pretty obvious choices, but if you haven't seen them yet...well, you need to.

Love Object doesn't have any rape, but it's a great movie with a pretty harrowing torture scene at the end. That's a great mainstream choice. As far as other movies that contain torture, well, there are too many to name. You'd have to let us know specifically what kind of torture you want to see and we can narrow it down.

Who else can help Bob out? Let's not everybody talk at once, now. Surely DM and I aren't the only ones who can think of rape or torture movies, are we?

Tuesday, December 21st 2004 - 08:31:36 PM

Name: gimper

Mainstream rape scenes? Well, there's Lipstick, with Margaux Hemingway getting sodomized by Chris Sarandon... Strange Days, with Brigitte Bako watching her own rape/murder on a futuristic head cam... Savage Streets, where a deaf/mute high school girl gets it on the bathroom floor of a gymnasium... none of these are very explicit, but hey-- it's mainstream.

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 12:27:37 AM

Name: lucanveritas

Ralphus, I'm still waiting with bated breath for some posts of the spreadeagle suspension whipping scene of Penelope from Mincemeat Pie.

Some pretty decent rape scenes in several of the Charles Bronson Death Wish series. An older film by Sam Peckinpaugh called Straw Dogs builds to a nice rape scene. I believe Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia also has both rape and torture scenes from the same director.


Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 03:21:52 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address: mayhem50@webtv.net
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

Mainstream films with rape scenes: Candy Snatchers, Demented, Last House on the Left, Emmanuelle Around the World, Mistress of the Apes, Spine, San Francisco Ball.

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 07:58:34 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

There's the well-publicized anal rape of Monica Belluci in the French movie Irreversible. Roger Ebert said this movie was art, not porn. But what does he know?

Unfortunately, I can't recall the exact chapter stop on the DVD that takes you to this scene (The chapters are all identified by the time of day). I can tell you that the chapter is found near the top of the second screen of chapters.

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 08:11:00 AM

Name: Bob
E-mail address: fetishbob56

Thanks guys for all of the films that have rape or torture sceens. I saw A Clockwork Orange, I Spit on Your Grave, Deathwish (have that rape sceen on my hard drive), and Strawdogs. Of all of those I think Deathwish had the best sceen altough I Spit on Your Grave was a close second.

In I Spit on Your Grave she was almost asking for it, in Deathwish the poor woman did not know what was happining when those 4 or 5 guys broke into the house and decided to rape her while waiting for Mr.Keresy to come home and then they kill her to boot.

Same thing in Straw Dogs here is this chick walking around getting undressed in front of a window, with workers who are fixing the house looking in and watching her. Hell she was teasing them and got raped, she asked for it too.

QUESTION: Lets get some ideas on this question ( I know it has nothing to do with the subject matter on this web site, it is just something that I can't figure out) Why do most movies have a rain sceen in it. If you watch 10 movies I bet 9 out of those 10 somewhere in that movie there will be a rain sceen. WHY. What benefit does it add to the movie?

Again thanks for the movie titles and keep them cumming.

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 09:12:37 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address: mayhem50@webtv.net
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

Two more mainstream rape titles: Dark Tide and another with 2 women being attacked is Baise-Moi.

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 09:28:17 AM

Name: Bob Smith

Mainstream movies: Re-Animator - strapped to a table and molested by a decapitated head! Awesome.

The Ginger series - Ginger, Abductors and Girls are for Loving, from the '70s, spy rip-offs where the women get tied and molested a lot.

Evil Toons - raped by a cartoon!

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 09:55:50 AM

Name: gimper

More mainstream rape: The Accused... the first Emmanuelle... Rape of Love (Italian film), Showgirls, Casualties of War, Billy Jack (featuring the immortal line, "I'd rather die than be touched by you!").

Now a question for you all: my fetish is real skinny girls, the ones with bony shoulders/wrists/ankles etc. Do you know of any rape scenes, mainstream or adult, where a really thin girl is raped? Seems very hard to find. Sylvia Kristel in "Emmanuelle" comes closest. Any other thoughts?

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 10:51:30 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address: mayhem50@webtv.net
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

Another rape vid: Because of the Cats- husband forced to watch wife being raped.

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 11:54:09 AM

Name: mr bush

Question for Ralphus
In the movie human nature, what is the state of the women that is tortured as far as dress is concerned. Is she naked? Fully clothed? It sounds like a great movie.

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

lucanveritas: Regarding Penelope's spreadeagle suspension whipping scene in Mincemeat Pie, I have only one that shows her actually being whipped. Hank Hobbs did over 20 excellent caps from that movie but most of them are of her being manhandled, stripped, fondled, chloroformed and finally hung up by her wrists. The last one shows her being whipped. It's a great series; I'll try to run some after this current one is over.

In everybody's rape lists, you had the only one I know nothing about: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia. You say there's torture and rape scenes in that? Any bondage? Details, please!

Bob: (BTW, try to use a handle that doesn't confuse you with the other Bob, please) Rain scenes in movies are almost always a dramatic device. You often see them in horror movies, too. A storm tends to increase the tension.

Mr. Bush: The victim in Human Nature is wearing blue shorts with a black top that just covers the top of her chest, so we see a bare midriff and lots of leg, and she's wearing high heels. She's supposed to be a call girl in the film. We see bare boobs right before she is chloroformed, but not much actual nudity once she's tied up, although the killer does take a knife and pull away the ties on her top, opening it up so that it looks like she's wearing a black bra.

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 - 07:09:14 PM

Name: LV
Homepage URL: http://wiretap.area.com/Gopher/Library/Media/Film/rape.movi

Here's a link with lots of titles on mainstream (?) rape and a bunch of brief commentaries on them.

Isela Vega is raped by bikers (on a bar as I recall) in Alfredo Garcia.

Thursday, December 23rd 2004 - 02:58:02 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca1@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/orcahouse

VIDEODROME: Picked up the Criterion edition when it came out, but never looked at the second disc till now. It does have extra footage of the Samurai Dreams scene (5 min) and the torture room (4min). Both of these sequences work in the context of the movie, but the Bondage & Torture is really lame (when you can actually see it). Videodrome is one of my favorite movies, but don't get it for the special features.

Thursday, December 23rd 2004 - 07:45:07 AM

Name: Mr Bush

TO VM In the movie"Because of the cats" as you mentioned, the lady has a great bush shown when she is stripped. Obviously you can tell it turns me on.

Thursday, December 23rd 2004 - 02:44:25 PM

Name: D.M.

gimper: you can find a couple of pretty thin/bony ones on P.D.'s insex site (in the free pics section) particularly 427 and the brat.

Thursday, December 23rd 2004 - 08:05:43 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Here's looking forward to more ZFX on DVD in 2005.

Friday, December 24th 2004 - 09:28:33 AM

Name: terry p

where do i find candy lips because of the cats

Friday, December 24th 2004 - 09:22:11 PM

Name: Allison Parrish Fan

I just found this website, so forgive me if this question has been asked in the past.

I have been a big fan of the ZFX films and was wondering what ever happened to Allison Parrish?

She was soooo hot! Thanks

Saturday, December 25th 2004 - 08:33:45 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

Allison Parish fan: I will be interested to see what kind of response you get. In some cases, when adult film stars leave the business, they set up websites and/or tour as feature strippers. Often, they just disappear. Occasionally, Rick Masters himself posts on this site, so you may get an answer from him.

I had a chance to check out some of the mainstream films with rape scenes, which I hadn't seen before. Here are my thoughts:

Straw Dogs -- I enjoyed the movie overall and liked the build-up to the rape scenes. Unfortunately, I didn't find the rape scenes themselves particularly interesting. The first guy was sort-of consensual, and the second guy's scene was too short and not particularly well photographed (at least, not for the purposes of enjoying the scene).

Billy Jack -- From a rape-scene perspective, this one was better. I liked the way the woman was tied down and struggling before she is raped. It's too bad that Tom Laughlin, the star and director of Billy Jack, cast his real-life wife (Delores Taylor) as the victim. She had a nice body but I would have preferred someone who's face is a bit more (ahem) pleasing to the eyes. Susan Foster, who played Cindy (the young woman who arrives after the rape has occurred), was pretty hot and would have been a much better victim.

I still hope to check out Death Wish. I saw this movie years ago on TV but I suspect the best scene was probably edited.

Monday, December 27th 2004 - 08:54:46 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/pyromania44/4gimp11.jpg

Just a note to all GIMPers that I am finally back. I wasn't gone for the holidays; rather, my internet access was knocked out by bad weather (record snowfall here) and I just got it back today.

I have 694 e-mails to get caught up on, so I've got work to do. I'll have a new picture up on the board tonight. Meanwhile, I hope we can get this board active again now that Christmas is over. Thanks to everybody who has posted; the reason this board is great is because of your contributions.

Hope everyone here had a great Christmas; above is a picture you might enjoy. BTW, this is proof that Santa Claus did indeed come. And I think he came up her ass :)

Monday, December 27th 2004 - 10:20:03 AM

Name: Bruno

gimper-A really cute and really SKINNY girl gets raped, forced BJ and humiliated in Japanese movie iesp#086. Should be on Video Mayhem within 2-4 weeks.

Monday, December 27th 2004 - 06:29:03 PM

Name: Vince
E-mail address: neirdav@aol.com

Ralphus: Thanks a lot you sick fuck. You've warped my mind. Now I'll never think of Santa again in that sweet wholesome image. LOL.

What's next? The Tooth Fairy being dragged into the bushes by a couple of guys in ski masks? I guess the Easter Bunny is off limits because bestiality is crossing the line.

Monday, December 27th 2004 - 07:39:07 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Vince: I'm a sick fuck? Well...I've always preferred the term "perv", but okay...guilty as charged. But then, you're here, aren't you? We all like to watch women get trussed up and have bad things happen to them. So if I'm a sick fuck, you're a sick fuck! :)

Okay guys, show of hands. Anybody who's not a sick fuck, raise your hand.

As for your Tooth Fairy idea, what kind of sick, warped mind would come up with an idea like that? Oh, that's right, someone who reads this board!

Sorry, I don't have a picture of the Tooth Fairy, but how about Tinkerbell?


Funny, I don't remember her tits being that big in the Disney movie...

Here you go, one more. The brilliant artwork of Julius Zimmerman.


Tuesday, December 28th 2004 - 07:23:29 AM

Name: gimper

Thanks Bruno!

I've been tracking IESP-86. Unfortunately, the preview video clips on the IESP web site won't open. Still, it's a great lead. If anyone else can think of other rape vids involving very thin, pretty women - keep 'em coming!

Tuesday, December 28th 2004 - 09:43:28 AM

Name: Hail

Hi, my name is Hail and I'm a sick fuck. I've been a sick fuck for a lot of years now. Sometimes when I'm at work I've snuck a peak at online sick fuck porn. Sometimes when I'm at a football game I get sick fuck thoughts when I see those athletic girls in their sick fuck cheerleader uniforms. I don't want to be a sick fuck anymore though. I've been sick fuck free for 3 days now. Huh? This is that sick fuck ZFX dreambook? Oh DAMN!! I thought this was Sick Fuck Anonymous!!

I'm such a SICK FUCK!!

Tuesday, December 28th 2004 - 10:25:50 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

The mind reels with possibilities for those cheerleaders in the sick fuck uniforms.

I think it's time for some encore viewings of The Cheerleaders of Perilous U. and The Violation of Vikki Fixx.

Tuesday, December 28th 2004 - 11:06:25 AM

Name: Vince

Hey Ralphus, I admit I'm a sick fuck or "perv" as you put it. But, it's not my hands I'm gonna raise to show it if you know what I mean.

As to the Tooth Fairy idea, I gotta admit, I've been thinking about it for years as a kid when I saw Elizabeth Montgomery, dressed as the Tooth Fairy in a classic "Bewitched" episode. Man what a fox she was. No wonder some guy(s) would rape her or try to in it seemed like half of her TV movies.

Anybody else out there fantasize about some classic TV or movie actress who is asking for a banging? I've got another one. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. With my cock as a deadly weapon, Wonder Woman would have a new enemy, The Penetrator!

Man, I really am a sick fuck.

Tuesday, December 28th 2004 - 01:32:56 PM

Name: Hail

Vince, I would sugest you check out:


for all the Linda Carter/Wonder Woman bondage/rape fantasy you can think of. You can start with this one:


but she's all over the place over there!

Tuesday, December 28th 2004 - 02:08:52 PM

Name: Vince

Thanks Hail. I'm a member of lots of other adult erotic Wonder Woman sites. I can always use more. Can't get enough of her. When Warner Bros. makes the movie I hope they cast someone just as hot as Lynda Carter.

Tuesday, December 28th 2004 - 02:53:25 PM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

My picks for classic TV actresses in rape scenes would have been Lindsay Wagner from the Bionic Woman and Cheryl Ladd from Charlie's Angels. Actually, I saw Lindsay Wagner hawking mattresses on an infomercial the other night and she's still pretty hot. She could make the rape movie today and I'd go see it.

At this point, no classic movie actresses come to mind. However, if the survey is broadened to include current actresses, my vote goes to Lindsay Lohan.

Wednesday, December 29th 2004 - 10:44:35 AM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

In Reply To:

"Say you pluck a runaway off the street and decide to have some fun with her. She will star in whatever kind of bondage video you want, so what kind of stuff do you do to her? Tie her to a chair and punish her tits? Force her to suck you off with her hands tied behind her? Tie her to the bed and rape her? Burn her with a cigarette? Suspend her by her wrists and whip her? The possibilities are endless. Let's hear from some of you."

Chase1959: First, I'd go for her sucking me off with her hands tied behind her. But I'd want her to beg me to allow her to do it.

She'd plead with me to allow her the privilege of giving me head. She'd beg me to remove her top first because she's proud of her breasts and how erect her nipples get when she's excited. Then she'd say she can do a fantastic job using only her mouth. She can prove it to me if I would please tie her hands behind her. She enjoys a little pain, so she wants the rope to bite into her wrists.

I am reluctant. I don't think anyone so young has such talent. She persists -- begging, pleading, nearly sobbing. If I allow her to show her devotion in this manner, then I can take her afterwards in any way I want.

I relent. She is ecstatic. First I'd go for the suck off. Then I'd strip her completely, put some red leather FM high heels on her, maybe give her a nice coating of baby oil (I love the way it glistens), suspend her by her wrists, pull up a chair, lite a cigar, and...simply watch her squirm.

After she had hung around for minutes or maybe hours, I'd let her down long enough to tie her quite firmly to the bed. I'd plan to spend the rest of the night taking her long and hard. I might put a large plastic ziploc over her head and duct tape it around her neck for added suspense. It would increase her sense of panic and certainly my pleasure. I love it when the breaths come short and shallow and the bag fogs up. You can really hear her panic build with every gasp. Lovely.

By the way, if anyone knows where the consumer can buy a video like this and specify certain details without breaking the bank, let me know.


Wednesday, December 29th 2004 - 12:10:12 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Chase: As they say on Family Feud: "Good answer! Good answer!"

I was wondering if we would ever get more replies to my question about your fantasy bondage video. I'll tell you, if anyone decides to shoot your idea, I'll be first in line to buy the video. Only thing I would change if I had a say in it (and I will, since I'm your cameraman!) would be her begging you for the chance to suck you off. I would make it less consensual. I wouldn't want her agreeing to do it, you should be forcing her against her will. Let's see some tears, because she's so humiliated that you're doing this to her and she has no choice because you've got her tied up. The only time I would want to see her begging is for you not to kill her, so she'd damn well better do a good job.

Great post; let's hear some other ideas. Don't forget, Rick reads this board. We might be inspiring him to put some of our ideas in his next video. I can think of one specific time that it did indeed happen where we said it here and it ended up in a ZFX production afterward.

Wednesday, December 29th 2004 - 05:03:55 PM

Name: Thees Van Kemp
E-mail address: albertg34@hotmail.com

hi, gimpers....here we go again....rape fantasies....mmm...
I'd say Raquel Welch....humongous 'garbanzos', great Bod, a feisty latin temper (She's half Bolivian...did you know....Welch is only her husband's name, her real surname is Tejada....) preferably in that prehistoric fur bikini she wore in One million Years B.C., tits tied in a rope bra and hanging one female I'd be very happy to drag by her hair to my cave.

Would I Sound too sickeningly perverted If I'd say Hillary Duff (aka: Lizzie Macguire) was my second choice, hands taped behind her back, duct tape, panties around her ankles, industrial pliers on her tits and I'd be going to work on her ass big time...in the back of some 'converted van' (Lawrence Bittaker style)......now remember, this is ONLY a Fantasy...

Happy New Year to you virulent Gimpers.
Remain Perverted

Thank YOU, Mr Ralphus for your incomparable and relentless dedication and the pursuit of Happiness.

I raise my cup to thee!!

I blame Director George Lucas for my perversion ever since he chained a bikini clad Princess Leia  (actress Carrie Fisher) for the pleasure of Jabba the Hut (Return of the Jedi) it's all been a little "too tied" up in my life.

Wednesday, December 29th 2004 - 05:24:12 PM

Name: Hail

Thees Van Kemp, Hillary Duff? a few months ago I would have thought you the "King of All Sick Fucks". And then I saw Jamie Spears on NickJr and had to put a restraining order out on myself. She's like a pure innocent identical miniture Britney! At first she just freaked me out a little about how much she looked like her sister, and then the "Dark Thoughts" came..... :o)

Wednesday, December 29th 2004 - 07:28:30 PM

Name: D.M.

In an ealier post I put my two cents in about what I'd like to do in this movie making opportunity; as for who I'd like to put in distress -- how about a young Dianna Rigg from the Avengers (The One who started it all for me) and/or a young Linda Harrison -- the girl who was Nova in the original Planet of the Apes movie -- she was a looker.

Wednesday, December 29th 2004 - 07:55:47 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.imdb.com/gallery/mptv/1191/9436_0004.jpg

DM: Damn, Linda Harrison...Nova from Planet of the Apes. You're making me feel old, but man, I had a major crush on her when I was a kid. Not that it isn't already a killer movie, but how cool would it have been if the apes had tied up Nova in that film? I think the best we got was her locked in a cage. Damned STUPID dirty apes!

Wednesday, December 29th 2004 - 11:35:26 PM

Name: Vince

If you want a really good ape rapes woman movie see "Tanya's Island". In it, Vanity gets it twice not only from one of the primates but also from a wild man who rapes her to make the ape jealous. After that, the next best thing is that classic "Wonder Woman" episode in which the Nazis use a gorilla to kill her. I was like a 12 year old when I first saw it, but, even then, I thought when the gorilla was trying to crush her, it looked like it was force fucking her. Why can't they make good TV shows like that anymore?

Another classic TV show and actress that turned me on was Angie Dickinson in "Police Woman".  That show was absurd in that you had an already fortyish female cop posing as such things as a model, stripper or porn star. But Angie had the legs that turned my cock into the size of a baseball bat.  I loved the fact that since she was a woman cop, raping her was an option for the criminals and it was treated as a fate worse than death, so there were always several episodes in which she was put into sexual jeopardy.

Thursday, December 30th 2004 - 08:02:49 AM

Name: Hail

Gorilla? Did someone say Gorilla?


Thursday, December 30th 2004 - 11:59:29 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

According to amazon.com, Tanya's Island will be released on DVD on Jan. 25. (Vince should get a commission if it sells well). I've never heard of this movie but Vanity was scorching hot in her prime.

I agree with the comments about Linda Harrison. In particular, I think Charlton Heston and James Franciscus should have teamed up for a tag-team rape in Beneath the Planet of the Apes. It would have been great, particularly since she couldn't scream for help.

As for Hillary Duff and Britney's sister, that's probably a little twisted. I was lucky that Lindsay Lohan became legal before I cast my vote for her.

Thursday, December 30th 2004 - 12:55:36 PM

Name: Vince

Thanks Canadian. If I do get a commision on "Tanya's Island" drinks are on me. Since this is the end of the year, here's a list of my top 20 mainstream rape movies along with their star victims. Some are famous. Others aren't but they're worth viewing. I'd like to get a reaction to this list from my fellow Gimpers or a list of their own.

1) I Spit on Your Grave - Camille Keaton
2) Jackson County Jail - Yvette Mimieux
3) Sudden Death (1985) - Denise Coward
4) The Accused - Jodie Foster
5) Eating Raoul - Mary Woronov
6) The Guardian - Katie Lynch (An HBO TV Movie)
7) Love Desperados aka Hot Spur - Virginia Gordon
8) Act Of Vengeance aka The Rape Squad - Jo Ann Harris
9) Tanya's Island - Vanity
10)Rape of Love - Nathale Nell
11)Baise-Moi - Rafella Anderson
12)The Shaming aka Good Luck Miss Wykcoff - Anne Heywood
13)Death Wish 1-3)- Marina Sirtis in 3
14)The Entity - Barbara Hershey
15)Prison Heat - Lori Jo Hendrix
16)Irreversible - Monica Bellucci
17)In the Heat of Passion - Sally Kirkland
18)Act of Violence - Elizabeth Montgomery (TV Movie)
19)Dressed to Kill - Angie Dickinson
20)Demon Seed - Julie Christie

I'll also mention the best mainstream rape movie never made. It didn't have a title, but in the 80's, there was a script for a movie about a woman who attends her high school reunion although, at that time, she was a cheerleader who was raped by the football team. At the reunion, the former high school football stars decide relive that fun night. Two actresses that were mentioned for the project were Jane Fonda and Kathleen Turner. Today, I think that would be a superb part for cocktease Cameron Diaz. Who's your suggestion to star in, we'll call it, "One More Time"  if it were made?

Thursday, December 30th 2004 - 06:41:11 PM

Name: That hard up, I'm not.

Yo, I agree with "A Canadian's" assessment about lusting after Britney's kid sister as being twisted.

Actually, it's not twisted. It's desperate! I mean, I look at the commercials she does for her show "Zoey" on Nickleleon and "Come on guys, give me a break"

Sure she's got a cute face, like her sister's. But she's got a 28 inch chest and a "baby fat" stomach. Let's leave her for the guys that can't log onto this website to drool over.

Thursday, December 30th 2004 - 09:00:26 PM

Name: Epilepsio
E-mail address: silentscream@gmail.com

Rape fantasies????#%@%

Katie Holmes, and the other blonde chick from Dawson's Creek (the one that looks a little like country singer Lee-Ann Rymes, gagged with their panties and handcuffed with real police cuffs, freshly picked from a parking lot car-park (somebody mentioned the infamous van used by real-life L.A. sicko Lawrence Bittaker and lame brained side-kick Roy Norris, yes a windowless van would be a great touch..do a google search on these two repulsive mutants and you'll get the picture)..but like fellow gimper, the erudite Dutchman from Downunder Mr Thees Van Kemp warns us: "It's all fantasy!!".

Speaking of Downunder, Aussie Miss Universe or should that be mistress of the universe the incredibly babesome: Jennifer Hawkins, ex rugby-league cheerleader, is my next choice and what more appropriate place to be for a cheerleader than a change-room, chained to the shower-head, wearing one of her famous g-string panties - which she has seen modelling in various shopping centres around the country or as the Aussies say: 'undies'!, all the elements for a post-celebratory gang-bang!! (something for which aussie rugby league players are well known for)

Other Choices, actress Monica Potter, Angelina Jolie, also the babe from the new planet of the Apes film, can'at remember her name (but who knows this one might end up raping you, but I can't help it, chicks with tatoos just do it for me.ah! Tia Carrera...after a hot sweaty fight.

This list could go on and on ad infinitium!!   cheers!!!!

Thursday, December 30th 2004 - 09:06:57 PM

Name: fetishbob56
E-mail address: fetishbob56@yahoo.com

Well let me start off by wishing everone a very Happy New Year.

As I have told several people in the group, I bought Videodrome the other day, but did not buy the 2 disk set because it was twice as much to buy.

It does have a very hot Deborah Harry burning her one breast, while James Woods burns her other breast.

He also puts a long needle in each of her ear lobes. The special effects are great as well.


Thursday, December 30th 2004 - 09:19:16 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Epilepsio: the chick from the remake of Planet of the Apes is Estella Warren. She's a Smokin' Babe, and definitely on my To Do list. I've lusted after her for years.

As long as we're talking about ape rape, here's an appropriate pic of her:


Vince: Interesting that of your top 20 rape films, I've only seen 8 of them and only included just three of those in my private collection. Those were I Spit on Your Grave, Love Desperados and Act Of Vengeance. Now, I love a good rape scene as much as any sick fuck, but for me, it's almost essential that the victim be tied up first. Bondage is very important. I think only 2 of your 20 even contain bondage scenes, Love Desperados and Demon Seed (although Jo Ann Harris was at least gagged in her scene, even though the guy in the hockey mask never tied her up).

I think you left off one of the all-time greats, Lipstick with Margaux Hemingway, where the bad guy ties her spread-eagled to the bed and bangs her from behind. Awesome scene with lots of screaming, a cute victim and even some nice suspense afterward where he takes out a knife, shows it to her, then runs the blade all across her naked body before using it to cut her ties. Then his demeaning line to her as she lays there humiliated and near tears: "Listen, Chris...don't do this with anyone else." Great stuff.

I've seen a lot of rape scenes, mostly in Japanese films, but it's to the point now that if she's not tied up, I hit the fast-forward button. Maybe I'm just jaded because I've seen so many, but it's pretty rare that I'll ever keep a scene without bondage. I just know what I like. Rape without bondage is like a chili dog without the cheese. I'll go for it once in a while, but there's something missing. For many, the ultimate mainstream rape scene of all time is Monica Bellucci's 9-minute rape in Irreversible, but it just missed the cut for me because she was never tied up. She should have been. I mean, this was Monica Freakin' Bellucci, one of the hottest women on the planet. If the guy had tied her up, it would have been a dream come true. The scene could have been killer. I mean, how many times are we gonna have the chance to see a hot mainstream actress in a scene like that?

Here's a new poll for all GIMPers, and let's hear from all of you. I know we all like rape scenes, but how important is it for you to have the girl tied up first? There is no wrong answer, except silence. Everybody has an opinion here, so let's hear what you have to say.

Thursday, December 30th 2004 - 10:20:35 PM

Name: French Charley

Good poll Ralphus! I agree and vote for the tied version. Has to do with the suspense and helplessness while the doer prepares.

Friday, December 31st 2004 - 12:10:41 AM

Name: gimper

Re the Ralphus poll: tied is good, no question, but if the girl is struggling while being held down - especially spread-eagle style, where someone's pulling her wrists back - that's great for me! I find the tying aspect a turn-on only if she's tied to something and can struggle to get free. If her hands are tied behind her back, or just together, but are basically free- it doesn't do as much for me.

Friday, December 31st 2004 - 09:22:31 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

I guess my vote on the "tied up" poll is no. I enjoy it when a woman is tied up and raped but it isn't essential. To me, a rape scene is effective if I am convinced the woman is struggling and cannot escape (eg., the rape film that Alex is forced to watch in A Clockwork Orange).

I haven't seen all of the movies on Vince's top 20 list, but of the ones I have seen I would support the recommendations.

Here's some thoughts on two of them:

The Monica Bellucci scene in Irreversible. I liked it (I bought the DVD) but the scene is almost too convincing. In some strange way, that makes it a little less enjoyable.

The Jodie Foster scene in The Accused. I find the beginning of the scene -- when she is first placed on the pinball machine and starts to struggle as she realizes what is about to happen -- more exciting than the rape itself.

I can't really explain the psychology behind either of those thoughts. Anyway, my top two "mainstream" picks would be A Clockwork Orange and I Spit on Your Grave. I still have to see the Death Wish movies.

Friday, December 31st 2004 - 10:42:34 AM

Name: A Canadian
E-mail address: dvdfan04@yahoo.com

One other thought -- I'm going to have to check out Lipstick. On amazon.ca, the synopsis of the movie says that it is "a cheap exploitation film pretending to make a social statement about rape and revenge." Sounds good to me.

Friday, December 31st 2004 - 11:21:07 AM

Name: Vince

Ralphus, I understand your point of view, but for me, a good rape scene doesn't necessarily have to have a woman tied up. What does make rape scenes more enjoyable is breast groping and also a woman's shirts and blouses being ripped apart. Also, when the victim pleads to be spared further turns me on.

"Lipstick" was alright. I just think I would have enjoyed it more if the victim was prettier. Marguax Hemingway just didn't do it for me. I'd like to see it remade with either Mariah Carey or Britney Spears. They can't act. (Neither did Marguax at the time). But those two sure have the bodies for it. Too bad Hollywood doesn't have the guts to do it.

Friday, December 31st 2004 - 01:57:27 PM

Name: D.M.

I vote for for being tied then raped, best when at least part of being tied is shown so that you can really see the fear building in terms of the woman knowing something bad is happening here. Rick has lots of good scenes that involve this process. As we are discussing, there are some mainstream flicks that show it to a lesser degree.

Ralphus, as for Estella Warren, I have to admit I forgot that she played the Nova like role in the recent remake of Planet of the Apes -- I'd let her stand in for Linda Harrison, as my gimp, in a heartbeat. Hey, you know a woman looks good when she makes it worth watching Kangaroo Jack. She is almost unrecognizable as a brunette in The Cooler, which was actually a great flick.

Friday, December 31st 2004 - 07:00:33 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Tied, no question about it. The more emphatically, the better. Inescapable chains, the best.

Mainstream actresses getting the ZFX treatment? It seems to me we've been down these paths before. But anyway, gawd, I can think of dozens. Katie Holmes is a good choice. The girl from Dark Angel, yes. I like the idea of innocent girls, like Jennifer Love Hewitt, getting it hard.


Friday, December 31st 2004 - 09:23:44 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Hey, an actual review. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's because I haven't seen a bondage flik in a while, but I recently rented an Anton Productions flik in my local store out of several Anton choices available, and I was very impressed. It was Knockout Bondage 7. The bad points - there is no simulated sex, zilch.

The good points? Many. The girls are young and hot, that helps a lot. The bondage is tight. And, for all you struggling fans, there is a LOT of struggling. Probably the best scene in the flik is when the bound girls think they're going to be sacrificed by sword, and they freak out and are whining and struggling like crazy. I know a lot of you would like that.

Add really high quality production on the DVD, very good lighting, and what more can you ask for, really? I give this one a B+ or an A- for the cute chicks in tight struggling bondage, well-filmed. The only points off are for no sex.

Oh, and for you knockout fans, that's the whole theme, in a nutshell. Everytime they go to shift the girls to a new position, they chloroform them and knock them out first. I first became a fan of the whole knockout thing from ZFX's Tiffany Twisted. They do it very well here.

The DVD extras aren't really anything to write home about, but I like the behind-the scenes outtakes for what they're worth. I have always liked focusing on the actress herself, yeh, the illusion and the role they are playing is interesting enough, but face it, these flix are usually poorly acted, and I get more pleasure thinking about the actress herself and how/why etc. she puts herself through it. I like the realism over the fiction. In reality, the actress is truly undergoing all this. The outtakes are nice cuz you see the production assistants taping the girls into bondage, see them mentally preparing themselves and putting themselves into a sub-space zone. It just lends an air of realism I like, YMMV.

So, in short, others may disagree, but if you like the whole well-filmed, struggling bondaged naked chick genre, you'll like this. Particularly because the girls are freaking cute, and it is ALWAYS great to see cute girls in bondage.


Friday, December 31st 2004 - 09:36:02 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

whoops, 2 more things I should have mentioned. First, the outfits the girls wear are cute. I like tight, sexy, fetishy outfits, and that's what these girls wear.

Also, while it is mostly cleave gagging (boo), behind the cleave gags are nice, thick, soakingly wet wadded handkerchiefs or whatever. Those of you who like realism and like the cleave gag being removed and a wet wadded cloth then coming out of her mouth will love this, how many times that happens in this flik.


Friday, December 31st 2004 - 09:45:56 PM

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