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June 2003

Name: Paulus

I like how he kept her pantyhose on, and the sweat covered body...very hot scene.

Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 10:45:55 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

In response to one of Ralphus' post's, I'd love to see a review of "Alien Probe". I've still have never seen it though it is the title that indirectly turned me on to ZFX.

A while ago I was so fed up and bored w/all the consentual B&D crap, that I was basically going to give up trying to find anything that was worthwile. HOM and Tao dried up, B&D Pleasures was all consentual but was still getting their catalogs. I'd look through them and end up tossing them, thinking it was all the same 'ol shit. B&D Pleasures was starting to advertise ZFX and at the time was thinking...yeaugh, probably some more of the same crap. It was probably more than a year later that I actually spent a little time looking though the catalog rather than just skimming over it. I saw a small still to "Alien Probe" and thought...Naw that can't actually be a forced blow job? I started reading the descriptions when ever a new catalog came my way. Still haven't ordered anything yet as was still leary of what I was looking at. Then finally I read the description to "Panticide Peepshow II". And all I can say is, it's agood thing all of Rick's stuff's good since the video inside the "PPII" box turned out to be "Art of Darkness". Not one of Rick's best IMO but still better than anything else at the time. So re-ordered "PPII" and the rest is history.

Even though it was "Alien Probe" that made me notice, I've never gotten to see it. Would love to read a review and pick it up eventually when it comes out on DVD. "PPII" is also a must as a re-purchase when it comes out on DVD. Actually I'd be interested in reading a review of that one too just to see what other people's take on it is.


Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 09:37:52 PM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.colm

THAT's something I like to watch. Whipping right across bare breasts. Forget about her back. I want the tits, both in slow motion and real time. I want the camera to zoom in during slow motion so I can see her breasts bounce in reaction to being hit. I want to hear authentic whipping sounds, and moans or cries of pain that sound real.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 04:55:58 AM

Name: Paulus

Just wondering but was Holly also in a warpigs tape where she was hanging by her wrists and wearing a white collar? It was a strange scene, I didn't like it that much but she had a really hot body. I kept thinking I'd rather just see her whipped and screw the collar...that collar was too big too...a smaller one would have been better.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 10:02:21 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com/rrcomix/index.html

> Just wondering but was Holly also in a warpigs tape where she was hanging by her wrists and wearing a white collar?

I think that was Guinea Pigs 5? Holly had a better scene in the previous one.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 07:22:57 PM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Someone brought up consensual bondage. Consensual bondage usually does not appeal to me. Who wants to see a girl get tied up and then moan with pleasure? The only time I like that is when the girl is tricked into bondage under false pretenses. The guy persuades the girl that he needs to finish his video or he'll be fired. She agrees to help. The next scene he's doing requires her to be stripped and tied up. She reluctantly agrees, but she does agree. When she has been rendered helpless, the guy then informs her that he has invited a few friends over for a good time -- and she's it. Now she struggles frantically. That kind of "consensual" is a turnon.

Otherwise, I want to see a girl forced into it. I want to see unwillingness on her part, or at least reluctance. But I don't want outright violence. That's where the acting part comes in.

I've seen scenes where the girl is nicely trussed up and nude, but she struggles half-heartedly and her robotic moans of so-called fear seem more like moans of boredom. Unless the model is a good actress, she will be unable to convey fear in her eyes and won't struggle convincingly.


Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 09:17:58 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Paulus: RR is right; that was Guinea Pigs 5. I didn't much like the collar either, but Holly's emoting and her line "No, not in my ass!" were priceless :)

And RR is also right when he mentions she had a better scene in the previous one, and in GP-3, too. There was a memorable ending to that tape when Dr. Travis had Holly tied standing to a wooden frame (with her pussy lips anchored to it with clothespins) and using his gloved hand, gave her a vigorous anal probing. She stole the show in each of the last three Guinea Pigs; her scenes were clearly the highlights of each tape.

AvF: Alien Probe is one of ZFX's best, IMO, and may have been Holly's finest hour. I was pretty much blown away when I first saw it, and I've been a Holly fan ever since.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 10:33:37 PM

Name: Scribbler

That's a pretty hot ZFX pic (Holly in GP3). I didn't know ZFX did photos, I thought they just did video (or video caps).

'Night Prowler 2' and 'Highway to Hell' are two ZFX I'd like to see reviews on. Then again, I may just buy them when the DVD versions are out.

Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 12:40:01 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

> 'Night Prowler 2' and 'Highway to Hell' are two ZFX I'd like to see reviews on.

Those are two personal favorites because they had a lot of manhandling. It's been a while since I've seen the full videos. If I had to pick between the two, I'd go with 'Highway to Hell' because it had some great scenes with Allison Parish, Victoria Vixen, Courtney Bishop. 'Night Prowler 2' had the great scenes with Holly, with clips shown here, but the second one, with Julia Kara, wasn't as good. If you like the kind of material I photograph, you can't go wrong with 'Highway' as it remains probably my second favorite ZFX video.

Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 04:50:53 AM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Regarding the photo, Holly Weston in "Guinea Pigs 3": This is gonna hurt!

Very nice tits on that one. They'd make for great handholds while you're slamming her. I'd be interested in seeing what the final position looks like. This one seems to be in progress. Her breasts stand upright as is, but I'd like to see her bound in an Arms-Over-Head position, to see them pulled taut.


Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 11:34:02 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Great comments, Chase. I'll try to post more Holly pics in the near future. Thanks to Hank Hobbs for providing all the great caps from the tapes. And of course to Rick for making all those great movies to begin with.

RR: Okay, you set yourself up. If Highway to Hell is your second favorite ZFX video, which is number one in your book?

It's been a while since we've polled the forum as to their favorite ZFX tape. I'll stick with a true classic, The Cheerleaders of Perilous U. as my all-time fave, since I love Chandra Sweet and Brian Dunhill has a great time tormenting her in that one. Close runners up would be a couple relatively newer ones, South of the Border 4 and Ballista 2. Both are feature-length, and packed with memorable torture and rape scenes with some beautiful women, especially Lisa Kinkaid. Both these tapes have almost everything I look for in a ZFX video.

Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 12:50:37 PM

Name: Paulus

Great still. I haven't seen guinea pigs 3. Damn that looks like another good DVD to get once its available. Just too many on my list...and no clue when they'll be available :( I like her breast size, they're very real looking...also the way they're white compared to the rest of her body is more "realistic" makes her seem more like some prude who is usually not topless :)

Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 01:05:10 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

One of our posters found an excellent Japanese mpeg of a woman being tortured with electric shocks. So he asked me to run these stills for the next few days to see if any of our readers might recognize it. If anyone can come up with the title or knows anything about it, please either post here or send me an e-mail. It's really good; we want to try to find the whole movie!

Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 09:54:49 PM

Name: goon2
E-mail address: goon2@wowmail.com

Great forum page. Thank you Ralphus for pointing me to this site. I have been collecting ZFX movies for quite some time now. Have about 10 of them. Still trying to get more, but they are a little expensive. Though the acting is a bit off, but the themes are great. My favourite so far are the Ballista series. And Lisa Kincaid sure is one hot lady!!

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 07:58:06 AM

Name: Paulus

Those japanese sure know how to torture their women :) That is really cool! Any chance I can get that mpeg file?

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 10:16:59 AM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Regarding the pic, "Some clips from an unknown Japanese electric shock mpeg"

I have problem with electric shock torture. It is very difficult to make it work realistically and erotically. The girl must be good looking enough that you want to see her naked (the one in the pic looks a bit scrawny to me) and tortured. She must also be a good enough actress to convey that she is being tortured with electric shocks but in a sexy way. These scenes are difficult to do properly and I usually wind up disappointed.

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 02:54:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Paulus: Contact me via e-mail and I'll try to send it to you that way.

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 03:23:22 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com/rrcomix/index.html

> RR: Okay, you set yourself up. If Highway to Hell is your second favorite ZFX video, which is number one in your book?

"Night Prowler 1" is my favorite. There's something about the earlier ZFX videos that I prefer over the current crop. The older stuff was more raw and less pretentious. There was more manhandling. I really liked the models from the early ZFX videos. More were naturally endowed and it's hard to beat models like Allison Parish and Victoria Vixen.

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 03:37:36 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Speaking of series, I really liked that short one (two episodes?) with that oriental girl who bumps her head under the desk and passes out and is dragged away by the villain. What was that called again? I'm not usually enamored of oriental women, but that girl had a cute face and good facial expressions (like Lisa), and was really cute, she had the type of lean, lithe, small titted body that I like, plus the tapes were pretty good, too.

Hey, ralphus, I've got a technical question for you. With my browser (Linux/open source based, NOT Internet Explorer) I can't see the photos which you post on this webpage, at all. I never have a problem seeing photos on other pages on the Internet, so I don't think it's a problem with my browser, rather, I think this web page doesn't conform to www standards. If you ever have time or the inclination to look into it, that would be great. If not, hey, that's life. Thanks, zee-ef-ex

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 06:07:31 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Chase: Regarding electric shock torture, I'm not sure what you mean about the girl being good-looking enough that you would want to see her naked and tortured. I think that's the case in just about any bondage scene, not specifically electroshock. But I do agree that it does require a bit of acting chops to pull off convincingly. Number one, the actress has to be able to be able to scream and convulse her body like she's feeling an intense jolt of pain when in actuality nothing at all is happening to her. If you don't react enough, the audience gets the clue that you are faking it. I like to hear a lot of noise while she's getting shocked, because face it, receiving shocks to your nipples or your ass or pussy has got to hurt like hell.

Another way to blow the illusion is when the villain uses battery cables and touches them together to produce sparks, then puts the cables on her body and it's obvious there's no electricity released this way. The best way to make this work is by having the actress react in perfect sync with the touch of the cables to her body, and to intensify the scene, as Rick does, by adding the proper zapping sound effects. In his most recent release, South of the Border 6, he even added animated sparks to enhance the shocking effect. It was a nice attempt, even though it sort of drew attention to itself. I give him credit for trying something different, and I think his shock scenes have improved since his earlier days.

zee-ef-ex: The series you are referring to is Tiffany Twisted and its sequel. That's the only time ZFX has ever employed an Asian girl in any of his tapes. At the time, I didn't care much for the girl, so I didn't much like either tape, but they are worth taking a second look.

Regarding your browser problem, I'll let my technical advisor Scribbler handle that one. He does all the HTML work for the site, since I'm relatively inept in that department. I will say, though, that I've never heard this particular complaint before regarding the site. But I will look into it.

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 06:30:30 PM

Name: dchimpy
E-mail address: dchimpy@yahoo.com

Thanks for the mpg Ralphus. Very intense. The really worked over sweaty look goes a long way with me, as does the fact that she's asian. I looked for a review of Tiffany Twisted 2 online, but couldn't find one. I'm wondering if there's one of Rick's infamous "suspended but the wrists naked and sweaty" scenes in that film....

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 06:58:48 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

zee-ef-ex: I can only see how the GIMP board appears using netscape and IE, and both work fine, the images do appear. Are there linux versions of netscape or IE and if so, how's the page look using them? It might be a dreambook thing (it creates the page you see by compositing sections of code for top of page, each entry, bottom of page, etc). Do you visit other dreambook boards where you can see images? Can you see the counter at the bottom of this page? Do you see the 3 image links that go to lisa'a interview page, the archives, and gimp links above? How about the dreambook banner ad at the top of the page? What open sourse browser are you using?

Can you see the picture on this board:
Scribbler's Realm message board

Can you see the image at this URL:

As I don't use linux, I don't know any other way of trouble-shooting this without asking a bunch of questions.

Friday, June 6th 2003 - 12:39:50 AM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Ralphus said: Regarding electric shock torture, I'm not sure what you mean about the girl being good-looking enough that you would want to see her naked and tortured. I think that's the case in just about any bondage scene, not specifically electroshock.

Well, I don't think the girl in the electric shock images is particularly attractive. Also, I have seen bondage movies where the girl is rather plain looking or even kind of ugly. I don't want to see them naked. I think those girls have self-image problems where they seek out that kind of work as a sort of misplaced punishment for themselves. Just my two cents.

Friday, June 6th 2003 - 04:53:20 AM

Name: Paulus

Linux browsers are notorious for having problems with some web sites. I use linux quite often though not this past week or two, and I've found that the latest version of Mozilla is a lot better. What linux browser are you using?

There is no IE for Linux..but there is a Netscape...but it kinda sucks. Mozilla is much better than Netscape

Friday, June 6th 2003 - 09:22:14 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Well, I don't want to take this too far off topic, so I'll try to be quick...

Paulus: Oh, the Microsoft FUD machine has got you good, huh? You've got it backwards, it's not that Linux browsers are notorious for rendering web pages badly - the Linux browsers are correctly written to web standards. It's that many website creators write to the majority IE browser, rather than to the web standards.

Or so the rumor goes. In my experience, I have been using Linux for a year or so (I usually use the Galeon browser, I like that one best) and I look at plenty of porn and image-laden websites, and in a year, this GIMP website is the first one which I've ever had trouble with the pictures rendering. Linux is GREAT!

Scribbler: Are there Linux versions of netscape or IE and if so, how's the page look using them? (No). It might be a dreambook thing (it creates the page you see by compositing sections of code for top of page, each entry, bottom of page, etc). Do you visit other dreambook boards where you can see images? (No) Can you see the counter at the bottom of this page? (No) Do you see the 3 image links that go to lisa'a interview page, the archives, and gimp links above? (No) How about the dreambook banner ad at the top of the page? (No) What open sourse browser are you using? (usually Galeon) Can you see the picture on this board: Scribbler's Realm message board (No) Can you see the image at this URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/ralphus44/Asianele6.jpg (Yes)

Thanks if you can do anything. I'll try to return the favor by writing a few reviews of some older ZFX flix some time (I'll start with Tiffany Twisted).

Now, let's get back on topic to the sweaty naked gurls!


Friday, June 6th 2003 - 10:12:10 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~Thanks for putting up stills of "Alien Probe". It's a definite must get as soon as it comes out on DVD.

Oh...And let's not for get a hefty thanks to Hank for suppling the stills!


Friday, June 6th 2003 - 11:56:53 PM

Name: Rod

Speaking of older ZFX videos, Rick (just?) released 4 new dvds : Perilage, Southern Discomfort, Tied Tales and Total Restraint.

Any comments ?..

Saturday, June 7th 2003 - 02:25:29 AM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

zee-ef-ex: You've mentioned web standards twice now. I'm going to suggest to you now that this is not the problem. Galeon, mozilla and netscape all use the same html rendering engine. It's a good engine and should easily be able to display everything on this page. Granted, the composite html that this board is, as generated by dreambook, isn't perfect, but it is html browser interpretable. And yes, even IE's html render engine can interpret it.

Why aren't you seeing images? I could be wrong, but I think this might be it. I don't have Galeon, but from my google research, somewhere in Galeon is the feature they added to selectively LOAD IMAGES, as in select what images of a page will load. You can choose these 3 options (maybe there are more options in your version, don't know)

1. never (load images)
2. (load images) from current server only
3. always (load images)

If you have 2 above selected--wherever this setting is (preferences maybe)--you will probably see most of the images on web pages you go to, but you won't see the images on this page cause all of the images here are hosted on different servers. Dreambook doesn't provide us a place on their server to put images. Select 3, and you will most likely see them. If this isn't the problem, then I have no clue what it could be, and am out of ideas on how to figure it out.

So I'm guessing the problem IS with your browser, though it really isn't a problem, it's an advanced filtering of images feature!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Saturday, June 7th 2003 - 03:09:24 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Rod~Thanks for the info. "Southern Discomfort"...isn't that an outdoor flick? Any good?


Saturday, June 7th 2003 - 04:58:26 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Scribbler: Good catch, thank you. Those settings were the problem.

Ralphus will be happy, now I gotta write a few reviews to pay ya back. :)


Sunday, June 8th 2003 - 09:57:00 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com/rrcomix/index.html

Looking at the latest vidcaps, of Holly having a vice attached to her nipple, reminds me of where my tastes diverge from ZFX. Most areas of torture are impersonal. Instead of seeing clamps attached to a girl's breasts, I'd rather see fingers pinchings and digging into breasts.

Monday, June 9th 2003 - 05:23:59 AM

Name: Evets

Consistent with the previous post I would like to make a request. More fondling please. Breast fondling, ass fondling, pussy fondling, group fondling, girl-girl fondling, forceful fondling, bondaged fondling and finally most importantly fondling that involves **resistance**. In summary more fondling please. I hope I have been successful in avoiding being too nuanced. Any specific video suggestions ?

Monday, June 9th 2003 - 08:59:30 AM

Name: Paulus

That's really Holly?? Her face looks totally different!? What a cool picture though. My favorite is the arms over head pictures...and partial clothing to boot. I don't mind c clamps over nipples...but I agree, I like seeing hands and teeth on nipples more. So Rick released more DVD's? But I know nothing about those titles, no reviews or stills??

Monday, June 9th 2003 - 01:48:03 PM

Name: Silent Buddha

Ah, one of my favorite actresses from one of my favorite ZFX movies - Alien Probe. A masterpiece. Definitely can't wait for that to come out on DVD.

Rod (and others that wonder) - Perilage was a good one. I think this might be the first ZFX flick that featured a Cheerleader. Main storyline (to link together almost unrelated bondage segments) is that a guy's sister finds his stash of Bondage magazines, videos, and equipment. The videos of course go on to show the other "segments" one of which features a very busty model that was supposed to have been a cheerleader I think. Memory get's hazy from there, but I think the sister eventually gets tied up by the brother and might have been raped or the rape might have been implied.

Tied Tales I didn't care much for. Mostly unrelated bondage short stories if I remember correctly.

Total Restraint was my absolute favorite ZFX video up to that time. Featured a couple of the (at the time) hottest big breasted ZFX babes. Names escape me at the moment and I don't feel like looking it up. It also features quite a bit of breast bondage, though I don't remember the breast bondage being very severe. Sort of breast bondage lite I think. However there was breast bondage in almost all the scenes. Also featured my favorite rape scene at the time. Storyline follows a rapist/murderer(?) in a mental institution (I think) that is talking with a hot counsellor. He goes on to relate his fantasy of abusing two college coeds. Queue various scenes of bondage. At the end he ends up doing the counselor. Still one of my favorites.

Southern Discomfort - one of the few ZFX films that I haven't seen so can't comment on.

zee-ef-ex - Browsers and web standards. Actually Microsoft did have a 100% w3c (web standards compliance monitoring body) compliant browser on the Macintosh. However, they ditched it after they discovered that most web pages on the internet do NOT adhere to web page standards. You can check any webpage to see if there are any errors in its sourcecode at http://validator.w3.org/

Bleh, just ommited a bunch of stuff that basically boiled down to please no OS bashing in the GIMP forum. There are a lot of people that Linux is not good for and there are people that Windows is not good for. Just leave it at that. :)


Tuesday, June 10th 2003 - 09:38:38 PM

Name: JoeX

Silent Buddha, The back of the box in PerilAge does say that the sister finds a video of her brother dominating a cheerleader, but you don't see anything like that in the movie, just a clip of a woman in a naked hog-tie. (Leftover footage from Binding Contract.) No brother, no domination, not even a line from the sister, "Hey, isn't that Sally, the cheerleader". Joe X

Wednesday, June 11th 2003 - 02:53:38 PM

Name: Paulus

well it doesn't look like rick has updated his web page to reflect the new dvd's. damn its been REALLY slow eh? Still waiting for SOB4 to come out on DVD.

Wednesday, June 11th 2003 - 04:00:36 PM

Name: Wild Bill

Hey group, been a while so I'm going to comment on a number of things (starting w/ the most recent)

Tied Tales was all right and has a great scene with Sierra Stuart with rubber bands around her tits and her ars bound back tight at the elbows, hitting two of my favorite things, breast bondage and arms tight behind the subjects back. The rest of her scenes in this movie weren't bad either. The rest of the movie wasn't particullarly memorable to me.

The other three new releases I haven't seen.

Clamps vs. Finger pinching. I like them both and both have their of advantages. The fingers of course have the advantage that the tormenter is actually playing and touching the subject. The clamps apply pressure for a longer period of time and of course you can leave them on when you leave your victim to struggle and squirm. Six of one half-dozen of the other.

Electric shock. Enjoyable if the subject can pull it off. Victoria Vixen did a few of scenes and sense she is one of my favorite actreeses anyway they stand out in my mind. The first was from Spreadeagle where Brandi Wine used a cattle prod on her nipples while Rick held her. Another was in the first Guinea Pigs movie when Rick shoved the cattle prod in her mouth and then later used the best instructions from a director to and actress "Lick it Cunt!". the last was in Louis Payne where she was tied in a chair and forced to press the button that activated the shocks. All done quite convincingly.

The big white colloar in Guinea Pigs 5. I like the collar, yet another part of your body I can keep you from moving and high collars make for a long, sleek neck. Didn't really like the scene much because I generally prefer more whipping and physical type punishment.

Consensual bondage. I like the idea of consent to the scene as a whole but not to the individual acts in the scene. My favorite stroyline would be the girl who agrees to be tied then rapidly finds out she's in way over her head.

Breast whipping. Love it, my absolutely favorite thing to see in a movie, especailly if you add breast bondage to the mix.

Favorite series. Probably Guinea Pigs but to be honest just for the first two tapes. Victoria Vixxen, lots of breast bondage and whipping then throw in Allison Parish on top of that, hard to beat. The next three were mediocre in my mind but then they just didn't cater to my particular tastes.

I think that about does it. If there's anything I missed that any one wants my humble opinion on let me know but I suspect I've probably given more opinions then anyone cares to hear.

Wild Bill

Wednesday, June 11th 2003 - 09:11:28 PM

Name: Paulus

Love the cheerleader pictures :) Haven't heard much from rick lately...i wonder how he's doing. Is ZFX his full time job or just a side thing he works on? I wonder if he can make enough money from it to support himself...I was curious to know how many people there are like us who are buying these tapes.

Friday, June 13th 2003 - 10:26:10 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Paulus: Last I heard from the ever-elusive Rick Masters is that he was super busy with DVD conversions and hasn't had time to post. Believe it or not, he hasn't made an appearance here since waaaaay back on April 1. The good news: He did e-mail me and said he would be posting "tonight or tomorrow". The bad news: That was a week and a half ago.

I haven't read anything in the obituaries about him passing away, and I'd like to remain positive and believe that he is indeed still alive and hopefully cooking up some good stuff for us to watch in the near future. On the other hand, if he did die, I doubt he would post and tell us beforehand, so yes, he might actually be a ghost even now as I write this. Good old Rick, we hardly knew ye...

Friday, June 13th 2003 - 09:36:35 PM

Name: Robert
Homepage URL: http://www.ewprod.com/WelcomeFrame.html

I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that Eyewitness Productions has finally released its latest video, which is called Die Casting. It stars the gorgeous Olivia Simon as well as Chelsea Poire and could be very hot. I hope that this is the video they were planning to release featuring torture provided by interrogation scenes. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell much about the movie from the 5 preview pictures which were shown. No information was given about the plot. I sure would love to get Ralphus's opinion about this movie...hint, hint. His excellent reviews are always very helpful, especially since his assessments of movies are generally very similar to mine.

Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 12:57:11 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews02.html

Robert: Aw, shucks. Thanks for the compliment. I've seen 3 of the first 4 Eyewitness vids, mainly because they starred the delectable Olivia Simon, so I'm glad she's in this fifth one now. Unfortunately, it looks like the new tape won't be available until August 15, so we'll have a ways to wait til then. I had practically forgotten about Eyewitness lately, since they had previously announced their newest vid as coming out before Christmas last year, so it's been a long, long wait between new releases, maybe a year? I'll read up on their forum and see if there are any teasers as to the plot, but bet on me ordering that one unless it sounds really lame. Thanks for the tip. My other Eyewitness reviews can be accessed at the link above.

Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 08:06:33 PM

Name: Scribbler

'Cheerleaders of Perilous U' looks even somewhat better as vid caps cause the caps hide the one thing in the video I wasn't all that crazy about: the continual overdone handheld moving in and out and about camera movements.

It's still a good video though.

Sunday, June 15th 2003 - 12:54:55 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire
Homepage URL: http://www.ruemorgue.com/features/the_ranch.htm

Old and new stuff.

I'm glad to see that Eyewitness is about to release a new video. It's been a while...and makes me think EWP and Rick are one similar time tables. I hope Rick finishes his DVD conversion soon. As even though I'm really looking forward to picking up some choice selections on DVD, I'm also wishing for new stuff...and to the same release volume as a few years ago.

Back to EPW. As recently as a month or so ago I heard that Olivia was in the studio filming. From looking at the stills to the new video, I know the double hanging scene (at least I think it's the same one) has been a still at their site from just about the beginning. With the still and the info that Olivia was at the studio recently, would indicate that what they were filming and what she was working on are two different things. They however seem to indicate that it is the same project. I hope they are not rushing something out to appease their audience. Time will tell I guess.

Old news. You know me...dollar short and a day late. I finally got "The Ranch" that Ralphus wrote a review about a while ago. Impressions were...some parts were actually pretty good. But then again...some parts weren't. The beginning started pretty well made I thought. Camera work in cutting back and forth during the stalking sequence and editing were prety good. Not at all what I have know to expect from a "Club Dead" video. What would have really put the beginning segment over the top would have been a menacing soundtrack.

There were also pretty good effects in this one. Again, not expecting effects that were better than the norm...well actually, a whole lot less than being close to the norm in some (if not all) of their other stuff (and by the way, I have gotten to see a few C.D. vids ). A pretty good tazer effect and the roasting effect at the end was also well done (no pun intended).

I really found Janice's looks quite appealing too. She's got a real natural look about her (even w/ the phonies). Got a real cute voice too and thought she did a pretty good job considering what she had to work with.

But then there's the clueless script. It's one thing if you don't want to include too much bondage but they totally missed the boat as far as I'm concerned. A well placed gag could have done wonders...and not to mention, make things a lot easier for poor Janice, having to fill so much of the video with either scripting or ad libs. But the true genius as far as the scripting goes is where they tell Janice what they're going to do to her, then script her almost voluntarily placing herself on the BBQ rack. "We're gonna roast and eat you...now lay down on the rack" (not verbatim but you get the gist). Get a clue and give me a break!

They missed so many opportunities. Like where they shave her pussy. They start to lather it up then jump to next scene and it's already gone. But then again, she wasn't even restrained anyway. The only real bondage was at the end during the roasting. I realize this isn't really a B&D video per se but in order to get a realistic, well made video, there's certain things you just can't cut corners on. And with the pretentious nature of their film maker, having once been quoted as saying he'd have to draw the line if it came to filming porn, as he views his work steps above (yeaugh right, as if his work is art), you would think he'd put in the effort required to be detailed enough to make a believable film.

Like I said, there's parts I liked, but this one could have been a breakthrough video in my opinion if done right...or at least, with some intelligence. I'll still watch this one from time to time but I'll probably need to do what Ralphus does and edit it down a little.


Sunday, June 15th 2003 - 03:05:05 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews02.html

AvF: Boy, gotta agree with you assessments of The Ranch. I recently edited that onto one of my highlight tapes and ended up with about 18 minutes of good footage. You liked the same things I did, namely the stalking sequence, the taser attack and the final roasting scene. And you were right about the weaknesses. The chick was annoying and needed to be gagged big time! Her whining ruined most of the rape scene for me (that and the cameraman being in plain view in a few shots). And I trimmed out most of the poorly written "preparation" scene. The dialogue was supposed to be tongue in cheek, I suppose, but it was totally wrong for the mood and took away a lot of the realism of what should have been a quite dramatic scene.

The part that worked the best? Thankfully, it was the actual roasting, which was the reason why I bought it in the first place. They pulled off a tough illusion pretty well, so I was satisfied with it overall. But you're right, it had the potential to be fantastic.

Sunday, June 15th 2003 - 05:02:52 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://zfxetc.tripod.com/reviews04.html

Just wanted to let everyone know the Reviews by GIMP Readers section of the site (link above) has been updated with 4 recent reviews by AvF, Silent Buddha and Robert. Also that section is now alphabetized for easier access to find a particular review. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in by writing reviews of the tapes and DVDs you've seen. I know it takes time to write them, so we appreciate all your contributions.

Monday, June 16th 2003 - 08:43:56 PM

Name: Paulus

Every time you show some new clips I think that's another DVD I want to buy whenever its out on dvd that is. By the way Rick really needs to create a special section for DVD titles, I hate wading through all 12 pages to figure out which ones are on DVD. It doesn't look like he updated it to show the last couple of DVD conversions that you had posted about.

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 09:25:08 AM

Name: Paulus

Are any of these any good??


Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 01:24:03 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com


The videos at the link you gave are old HOM or old London videos. Most of these (perhaps all the ones listed) have all female casts. The bondage in them tends to be of the leather cuff variety.

Flogging, performed by one woman on another is a pretty major feature of most of these videos.

Good or not depends on your own taste. I would rather see a male dominant a woman and that is a major drawback for me. However some have pretty good moments in them.

"The Whips and Chains Affair" has a decent front flogging, "Till She Screams" has a nice doggie style position flogging of a hot blonde (Cie Cie I think) and a nice, though not very long suspension of Tori Sinclair.

The price is right, but I would be cautious about buying very many of them. If you go to other sites I know you can at least get front/back cover shots for them all. www.dvdempire.com links to their adult store from the main site and has all of these plus some more.


Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 04:20:59 PM

Name: Paulus

Thanks for the info Dan :)

I decided to order one of the bondage classics. It was only $14.95 and on DVD which I love. The hardest thing these days is finding some alone time to watch these things. I envy you guys who can watch whenever you want. Its a luxury you take for granted sometimes.

Wednesday, June 18th 2003 - 09:33:54 AM

Name: Gonzo

Til she screams is one that I consider a keeper. That doggie position flogging is actually Missy Warner, not Cie cie. And she is quite a hottie.

Allow me a chuckle of amusement Dan. I always gave Til She Screams credit for finally giving us a suspension scene that we can enjoy for more than 20 seconds. I'm happy with the length. But I can see how good ol' Dan, who often gives us 20 minutes, would see it as painfully short.

I've seen almost all the london DVDs. I've written a few reviews, but it's hard to recommend anything without knowing what you like. Lots of guys on this forum go crazy for breast bondage and gags, which happen to do nothing for me.

Getting the bondage Classics DVDs are a good idea. Be sure to get 10 and 11, which I would consider must haves.


Wednesday, June 18th 2003 - 10:48:29 AM

Name: Paulus

Nice :) Please keep up the pictures from that movie. I like how she still has some shreds of her bra left...

Thursday, June 19th 2003 - 09:18:59 AM

Name: DHT

I wrote the man himself to ask about SOB 7, and he says it should be on his site next week (23-27 june).

Let's keep our friggin' fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 20th 2003 - 10:06:58 AM

Name: Paulus

Seriously?? I haven't heard anything about SOb7 on here yet?? What the heck? who is in it? wow!

Friday, June 20th 2003 - 10:13:15 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

I have not posted here in a long time, but I have been checking in from time to time. I have a question to people here familiar with the BDSM video scene back in the 80's.

Little Oral Annie (aka Annie Owens aka Annie Parducci) did a number of bondage vids during a short period of time. Several that I have seen are "The Sadistic Adventures of Annie and Maria" - TAO, "Nurse With a Curse" -TAO, "Andrea's Fault" - BonVue, and "Judi's B&D Slave School" - BonVue. Anybody into breast bondage either knows or should know abut these movies - Annie's breasts look absolutely amazing in bondage. I am looking to get information on her other bondage work, specifically "Sister Eve" - Video de Sade.

Sister Eve seems to be virtually impossible to find on the net, and the company, Video de Sade, reportedly went out of business a long time ago. Is anyone familiar with this company and/or this specific video?

One more thing - is anyone familiar with "School Dayz" by B&D Pleasures?

Thanks much.

Friday, June 20th 2003 - 10:50:03 AM

Name: dennis
E-mail address: bigden1962 @yahoo.com

i wish there was more photos of women on buzzsaws the kind with a belt that is what i would like to see

Friday, June 20th 2003 - 04:23:52 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Thanks again, Scribbler, it's great to see the pics at the top of the page.

Man, Chandra looks "sweet", huuh? I really miss her. Lisa is a beauty, but Chandra was my fave.

I have a review of Tiffany Twisted I will post soon. I like that movie even better after re-watching it.

Rick, we need more flix!


Friday, June 20th 2003 - 06:10:55 PM

Name: Scribbler

zee-ef-ex: No problem, zee.

Bondage Classics: I noticed the DVD versions of Bondage Classics at Lyndon's site are no longer at the $14.95 price, they're $24.95 or $39.95 (the more expensive ones also include a bonus photo gallery). I wonder if these are the better transfer versions Baronorca (I think it was) mentioned. I also hope the bonus photo gallery ones are hi quality photos to access/see via your computer, not the TV screen (that would be lame).

Anyone know?

Since they're more expensive now, I think I'll give them my quick ratings.

The following available on DVD or VHS (I've only seen VHS versions)...
Bondage Classics 1: A
Bondage Classics 2: D-
Bondage Classics 4: D-
Bondage Classics 5: B- if it contains the loop 'Final Settlement' still, tho it doesn't mention it, if not: C-
Bondage Classics 6: A
Bondage Classics 7: C; I do like the 'A Slave to His Pleasures' loop (loop gets an 'A'), but the rest, eh.
Bondage Classics 8: B
Bondage Classics 9: D-
Bondage Classics 10: A
Bondage Classics 11: A
Bondage Classics 12: C+

on VHS only (so far)...
Bondage Classics 13: A
Bondage Classics 14: didn't see it
Bondage Classics 15: B, mainly due to poor transfer
Bondage Classics 16: C-, only liked 'Bound and Delivered' loop
Bondage Classics 17: B
Bondage Classics 18: didn't see it
Bondage Classics 19: B-, poor transfer, I think all past 15 are poor transfers
Bondage Classics 20: didn't see it, or 21 or 22.

Friday, June 20th 2003 - 10:55:48 PM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Love the cheerleader from Perilous U. The last pic really highlights her tits and her vulnerable position. Just the kind of pic, and girl, I love to see. If I had 5 minutes with her, I bet I could 'persuade' her to go to the prom with me.

Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 11:58:56 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lyndondistributors.com/videos/pages/vid01bc.html

Chase wrote: Just the kind of pic, and girl, I love to see. If I had 5 minutes with her, I bet I could 'persuade' her to go to the prom with me.

Well, sure. If she were tied up like that, it would be easy! :)

Scribbler: Thanks for the grades on the Bondage Classics. To what do you attribute some of those grades? You have some D minuses in there, along with some A's. Hard to believe any of the HOM loops would merit such low grades. Although...I went to the site and checked out the titles on the boxes, and most of my favorite loops are on the same volumes that you gave A's, so I think you're right on the money as far as that goes. Titles like "Rope Burn" and "High Strung" (Volume 1), "The Interrogation" (Volume 6) and "Forced Entry" (Volume 13) are all on volumes that got the highest grade.

I haven't seen all the HOM bondage classics so your list is very helpful, thanks.

Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 10:06:18 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

You can also get Bondage Classics DVD's at Laser's Edge and/or CD Universe. Not sure which one's they have but I know they had at least 6 to 8 to choose from. I've seen 'em (not all) there for as little as $12.00 in the past. A couple of Dan Hawks also for around $26.00 if I remember right.


Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 10:08:25 PM

Name: Rod
E-mail address: duke37@hotmail.com

Thanks Scribbler for your grades on the BC series.

Speaking of HOM (again), do you know if Whitman or other artists produced feature films (full length &/or with live sound)during the Barbara Behr years of HOM? Everybody knows the BC loops, magazines and photosets, but as far as feature films go, it seems like they waited until the birth of Bizarre TriStar / CalStar in the early 80's to produce films (Tourist Trap, The Experiment etc...). Right or wrong ?

TAO : Unfortunately, I've never seen a single video made by them so far but the stills are fantastic (and so is Little Oral Annie). Are the TAO and HOM stories similar?


Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 05:57:29 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

> Speaking of HOM (again), do you know if Whitman or other artists produced feature films (full length &/or with live sound)during the Barbara Behr years of HOM?

Geez, thanks for making me feel old. No, there weren't any videos prior to the Cal TriStar stuff because there was no such thing as consumer video recorders till the early 80s (I still remember hunting far and wide to find blank tapes for less than $20 each). Outside of the 8mm loops, there were no larger features made on film.

It looks like Scribblers ratings are almost along the lines of a good rating if there's Blakemore material and a poor one if there isn't. The videos, like the magazines basically broke apart on those two lines.

Here's a few updated ratings as I'd see them.

Bondage Classics 12: B
Bondage Classics 14: C, mostly a collection of short clips from photo shoots, no Blakemore
Bondage Classics 17: A
Bondage Classics 20-22 are mostly Harmony loops and of marginal interest to somebody who isn't a fan of that style

TAO has a website at http://www.taoprod.com/ The site is gated by AVS, so I don't know if the video store is selling their old loops or is only a streaming site. Their loops were generally more fetishy and there wasn't a lot of manhandling, but there were a lot of pretty damsels that were kidnapped and sometimes tied on screen. Interestingly, the early video collections were dubbed with dialogue.

Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 07:32:43 AM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

I wrote: Just the kind of pic, and girl, I love to see. If I had 5 minutes with her, I bet I could 'persuade' her to go to the prom with me.

Ralphus wrote: Well, sure. If she were tied up like that, it would be easy!

My reply: Yessir, that's the point!

Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 01:08:37 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

It looks like Scribblers ratings are almost along the lines of a good rating if there's Blakemore material and a poor one if there isn't.

True: while I based the grades on whether I liked the loops on a particular BC vid or not, turns out I liked the Blakemore loops much better than the non-Blakemore loops. Who woulda guessed! Some exceptions tho: The 'A Slave to his Pleasures' loop isn't a Blakemore I think, but I kinda like the loop, mainly the stripping of model out of her leotard with scissors. (Not that this is any big deal in itself ideawise, but how they filmed it grabbed me somehow, her reactions had something to do with it. This model did work with Blakemore on other stuff, including the meathook EP loop.) BC5 wasn't Blakemore I don't think either, but it had some stuff going for it, ergo the B- or C-. BC17 was Blakemore, but the transfer from 8mm to video was rather poor, at least on my tape, so while it would get an A or A- from me on content, it get's a B for quality control.

Are the TAO and HOM stories similar?

Been a long while since I've seen any TAO. As I recall, an couple of them I saw had their moments, usually the ones which I thought had an very hot model. Wasn't enough to set me out in search of any of them later on, tho. That said, I've never seen any Oral Annie video, just some stills here and there.

Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 05:23:49 PM

Name: Iago

Hey gang, long time no See.

I just stopped by to check the Reviews By Ralphus (TM) on Dirty Dreams of Lisa Kinkaid and SOB6. They were both great, as always. Thanks again for that service, Ralphus.

Also, I saw a post or two wondering about the SOB7 trailer. I was just at the ZFX site and Rick has video trailers and pics up. It looks very promising.



Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 06:48:10 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Nice catch there, Iago! I just checked out the teaser for SOB-7: Upside-down suspension, needle injection to the nipple, electric shock, force-feeding, whipping, enemas, rape...looks like some damned exciting stuff. ZFX is back! With a new DVD coming out, plus an update to the site, can a visit from The Man to our forum be far behind?

BTW, what's with this "long time, no see" stuff? You need to come visit us more often, dude!

Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 07:49:30 PM

Name: Paulus

Well I got bondage classics 5 in and had a chance to watch it this weekend. Overall I was a bit disappointed...I didn't realize there would be no "sound" just some cheesey music. I really like to hear protests, screams, cries etc....that takes a lot away from it. Also, for some reason the women always have panties on or straps hiding their pussies. What's up with that? Was it illegal to do show that? I love how in SOB6 they played with that cute blonde's pussy and we got to see it all in close up detail. Also how in Dan's videos he treats us to nice closeups....

Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 09:53:53 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

SOURCE FOR DVDs (Bondage Classics, ZFX, etc.)

I have not seen it posted here, but I found a site that lists porn distributors by the price of each DVD title here: http://www.adultdvdtalk.com - they actually have sone ZFX DVDs for prestty cheap at some of these sites, and Bondage Classics titles for as little as $8.95. There are also sellers on eBay that sell the BC DVD series for something like $7.95 per title, but I have never bid on one of those, so I cannot vouch for their authenticity.

Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 11:56:14 AM

Name: Paulus

I just don't think any of the ZFX vids I have are ones with chandra in them. She looks so hot in all these pics you've shown Im sure I'd have remembered her. So what happened to her anyway? I hope we hear from rick about SOB7...where are the clips from it? I couldn't find any. can someone post a link? Ralphus did you order it yet? Can't wait till your review.

Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 03:24:08 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/gimp1999/may99.html

Paulus: Rick e-mailed me and said he was working on a post for the board; I think he's just really busy right now.

I assume he'll get with me regarding a copy of SOB-7 for review; it's definitely one I'm looking forward to, especially since Part 6 was such a winner.

Here's the direct URL to see the teaser trailer:

South of the Border 7

Chandra Sweet is much beloved by ZFX fans; Rick posted about her back on May 25, 1999 about why she's no longer with ZFX. You can go directly there by clicking on my Homepage URL above. Maybe he can tell us more about her when he posts this next time.

Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 04:56:21 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com

Greetings to All,

Been awhile since Ive posted, as Ralphus has appraised you, I've been very busy working on DVD conversions, etc. Ill make up for lost time with this uber long one!

Just so your aware, heres what weve got on DVD thus far, True Detective, Maximum Desade, Hardbound Television, Hell bound, Tied Tales, Doc Bondage, Binding Contract, Total Restraint, Peril Age, Southern Discomfort, The Misadventures of Lois Payne, Flesh for Fantasy, Scene of the Crime and Guinea Pigs. I mainly started on these titles because the dupe masters(the ones we dupe from, not the actual masters) were in pretty rough shape and need to be fixed badly. I will probably be skipping around a bit more now. Right now Im working on converting the South of the Border series 1-5, that should be out next month. As far as new shows, South of the Border 7: Breaking Point is out and available to order on the ZFX site.

Also, the Fan portion of the site has been updated(the part behind the Adult Check), theres a new Poser series, Monster Men, as well as a few trailers added, the Model Database has also been updated. There is also a SOB7clip there.

Paulus: Running ZFX is a full time job and then some. I also agree about the DVD section,definately needed one, I had this done over the weekend.

School Dayz 86: Man, that was the first B&D pleasures movie I ever saw, and quite possibly the first dedicated BD movie I ever laid eyes on. As I remember, it was OK, nothing great, but since it was my first full out B&D movie, I was really happy about getting to see it. One memorable scene was with Viper, a pretty red head except for a HUGE full body tat of...you guessed it, a snake, running down her side. She was being tormented by Bill Marigold, a ubiquitous porn dude who I believe was Vipers S. O. at the time. I think he was in one of Forbiddens Pieces not to long ago. Anyway, Bill played a mentally challenged fella who thought he was helping poor Viper who was tied to a saw horse and was ball gagged with a blue ball gag. That was the first ball gag I ever saw and I was like...wow thats kinda cool! Anyway, the idea was that Bill thought he was helping her by whipping and spanking the begeezus outta her and Viper couldnt really say anything intelligible to change his mind. The other shows you mentioned Ive not seen, nor do I know much about Oral Annie, but TAO seemed to be a pretty big company in the early 80s and then kinda fell off the face of the earth around the time of the Meese Inquisition. Im not sure whether they got busted, or just decided to lay low permanently or what. I've not seen much of their stuff, but what I have seen (a show called Sadistic Sweethearts) was not bad. Pretty dam ruff as I remember, but it was kinda Slave Masterish, a husband master and his slave wife and that aspect was not too appealing. Anyone have any info on TAO? It would be interesting to know some of the history there.

BBfan/Where to buy: (Shameless self plug #200) Dont give your money to adultdvdtalk or these other throat cutting bastards. Buy from ME at www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com where your money will go back into the product rather than up the nose of some dude who couldnt give a shit less about ZFX (or you) other than how it fattens up his bank account. Besides, if you want SOB7, 'ole adult DVD talk, DVD empire, lasers edge etc. dont have any and I'm in no rush to give them any, heh. If you want SOB7, steep right up sonny boy, I got one with your name on it right cheeeer...Seriously, I know some folks are on a tight budget, and no, we are not the cheapest, but I guarantee we will give you the best service bar none. We are the only ZFX retailer that has every ZFX title in stock 24-7 ready to ship and many multiple copies on our shelves. ZFX never runs out, and if we do, we just make more...This means you wont be waiting for stuff for a month like you will with the guy whos operating out of an apartment somewhere, ordering each piece as he gets the orders, then waiting till someone ships it to him before he ships it to you.. Sure he can do it cheaper cause hes got no overhead, hes holding no stock, plus hes hawking most every porno tape on the planet and youll be assailed by 50 popups where he will sell you data to Gator or whoever tracks people on the web. We only sell ZFX/Shockwave Products, but we do it well. If getting the product rapidly means something to you, and good service is important, give us a try. Plus we got hot naked chicks chained up in the back who rub their tits and pussies on every DVD shipped...ok that last parts not true... but the rest of it is. We want your business!!!!

Ok, thats it for now, I still have about 120 DVDs to convert so I need to get back to work:P.


Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 05:59:15 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

The Chandra pic "Not sure what that is, but I love Chandra's expression".

I think this is right after she's been run through the ringer and she thinks that nothing worse can happen to her...but then is told...that she's just won a date w/Ralphus. What else could explain that "Oh my God" look ;)


Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 09:17:07 PM

Name: BBMan

Not sure if Rick has noticed, but the new streaming previews do not seem to work...SOB 7, 6 & High Strung.

It's been some time since I've visiting his site or watched his work, though I have been an avid fan over the years. Can't wait to see previews of some of the newer movies like those above.

Also, can someone tell me who the lovely, buxom gal is strung up on the site entry page; she's wearing blue panties and a black bra - at least for now!

Thanks, BB

Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 04:56:12 AM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Rick, great to her that you are alive, although I know all too well about being busy.

Now imagine my suprise when I read "Also, the Fan portion of the site has been updated(the part behind the Adult Check), theres a new Poser series, Monster Men, as well as a few trailers added, the Model Database has also been updated." I thought maybe after all these years I might actually get my name "up in lights" but alas I am still not mentioned with the dudes.

To all my loyal fans I say we boycott ZFX until I get the due credit that I deserve. Are you with me? BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!!

(standard disclaimer 101) To all those who dont know me this post was all tounge in cheek humor (or was it)(insert evil laugh here) Ha Ha Ha.

Peace All
Mad Dog

Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 02:44:40 PM

Name: Damien

Hi all, Just dropped by to say a quick 'hi' to my old palls. Glad to see I'm back just in time to see Mad Dog has joined my boycot (for his own reasons, of course...lol). And, sorry to say, not even disappointed to see that since I've been away, just 3 new titles were released....Still hope that I've just browsed through the new titles to fast, and find there are actually many, many more new titles (like in the good ol'days...).

And where did all the thumbnails on new titles go?????

Ahhh...good to be back...:-) Damien

Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 04:18:28 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Damien: Good to finally hear from you again. And such is your trademark, you're bitching about something. You were always good for stirring up controversy. God, I missed that!

Welcome back to the forum, and you've got some catching up to do and a few new ZFX tapes to watch...or not watch if you're still boycotting ZFX like you used to. I guess some things never change :)

Mad Dog: The reason you're not mentioned with the other dudes is because I'm sure Rick is planning on devoting an entire page in your honor. I guess he just hasn't quite gotten around to it yet. But keep on waiting. I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 04:59:58 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~ooohhhh ;)

Mad Dog~"but alas I am still not mentioned with the dudes." What...you wanna be listed with the chicks? ;)

WOW, Damien and Rick on the same day. Iago a few days ago. Seems like old times. Can a visit from the Gimp himself be far behind?


Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 09:13:07 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Mad Dog~Yeaugh, yeaugh, yeaugh...I know....I mis-read your post. But hey, it's still a thought for some billing. ;)


Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 09:39:58 PM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

First, regarding the pic.

I think using Saran Wrap would work better because, if you use the good stuff, it clings to just about anything immediately. It would be interesting to give a model an ultimatum of performing a sexual act, before her air runs out. Gives her added incentive, eh? Of course there's a problem if you chose a BJ in that you'd have to poke a hole in the saran wrap for your maleness, and she could breathe through that opening.

Second, got any X-rack pics? I've seen a few in some scenes, and a model tends to look great when tied on one. The rack can be stood upright or laid down flat. In either case, the model is nicely spread out and firmly tied, her charms on display for everyone to see.

Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 04:45:56 AM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Forgot to ask if anyone has seen "Curious Obsession," made by Jim Weathers from BondageCafe.com. It features a very modern looking rack with self-locking shackles. I wanted to know if anyone could recommend it.

Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 04:49:13 AM

Name: Paulus

Does anyone know if you need "adult check" to access the sample clips and pics from SOB7? The link Ralphus posted doesn't work anymore.

Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 09:42:20 AM

Name: DHT
E-mail address: omac4w@yahoo.com

DUDES!!!!!!! help me out!!!!!

I see SOB7 is orderable on the ZFX site, and I want to order the thing right fk'n now,...

Can someone tell me if the DVD has any extras not on the VHS? I don't want to order the DVD otherwise.

please help!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 10:48:17 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.bondagecafe.com/CuriousObsession/index.html

Chase: Above is the direct link to Curious Obsession. I checked out the trailer and the pics. That Emily Marilyn is certainly a fox, and she looks really hot here. I know her from the Part Time Two tape that zee-ef-ex reviewed here a while back. That was a good video, but I'm not sure I would order this one myself because I'm not into girl-girl tapes. But she's definitely a candidate for the ZFX treatment. Rick needs to give her a call STAT!

Paulus: Yeah, the link went bad, but try it again. It seems to be working now.

DHT: SOB-7 DVD extras? Well, Rick would have to confirm this, but I know all his new titles so far have featured extras; I think it's just the older stuff that he said it was too time-consuming. At any rate, I think the DVD costs the same as the VHS and you know it will have better picture quality, so to me it's a no-brainer.

Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 01:54:58 PM

Name: BtB

Just checked out the short preview of SOB 7 - it looks nice (I especially like what looks like Osama getting what he deserves from one of the lovely ZFXers!). Is there really a force feeding scene in there? One of my favourite fantasies, and I'd love to see it done well.

Keep up the good work, Rick, and also everyone on the forum - keep up the entertaining chatter.

Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 09:13:29 PM

Name: eeeteee
E-mail address: eeeteee@nodomain.com

Rick asked: Anyone have any info on TAO? It would be interesting to know some of the history there.

http://www.taoprod.com/ is still around. Here's what I remember ... Tao had some connection with Golden Ram Productions during the early to mid 1980's. This connection transcended to both photo sets and videos. Some of the great photo sets made their way into magazines (Bondage Master v3n2, Crime & Punishment v2n3, Pain & Punishment n1,n2, Uptight v2n1). Complete sets were sold mail order through a CO outfit called Fantasy Fotos (as advertised in the TAO pubs). They also did custom hard SM photo sets. Video productions included Sadistic Sweetheart, Bitch Busters, Bound & Abused, Hooked Up Hooker, Fetish Phone Fantasy, Bondage Incest, The X Wife, Lesbian Lark, and Walk To Line). They also released additional titles through other companies (Dianna's Destiny, an enema title, etc.). These vids featured real SM action and had similar themes in the tradition of classic M. Cole and ZFX.

After viewing their vids and mag photo sets, I was curious about their mail order photo sets, so I ordered one. They did not disappoint ... One day, toward the late 1980's, the Feds came knocking at my door investigating Fantasy Fotos for using an underage model. Apparently, they were only confisgating all Fantasy Foto orders and took the one set along with their photo catalog. What a scary collector situation, but luckily, that was all they were interested in. After that point, TAO removed Golden Ram's harder SM Video productions from their catalogs and stopped printing their photo sets.

Side note: a few of the lost photo sets continued to show up on http://www.taoprod.com/ and http://www.torturegalaxy.com web pages. Also, I noticed that TAO re-released Fetish Phone Fantasy and Bitch Busters. Anyone else know anything?


Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 02:09:24 AM

Name: Paulus

the picture quality on the DVD's is just so much better than VHS, its really not debatable which to get since they're the same price!! Ok, having the Feds show up at your door is pretty damned scary. Jeez..

Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 01:33:43 PM

Name: Wild Bill

Is that Tourist Trap?

Sunday, June 29th 2003 - 10:47:42 AM

Name: Lurker
E-mail address: lonely@home.org

Rene' Baker in HOM's Tourist Trap. Hope you have more of her.

Sunday, June 29th 2003 - 11:07:36 AM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Ralphus: Thanks for your input about Curious Obsession. I'd rather have a guy doing the tormenting, but the only actor who knew what he was doing in that regard, in my opinion, was Jeremy Whitman. The other guys I have seen have not been convincing at all. Whitman had the air of fatherly menace, which is difficult to pull off successfully. So, I'm willing to settle for girl-girl providing the acting is good.

Sunday, June 29th 2003 - 01:27:18 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Wild Bill, you are the winner! I'll try to post some more stills from this bondage classic in the days to come.

Chase: Whitman was a great one, but is he the only one who could pull it off successfully? Geez, what about ZFX's very own Rick Masters, or Brian Dunhill or Joseph Marx? They are three of the best ZFX villains, guys who were both mean and scary and showed an obvious love for their work, even to the point of cracking demeaning jokes at their victims while inflicting punishment. I love it when the tormentors laugh at the girls and make wisecracks that show that they are enjoying watching them suffer. Dunhill is probably my favorite. Try watching ZFX's Gangstarr for the dynamic combination of Dunhill's verbal abuse and Monica Moore's anguished screaming and you have some real top flight entertainment there!

Sunday, June 29th 2003 - 08:08:20 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

TAO~HOM and TOA were actually my first exposure to formalized bondage (meaning, not from TV). Curiously enough it was a sex diveristy story in Playboy where I got the address to request a catalog. Coulnd't believe my eye's when it arrived! "Bondage Classics", "Hogtie", "Teenagers in Bondage", "Strict", were a few of the titles back then. This was prior to the consentual B&D that followed to where HOM became just a shadow of it's formal self.

I quickly ordered a few magazines and was totally blown away with the "Bondage Classics" and a few of the other HOM series of magazines. TAO wasn't bad but, although in the same vein as HOM, chose to have the models keep their panties on. Not all, but most. So I quickly migrated over to HOM exclusively as I would always be dissapointed in some way by TAO. If it wasn't for the panties, then it was becuase a lot of their models weren't up to par w/HOM's. Interesting concepts, good bondage, good locals...but always something missing.

Back then HOM and TAO were the top two in the field as the others seemed to offer the love bondage or heavy S&M, and I really wasn't into S&M at all back then. This was also when I discovered RDF (RFD?). A real good mix of B&D and S&M. But like I said, my personal tastes hadn't evolved to where it is now and I could kick myself for only having picked up one title back then. As far as I know, RDF was also the first company who did stuff like EWP does now, as I remember one of their titles was called "Hooker Punished for Hanging and Death", or something to that effect. I would really love to see that title to see how it compared to with whats happing now.

Also since I'm on the topic of magazines, I want to once again ask if anyone has any info to what happened to a magazine called "Seize". In recollection, this was actually my first exposure to B&D. It was a thin leafed magazine instead of the thick paper of the HOM type. More in the line of something you would find at a newsstand as far as the physical material of the magazine goes. Stories and articles and lots of pictures. Some pretty intense, like blood come from a pair of tits crushed with a pair of pliers and stuff like that. I remember one picture in particular, it showed about 40 naked and bound women sitting on the floor of a large room with a masked kidnapper as he's entering with another naked and bound victim thrown over his shoulder. Any info anyone?

Good stuff Maynard!


Monday, June 30th 2003 - 02:10:24 PM

Name: Paulus

Love the picture. I am a big fan of breast torture etc. Speaking of which, in the preview video for SOB7 it looks like there's some mighty fine breast bondage in there. Some of those scenes looked incredibly sexy.

Monday, June 30th 2003 - 04:06:05 PM

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