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May 2002
Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com
Comments:Hello to all!

Ok, the site is operational. Got 10 movies up there to stream(more coming soon) and a warehouse full of tapes and Ball3 DVDs to sell. We are selling tapes and DVDs at 35.00, 100 percent in stock same day ship, we will give you the best god dam service possible! Give us a shot to earn your business=)

Pricing for streaming is comparable to other bondage sites and some people just dont want to hassle with tapes around for various reasons. For those folks, streaming is available. Hell, buy ten minutes and use it to peruse something you might have been curious about but dont really want to buy.

VV: Any stories out there are just that, stories and tall ones at that. Vikki was a great gal, but like alot of talent, they just move on to other stuff at some point. Most models arent trying to make a career out of it. Sometimes relationships get in the way, and its very understandable. I havent talked to her in years, like 95ish and last I heard she was getting married and wanted to settled down and have some rugrats. People go into this with their eyes wide open and they sign releases with full knowledge and consent, and then they get paid handsomely for their time and effort. VV has never contacted me or made any attempt to stop sale of her movies, but you better buy 3 of each just in case;)


Wednesday, May 1st 2002 - 07:12:08 AM
Name: DV
Comments:I take back what I said about the prices. I didn't realize it would be such a reduction when buying more minutes, but they are very reasonable as long as the quality is decent...If you only buy 15 then it's obviously not worth it, but if you buy 300 minutes, I believe it's well worth it... Like Rick said, some people can't rent video tapes.. Plus, if you have a girlfriend that doesn't understand your dark video fantasies, how can you explain to her about all the xfx videos around? lol...... so streaming works the best for me.......... Thanx Rick, great site so far! I can't wait until you get your entire collection up there!! There are so many videos that I've yet to see! Dusty
Wednesday, May 1st 2002 - 04:01:02 PM
Name: Falstaff
Comments:Question on the new site, are you able to permanently download the streaming movies or simply view them through the Video Store site? Agree with remarks about VV, she was one of the first super models of ZFX. I know others don't agree but in many respects I like a lot of the earlier videos the best - it was like Rick was doing what I wanted to do, get a bunch of "friends" together and have a great time making sexy bondage movies. It was kind of like an everymans fantasy fulfillment - the girls were real "girl next door types" (well, maybe not your "average" girl next door) and there was a good amount of outdoor action, a personal favorite of mine. Anyhow, hope the new site goes well, there are a couple of the older movies I have not see and look forward to seeing them available on the site - Future Shock, and Crime Scene to name two specifically. Rick, please don't ignore the early classics as you begin making these available. Good Luck - your work is classic.
Wednesday, May 1st 2002 - 11:07:27 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:Thanks to everyone who answered my "Gimp" question.

It's funny how different we all are in our tastes. Falstaff, I absolutely HATE outdoor scenes. Maybe it's the too realistic lighting, maybe it stretches my disbelief too much (could be where I live, too rainy, the only outdoor sex I have had has been on vacation to sunny climes). I don't know, but to me it sucks and wastes a scene totally.

Fred, thanks for responding, I will keep posting on this thread, then. There are surely lots of Golden Era sex + bondage flix. My favorite is the uncut scene with Jamie Gillis and Constance Money in Barbara Broadcast - a must have in any BDSM collection.

In terms of other new flix, one I have to mention is Gag Factor 7. If you're into that kind of thing (I am), the girls lie on their backs with their heads upside down and the guys force-fuck their throats. There are several good, dominating scenes in GF7, especially the first one, where there is no dialogue (I love that), just some pretty girl stretched out mostly nude on a chair with her head down and her arms stretched down to the floor. The guy comes in and fucks her throat silly, and she takes it well, lying there submissively the whole time, almost never lifting her arms in panic as she tries to breathe. Watching it, you can begin to fantasize that those outstreched arms over hear head are tied there. Aaaahhh....

But there is an even better scene later. This other cute girl is tied to a weightlifting bench (on her back, her head hanging upside down) and gagged with ducttape. The "villian" enters and rips off the duct tape, and she says something like, "Oh my God, thank you, these guys tied me to this bench and were going to fuck my mouth...". He unfortunately unties her, and then doesn't let her finish her sentence as he shoves his cock in and bangs her throat. Nice scene. It sucks that he untied her, but the memory of her bondage at least lingers in the viewer's mind and resonates there, improves the scene, IMO.

One flick I am on the hunt for is called Flesh Hunter. The beautiful young Jenna Haze in is FH1 and Flesh Hunter 2, but my understanding is that FH1 has a bondage + sex scene. Apparently, she is blindfolded with her hands handcuffed behind her back, and face fucked. Apparently, also, the producers of this one wimp out and de-cuff her after not too much action. Still, Jenna Haze is so fucking hot that even seeing her bound and blindfolded for a millisecond would be nice for me.

BTW, I am not at all giving up on Rick, I still love all the ZFX flix and can't wait to see Ballista 3 and the other new one. But I do appreciate that the "mainstreamers" are pushing the envelope, yes indeedy.

I did see Rough Sex 2 (not RS1). No bondage, but a very good domination flick, very hard core. I love this stuff. It is so wholesome and beautiful.


Thursday, May 2nd 2002 - 08:01:32 PM
Name: Fred
Comments:zee-ef-ex - I also like the GF series. I have only seen #1 and #2, and liked the first one better than the second. I'll have to check out #7 when it's offered on DVD.

The guy who directed the RS series (Khan Tusion) also made an oral film called "Oral Consumption". Haven't seen it, but heard it was pretty good.

I read an article somewhere that several directors are putting out stuff that has more of an RS-type edge. The names mentioned were Max Hardcore, Rob Black, Thomas Zupelo, and Rocco Siffreli.

I forget who mentioned it, but I've enjoyed this link - http://www.straythoughts.com/home.htm In addition to some interesting videos, there is some great fiction in the "stories" section. Normally that sort of thing doesn't do much for me, but some of the material is really well written. Check out "Parker", for example.

In the video section they appear to offer many of the classics. A couple feature Little Oral Annie, one of my all-time favorites.

Friday, May 3rd 2002 - 08:40:36 AM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire@
Comments:zee-ef-ex’s comment “It's funny how different we all are in our tastes, I absolutely HATE outdoor scenes”, illustrate just how true that statement is. I absolutely LOVE outdoor bondage (Sorry ;) It also makes me wonder what the perfect video would contain for each individual's tastes. I know zee-ef-ex’s would include, in addition to outdoor scenes, a speeded up on screen take down while fully conscious right? ;) (In reference to you preferences, that I know of, of slo-mo, unconscious tyings, etc.) Mine would have the following:

1) 5 parts ZFX for story line, bondage, filming, torture, etc.

2) 2 parts Insex for extreme bondage/torture, except unwilling of course.

3) 3 parts Amateur sites for fresh faced girl next door type actresses (In my perfect world they could act of course). A couple of examples: http://www.susanbanks.com/ http://www.aprilriley.com/free/reddildo01/index.html About three victims but focusing on one in particular (The star if you will). If not from amateurs, I would have to say the three would be Amy van Allen, Olivia Simone (EWP), and probably Lisa Kinkade.

4) 2 parts Teen slasher movie for setting, mood and chase. Setting in an old dirty warehouse or garage (I love outdoors but as a change of pace.). An escape, chase and re-capture scene.

5) 1 part Mainstream porn for sexual penetration.

6) 2 parts Bukkake porn for multiple oral/facial climaxes.

7) 4 parts EWP (Eyewitness Productions) for peril, finality, and ultimate end.

8) A dash of nudity.

9) A pinch of inversion.

10) A sprinkling of sweaty bodies.

And BAM! There you have the ingredients for MY recipe for My version of an ideal bondage movie.


Friday, May 3rd 2002 - 12:32:27 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire
Comments:Fred~Little Oral Annie was kinda cute but I just never could take those sloppy tits (Now if there ever was a case for implants!).


Friday, May 3rd 2002 - 12:37:02 PM
Name: Sardu
E-mail address: sardu@mace-mail.com

The pay site looks like it's off to a good start. Of course, I'll wait for Ralphus to bite first before I spend any of my lunch money.

Since we're discussing pet peeves I'll again say this: In the overwhelming majority of B&D/S&M vids I hate seeing the models/actresses either suddenly undressed via jump-cut or stripped in the most robotic ways. There's no spontaneity to this. Also once they're naked it's like no big deal for the actresses where a "real" victim would make every pathetic attempt to cover herself somehow, someway--at least until they're bound, of course. [And like many other members of this fine Forum, I do prefer the models to be totally nude and barefoot.]

Friday, May 3rd 2002 - 10:55:06 PM
Name: French Charley
Comments:Hey Rick,

Checked out the new site and it looks great. How about a method to purchase the tapes/DVD via snail mail if you ain't got no credit card. Maybe an address to send money orders to purchase. $35.00 is a good price, I'd rather give it to you than another distributor. Keep up the great work.

Hey Ralphus,

how about a review on the new Ball 3 DVD? We are waiting anxiously.

Saturday, May 4th 2002 - 03:17:08 PM
Name: DHT
E-mail address: omac4w@yahoo.com
Comments:Hey, peeps.

I'm inspired to plot the ultimate ZFX film, and I want it to have all the elements the fans as represented on the board like and none of the ones they don't. I started plotting it, but found myself just putting in all the things I like.

What I figure is that a great ZFX vid can be made on a very small budget, as Rick has his warehouse full of equipment. So budget concerns aren't a problem, since from what I've read, a great deal of fans like the hardcore bondage and whipping and stuff more than the sci-fi elements in general.

Anyone interested in offering input post a brief list of three elements you like, or you can e-mail me.

my idea is GUILTY 3: FANATIC and it would hypotherically star only Lisa Kincaid as the writer she played in Guilty 1 and 2, who has gotten a job as a newscaster and is abducted by a crazed fan.

Saturday, May 4th 2002 - 09:32:18 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire@
Comments:DHT~Three elements....hard to cut it down to just three. But if it has to be just three:

1) Nudity~At some point she has to be raped/tortured/etc. completely naked.

2) Upside down suspension~She needs to be tied hanging upside down by her ankles with her hands behind her back while all the nasty things mentioned above happens to her.

3) Finality of ending~With your story line I can see the fan emulating the actions of the villian (serial killer) of parts I and II and wanting to copycat some of the things he did to his victims...including strangling them (or however he disposed of his victims. I'd prefer bagging....lots more struggling and panic).

There are a lot of other elements I would include but they are kind of included in the broad scope of the general heading of "rape/torture".

Well those would be my three if limited to that.


Sunday, May 5th 2002 - 07:38:08 AM
Name: Iago
Comments:I'm sort of with Sardu on the sudden disappearence of clothing on models. I think a lot of the villains in this type of movie tend to be too single-minded about torture. Ballista 2 was good for this. The bad guys really seemed to get into the bodies and stripping of the heroines, then sexually molesting them. There were still the usual ZFX electrocution and whipping scenes, but they were mixed in as part of the show instead of being the whole show. Made it much more entertaining for me. I'm also a big sci-fi fan, so tend to lean into those types of vids more than the others.

Ralphus, I hope B3is a good one. I jumped the gun when I saw it was $35 on Rick's new distributor, and grabbed it plus a couple others. I also hope Rick gets a higher profit margin from this step.

Sunday, May 5th 2002 - 09:55:34 AM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

It's been seven long months, but Rick Masters and ZFX finally have a new video released, this time available in the DVD format for the first time. Ballista 3: Bound For Glory is the third and final chapter to his sci-fi Ballista comic book series that began three years ago with Miss Ballista and continued in 2000 with an even better sequel. This installment is more of the same, packed with lots of scenes.

After about 15 minutes of previous scenes from the first two chapters, bringing the story up to speed, the action commences with Ballista (played by Lisa Kinkaid) and comely coed Barbara Bayer being terrorized by two evil henchmen. Lisa is bound spreadeagled on a mattress, cleave-gagged and suffers from clothespins on her nipples. Barbara has her mouth stuffed with a huge ball and is fitted with a Hannibal Lector mask over her face. They tie Barbara so that she has to kneel with her face mashed into Lisa's pussy, and they simultaneously whip her ass while Lisa is forced to suck a rubber dildo, an obligatory ZFX tradition.

This is followed by a short scene of Barbara tied on an adjustable table, all wired up, her face completely covered with a gas mask device, while Lisa waits beside her, chair-tied. This is followed by redhead Bridgette Bayonne, all bound in plastic wrap, tied standing in a glass isolation booth. Her interrogator, Joseph Marx, zaps her with some electric shock treatment, but the scene falls flat because the bondage is weak and Bridgette could easily pull out her wires as she writhes a bit unconvincingly. It's a short scene, and with the exception of another very brief bondage scene with Bridgette later, this is all we see of both other girls for the rest of the way. It's all Lisa from this point on.

Next, Lisa has taken Barbara's place on the table, legs spread wide, but the only way I can tell it's her is because of the gold boots. Vibrators are taped on her legs and an electrical probe is taped inside her pussy. She is wearing a face-covering mask that has a long tube attached over the mouth area with wires jutting out from plugs over the eyes. A masked "Mr. Reemer" slaps and molests her body while berating her, then leaves and Marx comes in to begin her torture. He starts by filling her mask with "psychotropic gas" to give her hallucinations (It's sci-fi, just play along) then he rams her ass with a black dildo, painfully shoving it up inside her. Marx tapes it into place, and now with all her holes filled, he zaps her with several doses of electricity. As usual, Lisa reacts with convincing intensity. Unfortunately, what might have been a classic scene is severely muted, IMO, by the fact that we cannot see Lisa's face. All the other elements are there, but it was hard for me to get excited when the victim in this case looks like she has a huge Cootie head :)

No such problem occurs in the next scene, the best of the entire tape. Lisa is tied face down, arms knotted behind her, and her pretty face is accented by a red ball gag. Her ankles are tied to the side of the table. Mr. Reemer enters and after some excellent verbal abuse and fondling, he bends her over and rapes her viscously from behind. As always with ZFX, the rape is simulated with rubber dildos, but it's a fine simulation nonetheless. Not finished with her, he flips Lisa over and bangs the bound girl's pussy from the front, then removes her gag and fucks her face, coating her mouth and face with jism. It's an outstanding scene that rivals the best rape scenes that ZFX has ever shot, and they've made several great ones.

As Reemer prepares to mount Lisa a third time, she manages to free her hands and pull off his mask. Surprise! It's her own brother (played by Masters) who was supposedly shot and killed in the first chapter, but it turns out that was a ruse, and he's actually the head of the whole evil organization. Masters explains everything to Lisa while she is bound naked to a chair, looking very hot indeed. He ballgags her and makes her suffer by applying multiple clothespins to her breasts and pussy. He sticks a vibrating egg between her sore pussy lips and ties a rope around her neck, pulling on the rope to make her choke.

At this point, Masters falls for the oldest trick in the book, that being the old "If you untie me I'll do anything for you" routine. Now free, Lisa knees Rick in the groin and chokes him with the rope, escaping when he passes out.

Now back in her Ballista costume with golden mask, Lisa is grabbed and chloroformed by two of Reemer's masked henchmen. They lead her into Reemer's office, bound to a rolling chair and gagged with black tape. He tells them to take her to the "playroom" and make her stay very unpleasant.

Lisa is then tied to a couch. The henchmen force a huge dildo gag into her mouth and buckle it on. A noose is placed over her neck and pulled on repeatedly by one man, while the other slowly cuts away her costume, first opening up holes for her breasts to stick through, then her pussy. Fans who have a fetish for seeing costumed super-heroines tied and tortured will love this scene. The men make her suffer more by tightening vise clamps onto her nipples and her pussy. They take off her mask and continue to choke and torment her until she passes out. They now cut and rip off the remainder of her costume until she is naked once more.

The following scene has Lisa bound standing with a rope tied around her hair and fastened to the ceiling. Now conscious and ballgagged, wrists tied behind, her pussy is violated by a dildo shoved inside and tied between her legs, anchored there with a rope around her waist. Her legs are bound apart by a spreader bar. The men go off and leave her in this uncomfortable position.

But not for long. It's time for Lisa's body and mouth to be used by the men, and they tie her standing with her arms behind her, tied to the ceiling. Lisa is forced to suck one man's cock while the other reams her from behind in another fine scene, climaxing with a cum shot to Lisa's face while the other smears his cum all over her ass.

Finished with her, the men shove Lisa into a bathroom and lock the door behind her. But it's a bathroom that's already occupied, by another of ZFX's sex-starved plants, who proceeds to attack and sexually molest Lisa with tightening vines and squirting green goo, in a fine live-action homage to Japanese anime tentacle movies. It's an extremely well-done setpiece that may be of limited appeal to those like me who favor more realistic tortures, but I liked it.

The final scene has Lisa fallen asleep back at her computer, recalling the first scene in the first movie. Mr. Reemer approaches and knocks her out with a sharp slap to the face. He unbuttons her top and forces a rolled-up Ballista comic down her throat, in a scene that's shown from three different angles at the same time, a device I could have done without. But then it turns out Lisa was dreaming the whole thing, or was she? Well, I know I have dreams like this...

If you get the DVD, which I would definitely recommend over the VHS version, you will be treated to several minutes of often hilarious outakes, the highlights of which show repeated shots of the scene where Lisa really does knee Rick in the groin, and then she's breaking up because she's afraid to actually do it again! Funny stuff, and an extra feature I hope we get with every ZFX DVD release from now on.

Overall, there's a lot to see with this new release. Some scenes work better than others, but the scenes that do make it well worth the cost. Lisa's hair grows a good three inches halfway through, not exactly a debit to the tape, but the difference is certainly noticeable, due to the large gap in time between when the scenes were filmed. Lisa is, as always, a wonderful and beautiful victim and it's her acting that gives most of this production its strength. As with the other two tapes in this series, Ballista 3 is a winner. My grade: B

Sunday, May 5th 2002 - 02:48:22 PM
Name: French Charley
Comments:Thanks Ralphus,

an excellent review of Ball3. Funny how some actresses disappear after a few scenes never to be seen in the vid again. Question, did you obtain your DVD from JMC Distributing, and if so, what was the delivery time from order to receipt? Good service?

Sunday, May 5th 2002 - 03:09:41 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:French Charley: Thanks for the compliment. JMC was just fine; got the DVD in just a few days. I paid $40.95 for mine, but looks like Rick has his $6 cheaper. Oh well, at least I got to see mine a little quicker :)
Sunday, May 5th 2002 - 03:48:39 PM
Name: Joe Smith
Comments:RR - You rock! That's exactly what I'm looking for. Do you take requests?
Sunday, May 5th 2002 - 11:57:20 PM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address: g_in_o62@hotmail.com
Comments:Sardu I agree.

Its all about the stripping (btw- I recommend the costume cutting scene in Ballista-3, great pacing and close ups as Lisa is unwrapped). In most bdsm films, the stripping is an element that is rushed over, but face it, in "reality" being stripped would be a big deal to the victim and it would take awhile for her to fully lose her modesty.

Ralphus: Good review for Balisata-3, thanks. I however liked the scene where Lisa masked on the table. For me it accentuated the removal of her body from her control. It was as if "she" was very far away from what was being done, but very connected to it at the same time. I probaby am not getting the thought quite right and no, I'm not trying to be to metaphysical about it. Maybe someone else knows what I mean?

Monday, May 6th 2002 - 08:11:58 AM
Name: Johnny
E-mail address: zfx@jmcdist.com
Homepage URL: http://www.jmcdist.com/zfx
Comments:Just so everybody knows... JMC Distributing has dropped it's price on ZFX to $34.95. Our shipping options start at just $3.95 for 2-3 day Priority USPS when our competitors are usually in the $6.00 to $8.00 range for just one tape. Thanks for the kind words on speedy service, we try to ship the same day on instock items.
Monday, May 6th 2002 - 10:11:44 AM
Name: Joe Smith
Comments:DHT - if you can do it, try this: 1 - Lots of ungagged struggling. We should hear her complain as it's happening. 2 - show the tying and stripping, at least the first time. When he gets her, have him quickly put ropes around her wrists and angles, tie her spreadeagle and cut/rip the clothes off as she protests. To expand on #1, make sure he fondles her breasts and fingers her pussy while she complains how she hates it and wants him to stop :)
Tuesday, May 7th 2002 - 01:26:40 AM
Name: Joe Smith
Comments:Maybe I missed it, but what is Eyewitness Productions' website?

Thanks for the Straythoughts link. Some good stuff. Anyone ever ordered from them?

Tuesday, May 7th 2002 - 03:14:27 AM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: http://www.ewprod.com/
Comments: Joe Smith ~ EWP address above and follwing. http://www.ewprod.com/

Ralphus ~ On your EWP reviews, I've read some other reviews stating the same thing on "Guilty" (the camera shots are too far away). The last was posted at their site and will be curious to see what they say if they respond to the question as to the change in camera techinque for that one.

Also concerning your good review on "Deadly Laundry" ( as far as filming goes) it appears that one of the founders films commercials for a living. Given this info it'd be interseting to see what direction they head in in the next release and hopefully they'll respond as to why the change in "Guilty".


Tuesday, May 7th 2002 - 07:27:26 AM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire@
Comments:Ralphus~Thanks again for the detailed review on B3. Your reviews are always looked forward to and hopefully you'll be busy writting a lot of them again soon (Is there a hidden message in-between the lines here?). Hopefully Rick will chose to include some interviews on the forth comming new releases also in addition to the out takes.

Rick~I for one have never complained on the slow down of your releases and have never commented like others who pine for the good 'ol days of 12 (or whatever) releases per year. I figure, when you release them, you release them and can wait for whenever that is. But having said that, now that everything is underway (direct marketing, pay-per-view, DVD releases, etc.), and I know you still have lots of work to do, but have you gotten a sense of how much addtional time all the changes are going to take out of your schedule ( as opposed to what life was like prior to the changes). And if so, do you see yourself getting back to multiple releases at anytime in the future? Not complaining but with the multiple releases as before I had a few to chose from since my particular tastes are a little left of the norm. In other words, I buy them to suit my tastes as opposed to others who just snap up anything ZFX (You must love that! The ultimate complimant.).


Tuesday, May 7th 2002 - 08:03:44 AM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:AvF: Thanks for the heads up on that other review of Guilty. That Long Hair Fan was right on the money in his comments, and people were trashing him on the board. It was good to hear a someone else agree with me. I knew I couldn't be the only one. So I cut and pasted my own review of Guilty and placed it on the Eyewitness board. Maybe if they get a few more negative words, they'll go back to really directing their shows instead of just cutting between two long shots. Hate to waste torturing a beautiful babe by filming it from too far away. Not for $50 a pop, no way.
Tuesday, May 7th 2002 - 09:19:17 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire@
Comments:Ralphus~I thought about mentioning your review or inviting the readers of EPW's forum over here but didn't feel it was my place to. And again you have seen the attacks on contrary views over there.

That's one thing I've always liked about this forum. It's civility. Being able to state one's case or preference and knowing there are going to be counter points of view but they're always stated with the same understanding and respect.

Anyway, you know by my postings that I've been very excited about EWP's potential (not to mention Olivia!). Close ups and expressions are a very big part of one's enjoyment of these types of videos. I hope the filming method of "Guilty" was just an aberration and they will continue future works in the filming style of "Deadly Laundry". As stated before, I have my own theories for why the change in that particular video (although one of which was proven to be incorrect with the pointing out that Olivia was in the updated shots except with a wig....You sure?). Glad you have posted a copy of the review there. Hope it give some food for thought.


Wednesday, May 8th 2002 - 12:32:42 PM
Name: Iago
Comments:Hey has anyone noticed a way to check on order status at the ZFX site? I can't find a way to get tracking or shipping info, and it's getting around that time where I start to wonder...
Wednesday, May 8th 2002 - 09:41:22 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire@
Comments:Something else just occured to me as far as something missing from ZFX videos. Tears. I know it's hard to do for most, to cry on command, but there are a rare few out there who are able to do just that. I think it would be an added touch of realism if Rick could find someone like this. To find someone like this without sacrificing looks would probably be tougher still but still think it can be done.

I know some other sites have a "talent search" button with attached forms, etc. I have no idea how much traffic they get through these but just thought I'd mention it if Rick would care to add one and give it a try. He could be very specific in criteria (drop-dead good looks, earthy-girl next door types, cry on demand, NO TATS or PEICINGS, acting experience or ability a BIG plus, younger looking than actual age a plus (looks 15 or 16 but is older), etc. as a few examples.) for who would be considered.

Just some thoughts.


Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 08:03:29 AM
Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com
Comments: Hello to all!

Just letting you know the site shopping cart was down yesterday for a bit, everything is running fine now so if you tried to order yesterday give it another shot. 10 more shows going up on Streaming soon..Vostock Core, Cheerleaders of Perilous U.,Ballista 2, Misadventures of Lois Payne, Future SHock, Ms Cox, Seed, Guilty, Tifffany Twisted and Trojan Horse.

Iago: You should have gotten an Email confirmation of you order automatically. Feel free to call and check the status though. I guarantee if it was placed before 2pm est on a business day it went the same day, if after 2pm, the following businessday.It sounds like we need some sort of Order Status System or at least shipping confirmation. I'm going to get this implemented ASAP.

Ralphus: Thanks for the detailed review. I see your off in other forums starting fights...nice work=) The first rule of Project Mayhem is.....

Guilty 3: Fanatic....Love this title, the story ideas not too shabby either. I may just use it if I ever get around to shooting another Guilty=)

Im thinking about doing an interview with Lisa Kinkaid on tape in the near future, maybe throw in a bit of light cheescake too, then streaming it. If you have any pressing questions for Ms. Kinkaid (I think shes been asked about everything and anything including her shoe size but..) , now is the time to ask....I'll post the answers here as well.

Best Regards,


Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 08:21:39 AM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:AvF: Yep, the blonde girl in the Eyewitness pics is indeed Olivia Simon. The pic is listed on her profile page, but then just to be sure, I asked Eyewitness and they confirmed that it really is her. Whether she's a blonde or a redhead, either way, she's pretty damn hot.

Tears: Oh heck yeah, any realistic crying can improve a scene, but again, it goes back to acting ability. Of course, you don't want to take it too far that we may actually (horrors!) feel sorry for her, but how about a combination? Maybe crying when told of the treatment she is about to receive, then some big league screaming when the punishment is administered. Yeah, that'll work!

Rick: Me, starting fights? Naw, just trying to talk some sense into those people. I'm just doing it for the betterment of art. Can I help it that I'm always right? :)

Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 05:26:23 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire@
Comments:Hey Rick. Here are a few questions for the Lisa interview.

A lot of the conversation at the forum consists of fantasies, after all that’s what these videos are all about. One of the topics was whom people would love to see in ZFX videos. The answers ranged from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Shannon Elizabeth to Jessica Alba to name a few. When Jessica Alba came up it began a conversation to the effect that you resemble Jessica to some degree. Two questions on this subject. Number one: Has anyone made any comments about the resemblance? And two: Do you think you resemble her somewhat (I think you do by the way)?

Still on the subject of fantasies, If you could work with anyone (anyone at all, famous or not), whom would you care to work with in each of the following: Someone in the role of abuser who abuses you in the usual ZFX fashion. And someone as the victim with you playing the villain.

Throughout the years, which part in which movie sticks out in your mind the most and for what reason? Also your favorite scene and least favorite scene?

With all the videos, all of us have pretty much gotten a chance to see just about every inch of you. What do you consider your best feature, appearance wise?

You have stated in previous interviews that you personal sex life is pretty much vanilla but have also admitted, when asked, if you became aroused during certain scenes while filming. Have these feelings prompted you to want to experiment with bondage or role playing in your personal life?

And last question, a repeat of an old question. Has anyone recognized you from ZFX and if so was it a positive experience?

Thanks in advance to Rick and Lisa for any questions you would care to ask and answer.


Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 05:28:30 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire@
Comments:Yep, Ralphus and Howie...Rebel Rousers! Although Howie seems to have fallen off the face of the earth as of late after getting the fight started. I think somebody must have left-hooked him ;)


Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 05:35:24 PM
Comments:AvF: Nope, still alive and kicking. It's just that I really don't have much to add over at Eyewitness after recently viewing "Deadly Laundry." Let's just say that if the people over there are reacting with that kind of venom to Ralfus's only slightly negative review of "Guilty," I would be a virtual atomic fucking bomb over there. Everyone in that forum seems to think the vid's are the second coming or something, and I really wasn't that impressed. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and I really don't have much positive to say and I'm not the type to start flame wars for no purpose. I won't go into detail here unless you want me to, but lets just say that I didn't feel the stuff was even is the same league as ZFX. At least one person on this board knows what I'm talking about, even though they don't seem to be responding to it.

On another subject, I just want to say how happy I am with the service I received from Rick's site. I ordered the Balista 3 DVD and SOTB 4 on Monday, and now I already have both of them in my overjoyed perverted hands. (^_^). I'm very happy with the service, and will be ordering more soon. Especially with the price drop. Now it's time for me to catch up on a lot of ZFX action I didn't want to spend around $50.00 a pop for!! Must... complete... Monica... Moore... collection....

Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 06:46:01 PM
Name: Iago
Comments:Rick, the vids arrived today, in good order I think. I haven't had time to watch them, but look forward especially to my Ballista 3 DVD!

I didn't provide an email address due to the spam nightmares that can come from these places sometimes. An order confirmation/tracking number system is a great idea. After all, if this had been a copy of the Lion King I might not have been too worried if it'd been dropped at my neihbor's by mistake...

So what's next?

Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 11:27:05 PM
Name: Falstaff
Comments:Ralphus and AvF mentioned tears etc in the videos and a "talent search" - Since I first hooked up with the Insex web site I have always thought Tyler Scot would be simply fantastic in a ZFX production - she has the youthful extra innocent look that Rick could really work wonders with, and she is pretty good at the tears also. This young lady is something else and Rick should try to contact her. I know she is modeling for lots of different people and I think she would really be able to fit into the ZFX mold of other super stars. Besides, for a number of reasons I would really prefer to see her doing something like ZFX instead of Insex. I belonged to Insex for over six months and it was really an education but not in the way I was expecting. The women for the most part are attractive and most (Tyler being an exception) are really into the lifestyle. The thing that really surprised me is that while I found Insex really psychologically fascinating, it was totally non erotic for me.

ZFX on the other hand, is an erotic paradise. I guess I just prefer the fantasy to the real risk of psychological damage and abuse that the "lifestyle" entails. I will say that I think all the people on the Insex staff really do watch out for the girls in every way possible, unfortunately some of the people they attract as members don't seem to have much respect for the well being of anyone other than themselves. They are very much in the minority, but the potential for exploitation, rather than "expansion of one's horizons" is enough to blunt any real erotic impact of the website. Just my opinion, as has been mentioned often on this board, everybody has one. ZFX does it better than anyone. By the way, one question, I asked earlier but got no answer, are the streaming videos on the ZFX site downloadabe (real word?) or are you simply able to view them via the web site itself. Of course at $35 it would probably be cheaper just to buy the few that I don't already have. By the way, Rick, thanks for putting Future Shock in line to be streamed, that is one I have always wanted but have never been able to find.

Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 11:39:06 PM
Name: Falstaff
Comments:The word was susposed to be downloadable not downloadabe, next time I will time to read before I post.
Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 11:43:04 PM
Name: reader
Comments:Anyone ever checked out these? http://www.taboovideos.com Interested to know about quality and delivery, etc. You guys usually cover everything out there, but I don't recall hearing about these before.
Friday, May 10th 2002 - 02:59:09 AM
Name: Joe Smith
Comments:Zee-ef-ex, I like the mainstream thread too. I'm a big fan of the classic '70s porn. There was a nice scene in Sex Boat where a guy ties his cheating wife up to make her watch him fuck two girls. Then the film ends with a massive rape. It's cheezy, but I like that, which is why I like some of ZFX's sci-fi stuff. Some of the new EXXTREME (or is it Evil Angel, I can never remember) has rape in it, but not bondage.
Friday, May 10th 2002 - 03:14:55 AM
Name: Sardu von Sardu

Ralphus: thanks for the review of "Ballista 3" and I'm glad you're raising hell at that other message board. Hopefully it will improve the quality of the videos.

Crying in Vids: Works for me! I think it lends a necessary realism to scenes where some captive pretty is stripped or made to strip.

Friday, May 10th 2002 - 10:51:39 AM
Name: Sardu von Sardu

Nearly forgot! Questions for Lisa Kinkaid. BTW, AVF's are excellent!

1. What were your biggest misconceptions about the whole ZFX scene before you started working there?

2. Would you ever care to write and even direct a ZFX vid?

3. If, say, 50 years down the road you discover that you've become some sort of long-lost, cult Bettie Page-figure of the late 90s bondage scene, how would you feel?

4. Have you ever brought any friends in to try out for a ZFX vid? How did they react?

5. Is Rick still pathetically begging you to do real anal scenes?

6. When will the Lisa Kinkaid pay site appear? ;)

Thanks, Lisa!

Friday, May 10th 2002 - 11:07:27 AM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire@
Comments:Sardu~Thanks for the compliment.

I think we already have the answer to your question #5. Think to Ralphus' recent review of B3...Has it come to you yet? Remember?...When Ralphus wrote about the added outtakes? The accidental kick (or was it?) in the crotch that Rick received.

Yes, I think we already have out answer ;)


Friday, May 10th 2002 - 12:22:01 PM
Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com
Comments:Let me join the others in congratulating Ric on Ballista 3. It's a stellar effort. Let me also join sardu and ric in our pathetic effort to get you to do an anal penetration scene. My question for Lisa is: Who's anus was actually penetrated for the scene? Is there such a thing as an anal penetration double? ;-) LB
Friday, May 10th 2002 - 03:16:23 PM
Name: Joe Smith
Comments:Questions for Lisa, and I'm sorry if these are doubles. I might have missed some earlier interviews:

1) Do you have any interest in acting in non-fetish, non-adult films?

2) What kind of career do you ultimately hope to have, be it acting or something else?

3) I too want to know if you get recognized from ZFX. :)


Saturday, May 11th 2002 - 02:48:29 AM
Name: Sprintus
Comments:Question for Lisa...

Any chance you would sign an 8 x 10 still photo (Preferably a shot of you suspended) from one of your ZFX videos? I myself would be happy to pay a reasonable sum for such an Item. I suspect many others would also.


Saturday, May 11th 2002 - 09:25:14 AM
Name: Roger Morris
E-mail address: rogergmorris@btinternet.com
Comments:Hi, just found you on the web, and want to say that I've only seen 3 ZFX films, second-hand, and poor quality tapes, but I LOVE the content! Could you possibly email me with details and lists with prices of all films available? I'm uk based, so I need to know that the films will arrive. I'd also prefer them to be on DVD if possible. I know it may be a tall order, but I hope that you can help?..... Finally, I'd also appreciate a story breakdown of other available films, (presuming you can help me) my email address is in this form.
Sunday, May 12th 2002 - 09:19:41 AM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire@
Comments:Hey Roger~Scroll down a little ways till you see an entry by "Rick". Rick is who makes all the ZFX tapes and has listed his web site with over 100 titles and decriptions of the vids. He just started DVD's so I think there's only three out right now. I don't know if he ships to Europe or not but I do know some others companies do. Hopefully we can get some other posters to assist with who these are.

Great stuff Roger, you'll enjoy anything you decide to pick up. If you like reality type story lines "Forced Entry". is really good.


Sunday, May 12th 2002 - 01:03:28 PM
Name: Iago
Comments:Okay, I've had a chance to watch the B3 DVD and the video of SOB5 that I ordered. Here's what I thought:

Ballista 3: This was a really good video. As Ralphus mentioned, it was mostly Lisa's show, but she did a very good job. We also had brief appearamces by Barbara Bayer (who I think is very cute) and Brigitte Bayonne, who gave a better performance than I remember being the norm for her. I also liked her all wrapped up in Saran Wrap. The movie is a good length, and there are a lot of different situations that the girls get stuck in. It has rape, torture, wierd science, brainwashing, incest, and a good drop of sci-fi. Lots of shots of Lisa both in and out of the Ballista suit as well. The outtakes were great. I loved seeing Rick obsessing over different shots, and Lisa was very, very cute in her between-takes conversation.

Technically, I liked the way the chapters were laid out on the DVD. It makes it easy to zero in on just the scenes you want. A lot of adult DVDs either have no scenes (being one long scene) or just a few scenes. Rick's layout was much better, and will add a lot of replay value to the DVD. The one thing that was a little difficult was the DVD menu. It seems to me that it's a little bit difficult to scroll around on the main screen, but that might just be me. If you are a Shockwave fan, you'll really like this one.

South of the Border 5 was the best installment since part 3. Marley Rowe was good, and Lisa gave another great performance. Penelope Pace does a very erotic scene where she gets herself off while chained to a chair, then gets her waist lifted while chained down to a pallette. Nice. Of course, since the slaves are going to "Sheik O. B. Laden," we have to see what's going to happen if SOB6 comes out now. Again, a very good vid, even with only brief appearences by Christina and Kim.

Peace out,


Sunday, May 12th 2002 - 09:59:17 PM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address: g_in_o62@hotmail.com
Comments: Question:

In my forays into the net, I have come across a movie called "Escape into the Wilderness". It tends to show up on sites specializing in bondage movies, trending toward "mainstream" (rather than "porn"). There is never much info on the movie, just pictures wich look very interesting. The victem is stripped and tied out of doors, in the woods. It looks like she is whipped and groped quite a bit, then in a great looking scene, taken tied to a near by creek and immersed by her abducter. Anyone know about this film? If it is as good as it looks, availiability etc? If anyone would know it would be here...

Sunday, May 12th 2002 - 10:15:58 PM
Name: the Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www.lyndondistributors.com/videos/pages/vid01bc.html
Comments:"Escape into the Wilderness" is a 70s (or 80s) Classic HOM 8mm loop. It's on the BC12 VHS video. You can find it at the above link.
Monday, May 13th 2002 - 11:08:10 AM
Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/
Comments:Re: Joe Smith: "RR - You rock! That's exactly what I'm looking for. Do you take requests?"

Thanks, I almost missed your post because I don't get to check this forum as much as I used to. Sorry, but I don't take requests. That's the advantage of sharing my rape fantasy photos for free. I'll listen to requests and might like an idea, but I'm paying for the model's time and not charging anybody to see the pix, so I'm shooting what I want. If I start a paysite many years from now, I'll be more willing to take requests. Till then, you'll have to be satisfied by my fantasies. I've got three more models lined up for shoots next month. Check back and post a message on the Yahoo group if there's any favorite panels that you'd like to see a wallpaper of.

Monday, May 13th 2002 - 07:36:47 PM
Name: Jeff
E-mail address: videoman01@ziplip.com
Comments:Hey! Im new to this site and will now be a regular. I love ZFX videos and now am excited about the new site with streaming videos. Just ordered the new DVD, and can't wait to get it. Keep up the great work Rick! This fan is happy! BTW, I was at forbiddenvideo.com and see they released a new video with Gauge called "little girl lost" - anyone seen it? Looks pretty good. Her other videos made by them were great. Jeff
Tuesday, May 14th 2002 - 10:52:09 AM
Comments:Now for something COMPLETELY off topic. I just saw an early screening of episode 2. Anyone who was let down by Phantom Menace, take heart, Lucas has actually redeemed himself. It's a fun ride.
Tuesday, May 14th 2002 - 07:52:02 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:Howie: Not completely off topic. Doesn't Natalie Portman get tied up in that movie? Natalie Portman...*SCHWING!*
Tuesday, May 14th 2002 - 08:43:30 PM
Comments:Yep. She gets chained to a pole and attacked by a monster who rips off some of her clothes. I saw a reporter interview her on E! last night who summed the scene up perfectly when he said to her, "When the monster first started attacking you I was rooting for you, but when he started tearing your clothes off I started rooting for the monster." I thought that was a pretty ballsy thing to say to her and got a laugh out of it.
Tuesday, May 14th 2002 - 09:46:21 PM
Name: Joe Smith
Comments:To RR: I'll post some ideas in your forum. You may like them. If not, I'm still enjoying your own creations...
Wednesday, May 15th 2002 - 02:34:41 AM
Name: Joe Smith
Comments:Another Lisa question - assuming Lisa Kinkaid is a fake name, how did you come up with it?
Wednesday, May 15th 2002 - 02:35:12 AM
Name: chris
E-mail address: methos1994@yahoo.com
Comments:Here's an idea I've often thought about: Find a Britney Spears lookalike (it really can't be that hard, can it) I mean a girl that looks kinda like her. And have this lookalike star in a "Britney does ZFX" video. Stupid idea? Yeah, but I had to watch her concert with some young cousins of mine and that thought kept popping into my head. Then again, maybe I should be getting more sleep....
Wednesday, May 15th 2002 - 08:34:55 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/brutalvideos/littlegirllost.htm
Comments:Jeff: Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the heads up on the new Forbidden Video flick. What did it take to get me to order a video from them again? Gauge is back! 'NUFF SED! My order is on the way. Since she starred in the only two videos that I enjoyed from that company, I'm more than glad to take a chance with her. I'll give you a review after I see the new one. The URL for it is above.

Chris: Britney does ZFX? That is an excellent idea! Just be sure to change the names so you don't get sued, but heck yeah, that's a storyline that Rick could work wonders with. And God knows we would all like to see it :)

Wednesday, May 15th 2002 - 11:37:15 PM
Name: Chris
E-mail address: methos1994@yahoo.com
Comments:"Britney does ZFX", well could there really be a lawsuit on a first name? So long as "Spears" isn't used. But think about this: Lisa Kinkaid as a pop singer who is abducted and tormented by an obsessed fan. I for one would love to see Lisa show off her body in some Britney-esque outfits. Listening Rick and Lisa? :-)

On a side note, spent the night at the movie theater. Saw the new Star Wars movie. Have to say, I thought it was real good. And I'm a 30 year old Star Wars fan from WAYYYYY back. Still have the damn action figures, although the girlfriend is pressuring me to sell them off.
Ugh, I miss getting the chance to tie her up. I used to be able to go to town on her, but she's lost interest in bondage and, well, it hasn't been the same since.

Am I whining? Nah, just need a good ZFX shot every now and then.

New thread: Top 10 Lisa Kinkaid videos

Thursday, May 16th 2002 - 10:04:23 PM
Name: Iago
Comments:I like the singer in distress angle, but think that Monica Moore, or Amy Van Allen, or Penelope Pace might have made better rock star types. They have more of that thin or toned look about 'em. Remember The Van, with "Desperate Dancer?" With Rick's wierd electrical doo-dads I bet that he could rig a pretty good "rock star hell" set!
Friday, May 17th 2002 - 12:17:58 AM
Name: a viewer
Comments:The new streaming vid site looks great. Are there any plans to make any zfx movies available by purchase as downloads (ie. rather than as streaming video)?
Saturday, May 18th 2002 - 10:07:40 AM
Name: Evets
Comments: I was wonder why everyone kept talking about "lisa kinkaid." What's the big deal I thought. Then I purchased a vid from the SOB series. OK I get it. Yaaawzzza!! DAMN!! I love her look. Pretty face, great rack, superb nipples. Love her jalopies, they look real (if they are fake I don't want to know about it). One can only imagine how happy her boy/girlfriend, sig other person is. I still have a question. What's the best video to purchase to see her get fondled, groped, fettered, etc. I've ordered Forced Entry (which is taking forever and a day to arrive). Love the squezzing (breast and nipple play) could do without the violence torture junk. Has she ever done hardcore? I would love to see her do a video from paragonvideo.com. I love their series. She would certainly jazz up their videos which are kinda on the tame side. It would certainly be an easy shoot for her and they could use some publicity and a new smoking hot babe.
Monday, May 20th 2002 - 11:59:08 AM
Name: a longtime lurquer
Comments:Chris: I've been there. What worked for me with my girlfriend was a change of focus. I used to tie her up and use her for my pleasure. She got bored, said she wasn't interested in bondage anymore. I was at first devastated, but after some time had passed, it dawned on me (I'm slow) that if I wanted her to do certain sexual things, the thought of them has to fill her with pleasure. So, when I finally convinced her to let me tie her up again, I spent the whole time eating her pussy and driving her wild. Did that the next time, too, and the next time, so that the best sex she was having was when she was tied up. When we'd do vanilla sex, I wouldn't try as hard (smile). Before long, she was begging for bondage. And over time, I gradually worked it back to a balance, where half the time when she is tied up she is being pleasured, the other half of the time she is pleasuring me. She's a bondage freak now - it just took some training.

BTW, the same thing happened with anal. When we were first dating, she said, no way, NEVER insert anything there. So I tried a little experiment along the lines of the one I used with bondage. She was okay with stroking on the outside of her asshole, so whenever I ate her pussy and she was cumming (she cums easily from oral), I made sure that I stroked her ass. Because I never let her cum during oral sex absent some simultaneous ass stimulation, it didn't take too long before she started to associate anal with pleasure. She moved on to finger insertion, and eventually ass-fucking.

These techniques work - the only drag is they take a long time. But she's well-trained now - I think I'll keep her. (smile)

Occasionally, there have been postings on this board about whether the posters and lurquers here enjoy BDSM in their real-time relationships. Works for me.

Monday, May 20th 2002 - 06:22:38 PM
Name: Lurker2
Comments:The way I got my wife interested in bondage again was to talk about what I was going to do to her while we were having plain sex. Eventually she became more and more aroused by these stories and I would slowly make them more extreme the closer she was to cumming. She associated these extreme stories with cumming and soon was asking to be tied up and used. One way to try it.
Monday, May 20th 2002 - 08:54:11 PM
Name: g-in-o
Comments: Thought I would take a whack at the top 10 movies of the delectable Lisa. These are my favorites and why. Individual results may vary.

1) South of the Border IV. What can I say that I have not said allready. Here are the stats: Two great whipping scenes (belt and bull whip) a tightly bound electo scene with a surprise ending (!) and the great upside down dunking scene. And thats just the Lisa scenes...

2)Vacum- Kind of a surprise here as it did not rate as high with me when it first came out. Lots of great Lisa in the first half, the second half of the movie is one long molestation with Lisa naked on cement, her wrists tied to her ankles as she entertains idiot man child Jonus (RM himself!) and whoever else happens to drop by.

3)Beyond Driven 2, Evil Man. Savor innocent Lisa's ZFX debut. In an earlier interview she mentions the heat made this her toughest film. It doesn't look like that sweat is the sprayed on fake stuff...

4)Ballista-2. Great sounds on this one, and an excellent scene as she is hoisted onto the dildo affixed chair.

5) Whiplash IV the Whip Shock Experiment. Whipping and shocking, what else? And a great scene with her ass hoisted high on a doctors table.

6) Ballista-3. Maybe its too early, but this one is shaping up as a favorite.

7) Beyond Driven-3, The Sufferings of Stephanie Renford. The first all Lisa film.

8) Voodoo Dolls 2. For the moment she steps off the box trying to avoid the battery cables.

9) Ballista-1. For some reason, I love watching Penelope Pace shove her face into that bowl of rice.

10) Machine Head. Perhaps her best girl/girl scenes.

Honorable mentions

SOB-3- The frisking scene.

Underland 2 Cruel Dominion- her best demon sex scene.

Did I miss anything?

And finally, to the forum, the scene scenario I would most like to see Lisa in....


Tuesday, May 21st 2002 - 06:29:41 PM
Name: Britney Beers
Comments:Good stuff, g-in-o. A few more I'd mention: Guilty 2- Awesome extended masturbation scenes with Lisa. Forced Entry-Some pretty amazing scenes between Jacklyn Lacrosse and Lisa. Warpigs 3- A great "interrogation" scene between Lisa and Cindy Macreedy, another hottie. Incubus 1- Another awesome solo scene with Lisa. I know I'm not bringing up specific bondage scenes, but hey, whatever. They're not my bag, anyway. I'm sure Rick's submitted questions to Lisa, but I will emphasize a couple again anyway: Any non-bondage movies coming up in the near future? Will there ever be a Lisa website? And... Lisa, ever thought of writing a ZFX script/ basic storyline?
Tuesday, May 21st 2002 - 08:20:37 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:g-in-o: Excellent list, bro! Not much to add that you haven't noted, although I might mention that if we're listing great Lisa tapes, it's not much different from listing the best ZFX vids from the past several years. As ZFX's most prolific performer, she's often the best thing in a ZFX video, much like her predecessor, Chandra Sweet. I tried to pick ten ZFX tapes that were great examples of her work, even if the video as a whole may not be as successful, but these are all good and sometimes great tapes. Here's my list:

1) South of the Border 4: A great tape, and Lisa's finest hour, IMO. She has four awesome scenes: her whipping by Joe Marx, shocked with a stun gun until she pisses uncontrollably, a nasty bullwhipping by Rick Masters, then her classic upside down dunking.

2) Seed: The very best all-girl ZFX vid ever, with Penelope Pace playing a bewitched dom who tortures Lisa in four memorable scenes: spreadeagled to a bed and burned with an electric hot comb, violated and tortured with clothespins on a staircase, chair-tied before a fire and tortured with hot fireplace tongs, and finally ass-violated with a large salt shaker while bound to a coffee table.

3) Ballista 2: Suspension, harsh whipping, shocked with a violet wand, electric chair treatment, and this is just what Lisa has to endure. A modern-day classic tape full of great scenes.

4) Forced Entry: The Ultimate Home Invasion ZFX flick, highlighted by Lisa's great tied to the bed, spreadeagled bondage rape scene.

5) Miss Ballista: Can't include the sequel without mentioning the also-great original. My favorite scene was Lisa hanging helplessly with her legs spread in a midair suspension, but let's not forget the forced drinking with the funnel down her throat.

6) Mincemeat Pie: Most people may remember Penelope Pace's nasty treatment by a group of sick rednecks, but my favorite scene was Detective Lisa's humiliating chair tie at the hands of Jon O' Brien, left bound to a chair with her own nightstick shoved up her pussy.

7) South of the Border 3: Lisa is beautiful in this, and she steals the show with all her scenes, particularly the awesome chair tie at the end.

8) The Tool Box Abductions Volume 2: This is just a great tape, and one of many highlights is Lisa's extended chair-tie with clothespin torture at the hands of Rick Masters.

9) Vacum: When Lisa is onscreen, great things happen, particularly her upside down-whipping and the finale where she is used and abused like bound sex toy.

10) The Incubus: Tits tied up, spread-eagled to the bed, tortured with clothespins and later with a hot steam iron! What's not to love here?

I also have to add encouragement to Rick to film the staked-out and roasted in the sun scene with Lisa. Come on, let's see it! This is a great idea!

Tuesday, May 21st 2002 - 10:43:53 PM
Name: Sebastian & Natalie
E-mail address: enext@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi from sunny greece! We are a couple (Master-slavegirl) inspired by ZFX videos in our own (emmm,and some others) sex life and we would like to ask a question: Is there any site with pics and infos about Chandra Sweet and Amy Van Allen? And if so, where? We hope we will see more cute girls like them soon on Rick's videos. Our present favorite is Bridgette Bayonne. Rick, keep up the good job!
Thursday, May 23rd 2002 - 01:32:57 AM
Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com
Comments: Hello to all!

Shot a Q&A session with Lisa on Thursday. We also shot several scenes, of which I think you will greatly approve=). I believe its going to be incorporated into a movie, possibly one which will be for download and at high rez as well as on tape and DVD. At any rate, to post her answers, it'll need to be transposed because...well, the answers are on tape. Wheres a stenographer when you need one? This might take a bit=0.

Couple of things about the interview. Lisa commented on your rather weird handles....like whats with these names! (hehe) She also is skeptical that there are really fans out there. I think she thinks I just make these up myself which is really hilarious!

As far as regular ZFX movies go for download, its not in the cards, at least not yet. I'm more inclined to offer download only movies with some edgier content exclusive to the site.

Brittany ZFX.....Hmmm. Interesting idea, I dont think I would want to name the character Brittany and have her look like THE Brittany, to directly parody her. I doubt whether it could be actionable legally but looking for fights with big money is a fools game. A more generic "POP STAR" would probably do the trick.

Posters and autographs:I am in the process of having some 13x19 posters made, I dont know about having them autographed though as they are leticular 3D posters and the surface may not be signable.

Lurker and luquer: Good tips, nothing like giving some to get some=)

Sebastian and Natalie: Greeting to you both from (too dam) sunny Florida! The only pics of Amy are on my site and Chandra for the most part as well. Chandra did some HC work in California and Florida before I met her so there may be something floating around out there. Amy worked for me exclusively as far as I know.

Working feverishly on the next movie, likely to be titled "The Deconstruction of Hardhat Holly" with a new performer, Brandi Dukes as well as Lisa Kinkaid. I would describe Brandi as a big titted and big nippled Fiona Apple. She is very hot. She also did an excellent job on this show and her performance was extremely intense. She basically plays a hot construction boss lady who runs afoul of a couple of horny guys on her crew and gets treated to a sadistic night of debauchery. Im not going to even venture a guess and when it will be out, but it will be a lot faster than Ballista 3.

Ok, thats it for now time to get back to the grindstone.Happy and safe Memorial Day to all! Lets not forget those that gave all for Freedom....

Best Regards,


Thursday, May 23rd 2002 - 05:48:06 PM
Name: Chris
E-mail address: methos1994@yahoo.com
Comments:Thanks for the advice on getting the other half involved with bondage. I think my hardest part is getting her back into it because it wasn't a problem at first. Now she'd rather not do it, thinks it's "weird". Ah, well. We ain't married and there's a cute 22 year old college student I've gotten friendly with lately and she's all about experimenting.

But I should get to my point here. Thanks to Rick for taking the time to talk to us fellow ZFX-philes. I've been following Rick since the early days of his releases through B&D pleasures (a company I've lost faith in. Maybe my tastes are just too rough.) I've seen just about every video released (I can't think of one I may have missed.) and I'd like to ask this question:
Rick, how did you get started? And how long was it before you realized "Shit, I can make a living off this!"

At 3pm Memorial Day, stop what you're doing and observe a moment of silence for those who gave their lives for our country. A New Yorker myself, this day has special meaning to me after 9/11.

God Bless America

And, hey, God Bless Lisa Kinkaid and all the ZFX girls who suffer for us!

Saturday, May 25th 2002 - 09:40:45 AM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire@

Your post had a potential title for a vid.,"The zfX-Files". Never watched the X-Files but with Rick's sci-fi inclinations, would be a good title to showcase such material.


Saturday, May 25th 2002 - 10:19:54 AM
Name: Evets
Comments: Saw trailors on the flick "cold metal." Love the scenario of a robot taking advantage of women. Also noticed that the lovely Ms. Kinkaid is a star, big plus in my book. Reviews on CM? Or is their a better version with same basic scenario. I'm much more interested in sexual stuff -- fondling, rape than violence -- torture. Saw Warpigs 4, while overall I thought the flick was mediocre there was one scene that deserves comment. Lisa Kinkaid is in control a cutie whom she strips and ties standing up with hands over head. In a soft sexy voice she talks to and fondles her captive. She slaps her ass, squeezes her little tits and toys with her pussy. Would have like to see ass squezing in addition to spanking. The best part is when Lisa sensously licks, nibbles, and sucks on her nipples. Great scene because we get to fuse a beautiful mouth and nip together. That image is seared in my mind. Great work. Too bad the scene didn't also feature a reversal of roles. Makes me wonder if someday their might be a best of vid series featuring scenarios suited to particular tastes. Mine would involve lots of fondling, especially LK's nips, sans the turtore stuff. Seems like it would be easy enough to do one -- could probably get people on this board to voluteer scenes that should be added. Shouldn't cost much either.
Monday, May 27th 2002 - 08:04:12 AM
Name: Sardu von Sardu

My favorite Lisa Kinkaid vids?

Hmm. Tough choice. I have to give a nod to "Beyond Driven 3: Suffering of Steophanie Renford" which is the first Kinkaid vid I ever saw and the first ZFX film I saw after a lapse of a year or two. The content had really come a long way and it showed. The rape on the bed was great as was the partial suspension, but the electrodes sequence made the vid for me.

All the Ballista tapes have their moments. Seed features some nice abuse.

I know alot of guys (and possibly women) who post here don't care much for the vids where Lisa plays a dom, but I liked the vids where she worked over Cindy Macready, e.g., Art of Darkness/Bound for Madness, War Pigs 3 and 4.

My 2 cents.

Monday, May 27th 2002 - 06:25:23 PM
Name: Joe Smith
Comments:Staked in the sun - actually a big fan of all stake-spread scenes. Outdoor is a plus too. I saw a vid once with no titles, so I don't know where it came from, but a woman was stripped naked except for panties, tied to stakes out in the sun and smeared with honey so ants would eat her. She gets rescued after a cool few minutes of struggle. She was a cop in a sting operation to get this bondage killer, and of course, he tricked her into trying on the equipment. No matter, the point is outdoor stake scenes are great and Lisa would rule in one!
Monday, May 27th 2002 - 10:32:38 PM
Name: scott douglas
Comments:RICK!!!!! NO NO NO ..Don't spend your vauable time getting that Q/A session transcribed-- heck., we're all digital here ain't that right boys? I assumne we are anyway :)) FEED IT TO US RAW....LIVE ...IN ITS NATURAL SOFT FEMALE FORM in a few COMPRESSED QUICKTIME AIF WAV or AVI FILES! If you don't have QT PRO,lemme know -- I do and I'll gladdly pass it over to you if you want it.OR FOR THE MOST EFFECTIVE COMPRESSION yoo ever saw,I have the easy to use old VIVO PRODUCER app. which converts digital movies /music files to ".viv movies" and kicks em' fast and clean at an impossible 200 to 1 compression ratio! An hour long video skrinks to 8 or 9mbs and is very watchable...(soundfiles work much better than video images at this rate..that 200 to 1 beats the hell out of images to where they look like typical Real media quality. And its MAC platform we're talkin'.btw. So email me at--- sdsd@sbcglobal.net if you need either or both of these apps... I'm sure that the gang would not thumb thwir noses at RAW and Natural soundin' Lisa audio files... Ain't that right boys? :) And, of course, these would be fully playable on any Window Pee Cee if its got Quicktime loaded in it (and shame on you boys if you don't cause its a freebie from. www.apple.com/ in case you boys need to check in and get it. scott
Tuesday, May 28th 2002 - 06:12:30 PM
Name: Joe Smith
Comments:Two things:

Definitely just post the audio. I'll listen to her.

People mentioned www.straythoughts.com a while back. I don't remember if anyone had said they'd ordered from them. They have some great '70s stuff I've been looking for, but I want to make sure they're reliable. Any experiences?


Tuesday, May 28th 2002 - 11:32:54 PM
Name: Fred
Comments:Joe Smith -- I ordered some stuff from Straythoughts. I found that the descriptions on the web site were pretty accurate, and the tapes were a decent value.

However, delivery was kind of slow. My order took 5-6 weeks to get to me. Keep in mind, too, that the tapes are not originals, and the quality is sometimes a bit iffy. After watching DVDs it's a big change!

A couple of the tapes I ordered because they included footage of Little Oral Annie, and what can I say? I'm a fan.=)I also ordered one that featured a girl called "Vix". The action was very similar to the Anabolic "Rough Sex" series, except that she was handcuffed through most of the show.

Hope this helps.

Wednesday, May 29th 2002 - 11:18:23 AM
Name: Evets
Comments: Why is that forbidden video shows bondage, fondling and actual sex, including full on facials --- while ZFX does only simulated sex?
Thursday, May 30th 2002 - 03:48:03 PM
Name: Steve
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com
Comments:Saw teh post asking why we show full sex with bondage. WELL, we toned down quite a bit since two years ago, and really, we do not have that much bondage. Ricks stuff is awesome (just saw Ballista 3 and was blown away) - and he is pretty graphic. I saw insertions with bondage, and sex with dildos. Our stuff is lighter on the bondage aspect, and more into the sex part of it all. Our videos are a totally different type. It is considered taboo or dangerous to mix sex with bondgae. This is why you do not see much of it in todays productions. While there is no set law against it, it's not worth it to risk it. This is why WE do not go to heavy on the bondage. In one of our older tapes, Trick Or Treat, we had more bondage but simulated sex. In our newer stuff, we have less bondage and show the real sex. I really do not see the difference in using a dildo or a dick if it is inserted. But I bet Rick will never have any legal troubles becuase of his videos. If a tape is picked to be prosecuted it goes up against a Jury. if the Jury finds it obscene, you lose. Big fine and possible jail time. BUT all that has happened lately are local prosecutions by the state. Even if you are guilty you get a slap on the wrist, a misdemeanor and a fine. BUT we hear Ashcroft is going to start going after obscene porn. I believe they should go after Child Porn, Beastiality, and stuff like that. They want to control what you can watch, and that is pretty sad when people like Rick and myself are creating quality product that is in demand, and is all about fantasy. Anyway, I can go on, but Ill stop. There are many companies startingto push it farther like Extreme Associates. I hear they just started a new line of "Attacker" videos. Did anyone see their title "Forced Entry"? That was WAY over the line. Roughest stuff Ive seen, and opposite of what I want to create. BUT anyway, hope that helps. Steve forbiddenvideo.com

PS - Any questions just emailme. webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com

Friday, May 31st 2002 - 12:06:33 AM
Name: French Charley
Comments:Finally got Ball 3 DVD and really enjoyed the outtakes section. Rick, how are other DVD's shaping up? I see you have Phallicide and Dark Offerings, but will more LISA vids (Voodoo Dolls, etc.)be available on DVD format?
Friday, May 31st 2002 - 04:28:40 PM
Name: Garand
Comments:I like the new streaming site however it is rough to get a good video feed with 56k - I know I called the phone and cable company no options at this time for DSL or cable. Any chance you can break up the streaming videos in DVD like chapters. Seems I am able to get a good feed for roughly 5 to 8 minutes and then it really slows down and all i really get is photos with some sound. Chapters would allow a slower connection to connect to some of more juicy scenes without waiting for 15 minutes of introduction and set-up. Just a thought.
Friday, May 31st 2002 - 09:27:45 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:Steve: Certainly, it's your company and you can produce whatever type of tapes you like, and you can't be blamed if you are fearful of producing tapes that combine hardcore sex with bondage. No one wants the expense of going to court and risking jail time just to make a movie. The thing is, if you are leaning more toward just showing straight sex, it just puts your stuff down there with 98% of the other hardcore tapes out there, and frankly, that stuff is a dime a dozen in my book. I recently viewed your latest Gauge video, Little Girl Lost, and in a word, I thought it was terrible. Yes, she was tied up briefly, but it was all played tongue in cheek with jokey dialogue and was about as convincing as a three dollar bill. After she was untied, it was just basically a consensual screw movie, which is all that Gauge seems to do anymore since she's become a hardcore porn star. Fine, she's pretty and she knows how to screw on camera. But if I really wanted to see her do that, I could go rent the dozens of straight sex vids she's already in. But this is not what I expect from Forbidden Video. You guys are supposed to be different. I saw her get tied up and raped in After School Surprise, one of the best rape vids I've ever seen. She was tied up and violated in the very enjoyable Black Market Bondage, still my favorite of the tapes you've produced. Then comes this third tape, which is nothing like the first two. I wasn't expecting that much, but face it, this was worse than anything I've ever seen from your company, and yes, I've seen Lessons in the Barnyard.

I don't want to be a total wet rag about Forbidden Video, because I also recently saw one of your newer tapes, The Personal Trainer, and I liked this title a lot. It wasn't perfect, because halfway through it abandoned the bondage completely and finished with ho-hum straight sex (boring!), but the first half was definitely worthwhile. It had a real storyline, a pretty (if awfully dimwitted) victim, and some ingenious bondage with workout equipment (those of you who have mentioned wanting to see bondage with exercise machines need not look further). My favorite scene had the blonde tied on the floor to barbells, and the villain spreads her legs by merely rolling the weights tied to her feet...smart move! It also featured bondage with insertion, and forced oral while tied, which brings up a question.

If Forbidden Video is so worried about showing hardcore sex with bondage, like they did in that scene in The Personal Trainer and especially After School Surprise, couldn't they still be prosecuted for those tapes? I mean, you're still offering that tape on your site and proudly boasting that it's your number one seller. Just because it's two years old, it doesn't mean that prosecutors don't already have enough ammunition to nail you for that one right there. So why leave it on the site? And as long as it's still there, why not attempt to make movies we all really want to see, instead of teasing us with bondage and then caving in and doing what everyone else does in sex movies? Your company has flirted with greatness before, but I'm reluctant to order from you anymore. Just this one man's opinion.

Friday, May 31st 2002 - 09:46:12 PM

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