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April 2003

Name: Rod
E-mail address: duke37@hotmail.com

Gonzo - Speaking of vintage Whitman on dvd, I recently ordered a dvd-r transfer of Erotic Perversions from videodungeon.net. "If I ever do get it, and if the quality of the transfer is reasonable" etc...


Tuesday, April 1st 2003 - 09:49:01 AM

Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com

Greetings to One and All!

Happy 4th anniversary to Ralphus, the GIMP site, and everyone who posts or even reads the many words placed on these pages. A special thanks to the Gimp (where ever you are) who started this thing many long years ago, and Ralphus whos done a great job upgrading the site!

A couple of quick comments:

DVD conversions: Someone had asked about what I've got converted thus far. I have finished True Detective, Maximum Desade, Hellbound, Hardbound Television, Doc Bondage and Binding Contract. There will be another 4-8 released per month (possibly more as I get to newer material that isn't so badly edited) until the catalog is completely converted. Some of these older shows are simply edited so appallingly that some cleaning up was definitely in order, and any scenes that were truncated or cut due to content are being restored. I am at the moment going chronologically oldest to newest, so it may be a while before I get to some resent material.

Per: Nice work man!!!!

Leather Rose: This guy Hans is a total scum sucking bootlegger, I had to pay him a visit a few years back to persuade him to stop bootlegging my stuff. I wouldn't buy anything from this cocksucker, he's a thief, plain and simple. HOM owns these shows, give the man who created these marvelous shows his props, hes no longer around, but his family is and they make a living from this catalog stuff. Thats my 2.5 cents.....


Tuesday, April 1st 2003 - 03:08:14 PM

Name: Wild Bill

A quick question for Rick. When you are converting the old tapes to DVD are you keeping the soundtracks the same or are you going to thin out some of that synthesizer music that runs through out? I've always liked the Nina Dew scenes in Maximum DeSade but would have prefered to hear more sound from her then the synthesizer permitted. Just thought I'd ask. Wild Bill

Tuesday, April 1st 2003 - 03:56:06 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com

Hi Bill,

Yep, the sounds being remixed, in many cases the music levels were way high and are being adjusted down. I cant remember for sure if that scene was adjusted specifically, but the music levels in general are beings adjusted down in most cases.


Tuesday, April 1st 2003 - 06:09:45 PM

Name: Scribbler

Great to hear the music levels being dropped. I almost always find zfx music soundtracks seem to devalue zfx vids, rather than enhance them. I hope that drone-buzz synth breaks someday :)

Tuesday, April 1st 2003 - 08:35:11 PM

Name: Scribbler

I also hope you're using your nonlinear editor's image control filters to enhance the video image, cause that's even slightly more important than the sound. Especially the early stuff not shot on DV. If any of it was shot on VHS or even S-VHS, it's gonna need it. If shot on Beta, not needed too much (if at all).

Tuesday, April 1st 2003 - 08:43:41 PM

Name: Paulus Atreides

Finally Rick has the movies in DVD format listed at the top of the catalog :) But since he converted mostly older movies I have no idea which to get. Ralphus do you remember anything about those older movies like maximum desade for example?

Wednesday, April 2nd 2003 - 09:17:23 AM

Name: Gonzo
E-mail address: bdfan02@yahoo.com

Nothing would make me happier than if the origional Cole/Whitman masters were used to create a DVD and the profits went to the creator, or to his relatives. Ok, maybe I would be even more happy is some of the profits went to the models who went through a lot and probably got a pittance for it. At any rate, I wrote HOM asking if there were any chance that this stuff would ever see the light of day on newly released video or better yet - DVD. The answer was no. Frankly Rick, I think you should open up a side business, selling them yourself, so that the profits could go to the worthy cause of more G.I.M.P. material for G.I.M.P. lovers.

I've been cruising this forum a while. I know that much of you work has been inspired by this older stuff. For the longest time, I could not find an origional copy ANYWHERE. The closest I have come has been the failure of buying grainy, 10th generation copies on Ebay that I end up throwing away. I only recently learned that they can be had at smvideo.com. I'd love to know if these are copies of copies or not, and who gets the money for them. But it doesn't matter too much to me because I have switched entirely to DVD.

So I've been seeing you and DH and Scribbler talking about these great old Col/eWhitman stuff for a while. Until recently the closest I ever came to seeing anything myself was when I went to Amsterdam. Can you believe that? Well I finally got Curiosity Excited the Kat on DVD, and lemme tellya, I am very, very pleased. NOW I finally see why this stuff is so revered. I'm not real happy with the idea that these loops have to be rare material, privy only to a select few. It's regretable that whomever owns the rights to this material lacks the good sense to release it, but that's just not my problem.

FWIW you do have my word that I neither endorse, nor engage in buying bootlegged material that can be bought through legitimate channels. All my ZFX stuff is origional.



Wednesday, April 2nd 2003 - 10:18:55 AM

Name: Per
E-mail address: kelderek@hotmail.com

Thanks, Rick! I know you have used Poser as well, there are examples on your site. As a matter of fact, I think that the first site where I saw a reference to the name of the software was your site... So in a way you are partly responsible for the suffering of the unfortunate ladies in my pictures ;-)


a.k.a. Kelderek

Wednesday, April 2nd 2003 - 10:19:26 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Per~Another great pic! I love the glistening effect. In real, other than ZFX and maybe a few others, sweat is often forgotten. It adds so much. After all, it is a side effect of heavy torture, and helps protray the image as we see it as such.


Wednesday, April 2nd 2003 - 06:00:00 PM

Name: Paulus Atreides

I was wondering, how come the girls in kelderek's pictures have strange skin colors?? She doesn't look white, brown or black, she looks alien... I guess noone thinks much of that hajime guy I mentioned...I should be getting the book i ordered soon! Ralphus can I email you a picture to post here??

Wednesday, April 2nd 2003 - 08:17:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Paulus: I wrote Rick about possibly reviewing the older stuff since it's being re-released on DVD and he wasn't too keen with the idea, saying he didn't know if it would be worth rehashing the old stuff. I have a couple of diverging opinions on this. Number one, I actually do think that Rick has a gold mine of treasures that would benefit from new reviews. Just because I've seen all his work since ZFX started in the early nineties doesn't mean a lot of other new fans have. I know he's put out some awesome titles that will probably be overlooked by the masses simply because they are older and people don't know a lot about them. Re-releasing classic titles creates a new showcase for older work, and I know that with real (non-bondage) movies, I will go back and buy a favorite film that I've seen years before if it's released on DVD, with sharper picture quality and extra features. I think this could work for ZFX's catalog of classic tapes, but unless they have some publicity, my guess is that a lot of his titles will slip through the cracks relatively unnoticed.

As far as relying on me to remember something I watched 11 years ago, I'm afraid my memory fails me quite a bit on a lot of ZFX's older tapes. I did mention what I recalled about Maximum DeSade on this board a while back (it's a good one), but on another recently released tape, Tru Detective, I couldn't honestly say.

That said, I'm not really sure I'm up to going back and reviewing 100 ZFX movies. Like I wrote Rick, it would be a daunting job, and I'm not sure I want to take on the extra work. I'm already behind in writing three more (non-ZFX) reviews for this board, and while I do get compensated with free tapes, my free time is limited (even more so lately) and reviews take time to write, plus I sometimes I lose my enthusiasm if I have to review a tape that kinda sucks. The good ones are fun to go back and write about. I honestly haven't seen one lately that really rang my bell.

BTW, anyone who wants pictures posted here need only e-mail me and I will try to get it on the board. No zip files please, just for safety's sake.

Per: I'm glad your work is getting the adoration it deserves. When I was going through the archives in setting up those new reviews sections, I got stuck reading some of the comments and discussions we used to have, and you added positive things to the board, so it's good to have you back here and posting again. I'd love to see Gary Roberts return and post here again, too. He's another artist (and bondage producer) whose work I admire, and he always added a unique perspective to our site. Haven't seen him around for a couple of years.

Wednesday, April 2nd 2003 - 09:17:21 PM

Name: Paulus Atreides

Oh well! I'm going to wait till some of the newer ones are available on DVD then. not really into trying them out just in case they're any good and finding out it sucks. like I didn't like guinea pigs 4 for example... I soooo want SOB4 on DVD...i actually wanted sob4 but i stupidly specified "latest SOB title" and it turns out SOB5 came out just then heheh. that's ok, but i really wanted to see that whipping scene with Lisa and the bald guy. that guy is so cool, i like the way he has fun whipping girls. haha.

Thursday, April 3rd 2003 - 09:43:56 PM

Name: the Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

Seeing how it was the BOTG's 4th aniversary recently, I decided to wait til the 4th day of this, the 4th month to announce my new site. It's free. Go have a look.

Friday, April 4th 2003 - 01:29:11 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Lana Clarkson alert~Lana, being to topic of postings here recently, has a DVD currently on sale at "Critic's Choice Video". Just got a new catalog in the mail and it has a double feature video of Barbarian Queen and Barbarian Queen II on sale for $13.00 with free shipping.

Don't know much about Lana but just thought I'd let anyone who'd be interested know.


Friday, April 4th 2003 - 05:57:35 PM

Name: Paulus

I think its supposed to be SPILL, but it looks like they made a major goof on that title :)

Saturday, April 5th 2003 - 01:25:59 AM

Name: Rod
E-mail address: duke37@hotmail.com

A new (?) series of bondage videos has just been released on dvd (see lasersedge.com). The studio is 'P.T. International' and titles include 'Compelled by Restraints', 'House Of Ledermeister' (both starring Ashley Renee), 'Forced To Struggle', 'Her's To Control', 'Hostage Bound'. Never heard of them : most of them aredirected by "Deacon Blue" (???). Any information on this guy &/or the videos ?

Also available from lasersedge : 'The Dirty Dreams Of Lisa Kincaid' ! I'm a bit surprised : from what I'd read on this forum, I thought it was an exclusive product, only available from the ZFX store...

Saturday, April 5th 2003 - 04:05:44 AM

Name: JoeX


Ralphus may not remember Tru Detective (A.K.A. The Story of Sweet Nicole), but I remember it fondly as one of my favorite early ZFX videos.

Fans of extreme torture, or chloroform, or whatever, may not care for it, but if you wnat to see pretty women abducted and enslaved, this is a great choice.

My only complaint(well, I guess I could mention that rape was still a taboo back then)is that the villian lets one of the women go. What's up with that Rick? What kind of a self-respecting evildoer settles for two women kneeling, bound and naked, at his feet when he could have three? He should lose his union card.

Joeus X

Saturday, April 5th 2003 - 05:46:42 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.msn.com/OrcaHouse

PT International is re-releasing some of the old VidTech bondage videos on DVD. Not really great BD flicks, so only get if it stars a favorite performer (Catalina L'Amour).

Sunday, April 6th 2003 - 08:10:26 AM

Name: Rod
E-mail address: duke37@hotmail.com

Thanks Baron

I have fond memories of Catalina L'Amour in the HOM movie 'Enlisted', so I'll check out her Vidtech stuff. One of them - 'Hostage Bound' - features a villain named Dorian L'Amour. Since my last post, I visited allbondagevideos.com and took a look at the picture covers of the vidtech catalogue : some of them feature male/female outdoor bondage reminiscent of the old Whitman imagery (abduction by a military man, outdoor scenes etc...). It looks a lot better than the current Bizarre Video stuff, but I guess you can't judge a bondage flick by its cover

List of other regulars includes Kelli Thomas, Kerri Downs, Ashley Renee, Nikki Steele.

To be continued?...


Sunday, April 6th 2003 - 12:22:09 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

VidTech videos, in spite of occasionally having a box cover that looked like it might be of interest, are fairly lame. Bondage is fairly loose and, despite manhandling shown on the cover, was mostly nonexistant inside or done so lamely as to bore me. If you'd like to see Catalina L'Amour tied more snugly and manhandled by Dorian, check out Close-Up Concepts' SIN3 - INNOCENT WOMEN, which also includes Ashley Rene getting felt up (by a female intruder unfortunately) and a brief scene with Lorelei's blouse being ripped and her breasts squeezed.

Sunday, April 6th 2003 - 01:52:13 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

lasersedge.com has the Dirty Dream of Lisa Kincaid for $29.95, no less. It's what, $55.00 on the official website? I thought we were supposed to get an exclusive good deal on that "limited release" title.

Sunday, April 6th 2003 - 10:05:17 PM

Name: Paulus Atreides

This sucks! Remember I was expecting that NAGA book by hajime? For some stupid reason amazon.com said there's a delay and it won't ship till may 7th! that's nuts...i just cancelled it. i'll have to look elsewhere.

Monday, April 7th 2003 - 10:17:46 AM

Name: NHL

Can't wait to see

Monday, April 7th 2003 - 03:23:06 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/brutalvideos/comaward.htm


Coma Ward is a rather bizarre offering from Forbidden Video. It's not a rape film, not a bondage film, but more of a dark comedy, significant mainly because it stars Gauge, Forbidden's most popular performer, now a big adult star, making a return appearance with the company she began with. As the film opens, Gauge is a patient in a hospital, lying unconscious in her bed, in the throws of a yearlong coma. She is attended to by a caring nurse, played by Chenin Blanc.

The camera details all the action as the nurse removes Gauge's clothing, shaves around her pussy and gives her a sponge bath as she lays in bed. She cleans Gauge's breasts and works her way down to her pussy. As she is rubbing that area, she suddenly notices Gauge reacting to the stimulation. After a year in a coma she's showing some movement? The excited nurse immediately pages the only doctor on call, played by Kyle Stone.

The doctor is nursing a drink at a nearby bar, depressed over the news that his medical license has been suspended and he will most likely never practice medicine again. So when his beeper goes off announcing his help in the coma ward, he reluctantly heads out for what he thinks will be his final assignment.

When the doctor learns that the patient responded to clitoral stimulation, and taking a look at the beautiful Gauge in her bed, he decides what the heck? Let's have some fun and go out in style! He openly massages her breasts in full view of the watching nurse. "But doctor," the nurse advises, "she responded when her clitoris was touched."

"I have to check on her general state of health first," he replies. "We'll get to the sweet spot soon enough."

He eventually moves on to her clitoris and gets the same response that the nurse did. So he moves on sticking his gloved fingers in her pussy and stimulating her there. At this point he comes up with an idea. The nurse is so eager to see Gauge recover that she will agree to anything. The doctor slyly suggests some "extreme measures". He tells her to suck on Gauge's breasts, and she willingly goes along with it.

"Are you in this for the long haul?" he asks.

"Whatever it takes," she replies. So this leads to her giving Gauge some oral sex, then she and the doctor work together sexually stimulating Gauge's body.

He tells the nurse to strip, telling her that Gauge is responding to the sexual energy in the room. "Nurse, I need you to suck my dick, stat!", he orders, and she obediently complies. This leads to the doctor having the unconscious Gauge perform oral sex on him, and ends with him fucking her until (surprise!) she awakens from her coma at last. Sexual Stimulation Therapy cured her! A medical miracle!

Kyle Stone, who was excellent in Forbiddens' Open House, gives another fine performance here, perfectly deadpanning his lines and getting the biggest laughs of the tape. Chenin previously played a not-so-bright victim in The Personal Trainer; she carries on the legacy of the dumb blonde by blindly granting Dr. Kyle's every filthy request. He must know what he's doing; he's a doctor! Gauge? Well, she's Gauge. With no speaking lines until the very end, she gets to just lay there and get sexually aroused by the others, maybe her easiest paycheck ever.

This was a tough one for me to grade. On one hand, it's a fairly entertaining comedy with appealing performers, fast-paced and well-directed. On the other hand, those looking for anything darker will probably wonder what the heck Forbidden was thinking when they made this one, since it has little in common with their other works other than the hardcore sex. Fans of Gauge's vanilla X-rated stuff with probably like it. While I was amused by it, I wasn't turned on at all by it. Still, I can accept it for what it is. My grade: C+

Monday, April 7th 2003 - 10:47:00 PM

Name: g-in-o

I've got to agree on the VidTech assesment, but ever so often they have a good moment. My favorite (recently rediscoverd on its re-release as a DVD is "Trapped and Tied"


"Trapped and Tied" is the story of a hiker (played by Molly Maxine) who is waylaid by a stalker in the woods who claims dibs on the spot where she deceided to camp. Story wise there is not much there. He confronts her, binds her, ties her on top of a abandoned car (an odd choice but it works) spanks her fine ass a pleasing red then reties her and abandons her naked and alone in the woods. Molly Maxine looks sort of like Kelly McKay.

Fans of the great outdoors should like it, although it comes up short in a number of crucial ways. The sun as an element is not really utilized (she really should have been staked out) and there is some problem with contrast when the filming is done between light and shadow. Stripping is given the short shrift with items of clothing removed between scenes. Her beating scene is nice though (with a tight crotch rope that had to add friction to the proceedings).

With a little work, this film could have been a whole lot better, although I have always liked it (especially Molly's hands hanging bound, useless at her side at the end. An oppertunity for a great ending was lost when, after being abandoned, another hiker (hikers?) could have arrived for extra innings.

Tuesday, April 8th 2003 - 08:21:30 AM

Name: Dan
E-mail address: drsteamie@hotmail.com

I was just curious to see whatever happened to my 2 favorite zfx bondage models - Christina Anderson & Monica Moore. They were by far (by my taste) the most beautiful girls ever to star in a ZFX movie. Any plans to bring them back again?

Tuesday, April 8th 2003 - 08:34:50 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html

g-in-o: Thanks for taking the time to write the review of Trapped and Tied. I added your review to the reader's review section and added a link where the tape can be purchased. As I mentioned before, if anyone else wants to review a tape for the forum, I will add it to this new section (URL above) so that anyone can easily read the reviews and decide if they are worthy of a purchase. I appreciate your latest contribution (and BTW, you're tied with Damien with 6 reviews now).

Tuesday, April 8th 2003 - 09:14:34 PM

Name: Unicoi

Ralphus, Thanks for all your work on this forum! What you have done with the review section is fantastic. It must have been a lot of work to cull through the archives for all those reviews, but availability of reliable information is a key ingredient to making video purchases. I don't know how many videos I have purchased over the years only to be disappointed because what I got was different than what I had expected. The review section here will be a great resource to all those seeking to purchase videos (and DVDs) and that should help the producers to make more sales.

Great job!

I have a small catalog of my own videos, and, when I find some time, I will post some reviews of videos that haven't been reviewed on the GIMP forum yet. Time has been in precious short supply for me lately due to a number of reasons. I will spare you the details of all that, but I wanted to say that my lack of recent posts isn't because of any lack of interest in the GIMP forum.

Wednesday, April 9th 2003 - 09:30:32 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.avn.com/articles/12203.html

Unicoi: Thanks for the kind words. Always looking forward to reading more reviews from you. I saw that the review you wrote was about Trick or Treat 2: The Pack Mule. What's interesting is that Steve at Forbidden Video e-mailed me after my latest review and told me that they have removed that tape at their lawyer's request, and it may be back, or it may not!

When I asked him why they would drop one of their best titles in the catalog, he wrote me back and said there are lots of changes going on in the adult video world, and the government is starting the crackdown. And he showed me this above link (in my Homepage URL) about Extreme Associates. They got raided by the police, who confiscated their model records and videotapes, apparently looking for ammunition for an obscenity charge. Extreme Associates is the "controversial" company that was featured in that American Porn expose last year on television. The reason for the controversy was that they made a sex tape that also featured (fake) snuff scenes. The tape was Forced Entry and it's a piece of crap, but it was one of the tapes they went after. Sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me; I doubt they could ever win a conviction, but they will no doubt cost them mega bucks in legal fees, which is probably their intention anyway. I'm so glad that in today's environment, with the nation at war and the economy in the crapper, that they still have their priorities and are attempting to do something really important and rid the nation of their adult entertainment just because some people don't like it. Makes me so proud.

Anyway, that's apparently the reason Forbidden Video is pulling TOT2 and that makes me mad because this one is a good tape! It makes no sense as to why pull that and not After School Surprise, for instance, since they both feature rape scenes. At any rate, if it doesn't come back, we'll know the reason why, and it's a loss to the public if that happens.

Wednesday, April 9th 2003 - 09:31:56 PM

Name: Paulus Atreides

that is so frikkin dumb. I can't believe they still got money and resources to waste time going after porn. Its unbelievable what these right wing religious groups can achieve. bastards.

Wednesday, April 9th 2003 - 11:27:14 PM

Name: Gonzo
Homepage URL: http://www.avn.com/articles/12213.html

Quite interesting - be sure to also check out Rob Blacks response.

Thursday, April 10th 2003 - 12:14:07 AM

Name: laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

Ralphus--Congrats. Great Job on organizing the reviews.

Friday, April 11th 2003 - 01:25:38 PM

Name: Sprocket99
E-mail address: sprocket99@email.com

I would also like to compliment Ralphus on his great changes to this site, as well as his excellent reviews. Hope you can keep up the good work.

Friday, April 11th 2003 - 10:33:19 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.bedroombondage.com/bondage/custom-video/index.html

Lorelei is offering professional custom videos at her site (clickable link above) for a little less than what I've seen elsewhere (under $1000). A wide range of models is available, from Lorelei to Darla Crane to pornstar Amber Michaels and probably just about any model who makes her home in the LA area. There aren't any limitations posted at the site, so this may well represent an opportunity where somebody can request a ZFX style video with their favorite West Coast model (though some models may have personal limits). This offer may not last and there hasn't been anything of this scope on her site before.

Saturday, April 12th 2003 - 11:08:14 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

RR: Thanks for the tip on the custom vids. Looks like some real cuties there, including Artemis Antone, who I've admired for years, and that one girl who looks like Betty Page. But the possible scenarios they list all look pretty...vanilla. More Harmony than ZFX, which is probably much more common, but unfortunately (for me, anyway) much more boring. I have a friend who likes ZFX and orders a lot of customs, and he is always trying to find some company that will make the type of films that Rick makes. The thing is, outside of Japan, nobody I've found comes close to making rape and torture films with the same intensity and cruelty as ZFX, which is why ZFX has few peers in the type of entertainment they offer.

I know you're friends with Lorelei, or at least one of her supporters. How explicit does she go in her work? Do they have actual videos available?

Sunday, April 13th 2003 - 07:42:53 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

RE: custom vids:

hard to imagine a custom video with Amber Michaels turning out boring, but maybe it's possible!

Anyway, some questions to the board. Anyone ever have a custom video done (where, how much, what was in it)? How'd it come out, was it what you expected, wanted? Was it worth the money you paid?

Sunday, April 13th 2003 - 08:52:10 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

Re: Custom vids.

> the possible scenarios they list all look pretty...vanilla. More Harmony than ZFX

What you're seeing is a listing of how to create the description of the video rather than a limitation of the kind of topics that can be covered. Harmony style stuff was described because that's the core BedroomBondage audience. At issue is the amount of time involved in trying to negotiate a custom video. If somebody sends in a twenty page proposal, that's an hour or so reading it and a lot of discussions to understand what's wanted. By forcing a short description, the customer has to focus what they want into a short description and not develop any expectations that every last inch of detail, in a twenty page script, will be covered.

Instead of the sample descriptions provided, one could as easily say:

Dark skirt, blouse, bra, panties, barefoot - clothing ripped off in scene
Chair tie
Wrists tied behind chair, ankles tied up and behind chair, ropes above & below breasts, around waist, all tied around chair and over arms
Cotton rope
Blouse ripped, bra cut off, electrical wires taped to nipples; model jerks spastically as current is applied from a battery, screaming in pain.
15 minutes

> I have a friend who likes ZFX and orders a lot of customs, and he is always trying to find some company that will make the type of films that Rick makes.

I don't know for sure what limits there are on the video, but it doesn't hurt to ask. The look and feel won't be exactly like ZFX because the director isn't exactly like Rick, so the end result might be more a melding of Harmony meets ZFX, but that could still be interesting. There might not be a warehouse setting available, so it might have to be done in a house setting. Lighting would be different (and from what I've seen in some ZFX videos, that could mean better).

> The thing is, outside of Japan, nobody I've found comes close to making rape and torture films with the same intensity and cruelty as ZFX, which is why ZFX has few peers in the type of entertainment they offer.

I have no affiliation with these custom videos, so I truly have no idea how far they'll go or how well they can mimic a ZFX type of fantasy. I'm making the assumption that anything can go as long as the desired model is willing to do it. Not every model will do a rape scene--Mary Jane, the Betty Page look-alike, won't because I asked her last year. Darla Crane will, but Darla's going to get a much higher model price. Artemis also does rape fantasy photo shoots (and does them on her site, though they're more like Lorelei's force fantasies than a brutal rape).

> How explicit does [Lorelei] go in her work? Do they have actual videos available?

Lorelei will probably go fairly explicit. Her FF stuff won't because she's trying to stay on the safe side of the law. I shot an FF set for her where she was tormented by a dildo and only angled shots are on the site, none of the penetration ones. She won't do a video with explicit male penetration because she'll only do it with Jon Woods and he won't expose himself. However, a faked rape could be done. You can look at my group to get an idea of what she's done.

Lorelei hasn't directed any force fantasy videos because she's more interested in photos. She's got one manhandling video of her that has yet to get placed on her streaming video site. Lorelei's site might never have a video line because it remains a personal site that she runs hands-on and there's no time to stuff envelopes with videotapes. I don't know how Rick deals with that aspect of the business. He usually seems to be kept busy just editing the videos.

If somebody can afford the price, this might be one of the few opportunities to have a custom video made with some of the top models on the West Coast and shot by a director with a lot of video experience. The price is in the same ballpark that I've seen other sites charge. The typical price I've seen is around a grand. I wouldn't bet on this offer lasting for long.

Sunday, April 13th 2003 - 10:01:26 PM

Name: ChandraLover
E-mail address: bjm15@hotmail.com

Wow, I am so glad to find this site. I have been a big fan of ZFX videos for quite a while. I especially LOVE seeing Chandra Sweet taunting and laughing at a poor, bound victim suffering a good whipping. The Violation of Vicki Fixx has a GREAT scene like this with Penelope Pace (gotta love seeing those BIG tits bounce!), where Chandra laughs in her face while Penelope gets whipped and then shocked.

Can anyone tell me if there are more ZFX videos like this? I know Chandra does some taunting in Vostock Core, but it is mostly just barely off-camera. In Liza Cord she does taunt the whipping victim for just a few seconds. Damn, she is so hot. She was just made to dominate other women.

Unfortunately, I don't like the new ZFX videos nearly as much as the old ones. I REALLY miss Chandra, Penelope and Tabatha Jordan, who was another great dominant woman. (The scene of Tabatha whipping Penelope in Supermax is my favorite ZFX scene ever).

Also, can anyone describe The Cheerleaders of Perilous U for me? I know Chandra is the victim in this video and Penelope is dominant, but what kinds of scenes does it feature? Specifically, is there any spread-eagle bondage and whipping? And does Penelope herself do any whipping and taunting, or does the male character do most of the work? Replies appreciated on this and my other question about scenes of Chandra taunting. Thanks!

Monday, April 14th 2003 - 02:57:32 PM

Name: Unicoi

Ralphus -- I completely agree that the Extreme Associates video Forced Entry was not worth the purchase. It in no way compares to the ZFX vidoe of the same title. It is unfortunate indeed that the fedarales in this country don't have enough to do without picking on harmless porn producers. It is too bad that Forbidden is feeling pressure to remove what is probably their best film (Trick or Treat II) from their website.

Has anyone seen Forbidden's new release Robobabe? It features Gage and it has some kind of bondage/rape scene. It is kind of hard to tell how good it is based on the few vidcaps adn the description on the Forbidden site.

Monday, April 14th 2003 - 04:26:47 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

Lorelei's response as to whether there's any limits to the custom videos (such as rape or torture): "I'm familiar with most fetishes so I'm not insulted by folks sending in unusual custom requests. Proposals don't have to stay within "Bedroom Bondage parameters"; I'm comfortable shooting a greater range of things than what's focused on in my website. If anything went beyond my personal squick-meter, I would just let the person know that I wasn't the right person for the job. :)"

That opens up the parameters to what can be done. Considering that this is a custom video that can use the cream of the bondage models and be shot by a director that's amongst the best out there, and won't cost more than a custom video shot by a studio with a lesser pedigree, it represents one of those rare opportunities to get a unique product if somebody can afford the price.

Monday, April 14th 2003 - 04:54:01 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

Cheerleaders of Perilous U is a good tape. There's a review in the readers reviews page. Link above, where it says guestbook archives/reviews.

Monday, April 14th 2003 - 08:18:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html

ChandraLover: Welcome to the board. We're always happy to see new faces here (so to speak) and we hope you'll become a regular poster to this forum. Please check out the Guestbook Archives for our older posts, if you are interested, as well as several sections of reviews, including Damien's review of The Cheerleaders of Perilous U. The link in my Homepage URL will take you to the right section for that.

Cheerleaders happens to be my all-time favorite ZFX title, and it seems to have near universal acclaim by nearly everyone who's seen it. All the bondage and torture to Chandra is done by the nerdy Ernie, played by Bryan Dunhill. Penelope is the rival cheerleader who pays Bryan to get rid of Chandra so she'll miss the big cheerleading competition. She's really not involved in any of the good stuff in the film, mostly just masturbates in solo scenes. No spreadeagle bondage here, but there is a nice whipping scene at the end, as well as a number of memorable scenes including asphyxiation, clothespin torment (while still wearing her cheerleading outfit!) electric shock, and a very cool scene where Chandra gets her ass stuffed with a dildo then gets her face stuffed with an entire hamburger! It's a very entertaining film with Chandra doing her best work as a victim while Bryan has a great time playing a big horny nerd who loves to see her suffer. If you're a Chandra fan (sounds like you are), this a must-have.

When Rick Masters had Chandra at his disposal, he alternated between making her either a victim or else the girlfriend of one of the torturers, usually laughing at the misfortunes of other victims or getting so turned on by their predicaments that she would masturbate while they struggled in bondage. A few excellent tapes for these latter roles would be The Reporter with Monica Moore and its sequel, Gangstarr. Same with Mincemeat Pie and its sequel, Doer, both with Penelope Pace. If you haven't seen all these titles, go order them now! They are some of ZFX's best works.

Unicoi: Robobabe 2025 with Gauge is supposed to be sent to me soon for review, according to Steve at Forbidden Video. This is one I'm looking forward to a lot.

Monday, April 14th 2003 - 09:32:13 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: hollywoodvamp1re@hotmail.com

Customs~I've had a few done. How'd they turn out? Honestly...pretty disappointing. The very first one I had done had potential...but who I had make it had no concept of "Bondage" and all the ties were agonizingly loose. It started out really good though, with a little stalking like sequence to open, but this too bit the dust as the "stalking feel", was due impart to the first person, or "Gonzo" filming technique. It to became really distasteful to me as it was incorporated throughout the assault and rape. Distasteful because I just want to be a fly on the wall to witness what's going on...I don't want to feel I'm doing the attacking or rape.

The next one I had done was by a big busted Penthouse pet named Nikki Jackson. The video was ruined in the opening sequence, when she entered her house in the video and walked across her living room as if she was strutting on the stage of some strip club. Yeaugh, real natural.

I had another one ruined when the actress, for whatever reason, felt she had to do a monologue to explain what she was doing. The premise of the video was the victim was into self-bondage when a burglar who broke in would later find her helpless from her own efforts. She just felt the need to explain why she was tying herself up. That one did have a redeeming part however, that being a massive facial.

All of these were under $500 (and I guess it shows). But I am still trying as I have learned a lot. 1] Be as specific as possible. If the actress is not into bondage, send her some JPEGS to illustrate the type and tightness of the bonds. 2] Donít take anything for granted. Things that you would think are common sense to you (or 99% of the population for that matter) my not be for the person whoís filming or starring in the video. Like no looks into the camera or especially, NO TALKING TO THE CAMERA!

Tyler Scott was going to do one for me, that I felt I had finally crossed these hurdles, but it fell though due to some personal problems (Tylerís) at the time. They promptly refunded my money ($400 for an outdoor 1 hour long video w/inversions). Actually, Iím not all that big a fan of Tyler but I know sheís done some pretty outrageous stuff, having worked w/Insex. So at least I knew a decent effort would have been made...and bondage done correctly. Maybe check out her site to see if she's doing any customs. Or send her an e-mail as I've contacted some actresses who didn't mention anything about customs on their sites but still were open to them.

Like I said, Iím still trying. Iím 99% close to submitting a script to a company whoís done some great stuff. But also like I said, Iím trying to be as specific as possible, so my script is 11 pages long right now.

Which leads me to the mention of Lorelieís custom offer. If all theyíre willing to look at or accept as script is as the example they wrote of how to submit a script for custom (example below from her site), then I know youíll end up disappointed. Unless youíre taste run into the lines of the very basic...and if thatís the case, why get a custom as there are tons of stuff out there thatíll fit the bill.

Example of how to write up a Proposal:

Dark skirt, blouse, bra, panties, barefoot
Ropes on wrists, ankles, knees, around waist
Cotton rope
Struggling, unhappy mmphing
6-10 minutes

Spread-eagle on bed
Nylon rope
Ropes on wrists, ankles, crotchrope
Halfway through scene, crotchrope and undies are gone
Moving, sensual mmphing
6-10 minutes

Nude plus high heels
Bent over table, legs apart
Nylon rope
Ropes on wrists, ankles, securing waist to table
At beginning of scene she says "Ooh, this is my favorite position."
Show cloth stuffing being placed in mouth
Show tape being placed over mouth to hold stuffing in
3 pieces of tape for the tape gag (diagonal)
Struggling, sensual mmphing
6-10 minutes

Finale advice. If you want a custom, check out a video or two from who you are considering as this will give a clue as to the results you can expect (editing, filming style, etc.).


Monday, April 14th 2003 - 09:43:03 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Chandra Lover~You got good taste! The appeal Chandra has for me however is that of victim. For that reason I can't really give any recommendations as any part that she played where she's NOT the victim, as those wouidn't stick out in my mind.

My favorite Chandra video however has to be Phanticide Peepshow II. She had some great scenes in that one IMO. The baggings, the chair tie (even though the ankle ties were loose. Would have been a classic scene if her ankles were tightly tied here). The ending scene was great too where she was tied to the door. I loved it when she was trying to thawrt the sexual assualt while at the same time trying to reach up behind her back, with her tied hands, to loosen the cord around her throat. Priceless!

Definitely not a dom role but if you don't mind her every so often in the victim role, I think this is a real good one.


Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - 03:30:19 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

> Re: Custom Details: "Iím trying to be as specific as possible, so my script is 11 pages long right now."

To be honest, I don't think the length is going to make a whole lot of difference. The single biggest indicator of whether or not you're going to get a good custom video is whether or not the director is already producing material a person likes. The more divergent the tastes are between customer and producer, the less likely that the product will be satisfactory. On the other hand, a talented producer can probably deliver something closer than a person of lesser talents, but it still won't be exact.

A custom video is going to be shot in 2-4 hours. There's not much in the way of retakes. Once the action starts, there's not going to be a lot of going back and forth to a long script. It's going to be whatever the performers remember. The model probably won't even see the script till the day of the shoot. I can't even remember everything I want to do when I start a shoot. I sure as heck won't remember everything a customer wants me to shoot.

The brevity of the custom format, on Lorelei's site, is to force the customer to be brief and specific about the points that matter the most. With an 11 page script, there's probably some important detail on almost every line. Figuring that there's some 60 lines per page, there's some 330-660 details that matter (or at least well over a hundred). All details aren't equal in importance, but how can somebody tell which are and which aren't with an overabundance of detail?

A custom shoot is something of a crap shoot. A customer has to understand that up front. The producer is going to do as good a job as possible, but two different people aren't going to be in total agreement to what's wanted. Too much detail is more than a person can handle and, in the long run, it's not going to get a much better product than what Lorelei's asking for, which basically amounts to less than a page of information. A producer can remember more of the details in one page than in an 11 page tome. If the one page is done right, it has the details that are the most necessary for the fantasy.

If you have better luck with the producer you're considering working with, let us know how it turns out.

Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - 08:53:35 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire


~~~"To be honest, I don't think the length is going to make a whole lot of difference." & "Once the action starts, there's not going to be a lot of going back and forth to a long script."

That's under the assumption that all producers will produce a custom in the same manner. I agree w/you in that it is a crap shoot. But if you can convey what you are after with the "details", and with whom you're dealing with is in agreement with those conditions, then you'll have a much better chance of getting what you're after.

Yeaugh, I've had some done cheaply, but like I said, it was a learning experience. For a detailed script, I expect editing. That's why I put those details in. To explain what I'm after, and to assist with instructions on how to pull it off. And yes, it'll take more than 2 to 4 hours. At worst, I can expect to pay a little more for the added attention (details). At best, I can get it done reasonably enough, by giving the producer insights or other ways to view things, that they'll not only do the custom but to have the opportunity and desire (by results of the finished product) to want to release it to the general public.

I'm not putting down Lorelie, but even more so in a single afternoon type shoot (with or without editing), if you're not specific in details and instructions, is the customs more likely to come out to your criteria or the producers? And then again, if generalized, why request a custom?


Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - 09:37:48 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire


The example below is brief description of a scene to a script that ended on the shelf. Itís detailed to set the stage for the script, pacing for how it should go, and directions for how I would want the filming and in other cases, acting or responses to go. The custom that Tyler was going to do ended up about 6 to 7 pages. And although it centered on an entirely different theme (an outdoor abduction), it was every bit as detailed. Priced @ $400.00 for an hour long custom, compromises had to be, and were made and agreed upon before finalized. Like I said, it fell through however due to some personal crises of Tylerís at the time, and since it was an outdoor shoot, would not have had time to reschedule since it was already late in the season. Non the less, it was detailed and negotiated for content, with direction, I wanted. The Demise of Agent 69.

. Scene one:

Scene one begins with (plug in name here) in hot pursuit of a masked man. She is cautiously entering an abandoned house (or any other type of buildingÖas long as it has a hallway inside) with gun drawn. As she enters she catches the rapid movement of the person sheís after disappear into another room. She quickly runs up to the outside of the door and darts in with gun pointed in front of her. After making it about halfway in, she again sees a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye behind her. She turns around and exits, but no longer knows in which direction he went. She continues down the hallway looking cautiously over her shoulder a time or two as she goes. She suddenly sees something on the ground at the end of the hallway. As she approaches it appears as it might be blood. She kneels down to get a better look at the liquid on the ground. (The camera now films from a little distance away at the far end of the hall. The filming is done so that you cannot see whatís inside of the room at the end of the hall and when she reaches out her hand, she is pulled out of camera view.) She now scoots forward a little bit and is now slightly in the door way as she reaches out her hand to touch the liquid. With her hand reached out, she is suddenly grabbed and pulled out of sight into the room. This happens with such suddenness that she is literally pulled out of one of her shoes. The camera zooms in on her shoe as we hear a struggle and a muffled scream from the other room as it slowly fades to black as the sounds from the other room stops.

As this illustrates one example of what I wound want my opening scene to look like, I think youíll agree thereís no way that and the rest of the script could fit into one page. My visions of custom and someone else might be very different things. Although detailed, itís not difficult. Itís an example to an opening for things to come, B&D wise.

And again, this is just me. The single, compressed instruction page might work fine for others.


Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - 11:08:08 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

Re: Realistic custom video expectations

You're absolutely right that, if a producer followed your 11-page script to the letter that you'd get the custom video you want. The problem is that it takes a lot more time and effort to absorb all that information and it eventually becomes more work than the average producer wants to take on. I cannot blame you for having those expectations because I've been there. If you're going to spend 10X as much money for a custom video as for one you can buy from a site or store, you have some reason to expect a product that's 10X better. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. You've got to be on the other side of the camera to understand the mindset of the producer.

Nobody can expect to get a custom video for $400 that's going to have the same production values and editing that a ZFX video has. I would guess that the immediate out-of-pocket costs for a typical ZFX video run around $1000-$2000 for performers, props, set rentals, and stuff (and I'd lean towards the higher end of that range and maybe more). That doesn't count postproduction time to edit and market the video. As everybody knows, that latter part of the process always seems to take forever for Rick to get a new video out.

I've done over a dozen force fantasy photo shoots, and a couple videos, and am still learning, but I'm at least starting to appreciate the costs and hectic schedules to do these things. Without specifically mentioning a model, let's say that her rate is $100/hr because it's a nice round figure (and I've had models ask for more than that for a force shoot). She needs somebody to run the camera (who has probably never shot a video before), somebody to play her attacker, and probably an assistant to keep track of a detailed script and she's probably giving each one of them maybe $20/hr. That means that a break-even point for that $400 custom is 2 1/2 hours. Every minute beyond that point is costing her money if she's getting paid a set fee. There's a location involved, so there's probably easily a half hour round trip in there. That leaves two hours to shoot. Out of those two hours, a rough rule of thumb is that there will really only be about one hour of footage being shot between getting tied up, retied to make it more comfortable, breaks (because bondage under hot lights can be very uncomfortable), location changes (starting outside, going in, etc.). That general rule is without a detailed script. With a detailed script, an assistant has to constantly interrupt the shoot to tell the performers what to do. Contrary to expectations, the people involved in the shoot haven't memorized the script ahead of time.

A detailed script is even more lost time, assuming anybody tries to follow it. If the model forgets to turn her head a specific way, called out in a detailed script, should the scene be reshot? To the customer with the detailed script, the answer is probably "yes" because it's what the customer is paying for and, if it weren't important, it wouldn't have been written. That extra time is costing somebody money.

When I do a photoshoot, I'm paying the model three figures per hour and I'm always making hard choices and adjusting what I'm shooting based on how the shoot's going. I don't even bother with a detailed script for my own stuff anymore because I never get to finish it. I can't get everything I want out of a shoot that I'm directing. What are the odds that somebody else can do any better if I give them that detailed script?

This isn't a big-budget Hollywood production where the production team is going to go over the dailies and reshoot anything they didn't get that day. Whatever was missed in the custom is gone. If the model can't complete the video in a few hours, she'll make more money and get more customer satisfaction shaking her ass at a nudie bar for 75 bucks an hour or whatever it is that exotic dancers make nowadays.

I understand the rationale, for wanting to provide a detailed script, because I tried to get a custom done with a detailed script and the whole thing fell apart because the producer realized that there was no way that things could be done to my detailed specifications, with the time allotted for the shoot and make a profit. I know that $400 is a lot of money for the average person to spend on a video, but it's really a drop in a bucket to a producer. I spent over five grand on shoots last year. I don't do customs, but, if I did, I wouldn't even consider doing a custom shoot for somebody with an 11-page script. It's too specific. Trying to understand what's really important is like finding a needle in a haystack because there's hundreds of little details that are important. Once the shoot starts, and time starts slipping away, some of those details have to be dropped and there's no easy way to know which ones are really important. There's nearly zero chance of satisfying somebody who is that specific about what they want. Expectations are too high and too specific. Doing it right would take days and a lot more than $400.

With the custom shoots at BedroomBondage, details are being asked for that can fit on a few index cards. As hard as it is to for the customer to distill what they want to very concise details, it's better that the customer do it than have the producer do it on the fly while shooting the video. People should think of a custom video as being the best moments they want to see. Trying to do a whole storyline is only inviting disappointment because the amount of time available isn't adequate to do a story justice and not every model is a great actress. What a custom video does provide is an opportunity to focus on the exact moment that the customer wants to see in a video. I'm guilty of buying and renting videos for a few scenes of the model being groped by her captor. I've got tapes full of scenes I've edited out of videos that focus on just that. I don't need to see ten minutes of stalking--I just want to see the poor helpless gal being molested.

A custom video give a person exactly the scenes that we typically buy whole videos for. With the BB offer, those moments can be with big-name models. The specific query I posted at Lorelei's forum was whether it would be okay to have an actual penetration rape scene, with a bound and gagged model (assuming that a model was willing to do it) and the answer was that all requests will be considered. That's an opportunity that somebody can't even get with ZFX. That kind of scene might jack up the price of the custom video, but where else is somebody going to get a product like that?

Wednesday, April 16th 2003 - 04:21:48 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

RR~I understand what you're saying. The specifics I include are to aid in getting what's in mind across to whomever I'm trying to get together with on this. I don't expect dialog verbatim, nor do I expect it to come out exactly as I envision. But the more I put in (instruction, descriptions, etc.) the better chance I have of getting it done closer to expectations.

The early customs I speak of ended up, not to standards so to speak, because I DID cut corners. I DID try to abbreviate and simplify. I DID take for granted that we were of the same mind set.

The Tyler custom was probably a bad example since it seems you focused in on the $400 rather than the element that I had intended. That being, producer saw script (w/details), explained what could and could not be done, found common ground, and agreed that completion of work would take place w/certain scenes or elements changed, altered or deleted entirely. The point I was trying to make is that there are those out there who are willing to put in the effort by shifting through, what seems to be a lengthy script, in efforts to try and reproduce, as best they can, paper to film.

Steve at Powershotz as another example. I sent him a similar sized script, and after reading it was quoted a price, which to me seemed kinda high at the time since I was used to the $300 and $400 range ones. He either liked the script or it just happened to be of the same stuff that floats his boat as he was telling me, I'll add this part to the scene here and that part to the scene there and another part at the end. He was telling me, It'll end up a 2 hour video that I was gonna love. Later on telling me he'd shoot it for free, I'd just have to pay the model's fee. And yet even further later by cutting costs in using a model he had already booked then just paying her the extra hourly rate she was to get for time used in addition. Couldn't get together on the model so never materialized. But was more than willing to do the groundwork, meaning, willingness to try and reproduce as per the details.

I know these are exceptions to the rule, but it does illustrate that there are individuals out there who are willing to try.

Like I said, I hear and understand you. And maybe I'm wasting my time, but I still believe it's the best way to covey what I want. After all, it is a custom...my custom. There's just too much room for interpretation in a one page, short form script. If you were to take the example short form script and give it to 10 different producers you'll end up with 10 very different results. You wouldn't even be able to tell the script came from the same page in some cases. Give it to ZFX and you have a good idea of how it's gone turn out. Give the same script to Anton or Harmony and you'll end up with a video in the total other end of the spectrum. That's why the details are important. To convey where in the spectrum (and other things) it should fall. The example from the shelved/unfinished script that I included earlier was to illustrate that certain things cannot be short cutted while still being able to get across what you have in mind.

You may be right in that it all may be a waste of time to be so detailed, but I've always been of the mind set that if you're going to undertake a project, you can't forgo the planning stage. Take this analogy to illustrate the importance groundwork planning plays. Scenario one: A ship, with end destination being Bangkok leaves harbor with no planning...no rudder to steer. Will it ever reach its destination? Scenario two: A ship leaves for the same destination with marginal planning (I think you know what I'm equating this to). With shortcuts taken and not accounting or correcting for weather conditions for example. Will it reach its destination? Not having thoroughly planned its trip...it might still make it to the same continent. Ship three: Does all the planning and charting. Monitors the weather and corrects for currents. Will it reach its destination? Still no guarantee, but at the very least, unless it hits an iceberg, it'll still make it to the right country.

You also make a good point, that if offering penetration, it would give someone the opportunity to get something even ZFX can't offer. And like I said, I'm not putting Lorelei down. But for me, there's just no way I can condense to one page and still end up with close to what I want. And that would be my loss, as I find many of Lorelei's models very hot. I've had a liking (OK lust) for Darla Crane for a long time.


Wednesday, April 16th 2003 - 10:14:01 PM

Name: LikesWhiteSocks

RR: I requested a one scene custom video to Lorelei where a model would be dressed up in a 50's Style Poodle Skirt and placed in a certain suspension. She e-mailed me back and said she would not do that suspension on any of her models..

I have e-mailed her back again requesting a video with just a straight wrist suspension.. but i haven't gotten another response yet.. i would even just like a video with one scene where Mary Jane is dressed in the 50s poodle skirt (which they would have to order from an online website crusin usa.com..its really easy as i could not order it myself and send it to them) in just a simple tie-up where she is tied with hands above head and her ankle is tied suspended off to the side..thats it nothing extreme..this is just an important fetish for me..

So my Question to RR is could you ask Lorelei for me..I am sure she hasn't had any other requests for custom videos with a 50s poodle skirt so she would know who it is. (I used my real name when requesting which I wont reveal here).

Thanks for any help RR .

TO RICK: Could you please do a Video where one of your models is dressed up in a 50's style poodle skirt..the idea would be is that she is abducted by demons from another dimension (Think 666, Underland, Dark Offering style) and taken to their basement dimension (the lickety split basement in Minnesota hopefully!) and Tortured. Also do any of your upcoming videos have models that are wearing white socks (I'm not joking!) I hope so as this is my fetish.

Thanks to you for putting out great videos and for Ralphus who maintains this site wonderfully and chats with me a lot which I really appreciate.


Wednesday, April 16th 2003 - 10:27:38 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

Having gone to film school, having worked on a number of film/video projects, and being a fan of the classic HOM 8mm bondage films, I obviously find the recent custom video discussions of interest.

$400 for an hour long custom video based on an 11-page fairly detailed script sounds way low to me. $400 just to do the post-production editing of a one hour video would be pretty low all by itself. I'm not surprised Tyler bailed. Lorelei's example price breakdown of about $850-950 for 3 ten-minute approx. scenes (30 minutes total) of a lone model struggling in 3 different bondage positions seems (by my estimations) pretty darn reasonable--for customers who can make the 'laundry list' proposal format work for them. Though, if you want a villain to whip the hot model/actress, you'll probably have to pay another $200 (or so) for the villain. If you want Amber Michaels tied up, spread, and accosted by a villain pumping her anally with a dildo, expect to pay a bit more too. And if you want take downs, stripping, whipping, and a whole progression of BDSM fantasy elements with plotpoint to plotpoint movement, then you'll be going a ways beyond the example proposal, so expect to have to pay quite a bit more, assuming L would consider such a proposal. Also note that the offer doesn't include editing, just the raw footage, so you'll have to do that elsewhere or negotiate with L for an additional cost. And don't think you can sell or market your custom video to recoup your expenses cause Lorelei and/or model retain the rights to it, unless you can negotiate otherwise.

It's not a deal for everyone, but it might fit the bill for some. It's also an interesting opportunity to propose what custom video project you really want to do, even if it doesn't fit the laundry list format, and see if she's intrigued. She'd probably turn a project too involved down, but might be worth a try. The right proposal with the right budget, who knows.

A detailed script is even more lost time, assuming anybody tries to follow it.
This comment and others related to how a detailed script slows things down made me LOL. It is just so the opposite in my experience. Then again, almost all the film/video I've worked on has had story and dialog. This stuff needs to be written; storyboards help a lot too. Granted, you don't have to document where every book is on a bookshelf and what their 'titles' are, but attention to detail is what separates pro from amateur. How detailed does a script need to be? Simple: everything you want to see on the screen or heard in the audio needs to be written down. If not, chances are on the day of the shoot, often hectic with many issues arising and unexpected decisions needing to be made, anything not written down will likely not get shot. Does every head turn, every gesture, every camera movement need to be documented? No. For the most part leave the acting to the actors and the directing to the director, that's their job, that's what they're good at (if they're good). But a specific head turn that's crucial to a scene in the story, that DOES need to be in the script.

Sure, lots of adult porn is shot with the slimmest of scripting ideas, it'll be like "OK you're the teacher and she's the student and you've got the hots for each other, so improvise on that a little and then go at it." And that works for porn, sort of (except we all know how boring porn is plotwise). And you can do BDSM video the same way, "OK, you're tied up, now struggle for 4 minutes. action...cut, good, print, now, lets move the camera over here, done, OK now struggle for 4 minutes, action...cut." ZFX is kind of in-between I think, with Rick knowing pretty much in his head what the B-movie like story plotline is, what shots he wants to get, and acts like the puppet-master director on production days (days of shooting). Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

This leads me to AvF's example scene of a pursuit that we've seen many times in action and horror films and on the X-files. It's not bad, but it is cliche, and in this case, not easily shootable as written. Maybe this was just the easiest way to lay it out for this forum, but in a real shooting script, every separate shot (every different camera setup) gets a separate shot line. Something like this...


AGENT 69, some description here of what she looks like, with gun drawn. cautiously enters building.


As she enters she catches...

the rapid movement of the person she's after disappear into another room.

She quickly runs up to the outside of the door and darts in with gun pointed in front of her.


After making it about halfway in, she again sees...

a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye behind her.

She turns around and exits


She continues down the hallway looking around.

P.O.V shot of what she sees, ending with dark liquid stain on ground at end of hallway.

She approaches and kneels down to get a better look at possible blood on the ground.

LONG SHOT of AGENT 69 kneeling near blood and also near another open door. Can't see inside the room beyond door.

and so on...

Here there are 11 different camera setups, 11 different shots. On a real shooting script, each shot gets a number so each scene shot can be slated and referred back to the shooting script. Separating the shots out per line makes them easier to keep track of, and you can check them off as you go through your shooting day. Can one shot have two, three or more sentences worth of detail? Sure, but that didn't happen in this case. You don't have to do it this way, but it's a heck of a lot easier than having to track multiple shots in one big paragraph.

my 2 cents for today.

Wednesday, April 16th 2003 - 10:41:32 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Scribbler~Thanks for the input! I do need to comment on the "No wonder Tyler bailed". It was they who quoted $400.00 without any mention of price range I was wanting. Not only that but my script was (as most are between 20 to 45 minutes) only about 40 minutes long. I had to resubmit it to them after the adjustments in content were made, then pad it to 60 minutes.

The Demise of Agent 69. Cliche, I agree...that's why it was shelved. Used here only for example. I do however think that the shock factor, when she is suddenly pulled out of her shoe and camera view, would make a nice touch.


Wednesday, April 16th 2003 - 10:58:10 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

RR~"Like White Socks" asked if you could give Lorelei a message for him. Better yet, why don't you invite her to the forum. She used to post here a little while ago. Until someone, who wasn't even a regular here, put her off by stating he thought the forum was for ZFX only. I know a lot of people liked her insights, myself included.

Why don't you invite her back. Let her know that the 1%, that gave the wrong impression, doesn't speak for the other 99%. Later, AvF

Wednesday, April 16th 2003 - 11:24:49 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://forum.onecenter.com/openmind/

The easiest way to get in touch with Lorelei is to post a query at her forum with the clickable link above. I only email Lorelei directly a couple times a month and get less than a 50% response rate. That's no biggie because she's pretty busy. If I want a more immediate response, I use the forum. That's how I got an answer on whether or not the customs were limited to Harmony style shoots.

I have no argument with needing a detailed script to make a movie. Without one, the budget would spiral out of control. The difference is that a custom video is not a movie. If a producer wanted to make a movie, they'd make a movie. A custom video is about making money. I'm trying to figure out a way to make that sound less mercenary because it doesn't mean that the producer wants to take the money and run. The producer is going to do as good a job as possible in an afternoon. That's all the producer wants to do. The producer doesn't want to trade a dozen lengthy emails to work out the details of a lengthy script because time is money. As the BB custom format stresses, nail down the most important details that can fit on an index card and that's all there is to it. Past that point, place a lot of faith in the producer to do a professional job with the project. Much as I sympatize with the desire to interact with the producer to tailor the video as much as possible to one's specific tastes, I appreciate the realities of the situation. The producer wants to know the needs of the customer in as concise a fashion as possible. A custom video is about shooting scenes to a customer's specific concise wants. Any other expectations will likely end in disappointment.

Another custom video source to look into is Dorothy Laine's site (and she likes suspension, though I don't know if that means the type that was previously requested):


Thursday, April 17th 2003 - 05:35:25 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

~~The producer doesn't want to trade a dozen lengthy emails to work out the details of a lengthy script because time is money~~

Iím sure youíre right, but they have. And again, this is an assumption you have that all producers work in the manner. The examples I gave illustrate that they donít. Is it because theyíre nice guys? Maybe, more than likely, they see opportunity to do a custom that they can benefit from too. They see something in it for them other than just making a fast buck and its done .

Steve at Powershotz was accommodating as hell. Why? Because heís looking for someone to share expenses with. I get a custom and he gets material for his site.

Tyler too, sheís made a little bit of a name for herself in a short while. But when I contacted her, she had just opened her site. Same thing, custom for me, material for her.

There are others out there too, like Baregirls.com. They offer cut-rate customs but at the same time they release everything to the public and cash in. I think they even let you be present at the shooting. I know of them but really donít know a whole lot more. Xenonex, who posts here has an affiliation and can probably shed a little more light for those who are interested.

With my experiences and having read the other postings on the subject. I guess it really boils down to the individual producer you are working with. Because the points and counter points are different sides to the same coin. People who see the glass half-empty are going to see problems in everything and find reasons for it to be prohibitive. People who view the glass half-full will see solutions and opportunity.

As long as you can find a producer who looks at the glass as half full, Iím sure heíll be willing to work with you...to a point.


Thursday, April 17th 2003 - 03:42:15 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL: http://clubs.lycos.com/live/AUTH/Directory/CommunityHome.asp?CG=bij0r8g20qh47bjpg9hgeup5sg

Hey, does anyone think Lorelei could get Ashley Renee to do one of those custom movies, or is she too pricey? Even though her face is not holding up, Ashley's bod, especially her rack, is holding up well. I'd love to see her in a ZFX-like scenario.

Speaking of Ashley, I found this link from her site:


While a monthly membership is on the high end (~35), it has ZFX-like movies (5-10 mins long, with fondling, whipping, blows to the stomach, etc) and tons of pics. I've downloaded about 10 movies (mostly AOH of course) in 2 days, and i probably wouldve downloaded more if I had more than a 56K. It looks like the material is German, and while the audio is not in every movie, it is good when it's there.

Thursday, April 17th 2003 - 04:00:11 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

I have no argument with needing a detailed script to make a movie. Without one, the budget would spiral out of control. The difference is that a custom video is not a movie.

Actually, a custom video can potentially be anything the producer and client can agree on.

If a producer wanted to make a movie, they'd make a movie. A custom video is about making money. I'm trying to figure out a way to make that sound less mercenary because it doesn't mean that the producer wants to take the money and run. The producer is going to do as good a job as possible in an afternoon. That's all the producer wants to do. The producer doesn't want to trade a dozen lengthy emails to work out the details of a lengthy script because time is money.

What you're describing here is a specific video producer with a specific motivation and methodology for producing custom videos. But this certainly doesn't describe every producer. There can be many other reasons why a producer would offer to do custom vids, (although if there are a list of reasons somewhere, profit would probably be at the top of it).

And sure time is money, but money is also money, and a client paying the money is probably hoping to get his money's worth. Clarifying details of what the project is via email or whatever should be something the producer is willing to do. Would you hire a producer or talent or crew who didn't want to discuss your project as you felt it needed?

As the BB custom format stresses, nail down the most important details that can fit on an index card and that's all there is to it. Past that point, place a lot of faith in the producer to do a professional job with the project.

That indeed is the recommended proposal method, though she said 'laundry list' not index card, but that's splitting hairs. And this is a method that will probably work--in certain cases, depending on what the goal is, of client and producer. The 'detailed script' argument I had (and I mean argument as a congenial debate definition, not an angry one) was about assertions that a detailed script will slow things down on the set. It won't. Pre-production as in writing the script and clarifying shots, discussions with writer, director, and talent, will actually speed up the process when all are finally assembled on the set on production days (days of shooting). It will actually save time in a lot of ways. Also, time is money is a lot cheaper in pre-production than time is money is during production.

Much as I sympatize with the desire to interact with the producer to tailor the video as much as possible to one's specific tastes, I appreciate the realities of the situation. The producer wants to know the needs of the customer in as concise a fashion as possible. A custom video is about shooting scenes to a customer's specific concise wants. Any other expectations will likely end in disappointment.

Concise is fine; as in much detail in few words is fine. I don't think anyone likes reading 100 words where 50 would have done the same job. But concise doesn't mean leaving anything out other than extraneous stuff.

I was kind of hoping more people had custom vid experiences, more stories about how their project went from beginning to end, and their take on the whole experience. But it looks like AvF is the only one. I know of one other guy, and he said he liked his custom, but then he was also trying to sell it to other people. Could be this claim was to generate more sales. Don't know, I didn't buy one.

So here's another question. Anyone here try to produce their own BDSM or somewhat related video? Not a custom video through a 3rd party producer, but actually write, hire talent, direct, edit, maybe even market their own project? We all know Rick, Dan Hawke, and Forbidden's Steve do this, they're officially in the biz (and if they want to let us in a little on their methodology, great) but I'm directing this question more at not in the biz (or not yet established in the biz) forum readers? If there are some, feel free to share your experiences--basically, how' d it go?

Thursday, April 17th 2003 - 06:04:37 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

To some extent, I'm making generalizations where I shouldn't, but I'm also trying to avoid coming across as a spokesperson for the custom videos at BedroomBondage. I have nothing to do with those videos and only mentioned it here because it's a very rare opportunity to get a custom video out of a director with ten years of professional experience. That buys something that cannot be delivered by a custom from a model or a first time director. It means good lighting and production values, more knowledge on how to coax a better performance out of actors, and so many other intangibles that a less experienced director won't get.

 Would you hire a producer or talent or crew who didn't want to discuss your project as you felt it needed?

Nope, but if a top notch producer laid out the conditions, as they're laid out at BB, a person has to decide what's the best bet to get what they want. Somebody can work with a model or beginning director for a custom and put up with visuals by a girlfriend manning the camera for the first time and all kinds of other potential problems by people new to the process. The plus side is that they're more willing to take detailed direction because they're relatively new to the process. The other option is working with a seasoned director who has access to top models and knows all the pitfalls and shortcuts to getting a good video. The downside is that a full-time bondage producer doesn't have a lot of spare time to go through a lengthy negotiation process. I'm hard pressed to pick which will produce the better product, but I lean a bit towards going with somebody who has experience.

The 'detailed script' argument I had (and I mean argument as a congenial debate definition, not an angry one) was about assertions that a detailed script will slow things down on the set. It won't. Pre-production as in writing the script and clarifying shots, discussions with writer, director, and talent, will actually speed up the process when all are finally assembled on the set on production days (days of shooting). It will actually save time in a lot of ways. Also, time is money is a lot cheaper in pre-production than time is money is during production.

Here, it's a question of why the producer is doing a custom video. If there's a set fee, the money's set and now it's a matter of how much time is expended doing the project for that fee. If the negotiated fee is $400 and four hours are spent shooting the video, the fee split amongst the team is $100/hour. If there's also four hours of back and forth negotiations on a detailed script, the job is taking up eight hours of time and the rate drops to $50/hour and so on. If the producer can use all the material being shot in future projects, maybe the producer is willing to put the extra time into it

A low-budget movie, such as "Blair Witch", has a team working together to produce a movie that could potentially launch careers and everybody's working together for that project and might be taking deferred cuts on the movie and putting in extra hours to make the best movie possible. Based on my limited experiences, that level of commitment doesn't exist with bondage videos. For people being paid, like models, it's a job. They'll do a professional job because that's how they get more work, but they're not terribly interested in the final product.

A bondage video is very different from a movie in one big sense and that is due to these videos mostly relying on performers who are models first and actresses second. Unlike a movie where an actress will read the script the night before and show up for the movie knowing her lines. The model expects to be paid by the hour and is usually just doing the video for the money. Rick Savage complained about that difference, at one of the BondCons, saying that actresses in an adult video get paid for the day whether it's an eight hour day or an eighteen hour day. When I hire a model for a shoot, there's no grace period. She wants to be doing something else once that hour's over. I was surprised recently by a model that scheduled back to back shoots where the subsequent shoot started the minute mine ended with no break period in between. When a producer hires a model for a custom video, she's walking into the shoot cold and she's gone the minute the time is up. That's probably not going to change any time soon because making a bondage video isn't a career enhancing experience for a model or actress.

The more I read from AvF, the more I feel that he ought to save up his custom money and attend the next BondCon, whether it's the Vegas one or the NYC one (which is looking at another location for the next one). There were over 150 models at the last NYC one and all of them are booking shoots. AvF is so specific about what he wants that he's really going to be happier shooting his own material. He can hire a model for a few hours for the kind of price range that he's paying for customs and shoot it exactly to his specs.

Thursday, April 17th 2003 - 09:20:10 PM

Name: Scribbler

Yeah, Bondcon does seem like a good opportunity to meet the right people. It's working out well enough for you, except for maybe the too frequent hotel room locations :) I may try to go to the next one.

What model camera are you using, and do you like it?

MAV: Lorelei's worked with Ashley Renee, I'm sure it's a possibility. You should ask her.

Friday, April 18th 2003 - 02:25:21 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://www.bedroombondage.com/bondage/custom-video/index.html

Hmmm, the last message got lost.

Yeah, Bondcon does seem like a good opportunity to meet the right people. It's working out well enough for you, except for maybe the too frequent hotel room locations :) I may try to go to the next one.

I wouldn't mind the hotel setting if it didn't at least have a few changes in wallpapering. There's so many websites that have that same beige striped background now. Gee, where was that shot? With force fantasies, I figure not too many people are paying attention to the wallpaper.

What model camera are you using, and do you like it?

Minolta S404 and it sucks royally. Olympus, Canon, and Nikon would be better brands to go with. Lorelei uses a Sony CD camera. Hywel (RestrainedElegance) uses an expensive Canon digital SLR. Read the discussions at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bondagephotography for all kinds of info. It's the best resource out there for starting bondage photographers.

MAV: As Scribbler said, Ashley Renee is a possibility because she lives in the LA area. Keep in mind that the BB custom offer wants a backup model listed. Models are human beings and they can get sick or have a kid that's sick or have a job that demands them to work overtime or have a bad hair day. The link for the custom video is at the top of the message. Read the guidance closely. I'm sure that there's a lot of people jumping on the offer and the ones that can live within those conditions are the ones that will get a shoot. The condition is to keep the "script" as a laundry list and there's only one shot at submitting it--the first one is the one that's going to be used without any alterations. If somebody wants to discuss those conditions, do it in Lorelei's forum at http://forum.onecenter.com/openmind/ (surprisingly, I'm the only who posted about it) She monitors the forum daily and replies to a lot of messages. The custom requests, that follow the custom guidelines, are the ones that are going to get made. The ones that don't, won't. Part of what I've tried to express, however badly, is that the folks that can concisely define what they want, and enjoy the work that's been produced in the past, and aren't trying to dictate every nuance in the production, will have the right mindset to enjoy the final product. Anybody who's very specific about what they have to have should avoid this offer because it's not designed for what they're looking for.

Friday, April 18th 2003 - 02:31:31 PM


Just a quick heads-up to anyone who may be interested, Fantom Killer 3 has just been released over at Media Publications.

Saturday, April 19th 2003 - 02:00:19 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Damn Howie...You read my mind...I was just going to ask about if the third one was out yet. And if anyone's seen it.


Saturday, April 19th 2003 - 02:10:40 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywwod Vampire

RR~BondCom...Humm, intersting. Don't you need some sort of in w/the industry though before you would be able to book a shoot as you mentioned?

Scribbler~I know of at one other person who post's here that's had some custom work done. So far they have chosen not to share their experince though. I'm sure there's some others too who are remaining silent. That's the problem, there's a lot of lurkers who remain silent until something touches a nerve or a spot that's near and dear to their hearts before they come out of the shawdows.


Saturday, April 19th 2003 - 03:35:08 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

There's just too many possibilities when you do a search on Media Publications.

Also, as I was looking for it I stopped over to CD Universe (thanks a lot to the person who let me know about it...I've spent so much money over there w/DVD's and music) to see if it might possibly be there. Wasn't, but came across an interesting cover to the following movie called "House with Laughing Windows". Anyone seen it?


Saturday, April 19th 2003 - 07:28:27 PM

Name: Scribbler
E-mail address: N/A
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

It would appear that if you don't put text in every text field, lower fields get put into higher (and wrong) fields. We added a cgi counter to the bottom of page, but I doubt that this is causing the problem with posts.

Saturday, April 19th 2003 - 09:16:44 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dvdtalk.com/dvdsavant/s765house.html

AvF: I checked out the cover box for House With Laughing Windows and read some reviews. One is in my Homepage URL above. Apparently it's been out of print for several years and is just now coming to DVD. It's an Italian film from 1976 and seems to have quite a cult following, with some calling it one of the best of its genre. But does it have any of the stuff we like? You can usually tell if someone uses the word "disgusting" or "sick" when they mention the plot of the movie. And here's part of one review:

The movie's biggest debit is a very graphic, disturbing and completely unnecessary rape/murder scene that I found despicable, destroying a lot of the faith I had in the movie up to it; it ranks with I Spit on Your Grave as the most hateful and cruel rape scene in cinema, and is beyond any justification.

Hmmm...that sounds good, but I never read anything about women being tied up and tortured. In fact, here's part of another review:

Don't let the sick-looking bondage imagery of the cover art repel you - this one is quality goods, worth watching.

Yeah, right, it's the "sick-looking" bondage cover that got our attention in the first place! Hard to guess on this one. Sounds like rape with possibly no bondage, although there is a line in the synopsis that says "the artist and his sisters were insane sadists who tortured real victims to death to inspire his paintings". Trouble is, we don't know if the victims were women or not. At any rate, don't go expecting "Bloodsucking Freaks" type of fun; this one sounds like a serious movie.

Here's the direct link for Fantom Kiler 3:


Keep in mind, though, that even though Fantom Kiler 2 is a bonafide bondage classic, the first one sorta sucked bondage-wise (one mediocre scene) and the pics for this third one don't show any women tied up at all. I wasn't able to view the trailer on the site; maybe someone can (hopefully) prove me wrong on this.

Saturday, April 19th 2003 - 10:01:58 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~WOW that's service! Looks and sounds interesting...but like you said, no real mention of bondage. Or even what sex the victims are, as covers can often be decieving.

Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will post who's seen it.


Saturday, April 19th 2003 - 11:09:39 PM

Name: RR
E-mail address: why?
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

> BondCom...Humm, intersting. Don't you need some sort of in w/the industry though before you would be able to book a shoot as you mentioned?

Not really. Everybody has a first shoot. Mine was at the first BondCon and I shot with Melody and Shade Paine. Melody didn't want to do nude for the rate I was paying, so I shot damsel-in-distress pix. Shade was with Misery, her husband, and said okay to a force shoot.

The BondCon and BondConNYC sites both list sttending models. Many have websites listed, with pages to cover the details for shoot requests. Some models won't shoot with somebody new. Others, if they can bring an escort, aren't as reluctant. Since I shoot force fantasies, I might get one model out of twenty queried. There's models I'd love to work with that I'll never get a chance to photograph, but I've still gotten to work with a lot of very attractive models.

Here's a newly enacted law that's going to make it harder to put up an adult website:

Sunday, April 20th 2003 - 03:46:47 PM

Name: Silent Buddha

Ralphus - Thanks for the heads up on FK3. I've been waiting for the damned thing for almost 2 years now. :P I'm on my way to order it. Will let you know if it is worth it or not. /crossing fingers/


Sunday, April 20th 2003 - 05:44:21 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire
Homepage URL: http://XXX

LWS~Sounds good here too. Be interested to hear about them.

Scribler~I told you there were a lot of lurkers. Just too bad the counter wasn't up sooner to get an idea of how many people are into ZFX and similar type stuff.

RR~Thanks for the added info. Some info to tuck away for another time.

Silent Budda~Let us know about FK3 when you get your copy. And let us know where you ended up ordering it from. DVD or video?


Sunday, April 20th 2003 - 06:07:28 PM

Name: Robert

In case anyone is interested, you can rent Fantom Killer parts 1 and 2 as well as the House With Laughing Windows from www.greencine.com. I have not seen any of these movies yet but they are all in my rental queue (of over 300 movies). Fantom Killer 3 is not available yet for rental but I'm sure glad to hear that it's out.

Sunday, April 20th 2003 - 09:50:30 PM

Name: LikesWhiteSocks
Homepage URL: http://www.imagostudios.com/is42.html

Hi. Okay, the first video I had done as a custom was back in '99. It was done by Imago Studios, who I'm sure all of you probably have heard though I don't recall anyone ever discussing them on this board. I suspect this is because the most extreme thing they ever do is tame spanking. But they do tie the ropes fairly tight on their models who are mostly or were at one time college students in the Las Vegas area. Most of them just do it as something for fun or to make money while attending college there some also just live in the area.

The video I got them to do was a video where Tasha Reyes (A fairly cute young woman going to college at the time I believe) was a famous soccer star. Cheerleaders are always great but they had been overdone and I wanted something different. So I chose a soccer player. Looking back in hindsight however I wish I would have chosen a basketball player or a tennis player. Although Imago had done one of those already and I had gotten it and that wasn't too great and I could have gotten them to do something better. But you have to admit a female soccer player is something you don't see in a bondage video. If anyone knows of another (AvF or Scribbler)? let me know!

But the video consisted of an idea that a cool friend gave me and helped me write. The whole idea was that this soccer player had an obsessed fan who was stalking her. So before the big game she goes back to her hometown and takes a break practicing or kicking the ball around on her old soccer field that she used to play all the time on instead of going to her practice. The stalker eyes her, having followed her (there is a nice stalking scene with a guy eyeing her from his truck playing on the field) we then go back to the field. She runs out of water and when she goes to a fountain to get more, she is grabbed and chloroformed, cuffed and taken out to the field. He ties her to the goal and she is forced to try to defend the goal while bound spreadeagle to it! (This idea came from a cool friend who helped me with it.) Of course he kicks the ball and hits her several times with it and so she defends it while taking the ball in her stomach etc. This was a very cool concept but Imago failed to do it full justice...it is ok but it is not great...so that part was a let down.

The other parts worked out (The hogtie, the chair tie, wrapped in chains on a sofa etc. were great; lots of tight rope work and I was pleased with the results. The horizontal suspension was a bit of a let down, not that the ropes weren't tight, they were plenty tight! But they had chains running down to supports to support her body and ease it greatly so it wasn't in my opinion a true horizontal suspension...but the illusion was great and it worked for me and that's all that matters right? See the stalker kicked the ball in a direction away from her while she was tied and because she was tied spreadeagle she could not defend the goal so she needed to practice so he brought her back to this place to get her to try to score a goal while tied (remember this stalker was crazy) if she could score a goal while tied in various positions (chair tie, hogtie etc.) he promised to let her go..however being bound she could not and never escaped.

The video had tight ropes and that was great and the custom outfit was great right down to the socks that came up to the knees to the cleats. But there just wasn't enough going on in the video, but at the time all I wanted was the custom experience and it was something new and different. While it served its purpose a little while, I hardly ever if ever go back to it anymore and I paid $600.00 for it. But I think it was worth it because it was great to me at the time because it seemed like I was doing this. It seemed more real than just watching someone else's video and it was great. But Imago just doesn't do extreme things whatsoever. I don't think (they wouldn't back in 99 when I had it done) they even ever rub breasts, and their suspension is not the best. So my grade for this one was C-. If you want to see pics from it, it's on the link above. I'm not trying to plug it for them--far from it, I'm trying to describe it--but seeing the pictures on their site and their description (which parts of by the way are written up ridiculously) will help bring home what I had done.

Let me know if you enjoyed hearing about my video and I'll divulge even further about the next one I had done.



Sunday, April 20th 2003 - 09:56:04 PM

Name: Robert

I enjoyed hearing about your experience with custom videos, LikesWhiteSocks. I hope you'll describe more. I am familiar with Imago, which does have some beautiful girls in it's videos, although the videos usually appear to be very tame as you mentioned. The girl in your video does look kind of cute, although I wish she had shown more of her body. I wouldn't mind seeing some socker balls kicked into her while she is bound and helpless. I kind of like that idea.

I wanted to tell people about a very useful website I came across recently. It is located at brianspage.com. This site is a huge database of various mainstream movies and television shows describing noteworthy bondage scenes. It sometimes helps me to decide what movies to rent or what television shows to record. You can search the database by the title, the name of an actress, or description. In the description field, you can search for words such as kidnapped, bound, or tortured and come up with a huge list of movies and TV shows. If you search by description, be sure to use various synomyms. You obtain an entirely different list by searching for kidnapped than you get for abducted, for example.

Many of the descriptions posted for movies are very helpful. For example, for the movie Hell's Gate which Ralphus recently posted a hot picture from, the following description is posted: Shortly after the movie starts, Huberman gets abducted from gas station bathroom using chloroform. Then she's tied spreadeagled to bed. Her clothes are eventually ripped off. (Surprisingly, the electric shock torture was not mentioned in the description somebody wrote.) Kensit meanwhile is in a Mental Hospital, attached to the bed with belts that bind her hands at waist level and also bind her bare feet. Right at the end of the film, Kensit escapes, kidnapping the hero's wife (Locane) and daughter (O'Sullivan). They're tied hands behind and cleave-gagged by Kensit while standing up.

Although the database is huge, it certainly is not comprehensive and does not contain every movie with good bondage scenes. For example, a search for the movie Fantom Killer comes up with 0 hits although we know that part 2 has some good bondage scenes. A search for House With Laughing Windows also comes up empty, which may simply mean that nobody has yet described any good scenes which might be in the movie.

Anybody who sees a good bondage scene in a movie or TV show is encouraged to write a brief description of the scene for everybody else's benefit, including the name of the actress, how she is restrained, what is done to her, etc. When describing episodes from televions serials, it is very useful to mention the title of the episode since you can find out if this episode is playing anytime soon by doing a search at www.tvguide.com. The name of the actress is often very useful even if you have never heard of her since you can often find out what she looks like by doing a search for her on the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) then clicking on head shot when this is available (or doing a google search). This amazing database seems to include about every movie every made (including a favorite obscure movie of mine called The Bushwhacker which I have mentioned before but have never been able to locate).

I am frequently finding information in this excellent forum which is interesting and useful to me and hope that the information I have posted will be useful to somebody else.

Sunday, April 20th 2003 - 11:11:33 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://commerce.surfnetcorp.com/acbuild/showdetl.cfm?&DID=31&Product_ID=182&CATID=3


Over the years, I've become a fan of the work of Dan Hawke. With now 40 video productions to his credit, he has tied up and given his special treatment to quite a few bondage models. When I decide on which of his videos I want to see, I'm pretty careful to pick only pick the tapes with models that ring my bell, like Bound and Busted's Brandy Dean and Bound on Blonde's Beth St. John. I enjoyed those tapes even more because I really liked seeing those girls get tied up and suffer.

Recently, I got a chance to see DH37: The Trouble With Cybil. And the trouble with this one, for me anyway, was that the woman cast as the victim did absolutely nothing for me. With her short dirty blonde hair, she resembles Dharma and Greg's Jenna Elfman, so if anyone has a Jenna Elfman bondage fantasy, this is your tape. Myself, I don't find her even remotely attractive at all, so this tape had little chance of succeeding with me. Couple that with the fact that Jen...er...Cybil...has a prominent tattoo over her left breast and there's another big strike against it. But I'll try to be fair and rate it on its own merits, which are considerable, especially if you like Hawke's brand of bondage punishment.

The tape opens with Dan leading a handcuffed Cybil into his warehouse and securing her to an overhead beam with a bondage collar. He removes some of her clothing and gives her a light whipping after she refuses his gag. Once she's gagged with a red ball gag, he gets to work on securing her. He ties her legs apart and her arms over her head to the beam above, and strips her down to show her red underwear. Then he tears off her bra and slaps her tits a bit. Taking a pair of scissors, he taunts her by pretending to use them on her nipples, but instead he just cuts away the rest of her clothes.

Next, Dan ties up her boobs with rope, making them stick out prominently and become engorged. Cybil gives a wildly over the top performance, screaming shrilly though her gag while Dan gives her some slight nipple tweaking with a surgical clamp and a spiked pinwheel. I like to hear some reactions, but if she makes that much noise over some nipple stimulation, how the heck did she ever deal with getting that large tattoo on her chest?

If you were to watch the tape with the picture blocked out and just listen to the sound, you would probably guess that Cybil was being burned with a red hot iron for all the noise she makes in reacting to Dan's relatively mild tortures. Dan then uses a little brush on her tits, then puts some clamps on a chain on her nipples and hangs a small weight off it.

He follows this up by cutting off her panties and adorning her pussy lips with mousetraps, tying them off with a line to her toes, so that it is stretched out. She is forced to stand in this position for almost 10 minutes while the camera records her reactions.

In the next scene, Dan ties her standing next to a wooden column, with her hands behind her and her legs tied apart with a spreader bar. A crotch rope is put between her legs, which Dan ties off to a pulley above to make her a bit more uncomfortable. She is gagged with a ring gag, buckled around her neck.

At this point, Dan opens up a dark case and produces one of those electric violet wands, which he uses all over her body and makes her scream with every touch onto her skin. It's kind of fun to watch her react to every zap. Then Dan adds a rake attachment to the wand and tortures her tits and pussy with it, getting the best noises when he uses it between her legs.

Afterward, he tightens up the rope between her legs, adds some clamps to her nipples and leaves to make her stay in this position for a while, as we get several angles of her struggling.

In the next scene, Cybil is again ballgagged, and Dan ties her on her knees, with her wrists roped in back and attached to the column behind her. He ties a rope through her crotch and tightens it to a pulley above her, so that she's sort of anchored on her knees. Then he leaves her there to deal with it for several more minutes.

The final scene has her tied standing with her legs split with a spreader bar. Dan ties her hands above her and loops them over another bar, tying them off to the rope through her crotch. Then she uses a blue whip on her body, followed by a riding crop. Whipping scenes have never been Dan's strong forte; the whipping is a bit wimpy and unconvincing, although Cybil still wails as though he's really hurting her. He finishes it out by making her count the number of blows he gives to her ass. This smacks of B&D master/slave sessions and away from the abductor/villain scenario, which bored me and turned me off.

Dan has the right ingredients in this one, he just chose the wrong victim, IMO. I've said it before; it all comes down to proper casting to make one of these things work. Someone who finds Cybil appealing may very well enjoy this tape a lot more than I did. My grade: C

Sunday, April 20th 2003 - 11:48:45 PM

Name: LikesWhiteSocks

HI...Thanks for the kind words Robert. Do you or AvF or Scribbler or anyone else know where I could order a copy of Fantom Kiler 2 online from a US COMPANY IN THE US? I'm looking to BUY A COPY NOT RENT. A USA VHS NTSC copy. I had a distributor try to get me a copy along time ago but he said customs stopped it as it was a UK company he ordered from. So I am looking for a company in the US (one I can trust) that I can order it from..(Buy it from).. A good VHS copy because a DVD will likely be formatted for 0 region and most including myself can only play region 1 encoded dvds..thanks to anyone for any help. It is greatly appreciated. I haven't seen it and am dying to see it. Thanks


Monday, April 21st 2003 - 12:02:52 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Robert: Thanks for mentioning Brian's Page's scene database. That's a very helpful search engine that I've used for years. In fact, there have been a few times when I've done a search for "torture" and used that info to buy a bunch of mainstream movies cheap at Half.com.

This Bushwhacker movie you mention...someone brought it up somewhere before and it intrigued me, but there's no mention of it on Brian's Page or the IMDB or anywhere else when I've searched for it. Do you remember the plot? I remember thinking it was something I really wanted to see.

Monday, April 21st 2003 - 12:55:37 AM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

LWS: Thanks for posting about your custom vid experiences, am interested to hear about your other custom vids.

Along the line of Brian's page and the scene database, there's a guy 'moviefan' (or something like that) who often posts vid caps of bondage scenes from movies and TV to the alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage newsgroup. Worth checking out.

Speaking of ABPEB, chad is back posting additions to the chad series.

And last but not least, I updated my site.

Monday, April 21st 2003 - 04:32:40 PM

Name: Gonzo
E-mail address: bdfan02@yahoo.com

Remember when I was bugging you for some Lonnie Chad's a while back? Well, good ol' Charles finally got around to scanning them. They were up on ABPEB a few days ago, so now I can stop bugging the world in search of them. Look good though eh?

Cole/Whiteman DVDs
I posted a while back about Leather Rose selling DVD transfers of those old HOM movies like Bittersweet Revenge and Curiosity excited the Kat. Apparantly these guys were ripping off Rick a while back, which does not make them very deserving of our hard earned cash. I thought long and hard about whether I should post again on this subject.

I finally came to the following conclusions - namely that:

1. I don't know of ANY other legitimate place to get them
2. Whomever still owns the rights to them, lacks the good sense to sell them and make a killing.
3. These are the movies that inspired Rick. And they are damned good. Everyone that loves a good bondage flick should get to see them.

Fact is, the transfers are very good. They can be found by searching on the ebay seller 'videotodvd'.

I even got some of the 'newer' old movies - the Barbara Behr one's made after HOM jumped the shark, and stopped making the cool gritty ones from before. Yeah, folks, I know that titles like 'The Greek File', 'Cheri and the Pirates', and 'The Hostage' don't stand up to 'Tourist Trap', but I love that 80s look - leotards, big hair, and long legs.

Now one final question for those in the know. I also got most of the Punished series, and they are good, but not what I expected. Mostly they resemble the Bondage Classics loops. I remember seeing some real nasty torture stuff a long time ago with that Cole/Whitman look about them. I'm talking about the needle through the breasts, burning with hot nails kind of stuff. I had thought that this was what were in the punished loops, but that does not seem to be the case? Just what are these flicks? Gonzo

Monday, April 21st 2003 - 05:06:03 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

My were all a buzz here all of a sudden. All kinds of postings.

LWS~It was cool that your first custom was able to work with you on, not only an outdoor scene, but at a location most would think would be too risky to shoot at. Your and my tastes vary, but that in itself is totally cool. Look forward to reading more about your others.

As far as a US dist. for FK3, maybe we can get Silent Budda to post again prior to his receiving and viewing it to let us know where he purchased his from.

Ralphus~Thanks for taking to the time in giving us another review. Yeaugh she does kinda look like Elfman. My reaction to Elfman is kinda middle of the road but like you, the tatoo's a killer (meaning deal breaker in this context).


Monday, April 21st 2003 - 06:13:15 PM

Name: Rod
E-mail address: duke37@hotmail.com

Gonzo - The "hard" (bloody) Whitman loops are included in the Erotic Perversions tape(s). I recently mentioned having ordered a dvd-r version of them : still waiting for it, but I still enjoy the original vhs version (ordered from straythought.com).

Funny you should mention 'Greek Files', I wanted to ask about these videos, how good they are etc.. and more generally about the HOM models/actresses mystery : can anybody confirm that ladies like Renee Baker or Sharon Montgomery only appeared in HOM and early CalStar material ? No crossover, both in terms of genre (mainstream, "mainstream" hardcore, B-movies..) or company ?...Who were they before HOM, and what did they become after, say 1985/1986 ?... Sorry if the question has been submitted before.

All in all, I consider the proud owner of dvd copies of Greek Files or Tourist Trap a lucky man.


Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - 03:52:10 AM

Name: RR
E-mail address: We don't need no steenking email
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

> Funny you should mention 'Greek Files', I wanted to ask about these videos, how good they are etc.

'Greek Files' was a Whitman film, but was more about discipline than his usual stuff, though it still had a few great scenes. This one must have been filmed in LA because it's the only Whitman film I'm aware of to use well known models, including Tiana Cambridge and Kim Bittner (Pia Snow).

> can anybody confirm that ladies like Renee Baker or Sharon Montgomery only appeared in HOM and early CalStar material ?

As far as I know, none of those models appeared anywhere else. I've heard two stories about how Whitman found his models. One is that they were waitresses that he convinced to do the shoots. The other is that he did shoots inside a house of prostitution. It's a shame that none of them wanted to head out to LA to continue their modeling careers because he worked with a lot of incredibly gorgeous ladies.

Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - 04:54:05 AM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

RR: Dreambook fixed the posting problem. No need to put anything in the email field anymore.

Gonzo: yeah, I remembered about your hots for Lonnie again when I saw the chads with her tied to spring mattress and that overhead pole.

Whitman: it's a shame that most of what we know about him, his history with HOM and Calstar, and his models, is mainly hearsay and rumours. We know even less about Barbara Behr. Wish the people who were actually there would do one of those VH1 type biography shows!

Greek Files: I forget. Is that the one with the model actress tied to a living room fireplace? Overall, I think Whitman's short subject pieces (BD classic loops, punished, erotic perversions) were all better than the longer vids. Except there was one I saw previews of, think it was called 'the Victim' about a girl's sister along with other girls being tormented at work, and the girl getting video tapes dropped at her door about the goings on, trying to get something out of her. I think the girl getting the tapes winds up getting tormented too. I only saw this short preview, but it seemed pretty cool.

1142 on the counter, and it hasn't even been up a week yet!

Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - 02:06:56 PM

Name: Rod

Thanks for the additionnal info

RR : both rumours (waitresses, or the brothel location) are fascinating, if only one of them were true !

Scribbler : I've just finished watching Curiosity Excited The Kat again, it's greater than ever. By the way, a detail had escaped me until now : the film company is not California Star, but "BizarreTriStar" (displayed before the main titles) : is it the Bizarre company we know today, which would indicate that Bizarre - I think Ernest Greene runs it - was born out of HOM &/or CalStar ?..Questions never end

Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - 02:55:59 PM


Haven't checked back to the forum since I announced Fantom Killer 3, but I'll clear up a few thing for all the questions that have popped up.

1. I actually had the address for Media Publications in my original post, only it didn't show up because I put everything in the e-mail section because of the site being all fucked up, and for what ever reason it didn't display.

2. You can actually just go ahead and order it right through the link at media pub, as they now have a distributor located in Ohio that handles all of the tape fulfillment on this side of the pond. I only ordered it on Saturday, so I can't vouch yet for how quick they are, as I still don't have the tape. But I can say that they are very quick to respond to e-mail, as I accidentally forgot to select NTSC when I hit purchase. I wrote them, and they responded within 12 hours.

3. As far as ordering it on DVD is concerned, that's not an option yet, as they are only offering it on VHS at this point. I know, what a rip, but I absolutely loved the first two and have no desire to sit around waiting for clearer picture and sound. I want my hot naked chicks savagely assaulted now! (^_^).

4. As far as bondage on the tape is concerned, there's a fairly long preview of FK3 at the end of FK2, and the only discernable bondage is this gorgeous chick from the first movie, they one who he was going to stick a chisel in her ass, but you never actually see her get killed, well she is completely nude, of course, and her arms are trapped behind the glass of a rolled up car window, and I'm sure you can imagine what happens next. : ) AAhhhhh......... If you go to the site there is actually a section with pictures and they have a picture of the scene there.

I'll be sure to pop in with my opinion on the tape when I've finished it, but judging from the first two, I'm doubting I'm not going to like it.

Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - 06:19:43 PM

Name: Paulus Atreides

Just imagine that cybil movie with someone who looks like this:


Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - 11:24:29 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Paulus wrote: Just imagine that cybil movie with someone who looks like this:


Now you're talking! I'd buy that for a dollar! Get her name and tell Dan ASAP! I smell remake!

Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - 11:41:02 PM

Name: Silent Buddha

Hey all, nope haven't gotten FK3 yet. :P

However, I can tell you all that I ordered it from the same Engish distro (Media Publications) as I ordered FK1 and FK2 from. My experience with them was great at the time. I had ordered both at the same time. But in the FK1 box they had put the FK2 video. As soon as they received my e-mail they sent out a replacement copy of FK1.

If you want the get the FK1 and FK2 DVDs from an American distributor you can go to Luminous Film & Video Wurks (www.lfvw.com). I get foreign DVDs from there from time to time. Be sure to read the video description carefully to see what region and format the DVD is in. They DO sell PAL DVDs there of titles that aren't available in NTSC. I have a DVD player that can play PAL formatted DVDs on NTSC Televisions so I'm peachy with that.

And as Howie mentioned I believe that Media Publications now has a US distributor that they use also.

BTW - there is no FK3 DVD yet that I know of. However, since I have a DVD burner, I plan on converting mine to DVD anyways. I've been going through converting many of my VHS tapes over to DVD although I will still buy a new DVD copy of a tape I already have (quality is better). Man I hope Rick hurries up and puts the Alien Probe and Beyond Driven series on DVD. :P I've been putting those off hoping for real DVD version with hopefully scenes that were originally cut. :)

Man, I can't wait to get FK3, this 2 year wait had better be worth it. /evil grin/


Wednesday, April 23rd 2003 - 09:40:34 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.super-heroines.com

BizarreTriStar was the name of Barbara Behr's new company after selling HOM. They marketed the video "Bittersweet Revenge" under that name too, at first. They later had to change the name to Cal Star because the prior name was too close to the mainstream movie company, Tristar. The other Bizarre company is not connected.

This is what I heard, anyway, way back in the 80s

Friday, April 25th 2003 - 10:20:43 PM

Name: Rod

Thanks for the info Scribbler. I got confused when I watched the CETK video the other day because the logos of Bizarre-TriStar and the other Bizarre company share the same typography : both logos are bold, slightly italic and arial(or sort of, as I'm no expert in typography). I don't know when the Bizarre Video company was founded...mid-80's ?

Saturday, April 26th 2003 - 02:15:58 AM

Name: John

A question -- does anyone know if the pulp friction video site is defunct? I thought I'd seen a note there before they went away that the site was being redesigned or something.

Thanks in advance to whoever knows.

Sunday, April 27th 2003 - 11:22:05 PM

Name: DHT
E-mail address: omac4w@yahoo.com

I have some zfx videos I need to clear out. If interested give me an e-mail. I don't want money for them.

Tuesday, April 29th 2003 - 05:19:02 PM

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