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December 1999

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Hey, I was wondering if anyone can help out here. I was doing a little bit of surfing a few months ago and ran across a celebrity bondage site. What it was was a series of bondage/rape/kidnap stoies that had pictures of the celebrity subject included. The pictures were doctored to show certain actresses in states of bondage to go along with the story. I can't remember who all the subjects were but I do remember one of them was Jennifer Love Hewitt ( I mean how could I not remember JLH ). I ran across the site fairly easily ( I thought ) but have not been able to find it again since. Does anybody know what I'm talking about and give me directions so I can find it again.

Thanks for any help....later.

Thursday December 2nd 1999 02:15:50

Name: Pedrick
E-mail address:

The performances are often compelling. The artistry and beauty of the women is stunning. They are the Rosetta Stone through which a person, burnt whole by the lewd, robotic practice of Orwellian censorship can rediscover the wick and flame of passion. The inferno is heaven on earth. Have you noticed the intensity and electricity of Rick Masters before the camera?

I have read a great deal since I found this forum last night. Many have parsed and analyzed to excruciating exactitude the performances of the women. Some give more. Some give themselves. But the person who has no block between personal space and the heart of a scene is Rick. His scenes have pace and emotional intensity. Every scene that builds and titilates and satisfies has Rick firmly in charge of the action.

Remember Allison Parrish tied to the bedframe in Guinea Pigs II? The pace of action is exactly right. The drama builds. Her predicament intensifies until Rick achieves, with her, a climax of exposure and penetration. This is the robust soul of the intense response, the obverse of censorship, the crystalized martyrdom of femininity that confirms and embellishes the essence of femininity. The ooze that drips from her cunt (ass) is both purity and pollution, opportunity and ending, climax and beginning. Roll the tape again and consummate the sacrifice again. This is no mere perversion. This is religion.

Thursday December 2nd 1999 04:16:01

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

AvF: I'm pretty sure the site you are referring to is Mach 9. It's a pretty neat site run by some good people. Haven't been there for a while, but I do recall they have some rape/bondage stories along with celebrity fakes like Katie Holmes, who looks awfully cute with tape on her mouth! I put the site's URL on this post; just click on it to go there.

Pedrick: Uh...nice post. I suddenly feel guilty that I didn't study hard enough in my English composition class...

Thursday December 2nd 1999 05:29:34

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello All! Thanks to Peddrick, I now have to employ a crane to support my giant freak head! Just a quick note, running behind on site update, but it IS coming! As soon as I know a date I'll post it. Thanks to all who watch read and post! Rick

Friday December 3rd 1999 03:05:33

Name: Katia
E-mail address:

I dont know about anyone else, but I cant seem to be able to buy any of these films. There is something wrong with the website where one needs to buy them...quite annoying, I wrote to ZFX and they gave me a number, but something is wrong with the number...Poor me, I am destined to remain unjaded...sniff sniff...any other places where I can I get these tapes ...ANYONE??

Saturday December 4th 1999 01:41:43

Name: Howie

There are TONS of sites to buy ZFX tapes from on the internet. Here are a few. Just copy them and past them into your address bar: I hope this is some help to you.

Saturday December 4th 1999 11:14:27

Name: Howie

I know this is probably going to show up twice but here are the links again in case my first message doesn't show up. I'm never sure with this thing. Just cut and past them to your address bar. is the one that I have gotten all of my videos from, and I have about ten now. They have always been very reliable and right on time.

Saturday December 4th 1999 11:23:36

Name: Iago

I have to go with JMC distributing too. They take orders 24 hours a day, and ship things right when they say they will. Good for me, since I surf and see stuff at night.

Sunday December 5th 1999 06:30:28

Name: Per

Katia, a good place to buy is Very fast and efficient with orders.

Tuesday December 7th 1999 07:51:17

Name: Pedrick

Figure skating has its triple toe loop; skateboarding has its 900. Whenever performed, they inspire awe. Lisa, in her interview, wrote that the most difficult stunt she has performed is an upside-down suspension over a tub of water. This is the bondage equivalent of a triple toe loop, a 900. Great sport. Lisa is worth her weight in gold and gold medals. Lisa's performance has not been relased so I haven't seen it yet. The only time I've seen this stunt is at I wonder if anyone else has visited this pay site?

The first time I saw a ZFX goo-fest was in one of the Guinea Pigs Series. Kimber Allen or Holly Weston, wearing gym shoes and laced in superb stringent bondage, mouthed a monster plumbed dildo. Through the pipes came load after load of ersatz cum. It was a seminal moment. The counterfeit spunk drooled from her flooded mouth. I asked God for digital slow motion and freeze frame. So far, no answer. I had a book once about animal sex. Pigs and bulls, I think, pump large loads. The gorilla may be a great gusher as well. But I knew that ZFX goo wasn't from zoology. It had to be kitchen goo. And so I said, "Pedrick, if you can find the kitchen, maybe you can learn to cook."

Soon I was at the grocery store, a fetish store in disguise. I wondered if Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales would make a good insert. Could he talk, all muffle voiced, in cuntland? And oh, there's a shelf full of applesauce. Rick and Chandra could sure funnel the applesauce. Searching the aisles, I found that Arizona Iced Tea makes a virgin pina colada product. It is a little too white, but it's close to the right shade. I added sugar and cornstarch. It was a bit tricky to heat it enough, but not too much. Soon I had a pretty good goo. Even the color was right. I wonder if any of the epicures in this forum can make a great goo? I'd love to have a recipe. I've wondered if other thickeners would work better, and if a reasonably palatable taste could be achieved or retained. I've also wondered if something exotic like okra slime might be used to add a drooling effect to the somewhat gelatinous mass? Maybe there could be a roux goo.

What else could an artist like Rick doo with goo? He used maybe a pint for the guinea pig pumping dildo. A bit more could be frozen into a dildo shape. I have no idea if any woman would like to take an icy goo dick in her warm cunt. She'd probably jump. Could electrodes be frozen into it; does icy spunk conduct electricity? Maybe it would all go slosh sluchy. It could be like a dick popsicle, and if she licked or mouthed it from below, it might drip chilly goo on her, like a tastee-freeze facial.

There's a web site,, that has nothing to do with bondage. It's about pretty girls wide spread with cucumbers in their cunts. One position they've pioneered they call the "gaping hole." The girl does sort of a shoulder-stand and spreads her legs in the air. Her cunt opens wide. It must be a physiological, muscle and bone type of thing where the position just naturally creates the o-opening. The only reason I mention this phenomenon is that a woman could be tied in this position. Load one of those toy, pump-action squirt guns with goo, aim at the gaping hole, and pump and squirt. Goo doesn't have to come from guns. It could come from faucets, shower heads, and fountains. Hose her down. Yellow-dick alien goo, alas, is now classic. Once inside, runny goo will ooze, drip, and parachute away from an open cunt. I wonder if a small, clear tube, like medical/surgical tubing, could be hidden and secretly routed into her hole. If the tubing had an 180 degree bend so that it opened toward the outside world, goo could flow through the tube and drip, drip, drip. If it slimed and dripped away in quantity after an alien gang-bang. . .

What can be done with a few dozen cases of virgin pina colada counterfeit cum? Another beautiful suspension upside down over an empty tub. If her legs were spread, a fire-hose giant plumbed dildo dick could point down. It could squirt and pump gallons of goo. The goo would rivulet and run down her body and head, drip from her hair and fill the tub. Then she'd have to lift her head from the goo shampoo. As her muscles weakened, she'd have to take a deep breath, and let her head drop again into that warm, white cum-like suffocation. The rare stunt, the triple toe loop of bondage, the perfect 900 would have a new Olympian twist.

P.S. Many thanks to Ralphus and Rick for the warm welcome. I'm happy to have the chance to recognize Rick's awesome work. Ralphus has me pegged. I had the privilege of going to a university, albeit later in life than most people. I took degrees in journalism and law. Many, many thanks to Gimp for this excellent forum and best wishes to all.

Thursday December 9th 1999 04:11:12

Name: Katia
E-mail address:

Does anyone know why one rarely sees sex in bondage S/M videos?. I was thinking it was a legal thing...By the way, I apologize for all my typos (i stink at typing and get quickly bored with proofreading).... to the discussion about the reasons people are into these demented movies and kink and weird sex etc...most of my friends and I just like to blame catholic school or fathers in the military.

Thursday December 9th 1999 07:48:45

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

To Pedrick and other new posters: Here's a helpful hint. If you're planning on making a lengthy post, it's a good idea to try to break your post up with paragraphs, so that you don't end up with a huge mass of words that's hard to read. Here's how you do it. At any point on your post where you want to start a new paragraph, you'll want to type in this symbol < P >, only take out the spaces and a line will automatically be added between paragraphs. Don't ask me how it works; it's an HTML thing.

Regarding your quest for white goo, I had always wondered for years what it was that Rick used. A while back, I got the opportunity to talk with former ZFX star Kerri Downs, who was the recipient of one of the most memorable scenes involving fake cum in "Gangland 2". In the scene I'm referring to, she is tied to a table while Nick Long, sporting some sort of mechanical monster dick, really lets her have it, hosing her face, hair and chest for a good 3 minutes (Talk about a cum shot!), completely soaking her in the sticky stuff. So naturally, when I talked to Kerri, I had to ask her about Gangland 2. She told me that the stuff kept getting in her eyes and she couldn't see, but she kept on going. And what was used for the cum? Well, Rick, forgive me if I'm giving away a trade secret, and feel free to refute this if it isn't accurate, but she said he used...sweetened condensed milk mixed with water. There it is...the recipe for ZFX cum!

Friday December 10th 1999 02:47:47


Ok, I love this forum, and I wouldn't want to hinder anyone from posting his or her thoughts here. But I have to say that after reading Pedricks post... I feel really normal now. JESUS, that post makes freaks feel freaky. So you went to college, big deal. I would bet most people who post here did. I'm a senior in Information Systems at a fairly prestigious university right now. Why do you feel you have to announce that to us? This forum is for talking about what all of us who post here like to see. HOT CHICKS TIED UP AND ABUSED. We are a little demented and we know it, but we don't want to sit and read a "philosophical study" of a mans journey through a grocery store as he wonders what "Larry the cucumber (?) would say in cuntland."

Come on man. Give us a break. Stop trying to show us how deep you are. It's very boring. I'm not trying to be your enemy here, it's just that I come here to read interesting shit like Ralfus's reviews, postings from "Rick" the man himself, or just general thoughts on what to see in future ZFX video's. Join the game and stop trying to impress everyone with your flowery speech. If I want that I'll go read a book.

Friday December 10th 1999 07:51:32

Name: Red Jesus

Howie...You don't find Pedrick's rambling entertaining? Yea, know what?...neither do I. Well, I take it back...maybe 'bout as entertaining as a wet Kleenex.

Pedrick, have you ever heard the saying, "He who continually strives to prove one's intelligence, by doing so only proves one's ignorance".

But I'm so glad you're an educated man.

Saturday December 11th 1999 05:20:18

Name: Iago

Hey all,

Can anyone give me a couple quickie recommendations about the following tapes:

Gangland series;

Vostock Core


The Phantacide Peepshow series;

Voodoo Dolls 2.

Since Rick has been chasing pirates for the last 6 months, I've been looking at these movies, wondering which ones to try. I'm kind of a Darby Fox admirer, hence the Gangland and Spectre questions. Basically, can anyone give me a review on these movies, and how do they rate? Also, for the series movies, which movies in the series are the best?



Saturday December 11th 1999 08:24:30


Ok Iago, I can't comment on all of the films that you have asked about, but I will tell you that in my opinion, don't get The Phantacide Peepshow series.

I bought Peepshow two because the previews for it looked INCREDIBLE, as do they all. Now I'm not saying that it isn't good. It's like the original Star Wars trilogy. They all rock, but Jedi just wasn't as good as good as the rest. In my eyes "Rick" is a God who can do no wrong. But he has done better is all I'm saying. Yes peepshow 2 has its moments. Particularly Penelope Pace being abused by Rick in a bathroom. (Hey, anything with Penelope is HOT.) All I'm saying is that there are better videos to by in the ZFX collection.

Some videos you didnít mention but I will recommend in case you donít have them are:

1 Any in the GANGSTAR series. If you havenít seen Monica Moore being abused, and youíre into SUPER HOT chicks being bound and manipulated then your are really missing out on a little slice of heaven there my friend.

2. Any in the ďCheerleaders at Perilous UniversityĒ series. Ralphus turned me on to that series, but I will speak for him for a moment by saying he only really likes the first one. I of course LOVED them both because, as I said before, anything with Penelope Pace is hot, and Chandra Sweet, who is also featured in the series is just plain gorgeous. You canít possibly go wrong with those tapes.

3. A tape that I personally think is ZFX at itís best would be 666. Granted, I havenít seen anywhere near the range of tapes some of the other people whom post on this site have seen, but I have about ten tapes. As Iíve said before and probably will again, if SUPER HOT chicks being used as a plaything is what youíre into, 666 is a feast for the eyes. It features CHRISTINA ANDERSON and KIMBERLY NOBEL. Both of which are continually subjected to all kinds of HIGHLY erotic tortures. Particularly Christina getting a hot wax treatment, and then Kimberly getting hung and then electro shocked at the end of the film. My only complaint about the movie would be that Christina is never fully naked. Itís a crime if you ask me to not strip a chick that hot totally nude. By the way, there is also a small appearance from Lisa KINKAID at the beginning of the movie. Another super HOTIE!

Ok, I hope this helps you in some way, but Iím drunk while Iím writing this and Iíve worked myself into such a frenzy that Iím going to go and order ďForced Entry and SOB 1Ē right now because of all the great things I have read about them. Plus, If you are ever in doubt, remember you canít go wrong with either Lisa Kinkaid or Monica Moore. Ok, Penelope Pace either, Oh what the hell itís all good. Iíve got to go order some tapes!!

Saturday December 11th 1999 09:56:15

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Iago: Quick opinions on the tapes you asked about:

The Gangland series: This was one of Rick's best series of tapes, IMO. The ones I liked best were the first two, but Darby Fox is in the next 3, if you like her. The only one I felt was subpar was the last one, but if you see the first four...

Vostock Core: A lesser effort, worthy mainly to see Chandra Sweet in various forms of bondage. I wouldn't rush out to buy this one.

Spectre: Mainly an all-girl effort, one of ZFX's combinations of bondage and magic. Some nice moments; not especially memorable, but if you like Darby Fox, she stars alongside Kerri Downs.

Phantacide Peepshow series: Actually, I liked Part 2 a lot more than the first. Chandra has a real nice plastic bag/abduction scene where she gets tied to a chair, then tied to a door and molested. If you like Chandra (and who doesn't?), this one is recommended.

Voodoo Dolls 2: Both this and the first one are excellent efforts, full of hot action featuring the lovely Lisa Kinkaid.

Also, I'll second Howie's opinions on the Monica Moore tapes. The first one in the series is called "The Reporter"; "Gangstarr" is the sequel. Monica is a total babe and quite a performer, so you really can't lose with her stuff. These are two good choices.

"Cheerleaders" is great, and while the sequel is worthwhile, I would much rather see Chandra in the role of the victim, like in Part One, as oppossed to the aggressor role she had in Part Two.

666: I think my review is still up there on this board if you want more details, but it was a good one. One of the best of this most recent batch of tapes, along with "Miss Ballista".

Hope I helped.

Sunday December 12th 1999 02:19:35

Name: Iago

Hey guys,

Thanks for the info on the tapes. I already have seen most of Rick's tapes, including most of his newer ones, but a few series just didn't grab me when they first came out. Gangland was one of those; same with Phantacide Peepshow. I'll give those Gangland movies a looksie. Like I said, I did like Darby, but a lesser movie (to snag Ralphus's line) is a lesser movie, so I'll avoid Spectre and also Vostock Core for now.

Different topic, a question for Rick: Are any of the movies you are working on now sequels to Miss Ballista? It looked like there was a preview at the end of the first movie, and I seem to remember you saying that you thought the sequel had a lot of promise. Just curious.



Sunday December 12th 1999 08:51:48

Name: Damien
E-mail address:

Hi Guys and (unfortunately not as many) Galls! I've known, watched and loved ZFX for over 5 years now. But for some reason, I stumbled on to this great forum. Since I get the feelin' this is an American-Only site (by lack of other contributors) I thought it might be time to show ZFX rules not only the USA, but Rick Rules the World!

I am, without any doubt, one of Holland (in Europe, near Gernamy, country of Cruijff, Gullit and Van Basten) 's biggest ZFX-fans. I came across some tapes in an adult video store in Amsterdam, and could not believe my eyes! This was the stuff I always dreamed about. Unfortunately, that day I did not have time (honestly! I didn't!) to watch, but a few days later, I traveled back to Amsterdam, (a two-hour travel by train) and stayed for over 10 hours, watching every ZFX-title I could get my hands on! I went back as often as possible to do the same. Unfortunately, they only had about 30 titles, and the previews at the end of each tape (Rick, you REALLY teased me by that) showed me many great scenes that were not available in that store. Now, years later, I got my own Internet-connection and have all of these beauties (interpred this any way you like..:-)) at the top of my fingers. Through this, I got to own several ZFX-titles, and just ordered 10 more. (Hope to get them before X-mas!!!)

Since I like all the reviews and different opinions a lot, here's my contribution: I only own one of the Blunt Trauma-videos: Flesh Merchants. This is probably the worst of the four: The only good thing is Ms.Kinkaid (Hi Lisa, noticed my email-adress???). Never have I seen a bad preformance by her. She's very convincing "Please let me go...I've been her so long". Unfortunately, most of the tape stars Laura Jo Dalton! Hardly ever have I seen such a bad preformance! Though Rick's genius has some very interesting devices and positions, we hardly ever hear her, nor see her suffer. Throughout the whole video, she seems to think of her grocery-list, planning her vacation or is absent-minded for other trivia-reasons. The only time I could actually believe her is at the end of the movie, when she unties herself, and shoots the bad guys. But hey! I don't buy ZFX to see ladies UNtied!

What makes things worse is that, as I said, Rick thought of some VERY good things. I especially liked the electric device. And Chandra Sweet is a very convincing bad girl. But both Rick and Chandra's efforts seem to be wasted on Ms. Dalton. But: If you wanna see an interesting device, or Ms. Kinkaid as we all love her (Tied up, begging to her captor, receiving a firm whipping, and really acting broken-down) or Chandra Sweet as a sadistic sweethart, go watch this one! I don't wanna judge ms. Dalton by only one bad performance: everyone's in title to one mistake. Has any of you seen another of her performances??? For instance: Blunt Trauma 3??? And since I'm on the subject of questioning: Can anyone give me a review of The Art of Darkness??? I already ordered this. Did I make a mistake????

Here's what I like: - strong protests, getting less throughout the storie (in other words: strong girls, slowly broken down) - escape-attempts (non-succesfull, off course) - severe struggeling during the original overpowering - torture for confession or to information (I love Candy Licks in Witchhunt "I confess, sigh......I confess") Anybody can reccommend any video??? My personall favorites: Lisa Kinkaid (hi again: now you MUST reply to this forum once more) in ...well.....evrything she did, but most in the Toolbox Abductions 1 & 2. Holly Weston (where did she go???) in Alien Probe, Nightprowler and Guinea Pigs 4. Candi Licks in Witchhunt Enough for now...I'll wait for oyur response. I'll be back....... Greetings from Holland, Damien

Monday December 13th 1999 12:42:40

Name: Sardu
E-mail address:

Damien, Great to have someone from The Netherlands on this forum. Amsterdam sounds like a lot of fun.

You wanted to know about Art of Darkness: It's largely good. Cindy MacCreedy was in her physical prime and it was nice to see Lisa Kinkaid dishing out the punishment, as a change of pace. In this particular tape, the victim (Cindy) is hypnotized which was a new twist on things. There's a nice suspension scene and a good electric shock scene. The climax features Cindy getting sodomized by Lisa, but the scene is clearly chopped up (jump cuts galore) and Cindy barely reacts to the torture. Makes me wonder how many takes it took to shoot.

The sequel. Bound For Madness, has some nice bondage scenes that showcase Macreedy's fine form, but no tortures that truly stand out due to either lack of imagination, obvious simulation (the upside down douche scene comes to mind) or both.

Monday December 13th 1999 04:19:08

Name: Damien
E-mail address:

LCAT, Thanks for your mail! I tried to reply several times, but could not get connected to your server. Do you have an alternat adress??? I'd like to disuss the issues mentioned further.

Sardu: Thanks for the review of AOD. I think I'll enjoy this one.

Just to make all of you jealous: here's what I ordered for X-mas: Underland 2, Art of Darkness, Toolbox Abductions 2, The Van, Cheerleaders of Perilous U, Reporter, 666, Innocent Exile, Alien Probe 1, Forced Entry.

Waht's the biggest mistake?? (as far as any ZFX-tape can BE a mistake!!!). What's the one to expect the most of??? (I'll safe that for last). Which one did I "forget" to order so far???

Please keep those comments and reviews commin'!!!!


Monday December 13th 1999 11:02:16

Name: AvF
E-mail address:


How's it going. I too have my birthplace in Holland, or as we vampires like...Netherlands.Have been in the states so long that I basically don't (or never have, as long as I can remember) have an accent. I'm curious about the European material though. I've always heard that it was alot more wide open, such as penatrations allowed in bondage material. Also have seen some of the S/M type...very hard core although not to my interests due to the unattactive actresses of the films I saw. By hardcore I mean (for all you breast bondage fans) a submissive (the master/slave scenes that I don't like...leather and hands not even bound)has her breasts bound and pulled up in the air by them and them alone. I imagine some could have potential but do not have access to very much. If you care to please give us a run down on the Dutch porn/B&D.

As far as your choices I can tell you that Forced Entry and The Cheerleaders of Perilous U should not dissapoint (two of my favorites). I have not seen all the ZFX's but as far as 666 goes, it's not bad but I don't seem to like it as much as alot of the other posters here at the forum seem to (but we all have our criteria for what makes or breaks a video for us). Not on your list but one of my favorites that seems to get mixed reviews is Phanticide Peepshow II. Chandra looks great and has two very good bagging scenes (my favorites) and a good chair bound segment (which could have been perfect but the ankle bindings were too loose and sloppy). Excellent ending also. War Pigs II is another of my favorites (even with the close to being perfect). Alot to choose from. I'm still trying to find what I like (although most all is great).

Anyway's happy veiwing and let us know what you think when they arrive.


Tuesday December 14th 1999 06:21:53

Name: Damien
E-mail address:


Born in The Netherlands, are you??? Maybe we should continue in Dutch...:-))

Thanks for your reviews! WP2 is one of my favorites too. The best in the WP-series, IMHO, although teh hogtie of Lisa at the end of WP 4 always comes to mind first when I think of the WP-series. (And the insertion of that "worm"-thing in WP 2. VERY convincing acting).

I alreay thought to save Cheerleaders of Perilous U for last. After your kind words, that's set. I still have some doubts about Forced Entry. It seems a little "soft". But I HAVE to see ms. Lacross!

As for the Dutch BD/SM material: I know a lot of people like it a lot, but I'm not one of them. I have seen maybe 30 or 40 Dutch tapes, but got disappointed at almost every one of them.

It's a lot of Master/Slave BS, bad acting, even worse camera work. Most of them look like amateur/home made productions. The dialogues are not very good (sound mostly like they're read of a paper), and never ever have I seen an expression of real pain or fear.

It's just that they are available in such large amounts that it's hard to avoid them.

And as far as pretty girls go, they're NOT in the Dutch BDSM- stuff.

The torture scenes never have any point at all; just torture. Not even torture for the fun of it, JUST torture. Clothpins put on a body that hardly moves nor makes any sound.

The only good thing I have to say about the Dutch material is that I saw two or three multiple-rape video's. One of them with two rather convincing escap- attempts. But no ropes or restrain.

But maybe it's because since I started with ZFX verything else is ...well...not as good.

But hey! We still have tullips! :-)

Seeya all soon,


Tuesday December 14th 1999 07:29:40

Name: Pedrick

Katia, the censors drew lines that prevented the combination of sex and bondage for a very long time. It is a legal thing, as you suggest. If you trace the ebb and flow of censorship in the USA, you'll find that the censors allowed the depiction of extreme violence to become mainstream entertainment while suppressing even the most innocent depiction of sex. This dividing line still lurks in the legal background.

I remember times and places where you could watch waves of violence on TV but had to go behind the counter to buy a Playboy--if you could find a vendor who dared sell it. The urge to censor is strong, and I expect the pendulum will swing back some day. P.S. Ralphus, I hope the paragraph trick works. I appreciate the tip.

Wednesday December 15th 1999 05:58:06

Name: Pedrick

Now that I can make paragraphs, I want to address Howie and Red Jesus.

I asked the forum if anyone had a recipe for great goo. Rick's condensed milk is great, but some culinary genius in the forum may have been able to produce some great gooey thing that would be even better. The slime in Alien, for example. Any fluid related to an alien body or alien sex is bound to produce a visceral response. I'm sure Rick would have had the alien more interested in Sigourney Weaver and in earthly delights than in lounging around the escape pod long enough for her to kill it. In any case, I wanted to see if the forum could be an expert system for some of the things that come up in zfx films. I thought goo would be a nice topic, and I fully expected someone to contribute a recipe or some other useful information.

Then along come you guys. The last thing I need is for someone to police my perversion and try to chill my speech. I doubt if anyone will try anything creative on this forum as long as you police it.

As for my education, I realize that all types come to the material. I am interested in knowing what brings them, and if they know how this material became eroticized in their lives. But ZFX does not exist in a vacuum. Rick probably has a legal team and the porn industry probably has its professional associations like any other industry. But if others trained in law and other professions came forward on this forum, Rick could have eyes and ears that could warn of trends in enforcement and censorship around the USA and around the world. We also might keep this form of expression longer before the next crackdown.

But now, thanks to your police activities, I doubt any reader of this forum will share any personal or professional information. I doubt you guys thought of this SNAFU.

I personally think Rick needs a pay web site to reach all the folks who can't buy the videos. I realize the state of the art for computer video is primitive, and many of Rick's production values would be lost in translation. Nevertheless, he has a wealth of material that could be adapted, and possibly produce a good income stream. If Rick makes money, we get good videos. It's really that simple. Howie, maybe your information studies could help in this area.

The upshot is I think you guys fucked up with your little censorship gig. I don't post this with any joy, since I don't enjoy being attacked. If I want to be called a pervert, I can get that any time I want in the vanilla world.

I want to thank Ralphus for his tip on Kerri's monster condensed milk cum bath in Gangland. Rick may be interested to note that I live in an area of about 120,000 people. None of the porn shops carry ZFX because they are afraid to carry it. The nearest store that has a selection is 180 miles away. Not everyone can order from the web, and that's one reason I think a pay web site could expand your market.

Thursday December 16th 1999 03:11:45


Ok, I have absolutely no desire to start any kind of argument in this forum. There is just too much great stuff to discuss without wasting space on two people going at it over something silly. So let me start by first saying that I do apologize for the line about making "Freaks feel freaky." You are totally correct in saying that this is the LAST place you need to come to be called perverted. Not to mention that Iím one of the last people in the world who should point the finger of perversion at anyone. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. (^_^) I was out of line there and I apologize. This is no excuse, but I usually read this forum on the weekend at night after a few beers, and therefor something like that slips out as I quickly jot my thoughts down.

There are however things that I still feel the same about. Even you have to admit that the post was a little bit on the rambling side. In this last posting you got right to the point of what you were trying to say. For instance, you just stated that you were trying to ďsee if the forum could be an expert system for some of the things that come up in zfx films.Ē Iím betting that most people who read that first posting didnít get that from it. It just kind of went on and on and on without ever seeming to come to a point.

There is a lot I could say in rebuttal to your statements about my somehow inferring zfx exists in a vacuum, or the idea of Rick coming to an internet discussion forum for legal or professional advice, but as I said, I really donít want to argue. I even stated in my first reply to you that Iím not trying to be your enemy here.

So on to better things. I will say that your idea of a ZFX pay site is a good one, as long as it wouldnít put an end to the free one. Rick could put the movies in Mpeg format and that would look pretty clear, even in full screen size. That would be a major undertaking however, and Rick seems to be having trouble keeping up with the one site now, much less another one. But Iím with you; I would sign up for it if it came about.

I am a little curious why you canít order any tapes from the Internet. If you have access to this site you should have access to all of the sites that sell the tapes. If you are having trouble finding sites, scroll up to my reply to Katia and try some of those places. Most have phone numbers to call if you donít want to give your credit card number over the net. And I can personally vouch for They deliver on time and very discretely.

Speaking of the ZFX site, I know that you are EXTREMLY busy Rick, but is the update, or even better, new releases coming anytime soon? Just getting a little anxious waiting, thatís all.

Thursday December 16th 1999 06:19:48

Name: Damien

Several questions this time. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ANSWER!!!

1) I really like the "collar" (I'm not sure if it's the right english word, but I mean the white thing making our heroins keep their head up, like Holly in Guinnea Pigs 4 and 5). What's your favorite seen with this toy???

2) Any reviews on Tifanny Twisted ??(I remember one message saying they're "collecting dust"). How's the sound/resistance/acting etc???

3) Which is the best: SOB 1 or 2

4) Which would be the least good ZFX-vid. and why???

5) Rick: Whatever happened to Holly Weston???? (In other words: could you PLEASE do another video with her???) :-))) 6) One scene I like very much is: Elbows tied behind the back (with ropes, ore useing a stcik etc.). wrists tied front. Any favorites???

7) What's your favorite electro-torture-scene/vid????

That's it for now. I really need your help. With one order on the way, I'm already preparing a list for the next one.

Seeya all,

Greetings from Holland


Thursday December 16th 1999 11:16:38

Name: Per

To Damien, answers to some of your questions:

It was some years since I saw Tiffany Twisted, but as I remembered it, it was OK. Tiffany has a great body and is very flexible, a fact that Rick takes advantage of. I remember that I thought that her reactions to whipping was a little too passive though.

SOB 1 and 2 are both great videos, but if I have to choose between them, I would consider SOB 2 to be the best one.

Friday December 17th 1999 09:36:15

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:

Hey everybody, my turn again to put in my two cents worth.

This is to Howie and Pedrick. No, I am not going to comment on the first thing you guys were discussing. But I will adress about a pay site. Keep in mind this is only my opinion. A pay site seems like a good Idea, but it probally wont happen. mainly because Anybody that knows Rick knows that he is busy about 27 hours a day. Dealing with a pay site as far as maintaining it and updating it on a regular bassis so people could get their money worth would be close to a full time job. Also you have to consider about the cost of a server and space for the video. This would take away from him making movies or at least making quality ones.

another reason is that I dont think the quality of video has been greatly improved on the web. Now I know that i will probally get arguments on that, but you also have to remember that in order for everybody to keep up with the technology and video it cost's money. My computer is already at it max therefore I am not able to update it to take advantage of the good technology. I also think that many people are in the same boat as me.

like I mentioned before I think your ideas a re a good one, just dont hold your breath. Well that is my two cents worth.

Peace All Mad Dog

Saturday December 18th 1999 12:35:07

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

A few answers for Damien:

1) The collar: I don't recall that Rick has used that particular toy too often in his tapes, but it was put to pretty good use on Kerri Downs in "Surgical Strike".

2) "Tiffany Twisted": To my knowledge, this and the sequel were the only times that ZFX has ever employed an Asian girl in any of their tapes. Tiffany was cute, although nothing especially memorable sticks out from either tape.

3) Which is better, SOB 1 or 2? Really, they are two halves of the same pie. One continues the other. Get them both, they are worth it!

4) What would be the least good ZFX tape and why? Well, Mom always told me if I can't say anything nice, not to say anything...but seeing as you asked, I would not say much of anything about Subterfuge, Innocent Exile or The Incubus Part 2. Again, only my opinion, others may disagree. Almost every ZFX tape has at least one or two good scenes. Some just don't do it for me.

5) I'll second the plea to Rick about Holly Weston. She was one of the best actresses ZFX has ever had. But it's been years, so she's probably long gone.

6) I'm not usually of fan of any bondage where the girl has her hands tied in front, unless they are somehow secured to her body where she can't remove her gag. Behind the back is a tried and true classic!

7) Favorite electro-torture scene? Well, Rick has done some great ones, especially Lisa's chair-tie stun gun treatment at the hands of Cindy Macreedy in "War Pigs 4", but my favorite scene is still Alison Parish, spread-eagled on the bed in "Futureshock", getting zapped repeated by Travis Lee, while he taunts her with "Fry, you bitch, fry!" Truly a classic moment in ZFX history. :o)

Saturday December 18th 1999 05:56:25

Name: Iago

Hey All,

I think I'm with Mad Dog on the pay-site idea. I've seen a few places try pay sites to augment their existing business, and it has never been satisfactory. If Rick were to do such a thing, he would probably have to farm it out to someone else while he continued his own work. I think we all agree that there is only one Rick, so the site would lose a lot in translation. Although (echoes and misty fog spring up as he considers in his head)

There are already all of those massively multiplayer RPG-type games out there now, all making a fortune. What if Rick did one, but instead of elves and dragons it was populated by mad scientists, screwball serial-types and lots of babes? You would have to dodge the police and the X-Files-type secret government agencies to keep from being caught. as a babe, and dodge all the evil wierdos out for your bod. Gee, how...twisted is that? Yikes.

Fog fades as he returns to his senses.

Eek. But still, sorta kewl. Hmmm....



Saturday December 18th 1999 06:17:23

Name: Howie

I am in total agreement about the pay site. (I thought that's what I said in my first posting regarding it, but maybe I didn't make that clear.) I feel that Rick is so busy that he just wouldn't have the time to keep up with a pay-per-view web site. Like I said before, he barley has time to keep up with the free one he has now. Heck, the last update was on 6/1/99. Let's face it, in "internet" time that's like three years ago. (^_^) But what I was saying is that if he did want to try it, the Mpeg format would work well. This is the same viewer that you would use to view a VCD. The images are just about crystal clear. I also said that if he were to try it I would be very willing to sign on. Then maybe I would have a shot at seeing all the ZFX video's I want to see without paying the hefty 45 dollars per tape, and also not owning a tape that I don't watch anymore after I have viewed it about four or five times. Thatís why I think it sounds like a good idea, but I donít think it will ever happen, at least not for a long time.

Concerning my favorite electro-shock scenes. It would be a tie for me. Once again, I donít have the privilege of seeing as many tapes as many who post here, but Lisa Kinkaidís shocking in ďWhiplash 4: the Whip-shock experiments,Ē was just INCREDIBLY erotic to me. I know that I have read some minor complaints about her nipples being covered up during the scene, but to me she played it PERFECTLY, as can almost always be expected from Lisa. Everything right down to her beginning to sweat profusely as the scene went on. Just a delight to watch.

The other scene would be KIMBERLY NOBELís shocking at the end of 666. As with Lisaís scene, by the end she was just dripping in sweat, which makes it very believable that she is really going through some major physical torment, and letís face it, SHEíS HOT!!

As far as the SOB series, I just ordered part one along with ďForced entry.Ē Iíll be sure to post my impressions after I have viewed it. But it has Monica Moore in it, so the odds of me not liking it are pretty slim, but Iíll be sure and let you all know what I thought when Iím done watching it.

Saturday December 18th 1999 08:35:37

Name: Damien
E-mail address:


Thanks for your advise. Any reason why you prefer SOB2???


Your answers were really helpfull. Reading these post, and also the archives makes me feel you're a real connaisseur.

1) Yeah...I remember surgical strike. Not one of my favorites, though. I'm not really a fan of Kerri, and if I remember correctly, this movie had only 3 or 4 different scenes. On thing that comes to mind are the dialogues from the "dokter". Nick long, I believe. He's my favorite evil doer!!! And was excellent in this one!

The best collar-scenes I remember are from Guinea Pigs, with Holly Weston. Oh, Holly, Holly....where are you....Abducted by Aliens for Probeing???

Anybody else knows good collar-scenes??? Did pretty Lisa ever wear this????

2) OK then. Tiffany Twisted will be on my next order. But which one??? I remember some electro-scenes in a preview. But was this in 1 or 2??? Any other recommandations on TT???

3) SOB: OK. I'll start with SOB2, and then maybe later SOB1 I try to "mix" my orders: no titles from the same series, and as many different girls in each order.

4)Listen to your mother!!! ANd I DID say the "least" good. They're all good, but some are better then others, right??? Even Rick would agree to that..:-)

5) Rick: Are you listening??? There are now at least two of us who would like to see Holly Weston again! If she doesn't preform anymore, maybe you have some footage left.

6) Agreed 100%! I only like hands tied in front IF they are tightly secured! (Hell...I only like ladies hands wherever they are IF they're tightly secured!) Again Holly comes to mind, in Guinea Pigs (4 or 5) where she can almost reach the vibrator...ALMOST; And some nice dialogue too: "Not on my ass....Not on my ass..)

7) OK. WP4 put on my list.


Hey! That's good news on 666. It should arrive in my mailbox tomorrow! I'll let you know. Whiplash 4: Were any of the other actresses and scenes (Chandra) any good??? I read mixed reports on that.

MORE QUESTIONS: 8) Mad Dog: What scene did you like to do most????

9) Anybody have any recommandations on my favorite gag??? I like the one with a hole in it (like in Video Pirates 3 etc.). All the things one can put in to it.... Seeya,

And please feel free to contact me through private e-mail


Monday December 20th 1999 06:44:45

Name: Per

Damien: One reason I prefer SOB 2 before SOB 1 is that the former contains a whipping scene with Monica Moore. Few actresses can give life to a whipping scene like Monica!

I think I recall that the electrocution scene in the Tiffany Twisted series appears in part II, but don't quote me on that. Anyone among of our fellow ZFX aficionados with a better memory that can verify this?

Monday December 20th 1999 07:39:51

Name: Mr.SUB

It was Tiffany 2 with the electric shock. I liked Tiffany 1 the best and it is actually one of my favorites.

Monday December 20th 1999 11:38:38

Name: Damien
E-mail address:


Thanks a lot! Now I have to get them both..:-))

No really, Thanks. But could you give an more detailed review of TT1 and 2???

What makes you like 1 best???

Tuesday December 21st 1999 12:16:50

Name: Howie


Sadly, whiplash 4 doesn't really offer anything great other than Lisa. Like I you said in your posting, they are all good, some are just better than others. Like pizza, some are better than others, but itís all-good. (^_^)

The other sceneís are of two women. One being Chandra, who isnít really used all that much. She is whipped a little, but the other girl, Pamela Price, is pretty much the focus of whatís going on when youíre watching them. As a matter of fact by the end Chandra is tied up off to the side as Pamela is subjected to some kind of vacuum cleaner nozzle on her tits and cunt. While Pamela is cute and itís fun watching her torment, I found myself really wanting to get back to the action with Lisa during those scenes. Lisa is really the feature attraction to that video.

If you havenít seen them, I suggest that you go and check out the screen captures that Rick has posted on the main site to get an idea of just how INCREDIBLY enticing Lisaís scenes are. She is also tied to the table/bench thing on her stomach and then Raped from the rear. VERY nice to watch, but the electro-shock is what really did it for me. Donít get this one for Chandra though, she really isnít in it that much. But if youíre a fan of Lisaís, which you apparently are and a BIG one at that (Me to by the way) then you REALLY shouldnít pass this one up. Itís HOT!

If you want a more detailed description of the action in the movie, I know that Ralphus did a review of it. Iím not sure where it is on the site though, but keep looking because itís buried in there somewhere. (^_^)

Tuesday December 21st 1999 06:08:59

Name: mee

everyone has different tastes. i thought Tiffany Twisted I was very memorable as it had a scene where she was being tied up and felt up while unconscious. Very, very sexy

Tuesday December 21st 1999 06:42:25

Name: The Professor

Well, the best of the season to all. Having some time off, presumably, seems to have livened up the forum! Good to see that things are expanding, both minds and comments!

Along which lines, I add to Pederick: chill out man! No one has anything against you; no one is into censorship here (obviously); and no one "resents" education. I, for one, found your posts ironically humourous, given that we are talking about bondage pornography here, but there is such a thing as coming on too strong. Not everyone is ready for that kind of initial post, given the "anonymous" nature of the web. Which leads me to wonder about the so- called SNAFU you mention. First, of course, as an educated person, you must realize that the acronym is misused in this sense. Second, and here I can only speak for myself and wonder about others, I thought one of the beauties of a web discussion (about beauties, as it were) was that we did not NEED to share personal information other than our mutual interests. So, what's the beef? Anyway, I for one am always glad to know that there are others out there who enjoy ZFX material. Welcome to the group, Pederick, and post as you like.

Damien: while this may (or may not) be an "all-American" kind of group, some of us -- as you see -- do have some roots in Europe. I wish I knew that ZFX was in Amsterdam when I visited there last weekend! Not that I had time to do any viewing, but it is good to know, since I will likely be back soon. Any specifics on where to go? And any idea if there is a chance of getting ZFX down here in Vienna? In any case, good to have some "refined continental" input to add to that from Milo, who I take is our resident authority on bondage in the British Isles.

To add to the list of comments on your questions: I would say that "666" is likely to be the best of the lot you've chosen for a self-gifting (pun intended), and second Ralphus' nomination of "Innocent Exile" as the most disappointing. Here too though, I will voice left-handed praise for Rick's work when I say that that is a relative term. Not every film can be "great" to every person, and while I find some better than others, the postings here make it clear that Rick is clearly hitting the target with some people every time. And I confess, there is almost ALWAYS at least one hot scene in every flick, no matter how disappointing I may find the overall quality.

Third, an added voice to the chorus of those calling for the return of Holly Weston, or at least some footage thereof, and the posture collar (which I believe is the proper term). Holly was a great addition to ZFX, but had only a brief tenure; I suspect, due to the passage of time, that she is out of the biz by now, but mourn the event. Do what you can, please Rick?

Re: Tiffany Twisted. Yes, as one other poster confirmed, the electrocution scene was in II, not one. I personally would put these in the "disappointing" category though. "Tiffany," while flexible, was not as responsive an actress as I prefer. The electro scene had a nice touch, with the bell on her pussy as she jolted up and down, but the "victim" just issued a few grunts and was otherwise pretty unmoved, whatever the torment.

Again Damien: glad to see someone else is a Darby Fox fan. I think you'd enjoy "Spectre," but still think her best stuff was the "Gangland" series. The first three in this run, BTW, were great stuff, though #1 took a bit of footage up with plot development. The torments are ingenious, the plot is good, the bondage fits well, and the acting is generally of a high caliber. #3 is my all-time favorite ZFX flick to date, though "666" is damn close.

Also, and last, I wanted to put my voice in for a return of the posture collar and more "toys," used sparingly though. I love the trainers which still allow us a glimpse of the frightened doe-eyes; I love the idea of ring gags.

Keep up the good work Rick, and please give us some nicely wrapped packages for Christmas!

Tuesday December 21st 1999 09:35:25

Name: Per

To The Professor:

I've seen ZFX tapes in one shop in Amsterdam. I don't recall the name of it, but it is located on Oude Zijds Achterburgwal, east side of the canal. It should be somewhere close to the adjecent street Bloed Straat. There are numerous sex shops in this area, but the one I'm referring to had a very good collection of ZFX tapes. They can be watched in the shop.

Tuesday December 21st 1999 08:55:46

Name: Damien
E-mail address:


The store described by Per is the one I mean. I'll write down the exact adress when I get there again.

You can watch the video in the store for about $17.-, and but the (VERY often used) tapes for about $100

Wednesday December 22nd 1999 02:27:04

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

To Howie and others interested in seeing my ZFX reviews, you need to go up the "Guestbook Archives" link at the top of the page. Click there, and you'll see the past entries to this site (interesting reading; I would recommend it). There is a special link on the page that will take you to Ralphus' ZFX Reviews. Or you can just click on the link on this post to go directly there. Most of my reviews are on that page; a few are missing since they have scrolled off and The Gimp has not yet replaced them on the site. He told me he would soon, although that was about a month ago, so...

Anyway, my review of "Whiplash 4" on the page pretty much gives you the full poop as to what's in the tape. Lisa's torture scenes are the real reason to see it.

Wednesday December 22nd 1999 03:27:01

Name: The Professor

Many thanks, Per and Damien. I'll be sure to give it a look on the next junket to Amsterdam. In the interim, anyone have any suggestions for the same type of entertainment in Chicago? I'm going to be heading to the Windy City early next milennium, staying downtown, and having lots of time to kill, I think. Can't imagine a better way than catching up with ZFX if there's a place handy. Froehliche Jule!

Wednesday December 22nd 1999 08:19:36

Name: alex

...Professor........There was a place to rent videos on Lake and Wells street. (Wells street video??) I don't know if they will rent to you unless you have a Illinois drivers liscense. You can watch them in house, though. Another place, that has just about every Z.F.X. tape for in house viewing only, is Tee Jay bookstore on Hubbard street. (near north side)

Wednesday December 22nd 1999 01:46:47

Name: Damien
E-mail address:


Just felt like shareing my wealth with the rest of you. Yesterday, my order containing 10 ZFX-tapes arrived from Gameport.

Anyone outhere who doesn't know where to order (there were a few questions on the board): I can recommend Gameport HIGHLY!!! The deliver FAST, the service is EXCELLENT, and above all, they're nice people too.

So there I was: sitting on my couch, with a box with ten ZFX-tapes beside me, remote in hand, and all the time in the world.

I turned it in to an 13-hour ZFX-vid-marathon: Now I know what heaven is like!!! Man-oh-man-oh-man....

Anybody who's interested in a review, please let me know.

I can even post them here, if you want.

Tomorrow ( I just HAD to rest today...). I'll start re- watching them, and make a review on each title.



Wednesday December 22nd 1999 06:20:41

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:

Hey, everybody. before I get started I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy Y2K. I dont know about you guys but I will be partying like its...well you guys know.

Damien- Great to see such a fan. 13 hours of ZFX, man you must have been wiped at the end. I could never do it, but more power to you.

You asked about my favorite scene. I had to give it some thought because they we ended up shooting a lot in just a few days. If I had to narrow it down though I would have to say the very first scene that we shot, it is also the first scene that you see me in Underland. Where I slink up from the corner and grab Kelly Mckay and run my hand up her shirt. It was a thrill to do that scene because of her and being my first scene.

I would have to add that many of the scenes that I shot with Christina Anderson were memorable. There is one scene that rick hasnt used yet (It might of ended up on the cutting room floor) But me and Uncle fester had her tied yo the outside of the elevator that you see in SOB3. After we finished with the scene Rick was going to take some stills and he had her look at me. It wasnt until then that I noticed her bright blue eyes. I will never forget that one. (Hey Rick where is that one?)

I probally mentioned this before but working with everybody was great. All three of the girls were just spectacular. Well if you have any other questions you can e-mail me and I will awnser them as best as I can.

Peace all

Mad Dog

Wednesday December 22nd 1999 09:01:37

Name: Iago

Mad Dog, you remain inspired. I don't think I've ever heard of Rick circulating model stills that were just posed as marketing tools. Personally, I'd love to see Christina Anderson in that stretchy thing she wore for a few minutes of SOB3, or Kim Noble in that trashy thing she had on for 666. I don't know what Rick does with that stuff, but I'd certainly like to see some of it.

And a merry Christmas to you, too!



Thursday December 23rd 1999 07:02:31

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:

As far as the still pictures, Rick mainly uses them for the box covers. Thats all

Peace All

Mad Dog

Thursday December 23rd 1999 04:12:03

Name: Milo

Proffessor: I'm Asian. And flattered (unless you have me confused w/ some other Milo on this book).

Damien: Speaking just for myself -- please do post all your reviews!

To All: Happy Holidays! Has anyone ever gifted you w/ a ZFX tape (other than yourself, of course).

Thursday December 23rd 1999 06:40:04

Name: Damien
E-mail address:


OK then: here are the first three reviews. Hope you enjoy them, Milo! :-))


I got this one because all of the good things I read about it at this forum. Oh man, it was FANTASTIC!. My favorite all-Chandra-vid has always been POW1, but that was partlybecause it has my all-time favorite theme: torture for information or confession.

Now that I've seen CPU I'm not so sure about which is my favorite. It was excellent. The prologue, though, was a little bit boring, but neede to set the plot.

But when the action started, it got better and better.

First we see CS beeing overpowered by the nerd (an excellent performance by Mr. Dunhill: Very convincing, very funny, and extremely threatening: You think he only wants to "play" with his victim, but you feel that whitin a secont, he would just as easily break her neck and never give it a second thought!).

The fondling that starts in the bedroom, continues in the second scene, where Ernie has brought his victim to an abandoned warehouse.She gets slightly hogtied, and Ernie points out to her a few of the things he has planned for her. (you can make notes if you want: Ernie forgets none of his promisses!). This end with choking poor C unconsious

When she comes to herself again, she has lost her top, and her arms are spread above her, by an iron bar. Up she goes, with her feet barely on the ground. (Although I though a little higher would have been better). Clothpins are attached to her breasts and pussy, Ernie still can't keep his hands off of her.

Later she's tied to a chair. Ernie uses this position for a very cute electocution. At one point, he pushes the electro- stick down her throat, makes sure it won't come out, and then turns it on.

But it gets worse: Ernie also plays a very good breathing- game with her. It's described somewhere else on this board:go look for it.

I won't describe every scene (won't spoil it for all of you) but just one more: Ernie has her on a table on hands and feet. He lifts up her ass ("I need better access") and sticks a huge dick in her exit. After he's firmly secured this, he starts to force-feed her! Excellent order of doing things: first take care of the exit, and then concentrate on the other end.:-))

There's more, and for the ones who didn't get it yet: GO WATCH THIS ONE!!!


The least good of the 10 I recently watched. I won't describe the whole id. (It's done already here by a much better expert).

It sure had it's moments. I liked the electro-scene, (but WHY was it only ONE electrocution???). I also liked the look in Cindy Macreedy's eyes when she's forced to things to Lisa (that BTW I would gladly do for free, without anybody forcing me). It's the same look that children can give to parents when they're told to clean their room. The look that says "OK. I'll Goddamn DO it..But wait till I grow older &*%$@!!!

What I didn't like was Lisa's performance as a doma. She was very clumsy in the beginning.At one point she has CM strung up by her arms, and tries to string up her feet too. But she needs several attempts to get that done. She tries, puts the feet back on the ground, tries again..... Lisa: This is how it should be done: You grab that ancle, pull it up as high as you can, strech the leg as far as you wantnand connect it to the chain. IN ONE SURE MOVE! What are you affraid of; that she might get hurt????

Another thing I didn't like was the sometimes not very good acting of CM. The struggling, moaning, groanong...Mostly it was not there at all

The third thing I did not like at all were the slow-motion parts. Even during a whipping!!! Rick!! What are you doing to us: SLOW motion during a whipping????

To end a little positive (the vid was still wort it's bucks): CM's slowly turing into a (reluctant) submissive was done very good. That look in her eyes, when Lisa says "Do it, or I get the whip!". And then she does it. Repulsed, almost crying.

I'm still not sure about buying pt.2. Anyone wanna say something about that???


Whitout a doubt one of the best of the most recent releases. I hadn't seen it yet, but it's right in the top 5 of my all time best!!!

This one is described elswhere also, so I'll just give my opinion:

Lisa's cameo was cool! No actuall bondage, only one scene, but you could tell that she's been through all that we will see the other ladies go through. Beaten, broken, willing to do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt her anymore....EXCELLENT.

And the good stuff was still to come!Never ever have I seen that much struggling, screaming, pain and agony in a ZFX- vid. Never ever did I see a more convincing actress then Kimberly Noble. Lisa: You're still my number one, and will stay that always. But such screams as the ones from KN...Oh man!

Now I know that it's not fair to copmpare LK with KN: They're in different catagories. L. acts pain very different: a lot of facial-expresssion, body-language and less voice. But KN SCREAMS, STRUGGLES, BEGS....I can't think of any gag that would keep her from waking the neighbours. And the electro-torture in the end was whitout a doubt the best far. Please, Kimberly, show us more..more...more...

That's it for today. Please feel free to contradict me in any way you want. Let's use this forum for the best of our all advantage, to show Rick exactly what we like best.

Take care,


BTW: I would apreciate private email too.

Thursday December 23rd 1999 11:39:36

Name: Ralphus
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Damien: Excellent reviews! And the reason I think they're excellent is because I agree with every word! As anyone who reads this forum on a consistent basis knows, I have pushing the virtues of "Cheerleaders" for some time now. It's my favorite of all the ZFX vids, and I love everything about it (including the intro, BTW, because it sets up the story and you learn a bit about the characters, which adds to the later enjoyment). And I agree about Brian Dunhill. I think you captured the essence of his character when you said he might just as well break her neck and not give it a second thought. I would nominate Brian as the all-time best ZFX villain, not just for his work in this tape, but for some of his later performances as well. Early on, Rick cast him as an android and he had very little to say in his first few tapes, but once Rick turned him loose and really let him act, he livened up every scene he was in. He was also great playing an Italian mobster in "The Reporter" and its sequel. I was REALLY sorry to see him leave.

Whoops, getting off track here. Anyway, your criticism of "Art of Darkness" was perfect, too, because I had the same problems with it. While quite pretty, Cindy Macreedy has never done much to impress me as an actress, and while I love Lisa, she is unconvincing to me as a dom. Whenever she takes on that role, she is being miscast, and that's all the more reason why she should ALWAYS play to her strength, that being the lovely victim. And there are few more appealing victims than the lovely Ms. Kinkaid.

And lastly, "666" was a winner. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Kimberly Noble, Christina Anderson and Kelly McKay in the new tapes to come. And reading more of your mini-reviews of the tapes; keep them coming!

Friday December 24th 1999 03:23:00

Name: Damien
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Ralphus: Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you like my "mini-reviews". They're "mini", because I have no intention of giving full reviews. That's your department, and you're great at it. I only whished you could find the time to review ALL of the ZFX-tapes. I'm even willing to join forces, if you're interested.

And here are two more, for those who are interested:


Actually, one word would be enough to describe this one; PERFECT!!! Monica, oh Monica....Face like an angel, body of a godess, eyes that make me melt, and that mouth..oh man! The only bad thig of this video was that it didn't go on forever. The decision of only buying part one was very likely the worst one I made for the past decade!

And Bryan Dunhill: What can I say about him that Ralphus hasn't already said??? I don't think I ever heard the word "fucking" this often in any movie I ever saw! Bryan is VERY convincing in his role. Deadly as ever, enjoying his work, excellent in his humor (Test: Who remembers the joke he makes on Monica's character's last name????). The only thing I didn't like a lot was Chandra. I always enjoy seeing her, but she had no part in neither the storie nor the action. What the hell was she doing there, besides just standing around??? It didn't make the vid. any better, nor would it have been less good without her.

And Monica...oh Monica....You made me melt when you came to yourself again (after beeing choked into unconsiuosness) to find yourself stripped, strung up, with a large log of wood on your back, forceing you to stand up straight.

And when Bryan made you bark like a dog ("But i don't know how..."). This scene could have been stretched out a lillte longer, IMHO. And the huge dick (REAL huge!!!) Bryan shufs down your throat...

I also liked the fact that we still don't know if she has the tape, and just refuses to give the information, or if she really doesn't know. Excellent!

Again: the only bad thing about this vid was that it ended!


Whitout a doubt the best directed ZFX-vid. so far. Great camera-angles, with some masterfull thriller-elements. Rick: Keep up the good work. This time I was not simply enjoying the vid, but actually admired all the thoughts and effort you put in to directing.

As for Jacklyn Lacross: She is PRETTY...I mean...REAL pretty. The cutest nipples I ever saw. (And I've seen quit a few of them..:-))I hereby want to nominate JL for Miss Nipple '99. Anybody wanna second that??? Unfortunately, she did not do much for me as an actress. The only part I liked was when she made Daniel Manson chase her for a few seconds. As for the rest of her performance: Pictures would have done exactly the same for me. What's the use of audio-visuall stuff if you don't take advantage of it??? Se just sits and lays and hangs there, looking pretty (VERY pretty) but that's all.

Lisa on the other hand was as good as she always is. I especially liked the chair-tie a whole lot. Beautifull, suffering Lisa....The stuff that dreams (at least mine) are made of.

Rick: How's about a sequell to this one??? It could go something like this: Pick up at the end of this one; have another guy enter the house (Mad Dog, maybe???), and make the girls think they're getting rescued. But, ofcourse, they soon discover that to be a mistake: The worst has yet to come!!! I'll trust Mad Dog in making the girls wishing they were still at Daniel Manson's mercy!

That's it for now, happy holidays everyone!

BTW: That collar I was asking about the other day, could the correct name be "obedience collar"??? Speaking of it, for all of those Lisa AND collar fans; I just saw on some previews that she wears it in Beyond driven 3: The suffering of Stephanie Renford" and also in "Robopimp". Just for your information.

Ralphus: Is The Art of Darkness 2 any better than 1???

Friday December 24th 1999 12:46:36

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Damien, 13 hours...Geez Louise! The most I've ever watched in one sitting is just 2. That's got to be some sort of record.

I like your idea of a sequel to Forced Entry where, just by chance a much worse assailant happens upon them. Forced Enrty Part II / Rescued?. Would be great if incorporations from an earlier post was included (finale scene left to stand on their toes to prevent from strangling).

Mad Dog, I have not seen all the ZFX's But you made mention of "Uncle Fester". Is this the same Fester that appears in the Necrobabes vid's? If so you should try to get Rick to use some of their actresses in his movies. They've got some real lookers!!! Especially Lissa...beautiful!!! with a perfect bod!!! a little cheesie on acting but w/direction from Rick would definetly have potential.

A couple of idea's (or should I say wish list) for videos. How 'but a masseuse'. The real masseuse' gets bumped off and the client ends up with a session from hell with a psycho. Maybe cloroformed or strangled until passing out. Waking up tied with the ordeal about to begin.

I also wouldn't mind seeing more of the prim and proper types being abused such as a snooty ballernina (just the type...don't want to see any dammed ballerina costumes or Tutu's) or tennis pro (Anna Kournikova...tasty!). Maybe atacked after a workout while preparing for a shower or something of that nature. But definitly include forced orals and two or three on ones.

Well that's it for today.

Later, AvF

Wednesday December 29th 1999 06:07:00

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Hello Everyone! Good news for those who've been wondering about archived posts. I do have ALL the messages saved, and will put them up shortly after y2k rolls around. I'm planning to completely overhaup the archives section and create a page for every months of postings. Possibly, I will include special thematic pages with lists of favorites, or messages from the ZFX staff, although that might break up the logical continuity of the discussion. All in all, you should see the new archives section ready within a week or two. I also might cut down the maximum number of entries per active forum to about 75, so it could be more manageble. Obviously, all the posts will continue to be saved. One of the few positive features of Dreambook is that it sends all the posted messages automatically to my email address.

Thanks for your patience and support!

P.S. - And don't forget to tell all other ZFX fans or potential fans that you know about this forum, even if you're not a regular contributor!

Happy New Year to you all,
-- The Gimp

Wednesday December 29th 1999 07:36:07

Name: Ralphus
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A few quick points to comment on. Brian Dunhill's joke at Monica Moore's expense: "Regina Waters? Waters? That must be why you're so wet!" I remember it without even checking! :o)

Chandra Sweet: Well, Rick would often have her on the scene as the girlfriend of one of the villains, and that is always fine with me. I think it does add to the story when you've got one of your own sex right there, and she doesn't lay a finger to help you, and in fact often joins the others in torturing you and laughing at you. Witness how good such tapes as "Mincemeat Pie" and the "Video Pirates" series were with Chandra around; I think she added a lot by doing just that, even more so than having the guys work alone. Of course, I might just feel that way because I love Chandra Sweet!

BTW, her appearance in this series may not be crucial in the first half of "The Reporter", but she has an important scene in the sequel, "Gangstarr". Buy this one now; it's great!

"Art of Darkness 2", is it any better than the first one? Well, I didn't think so; neither one really worked for me. If you are more a fan of all-girl movies, you might like it more than I did.

Happy Holidays to all the readers here; I hope everyone adds to the forum. It's nice to hear from new posters.

Thursday December 30th 1999 01:53:47

Name: Iago

Hi All,

Damien--I actually did like AOD2 better than the first one. It showed more psychological torture vs. the purely physical torture of the first movie. I thought this was entirely appropriate, since Lisa was supposed to sort of be the psychotherapist from Hell in this series. Cindy looks very nice throughout the movie, and is slowly broken by Lisa as they go. It hasn't got some of the pacing of other ZFX movies, and I thought the ending was kinda weak, but still liked the movie quite a bit. Sadly, I accidentally recorded over my AOD1 tape a couple years back (Yo, Rick, let's talk about copy protection tabs on yer movies, ok?), so I can't compare them, but that's my recollection.



Thursday December 30th 1999 07:14:32

Name: Chaser
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How's this for the beginning of a ZFX script idea?

Two men, dressed in heavy cloaks so that their faces are hidden, are walking down a narrow passageway.

Man1: (in a serious tone) we've arrested three suspects within the week but none have broken yet. They continue to surprise me with their resilience.

Man2: You've broken the human spirit before. Your methods are quite sound. Why should this be any different?

Man1: Yes, my techniques are quite convincing. But - these three show a tremendous ability to withstand pain. In time I'm sure I'll have the information we want. A few days more at the most. Come, I'll show you our progress.

Man2: Excellent.

They come to a steel gate (I'm thinking of the set used in "South of The Border 3: Mexican Jailhouse Torture"). Man1 places his hand on the gate and swings it open. Inside we see Kelly McKay, naked, bound spreadeagle upright as in SOB3. She wears a gag. She pulls at her chains as the men enter the room.

Man1: This one has only recently been delivered to us from the upper interrogation rooms. Verbal abuse and threats failed to secure her confession so she's been brought here. I intend to take my time with this one. She should prove to be quite entertaining.

Man2: (nodding his head in agreement) She's fit enough. She could endure a good lashing. Shall we begin?

Man1: Yes, I think we should.

Man1 lifts a short leather whip from a shelf and shows it to Kelly. Her eyes follow it as Man1 swings it several times in the air to test its weight and resistance, and to show her the strength of his arm.

Man1: This is your last chance to speak, woman. Will you relent?

Kelly shakes her head "no". Man1 signals to Man2 to stand back as he raises the whip and brings it down against her body. This continues for a good 10 minutes or so, with Kelly reacting less and less as the punishment continues, until finally she hangs limply in the chains.

Man1 replaces the whip on the shelf and states "whipping her further will do no good. I'll let her pain argue with her willpower for a bit. She should be ready for the next round of tortures after we're finished with the others. Come, I think you'll enjoy this next one."

The two men exit the cell and close the gate and exit the camera frame.

Thursday December 30th 1999 06:26:42

Name: Chaser

Here's Part II

The two robed men enter another cell. This one contains Kimberly Nobel, spreadeagle and suspended by her wrists with her legs spread wide and chained to the floor (similar to the scene in "Underland2: Cruel Dominion"). When she sees the two men, she begins shaking her head "no", knowing what is about to happen to her. Without wasting a moment (since suspension becomes painful to a performer after a few minutes), Man1 picks up a whip and begins to flail at Kim. She jumps in her chains with each stroke. After a few strokes he pauses and turns to his compatriot

Man1: I'm afraid my arm is growing tired and my strokes are weakening. Would you be so kind as to administer the punishment in my stead? I wouldn't want our work to be sub-par.

Man2: Why, of course.

Man2 takes the whip from Man1's hand and begins to flail at Kim's body until she slumps forward and no longer responds to the blows. Man1 picks up a bucket of water from the floor and splashes it on Kimberly, reviving her. Taking the whip from Man2, Man1 produces a pair of clips from under his robe and attaches them to her nips and lips. She screams as each clip is attached and pulls at her bonds.

Man1: I'll leave the calipers on her until the morn. When I remove them, she'll experience twice as much pain when her blood returns to her pinched flesh as when the calipers were first applied. A devilish trick I learned from our friends in the East. And now on to my favorite subject...

Man1 and Man2 leave the cell as the camera remains fixed on Kimberly hanging in the chains with clamps on her tender regions. She moans and pulls at her bonds as sweat streams from her body.

See my next entry for the rest of the story.

Thursday December 30th 1999 06:29:02

Name: Chaser

Part III

The two robed men enter another cell. This one contains Lisa Kinkade, naked and strapped on her back to a rack. Hearing the sounds of her cell's gate being opened, she slowly moves her head towards the sound. Clearly, she's been suffering for awhile and is weakened from her ordeal.

Man1: This one was brought in a few days ago and has stood up quite well to the whipping. As a result, I've had to go to more extreme measures.

Moving to the head of the table, Man1 rotates a disk and we hear metallic clicking sounds. Lisa gasps and moans as she's stretched out on the wooden table. Lifting a whip, Man1 drapes its many tails across her chest gently, letting the leather flow across the curves of her breasts. He repeats this a few times and then, without warning, swings the whip over his head and lands a blow across Lisa's chest. Surprised, she jumps as the leather stings her flesh. He continues this for a few minutes, striking her from shoulders to hips, until he is satisfied that she's been properly 'prepared'.

Man1: That was to bring her to maximum sensitivity for today's session. (Turning to Lisa). "Lord Maximillian expects me to do a thorough job on you. We wouldn't want to disappoint His Excellency, now, would we?" Man1 places the whip back on the table, Lisa's eyes following his movements. He picks up an evil-looking rod (about the size of a toothbrush) with a small spiked wheel attached to the end and holds it over her, so that she can examine it. "This is a device I developed for stubborn cases such as you. When I first saw you, I knew you were strong enough to resist the whips and clamps. Most would surrender to me before reaching this stage of the process. You should be proud; you made it. I'm quite pleased with your success. But - I'm afraid our time together grows short and we'll have to come to a resolution soon. This little toy should help move things along quite nicely. You see, the spikes at the end can be very painful, and with your skin tenderized by the whip, it should be quite effective." Man1 then proceeds to run the wheel over her body, drawing circles around her breasts, running it down her legs and across her sex and then back up around her breasts again, paying particular attention to her nipples. Lisa moans and flinches as the spiked wheel moves across her skin, squirming to avoid its touch.

Anyway, that's about as far as I've gotten with it. Looking back, there should probably be more action (ie torture) at the beginning of the story, maybe more psychological than physical, but I figured this is a good generic start.

Thursday December 30th 1999 06:31:23

Name: Chaser

One thing I should mention about the above script idea: yeah, yeah, I know its all be done before (except for Lisa on a rack with a spiked wheel) but think of this as a "best of" scenes with a new scene added. 3 of Rick's best, all on one tape! Maybe Chandra could be worked into the script as a victim. Just some thoughts on the eve of New Year's Eve (would that be New Year's Eve's Eve?).

Cheers to everyone who's New Year's resolution is to lose weight and exercise more!

Thursday December 30th 1999 06:39:53

Name: BBFan


I like your idea, and would like to add a little twist. I would like to see Lisa enduring the spiked wheel while her tits are tightly bound. Imagine how much that would add to the tenderness of her nipples! What do you think?

Friday December 31st 1999 05:35:25

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