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Name: Mad Dog
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Comments:Lets see where do I start??

Yes that was a guy tied up in the beginning of scream. Although I would have liked to seen Drew instead. If my memory serves me well (no Jokes) she wasn’t tied to a tree when her parents found her rather she was hanging from it.

The name was Flesh Gordon, If I remember right I thought it was so terrible that I didn’t even watch the whole thing, and I like lower budget "B-movies"

Ralphus and I working hard to make the transition of ownership. Anybody who enjoys this board and ZFX movies are going to happy with a guy like Ralphus in charge. I just don’t have the enthusiasm for this as he does. That really helps to make for a spectacular product. I want to again thank everybody for being so nice to me and understanding, considering that I promised you guys the moon and didn’t deliver. Everybody was patient through all of this. Ralphus was the only person that yelled at me, even though everybody had a right to. Seriously though Ralphus and I are cool. Hey, I will be the first person to admit that sometimes I need a kick in the ass. Well with that all said and done Thanks, and by the way Where the heck is the Gimp??????

Pretty good thread we have going here. There have been some excellent suggestions on the movies. Although you could take just about any "B-movie" with action in it and it would be a base for a ZFX Film. There you go Rick if you are running out of Ideas, head down to your local video store and rent a crap load of low budget films.

As far as my opinion goes on this subject, I don’t have one movie in particular that I would like to see as much as a genre. I guess if you had to sum it up it would be mind-control, and NO I don’t mean the sci-fi shockwave type mind control, but more having control over the woman to have her do something that she wouldn’t necessarily do. The only comparison that comes to mind are “Red Shoe Diaries”. Now I don’t mean them exactly, but it gives everybody a point of reference. The type of movie where the man has total control over a innocent woman, to get her to do things that she probably never would have done on her own. Like getting a hot librarian to submit to your fantasies.

Most of you guys aren’t interested in that, but that is what I would like to see. Think of it like mixing ZFX with Red Shoe Diaries. Rick probably isn’t going to run out anytime soon and shoot one of these, but I would love to see what he could do with an actual script and actresses. Not taking any thing away from his movies or the actresses (I think Lisa could pull it off). Think of it like a porno with a plot. Yes they do exist. Check out probably half of wicked pictures. If you are interested.

Like I said I am pretty sure most of you guys wouldn’t run out and buy one. But hey that is my preference. If Rick ever wanted to I could write him a script that would probably blow his mind. But then why would he want to mess with his “recipe for success” If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

Peace All
Mad Dog
Thursday, August 2nd 2001 - 08:05:07 AM

Name: Mad Dog
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Comments:I would like to start another thread. People can still chime in on the previous one but I have been wondering about this for some time now.

All of you know that your love for ZFX and bondage movies have to be hidden from the real world, for fear of prosecution. But how many are honest with friends and or family? How does it affect your relationships? What are your thought on ZFX movies, and rape? I would like to think that everybody here, for them rape is only a fantasy, but how do you think that ZFX affects societies impact on the issue of rape? Does it give people who might consider it, an outlet or does it drive them to go out in real life and commit rape?

Well here is my situation; I have always been an open and honest guy, so naturally I told my friends as far as being in ZFX movies. (As far as family goes, my dad knows but that is it) Now as far as my friends goes I have kind of two groups. I have a group of mainly single guys that I used to work with and I have women friends and more conservative guy friends. As you might expect my single friends treated me like I was some kind of star or something. But as far as the other group goes I met with a lot more resistance. Although they don’t really come out and say it. There is one gal that I am friends with, we have been friends for a while and they is some attraction there. Sometimes I feel that if I would have kept that part of my life secret that we would have hooked up. But then there are times that I want to kill her so that is not the only reason.

But although I am not into the bondage lifestyle and I was just acting in the movies I feel sort of typecast like I am a major pervert or some thing. Because of my involvement in the movies there is a fence up there between us that I can never get past. Of course I view it as nothing wrong to me it was like doing a small budget movie.

I also know that even some of the Actresses have said that they have to keep it quiet as well. Lisa Said that, and also I know of at least one here that her boyfriend knew about the past movies but she had to hide the fact that she was doing more. Even though the money was helping to pay there rent and buy him Christmas presents. Anywise Enough rambling. What are your guys opinion on some of the questions that I raised? Also what are some of your guys experience? If Rick is reading this, give me your view point on the whole situation as well and some of the stereotypes that you run into.

Peace All
Mad Dog
Thursday, August 2nd 2001 - 08:09:09 AM
Name: AvF
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Comments:PKC-A ZFX version of "Last House on the Left" would be great. I like the overall mood of movies like that. That and sex versions of the old slasher type movies but substituting extreme bondage/rape for blood and gore. I think if Rick would do a ZFX version it would be something to look forward to since the original left me disapointed.

There's another flick from about the same time frame that I vaguely remember called "A Bell From Hell". It ran on TV many years back as a saturday horror matinee feature. It was so edited that I still don't know what it was about (or it was just so bad I didn't care). But I remember the payoff scene was where the main character kidnapped and suspended three women in some sort of slaughterhouse(?). I'd love to see a non-edited version one day. Does anyone else remember this movie? Could be great ZFX material....where they slowly get hoisted off their tables to hang and contemplate their unknown fate.

Mad Dog-As for me, my life is usually kept seperated into two parts...friends/family as one and women as the other. Friends and family have no clue. As far as women are concerned I'm almost always up front. After the usually flirtatious period I'll usually jokingly make a comment of some sort: "You can't leave yet. Guess I'll have to tie you up so you can't go....for two reasons; one, cause I don't want you to go yet. And two, cause I'm kinky." I start it out jokingly but it leads to questions and I'm usually straight forward in my answers. About the bondage that is. I don't think it would go over very well if you were to mention about liking rape movies or having fantasies of. I do need to be a bit more careful though as I've done this at work before. Too self assured taht I can get away with it unscaved. I think I'm getting more open about it in general though. It used to be that you'd play a movie and get it out of sight as soon as you're done with it. I just leave 'em out now. I'm getting more and more of a "So what" type of additute. If you don't like it, you don't have to be around me.


Thursday, August 2nd 2001 - 02:27:55 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: hollywoodvamp1re@
Comments:OK, laugh at my spelling....I'm lazy, what can I say.....I don't care.


Thursday, August 2nd 2001 - 05:51:09 PM
Name: Ralphus
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Comments:Mad Dog: Thanks for the kind words and the new topic thread. The girl I'm seeing knows about my underground interests; in fact she has many of the same kinky fantasies. I knew she was "one of me" because I met her online in a rape-roleplay chat room (back in the good old days before AOL banned such rooms). One thing eventually led to another and we have had several ZFX-type "sessions" in real life, starting with the abduction, leading into torture and finishing with the bondage rape, which inevitably becomes a lovemaking session between two consensual lovers. Neither of us are into S&M; we both prefer the excitement of the rapist/victim scenario. We talk every night, but being a woman, she has to keep quiet about her secret life to her friends and family. She is, however, an excellent writer of rape stories and even wrote a long story about our first encounter together. She is more than happy to share her writings with the online community, but I think that's because she has the shield of anonymity to protect her. I'm a bit more open, but mainly for the same reason; most of my best friends are like-minded guys I've met during my years online, so I tell them because they understand. The people at work and my family? No way :)

As far as ZFX tapes inspiring others to go out and commit rape, I feel just the opposite is true. During the years when I used to work in video stores, I rented a lot of adult videos to all kinds of people; single guys, married men, some sleazos, and some well-respected people all rented what some would consider "pornography". Everyone has sexual urges; those that don't I would consider abnormal. The moral majority idiots who scream that pornography inspires rape aren't looking at the big picture. Those that do have inclinations to rape can turn to adult films as an outlet. Rape and torture films like ZFX produces only appeal to a certain unique portion of the population; many would be overwhelmed and shocked by their brutality, but for pervs like you and me, they are exactly what satisfy our dark fantasies. Want to rape a girl? Watch a ZFX tape instead; helps keep you out of jail, and no one gets hurt. Heck, one might even say that Rick Masters and other adult producers are performing a public service with every video release! Stand up and proudly take a bow. You deserve it :)

Thursday, August 2nd 2001 - 06:23:24 PM
Name: crowdow
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Comments:I have never been able to tell anyone about my particular interests, for a range of reasons. I once hinted at them to a friend who I thought had similar ideas, but they seemed surprised - not so much that they were shocked at the 'perversity', but more that they thought it was a ridiculous fantasy.

The question of whether it provides an outlet for rapists or encourages it is a really difficult one. Aside from the few religious-right nutcases who think the Beatles *intended* to inspire the Charlie Manson murders, most people think of that example as something that shows that art is dangerous, but that can be any artistic item - whether an over the top ZFX film, or a pop song. Fucked up people probably are affected by these things, whether one of Rick's movies or by Mariah Carey or Eminem songs, but the underground nature of ZFX films probably means they're only a small problem. It's probably easier for someone with criminal intent to actually commit a rape than to get hold of a ZFX video.

I certainly don't feel inspired to act out any of the scenes on the movies in an non-con fashion (particularly the ones involving monsters and tentacles), and I get the idea everyone who submits here is the same. It's like people I used to know who were interested in splatter films, death metal music, photos of autopsies etc, who enjoyed it aesthetically and philosophically, but never had any intention of killing someone. Remember, despite what the Marquis might have written, crime is generally a really low form of expression, whereas constructive fantasies (however evil they seem to others), can be worthwhile contributions to the cultural underbelly that we inhabit.

I guess the message, other than don't drink whiskey and post on the internet, is that most people don't understand the distinction between fantasy and reality except for those who understand how enjoyable fantasies can be when they have no chance of becoming real. Even folks like MadDog, who don't get turned on themselves by ZFX scenes, can understand this situation. If more of the squares that populate the world understood this, too, it would be easier to be more open about these interests.


Thursday, August 2nd 2001 - 10:58:14 PM
Name: Iago
Comments:Man, I go away for a week and the forum explodes!

Rick, Thanks for the update! Ballista 2 was one of my favorite ZFX flicks. Ballista 3 will be a welcome addition!

g-in-o. I've seen Galaxy of Terror, and the worm scene there wasn't as "clean," if that's the word, as this other scene. I'm not sure where it came from originally, but would like to know. I saw that movie on late-night Cinemax around maybe 1985. You aren't kidding about a shocker.

AvF: Sure, I like tentacles. But only as an addition to a good movie. By themselves they arne't anything special. I like lots of other things that Rick does, too. I expect the reason I go on about the anime stuff is, well, we talk about what we don't have. Rick's the only director out there with the imagination and nerve to make things like great sci-fi wierdness happen.

MAV: You just really can't go wrong with Allison Parrish. Beautiful, and not a bad actress most of the time.

zee-ef-ex: It sounds like you might be describing the 1980 version of Flash Gordon, with Max von Sidow as Ming and Queen doing the music. There's a scene where the gal playing his daughter is in a totally hot lycra getup, held down on an interrogation table by some animated armored gauntlets. They never show it, but the interrogator (Clytus?) uses the reference "Fetch me the bore worms." The impression we get later in the movie is that she didn't last long after that before she broke. Now THAT movie had some serious ZFX potential to it...

Uh, I think that's it...



Friday, August 3rd 2001 - 12:08:14 AM
Name: Iago
Comments:Mad Dog, I never tell anyone about ZFX. I have one friend who is into porn, but he's not a ZFX fan. Women, I expect, would generally not understand. My attitude is a little different from a lot of people, though. I don't want to hurt anyone, I don't want to rape anyone. I just want to have fun and fantasize. I'm guessing that's how most of the folks here are. I think most people are not very imaginative, though. They walk around quoting TV shows for humor, and copying each others' clothes. Blah. That's why I like Superheroine Central, and why I like ZFX. They give me the images and situations I imagine myself, but give it to me in good format, and in neat ways.

To your other question, I have to say that I firmly believe that vids like ZFX offer an alternative to violent behavior. Isn't that what the Garden of Eden was all about? If they hadn't been forbidden to eat that apple, they probably never would have even tried it. I think people get much more curious, and inclined to experiment, when all they have is a notion in their head. Then they don't really have a release, particularly if they are unimaginative. Give 'em a show, and it lets them have their fantasy without having to act it out. Hey Rick? If my memory serves (shaddap, Mad Dog)isn't that what the study the Meese commission ordered reported? It's a little-known fact that the Meese commission had a very comprehensive study done on pornography, then disregarded all of the evidence that it helped discourage violence because it didn't fit their morals.

Anyway, that's my theory.



Friday, August 3rd 2001 - 12:20:43 AM
Name: BBFan
E-mail address:
Comments:Rick - I ran across a bondage model on the web that has great natural tits and looks great with them tied up - Talan at - I assume the Insex model are too expensive, but this girl is new on the scene. Maybe you can pursue that, if you want to do breast bondage on natural tits again, that is.
Friday, August 3rd 2001 - 08:28:35 AM
Name: g-in-o
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Comments:I have to say that my fascination with the themes represented by ZFX are highly compartmentalized. Until I found this forum, my only communication on the subject was asking the guy behind the counter at a porn store if he knew if ZFX were still around (this would be around 1999). For this reason, (if they have not been thanked to death allready), Gimp, Mad Dog and Rahphus, thanks for the board.

As for ZFX acting as a safety valve for violent behaivior, its hard to say. That implies a continuum linking a person with "dark fantasies" on one end of a scale with a rapist on the other. As one that can not conceive of committing a non-consentual sexual act, it's easy for me to believe that there is no continuum, that the two are separate phenomenon that only look alike to the outside world.

Well that's enough philosophy from me for now.

Hey Rick and Mad Dog- There might be professional taboos in answering this, and if that is the case, I understand, but how about a behind the scenes look at a ZFX shoot? I can't be the only one that wonders what its like to be on the set. Who gets there first? How long does it take to set up? When do the girls arrive? What's the vibe? Limits discussed? And after? Do people go out for pizza? That sort of thing. Just curious, after all, you guys get to bring your hands down on Lisa Kinkaid's ass. I'm sure there are a number of us who wonder... what is that like?

Friday, August 3rd 2001 - 02:52:33 PM
Name: RR

Regarding the question of whether or not access to porn and bondage videos and images incites or sates one's appetites for rape and violence, look at the above FBI statistics. Violent crime has decreased, including rape, over the last seven years. We can safely say that access to porn and bondage images has increased in the same period. I don't know if I'd draw the conclusion that the reduction in violent crimes is due to greater access to porn, but there's clearly no increase in crimes accompanied by the greater access to pornographic images. If you want some laughs, go to because they have no clue or association to reality.

Friday, August 3rd 2001 - 03:23:54 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:Thanks, Iago, that sounds like the one. I think Flash Gordon in that one also gets tied up (or held down) the same way later in the movie for the same type of torture and that's when the reference is made about what ultimately happened to the chick earlier, IIRC. As I recall he avoids her fate by breaking free or something, but it's 20 years since I saw that movie so I'm not fully sure. Isn't it funny how a hot bondage scene with a hot girl like that one can stick in one's memory for so many years, after just one viewing?

On the thread about who knows your porn tastes, for me it depends on the person. I certainly have friends who are openly into both porn and ZFX's variety of porn. One thing I never do though is deny an interest or fail to defend porn, and those conversations are taken however far the person who brought it up wants to take it. Isn't there some dude in the Bible who denies knowing Jesus to save his own hide? I'm never like that with porn. If someone brings it up I will engage in a conversation about it, defend it, basically start the conversation going by saying that I see nothing at all wrong with it. It has led to some interesting conversations, from, "Man, you're a freak" disgust reactions, to polite "I guess we all are entitled to our own opinions" brief conversations, and sometimes to long, detailed discussions of the value of porn. I've had some really interesting conversations with women especially as a result of my open, matter-of-fact defense of porn. Most people are so prudish or so inhibited that it surprises them when someone treats a subject which they view as taboo as just ho-hum matter of fact "what's wrong with that?" It's as though their assumptions that you're SUPPOSED TO dislike porn automatically somehow just got torn away from them.

As to whether ZFX flix lead to bad consequences, no way. If contributory at all, it's only for those damaged folks who can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. FYI, there have been NUMEROUS studies done of people like us who like kinky sex, and the conclusions consistently have been that we are more intelligent and more creative than the average person.

So, don't let anybody kid you. Porn, and ZFX-style porn, is a healthy diversion, is wholesome, is Mom and Apple Pie good old American Entertainment. It is good fun healthy stuff.


Saturday, August 4th 2001 - 08:46:44 PM
Name: Rick
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Comments:Hey All,

Maddog: Ok, this is a complex subject you touched upon, and one that has been the topic of many debates over the years. Do I think movies that depict forced sex cause rape. Absolutely not. It's hard to categorize human behavior into nice neat piles of who will do what and what caused it, but much of our behavior comes from what our life was like in the past. Think about all the experiences you remember, how they have affected you. Were you teased? Treated poorly? Each one has helped mold you, your reactions to things, your feelings. There are also experiences you dont remember, or remember vaguely, when the so called core personality is developed, your basic sense of right and wrong. This part of your personality, formed in most people by the age of 8, dictates your basic moral judgement. There is also a genetic component to all of this, how we process our environment internally. These are the things that have the most impact on whether we, as men, or possibly even women, would rape. What I'm saying is, if you have good moral fiber, you wont rape, or kill or probably do a lot of other bad things. Having a fantasy type interest in rape is not the same as wanting to rape, though on the surface they may seem similar. However, the underlying motivations are completely different.

Do ZFX type movies prevent rape? Possibly. Human behavior is so damn unique, its hard to demonstrate this, but heres a couple analogies. This is an extreme example, but here is the worse case scenario. Lets say you have some wanna be rapist. Do you really think after watching a ZFX movie and probably painting the screen on his 13" color monitor, hes going to go out and rape, or want to rape more? I doubt it, so for that night the world is safe. But, then a rapist is going to rape eventually, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe, as someone said, he will find it easier to go rent ZFX tapes. Is it appeasement? Yep, but if it saves a innocent people, mission accomplished.

Ok, lets say your a mental defective and you dont know the difference between reality and fantasy. You might be negatively influenced. But then you might be negatively influenced by seeing the rather unsatisfying rape scenarios and countless murders performed on prime time TV, or even seeing Brittney Spears shaking her fine self for Pepsico. I think with these people, teasing them with material that never pays off could actually be far more dangerous. Regardless, you cant lower the common denominator to make the world insane proof. You lock up the nuts, and keep em locked up.

Then there is the rest of us, about 99.9 percent of the ZFX viewing population. I think the people you see posting here are a good example of the people that watch ZFX movies, they are nice normal people who have a fantasy interest in the darker side of sex. They have kinky fantasies, and this is a safe and sane outlet for them. They would not rape regardless of whether ZFX existed or not, but maybe they are a bit more happy and satisfied, and that cant be a bad thing either. The religious right and womens groups would have us believe that we will be slowly turned into rapists if we watch porno, that our fantasy behavior will escalate into real life activities. I think this is non sense. Actually, just the opposite is true, at least in my own personal experience. If human behavior was influenced in that manner, why is it that countries with the most violent entertainment have the lowest sex crime rates? Look at the rape rate in, say, the Netherlands, where virtually anything goes. Of course, they have legalized prostitution, and that certainly plays some part in it. I do think that sexual frustration has more to do with rape than the powers that be want to tell us. This is an area I think that ZFX may really be very benificial. If you are a person who is looking for this type of release, it allows you to have it.

One more thing. I hold women in the highest regard, and would never want to see a woman really hurt. If I thought for one second my movies were causing crimes to be committed, I would put my camera away forever. I believe just the opposite is the case.

As far a telling people, I think you've got to make those judgements on your own, but if you expect absolution, understanding, or if you want to impress women, win friends and influence people, not likely to happen. Generally, you'll get a negative reaction because we are conditioned by society to react this way, regardless of how we may actually feel. Of course, it all depends on who you tell. Me, I generally run around in full spiked leather outfit with a bound and gagged babe airbrushed on the back, chaps(with exposed ass cheeks of course), bullwhip in hand and handcuffs dangling from my belt, telling anyone that will listen of my predilection for kinky sex, but hey, thats just me;).

Ok, thats it for now(sorry bout the novel length post), Dark Offering is in duplication, 08/15/01 still looking good as our release date to distributors. Website should be updated soon. Thanks to all who read, post and watch the movies!



Monday, August 6th 2001 - 11:33:50 AM
Name: Jaeckill
E-mail address: jaeckill@Idontwanttotalkaboutit
Comments:Hi, all

Hank, great work on lycos. Squeemish yahoo!-pussies. As Ricks site is no longer available without adult check, your work is even more apreciated.

Is rape IRL supported by rape fantasies depicted in movies or pics? I think, no. I can only estimate from my own experiences, cause I didn´t talk with friends/family about this fantasy yet. Let´s say, you´ld live in a world where you wouldn´t get punished for committing rape. I still wouldn´t do it, no way. I like women (not only for my personal enjoyment ;) ) as I like people in general, and if a person is treated badly IRL, it makes me really angry.

But do these films help people not to rape? Again I don´t think so. As a fantasy rape is something sexually arousing. IMO almost all rapists want to degrade women, not to have sex. Maybe a potential rapist could get technical advice from this kind of movies, I don´t know, but I´m shure it won´t stop them from committing rape nor would it turn "normal" men into rapists.

Other subject: What does the forum think about specials? By reading some of the old posts to this forum (Juli 2000) it appeared to me that there are more people out there that prefer the rape and not the torture aspect of Ricks movies (well, not such a big surprise ;) ). And some of you stated that there should be a longer "foreplay" building up the viewers anticipation in the victims menace.

Rick, can you hear me pleading?!? Could you, from time to time, do a rape-special for us, that means something with physical force but no torture? Could you do them with storylines that slowly build up tension? With a rapist (or maybe more) who´s really cool and intelligent? A guy who planed and prepared everything very well so that the victim has simply NO chance to escape?

"Forced Entry" was o.k., but there are better ways IMO (at least in a fantasie movie) to force a girl into bondage than to strangle her to unconsciousness. I´d very much like to see her tricked into bondage, like a chair prepared for this, for example at the hairdresser (clamps snapping out the arms of the chair), or a special machine in the gym. Or the attack could happen while she´s sleeping, binding and gagging her so fast, that she´s ready before being fully awake. But after making her helpless, SLOW IT DOWN again (of course no slowmotion like mentioned before), take you time for the psycological stuff: The villain can tell her what he´s going to do with her, increasing the fear in her eyes.

He can slowly start to fondle her, leaving her clothes on in the beginning. Then slowly cutting them off - slowly, because he is cool and enjoying her fear, and because she can do nothin against it - fondle her, tell her that she has such a wonderfull body... ("Oh, you are starting to be wet" - devilgrin - "what can we do about that? Oh, look, isn´t this a nice dildo...?") He should behave like making love to her, but of course she´s completely unwilling, he just ignores her resistance.

The idea is to put some irony to this situation she can´t escape from, like he was misunderstanding her. She should build up a lot of fear untill he´s finally raping her.

If you think without torture this doesn´t make a whole movie, you could make several short stories, each standing for it´s own, together on one tape.

So what do you guys (and gals if some are out there) think about the idea of making some "more specialized" movies? Hey, torture fans, don´t throw stones after me, but when Rick puts everything into each and every movie then all of us have something in it we don´t like to watch. Not that I´m offended by it, but 5 minutes of whipping are 5 minutes on the fast forward button for me, 5 minutes less stalking, grabbing, tying, psycological torture, stripping and forced sex.

Rick, if there is a legal problem doing a pure rape flick, you could, at the beginning or end, let the model(s) state "Now you can watch one of my favourite fantasies" or something alike. Well, I´m shure you know how to do that kind of movies, but please, do it!

Sorry my two pence (maybe a dollar :) ) are a bit unsorted and long, but I´m tired and letters start dancing before my eyes.


Monday, August 6th 2001 - 01:31:42 PM
Name: Big D
Comments:Rick, With alot of movies on x rated sites being offered online in streaming video, have you ever thought about doing this?.. I think this would for sure add to your business......It would also be good for the people who would love to see some of your movies but don't live near a video store that sells them and can't afford to buy them outright... Heck, I'd gladly pay a few dollars just to see each movie online, or a monthly membership at a site that maybe rotates the movies....Anyway, this is something to think about...... Your movies are All over Denver in the adult places but here in Colorado Springs, they are nowhere to be found(it's too conservative here)... I know it's silly, but I often drive up to Denver 70 miles just to rent 4 of your movies, and then I drive back the next day just to return them(silly huh?)... I'm thinking man, there has go to be an easier way......I'm curious what others on this list think about the online streaming video idea??...As long as Rick and crew could make some additional money at it, I think it would be a great idea........... Big D
Monday, August 6th 2001 - 07:12:08 PM
Name: Paul
E-mail address:
Comments:i'd really like to find some stills from phallicide and maybe dark offering (the new one) anyone going to post them in the lycos club ???? its so hard to decide which one to buy i can only buy one right now.
Tuesday, August 7th 2001 - 12:05:28 AM
Name: Kate
E-mail address:
Comments:Two comments and a question... Comment: As a four-year long fan, and a woman, please keep up the great work, ZFX. Of course, it's way too politically incorrect to even imply I even know about, much less enjoy, ZFX--especially to other women. Nonetheless, I know there must be a plentitude of women like me who are "closeted" fans. Comment: After watching ZFX (with the exception of Rough Sex I and II by Anabolic,)no other films even begin to arouse me. Vanilla-type bondage? B-o-r-i-n-g! An hour's worth of floggers being figure-eighted across the back of some young lovely? Wake me when it's over. Some of us need to see rape and torture, plain and simple. Thank you, ZFX. Question: do any of you think there would be an interest in seeing a really elegant and lovely 40-year old with a fantastic body be kidnapped and abused in all the wonderful ways ZFX is so famous for? Or is it only the 20-something slut-next-door babe that works in the general formula? Feedback? Kate
Tuesday, August 7th 2001 - 03:20:26 PM
Name: Scribbler

Kate - re: hot 40-year old?

I've met some pretty hot 40-year olds. If she is indeed hot, and can act convincingly, and the video kicks ass, ala ZFX and classic HOM, I don't see why not. But she better hurry, cause in a year she'll be 41 :)

There was one model that appeared in many classic HOM 8mm loops, don't know her name, but she had great legs, excellent reactions to what was happening to her, and, if I were to guess, I'd guess late 30s. Loops she appeared in include Caught, Tied & Fettered, Molested, Punished (in case anyone knows something about her).

Jaeckill - re: specialized movie

I think we all would like zfx (or somebody) to make our ideal movie. I think you have some good ideas, hopefully it'll get made. I concur with the longer building up suggestion, and the stripping over a longer period of time. I don't mind the whipping, but 5 minutes of it is long enough, then move onward. Or break it up. Whip some, do something else to her, bind in new position, whip a little more, then something else. etc.

Personally, I really admire Rick's courage for making these videos at all, considering the culture we live in and what he must have to put up with, the government on one side, pirates on the other. I guess that goes for Blakemore (in the 70s, 80s), Dan Hawkes, Lorelei and many others as well. These people know what they want to do and are doing it, despite the risks. And while I actually have the desire, and the gear, to do the same, the courage to step up to the plate, ain't quite there. But then, doing student film/video projects are fun too.

ZFX affects on society thread

I think the effects are negligable. I don't think it promotes rape, I don't think it prevents rape. Everyone knows it's a mean, rotten, nasty thing to do IRL to a non-consenting girl, and no one here condones that. The fact that many of us fantasize about it, get aroused by it, and buy fictional entertainment media that involves it, doesn't mean we don't know the difference between right and wrong. (guess I'm preaching to the choir!)

As far as the few sad, deluded people, who, despite knowing right from wrong, are going to do mean and rotten things anyway, well, they're just going to do it anyway--whether they see a ZFX vid or not.

Tuesday, August 7th 2001 - 09:23:58 PM
Name: Alien8
Comments:Hey Rick- Posted a question (for you)durring the "outage" where this Dreambook was acting up & was wondering if you had read it. (It appears near the bottom of this page...) If It isn't there, then look on the next page in the archive... Thanks! Alien8
Tuesday, August 7th 2001 - 11:29:02 PM
Name: Sprocket99
E-mail address:

Kate: To answer your question. Looks and class out weigh age in my book. I think a 40 year old could fit in a ZFX type movie. One story I can come up with is daughter and boy friend torture mom to get money out of dad. Or Husband has wife tortured for running up the bills. Or woman tortured by mad man (You could always add a 20-something slut-next-door babe as the daughter who interrupts and is forced to join the fun).<\p>

Rick: Looking forward to Ballista 3 and Dark offering. Also your next instalment of FUCT in space. Keep up the good work.<\p>

As for whether ZFX or porn in general has affected crime. I feel crime is a choice made by the individual. It doesn't matter what a person watches, reads, or hears that is responsible. Only the person who did the crime is responsible for that crime. I believe that the society today is just becoming less inclined to accept blame. So they look at something else to blame. The minority always takes the brunt because they have a hard time fighting back. In the case of violence, the media in general is being blamed. So the main stream media points it fingers at its fringe. Mainly Gangster Rap and Porn. If you don't like what I said. It's someone else's fault. :)


Wednesday, August 8th 2001 - 12:07:49 AM
Name: Artoreus
Comments:Okay, I don't usually post here, I just lurk. But with all you guys and gals writing books on Mad Dog's post, I figure I should comment. First, as far a 40 somethings go, look at Jane Seymour. She looks better know than she did in her twenties. Next, nobody knows about my interest in this subject matter. Let me rephrase that. I think my wife knows, but she pretends that she doesn't know, and I pretend that she probably doesn't know... Among family and friends, I'm thought of as an ultra goody-two-shoes, and in many ways I am. I don't even kill bugs, I catch them and toss them outside. I stopped fishing years ago. It upset me to hurt the fish. But...I still eat meat, I like to watch violent action movies, bondage, and ZFX style stuff :-) I think I'll keep quiet to F&F. Do these movies cause violence. Serial rapists and murderers are what they are. I think they can neither be created nor cured by anything. They might get some ideas, but they would do it anyway. Enough for now.
Wednesday, August 8th 2001 - 10:29:07 AM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address:
Comments: Forty something? Too close to that horizon myself to think its a such bad thing. Fantastic body and elegant?- Now thats something to work with. Sometimes the hardest thing to get out of an actress is a believable reaction. Rick gets around this with gags but for my money, a good verbal exchange (and sometimes even a bad one) is priceless. A bit of perspective gained from actual fantasy and an interest beyond the financial could be very hot indeed. Mr Masters, I think she's ready for her close up.

Riddle me this comrades: Its rare, but occaisionally an actress from past ZFX films will return after a long absence. (see Kelly McKay from "Video Pirates", then her return with great results in "Underland" a few years later.) This might have been asked before, but I think the "membership" of this board expands and changes. Who off the Inactive list would you most like to see return to ZFX action. Here are my top three:

1) Allison Parrish. Sentimental favorite, was in the first ZFX movie I ever saw. The hose down scene in "Pretty Tied Up" and the "spread on the bed springs" sequence from "GPigs-2" still rates high for me.

2) Holly Weston, loved her in "GPigs-4" suspended and sweating. California Girl looks ( it does not matter if she was from there or not), Cindy Crawford mole..

3) Candy Licks, ok, not the best name on earth, but great on the table in the late "Video Pirates" and check out the chair scene in "Witchfinder".

Any more?

Thursday, August 9th 2001 - 05:14:36 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:g-in-o: Well, as long as we're dreaming here, I'll put in my vote for Chandra Sweet and Monica Moore. I doubt we'll see either one ever again, since their last footage was probably shot around 4 years ago and released in 1998. How many girls get into making adult films and are still at it years later? It's unfortunate, but female performers have a relatively short shelf life. They generally start when they are in their teens and are out of the biz in their early 20s, for one reason or another. And forget about 40 year-olds. Doesn't matter that there are several attractive older women out there. People like to see 'em young. I gotta admit, even though I'm pushing 40, I still prefer to watch the younger girls myself. I just think women look their best at that age, and obviously TV, movies and the media agree, because everywhere you look, there's some fresh, new young face always popping up. I'm not saying older women would have no appeal in these films, but the odds are certainly stacked against them. It's a young person's world.
Thursday, August 9th 2001 - 10:09:11 PM
Name: Doormouse
Comments:Hey gang! Long time reader, first time poster. The current thread has caught my attention, though. Look, assholes have been raping women for thousands and thousands of years. ZFX has been making videos for what, around ten years? Anyone with half a brain knows that videos don't make people commit crime, but politicians need scapegoats. At 32, I couldn't hurt a fly, I've never even been in a fistfight, and I cry at the end of Shane every goddam time. And I just looooove watching Kelly McKay get whipped and abused. Go figure. But the reason I personally get so hot and bothered by watching the lovely ZFX girls get "raped" is because I know that they aren't really getting raped. There's an element of safety in knowing the whole thing is staged, and for me it's even more of a turn-on knowing the girls are doing this crazy shit of their own free will. As to sharing my ZFX fetish, I'm open with my girlfriend about it, because she is as warped as I am in this regard (I'm a very, very, very lucky man). We even watched a ZFX video together recently....SOB V. She was bored by it. Sorry, Rick. Big kudos from the doormouse though! Thanks for providing a safe and healthy outlet for my fantasies. You rock.
Thursday, August 9th 2001 - 11:45:58 PM
Name: Fred
Comments:g-in-o, I second that vote for Allison Parish.

I would also vote for Victoria Vixxen. Betcha BBFan would also!

And finally, for a more obscure choice, Shelly Michaels (Hardbound Television, Tru Detective).

Friday, August 10th 2001 - 08:40:54 AM
Name: professor
Comments:Long time, no post. Busy, in part, and partly tired of seeing the same old threads ("Favorite Actress," "What I'd do if I were Rick," "Is a video-sickie a real-life sickie," etc. etc.). Plus Rick's long drought on releases.

But I have remained a loyal viewer, if not a threader. Rick's standards are still high, and I still like the flicks. There's just so much more out there now . . .

Which brings two quick comments: 1. Insex has an "older woman" performing for them, and she is DEFINITELY H-O-T and worth watching. Who cares how old they are, so long as they are desireable and tied up?

2. Who I'd like to see return: Darby Fox.

Much to see. Peace out.

Friday, August 10th 2001 - 12:18:43 PM
Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:
Comments:What a tremendous response to my questions. It was interesting for me to read all of the different viewpoints.

I know that I wrote a little bit when I asked the question but allow me a little more. Do I regret starring in ZFX films? No, I am always open to new challenges and experiances. I feel that is partly how we grow in life. By experiancing new things, some that we might not otherwise do. I do regret telling some of my friends, just for the fact that many of them are so dam repressed. They literlly didnt know how to handle it. But I have always been an open kind of guy. If you really want to know what I think, i will tell you, just make sure you really want to know, in case I dont give the awnser that you thought I would. (hey isnt there a song in here??)In retrospect, I would have made the movies but not told most of my friends.

Do I think that the movies promote violence? No, I think Rick phrased it well by saying "I hold women in the highest regard, and would never want to see a woman really hurt. If I thought for one second my movies were causing crimes to be committed, I would put my camera away forever." If I thought that my actions would lead to women getting hurt I would never had done it. Well thats about it for that thread

Professor- if you are getting tired of the same old threads then come up with one of your own. Something that you might be interested in or something that you might think about.

Doormouse- it is always nice to have new people in her. Although if your girlfriend was bored with SOB V, I might actualy be afraid at what turns her on. J/K

Sprocket99- It is not necessary to close off a paragraph tag in html. As soon as you start a new one the old one stops. Nothing wrong with that though, that is the way Dreamweaver does it. But the reason your tags showed up were because you used the wrong slash, it is / and not \ . Hope that helps

Kate-Your question depends on who and how you are asking. In general it is a young world, and probally a majority of the ZFX viewing public might not be interested. But I would have to disagree with them. I wold prefer an older woman to a younger one almost any day. Just for the fact of what good is a young body if you do not know how to use it. Also I am not into the games that comes with young age. Been there done that. moreso I find the experiance and the sexual assurance that comes with age to be very sexy. But it could be very hard to capture that on film. It all depends on who shoots it.

One last note to all, and then I will end this novel. I once again have a new e-mail address, (so the Feds wont catch me)Anyways if you need to get a hold of me or have a question for me feel free to drop me a line.

Peace All
Mad Dog
Saturday, August 11th 2001 - 01:52:23 PM
Name: BBFan
E-mail address:
Comments:Fred, You are CORRECT, sir! I would love to see Victoria Vixxen return for an encore performance, and I also like Allison Parrish a lot, too. I have a special affinity for the early acctresses, since they really had a "girl-next-door" look to them. I really liked Penelope Pace and Tabitha Jordan before they went and got "plastic" on us. I've been suggesting that Rick look into some of the recent Insex models, such as Peaches and Cowgirl - they have that same all-natural appeal to me. I guess their fees are out of range, though, since they have already become famous among the online bandage community. If you would like to see another natural, voluptuous honey, check out Talan on - she has much the same look as Victoria did. There is another model I would like to see return for and encore - Margo Feller - nothing artificial about her!
Monday, August 13th 2001 - 07:55:58 AM
Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address:
Comments:I too especially liked Allison Parrish and wonder how her looks have held up in the years since her videos were made. I also wonder if she has regrets. I can imagine living in suburbia somewhere, scared to death that her husbands friends will discover her past. Anyway, I hope she is well and happy and knows how much pleasure she gave to many of us. Rick, if you ever run into her, tell her we still think about her. LB
Tuesday, August 14th 2001 - 04:59:58 PM
Name: Sebastian
Comments:I am a huge fan of Amy Van Hallen. I love the way she suffers and take punishment. Any ideas of where to find more info or pics of her? Thanks guys!
Tuesday, August 14th 2001 - 09:00:55 PM
Name: RR
Comments:Was "Fair Warning" positioned as a cross-over adult video? It was the first Shockwave video and had a number of nonbondage sex scenes and lasted close to two hours. It wasn't the typical ZFX video. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me because of a ridiculous decision to add digital strobing to all the bondage scenes. Okay, we get it, they're nightmare scenes. Flash us in, flash us out, but don't ruin a video for the core ZFX audience. ZFX is always at its worst when Rick starts to get too clever for his own good.
Thursday, August 16th 2001 - 03:23:03 AM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:RR: You know, I have to agree with you on this one. "Fair Warning" was a disappointment to me, too, mainly because of the way it was overproduced. I know Rick's intention, and I'm sure he spent a long time making this one look atmospheric, but it was just too much for me. Certainly the content was good, but too much technique tends to draw attention to itself and distracts from what's actually going on onscreen. Rick's a creative guy, but at different points in his career of shooting ZFX tapes, he has tended to find some effect or gimmick and overuse it to the point where it becomes annoying. Some of his earlier tapes were plagued by the echo effect in his audio, which all but made his dialogue incomprehensible. Then he fell in love with squeezing the image on the screen, so that black encompassed both sides of the frame and the picture inside was overly thin. He almost ruined what would have been a good scene in "Alien Probe 3" by releasing the entire scene of Kerri Downs getting plastic-wrapped with a squeezed picture. Thankfully, in recent years he has pretty much canned the gimmicks, save an occasional overabundance of computer animations. When used sparingly, like in the most recent version of "666", they can add to the look and the aura of a particular production, and Rick seems to have found just the right balance lately.
Thursday, August 16th 2001 - 07:47:55 PM
Name: Falstaff
Comments:If we are going to go down memory lane let me bring up The Worm with Marilyn Malone (Chandra was also in it as an early victim who becomes one of the central villians)- I can't recall anyone else mentioning this video - Marilyn was not one of the more buxom beauties Rick has used but she has to be one of the most limber and flexible - the bondage scenes are some of the more intense that ZFX has done - the only thing that disappointed me about the film was that the promised sequel never was released. I would put this video into my top 10 that Rick has produced - so did anyone else ever see this particular video or is it just that I am the only one that liked it? For me it is an overlooked gem and one I would highly recommend. Nice to see this forum picking up again - but then it is nice to see ZFX releasing some new videos again - they still are the best that I have seen.
Thursday, August 16th 2001 - 11:51:37 PM
Name: Laughingboy
Comments:Any word on the new release?
Saturday, August 18th 2001 - 12:33:50 PM
Name: Silent Buddha
Comments:The last I heard from Nick Long was end of August on my pre-order. I'm guess sometime between the 15th and end of the month if Rick managed to get it out to distributors on the 15th as he said. Got my fingers crossed and hopes up... :) SB
Saturday, August 18th 2001 - 02:02:57 PM
Name: Laughingboy
Comments:Many thanks Buddha.
Saturday, August 18th 2001 - 04:46:41 PM
Name: RR
Comments:I don't know if this will seem like a crass commercial plug, but Dorothy Laine has a nice forced set at

It's 68 pix for 75 cents across 3 sets, so it's not too bad, but you get stuck with $10 worth of tokens. The set doesn't go as far as simulated rape, but there's a lot of nice manhandling and Dorothy's a cutie. I have no financial intersest in her stuff, but if more people buy sets like these, maybe she'll produce more since she's expressed that she enjoys force fantasies.

Sunday, August 19th 2001 - 09:01:51 AM
Name: laughingboy
Comments:Not a peep from anyone in days...somethings gone wrong...I bet that the duplication process is taking longer than promised. Good guess? Let us know whats happening. LB
Tuesday, August 21st 2001 - 10:39:42 PM
Name: Torque
E-mail address:

I just discovered this forum! I've been a fan of ZFX productions for years. I'm an active member of the San Francisco area BDSM community, many of us are fans of ZFX, including my girlfriend and a few of our women friends.

We have porn-night movie nights from time to time and showed Night Prowler (5 I think) awhile ago... We all like the power dynamic that is display, some of us are a little more fetish oriented and would love to see a higher degree of "quality" bondage work, equipment, etc. But, we all agree it's hot energy.

It would be fantastic if our community values allowed us to make videos of seriously intense bondage and rape scenes without substituting in aliens, or animal masks, but in the meantime, ZFX does a great job of the fantasy.

Thankfully we have real life which obliges! :-)

So, keep up the great work, and if you need Dom's or Rope rigging done for any videos, feel free to call! :-)


Wednesday, August 22nd 2001 - 12:21:50 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Welcome to the forum, Torque. We're always glad to see new posters here. I got rid of your double-post that didn't have the paragraph breaks in it. We're in the midst of trying to get this forum back into shape. Mad Dog and I are in the process of attempting to get the older posts archived so that the newbies can read the previous discussions we have had here. In the meantime, take a look around and invite your friends to come visit. Any fellow ZFX fans are always welcome to join us here.

BTW, Rick e-mailed me and said the new tape should be out soon, maybe as early as next week. So we all should have something new to talk about in the weeks to come. I'm sure we're all looking forward to his next opus :)

Wednesday, August 22nd 2001 - 02:20:25 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Hollywood passed this link onto me today.

Apparently it's a website that allows viewers to watch (for a price, of course) clips of XFX videos in the streaming video format. They do have a free sample there, which I checked out. I have a 56K modem, admittedly not the fastest of speeds nowadays, but the quality was fair to poor in my book. Anyway, I'm curious if Rick was aware of this website. The FAQ said they had been around since 1995, so I would guess by now he has. What was interesting to me was the notable absence of ZFX's own website on the Links page, however. I'm curious as to whether this site is using the ZFX clips with Rick's own blessing. They also sell the videos there, as well. I have a problem with someone selling clips, especially bad quality clips, to sell the vids. This is opposed to someone like Hank Hobbs, who makes those great ZFX caps as a labor of love, and doesn't charge for them. Is this site an authorized seller of your tapes, Mr. Masters? If not, nail 'em!

Friday, August 24th 2001 - 07:06:28 PM
Name: "Hank"
Homepage URL:
Comments:Hey Ralphus,That's one site I never ran across before.Does make you wonder if rick is aware.I myself am not going to spend the kind of money they want to view the clips.Things have been slow of late at my club,as I have been very busy lately.But there are over 425 montages posted there asof now.(Link above).Later ,"Hank"
Friday, August 24th 2001 - 07:40:12 PM
Name: Sebastian
Comments:Just started posting vidcaps at the Lycos forum. I'm a huge fan of Chandra,Amy and Bridgette. So, visit and enjoy!
Sunday, August 26th 2001 - 08:46:47 PM
Name: Sebastian
E-mail address:
Comments:Oh,and Rick,more of Barbara Bayer please! She rocks!
Sunday, August 26th 2001 - 08:51:46 PM
Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Hi to all!

Just a quick note, yes I am aware of this site and they will be dealt with. They DO NOT have my blessing and this type of thing will not be tolerated. I appreciate the heads up though, and any other sites you might be aware of. BTW, Dark Offering has been released to the distributor, the next release will likely be Ballista 3.


Monday, August 27th 2001 - 09:01:42 AM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address:

Scanning the horizon for days on end, at last from atop the mizzenmast the call goes out. New ZFX sighted! Check out the Fantasyfood page for a bit of preview for "Dark Offering". Once again, things look...optimistic. The "scenes" promised are really just a view of the box, but there is a lot there attract ones attention.

Wednesday, August 29th 2001 - 08:01:36 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex

This pond has gotten quiet again, so I thought I would toss in a stone or two.

Has everyone seen all of the various ideas and solicitataions by various groups asking that you take your tax rebate check and put it to some worthy purpose? Given the current conservative regime in Washington and America having its first king instead of a president in several hundred years (that doofus was crowned by the supreme court, not elected by the people), I can't think of a worthier cause than porn.

What say some or all of us agree to either sign our refund checks directly over to Rick (or, to maintain anonymity, convert it into an unidentified money order first), or in the alternative, just pledge to spend the money on porn purchases or rentals? I plan to do something like that myself - gotta do my part as a patrotic american to ensure my tax dollars go to wholesome activities, instead of to bombing the alaskan wildlife refuse or whatever king george the mumblemouth is planning on doing.

Just d

Wednesday, August 29th 2001 - 08:09:52 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex

This here is a question, rather than a jerky idea.

Can Rick, or any of the other posters here who have made or have participated in the making of erotica, enlighten us as to how they find the ladies who will do these flix? I have known some wild ladies in my day but none so wild (I think) as to sign on for a zfx flik.

I can understand where a name brand porn company (say, Anabolic) with a certain reputation and ability to pay good money and contacts perhaps in other "feeder" sex industries (stripping?) might find the ladies (or have the ladies find them), but how in the world does a beginner do it, or even a non-beginner who is making such non-mainstream erotica as ZFX? Do you find that one special lady, and then she finds the others? Do you put up advertisements in the local college dormitories? Do your male friends ask their lady friends? I have no idea, and just can't figure it.

There is some locally made amateur porn where I live, and the production quality is awful and the girls are medicore at best. How do you find the goddesses who grace us with their poise and beuaty in your films, Rick? How did you find your first?

Curious minds just want to know how it's done.


Wednesday, August 29th 2001 - 08:17:39 PM
Name: Mark
E-mail address:
Comments:Following up AvF's message on the underwater bondage theme, has anyone got any pictures of a similar nature that they could share, or details of any web sites worth looking at. Thanks
Friday, August 31st 2001 - 04:39:15 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:g-in-o (BTW, I've always wondered what was the signicance of that odd handle?): Thanks for the tip on the first siting of "Dark Offering". I checked out the box and even though the pictures were tiny, you could get an idea of what was going on. Looks like Rick is giving us more good stuff. And that cover...awesome! A work of art; maybe ZFX's best cover work in years. I'm a sucker for women hanging upside-down anyway, and it looks like that's a still from the video. I can't wait to see the new girl. Needless to say, my order is on the way.
Friday, August 31st 2001 - 10:15:44 PM

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